From Baltimore

I think it should be noted that I had one of the best falls of my life today–the kind where you only get hurt a little bit so it’s funny and not sad. Middle of Washington D.C., throngs of people, three adults pushing four kids in two strollers while running to make the White House garden tour in time. And my wedge sandal caught a sidewalk crack the wrong way and I went down like Jenga. Except not as graceful. Stoller tipped over, leg went all cock-eyed and I bit it arms-flailing, maintaining my last shred of dignity by muttering “I’m okay, I’m okay” as I fell because I’ve convinced myself falls aren’t that embarrassing if you don’t get hurt. So I pretended my knee wasn’t scraped and bloody and I limped on, smiling.

It was worth it. The day delivered. More pics from today later.

My girls and I arrived in Baltimore Thursday evening and were welcomed by the Perlins, friends we met in Naples a year ago.


Our surprise book club interview played out better than we could have imagined last night.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

What started with a grand surprise transformed into into such a memorable night of meaningful conversation. The last of us climbed into bed at 1 a.m.

Photobucket Photobucket
Amy and Kayla (Kayla’s in Chapter 12 in Bloom).  Kayla signed some books.  She is a riot and I love her.Photobucket
My friend, Lauren, who hosted the evening

My favorite part about last night was that our book talk opened up to relatable issues we all share. I fill in the blank with “Down syndrome.” Others fill in the blank with something else. In the end, “more alike than different” applies to a lot of areas of life.

To all the ladies that were present last night, thank you for being so kind and welcoming.  Thank you for sharing your stories and asking such great questions.  I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.  And thank you, Lauren for making it all happen.

Lainey rallied as long as she possible could and finally curled up on the couch next to me and fell asleep.


More fun in Baltimore: Mornings with Millie and Ava Photobucket

Baltimore Harbor Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Lunch at Samos Greek Restaurant Photobucket Feeling a bit like these girls right now… Photobucket

Friday Photo Dump and much more from Baltimore and D.C. on Monday

Thank you to the ladies in Kansas with whom I shared a Skype interview this morning!  For future interviews, don’t forget to check out the Bloom Reading Guide for suggested questions.


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  1. What a fun surprise!

  2. sorry to hear you fell. but glad you shook it off & kept on getting it. love the girls outfits. so cute!! glad you had a fun get together with the ladies. love all the the photos here & on instagram. such fun!! (:

  3. wishing i lived in baltimore right about now! : )

  4. When I saw on IG that you surprised them in Baltimore, you would have though I got surprised!!! I thought that was the coolest thing ever and proceeded to tell my family about it all weekend. Go Kelle. As usual, my idol.

  5. I will be reading this post over and over forever!!! So honored and thrilled to be a part of this blog and this story that has truly changed my perspective. Kelle, you fit right in this city, we loved having you!!

  6. Oh how fun!! Good for you! What a fab effort! Traverse City can totally compete with that! Our DSA of Northwest Lower MI could rock the full “Bloom Royal Welcome”. Those lucky, lucky ladies!

  7. Pretty awesome!!!

  8. love the pic of the four girls together! What fun adventures this book is taking you on :) Completely happy for you and jealous of you at the same time :) I’ll travel vicariously through your photos

  9. That looked like so much fun! I would have been stoked too! So sweet of you Kelle! Way to take your fall like a champ! I would have thrown some naughty words around most likely :) Those girls are just darling! xx

  10. So much fun! Glad that we could deliver great Baltimore weather for you…except for the rain now falling :-(. I can’t wait to see more pics and see where you went!!

  11. Kelle, the picture “Mornings with Millie and Ava” could not be any more perfect if it were photoshopped, oh my goodness. You are so good to take so many pictures, cause moments like this are just awesome.

  12. I’m jealous that you got to see Kayla and Amy :)

  13. Ouch I hope your knee is ok, it’s always embarrassing to make a big clutzy fall, believe me I know!
    The surprise looks fantastic, what a lovely evening.
    I love the photos of Millie and Nella together. Oh and Ava and Lainey.
    Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

  14. WOW….how kewel for those ladies =) Yea for KS!!! Who’d you skype in KS?

  15. So wish I was a part of that book club! If you are still around you should visit Annapolis before you leave – it’s lovely here!

  16. Samos! Best greek salad around! Dressing is to DIE for! So it that a wrap for Bmore?

  17. How amazing! To connect with all these awesome moms! Love the pics of the kiddos! Just love everything you do Kelle! Rock on!!! Katie

  18. I love all the BIG smiles on everybody’s faces. What a thrilling adventure you are on…

  19. It is great to have you so close! Are you doing a book signing in DC? I Would come if you are here! I went to union station last week to get your book what a coincidence!

  20. Those four girls look like they were made to be long-distance best friends! :) What a fun trip!

  21. Those 4 girls together are adorable! Such beauties! Looks like a fun trip!

  22. what beautiful photos. you sure have a wonderful team of support…those little ladies are just precious! i love nella’s yellow tights :)

    xo, amanda

  23. We love the Inner Harbor. If you are in Baltimore again, you have to try Philips. No joke. Get the crab cakes.

  24. Awwww you were right near me but I am in Utah, at the SNAP conference!

  25. The four babies are breathtaking! Such sweet faces Kelle. I refused to finish BLOOM, I just did not want the book to end! However, 7 days later, I finished. I loved it Kelle! Thanks for your honesty!

  26. what an awesome surprise!

    minus the fall of course :)

  27. Ugh. I am so in love with the pictures of your gorgeous daughters. I’m putting your book on my “to read” list.

  28. Wow, Lauren knows how to throw a party and that is one amazing surprise!

    I had my reading guide highlighted and ready to go with so many questions for you…what was the meaning of church being capitalized? How is Brett (and the boys) handling all of the book attention since he seems more quiet and reserved? Have you kept in touch with Jeremy? Does he know the impact he created? Do you feel your experience has helped your friends grow as well? Has your “net” changed a bit? Can you eat marshmallows now without thinking about vodka? ha! Well, I guess you will just have to come and visit Kansas so we have more time to talk! =)

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  29. Love the kids all asleep in their car seats, they look angelic.Rx

  30. LOVE IT!

  31. what a fun surprise!!!
    that fall sounds epic – and you probably could make some serious money had someone caught it on film.
    baltimore seems so magical – and whenever i think about it i want to bust out in some tracy turnblad.
    enjoy your travels!

  32. I did a trail run/ race today where I fell 3 times today! :)Your friend’s home is GORGEOUS! I loved seeing the pics on instagram:) Happy Day to you and your girls:)

  33. Oh gosh, I fell Friday–30 weeks pregnant, taking a walk with The Hubs and my little one. My leg has a niiiice big scrape, but all is well! I LOVE the picture of the four girls: dark, curly haired sisters and your blonde, straight haired girlies. Very sweet!

  34. Looks like so much fun! I’m looking forward to reading your book soon!

  35. What a fantastic weekend! So glad you got to have this grand adventure. I bet you WERE graceful when you fell : ) I just have a good feeling about it.

  36. How awesome. I loved the video, you could see the disappointment and then the surprise. Have a lovely time in Baltimore.

  37. Can’t wait for my Skype session!!!

  38. Read your book last week. I enjoyed it SO much. And I got a signed book label in the mail! Thank you!

  39. What a great great surprise! And you were right around the corner from Annapolis. Sorry for the bothersome weather this Sunday, but it looks like you packed your Saturday with a lot of local adventures.

    Travel safely!


  40. What a wonderful trip! Enjoy!

  41. That is the most fun EVER. I love that surprise!!!

  42. We lived in Dc for two years, and i really enjoyed what a great destination it is. We lived in rockville, and it seemed like we were in the middle of everything. Hope you enjoyed your time there! :)

  43. HOW SWEET!!!! I remember seeing that precious little Millie and her sis in a previous post!

    What an incredible opportunity for you all….and what a dream for the rest of us :)

  44. this looks like such a fun time!

    ps: love the blog so much, i cannot wait to read more! keep ’em comin’! :)

    love, rach.–

  45. I loved that the referenced blog tag title was Falling softy!!! I bought bloom for my iPhone but am picking it up tomorrow in hard copy cause the pictures don’t always show up!!!

  46. long time lurker here, just wanted to say I LOVE your blog – you’re a gifted writer and amazing photographer. What a beautiful family you have!

    Oh, and I decided to post today because you were in my neck of the woods – yup, I’m a Baltimore gal. Hope you enjoyed your time out here :) It’s a fantastically charming little city.

  47. Seriously! I live in Baltimore! So jealous! I hope you enjoyed your trip, and per usual, wonder job!!

  48. SO glad you had a fun visit in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, HON. We live closer to D.C. and were just downtown at the Easter Egg Roll a few weeks back!

  49. lovely blog!!!!

  50. Love your approach to meeting with people for your book. Including your daughters (obviously : ) and making a little trip out of it instead of formal and business like.
    What a positive impact you are having on SO MANY people’s lives.
    You are Rocking it!

  51. Kelle – love the graceful fall story. Only you.

    This morning in my local paper there was a story on local agriculture which featured a young man with ds who raises livestock on his family farm. He’s selling chicken eggs to one of the local gourmet restaurants, loves animals, being outside and life.

    Just wanted to share that.

  52. Seems like a wonderful experience, in spite of the fall!
    Good to see all those happy beautiful women and I agree: we all do have a lot in common as humans.

  53. where are you in Baltimore? I live here and would love to wait in line for a signed book!

  54. I just let my sister borrow your book… I know it will inspire her!

  55. Love that, like you said, we are all “more alike than different” in so many ways. Also loved that you limped on–despite the fall. Good metaphor too for A LOT of things :) Thanks for sharing.

  56. As one of the lucky women who was fortunate enough to take part in the surprise visit from Kelle, I can tell you that this past weekend will be forever etched in my mind. It was truly a magical experience and I feel honored to have been a part of it. Thank you Lauren for opening your house to us. And thank you Kelle for making the trip to Baltimore. I can’t wait to see the pics of all the kids!!!! xoxoxo

  57. I hope you had a fun time in my home town!

  58. Wow, is there a woman in these pics who isn’t beautiful and radiant.. they are looking good in Baltimore. Always wanted to go there – the Wire really sold it to me! I mean it!!

    Anyway, I think this falls are funny may be an American thing. I had an American friend at college and once fell quite badly when we were out together. She immediately pulled me up, laughing loudly and muttering ‘laugh, laugh!’ to me – apparently if we laughed loads, no one else would, or something? At the time I was a bit more worried about concussion, but I appreciated her efforts.

    But there is something cool about a scraped knee, the ultimate playground or playing outside your house as a little girl type injury, being with you as you embark on all these exciting things. Kind of shows progress, but true to self ness at the same time. Best kind of progress, yes?

  59. Kelle that was SOOOO stinkin cool of you, I love how relatable you are to so many and yet the star struck freak out when you walked in there! If Hugh Grant would have walked down the stairs first he would have been tossed to the curb for a chance to see you and Nella in the flesh! You just define classy!

  60. Your girls are beautiful. You must be so proud!

  61. You have a such a beautiful family! Your girls are just lovely!


  62. I’m sorry but your description of you falling over and trying to remain graceful actually brought a giggle out of my mouth!! I have many moments that I can relate to that situation like the time I slid/fell down a grassy bank and landing on my butt with my legs crossed underneath me! I tried to convince (although I don’t know how successfully) to those around me that I had done it on purpose!!
    Again love your posts, such a special time!!

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