Color: To Market

It is easy to come home from travels and unfairly measure our city against all that I love about where I’ve been. I wish we had street vendors, independent coffee shops on every corner, brownstones with blue front doors and potted flowers on entryway steps. How fantastic it would be to have ships in the harbor, historic monuments, more Greek restaurants and old down town cobblestone streets.

But we have the ocean. And I love the ocean.

And we have all the places to love…right here.

Yesterday, we returned to one of Lainey’s favorite places–a fruit and vegetable market just a couple miles away.


It is an event to her; we have a routine. She picks out everything on her own, bags the fruit herself, remembers to get jalepenos and avacados–Brett’s favorites, samples the watermelon, and pays the clerk with the twenty dollar bill I hand her.


We eat our fruit out front–on the green bench under the big tree, and we end our market experience with a walk to the small nursery that hugs the side of the produce mart. I let the girls loose through rows of jewel toned petunias, potted daisies and a sea of geraniums.


I remind Lainey every time that the bees aren’t out to get her–that calmly shooing them away is a better choice than screaming and running.

We drive by that market almost every day. Lainey never hesitates to announce, “That’s our market.” To her, it belongs to us.

I love the brilliant colors of the market. I love the things that make our town what it is…ours and a place to love.


We brought a little color home, too.



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There’s still plenty of weekend to enjoy!



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  1. Love this, such beautiful photos, and always so much inspiration!


  2. …ahhh LOOK at that FRESH fruit!!! So colourful and yummy!!! :)

    the girls are getting SO GROWN up!!! :) hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend…


  3. Aw man, Alaska has no color yet…!

  4. I cannot take how CUTE they are…I love all of the pictures!

  5. that is so awesome that she gets that into picking the fruits and veggies out. It is a great way to get the littles to be willing to eat healthy.

    Awesome sunglasses.

  6. Love markets and LOVE those last two pictures! We’re SO close to that stage with our girls!

  7. I’d love to have a market like that! But indeed I live in a very very beautiful small town. I should enjoy it more – the fresh air, beautiful pathways, nice sceneries, early mornings with fresh croissants… You are always welcome! :)

  8. Looks like such a fun place! I wish we had a fruit stand so close …

  9. sister kisses+cute polka dotted mama
    fun post!

  10. It’s so sweet how Llainey loves to pick her own veggies.

  11. Your girls make my heart melt. There’s some serious sister bonding happening there and I love it! Did I see Nella holding your phone on the green bench? Someone is getting very big!! Oh and Lainey, too……I swear she looks more and more mature with every post.

    After a very tiring day, this post put a smile on my face. Thanks, Kelle! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :)

  12. Lovely shades!

  13. Oh how I wish we had such colourful markets where I live! Oh, and the sister kisses are so, SO precious! :)

  14. i desperately need new sunglasses! my kate spades went missing. :-(

  15. Awww, such a sweet photo of the girls enjoying their fruit on the bench. I love Nella’s expression :)

  16. that produce stand makes me wish I had a fruit bowl full of fruit and a fridge full of veggies. Our (CO) farmers markets start back up the first weekend in May and I cannot wait!!

  17. Farmer’s markets are the greatest :) I love how Lainey uses a shopping cart.

  18. Love it! Beautiful photos and family

  19. I love farmer’s market. I took my 7 month old there today and she soaked it all in. The colors, the sounds, and the smells. She loved it. It is a great place to get fresh local foods to make her baby food with.

    And the beach … I love it also. We live in between a big city and the beach. what a perfect location to live in. Now, Isle of Capri I would love to experience!

  20. I love this post and the pictures! My hometown is right between Baltimore and DC, but I’ve been away from it for work for many months now. As eager as I was to get away, I miss what it has to offer–like you said, “all the places to love, right here.” Good reminder that no matter where I am, there are always beautiful colors to find if I am looking. :)

  21. Love how Lainey looks like she goes about picking her produce so methodically. And it seems as though it’s quite an event she gets ready for….what, with her pretty curls and all :)

    The pictures on the green bench. Want!!!

    Leaving for Texas in the morning. Our hotel exit/entrance goes right into a MALL!!! What?!—I’ve never heard of that before!!! Hoping I don’t come back with big city envy. And everything’s bigger in Texas, you know. But really, I believe less is more. So I think I’ll be okay :)

  22. Love love love Lainey’s leggings (not to mention her independence!). So awesome. Happy Sunday!

  23. Beautiful colors, and Im jealous of your produce store! Love the last picture, so precious.


  24. I could dive into those strawberries! Yummy colors. Sweet delights.

  25. Love the pic of Nella looking at the apples….she looks so tempted to grab one off the bottom the watch the ensueing chaos :-) She seems to have a wicked little sense of humour! Lainey looks so grown up….why do they do that so quickly? Constantly telling my girls to slow down :-)

  26. I STILL run and scream when I see bees, and I’m 25 and a mother myself. I’m not setting a cvery good example, am I! Oh well.

    A new pair of shades would be lovely; I lost mine two weeks ago visiting the Theatre. As you do!

  27. Your blog makes me smile. I enjoy watching your girls grow. So precious! Nella’s dress is too cute and I love sister’s leggings. The colors are so bright I can smell them from here! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. The shades are perfect. They look good on you!
    Thank you for being YOU!

  28. I’m loving Lainey’s wild curls….just beautiful. And whilst it’s overcast & grey here after a weekend of non-stop rain…I thank you for this colourful post! It made me smile. LOVELY as always Kelle.

  29. Those strawberries look amazing! Are they delicious? We won’t have fresh strawberries here for a few months yet and I am jealous!

    Also, a few months back the clock fell off my bathroom wall, landing on my glasses, splitting my favorite ever frames in 2 equal pieces! I’ve been wearing a 4 year old pair (with outdated lenses of course) ever since. I could use some new frames!

  30. LOVE the beautiful colors of the produce. And love Lainey’s curls and the pictures of the girls on the green bench. Also love the sunglasses :)

  31. Love your pics. The girls are absolutely darling. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you & Nella. Enjoy your weekend.

    Amy Irwin

  32. Oh i love taking my nephew to the fruit store! He’s so sweet and walks around pointing out the avocados and zucchini and eggplants (he’s THREE!)

  33. that photo of Nella looking at the apples is just darling! X

  34. I’m always amazed at the color that crops up where you least expect it. Roadside fruit stands are a perfect – and beautiful – example.

    I’m in love with the frames that KBL has! I definitely appreciate the rose-colored lenses of a couple pairs; I’m particularly fond of the Malibu Matte Red Havanas. Gorgeous!

  35. Agree, agree, agree! I, too, always long for the things northern or larger or older towns have. I would give anything for street vendors and independent coffee shops on every corner. I want a funky downtown section with record stores and vintage shops. I would love fabulous architecture and an appreciation for history in this town. But it’s easy to forget what we do have and why people love to visit here when you get stuck in that frame of mind. We also love that same produce market. And, of course, the beach. I try to remind my husband every year (usually when season ends) that we need to do the “touristy” stuff. Enjoy the things the snowbirds enjoy. Why should they get all of the fun? So we take the kids on regular trips to Tin City for ice cream. To the city dock to check out the boats (and the wonderful coffee shop next door). Long walks down the banyan-lined streets downtown. And as many sunsets as possible.

    As always, I love your inspiration and perspective.

  36. Lovely post! Agree totally with you. I love walking cities with and I so many times wish I could live in one but we have the beautiful ocean…..
    Great pictures as always! I felt like I was at the market with all of you :)
    Girls are getting so big! Amazing how time flies!

  37. Yes, thank you for the reminder to appreciate where we live. My town has much history but not much sun! We are off to a family reunion and could really do with some Florida sunshine. Alas we have English rain!

    The photos of the girls in your Market are just gorgeous.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sarah x

  38. After whining about the weather all day yesterday, I’m off to run a 5K, so I guess I should appreciate that it’s cold and NOT all warm and Florida-like.

  39. Love those girls of yours Kelle – those last two pictures just melt! Happy sunday X

  40. Such bright coloUrs. Couldn’t help myself :o)
    It does look like a lovely place to shop. Our fruit & veg shop is pretty soulless in comparison. Nella’s such an expressive child. Happy weekend Kelle.

  41. They look so in control of their shopping- very mature indeed! Gorgeous dresses.Rx

  42. I would love to a win a new pair of sunglasses! Fun giveaway!

    Color and the ocean are two things I also love about Florida. And Publix’s sugar cookies :)

  43. You only hsnd over 20 bucks for fresh beautiful fruit like that??? I gotta move to the US…

  44. Love all the color!

  45. Gosh, how gorgeous is Nella’s little dress!!! Love your posts as always :)

  46. Sorry I’m back. You saved the best to last. Those last two photos are just so precious.

  47. Wish we could stop worrying about frost already for growing our own veggies! Ahh, to live in the south!

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I love the fact that y’all get to go to such a cool market anytime you’d like! Living in Alabama I’ve spent many a summers vacation at Panama City Beach, FL and as a kid one of the most comforting, we’re almost there feelings, was stopping at the roadside markets along way to the beach. We had our favorites, the ones we had to stop at every year, on our way down, for produce to use while on our trip. And on our way home, to take a piece of that sun grown, Florida, goodness home with us. We had families we met that run the stands that we looked forward to meeting up with and speaking with every summer. “Goodness how the kids have grown!,” “I lost my mom this past winter….”
    I always thought it was funny that my mom could make that type of lasting impression on people she barely knew. I grew to understand that it was her quiet and gentle spirit, that had a way of comforting, inspiring, and encouraging by just her being, and the genuine interest she took in other peoples lives. And when she would share her Breast Cancer survivor stories, (42 years this summer!!!) people were sure to remember her! And in the moments that I wasn’t totally embarrassed by it, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
    I love to watch Nella’s expressions! I can see so much of her personality sneaking through. <3

  50. LOVE the last two pictures of the girls. And I love the market — a good farmer’s market is one of my all time favorite places to go!

  51. Beautiful! Can’t wait for spring to come to Michigan. It’s unseasonably cold, so I’m very jealous! And they sunglasses? Hands down, awesome!

  52. Those girls are so stinkin’ cute!!! I love the kissy photos!

    Levi ate some corn on the cob last night, and for a 23 mo old that mainly eats baby food, it was a big ol’ deal!!!!

  53. Man, how I miss fresh Florida produce! love your new sunglasses!

  54. I love it when my kids have a natural attachment to a place we’ve visited together. It means a memory has formed and makes me so happy!

  55. I love that you let your kids eat strawberries and watermelon in their beautiful clothes! I bet the fruit tastes so much better that way!

  56. now that looks like a perfect day


  57. Lainey pulling her own suitcase in the airport= adorable.

  58. Lainey pulling her own suitcase in the airport= adorable.

  59. I love the pictures in the market, the fruit and vegetables look delicious. Your town looks beautiful!Living near the Ocean would be amazing. Nella’s dress is adorable and I love the sunglasses. Enjoy!!! ~Kimmy

  60. I can’t wait until our markets open here in Minnesota. One of my favorite things about summer!

  61. I grew up and lived most of my life in Pittsburgh, PA. When I got married I followed my husband up to the backwoods of Massachusetts with our one year old in tow. For awhile I will admit I was miserable. I missed city life, having my grocery store three minutes down the road, all the museums and bridges. Once I stopped comparing our new town to Pittsburgh? I realized I love being able to go outside at 8pm and not hearing a single noise except crickets. I love my new garden, which I just planted a load of veggies in. I love the miles of woods behind our house our now two year old loves to explore. So I suppose they both have their benefits, and I’m now happy this is the place Ava will have her childhood memories. (With vacations back to the city of course!)

  62. The berries look delish. THe berries won’t be ready here in VT for another month or so…

  63. I am so inspired to take my kids to a fruit market this week. Love Nella’s dress, too!

  64. Every post of yours makes me so jealous that I do not blog or write down every memory with awesome photos! As I read, I think oh wow, how incredible. And I envision, Laniey and Nella reading this when they are in their 70s saying what a wonderful wonderful mom and dad we had that gave them the best childhood ever!!….and have PROOF of it!!! xoxo BEautiful babies, beautiful pictures!!…beautiful blog!! You are and inspiration!!!

  65. I remember when u left the $5 sticker on because I did the same thing that week and thought I was the only one lame enough lol. Welcome home : ) maybe you’ll just have to come up for the NDSC conference in DC this summer.

  66. Your day at the farmer’s market looks perfect!!

  67. I love your posts! I always feel inspired to live life fuller and appreciate more. Today and in the weeks to come, I will try to love my home town and my state and visit the places that make it “mine”…. The diner down the street, the boardwalk, my favorite small town shops, the locally owned grocery store where everyone always asks how I am…. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy the small things! 😉

  68. I too love our Farmer’s Market..even though it is a bit of a drive, smells a little stinky, and I feel like I need to disinfect my hands when I pull open the door. It is still a Sunday Funday place to go! :)

    I love Lainey’s face in the pic above the tomato pic…”now let’s see…don’t want to forget anything”. So mature.

  69. The picture of the girls *this close* to smooching is too precious. What beautiful moments. :)

  70. I have been quietly following you for a while now. I am so amazed at the beauty you can find in the “small things” and the peace you have found in your day to day life. I know when I come to read your blog in the evenings, it will end my night on a positive note.

  71. What beautiful colors! I have market envy! Sunglasses make me excited! I lost my oakleys in the midst of pictures and fun with Pocahontas at disney world back in November! I recently suggested to my husband that we should get each other some nice ones for our anniversary in may and lucky me he was all for it!

  72. Our Farmer’s Market opens next Saturday. I’m looking forward to checking it out! We bought some awesome things last fall. And sunglasses? Those are fabulous! I am addicted to sunglasses. I have to wear them, even when it’s cloudy. My eyes get all squinty and tear when I’m not wearing them outside. When I was working, I never spent more than $5 on them. They would get broken more times than I could think about. Now that I’m a Mommy and only working part time indoors I like to spend a little more because they aren’t being trashed. I could certainly use a new one! Enjoyed your colors post.

  73. I’m waiting for the Ohio weather to break and for it to be WARM! I want to be wearing capris, dresses, and shorts like you all!

  74. Hi kelle ,
    love the colours of flowers and fruits, very colourful on your pics!it seems like summer otherwise in france its rainy and cold,
    where comes the dress of Nella?i love it.

  75. Love this post. Motivated to go and bring some color to my home. Have a good weekend!

  76. We are just about to plan our Sunday adventure. I cannot wait for our local markets to open for the summer season. It’s amazing how such simple things from nature can bring such joy, happiness and beauty as well as fill our bellies. Beautiful post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  77. The instagram photo of Lainey and friend holding up the Washington Monument- wow! I, as an adult, try to do those photos and they never come out that good- how did you get children to pose just perfectly!?

  78. I’m with ya …traveling is exciting and inspiring and challenging. but oh how i love home too!

  79. I so want that market. In my town. I miss living south of the Mason-Dixon line. Where true markets exist. Where I can buy avacados for less than $2.99 each. Where produce doesn’t look like it sat on a truck for a week before it got to me. Where I can buy arugula. Where herbs don’t come in hard plastic packaging with MOLD inside. Oh Texas…how I miss you…

  80. Beautiful! Love the pictures. Your little girls are growing up so fast!

  81. Love the kissing sisters photo at the end. My girls (almost 4yrs and 20mos) are all about kisses right now. Melts my heart!

  82. Your pictures are always so awesome!! The colors are so vibrant. I need to stop and realize instead of wanting to be somewhere else, that there are things to do in my hometown. I just need to do it!! Thanks for the reminder.

  83. Awwww I LOVE the pic of Lainey and Nella puckering up to each other!!! Enjoy your Sunday!

  84. I love it when my daughter points out certain things when we are out, like Owen Street and the corner building that usually has pigeons and watching trains go through the middle of town. So special! Love the pics, as always!
    Karen H.

  85. Oh, the colors and the happiness in these photos – gorgeous and just what the doctor ordered, for me, lying in a sickbed…

    One should absolutely love the good things about one’s hometown! I adore my hometown and still sometimes wish it was mote like Miami or NY. And then…. really happy it’s just like it is :-)

  86. Ohhh the kiss! Swoon! :)

  87. we have a farmers market in our town square every Wed and Sat. it always amazes me the wonderful smells that come with all the bright colors :)

  88. So much sweet happiness :).

  89. I love that Lainey has taken ownership of the market :-). Too cute! How great that she chooses and “pays” for the goodies. I do wish we had larger farmer markets. Ours will start popping up late May/early June. The kids love fruits and veggies so I can’t wait!

  90. WHAT??? You were in DC? We just left there. If I’d known, I would have visited the bookstore you were in. Darn it! Adore Nella’s dress. Where is that from??? Home is best.

  91. Such cute pictures of the girls at the market. That’s a great learning experience for Lainey. And I like that it is her market.

  92. Some day, I have to visit Naples. You make it seem like a magical place. Your words and blog have probably been the biggest tourist draw in years. :-)

  93. Oh my goodness, the kissy picture. Priceless! Love all of the color.

  94. We are enjoying sweet strawberries here in Denver, but those tomatoes – I just want to grab one, sprinkle some salt, and take a HUGE bite! We won’t have great tomatoes like those until late summer.

  95. I wish we had markets like that around here. But, alas, I live in the frozen tundra that is South Dakota. We do, however, have farmer’s markets in the summer which provide fresh, out of the field sweet corn that will knock your socks off.

  96. I wish we had a little market in our town! I love all the colors of fresh produce.

  97. All that color is bound to make a gal happy! And that pic of Lainey and her friend holding up the Washington Monument is classic. Love it. Happy weekend to you!

  98. Such beautiful pictures! I love all the bright colors and how you capture the spirit of your girls.

    We spent yesterday morning at our local Farmer’s Market and brought home come colors of our own…peppers, strawberries and rich, beautiful honey. Yum!

  99. I am going to look at my town with renewed appreciation. Thanks for the reminder to do so.

  100. Our fresh markets are just opening in MN! Can’t wait to see all of those beautiful colors. So in love with those last two photos. :)

  101. Love farmers market trips…what a fun experience for Lainey and Nella!!!

  102. those strawberries look SO good!

  103. Number 1- The girls both look A-dorable in their outfit.

    You always give me ideas on how I can be a better mother, thank you.

    Love the friday photo dump, it is nice to see a pic of you and Brett in there too!

    All the very best wishes of great health and unicorn dreams!!!!

  104. You mean you are supposed to pay more than $5.00 for sunglasses?

    I finished Bloom last night. Loved it and easy to read it again.

  105. There is NOTHING better than a good market. :) That last picture of the girls just slays me. Happy Sunday!

  106. This mama is in desperate need of a new pair of sunnies. I just told my husband the other day that I’m sporting sunglasses that are 7 years old! A miracle!

  107. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer and our fruit markets to open. It is so much fun to take the kiddos and let them explore.

  108. Love the market and Lainey’s little shopping cart with baby doll! Adorable!

  109. Ohhhh i love markets!!! Precious!!! And i am ready for some beautiful adult sunglasses haha 😉

  110. Seriously, I gotta know how you get watermelon stains out of your kids’ clothing. It is the one thing I cannot get to come clean! Ketchup, markers, paint, blood, strawberries- no problem, but watermelon, ugh! And my little girl prefers to wear her food.
    Looking forward to Farmer’s Markets opening next weekend here in Missoula!

  111. Kelle I LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!

    I’m coming to Naples, FL next week for VACATION sans kids! If you have time can you email me a list of your favorite places to visit? Like the place you go to on Sundays? Isle of Capri? And, the fresh markets, restaurants, etc. I know you are very busy so I won’t hold it against you if you don’t have time! :) But, if you do, I’ll be eternally grateful!

    Thank you!
    Emily Alberhasky

  112. This weekend kind of turned on me this morning, I spent Saturday nesting and now today I have to work like mad to catch up on all that I didn’t do. But I am working in a nice nest, so that is the silver lining. :-)

  113. I love farmers markets… they make me feel so good, not to mention my little man usually charms some lady and gets a free cookie :)

  114. Love love love the new pictures and all the color. Read through Bloom in less than a couple of days and loved it! Going to share it with all the mamas I know who have special little ones like us =)

  115. Ahh love it! Yes…it’s fun to go, but so good to come home! Love all the color! We are off to go explore another town…a town we are looking at homes in…we might move. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. My husband has lived in our current town for 35 years and I’ve been here for 24 years! It’s crazy…but I’ve been an emotional mess with the thought of even moving. I tear up thinking about it…but yet I’m excited at the thought of something new! I could so use the new glasses…as my littles accidently broke my regular perscription pair…so I’ve been using my perscription sunglasses ALL the time…at night(yes the song, I wear my sunglasses at night goes through my head EVERYTIME) and even watching a movie at home! When I’m shopping in the grocery store I forget to take the sunglasses off…and I’m sure people are thinking I’m just too cool for school! LOL!
    Hugs to you!
    Lovin you book BTW!!!

  116. Beautiful pictures, as always! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  117. Love the new shades! And super jealous of the market that you have, we don’t have the fresh fruits and vegetables that you do down there!

  118. Love this post! My mom used to take me to a market very similar to “your market” and let me have experiences much like you let Lainey. That combined with all the time spent with my grandma as a little one I am sure is why I love food and markets so much still to this day (and most likely forever). :)

  119. This post made me ask my boyfriend if we can move to Florida where is is warm and the ocean is close by! Toronto is still chilly and way too far from the beach!

  120. i need to get to the nursery to get my flowers. i’ve been dragging my feet for some reason. it’s definitely warm enough. you’ve inspired me;) oh and i love little nella’s head by those apples. so adorable. just want to squeeze her in the that dress!

  121. Love your colorful photos. I need to get my kids out to the nursery too! Beautiful kids, beautiful photos.

  122. Eeek! Love those glasses & that amazing Florida produce- lucky ducks, you are.

  123. I love Nella’s shades :)

  124. It looks like the best day you girls had! I love taking my little one to the market too!!

  125. Fruit, flowers, two of the sweetest girls, and the coolest of sunglasses… your blog has it all!

  126. Love a good market and some cute sunglasses. Enjoying the weekend in va.

  127. Isn’t funny how others can come into your city and think it is pure paradise, and you take it for granted. Every time we come to Naples and we take in the sunset lowering over the gulf and I wonder what it must be like to live here. It always takes me a few days once we return to the rust belt of Ohio to appreciate what we too have up here. I guess that’s the wonderment of traveling.

  128. your girls are so sweet! i love the idea of letting Lainey pick out everything and bag it and pay for it… she must feel so grown up!

  129. I would LOVE a market like that! Looks incredible!

  130. what a fun day you guys had!!! Inspired me to do more out of the house with my little guy! love the glasses :)

  131. … this was a beautiful trip around your local haunt. i love when kids “claim” a space in their childhood that you know will carry them through adulthood and their own routines and comforts.

  132. There is a lot of tourism in my city (San Francisco) and it’s always a hoot to watch people pointing and taking pictures. Sometimes I turn around to see what’s so interesting and *still* don’t see it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome and beautiful city but real life takes over regardless of geography. It doesn’t stay that stimulating forever. It can’t. Your brain would explode!

    Most of the time, residents stick to the same well-worn paths. We’re all doing what anyone else anywhere else does: rushing to get to the dry cleaner, the store, the pediatrician and the book store to buy a birthday present all before whenever it is we agreed to meet up with friends at the park. Same, same. After a while of stopping at that great coffee shop on the corner every day you realize that it’s expensive so you start bringing your own coffee from home. When you aren’t fitting into your pants as comfortably you slow it down on the street vendor food. And maybe you don’t notice the blue doors as much anymore because you’re on the phone with your cousin listening to her talk about why her marriage is falling apart. Just living life in a different place with different challenges.

    There’s great stuff everywhere. I say hello every day to a view that includes the Golden Gate bridge and the San Francisco Bay. You have Corkscrew – such and amazing and beautiful, special place, the warm beach, ample free parking, and space, precious space…but you already knew all that 😉

  133. Nella with that piece of watermelon. Thank you for that smile….:)

  134. I LOVE markets like that and I agree its pretty special 😉

  135. I wish we had a market nearby!!! Looks like you had a great time.

  136. I love farmer’s markets.

    I got to go to Hawaii in December and the very best thing (out of a lot of great things) was the market on Hilo (and Kauai and Maui and…).

    We bought 30lbs of amazing, delicious tropical fruit for less than $15. Then we ate it over the course of 2 days and went back for more.

  137. SO beautiful. Can hardly wait till it’s market time up north. Love that Lainey knows it as your market…how sweet.

  138. Fun fruit adventures….love the flowers! Oh, and sunglasses….my 4 year old grandson took mine. 😉

  139. I would love to win some cool new shades!

  140. I love how diverse your instagram photos are. The beginning of the week your in DC, the end of the week home with your hubby! So fun!!

  141. love the glasses! ahhhhhh the ocean…..your everyday is a vacation dream.:)Love Lainey’s Washington monument photo.

  142. adore the colorful post! i can’t wait for our farmers market to return next weekend. and seeing nella’s dress makes me wish i would have bought one like it at the matilda jane party i attended last weekend. shoot.

  143. I adore the mint green shades!

  144. Those pigtails!! Love!

  145. Okay, looking at your produce makes me want to cry – because currently, ours (in Canada) tastes kinda like cardboard! Beautiful wee darlin’s… Nella’s dress.

  146. What a gorgeous market you have!! You are so lucky to have such great product so early in the year (I live in WA and no markets are open yet). Loving the new shades too… I am a cheap sunglass wearer too but sometimes I steal my husband’s Ray Band’s and he gets mad at me lol. Maybe I should pick up a nice pair of my own.

  147. those sunglasses are beautiful! your girls are lovely. :)

  148. i love your blogs as
    1) they are easy to read and delightful
    2) Lainey reminds me very much of my daughter, Ali, at that age.
    3) your daughters have wonderful shoes and socks — which i love to see ( i have reminders of the cute red boots my daughter had that I loved and she hated
    4) it is so practical and so inspiring
    5) you are not afraid to be you and let your children them themselves.
    thank you very much.
    glenda q

  149. My kids always seem to want to wear my sunglasses more then their own. :-) Love the colors of Lainey’s market!

  150. All those Sunglasses are quite fetching and I was just thinking today how I sure could use a new pair!

  151. Love the colors of the market!!

  152. Spring is in full force! I love the colors in your pics! I haven’t been able to read your blogs recently and realized that when I do, it uplifts my day seeing the smiles on your girls faces…a reminder of how amazing life is (through their eyes)…and Nella and Lainey have grown in just a few short weeks!

  153. My kids LOVE our local farmers markets. God made fruits and veggies colorful for a reason! Beautiful to look at and beautiful to eat!!

  154. I wish I had a market like that where I live. That produce looks fantastic!

  155. I often have to remind myself about what I live about where I live when I return from travels as well. The grass is greener where you water it.

  156. Beautiful. All of it. What lucky girls.

  157. ahhh love the market pictures!

  158. I too always wear the cheap sunglasses because my two children love to wear and eventually break them. So to have a fabulouse pair would be well, fabulous!!!

  159. Lainey is such a little DOER! Just like Mom!
    The photo of the wee girls on the green bench is perfect. It tells the entire story of your blog. Brilliant!

  160. I have got to get me a pair of those glasses! Especially to hide my newborn tired eyes!

  161. This comment has been removed by the author.

  162. Hello Kelle I think I know you always … your girls are much more beautiful that … Nella and is very sweet and beautiful. I love your photos, and love that you put in everything you do, I can not stop looking at them every day … I love them. Thank you for everything you do every day, you make me cry and smile with you
    Sorry if I misspelled but I do not speak English and I had to use google translator

  163. I love the sunglasses you’re wearing, Kelle! So cute!

  164. Ahh! I love how to always provide me with thankful heart. I just go home from a one night getaway and was just thinking about how much I love the city I visited, but the truth is, there is nothing like MY home. Or MY little playground around the corner. :)

  165. Lainey’s market looks so delightful. I love ours too! : ) The colors. The feel. The air. It is perfection. Thank God for farmers.

  166. We love our market too!! Farmers Market season is just starting here in Michigan and it makes me so so happy!

    Tina J

  167. Refreshing post full of everyday beauty and magical colors… Your big girl is looking so mature now! and she’s changed, she is curly now! have a great weekend!

  168. I am 27 and I still scream and run from bees. hahaha!

    – jen

  169. Love. That is all.

  170. Lainey’s outfit is just adorable! I’m a sucker for stripes!

  171. That pic of Nella eating watermelon– too cute! i love her little dress.

  172. Love love LOVE your kidlets! Such cute photos, as always. And I am absolutely diggin’ those sunnies – totally gonna check them out!

  173. I’d love to have a market that belonged to ‘me’! Mine is over 45 minutes away and I’m dying for some fresh veggies tonight.

  174. I love how responsible and whimsical and precious Lainey is. She’s the perfect balance of little girl and little lady.

    I love Nella’s face in the picture where she’s holding your phone…like, “Gee, Mom, I’m just helping you answer some of these emails.” Her little personality is so spunky…a true sista.

    The hand holding and sister kisses are priceless and so beautiful.

    Naples has got it goin’ on! One day I’m gonna get back there!

  175. My husband says he doesn’t understand why I read blogs….but I think if he read yours he would understand ! Love everything you talk about and how positive you are about life – it’s so refreshing !

  176. Kelle,
    thank you for sharing what you love about where you live. I like hearing from your thankful heart.

  177. Love the pics, but the last is my favorite by far.

  178. I LOVE fresh fruits and veggies from the market. So fun!!

  179. I don’t ever leave a comment, but I just finished the book and I am passing it down to my 14 year old to read because she is required to read a Memoir for school. I have sheltered and spoiled her and recently realized that she might not know how big her mama’s love is and, more importantly, she is unaware of the journey of others. Hoping your words can help me teach and allow growth of young mind and emotions in her beautiful soul! Thanks!

    PS – We moved from Florida to NJ about 3 years ago and she still hates me for it, so stop describing such a pretty picture of the paradise we left behind! LOL! We left Tampa, but my parents are in Ft. Myers, which we visit as often as we can!!!!! :-)

  180. Love the Matilda Jane dress on Nella! my daughter just received an order so we’re anxious for warmer weather so she can wear them. The new sunglasses look great, mine old one broke this weekend, great timing for the discount. I think a pair of Life is Sweet frames will be coming my way soon.

  181. My son loves that market too…one of his favorite places…especially loves the old tractor.

  182. I love me some Farmer Markets but living in Ohio, I usually have to be patient until late June/early July.

  183. Love “your” market and your new shades. Adorable pictures as always.

  184. I LOVE Nella’s dress!

  185. Love the sunglasses. Adorable.

  186. Ohhhh.. what cool shades. And love your pictures as usual. :)

  187. I just love the picture of Nella staring at the apples!

  188. nothing beats a trip to the farmer’s market;)

  189. Beautiful photos as always. Thanks for sharing, Kelle.

  190. Lovely post and photos. OK, I’ve got to ask… Where did you get that adorable dress for Nella? Might have to find one for my girls, if possible…

  191. So jealous of that market!!! Its been ages since I have seen a real Strawberry Basket!!!! Your girls are so adorable, as always!!

  192. Loving the book, slowly getting through it with four kids 5 and under but it gives me something to look forward to when I have a second:)

  193. this post reminded me of my day today… life is sosososo good!


  194. This Canadian has been reading your blog from the time of Nellie’s birth… and I so appreciate it. I’ve recommended it to a lot of parents! You also got me hooked on Dig this Chick:).

  195. just in time- I’ve been on the hunt for new sunnies! love those mint-aviators ! and nella’s yellow sunnies are too cute!!

  196. Aw. Love it. My girls adore trips to the market and shopping like big girls.
    And I adore those sunglasses. It might be time to break out of my $5 rut too…

  197. It’s kind of a market, but I spent yesterday in the colors of the Dutchman’s Store in Cantril, IA. Came home with pretty flowers and all sorts of bulk foods and spices. I think Lainey would approve. :)

  198. My husband, daughter and I recently moved to California and I was worried that my beautiful home state (Oregon) ruined my idea of beauty. I mean quiet misty lush green forests? How could anything top that? But as I lay here now with all the windows open and watch and listen as the tall palms sway. It’s so gosh dang relaxing. Plus the skies are like 90% percent of the time blue. Now that’s definitely something Oregon does not have. Oh yeah, and we have a beach now too! Take that Oregon COAST!

  199. Your girls are so sweet!

  200. love the colors! I’m living in Japan right now and miss the amazing quality of our homegrown fruit and veggies and the awesome markets they’re sold in!

  201. love the colors! I’m living in Japan right now and miss the amazing quality of our homegrown fruit and veggies and the awesome markets they’re sold in!

  202. I find myself comparing my homestate all the time. I grew up on Lake Michigan, I watched sunrises a lot! I loved that it was always cooler by the lake. I then moved to Alafrickenbama and thought I wouldn’t make it. I happily live in the Atlanta area and love that there is so much to do and see, but I miss having a body of water to look at! Oceans are definitely better 😉

    I can’t believe how big your girls are getting. They are just darling! xx

  203. I LOOOOOOVE your polka dot shirt or dress with the peter pan collar! You are so adorable and your girls are as well! I love the picture of Nella looking up at the apples :)

  204. Such beautiful colors! I love going to market with my kids! My sunglasses went kaput, these look so fabulous! =)

  205. i want a market here to be THAT cute. swoon!

  206. I can almost smell the market place and all the wonderful fruits and vegetables they have to offer! So good!
    And I LOVE those sunglasses! I would love to get a new pair this year!

  207. Such beautiful, vibrant colours, and sweet pictures of your girls. Awesome sunglasses!

  208. Your posts always encourage me to do more fun things with my little girl rather than worry about the small things like dusting and dishes. After all she’s only 2 once!

  209. I know when we go on vacation I always think it is so beautiful then wehen we arrive back home to OUR town I realize it is as beautiful as every other town. I love your photos it just shows how beautiful colors really are.

  210. I LOVE fresh produce markets. Enjoy being home, home is definitely where the heart is :)

  211. Love, Love, Love these pictures! :)

  212. Nothing would say “Hello wonderful Summer” like a great new pair of sunglasses.
    Come on random number generator momma needs a new pair of shades.

  213. Love Nella’s dress!

  214. It looks like you had such a nice day. That farmer’s market looks amazing and I’ll bet the aroma of all of the fruit and veg was incredible!

  215. oooh. i love markets..!

  216. Excited to start our spring here so fresh fruit and the farmer’s market becomes part of our routine too!

  217. Oh I wish we had markets like that around here! I look forward to our farmers markets that start during the summer every year!

  218. Looks like another beautiful day,thak you for sharing!

  219. What a fabulous reminder to appreciate everything we have around us! And thank you, thank you for your beautiful book. It is currently being passed around my group of friends and everyone has been changed for the better by it! You are an amazing inspiration! Thank you :)

  220. Always love the market pictures…all that color! Would love a free pair of chic sunglasses! I have managed to hang on to some hand-me-down’s from my sister…they’re about 4 yrs old now. They are more than a little scratched up but still holding together.

  221. I have been reading your blog for years but I am finally commenting!! I love reading your blog and looking at pictures of your precious family!! I just had a baby girl and I am so excited to teach her about the small things in life because they are the BIG things!

  222. Love the last two pictures of Lainey and Nella. Gorgeous sister shots.xo

  223. Nella is getting so big, it’s fun to see her so independent walking around with her big sis. We’re expecting baby girl #2 in sept. And I can’t wait to see my two girls interacting.

    I’ve been needing a new pair of glasses too, I’d love to win a pair!

  224. I swoon for Matilda Jane dresses. Nella is perfection in hers. Beautiful. Hope I can have another little girl–I didn’t know such sweet outfits existed when my 9 year old was a babe!

  225. Those strawberries look so delicious!!

  226. I love seeing the tender moments between your girls. My three year old is so sweet to my nine month old, it just brings me to tears.

  227. LOVE it!!! And I’m totally that girl that doesn’t spend much on sunglasses, because as soon as I do I seem to lose them. Though, I JUST lost my last pair of $15 shades and am currently a squinting hot mess. Sign me up!! :)


    ~Tabitha Blue

  228. I love your girls, they just get cuter and cuter. Your polka dotted blouse is super pretty btw, and so are you :)

  229. I too, love our family market trips. Ours is the Saturday farmers market where often walk there after a breakfast of coffee, quiche, and scones. We stock up on fresh produce and the most amazing tea ever and my boys always look forward to seeing ‘Chris the egg man’. :)

  230. mmm…that market of yours, i envy it every time you post a pic of it!!! Where we live in Canada we have nothin like that!!But we do live in a beautiful little village :) I received Bloom and i’ve read it and loved every word of night i had to quit reading so i could quit crying…i wish our little girlies could meet!

  231. Love the girls kiss pose! Nella just steals my heart! Love Lainey’s shopping pics!

    Your new shades are rocking!

  232. love love love Nella’s adorable dress!!! LOVE Mathilda Jane :)

    and also LOVE those glasses!!!

  233. I wish I knew of a fruit and veggie market in our area! It looks amazing!

  234. Your photos from the market are wonderful…I love all the brilliant colours! Keep it up Kelle!

  235. Beautiful colors and beautiful girls!

  236. Thanks for the reminder that I need to plan a visit to our farmer’s market or go berry picking. Looking forward to warmer weather :) Beautiful photos, as always!

  237. The colors of the fruits and veggies and flowers are phenomenal. One of our NEW favorite things to do in late spring/summer is shop the local stand. I let my oldest pick out everything and she loves it.

  238. My baby girl spilled nail polish all over my carpet this morning (yeah in magenta), and after I youtubed some how to videos I thought I would take a breather and enjoy your new post. Thanks! I love all the colors from your trip to the market. I feel like I’ve had a little holiday- now wish me luck with the carpet!

  239. This comment has been removed by the author.

  240. I always need to remind myself what I love about “home” and why we chose to live here whenever I return from traveling.

    Those sunglasses look GREAT on you.

  241. Those Florida strawberries look delicious!! Your last photo of your girls together holding hands melts the heart …

  242. I love love love the clothes you put on those girls. I have been following you for about a year now and I am just amazed at the fun and creative clothing options you use for your sweet faced girls! Also, loving those sunglasses…so incredibly adorable! Glad you had a great weekend (wish I had a market like that to call my “own”!)

  243. I love going to the market with my kids… something so refreshing about being outside and seeing all the beautiful colors!

  244. Such pretty colors at the market, and those strawberries look phenomenal!!!!

    Love the new shades, I’m on the hunt, mine broke last week and I need them badly!

  245. I feel the same way about my new hometown… we don’t have things that I love love love from my old city(cities) but we DO have the ocean and we DO have things that are becoming my new special places.

    And I love the glasses! I’m in serious need of my first prescription pair!

  246. Being that we live in Wisconsin we literaly count down the days to our cities farmers market which will open at the end of May. Nothing beats the warm sun beaming down, iced coffee in hand and filling the basket with home grown goodies!

  247. I need some new sunglasses. Mine are about 10 years old and so out of style but they do the job. Your post makes me want to go to the greenhouse and get some color for my house. :)

  248. The farmer’s market is one of my favorite childhood memories, and reading your post and seeing your sweet pictures brought all those memories to mind! There’s just nothing better than an afternoon wtih mom and sis picking up flowers and tasting the sweetest, freshest fruit.

  249. yummy, now I want some fruit. And new sunglasses!

  250. Love the blog as usual. Loved laineys suitcase in the friday phone dump pics. The easter bunny just brought two of those cases for our girls this year. I am listening to them being rolled through the kitchen now as I type.

  251. Love your blog, your an amazing writer and photographer :)


  252. Love the sunglasses!!

  253. just finished your book yesterday! wonderful.
    would love to win a pair of awesome sunglasses….I have a mixture of cheapies and ones that cost a bit more and they seem to both get broken, a lot :)

  254. oh….your market looks amazing. I wish we had such a thing around here. beautiful produce and beautiful shopping girlies you have. Looks like they have so much fun there.

  255. oh….your market looks amazing. I wish we had such a thing around here. beautiful produce and beautiful shopping girlies you have. Looks like they have so much fun there.

  256. Fresh markets are the best…so many hidden foody treasures that can’t be found in a boxed store!

  257. I LOVE Nella’s dress.
    And now I’m inspired to hit the farmer’s market with my kids when it opens this summer here in MN.

  258. I always buy cheapie sunglasses. My Oakley-sporting husband laughs. I laugh back; he has one pair while I have OPTIONS. lol

    You have the best readers; a sweet girl I know has a little blog. Hoping it’s ok to post a link to a giveaway?

  259. I LOVE going to the market, something about buying fresh is inspiring and always lifts my spirits! I only wish I had a market so close to me!

  260. Love all the colors – you really do have a good eye for color.
    Those two little girls sure do love each other….so blessed.

  261. What a lovely post….makes me hungry for some fresh-picked berries! I would love some sunglasses, I am the worst about dropping mine or losing them in the depths of my purse!

  262. Lainey looks like a little miniature grown up in the market pictures! She is too cute.

  263. So lucky to have a produce stand! They haven’t made themselves known in Utah quite yet.

  264. I love you sharing your appreciation for your home town, it’s a great message to share. To love where you are at :)


  265. I so wish we had a market like that. But I live in the country and most people just grow their own stuff, or they pull their pick up trucks to the edge of the back roads and sale their extra produce right out of the back. That’s kind of fun too though! :)

  266. YOu are an incredible writer and photographer!

  267. Love the girls’ outfits and all of the market pictures!!

  268. What a beautiful farmer’s market! I went to my local one last Saturday and had the most scrumptious strawberries I think I’ve ever tasted. I had forgotten all about going to the market during the winter months…but now that it’s spring you’ve reminded me to go each week!

  269. Wonderful pictures of your beautiful girls!

  270. I tend to keep my cheapy glasses way longer then pricey ones. It”s a gift haha

  271. I totally understand where Lainey is coming from! When I hear or feel that bold little lone bee make for my body, I still have to fight the instinct to run screaming like a banshee every.single.time. Have I ever been stung? Once. And that poor little dude didn’t stand a chance…I mean, he flew up my pant leg and couldn’t find his way out. That huge back-of-the-knee so deserve a good stinging!

  272. pretty girls
    pretty photos
    pretty place
    pretty flowers
    LOVE ALL!!!!

  273. I want some of THOSE strawberries -they look wonderful. Always love your colorful market pics and Isle of Capri pics!
    Tejas love,

  274. I’ve been searching for new glasses…I would love to win.

  275. Just wanted to tell you that I just picked up my copy of Bloom. I’m supposed to be working today, but I can’t help but sneak a few peeks of the delicious pictures inside! I can’t wait till I get some free time tonight so that I can start reading! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. Lots of love to you, Kelle! :)

  276. Love going to the Farmers Market and LOVE the sunglasses!!! Gonna check them out:)

  277. those pictures of fruit make me long for summer…which isn’t too far off. seeing lainey shop and pay for stuff on her own makes me smile, too, since we’re beginning that stage, and it’s just so sweet.

  278. I have saved every card my husband has ever given me. We started dating 15 years ago when I was only 16 and he was 17. He sometimes gives me a hard time about it and asks why? I want my children to be able to read them someday when they are grown so that they can see the story of us and how we became a family.

  279. Hands-down, the market, in all it’s beautiful bounty, has to be one of the most gorgeous places on earth…;)

  280. I would kill to live by the ocean! I live in the Rocky Mountains and can’t wait for our produce stands to start popping up.

  281. i LOVE nella’s dress – where did you get that? i am going to have to get my little kay bug on OR have my mom MAKE one like it! :o)

  282. You are definitely lucky to live by the ocean and that beautiful market! Those great sunglasses would come in handy this summer.

  283. Kelle, everything you described in the beginning of the post, you can find in Savannah Georgia! I was born and raised here. We also have the ocean, the beautiful Tybee Island where ‘The Last Song’ was filmed :) I think you guys would love it, maybe a vacation spot?

  284. Your photos and posts make me want to live in Florida if only for the beaches and yummy fruit!

  285. I love it when I am so busy that I haven’t gotten a chance to read your blog. and i get to read two at a time on monday morning and im even more happy knowing that at night i get to read one more :) great pics, so colorful, i love color!

  286. Loving all the colors of produce! I love Union Square Greenmarket here in NYC. It can get overwhelming but it is a lot of fun!

  287. I love reading about the adventures of you and your family. It’s all the little things that makes memories.

  288. you have a lovely way of describing what becomes just “ordinary” to most people.

  289. Kelle, whenever I get overwhelmed by piles of laundry I know I can come to your blog to make me happier. Thanks for the color!

  290. Me likey!

  291. Kelle, I just finished Bloom. I am so inspired by your outlook on life and your pure joy. Thank you for being so open!!!

  292. I love farmers markets and sunglasses xo
    I go for the cheap(er) variety so I can have lots of them! : )

  293. sexy glasses!!


  294. I love Nella’s yellow shades! I am jealous of your fruit market :-)


  295. My favorite photo is the one of the girls smooching. Cuties! My daughter has two brothers, and I’m done having babies, so she’ll never know the joys of sisterhood! I count my blessings for my sister/bff everyday. Have a great week.

  296. Nothing says spring like a fruit market, the array of plant colors at a nursery or new sunglasses! I’ve long ago stopped splurging on expensive sunglasses because one of my 4 kids would step or sit on them or maybe ‘try them on'(translated-tear them limb from limb). My solution was to go to the DollarTree and buy about 7 pairs that I could leave anywhere and not gasp when one of the kids picked them up. Now I always have a pair in the van, the car, in the garage, on the deck and at the pool. But, a new pair would make me happy (and protective, too).

  297. I love Nella’s dress, pig tails, clip – the whole get up! And I love your glasses, as well. *crosses fingers*

  298. I am that girl that buys 5 dollar sunglasses, breaks them, and has to buy more. Sometimes they are 10 dollars though and that makes me sad when I lose or break those.

  299. ok sunglassess are my ONE weakness!!!! love love love!!! i een spend onthem!!

  300. Your post made me really smile:) Such a great reminder to enjoy what I have right in my own little town!

  301. Gorgeous pictures! That is too cute that your girls love the market so much. We just got a small one in our little town that I have been dying to check out.

  302. Such colorful photos. Cheery. Bright. And joyful. What a legacy you are leaving. The photo of the girls sitting on the bench eating their berries and Nella with your iphone….is classic! Love it! And those shades rock. I could so use a pair to take with me to Africa in 3 weeks! :)

  303. Some of my favorite pictures you’ve posted!! Loved this post….so simple and real. It’s the sweet, simple things of life!

  304. I think these are my favorite set of pictures so far. I was gonna name some favorites, then I saw the ones at the end, then I looked through again and decided it’s impossible to pick. Nella eyeing those apples- scrumptious ; Lainey munching a strawberry – delicious ; sister kisses -heartwarming ; walking hand in hand- just enough to make me melt. Lovely as always.

  305. Lovin those new shades!:)) You look adorable!

  306. Love this post. Reminds me of my childhood.

  307. What gorgeous fruit and flowers! Your pictures captured all of it so well and your daughters are precious. It makes me feel like, well, spring! Happy May to you and yours!

  308. I have fabulous memories of going on similar market shopping trips with my mom during summers. There was just something so special about the open air, sweet smell of fruit, and the independence to “pay all by myself”. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of summer <3

  309. Love the glasses! Never heard of them before but wow are they neat!

  310. The fresh fruit and veggies make me yearn for summer months! Right around the corner; can’t wait!

  311. Vivid and bright with lovely children as well! Naples sounds like a good place to land.

    I just finished reading Bloom. I was moved and lifted and very inspired. It’s truly a gracious gift to tell your story. Thanks!

  312. It’s so true – “bloom where you’re planted” – if you can’t be in the place you love – love the place you’re in!

    And speaking of love – I loooooove the shot of little Miss Nella studiously checking out the apples! – and the “big sister/little sister” feet/shoes, pretty much melts me!

    Have a super day…………..!

  313. Just found you and can I say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I’m thrilled to have stumbled across this…. 😉

    Marvelous pictures! DARLING girl!

    SOOOOO EAGER TO READ MORE! And I’m in love with your entire thought of “enjoying the small things”

    After being through the most life-changing experiences, I’m slowly but surely doing exactly this :)


    Your newest follower…


  314. i totally want some strawberries now! and a cute MJ dress like nella!

  315. Meant to say “darling girls!” :)

  316. i wished i lived close to a market like yours!

  317. What a sweet day! We have a little garden market by our house too that my family loves. :)
    Those sunglasses are awesome!

  318. I love catching up on your blog and am living vicariously through you…wish I could be closer to the ocean!!! Also those shades look fab on you!

  319. I love “my place” for so many reasons.. but I wish I had a market like that!!

  320. I’m so jealous! I wish Oregon had weather places like this, especially in April, when we need the colors to cheer us all up! Love your sweet girls too…they are the brightest of the bunch.

  321. SUNGLASSES = SUMMER!! and who can’t get down with that?!
    I love the fruit and veggie market pictures. It reminds me to visit my local farmers market more =)

  322. ok i have to say the color at your market is GORGEOUS! i am so stinking jealous of the perfect strawberries. i would probably spend hours there! and those glasses, oh girl they are adorable:) thank you for brightening my day with all that color!

  323. Can’t wait for summer and farmer’s markets. We don’t have your array of colorful foods all year long :(

  324. The market is one of my all time favorite places to visit. It is always a beautiful experience.

  325. Awww they are so cute! 😀
    I’ve just found you Blog and I’m already lovin it!

  326. We we adopted our two childern from Guatemala I never thought I would have such heartache upon returning home..gut wrenching!! It came from knowing that this, (our 2nd) child would be our last from a country filled with beautiful, loving, hungry for love babies that needed a home and I could NOT save them all. I had to accept that while I had changed the life for two I would forever grieve for all those left behind wanting and needing a family that would love them. I (Bloom) now in the fact that we found our daughters birthmom and we sponsor her and her family. I still think almost daily about ALL the other childern and have to believe God keeps them in His wings for I know HE will love them!!

  327. Love the pictures, as always.
    Sunglasses are rad. 😉

  328. not much sweeter than watermelon-juice-covered lips!

  329. I am not sure I saw this question in this thread, but where on earth did you get that darling dress that Nella is wearing in many of these pictures? The layered look one. Its so precious!!

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