The Big Apple Adventure.

Well, it’s been quite a week. After three electric days in New York, I boarded my plane last night, prepared to wedge between two bodies into 14B only to find A and C were vacant. So I stretched out across all three seats, balled up my scarf beneath my head, curled my hands around my face like cat paws and passed out for the two-and-a-half hour flight.


I have this inclination to downplay how exciting these past few days have been–to reiterate the fact that real life is in the small moments and the backyard picnics and the evenings when we slide into bed and hold our sleeping babies’ hands. That’s a given though, right?

So I’m going to go ahead and be straight. Sweet Mother of Moses, it was a crazy amazing week. Like maybe I jumped on the bed in my hotel room.


And, first thing’s first: I have to thank you all. Thank you for buying the book, for sharing the trailer, for telling your friends. In the back of a cab Wednesday afternooon, my editor and I huddled around her cell phone to answer a call that shared the news…Bloom made #11 on the New York Times best seller list this week.

There were hugs and calls, a few glasses tapped together and a very present sense of “this is pretty awesome.” So many people were a part of this great, beautiful thing.

Oh, and I cried. Because I’m a crier.

This is pretty awesome. So thank you.

The Bloom team at William Morrow had a little surprise party

Shelby, Jessica and Cassie–publicist and editors

If you missed the Today Show interview, you can scroll down HERE to watch it. Everyone was kind and generous and, to answer the many e-mail questions I’ve been getting–yes, I did see Pauly D and no, I did not touch his hair.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can definitely say that the best moments this week–the most memorable–came from the things that were sandwiched between the bigger ones. Amid the Today Show and answering a call that announced our book had made the list were dinners with friends, walks in Central Park, coffee shops, conversation and connection.




The city was alive with tulips in bloom and cherry blossoms that frosted thin branches like pink icing.


I spent Thursday morning walking alone in Central Park, stopping several times to take pictures and call Heidi to tell her how much she would have loved it. Actually, I rubbed it in. I’m pretty sure my first call went something like, “Hey, what are you doing?” When she said “I’m on my couch in my pajamas, what are you doing?,” I tried to hide my smile as I answered “sitting on a rock next to a stone bridge, eating an almond croissant dunked in cappuccino while I watch an artist paint cherry blossoms in Central Park.” I won’t repeat what she said back because my dad would call and ask me to take it off the blog.


I thought this was the sweetest:


And one of my favorite Central Park moments? Of all the places in Central Park that are totally Zen and peaceful, this guy chose this driveway to do his Tai Chi. There were flowered paths everywhere and yet Dude wanted to peace out behind a step van. That’s cool. To each his own.


My dear friend and literary agent, Meg, gave me the real tour this trip. We wandered up and down the streets of East and West Village, Soho, and the Meatpacking District, stopping to visit shops, walk the High Line and make time for friends and babies.




Le Labo Perfume Shop (Nolita):


Bookstore Art, McNally Jackson Books (Soho):


Bluebird Coffee Shop (East Village):


The High Line, an elevated park that overlooks the city, built and preserved from old train tracks:


Nella’s first boyfriend, Otis:


And one of my favorite things to do now every time I’m in NY is to slip into one of the big churches and just sit and take it in. The loud colorful chaos of 5th Avenue is so quickly transformed when you step into the quiet sanctuary of this massive church and breathe in the stillness.


I am still amazed by the way this story has unfolded, thankful for all the wonderful people we’ve met because of it, and excited for what tomorrow holds. As for the city, I cannot wait to bring my family back. Adventure calls.


Thank you to Amy Reiter for her insightful questions for a Barnes and Noble interview you can view HERE.

And thank you to Target Baby for the wonderful Twitter party they hosted Thursday evening. It was great to talk to so many of you! View Target’s A Bullseye View interview HERE.

Our family will be at Barnes and Noble, Waterside Shops in Naples tonight at 7:00 p.m. for a book signing and Q & A session. If you’re local, we’d love to see you there!

While our plans call for lying low this weekend, I’m feeling grateful and flying high.



Welcome back to sponsor Tea Collection who has an enticing collecion of Bali-inspired clothes for your kids this spring and summer, ranging from beachy knits to flowy florals. We’ve stocked up on a few warm weather essentials including their adorable Two-tie Surf Lily Romper for Nella and my favorite Sanuk glitter sandals for Lainey (with the Desa Stripe Skirt).


Give a kid glitter shoes, and that’s all she’ll ever wear. We’re thrilled to have Tea Collection returning.


Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back Monday with today’s Friday phone dump and more adventures.


I have a lot of e-mails to attend to this weekend, so please bear with me. I’m trying to get back to as many of you as possible!


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  1. Wow, that looks amazing! Loved you on the Today Show and am so excited to read your book. How very blessed you are — and what a blessing you are to others!

  2. Number 11 eh? That rocks! Congratulations!!! (PS-crying is good for the soul, cry on girl)!

  3. this post made cry some happy tears. :) way to go! stay grounded and keep living the dream! :) you have so much to be proud of!

  4. I read your book last weekend and I love it!! You are a wonderful writer and can really draw the reader in!

  5. Amazing in ways only amazing can be. So very happy for you. That park bench dedication? Beautiful!

  6. Wow, what a week!!! You looked great on the Today Show. Congrats!!

  7. Congratulations!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful week! Congratulations!!!

  9. that is just awesome- so happy for your.
    I have your book on reserve at the library and look forward to reading it- The reserve list is LONG but I got on early!
    You rock!

  10. Great job on the interview- I would have been so nervous- you looked fab also :) Taylor

  11. #11?!?!? I’d say that would call for some hotel bed jumping! Congratulations!!!

  12. All I can say is you are truely amazing. I have been cheering you on to friends and family as if I really know you. I am just so happy for you. You inspire me to be a better person everytime I read your blog. May your adventures never end. Enjoy this special time of YOUR life.

  13. Congratulations! You earned your wonderful week many times over. Please come to Chicago soon!! My bff and I were discussing your book this afternoon, ready to have you sign them. Thanks for the inspiration. Today was very windy and as we complained we noted that Kelle Hampton would take that wind and go fly a kite. Have a fabulous weekend reconnecting with your family. Feeling twitchy myself, off to Target for some aimless wandering…

  14. So happy for you! Been thinking about you lots this week and how amazing it must all be. You deserve to bask in its glory. Have a glorious, restful weekend!

  15. Congratulations!! I saw you on Kathie Lee and Hoda, you were great. Enjoy this special time. Thank you for sharing it with us. The good you have shared has been a blessing to all of us. Have fun! I hope you get to relax this weekend. ~Kimmy

  16. Oh I have chills! I am so glad you had such an incredible weekend, and I hope your book gets here soon! I made the mistake of pre-ordering it along with another book that isn’t due out until next week! So they are shipping it THEN. AH!!


  17. Nella looks so cute in her new shoes from Mama! Glad you’re home! Congrats on #11– now, how do we make it #1??? :)

  18. Congrats on a wonderful week and trip. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling. And, to go from such an exhilerating NY experience to being back home with your babies must be heavenly. I’m sure life feels just about perfect at this moment. :)

    PS I got matching Target glitter shoes – red, no less – for both of my girls, and you are right, that’s ALL they want to wear!! :)

    You deserve every bit of this huge payoff for you inspiration, compassionate soul, and hard work. Drink it up, girl!

  19. Wow, just wow!!!! So amazing, exciting, just crazy! I am so happy for you. Your interviews were all awesome, and I love that amongst all this excitement and “fame” you are still blogging about the lovely little things like the park bench. Keep it up girl =)

    – Sarah

  20. What a week you’ve had girl! You must have to pinch yourself,to check it’s not a dream.
    Thoroughly deserved, and if I can say this, I’m so proud of you, your belief in yourself, your attitude to that curveball you got thrown 2 years ago, your grace and humility. You have changed (and will continue to) so many of our attitudes and idea of beauty, what is really important, and I continue to learn from you.
    Congratulations on #11!
    I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive, but I will appreciate it all the more. Happy weekend Kelle, don’t answer too many of those emails, there are 2 precious girls and a lovely husband who deserve you more. Xo

  21. Your um conversation with Heidi cracked me up so much. I felt like I was there with you this week…instagram is an awesome invention. I want to write you too. I have so many thoughts after reading the book, but I know you are slammed with life right now I’ll write later after all the fuss has died down. Love ya girl.

  22. Crying tears of joy for you ( and I’m NOT a crier, so that’s say’n someth’n! ) As I was watching your interview on the Today show my oldest daughter,9, walked through the room. She stopped, came back to the TV, and exclaimed, “That’s Nella’s Mom!” Everone in our family, right down to the newly turned 6 year old, knows everyone in your family on sight! We have so enjoyed following your family and watching your girls grow up these past two years. Thank you so much for sharing these parts of your lives with us. <3 And next week? Top ten For Sure!!!

  23. #11 is freaking fantastic! Way to go! I think it should/will go to #1!!!

  24. Crying tears of joy for you ( and I’m NOT a crier, so that’s say’n someth’n! ) As I was watching your interview on the Today show my oldest daughter,9, walked through the room. She stopped, came back to the TV, and exclaimed, “That’s Nella’s Mom!” Everone in our family, right down to the newly turned 6 year old, knows everyone in your family on sight! We have so enjoyed following your family and watching your girls grow up these past two years. Thank you so much for sharing these parts of your lives with us. <3 And next week? Top ten For Sure!!!

  25. Wow, Kelle, #11!! That is so awesome. Congratulations! I don’t think I’ve ever seen photos that make me want to visit New York more than the ones here. The sign on the bench made me tear up.

  26. Just bought the book – I couldn’t wait any longer!

    You make me smile deep in my heart with the love you have….

  27. way to go Mama!! I am waiting to start my copy when I am somewhere serene. I have 4 kids so it may be a few years (HA) but I know I won’t be able to put it down. We are driving on a small vacay next weekend and I think I may tackle it then. Anyway, glad to hear you had fun and I love you and Heidi’s relationship. We all need that someone who keeps us real and grounded!! You rock!

  28. Congrats! High Line is one of my favorite places in NYC!

  29. Hugs and huge congrats!

  30. How sweet to thank us when we are thanking you! Congratulations to you as well! You ARE a small things girl, which makes it exciting to experience your enthusiasm when life throws this big thing your way (your book success). I cannot wait ’til you and Heidi are able to enjoy NY together, as well as that precious family of yours! Thank you so much for showing us NY through your lens, pun intended. LOVED… “While our plans call for lying low this weekend, I’m feeling grateful and flying high.” What a great statement for balancing it all out (or at least trying to! 😉
    Love ya from Tejas,

  31. SQUEAL!!(the kind you do when your girlfriend does something big). There are so many of us who are probably as excited for you as you are! Even my brother (who was there when I gave my mother her copy of your book) sent me a text and said “I am watching Nella’s mom on The Today Show”….you’ve come a long way baby and I can’t wait to see how far you go! ♥

  32. Congratulations! This could not have happened to a better person :-)

  33. Glad you had a great trip…loved you on the Today Show! My 5 yr. old, who is currently obsessed with her new book “Shoe La La” asked if my new favorite book was the “one Kelle made?” Why yes, yes it is!

  34. Incredible pictures!

  35. Kelle – I’m so amazingly happy for you! You have totally earned this amazing adventure. Enjoy every moment! By the way – I adore your Poppa! What a neat, wonderful and loving father you have!

  36. Just so, so happy for you and your success. We all see you talents on this blog every week and it is no surprise that you have turned your joys in to something that we can all benefit from. Thank you and congratulations!!

  37. L.O.V.E these pics.

  38. So, SO happy to know you….I wish you all the best!

    xoxo, Terri

  39. So. Ery exciting, your pictures, as always were gorgeous and make me want to go to New York even more! I wish we were in Naples, I’d totally ask for my book to be signed and meet the fam! Maybe Minnesota will make it on a book signing tour :0)

  40. Three cheers to you for being so awesome – and for having sense enough to enjoy the little things sandwiched between your fantasticness.

    Yes, I made up that word, and I like it.

  41. Gosh your post has me missing NYC!!

  42. Gosh your post has me missing NYC!!

  43. I tuned in JUST in the nick of time to see you on Today. I shushed all my kids and passed out cookies to be able to watch. And I cried like a baby because I have been reading your blog since Nella was born and although I don’t really know you I felt as excited as if you were one of my best friends. You have a beautiful soul. thanks for sharing it and congrats on your book. I’m planning on picking up my copy this weekend… maybe that will bump you into the top 10!?

  44. I just bought your book, congrats on the book!

  45. While it’s not the Big Apple…I really hope you can make it to Kentucky for a book signing! Tried to convince a friend to hop on a plane to Naples just for the book signing this evening. What a fabulous week for you!!

    Molly King
    (no, unfortunately, not the one dating Prince Harry)

  46. Congratulations on #11!! I cried when I saw your book on the list…so happy for you! I am still in the middle of reading it and am loving every minute of it.

    Your blog was forwarded me by a friend when Nella was first born and I have been hooked ever since. Thank you for you inspiration and for showing the world how wonderful it truly is to be a mom.

    I wish I lived in Florida so I could come to the book signing! Congrats again!

  47. I can’t believe that you kind of just “slipped it into a regular blog post” that Bloom made the NY Times Bestsellers List! I would bet money that it will be number ONE before long. The more people read it ~ the more they will recommend it and the more this whole thing will snowball! YOU ARE A FAMOUS AUTHOR KELLY!!! I can’t even begin to imagine how that feels. I’m so happy for you and proud of you ~ I feel like we’re family!

    Speaking of exclamation points: isn’t NYC incredible? I love the intensity of it. I used to go there quite often (dated a gentleman from Manhattan for 3 years) and I always came back home completely wiped out and exhausted. Still, as much as loved it (and still do) I just couldn’t bring myself to move there. No regrets but I sure would love to go back and VISIT again some day…

  48. Congratulations! I saw you with Kathie Lee and Hoda Wednesday morning. Good job!

  49. Oh! Adventures! Have just bookmarked the post to read again. x

  50. Thats is crazy amazing that you made #11 on the NYT list!!!!
    Very awesome and I know you will be sucking the marrow out of that moment for quite some time. Unless you know you make #1 and then you might just need to be hospitalized. 😀

  51. Oh Kelle, I share your love for NYC! I traveled there last year with my 3yr old & 28weeks pregnant all the way from Autralia to tick off a few bucket list items :) That city is magical I tell you :) It’s still stuck on my heart & I am dying to get back with my family to experience it together!
    Congrats on #11….so freakin’ amazing & so well deserved! I can only imagine the week of emotions you had!
    Go you good thing!!
    Enjoy being back home with your Specials x

  52. Damn right you should be excited and shouting it from every rooftop! Amazing story amazing book!! Good for you! I hope your family is just loving it all!!!! Ah, my home city! Nothing like NY!!!!!! St. Pattys is by far the most gorgeous church I’ve ever been in! You should see it at Christmas! Congratulations!!!!!!
    Go enjoy your family!!

  53. Otis is one cute kid.

  54. #11! That’s awesome! Congratulations!
    I just finished reading your book last night and I loved it. I have been reading your blog for a little over two years now and, like many other blog readers, I feel like I “know” you. But the book took that a lot deeper in that we got to see the other side of what you went through that first year. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  55. Ugh! My heart ACHES for some NYC love. I’ve never been, but I’m sure I’d love it. I need some culture in my life!!! And laughed hysterically at the thought of what Heidi’s comment may have been—hahahaha!

    And I think I’m gonna march on over to Costco (across the bridge in Clarkston, Wa.) and tell them they need to order 100 of your books! That would surely put you at #1, right?! Plus, I need you to come to Lewiston, Id. for a photo shoot and a sleep over :)

    Much love & happiness,

  56. I know we have never met, but my daughter and I both feel as if we know you. While you were in New York, I swear to you, I was sitting in a dentist’s chair reading Bloom, ignoring the TV that was on in the room until you, my friend, came on for your interview. I was so proud!

  57. Congrats on making it to #11 right off the bat! And NYC looks lovely – I must go back and see the blossoms in the park. We visited our daughter and her family twice, in 2009 and 2010, and I would go back in a heartbeat!

    I opened a giftbag in honour of my birthday this week to find your wonderful book! My daughter went to the bookstore in our nearest city on April 3rd and sent the staff into the back to unpack a box of your books, just so she could give me one for my birthday! I read the first two chapters with tears running down my face and a big smile in my heart for the amazing woman and mother that you are, Kelle!

  58. I don’t know you, but I am so proud of you!!! You looked really good on TV, it was nice hearing your voice and that blue color on you? Smashing.

  59. Congratulations on the interview Kelle. When it comes to the photos I loved them as well, New York seems awesome. A friend of mine asked me if I considered a four day break to New York worth it and now I definitely feel like I was right in saying yes.

  60. Oh…one more thing…you should childrens books next. With your girls as the characters. I bet there are not many happy childrens books with characters who have DS. They would be amazing! With beautiful illustrations! You should definately do that!!

  61. I just wanted to thank you for sharing in the way that you do here, for your positivity and joy.

  62. Congratulations on your Best Seller’s List achievement! Must have been extra fun to hear about it while you were actually in the city. Although I read your blog often, I’m looking forward to buying and reading Bloom cover to cover. Loved the “blooming” flower pictures of New York today, as well. Beautiful. And appropriate!

  63. #11?! Bloomin’ amazing is what it is! I loved watching you on The Today Show and as well as chatting with you on Twitter during the wee little party (totally stoked I won a signed copy!) The NYC photos are so lovely, I want to go back and walk around and just take it in. Tulips are my favourite flowers… I bet you found delicious bakeries too. So jealous of New Yorkers sometimes! Did you buy a fragrance from Le Labo?! They’re yummy! Enjoy your weekend! xx

  64. How exciting….my book arrived on my doorstep yesterday via UPS and I’m only two chapters in and I’m loving it! What an amazing and blessed journey you have been given.

    Many blessings to you and your dear family….

  65. so very happy for you


  66. I bought your book last night and it’s terrific!

  67. Congrats on your book! I wish I could trip to NY. I bet you missed your girls!

  68. Dude…… #11 on the bestsellers list AWESOME!!!!! Congrats! Looks like a fantastic few days! You deserve it girl!
    I have been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Nella! You are such a great writer!(obviously) I enjoy every post!
    By the way I got your book yesterday and read half of it during my girls nap time today!I laughed and I cried and I loved every word! I hope you have a great relaxing weekend!

  69. Congratulations! The book is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I am so happy for your success. I can’t think of a more deserving person. I love your positive attitude and outlook on life. I wish more people were like you. The world would be a much nicer place.

  70. Gosh I miss New York. I was just pregnant with my first son when we went and didn’t get to enjoy it as much as was hoping to because I had extreme morning sickness all day. I want to go back now. Especially since I’ve caught the photography bug.

  71. Yay yay yay! Loved the book, and apparently lots of others did too. Many, many congratulations!

  72. Congratulations on making NYT Bestsellers! Your story deserves to be known.

  73. I came home to find a package and excitedly opened it knowing it was your book finally! Despite reading and following your blog I was still sobbing 6 pages into it. Thank you for sharing your journey and sharing with the world how beautiful life is despite unexpected struggles.

  74. How exciting!!! I feel so happy for you and all you have achieved! You should have seen me, April 3rd @ 12pm, looking for Bloom at every bookstore in the Miami International Airport… I couldn’t find the book, but I am pretty sure I will have it soon with me in Colombia, South America.
    The best to you!

  75. Congrats on #11, Kelle, that’s awesome!!!! It was well deserved; I rarely have time to read these days (or rarely make time anyway), and I read your book in less than 24 hours. Had to steal moments until it was finished. :) Loved all the NYC photos, too!

  76. So excited for you. I bought 5 books plus one on my ipad :) I read the book in two days – I LOVED it – the other 4 are for friends that I want to read your story. I wish I could buy 100 and have all my friends read it – totally awesome. You rock! xoxoxoxox

  77. I still haven’t read it!! Waiting for it from the library! I can’t wait…so excited!! I saw your interview on Today, and you were fantastic. I feel like I’m watching a friend succeed, and I love it. :)

  78. Ah, I love the city! Glad you had such a successful and enjoyable trip. I was hoping for a pic of you and Pauly D, lol!

  79. Ah! I was thrilled to see your interview with Kathy Lee and Hoda. You looked elegant and spoke beautifully as always. I love your book. Congrats on being #11!

  80. Oh Kelle, the book was wonderful. I started reading it in the parking lot and finished it less than 24 hours later. I couldn’t put it down. I laughed out loud, I cried aching tears. I have been promoting your book to all of my friends, family, and coworkers- one even asked me if I knew you personally because I talked as if you were my next door neighbor. Sometimes I feel like you are! I write about books (my journeys through them as well as some reviewing) on my blog, Musings of a Bookworm, and I will be discussing Bloom on my Tuesday blog post. I would love it if you would check it out at Love you, Kelle!

  81. I loved every bit of the book! Couldn’t put it down, Started it yesterday and finished it tonight … So so good… You and your family are an inspiration to everyone!

  82. Oh be still my NYC loving beating heart , Love these pics of my favourite city, so glad you got some time to soak it in amongst the awesomeness !
    Congratulations on the book, am eagerly the call from my local bookstore to say they have my copy in stock.

  83. YOU inspire me! thanks for going out on a limb, or would you say a cherry blossom branch, to share your story with the world.

  84. As always, when I come here, your posts turn my soul upside down (in a very good way). Congratulations on your book and #11 (I wish you soon to be #1 – you really deserved it!). I was in the bookstore today and saw the book. I looked through the pages and came home with one thought in mind: I want to read this book. A few clicks later on Amazon, and Bloom is on my Kindle. Thanks for teaching me to Enjoy the Small Things…

  85. Congratulations on being number 11! That is wonderful! I was able to see you on the Today Show. Job well done and you looked amazing!

  86. Beautiful! So happy for YOU! OXOXO

  87. I finally made it to Target to buy your book today. I purchased it at 11:30am, it is 10:20pm and I am done. That may be no small feat to some, but I have 4 kids, 6 and under. I couldn’t put it down. Thankfully, my husband knew how excited I was to buy it and even went as far as to explain to the kids that even though they can see me sitting on the couch–I am not really here, and I will not respond to them 😉 It was beautiful, Nella is beautiful, LIFE is beautiful. Thank you for lifting the perfection veil and helping us ALL see clearer through your tears. Thank you for sharing your gift. And you better believe I mean Nella—though, Girlfriend, your writing ain’t half bad :)

  88. Two of my favorite things in one blog post: NYC, and your photography! I recommended Bloom to a woman I met randomly at my daughter Chloe’s Tee Ball game. I can always tell when someone is approaching me “because” Chloe has DS, and this woman (as usual) asked how old she was first, then told me that her niece just had a baby 3 weeks ago that surprised them by being born with that extra something 😉 I told her that she should absolutely get your book for her! I wish that when Chloe was born, I had something so beautiful to read and look through, as opposed to the out dated books about DS that I was given. So much love Kelle!! Come to Michigan for a book signing! Would love to meet you!

  89. Thank you for sharing New York, and congratulations on the success of “Bloom.”

  90. HOT DAMN! What a week you’ve had!! So happy you took us along for the ride….so many of your long-time blog readers just KNEW that your blog would turn into something BIG!! That’s how much you’ve impacted so many! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT………..soak it in, girl!

  91. Kelle, you crack me up! I love your comments about how swearing on the blog would ensure a call from your dad, and that guy doing his tae-chi, hilarious!

    More than cracking me up, you make me sure that the world is filled to the brim with people who love life and really want to share their joy with others. Thank you for sharing your family’s life with us. I truly enjoy your perspective, your attitude, and your articulately artistic writing style.

    CONGRATS on Bloom!!! I read it *almost* cover to cover…I did have to teach during the days :). Pretty sure we could have the same college story, I giggled when I read that you graduated with a degree and a prescription for Zoloft and a few extra pounds. That was me too! It happens! Keep being friggin’ awesome!

  92. love, love, love all of it, kelle!! many congratulations. i loved the book so much that i bought it for my new mama friend for her to go out without the little one and have some coffee and read and enjoy :) and…how did the event in naples go? so bummed i couldn’t make it…but we are in the process of moving from there up to OH this weekend! love!

  93. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous photos! Congratulations again on your success. You deserve it. Happy weekend to you and your sweet family!

  94. Congratulations! Love the photos and am so happy for your success.

  95. HOLY CRAP! #11???? You’re awesome! I know you don’t even know me from a hole in the wall, but I am so blessed to “know” you via your blog! Your pictures of NYC make me want to go back a visit there. Only been there once, but it was AMAZING!

  96. Congratulations. I am about 3/4 of the way through your book and am soaking in every word. Thank you.

  97. Watched you on the today show and just saw you are in People magazine too! Congrats!

  98. I love this. Love your book and you! Thanks for including us in your rise to motherhood fame!

  99. I saw the 3 star review of Bloom in People magazine this week. Mama, you have arrived!

  100. Well done Kelle! You did such a great job on the Today show… finally got to watch it tonight. You are a natural on camera girl!!! Fingers crossed you will stop in San Francisco on your book tour. :-)
    So happy for you. Ride that unicorn over the rainbow baby.

  101. Just discovered your blog recently and I love it. So honest and beautifully written, and as an aspiring photographer your images inspire me as well! I’m sure you’ve seen this, but if not, I think you would appreciate. Definitely brought a tear to my eye!

  102. Just discovered your blog recently and I love it. So honest and beautifully written, and as an aspiring photographer your images inspire me as well! I’m sure you’ve seen this, but if not, I think you would appreciate. Definitely brought a tear to my eye!

  103. Hi Kelle,
    What an exiting week in New York! Enjoy these precious moments!I wait for your book, but it’s a little difficult to have it in France(I have pre-order it but it must arrive in middle of may, so i have ordered it directly from USA, and I WAIT!!!)

  104. I ♥ your pics from NYC…I am super jealous and want to visit it so bad!

    Congratulations on the success of Bloom- I still need to pick up a copy.


  105. New York! New York! I watched the Today show interview – so pretty. I am LOVING Bloom! Happy weekend Kelle!

  106. Congrats on being #11! I am so very excited for you :)

  107. How awesome it is when big things happen to a small things girl! Congratulations and wishing you continued success :)

  108. Talk about truly enjoying the small things – thanks for sharing the photos (as always). I love love love the bench.

  109. Amazing!!!! Congrats on your well deserved success!! I have a feeling Bloom will keep climbing to #1!!!!!!!

  110. Thank you for taking us all along on your exciting trip!
    Congratulations on Bloom!
    Nella has great taste in Boys!!! :)
    Happy Weekend~Enjoy

  111. Aw, New York, so jealous, your photos definitely captured it and took me back there. Well done with your book, you must be amazingly proud. :)

  112. Congrats on all of the success! I finished your book yesterday and it was great! I felt like it not only did a beautiful job telling your story with Nella but also connected to the journey of motherhood in general. Learning, growing, adapting and taking a moment to appreciate where it leads. Loved it!

  113. Wow. How incredible for you!!!
    Have you ever read the children’s book, The Curious Garden?
    The pictures of the garden on the train tracks reminded me of it and it is something I know you would love to share with your kids. It is about a young boy who lives in a world with no colour/greenery/plants…and who ‘grows’ into a gardener who inspires his whole town. I find it beautiful and the illustrations are gorgeous.
    Love from Switzerland.

  114. Congratulations Kelle! So happy for you!! I bet you never imagined the day Nella was born, that your story would turn you into a best selling author in 2 years. I’m not at all surprised. Oh, how happy your family must be!! Your book was amazing and you did great on the Today show!

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. I love that you went to church–was that St Patrick’s? A few years back, I met up with my roommate from college in NYC for a long weekend. On our last morning there, we walked to St Patrick’s and went to mass. Neither of us is Catholic, or even particularly religious, but it just felt like such the right think to do. I’m glad you had a great trip :). Can’t wait to read Bloom! xxoo

  118. love this post. thank you for letting us be a part of your journey through the blog and instagram!! i could not be happier for you and your sweet family.

    i’ve bought 3 copies of your book {so far}… it will make an amazing mothers day present for my sister in law, who is playing stay at home mom to 4 little ones while my brother is deployed on a navy ship. oh, and im giving a copy away on my blog today! {}

  119. Hi,
    Congratulations and wishing you continued success :)

    the pictures are wonderful!!
    you are very successful woman and cherished by all!!!

  120. Congratulations!!I’m looking forward to buy your book and read it!
    i’m writing from London, but i’m italian, i follow you since few months, and your blog is so special…

  121. Kelle – I started writing again after I discovered your blog (my latest is Bought your book today and am looking forward to tucking my four babies in soon so I can read all night. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your journey with all of us!

  122. Oh yeah!! I’m so glad you didn’t downplay it — I hope you had many moments of thinking, “Wow, this is ME, this is really happening!!” When I first heard the news about The List I said aloud, (as if I were introducing you) “…and now, New York Times bestselling author..Kelle Hampton!!” I just love that! You really are that! Joann and I were talking about how the book’s success isn’t just about the story — but the story was just the train you were riding while you knit the beautiful scarf!! I just made that up, that’s a weird analogy. But you know what I mean? Your beautiful Nella was a catalyst to do something that has been in you to do for a long time. And that is to write, and to write well. :-) For real.

  123. I’m currently enjoying your book. I have so many questions for you- I wish I was in Florida so I could’ve gone to your signing! I wonder how you made those adorable birth favor boxes and what you put in them. I wonder how the hospital let you burn candles and essential oils in your room (although I think you did mention they were flameless candles at one point.) I would love to set the mood like that with the birth of my 4th little one coming up in a few weeks.

    I really wish the segment on the Today Show was longer. I felt like you hardly had a chance to speak!

    Thank you for sharing your gift- your love and zest for life- and for sharing your beautiful family with all of us.

  124. Hi Kelle! I just went to your book signing at Barnes and Noble at Waterside Shops, and I have been reading your book Bloom that you signed lost in a great admiration for the sincerity of your heart. You show love in all of its forms….tears, laughs, suffering, hugs…. and present in each one of these expressions of love is an incredible beauty of soul. Your message is so powerful and your courage to share it is an inspiration. May God bless you and your family! I hope to see you again in Naples sometime. Maybe that time I won’t be as nervous :)

  125. I just linked back to your post from Memorial Dat 2010 & saw your references to Bloom from back then – so fun!!

  126. How fun! I love NYC so much. I was there next year and hope to go back soon.

    Congrats on your book :)

  127. Dear Kelle,
    I’ve been reading your blog since I clicked on a link to your birth story in
    That new post was suggested by another mom who hoped we give this mama some love and support!

    I read Bloom in a day. Your blog has enriched my life. Thanks to you I have lovely photos and memories, inspired by the way you remind me how very precious my two daughters are to me.
    Never change. PS. I love Tea Collection

  128. Kelle,
    Last night I got my weekly People magazine. This morning my oldest daughter (15 1/2) was looking through it & brought it to me & said “Mom, you should get this book! It looks like something you’d really like!” and turned the magazine around to show me the cover of Bloom! I grinned & told her “I already know the story. I sort of know the author, or at least I feel like I do. I’ve been reading her blog since Nella was born.”

    And it’s true. I know you couldn’t pick me out of a line up or identify me on the street, but I feel like a girlfriend who lives next door. THANK YOU for taking all of us on this journey with you.

    Much love, Liz

  129. I am so proud of you and more so for you. Publishing a book is a dream come true. Today show AND People AND #11 – seriously pinchable-wake-me-am-I-dreaming-like-a-rockstar moments. The love you get from your girls, your man, your family and friends – the best fairytale a girl could EVER imagine.

    I have to agree with Farm Pants that IG sure makes you feel connected on a daily basis. Loved taking that virtual trip with you to NYC – especially central park. I see why Heidi was cursing you down, girl!

    Flippin’ dreams do come true.

    :) Jennifer

  130. Hi Kelle!! I am not good with blogs and would normally never comment but I couldnt resist. I am in the middle of the book right now and I have to tell myself to slow down don’t read so fast. When I am done with it I am not going to know what to do. I think about you and your family several times per day. I feel I have changed my outlook on life in the past week since starting the book. I have not only changed my outlook but with my job I have helped changed others outlook as well. Oh you have also I spired me to start my own blog. Thanks for what you have done for me! Courtney

  131. Your photography inspires me. As do your words. Just started reading the book. Congratulations on your success with it already and yes, NYC, such an amazing city.


  132. Kelle–Read Bloom in one sitting on Friday. Loved it!!!

  133. This looks like such an exciting adventure and I’m so pleased for you! Your birth story remains one of the most honest and moving things I’ve come across on the net.

    Today I’ve done a post with tips for buying fresh flowers if you’d like to take a peak.Rx

  134. Kelle, it was so wonderful to meet you and hug you on Friday, I will never forget the excitement of meeting someone I admire so much! You are just as gorgeous in person, and I feel so blessed to have been able to make it to the book signing. Your words are so beautiful, on your blog and now in Bloom. I am devouring Bloom, but at the same time trying to take it in as slowly as possible! And congratulations on #11!!!! I overheard that they had sold you out twice at Waterside and at the Target nearby!!!
    Thank you Kelle for inspiring me everyday! I can only hope to be HALF the mother you are one day!!! <3

  135. Congrats on your adventure and success! I am going to definitely be ordering your book soon!

  136. Sooooo happy for you and the success of Bloom! And your NYC pictures really make me want to take my camera and head there right now.

  137. picked up Bloom at Target 2 hours ago, I am already 125 pages in, only putting it down because well… my eyes are tired… lol… can’t wait to finish it…
    its great although i almost feel like i was there too already, little things i never picked up on like your dad… thank you Kelle…

  138. Hi Kelle,
    I got your book in the mail yesterday and read it cover to cover in between everything else I was doing! I loved it just as much as I love your blog which is beautifully and movingly written. You inpire me to be a better mother – I have 4 children, 2 boys & 2 girls also. You inspire me to be a better friend and strengthen our own “net”. And finally, you inspire me with your contagious optimism! Some of what you wrote about I already knew from your blog but there were also new revelations and more insight into your life. Thank you for becoming real and doing it in such a public way so we can all grow from it! Your family is stunning! The world is dying to know Nella and others like her! The older I get the more I realize that different IS BEAUTIFUL – in fact differences are what make up beautiful. If there weren’t any differences everything would be so drab but instead we have detailed spectrums of wonder to delight in! I am so happy for you and all your success! You deserve it because you took the talents and gifts you were made with and brought them to the world! Way to go!!!
    And thank you!

  139. I am looking forward to reading bloom, just downloaded it to my iPad. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and your story with all of us. Your blog inspires me to enjoy the small things as you so amazingly articulate in every word.

  140. I just by chance caught you on the Today Show at a nail salon. I was only able to see the tail end and only caught a few words, but I was I intrigued by what I did see and down loaded a copy of your book as soon as I got to my car. Kell I couldn’t stop reading! You have inspired me on so many levels! You make me want to be a better mother, friend and person! When I first saw you on the show I thought you were so pretty, then I read your book and now I think you are so BEAUTIFUL! God bless you girl!

  141. Oh Kelle, I’m so happy for you.

  142. Glad you enjoyed my city! Seems like you really did it up… Your book deserves its place. I really enjoyed it!
    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking

    A Mother Seeking…

  143. I was in NYC for Easter weekend and visited the High Line park for the first time. It was definitely the highlight (pun?) of my trip!

  144. Of all the things that enter the limelight, I’m most happiest you have been one of them. You’re normal– we know, but you have an extraordinary gift and that gift enters the hearts and souls of your readers (like me) and you make us strive to be better; more positive, beautiful people… and that just keeps multiplying. It’s Amazing and I think you are pretty awesome. Keep Enjoying :)

  145. Loving seeing your trip pics on instagram! enjoy being back home with your babies

  146. It looks like you had an amazing trip.

    Go ahead and cry girl, you went and did a fantastic job on your book. My copy arrived last Sunday, and I gobbled up every bit of it as fast as I could. I was reading it on my break at work Monday, and all of the nurses (I’m an RN that works cardiac and post partum, I was working post partum that day) had heard of it and wanted to borrow it. I’m kind of stingy when it comes to lending out my books, so I encouraged them all to buy a copy and read it:)

    High five to you Kelle!!!

  147. I bought the book. It’s totally awesome, dude, and I’m telling all my friends.

  148. Bought 6 copies for teacher appreciation week at my boys’ school. I am savoring each word like a fine glass of wine…I don’t want it to be over – but cannot read if I have to “be somewhere” for the red rimmed teary eye residue. And to think….googling that “grill cupcake” would change my entire mothering perspective. Thank you, thank you, thank you….and not even 3 years old and oh what great things that little Nella has brought to this world….a miracle that little one…a very special soul.

  149. So glad you made it to #11! Well deserved!

    I love the Highline… isn’t that so cool? I lived in NYC until recently and that walk was something that kept me sane!

  150. Congratulations Kelle!! I am so excited for you!! My copy of Bloom arrived on my doorstep (as I had been anticipating with excitement for weeks!) on Thursday (longer delivery for us Canadians!) and after busting open the amazon box, I stood in my kitchen and read the first 40 pages with tears streaming down my face, unable to close the book – never mind the late hour it was and long work day and after work event and picking up my little girl and putting her to bed already that day. I love it and can’t wait for every minute I can sneak in to read more each day! Have a beautiful day! PS jealous of your NYC adventure – I need to get back there for a visit!!

  151. speechless & smiling!! xoxo…

  152. Kelle,

    Love your NY posts!!! They are some of my favorite! I just downloaded your book on my Kindle and can’t wait to dig in! I think everyone will love your book. Many of us feel like we know you and are old friends with you from reading your blog. You have made us all feel like a part of your journey and so welcome. I wish you much success with everything. I know this book has been such a great thing for your soul :) You rock!


  153. i have been melting into your blog for the last hour or so… love your photography, and the joy! it just kind-of oozes out… i found you on instagram (yay). :)

    patty from

  154. Gosh! It’s your pics that always do it for me–they are just so gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous–above all, the one of all those people around your books. Go you!! :)

  155. i love love love New York.. Its making me wish I was there right now!

  156. I received your book in the mail today. I may not even finish the book I am reading before I start it :)

  157. Love Love Loved your book. Thank you for being so honest with your emotions.

  158. So thrilling and exciting! congratulations!!!

  159. I just came across this sieres of pictures and immediately thought of you and your family

    all my love!

  160. Congratulations on your adventure in New York. I finished Bloom last night, it was every bit of the amazing I imagined it would be. “Bloom where you are planted” is displayed in vellum letters on a wall at my work. I will always think of you when I see it now. Good feelings :)

  161. Hi Kelle,
    I’ve been quietly, but consistently, reading your blog for about two years, and always admire your way with words and gorgeous photos. I walked into Barnes and Noble tonight to see your book beautifully displayed on the front table right smack dab in the middle, in clear view upon walking in the door. I walked to the book store today because it was a crisp spring day in my little suburb of Chicago, read it the whole walk home, and ended up in a park absorbed in the pages. I”m about halfway through and just blown away with your candor, emotional journey, and inner beauty. Thank you for writing this book, and I look forward to finishing it :)

  162. So proud of you, Kelle. (()) Holly

  163. I just got a chance to watch your interview. Loved it! You did a great job. :)

  164. My NEED to get to NYC is reignited!!

  165. Love the reflections of the buildings in the water. That’s just beautiful.

  166. TODAY!!!!!????!!!!! I had NO clue…going to watch it now. I see you doing BIG thangs guuurrrl….wow!!!

  167. I was having no luck finding your book in toronto but finally got a copy in boston this weekend. started it saturday night, finished monday night. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  168. Ok. So I’ve had your book in my Amazon shopping cart for over a week waiting for payday so I can “checkout”!! Today’s the day baby!! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and read it :) As a mother of a 14 year old boy who is on the autism spectrum I have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog.
    Yes, Nella CAN have a great life, and she WILL.
    My boy is doing things that we never thought he could. One of them was making friends. How simple a concept but for many on the spectrum forming relationships is tough.
    Now we are hoping that he can serve a mission in 4 years.
    I think he’ll be able to!
    Thank goodness I visited a DFW area moms blog exchange where someone recommended your blog to us. I checked it out that day and have been hooked ever since.
    You are on my side bar of my blog since then :)
    Our Adventures in Big Ole Texas

    Come visit the Lone Star State!!!

  169. I just wondered if you knew your book is in the “New York Best Sellers List” section on GooglePlay on my smart phone! I read a sample and as soon as Wednesday arrives (payday) I’m going to buy it….Congratulations on the book, and the kids, and your life in general.

  170. I texted my BFF the morning of your interview and we “watched” it together via text! We both cried over the photos we’ve already seen on your blog. Because we love each and every picture you take. Every. Single. One. tugs at my heart.
    I want to go to NY SO freaking bad!! AGH!! Your pics are amazing as always.
    P.S. Nella’s romper? I die from cuteness.

  171. That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you!

  172. I would like to see NY. Maybe one day…
    Beautiful pictures! Brava

  173. Bloom has finally arrived after it being sold out here in the UK on a well-known internet shop! Have hardly put it down, cried 6 times already, its wonderful (thankfully small child has been happy to entertain himself this afternoon!)
    Thank you Kelle for sharing your life with all of us out here in cyberspace xxx

  174. Sending my most warm and heartfelt congratulations to you! I read Bloom in less than 48 hours last week – I busted a gut laughing out loud a few times, I cried streams of tears and I just felt so much gratitude for your willingness to connect to the real things in life & to share that magic with your readers.

    PS LOVE this line from your NYC trip ‘blossoms that frosted thin branches like pink icing’. Can’t help but think that your Nella is the icing.

  175. dearest kelle, thank you from every mother’s heart for “bloom” i read it from seattle to boston and back..and as i did, i wrote within the margins of how your very soul reflected mine during the cancer diagnosis and the journey that followed for our daughter…as one of my friends said “i just wanted to hug the book when i finished the book”….we are so blessed by your life…and your honesty in sharing it…robin

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