Enjoying the Small Things

I had a post of substance planned, compiled from a string of good thinking. But I pulled it out of my mind oven tonight, stuck a toothpick in it, and it came up gooey and unfinished. So it’s going back in to bake a bit more.  Thankfully, the freezer is always full of Enjoying the Small Things for back-up plans. (p.s.: analogies are my oxygen)

Dinner is served: Enjoying the Small Things.

Aloha.  With three weeks to go (I kind of just realized that), Lainey finally chose her fifth birthday party theme.  Spa Night and Puppy Vet were also in the running, but she was digging the hibiscus, so she went with a luau–or as she calls it, “a hula party.”  And today we learned Sister has mad hula skills.  There were snakey arm movements.  Shakira hip action.  Little fingers waving to the steel drum beat. Brett was stunned. “Where the hell did she learn that?” he asked.

I said “Dora” because she seemed like a good answer.


I am back in party mode, and, well–that just makes me happy.

Cold Surprise.  Our April nights have been worthy of open doors and sweatshirts and socks on the babies’ feet at night. We hold tight these rare crisp evenings and enjoy them while they linger as they will soon be gone.  A hat in late April in South Florida–not too many times we’ve been able to pull that off.


Caught in the Act.   Sister’s favorite little “naughty.” 


She Runs. So fast, I have to run to catch her sometimes.  For the most part, she knows that when she hits the sidewalk line in our driveway, she has to turn and that walking toward the street is danger.  If she pushes the limits, Brett says, “Nella, do you want to go inside?”  And that’s the worst consequence possible to a free-spirited, side-walk conquering sister.  So she turns around and listens.


Sometimes running fast makes her blow out a sandal and she falls.  That happens to her mom on occassion too.


Tree Climbing.  Without any help now, she can make it to the second tier branches on the tree in our front yard.  She’s very proud of this fact.


The Golden Hour.  Nella wakes up first every morning, announcing her welcoming of the day with laughter from her crib, a few side railing shakes and, if all else fails, the uttering of random words–anything that comes to mind.  Sometimes it’s appropriate, like “Hi” or “Mama.”  Sometimes it’s hilarious, like “Walk” or “Ho Cow” (holy cow).

That hour is ours.  Sacred and sweet and quiet.  There’s coffee for me, cereal for her. 


She is so happy learning new things.


And I am so happy witnessing both my girls practice the balance of testing limits, crossing lines, exploring what’s beyond the boundary and yet still wanting to stay close, be protected, get a hug.



I’d like to add that this post took twice as long as usual because of Blogger’s new post layout and the fisticuff I just had with HTML.


With that said, guess who’s back? My true love, sponsor Darlybird–delivering happiness to the world in the form of must-have products for home, wardrobe, baby, mama, party, etc. Or, as they put it, “Darlybird is all about gotta-have non-essentials…We specialize in a definite hodge-podge of the hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind and well-designed: jewelry, baby and kid products, gifts, entertaining essentials, and stuff that makes life both easier and more visually stimulating.” Did I mention Darlybird is impressively affordable? My new favorites:

Left: Flower Vignette Earrings; Right: Pacific Opal Filagree Earrings

Left on Nella: Vintage Be Brave Bow

And I am in love with my new Owl Fabric Wall Hanging.  Dude, it’s only $18.


Left: Vintage Embroidered Trim (only $2 a yard!) , Right: I Never Forget a Face Matching Game (a fantastic game that introduces diversity; plus the cards are thick and durable)

Use Code BLOOM and you get two things: 10% discount off your purchase PLUS Darlybird will match that 10% and donate it to Nella’s Rockstars for the NDSS

In addition, TWO comments from this post will be randomly selected to win a $50 gift certificate, courtesy of Darlybird.  Tell me five things you are enjoying right now.


BLOOM updates:  Thank you for continuing to share the book.  We’ve made NYT Best Seller List three weeks in a row now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the e-mails and stories (and pictures of you and your books) you’ve shared about how Bloom has mirrored your own challenges and triumphs in life.  We all face the unexpected at times.  We all have opportunities to make something good of it. 

I will be in Michigan for book signings in Macomb Twp and Monroe the weekend of June 8-10.  I will continue to update any events here on the blog and through Facebook.

I’ll be back on Thursday evening for a Hallmark post.



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  1. Right now I am in love with:
    1. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
    2. Snoring little boys
    3. A hubby that does the dishes
    4. a sprouting potato plant
    5. fresh clean sheets

  2. Love the picture of Nella and her big brother

  3. Love all the photos as always and love how Nella will wake up with a Ho Cow, that must start your day with laughter!


  4. Wearing floral dresses, amazing salads, “Transatlanticism,” getting flowers from a boy, and braids.

  5. I am enjoying:
    1. Having finished my last paper of the semester!
    2. Forgetting about the other studying I should be doing
    3. Look at family pictures from the last couple years
    4. Seeing precious pictures of Nella and reading about how she talks and runs and gets into dog food :)
    5. Spring weather and summer less than 2 weeks away!!!

  6. Oh my goodness! The comment about Nella blowing out a sandal cracked me up. Fall back in my computer chair, head back, hands covering face crazy kind of laugh! I have a 21 month old daughter and she is having constant sandal blow outs. Not a problem I ever had with my boys’ toddler sandals.

  7. oh, wow.
    1. leftovers of mac & cheese mixed with hot dogs from my kids dinner (yep, daddy is traveling again)
    2. sips of wine
    3. quiet while checking in on the blogs i love
    4. my 12 year old blac klab breaking the silence with his snores
    5. the thought of heading to bed very soon because the littles will wake before i know it

  8. I am in love with:

    1. Nella – she is so beautiful!
    2. Keebler Girl Scout Knockoff cookies – they have my three favorites! (NOT GOOD for the diet)
    3. My munchkin. I know all mommas say that but I am.
    4. Hubby. He makes me happy
    5. My new favorite store: Hobby Lobby! I need to win the lottery like NOW.


    Have a wonderful week =)

    Rachael @ You, Me and Natalie

  9. Wow…Nella looks likes she’s getting so big and her little red dress is adorable!

    1 – spring like weather in Vegas
    2 – plans for summer trips
    3 – playing outside late into the evenings
    4 – spring cleaning!
    5 – watching my girls together

  10. I just finished Bloom and it was amazing. It was raw, real, emotional, funny and unlifting. You are true inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us.

    5 things I enjoying right now:

    1. Having my husband home a little bit more (even though he is recovering from knee surgery)
    2. Two great report cards from my boys.
    3. Spring…I love seeing everything become alive again and the warmer weather is almost here!!
    4. My 2 year old learning how to talk. Everyday there is a new word. I love it!
    5. My hockey goalie..Watching my son’s confidence grow every time he gets on that ice makes my heart swell.

    Looking foward to seeing Lainey’s party unfold :)
    You always throw the best parties!!

  11. Five things:

    1. Night time snuggles with my sweet little nursling.

    2. Knowing that a delicious cup of coffee awaits me in the morning.

    3. The clean sheets that are on my bed..and I’m just about to fall into them.

    4. Being able to spend the day at the aquarium watching my oldest be delighted by the jelly fish.

    5. The fact that our home is relatively tidy!

  12. Lainey girl is getting to be so brave! Striking out on her own in the tree tops. I love the fierce look she has in her little eyes!

  13. I finished Bloom today. I know I’m slow, but Amazon was slow gettin it to me, and I had my baby girls first birthday to plan. My favorite is what your sister said about how society conditions us to be sad when we are given this wonderful gift of an extra chromosome. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for Leighton, and all the good she has brought into my life. Stupid society making me shed tears when I should have been dancing at her birth. Loved the book.

  14. Love this :)

    Nella is getting cuter by the day and Lainey is just a gorgeous big girl!

    Btw, the new blogger layout had me tearing my hair out earlier this week so I figured out how to switch back to the old layout – go up to the settings icon at the top right-hand corner, and click “old blogger interface” on the drop down menu, and wahhlahh it’s back to normal! :) Just FYI for ya.


  15. five things……baby chickens, zuchini and bacon on my pizza, my Lilli’s 1st skinned knee (because she cried so hard after the fall, and by the second day she was so proud of her awesome scab), sunshine on my face, and spotify
    and a 6th would be the blog post I just read!

  16. Enjoying Now:
    1–Cold Hawaiian Pizza
    2–Kitty cat at my feet
    3–Cold drink
    4–Quiet house, except for
    5–The sounds of my two little boys, giggling, when they are supposed to be sleeping ( :

  17. I am LOVING :

    that we just started our countdown calendar … 35 days until we move!! Start our new adventure …

    that jasmine smells so amazing

  18. Vintage trim. Vintage Trim. Vinatge Trim…i cannot tell you how those two words make me sooo happy :-)..I’ll be popping over there now to check it out…The sandal blow out picture, however sad Nella’s sweet baby face is ….made me laugh out loud…man, I think that has happened to me so many freakin times (IN PUBLIC) with saltwaters….as well as my daughters, but the shoes are cute!!!

  19. p.s that last picture of Lainey shocked the pants off me…I knew it was her, but it didn’t look like her..I swear kids hit 5 years old and change dramatically… :-(((( which is actually incredibly depressing…sorry for that lol…

  20. I love the picture of Nella reading with the doggies. Love!

  21. Lovely lovely post <3 Nella is getting so big and is ever so cute :-) Can’t wait to get inspiration from pics of yet another fab party – hula party? Wow!!!

    Five fabs from me, right now:
    1. Spring! She’s here, she’s so here and I am so very happy ๐Ÿ˜€
    2. We’re off to Copenhagen (finally) this weekend and I can’t wait.
    3. My husband got his unemployment insurance approved after five months without money – I am relieved to not be the only breadwinner…!
    4. I made a new friend this passed week at a course – always love making new friends so I’m excited about that too!
    5. Got my copy of bloom!!!! Getting ready to enjoy that totally ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have a great time with the signings <3

  22. This post is just gorgeous Kelle your girls are just gorgeous. My little boy has the same owl hat but the blue version ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Five things I am enjoying right now are
    1 extra time with my youngest when his big brother is at kindy

    2 the cold snap autumn has finally brought Adelaide Australia

    3 Hot chocolates because of said cold snap

    4 My big boys sudden love for cooking. I am so exicited

    5 all the extra cuddles I seem to be getting from both boys for no real reason at all, guess they really do love their mummy ๐Ÿ˜‰


  23. 5 Things I’m Loving:

    1)Watching my baby girl sitting up and having fun playing with her toys.
    2)The fun time I had at the pool today with my big girl.
    3)Spring flowers
    4)Your red lipstick
    5)My new house

    Love the pics as always Kelle!

  24. Enjoying…
    IRS refund
    allergies (not really, but they are extremely present)
    …and always, your blog!

    Let’s Luau in a few weeks!!!
    Love from Tejas,

  25. I am loving….

    -The spring weather that Oregon is finally having
    -That my hubby will be home in 3 days
    -That owl hanging that you just posted. Getting it!
    -A glass of vino after my boys fell asleep
    -The bib Nella is wearing in the breakfast picture.

    Where is that bib from? I must have it.

    Lovely post…


  26. i am enjoying –

    1. a super clean kitchen floor. i scrubbed the daylights out of it today on my hands and knees

    2. my 17yr old son who is hilarious, loving and appreciative

    3. perfect early morning weather for running outside instead of on the treadmill

    4. almond butter on a crisp, crisp apple

    5. scads of pink tulips blooming in our yard right this moment

  27. You just made me stop and think about what the good things are in a day that has been kinda lousy, so thank you! In spite of being sick, I can still appreciate and love:
    2)The fact that my boyfriend is willing to Skype with me when I’m sick and cranky
    3)Wooly socks
    4)Hot showers

  28. Hmmm lets see…

    1. Feeling my little man kick inside my belly
    2. Day dreaming about the anthro watch I want for mothers da
    3. Sitting outside with nice weather on my new patio furniture
    4. My mother coming to stay with me while we wait for me to go into labor
    5. Artichokes


    – Sarah

  29. 1) yard work
    2) My new found energy that the spring brought on…
    3) That iced lattes are back at my favorite little hippy coffee shop – that means summers cooooooming!
    4) Cute spring sweaters
    5) A new adventure

  30. Things I am enjoying now:
    1. warm weather
    2. hubby home early this week
    3. end of the school year approaching
    4. good friends
    5. my nephew’s lacrosse season

  31. 5 things I’m loving right now…
    1. the sound of my girl asleep and snoring in the other room
    2. late night homework (okay, Im lying, forgive me?)
    3. date night tomorrow with my love
    4. green leaves and sunshine
    5. jason aldean playing in the background

  32. I’m so sorry, but the picture of poor Nella’s blown out sandal made me laugh out loud because it reminded me of my own sweet daughter that is a day younger than Nella. Your posts always make me smile. :)

  33. Right now I am loving:

    1. My two cute boys- perfect children ages 4 and 6!
    2. My handsome husband and our afternoon “nap” time- having him work from home is fantastic!
    3. Finishing Bloom- I loved it! And I will happily be sharing it with my friends and family!
    4. My precious babies at work! They feed my need to hold babies and get snuggles!
    5. The sunshine and rain that spring brings! Every day is something different!

  34. I was so hoping your Michigan book signings would be before I left Toledo…I move the week before. Columbus isn’t that far away though (it is, but I’m totally thinking of making the trip anyway!)
    1. the moving process that found my stack of pop cds from the early 2000s. NSYNC and Brittney Spears dance parties are the best
    2. puppy snuggles
    3. family time
    4. chocolate chip cookies. They have long been my nemesis in baking, and I finally conquered them!
    5. vanilla grapefruit tea

  35. Right now I’m enjoying…
    1) moscato
    2) my boot camp class at the gym
    3) not working and being a stay at home housewife ๐Ÿ˜‰
    4) that Mothers Day is approaching and I bought my mama her own copy of Bloom for a gift
    5) Phil Phillips on American Idol who looks a lot like my hot husband

    Love when you post about the “small things” Kelle! Kiss those sweet adorable girls!

  36. I am in love with:
    My daughter sleeping next to me and the hugs we are going to give each other when she wakes up;
    The spring blowing everywhere ;
    Listening to the new words my two years old learns everyday;
    The kicks of my little one inside my belly;
    Seeing the happiness in my daughter’s face and my husband when he comes back from work

  37. I am enjoying…the creative energy surging through our home…weekend skype dates with my brother and my barely-still-a-baby nephew…late-night walks with my short-legged dog…cold evenings snuggled under warm blankets…and rereading favorite books, only to discover that they are still my favorite books.

    And holy of holies–I may live in Kentucky, but this girl has her roots in the Mitten, and I about squealed when I saw that the dates you’ll be in Michigan are the SAME dates I’ll be there to attend a friend’s wedding…IN MONROE! Cheers! Fingers crossed that Ma will be able to join me–I purchased Bloom as her Mother’s Day gift and she (as a fellow 21×3 mother) would be tickled pink if it was signed by you! Happy Thursday, Kelle!

  38. Right now, I am in love with my boys, coffee, good friends I can cry with, the color pink, and earrings!

  39. Hello classic etst post. Totally pleased the other post had to keep being baked, cause I love a good serve of Kelle Hampton’s favourite things.
    Loving Nella’s run, although the fall not so much. But watching those Papa cuddles! Damn I’m so clucky. Between you and Heidi’s pictures of Ivy, I’ve got it bad! Poor Rob, I don’t think he knows whats hit me, or him for that matter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Can’t wait to see what you do for a hula party.

    Ok my 5 things

    1. Autumn: wearing boots, cups of tea, perfect sunlight.
    2. My garden. we replanted all my summer bulbs into the garden beds, I’ve just ordered 800 bulbs and 40 roses to plant too. Opps I slipped. Rob joked with the shop assistant when I bought a bunch of tulips for my mum, oh I let her buy $1000 of flowers. I said, damn did you check the credit card. He turned and looked at me- are you serious! Funny.
    3. Baking biscuits. And eating them.
    4.My short week with a mid-week holiday. I like it.
    5.I gotta say it, the Hut.

    Looking forward to the Hallmark post already.

  40. 5 things i am enjoying RIGHT NOW:

    1. my green tea with a little bit of coconut creamer. a ritual i do every night after the boys are asleep.

    2. knowing that my evil manager will not be in the office tomorrow.

    3. my husband who is in my oldest bedside, waiting for him to fall asleep so that i can have some “me” time.

    4. great neighbors who will protect each other when we saw a suspicious vehicle park in our neighborhood tonight.

    5. instagram feeds from great artists all over!


  41. Totally enjoying:

    Being back home, to the beach! I just wrote a post about how my kids and I needed it tonight.
    Your book!!!
    The dinner I made… Last night, not tonight.
    When my two year old gives me a hug, kiss and an “I love you” on his own.
    Sleep… Goodnight.


    ~Tabitha Blue

  42. Nella in the highchair- one sock on, one sock off. And, Lainey squinting into the sun. These kids, I swear they’re angels flying too close to the ground.

  43. 5 Things Im Enjoying Right Now are:

    1. Park days with my boys that end in ice cream and Tummi-Teasers from the gas station next door.
    2. Long hot baths with my Kindle.
    3. The fact that sometimes my husband just gets up and starts making dinner. Dude can cook!
    4.My DVR, and the 800 episodes of Big Bang Theory for Mama and Chuggington for the boys.
    5. Its finally, finally, finally getting close to summer!

  44. Enjoying now:
    5: Baby ducks….at school…can’t wait to see more expressions of students tomorrow!
    4: PD for my daughter’s school, so she get’s a PJ party tomorrow ith friends.
    3: My son’s face tomorrow afternoon when the baby ducks come back to our house…..too much fun!
    2: Your hubby’s face as he looks @ Nella
    1: I have one more day with my amazing students….as a special education teacher of kiddos ages 3-5, you NEVER know what tomorrow will bring!

  45. Shakira was on my last blog post!! We’ve been jamming to Waka Waka during chore time. That song just cracks me up. I want to learn the dance moves and my kids already have ’em down!!

  46. 1. my new camera
    2. orange leaf frozen yogurt shop
    3. watching my girl getting this walking thing down pat
    4. my irises in full bloom
    5. digging in to your book on my new nook tablet(first book purchase on it=)

    Have a great Week!

  47. 1) the county fair
    2) my new ipad
    3) my sweet daughter in a pink sundress with little cherries on it:-)
    4) evening swims in the neighborhood pool
    5) spending time with good friends

    Just finished bloom:) beautiful work, you should be so proud.

  48. 1) Consignment sale and adorable clothes for my little one.

    2) The way my daughter answers, “I TWO!” if you ask her how old she is (she turns two in a couple of weeks).

    3) Birthday party planning.

    4) Chocolate

    5) Leaving love letters for my husband. His face lights up when he finds them… and it makes me happy to make him happy :).

  49. Your quick frozen delights from the freezer are often my favorite comfort food. 5 things that I am lovin:

    1. My four year old son cracking up at Winnie the Pooh (well, Rabbit) next to me.
    2. My three year old daughter is on day 3 of her tonsilectomy/addenoidectomy and is a super girl.
    3. I am getting to spend more time with my family (thank god) because I lost my job (HUUUUUGE silver lining).
    4. I can go to Enjoying the small things and be inspired all over again, it is like yummy bites of said comfort food.
    5. That I have a whole new unknown kinda scary kinda exciting path waiting.

  50. Loving:
    1. That I only have 3 weeks left at my job. And then I am free!
    2. The little boy inside of me is strong and kicky.
    3. That I ate Pringles for dinner tonight.
    4. That tomorrow I get to sleep in just a little.
    5. The future my husband and I have been working toward for so many years is finally about to begin.

  51. I am enjoying:
    – watching my littlest one learn to walk
    – taking lots of photos
    – listening to the rain on this “April showers” kind of day
    – new (healthy) recipes
    – my family…they are the best!

  52. Only 40 more wake ups till summer vaca!
    My 8th grader is a five semester scholar
    Crazy weather
    The color orange
    Steel cut oatmeal!

  53. I adore the picture of Nella eating her cereal with a missing sock! She’s getting so big!

    5 Things I’m Enjoying?
    1. Morning cuddles with my little girl after daddy heads out to work (what can I say, I’m selfish!)
    2. The sunny but chilly weather that tells me spring will be leaving soon and summer is coming
    3. My girl’s salsa-dancing obsession (she’s a DWTS fan)
    4. The peaceful days before mom-in-law arrives for a 6-month visit (I really do love her though)
    5. That quiet moment after everyone’s gone to sleep and I can just sit on the couch and breath

  54. Only 40 more wake ups till summer vaca!
    My 8th grader is a five semester scholar
    Crazy weather
    The color orange
    Steel cut oatmeal!

  55. Hey Kelle! So pumped to hear about you coming to MI! Yeah!

    Things I’m enjoying:

    1. My sewing machine.
    2. The last couple months of half day Kindergarten for my little boy.
    3. International Deligh Irish Cream in my coffee.
    4. Looking forward to coming to a book signing in MI!
    5. The way my hubby is making date night plans for us- swing dancing? Why yes, please!

    Rachel from MI

  56. Enjoyed every single picture in this blog post! Right now, I am loving:

    1. All the loose teeth in my almost 5 year old girl.
    2. Chocolate ice cream delivered to me by my hubs.
    3. Free magazine subscriptions (Better Homes and Garden, Family Fun).
    4. Puppet shows put on by my 2 daughters.
    5. Life, really.

  57. I agree – its sandal blowouts a-go-go with my Kit. Never had them with her older brother. It happens at least 5 times a day! Love it.

  58. In no order whatsoever:

    1. Late-night phone calls from my husband, who is away for the week.

    2. Early-morning phone calls from my older sister.

    3. Feeling baby rolls and flutters as my firstborn, Emily Claire, learns to cartwheel in my stomach.

    4. My miniature schnauzer, Mary Todd, who gives me cuddles throughout the day.

    5. High heels. Always, high heels.


  59. Beautiful post. I love your analogies :-) I also laughed at the imagery of the “sandal blowout” I work at an early intervention preschool with children of all abilities and can definitely relate to those “wardrobe malfunctions”.
    My 5 things:
    The smell after rain
    Springy, mint hued nailpolish
    Extra Mint chocolate chip icecream gum- guilt free!
    a long awaited trip to Kenya falling into place for this coming summer

  60. Nella’s hair is getting so long. Gorgeous girl!

    My 5 things.
    1. Mad Men
    2. Coffee with cream
    3. My 4 fabulous boys who make me smile and laugh every day
    4. DrawSomething
    5. Turning bananas into ice cream.

  61. I was actually going to comment before I saw anything about the giveaway. So double yay! There is something about a baby crying face. It doesn’t make me happy, but there is just something about it that warms my heart. And luckily Nella had her daddy to warm hers :)

    I keep giggling thinking of Nella saying “Ho Cow”. Haha! So funny!

    Five things I am enjoying right now:
    1. Summer like weather in April. Excited about getting outside and working in my yard!
    2. Excited about working in my yard with my almost 3 year old (yikes), Raleigh! She has become such a big helper and loves to be outside.
    3. Making the most of the time I have with my hubby. We have no days off together, but we make it work. Tonight he brought be dinner at work and we got to hang out for a little bit.
    4. Running. I signed up for 2 5k’s within the next few months. I started getting back into running again last month. It feels so good to do something for myself.
    5. My job. I am a 911 dispatcher and I love what I do. I think that makes all the difference in the world in someone’s overall happiness!

  62. I am enjoying:

    Spring rain
    Reading your blog during the wall squat portion of my workout
    Sleeping 3 year old girls
    Gearing up for the rainbow-themed 3rd birthday party
    Anticipating the arrival of the wildflower seeds we sprinkled in front of our house

  63. enjoying:
    1. apple butter on toast
    2. an ever changing 22 mo old
    3. iced coffee
    4. instagram
    5. hanging the clothes to dry outside (even if it looks kinda ghetto)

  64. Such sweet pictures!!
    I’m loving:
    1. Having only one week left for the semester of nursing school :)
    2. The way my 2 girls adore each other
    3. being Mommy to those 2 girls
    4. Cheesecake in a jar… seriously yum!
    5. that tomorrow’s high is only expected to be 72 (in AZ!) and the clouds that are looming in the sky!

  65. 1. Love teaching my kids about kids in the world who are less fortunate than them – my sister is a pretty big blogger here in Aust and just got sent to Africa by World Vision to spread the word about the food crisis over there – check out Edenland
    2. Loving camping right now – heading off for our 3rd trip in 6 months tomorrow!
    3. Loving the beautiful Autumn sunshine we are having in Sydney, Aust after a REALLY s*it summer!
    4. Loving the heck outta my man at the moment – 16 years together is a loooooong time and its hard sometimes but the good times FAR outway the bad.
    5. Loving looking forward to a little getaway me and my guy just planned for his 40th in Sept – NO KIDS!!!!


  66. Five things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. My new job making pretzels and cookies
    2. School winding down to graduation!
    3. Saving for a trip to Europe
    4. Alex Clare’s ‘Too Close’
    5. Choir. Always Choir.

  67. I love Nella eating cereal with one foot in the high chair! I still sit that way… minus the high chair :)

    Also, ditto to Blogger’s new layout struggles.

    Enjoying: (1) celebrating my last day of college classes, (2) installing my senior capstone art exhibit, (3) leftover pizza, (4) Instagram, & (5) friends you can call up at 1:30AM when you’re scared to walk across campus :)

  68. Right now I’m enjoying:
    1.) reading Bloom and the etst blog, book on the bed, phone in my hand.
    2.)nursing my beautiful 6 and a half month old
    3.) watching my 2.5 year old starting to blossom into a bright, lovely young girl this past week or so. She is finally coming out of her shy shell.
    4.) starting new friendships
    5.) last but not least, I’m enjoying the first wee hours of my 22nd birthday!

    Today will be amazing!

  69. That fabric owl is super cool! Love the pic of Nella hanging out with the dogs :o)

    I’m loving: my 21mth old learning new words, custard & stewed apples for dessert, getting stuck into knitting again, picking a name for bub number 2 (lots of disagreements at the mo!) and feeling bub number 2 start to wriggle around!

  70. Oh, are we ever familiar with the “favorite naughties.” The dog’s water bowl is one of them – almost wish it was the dry food instead…

    What am I loving right now? I’m so sick that my body hurts, so this will be a nice little challenge ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. My hubby, who takes our girls all evening so Mama can get rest and not be used as a jungle gym. This is usually fun, but not when my skin hurts.
    2. My 3.5 year old running in every so often to check on me: “Mama? What can I kiss to make it better?” and “Do you want me to bring you anything?”
    3. My 2 year old’s latest funny habit: she crouches down real low to ask someone a question (including animals). And she has the most adorable little voice, “Mama, you sick?” “Mama, you hurt?”
    4. The nice weather we are getting here and there – I’ll never take advantage of a sunny day in Seattle. Our girls have LOVED being outside!
    5. I’ve fallen back in love with my camera. I had forgotten how much better photos are with GOOD natural light.

    As always, your girls are the sweetest…

  71. Oh things I am enjoying:
    1) My growing kiddo. 4.5 months old and growing strong.
    2) A glass of wine
    3) My newfound creative drive
    4) The fact that within two months I get to see nearly all my favorite people in Minnesota and in Michigan when we travel there from California on vacation.
    5) An appreciation for running.

  72. Things i am enjoying:
    – Bloom (duh!)
    – Early morning snuggles with my girls
    – My “big” girl’s (3 and a half!) current obsession with all things musical. She’s a singin’ dancin’ drum beatin’ whistle blowin’ whirl of activity all day
    – Planning a crafting play date this afternoon for 6 littles and anticipating those fervent expressions of pure concentration on their faces
    – The gradual arrival of summer in Ireland, hurrah!

  73. 5 things I love right now:
    1. Homemade ANZAC biscuits that I cooked in remembrance of ANZAC day.
    2. My new (and sexy) running shoes for pounding the pavement.
    3. My big girl with no front teeth.
    4. My little girl trying to pull out her front teeth to be like her big sister.
    5. The wall decal I stuck on the washing machine to make the laundry a happier place!

  74. I’m loving…
    1-My little boy’s kisses
    2-Sunny, gorgeous days after a winter of rain in Seattle
    3-Feeling my little one kick in my belly
    4-Homemade Cream of Broccoli Soup
    5-The Super Soaker water guns I bought my little guy – so fun!

  75. the small things…

    1) the tiny kicks of a baby from inside :)
    2) the thunder outside my window, for the simple fact that if my three-year-old son comes running out, he’ll be more than welcomed into our room
    3) good friends. they are few and far between and a great one is making a long drive to stay with us this weekend
    4) date nights, we made a reservation for tomorrow evening and even through we’ll both be (more than likely) half awake it will be so nice to just be “us” for awhile.
    5) the clock here in the living room ticking… letting me know it’s way past my bedtime

  76. I am enjoying the anticipation of a brand new baby and another little soul to love.
    Sunny days that warm our ground and allows for bare feet
    Your book
    Long four year old conversations
    Creative date nights with the love of my life

  77. I love the pictures of Nella! She looks so grown up all of the sudden! Now my 5 things:
    1. cuddling with my girl in the morning before everyone wakes up
    2. family dinners together
    3. my son’s laughter when he’s tickled
    4. a new word said from my girl, “Mama”
    5. less than 40 days of school left this year!

  78. Oh, I forgot to add that I too am loving your book! I limit myself to a couple of chapters a night because my nose can’t handle all the tissues! Loving it :)

  79. I am so enjoying the best decision I have ever made which was recently quitting my successful job to be a full time mommy to my sweet 2 yr old girl!! With that here are 4 more things I am enjoying:
    1) Baking!! I am motivated by your memories with your mom in the kitchen and now have a goal to bake every weekend with Sydney. It’s been 5 weeks and so far so good!
    2) Running again. Ok honestly I hate the actual running part, but love how I feel after. I haven’t really worked out since before I was pregnant!
    3) Exploring my community with my girl. Now that we have more time we’ve checked out parks, children’s museums, local library and more.
    4) Time to read bloom and be better about keeping up with your blog. :-)

  80. 5 things I am enjoying right now:

    1. Writing my last papers and taking my last tests of this semester.
    2. Texas Rangers baseball. Boomstick!
    3. Running. Free therapy, for real.
    4. My family. always.
    5. Music.

  81. Why are dog dishes a favorite of the littles? Can’t keep my son out of our’s:) Loving right now: our sporadic sunny, warm days, vintage lace on eBay, my one yr old who just learned to blow kisses, my loving hubby, and finishing Bloom!

  82. Blogger’s new interface is not my love just now.

    Sister’s hair is getting long!

    I’ve been known to blow out a shoe once or twice too. That casual keep walking and leave shoe in road for husband to retrieve look and of course the heel stuck in grating – always a professional look!

  83. Umm, that owl fabric wall hanging is phenomenal. We are adopting this summer and I have attacked the nursery with various owl-ly type items. Thanks for giving us a window (a very large one in fact) into your beautiful life!!

    xoxo, adri

  84. oh yes, and these are my five things:
    1. my new job – REI!!
    2. my husband – when I see him ๐Ÿ˜‰
    3. the sunshiney central Oregon weather – as long as it lasts
    4. FRIENDS re-runs on Nick at Nite
    5. lots of coffee – required to get through college

    xoxo, adri

  85. Thanks for your raw honesty and for sharing your precious girls with us, what a gift!


    1. Reading on my Kindle and watching my boys read on it too…Especially with the little night light in the dark.

    2. My backyard chickens : Ruby, Clementine, Stella, Bertie, Zelda and Wings! They are hysterical and bring some calm to my days. I love watching “Chicken TV.”

    3. Farmers Market Strawberries. Enough Said.

    4. The simple joy of boys playing Little League. They haven’t won a game, but one run makes them all huddle and scream with such authentic glee.

    5. My tribe. I couldn’t parent without them. It truly takes a village, especially when raising a special needs child. Love our weekend pizza nights. The grapefruit pellegrino and grey goose drinks are not bad either!

    xo- Stephanie

  86. I’m loving:
    1) Sweet pictures of Nella running!
    2) Homemade smoothies…a taste of summer!
    3) Knowing that though this chapter of life is ending, the one that is about to begin has so much possibility!
    4) My sweet baby cousin who is fighting for his life (He’s gonna win!)
    5) Redemption. Hope.

  87. 1. Reading Bloom out loud to my two month old boy, who shares Nella’s amazing extra chromosome.
    2. Maternity leave :)
    3. My two year old’s imagination.
    4. Extra snuggles during 2am feedings.
    5. We were enjoying spring weather (it’s cold here this week…spring will be back next week, we hope).

  88. I am enjoying:

    1. Your blog, pictures and stories love your beautiful girls!
    2. Being a first time Mom :)
    3. My new iPad
    4. Family and friends
    5. Loving life

  89. Right now I’m enjoying:
    1. Laying in bed after long day at work
    2. My baby snoring in the crib next to me
    3. The butterfly that showed up out from it’s cocoon today
    4. Hubby finished our laundry today
    5. It’s raining outside.

  90. Truly exceptional photos this time around! Gorgeous!

    1. The thunderstorm currently happening.
    2. The fact that I get to go to the beach and strawberry picking in the same week.
    3. My 70 yr old dad is graduating with his PhD in a couple of weeks.
    4. The awesome cleaning team my husband and I become when we want to.
    5. The yummy cookies I made tonight.

  91. Oh, the photos of Nella in the high chair, rockin’ the one-sock look for breakfast, plus the one of her reading next to the dogs? They make my heart sing. And about Miss Lainey up the tree- just when did she get so grown up?
    Plus, ‘Ho cow’ might just be the greatest thing ever. Waking up to that would put me in a good mood all day.

    Five things I’m enjoying- freshly laundered sheets, brownies fresh from the oven, re-decorating my kindergarden classroom, the cold snap that’s coming in, and planning my birthday dinner.

  92. Love the pic of Nella crying in her daddy’s arms, she looks so cute! (is that mean of me?) i just can’t help it! and also the one of her and her brother awwww! things i am enjoying as of now:

    1. our new bike trailer, and the evening rides that go along with it
    2. the random rain storms we have been getting and the breath taking skies that have come along with them
    3. banana splits (im sure ive gained a few pounds)
    4. strawberries
    5. oatmeal with coconut milk brown sugar and peanut butter in the mornings

  93. Five things I’m enjoying right now.

    1. The color yellow, I go through color phases but yellow has lasted the longest. And it makes me SO happy

    2. Going barefoot, it’s finally started to warm up in the Oregon area and there’s nothing like bare feet on concrete.

    3. The sunshine, end of story

    4. Puppy snuggles, they’re the best

    5. Nail polish, it’s a slight addiction.

  94. 5 Things I am lovin’

    Your book! Just perused it in the book store today – stunning! Am saving my pennies for a purchase!

    My girlies and ballet

    Some light rain

    Late nights up sewing

    Family dinner nights

  95. I am loving:

    -One week until spring semester is finished!
    -The unexpected 90 degree weather in April in Nebraska
    -Feeling better after nearly 2 months of being sick
    -Healthy children and their growth
    -Did I mention spring semester is almost over?!

  96. 1. My coffee
    2. My 5 mins before I have to dress for work
    3. The quiet
    4. watching my kids sleep
    5. reading a new post from you

  97. 1. Crockpot dinner ready at 6
    2. Baby shower planning
    3. A few seconds of kids playing together between the arguing
    4. Korea FINALLY warming up so we can play outside!
    5. Cuffed jeans and sandals <3

  98. Five things I love at 2:55 am

    The smell of the lilac bush outside my bedroom window, when the cool night breeze blows through the yard.

    The warm little toes of my youngest little girl who climbed into bed with us after a bad dream.

    It is 2:55 in the morning and I am sitting in the dark enjoying the opportunity to update my journal with all the incredible memories of my children from earlier in the day.

    The sound of the rooster’s crow across the road, I sometimes think there should be a snooze button on those feathery little alarm clocks.

    Last of all I am enjoying a thought shared by a close friend, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” – Kahlil Gibran. With this I say goodnight.

  99. I am enjoying:

    1. Lemon yogurt with LSA sprinkled over.

    2. The company of my gorgeous husband and lovely little daughter.

    3. Woolly socks on my feet.

    4. My cozy, warm house.

    5. The prospect of a nice cup of chamomile and honey tea when I am finished with my yogurt.

  100. 1. Ellie’s smiles, and the fact that she’s been applauding herself a lot.
    2. Running. 5K this weekend, the shortest race I’ve done in years.
    3. Date night plans for Saturday…. crepes… Georgetown.
    4. Funny friends
    5. My neighborhood

  101. 1. My 2 year old’s growing independence and vocabulary.
    2. My 4 year old’s budding curiosity and beginning reading skills.
    3. The fact that we only have 26 days left until summer vacation!!!!!
    4. Cabin season is now upon us.
    5. Evening jogs- all alone:)

    I started laughing when I saw Nella with the dog food dish!!! My little ones LOVE dog food, and we can’t figure out why!!?? Also- loving Lainey’s dress. That was my daughter’s Easter dress. One of my favorites! Gotta love Target!!

  102. I enjoyed Bloom so much!! I highly recommend you pair it with coffee, a cozy blanket, and a few tissues.

  103. 1. Ginger milk chocolate chip cookies
    2. Teaching my second graders the history of the Brooklyn Bridge
    3. Meeting new bloggers for the first time at my favorite local Queens coffee shop
    4. Wearing new sandals for the first time
    5. Planning summer adventures

  104. I am enjoying:
    1. The rain, while I am inside.
    2. Toast for breakfast.
    3. Easter decorations that are still out.
    4. Wedding planning!
    5. The knowledge that there is quinoa in my cupboard for lunch :)

  105. I am enjoying warm enough weather to play outside, the countdown til the end of the semester (my husband teaches and will be done it 2 weeks), countdown until our vacation (to Florida!), a ridiculously blonde dye job that I did on a whim but makes me feel summery, and a batch of those no-bake chocolate, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies.

  106. Enjoying The Small Things take 5:

    1. Leftover Easter chocolates :)
    2. Reading in bed :)
    3. Reading in bed with my little guy :)
    4. So many wonderful blogs :)
    5. Tracy Anderson workouts :)

  107. Your post made me smile today. Loving your small things.

    What I’m in love with right now:
    1. Wicked! It’s the first Broadway musical I’ve seen and it was awesome.

    2. Masterpiece Theater on Netflix

    3. Spring greenery on the trees

    4. My youngest son and granddaughter playing together

    5. The weather – chilly one day and super warm the next. Par for the course.

  108. I always love your Enjoying the Small Things posts because I find myself making mental lists of what I enjoy for the rest of the day. Loved loved loved the book – can’t wait for my group’s Skype chat! Oh, and the new Blogger gets a big “Boo!” from me too.

  109. I love
    – my daughters first Prom dress
    – looking at pictures of fancy hairdos as we snuggle on the couch
    – the smell of fresh cut grass
    -,the planting of a garden and tulips coming up
    – the new me as I exercise and lose weight. Down 22? Pounds

  110. My 5:

    1. Quiet time in the morning
    2. Countdown to summer on my white board at school
    3. The explosion of language I’ve seen from toddler this week
    4. Long walks around my neighborhood
    5. Last night’s surprise visit from friends

  111. 1.the quiet in the house as my family is still sleeping.
    2. my morning cup of coffee.
    3. the return of warmer temps, which means we can be outside!
    4. the countdown to a weekend away with my husband
    5. my kindle

  112. I am enjoying…sharing memories about my grandma who passed away this week. Though my heart is broken it is also full because of the outpouring of love and support I have received from those that knew her, and those that never met her, but have come to know her through my stories and my sharing. She was pure light and I aspire to be like her every day of my life.
    Also…I am enjoying that you are coming to Michigan to sign Bloom! Hooray!!!

  113. My little things of big joy:
    1. A trip to sweet home Chicago next week
    2. Looking for houses with my hubby
    3. My 4 year old telling me she loved being in my tummy
    4. Gourmet cupcakes and top-your-own frozen yogurt
    5. Azaleas

    Have a great day :)

  114. I’m loving…
    1. That there are only 25 more days of school before Summer break!
    2. My baby girl getting more confident at cruising around our house.
    3. That I can run for four miles now without a break!
    4. My husband’s odd sense of humor.
    5. My daughter’s obsession with obtaining a hamster… Sister has a contagious enthusiasum about it!

  115. Five things I am enjoying right now?
    1. BLOOM… Even after trying to savor it by limiting myself to one chapter a night, it’s almost over. :(
    2. My one year old… who is trying SO hard to walk and just not getting it!
    3. My almost-four year old… who is currently inspired by Doc McStuffins (thank you Nick Jr!) and gives us all “check-ups” multiple times throughout the day.
    4. Sunshine… here in Boston the winters are long and DARK. Even though it means much earlier wake-ups, the sun spilling in through the windows at 6am is magical.
    5. Slurpee season… :) Just introduced my four year old to the joy of a cold slurpee on a hot day. Perfection!

    And of course, it goes without saying, Enjoying the Small Things is always a favorite. Thank you for the daily inspiration.

  116. five things i love right now:
    1. being outside at 6pm
    2. traveling with my husband
    3. not wearing makeup
    4. wearing jorts
    5. reading blogs



  117. I am enjoying…
    Bloom, and reading your blog!
    Knowing in 30 more school days I will have the entire summer of to spend with my baby!
    Trader Joe food…stocked up when we went to sanibel.
    My best friends baby girl who I get to meet June 11!
    A weekend surprise!

  118. Hi Kelle! Right now I am loving:
    1. hot tea with honey
    2. quiet time before the family wakes up
    3. my yes to carrots face products
    4. the fact that my girls and I are going to the FARM this morning to pet baby animals!
    5. new babies–my sister in law is having one TODAY!!!

  119. Wonderful post. Beautiful pictures as always. Things I am enjoying right now: listening to my 2 year old sing her babies to sleep after I. Have tucked her in, telling my 4 year old she has to wait to go to her new school because I was afraid she wouldn’t take the change to kindergarten well, anticipating our upcoming vacation, planning a birthday party, new posts from Kelle!

  120. I’m enjoying:
    –an unexpected day off with my man and my baby due
    –the only thing we HAVE to do today is choose and send a birthday present for my stepdad and I LOVE preparing presents!
    –despite still wanting to lose more baby weight, I’m starting to feel at peace with my body lately
    –the fact that I’m getting faster at making dinner and don’t have to spend as much time in the kitchen so I’ll spend more of the summer outdoors with baby
    –online used baby clothes swapping and shopping!

  121. I literally gasped when I first saw the photo of Nella in her pajamas as my 19 month old ran in to the kitchen wearing the same ones! Hanna Andersson??
    Besides that sweet beginning to my morning I am also enjoying:
    1. The sound of crayon to paper and the concentration it takes to hold a firm grip
    2. The prospect of working in the garden later this morning
    3. That spring is finally in full bloom in beautiful southern Maine
    4. Dog-earing pages in cookbooks and dreaming of new recipes
    5. Listening to Peepers singing their songs while all is quiet in ther house

  122. 1. Waking up to the birds chirping (well them waking me)
    2. Watching my flowers try to grow with the unpredictable weather trying to slow them down.
    3. Watching my grandchildren try to escape the house without shoes when the sunshines in the AM and it is still only 40-59 degrees out.
    4. The beautiful sunrise instead of the snowfall.
    5. Last but not least I enjoyed your book so much but wish it was much longer or your next book (hint)(pray) was out already.
    Thank you for allowing all of us to be part of your life.

  123. Five things I am enjoying:
    1. 95 degree weather in Kansas
    2. A happy loving phone conversation with my mom who isn’t doing well with her COPD
    3. My son’s first place on the 800 race in track
    4. My daughter’s new yellow Saltwater sandals
    5. My new pink basketball for our recent nightly ritual family basket shooting tournaments on the driveway

  124. I finished Bloom in three days. I’m currently going through a divorce of my husband’s choosing and I’m trying to find beauty in all of it.

  125. This day, I am enjoying
    *the wonderful, imaginative tales of my youngest (3 3/4 yrs) grandson as he “cooked” for me last night
    *being serenaded by and singing along with my 4 years old (minus 3 weeks)granddaughter from her car seat whenever we run errands together
    *packing for a long-planned visit with my two fabulous sisters in Dallas this weekend
    *being almost finished with Bloom so I can give it to my daughter for her turn to read!
    *the two pictures of Brett comforting Nella, how his expressive face mirrors hers. You hit the husband jackpot, Kelle!

  126. Enjoying:
    1-waking up to the frogs croaking.
    2-my baby girl learning to say, “Whoa, dude!”
    3-caramel colored highlights.
    4-iced vanilla lattes
    5-date night with the husband : )

  127. I am enjoying…..

    little A, my 19 month old exploring a whole new world as she has just learnt to walk in the last week

    The fact that a dear friend has just announced her pregnancy after going through 6 IVF cycles to conceive her first little girl born at 26 weeks and many more cycles and over 2 years for this sticky bubba, I was literally exploding with excitement when I heard her news today

    We are heading out to the family farm this weekend, and we haven’t told the girls (I love surprises!) and I know that Miss 3 is going to be sooo excited to find out we are going to Grandma and Grandpa’s it’s been such a long time so I can’t wait to breathe in that fresh country air and see my two beautiful girls explore a whole new place

    bedtime tonight with miss a…the sweetest giggles as we read through her bed time stories, then her eyes lighting up once again as we sang twinkle twinkle, then the most beautiful long cuddles where I listened to her breathing slow as she relaxed, she pulled back smiled and said more cuddles…..

    my new vegie patch, we built it our of recycled materials and I’ve filled it with herbs we’ve been given and I can’t wait to fill it with vegies!

  128. Right now I am enjoying…

    My snuggly boys
    Greek yogurt with chocolate chips
    Lazy rainy days
    all the sentences my oldest is coming up with these days and how hard he tries to use the right words
    My new camera

  129. Right now I am enjoying…

    My snuggly boys
    Greek yogurt with chocolate chips
    Lazy rainy days
    all the sentences my oldest is coming up with these days and how hard he tries to use the right words
    My new camera

  130. 1. my ever growing belly…imagining all that is to come soon
    2.flowering trees telling me spring is here
    3.my husband-he is truly the best
    4.reading for pleasure (now while I have the time!)
    5. our new babymobile

  131. Right now I am loving…
    That finals are almost over, baseball games, the smell of mulch, trips to the river, taking naps. :)

  132. I am enjoying:

    My husband and sweet kids who make life worthwhile.

    The peaceful sound of home at this moment..

    Training for a half marathon.

    Good health.

    The love of family and friends.

    Thank you Kelle for sharing your life with us. You are such a sweet family!

  133. Loving:
    1. Two girls in flannel pjs snuggling on my lap
    2. One baby boy greeting the day with his first word, “Mama!”
    3. Spring in New England–oh how I love it.
    4. Sun streaming in my windows
    5. My morning cup of jo

  134. I am loving…
    1. Walking barefoot in the grass
    2. Then next day cuddled up under a blanket with my son
    3. Showing my son a roly poly and frogs for first time
    4. Teaching the word please and the way his face wrinkles when he says it
    5. My little family

  135. I am loving…
    1. Walking barefoot in the grass
    2. Then next day cuddled up under a blanket with my son
    3. Showing my son a roly poly and frogs for first time
    4. Teaching the word please and the way his face wrinkles when he says it
    5. My little family

  136. i am enjoying waking up to birds singing, beautiful sunny spring weather, snuggling with my pup, spending my day with my toddler, and finishing season one of downton abbey on dvd.

  137. I am enjoying…

    …I Love Lucy followed by The Golden Girls, every morning, for the rest of my life.

    …fat-free Greek yogurt. We do everything together.

    …daily walks with our dog Rufus and dear daughter Jane.

    …the first time I see Jane every morning. Her grin is never wider than at that moment.

    …when the sun comes up and then falls through our windows every morning. Everything glows and I can’t take it in fast enough.

  138. 1. clean floors
    2. summer weather
    3. Bloom
    4. Grace
    5. family… although i guess that goes without saying

  139. Dude- I feel like I live a less glamorous but parallel version of your life. 1) Me too with blogger- took like 2 hours to do one little post, 2) Nella and Lulu seriously could be interchangeable. They are on the same milestone schedule…..same thing with Lulu, running like a bat out of hell, me using that same threat of “inside land”…..
    happy thursday!

  140. 5 things I love right now:
    1. my baby girl doing flips inside my belly
    2. the spring temperatures
    3. taking my puppy for evening walks
    4. the smell of the earth after the rain
    5. flip flops being an optional wardrobe selection

    Love your pics! Your girls are getting so big so fast!

  141. I am enjoying…
    -my first coffee of the day
    -the silence of the early morning house
    -looking through recipes as I ponder what to make for dinner
    -blossoms on the tree in my front yard
    -the gorgeous ‘butter yellow’ I painted my spare room yesterday

  142. Loving
    1. Warm Weather
    2. The sandbox
    3. New yarn
    4. Friends
    5. early mornings

  143. Love those yellow sandals on Nella! Too cute! I’ve been enjoying coconut coffee creamer, lemonade tea, perfect Spring evenings, bubble time with my boys and early bedtimes!

  144. Oh my, your girls are so lovely! The pictures of Brett comforting Nella actually brought tears to my eyes! Things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. My little boy learning to walk
    2. Snuggling up in our family bed
    3. Playing catch with my sweet Labrador
    4. Hot coffee on chilly mornings
    5. Sunshine! and planning Summer adventures

  145. Did you get a new dog? Don’t remember the one by Nella. Love that she flops out of her sandals she running so fast. I’m sure she keeps you on your toes. I love these posts the best. The ones that describe exactly where thet are at the moment. It’s precious to me how you stop and pay attention to the details of their lives and how it mingles with yours. It’s a beautiful precious thing. As always makes me want to do the same. Sorry for the misspelled words…iPad won’t let me go back and I’m too lazy to retype it all out.

  146. Right now I am enjoying:
    1. rain that seperates hot, hot days.
    2. planning my graduation party.
    3. My mom’s flowers that are blooming in the garden
    4. flowers on my desk.
    5. many plans for summer falling in place

  147. I am enjoying:
    1. Waking up early today and getting things done before the kids get up!
    2. Snuggling the crap out of my week-away-from-turning-three little man. I’m not ready for that!
    3. This beautiful weather in OK!
    4. My best friend, who is a mama to 3 boys and thought she was having a fourth boy, was told that the “boy part” was the cord and now still has a little hope for that girl she always wanted!
    5. That the add-on to our house is going faster than planned, for now!

    Love how much older the kids are looking! Such pretty girls!! Yay, Nella, on running!

    Karen H.

  148. Nella looks like a little girl in some of these pics, and in others there is still some toddler!

    1) Sunny and crisp spring, it is nice enough to put away the warm jackets but still crisp enough in the morning and evening to wear fall/spring coats.
    2) having days off in the middle of the week
    3) homemade strawberry rhubarb pie
    4) spring cleaning
    5) evening snuggles

  149. i am in love with…

    …reading “enjoying the small things”
    …quiet mornings with just my boys.
    …my husband’s dedication to quit smoking. this time for good.
    …my beautiful niece, Lily Ann.
    …and as always, a well made latte.

  150. 1. Still mornings, reading scripture and hot coffee.
    2. Young son’s sweet smiling face.
    3. Sound of sweet baby girls singing their sleeping song in unison.
    4. Sneak peaks of sunshine through muted grey clouds.
    5.Children learning new tricks & skills.

  151. First things first, I might have to buy Nella a pony, little lady can break a heart with her owie face. So excited for Lainey, she really is going to have the best birthday memories!

    That OWL! Must have!
    Five things.
    1. Coffee, strong. It was on hell of a night with a tiny guy who struggledto settle.
    2. First of the morning snuggles
    3. The fact that I am ignoring the dishes today and going to play with friends.
    4. My girls start their running club tonight and are so excited about it. Seeing them love health rocks.
    5. Getting ready to launch my photography busniess. I feel so raw, scared and compleatly excited by the challange.

  152. Things i am enjoying in these days:
    -working at my craft projects
    -the 1 year anniversary of my baby death which will be on Sunday
    -the warm which allows me to put flip flops on
    -planning the vacations
    -the new duvet from Marimekko

  153. Right now I’m enjoying Cold Stone Creamery’s Sweet Cream coffee creamer, strawberry printed night gowns, our sprouting garden, weekly nail paintings of the 2 and 4 year old I keep, and house hunting.

  154. Things I am enjoying right now:
    1) Reading your blog :)
    2) My morning coffee, which usually leads to 2 more cups.
    3) Making summer plans
    4) The fact that I ordered your book off Amazong last night!
    5)My sweet black cat, Beau.

  155. EnJoying the small things in wisconsin..
    1. My little boy learning to sing the ABCs
    2. My sleeping beauty..not waking to the ABCs in te next room
    3. Sunny skies
    4. Being home with my babes after some traveling the past few weeks
    5. The deal I just got on nap rolls!

  156. I am enjoying my five kids. Everyday is a wonderful challenge. Each teaches me something about themselves or me on a daily basis. LOVE!

  157. 1. Loving that vintage trim so much that I ran and bought it only to return to the blog and see that I could win a gidt certificate. (oh damn, I’ll have to buy more.)

    2. Loving this crazy haired 8month old boy trying to scale my body and steal my phone. (doesn’t he know I haveblog comments to leave?!?)

    3. Loving my new garden (and crossing my fingers the seeds I planted actually come up. )

    4. That my two year only girlie loves to read like her momma.

    5. Coffee +chocolate = heaven

  158. Currently enjoying: sounds of happy kids, impending moves to places where friends live, new words from both children, and rest.

  159. 1) Bloom
    2) Book signing announcement in Macomb Twp., MI
    3) Bloom
    4) Book signing announcement in Macomb Twp., MI
    5) The opportunity to meet you and have my book signed!!

    I am so stinkin’ excited as I live in Macomb Twp. and have been forever waiting for this opportunity knowing you would come “home” to Michigan for a book signing. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  160. 1) My 4 children…just 4…enjoying it.
    2) Preparing for the coming of 2 children from China. It will come soon enough.
    3)Baby wiggles inside my tummy. That, too, will come soon enough.
    4) LONG 5 mile walks with my family!
    5)Discovering new adventures….soon with 7 children instead of 4!

  161. Loving dew on super bright spring green grass, perfect breezy& warm southern day outside, coffee brewing, my 19 month old greeting me this morning with, HEY NONNI NONNI! And a grin on my face listening as my sweet little son plays with his friend in the next room.

  162. Five things I’m lovin:

    cheap craft supplies to build our summer fun closet

    quinoa cooked a billion ways

    the younger boys’ obsession with mooning me right now (wait, maybe not totally loving that one)

    Tazo black tea, sweet on ice

    Mad Men

  163. I am enjoying the discovery of Garden and Gun magazine (the modern Southern Living), packing for our trip to Disney next week, Kiwi fruit, prepping for my best friends baby shower on Saturday, and spending the nice spring mornings outside with my little boy!

  164. 5 things I am enjoying:
    1. listening the rain
    2. watching my children stroll hand in hand
    3. slowing down to smell the rose and see the world through my children’s eyes
    4. planning my 5 year old’s fairy party
    5. a quiet cup of coffee while the rest of my little world is still sleeping

  165. Hi Kelle! Things I’m enjoying right now:
    1) The cooler FL. days (just like yourself). I’m in the Tampa area.
    2) Evening walks with the family
    3) Spending time with some wonderful new friends
    4) Good things that lie ahead for our family thanks to some recent developments. :)
    5) Having an almost 3 year old and just soaking her up.

  166. Your girls are getting more beautiful by the day! So excited to see what you come up with for Lainey’s birthday. They are some of my favourite posts! Ingrid x

  167. 1. The last couple weeks alone with my little guy before the baby is born
    2. Cool nights outside in April
    3. Prenatal massages
    4. Warm baths
    5. Maxi skirts (my pregnancy essential!)

  168. -my little chicklet’s attempts at crawling, which tend to send her backward as often as forward
    -ginger lemon tea
    -planning a birthday surprise for the husband
    -talking to my sister on the phone (and hearing my two year old niece in the background announcing that she is pooping)
    -listening to my chicklet talk–a combination of “mama” and dinosaur noises

  169. I am enjoying:
    1. Unearthing our backyard after seven years of dreaming of it.
    2. Listening to my “baby” read!
    3. Evening walks.
    4. Ignoring the mounting pile of laundry.
    5. Strawberries.

  170. Fave top five things right now, not necessarily in order:
    1)mocha coconut lattes with whipped cream
    2)my daughter’s ponytails
    3)shopping for new summer sandals
    4)the new Black Keys cd
    5)warm weather for trips to the playground…

  171. I’m enjoying…

    1. days with my little family with the husband off of work
    2. crossfit
    3. snuggles with my 8 month old
    4. the anticipation of summer
    5. hearing new big girl phrases from my almost 3 year old :)

  172. 1. Enjoying the sunshine during my lunch breaks
    2. Enjoying the preparation for running a 5k for Autism Alabama in honor of my awesome niece
    3. Enjoying the busy-ness of this season
    4. Enjoying time with my husband in the evenings
    5. Enjoying fresh strawberries and grapes for breakfast

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  173. Wow, that yellow high chair is ahhhmazing! Want.

    Ok, 5 things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. Those first real, honest-to-goodness smiles.
    2. Sleeping on my stomach again.
    3. Boots + blazer + dark jeans + scarf.
    4. Zac Efron. Yeah.
    5. Rain gutter bookshelves.

  174. 5 things I’m loving right now . . .

    1. Sharing “Bloom” with my family and friends and their responses when they’ve finished and are (reluctantly!) giving me back my copy!!! (BTW – every single person I’ve loaned my book to has gone out and grabbed their own copy!)

    2. Pulling out my camera more and playing around with everything but the auto modes.

    3. My kids watching our little “garden” poke itself out of the starter cups.

    4. Our tax refund just got deposited so I’m enjoying having more than $5 in our account!

    5. My momma is coming over tonight and my sister is arriving tomorrow . . . I’m loving some family time this weekend.

  175. Right now I am enjoying:
    1) Seeing my oldest baby get excited over going to the bathroom on her potty (potty training time)
    2) Watching my youngest snuggle into her daddy
    3) Looking at the family pictures we took over the weekend
    4) Baking cupcakes
    5) Wearing sandals

  176. I hardly ever comment but here goes:
    5 things I am enjoying right now:
    1. My girls and my 2 brand new nephews
    2.Pinterest–seriously addicting
    3. My big girls rainbow clown 5th birthday party–I think mama had as much fun as the kids!
    4.Anything Owl– I am obsessed over the cute owl products–don’t type owl into handmade in etsy–it is dangerous
    5.The apple-pecan cranberry salad from Costco–so good!

  177. 1. Watching my 14 month old get the hang of this walking business
    2. Planting flowers in unexpected containers
    3. On-the-way-to-work phone conversations with my best friend
    4. Using my new camera, a present to myself
    5. The way my 5 year old is guaranteed to make me laugh with some comment or insight that I never thought about quite like him.

    As always, enjoyed your post and pictures. Nella with her brother and the last picture of Lainey are my favorites.

  178. I am enjoying…
    1) Grey’s Anatomy!
    2) Those photos of Brett & Nella. She looks so tiny, amongst so many photos where she’s looking so grown up!
    3) Fitting into pants that havent fit since before my first born arrived 7 years ago
    4) New boots
    5) Reading ‘the book thief’. It’s the quickest I’ve read a book in ages cos I need it finished so I can start on Bloom!!!

  179. Gosh these photos are priceless! Nella and the dog food…LOVE it!

    Things I’m enjoying right now:
    1) The little girl in my belly is testing her acrobatic skills and it’s my most favorite part of being pregnant!
    2) Watching my 3yr old grow up before my eyes. She’s such an amazing little person!
    3) A hot cup of tea after the house is quiet at night.
    4) Oreos. and Milk. A pregnant lady’s dream!
    5) The beautiful late April weather we’ve been having here in NC. I love that it’s not too hot yet!

  180. I am currently enjoying
    1. Newborn cuddles, gazes and smiles from my 5 week old…… She first smiled last night!
    2. The beautiful new relationship between my two daughters
    3. My 5th anniversary today and hopefully a beer or two to celebrate tonight
    4. Cherry blossoms which won’t be in bloom for much longer
    5. This new book I’m reading called Bloom

  181. I can’t believe how long Nella’s hair is getting, she looks like a little girl!! I finished your book in record time for this mama, and I like how you said that it can be related to say many things in life, that our attitude and perspective truly ARE everything. I found a lot of your book (and perspective) I related to going through infertility and fertility treatments, it was a whole process of emotions that brought me to the greatest joy and humbled me beyond words.

    Five things I am enjoying:
    – A rainy Thursday morning
    – A sinus infection
    – A tearful goodbye as my son and I left my husband and our dog for a weekend trip away.
    – My 20 month old son giving our dog an open mouthed kiss
    – Coffe.

  182. I just LOVE the picture of Nella with the two pups (and that you caught latte yawning). In fact, I just sent it to my coworkers with the subject line “A cute picture to start your day” since it’s pretty dreary and gray in Baltimore.

    Moving on to the good stuff, here are five things I am enjoying right now:

    1) That 29 weeks pregnant, I FINALLY have some pep back in my step (not sure why it’s only happening at this point).
    2) Iced decaf coffee
    3) The fact that my puppy who is typically an independent soul wanted to cuddle with me all yesterday
    4) Your book – it was amazing.
    5)That today is my Friday at work because I am headed to a friends baby shower tomorrow

  183. Top 5 things I am enjoying right now…
    1. My new found love of bikram yoga
    2. Breaking out the flip flops and welcoming Michigan Spring
    3. My sister’s growing baby bump (my first niece!)
    4. Savoring the last few chapters of Bloom
    5. The last few months before Medical School starts in August

  184. Enjoying…
    1. The prospect of a day off for my husband’s birthday tomorrow and a day trip up the Eastern Shore.
    2. Savoring the fact that graduation is next weekend and I’ll finally have my Master’s degree.
    3. Anticipation of the arrival of my new nephew (bringing the total of nieces/nephews to an even 10).
    4. Leftover homemade focaccia from last night.
    5. Open windows, chilly mornings, and a steaming cup of tea.

  185. 1. Bloom!
    2. “Mommy, I love you so much, I’m going to pee my pants.” – Max 3 3/4yrs old
    3. New tires
    4. Possibilities across the country
    5. “Mama” – Jonah 20m old

  186. Enjoying…

    1. Cool morning breezes
    2. Baby’s breath
    3. My daughter’s eyelashes
    4. A few minutes to myself
    5. Clean towels

  187. Right now I’m enjoying my five kids:

    Watching my oldest daughter do pole vault.
    Watching my son with his youngest sister.
    Listening to my seven year old read.
    Watching my four year old dance.
    Listening to my baby laugh now and her chubby baby toes!

  188. I am enjoying:
    My baby’s sweet, sleepy stretches in the morning.
    Strong, warm hugs from my husband.
    Lots of coffee.
    Jeans that fit just right.
    A paid off car note.


    Five things I’m enjoying right now:
    1) Feeling my baby move
    2) Actually enjoying buying boy clothes
    3) Hearing Ella (age 3) ask to buy her new baby brother things – and telling everyone she passes that she’s going to have a baby brother
    4) WARM WEATHER!!! I actually bought a couple more lightweight dresses to wear out and about.
    5) The anticipation of my little brother coming for a visit even if it is less than 48 hours.

  190. Loved the book!

  191. I am enjoying….

    1 – That the weather is nice enough to place outside!

    2 – That my 9 month old, Brody, has been sleeping in his crib a little longer.

    3 – The way Brody gets completely still and acts as if there is nothing else in the world when he is breast feeding.

    4 – Lacrosse shorts! My boys have the funkiest most rad lacrosse shorts!

    5 – Friday family nights! We get together with a bunch of other families at a restaurant/arcade place. Would you believe the place has good food, good games and happy hour specials?!?! Winning!

  192. Love this post! I am currently enjoying:
    1. Sleeping with windows open.
    2. Garage Sales
    3. Flip flops.
    4. Walks with my babies.
    5. Trips to the bakery with littles and thier Mama’s.

  193. Those pictures of Nella and Brett are so sweet. You can see how much he loves his little baby! As always, your girls look gorgeous – and so do you. I can’t believe Lainey turns five soon!!! Love the theme she chose and I know you will make it super fabulous. :)

  194. Five things! You’re making us think. :)
    1. my new camera
    2. my baby bump
    3. sunny days
    4. coffee
    5. nap time

  195. things i am enjoying right now!

    1. sunny spring days with my brood
    2. 2 year old’s language explosion
    3. 5 year old telling a little girl “look out honey” so he didn’t run into her on the monkey bars.
    4. every single moment with my baby girl
    5. mochas. always mochas.

  196. I LOVE reading your five things! Happy morning!

  197. Five things –

    1.Taking my “Bugs” (20 month old twins) to the zoo this morning
    2. Knowing there are only 5 more school weeks until summer!
    3. Just under 5 weeks until my parents arrive from England for a month!
    4. Our upcoming Disney World trip
    5. Planning my almost 8 year old’s party!


  198. five things…

    1. this rolling…crawling baby beside me
    2. morning cup of coffee
    3. a clean house
    4. the hunger games – book 1
    5. a day with very little agenda!


  199. 5 Things I’m Enjoying Right Now…

    1. Strawberries!
    2. Wearing kelly green crop pants and a salmon colored sweater!
    3. The quiet of my office early in the morning!
    4. Happily anticipating the weekend with my finance and cats!
    5. Crocheting a shawl for a friend who is having surgery next month is my current project and it reminds me to love!

  200. 5 things: feeling my baby boy move, hearing my 2 year old say “I love you mama,” sunshine, park play dates, and the chance to go see family this weekend!

  201. I have to say me and Nella have a lot in common!
    1. My favorite name is “Nell” (Ok, I’m a bit obsessed with Helena Bonham Carter)
    2. When I was little, my mom and dad also used the threat “do you want to go inside” and that would ALWAYS make me turn around.
    3. Poor girl, I know what a busted sandal is from running.
    4. She’s the cutest little two year old ever, and of course I was too. :)

    I’m loving these posts still girl, I read them every morning to ensure that I have a smile on my face when I walk out of my door!

  202. I can’t believe how big Nella is getting! And 5 already! How fast time goes.

    My five things:
    1. Planning my Jack’s 3rd birthday party – Curious George theme!
    2. Planning a girl’s day out for our friend Julia’s 30th birthday on saturday. I love girl time.
    3. Warmer days
    4. Running early in the morning. I hate getting up, but i love how it makes me feel!
    5. Sidewalk chalk evenings with Jack

  203. This comment has been removed by the author.

  204. The photo of Brett consoling Nella = my heart melting :)

    1. 5 of my kids making pancakes in the kitchen
    2. Just finished your book last night!
    3. Lost 46 pounds since Jan. 1
    4. All of my kids are safe and happy
    5. Getting ready to have my cup of coffee!

  205. Right now I’m enjoying:

    1. The little kicks that Molly is giving me letting me know she’s growing and happy.
    2. Conversations with my 5 year old.
    3. Reading your blog . . . It just makes me happy. :o)
    4. Music that makes me want to dance.
    5. Cloth Diaper buying. ๐Ÿ˜€

  206. When did Nella start looking so grown up?!? And…I also have one that enjoys sneaking away to sit at the dog bowl :)

    Right now I am enjoying:
    1. Spending that sacred hour with my little man :)
    2. The smell of a light morning rain.
    3. Planning our weekend with family and friends.
    4. Reading that there will be a book signing in Michigan….YEAH!
    5. Finally getting over the longest cold that I have ever had!

  207. Loving Darlybird!!! I could spend all morning looking at all the handmade goodies. Enjoying: singing my daughter to sleep and listening to her sing to herself when she wakes up. Also enjoying making handmade products for a kitchen shop in the west coast. Lovely giveaway! New follower from NY!

  208. 1. My baby girl is boldly taking more and more steps on her own every day
    2. Finally sitting down to dinner last night with my mom and sisters
    3. Quality time with my hubby two days a week
    4. Fiesta here in San Antonio TX
    5. Sea World trips every other weekend

  209. Love your sweet little family. Great post!

    I am enjoying:
    1) planting my first garden
    2) preparing for my first wedding anniversary in a few days!
    3) my new canon rebel 2ti (thanks mama!)
    4) post-nap snuggles with my favorite 3 year old
    5) upcoming mani/pedis with a good girlfriend :)


  210. 1. My baby girl is boldly taking more and more steps on her own every day
    2. Finally sitting down to dinner last night with my mom and sisters
    3. Quality time with my hubby two days a week
    4. Fiesta here in San Antonio TX
    5. Sea World trips every other weekend

  211. yay! i love darlybird! i had tons of fun shopping their website for Christmas gifts this year and it’s about time i placed another order. five fave things now:
    1. my jammied 6 yr. old son planning a date with mama tomorrow: waffles for lunch at his fave coney island restaurant, a tutuorial for me on Super Mario Bros., followed by snuggles on the couch while reading a pile of books aloud to him. i love this kid! :)
    2. the sounds of my hubby working in his home office…it’s been 2 years since he quit a high-stress job at an investment firm and i’m still loving that i get to see his handsome face all day long, every day.
    3. green, as far as the eye can see and blooms thrown in for good measure…so thankful for the early spring we’ve been enjoying here in michigan.
    4. fresh rhubarb in my garden. made one heck of an epic strawberry rhubarb pie last weekend.
    5. the anticipation of summer…i love the butterflies i get in my tummy as i set goals, dream, imagine how i will spend my summer days with all 6 kiddos out of school for 3 months.

    super pumped about your michigan visit! hope i can meet up with you at one of the signings.

  212. Enjoying…

    1. My new Mazda 6!
    2. April. Sup Girl Scout Cookies?
    3. Iced Vanilla Lattes.
    4. My new necklace.
    5. Bloom – obviously! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  213. Right now I am loving:
    1)Baby boy is learning to walk

    2)Hugs when I pick him up from daycare

    3)Finally able to read at night and not passing out from exhaustion

    4)Dancing with baby boy before we head up to bed

    5)”What makes you beautiful” by One Direction- yes I am a teenage girl at heart still

  214. 1. Walking out of work without a coat (SO nice in Minnesota!)
    2. Random days off because my vacation/PTO cup runneth over…
    3. Seeing bright summer colors in the stores
    4. Planning my upcoming trip to France with my hubby (Sept!)
    5. Reading Bloom!

  215. hope there are a lot of owls in stock… i love owl wall hangings, i have my old macrame owl i got from my parents hanging in my bedroom… LOVE it…
    today i am enjoying
    a day off work
    dinner with friends tonight
    concert with more friends tomorrow
    being content with what i have
    and impending vacation in Washington DC
    so yeah, im enjoying a lot of the future… does that count? because my coffee this morning …not so good…i don’t know how that happens with a Keurig ๐Ÿ˜€

  216. I’ve been away from your blog for a little bit and now that I’m back I realize how much I’ve missed your beautiful words, perspective and thirst for life’s beauty! I’m so happy to be back and you KNOW I’m going to be in Monroe to see you in June! Can’t wait.

    5 Things I’m Loving Right Now:
    1. My amazing husband who works his butt off to support our family.
    2. Stretch jeggings on my 14 month old little dollface!
    3. My 2.5 year old son’s rapidly developing wit and sense of humor.
    4. Ice cream socials at my mom’s work where my kids can meet Clifford.
    5. Oatmeal on a chilly morning.

  217. Five things I’m Loving Right now:
    1. Blueberry Muffins
    2. My girl’s new words “Cheese” and “Uh Oh”.
    3. Planning her big girl room.
    4. Gardening
    5. Pay day!

  218. I feel the pain – I have blow outs and falls all the time! You would think I’ve only been walking 2 years instead of 24! But, Nella’s little lip in the photo of her and Brett makes me smile. So innocent!


  219. Picture of Nella crying in Bretts arms… love it. Hate that she’s upset but such an adorable moment.
    I’m loving the following…
    1. A fellow stepmom friend found out that she is the only match for her stepdaughters potential liver transplant.
    2. Getting a new lens for my camera tomorrow.
    3. Driving 2 hours both ways to hike a 4 mile trail called Cloud Spliter this weekend.
    4. Hanging out with my stepdaughters tonight.
    5. Seasame Ginger Chicken on the grill tonight!

  220. I hope to make it to your signing in Michigan! I am from the west side of the state but a few of us girls got together to do a skype with you for the book, and now we are most certainly gonna drive a couple hours for a signing! awesome!!!

  221. Right now I’m loving:
    1. Perusing pretty scrapbook things
    2. Anything flowery that reminds me of Devonshire tea in a country cottage
    3. My 4 yr old who can’t get enough of her Mummy’s hugs & kisses
    4. A warm comfy bed
    5. Planning a mini getaway with hubby for our 40th’s this year

  222. Five things I’m enjoying…
    1. Coffee
    2. puppy sleeping next to me
    3. a hawks nest on the UW hawkcam
    4. admiring my gel manicure
    5. gloomy skies and rain

    Gee..I lead a dull like but I love it!

  223. Brett, Nella, hugs….adorable. I had a luau party for my daughter too only difference is that it was for her 21st birthday!

  224. Hey Kelle-
    I’m loving: sun shining through the clouds, kids on swings, bare feet, flowers blooming (my favorite is just about to spring forth), and iced coffee!

  225. So many things I’m enjoying right now….1) Bloom, 2) Baby kicks, 3) Big girl beds, 4) Sidewalk chalk, 5) No-fuss spring-time meals..and so much more!

  226. 1. Making my bucket list.
    2. Hot chocolate.
    3. Planning a trip to Europe in less than one month!
    4. Nicer weather.
    5. Having a job that I actually like.

  227. 5 things:
    1. My 9 month old chasing my oldest two in his walker-funny stuff!
    2. snuggling with my 9 month old.
    3. prayers with my four year old-oh the things they say.
    4. mornings with my 8 year old-already having hair issues! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    5.butterflies on date night with my hubby-still! :)

  228. i love the pictures of daddy comforting Nella after she fell!!

    5 things I’m enjoying:

    1.my 10 months old son getting “chased”
    2.my son’s face when he’s sees his dad when he gets home from work
    3.date nights
    4.planning out how to paint our first home!
    5.planning my son’s 1st birthday party

  229. Right now I am enjoying…
    1. Spring baseball w/my 8-year old slugger
    2. Trolling the internet for Barry Manilow concert tix for me and my 16-year old beautifully eclectic girl
    3. Anticipation of spending some time in the TN mountains next week
    4. Flip-flops and sandals from Target
    5. And that my shorts from last summer still fit!

  230. 1. sleeping with the windows open
    2. the homing pigeon that has taken up residence in our yard
    3. sewing
    4. summer plans
    5. good books–yours included

  231. My oldest son…who is learning to drive (yes, I am enjoying it because it’s bonding time :), which in turn means he can now make trips to the store for random things (ha-ha-ha), my youngest son who is 8, because he is so sweet and so funny, and so grown up…all at the same time, my youngest daughter who is also 8 (twins are great by the way)…who is just growing up waaaayyyyy too fast, but is just still so precious and teaches me everyday to pick my battles…it’s okay to wear lip gloss and a tad bit of eye shadow to school, but the red high heels have to stay home (compromise)….I am thoroughly enjoying the cool nights in Oklahoma, sleeping with the windows open and fans going, and most of all, I am just enjoying life…you only get one shot at it, you better enjoy it!!

  232. I am enjoying: snuggling my babies, honey nut cheerios, Spring weather, planning a 4th birthday party, and watching Big Bang Theory with the husband :)

  233. Five things?

    1-Toms shoes. So comfortable.
    2-Trying out Pinterest recipes.
    3-Lunch dates with the husband.
    4-Breakfast dates with my little girl.
    5-Pretzel M&Ms.

  234. I am not entering the contest because I won the earrings of the month from Darlybird and I LOVE them! Each month she has the most wonderful, creative earrings – hearts for Feb, the shamrocks you are wearing for Mar, umbrellas for Apr and I am guessing it’ll be flowers for May. I love these and thank you, thank you, thank you for the giveaway.
    The reason I am writing is to tell you that your family is so beautiful I just want to squish them up. Your love and spirits shine right out of these pictures – I can’t imagine the vibe of experiencing you in person. Congrats on Bloom. So happy for you.
    I am enjoying:
    1.Your site
    2.My girls growing and blooming
    3.My 7 y/o getting “spotted” at school for doing a good deed and getting an award-very high honor
    4.The 5 lbs I lost
    5.Snuggling with my girls in bed this morning

  235. 1. my baby bump that is finally starting to show.
    2. my son’s big boy bed.
    3. planning his 3rd birthday that is in august lol.
    4. this gorgeous flower bush that is in bloom outside my work window.
    5. my son’s new vocab. he wanted to watch diego and i told him it wasn’t on and the cutest lil “aweee man” came out of his mouth!

  236. 5 things I am enjoying right now:
    1. Today my baby girl Josephine turns 2!
    2. Date night to see Hunger Games this Saturday with the hubby
    3. Up and down weather we’re having here in South Dakota-80s yesterday, 40s tomorrow. I kinda like it.
    4. Rummage sale season….started off this week and I’m ready for treasure hunting through the spring.
    5. My evening escapes to Bikram Yoga-time for me.

    Got my ETST fix-now I can start my day!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  237. Lainey and my little would get along fabulously up in that tree! The things I am enjoying right now are fairly simple, but a blessing none the less! My little man making waves inside my tummy, the questions and reactions all my special needs children have in regards to my pregnancy, watching my baby learn her way out on the soccer field and getting confidence from tripping “the big kid”, her prayers at night and the things she has to say about her to be baby brother in them, getting to spend time at home (which is rare these days), and the end of the school year! Ok maybe that’s more than five, but I could come up with so much more! Bring on the summer fun!

  238. Kelle! The girls look so grown up in these beautiful pictures!! BUT they will always be your babies :) I’m almost done Bloom and I must say..it’s amazing..I’ve laughed and cried. Thanks for writing your families story!

  239. 5 things…
    1. The invention of Ibuprofin. (Woke up with a headache)
    2. Handy Manny…my 5 month old lays on the floor for a half hour in the morning watching it.
    3. Big sister…who just went and picked up the cranking baby…apparently Handy Manny is not so good today.
    4. A hard working husband…I can afford to be a stay at home Mom.
    5. The school bus…that will be here in 30 minutes so I don;t have to go out in the cold!

  240. Oh! What a perfect post. I love the happiness that abounds in your home. The happiness and the love : )

    5 things I am digging right now?
    1. Spring : )
    2. New babies
    3. Spring,
    4. Foggy mornings.
    5. Volunteers.

  241. Things I’m enjoying…
    1. My 3 year old boy waking up before the rest of the house and crawling in bed for early morning cuddles.
    2. My baby girl’s toothless smile
    3. Guilty pleasure of Beverly Hills 90210
    4. It is raining so that means quiet day
    5. Texts from friends

  242. 1. My sons first steps this week.
    2. Wearing a jacket in FL IN APRIL!!!
    3. Family get togethers
    4. Finding awesome deals at consignment sales!
    5. Mommy son snuggles!

  243. 1. My sons first steps this week.
    2. Wearing a jacket in FL IN APRIL!!!
    3. Family get togethers
    4. Finding awesome deals at consignment sales!
    5. Mommy son snuggles!

  244. Enjoying…
    new books to read
    chi latte
    cuddles with my 8 yr old.
    an unscheduled day
    a clean kitchen

  245. 1.coffee with caramel creamer
    2.chat time with my biggest girl as she finishes breakfast
    3.listening to my younger 2 girlies playing dollhouse in the other room
    4.getting another growth sonogram of girlie #4 today
    5.knowing my hot hubby will be home on time tonight

  246. Isn’t life so good? I love that you love wearing warm clothes in late April. It’s the same way we in Wisconsin love wearing tanks and sandals in late April!

    Enjoying …

    1. Making summer camping plans
    2. Watching my kids conquer the last quarter of school
    3. Hearing birds in the morning
    4. Brazilian coffee, courtesy of a friend!
    5. Preparing to run our annual 5 mile race through downtown Madison!

    Keep those small things coming.

  247. 5 things: that my exchange student’s 6-a.m.-on-the-other-side-of-town tennis practices end next week, that there’s just over 7 weeks to go until a charity 5k/10k I’m race directing happens (that would also be on the list of things I’m not loving), how spring is a tease in Oregon, my 1-year-old’s Shirley Temple curls and my 4-year-old’s fondness for telling me how pretty I am.

  248. 1. eating dinner outside with my husband every night
    2. starting a photography business
    3. coming home to a very excited and happy-to-see-me dog after work
    4. phone calls to family friends back at home
    5. soaking up time with friends before we move back to Alabama

  249. I’m enjoying:
    1. Feeling strong and healthy after several months of feeling rundown and sick.
    2. Spending time outside with my boys.
    3. Getting quality time in with my Grandma, one of my favorite people in the world.
    4. Watching my garden grow.
    5. The happy bright outfits I’ve chosen for our summer pictures.

  250. Kelle,

    Thank you for reminding me of the beauty in the small things. It’s easy to not notice them when life gets busy.

    The 5 things I’m enjoying right now are…

    1. My best’s babies (2yr old & 7mth old) – watching them grow and explore the beauties of this world

    2. Extra time wrapped in my crisp cotton sheets

    3. Being done a busy, yet rewarding semester and feeling like the bricks are off my shoulders

    4. Family dinners, peace in the kaos of a large family

    5. Knitting a baby sweater, I’ve never knit one before and I’m attempting it without a pattern!

  251. Love the Blog and you chic vintage style.

    1.Enjoying my son and I’s alone time before the next baby comes.

    2. Hunting in the woods for morel mushrooms.

    3. Trees turning green and everything looking alive again.

    4. Healthy Family. (so blessed).

    5. Trips to a local petting farm that is free and lots of fun for my son.


  252. Dear Kelle,
    I finished Bloom yesterday and I absolutely could not put it down. So beautiful. Your blog is such an inspiration to me as an artist.


  253. 5 things I’m enjoying right now:

    1. The giggles of my 18 month old daughter
    2. The leaves that are finally starting to poke out here.
    3. Maple walnut ice cream
    4. The fact that my cold is just about gone.
    5. Reading this blog!

  254. With it being bring your child to work day, I am enjoying:
    1) watching my son watch spy kids on my smartboard so that I can get some grading done!
    2) watching him show his shyness to me that I usually forget he has because he is such an outgoing little boy at home
    3) watching my students swoon over him (they are teenagers)

    and then of course,

    4) planning for my daughter’s christening ceremony in a week
    5) knowing that we have physical therapy tonight, and my little princess just LOVES our therapist!

  255. 1) my four sons
    2)my wonderful husband
    3) my sweet coworkers
    4) my energetic students
    5) the sound of rain

  256. Hi Kelle! I am a follower of your blog and have a daughter, Alayna, who is 6 months old that has DS. Right now I am in love with:

    1. My family. They are my air. Just as I was leaving for work today my son, Kenyon, who is 2 years old said,
    Kenyon: “Ma, work?”
    Me: “Yep, Mommy has to go to work.”
    Kenyon: “Be home in a lil’le bit?”
    Me: “Yep, I will be home after you wake up from your nap.”
    Kenyon: “Bye Bye Mommy, be care bull”
    Me: “Okay baby, I will. I love you.”
    Kenyon: “mmm 2″ (he truly thinks he is saying “love you too”

    Moments like that take my breath away!

    2. Friendly State Troopers…my ticket would have been on the verge of reckless driving! So thankful for that nice cop that just wanted to help me understand that I was being dangerous and need to be more patient on the road! Amen, brother!
    3. Fruit Loops…my 2 year old son had to have them and I finally gave in and let him have a sugary cereal…too bad they are almost all gone…oops!
    4. My Gen 1 Ipod Nano…funny! I have not worked out in soooo long (been prego for almost 2 years straight). I am now running 2 miles and all my music from 2002-2008 is aiding my routine! They don’t make music today like they used to!
    5. My “Layna Bug” (Alayna) and her sweet sweet spirit that lights me up from the inside out. She is 6 months old and trying to figure out this big bad world we live in. The moment our eyes meet, her almond shaped eyes become little slits as her mouth radiates upward…her smile and her face are complete sunshine that melts my heart and makes me forget about all my troubles and all that I worry about in the future! In that “smiling” moment she lets me know that “everything is going to be o.k. ma”

    Kelle, thank you for being such an inspiration to me and helping me understand to cherish, find beauty, and celebrate the small things! Be blessed!

  257. The things I am enjoying right now:

    Your pictures…..the one if ella wearing the owl hat made me laugh out loud…..her expression. Love the pictures of Lainey…..she is so beautiful…..and the dogs reading with Nella…..precious.
    That I get to see my out of state friend tomorrow
    My sweet grandchildren
    Nice and quiet evening with my husband
    (I love that owl, I may just have to order that)

  258. Great post as usual! 5 things Im enjoying now are sunflower seeds, one of my daycare boys throwing a ball in a bucket of water and having it splash him in the face, everyone playing outside and me yelling dont step in the dog poop, getting ready for my daughters dance recital, and bonfires!!

  259. Hi Kelle! I am a follower of your blog and have a daughter, Alayna, who is 6 months old that has DS. Right now I am in love with:

    1. My family. They are my air. Just as I was leaving for work today my son, Kenyon, who is 2 years old said,
    Kenyon: “Ma, work?”
    Me: “Yep, Mommy has to go to work.”
    Kenyon: “Be home in a lil’le bit?”
    Me: “Yep, I will be home after you wake up from your nap.”
    Kenyon: “Bye Bye Mommy, care bull”
    Me: “Okay baby, I’ll be careful. I love you.”
    Kenyon: “mmm 2″ (he truly thinks he is saying “love you too”

    Moments like that take my breath away!
    2. Friendly State Troopers…my ticket would have been on the verge of reckless driving! So thankful for that nice cop that just wanted to help me understand that I was being dangerous and need to be more patient on the road! Amen, brother!
    3. Fruit Loops…my 2 year old son had to have them and I finally gave in and let him have a sugary cereal…too bad they are almost all gone…oops!
    4. My Gen 1 Ipod Nano…funny! I have not worked out in soooo long (been prego for almost 2 years straight). I am now running 2 miles and all my music from 2002-2008 is aiding my routine! They don’t make music today like they used to!
    5. My “Layna Bug” (Alayna) and her sweet sweet spirit that lights me up from the inside out. She is 6 months old and trying to figure out this big bad world we live in. The moment our eyes meet, her almond shaped eyes become little slits as her mouth radiates upward…her smile and her face are complete sunshine that melts my heart and makes me forget about all my troubles and all that I worry about in the future! In that “smiling” moment she lets me know that “everything is going to be o.k. ma”

    Kelle, thank you for being such an inspiration to me and helping me understand to cherish, find beauty, and celebrate the small things! Be blessed!

  260. Just ordered that owl, so dang cute!!!

  261. 1) My son’s new favorite things to say is “Okkkaaaay” and it makes me smile.
    2) I am due in 8 weeks and baby gets hiccups everyday <3
    3) I just started a new journal and I am loving what it feels like to not carry around all those thoughts
    4) The thought of only 5 more weeks until Summer Vacation!
    5) A new flavor of Keurig coffee in my new snapfish mug and a new scent in my scentsy :-)

  262. I am enjoying so many things right now. A few include-

    1. Still being in my pajamas at 8:45 am.
    2. My son is a total rock star at potty training.
    3. My sweet baby girl will be 1 in less than 2 months. Like you, I love being in party mode.
    4. Our man-made “beach” here at Ft. Hood will open next weekend.
    5. Getting my hair cut today. What girl doesn’t love a new look?!

    Happy Thursday!

  263. 1. Bloom!!!!
    2. Spring
    3. my kids of course
    4. My kids soccer games
    5. The way my husband makes me laugh.

  264. I am enjoying-
    1. A hot cup of tea
    2. Nella’s laughter in these pictures
    3. The rainy day (I like days like that)
    4. Looking at that sweet fabric owl- so cute!
    5. The calm before the storm of digging into my work emails :)

  265. I am enjoying ::
    Warm spring evenings.
    Watching Daddy swing with all three of his girls.
    Pedicured toe nails.
    Scoring new ‘cheap’ sunglasses.
    Warm coffee on my ride into work.

  266. 1. I LOVE that you ask for 5 things we are enjoying right now! A friend and I have started to say 5 positives at the beginning of our days. Love coincidences!

    2. I am enjoying your book! Finally got a chance to pick it up last night!

    3. I am enjoying that I have 65(!) days until I marry my love!

    4. I am enjoying my new teapot!

    5. I am enjoying walks with my pup!

  267. What I am lovin right now:
    1. Cool nights and warm afternoons
    2. New books and old favorites
    3. Anticipation of summer break
    4. My 6 month old sleeping through the night!!
    5. Falling in love with my husband all over again.

  268. 1. French silk ice cream in the freezer. Resisting eating it for breakfast is a difficult way to begin my morning :)
    2. It’s thursday, and for once I don’t have the 2 hour drive to see my boyfriend, instead he is coming to me!
    3. Finals that I am not stressed about and have CONFIDENCE in!
    4. Making a quilt for the first time, for one of my closest friends and her husband to be!
    5. Wearing my grandmother’s vintage clip on earrings to campus yesterday, knowing that my earrings were super old and still cool. And having a piece of her with me…you just can’t beat that <3

  269. My five things:
    1) My amazing husband
    2) Thunderstorms
    3) My job
    4) Good books
    5) My orange striped tabby kitty
    All of these things make my life worth living!

  270. My five things:
    1) My amazing husband
    2) Thunderstorms
    3) My job
    4) Good books
    5) My orange striped tabby kitty
    All of these things make my life worth living!

  271. Five things I am enjoying right now:
    1. endorphins from my run
    2. sound of hammers (no. really like it. the end product is more room in my house!)
    3. sunshine
    4. trees out my window and all shades of green in the view
    5. your blog

  272. First, The picture of Nella and her brother is precious!

    5 things I love in this moment….

    1. Easter pastel M&M’s…. surprisingly I actually still have some sitting in my 30 year old candy jar my grandpa made.
    2. Twinings Tea- I am sipping on my Darjeeling right now.
    3. Hearing my little 10 month old babble and squeal in his crib upstairs because he is tired, but doesn’t want to nap.
    4. Seeing the mama Robin on my back porch bringing little worms to her babies… this is the second year she has perched her little nest there.
    5. Sleepy, raining midwest mornings. (I don’t always love the rain), but today it’s pretty nice just having a lazy morning with the excuse not to go anywhere because it’s raining.

  273. 5 little things i’m enjoying right now:
    1. my 1yr olds little hair curls at the base of her neck.
    2. my 4yr old’s obsession with catching a bird (we have tons now that we got this awesome new bird feed in our bird feeder)she sits outside forever trying to sneak up on them.
    3. the anticipation of my recently turned 1yr old’s birthday party. we’ve been through some tough times the past 6 months with her and I can’t wait to have all those close to us who have supported us through it in one place so we can celebrate, give thanks to them and look forward
    4. celebrating my 31st birthday with my 3 besties, going to a good old fashioned Major League Baseball Game on Sunday. Beer, baseball food, and sunshine, all with my 3 favorite ladies.
    5. the beginning stages of planning our vegetable garden for this year. and the fact that my husband enjoys it just as much (if not more) than I do.

  274. I am enjoying…
    cool mornings outside w/my boys and coffee
    watching your success w/the book- exciting!
    mango cilantro candles
    new sunless tanning mousse
    my latest obsession: washi tape!

  275. Right now I am loving
    -tax season being over (more hubby/daddy time)
    -packing for a family weekend get-away
    -snuggling my sweet, sleepy baby girl
    -crazy jokes my “big kids” tell that don’t make any sense : )
    -reading my scrapbook magazine and dreaming about scrapbooking again someday

  276. 1.) Cup of Alterra coffee (if I can’t live in WI, I have to have the coffee.)
    2.) Morning hugs and kisses from Zayn (I don’t even have to ask!)
    3.) Yarn bombing in Norcross.
    4.) Tulips
    5.) my new laptop

    I love Nella’s pouty face (but feel bad she was spooked by her sandal!) I love Hanna Andersson pajamas, Zayn has the green ones too. Lainey is looking so grownup, she chose a good birthday theme! xx

  277. 5 things..

    My almost 2 yr olds new love of kissing everyone and everything

    the peony buds getting larger everyday!

    designing my new Maribella Rose collection of hair flowers

    new recipe ideas for the bbq seen as its almost that time of year in New York

    seeing my 6 yr old daughter flourish in her creativity in ways only I understand ๐Ÿ˜‰

  278. I love, love, love the owl! I’m going to the website now to drool over things :)

  279. 5 things I’m enjoying right now…

    1.) homemade smoothie
    2.) a good night sleep
    3.) a little boys laughter as his train goes around the track
    4.) New capri punjamies
    5.) the sun seeping in through the windows

  280. CANNOT believe Lainey is going to be 5!!! Wowie! I am 9 weeks prego and in the throws of ALL DAY Sickness :( so unfortunately 5 things is a lot to enjoy right now:
    1) Sleep
    2) Hubby making dinner
    3) My 3 year old making me laugh
    4) It’s Thursday! ALMOST the sacred weekend!
    5) Even though I am sick it is such a BLESSING to be with child :)

  281. I am enjoying:
    -Playing outside on warm spring evenings
    -Celebrating babies, birthdays, and other life events
    -My new patent blue Coach bag from my dear husband of 8 years and 2 days :-)
    -Peanut butter and banana oatmeal
    -Anticipation of a drink with friends at happy hour tonight

  282. Hi Kelle –

    Five things I am loving right now:
    1) sisters playing kitty kat
    2) kid music in the cd player
    3) your blog
    4) hot morning coffee
    5) a quiet free spirited morning without any commitments!

  283. Today I’m enjoying:

    1. It being my Friday at work.
    2. Parents coming into town tonight from MI
    3. Pancake breakfast tomorrow morning at the best place in Nashville
    4. The massage I will be getting on my lunch break
    5. Being able to carb up for the next few days as I’m running my first 1/2 marathon on Saturday!

    Also, you should totally come do a signing in Nashiville! We would love to have you!

  284. 5 things I’m enjoying right now….

    -The sun being up the ENTIRE time I’m driving to work
    -The first cantaloupe of the year
    -Discovering that greek yogurt (with fruit in the bottom!) is actually really good!
    -My puppy when I come home – he gets so excited!
    -The pretty colors that come out every spring

    Thanks and I’m LOVIN’ your book! :)

  285. The five things that I’m enjoying now (in spite of finals and scary averages in my classes) are:
    1) Your book. Like seriously, I take it with me everywhere and read it whenever I have the chance.
    2) The air conditioner broke, and here in Texas spring is never just spring, it’s freaking hot, so I’m enjoying the sound of the fan, and the air it gives.
    3) Make up. I was never a big fan of it, but now I am, whenever I have the chance to wear make up, I do it good, I have fun with it.
    4) Growing. I enjoy looking back and seeing all the things I had to go through to get to where I am now, and looking into the future and imagining myself where I’d like to be.
    5) Life. I’m learning to enjoy the small things in life, to stop and smell the roses. :)

  286. 1. Flower gardening with my son.
    2. The sunshine
    3. Fresh veggies & fruits
    4. Coffee
    5. Your blog & book!

  287. 5 things I’m loving right now: watching Sesame Street with my 2 year old, seeing him smile at Elmo, sunshine outside, newly potted flowers, and Cheerios for breakfast. Thanks for the giveaway!

  288. 1. Eucalyptus Spearmint Hand Soap from Bath & Body Works.
    2. Building 429
    3. Chacos
    4. Journaling
    5. Big baskets of fresh, locally grown strawberries.

  289. 1. Watching my 7th grade boys read in class- they actually asked if they could read today!

    2. My background on my laptop (my 2 boys hugging)

    3. The countdown to summer break on my board, 21 days:)

    4. Hot yummy coffee next to me

    5. Beautiful, sunny day in Dalls:)

  290. What I am loving right now:

    1. The sweet coos and grunts made by our 5 week old baby boy Louie…even in the middle of the night.
    2. Bold, dark coffee. No cream, no sugar. Straight up.
    3. Open windows-Spring is especially sweet in a state (Iowa) that spends much of the year blanketed in snow and cold.
    4. A break from to-do lists and the daily grind. Yah for maternity leave!
    5. My two-year old singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” when she thinks no one is listening. Brings tears to my eyes.

  291. 5 Things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. The adventures my new job brings me
    2. Celebrating 12 years since my teenage world was rocked by the word “cancer”
    3. Planning the specifics of my trip to Zimbabwe in November to finally meet my husband’s mother and family.
    4. Learning more each day about myself.
    5. The fantastic weather we have been having (not to be taken for granted!)

  292. I adore the photo of Lainey in the tree!

    1. I’m enjoying studying in the cozy library, it’s about to rain here.
    2. So excited to hear that you’ll be in Macomb, Michigan!
    3. Loving that tomorrow is my last University exam.
    4. Thinking about Thai noodles for dinner later.
    5. Looking forward to arts and crafts later with the children I nanny for.

    Have a lovely day Kelle, you’re truly inspiring.

  293. What could be better than:

    1. Spring! 70 degrees and sunshine with little fluff balls flying through the air!
    2. My puppy when he wakes up in the morning, rolls over, and waits for a tummy scratch.
    3. Dark chocolate M & M’s left over from Easter
    4. a phone call from my 10-yo niece telling me about the latest book she’s reading!
    5. a kiss and a cuddle before a long day in Mamaville.

  294. Wow, Darlybird has amazing prices! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Thankful For:
    1. Rain Storms that wake you up at night (I’m serious, I really love these)
    2. My daughter wearing UNICORN earrings!
    3. Milk- it’s my ‘coffee’
    4. LEGOS- hours of playtime for kids (and free time for me)
    5. Can’t forget family- love them too

  295. Things I’m loving right now:

    1) The fact that in a week (and 7 hours), I’ll be totally done with my first year of law school and all finals.
    2) I just discovered spotify playlists and my life has changed
    3) The gorgeous (and constantly changing) DC weather
    4) That I’m headed back to FL for 13 days very soon
    5) That I have a new job and a new apartment to look forward to within the next month!

  296. I love your girls’ wispy blonde hair. They are both getting big right before our eyes (turns out kids do that, huh).

  297. Around here I am loving….
    … spring rain in the evening with hubby on the front porch
    … listening to Q recite the alphabet for fun
    … watching my littlest little becoming not so little
    … facing IEP meeting today without any fear because I know I will do what I need to for my son
    … organic strawberries that taste like sunshine!

  298. Your Blog & your post inspire the heck out of me..I would love to see a post on how your dogs & kids interact and how you manage two dogs with your two kids? I don’t at all mean managing 2 kids is tough. I just know my 2 dogs sometimes are tough and I def know my kids would come first before the dogs…so how do you do it?

  299. 5 things I’m enjoying right now:
    your blog
    the kicks of my lil man in my belly
    the hugs and kisses of my 2 year old
    learning to sew
    the fact that tomorrow I get to hang out sans kids with my sister for the weekend!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  300. Five things I’m loving right now…
    1. Two random days of 80 degree weather in the middle of April (a rarity in Oregon)
    2. A very important princess birthday party on Sunday
    3. Pink nail polish
    4. Days that don’t get dark until 8:30 and waking up to the light outside
    5. Graduating with my masters degree on Friday :)

  301. Congrats on the book doing so well!!
    I shall enjoy…

    -The next 4 days off
    -My daughter feeling better after 4 days of croup :(
    -Surfing the net
    -My new nephew
    -Perfect spring morning

  302. 1. Sunlight until 9pm
    2. Freshly mowed grass
    3. Kids running energy off outside
    4. Grilling for dinner
    5. Bedtime!

  303. 5 Things, Enjoying Now:
    1. the friend who walks me from class to chapel everyday, without fail
    2. training for my university’s insane bike race – Taylathon
    3. the thought of summer: outside 24/7, teaching kiddos how to waterski at HoneyRock Camp
    4. the final draft of a marketing plan, fresh off the press
    5. my secret spot in the library…studying has never been so inviting

  304. 1) My gorgeous husband♥
    2) My oldest daughter finishing her last few weeks and her grown up wings opening to soar this beautiful life!
    3) picnic’s w/ my Sweet Madigan
    4)Teaching my 6 yr old to read♥
    5) Spring!!

  305. I always like to read your blog but for some reason some posts just make me feel really good, really happy, really motivated…..like I can’t wait to take my kids the park. Those are my favorites and this is one of them for sure!

    5 things to love: building sailboats with our boys for cub scouts, the sounds of baseball games on the TV while I cook dinner, rare days when there is nothing on the calendar, freshly organized and labeled closets & drawers, & anticipation of the end of the school year.

  306. Things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. The smell of lilacs (Just cut some and the whole house smells wonderful now!)
    2. Getting ready for a birthday at my house. Ours is baseball themed!
    3. Anticipating the arrival of my best friend’s first baby!
    3. “Extra” recess at work on nice days, just because we can :)
    4. Finally getting to wear my spring dresses! It’s been a long winter!
    5. Thunderstorms

  307. Right now I am in love with my 12 week baby bump and watching my 4, 5 and 6 year old love on their future sibling :)

  308. 5.My husband being back to work full time.
    4.The great attitude my 15 year old has had lately.
    3.The humor of my 12 year old.
    2.The natural talent in all sports of my 7 year old.
    1.The HUGE imagination and love of Big Foot from my 4 year old.

  309. I’ll add to the “what I’m enjoying” list:

    – Cascadian Farms Dark Chocolate Almond Granola. Yummm.

    – my aspen tree

    – our new DSLR

    – snuggling with a preschooler under each arm

    – submitting writing assignments on time.

  310. Oops! I hit send too fast. Right now I am in love with:

    1. My 12 week baby bump
    2. Watching my 4, 5 and 6 year old love on their future sibling
    3. Carbs! It’s for the baby, right?
    4. Rain (Seattle)
    5. Your pictures!

  311. 1. a sweet napping baby
    2. a cup of hot tea
    3. getting dressed for fun lunch plans with an old high school friend
    4. homemade party decorations for my baby’s first birthday!
    5. fresh tomatoes for roasting tonight

    Love watching Nella and Lanie master new things! It’s going to be a great summer!

  312. Five things I’m enjoying and loving:
    – sunset walks around the lake
    – dark roast coffee in the morning
    – being newly engaged
    – talking about our future children and home with my fiancé
    – planning our wedding!

  313. I L-O-V-E that “boo-hoo, I need my daddy!” picture of Nella! It makes me think of my toddler who is a total big boy until the big boys run him over. Then it’s “boo-hoo I need one of the REALLY big ones to help me!”

    OK…5 thinks:

    1. My 4 month old baby girl…let’s face it, everything they do is cute!
    2. A not-so-big-big-boy with long, soft, curly hair.
    3. Two big boys lounging around in their PJ’s watching Cars.
    4. Opening my own business to the Glory of God!
    5. My coffee and chicoree blend. Sublime, I tell you!

  314. okay i forgot the five things in my last comment…coffee, my dog, my ipad, waterbottle, my computer!!

  315. In this last picture Lainey looks so much like Nella. So sweet.

  316. 5 things…this should be easy! I’m pregnant so be ready for some food!
    1. Icecream
    2. Oreos and milk
    3. Lemondade
    4. French Fries
    5. That I FINALLY felt the baby move last night for the first time!

  317. I’m loving warm days, cool nights, feeling a baby girl move in my belly, snuggles with my 3 year old baby boy and a Hubs that is on fire for God!

  318. 5 Things!

    1)Frozen yogurt bars
    2)The way my french bulldog lays her head on my arm in the middle of the night
    3)Bruce Springsteen concerts
    4)Our sunny & warm Minnesota spring
    5)My boyfriend!

  319. 1) Watching my 1st time preggo belly grow
    2) Sneaking off to the sunroom to enjoy a good book..
    3) Which eventually turns into naps
    4) Snuggling my nieces and nephews who make me so excited to be a momma
    5) excited at the realization that my maternity leave can last through christmas. With working in retail that is a huge bonus!

  320. Reading Bloom–I cried three times during the Preface. You are an amazing writer.

    Listening to it thunder.

    Drinking a cold fizzy coke.

    Looking forward to watching my boys in fencing class this afternoon.

    A clean kitchen.

  321. Five things I am enjoying right now:

    1) our new puppy Chloe — a 2 year old rescue that is too cute for words and the sweetest thing ever

    2) my daughter’s sweet way she says ‘Okay, mama’ when i ask her to do something.

    3) the beautiful weather here in Dallas that we have been enjoying on our evening family walks

    4) upcoming parties to celebrate spring and cinco de mayo and just life!

    5) my amazing husband of almost 15 years. he continues to remind me of how lucky I am to be his

    Still enjoying reading your words after 2 years! Thank you for sharing them with us!


  322. 1.watermelon!
    3.Healthy Dr appt for my Mom
    4.a good dvd for the weekend
    5.a stranger doing a kind deed in the 99Cents store..renews my faith in good)

  323. 1. All the new thing Arya is saying. Especially her name and “Oh no”, in the cutest little voice ever.

    2. The pictures of Nella running, then crying to Daddy. Priceless, Kelle!

    3. Wearing braids in my hair like when I was little.

    4. The comfort of being home after going on vacation.

    5. My daily yoga class. I wasn’t able to go the last few weeks of tax season. It feels so good to be back at it.

    Extra credit – I love the excitement I have when I see you’ve posted something new! Thank you for being a part of my life by sharing yours. :)

  324. 5 things I’m enjoying right now?

    1. This post.
    2. A newly redesigned bedroom.
    3. Fresh pineapple.
    4. The nearness of summer.
    5. Spontaneous beach trips.

    Beautiful pictures as always! :)

  325. Beautiful, as always Kelle. Five things I am enjoying right now:

    1.) The gorgeous weather in St. Louis – windows open, thank you!
    2.) Hearing the pitter-patter of bare feet running across our kitchen.
    3.) Prepping for our first camping trip this weekend!
    4.) Coffee!
    5.) Comfy jammies.

  326. I am enjoying:

    my boys laughing together (or at each other?)in the bath
    snuggling with my baby, even though it is too early to be awake
    sleeping with the windows open
    eating ice cream
    reading a trashy book (NOT BLOOM!)

  327. Great post! I’m currently enjoying…
    – the house that i bought yesterday
    – spring in the Rockies!
    – um, did i mention i bought my first house?
    – my sassy new haircut
    – and lastly, the new king bed i bought for my new house.

    Notice a theme here?! Hahaha

  328. 1. my 1 yr old’s giggles
    2. my 5 yr old’s belly laughs
    3. cool mornings in which I torture myself by training for a 5K
    4. my hubby planning a mystery date
    5. platform sandals that rock

    Cutie pie girls as always!! :) Bloom is our bookclub book this month and we meet on Sunday! Very excited to discuss.

  329. I am currently loving:

    1. Starting in shock at the beautiful engagement ring my boyfriend of 5 years gave me yesterday!
    2. Pink socks
    3. The fact my work doesn’t track my internet blog reading time :-)
    4. The fact there is a delicious Subway sandwich waiting for me in an hour.
    5. A good night sleep last night.

  330. 1. A day off
    2. sleeping in
    3. Clean sheets
    4. My ceiling fan
    5. A clean home

  331. Let’s see. The 5 things I am enjoying right now are:

    1. That my little girl is starting to talk in sentences!
    2. My coffee! Great way to start the day.
    3. That my 4 1/2 mile walk into work each morning is finally starting to get a little easier.
    4. That tomorrow is Friday.
    5. That my hubby has a job interview this week. Please, oh please let him get the job!

  332. Enjoying so many things but what I am enjoying most:
    1) Wearing my new leopard loafers
    2) Finishing my graduate degree (I graduate in one week!)
    3) Planning my wedding that will be in the UP in Michigan in August
    4) Watching my sister-in-law’s baby bump grow. I can’t wait to meet that little babe in July.
    5) Reading a book for FUN now that I’m finished with grad school.

    Wish I was enjoying warm, spring weather but it’s chilly in northwest Ohio!

  333. Enjoying the following:

    1. Beautiful Texas weather
    2. Meatloaf made by my dad when he came to visit
    3. Planning for my girl’s 1st birthday next week
    4. Hibiscus blooming in my front yard
    5. Coffee

  334. Five things I’m enjoying:

    1. Unusually cool weather in Cali, Colombia
    2. Watching baby’s new love of tummy time
    3. Shiny floors
    4. Sitting on the balcony watching cars and people go by
    5. My birthday roses

  335. 5 Things I’m Enjoying right now:

    1. My tulips & daffodils growing in the garden out front.
    2. Spring this year in our little town has been quite perfect. (No snow in April for once, Yippeee)
    3. Getting the trailer ready for camping this weekend.
    4. Planning my long awaited wedding (only 3 more months to go)
    AND Finally,
    5. Planning my very first Vegetable garden in our new house! (This will be our first summer in it & I have lots more plans for BBQ’s and such)


    6. Bloom, I’m in love and going to buy a few more books as gifts because it’s wonderful and I think EVERYONE needs to read it.

  336. My top five right now…

    1. Spring thunderstorms
    2. The price is right
    3. Finding new (awesome) recipes on pinterest
    4. Slumber parties with my 4yo niece
    5. Telling everyone about Bloom!

    I realized after reading Bloom, that when I fist started reading your blog nella was the beautiful baby with ds. Now she is just nella. I don’t even see it anymore. Perfect just the way she is.

  337. I’m enjoying 1. my newest venture of eating clean 2. chilly night fires in the backyard 3. my little guy finding his voice 4. the anticipation of future summer trips 5. opening windows

    Thank you for your inspiration!

  338. 1. Downsizing from a big purse to a large wristlet — minimalism can be so freeing!

    2. Snapple’s diet half and half. At first I thought it tasted like piss but now I kind of like it. And it’s only 10 calories — holla!

    3. May arrives next week. I live in Indianapolis, raised in Speedway. May/Race time is second only to Christmas in our town. Can’t wait to hear the cars on the track!

    4. The smell of lavender in the park while I’m running.

    5. Extended trailers to The Five Year Engagement. Unfortunately, I can seriously relate.

  339. Five things I am enjoying:
    1)watching a wobbly 10 month old trying to search the world through walking!

    2)planning my son’s 5th birthday bash

    3) writing save the dates for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary (that’s correct, 5-0)

    4) Pandora. It’s reading my mind and I LOVE that!

    5) Having my camera back from canon land and getting all the settings back to my preferences!

  340. The five things I enjoy every day…hmmm, let’s see:

    1.) waking up :)
    2.) Thanking God for all the blessings in my life!
    3.) Reading your blog, and 2 of my daughters blogs, also…
    4.) CHOCOLATE!!!
    5.) 3 BEAUTIFUL grandbabies, 2 1/2 yrs. old Morgan from my daughter Katie, and 7 wk old twin grandsons, Anderson and Baney from my daughter Jessica, which took 7 very LONG and heartbreaking years of loss, and everything that that entails…God is so good… :)

  341. My 5 things:
    1. The green, green, green everywhere outside my window.
    2. My Joseph’s afternoon greeting when I get home from work.
    3. My little sister’s bun in the oven.
    4. That we’ll be in Houston in 4 weeks and my girl can play with her 5 girl cousins and Joseph will be the star of the show.
    5. Getting ready to lead my first girls group Bible Study on May 3rd!!

  342. Love all the pictures and updates!

    Right now, I’m enjoying:

    1) My recent mammogram came back normal.
    2) My in-laws just left after a twelve-day stay. (sssshhh)
    3) I got to take my step-daughter to school this morning (rare!) and meet some of her lovely little friends.
    4) Spooning with my dog on the couch.
    5) Did I mention the in-laws…

  343. Nella’s sandal blowout sad face made my day…I hope that doesn’t make me a sicko- she just looked so sweet :) as usual.

  344. Loving:
    1) My new job as a provider in family practice (and it’s part-time so I can be with my babies too!)
    2) Our new fence that is ordered!
    3) Sunshine and parks
    4) Books–lots of them–and our boys love of reading!
    5) Mad crawling skills of our 9 month old and his zest for exploring our world!

    oh and bonus. . .your pics. . .especially Nella reading with the puppies :)

  345. I am loving:

    1. Bloom – I’m nearly done reading it for the SECOND time.
    2. Enjoying ice cream every night with my husband after our daughter goes to sleep.
    3. The photography class that I am taking right now
    4. Chasing my 8.5 month old daughter around the house as she learns to crawl
    5. Sleeping with the windows open at night

  346. 5 Things I’m enjoying now…
    1. Reading my book Bloom, I’m almost finished.
    2. My husband & I being able to play outside with our son later then usual, now that time has changed.
    3. Beach time is finally here, oh how I love the beach!
    4. Helping a dear friend of mine (been friends since grade school)plan her wedding. Which is giving good reason for some much needed girl time w/friends.
    5. Pulling out my spring & summer recipes for up and coming spring/summer bbqs.
    Love Nella’s red dress, so cute and Lainey is looking so grown up these days :)

  347. Right now I am loving frozen yogurt afternoon breaks, the fact my 3-year old holds my legs and is a bit clingy at pre-school drop-off, the little rain we are getting in CA, flowers on my desk, my suntan from spending last weekend with my sister – just the 2 of us.

  348. I am thoroughly enjoying:
    1) only three weeks left of school
    2) the way my belly dances late at night when it’s just me and my boy
    3) peanut butter & jelly muffins
    4) sweet moments with my daughter
    5) reading through Bloom. My Kindle just informed me that I reached the 50% mark. It’s taken me awhile, but I’m savoring it.

  349. Love this post. Nellas face is so sweet when she lost her sandal and is upset, her little lip!! I am loving hibiscus flowers as well, getting a few on my back soon, red ones!

  350. Five things: Bloom, Wuthering Heights, my BFF, a good workout, and always, always COFFEE with just the right amount of creamer and heat. Heaven!!!

    Please, please, please come to Southern California for a book signing!!!!!!

  351. SO glad this turned into your small things….they’re HUGE! Every pic of your girls was stare worthy…even the crying ones—poor babe!!! And the last pic of Lainey—-wowee!!! And the one of big brother and little sister??? Well, don’t even get my tears started on that one!!!!

    1. cool weather

    2. being my big boys social studies teacher….so very proud of how he treats me and his classmates.

    3. getting surprise hug attacks from my Eli, who, otherwise, is quiet, reserved, & content. I SWEAR it has something to do with how much he LOVES his sis.

    4. watching Nora pull herself up to standing and GIGGLING the whole time!

    5. PROJECTS!!! my garage is FULL of stuff I’m painting! So consequently, I’m trying to enjoy the backed up laundry?!

    Much yellow highchair love to you :)

  352. 1. my 4yo playing ‘doctor’ and rubbing lotion on my feet while I nurse
    2. talenti black raspberry chocolate gelato…so good!
    3. watching my son run the bases at baseball games
    4. holding a sleeping baby
    5. a dear friend coming to visit next week!!

  353. Here’s what I’m enjoying:
    1. Delicious cup of hot coffee, sweetened to perfection.
    2. Reading your blog and seeing pictures of your beautiful girls.
    3. Letting my 15 year old daughter practice driving while trying not to let her see my nervousness!
    4. Watching my 10 year old daughter grow and mature into a young lady.
    5. Having my 20 year old son return home after a trip to Naples with my Dad.

  354. Right now I am enjoying:
    1. The week of date nights with my hubby while kids are gone for spring break.
    2. Yummy spring adult beverages made with fresh fruit
    3. Knowing that in a few days we will all be home together again
    4. Helping my sister plan the last touches on her wedding
    5. The lunch my hubby packs for me every morning. Especially when there is a love note in there :)

  355. 5 things: getting ready for my baby’s first birthday party, sunny days, snuggles, exciting weekend plans, and nap time.

  356. 5 joyful things right now (no particular order:)
    1. My new earrings from the Etsy store Linkel Designs (thanks to you Kelle)
    2. The book Bloom (of course)
    3. Crocheting hats for my family (even my husband wants one!)
    4. My awesome job that is so flexible I can go to the fabric store at lunch and make comments on your blog
    5. Photos of my new nephew Cavan that my sister sends me almost daily, because I NEED them!
    6. Ok, I really can’t ever exclude my three lovely kiddos and my work-in-progress husband :)

  357. I love the picture of Nella and her big bro. So sweet.

    So, 5 things I’m loving right now are:

    1. The scent of lilacs that blow through my kitchen window in the afternoon
    2. My 4 1/2 yr old’s new obsession with writing (dictating) and illustrating books…seriously, like 10 a day
    3. The way my girls play “mama and baby” and the little one is usually the mama
    4. Looking forward to summer plans!
    5. Cooking with coconut oil

  358. 1. Feeling my first baby start to do flips and kicks!
    2. We just found out yesterday…. it’s a girl!
    3. Walks on spring mornings in my neighborhood.
    4. Using the herbs from my windowsill for dinners.
    5. Falling asleep next to the one I love.

  359. First off, that picture of Nella in her owl hat is quite adorable! She has the sweetest look on her face!

    I am in love with the anticipation of summer and feeling motivated to be the best Mama and wife I can be! I also am 6 chapters into Bloom, after staying up reading until 1a.m. last night and am in loving that too! You are such an inspiration.

  360. This comment has been removed by the author.

  361. 5 things I am enjoying right now:

    1. LOVE watching my girls play and explore the world together
    2. That my 10mo old forgets that she doesn’t know how to run (or walk) yet, but she is so determined to get to where her sister is – obviously only love it when it doesn’t hurt when she piles.
    3. Mommy/daughter relaxing, shut the world out and take a bath time
    4. the slippers I have been crocheting for a month now (partially due to the fact that bloom arrived halfway through and I am torn between which to do with my quiet time, read or crochet – wish I could do both
    5. that my 2 1/2 y/o is using such big sentences and conveying her thoughs so beautifully – HEART MELTING!!

    Lovin’ my girls, my family, my job and my life. <3

  362. 5 things i love today:
    1. waking up to the sounds of my little boy, not the alarm
    2. a wonderful husband and dad who’s taking care of that little boy
    3. the sunshine outside
    4. making mental packing lists and anticipating my little sister going to prom :)
    5. productive days at the office

  363. I am enjoying~
    ~Words of wisdom from my 78 year old co-worker
    ~My little guy feeling better
    ~Planning my daughter’s open house
    ~A walk on my lunch break
    ~Taco’s for dinner

    Half way through Bloom, I have to make myself put it down so I can make it last a little longer!!!

  364. Nella is looking so big! They grow too fast!

    Just finished your book last night (read it in 3 nights – would have read it in 1 had I not had work the next day) and loved it! Though I’ve been following your blog for a while now, it was still a magical book and I loved seeing your life transform to something much more beautiful and well-rounded. Congrats and thanks for sharing your story!

  365. Oh wow a luau party for Lainey?! That is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see the pictures!! 5 things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. Reading your blog while my five month old is sleeping
    2. The picture of Nella with her face buried in a book!
    3. Perusing the new JCrew catalogue
    4. A wonderful cup of coffee
    5. Planning a weekend getaway with my husband and daughter for my first Mother’s Day!

  366. 1.) Jacksie dog, who was misbehaved on Saturday but extra snuggly the rest of the week.
    2.) Free dinners. Burrito Bowls.
    3.) Skipping workouts (eep!)
    4.) Husband hugs.
    5.) Party planning!

  367. I am waiting for back surgery so my five things may be different a year from now. 1. Sleeping in a quiet peaceful house. 2. Working on my life story – your book encouraged me to get back at it.
    3.Working on reading my Bible through. 4. Enjoying the moments the med. is relieving the pain. 5. Enjoying anything worthwhile I can still contribute to life.

  368. I am waiting for back surgery so my five things may be different a year from now. 1. Sleeping in a quiet peaceful house. 2. Working on my life story – your book encouraged me to get back at it.
    3.Working on reading my Bible through. 4. Enjoying the moments the med. is relieving the pain. 5. Enjoying anything worthwhile I can still contribute to life.

  369. I am enjoying:
    1. Silence for the rest of the day as my students will be watching a movie -in another room!
    2. Broccoli. It always makes me feel healthier
    3. Extra time to write and get my grad school work done
    4. Checking in on my kids at the sitter
    5. COFFEE. Teaching while in Grad school with 2 kids is alot of work!

  370. Love love love the picture of Brett holding Nella after she fell. That’s so precious.

    Right now I’m enjoying
    1 – Feeling my baby kick (I think – it’s still new!)
    2 – The anticipation of finding out what I’m having in less than a week (!!!)
    3 – 70 degrees and sunshine
    4 – Chips and homemade salsa
    5 – New black ballet flats that fit perfectly!

  371. I love your small things posts! Also, sandal fall out happens a lot over here. Okay, five things:

    1. Instagram for Android (FINALLY!)
    2. Giant rainbow heart mug painted by my girl (with her name written on it, totally 4 yr old style): gives me smiles and 20 oz of coffee every morning.
    3. Construction in our backyard that will soon be an office for me full of light and SPACE.
    4. Almond butter.
    5. The new Madonna album and my girl’s new found love of Madonna, loud, in the car with the windows down and our voices up. Oh yeah, that is JOY.

  372. The pic of your hubby and Nella almost brought tears to my eyes. I would hate to see her cry and the look on Brett’s face was so endearing.

    Dora…how dare she teach Lainey “Shakira hip action.” Brett’s response made me LOL!

    I love your blog. I wait impatiently every week for your beautiful writing and pics of those gorgeous girls!

  373. 5 things I’m loving these days are:
    1. Morning hugs from my girls!
    2. Watching my first graders shine in all they’ve been working on this year!
    3. Capri pants!
    4. Chalkboard paint…I’m obsessed!!
    5. Late night chats with my hubby!

  374. Favs right now:

    1. Red nail polish.
    2. my son’s love for the word “bus”
    3. Long Maxi Dresses
    4. Words of comfort at just the right moment
    5. Friends with a good belly laugh

  375. 5 Things:
    1. The warm up. Yeah, I wasn’t loving the cold snap. I got all into spring/summer and then wham, winter? Florida needs to make up it’s mind.
    2. Doing dishes with my husband at night. It’s a new nightly routine we started doing and I’m really enjoying it. It gives us time to talk and reflect on the day.
    3. Disney. We are taking my oldest to Disney in May for his 5th birthday and I am beyond excited. It will be his first visit. His birthday isn’t until June, but we got some discounted tickets that expire at the end of May.
    4. Kindle. I was able to score a used Kindle in really great shape for $40. I much prefer to have a book in my hand, but I’ve got to say, the Kindle is pretty cool.
    5. My boys. I am so utterly in love with my boys.

  376. 5 things I’m enjoying:

    1. Fun with Washi tape
    2. Birthday freebies from my fave restaurants
    3. No bake cookies
    4. Feeling my baby kick
    5. Packages in the mail

    There’s a lot to enjoy!! :)

  377. How sweet, little Nella and her daddy. It reminds me of my little Lucy and her daddy. They share a special bond that’s for sure. I was thinking about my quiet time with my baby this morning and how much I love that quality time with him when no one else is awake. So precious. I love my kids! Thanks for the sunshine for an otherwise dreary day.

  378. 1. Thinking about buying that owl wall hanging!

    2. Cool breezes and sunshine on my skin (without sweating)!

    3. Voices of my children happily pretending together!

    4. The anticipation of some dark chocolate with caramel and salt after a healthy lunch.

    5. The softest cotton of which my shirt was made.

  379. 1. bacon
    2. starting to show with baby #3
    3. a husband that will be home today. yay!
    4. fresh cut grass
    5. naps – for mommy and kids alike

  380. 5 things: my son and his precious toddler conversations; my husband and his amazing ability to lift my spirits; spring flowers (minus the allergies that come along with it); sweet friends who know just what I need to feel better; and the anticipation of a fun upcoming family trip.

  381. My 5 things:
    -My 2 year old whose new favorite phrase is “You!” and it is always to me and means she needs mad love
    -The bird who built a nest over our front door
    -Spring in Maine
    -Crafts with my kids
    -Naan with grilled red onions, grapes, goat cheese and balsamic glaze

  382. i am loving Nella in all these photos, especially reading the book and sharing a moment with her big brother. So sweet!

  383. Enjoying …
    1. Watching my one and three year old really play together…
    2. Meeting 4 babies in one month3
    3. The new patio built by my handy husband
    4. The new swingset in my backyard;
    5. My youngest daughter learning to make animal noises, especially mooing like a cow. Too cute.

  384. I have now read “Bloom” three times through. Such a great work of knowledge and life application. Love it! The pictures of your girls are always so precious.

  385. It is the end of the school year for me and that means graduating from college. Five things I am enjoying right now…
    1. My last few days of student teaching with my special ed preschoolers and their beautiful smiles
    2. The wonderful weather that allows me to spend the afternoons at the park with the pup
    3. Finishing up the last few pages of Bloom
    4. Planning my summer trip to Ireland with my sister
    5. Looking for what the future brings after graduation

  386. Loving the picture of big bro and sister little!

    Some things I’m loving right now:
    My girl’s 7 month stage
    That my work schedule allows time to enjoy this short time of babyhood
    Days off with the hubs
    Summer is almost here
    Picnic weather, though few and far between in the PNW, makes it all the more sweet

  387. 1. Breastfeeding grunts and swallows from my 5 month old son.

    2. Lime ice and vanilla ice cream “twisters”.

    3. My 2 year old daughter repeatedly saying “YEEHAW” for no reason.

    4. The sound of rain on our roof top bedroom.

    5. My new Canon Rebel T3 and the storytelling it will allow me to do.

  388. Five things I’m Enjoying Right Now:
    1. That picture of Nella with her nose in a book! Love love love babies & their books!
    2. My 10-month old’s first independent steps! She’s growing up so fast!
    3. Having my husband home lots due to rig break-up :) may not be good on the wallet but it’s SO good for our family!
    4. The unsually balmy weather in Saskatchewan. +28C?! Heck yes!
    5. Painting my toes nails :)

  389. Where to begin?

    1) how the little blonde hairs stick out on the right side of my son’s head
    2) blackberries
    3) baking for no reason…and surprising someone special with the goodies
    4) post bath time snuggles
    5) my re-found faith-how every Sunday’s mass has become a welcomed tradition

  390. Morning walks with my toddlers who point at things and try to say it. Afternoon naps and mommy quiet time. A hot shower and sweet smelling wet hair. Looking forward to getting it cut tonight. And… that I feel at peace right now, loved last night’s yoga class!

  391. Love the pictures of Nella after her fall! Precious face and those little toes poking out of her sandal! Too cute.
    Five things I’m loving right now…
    1. Flowers blooming everywhere! I swear this spring has been more beautiful than ever.
    2. Riding my bike through the park
    3. Evenings spent in PJs playing Monopoly with my love
    4. Bringing out all of my sundresses and sandals! So excited to be wearing them again.
    5. Your book! It’s amazing!

  392. right now i’m currently enjoying:

    1. this post, with an everlasting grin for the day.
    2. a hot cup of coffee with foam atop.
    3. a dog curled next to me.
    4. a dog at my feet.
    5. blessed and interesting work to keep me busy today.

  393. 1. Listening to my 6 yr old son read
    2. My son and daughter giving goodnight hugs to each other
    3. My 2 1/2 yr old daughter saying goodnight baby to my belly (expected to arrive in June)
    4. A lunch break with my husband during the workday
    5. Sunshine!

  394. 1. My baby boy
    2. Watching my other three kids love their baby brother
    3. Only 3.5 weeks left of the school year
    4. Only 3.5 weeks left until I get to be a stay-at-home mom!
    5. How excited my kids are that I will be home full time for the first time:)

  395. Things I am enjoying: 1) diet coke (trying to quit but that just makes the occasional elicit one that much better!), 2) my bright, cheery, tulip-pink nail polish, 3) finding the bright spot in my new, 2-hour-a-day commute: audiobooks!, 4) frequent, random emails chains from all my siblings, 5) the freakishly perfect spring weather in Atlanta right now. :)

  396. 1-tops that hide my flabby tummy
    2-a new friend at work
    3-warm spring winds
    4-instant messaging

  397. 1. cool weather in vegas
    2. field trip with my monkeys this afternoon
    3. talking to an old friend yesterday
    4. my youngest finishing a book and explaining it to me.
    5. my older son getting his math lesson.

  398. My now- 3 year old’s new phrases, conversations, and reason-ings

    Thinking about a good friend’s upcoming wedding

    Friends & cookouts

    Memorable photographs

    Our fireplace! (Yes, we had it on several nights this week…so strange for us.)

  399. 1. Anticipating my arrival copy of Bloom for Mother’s day! (and hopefully participating in your Skype with my sister and her employees after pre-ordering your book!)
    2. Planning my little mans 1st birthday
    3. The music on your blog…keeps my day moving.
    4. The beach-esque warmth outside today
    5. 2:00…when I can pick up my babies and plant huge kisses on their cheeks.

  400. Oooh, can’t wait to see what you concoct for the Hula Party!

    My five things are:
    1. The energy and lightness that is coming from eating Paelo for almost 2 weeks.
    2. Nesting in our new house
    3. More specifically, prepping the guest room for some of my favorite people who arrive on Sunday
    4. Watching the students at the college where I work revel in the end of a school year.
    5. Quiet lunches in the newly discovered faculty/staff lounge in the library.

  401. I am enjoying my kids. The cloudy day. It means I am doing housework! Zulily. My new addiction. Hand me downs from a friend. Much needed. TV to occupy little ones while I try to fold laundry. My life is simple and Inlove it!

  402. 1. My (baby) son and hubby wresting on the floor right now
    2. That it’s RAINING in AZ right now
    3. That all the laundry is done
    4. For a healthy family
    5. My husband’s new job

  403. 1.soy coconut latte
    2. this blog!
    3. the memory of fog in Seattle from this morning
    4. longer days
    5. the youth I’m blessed to mentor

  404. I love the picture of Nella reading her books! 5 things I enjoy right now:
    1. Being 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow!
    2. Going camping this weekend and am looking forward to it.
    3. chocolate chip cookies!
    4. almost done with The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest-and love having a chance to read.
    5. a new cream from Shisedo I just got. :)

  405. 5 things I am enjoying right now

    1. The surprise thunder & rain storm we had last night. So many sounds and smells I had missed.

    2. Puddle jumping

    3. Spring in bloom. All the trees are glowing with beautiful colors

    4. The quiet of my house just minutes before I have pick up my munchkin at Kindergarten knowing it won’t be quiet again until 7:30pm

    5. Friends. The good ones are hard to come by. Grateful for those who honestly love me and care about me.

  406. Things I am enjoying right now…

    1. Bloom. I have to put it down sometimes because I just dont want to be done with it!!

    2. My littlest one sleeping, and my oldest practicing writing her numbers.

    3. Planning my big girls 6th Birthday Party. Its a “Girls Only” tea party. and I am going all out in true Kelle Hampton fashion :)

    4. The gym. My retreat…helping me get healthier everyday.

    5. Red nail polish.

    BTW Kelle, Bloom is so much more than I expected. I am going through a divorce right now, and it has just inspired me to truly look for the good and to realize that everything will, eventually be ok.

    Not sure if you will read this but another thing…you talk about Lainey just sees Nella for Nella, and not with the label of Down Syndrome. Well, yesterday my girls went to the babysitting at the gym and when I went to pick them up there was my Lexi (she is almost 3) playing with a little girl that has DS. She told me that the little girl was her new bestest friend and that she has a pretty heart. It’s so amazing how children see things…after that I immediately thought of your babies. It would do the world a lot of good to realize that we can learn so much more from our children than we can possibly teach them.

    Amyway, lovin Bloom, lovin the photos. You ROCK!!!!

  407. currently enjoying:
    1. the sun quietly peeking through the clouds
    2. the slightly chilly air coming through the cracked window
    3. the intermittent rain
    4. a warm cup of coffee
    5. a Bon Iver record playing in the background

  408. 1. My husband for working so hard so that, I can. be a stay at home mommy.
    2. My babies.
    3. Coffee with hazelnut creamer.
    4. Upcoming vacation.
    5. Summer being right around the corner.

    Please tell me where do you buy your daughters clothes?

  409. 1. Spring. The Northeast knows how to do seasons right.

    2. ROLLER DERBY! I just started playing in July of last year, and it’s changed my life.

    3. The smell of freshly cut grass.

    4. Swedish fish.

    5. Laughing

  410. Five Things I am enjoying right now..
    1. The giggles and belly laughs I receive from pretending to whisper in my daughter’s ear
    2. Baking with my mama and my baby – love and laughter
    3. Reading this blog and posts – it keeps me sane and keeps life real as I make my journey through motherhood
    4. My husband
    5. Summer – the sun, pools, beaches, longer days
    (I guess that’s technically more than five)

  411. 5 things…easy!
    1. Extra time with my boys since being laid off last month
    2. Party planning for my dad’s 65th
    3. Seeing the numbers on the scale get smaller
    4. Having more time to write, take pictures and actually read full books!
    5. My house organization falling in to place

  412. 1) school is almost out! I’m so close to surviving my first year of college!
    2) I found out that I get to study abroad to Europe next summer, sweeeet!
    3) All is well. My family is great and we all love each other.
    4. Got a car wash yesterday. Score!
    5. this post making me realize how there are so many other things I am enjoying.

    love your girls, if I babysat them, they would be my favorite… :)

  413. Enjoying:
    1. The pic of Nella enjoying her morning cereal with one sock on and one bare foot!! Too cute ๐Ÿ˜‰
    2. Showing off my baby to all the elderly at the nursing home while visiting Grandma
    3. Watching Baby Girl get sooo close to rolling over then not quite making it
    4. Learning how to use my new phone
    5. Making supper for my husband and creating a tornado-like mess of the kitchen in the process

  414. I’m enjoying the sunshine, the Lily of the Valley and Iris that make outside of my windows smell amazing, the fact I get to say tonight that I have accomplished completing a really hard kickboxing class that started in Jan., a weekend away this weekend with friends, and the thought of going home to make a rhubarb pie for an awesome family member as a thank you for their help…..it’s the little things in life that I’m enjoying right now.

  415. Let’s see, right now I’m loving:

    -the rain. 2 straight days and now lush green lawns (WA state!)
    -my girls wanting to play Zingo
    -knee length skirts and knee-high boots
    -anything magenta
    -weekends spent outside

  416. 1. My daughter enjoying her hip hop class.
    2. Sun (finally!)
    3. Homemade peach sorbet
    4. Naps
    5. Giggling goofy 8 year old boys ๐Ÿ˜‰

  417. Thankful for this chance to shope at such a darling shop and loving:

    1. The way my two year-old says, “I the show!” anytime she gets on a step stool.
    2. The thoughts of our sinking our toes in some New England sand next month.
    3. Three year-old hugs that linger.
    4. New pictures smiling at me from around our house.
    5. Finding the strength to run again.

  418. 1. two sleeping babies
    2. husband out for a run
    3. blog time
    4. sunshine
    5. my beautiful sunflowers on the kitchen table.

  419. Five things that make me insanely happy right now:

    1. Stella (11 months) in yellow bloomers.
    2. Braeden(3.5)saying Holy Cow to anything and everything.
    3. My Mom’s shocked look on her face when she hears him say because only God is Holy.
    4. My Grandfather loving on my baby girl, the first in girl in our family.
    5. My husband who just took a week off of work because I threw out my back. He is such a rock star.
    6. I LOVE DARLYBIRD!!! And so does Stella.

  420. 1) open windows at night
    2)clog sandals and the fact that it is finally warm enough to wear them
    3)long runs with girlfriends…the best form of multitasking
    4)flowers flowers everywhere!!
    5)planning summertime adventures

  421. Enjoying the small things in life right now:
    open windows and doors
    candlelight dinners on the deck
    mowing ( really!!!)
    kids playing til dusk
    flip flops
    Moscow Mules

  422. The “ho cow” made me spit out my water–love it!

    1. My husband and I just decided to try for a baby.

    2. My Kindle.

    3. V8 juice with hot sauce in it

    4. Seeing buds on the trees

    5. Knowing that, since today is my day off, I get to make a great meal for the hubs :)

  423. Here are 5 things I’m enjoying right now:

    1) Having the travel for my move to Europe worked out and approved
    2) Seeing my current home through the eyes of someone who will be leaving soon which has made me love it more
    3) Attempting to cook Indonesian food and failing miserably (but still having edible results)
    4) My husband playing guitar right now to entertain me while I ‘work’ (which I should get back to)
    5) Endless possibilities!

  424. Five things:
    1. Watching my daughter bloom from a Jr. High School student preparing for High School.
    2. Reading your blog and sharing it with friends.
    3. My job – Working for the pro-life movement.
    4. Finding a new love – I have been single too long.
    5. Taking a vacation day from work to be with my Best Friend of 34 years, on her birthday, making it a BFF Day!

  425. Five things I’m enjoying right now…
    1. Planning my daughters Princess Birthday Party! We just finished my other daughters cowgirl party (which I took a lot of your ideas from Lainey’s cowgirl party!) and now we’re on to the next. I feel creative and I’m loving it!
    2. The unusually warm spring we’re having in Montana. (balances your cool Florida spring!)
    3. A quiet house…my littlest is napping, by biggest is at school…very peaceful
    4. Spring! I know I already said it, but I am REALLY loving everything turning green and the smell of spring in the air!!
    5. Your blog…I enjoyed this post and I’ve been back reading old posts for the past several months and I’ve almost read them all!!

  426. 5 things I enjoyed today:

    1. A picnic lunch outside with the kiddos and friends
    2. Both kids napping at the same time
    3. Warm sunny afternoons
    4. Ice coffee with caramel
    5. The sound of belly laughter from my 8 month old

    Your girls are getting so big. Loved the photos in your post!

  427. My Five:

    1. Sunshine
    2. Birds are back!
    3. Sass from my girl
    4. Vacation Planning
    5. Truth

  428. Right now I am enjoying little boys dressed as superheroes, dandelion bouquets, cold-brewed coffee on ice, instagram and being cozy in my house as the wind howls outside.

  429. This comment has been removed by the author.

  430. what i’m enjoying…

    *planning/crafting my daughters first birthday party in a few weeks!

    *the kisses she gives me and my husband <3

    *blueberry oat bars. yum.

    *spring flowers

    *the new braided rainbow flip flops i just got!

  431. napping toddler, sunshine, the way my almost 2 year old pronounces things (love ho-cow made me giggle!), yellow nail polish, longer day shorter nights

  432. i am enjoying…
    1. the end. i’m about to graduate from college! so exciting and scary :)
    2. being an aunt. my favorite little boy turns 3 today
    3. drinking coca-cola. so classic.
    4. gorgeous friendships. friends make the world go ’round
    5. old navy flip flops. they really are the most comfy.

  433. Top 5 Right Now!
    1. Silence
    2. Coffee
    3. Sunshine
    4. Clean floors
    5. No more school papers:)

  434. Right now, I am enjoying:

    1. The second week of a new workout routine.
    2. Planning for summer- which is just around the corner!
    3. Seeing my little girl (almost 5) be a wonderful big sister to her little brother (18 months).
    4. A “sick” day off of work.
    5. Putting the finishing touches on my 2011 family album.

  435. This comment has been removed by the author.

  436. 1) Learning to incorporate more vegetables into every meal.

    2) Taking salads beyond the usual lettuce, tomato, etc.

    3) Randomly wondering if the strange sensation I had was the first sign of many that I’m pregnant (never have been, so I have no comparison).

    4) Midwifery school.

    5)Planning my first sky diving adventure (inspired by Bloom!).

  437. Where do I start?? Love, love the lei, bib, dress…gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  438. The picture of Nella running is so cute and makes me smile :)
    I’m enjoying the warmer spring days out here in Manitoba, Canada, all the sewing ideas I’m getting for my little girl, quiet mornings with coffee, daily walks in our village, and right now – some Skittles ๐Ÿ˜‰

  439. 5 things I enjoy right now…
    1. this blog
    2. my boys
    3. the book, I don’t know how she does it
    4. my warm sweatshirt
    5. peace and quiet

  440. opportunities
    my boys

  441. 5 things I’m enjoying?
    1. That you blamed Dora. I would have done the same thing.
    2. yellow nail polish.
    3. reading a good book.
    4. new shoes.
    5. the rain.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! That shop is fantastic.

  442. I’m feeling you on Blogger’s new layout. Then photobucket decided to up and change on me too!

    I’m enjoying:
    1. First and foremost, the pictures in this post. Love sweet Nella pouting in Brett’s arms.
    2. Knowing that my new baby girl will arrive soon. Any. Day. Now :)
    3. Meanwhile, I’m savoring these last days with my son as my one and only.
    4. Yoga pants on a rainy day.
    5. Making chocolate cupcakes just because.

  443. 5 things I’m enjoying right now:
    – this freaking amazing spring weather
    – my 15 month old daughter who is at a hilarious age right now and makes me laugh all day long
    – planning the beach get-away that my family is taking next month
    – Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt
    – dipping our feet in the pool after our evening walks

  444. Enjoying right now:
    1. singing birds in the morning
    2. hockey playoff season
    3. my girl learning to read
    4. my boy learning new words
    5. neighborhood garage sales


  445. Right now I’m enjoying
    1. both babies FINALLY sleeping at the same time for naps
    2. down 20lbs and counting!
    3. our new church home
    4. spring weather
    5. our new keurig (why did we wait so long to get one!!?? aaaamazing!)
    Love the pic of nella with her big bro! melts my heart!! as does the one with brett consoling nella after falling!

  446. 5 things….*my 8 week old daughter’s wild hair *Watching my 3 year old color with his tongue hanging out *The giant Whole Foods Market down the street *Knowing summer is just around the corner *The lemony smell of my new hand soap

  447. 1. Warm sunshine.
    2. Hearing my 21-month-old daughter learn new words every day. (My favorite is “po-sicle-cle-cle”)
    3. I’m about to start vol. 3 of The Hunger Games. (It only took me two days to finish the 2nd book)
    4. Freezing cold Diet Dr. Pepper.
    5. Enjoying summer fruit in the springtime in Montana!

    Hope you have fun planning Lainey’s Luau!

  448. Enjoying 5 small things:

    1) Chevron Stripes
    2) One more day of classes left in the semester
    3) Celebrating my nephew’s first birthday. Celebrate we will after my little peanut had a health scare earlier this year.
    4) 3 months until my wedding day
    5) Essie nail polish in “Turquoise and Caicos”

  449. 1. My latest blurb book (it just arrived in the mail!)
    2. Students that are almost done with state testing.
    3. 30 minute sun naps by the pool
    4. Daniel
    5. Pesto, pesto, pesto

  450. OMG Nella is looking so grown up! I am reading Bloom and loving it…thank you for your honesty.
    1.watching my sweet boy roll over for the first time last night.
    2.Cringing as my 2 year old pick out her own outfits but secretly admiring her independence.
    3.Reading Bloom during nap instead of cleaning.
    4.Painting my girls nails.
    5.Seeing my baby stare at his big sister like she is the most amazing sight.

  451. I am not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but if you go to settings you can go back to the original blogger interface.

  452. I am not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but if you go to settings you can go back to the original blogger interface.

  453. Hi Kelle,
    5 things i’m enjoying now:
    -1:Take a few minutes to open my computer and read my mails,discover you new post, and see news on FB, while my 3 children are sleeping, after my day at work
    -2:think about the next week-end with 5 days of holiday with my husband and my 3 children in my other little house at 3 hours of road from here.
    3-organise the baptism of my daughter of 27 months and search little treasuries in Etsy
    4-thinking about the summer, otherwise yesterday morning, it was only 1°C in France
    5-Continue your book in my bed tonight.Thanks

  454. Love, love, loving…
    1. The first week of our 5 month old sitting up on his own
    2. The pringles can that my 3 year old keeps sneaking a chip from only 30 mins. before dinner!
    3. The picture window I am looking out of way for my partner to arrive home with Chipotle for dinner.
    4. Free birthday printables
    5. BLOOM!

  455. I imagine Nella “blows out a sandal” cause those yellow ones looks 10x too big for her. Should be able to wear them for years though!

  456. Enjoying these days:
    1. Tball season (my 5yr. old’s first time playing):)
    2. Cool, rainy spring days mixed with lovely warm spring days.
    3. Watching my newly planted Summer garden thrive
    4. Sidewalk painting with my two boys
    5. Anticipating my 30th birthday which is this Sunday!

  457. 1. Spring
    2. my new flip-flops
    3. my nephews
    4. rain showers
    5. and most importantly, finally being home at the same time as my husband (thanks, employers. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Waiting to read the book until I go on vacation in June. Can’t wait!

  458. I’m enjoying Alaskan sunshine and all the wildlife that’s out right now! So far I’ve spotted whales, fox, deer, tons of eagles, and a few deer. Kodiak Island may seem remote sometimes but it’s worth it!

  459. I am loving that my 6 year can tie his shoes all by himself, that my college son will be home for the summer in 3 weeks, I am only 10 pounds away from my new bikini weight, Bud Light Lime Beer-garita’s, and finally warm spring nights.

  460. Five things I’m enjoying: 80 degree days in beautiful Missoula, Montana; 2 cute little girls in cute little shorts; coffee in the morning; book 3 of the Hunger Games series; and Kelle Hampton’s blog!!

  461. 1. Spring blossoms on the tree outside my window. 2.Baby grins. 3. Listening to my 3 year old play pretend with his toys. 4. a rainy morning 5. crafty/decorating projects on the horizon. Thanks Kelle!

  462. There are so many things that I am enjoying right now – Your book – LOVE it, your photos – AMAZING, your blog – makes me laugh & cry, my family – THE BEST!!! But most of all, right now I am loving the three photos of a beautiful baby girl in China that is waiting to be adopted by ME. That is what I love the most right now!!!

    Your blog and book are so inspiring and make me want to be the best mom I can be to my little angel in China.

  463. Your posts never cease to make me happy! So refreshing and motivating! 5 things I am enjoying:
    1.)The freshly picked daffodils that are adorning my desk this week.
    2.)The happy news I received today that a co-worker is expecting her 3rd baby (after a miscarriage last fall).
    3.)THIS POST!!!!
    4.)The fact that it IS ALMOST THE WEEKEND!
    5.)Knowing that I have a special ice-cream creation in my freezer at home waiting for me tonight when I get home from work!

    Thank you for yet another fun post! Your family is so beautiful!

  464. besides that adorable picture of Nells with a sad face and Brett comforting her:
    1)my hubby, we just celebrated our 8th anniversary and are pretty darn happy
    2)my 2.5 year old : she is so fun
    3)the anticipation of waiting for my first lily to bloom
    4)my nook

  465. 5 Things I’m Enjoying:
    1. Knowing that the school year is almost over and summer is just around the corner!
    2. Kisses from my sweet puppy dog.
    3. A phone call I just got from a sweet little 2 year old asking me to come to dinner with him and his babysitter (my best friend)
    4. The hugs that I get from my sweet Kindergarten kiddos each and every single day.
    5. Your book…I can’t put it down!

    I was in WalMart yesterday and in front of me in line was a family that had the most beautiful little girl with those beautiful almond shaped eyes. She was 3 years old and her name was Ella…I told her mom to check out your blog…she’s already a reader :-)

  466. homemade granola i made last night, a drizzly day, my niece visiting in a few weeks, meeting up with a friend tonight, and a free lunch i got at work today!

  467. Five things I’m enjoying right now:

    #1 planting a new church with my husband

    #2 getting to raise a baby again when I thought we were through!

    #3 watching my oldest become a man (turned 15 this month)

    #4 finally writing for a blog of my own

    #5 cheating on my diet all this week on leftover birthday cake

  468. I too, love morning time with my youngest – her with a bottle, me with my coffee!

    LOVE that owl!

  469. I love one sock on, one sock off! :)

  470. Watching my one year old “organize” the books. Watch my three year old girl dance to the cd we have listened to at least 10 times a day. Knowing that this cold we have won’t last forever. Looking forward to two birthday parties on the weekend. Being this close to finishing the doll I am sewing for my mom’s birthday gift.


  471. The picture of Nella reading with the dogs just melts my heart. If there’s two things I love, they’re little girls and dogs. And Lainey looks so grown up in the last photo. Where does the time go?

  472. five things I’m enjoying right now…

    mother-daughter ice cream afternoons, spending quality time with my dog, my husband’s new four-day work-week that always us more time together, bubble machines, and having a wonderful secret.

  473. What I am enjoying??
    1. Hotter days but yet still kinda cool
    2. The last number of school days getting even closer
    3. Hitting the refresh button on Instagram every 5 min. seeing new pictures
    4. The smell of bacon wafting through the air right now
    5. Having the AC on and getting in the bed between 2 cold crisp sheets.

  474. my brother used to eat our dog’s food and their treats, too! always freaked out mom, but we older girls just let him…too funny not to!!

  475. At this very moment I am loving:
    A) The silence before my girl wakes up from her nap.
    B) The fact that when she wakes up she likes to cuddle in my lap while drinking a cup of milk.
    C) That we get to see our friends at the park this afternoon
    D) That Daddy is home for the bedtime routine for 22 days in a row
    E) That I might get a copy of Bloom for Mother’s Day. (That or one of the silhouette necklaces you showed us in your last post!)Thanks for the inspiration!

  476. Love this post! 5 things I’m enjoying right now:
    1. Unseasonably warm temperatures in the upper midwest.
    2. My new book club! Currently reading Jane Eyre.
    3. Date night tonight with the husband. :)
    4. “Unplugged” Sundays – no computers, phones, movies/tv
    5. Brussels sprouts – weird, I know, but I have recently fallen in love with them.

  477. Things I love right now

    1. having a few extra dollars to share with a struggling family today
    2. a boy who lavishes dandelions on my like diamonds and pearls
    3. hints of green in the desert
    4. these quiet moments to enjoy your story
    5. songs out of a little guy

  478. Five things I’m in love with right now…

    1) My Kobo EReader – I’m reading so many books I’ve never had the chance to and it’s opening my world so much.
    2) My workplace. I know, not many people love this – but I work in an airport and seeing the joy on people’s faces when they see each other again for the first time makes me smile.
    3) My snuggly blanket – I’ve had this blanket since I was Nella’s age (I’m 32 this year) and I still love cuddling into it now.
    4) Hot chocolates – with the marshmallows melted in…mmm I love winter!
    5) The Avengers!


  479. 5 things I’m enjoying:

    1. Being finished with my undergraduate nursing clinicals forever!!
    2. A nice glass of sweet red.
    3. Reading my hometown newspaper online over a cup of hot coffee.
    4. New color-blocking platform heels that I can ACTUALLY WALK IN!
    5. Dove milk chocolates with fun sayings about Spring on the wrappers!

  480. I love the pic of Nella and her brother. :0) Connection. Five things I am enjoying right now: 1) learning and reading about angels, 2) my favorite blankets, 3) love, 4) chocolate bunnies, and 5) manifesting good. Xoxoxox Rockstar Power!

  481. 1~ my new puppy Ellie, a sweet little black schnauzer
    2~my new sandals
    3~a potted geranium on my front porch in tangerine, so pretty
    4~a cheap tube of NYC lipstain from Target in a pretty berry color
    5~leftover Easter candy, shamelessly true

  482. 1. Finishing another week of my kickboxing class
    2. Planning my son’s high school graduation
    3. Reading 50 Shades of Grey
    4. Listening to my new favorite song by Gotye
    5. Seeing the reaction of my good friend when I gave her a signed copy of “Bloom” from your book signing in Naples. She cried, I cried:)

  483. Ice tea and fresh squeezed lemon

    The sound of my husband fixing dinner

    Thursday evening meaning only 1 more day in the work week

    My fresh pedicure..went with the french tips and my toes are amazing looking

    The fact that even though Brett might have the ruler hat when it comes to the end of the sidewalk, those girlies have Daddy wrapped around their tiny precious little fingers just as it should be :)

  484. Five things I’m livin’ and lovin':
    – Sunshine + breeze + bold, blue sky
    – Coffee/study dates + friends
    – The Lumineers’ music (thanks Sarah!)
    – catching up on blog reading
    – five minute breaks from the everyday tasks

  485. 1. Warm naps on the couch
    2. Kids heavy from sleep as you carry them to bed.
    3. Eating dinner outside
    4. Everything in bloom
    5. My daughter saying “no, yo adoable” after we tell her how adorable she is.

  486. 1. My two year old daughter’s ever expanding vocabulary.
    2. The fact that my four year old boys can translate said new vocabulary for me.
    3. The sunshine that is finally making an appearance in the Pacific NW.
    4. The fact that my parents are moving from out of state, to 3 minutes away from our house.
    5. My family. They are my haven.

    Loving this post too. :)

  487. Not loving that Nella took a tumble, but seriously adoring how loved and comforted she is when she falls! What a sweet moment captured between daddy & daughter.

  488. that third picture down, of Nella in the sweater looks EXACTLY like Brett. I had never noticed how much she looks like him ! five things: elizabeth’s socks, lily’s kisses, the kind words of friends, heaven is for real on kindle, and the view out my window.

  489. 5 Things I Am Enjoying (hopefully this isn’t posting twice)
    1. Watching my cognitive delayed students succeed
    2. Seeing the interaction between my 4 year old and 7 month old daughters
    3. Counting down the days to summer vacation (30 school days)
    4. Sitting with my 4 year old and watching Strawberry ShortCake
    5. The smell of a freshly washed and lotion 7 month old

  490. This comment has been removed by the author.

  491. I am enjoying…
    dreaming about my future
    embracing health
    being a mommy to two incredible little girls
    my husband who keeps me grounded at this emotional time in our life
    the ability to learn and grow from the sadness and stress we have recently encountered

  492. 5 things I’m loving right now:

    1. wearing sunglasses in April in Seattle
    2. eating cheese and french bread for dinner
    3. fresh flowers
    4. freshly painted nails
    5. the excitement of counting down the days until vacation in Maui

  493. Right now, I am enjoying:
    1. The perfect weather – not too hot, not too cold, juuuust right.

    2. Hearing my kids laugh as they play on their swingset.

    3. Watching them play on said swingswet in old halloween costumes. Nothing like seeing a 4 year old ladybug and a 3 yr old pirate coming down the slide together.

    4. Biscotti and coffee….not just for mornings!

    5. The anticipation of SUMMER just ahead! :)

  494. Five things I’m enjoying right now: 1) Listening to my nephew belly laugh with my brother upstairs while I’m downstairs cleaning up.
    2) My job; new challenges, lovely seniors in the nursing home!
    3) that my mom is only a phone call and text away.
    4) your blog!
    5) good friends ; old and new who continue to amaze me with their hearts.
    I finished your book last night; tears streaming down my face. I loved it!! Thank you for being honest and for sharing!

  495. 1. Sharing baby kicks with my husband…our little one is a kicking fool (not so great for the bladder though – haha)

    2. Weekly pregnancy blog with my amazing best friend who happens to be an amazing photographer…


    3. Watching the garden grow

    4. Snuggling on the couch to watch Game of Thrones

    5. Afternoon walks in the sun

  496. My fave 5…


    graduation party planning

    prom hairstyles and flower choice (TOMORROW for my girl)

    Scramble With Friends

    Spring in bloom!

  497. Things I’m Enjoying Right Now.
    1. Cuddles from my one year old. He’s battling an ear infection which is not good, but the resulting ‘fall asleep on mama’s shoulder’ phase he’s in right now bring back memories of his newborn days.
    2. My uber supportive boss who just spent two days working with me from my kitchen table so we could complete an important report together and I could be home with sick baby at the same time.
    3. The spring calendar that’s filling up with all sorts of get togethers and fun events with friends and family.
    4. My husband who came home from work earlier than I expected tonight.
    5. The Hunger Games series which I’m in the middle of and looooving!!! I’m excited to curl up with a book every night before bed. That’s one of my favourite things to do.

    Have a great night, Kelle.

  498. The Five Things I am Loving…
    1. The belly laughs and giggles from my daughter as I pretend to whisper in her ear
    2. This blog it has brought sanity, calm and serenity as I began my journey through motherhood almost two years ago
    3. My husband
    4. Baking with my mama, and my baby girl
    5. Summer is right around the corner – longer days, warm weather pools and beaches:)

  499. I’m loving:
    1. The funny and sometimes unintentionally insulting things my 2nd graders say.
    2. Sleep.
    3. Your blog.
    4. Spending time with my husband.
    5. Hershey’s Bliss Milk Chocolate Candy.

  500. loving yoga, sam summer ale, spring weather, morning coffee and the return of sandals.

  501. I’m enjoying reading BLOOM {again & again}, the cooler weather around here, hot coffee late at night whilst writing & watching my kids play & giggle together.
    I just bought the OWL Wall Hang….perfect for my girl’s room makeover & a steal at only $18! Love it!
    Also LOVE the photo of Brett calming Nella after her stack…beautiful.

  502. 1. listening to my little girl say her version of the abc’s
    2. YELLOW…wearing my cute yellow bow shoes now!
    3. A hubby who ordered pizza for dinner which = “I skate on making dinner”
    4. A cold chilled beer to go with said pizza.
    5. YOUR book I just purchased…can’t wait to curl up tonight and read it!

  503. Kelle you are so awesome! I love your blog. Thank you for connecting with people. I have a little boy with Down syndrome and everytime I see Nella “I think oh I want a girl with Ds too!” She is precious. So is Lainey.

    5 things…..

    One, kissing my little boy.
    Two, feeling number 2 move inside me.
    Three, our son’s new chiropractor.
    Four, coffee in the morning.
    Five, your blog and being introduced to all of your cool sponsors!

  504. Enjoying: that new dress of Lanie’s…my girl has it too!
    My 9 month old becoming obsessed with waving “hi”
    Cool spring mornings that turn into pleasantly warm days
    Daffodils, tulips anyday now and hydrangea to follow.
    Feeling the love of family time!

    Finished up your book in a jiffy!

  505. Enjoying: that new dress of Lanie’s…my girl has it too!
    My 9 month old becoming obsessed with waving “hi”
    Cool spring mornings that turn into pleasantly warm days
    Daffodils, tulips anyday now and hydrangea to follow.
    Feeling the love of family time!

    Finished up your book in a jiffy!

  506. In love:
    1. with my boy that turns 4 months today
    2. staying home with my kids
    3. everything yellow
    4. chocolate coconut cookies
    5. the owl hanging (just ordered one)

  507. Right now, I’m loving:
    1. Spring weather here in Utah.
    2. Bloom–I just finished it and absolutely loved it.
    3. Big, fun earrings.
    4. Shopping for baby shower gifts.
    5. BBQs

  508. Right now Im enjoying:
    1. my 3rd pregnancy, finally a little girl
    2. brotherly love that I see in my boys
    3. a hard working, grad school attending husband
    4. frozen yogurt
    5. the silence of kids sleeping after a long day

  509. Five things I am enjoying RIGHT now:
    1. The sunset… it’s pretty, with silver clouds that turn ten kinds of orange
    2. BlueBell ice cream sundae cups… genius and delicious
    3. Etta James… A Sunday Kind of Love
    4. Your book… fabulous
    5. My vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans that fit like a glove

  510. 1. my hot cup of tea
    2. the sound of my washer and dryer doing all the dirty work
    3. my five kids sleeping
    4. anticipating falling asleep next to my husband
    5. clean countertops

  511. I am enjoying:
    1. Reading your book, of course
    2. My 20 month old’s new obsession with shoes
    3. Jewel’s children CD (The Merry Goes Round)
    4. Chocolate Chip Cookies
    5. My new photography goals!!!!

  512. 1. Cold pizza
    2. A breeze from the lake
    3. Blog-stalking
    4. A clean home
    5. A little who has just mastered jumping.

  513. Five things I’m enjoying right now:

    1. just got home from a consignment sale…got great stuff for the kids for cheap.
    2. the kids were actually asleep when I got home.
    3. except one, who ran quietly up to me and HUGGED me (he’s the one who doesn’t like hugs and kisses)
    4. just ate some cold watermelon with dinner.
    5. I bet it’s been said already, but….your blog :)

    Just wanted to add I’m gonna have to look up fisticuff.
    Loved every picture in this post, especially of your husband comforting Nella after her sandal tripped her up. I hate it when that happens to me.

  514. I’m enjoying
    1.favorite musical on DVD
    2.the amazing riff in that unforgettable song
    3.new eau de parfum
    4.coconut flavored gelato
    5.a smaller waist measurement

  515. Things I’m enjoying:

    iced coffee in the morning, flip-flop and sweatshirt weather, cat sleeping on your feet, fun nail polish, new perfume!

    loving the new pictures of Nella! I love to see her grow!

  516. The picture of Nella and the dogs… oh my heart…she’s adorable, as are they :)

  517. Right now I love my friends, love the internet, love my sewing hobby, love seeing my calendar fill up with summer plans and love new earrings.

  518. Nella reading the book in the corner with the dogs….Ummm, freakin’ PRICELESS.
    Things I’m enjoying right now…
    1. Your blog, obviously ๐Ÿ˜‰
    2. My last 4 days in my 20’s :0
    3. Rubbing my best friends belly as she is due any day now
    4. The change in the weather
    5. Sharing ice cream with my daughter, she has never been a big fan, but something changed and the chick digs it :)

  519. I’m loving…dinner with old college friends, long chats with my cousin (who is just like a sister to me), cool evenings on the deck, a bowl of moose tracks ice cream, and snuggling up in my down comforter after a long day.

  520. enjoying:
    -looking at darlybird’s items; love the bird vase
    -watching our birds return from their warmer places
    -knitting a new lace shawl pattern
    -the completion of a 30-week Bible study
    -the cool breezes of the Spring have been wonderful and refreshing

  521. five things:
    1. soccer practice/games
    2. 50 shades of grey…
    3. instagram
    4. fresh flowers
    5. date night

  522. i love it when you include pics of your stepsons. i always wonder about them since i grew up in a blended family.

    i am currently enjoying 1) watching my 5 month dog try to run the dog over with his new walker, 2)fruit pizza 3)pinterest 4)tomorrow is Friday! 5) learning about homemade baby food

  523. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey girly! I am from Macomb Twp Mi. I will try to make it out to meet you! :)

  524. things i am currently enjoying right now are…
    1. an ice cream sandwich
    2. knowing my last semester of freshman year is coming to an end
    3. my time at baking and pastry school
    4. catching up with old friends
    5. recovering from an intense workout

  525. For me, I am loving:
    1. Being on mat leave with my first little prince
    2. That summer is finally on its way!
    3. The smell of French vanilla coffee in the early early morning
    4. Getting crafty- newest one-Hand stamping my own jewelry
    5. The unbelievable waft of “baby” when I go to check on him in his nursery at night….aaaahhhhhh

  526. I am loving…
    1.Waking up to my grinning 11 month old patting me in the face to get me up
    2. Fresh fruit smoothies
    3. School is almost out and I can enjoy my summer with my sweet baby girl
    4. Zac Efron and The Lucky One;)
    5. Bloom- I tell everyone I know to read it

  527. For me, I am loving:
    1. Being on mat leave with my first little prince
    2. That summer is finally on its way!
    3. The smell of French vanilla coffee in the early early morning
    4. Getting crafty- newest one-Hand stamping my own jewelry
    5. The unbelievable waft of “baby” when I go to check on him in his nursery at night….aaaahhhhhh

  528. 1. Planning my summer wedding :)
    2. Teaching 7th grade art
    3. YOU coming to MI! YAYYY!!!!
    4. Coffee in the morning
    5. Spontaneous friend dates!

  529. Love that we aren’t the only ones with sandal mishaps :)

  530. bare feet, abandoned sandles, digging in the dirt (gardening), skirts, and open windows!

  531. 1. Weight-loss success
    2. My daughter
    3. reading
    4. nature
    5. LIFE!

  532. I am enjoying:

    1. My daughter
    2. Rocking out to Pandora!
    3. Shopping for Vintage fabrics for a wallpaper idea for my daughter’s room.
    4. Reading.
    5. Just relaxing with my family!

  533. Five things I am enjoying right now: My daughter’s 4th April Birthday, My son’s 7th April Birthday, watching the first thing I ever planted, tomatoes, grow, losing 6 lbs, playing with my little girls new doll house she got for her birthday!

  534. Right now I am loving so many things. But the first 5 to jump into my brain are:

    1. Beautiful April sunshine.
    It is a fickle thing that will soon give way to May sweltering humidity, but for now it is a beautiful thing.
    2. Ordering homeschool curriculum.
    Dreaming and planning for the fall. Oh, the possibilities!
    3. Reconnecting with a friend.
    4. Snuggles in the morning with the littlest.
    Somehow she is always the first up. And we spend that couple extra minutes snuggling in our bed. Precious time.
    5. Counting down the days until we return to the US for the summer. 68 days!

    May the rest of your week be filled with joy.


  535. Man, you can always find something fabulous to write about. Right now I am enjoying my little girls tear into the Barbie stash from when I was a little girl and when my mom was a little girl, SO fun!

  536. Nella somehow seems SO much bigger in these photos. Your girls are really growing up. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Lainey’s party. Big sister is going to rock her birthday!

    Esther Dush

  537. 1. the end of TCAP week!
    2. The last days of school!
    3. My sons T ball game!
    4. Tomorrow is Friday!
    5. Our new puppy!!

  538. 1. laying with my almost 4 yr old (really 4, oh my) as he drifts off to sleep
    2. knowing the bills are all paid an the budget done (for next month) and there is still a little in the bank to enjoy life with
    3. That my Husband is in laying with my baby Cuddled up enjoying Daddy time
    4. A renewed sense of starting over/again/anew
    5. still relishing in the leftover feelings of a fabulous much needed girls weekend with amazing mothers and friends

  539. 1. A cool and quiet April night
    2. God’s peace
    3. Reading Blogs
    4. Netflix
    5. Preparing my husbands graduation party!

  540. Currently loving::
    5: neon persimmon denim shorts (j crew)
    4: having just read your book, your blog has been a friend to me these last couple months w a new babe
    3: my new blog, which I started last week
    2: the way getting out to the park for an hour feels like such an accomplishment (toddler+new baby :))
    1: my sweet (11w) baby’s breath and soft cuddly body. And the way he nurses so sweet and grateful most of the time and others so wild and greedy

  541. Currently loving:
    1. IG friendships
    2. My son telling me today that “All things are not possible, like me not loving you. That’s impossible”
    3. My job, and today making a huge difference in someone’s life
    4. Fresh strawberries, juicy and firm
    5. Spring is in the air in Canada!

  542. Right now I am in love with…
    1. My sweet Mercer (3yrs) who reminded me this morning that “I’m his girl.”
    2. The freedom of taking one step back and finding strength in the challenge of taking 2 forward.
    3. The colorful tulips that greet me at the grocery store.
    4. The Farmers Market and the yummy dishes that I will make.
    5. Pandora, candles and a great bottle of vino!
    Jennifer Woods

  543. 1. My sweet Mercer (3yr) who reminded me this morning that “I’m his girl.”
    2. The freedom to take a step back and finding strength in taking 2 steps forward.
    3. The colorful tulips that greet me at the grocery store.
    4. Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market and all the yummy dishes I will create.
    5. Pandora, candles and a great bottle of vino!

  544. My 5 most favoritest: 1. Our Lord, and our Saviour 2. My sweet husband, enough said. 3. My 8- year old son who is a Rock Star….and a baseball player. 4. My 5- year old Drama Queen 5. Your BLOOM, I honestly could not put it down, until I came to the last chapter; then I didn’t want it to end.

  545. I am enjoying:
    1) planting tomato plants in the garden
    2) walking along the river with three years old boy
    3) sipping white wine in the garden
    4)talking to my stubborn 3 years old boy
    5) talking to some old friends more frequently

  546. 5 things I’m enjoying:
    1. My 9 month old baby boy
    2. Finalizing wedding plans
    3. 70 degree weather in Minnesota
    4. Caribou Coffee
    5. Bloom

  547. 5 Things I am enjoying right now
    1. My baby is sleeping in this morning, meaning I can drink my coffee and catch up o my fave blogs
    2.listening to the birds right outside my window
    4.the fact that i get to go to farmers market in the morning to buy veggie plants
    5. i get to go to girls night tonight (with my baby girl :)

  548. Right now I’m enjoying:
    The sound of sleep coming from my three girls’ bedrooms.
    The sun trying to break through the clouds.
    Springsteen on XM!
    Toms. Love My Toms!

  549. My five:
    1. My new Brit Nicole Gold CD- I still haven’t gotten the whole downloading MP3’s thing down. PS. this CD really made me think of you, Kelle.
    2. My new library book- Angelina’s Bachelors (Romance with goumet cooking for good measure. Makes me wish I liked to cook).
    3. People liking my pins on pinterest. Hey we all need some easily earned approval every now and then.
    4. Gardening- landscaping roses make anyone feel like an actual gardener.
    5. The 23 day countdown to our first family vacation in 3 years. Whoo Rah!

  550. You are such an inspiration to other special needs mamas such as myself. Thank you.

    5 things I am loving right now:
    1. Watching my 15 mo old daughter crawl for the first time EVER this morning!
    2. Coffee
    3. Public radio
    4. Watching my daughter crawl!
    5. And yes, watching my daughter crawl! HUGE milestone in our little world!


  551. Right now I am loving:

    Being done with my daughter’s IEP!!
    Date night tonight at the wine bar with my awesome hubby
    Special Olympics track meet on Sunday morning – always a fun day
    Having all my kids home for the summer – back in the nest
    My cinnamon hazlenut coffee which always starts my day off right!

  552. 1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Love
    4. Bloom
    5. Flip Flops

  553. Can’t get enough:
    of my babies laughing
    of my oldest ‘reading’ to me
    of my baby dancing
    of the hubs with his babies

  554. 1. The sweet curiosity of a 3 year old.
    2. Fixing up the house with the hubs.
    3. Spending precious time with Family.
    4. Writing down phrases and funny things my 3 year old does and putting them in a jar for later.
    5. Gardening- I have beautiful strawberries that I look forward to eating for breakfast soon.

  555. Five things:
    -my husband brought home donuts & chocolate milk for the kids & an iced coffee for me (instead of going to work!)
    -just finished reading a great book & I’m still pondering how it’s going to change my life
    -nursing my sweet sixth baby
    -sunshine once again in Idaho
    -finding the pencils we need for school in the couch cushions…just glad to find them!

    I’d love to be entered for the gift certificate…that owl is darling!

  556. as usual, your kids’ photos are amazing!

    enjoying right now:
    piles of stickers all over the living room
    sleeping toddler
    birds chirping
    toddler feet!!!

  557. I love hugs from my three little boys, a cold ice cream on a hot day, a cheeseburger with bacon, my husband’s arms around me, and some time alone to quilt!

  558. A hula party sounds like a fun idea for a party (my husband threw me a Hawaiian themed party last year for my birthday…)

  559. Apple Crumble, cuddling with my baby girl, spring, crocheting and hearing my dog snore. :-)))

  560. I’m so excited for your trip to Michigan – it’s on my calendar!

    5 things I’m enjoying right now

    1. Playing with playdough with my daughter Zoe (love the smell of playdough!)

    2. the bright red tulips that are blooming in our front garden

    3. Pulling out the spring and summer clothes as it’s getting just a bit warmer here in Michigan (well, kind of!)

    4. Pre-planning our summer vacation and getting excited abou the little details

    5. Writing – I’ve been writing about our daughter’s adoption

  561. Five things I am enjoying right now…

    1. the smell of citrus on the breeze
    2. “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” playing on my Wilson Phillips’ Pandora station
    3. patent leather cherry red flats on my feet
    4. Friday
    5. my Bic GripRoller pen in black

  562. I am enjoying…

    1. Sunshine streaming through the windows
    2. The sound of the washing machine
    3. Fresh pinapple
    4. Chubby baby thighs
    5. “Two Kisses for Maddie” by Matt Logelin

  563. I hope I’m not too late for this ๐Ÿ˜‰
    1- Butterflies in my backyard
    2- Days I just get to stay home and veg
    3- My roses are finally blooming
    4- ice cream
    5- more ice cream ๐Ÿ˜‰

  564. That photo of your nella with her brother MELTS my heart, oh how i LOVE IT! that needs to be a canvas!

  565. 1. Reading Bloom……falling in love with the people you love….Your Dad and dear Friend Heidi…(cried like a baby on Nella’s birth)

    2. new soap….

    3. My 2 year old’s vocabulary growing by the day….not always good. He said “Crap!” yesterday.

    4. Sunshine in Idaho!

    5. Rhubarb from my garden.

  566. THAT OWL!! I immediately bought one. What a steal! It’s perfect for my aunt who has a really fun, bold style and is decorating a family beach condo.

  567. I am loving lilacs, jars and vases of them all around my home.

  568. I’m loving:

    ~ my new bookcase (and the copy of Bloom on it)
    ~ fresh strawberries
    ~ wearing my summer dresses
    ~ my 3 crazy kitties
    ~ that it’s finally the weekend!

  569. Right now I am loving:
    1. Warm Spring afternoons spent playing in the sprinkler with my sweet 4 year old girl.
    2. Wearing anything with stripes or polka dots.
    3. The explosion of beauty in my rose garden and the dozens of monarch butterflies hanging around each bloom.
    4. Hearing Riley say “I love you mommy” 100 times a day!
    5. The smells of rosemary and mint in the backyard garden while grilling and eating dinner with hubby and Riley. Oh, and, the mojitos made from said mint!

  570. Love the texts I received from sending two friends Bloom, the sunshine, morning hikes with my girl Taylor, morning coffee and seeing family and friends this weekend.

  571. 5 things: The smile my #1 kid has right before he falls asleep, flowers from a co-worker, exercise, my hubby, my #2 kid starting to repeat WORDS!

  572. I’m loving:
    1. Discovering that I can do things I never thought I could do and doing them well.
    2.Stealing a lunch date with my husband. It still feels indulgent after almost 14 years.
    3. New shoes!
    4. Friends who love you for who you are.
    5. An hour to myself.

  573. 5 things I am enjoying right now.. 1. that my day of group projects and studying is almost complete (it has been a rigorous pre-finals weeks, yikes!) 2. that I have the night off from work to relax after said rigorous week/day 3. that my communication research methods course has the best group of peers and friends that I ever could have imagined and I can’t wait to see everyone’s final research 4. that tomorrow I will get to sample some fantastic wine, beer and cheese at our annual festival and finally 5. that I have this fantastic blog to look forward to reading every week!

    thanks for bring positivity and perspective into my life!

  574. My 5 things…
    1) Skinny Cow Drumsticks
    2) Warm sunshine & cool breezes
    3) I heart radio on my iphone
    4) An extra long nap from my 2 year old
    5) The gap toothed smile from my 6 year old who just lost her first top tooth!

  575. Am enjoying a mini snickers, the end of the week full of testing (I work at a school, you know what i mean), time home alone, ice cold water and my husbands shirt.

  576. you are such a good mom. you always seem to be able to put words to my feelings. and that’s way more than 5 things. hee hee

  577. I love the way you just share beautiful simple things in a list form. Lists speak to my heart.
    Small things I am enjoying:
    1. The song a thousand years by Christina Perri. It is so beautiful.
    2. Dancing to crazy music while I make dinner and my son sits and giggles. I love that he thinks I’m cool right now. I pray he always does, even if it’s just a little.
    3. Long, long phone calls with people with love me. Who share confidence and faith and strength and promises.
    4. Freshly washed quilts.
    5. My sons sweet and sensitive personality. He plays rough and tough but his little heart is so tender. I love seeing more of who he is everyday.

  578. 1. Little boys giving butterfly kisses.

    2. Random “break it down” dance moments with the little and the bigs :)

    3. How the two year old takes his “friends” (lovey dolls) on car rides with him.

    4. Fresh strawberries straight off the vine.

    5. The feeling of grass between bare toes.

    and a bonus….It’s Jazz Fest this weekend!

  579. The five things I’m enjoying now are the love and newfound closeness in my family after the horror that is the unexpected loss of my father, sitting with a good red talking with my mother-in-law tonight, the prospect of a picnic with other deaf babies, my 6 month old daughter’s future friends and playmates, Saturdaying it tomorrow!, and being thankful to my dad for making me a strong woman that can weather periods of intense grief and challenges.

  580. I’m enjoying audiobooks at work (shh don’t tell), green green everywhere, watching my garden sprout, loving my hubby, and printed fabrics :)

  581. 5 things I am enjoying at this very moment:
    1. My 20 month old and I are cuddled up on my bed watching Elmo.
    2. Our yet to born baby is doing flips in my belly.
    3. It is Friday.. Hell yea!
    4. My daughter missed me while I was gone this week for work and all she wants me to do is hold her. Yes, please.
    5. We have no plans for the weekend, which means perfection. :)

  582. Loving…
    My hubby,
    Peace and quiet when my 5 kids finally settle down for the night,
    Spring weather!

  583. 1. Cold glass of chardonnay
    2. Two children peacefully sleeping upstairs
    3. Plans underway for a very special first birthday party
    4. Anticipation of warmer days around the bend
    5. The glorious weekend with work-free Daddy ahead

  584. 1. Cold glass of chardonnary
    2. Two children peacefully sleeping upstairs
    3. Plans underway for a very special first birthday party
    4. The anticipation of warmer days ahead
    5. Glorious weekend ahead with a work-free Daddy

  585. 1. Planning my almost 4 year old daughter’s piggies and polka dots party!
    2. Planning my almost 2 year old twin boys’ little monsters party!
    3. My new coffee maker!
    4. Getting ready for our anniversary weekend next Friday!
    5. Knowing that tomorrow night I will be watching my best friend walk down the aisle!

  586. 5 Things…

    #5 Beautiful 80 degree weather with a slight breeze in Vegas
    #4 Hubby having 1 week left before we have a mini vacation
    #3 Having an interview with the school of my Las Vegas dreams
    #2 Freshly resealed floors done by me and only me while hubby works graveyards
    #1 Having 3 days left before I finish student teaching and only having 2 weeks left before college graduation to be a TEACHER!

    I am most certainly in love with everything you write. I feel like I know your precious family and by far, my favorite story is Nella’s arrival. I cried reading it and felt like I was there. You are an amazing writing, and after I get a teaching job, I will have money to purchase Bloom!

  587. 1. that my baby is asleep so i’m free to surf the web and make a post like this..
    2. quiet
    3. my silly husband
    4. bloggers
    5. your example


  588. enjoying…
    1) bright yellow skinny jeans
    2) our girl’s exploding vocabulary
    3) organic popcorn in pink heart bowls
    4) soul searching heart pumping music
    5) the beauty of cementing myself in the RIGHT NOW


  589. i don’t comment very often, but the pictures of nella in this post were just too cute. and that last photo of lainey – she looks grown up somehow, so pretty.

  590. I am enjoying:

    1. My mom and dad, they are still there when I need them…even at age 33.

    2. A clean house and less work to do!

    3. Stinkin’ cute baby girl clothes and crocheted flower clips.

    4. Some much needed time spent with my best girlfriend.

    5. Your girls’ beautiful blond hair, I think it is the most beautiful I have ever seen!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us all. You are a true inspiration!

  591. 5 things I’m enjoying:
    1. The $2 Barbie kite I purchased at the drug store… I am SO excited, and I’m anticipating the perfect day to fly her! Of course the cashier asked if it was for my daughter or niece… umm…. no.
    2. Giant, perfect, declicious organic apples!
    3. My 16 month old nephew’s precious moments eyes and chewable ears :)
    4. People’s Most Beautiful Woman issue!
    5. After 3 hip surgeries, I am finally able to do a little bit more… walk a few more steps… stand a little bit longer! I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  592. Things I’m Enjoying…
    1. Bar Crawls…just experienced my first one with my co-workers and it was awesome! Why didn’t I participate in one of these ever before in my life?
    2. Conversations with wonderful people. So much laughter, so much happiness, so much life.
    3. Gray and Yellow color combos…amazing.
    4. Holding on to hope. I’m currently applying for jobs at school districts and I am just waiting for interviews and hoping to finally get a job. (I graduate in August!)
    5. Reality TV. Is there ever a time that this is NOT something I love?!

  593. Spending the weekend with my mom, enjoying the sun and warm temps, packing for an anniversary trip to Hawaii, playing with my cats, baking something with calories I do not need! A crazy, happy, busy weekend – hope yours is the same!

  594. I’m enjoying the following:
    1. Freshly mowed lawns
    2. Sleeping dogs one on my lap the other on my feet
    3. Time with family
    4. Longer day light hours
    5. Good glass of wine.

  595. Quiet, coffee, being productive while taking a break, my girl and Spring!

  596. Right now I am enjoying – 1. having the house to myself(its quiet) 2. a cold diet coke 3. Paloma Faith on the stereo 4. a lazy Sunday at home 5. warm slippers on my feet.
    Fabulous post as usual, Kelle.

  597. Those are the sweetest pictures of Brett comforting a crying Nella – melt my heart.

    5 Things I’m Enjoying:

    1. A glass of Moscato
    2. Hallmark recordable storybooks so my kiddos can hear their grandparents voices every night.
    3. Breakfast for supper
    4. Finding good deals at garage sales on old stuff I can turn into something new!
    5. Total silence in my house right now except for the ticking clock.

  598. Sound of rain falling in the gutter
    Warm fuzzy socks
    Glow of the warm overhead light above my head
    Freshly painted fingernails
    And the idea that tomorrow is another with new adventures and memories to be made

  599. Oh goodness, the sandal-blowing portion of this post definitely had me laughing- so sorry Nella! I’m sure she has a sense of humor like her mama ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have been a reader of your blog since I first stumbled across your birth story shortly after Nella was born. My own daughter (2nd baby) was born in November and I had a habit of blogging my days as a sort of photo-journalistic outlet/desperate attempt to hold on to my babies days (my first, a son, was about a year old when his daddy deployed and our family blog was born) and I totally relate to your mama heart. I just bought your book yesterday and somehow managed to read the whole thing today, even though I was alone with a 5-year old, 2-year old and a 3-month old! Thank you for sharing your life and love in words. God bless you and your family!


  600. Not here for anything free….just to comment on your beautiful post ~ and love the pics of Nella and Brett and again….the pics of Lainey ~ when you are behind the camera ~ the way she looks at you….priceless xo

  601. 5 things I’m enjoying right now:

    1. The afterglow of a wonderful Skype session with you today
    2. Watching an impromptu fireworks show from my driveway with my 3 year old son
    3. Hearing my 3 year old son say “They’re beautiful, Mama” as we watched those fireworks
    4. A long shower in the evening while everyone else slept
    5. Seeing my baby girl laughing and smiling at her brother tonight in the tub

  602. 1. inspirational lyrics
    2. spring breezes
    3. our two Ethiopian twins we are adopting
    4. my sweet love
    5. faith

  603. O.M.G.! I have always felt a little more of an attachment because I am from Michigan, but now I just read that you’re coming to my city in June! Can’t.Wait! OMG! A celebrity! :) XO

  604. 5 things I’m enjoying today:
    newly planted flowers in pots
    spray paint
    kids in bean bags
    coffee in the afternoon
    fire in my belly (making dreams become reality)

  605. Right now, this very second:

    1} Reading Bloom [i’m in ♥ with it]

    2} Carrie Underwoods new alblum, all of it.

    3} Down time, with just myself

    4} My newest & great organization arrangment in my craft/junk room.

    5}Chex cereal {honey}, Gluten Free

    … Due to a late arrival I received Bloom on Friday. I’m half way finished and wish I had more time. I’m in love with it. You are a true inspiration to this world, a gift of life! I love your family!

  606. 1. the final episode of downton. Juuuust finished it. And that is all I will say.
    2. My super snuggley babe of 9 months climbing on me right now.
    3. My seedlings on the front porch
    4. a loving and courteous husband who was grateful for a second dinner at 10:30PM after dinner #1 turned out to be akin to a rubber tire.
    5. My three beautiful girls.

  607. Right now I am in love with my new (to me) home and that owl wall hanging. Oh that owl…I am so in love…ordering NOW!

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