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It is a good day because my kids and I all have new pajamas tonight. I think things like new pajamas don’t get the attention they deserve. I mean, why aren’t more people blogging about new pajamas because, to be honest, I can’t stop making the mental note of “these pajamas are fantastic.” No, I’m not going to write an entire post on new pajamas. But, just so you know, I could. And it would be fantastic.



This morning, shortly after breakfast, Lainey walked out holding a balled-up t-shirt in her hand. “Wear this,” she said. I opened it up and recognized it as the shirt a friend of mine had made way back when Nella was a baby. Screen-printed on the front is the photo from the cover of the book–Nella’s little feet stretched out against blue sky. “Mama, it’s your book,” Lainey finished.

I smiled, realizing that maybe she understands more than I give her credit for. We talk about things and she’s aware of why I went on a trip. She’s flipped through the pages of the book and pointed out her favorite pictures, and I’ve explained a bit before on what this whole book thing was about. But today I felt the need to tell her more.

“Do you remember what the book is about, Lainey?” I asked.

She smiled sweetly and I sat down, pulled her on my lap and reached for a copy of the book on my desk while I quickly prepared an answer.

“I wrote this book because I love you and Nella so much. It tells the story of all the special things we’ve done together and how much I love being a mommy. Someday I’ll read it to you. And look–” I flipped open to the dedication page and pointed to her name. “I dedicated this book to you. All by yourself. See your name right there?”

And her smile stretched further into her cheeks, wrinkling her nose and squinting her eyes.


I can practically hear her growing lately. Her curiosity, her courage, her independence, her wit–it’s palpable, and I’ve caught myself looking at her in a way that searches for glimpses of who she will be. I see a teenager, a young woman, a mama.


Our first visit to Children’s Museum of Naples, Tuesday

Both girls have been completely entranced with babies lately. Lainey takes an extra five minutes to buckle her dolls in the back seat before we head out. Nella drags dolls down the driveway, pushes them in strollers, kisses their foreheads. Both girls relieve Heidi of her mothering duties the minute she walks in our house and sets the car seat down. They swarm for Ivy. So it was only appropriate the other day, after Lainey and Nella both stood over Ivy and gently touched her head, waiting for Heidi to finish nursing, that Heidi smiled and gushed, “Kelle, they’re going to make the best mamas someday.”


I smiled back. “I hope so,” I answered, “–but Nella…” And I stopped.

Heidi quickly continued, “Oh Kelle, I’m sorry. I mean, she can–right? But if she–I mean…”

We talked it out in the way best friends needfully talk things out.

While individuals with Down syndrome can certainly get married, have intimate relationships and yes, have children, it’s complicated. But the fact remains for both of my children, that the future is unknown and the choices for the events in their life truly belong to them. We guide those choices in the beginning, but gradually we let go and listen.


That’s hard for me sometimes. Because I know the things that make me happy–and I want my girls to have those same things. I want them to like the beach, yellow, adventure, music, writing, babies and pretty things.



But my girls might have different dreams. They might express themselves differently. They might need me to show love in a way that is different from how I want to be shown love. Maybe they won’t dig unicorns. And that’s okay.


I am learning, not just in parenting but in every relationship, that multiple languages exist and not one is superior to another. The more I listen, the better I love.


In picturing my girls as teenagers, as young women, I often wonder “What will they say about the kind of mother I was?” I hope they say that I made mistakes but learned from them. That I taught them how to be happy not by expecting them to choose what makes me happy but by pursuing whatever it is that makes them come alive. I hope that at least one of them becomes a mama so they can fully know the depth of how I love them.


But really, it’s all about happiness.

I just want them to be happy.


Life didn’t go as planned for me, and I’ve never been happier. That truth is about the most valued thing I can give to my girls.


I did give applause tonight as I proudly watched my four-going-on-fifteen-year-old dance in her new pajamas right before bed, her arms outstretched before her, her right foot perfectly pointed just how she learned in ballet.

“Little girl,” I said, “I wish I had a daughter like you.” She stopped dancing, ran to hug me and smiled with all her Chicklet teeth.

“You do,” she answered. “I’m yours.”


For now.


Congratulations to the Linkel Designs $50 gift certificate winner, Comment #219, Charlie’s Mommy: First off, I am so delighted to say that I am almost done reading Bloom on my Nook. It’s bitter sweet…cause I don’t want to stop reading.
Secondly, Nella looks so grown up in these pictures. It’s like she has sprouted inches within the last weeks. I love the pic of her in the white dress reading the book! Lastly, I’m changing it up a bit for me. I just registered for a 7K run that helps with our city’s health initiatives. This is ludicrous for me….I don’t run unless I’m chased!! Have a great day!

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I have new pajamas. It is a good day indeed.


(P.S. Any People magazine readers? There’s a full page review of Bloom in the April 22 issue!)


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  1. What a beautiful post :) I think you are a wonderful mother and a amazing role model to not only your daughters but for many other people who have fallen in love with your amazing family :)

  2. Perfection! thank you for putting into words how I feel

  3. I hate to be the first commenter cause the random generator never seems to pick #1. But Congrats on the book. I LOVED it. And I am obsessed with new pajamas. I think I need to get a new pair myself. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. New pajamas ROCK. I completely agree. You are such a good mama, and thank you for the reminder that I need to slow down and let my boys be who they will be.

  5. This is such a beautiful post, Kelle. I love that first photo of Lainey. How she can look so completely grown-up in one photo and so little girl in another is beyond me… Oh, the mother’s heart must break and burst on a daily basis! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lovely! I can’t believe how big Lainey is getting, when I started reading your blog she was still a toddler :) Love the necklaces!

  7. Lets be honest, new pajamas are the best. That is my favorite thing about Christmas.My sweet mama always gets me new pjs:) I loved Bloom so much!

  8. so we need some details on these fantastic new pajamas of yours :)

  9. Made me cry. Again. There’s nothing better than being a mama!

  10. Oh, such a beautiful post! The words spoke to me as I’m once again adjusting my expectations of parenting. Of expectations I didn’t even know I had. For my little girl with autism. To the preteen who tell me she likes girls and not boys and now the teen who tells me they no longer identify with being a girl.

    It’s one big continuous adjustment but one that is filled with such excitement, new experiences and lessons to learn.

  11. I love the picture of Nella outside in the tall grass. Gorgeous. Great post.

  12. Just perfect. I have tears just thinking of Lainey’s comment, “you do, I’m yours”. You always perfectly sum up this magical gift of motherhood.

  13. Love your blog!
    Waiting for my book to arrive…can’t wait to read it!
    Thank you…your words inspire me!

  14. Oh Kelle,
    Your posts always make my heart swell! and yes a new pair of pajamas are super fantastic, as a an old, soft comfy pair that you have had for far too long!
    Have a great weekend, I am headed to NYC, thank you for all your instagram pics you posted last week, got me all excited!

  15. Okay, I’ve got to get some new pajamas now. Loving Bloom. You inspire.

  16. I love this post. A lot of wisdom here.

    Both of your girls are beautiful, and life can get complicated whomever we are. As long as there’s love–that’s what matters.

  17. oh Kelle that was beautiful. I was crying last night because my eldest starts school next year, she ready and it will be great but it’s her first big step away from me. You’ve made me feel like somebody else understands. thank you xx

  18. love this post :)

  19. love this post :)

  20. I am so hitting target tomorrow because I NEED some new pjs and so do my kiddies! Your girls are the best! Kids and their light it always amazes me! YAY for people mag! You ROCK! Katie

  21. Beautiful post. Oh…and pajamas are so underrated!

  22. Wow. This may be my fav post. It is so hard to not only understand that what makes us happy may not make our kids happy, but to put that concept into your life, well, Bravo! Good job Mama!

  23. I was wondering all along if those feeties on the front of the book belong to one of your girls! Happy to find out they do! Speaking of feeties, and the greatness pajamas, do you own adult footie pajamas? If you don’t, let me tell you you should!

  24. Love your blog!
    Waiting for my book to arrive…can’t wait to read it!
    Thank you…your words inspire me!

  25. So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for reminding me to be present in my very blessed life.

  26. your babies are so beautiful. your pictures are breathtaking. blessings to you. :)

  27. Well, I may have ordered a new pair of earrings after the last post, and it’s possible that I might have a new pair of pajamas by the end of the week. πŸ˜‰
    Wonderful post. My oldest (3.5) is amazing us lately with her sudden increased maturity (mixed in with the occasional tantrum). We just can’t get enough of it!

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  29. I love this post. When I saw you dedicated to Lainey tears just ran down my face, what an honor you have given her. I don’t comment often, but this post really made me feel, above all, love.

  30. You know… our Rylee absolutely loves to take care. She does exactly what your girls do with their baby dolls. She’s a nurturer. And I do sometimes think about what the future holds for her. But before I get a little teary about the possibility of her not being a Mom, I remind myself that there are so many wonderful, amazing “Mom-like” roles in the world that need to be filled. There are many ways she can take care of the world, and I am confident that she WILL if she chooses to do so.

    (Rylee taking care of her babies: and

    Now, I’m off to continue reading your book and buy myself some new jammies. :)

  31. Started your book this morning and am half way through. Loving it. And looking forward to reading the rest.

    Love how confident Lainey looks in those ballet photos. Little ones growing up is just the most surreal, amazing thing (I have a three year old who amazes me every day).

  32. Thank you for reminding me tonight, what happiness is all about, how to remember that what we have is worth so much more than what we give it credit. You’re always an inspirational source for me in times of great and not so great. I thank you tremendously for your uplifting and encouraging words, always.

  33. Love, love, love this post.

    Aren’t we all glad that things didn’t turn out as “planned”? I like to think that life always out-smarts our plans, anyway!

    Great review in People…you SO deserve it!!

  34. I love how the words you use speak to every mother out there in a different way. “I’m yours.” reminds me that these babies are only mine for so long. Soak it in…

  35. This sentiment was actually included in our wedding vows. Something to the effect of “you may have some goals that are different from mine but they are no less important”. I don’t see how it’s possible for a relationship to flourish unless the needs and ideas of the other person are respected and embraced to some extent. Such an important thing to remember, especially with our kids.

  36. This sentiment was actually included in our wedding vows. Something to the effect of “you may have some goals that are different from mine but they are no less important”. I don’t see how it’s possible for a relationship to flourish unless the needs and ideas of the other person are respected and embraced to some extent. Such an important thing to remember, especially with our kids.

  37. I too LOVE new Pajamas!! So funny the things you come up with that just hit home with so many people! People Magazine too – wow – you are a rock star!

  38. New pajamas rank right up there with freshly laundered and line-dried sheets! Even better would be both on the same night. :)

    I love the birds’ nest necklaces. Maybe I’ll do some hinting for myself for Mother’s Day. πŸ˜‰

  39. This post reminded of how often I find myself watching my little boy while he’s playing, doing homework, sleeping, and I think to myself, even though he seems so much older and more mature to me than the previous years, he’s also the youngest he’ll ever be again. I don’t know what the future holds for my baby, but whatever it is, I’ll still be his cheerleader. Great post! Also, I LOVE new pajamas.

  40. I love your blog and I can’t wait to get your book. I should have it in the mail on Friday. Yay!!

  41. You probably *should* write a whole post on new pajamas some day :) sounds good to me! This one was great how it is though.

  42. My heart feels like its in my throat and I’m still trying to catch my breath. Its crazy how that happens, everything is normal and fine and then the reality of the future pops up and slaps you in the face. Last week I caught myself saying to my husband “when our girls have babies” and I stopped because that may not happen. My “oldest” Taylor is 6 and my youngest Madison, who has Down syndrome, will be 4 in July. It seems everytime I start to feel comfortable and the calmness of “I got this” washes over me the fear of the unknown creeps up and shakes my confidence. I appreciate that you don’t always make your blog about Down syndrome. For a while I didn’t understand because I see all the thousands of people that come to your blog and see it as a huge platform but I get it now. Our worlds don’t need to revolve around Down syndrome, if we want people to accept our children then we need to speak of them as children and not always as children who have Down syndrome. At the same time I am glad when you do mention issues such as this one tonight, it reminds us that we aren’t alone in our thoughts and even our pain.

  43. I have no doubt that you’re a wonderful mother and even less doubt that your girls know it! Beautiful post, pictures, and girls!

  44. bird nest-tastic! your cup, Kelle Hampton, runnith over :)
    your little ladies are great white lights. as a mother is two small boys, it’s painful to imagine never sharing the feeling of being a mother with a daughter. therein lies the blessing of little girls.

  45. Oh Kelle, I love these blog posts, where you ruminate on your daughters and your relationship with them. I love that place you get to by the end of these posts.

    The light in Florida is amazing. Australian sun can be so harsh for most of the year, your light is soft and I love how you capture that in sun flares, and those golden halos of light blonde hair around your girls faces. Just so beautiful.

    I finished Bloom last night for the first time. I think I’ve just started again straight away. I can’t believe though you picked the story of Jeremy as a section to read out for you not to cry in. I cried the most at that part.

    My brother has Asperger’s syndrome, and when he was young he was fairly uncommunicative. As we grew up, he literally came out of his shell, and although he may not understand others emotions, he certainly can feel them. I am sure he can be truly joyful, more than I’ll ever be. He lights up when he holds our niece. He loves babies. I love his birthday cards, he always writes the most touching things, simple, but you know he means them, he’s not just writing something in there because it’s expected.
    But also I know he’s been so hurt in the past by people who have been unkind to him, because he’s different. And he knows. It hurts him bad.
    I’m glad Jeremy taught you something, but more importantly through your book, he’s taught a whole heap of other people too.
    Enjoy your week.xo

  46. Sounds like you have read the book called ‘The 5 Love Languages.’ If not, it is a wonderful book! After reading it you will be able to tell which one of the 5 love languages Lainey and Nella possess.

  47. I LOVE the mama nest necklaces! I’d be so happy to win the gift card but will be buying one (or 3 since they would make a great gift) regardless!

  48. You are a beautiful example of how to mother Kelle. You really are. I hope you’re not like me and are able to take that compliment with it’s full value. I meant every word.

  49. Kelle, I love that you have enrolled Lainey in dance classes. I was a dancer for 15 years and my love for dance stemmed from the many impromptu “performances” my sister and I put on for my parents. I also admire your commitment of documenting these wonderful moments in Lainey and Nella’s lives. Right now my parents are converting old home videos of my siblings and I to a digital form and I get calls and texts daily about the goofy things I did. As I am away at college it is a wonderful reminder of the love my parents have for me. So, even though you already probably know this, your children will treasure your photographs and photo books forever (especially when they are homesick at college).

  50. They are both beautiful! and I love me some new pajamas as well :)

  51. What a perfect Mothers Day gift! I love Heidi’s necklace and your ring, they are gorgeous. πŸ˜‰

  52. I can’t wait to hear my daughter say, “I’m yours”. She’ll be mine for always.

  53. I got new jams today too! Swear! And I have way more than I need. But I can’t help myself. Shoes and jams!

  54. new pajamas are good like freshly washed sheets :)

    I’m graduating college in 30 days and my plan for the day after grad is to start reading your book!

    received my signed book plate in the mail a few days back and it was the highlight of my week! Thanks Kelle!

  55. Love this post!
    I also love new pjs!!

  56. you are right – the necklaces and rings are beautiful. You are also right about the new pajamas – new ones at Christmas time when I was a kid are a great memory!

  57. your girls are definitely going to be great mamas!

  58. Kelle, I so love your words. Especially this post. It touched so dear to my heart. I often think of my boys having kids of their own, and then having to pause, knowing that things will most likely be different for our oldest.
    “I am learning, not just in parenting but in every relationship, that multiple languages exist and not one is superior to another. The more I listen, the better I love.” What truth!

  59. Love new pyjamas! My mum has made it a tradition now to give us and our kids pyjamas for Easter, along with a few Easter eggs. I actually look forward to the pyjamas even more than the chocolate. :)

  60. I LOVE the picture of Lainey in the blue dress with the sun hat…adorable!

    And I started following melody on instagram recently! :)

  61. Beautiful words as always. I could see Lainey as a teen and woman in some of those pictures, she is growing so fast. I love watching their beautiful lives unfold. It is so inspiring.

  62. Aaaw…I loved this. The depth of your heart can’t be measured, I’m sure of it!!!

    I have admired Melody Joy’s cowls for SOOO long! And the bird nests are the sweetest symbol of motherhood….almost makes me cry!

  63. I was knee deep in laundry and dishes and a sick baby tonight–I needed a little inspiration about being a mama. Thank you for this post.

  64. your writing is so beautiful- congratulations on your recent success with the book! Rock on!

  65. You have this amazing way of taking seemingly DS-specific situations and making them applicable to all of us. And I never see it coming!

  66. Just reading this makes me want to get up and buy my son and I new pajamas. Matching ones, that we can cuddle, laugh, and enjoy life in.

  67. I am not a mommy yet, but oh how you inspire me. You are incredible and amazing. I hope you know that. You inspire me to be a better person, a better wife, and someday a better mother. Thank you for being absolutely amazing.

  68. I seriously love new pajamas and I love new pajamas on my little boy too. Always makes me wants to snuggle

  69. I’m so obsessed with jammies too! Probably because we spend too much time in them in my house : )

    Wonderful mamma post, love your words!

  70. Just wanted to say lovely, happy day to you! Beautiful photos. The one of Lainey looking straight into the camera slays me, and Nella in the wildflower brush is muy precious.

  71. I hope you’re still blogging when the girls are teenagers. I’m always going to want to know what they are up to :)

  72. Mi piace moltissimo il tuo modo di essere mamma: così dolce e consapevole!

    I like so much your way to be a mom: so sweet and conscious! (I’m sorry for my English)


  73. Lainey looks so grown up in her ballet outfit! Your blog is a beautiful testament of the love of your children.

  74. “Life didn’t go as planned for me, and I’ve never been happier. That truth is about the most valued thing I can give to my girls.”

    One of my favorite quotes you have said :) You are so wise & I love your blog. I’m a mom to irish twin preemies & while it’s certainly not the same as your life, your words ring so true to me. You will always have a faithful reader in me!

  75. What a beautiful post, I can “hear” my little girls growing all the time too and am always catching glimpses of what they will be like when they are older. It makes me happy and sad at the same time!

    You’re amazing Kelle, keep up the good work x

  76. a post full of wisdom. I hope I can remember it all.

  77. Oh, I have those same thoughts with Ellie… and then I think that at the very least, she’ll be a great aunt… so I better have another kid.

  78. Your blog is really beautiful and uplifting. I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award:

  79. What a beautiful post. I have been thinking the same thing lately. Something you wrote resonated more than the rest…
    “But my girls might have different dreams. They might express themselves differently. They might need me to show love in a way that is different from how I want to be shown love.”

    I think that you can change ‘might’ to ‘will’. Because even if their dreams remind you of yours, they will be different in every way because they come from a different place.

    Your post is lovely and thought provoking and reflects how I am feeling lately.

    The pictures are as always, something special.



  81. I am happy that I am not the only one excited about new pajamas!!!! I get so excited when we are all jammied out, my husband looks at me like I have 3 heads! Love your posts and outlook on life, keep em coming!

  82. Have you read the 5 love languages by Gary Champman? He also wrote one for children and teens…they are fantastic and eye opening to how to love the ones you love better! Beautiful pics :-)

  83. First, I’m a birds nest freak! Next, you don’t have to be a mama to use your mad nurturing skills. There are so many roles in life that require kindness, compassion, empathy, and nurturing. Both your girls will rock at that!

  84. I think for the Hampton girls, it’s pretty safe to assume the unicorns are in…

    Love the photos and words, the girls, Nella’s rosy bow, and love your Dad’s popped collar.

  85. Good stuff, Kelle! Have a great day!

  86. Yes! I receive People magazine weekly and was delighted to flip the page and see Bloom. Adorable picture of you, Lainey and Nella in People. Your girls will make great mamas. I hope the same for my daughter…one day.

  87. beautifully written, as always – and the photos, oh the photos, they are little story books all on their own…lovely.

  88. I ♥ new pajamas and freshly washed out- of-the-dryer pajamas!

    Now I am totally in a pajama shopping mood!

  89. Kelle – this is a great post! You touched upon one of those deeply seeded questions so many of us moms of kids with Down syndrome have. I’ve thought about it too… in some ways I’m scared to think about it, and in others… I wonder just how far medical interventions *could* come in the way of helping our children’s brains stretch and make new, healthy connections. In fact, research in Alzheimer’s will likely impact our children who have a tendency to build up the same plaques in their brains early on.
    If money was used properly… for funding medical research and not just campaigns for deeper understanding (which I am NOT complaining about, so don’t misunderstand my intentions) who knows what could be in our children’s futures? Anything is possible.

  90. Now I’m craving new pajamas πŸ˜‰

    I don’t think life would be as fun if it always turned out as we planned. It’s the unexpected bumps and turns and surprises that keep our lives interesting. That’s why I loved your book so much. You wrote about how awesome the unexpected in life can be. And as I was sitting in my living room yesterday, watching my 3yr old dance around, I spotted your book on my floating bookshelf…and just above it is an oil lamp reading Eleanor Roosevelt’s words: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” …I didn’t do that on purpose, but they mesh so well together on that shelf. :-)

    Thank you for always speaking the truth and for telling us how it is. Because while it’s not always unicorns and rainbows…it’s always life. And life is awesome!

  91. OH! I could have TWO eggs in my mama bird nest! Wouldn’t have been able to say that a wee bit ago!
    Such beautiful pics in this post, as always, Kelle. Getting the book this weekend, and super excited!

  92. Finding joy in the little things is what it’s all about. You do that well, Kelle.

  93. Hi!
    Today I am goig out to buy my second copy of Bloom! I read halfway through my first copy before passing it on to my cousin, who just had a very unexpected birth. I hope your story will help to heal hers.

    Your post today reminded me of one of my favorite books, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s a great reminder of the different kinds of love that different people need.

    LOVE your blog! Thanks for being such an inspiration!


  94. Great post! And you know what? I actually love that Heidi said that because it means that she truly looks past Down Syndrome and sees Nella for who she is…a lovable, perfect little girl who will make a great caretaker…if not to her own children then to her friends babies, nieces, nephews, any child because she is learning how to be a great mother from you!

  95. Beautiful post, Kelle! Your book was so inspiring and I plan to read it for a second time. I follow Melody Joy on Instagram and she seems like the sweetest Mama!

  96. That “For Now” part is what tugs at my heart with my two little ones. Beautiful post, as always.

    Beauty Musts for Moms

  97. Happiness…isn’t that what this is all about? Thank you again for continuing to remind us how easy it is, when we pay attention to th elittle things :)

  98. Beautiful post!!! Today, I’ll finish the book, super sad it has to end, its such an incredible book!

  99. I love that your daughters aren’t smiling in every picture. You have a great eye for catching all their expressions.

  100. Love this post and love new pajamas!

  101. Interesting how my mom was the exact opposite of me as a mommy. She was obessed with cleaning and making our ohouse perfect that all of my memories of our time together involve cleaning, or setting the table for dinner. Everyday we do fun things and smile alot. I just gave my son a piggyback ride from his bed downstairs to the kitchen!

  102. Such a great post! I love magazines, a fantastic article, congrats!!!

  103. Your new pajamas rant made me laugh . . . my daughter is 2 1/2 and has the habit of getting naked in bed, so sleeps in zip up pajamas on backward. Lately it has been getting warm, so I cut off the arms and feet on a pair, and she looks like a little redneck with cropped sleeves. That kid needs some new pajamas!

  104. Kelle, I love your reminder that life doesn’t go the way we plan it to and that’s okay. Happiness can still be found and is quite often found more abundantly through God’s different plans for our lives. I like this! It takes the pressure off us :).

    Ps, I LOVED Bloom. I could go on forever about how much I love your colors, font choices, layout designs, etc but more importantly, I LOVE the story God has blessed you with!

  105. The first photo of Lainey is breathtaking. And People magazine? Congrats!

  106. beautiful blog post! I don’t think any mother could have said it better! Love the bird nest jewelry! It’s stunning!

  107. As a fellow pajama lover, I relate. Someday, please finish your pajama thoughts.

  108. Both of your girls are so lucky to have you as their mama. We all want things for our children that they may not see for themselves. Keep being the person you are and they’ll teach you to love the people they become.

  109. First – yes, new pajamas are grand!
    Second – your Children’s Museum is Beautiful! WOW!

    Most importantly – wonderful message. We can not know what the future holds for us or our dear littles. But we can love them and have wishes and dreams for them and hold them close…for now.

  110. Pajamas are huge in our house. I love the two piece flannel sets which my mom has always made fun of because I prefer to be all covered up all year long. *I also like to wear my husband’s pajamas when he is at work, somehow they still smell like him even after they are washed and it is such a comfort*

  111. Love this post.
    Love new pjs.
    Love Girlfriends with whom you can discuss anything and everything.

  112. I saw Bloom reviewed in People and I may have squealed a bit for you. So exciting! I love the book. LOVE it.

  113. Ooh, I love nest egg jewelry!

  114. I love new pajamas, I NEED new pajamas, but some jewelery would be nice, too!

  115. As always… your words touch my soul. You make me want to be a momma so badly!

  116. Beautifully said Kelle. Reading your words is the best way to start my day. Inspiring and insightful. Thank you.

  117. I love new pajamas too. It’s something my husband just doesn’t GET, but I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  118. I too love to shop for and wear new pajamas… until I get in bed and then it is way too hot for great pjs.

    Love the nest ring! Also, I love that Lainey said “I’m yours” it made me choke up.

  119. I have two daughters as well, ages 2 1/2 and 16 months, and they’re already little mamas, too. Of course it’s what we want for them, because we have that first hand experience of how wonderful it is to be a mama. Ultimately though, we just want them to be happy. So right now I will enjoy seeing them happily playing with their dolls and cooking in their kitchen. If they grow up to have babies of their own, and we find ourselves once again baking cookies in the kitchen together, then that will be wonderful. But if not, that’s okay too. As long as they are happy.

  120. Lainey is seriously so cute in her ballerina attire. I can’t wait to get People mag now! Wahooooo!!!!!

  121. I love new pajamas! :) Every day when I get home, that is the first thing I change into :) My mom does the same thing, I guess it’s like mother like daughter :) Your girls are beautiful :) Have a great day!

  122. Very well said…it’s interesting to become a mother while at the same time seeing your own relationship with your own mother in a new light. Definitely makes you wonder what your kids will think about you as a mom.

  123. You’ve been blessed with a glimpse into the future with that picture of Lainey at the sink. Oh, what wonderful woman that girl will be! And she will always be yours–now, as your daughter, later as your friend.

  124. I am again amazed at how alike we all are, despite our wonderful differences. Every post, every comment, I find something that resonates deep within.

    This post reminds me of a story my pastor told about a young man he taught during the pre and teen years. The young man graduated HS, was accepted to a good college chosen by his parents, studying engineering like his dad did and yet he felt called to another path…to enter seminary. He sought out his youth pastor to discuss his conviction because he knew his parents wouldn’t approve this change in his life path. Not that his parents were against God, in fact his dad was a church deacon. But becoming a pastor wasn’t what the father thought he wanted for his son. And so the young man rejected his calling to seminary to follow his parents wishes. But after about a semester, he dropped out of the engineering program, then college all together, then just drifted through life, from job to job, place to place, looking for his happiness.

    It’s hard to put aside our dreams for our children when their dreams start to grow, but I think valuing who they truly are is one of the best gifts we can give our kids.

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  125. I think I need new pajamas! It’s been way too long. Your words today touched something in me that I keep way deep down but ultimately know no matter what my dreams are for my son..that he will have his own and I will love him and he will still be ‘mine’ :) enjoys yours :)

  126. What sweet girls! They are learning to be sweet mamas from their sweet mama!

  127. Beautiful post. The hardest part of being a mama is the knowledge that your heart could break at any moment. But that risk is so worth the swelling your heart feels when you connect with them.

  128. Can’t wait to check out the People magazine review, how cool you’re “in there”.

    I love the points you made in this post about being a mother, and what you hope to pass onto your kids. I completely agree and hope so much that I can do the same for mine!

    Have a great day!

  129. Kelle, what a beautiful post! I hope to half the mother you are! Keep up the good work! xoxo

  130. I understand what you are saying…for now, life is good. Everyone is healthy, happy, clothed, fed, and clean. We are all under the same roof. We are together.

  131. my boys are 27, 24 & 20 & Kelle, I am still learning from and with them and it is so very beautiful…time and situations change but being a Mama does not..I am Bloom(ing) with them πŸ˜‰

    enjoy them


  132. You are such an inspiration. I am a mom of 5 (now grown) children. I wish I had taken more time while they were young to truly enjoy the little moments more. I share your blog with my daughter in hopes that when she becomes a mother she will enjoy the small things.

  133. I love your blog. I read Bloom in one afternoon and I think I might go back and read it again after I get it back from my friend!

  134. Beautiful girls, beautiful mama. Beautiful new pajamas.

  135. Ahhh…new pajamas…love them! I always bought a new nightgown to wear after birth of each of my 4 kids. I always feel so happy when I wear those! I love the pic of you on couch w/ your dog’s lil head resting on your leg..mine does that too…so cozy! Making our children happy is our #1 job…looks like you’re doing a great job!

  136. My girl (3yo) just got new PJs today from her Granny Mac & Pop (who we are visiting). Well, not pajamas in the sense of what we usually wear at home – she got two nightGOWNS and she is thrilled.
    They got washed this morning to be ready to wear tonight…

    Love Melody Joy’s jewelry… the nest necklace is one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen. Haven’t gotten around to buying one for myself because I keep dropping hints that no one is picking up… A buy 1 get 1 sale may just kick me into buying it for myself.

  137. It has been awhile since I commented but I am always happy to see a post from you in my reader!

  138. New pajamas are more of a thrill for me than a new outfit! Sweet post!

  139. Kelle – You’re truely an inspirational mother! I’m 1/2 way through Bloom and I have cried and laughed. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  140. Your blog is so refreshing! And I LOVE Melody’s mama nest pieces!

  141. Even better than new pajamas by themselves is when it is also clean sheet day. So you have nice, clean sheets AND new pjs. Nothing better!

    Just finished my book last week. Loved it, but I was sort of sad when it was over.

  142. I just had to comment about new jammies. I totally agree, and didn’t realize there were so many other people who felt the same! There’s no better feeling than new jammies….except maybe a snuggle with a fresh baked baby!

  143. New jammies are great! Nice post; my four children, all the way from 19 to 2, are my greatest teachers. –Julie B.

  144. I needed this today. Thank you.

    Elle (Mom of 2 teen girls heading in their own direction.)

  145. Those jewels are awesome! Great post. I am now in a complete panic wondering how my kids think I am as a mother : ) Our dreams may or may not be our children’s dreams. So true.

  146. New PJs are right up there with a perfect cup of coffee and a good book. <-> This close to heaven. The girls are growing by leaps and bounds, and it is so fun to be along for the ride! The nest jewelry is gorgeous and with the gift card or the buy 2 get 1 deal, an AWESOME Mother’s Day gift. :-)

  147. For now. Yesterday was a celebration of my daughters 5th month of life. I whispered in her ear asking her to stay that little, for always. While she may not really heed my advice, I do know that the spot where she rests her head everyday will be there for her, everyday. Whether she is 5 months old of 50 years old. This post reminds me of how much EACH of my children are all mine, for now.

  148. i can’t wait to become a mom someday… i hope to be half as good of a mom as you are. obsessed with your blog and your book. thank you.

  149. I can’t wait to get a copy of Bloom and sit back with a cup of coffee and spend an entire day taking in your wonderful writing! Your inspire me, girl!

  150. I’m totally guilting of loving new jammies myself! Target is definitely dangerous in their comfy pants and tanks are just too cute to pass up!

    Sooo looking forward to reading yoru book. My birthday is tomorrow so I’m hoping I get it as a gift :) If not- I’m going straight out to buy it!!

  151. I am sure your babies will be saying some fabulous stuff about you when they talk about their Momma! That is one think you will not have to worry about :-)

  152. I usually read People online, but I just might need to pick up a copy of this one!

  153. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC images in this post. Your girls are just so beautiful and I adore the peek into your lives. Thank you.

  154. Ugh….too much talk of babies growing up and being..sigh…adults. My LO is only 2! But I see in other Momma eyes how fast time flies and I hope I don’t miss anything :)

  155. I preordered 10 copies for my book club and a couple of friends. When I surprised two ladies with your book, they couldn’t stop flipping through the pictures with smiles and joy. So before they read a word, they were hooked.

    Later that day, I received a text from one who couldn’t stop reading, and didn’t want to. My other friend said in the morning, “No matter where I pick it up and flip to, I am entranced and feel the love.”

    As for myself, I refuse to start the book until I can savor every page. Four more weeks of my semester and you will have my full and undivided attention. Big thanks for spreading your joy in so many ways. It is a gift and I thank you.

  156. On Tuesday, I got a pedicure while reading “Bloom” and of course I had to pick a color from OPI’s new “Holland” collection…it just felt right.

    I’m loving the book, thanks for letting us even more into your life.

  157. I love Lainey in her ballet outfit! So sweet.

  158. “I hope they say that I made mistakes but learned from them. That I taught them how to be happy not by expecting them to choose what makes me happy but by pursuing whatever it is that makes them come alive. I hope that at least one of them becomes a mama so they can fully know the depth of how I love them.”

    I hope for the exact same things. You said this so beautifully it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you.

  159. Kelle, looking toward the future both thrills and terrifies me as a mama. I want my boys to be happy too. And I always wonder, who will they become? I try to stay in the present but it is difficult sometimes. Aren’t we always looking ahead to what’s next? Some of that is always good. But fears seem to arise when we daydream about tomorrow. At least for me they do. And it seems they do for you too. I think it’s only natural to worry about what they’ll be like as teenagers and adults. As mamas I think we all know that we’re in for some troubling times. Our hearts will hurt when our babies (yes, they’ll always be our babies) are hurt. But as you always say, we have to let them learn their lessons in order to grow into full people.

  160. Oh goodness, this post made me so happy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and photos.


  161. YES! New PJ’s are the best- especially little footie ones- I love snuggling with my boys in their soft and warm pjs:)

  162. Kelle, thank you for the signed bookplate! I have been passing my copy of your book around for everyone to read. I also discussed your book and my journey and thoughts reading through it on my blog Musings of a Bookworm at It was just what I needed for what I was going through at the time.

  163. This was a beautiful post! Nella and Lainey will become beautiful women of God. He’s got their lives mapped out; the kids, the husbands, the jobs, everything. Trust in Him!

    (I really want to read your book, BTW!)

  164. Kelle – you are an amazing mother, and you inspire others to be amazing as well.

  165. I’m halfway through the book and cannot put it down! What a gifted writer you are. Thank you for the inspiration you give to live joyfully and embrace life one moment at a time.

  166. I agree…new pajamas don’t get the credit they deserve. I also want to tell you that I understand (in a very different way) your emotion surrounding Nella and her being a mama. My sister is 28, has an extra 21st, and LOVES babies like no one I know. I watch her, knowing that she may not understand that she will probably never get to be a mama. And it breaks my heart to see that. But I know that when I someday have babes of my own, their Auntie Sam will have a love for them that will be a close second to the love that I will have for them. And my babes will be richly blessed in having an Auntie who can show them a type of love that can only be found on the extra 21st.

  167. So true. I have 2 daughters, 4yrs and 1yr old, and I just the other day watched them longingly letting my mind drift to imagine what life will be like in 20 years. Fretting over if they’ll be happy, if i’ll have “done enough” what they’ll be like as young women, all that stuff. And like you I try to remind myself that even with all the greatest intentions and love in the world a major factor in who they will be and how they will be is them, simply them, and I can’t control that, but I have to be aware of it and flow with it.

    oh, and i love new PJs too.

  168. Woohoo on the People Magazine!! That’s wonderful and such great exposure.

  169. Girl, you are rising so quickly to the stars that you must be dizzy. Happiness is all we can hope for when it comes to our children. If they are happy, all the rest will fall into place.

  170. I love your blog! YOu inspire me! I just finished your book and I am ready for another one πŸ˜‰

  171. awesome!!

    i have a PEOPLE subscription and was so excited when i turned the page and saw your book review!! :)

    happy day!

  172. Lots of good points. And even if Lainey or Nella don’t become mama’s to their own kids, they can be “mama’s” to nieces, nephews or friends kids–just like we all can!

  173. I just finished Bloom. I read it cover to cover in just two days. I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.

    Ironically, I was also on Melody Joy’s etsy site yesterday looking at which piece I want to order for myself, my mom, and my best friend.

    I look forward to each of your posts!

  174. New PJs are always a happy thing!!

  175. When my daughter turned 4, she asked me if her brother would be a Daddy some day. Since the vast majority of males with Ds are sterile, I had to come up with an answer quick. I simply replied that he probably wouldn’t be a Daddy but he would make the best Uncle to her children. While my answer satisfied her, it still broke my heart a little.

  176. Beautiful as always. :)

  177. I’m not going to lie…tht last line that you wrote, “for now” got me! I often think of that day when my girls move on and it hurts. Time goes by waaayyy too fast. Congratulations on People!

  178. I loved this post. I often wonder about those same things- what would my girls be like when they were teenagers, women, mothers. Now I can say: my stepdaughter abruptly left her bratty teenage years when she became pregnant and now? Now she is 20 and is the most wonderful mother of a 1-year-old. My own firstborn is 13 and I can see the young woman coming through her. It is a beautiful age- yes hormonal and unpredictable- but she is becoming independent but still loves and wants her Momma. And my baby is 10. Still a little girl who needs to be reminded to brush her hair. She has no interest in make-up or “girlie” things and would never wash her hair if I let her. :) I have such lovely stages in these girls all around me (1, 10, 13 and 20)and each one is spectacular. The future is wonderful, Kelle!

  179. Just bought “Bloom” and hope it ships quickly. I know it will be a good read. Thanks for the opportunity to win the necklace but I have six children, can she possibly fit that many eggs in a nest? πŸ˜‰

  180. so much of what you say rings true to me. I am so excited for you on this journey…congrats on your book

  181. Holy crap, really. This post that started out with pajamas makes me cry? I ponder and think about my kids growing up all the time and I know I should be happy to be raising independent wonderful little people….but really it just makes me sad. Your last quote with Lainey, was just amazing. What a sweet little girl you have, I hate when I look at my kids and literally see them growing before my eyes. My oldest is 13 and everything that that entails, I see college, boyfriends and moving out barreling down on me. I glance in the back seat at my 2.5 year old, knowing he is my last and wept because 3 years old is coming all to fast and he is just my little baby. I want him to stay that way forever. Great post, Kelle.

  182. I’ll have to get a People today. Loved your book…….and all the special pictures.
    As a Mom of a special needs child….you do greive what won’t happen……..but you never know either. I think a goal of happy is the most important with a helping of kindness. I always prayed that my children would be nice…….it sounds funny I know.

  183. Tears again today…especially since this week, my grandma has only a few short days or even hours left with us on this earth. Being a mother has always been something I wondered if I would ever do, being a mother to a little girl, seemed almost an unreachable dream. When my perfect girl Chloe was born, with Down Syndrome, I thought this is it!!! Then I had those days…the ones where I worried about her future, would she get married, could she? Is there a chance that she would have a baby? Then the reality hit and she was diagnosed with Leukemia, and after almost 3 long years of chemo treatment I realized….nothing is certain. I am blessed with both my kids, and one of them fought a war. I am grateful that she is with me today, and I no longer worry about the future. But on weeks like this, as I watch in pain as my mom loses her mom, and I lose my grandma…motherhood is special…and I still hope, just a little bit….

  184. Love it! You have made my sluggish morning so much better. I love love love the picture of the girls in the car! Squeeze on in there!!

    New PJs are probably right up next to the list of clean sheets on the bed. So wonderful, the simple things.

    Thanks once again for making my day!

  185. That first picture of Lainey is wonderful. πŸ˜‰

  186. Seriously loving the pics today! Nella is looking a lot like Lainey I feel like! Also, LOVE goodnight moon hanging out on the floor in the pic of Lainey with the awesome hat and shoes πŸ˜‰

  187. The having children thing is the one thing that still gives me pause. Go to college? Sure, if she wants. Live on her own? Sure, if she wants. Get married? Sure, if she wants. If none of those, fine. But what if she wants to be a mommy and that reality is more complicated. It’s nice to see you talk about it here too. Right now she’s 15 months old, and she gives me equally big smiles when I call her “baby” as when we play with her Grammie-made “Baby”. So we’ll see. And that photo of the two of them in the car is really priceless. Ah, sister love. Even though I feel nowhere near ready to have a second child, that picture makes me yearn to give Cora a sister (OK, a brother would be alright too…)

  188. It was even before my first baby was born…the moment I officially became a mother…that I wanted every woman to be able to experience the indescribable joy and wonder of motherhood. I simply loved every moment of my pregnancy. Then the delivery was one of the top 5 most amazing moments of my life. Then the nursing. And on and on. Now, eight years later, I still want every woman to be able to experience motherhood the way I do (and the way you inspire me to.) But some women do not become mothers the way you and I did. However, I sincerely believe that all women can be mothers. I learned this when I read this article:“we+are+all+mothers”. It’s worth a look. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  189. I love the meaning behind this post. So beautiful!!

  190. As a former ballerina myself, I just LOVE the ballet pictures!!

  191. You are so right about new pyjamas! As always, your pictures are amazing. Your girls are beautiful!

  192. I’m also enjoying my girl for as long as she is mine. I say to her “how did I get so lucky to have YOU”. She is pure love.

  193. I’m the mother of 4 girls… all now adults, and your words reflect my own heart… I wish for their happiness. And as you glimpse the future adult in your girls; I often catch glimpses of the past child in mine. Such a sweet circle of life!

  194. I agree, there are many things that make me happy and new pjs is one of those things. I spoiled myself with a new pair a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to put them on at night!

  195. Blast, You made me cry again. Thank you for putting my feelings into words, once again, with such heartfelt beauty and open honesty. Now my kids are painting pictures across from me and wondering why I’m crying. :)

  196. I just finished Bloom, the other night. It too was bittersweet for me, because I now wonder what I am going to read at night when girls are in bed and it is finally quite. I started and finished the book the same way too. Crying. As for new pajamas….i am always excited if my girls or myself have new jammies to wear, and double or triple the excitedness if we all have new jammies on the same night.

  197. Love Melody Joy’s stuff!
    And this post made me smile, your girls are beautiful!
    Almost finished reading Bloom and about to purchase a few more books to give away as gifts. You are so inspirational i love it!

  198. This post got me…almost made me cry at work. I’m toying aroudn with the idea of starting to write (like for serious) and you are an inspiration to me. You’ve figured out how to capture real feeling in words and I can’t hardly wait until your next post as soon as I finish the one I’m on.

    Anyways, the necklace/rings are beautiful and I LOVE the mothersday gift idea! I’m heading to the shop to browse as we speak!!

  199. I, too, catch myself at times … because I forgot about that pesky little 47th chromosome. But that 47th chromosome means dreams and goals and accomplishments that I can’t even fathom. And even though my son won’t be a father one day … he’s an awesome son, brother and he’ll be the best uncle around when that time comes. <3

  200. My birthday was a few days ago and as a gift to myself I bought Bloom…it was amazing! I couldn’t put it down! I’ve been following you blog for over a year now so in a small way I feel like I know you, and all I kept thinking was that I was so proud of you for all your hard work on the book! Will definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  201. You are such an inspiration, Kelle. I did’t have much of a mom growing up, she was there but never, THERE… Now I have an almost 5 year old girl, a 3 year old boy and a 9 month old baby girl, and I feel lost. I’m learning more and more everyday how to be a good momma, without having an example to look to. I so, so appreciate your insight and love of motherhood. Thank you for being such a beautiful example. <3

  202. Beautiful post, as always!

  203. I think of you, your family & your life story a lot now…the other day in the grocery store sweet Donna with D.S. was bagging my groceries and I watched her wondering about her life. You’ve opened up a wonderful door for many of us step back and realize how much we really do have in common with the world.

    As for loving the life we have, here is my favorite quote, I was especially thinking about it while reading this post. “Come what may, and love it.” ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin. It was shared in a talk during a General Conference for our church, click here to read – the basis of the talk is that the way we react to adversity can be a major factor in how happy and successful we can be in life. You’d LOVE this talk – it’s completely your way of thinking!

    Thank you, as always, for sharing your deepest thoughts & feelings…and those beautiful pictures!

  204. I love new PJ’s too…almost as much as new shoes! Another great post! I’m not sure what I would do if you quit writing! I’d be LOST!


  205. love this post. and that jewelry is to die for!!

  206. love the one of the two of them in the car. it’s just precious! they look like they are just high on life.

    girl to be honest i never think of nella grown up. i know that’s crazy, but it just seems that she is always gonna be little nella. i can imagine you think about it alot and all those unknowns are trying at times. i think you are doing a wonderful job at taking it one day at a time. that is the key.

  207. My sister-in-law is a 30 year old with Down Syndrome. She is a very functional adult working part-time at Starbucks, riding the bus to and from work, and happily living with her parents. She has accepted at this point that, given her own level of functioning, she herself won’t have children, but she loves my own children and our other niece so much and takes on somewhat of a mothering role when she is around them. Hopefully that encourages you that even if Nella does not have children of her own she will certainly continue to love children in a very meaningful way. -Teresa

  208. Love new pjs! Nothing quite like them with fresh, clean sheets…
    Finished Bloom this morning. Bravo! The Velveteen Rabbit story was the perfect closing.

  209. Congrats on your upcoming People mag spread, how exciting! I know just what you mean about wanting your kids to be happy…..there are so many outside forces in the world that can make or break someone that it’s so imperative to drive home that point to your kids – just do what makes you happy! On a side note, I finished Bloom yesterday. I don’t recall ever crying so much with one book in my life….beautifully written and I’m so glad you had the opportunity. Thank you for sharing all of that with us.

  210. my daughter is 20 months old and I’m started to feel the way you described tonight. It’s becoming more and more apparent that I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing the best that I can. All I want is for my girl to grow up to be happy and fulfilled. And before I was a momma I never thought 20 months old would be bittersweet, but it is. Time really is flying so fast and I feel like if I blink she’ll be grown and won’t need me anymore. Thanks for writing these thoughts, so I know I’m not a lone sappy mother.

    Love to you and your family.

  211. new pajamas…or freshly cleaned sheets…YUM!
    know the girls looked adorable

  212. lent your book to a friend today! Thanks for this post. I’m currently enjoying the “for now”-ness of spring, a reminder that everything has its season :)

  213. Love this post. And I just finished Bloom- I read half of it one night and finished it when I woke up :) It was fantastic.

  214. Saw the review in People yesterday- I was so excited Im like hey I know her (slash read her blog but you know what I mean). So cool! Congrats!!

  215. Today, I learned that an old friend who had a baby a couple weeks ago also had an “unexpected” surprise at her birth. Reading her story was like reading yours. Fortunatly, she has already read your book and been in contact with you. I want to thank you, myself, for reaching out to her. She is a wonderful lady and she will be a wonderful mama to her little boy with the extra chromosome…
    Now, about this post… O.M.G. Lainey is such a grown up. By the way you explain what she says, and portray her expressions, I can tell too (without “knowing” her) that it seems just in the last few weeks she has matured SO MUCH! And she is so beautiful! Both your girls are! Thank you, for making my day…♥

  216. This is such a sweet post. The girls are just beautiful.

  217. This post, not the first of yours to do so, caught my throat and I felt the familiar prick of tears forming in the corners of my eyes. I think, no matter what abilities and characteristics our little ones possess, we as mamas all want the same things for every one of them; to know the happiness we have known simply by being their mamas.

  218. Love the post today. I’m living in Nome, Alaska- a transplant from Joplin, Missouri. My husband is headed to the big city- Minneapolis for work and will be downloading Bloom for me since our Internet exists only on our iPhones because it is beyond expensive for a ridiculously slow connection!!!! So he will be downloading Bloom and the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook. I’ll be especially glad when he comes home!!!

  219. What a beautiful post Kelle. As a young adult, I love watching my friends parent their little ones. Each with very different styles, but the depth and their core is all about love and happiness. When the time comes for me to have my own, that is my hope. I’ll make mistakes and learn along the way, but through challenges and struggles my kids will know happiness and love is what’s important

  220. The comment about Nella being a mama some day… My daughter’s boyfriend has a sister who is developmentally delayed. She is wonderful with kids, and works at a day care center as an aide. Just helping the teachers and being there for the kids. They all love her.

  221. So often we want our dreams for our children to be their dreams too. It takes courage to let our children fly, discover who they really are, and to give them the freedom and support to let them live their best life…their way.

  222. Love this post Kelle! I have been sharing your writing with my mom and she and I are both in love with your book, the amazing writing and gorgeous photos of your family. xo

  223. LOVE new PJs, they are the best. I read your books in 2 days, LOVED. You did an amazing job. Thank you. So moving.

  224. Had these exact same feeling last night watching my girls run around the park. One with such an amazing imagination and the other wit NO FEAR. I caught myself wandering what they would be in a few years and I came up with the same wish, I just hope they are HAPPY.

    Thank you!

    Oh, also received your beautiful little signature in the mail the other day. My book is now complete. =)

  225. I’ve only been a reader for a few months, but my how Lainey is growing! She looks so adorable and mature in her ballet lesson. Beautiful post, as always, Kelle.

  226. New pajamas are the bomb diggity. I also love new sheets and any type of bedding really :) I took my Zayn to the Children’s Museum in Sheboygan (my hometown) and loved it. I hear Atlanta has a great one, so I need to get brave and drive there with him. This post was lovely, I hope I get a daughter someday, but if not I hope I have some of the very best little boys that will be amazing dads! xx

  227. My mama believes that new pajamas can change the outcome of an entire day, ease heartache and make you “mmm, feel like a queen!”. I happen to agree. I love that you likely agree with this. :-)

  228. I’m sure you saw this, but here a sweet DS story featured on CNN today.

  229. I LOVE new pajamas. I bought a pair of bright neon pink plaid fuzzy pajama pants a few weeks ago, my husband says they look like something his 10 year old cousin would wear. But I dont care! They are awesome! I just wish I had a tiny little matching pair for my daughter.

  230. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my mom gave me a card at my baby shower. Inside, she had written simply, “Now you will know how much I love you.” I can’t even write these words without crying. She was right. I loved before my daughter was born (almost three years ago!), but never like this.

  231. i’m a mom of 3 adult kids. in the raising-up years i found myself often saying and thinking..”i just want you to be happy.”
    eventually i decided to say ” we just want you to be content with the choices you make in your life.”

    i know being happy and content are both both choices WE make. and sometimes it needs to be an intentional choice.

    kelle, i like the intentional choice you have made in raising your family….a lot of love, some guidance and then the freedom to be the people they choose to be.
    good job momma!

  232. I LOVE new pj’s!!! They do need their own posts. Can’t wait to read you in People!

  233. I LOVE new pj’s!!! They do need their own posts. Can’t wait to read you in People!

  234. I love how you dedicated your book to Lainey. She will feel so special when she is older and can read it all by herself. The stories of her love for her little sister brighten my day. It reminds me of the stories I have with my sisters when I was younger. Her and Nella will have a wonderful bond for the rest of their lives.

  235. I love new pajamas! I did write a post about christmas pajamas since I go a little crazy with pajamas for my kids. They love pajamas too.
    What a fun children’s mueseum! We love going to our children’s muesem, so much fun and I love to see what my daughter’s imagaination will come up with while we are there.
    Love the pictures of Lainey at ballet so sweet.

  236. New pajamas rock.

  237. I woke up this morning yearning for a post from you today. I feel so much more grounded after reading your words. Thanks for giving me exactly what I needed today. I love Lainey’s ‘L’ shirt!

  238. LOVED this post… & thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

  239. I know that Nella will accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams. I love that you are trying to leave the future wide open and come what may…I’m a profoundly deaf nurse, who has been able to do things no one thought possible with technology and some speech therapy as a child. No matter what, Nella will wonderfully mother any children who come into her life in any fashion!

  240. Mel sent me….what a fun blog!

  241. I am almost done with Bloom and I am kind of sad. I received my name plate in the mail and proudly put it in my book. The book has made me think a lot and reflect at my life. As a result, I have been thinking a lot about you and your family lately. Funny, I don’t really know you but I feel like I do. Thank you for being so open. You are an inspiration.

  242. I may one of the few grandmas here but I want you to know that reading this brought back all the hopes and fears I had for my babies when they were little. Of course, they had to find their own ways, and they did, and they are good. Now I have the same feelings for my 2 grandchildren. I know I can’t make their decisions or protect them all of the time, but it is hard. And I do have to say that one of the most wonderful things ever is watching my daughter as a mama, it makes me so happy and proud. Loved your book too. Way to go Kelle, for saying things we all think.

  243. I’m new to your blog.. well I’ve read a bunch of your posts over the past few weeks so I don’t FEEL new. I ordered Bloom and can’t wait to get it. I’m pregnant with my first baby.. a boy! You’re posts are honest, encouraging, sometimes tearjerkers. I want to thank you for being a courageous woman by spilling your guts out to all of us reading. I continue to read somewhat selfishly because I find hope and inspiration as a new mommy-to-be from your words of wisdom. I also just love seeing your sweet girls and all of the fun you create for them with special every day moments.

  244. Almost finished BLOOM, and I am so dragging my feet~~~~~~~ Why you ask? You guessed it, I don’t want it to end! I Love it Kelle. I must say, I cried through 75% of it, however, it was a good cry, not a sad one! Again, thank-you Kelle for sharing your most personal thoughts and your true heart with us strangers! I am giving your book to my friends for Mother’s Day! Take care sweet mama!

  245. I love this post. I am expecting my first in September and I catch myself making plans and forming ideas in my head of who this little person will be and who they’ll become. As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters. :)

    I’d love to be able to give my mom a piece of mama bird nest jewelry, not just for Mother’s Day, but to show her how I’m slowly starting to understand the love she’s given me and my brother and sister our whole lives.

  246. Someone else already said it, but Nella could be a mama in ways that you might not imagine. I have friends who treat their pets or other friends’ children like their own babies. It won’t be exactly the same, but I have no doubt she’ll have a huge capacity to love from watching you.

    I also have to share that I was watching a show this morning about a couple that had adopted like 20 kids with special needs. Some were medical issues, others had mental or physical disabilities and a handful had Down syndrome. The couple’s biological daughter worked with all the kids on physical activity/exercise, and it mentioned how limber and flexible people with Down syndrome are. These kids and teenagers were turning multiple cartwheel and somersaults and back springs. It was amazing to watch.

    And I giggled, because my first thought was “I can see Nella in 8 or 10 years flipping across her backyard just like that.” The kids looked fearless and like they were having ball, and it totally reminded me of your girl.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I had to share my glimpse of Nella down the road. I think both your girls will find happiness, and as with any parents, the things THEY love will no doubt broaden your horizons as you learn about them.

  247. ♥ your pictures, ♥ your words, ♥ the idea of new jammies, ♥ ♥ ♥!

  248. I hope and pray Nella is able to be a mother someday-it’s clear that the instinct is in her heart.
    Blessings to you-wonderful post.

  249. Kelle: I saw the people ad on my NOOK version…oh…and finally downloaded and started reading BLOOM last night. I know all this…I have been reading your blog for over two years….but you give so much more in the book…loving every word….cried like 5 times in the first 30 pages!!!!

  250. I think sometimes too about the future for my daughter. I appreciate your words that what is most important is that she is happy in whatever she is doing. Love the bird’s nest jewelry!

  251. Kelle, I just love reading your blog. Your words seem to flow effortlessly and your pictures are always gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your family with me!

  252. Hi Kelle, I got your book in the mail yesterday and I was smiling all the home from the mailbox cause I couldn’t wait to rip into it! It’s beautiful & I can’t wait to read it….thank you!

  253. i don’t know if I cried or laughed harder while reading your book! i love your humor and of course your honesty and outlook on life. congrats on the book, your beautiful family, life, etc.!! i want to “start a fan club in DC!!;)” i want to connect with more people with a similar genuine outlook. and I think i will participate in a buddy walk in the area if there is one. thanks for opening up my eyes and stretching my heart:) thanks for sharing- have a good day!!

  254. Such a beautiful post! Th essence of whatnthis blog is all about. Congratulations again on the success of your book!

  255. You remind me to enjoy every moment and to make the most of each day with my baby girl. Thank you!

  256. As for new pajamas, I could not agree more. It is one of the greatest joys in life.

    And, I totally 2nd this. “Life didn’t go as planned for me, and I’ve never been happier.”

  257. Congrats to you with all the great publicity for your book! I have been e-mailing your links to all my friends and family with a little note saying something like “Hey, this is who I’ve been telling you about! Isn’t she great?!” Your children’s museum is way cooler than ours, and that cute polka dot room is really making me think that maybe we could build our own cool kids house. Hmm.

  258. I am patiently waiting for Bloom from my library. It has a waiting list :-) I love new come no picture of all of you in them? I think I might have to pick me and my kiddos up some this weekend to enjoy. We so rarely buy them as they are given as gifts for some reason in our family. Kids do the most amazing things for us. I know exactly how you feel watching your two girls grow up.

  259. Beautiful. And I love that you dedicated the book to simply, Lainey. One day she’ll get that and love it.

  260. I am 11 weeks preggo and dreaming of my pajamas right now. Lovely post! New pajamas are always worth talking about.

  261. “For now.”

    Goodness. Brings tears to my eyes and I don’t even have little ones of my own. You sure do know how to touch my hear! :o)

  262. Kelle,

    I am trying to embrace the notion of “life doesn’t always go how we planned.” I think you’re a wonderful mother, and I hope one day to be as loving as you to my own littles.

    Lainey looks so grown up in those ballet pictures! As for the bird nests, I actually just purchased one to give to my mom on my wedding day in July. There are six of us, so her little nest is overflowing. She refers to us as her “little chicks” even though we are all grown. I thought it was the perfect gift.

    <3 Nikki

  263. I love this post! So heartfelt, so powerful. The first picture of Lainey, the one on the sidewalk with her serious face? Slayed the crap out of me. Beautiful! As far as Nella goes…goodness, she’s ROCKED OUT her first two years, I can’t wait to see her on down the line. She’s going to live an amazing life. You’re giving her the best start possible. You believe in her and that will take her to the moon.

    Finished Bloom two weeks ago, looking forward to your next book. Because girl, when you make it to #11 on the New York Times best seller list…well, ya don’t just write ONE book, you become a freaking major, big time author. My kids will probably be studying the writings of the great philosopher Kelle Hampton in their college courses!

    Happy Thursday!

    Anige from Ohio

  264. Bloom officially hit ireland yesterday and i read through to chapter 6 last night! Loving the book Kelle, you should be so proud of it.

    Also, I’m with you on the new pyjamas, definitely!

  265. New Jammies ROCK!!
    I am so looking forward to reading your book (im waiting my turn for it at our library!)
    Saw an ad in Babytalk for it too!!
    Your girls are as adorable as ever!!

  266. Ohhhh, love the nest jewelry. So sweet.

  267. You’re such a great mama. I will finally get my hands on your book this weekend, and I can’t wait to dive in!

  268. Amazing post! They look older in these pictures for some reason. I loved the book and love reading your inspiring words.

  269. New pajamas ARE the best…second only to your book. Which I read in less than twenty-four hours (sleep time included, of course…and work and mommy-ing). It was truly amazing and will be my go-to Mom gift from now until the end of time….or until you write the next one, whichever one comes first.

  270. Wow – that post was so beautifully written….it’s so true, the only thing I want for my babies, is for them to always be happy !

  271. This topic about my baby not having his own babies some day is such a sore spot.. But Happiness is not somewhere in the future, it’s every second ticking NOW and so far we’ve been enjoying it 200%!

  272. Pajamas are my favorite outfit. I love the way my kids smell when they are freshly bathed and in their PJ’s. Great post…made me smile out loud. πŸ˜‰

  273. Hi, Your words are like music. Do you give writing classes?
    What you say and how you say it are truly soothing to the soul. I cannot wait to read your book.
    I too have a daughter with disabilities. She’s an adult now and I am so proud of her. She is a happy, independent, young lady who has taught me and continues to teach me so many life lessons.
    Thank you for sharing your life and teaching us the beauty of hardships and how hardships can be seen as the richness of life. My life has been made richer by my daughter. You’re fortunate to be seeing it like this early on. My recognition of this came later on as I developed such pride in how Nava was growing as a beautiful human being.

  274. Just lovely!!! I’m glad I found your blog thank you so much for sharing

  275. I have been reading BLOOM since it arrived on my doorstep… and I’m so sad that I’m nearing the end. I have only allowed myself to read one chapter a night, so I can savor every delicious page. It is truly the most lovely book I have ever owned, both in looks and content. I will treasure it always!

  276. I love this post. It’s hard to think of my children chosing a different life than I would pick out for them, but I agree that the most important thing is that they choose a path that makes them happy. If only more people could grasp the importance of that statement!

  277. One of my favorite posts Kelle. :)

    My life didn’t go as planned either, however the lessons and the gifts I’ve learned from my journey have empowered me to see and appreciate the beauty in every little thing…it’s overwhelming sometimes, but in a good way. :)

    My mum always said “Focus on what you do have Darling instead of what you don’t” Words I live by…

    Your girls happiness is all that truly matters, like you said.

    None of us know what tomorrow will bring, our lives can change in the blink of an eye…we just hold on.

    Sending a big bear hug,
    Diana x

  278. You’ve moved me to duck out of work early, and go grab my two little ladies and run to the park – because I know this will make them happy, and that is all that matters! Keep on doing what you do Kelle – you make a lot of mommas strive to be the best they can be!

  279. You’ve moved me to duck out of work early, and go grab my two little ladies and run to the park – because I know this will make them happy, and that is all that matters! Keep on doing what you do Kelle – you make a lot of mommas strive to be the best they can be!

  280. You’ve moved me to duck out of work early, and go grab my two little ladies and run to the park – because I know this will make them happy, and that is all that matters! Keep on doing what you do Kelle – you make a lot of mommas strive to be the best they can be!

  281. You’ve moved me to duck out of work early, and go grab my two little ladies and run to the park – because I know this will make them happy, and that is all that matters! Keep on doing what you do Kelle – you make a lot of mommas strive to be the best they can be!

  282. You are an inspiring mama! Just placed my order for my nest necklace!

  283. Oooh yes, I agree! New jam-jams are sooo worth celebrating! Beautiful post… like always. And LOVED seeing you in People!

  284. So sweet, but with a touch of melancholy that we mamas feel as we watch our babies grow. It’s happy… but sad. Filled with wanderings and hope and worry for their future happiness.

  285. Gorgeous, poignant, and sweet post! I try to truly enjoy each moment with my children, who are incredibly already 10 and 12! I sometimes try to imagine what they’ll be like as adults, my greatest wish is that they will be happy and content, and will look back fondly on their childhoods, and that our relationships will remain close. I also remember the babies that they were, and I sometimes miss the days when I could scoop them up and hold them close!

  286. Yay for the People write-up! I haven’t seen it yet, but was just getting a pedi today and while reading last week’s edition was thinking/wishing/hoping that Bloom would be in it soon! Love today’s post, teared up a bit on that last part (for now…).

  287. I love this post. We all want our babies to just be happy. Beautiful.

  288. This is a beautiful post. I am almost done finishing your book. You are an amazing person and mother.

  289. Oh what adorable cute photos of those precious girls!
    It’s so true, what you write. Somehow I think it’s à little more obvious to us boy-mamas. We who have no daughters, will have a slightly different experience in the future. Spectacular, of course, but different.

    Have à wonderful weekend – mine starts now πŸ˜€

  290. This comment has been removed by the author.

  291. Can’t wait to read the book!!

  292. I very rarely comment, but have followed your blog since Nella’s birth story first posted. Of course, I had to read Bloom as soon as it was out. I just had to tell you how I laughed at the part where you watched “The Hangover”, just to laugh out loud and avoid the issue at hand. My daughter just had surgery, and my movie of choice for the waiting room? Why “The Hangover” of course. I wonder what exactly the surgeon thought, when he came out after hours of major surgery on our child, and I was literally LAUGHING out loud at the computer screen. Well, that movie sure helped me get through some stressful hours in that pediatric surgery waiting room. I love that it helped you through some tough times too!

    PS…Loved the rest of the book too. I hope you con’t to write.

  293. I have 2 BOYS and 1 girl (born in January 2010 as Nella, and i was borm the 22th of January but in 1978, like you, Kelle). I know the chance i have to have one girl after my 2 boys, because the relationship are different with a girl. We can see this little girl grow up and become a woman. And a daughter always need her mother. And our children need all our love (girl or boy) to become an adult with self confidence and they need trusting in us to be happy and live their lives what they want in happiness. To be Parents is always a challenge, with full of questions,it isn’t easy every day but it’s my life, and i love it like that. One more time, sorry for my english, i’m french!

  294. Another beautiful post that left my eyelashes all damp. “For now” is hitting me so hard with my just-5-year old…still so tiny, but oh, how they grow. I just love that you actively love every minute you can with your girls. What a mama they’ll remember, and what a mama they’ll keep.

  295. We have a tradition in my family where we all get new pajamas on Christmas Eve, it’s my favorite!

  296. Nest with egg necklace… want! So cute.

    Great posts, Kelle. Keep them coming.

  297. If I could live in pj’s I would. And new ones? It’s like spotting a unicorn for me :) Love the nest necklace… I have two little ones in my nest.

  298. I just love your writing and your honesty. And I really love those necklaces!

  299. I have noticed lately just how grown up your little ladies are looking! They are beautiful, sweet girls! Can’t wait til my own little lady is grown up, and can be a Mama too!

  300. Oh Kelle…….beautiful! I teared up….my girls are a little older than yours, I find myself wondering the same things…’s hard to imagine letting go someday, and just listening. That museum looks so fun!

  301. My mama would love that necklace. Thank you for sharing her site. And, thank you for sharing your family with us. Your posts always bring inspiration into my life.

  302. Who knows if you will read comment-almost-300, but here goes!!
    Just finished the book. Loved it.
    I have to tell you, please tell your sweet husband that, yes, Miss Nella will learn to walk to a friend’s house all by herself. That part of the book brought back a flood of wonderful memories when my Brenna was young and we had tons of kids in the cul-de-sac that were our extended family.
    She did learn to walk to their homes, alone. I just kinda forgot to teach her to tell me she was going, and to not lock the neighbor out of his home when she got there. It’s a good thing to teach them to tell you they are going, because they also go to a friend’s house, curl up in a nice, soft bed and fall asleep. You then come to and wonder where your child is, and your mother who is visiting just about has a heart attack, but we were so fortunate with our neighbors, that we always knew she was in one of 4 homes. Really, I’m not a negligent mom, just one who was fortunate to have a super village surrounding her while her babies were young!!

    Now? She walks to a neighbor’s on a Sunday when I can’t get to church, gets a ride to youth group and then works in the nursery the second service. I think visiting all those homes has paid off…

  303. I too love to lounge in jammies. The jewelry is beautiful.

  304. Re: the birds nest jewelry, it’s unbelievable to me sometimes how utterly, perfectly obvious something should be, but unthought of until you stumble across it. Birds next + moms = love :)

  305. I love the birds nest jewelry and think it would be a great gift for my friend who just announced she’s expecting her fourth child by sending out announcements that said on there would be four in their nest :)
    So where are the pics of these new Jammie’s? The sneak peek of Lainey’s with the big L are so cute, where’s the rest?

  306. Oh how I love new jammies….old jammies too!! HA!

    LOVE THIS: “Little girl,” I said, “I wish I had a daughter like you.” She stopped dancing, ran to hug me and smiled with all her Chicklet teeth.

    “You do,” she answered. “I’m yours.”


  307. New pajamas are the best!! Love this post…and those pictures of your girls…so sweet!!

    Tina J

  308. Such beautiful words, new pyjamas have really inspired so much heartfelt reflection and happiness. :)

  309. What an amazing mama you are! :)

    Just my two cents… :) There are lots of reasons why some women will never be biological mamas. Some lack the physical ability, others (myself included!) haven’t found and may never find the right person with which to create those children. It’s just not in the cards for us. However, rest easy in the knowledge that Nella (much like myself!), even if she never becomes a mama, will still be able to give of herself to children – this is a gift/ability given to every woman, regardless of mothering status. :)

  310. Oh Kelle, how is it the you make me cry with every post? What you wrote about hoping your girls will experience the love of being a mom made me realize why my mom was so insistent that I have kids (I used to think I didn’t want any.) It never fully clicked until just now. :)

  311. Just discovered your blog. Love your pictures. Your birth story of Nella brought tears to my eyes (in a good way). I just had my own little girl and hearing/reading birth stories brings all the feeling flooding back. I am a special education teacher and enjoy reading about children from a parents perspective. I am hoping our library gets a copy of your book soon, so I can read it soon. Happy Day!

  312. I do hope you get already looking forward to mine and my girls are only 6 months and 2 years! Thank you for keeping it real..i think people forget this, the questions and lssues that dissabilities can bring when reading and looking at your beautiful pictures. Thank you for keeping it pretty AND real..

  313. Hi there, Just looked you up after reading your book. What a lovely oasis this blog is! Congrats on the book, blog & gorgeous family.

  314. I finally got your book this week on my ipad and then by chance a friend sent me the hard copy as a thankyou gift for us hosting her family over spring break. When I opened the book and realized how far I was in the book, I realized why I’m so tired this week….I’ve almost finished in like 3 days and I don’t start reading until 10. I love it! I’m really happy for your and your family.

  315. This has nothing to do with the post, I just sat down with my new issue of Babytalk magazine and started reading an article! I thought I know the bby’s face, and her name is so familiar! Then I saw at the bottom of the page your blog name. I was so excited to see a positive article for down syndrome in such a popular magazine! And even more excited when I realized it wa from the author of a blog I follow! The article was great and the pictures were adorable!

  316. Kelle,
    I wanted to tell you about one of my sister’s close friends in high school. He has 2 siblings, & both of his parents have DS. I actually never met them, but my sister was at their house regularly & they did a fabulous job raising their kids. They lived independently & both held jobs, although I am not sure what they were. Her friend is one of the sweetest men I have ever known. All three children were normal. I am not sure what the pc term is, & I am not trying to be offensive in using the word normal. But they had no genetic or chromisomal abnormalities. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about them. They seemed to be a really close & amazing family.
    However Lainey & Nella’s lives turn out, I am quite sure they will say you were a wonderful mother! I always enjoy reading your blog.

  317. Kelle, I just love reading your writing. Love it.

  318. New pajamas are so refreshing.

    And so are little girls who know they are yours! :)

  319. Lainey has the BEST facial expressions. they make me laugh out loud. :) i loveeeeeee your pictures. your posts. your beautiful words. thanks for sharing :)

  320. love the bird nest neckalce for a mamma!

  321. I have a book recommendation…it’s called The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I just saw on Amazon that there are a few different focuses for these books. The one I read talks about the different love languages we all have and how to best love others in their language. Sometimes we show others love the way we want it but that may not be what fills their love tank. Something in your blog made me think of this book so I thought I’d share.

  322. “little girl, i wish i had a daughter like you.” “you do, i’m yours.” “for now.”

    what a precious conversation! and memory!

    ps i love my copy of your book. how sweet that lainey recognized the t-shirt picture as “your story”. thanks so much for sharing your lives, your heart and your journey.

  323. I truly did not appreciate my own mother until I had children. I finally realized then that everything she said or did was out of love and not becuase she was trying ruin my life.

  324. It must run in your blood Kelle! The way you described yourself as a child seems to have carried over into Lainey and Nella beautifully! You have inspired many people to be wonderful Mother’s and years from now it will be the same, but even more so for your beautiful girls!! <3

  325. Lainey and Nella are BEAUTIFUL!! I love your blog!

  326. “Life didn’t go as planned for me, and I’ve never been happier.” I desperately needed a reminder of this today. My life has been a bit upheaved and I was feeling that panic of the unknown come sweeping in.
    Thank you for this post and helping me remember that happiness comes in many forms, and usually the ones you never expected are the ones the make you the happiest.

  327. You are an amazing mother! You’re girls are lucky to have you. Oh and I was just thinking recently that I should get some new pjs too. :)

  328. Beauty post… xo

  329. Yes, new pajamas are wonderful! Your girls are so sweet!

  330. I just got Jana and Lanie matching pjs. Love them. I often think about the what “ifs” when Jana is playing with her dolls. It does make my heart hurt. I had dinner with my girlfriends this week and asked them to each read your book. I said if you want to know what I went through, what I am going through read it. She wrote what I was feeling and can not say myself. Thank you for all you do

  331. Today as two of my girlfriends and I watched our gaggle of children run from the bay-front park into the water fully clothed here in San Diego, we reminded each other to embrace the moment Kelle Hampton style. We put down our “shouldn’ts” and picked up our cameras. Thanks for giving mamas everywhere a little more courage to create marvelous adventures out of Thursday morning park trips.

  332. Your children are adorable! Also, that jewelry – couldn’t be more perfect for mother’s day! I’d love to give one to my mom and my mother-in-law!

  333. I’m always saying on IG how motherly they are, and how not only Lainey, but Nella as well, will move mountains. They’ve got game. Watch out World!!

  334. I truly aspire to be the mother you describe in your posts. I fail so many times, but I keep on trying!
    And that necklace? I think I comment on it every time I see it in Heidi’s IG pics! Love!

  335. I love Nella’s hair! So cute. And I love that picture of Lainey, the one that she’s just looking into the camera. And I LOVE the picture of them in the car! Those kids just get to me.
    And I agree with you on the pajamas. New pajamas are great. I just need to get some of my own!!

  336. If one of them becomes a mother, the other will be a fantastic auntie! And aunties can love fiercely! :)

  337. Pajamas, yes. And socks too – can’t overstate the joy of brand spanking new socks.

    I finally got your book today. I’ve been waiting for my indie bookstore to get it in and hurrah! They finally did! Can’t wait to dig in.

  338. You have been such an inspiration to me. I have 4 daughters, we lost one at birth so I do know that sad feeling. Keep inspiring all you come in contact with.
    Love the book!!!
    Marilyn Grable

  339. I always feel like I should leave a comment that is just as beautiful as your post, but all I can think of is stuff like, “I love that dress!” or, “oh yes I totally agree!” Not terribly witty :-) But still true <3

  340. I never married and/or raised children of my own. But, I have lots of kids! I believe Nella would be one heckofa Nanny, if being a Mom doesn’t happen!

  341. LOVE C’MON. Hope you had had great time!
    My daughter is more than I expected and all I hoped for-just amazing! The boy-even better!

  342. I have many friends–without Down syndrome–who would be fantastic mothers. And it’s not happening. And it might never. But they are all being mothers to our kids, to other friends’ kids, to kids at church…and I’m sure that whatever the future holds for both your girls, they will be mothers of some kind, in some way.

  343. For now indeed, they grow up incredibly fast. Enjoy what you move got because they’ll be grown before you know it, at least that’s what I try it do. And new jammies? They rock!!

  344. my mom has a cousin that has DS and married another person with DS and they had 2 children. if she wants to, then hopefully it can happen for her.

  345. HI Kelle, Down Syndrome NSW (australia) have articles on a couple with Down syndrome who married and had a baby, and the baby is neurotypcal. I had been told this happens but was always wondering if it was an urban myth and people were telling me to make me feel better when my girl was born with DS, as I too felt sad that she would not have babies one day.
    I just think its amazing that this can happen and goes to show that people with DS are really ‘more alike than different’. (last I heard all the social services had stepped in to help with rearing the baby…)
    Time for us to shake out the winter pyjamas in Aus, flannelette is much more cuddley anyway,
    cheers, jenni

  346. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to read one of your posts without either crying or at the very least getting tears in my eyes!? New PJ’s ROCK!!

  347. You are a great Mommy and one day your girls will realize how lucky they are! The nest jewelry is adorable and I like how it is customizable for the number of eggs you need…think you could fit 19 in there? Thinking of the Duggars πŸ˜‰

  348. You are correct… new pajamas are the best! I should treat myself to them more often. Love the bird’s nest jewelery; very unique!

  349. Your post inspired me to head to our Children’s Museum:)

  350. I think the best part of the future is that none of us know exactly how things are going to play out. It’s like a present that we have to wait to open.

    Much love to you and your family – however big it might grow.

  351. I teared up twice – no, three – times while reading this post. Lainey’s “You do. I’m yours.” = swoon. How lovely. Also lovely is the fact that my copy of BLOOM shipped today. Tra la! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Well-deserved congratulations!

  352. Love new pjs, the fact that happiness can come even when it’s not what you expected, and the picture of Nella and Lainey in the play car. SO cute! Love the nest jewelry!

  353. Such in interesting post . . . I too loved babies when I was small but, many years later, I am not a mama. Who knew? But I am happy and I love your sentiment that “I want them to be happy.” What a gift you are giving them!

  354. I think I will stop on my home from work tomorrow and get a new pair of pj’s… I can’t remember the last time I actually bought myself a pair………

  355. Im almost done with Bloom, and those nights that I’ve stayed up past 11:30 reading it have changed my life entirely. I had a Down Syndrome girl go to my school, and she was (and still is) one of the sweetest girls I have known. She goes to my middle school. I believe she will be so much like your Nella one day (only with blonde hair!)

  356. Beautiful post, where did you find the yellow mug from your previous post?

  357. What a perfect post for today. I love my pajamas too!

  358. Even better than new pjs are getting to stay in those pjs all day long!! I’ve learned in my three short years as a mom, that watching my girls learn to be loving & nuturing to each other, their babies, whomever, is yet another wonderful gift of motherhood.

  359. I have to say you are a great mom when your daughter chooses you to be her mom, thats when you know you have done something right. She is so sweet. Just imagine when they are both arguing over whos mom you are?

  360. My sister was on the way to the hospital to induce labor and one of her last stops was to target to get your book! My sister to me is like Heidi to you (yes, I have since read it myself!) She told me the nurses were yelling at her saying “you just had a baby today, put the book down and go to bed.” Here she was hours after giving birth when her baby and spouse were already asleep and she was still up unrested cause yes, your book is just that good! Thankyou for sharing such personal stories!!! We both want to read it again!

  361. oh goodness. the picture of the girls in the car. nella’s smile. that is pure happiness! beautiful!

  362. Awesome once again!

  363. What a sweet post! Where’d you get your new pajamas? Could use a new pair or 2, although in maternity clothes until fall & they’re even harder to find good ones…

  364. As a mother of a 4 year old boy this post hit home for me. Everyday he seems a little older, little stronger, little more independent. While I hope he finds what makes him happy, I can’t help to feel sad as a piece of my heart goes with him!

  365. I dont think you have written a post that I didn’t tear up from. You are such an amazing author and person!

  366. I love new pajamas! So cozy! Lainey and Nella are getting more and more beautiful with every post. Lainey looks like she has really grown up a lot lately. Both such beautiful girls! Enjoy them both as time flies much too quickly.

  367. “Maybe they won’t dig unicorns.” It’s funny you say that… I’m a first grade teacher and today some of my students were working on a handwriting page for the letter U. There was a picture of a unicorn on the top of the page. Some of the kids crossed out the unicorn and explained they don’t like unicorns! Who doesn’t like unicorns? To each his (or her) own though, right? :o)

    I finished your book last week and passed in on to a friend. Thank you for putting your heart out there and sharing your feelings. You are inspiring.

    And I just have to mention that Nella looks so big lately! I think it’s her long hair!

  368. I never cease to be amazed at your ability to take beautiful photos and put them into this beautiful blog. Your girls are going to have a real treasure!

  369. Every word you said about your children and letting go is so profound, yet so simple. Thank you for sharing of yourself.

    Esther Dushinsky

  370. I can hear Lainey growing too {through my computer speaks…coz i have powers like that}….haa, but no seriously; I’ve noticed how much she’s changed & grown lately…still as beautiful as ever though :) My 4yr old seems like such a little lady these days. And as much as the future excites me….it’s also terrifies me…can we freeze time for a little while so my babies can stay babies for just a little longer. I quite like having small kids around :)
    New pajamas do indeed make for a GREAT day! Enjoy those jammies Kelle.

  371. <3

    Imagine my surprise to flip through Baby Talk magazine and see some familiar faces today! Loving all the promotion your book is getting!

  372. your girls are beauty. the nest egg jewelry is such sweet symbolism, i’d love something for myself–to represent my little chickadees. i love mother’s day. such a special, joyus and blessed celebration!

  373. Received my signed book plate yesterday. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for your readers. It makes my copy of Bloom feel a little more personal than it already did. :-) You are on the right track with motherhood and no doubt your girls will grow up feeling loved and supported thru whichever path they choose. We must listen as parents, friends, partners, etc. It is key and will inspire others to do the same for you.

  374. Go Melody!! I hope I win and love this post.

  375. I have been doing a lot of the same thing lately. Looking at my children, seeing how quickly they are growing. It brings me sadness and joy all at once.

  376. If I don’t win that ring I’m buying it! One of the most scary and yet satisfying parts of being a mom is letting go and watching them become people outside of us.

  377. Loved your post and the ring! I can’t see my original well let’s just assume it was amazing.

  378. enjoyed reading this.

  379. Kelle… I saw your book featured in People magazine, and purchased it from Amazon that same night. I curled up in bed last night and started Bloom, I almost made it through the entire book in one sitting. But by 3am I had to put it down and save the rest for tonight.

    I have been a member of this “club” for 15+ years, and your book really hit home for me and took me back to the beginning of this “club life”. I sobbed during some parts, knowing EXACTLY what you were experiencing and reliving my own memories. And then I would laugh so hard at the very next sentence, I’d wake my husband up who was sleeping peacefully next to me.

    You are so blessed to have such a tight “Net” of friends surrounding you. We found out prenatally that our daughter would be born with Ds, but we went through all of it alone. My husband was in the Marine Corps, and I was 8 months pregnant when we were transferred to San Diego. I didn’t know a single soul, and our families were all back home in Wisconsin. We had nobody there to lean on… no family, no friends, no family priest, no family doctor…. NOBODY. I look back at those days and wonder how I ever made it through. But thankfully, I DID. *WE* did. We made it through. And it’s been good. :)

    This was such a bittersweet book for me to read… thank you for sharing it with us.

    Oh, and one more thing… you have a BEAUTIFUL family! :)

  380. New jammies are the BEST! This coming from a girl who gets all excited about a new dish towel! LOL! Love your posts…they seem to have a sense of grounding for me…when I get too caught up in other things…I read one of your posts and it’s just what I need! Thanks for keeping it real! Hugs!

  381. I like new PJs but i LOVE new socks, nothing makes me happier!

    Your girls are almost exactly the same age as my girls (littles turning 2 today, eldest turned 5 a couple of weeks ago) so very often what you write is what I was thinking.

    I’m at the same stage with my eldest, she’s perceiving so much around her and I’m hoping she takes in more than just “mum loved me” and remembers I worked hard to provide for her, I listened to her, I explained things to her, I planned special things for her, I was strict but loving etc.

  382. This comment has been removed by the author.

  383. I completely agree that pajamas need more recognition. And as mothers, the best you can do is show them love and encouragement. We don’t know what the future holds, but Nella has and is learning how to love and be a mother from you and that is more preparation than some ever have.

  384. Beautiful post full of raw emotion. I love that you have your dear friend Heidi to talk and process life. children, motherhood…. those friendship really are wonderful treasures!

  385. I am halfway done with Bloom :)…. and if it werent for the laundry and my sweet newborn that wants to eat every 20 min, I would be finished! I also want new jammies now. Thank you for reminding me that the mom I am now to my girls, will be resembled in the teenage years. I forget the reflection I create. It was a simple, but forgotten thought Thank you.


  386. Beautiful. And really, the older Lainey gets, the more I think I see Brett in her face, especially when she’s solemn.

    I absolutely thrill when one of my girls professes a love for something I love, too, because I think to myself ‘We can always share this.’ I’m so aware that they’re growing up so fast and, in many ways, growing away from me, and I find it just as frightening as exciting. I think often about what my relationship with each of them will be like when they’re adults, and I comfort myself with reminders of the things I have in common with each of them, the things I hope will keep us calling and texting and spending time together once they’re grown and on their own. Because right now, they are my world, and I cannot imagine a different kind of world.

  387. I think Nella will meet someone who loves her for the person she is…we all dream that for our children I’m sure. She is so beautiful…and in photos you can see her light shine and how she is a confident beautiful girl. Don’t be worried. She is so loved now by you and your family, and a girl who knows she’s loved, attracts love. Xoxo dream big x

  388. Completely agree about PJs! My mother gave me a lovely new pair for Christmas and I get so excited to wear them. They don’t get enough credit!

  389. Such a lovely photo of two gorgeous sisters in the toy car together. And beautiful words Kelle. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. xo

  390. Your blog is one of my fav..going out to buy Bloom today! My life too has blossmed ONLY b/c it didnt go as planned….that is the beauty that defines my life!

  391. Hi Kelle, thank you for your beautiful words that remind me to enjoy the now, and be thankful for my blessings. My life hasn’t exactly gone to plan, but (in a good way), hey, it’s a NEW plan and you remind me to slow down, breathe, and BE with my children every day. Have ordered Bloom and can’t wait for it to make its way down under!

  392. Thank you for expressing what lies in my heart for my own two children. This post was absolutely beautiful.

  393. I often look at my 3 year old son and wonder if he will have some of the same likes that I do. His likes and don’t likes change by the day. I love him for everything that he is and everything that he is going to be.

    I love the bird’s nest necklace and ring. They are beautiful.

  394. I’m a lesbian, and my mom certainly didn’t dream that for me. At first, she thought it meant no possibilities of weddings or babies or societal’s “happily-ever-afters.” But that’s not what it means. It just means that my happily ever after will look different than her’s, or what she has dreamed up for me.

    I’m almost 30 and I still haven’t married the woman of my dreams, and I’m not sure what the cards hold for me as far as kids go – but my mom has come a long way in understanding that Just like this.

    Parents should learn early to let go of all expectations with regards to their children. Your kids don’t want to disappoint you, and may try to take a path that they think YOU want for them, but not one that THEY want. Teach them and love them and mold them to the best that you can, and then, simply – let go. Trust their souls, and trust all that you’ve done to help them get there.

  395. new PJ’s really are the best aren’t they :)

  396. I love new pajamas too! And I love that jewelry. Hope you have a great weekend.

  397. You are such a great mama, you are definitely an inspiration to all!

  398. Beautiful post!!

  399. still waiting for my copy of Bloom — hearing how much your other readers enjoyed it is making the wait even more tough! Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  400. Hi Kelle,
    Just wanted to let you know that your blog has touched my heart! You have put into words what I have felt over the past 8 months! through your pictures of Nella, I see so many things that she and my son have in common and the things he will do! The “oh” face, laying on their tummies with head up and feet in the air, playing with their hands and so many more! I was playing catch up in reading today and saw that you went to school in Spring Arbor, My husband grew up just around the corner in Parma and we were married in the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church. It really is a small world.
    Can’t wait to read the book!

    Blessings to you and yours,

  401. Beautiful thoughts and beautifully written. You’ve put into words my hopes for my own girls…

  402. I haven’t been here in a while…then I saw you in BabyTalk magazine. Good for you! And I’m glad to see the girls are healthy and happy. Congratulations on the book!

  403. You rock those new pj’s…’s a good thing to celebrate those small things! xoxo

  404. Your wisdom is the wisdom of mothers through the ages. You are a wise soul and your girls are so lucky to have you in their life. I wondered also what my children would think about my parenting skills. They both (35 &32) tell me I was and am a wonderful mother. Lainey and Nella will say the same about you.

  405. Did I miss my chance at the giveaway? I tried commenting yesterday from my phone and I couldn’t get it to work!!

    If not, I’ve been swooning over the nest jewelry ever since I saw it here on your blog forever ago :) I’d love to see four eggs in my nest!

    Happy weekend to you … xo …

  406. I love reading your blog and have shared it with many of my friends. Thank you for writing so beautifully and filled with truth. Plus, I LOVE the birds’ nest jewelry!

  407. Agree on Jammies…and feel the same way about new socks : )

    The birds nest is a must have this year – on my list to my hubby for sure!

    I’ll have to swap my sister’s People Magazine – I just read the article you wrote for BabyTalk. So much fun! (I was a little behind on my magazine reading : )

  408. Beautiful Post! I love new PJs too! I adore MelodyJoy nest egg jewlery. My sister is due with her 5th child in June and it would make the perfect gift for her!

  409. I adore your blog more than words can express and have awarded you the sunshine award – see my blog for details xxx

  410. Your Nella can marry my Archie. He’s eight, also has Down syndrome, is handsome, and smart, and engaged, and loved by everyone he meets. And I also have twins, a boy and girl who are six-years-old, so Nella and Archie can be active aunts and uncles in the lives of their someday nieces and nephews.

    Also, I may be the only person in the world who is more detailed and precise as a party planner than you are so Nella and Archie would certainly have a dream of a wedding.

    I hope you understand I’m only being half-serious. I’d never deign to set up my son for marriage now or even ever, but it is fun to think about things like this. Because you never know, right? Maybe someday?

    My best to you and your family!

  411. Beautiful post about letting your kids to grow up to be who they are. We are learning that every day with our six-year-old. He’s not like other kids, and he’s perfect just the way he is!

  412. Beautiful post. I love new jammies… so cozy.

  413. Ordered 2 necklaces & ring from Melody last night! Can’t wait to receive them, they are so beautiful! And I look forward to giving them to my friends & family!

    Love reading your blog, you are an inspiration!

  414. “I am learning, not just in parenting but in every relationship, that multiple languages exist and not one is superior to another. The more I listen, the better I love.”

    I love this so so much. <3

  415. I don’t have a daughter but a son. For all of the hopes and dreams I have for him in the future, the one thing I want to see is him happy. No, I don’t expect constant happiness but I would like to see him understand what it means to be happy and make a good life for himself.

  416. Simply beautiful Kelle. I too pray every night that Alex grows up to be happy and to find happiness.

    And Melody Joy’s work is amazing. I’m heading over to check out her shop now.

    Happy wonderful weekend.


  417. Some of my favorite days are the ones where I’ve spent the entire day in my pajamas and eaten cereal for every meal.

  418. You are a real inspiration!! I just love to read your blog and look at all your pictures of those two adorbale girls! Thanks for always sharing!!

  419. You comment about multiple languages in relationships jumped out at me in this post. Just this week I attended a speaking engagement by Dr. Gary Chapman who wrote the book “The 5 Love Languages”. It was extremely inspiring and I highly recommend it.

  420. Loving the pictures of Lainey….The one with the L on her pj’s with the micraphone….Priceless :)

  421. What an amazing post. I normally don’t cry and it made me tear up…and I am at the office! (don’t judge…people take cigarette breaks, I take bloggread breaks). My favorite was the end…when Lainey hugs you and she says “I am yours”….and you say “for now”….

    It just made me want to hug my mom (I am 31 and married) and tell her that I am hers! I left her in my teenage years, an 20s but I am back! I didn’t realize until recently how bitter sweet it must have been when I left her….but you just helped me understand the depth of a loving mothers feeling so well. Thank you.

  422. I love PJ’s too – Vera Wang from Kohl’s are heavenly for me. Love the “Goodnight Moon” on the floor – so like my house – books everywhere. Nice post.

  423. I love all your posts. This one is no different. Thank you for sharing your girls. They are rock stars just like their mama!

  424. I found a link to your blog and have seen your book at work. After reading (getting sucked in by) your beautiful prose, genuine story, and gentle themes, I’ll make sure to pick up your book at work (and recommend it to people looking for something just plain nice). Thank you for writing this, I’m happy to have found it.

  425. I did a little happy dance today when I got my email that my hold copy of Bloom is ready at the library. It’s not in the budget to buy right now, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Haven’t missed a post of yours since I found you Kelle!

  426. Also, Kathleen, I am currently reading Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages for Children, which is pretty new and a GREAT book for parents. I loved the original!

  427. Oh my. New pajamas ARE the best. I distinctly remember an AWESOME night’s sleep as a kid with new Barney pajamas. Don’t judge.

  428. Kelle, thank you for this. As we are struggling to come up with a transition plan for my son, who has a learning disability and will be graduating from high school in a couple years, your comment about how the future choices are really theirs really hits home. Instead of planning it all out for him, I just need to listen to him. Sounds simple, but I definitely needed the reminder.

  429. Beautiful post!! I’ve already ordered my bird nest, but I’m sure I could find more to order :)

  430. Your girls are just so darn cute!! Congratulations on the book!!

  431. Totally with ya’ on the awesomeness of new pajamas! I can’t get over how tall and grown-up looking Miss Lainey is in the pics in this post. Both girls are beauties.

  432. Kelle Hampton, I kind of love you. You have been a better parent to me than my own parents. Your girls are so lucky.

  433. I love your your blog. Love your girls!

  434. i am so getting a nest for me and one for my mama! i recently had to have my wedding ring cut off my hand as i thought it would fit me 6 months post pregnancy and i couldn’t get it off the next day sooooo…..some new jewelry will brighten THAT experience up for me πŸ˜‰

    growing kids. i am sitting here right now feeling guilt, i wish lately that the end of the day i could focus more on the things i did right during the day, the good memories the kids will have versus them remembering i got on their case for throwing around the metal legs to my new pink flamingo before i even had a chance to assemble the sucker…..ok…..just writing that out helped.

    lol!! but man, the taking of my stuff gets old πŸ˜‰

    but especially with my 5 year old, i want to freeze time, it’s going too fast!

  435. You should write a whole post about pajama’s someday. I am sure it would be awesome. Pajama’s have a way of making the world more fun.

    Oh, I have never met your sweet girl but I can see her growing up just through the pictures. It’s beautiful.

  436. I’m surprised that you of all people didn’t realize this (!), but the day Lainey becomes a mother (if she will one day), so will Nella. Nella will be the best second mother that Lainey could ask for her children and vice versa.

  437. Beautiful post! And, I love me some new pajamas!! The gifts you offer your girls are immeasurable and I am quite confident that years from now they will be able to fully feel and know the love you have for them through your words.

  438. Just so you know… I LOVE new pajamas too!! I am in such awe at the mother you are and the beautiful little ladies you have to tag along with! God is incredible!

  439. I absolutely LOVE these nest pieces, hope I win :)

  440. These little losses still sneak up on me from time to time. When we start putting money in an RESP for her sisters, but I realize it’s something else for her. Thank God for RDSPs, that we live in a world where she’ll have SO many choices and opportunities, but still…

    I dread the day she asks about it. Apparently my aunt who has special needs used to ask my mom, but why? Why can’t I be a mom too?

    But she is a kickass aunt. And she has a happy life. And we all have losses to grieve no matter how many chromosomes. So I know my daughter will be okay. But some part of me still asks, but why?

  441. I love your blog and your book! I was so excited when I bought it! :)

  442. My mom was an OB nurse for 15 years and she still talks about a couple (both had Down Syndrome) whose baby she helped deliver. There have been moms who made her nervous, when it was time to send them home with their babies, but she knew for sure that this particular couple would be awesome parents to their little one. She had no fears or reservations. She told the Mama that one of the most important things she can do for her baby is to read to her, then found her reading to her 1 day old just hours later.

    I’m sure it is complicated, and I’m not very educated, but Nella is going to be an amazing love-giver because of you. Her future is blinding me from here.

  443. I am so buying that necklace! I am waiting on my 3rd and will give it to me from all of them. Love the relationship you have with Heidi. You can speak freely and without fear!

  444. Would love to win!

  445. I have to agree. New pajamas rock. Sometimes I feel ridiculous at how many pairs I have. :)

  446. I see anything with rainbows or unicorns, and I think of you. So when I see something with rainbows AND unicorns, I HAVE to share it.

  447. Isn’t life wonderful when you can receive such joy from new pajamas! I feel that way too. Only for me it is always about a new nightgown or robe. I am always thrilled if I can find them long enough ( I am 5’9″) It is guaranteed to make me smile when I swoosh down the stairs wearing a pretty new nightgown. I mentioned the people article to our book clubers ( we are reading your book) Congrats on all of your well deserved recognition.

  448. pretty pretty! and pretty girls of yours.

  449. I love how honest you are….and I love that you have such a wonderful friend that you can talk your fears through with… I have a feeling that Nella is destined to do GREAT things no matter what she decides to.
    P.S….I love new jammies too!!

  450. Did Lainey cut her hair? either way, she is too cute!!

  451. You make me a better mama to my sweet girl… Thanks for that.

    And I’m pretty sure your girls will grow up and think you rock… Except for that rebellious teenager stage, of course!

  452. Beautiful photos. I cannot wait to read your book. I have two little mommas here too. Sisters are dreamy.

  453. I teared up reading the part where you and your friend talked things out like good friends do. God Bless Good Friends.

    A Momma too…

  454. beautiful post

  455. I absolutely adored this post. It was right up my alley right now with how fast my little baby girl is growing up. THanks for sharing as always!

  456. Wow, wow, wow! I have been staying offline lately to spend more time with my kids, with my husband, and with hobbies I love and don’t do enough of. So I have been reading and catching up on your posts from about the past 2 weeks. So much has happened! Tears in my eyes bc I am so happy for you! And the video of the surprise party is priceless!! Looking forward to seeing what’s next, and though I haven’t read the book yet I CAN. NOT. wait!

  457. Oh Kelle, It’s so wonderful to see you after so many years. You and Carin used to stay with Larry & I when your family lived in Albion. We have many photos of the two of you. You were always such a funny, little girl. We sort of lost track of your family through the years. I remember your Mom and she looked like YOU do now! It’s so funny to see her photos with white hair.
    Hey, do you guys still have those big knitted Christmas stockings? I’m the Christmas stocking lady!!!
    Blessings to you and your family
    Julie O. from Michigan

  458. I don’t know why I chose today to comment, it’s not like I’m totally new here. I’ve been following your blog for a few months. It was early January when we found out that my sister’s baby has Down syndrome. My favorite nephew, Cavan, was born Feb 22. Anyway, love love love all of what you’re doing. You inspire me to be a better mom, a better sister, a better aunt, a better person. I’m half way through Bloom. My next book will be A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Thank you.

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