Feng Shui

There are a few things in life of which I am certain, based on repetition of circumstances. I am quite certain Lainey will ask to go to the bathroom the minute we’ve left the house. I am quite certain the item which I’ve been pining for will go on sale the day after I paid full price for it. And I am quite certain that after any given flight, my bags will be the very last ones to appear on the conveyer belt. The last one proved true when I arrived in New York last week and met up with the driver who was taking me to my hotel only to stand at Baggage Claim Station 5 with him twenty-five minutes later, watching every other brown suitcase except mine fall onto the belt and go for a spin.

“You sure it’s brown?” he asked.

“Yep, it’s brown,” I answered, “—with a dent in the side and a broken zipper. But it’s brown.”

“This one?,” he pointed out.

“Nope, I’ll tell you when I see it.”

“This one?” he asked again, pointing to a different brown suitcase—not dented, not mine—and clearly not getting it.

“Nope. Not that one either. I’ll let you know when I see it,” I told him.

Another brown suitcase was spit out on the conveyer belt, and my driver turned and waited for my signal.

“Not that one either. Listen, trust me. It’s going to be the last one. It always is.”

Sure enough, seven hundred suitcases later, my brown dented suitcase came rolling around the bend and I jumped and clapped and hollered “That’s mine! There it is! That’s my suitcase!” while I waited for my driver, half-sleeping now, to reach and pull it off the belt.

So you can imagine my surprise when, late Thursday night, I arrived in Fort Myers, walked down to baggage claim and saw my suitcase, already slowly revolving around the carousel like strawberry pie on a dessert turntable.

Three minutes later, I was cruising south on 75, home to my babies when Heidi called. She was there with our friend Laura, at the airport, waiting for my arrival with posters and flowers and smiles.

There’s another thing of which I am certain: When friends go out of their way to surprise me, I am quite certain I will blow it.

Heidi and Laura share my love for making the best of things. So they celebrated with random strangers at Southwest Florida Regional Airport.



My dad followed our tracks when he flew in to the same airport in the middle of the night late on Thursday, just in time for my first book signing at our Naples Barnes and Noble Friday night.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was thrilled and humbled by the outpouring of love from both our community and readers that traveled to be there.


I decided to read a passage just fifteen minutes before the event, and so I huddled in an office next to the children’s department, skimming chapters for something that wouldn’t make me cry. And something that wouldn’t involve skinny dipping and champagne. I settled on the last pages of chapter 12, the story of Jeremy, the dear man who taught me something important almost two years ago.


It still made me cry.

Thank you to everyone who came Friday night to support the book, to say hi, to wave your flag of “living this big, purposeful life” with ours. Community is an awesome thing, and we felt it Friday night.


By Saturday morning, the high energy of the week had been subtly and appropriately replaced with good calm energy, apparent from the very first sleepy smile that emerged from the crib and continuing with coffee refills, a big French toast breakfast and my dad’s initiation of the Hampton House Feng Shui.

Sleeping in Sunday morning

He does it every time he comes, really, and maybe it’s just a nice way of saying “please, get your shit together.” Like when I lived with my grandma in college and she was so disturbed by my overflowing laundry basket but didn’t want to offend me by actually doing my laundry for me, so she’d “pretend” she was doing her own load and just needed “a few” more things to make it complete. And by a few, I mean a full load of my stuff. Swear, she used to tap on my door and sweetly say, “I’m doing a load of laundry and have a bit more room. Do you have two or three or twenty-six things I can throw in with it?” And I would smile and hand her my basket and know it made her happy both to do something nice for me and to give her one lone sock some company in the washing machine.

Likewise my dad did a lot of “hey, this laundry basket would look a lot better if I emptied it,” or my personal favorite—“Seriously, why do you even have a dresser?” which led to moving the bookcase, sliding the toy trunk, opening up the living room furniture and rearranging, reordering, and reigniting the energy in our home.

Lainey puts curlers in Nella’s hair

Feng shui. Periodically, we all need it, not just in our homes but also in our routines and perspectives. This weekend, we switched things up. We got creative. We moved things around in our home, creating more light where clutter once dwelled and restoring peace and order where laundry baskets sat too long.


Motivated by an energetic week, we made efforts to reinstate dinner table traditions, barefoot walks outside and trips to the hot tub.



And I feel energized on this Monday evening, eager to find more ways to make little changes in our routines, simple renovations in our home to create more peace, more focus…good chi.


A friend recently asked me, “So, what’s changed since all of this?”–all of this indicative of a couple crazy busy weeks, a book, a dream of continuing to do what I love and connect with people in a really big way.

What’s changed? A few inevitable things, but really life’s the same.

Dancing with P.T. Jonah this week

We wake up every day, look around and make note of what we have. We smile and say thank you in every way imaginable. When things aren’t so great, we do what we can to make them better. And we make it a very important priority not to let life get stale.

We feng shui.

Lainey and her new dog, Chocolate Chip, for whom I stood in the longest line at the NYC American Girl Store to buy. It was worth it. This dog hasn’t left my girl’s arms. She’s even given her two baths.


Friday Phone Dump from last week:

Friday Phone Dump photos are taken on the Instagram iPhone app (free) and dropped into a 12×12 collage using a photo editing software (Photoshop Elements works). I am @etst (enjoying the small things) on Instagram if you want to follow the feed.


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If so inclined, please share some ways in which you can “feng shui” this week–what little changes can you do this week in your home and/or in your routine that can reignite good energy?


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Have a great week!




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  1. Those earrings are adorable! I would love some!

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  3. Feng shui? I might try switching up my breakfast. I’m just a little tired of scrambled eggs every day, even though they’re delicious. I think tomorrow I’ll try oatmeal. :)

  4. I’m in LOVE with Nella’s lace dress. You must let us know where you got it!

  5. So, so happy for you! Thank you for inspiring us with your words and pictures, your family is beautiful! Love Nella’s eyelet(?) dress!!

  6. I think now I will be rearranging my desk at work. :) hmm. you’ve got me thinking! love Nella’s sweet little curls in that lace dress. How precious :)

  7. Before my mom left VT for her vacation in Florida, I mentioned that she should go to your book signing and get Bloom for me for my birthday. I never asked her what she did Friday night, but I just saw her in line in one of your pictures :)

  8. I love Nella’s cream colored lacy dress! She looks so big looking over her shoulder in it! I am about 3/4 of the way through Bloom. A friend at church almost knocked me down Sunday morning to ask me if I had read it yet. She said she felt like she now can better understand me, and Down syndrome, and finding joy in the unexpected. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

  10. We thrive on routine around here but maybe tomorrow we’ll skip real clothes and hang outin our PJs all day :-)

  11. I’m going to try to adjust my attitude. There’s been a lot of dislike aimed at myself from myself, and maybe, just maybe, if I change my attitude, the rest will follow.

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  13. So my Mom said “I saw on AOL that your friend Kelle Hampton has a book!” Not that we are friends, but thought you’d like to know my mom thinks we are…and make a gillion of us feel that way! Congrats on everything…especially having your dad help you with things around the house!!!

  14. I just have to say. I started reading Bloom at the pool yesterday and sat there and cried like a baby remembering my very very similar experience! Thank God for sunglasses! Then today I was at the hairdressers telling her about my embarrassing moment only later to start crying again as I continued reading in the salon :-) It has taken me about 2 hours to read 166 pages and I’m dying for the kids to go to bed so I can finish it tonight while my husband is out at the Giants game tonight!!! :-)

  15. I just wanted to leave a quick comment to tell you how amazing your book was. I waited patiently to get it and it was worth every second of time I spend reading it! Thank you for being so inspirational…it makes a difference to a whole lot of mommas!

  16. Just requested Bloom at our little local library. . .it’s on order and I’m #6 on the waiting list :) Think I’ll purchase it instead. Congrats!

  17. Love the earrings and this post! Everytime I read your blog I miss SW Florida. . .

  18. I’ve been cleaning out our closets and selling baby and mama clothes online! TOday I even ventured into the basement for leftover yardsale stuff…cleaning out, baby!

  19. Loved meeting you at the book signing…it was a great event. Wonderful blog entry once again…love when Poppa is in town…he knows how to live life.

  20. I’m trying to get my house in order for a baby shower I’m hosting next weekend. With each task I complete, I feel a little less overwhelmed of the stuff. At the same time, nursing my sweet little buddy who got his tonsils out in Friday. It’s good to be needed.

  21. Congrats on the book! Soak it all in!

  22. Kelle, you are amazing!!!!! These pictures of the girls are priceless. It seems like yesterday I was reading Nellas birth story, seriously where did time go? Again congrats on Bloom and #11. I am so proud to be part of your huge adventure :)

  23. That picture of the French toast with strawberries made my mouth water, yum!

  24. Love, love the dress. You’ll be on the website for sure now 😉

    Family dinners at the table, that’s what I plan to start back this week.

  25. Lovely, but just so you know, Rob’s daughter who is about to turn 17 still needs to use the bathroom the minute before we leave (like even though she’s known we’ll be leaving at a certain time, she has to leave it until then!) and will always need to go to the toilet at the same place when we drive the 2.5 hours to his parents place in either direction regardless of whether she needs to or not!

  26. Nella is looking more and more beautiful every week! I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up!

    As for adding some Feng Shui, I think I’ll add some week night walks into our routine and some trips to the library. We just moved back to my hometown so have a lot of exploring to do as a family :)

  27. i just started reading bloom and i realized taking it to school and reading it while the kids have silent reading was a bad idea – kids don’t like to see their teacher crying! thank you for such a raw, honest perspective and for sharing so much about your family!

  28. I have never been so happy for someone I have never met! Your girls are getting so big!!! P.S. I LOVE Nella’s cream lacy dress… I want one for myself. :)

  29. Just finished bloom and I was crying and laughing and it was great!

  30. Would LOVE to know where you got (1) Nella’s darling lace dress.. Ohmygosh I can’t get over how amazing it is and (2) all those vintage blocks? My MIL collects those and I would love to add to her collection. Guessing Ebay maybe?

  31. I am so hungry for your breakfast food and hell, those nachos look pretty yummy too! My wee little house is in shambles, but it’s slowly coming together as my hubby puts together our bed so we can shift stuff to that room and rearrange the guest room. I also am lemming to go thrifting around Atlanta because I know I’ll find some brilliant stuff! Also, I’m gonna need Poppa to feng shui my house (I love when parents visit, they see things we don’t!) xx

  32. On my feng shui list: start ordering iced drinks at starbucks in the morning as the weather is now appropriate for it, move the desk to he other side of the room so I can bask in sunshine while doing homework, dust off the running shoes, open up the shed and start breaking out the lawn furniture.

  33. Just today, I decided to REALLY clean out my closet. All the Midwest winter sweaters and preacher’s wife dresses need to go. We live at the beach now and none of that goes with my June Carter Cash meets beach bum style :)

    Congrats big time on Bloom’s splashing entrance!

  34. congrats on your wonderful week….the New York Times list….everything! Can’t wait to read the book.

  35. The sloped ceilings of our one-room apartment (aka attic space of a three-story home) make it nearly impossible to overhaul our energy and stir things up. Until now. Tomorrow is the day that I swap our bedroom for our living room. Thanks for lighting the fire, Kelle! Hello, feng shui. Welcome back, baby!

  36. @Meagan Kenney,

    The dress is from Zara Kids (NY, good thing we don’t have one here–I’d be in trouble!)

    The blocks are, surprisingly, inexpensive–Geranimals from Walmart.

  37. I’m in LOVE with those earrings!! Beautiful!!

  38. Nella’s lace dress is too precious!! Congrats on such and amazing new accomplishment, you are super woman!

  39. Isn’t is such a welcomed surprise when those certainties surprise you?? Beautiful book, photos, and post. <3

  40. I’m feng Shiu-ing by leaving my crazy life/house with my MIL & heading to Vegas!! And knowing my sweet MIL, it’ll be serene & lovely when I return. Woohoo!!

  41. Those are lovely earrings! Also…I loved your book!

  42. I spent my weekend with your book…really I feel as if I should say that I spent the weekend with your family. I loved every minute of it. You are all so beautiful! In particular, the pictures of Nella just took my breath away. What a beauty. Thanks for writing your book.

  43. I need to tackle the girls bathroom. We moved into this house 6 months ago and their bathroom threw-up flowers, I mean EVERYWHERE…it’s on all the walls via wallpaper and it has a MATCHING flowered shower curtain to boot. That bathroom has been SCREAMING for a make-over since we first walked in the house.

  44. I love the earrings! Hoping to switch up our after work rush, slow down and eat dinner whenever we are ready.

  45. I love the jewelry! I need to organize ALL these toys my daughter has everywhere!


  46. I always find that moving the kids toys from one room to another reignites their interest in them. For instance, I’ll move an abandoned beanbag chair from their room to the basement and suddenly it’s the hot new thing to be sitting in. It happens all the time.

  47. Nella in that lacey lil’ dress+ laney’s smile with choclate chip= perfection! rhis post made me smile, smile, smile and then scroll back up for a second look at the pictures :) As far as feng shui…I convinced my husband to tackle the storage closet last night actually…and I must say i’m feelin the itch to sort through clothes, shred some old paperwork and have a garage sale…once i get the ball rollin’ it’s hard to stop! lol

  48. omg was coming here to ask the same thing…where did you get nella’s awesome lace dress???? love love it! what a fun fulfilling week! can’t wait to see what is next for you! what great friends you have…so sad you missed them at the airport…loved the pics of that. also, just have to say how handsome your dad is!!

  49. Oh my goodness, that dress Nella has on is freaking adorable and she looks so grown up! I swear she grew 2 inches this week. Maybe she’s just walking more confident now that she’s an even-more-famous diva :) She looks so much like you from the profile, beautiful! The past two weeks I have been instilling a few subtle changes as I prepare to go back to work full-time for the first time since Lucas was born (2 years) and I feel like days are slipping away.I am web-surfing less, putting my phone down more, tweeting less, focusing on my babies more. I’m sucking the marrow out of life as you would say :)

  50. I too go through phases of needing to rearrange the furniture! I am enjoying your book!

  51. How beautiful is Nella in that little dress? Well, I’ll tell you, Kelle: Freaking. Adorable.

  52. I just finished Bloom last week. It is such an amazing book! I love the true raw feeling and your choose to be happy attitude. The book was hilarious, heartbreaking, and so inspiring all at the same time. Congrats! You are awesome.

    I think all add a little morning run in this week!

  53. I was reminded this weekend to set aside time for myself to not be busy and not be stressed. To rest. And spend time with Jesus. And be intentional with loving the people I love. Halfway through Bloom and I love love love it. And man, this post had some of the cutest pictures of Nella…I’m obsessed.

  54. Today I decided to take a bunch of carrots and celery and cut them up, I put them in tupperware in the fridge now we have fresh healthy snacks as soon as we open the fridge. This motivated me to start cleaning, and moving and changing. We are also getting a fence put in and planning a new deck. To me spring means change!

  55. Congrats on the success of Bloom!! I know I couldn’t put it down :)

  56. I just took a break from reading Bloom to get my almost-daily dose of your magical words. Three words… You are Amazing! I am a young fan, and admire you in so many ways.

    I always wondered why I genuinely enjoyed re-arranging the rooms in my house… It must be all that refreshing energy you can feel when you walk into the newly arranged space!

  57. Can’t wait until I can read Bloom!

  58. You know what I did which I’ve never done before?? I hung clothes outside to dry!! And boy did it ignite some awesome inner energy when I pulled sun kissed clothes off the line a few hours later. Good for my wallet, great for the earth :)

  59. This week’s Feng shui? Open the blinds! My 15 month old takes her neighborhood watch duties very seriously and I love to see her joy when she finds a step stool under a window with the blinds all ready open…

  60. love the jewelry pieces! i’m going to be feng shui’ing by closing my computer more this week!

  61. I still can’t believe it when I see Nella standing up!! LOVE!! As always, your girls are so gorgeous. I’m on chapter 7 of the book, and am about to go to bed to read lots more. I can’t wait. Wish I could have been at your book signing :)

  62. We spent the weekend doing the same…clearing off the dresser, decluttering this and that. Changing it up a little. It’s amazing what that does for a person’s spirit! I’m SO happy for you Kelle. I’m praying that the changes that will inevitably occur will be positive! Jeanne

  63. I’m so close to finishing Bloom but I don’t want it to end. You are an inspiration!

  64. That lace dress is divine and what a sweet, sweet grandma you have!

  65. I just love how every single one of your posts reminds me just how much I need to slow down, relax and enjoy the good life. Thanks for that. Love the photo of Nella in the owl T and denim shorts. So sweet!

  66. Make time to bake something… and those earrings are fab!

  67. Just imagining you reading part of your book at the signing made me cry. I am so happy for you.

    I love the new puppy : ) I LOVE that your friends came to the airport. They are so great. I LOVE your Dad.

  68. This week I’m going to feng shui by cleaning out my closets..what a daunting task I’ve put off far too long, but I know I’ll feel better when they’re done!

    I’m almost finished reading Bloom, and I’m loving it!

  69. Your girls are always gorgeous, but that pic of Nella in the owl shirt with the wisps of hair blowing is breathtaking. I wanna squeeze her.

  70. You are amazing….I feel so inspired whenever I read your blog. This week we are doing good ole fashioned spring cleaning, closets and all.

    Take Care.

  71. ok, so I seriously cracked up when I saw the random people holding signs at the airport.
    I finally finished my book :) (amazing!) and it made me so happy that you had a blog, as i like to think of blogs as never ending books.
    One thing i really got from your book was how blessed you are to have the most wonderful friends. I’m jealous. I wish I could say I have nurtured friendships in the way you have. I yearn for closeness with friends in this way,but have yet to be successful in this area. Maybe I’m too much of a loner. My girls are my bff’s, but I know one day they will leave me, and find their own.
    I’m so happy for all you have accomplished. You’re life is such a beautiful inspiration to me.

  72. I was with you today as I finally made it up to the attic to put away the sandals the toes were sticking out of and get my poor boy some that fit just right. I also managed to put up the unpacked suitcases from last week’s trip as well as plant the thank you plant someone left for me.

    Tomorrow it’s all work but I plan to tackle one little job each day to make everything a little sweeter.

  73. Oh my goodness, I’m still laughing over Heidi & Laura welcoming their “new friends” at the airport! Too funny!

    As far as feng shui’ing it goes, I’m all for buying fake gerber daisies & carnations and placing them in thrift store vases throughout the house :)

  74. I’ve been doing a little rearranging, making spaces work for my little people as they become just a bit bigger. It’s a sad and happy feeling, putting those baby toys away!

  75. Those lucky people to live near you, what I would have done to be able to hop on a plane for that book signing! My book plate arrived today, and it made me so happy! Thanks for taking the time to sign God knows how many of those things. I know it will put smiles on many!

  76. There must be something about spring and the need for a little “feng shui”. I have been slowly working on spaces in my house making me feel like I have a little more breathing room! I literally LOL at the thought of the girls standing in the airport with signs waiting to greet you only to have you almost home! Your little Nella just melts my heart in her cute little lace dress and your little Lainey with her chocolate chip puppy! Girls and their teddies. When I tuck in my three daughters at night there is barely any room for them on their beds but plenty for the beloved creatures! :)

  77. You have inspired me to do two things: feng shui my home this weekend and start WRITING! You must be over the moon with the success of Bloom. Congratulations!

  78. I have been spreading the word about Bloom… as a librarian, I have a good excuse to promote my favorite new book! I’ve got some feng shui’ing to do myself, and I’m starting with a new haircut tomorrow and a “me breakfast” at Panera. Thanks for all the inspiration, Kelle! P.S. If anyone has a mind to, a quick prayer for my husband would be appreciated! We find out tomorrow if he got the job he applied to Thanks, girls!

  79. my little feng shui? i want to spend more weekday evenings outside. as a mom who works outside the home and away from my kids, way too many hours per week, i want more outside unplugged fun with my girls. as easy as it is to just collapse after dinner’s done and coast into bedtime, that isn’t the only memories i want them to have. so little feng shui changes at a time to hopefully ignite some bigger energy.

  80. Just lovely! Your dad brings good energy to your home and your writing! Oh, and I had to do a double-take because I thought my husband was dancing around your living room with Nella. Same shirt, same build, same look as your Jonah. :)

  81. My favorite springtime feng shui–drying clothes on the line! We’ve had so much rain lately that I haven’t been able to, but we should have a few nice days that I can take advantage of.

    I just finished reading Bloom and I loved every page. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  82. I love the pic of Lainey with her stuffed animal. She looks so happy!

  83. Hi Kelle…just flew home to ny with my hubby, and two sun-kissed little babies after a fun-filled week vacation in fl. Just had to let you know that in between building sand castles with my 2yo, and splashing around in the ocean with my infant, I was able to enjoy bloom. How beautiful, the story of your life, your family. Thank you for letting us all in, and for being so real:)

  84. This week I did a ton of spring cleaning and it really made me happy! <3 the jewelry so beautiful!

  85. Absolutely LOVE the photo of sweet Nella sitting on the trunk in that gorgeous dress! Made my heart melt. :) I also adore the photo of Lainey and Chocolate Chip! Precious! Thanks always for your inspiration! Happy week to you! :)

  86. We are taking our annual fishing vacay for my hubby, tomorrow. He is so pumped that he has done the dishes the last TWO nights! WooHoo! I have my parents come along, in a separate cabin, and we go on walks with the kids and play on the playground. No tv. Just the good ol’ outdoors. It’s awesome!

    Karen H.

  87. I used to love rearranging my bedroom when I was younger…I loved how it seemed like a brand new room. I also liked sleeping “backwards” in my bed for the same reason, but maybe that’s just weird. :-)
    You have inspired me to rearrange!

  88. Getting ready for a new baby in five weeks…so it is nestingpolooza around here! No stone is unturned!

  89. Your blog is a new read for me. It’s not bookmarked with a host of others that I open all at once and then speed read. I save yours for last and I scroll down, and back up, and then down again. Your writing and photos are things to be savored, and I enjoy doing so.

  90. Nella is SO beautiful! Lainey too, of course! So many great pics in this post. Congrats on Bloom’s success!

  91. So happy for you and the success of your wonderful book.

  92. Soooo… does PT Jonah have a gf…. sweet and sexy! Your book was amazing your and babies adorable!! In love with your family… keep doing you!!!

  93. just like you know your bags always come last, i know that when i walk out to my car from the store, the person walking behind or in front of me…will be going to the car next to mine. no joke.

  94. We think alike, Kelle! I, too, took part in some renovations this weekend… Jorgensen Better Together

    Great pictures and great words, as always. Have a good week!

    xo, Ashley

  95. Love this! Congrats on the book as well!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  96. Love this post ~ what a great weekend after such a great week! Your dad cracks me up, I too have some dresser issues…
    I just inherited the house I grew up in and there is a whole lotta chi that needs fixing up, but I can’t wait to get started in the backyard putting in the garden I’ve always dreamed of. That’s where I’m starting with the Feng Shui this spring!

  97. I think I will empty laundry baskets!! Every week I say to myself I’m putting away laundry this week….and every week it sits in baskets for days. And when I finally put it away it feels so good and the cycle begins, I promise to change the next week…..but perhaps this is the week I put it away and keep on putting it away!

    I LOVE your yellow pants!! I wish I could shop at your closet! :) Since you have a dear friend in Missoula I think you need to come do a book signing here!! PLEASE.

  98. I just finished your book this weekend! LOVED it. I want to know where Nella’s cream lace dress is from. My little girl needs it! Feng Shui….Im going to get fresh flowers, open the windows and maybe clean out a few closets!

  99. We homeschool and a lot of days get lost in the routine and I forget to take full advantage of its…advantages. Assuming nice weather we shall have school outside, with a side of milk and cookies.


    My week learning form the BEST, You!

  101. The picture of Nella in the dress is adorable. Finished the book in one night, was amazing! Thank you.

    Same thing as you, tidying up and organizing different rooms. It was time in our house too!

  102. The Best Inheritance Parents Can give to Their Children Is a Few Minutes Of Their Time Each Day.

    You inspire me…

  103. I love following you on instagram and then reading your blog to confirm what your pictures were about. I think about you and you girls daily, really. Ever since I unexpectedly became pregnant. My 7month old gets dressed as cute as she can get to nella lol! I love her lace dress and fluffy pigtails!!

  104. LOVE those photo dump photos :)

    lovely post,as usual! so glad your book talk/signing went well!!

    happy monday!

  105. Great post, I just bough my first big girl furniture this week. Sold all my second hand and left overs pieces from family. Feeling good feng shui in my little house in Michiana right now:) Love Nella’s dress, so pretty!

  106. We are going to bake–together. Because the kitchen isn’t right without freshly baked bread, goodies to give away, and two little kids covered in flour and licking spoons.

  107. reignite good energy = homemade cupcakes just because. :-)

  108. I have to tell you that I read your book in 6 hours. My husband took our son to work so I could stay in his old band t-shirt, long after the sun came up and just take in every beautiful word you had to write. When I finally came up for air, with mascara running down my face, I was ready to be a better person and a better mother. So thank you, you amazing lovely person for being who you are!

  109. I rearrange my bedroom bi-weekly, making sure to follow all of the feng shui rules found in this tiny feng shui book my mom has had forever. Love this post- that last picture of Nella is so very joyous! :)

  110. I’m swooning for your yellow pants and Nella’s white dress!

    We need a Chicago book signing!!

  111. Glad you told me about the Target thing! Baby shopping and book shopping? At a discount? Yes please!

  112. Good “energy” is coming our way because (Hallelujah!) tomorrow is TAX DAY which is a MAJOR holiday in our house since Daddy is an accountant. We are SO excited to get our Daddy back! Looking forward to him taking a week off, doing some major spring cleaning, and taking a mini family vaca to WI to visit dear friends. : )

  113. We’re doing mental “feng shui” this week by changing our thoughts from concerned and reactive, to more positive and proactive. After a couple of rough weeks of IEP meeting nonsense & dealing some difficult school related situations for our girl — we’ve decided that enough is enough, it’s time to head back to our “normal”; a place much more optimistic and happy.

    Great post, Kelle! To say I understand your never ending battle with laundry is an understatement. The best we can hope for is some more visitors and a nice old fashioned truce. :)

    Hope you have a happy week ahead! xo

  114. I’ve been trying to make changes in little things, like sitting in the sun in the mornings on my porch to write instead of at my desk, or rearraging things in my home. This post inspires me to do it more! :)

    Ps – are those earrings Lainey is wearing??!! so cute!

  115. Nella’s smile gets me EVERY time ! I’m picking up your book from an Aussie book store today, then getting a good ole glass of red and reading it.

  116. Love the pic of Nella in the cream dress with the books! Also, loving your book! Off to finish reading now!

  117. Beautiful pictures of Nella in that white dress! :)

  118. Oh, those girls! Getting so big!! Beautiful…as always

  119. I could use some little pick me ups after the past 3 weeks have been hard

  120. I think I need to feng shui my diet! Ever since my daughter was born (over a year ago) I have been telling myself I need to eat better. I need to be around for her and do everything I can to make sure that happens! Easier said than done, but maybe convincing my husband to do a little “rearranging” with me will help jump start a new life!

  121. My feng shui this week has been planting. Watching things bloom.

    Esther Dush

  122. Welcome back, nice to see you!
    Lovely, happy pics <3

    Rearrange… I do it often. When I brought in bedside tables recently I realized the framed photos had to move. To one of The bathrooms…. Gooooood chi 😀

    Have a great Tuesday!!!

  123. Sad I missed your book signing. If you’re ever in LA and doing a signing I will be there!! Love that although you are having incredible success and all these amazing experiences, it’s the little moments with your family that matter most. Not sure how I will feng shui this week, but am certainly now at least thinking about it. :-)

  124. Holy cow. I just finished reading the chapter about skinny dipping in the moonlight. I have laughed and cried more in the last 3 days reading this book, I can hardly stand it.
    THANK.YOU. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, your readers. Thank you for bringing me back 17 years when my sweet girl was born and all the people came into our room and yelled, “congratulations”. For taking me back to that first, horrible, awful night in the hospital, dreading what was to come.
    Thank you that as I put my very-grown-up-17-yr.-old who still loves to be tucked in and have Curious George books read to her, and needs her blanket and nosy-nosies and kisses, I remember the joy she brings us each and every day.
    What a life. A sweet, blessed life.
    O.K. going to go look at the cool jewelry now.

  125. I must say, that last picture of Nella, she has the most beautiful smile!

  126. Loooove Nella’s lacey dress…where is that gorgeousness from? Congrats on the book…loved the likening of your suitcase to the pie, adorable as always…it is such a joy to read what you have to say! have a great week!

  127. love Nella’s dress!! and new perspective on how my house should be arranged, my mom does it everytime she visits.

  128. OMGosh the pictures of strangers with your signs…I DIED! Too funny. Is it weird that I want to go do this now…and not really have a friend to pick up?

    PLEASE tell me you’re doing a book signing in California soon (San Francisco? or better yet, the lovely wine country of Sonoma!?!) I’d love to hear you do a reading!

  129. Well, I finally finished this semester… so feng shui is going to look like a shakedown of our little home. I’m gonna get to that giant pile of clothing and put it where it belongs. And it’s gonna be good. :)

  130. Dude… I need some jewelry! :)

    This week I shall clean out my car… including crumbs, hot tea stains, and dirt! I shall also get rid of a few clothing items that I no longer wear so i can buy some new pieces!!!!

  131. Family: it’s good for what ails you.

  132. i love reading your blog.. your girls are soooo cute. I love love love nella’s lace dress!

  133. Well, tomorroe is the tax deadline, so my craziness is about to come to a screeching halt and normal life will resume. Whatever that is. We are taking a nice relaxing trip to Klamath Falls and I can’t wait to explore a new area and watch Arya run free in the wilderness. It is much needed!

    Nella is so adorable, Kelle. She’s really starting to look like a big girl. Love the pictures of your girls as always.

    I’m glad this book thing has been such an amzing experience for you. It’s nice to see how many people out there feel the same way I do about you. :) you have a wonderful soul! Keep doing your thang! Congratulations on it all!! B:)

  134. I’m reigniting good energy by purchasing a plane ticket to San Diego for a good friend’s baby shower. Because like you say, friends show up. That dress of Nella’s is just beautiful! I’m glad there isn’t a Zara Kids near us! I received my signed book plate today! Did a little dance while my husband and daughter laughed at me!

  135. Out of the house nearly 25 years, with 4 kids of my own, my mom still does the “I took your darks, I needed them to make a load”. Sometimes she does it without even telling me, and she brings me back a basket full of the best-mom-home-smelling laundry. xoxo

  136. Since I’m sitting at my computer desk, I realize now that it is in desperate need of feng shui. I guess that’s as good a place as any to start. Glad you had a great week in NY.

  137. I just showed my husband the picture of Nella and the blocks. We were impressed and would have shown Ella, too, if she weren’t asleep. “We’re getting design ideas for blocks,” I said. We are doing some serious feng shui this week–my husband hasn’t had more than one day off at a time in almost two months, and now he has three in a row! Even nap time got delayed by 4 hours, just so we could all spend time together. Of course that pushed bedtime later by 2 hours, but nary a meltdown and many a smile. There’s light for ya!

  138. Or sometimes, you wake up to a baby covered in ….. and you’re forced to feng shui through multiple loads of laundry, disinfecting bath toys (and trash can and everything else in between), and wiping down your whole house with disinfectant wipes. But at the end of the day? My house smells clean, my baby feels better, and I needed to do all of that stuff anyway. :o)

  139. Hello Kelle,
    I am from India, and peopele/living style is very different here from what you have in US. But reading your blog tells me that LIFE is all SAME – challenges and hopes! I just so admire that ‘thing’ in you which give an inspriration to us-who get to know you thru this medium… I just wish your family the very best ahead, and please keep continuing the BLOOM :)

  140. nella’s smile is so adorable!!!

  141. I have a Target bookshelf in my garage that I bought 3 months ago. I am still waiting for my husband to put it together so I can Feng Shui our master bedroom. I have books everywhere: in baskets, piled on top of my dresser, and they need a home:)

    Where did you get Nella’s lace dress? Beautiful!

    Would love a new pair of earings.

    P.S. I’m halfway through bloom and my LORD it is such a beautiful book. You should be so proud!

  142. Your kids are so beautiful Kelle, but Nella in that dress… I audibly sighed! She is stunning — STUNNING. She is honestly one of the prettiest little girls I’ve ever seen. And I know I’m not supposed to say it — because our girls are SMART! And STRONG! And KIND! And your girls of course, are all of those things, but they are also gorgeous, and I just wanted to tell you that. I have not picked up your book yet, because I know I will be a complete mess when I finally read it and I just need to carve out a time and space to fully, fully enjoy it. I’m so looking forward to it though!

  143. You make me fall in love with Florida and make me miss it so much more. I lived there for 5 years and never thought those words would come out my mouth. The way you write, your life and your pictures make me want to scoop up my little girl and take her there. One day soon we will come visit! Thank you, all the way from South Africa x

  144. Hopefully I can feng shui my sleep routine. I think a really good nap with my chubby baby would do the trick! Love Nella in that gorgeous lace dress. Makes me want another girlie girl soooooo bad!

  145. Ahhh poop, Kelle, just when i think I’ve seen the cutest pictures that could ever exist, you crack open a few more!!

    Love the look of pure joy on Lainey’s face with Choc Chip!!! All the clever photo-editing techniques in the world can’t produce that simple glow!!

    I want Nella’s dress and shoes when she grows out of them, kay? And a shrinking ray for me or a growing-ray for the dress and shoes!!

  146. Yet another lovely blog, awesome, awesome! I agree with all the people above who said how gorgeous Nella looks in the lace dress, she is such a big girl now! So excited for you with your book and all that’s going on xxx

  147. “We smile and say thank you in every way imaginable” Oh that’s beautiful. I needed that. Thank you. Elisa xx

  148. I love your blog. I try to fill the house with good smells, whether something delicious in the oven or fresh flowers

  149. Hi Kelle! I can’t wait to get your book! So excited for you!

    How am I going to feng shui this week?

    Cook healthier meals and open the windows to breathe in spring!

  150. I am going to try to find more balance between work, my sweet babe, and friends. Work is what kept me from your book signing :(. But it is a good thing I love what I do!

    Love the earrings!

  151. Thank you for, ‘Bloom’. It has inspired me, yet I don’t think I have ever cried so much reading a book before. 😉 Your words are good for the soul.

  152. I have a billion things I can do in my house to restore order… but with 90 degree temps in DC, my solution has been to go outside, and let Ellie feng-shui the heck out of the sidewalk with yellow chalk.

    I felt a little guilty (we live in a town house and share our front porch) until my neighbor said it makes him happy every time he sees her drawings. Feng shui away, baby!

  153. I cried the minute you said you cried about reading a passage in your book. You have touched my heart. Congrats, again. :)

  154. Hi Kelle. I read your book on my first-generation kindle. However, I regretted it since the pictures on the kindle don’t compare to actually seeing them in person. So yesterday I got the real deal. :) You’ve inspired me to take a photography class so I can capture beautiful pictures of my daughter. Class starts tonight. I’m so excited! Congratulations on your many accomplishments.

  155. Sending you the warmest wishes for continued happiness and success! I just love reading about it all.

  156. Congratulations on your first book signing!!! I love all your little things in life. You always make me want to slow down and enjoy what we have.

  157. Congratulations, Kelle. Saw you on the Today show and it felt like I actually knew you! Keep the momentum going!

  158. As far as feng shui goes, I definitely need to get off my butt and buy a toy box already. When my son was born (15 months ago, I might add), my husband and I knew we would have plenty of time before baby toys started taking over our living room…and kitchen…and laundry room…you get the idea. Whenever I try and clean, I have to throw random blocks, trucks, music boxes, Baby Einstein pianos, etc into a large duffel bag. It doesn’t exactly fit with the art deco theme we have going on in our living room!

  159. My feng shui is cleaning out my hunk room. I love vintage jewelery.

  160. so so very happy for you–

    I changed things up by going back to weight watchers!


  161. I love Nella’s lacy dress! And both girls’ big smiles :)

    Feng Shui this week…I’m going to get my healthy eating back on track (after an extended easter chocolate splurge), hang clothes on the line and get to bed early with a good book!

  162. First off the picture of Nella standing there in the owl shirt giving you the cheeky face totally has me laughing, she is just fantastic! I love how much Lainey is looking like a big girl (totally get what a double edged sword that can be)she is stunning. Love when you share the realness of you home,it always inspires me to up my game,this week start by clearing out my bedroom. I always feel better when I get that puppy in happy peacful order. Hitting Target for new sheets. New sheets hate a messy room. Fact. Does Poppa know he could start his own blog and and I think he would be a huge hit overnight. He could help us all get our shit together. ;o)

  163. You seem to be doing a great job juggling the book with all that it brings and being a mommy. It’s hard to do but your rockin it like usual!

  164. O heavens yes! We are Feng shui-ing our way through the week by unpacking from our spring break camping trip. We’ve sprinkled plenty of sand around our VA home (in the mountains) and reorganized all our beach towels. We have added a lovely mountain of laundry smack-dab in the middle of the dining room as it waits to be carted down to the basement for washing.

    Oh… and I bought Bloom yesterday 😀 It looks great on the coffee table… but hasn’t spent much time there because I’ve been reading it!

  165. I am a fan of your dad’s bracelet…where did he get it??

  166. I was sitting on the couch with my 18-month old on my lap reading this entry. She saw the sweet picture of Nella in the owl shirt and started waving hi. I think they would be friends. :-)

  167. I definitely have to feng shui my home office… it has somehow turned into an overflowing walk-in closet overnight :)

  168. With Spring officially here and sticking around this time (I think) we are fixing up the backyard. With 2 little girls of our own that LOVE being outdoors, having a cleaned up space in that yard for their things is a necessity.

    Love those red earrings on you!

  169. I’m afraid there’s not much feng shui to be had at my house this month. We have 3 weeks of crazy, starting yesterday, so it’s more survival mode than anything. However, my goal is to have dinner cooked and in the fridge, ready to reheat whenever any subset of our family gets home in the evening. Hopefully, that will keep everyone a little happier, even if we barely see each other! :)

  170. A trip to grandma’s is getting our feng in shui!

  171. Nella on the sidewalk! Is she the CutesT angel or what?!! CONGRATS ON ALL OF THE WONDER IN YOUR LIFE! Hugs ~ Jo

  172. It must have been such a blessing to hear you read an excerpt from your book. Congratulations on it all. Love that your friends celebrated without you! And that picture of Nella and her PT is priceless.

    We’re on spring break this week so we’re doing a lot of things to tweak and refresh. Thanks for the nudge to get it done.

  173. Love those red earrings! Amp up the good energy?!? Adding fun little adventures to the everyday; started last night when I talked my love into stopping into a favorite restaurant to pick up some chocolate pudding on our ride home from work! It took all of seven minutes, but it made all the difference last night.

  174. I checked out the Linkel jewelry and it is adorable! I’ve got $50 of stuff picked out already, JUST IN CASE I get picked for the gift card. :)
    On feng shui, what helps me gain good energy is taking pictures. I still need all the practice I can get; I love taking impromptu pictures whenever I can.
    I got my copy of Bloom and I can’t wait to read it. There were some pictures in it that I hadn’t seen before.
    Thank you for being you!

  175. Cleaning out the master bath and getting the big tub in working order…that is my change it up goal!

  176. My feng shui? Clean the pantry. And then I feel inspired to cook. So stupid, but so true. Ha!

  177. Your waffle breakfast? Get out of here!!! I want your dad to come stay with me. I’d need 3 days, tops.

  178. Got my Bloom amazon pre-order last week and devoured it in one day. I love reading people’s life stories. I am praying for you and your family.

  179. AHHHHH! I need that lace dress Nella is wearing!! Please, you MUST post again where you got it. Thanks for this post – feng shui-ing my house is a must. I know that my clutter and mess is not lending much to Happy Spring feelings I’m supposed to be having at this time of year :)

  180. Nella looks so old to me in a couple of the pics today – just adorable. I was bummed my mom couldn’t come to the book signing – please do one in Chicago!Congrats on #11 – amazing!!

  181. Hi Kelle,
    I’m italian and I love your blog and your way to see the life. Is it possible to have an italian version of your book? I’m so curios to read it…

    A big hug.

  182. Flowers are always my go to for reigniting the good energy! They make me our home feel fresh & clean. I like to switch out my couch throw pillows & blankets for each season too. P.S. I ordered Bloom the other day & been playing the “crazy mailbox checking” game every day since…can’t wait!

  183. Oh there are so many things on our to do list…. but I would love to find a new spot for the computer, move it our of our bedroom and create a reading nook in it’s place.

  184. It always feels so good to get back into your routine after being away…especially with the kiddos! When I need to get rid of the staleness, I tend to clean and craft…it’s amazing out easily one new little creation makes things feel fresh!

    Congrats on everything that happened last week- it was really fun watching it all unfold on IG!!

  185. So glad your trip went well and that you are finally home with your babies. My mom does the same thing when she comes to my house, she pretends she just ‘needs’ to clean something and my house is it 😉 Must be a parent thing. Have a great week!

  186. I bought a picture window frame about a year ago that has lived on the floor in our bedroom. This weekend we finally filled it with pictures and hung it on the wall!

  187. I’m going to clean out my daughter’s closet, reorganize her room, and start getting things ready for her little brother who will be making his arrival in August :)

  188. Nella on the sidewalk in that owl shirt….I want to eat her up! So adorable!

  189. It’s my girl’s first birthday this week. I’m trying to frantically put the finishing touches on ridiculous rainbow themed craft projects and get things in order to head to grandma’s.

    P.S. Nella’s lace dress is so incredibly adorable. I love it! But perhaps it’s the little girl in the dress that makes it so cute!

  190. Love this. I have one thing that I am trying to change in my weekly plans. I am trying to get together with a friend once a week. Planning to make it happen. Being an intentional friend instead of just showing up every now and then.


  191. Loved the book. Trying (in vain) to get a picture of Ollie with it for you. And don’t worry – my mother merely shakes her head at my house when she comes.

  192. Stop it with that lace dress!!!! It looks SO awesome on her. And thank you for standing in line at American Girl for Lainey. When I was little, we only had the catalogue. My mom was so generous with getting me the things I HAD to have. And to this day (age 24) I do not forget it.

  193. Hey Kelle, I just finished your book and loved it! I especially loved that almost every page had a picture on it :) I’ve been a loyal blog reader & instagram-stalker (haha) for awhile now and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love your writing, your drive, your half glass full view of life… congratulations on the book… not everyone can say they’ve written a book, but you can.

    Janice xox
    @janny81 on Instagram

  194. Hi Kelle! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to sign the bookplates for Bloom. I received mine in the mail yesterday and it made my day! Such a special addition to your wonderful book.

  195. Ahhh the photo of Nella and Jonah! She is in love!! What a priceless smile!

  196. Would love to wear some the jewelry! Congrats on your book! I LOVED every word you wrote! Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  197. My book plate arrived yesterday!!! Thank you so much. With all the school work I have I have been slowly crawling through your book , but I secretly love it because I never want it to end ! :)

  198. I think I will open the blinds more and let the light shine in…. Makes me happy

  199. We get so caught up in routine…I think it’s good to just let it go sometimes..that reignites the good energy…have ice cream sundaes for dinner, let the kids stay up until 10 on a school night, set up the tent in the living room, and not pick up the mess for two days…now that’s living!! :)

  200. awesome post, this past weekend we put on a prom for students with disabilities and a 2 year old girl with down syndrome was there, all i could think of was nella :)

  201. Honestly, I hate rearranging, but maybe I’ll give it a shot this week. :-)

  202. Yes! I need to dust, rearrange, declutter! I want it done but I don’t want to be the one to do it :)

  203. Not that I don’t love absolutely everything Nella wears, but I’m head over heels for the little lace dress in this post. Where did you get it?! Speaking of adorable, I also adore the purple and grey owl tee-shirt. How do you find such cuteness?!

  204. Love the earrings! I got my week off to a fresh start with a good scrubbing of the hardwood floors. Sets me in the right direction : ) I’m a little OCD so on the weekends I cut myself major slack and let go! But nothing motivates/inspires or calms me like cleaning and organizing!

  205. Since your dad cleans up your house when he comes – you wouldn’t mind if I did, too!
    I am the opposite of a hoarder – I’m a purger. I love to have my environment in order and free of clutter.
    *You may want to investigate using a system of “dump baskets”. Get a cute basket or two and minutes before anyone comes over, throw everything that doesn’t belong in that particular room or space in the basket – to be hidden and dealt with later. (That’s another one of my secrets: a “Monica” closet.)*
    I’m super-organized – I can put my hand on any document, photo, sales slip in a matter of minutes.
    When I taught school my organization was intimidating to other teachers – no kidding, Dude. I’m not amused by lack of organization – but if you don’t mind your company cleaning up for you, then we’re all set.;-)

  206. Organize stacked up printed recipes to try into a notebook to clean up the mess. Drop a bag of stuff off at GoodWill. Get dinner cooked and cleaned earlier and enjoy what the FL evenings have to offer this time of year!

  207. My feng shui efforts involve spring cleaning. Cleaning up and cleaning out. I love the feeling of the purge. We also started swimming lesson for my 1 year old. Swimming means summer is coming!

  208. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read Bloom. While reading your blog today I read pining as pinning :) too much internet!

  209. So happy the book is going great!! I am going to try to change my outlook this week. I am going to wake up and decide that it will be a good day!

  210. I plant to feng shui my attitude – be a bit slower to get angry when the world around me isn’t doing what I think it should. I’d like to live in a world where people don’t go from 0 to ANGRY in a snap, so, I need to be better about giving people the benefit of the doubt.

  211. My little changes… re-organize my basement playroom/office so that it is less cluttered, and more welcoming. Also –is it possible to feng shui yourself? If so, I want to do so by getting out on a walk every day with my dog and bambinos… We all feel better when we do so!

  212. We Feng Shui best when routines are in place. Anything out of the ordinary and our Chi says Ciao!

  213. Happy Tuesday to you and your family.
    Looking forward to the weather finally getting its act together so my two little girls and I can do some barefoot walks.

  214. Making changes…a couple big ones to come for us this year…a new baby in fall..hopefully a move to a bigger house. I realized if I start de-cluttering and put stuff in storage…it doesn’t feel so overwhelming…like there is more room in our little 2 bedroom condo to breath. :)

  215. That photo of Nella sitting on the chest with a book in her hands. Just love that! What a gal she’s becoming.

  216. My mom used to say, “I love you as much as there are clothes on your floor.” And that was great, but I don’t think anyone else is impressed by my colorfull floor. So, feng shui at my place definitely starts with picking my clothes up off the floor and putting them…on my lampshade.

  217. My mom used to say, “I love you as much as there are clothes on your floor.” And that was great, but I don’t think anyone else is impressed by my colorfull floor. So, feng shui at my place definitely starts with picking my clothes up off the floor and putting them…on my lampshade.

  218. First off, I am so delighted to say that I am almost done reading Bloom on my Nook. It’s bitter sweet…cause I don’t want to stop reading.

    Secondly, Nella looks so grown up in these pictures. It’s like she has sprouted inches within the last weeks. I love the pic of her in the white dress reading the book!

    Lastly, I’m changing it up a bit for me. I just registered for a 7K run that helps with our city’s health initiatives. This is ludicrous for me….I don’t run unless I’m chased!!

    Have a great day!

  219. My Target finally restocked Bloom and I got it last week. I finished it in two days and now my 12 year old daughter is reading it. She doesn’t really like to read, but she couldn’t wait to get her hands on Bloom! I also bought the new People magazine (because William LEvy was on the cover, HELLO!) and was so excited to see the review of your book!!!!! You did a wonderful job! As usual, I was so inspired after I read it! You are like my weekly dose of church, seriously, I read your blog like a sermon on how to get the absolute most out of life! LOVE YOU!!!!!

  220. my husband and I are trying a BIG fung shei and are looking for a place to pick up and move to! somewhere in the DFW area, but we might as well close our eyes and point at a map to pick exactly where. it’s so fun and energizing to go somewhere new!

  221. ooops, I just posted under my daughter Isabella’s google account : )

  222. Love it. I am nearly though the book. I am thoroughly enjoying it and can’t wait for my book plate. I wish I would have done the book club thing . . . Lainey and Nella are adorable. Feng shui at my house is opening black out curtains in bedrooms and letting the sun pour in to the rooms and for a brief moment all the toys in the living room being picked up.

  223. Great pictures again. You have such a special relationship with your Dad…..so wonderful.
    I love Lainey’s new dog. She is such a mama.
    That smile of Nella is so adorable.

  224. We are moving this weekend so I’m thinking utter chaos. Though last weekend we took time out and cleaned out the garage and had a little sale. I so enjoy reading your blog! I can’t wait to get my copy of bloom!

  225. That lace dress that Nella is wearing is incredible. She looks so pretty in it. I love how your girls adore each other. It makes me so happy to see. Congrats again on Bloom. You all deserve all of this wonderful happiness.

  226. I ordered Bloom on Zulily using a store credit and am impatiently awaiting it’s arrival!

  227. Thank you for the Feng Shui inspiration, I’m going to tackle the spare room clutter and crazy laundry explosion this afternoon! Your photos are gorgeous!

  228. Today, for my “Feng Shui”, I’m going shoppping with my birthday money. I’m spending it on the kids though…I’d honestly love to have some new summer dresses, flip flops, shirts, etc…that makes me just as happy (or more so) than buying for myself. I think I’ll make a quick stop in Michael’s though for a home craft… btw, I’m so happy for you and your family!!

  229. Love the jewelry! I think Feng Shui might include planting some annuals for the pots on my front porch this weekend.

  230. I am moving this week, so I will need a lot of feng shui in my life! But moving gives you that motivation and opportunity to rearrange and get creative, so I’m feeling pretty inspired. Speaking of inspiration – I received my copy of Bloom in the mail last week and got my personal autograph from you yesterday…I’m sure my neighbors have loved watching me in the backyard with Bloom, sitting in the sun, bawling my eyes out. :-) Simply amazing!

  231. my hubs and i close on our first house next week so i firmly intend to finally pitch that one sweater i haven’t worn in 5 years and the hand-me-down mini frying pans that just take up space. less is more, right?!

  232. Love the earrings! Feng shui….hmmm, definitely need to change things up in our routine:)

  233. Hmm… I think I will re-organize my baby’s toys and maybe do cabinet re-organization in the kitchen. That might reignite some energy! Oh and change some pictures out in my picture frames. Thanks for another fun post- wish I didn’t live so far away or I would have been there for that signing.

  234. I seriously love that Heidi celebrated your return home with random strangers!! That is AWESOME!!!

  235. I changed my bedspreads to light, airy,flowery designs and bought new cushions for my patio furniture so we can sit outside comfortably by the firelight. Also, opening all the windows in the daytime to let in the fresh air and sunshine is so healing to me.

  236. What a great giveaway! Thanks a heap! One “feng shui” I like to do is to take time and read a good book (or 7). It definitely ignites good energy into my life!

  237. My feng shui for the week will be leaning out my kids’ play room, re-organizing and sorting. I always dread it but feel so much better when it’s done.
    Love nella’s lace dress by the way!

  238. For me, Feng Shui = Tidy House. And nothing, nothing can replace it :( So Chi is a rare guest here…

  239. I love that you’re such a low key mama. I’m so uptight about things and would NEVER let my girls give stuffed animals/soft dolls bathes. I’m working on letting go, but as you can see I still have some growing to do.

  240. Feng shui: did our taxes a few days ago, ugh! But feels so much better; good energy! Lainey is getting so big – cute close-up of her smiling. So good to hear “What’s changed? A few inevitable things, but really life’s the same.” -Being down to earth is one of your best qualities.
    Tejas love,

  241. Oh man,Feng shui. I live in a small space with a crazy 3 year old boy and a newly mobile 10 month old girl. I have tried so many times to change things up in the small space but always it ends up the same except those few pictures I update. I love how your home looks so random but yet fits together so perfectly.
    Where did you get Nella’s lace dress? Usually the insanely cute outfits end up with a tag but didn’t see that one.

  242. We are currently rearranging our bedroom with our daughter’s to give her more space to play and to give us a cozy bear den. The slight changes we have made so far have already renewed the energy in this house.

    Kelle, I am half way through reading Bloom and I have to say thank you for putting it all down. Such honest, beautiful words.

  243. We are celebrating my husband’s birthday this weekend with a party with our nearest and dearest (those not too far away to join anyhow!) to add some excitement and newness to life – because I love me some birthday celebrations!

    Adorable and stunning pictures of those girls as always!

    PS I am whipping through reading your book like it’s air to keep breathing. It is magnificent! I can’t wait for every moment I can squeeze in to read it and yet I don’t want it to be over! Thank goodness I still have your lovely blog to continue reading!

  244. Your little ones are so sweet and beautiful. I leave with hope after every visit to your page, just from their lovely smiles.

  245. Every single time I read your blog I smile, or laugh out loud, or cry a little. But it moves me. Thank you.

  246. Loved this post…

    we have french toast for breakfast on Saturday morning, too, and my son is STILL raving about it, even pretending to make his own in his play kitchen (he’s 2.5).

    This weekend we tried to take some time to wrap up some “half finished” projects…always seem to be a few going on.

    Congratulations on your book success! I can’t wait to get my own copy, or borrow it from one of my friends already enjoying it immensely!

  247. LOVE Nella’s lace dress :)

    Changing it up? I’m jetting off for 2 nights away from my girls. First time ever I’m going on a plane without them. Girls weekend! Much needed, but yet I still feel a little guilty. Guess the Mummy-guilt never goes away entirely.

    Got my bookplate yesterday. Thanks so much :)

  248. Thinking just some nice, warm weather would re-energize me…I could use some :) Love your earrings and Nella’s adorable lace dress! I need to find one like that for my little one!

  249. Is it considered Feng Shui if I finally dust the dumb mini blinds? That is my goal for the week which will also allow more pure sunshine and not weirdly hazy dirty sunshine into my house :)

  250. We decided to take back our living room this weekend. We spent hours cleaning the kids’ rooms so that their toys could actually be in there and we could have a nice space to sit as a family. It’s sublime not having to watch where you sit or trip over Hot Wheels. Now, it actually looks like adults live here too.:)

  251. I would love some feng shei tips too. Also some spelling lessons. hahah. Loved the book and congrats on your busy weeks and coming home to simplicity. As always your an inspiration to me and your kids are adorable.

  252. So excited that I received my book in the mail! It’s more beautiful than I could have imagined! Love it!

  253. I love that giant pink ring, it would suit me just fine!

  254. I threw a party just so I would have to do some spring cleaning and buy fresh flowers.

  255. Congratulations to you on the book, the trip, and the successful signing.

    Just today, we re-ignited some energy by saying no to school and yes to a beach/birthday celebration for a friend that will be moving out of town shortly. Big smiles all around and a good reminder!

    I am loving owls lately … so totally digging the t-shirt and those earrings!

  256. I just got new windows put in my house, and that motivated me to clean, clean, clean! I love the feeling after the year’s first spring cleaning.

  257. To be honest, I didn’t know what Feng Shui was (possibly still not 100% sure), but I do know that I’ve been re-evaluating all the routines currently in my life and trying to do the same…make small changes that make a difference. Be it a difference in my life, my husbands life, OUR life, or lives of my co-workers and others that surround me. It’s a good feeling to view life from a different perspective and feel that what you’re doing is impacting someone else in a positive way! So, I’m going to continue this Feng Shui, or what have you…and p.s. Congratulations on all the good that is happening to you and your family…you are truely insperational!

  258. We shook things up by getting out of town for a quick weekend getaway.

  259. Reading your blog is like stepping outside for fresh air. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  260. Oh so great to get back to your blog! Happy Homecoming and CONGRATS on your amazing success with the book…and with life :)!

  261. My book (or should I say YOUR book!) came in the mail yesterday!! I can’t put it down! I love the way you write and how you find joy and happiness in every thing!
    I am also envious of your relationship with your father…you’re a very lucky gal!

  262. The eyelet dress is gorgeous! Now I want one for my daughter. The dog picture is too sweet, and the Target deal is awesome! Go you! :)

  263. i’m certain that a little feng shui could be added to my routine with $50 of that cute jewellery! it is beautiful. i try to feng shui it with my girls and keep busy doing fun things while daddy is busy with grad school and work. i do get stuck in the same old, same old but when i do and i realize it, we change it up. we head to the park, to a friend’s house, the zoo…what have you! LOVE the book! i have been recommending it to everyone!

  264. Totally resonating with the urge to declutter and spruce up and reinvent.

  265. i’m just trying to keep things organized this week – primarily my kitchen and my mind.

  266. I could definitely finish unpacking. 4 months later and “we just moved in” is no longer working as an excuse :(

  267. Love Nella’s owl t-shirt, so cute! :) I think I might have to work some feng shui myself now. Also, I just started your book, it’s my “reward” to read a little of it after I finish studying for one class (I wish I could just sit down and read it cover to cover though).

  268. I’m trying to stay off the computer and replace mindless surfing with meaningful moments. Except to read Enjoying the Small Things of course!

  269. Your blog is so inspiring! Love the eyelet dress of Nella:)

  270. i just discovered your blog, i just got your book in the mail (literally, a few minutes ago when i arrived home), and i am following you on instagram… i’m LOVING all of your pictures, and i cannot wait to dig into the book (and to your blog)!

    my husband was very sick this past week and weekend, so it was a pretty stressful week… but the nice part about it was that we were able to stay home for 5 days straight, and it gave me a chance to knock out some looming tasks- that have been weighing me down for quite sometime (inbox, huge stack of paperwork, …). also, he couldn’t drink any coffee or alcohol, so each afternoon- around the same time- we stopped to enjoy a cup of tea. it gave us a chance to pause & relax- in the midst of anxiety & worry.

    (… he’s feeling much, much better now! look forward to getting to know you better through your blog- and book, of course :)!)

  271. This post made me laugh. Thank you for that. I love the part about Poppa and your Grandma nicely offering to help. It’s turning spring here in Southern Ontario Canada and I love the Feng Shui that open windows bring to a house. How the sunshine rays illuminate dirty winter-weather windows, well I don’t like that part, but the fire that lights within me to get out the windex and scrub them clean is nice. I love the longer days that come with spring, meaning evening trips to the park after supper and more impromptu dinner invitations to have friends over, flowing in and out of the house as the BBQ is fired up. In fact, I just invited friends over for dinner this weekend to energize me to clean the house. Yes I did… Pathetic. But sometimes I just need a kick in the pants.

  272. Changing up my morning routine by getting up before the kids to work out…gets the endorphins flowing! Asking for your book for Mother’s Day and I can’t wait!

  273. Beautiful post. I need your dad to come to my house!

    Right now we are in the midst of de-cluttering. We have a small house and though I love the arrangement of my furniture, the constant clutter surrounding it ruins the “feng shui”.

  274. Moving into a new house, definite opportunity for feng shui!

  275. I wrote a post about you today. (((((HUGS)))))

  276. Kelle,

    I LOVE Nella’s little lace dress in the pics above. Where’d you get it??

    Also, I’m going to have to order another copy of ‘bloom’, as my 13-year-old daughter snatched up the one I ordered from Amazon as soon as it arrived!


  277. How could those red earrings NOT reignite good energy?! Love them.
    Looking forward to reading Bloom.

  278. I’m normally super laid back in the areas of housekeeping but we have our home on the market so we had to clean it OUT and keep it that way! It’s been great to do things as I go but I am looking forward to not vacuuming every time we leave the house and being more relaxed with laundry and dishes again!!! It’s nice for now, to enjoy the results of our big ole feng shui purge!

  279. Loved this post! I purchased Bloom yesterday on Kindle – I’m almost finished with it today….but don’t tell my boss I’ve been reading at my desk all day! Its a must read! :)


  280. Yesterday my 3 year old was sick and stayed home from preschool. We decided to clean out his room, purging the closets of outgrown toys and clothes. Feels good to simplify a bit (next up is my daughters room and my closet!). Side bonus: He rediscovered toys he had forgotten about that had been living at the bottom of the toybox for months. YAY!

  281. I’ll be cleaning out my janky car, sweeping the dog hair off the floors, but most importantly, catching up on blogs while sipping a cold one on the porch!

  282. I love that you’re honest about your messy house! You seem so put together in most areas, but the messy house side of you makes you feel real to me. Maybe it’s because I relate so much. :)

  283. I love the cameo ring! We’re heading south this weekend and are looking forward to some hot tub fun ourselves. I’m planning to buy Bloom to read on the plane. Take care!

  284. If I could just get my hubby to move the bags from his business trip away from the front door the whole house would feel so much lighter. I love the pictures from PT, I often think that would be an amazing job, working with miracles like Nella <3

  285. My Hubby and I moved my Craft Area(in the middle of the dinning room) to the back bedroom. More space to move around and more space to actually see what I have. :)

  286. I have not had a chance to get your book yet b/c my son just had surgery but I cannot wait to read it! You are amazing and your girls are beautiful! I could use some good chi this week! Those earrings are the sweetest! :)

  287. Ok, I’m going to have a long comment, LOL! First of all, I downloaded a sample of Bloom on my nook over the weekend and stayed up till midnight reading it with tears in my eyes. I’m going to buy the hard copy at B&N this week for sure! Then I told my mom about it, who was a special education teacher her whole life, and she was in tears with me just telling her about the book! Look at all the lives you are touching! My mom thinks it is great that you are talking about this, and she wants to buy copies to give to the county school system to loan to the parents of special needs children to read! You can’t listen to the grumpy people who leave nasty comments or reviews. They have a bad outlook on life! Just don’t listen to them! Also, I think it is fine that you have advertisements and sponsors, like etsy. People shouldn’t complain about that. You know why? Because you are driving the economy! Something we need right now. When you advertise and offer discounts, and people buy, then we are helping those small business owners! What a wonderful thing! Many of these etsy people are Mom’s who are just trying to make a little extra to pay for family things! And finally, I think your next book should be like a self help book, about steps to take to be a happier person, you could also include fun things like craft ideas, party decorating ideas, etc! How fun, right? You should consider it! Ok, that’s my 2 cents! One more thing, I decided to send my son to a 2-morning/week preschool next year when he turns 4, and so many people tell me “he must go EVERYDAY to get ready for kindergarten!” but I want him at home longer! And I keep thinking about how you keep your kids at home and don’t fall into peer pressure to send them to preschool everyday, and that learning at home can be a beautiful thing! Thanks for showing that!

  288. Perhaps moving that old couch away from the big bay window and welcoming some sunlight…which has been pouring in some major love this week!

  289. Clear out the clutter that blocks my lovely windows in the laundry/mud room! That has been screaming clean me every since we moved in 4 years ago!!!

  290. So happy for all of the little (and big) moments this past week brought for you and your loved ones! As a (quiet and passive) follower of your blog for over two years, it has been a privilege to witness your beautiful evolution. Your “good chi” has helped so many, including myself.

    This past week I decided to “feng shui” things in my life by finally taking the time to do something for ME. As the mom of two little ones, and wife to a husband who constantly travels for work as both an airline pilot and a Navy reservist, I never have/make the time for myself. This brought me to the decision to start a new workout/diet regimen using P90X2. Despite the inability to get to a sitting or standing position at the moment, without assistance, I am happy and excited at the changes to come!

  291. Unpacking some more boxes. Moved over a month and a half ago and have just been sitting looking at them. Time to get off my butt!

  292. So glad that life is still the same and that there’s time for a lazy weekend!

  293. Looks like you had a lot of fun in NYC!

    I’m trying to feng shui our house by opening it up more and getting rid of the clutter. Also, I’m very excited to open up the widows in the house and let the breeze in!

  294. Hi Kelle,
    I have it!!! I’m so happy to have your book in my mail, i don’t know why, but all the days i’m thinking that it’s a good day to receive my book of “Bloom”, and it was that day. I’ve just read some lines and see a few pics, and i want to start read it… But it’s just a little difficult than your usual readers because i’m french, but i understand your posts in your blog, so i think i can read your book.It’s my first book in English, you know that it’s just important for me.I love lace dress on Nella, and your earrings!!!!(what about bookplates, i have received nothin!)Thanks for all.

  295. I love the picture of Nella in the white dress, she looks so pretty. Linkel Designs jewelry is really cool. Enjoy all the fun during this special time! Kimmy

  296. Kelle will you PUH-LEASE share the brand of Nella’s cream lace dress, I NEED it for my baby!

  297. Ejoy this fun time! Congrats on #11!!! That is fabulous. I love the picture of Nella in the white dress, she looks so pretty. I love the jewelry, very cool. Have a great week! Kimmy

  298. I’ve been hanging art on the walls and sprucing this place up!

  299. Hi! I just wanted to let you know, your book is the best book I have ever read. I am a college student in Indiana studying elementary education. Reading the book in between classes, and substitute teaching, I finished your book in 9 hours. You are truly inspiring, Kelle. I can’t even wait for your next book to come out! :)

  300. this week I am finally putting up the Easter decorations. (Heck, I might even get around to putting up the Valentine Day decorations.) =)

  301. As much as I love and adore you, and your beautiful kiddos too, of course! And let’s not forget Brett. I can’t do that!!!! But, I just read a part of Bloom where your dad wrote that letter – and I lost it!!!!! Boo hoo’d like a big ole baby. And I have loved every second of it. You are so blessed….thanks for writing this!!! Congrats once again.

  302. To improve my feng shui, I’ll call my landlord and ask him to fix my broken dryer. Leaving clothes in the washing machine for days at a time is not cutting it!

    I am also in love with Nella’s little lace dress.

  303. Haha! I love how for your ‘leave a comment link’ you have 302 comments…so far! That is a heck of a lot of comments.

    Isn’t it special how people from your community come to honor you and your book?

  304. Love, love reading your blog, Kelle. I’ve kept up with you since reading your post about Nella’s birth (linked from Elizabeth Foss’s blog). This is my first comment! I live in Riverside, CA and, while I was in Barnes and Noble, I looked for Bloom. And I couldn’t find it anywhere! So I asked at information and the BN worker helped me find it in the family section. She said, “This should be on the Mother’s Day table,” and I concurred, so she scooped up a stack and took them away. I grabbed one, and made sure to turn the other two outward, so they were easy to see :). Yours is a story everyone should read. Thanks for being you, and for allowing so many of us to know you through your words and pictures!

    A friend in CA :)

  305. Nella looks like toddler Lainey in the photo with the cereal bowl. All the pix are great!

    Maybe to keep on the laundry you need to Martha Stewart your laundry room. Or Pintrest. I’m picturing big glass lemonade-type-detergent dispensers and gorgeous laundry baskets on a pretty shelf. Could be fun!

  306. Nella looks like toddler Lainey in the photo with the cereal bowl. All the pix are great!

    Maybe to keep on the laundry you need to Martha Stewart your laundry room. Or Pintrest. I’m picturing big glass lemonade-type-detergent dispensers and gorgeous laundry baskets on a pretty shelf. Could be fun!

  307. So excited for you on your first book signing! Us Californians are hoping you’ll be making your way over here soon!
    This week I surprisingly had a lot of feng shui happening! I just started my new job at a non-profit organization and most everything in my office was donated ie not too pretty. So I bought some ocean blue paint, got some sand inspired wallpaper and channeled my inner Kelle Hampton and painted an old tall brown filing cabinet and rusty metal bookshelf. They are now spa worthy! Congrats again!

  308. Don’t you feel better when everything is clean, tidy and in order? I am like you, if the main floor of my house looks good, you can bet the upstairs is a mess! Oh and my bedroom is hardly a ‘santuary’, laundry baskets and strewn clothing ahoy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  309. Congratulations and thank you once again for inspirations and confirmations.

    We skipped our routine by saying no to school and yes to a beach/birthday treat morning with a friend who will be moving soon. It was refreshing and brought lots of big smiles. It was a good reminder to shake things up.

  310. Currently in the middle of your book and loving it. I love the emotion, thanks for sharing yourself with us.

    Feng shui…I need to de-clutter the house. We just have too much stuff!

  311. finished reading Bloom this week! Thanks for sharing your journey and helping to cultivate others to see the beauty in all.

  312. I’ve been putting off getting back into my exercise routine like my life depended on it. I’ve found every excuse why I shouldn’t go for a run, exhaustion being the one I use most frequently. Today, I was inspired to change my routine. I’m feeling energized, so thank you for helping me rock my chi :)

    I’m going to also rock that pink ring! Have a great day, Kelle!

    <3 Nikki

  313. thanks for the constant smiles and inspiration! I just wrote a blog post about your blog today :) http://www.simplylifeblog.com/2012/04/homemade-focaccia-with-caramelized-onions-and-brie-enjoy-the-little-things/

  314. Congrats on the success of your book! Spring cleaning and yard work always get me going. I clean out one closet and my kids start hiding from me. LOL

  315. I “need” to clean my room and move things around in here. I want to add a book shelf so the piles of books/paper on my bed can disappear and my husband can sleep here again LOL! Is that Feng Shui enough?

  316. As always, everything is beautiful. Was wondering where you found the pale yellow mugs? So cute

  317. *Your friends, your dad, your red earrings….love.

    *I can hear your grandma knocking…such sweetness.

    *THAT LACEY DRESS!!! Is it one of your Mama’s creations? Oh, lordy, lordy!

    *You at the micro-phone made me choke up…can’t imagine if I heard you in person!

    *And for our home? Well, I always ALWAYS have a sink full of dishes as well as in the dish rack. I’m sick of it. I hosted a baby shower this weekend, so I scooped up all my dirty pans & the rack and put them in the basement bathtub!!! I cleared off my counters in 2 seconds and decided I liked this “fresh start.” I’ve kept my sink & counter cleared for 3 days now. But the pans are still in the tub….hahaha!

    pssst….one of the pans is from our Easter ham. How SICK am I? Is being honest a form of Feng Shui???

  318. I decided that the bird trying to build her nest over my front door can stay and build her home there. We don’t use that door often and despite having a brand new house, I kind of like the idea of a nest there. I feel as though it is good luck….our red door!

  319. Your girls are so stinking cute!

    Now – if you get a chance to read this comment, can you please share where you got Nella’s little crocheted dress? A.DOR.A.BLE!

  320. Can Nella get any cuter? Seriously. She. is. adorable!!!!! Love the jewels, too :)

  321. Holy Mother of God!!! I loved “Bloom,” I LOVE Nella’s white lace dress, and I adore washing puppies…even fake ones!! You Rock!

  322. Love the post! Those pics of Nella are extra amazing. We feng shuied our family budget over the weekend by getting rid of cable and signing up for the YMCA and swim lessons for the kids with the money we’d be saving. More time outside is always a good change.

  323. I’m with one of your other commenters. Changing my attitude is my path to peace this week. Can’t change the chaos of life right now, but maybe I can embrace the chaos and love its messiness first.

  324. I “feng shuied”(is that a phrase??) my brain by recognizing that my new found hobby of sewing(mostly baby burp clothes for a couple of little ones soon to be born) is better than meditation for me! I am focused and quiet in my head….a welcome peace from my usually busy thoughts! Peace to you, Allison

  325. Kelle, I would have the picture of Nella blown up and framed with her looking over her shoulder in that beautiful dress. Wow she is so beautiful. Just love that photo.

  326. I feng shui a LOT. I always feel like something is “off” in the house, and I’m forever rearranging and reorganizing what I just did a month or two ago. My favorite thing to do is purge, to make a clean, bright space where before there was clutter. It makes everything better.

  327. I can reignite by cleaning out my purse…yikes. Coupons, coins, lip gloss, snacks…a little incentive goes a long way.

  328. Okay, the pic of Nella in the owl shirt with the funny grin killed me. So dang cute!

  329. This is a great post! I’m not sure how, but it makes me want to be more of who I am.

    And so does that aqua leaf necklace from linkel. hook a sista up!

  330. Those earrings are fierce!

  331. Love those earrings! And I think I need to do a bit of de-cluttering, moving things around and reigniting the energy that’s been lost in our home.
    Also, finished reading your book this week. LOVED it!! Thank you for pouring yourself into the book and sharing it with us. So wonderful!

  332. Dear Kelle, I am so thrilled for you and for your success! You are changing the course of history. That’s our job, right?! Go get ’em.

  333. I found this Feng shui tip incredibly helpful, I have been using it every week, some daily, hope it helps you too, http://www.thespiritualfengshui.com/feng-shui-tips.php

  334. I’m with you…need to de-clutter, let in more light and put away clean clothes that have sitting in a hamper for a week now.

  335. I just LOVE Nella’s little lace dress! So adorable. So happy for you and the turn out at your book signing!

  336. I must have Nella’s lace dress!!!!! Where does it come from and does it come in big girl sizes too??!! :)

  337. Congratulations Kelle on the wonderful launch of “Bloom”.
    So excited for you and your family that it is at #11.
    In regards to positive changes for my living environment my approach for the rest of april is a determined decluttering!

  338. My feng shui? I’m going to (try to) change my thinking. It’s been an anxiety-filled week, so I’m going to “let go and let God.” I believe that what will be, will be, yet I still worry. Gonna do my best to get a handle on that this week.

  339. I’m having one of those weeks too where I feel like some things need changed up here! And I have 4 baskets of laundry that need to be folded and put away! Beautiful post as usual!

  340. I need some feng shui so loved reading the comments. I have to say though loved your Friday Phone dump pics – the one of the girls in the tub w/nella standing up and her little rump in the pic – ADORABLE!!

  341. I have these same earrings!! I LOVE them!!! :)

  342. the full shot picture of Nella standing on the sidewalk in the owl shirt melted my heart. Your blog makes me happy.

  343. Loved the book and loved seeing you on the Today show! My friends are begging to borrow my copy of Bloom! I bought one for a friend who is expecting a baby girl with DS. She is so greatful!

  344. Well, right now kicking this cold or whatever it is would definatly ignite some positive energy, I am really thinking of a deep spring cleaning as soon as I feel better.

  345. I don’t even care about the material stuff…I just love this blog more and more everyday.
    :) Paula

  346. Feng Shui can be just small things. Like the flowers my husband brought home for my birthday!

  347. Isn’t de-cluttering and reorganizing wonderful?! :) Your girls are just too cute!

  348. Can I just say that I enjoy the fact that you don’t use your dresser for it’s intended purpose? I don’t either. Oh sure, it holds clean clothes, just not IN it, mostly just on top of it. I thought maybe I was the only one with this problem. So my Feng shui I’m working on, once we get everything folded and put away, is to do one COMPLETE load of laundry each day, meaning wash, dry, fold, and put away! Having a clean house makes me feel at peace but it rarely happens with 4 kids, 3 dogs, and 3 cats! And spring cleaning away the clutter this week! Hoping to donate, trash, and recycle all the crap sitting around my house.

  349. Finally “got my Shit together”…..6 black trash bags, 5 boxes to the Good Will…..1 clean house! What a weekend!

  350. That missing the airport surprise thing would totally happen to me!

  351. Super cute jewelry – love it – the flower pendant is so pretty!

  352. Order in my house… bahhahaaa! I’m constantly trying to figure out how to simplify the flow in our home… but I’m convinced that I will constantly have that spoon flip off the plate smearing red jam in the carpet while I’m clearing it to the sink or that pitcher of juice fall on the floor when the fridge is opened — I’m finding the change takes place in me – to breath and realize, “hum… guess my next task is scrubbing jam out of the carpet”… A wise coworker used to tell me all the time “don’t sweat the small stuff” It’s all small stuff….

    ps I just love Nella’s lace dress… she looks precious in it!

  353. Just got your book and can not stop reading! Beautiful story, beautiful, wonderful family! Love all the beautiful stuff that you post!

  354. I am going to FINALLY go through my sock drawer and throw out all those holey suckers that lurk in there!!!

  355. LOVE LOVE LOVE the curly pigtails and the lacy dress!!!
    I definitely blow things all the time too!!!! I’m glad I’m in such great company!

    P.S. Those red earrings are gorgeous!

  356. i think i might add a few, or a lot more pictures of my little ones around the house! thanks!

  357. I’m almost finished with Bloom! This is now my most favorite book on my bookshelf, and I still haven’t finished it! Last night, I was practically crying because the book was so beautiful! This book deserved to go #11 on The NYT… Great job Bloom and Kelle!!!

  358. WHEEEEERE did you get the lacy dress on Nella? She rocks it out big time! Feng Shway? Later; currently I live amongst toy shrapnel and love it.

  359. I have no idea… but I am going to figure something out. Sometimes its the littlest things that can make a big difference!

  360. Love those earrings!
    love the post =)

    hmmm, i brought in tulips from my tiny garden! i looked out today and found that the gardener cut the rest with his weed wacker!!! =P

  361. I sit here wondering what it would be like to be in your life, or have a life like yours. On my bucket list you have your own number for me to one day meet or talk to you! As for my life, my routine is one of either laziness or habit, but I did just start a body fit boot camp for a little girl with a very rare cancer.

  362. love these!

  363. love these!

  364. I just wanted to let you know that you stopped me from having a pregnancy hormone-induced sadness fest just now. I started to think about money problems and student loans and debt piling up, and picked up your book right to the story of Nella’s 6 month bloodwork. When your friend Suzanne said her husband bit her in her sleep, it snapped me out of my almost crying fit, so thank you so much for sharing :] Not just that story, but so many more. You’re fabulous. Sadly, I have no feng shui to mention at the moment, but I will think on it for a while.

  365. I’ve followed your blog for a while and now on IG. You are an inspiration!

  366. Ok, the house project list aside, we are getting our feng shui on by

    A) folding that amazing pile of clean laundry on the chair downstairs after reading this.
    B) getting all the seasonal Easter items packed away for another year.
    C) working on a new garden bed where I’m incorporating a section for children’s play that is filled with local driftwood (for climbing) and tons of rocks for climbing, building. Love.
    D) finally putting away supplies and finishing off lingering projects. :)

    Love how Dad brings so much emotional, mental and physical balance to your life. He’s the bomb.

    Wishing your continued balance.


  367. I can’t BELIEVE how grown up Nella looks in a couple of those pictures!

    As always, I love your blog Kelle and can’t wait to get the book!

    I will be shopping at Linkel for sure and could use the $50! But if not, the 10% off is fab!

  368. Those two words… I heard them for the first time a couple years ago when my sister came to visit because my hubby was gone for army training. She said, “your feng shui is off, let’s get it back.” I had no idea what she was talking about. And we did just that. I am an OCD cleaner/organizer by nature, but sometimes when life is crazy, as it gets, my feng shui is off, just like my sis stated. I have thought of those 2 words many times over the years, and haven’t seen or heard them today until this post. Love it. I think tomorrow I will clean my garage to the nines, like I keep planning to do… because it is always on my mind! And I will hug and kiss each of my 3 boys even harder and longer than I normally do… just because.

    I never turn the tv on. Like never. I rather blog or organize or connect with others. I live in Hawaii now, with the army. I have left 2 comments on your blog before, one at Nella’s 2nd birthday and then a year prior to that when I heard about your blog. Never read it in between. So I didn’t know about your book, etc until I saw my friend (who introduced me to your blog in the first place – Molly Hart Keene) say something about it on facebook. Then I came to your blog again.

    Your zest for life and love and writing are the same things I share so vividly. So why am I telling you all this at MN my time just because hubby is gone in training and I feel like I am talking to you again like I did a few months ago and then a year before that… I am writing a book too. Felt like I always should. Have been pushed to do it even more now by a huge unexplainable desire. Mine deals with a mental ill mother and how it has shaped my life, especially as a mother. Anyway, I have been writing and writing the last 2 weeks. I need to go get a copy of your book. But I have questions on how to go about it from here… (if you even have the time! hahaha)


  369. Loved the post, as always!!! <3

  370. Feng Shui? I’m getting a new sink base in my bathroom. Does that count? Oh, and I’m putting a piece of broken glass I found “junking” on the wall of said bathroom. It’s a giant set of lips. Still wondering what to do with the eyeball part of the broken glass.

    By the way, can your dad come stay with me for a week or so?

  371. We rearranged our kids rooms and the living room this weekend, and it felt so FRESH to walk in on Monday afternoon after work.

    Switching the arrangement of furniture has a great renewing affect on me.

    Totally missing your welcome crew…obviously such a bummer for all, but very funny too : )

  372. i love your posts – they always remind me to slow down, scoop up my little girls and breath them in . . . thank you

  373. “I’m yours” sweetest words ever :)

  374. I just finished reading Bloom today. It is so wonderful, so beautiful. I absolutely loved it! I felt truly inspired to celebrate life a little bit (or a lot of bit :) more. There are so many wonderful points in it but as of recently I guess I really needed to be retaught “to thine own self be true.” Thank you for writing something beautiful and real that helped me grow. P.S. You should do a book signing in or around Nashville Tennessee, you are a kindred spirit and I am dying to meet you :)

  375. love your blog & your girls. where did you find nella’s adorable cream lace dress? or who is it by? thank you so much! slcapps AT yahoo DOT com

  376. I absolutely LOVE Nellas Dress ahh i love that your daughter is close to mine.. love her cute little style!!

  377. would love the tiny owl earrings

  378. would love the tiny owl earrings

  379. That picture of Jonah and Nella. I can not even begin to put into words the emotions I see in that picture.
    I want to take Nella in my arms, and tell her softly but firmly,” you are the MOST beautiful girl in the entire world and don’t EVER EVER EVER let anyone tell you anything different. Ever.” And I want to tell Mr. Jonah, “you are one heck of a PT. “

  380. I just wanted to say that I loved the pictures of Nella in that little lace dress! She just could not be more beautiful x x

  381. Congratulations on the success of your book. I can’t wait to read it. Love the earrings by the way. Thanks for the opportunity.

  382. Your girls are so unbelievably precious. What little darlings! xox

  383. I just finished reading your book, Kelle, and it was incredible learning about your journey and reliving mine. I seriously devoured the book, taking it with me on errands, and opening it quickly at red lights to sneak another morsel. There is so much I would love to share about your beautiful book and my own adventure that started more than three years ago when my sweet Jacob was placed on my chest by the midwife. For now, I’ll comment on your blog entry about feng shui. I’ve decided to feng shui my brain – to clear out everything that steals my energy and power and prevents me from truly being present with my little ones. I’m sweeping out regrets from the past, and blocking fears of the future, and trying to reorganize my brain to stay fully present in the now. I want more joy and laughter in this one wild and precious life that i’ve been given.I’m trying hard to look forward and not back, while taking the time to be present and enjoy all that is good in the now.

  384. I just finished reading your book, Kelle, and it was incredible learning about your journey and reliving mine. I seriously devoured the book, taking it with me on errands, and opening it quickly at red lights to sneak another morsel. There is so much I would love to share about your beautiful book and my own adventure that started more than three years ago when my sweet Jacob was placed on my chest by the midwife. For now, I’ll comment on your blog entry about feng shui. I’ve decided to feng shui my brain – to clear out everything that steals my energy and power and prevents me from truly being present with my little ones. I’m sweeping out regrets from the past, and blocking fears of the future, and trying to reorganize my brain to stay fully present in the now. I want more joy and laughter in this one wild and precious life that i’ve been given. I’m trying hard to look forward and not back, while taking the time to be present and enjoy all that is good in the now.

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