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  1. That is SO GREAT! I was nervous for those ladies the whole time I was watching it. The anticipation of knowing what was going to happen was almost too much!

  2. Love this!!!

  3. That’s awesome! I loved the shock from them! How fantastic!

  4. Killin’ me! I am SOOOOOO close!

  5. Omg! Those lucky ladies! I bet that was awesome!

  6. What an incredible surprise! They’re so lucky!!

  7. Now that is pretty awesome….how fun! :-)

  8. Nice work on the surprise! That is so awesome and generous of you. I am sure you all had a blast. I am enjoying the book slowly, 20 pages/night. Thank you for the book plate! It is fun to know others across the country are sharing this enjoyable read this spring.

  9. It was an amazing night we’ll never forget! Thank you for sharing your stories!!

  10. Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more awesome…

  11. You ROCK, Kelle. That was awesome.

  12. so cool!!

  13. That was cool! What an awesome surprise for that book club!

  14. what fun!

  15. What a great surprise! I am definitley jealous…for sure! Looking forward to seeing more!

  16. I’m so bummed I cannot see the video on iPad.

  17. YOU are sooooooo awesome! What a special surprise! Nella gets her rockstar quality from her mama! :)

  18. That looked like a lot of fun! What a neat surprise!

  19. Awesome!!!

  20. Ahhh! I have goosebumps! I couldn’t wait for you to come out for them to see you! So exciting!!

  21. Lucky, lucky ladies, so generous of you to take the time with them :)

  22. HA! So fun!!

  23. CHILLS!!!!! You are so awesome, Kelle. Well done lady

  24. I see a surprise visit to park city in your future dot you?!

  25. That was SOOOOO awesome! I didn’t put it all together at first, when it said that you were “live”, but it took forever to buffer and I read the 1st comment….and I was like “OMG…she’s actually there, those women are going to FLIP OUT!”. They did not disappoint!!!! LOL. What a lucky bunch of ladies!

  26. Lurker reader commenting for the first time…just had to tell you: this made me tear up. What a kind thing for you to do! Lucky, lucky ladies! :)

  27. AHHHHHH you are just right up the road from Annapolis!!! You should come visit!!! Blue crabs and beer, you can’t go wrong!!!

  28. CRAZY FUN!!! omg, agree with other post…the anticipation was intense just knowing she was going to walk in!!…and nella too…omg get-outta-town that is too fun! so sooooo jealous! way to go girls! my husband was listening and was like ‘what is going on?’ as i’m freaking out loving the video! haha!! thanks for posting!

  29. so fun!!! What a nice surprise. I felt bad for Nella though. she’ll get used to being a star, soon enough.

  30. VERY cool.

  31. You Rock Kelle! Showing up for an in person book club!!

  32. I cried. the end. so awesome Kelle!

  33. How fun! Surprising people is a pretty great feeling! Wish I could have been in the room! Hope Baltimore is tons of fun!

  34. OMGGG Kelle I want to meet you :) Come to Indiana!!!!!

  35. Awesome! Love it!

  36. Wow! Wish I could have been one of those lucky women in the crowd. What a wonderful book club meeting!

    Thank you for sharing! (I’m loving Bloom – just told another friend about it last night!)

  37. Aww, that was awesome. I think I cry if I were ever lucky enough to meet you and Nella. I think the only other person I could say that about is Grover from Sesame Street. (shut up, he’s totally real).

  38. How awesome! I bet it was the best book club they have ever been too!

  39. Very cool.

  40. Awww, that brought a happy tear to my eye!

  41. I salute you (again) :)

  42. Your book is in Target in Fergus Falls, MN….just letting you know. 😉

  43. You are the coolest!

  44. OH MY, how awesome! I would have cried for sure if I had been there.

  45. I really thought that the surprise was you by skype! I found myself just sitting and smiling when you came downstairs! All the ladies were so genuinely happy — touched. Good job Kelle!

  46. SO ENVIOUS!!!!

  47. Soooo fun!!! My friend Tracee was there:)

  48. I watched this and I thought, you’re changing the world, Kelle. How does it feel?

  49. I feel so lucky to have been there!!! What an amazing night for all of us. Thank you Kelle, you have changed so many of us :)

  50. I cried.

    I hope you found the lady who kept shouting “Oh my god!” and gave her a big hug. Hilarious.

  51. So super fun…just what I would expect form you Kelle Hampton!! I loved it!! Would of loved it even more if I was one of those lucky ladies!! I’m sure the evening was amazing , magical and full of laughter, tears and Nella lovings!! You bring so much joy to so many of us! Love you for that!!

    Cheers to one ROCK STAR of a Mama, daughter, sister, woman, friend, blogger, AUTHOR! You’re riding that unicorn of yours over rainbows!!
    Happy weekend!

  52. So glad I’m not the only one who cried watching that…how bizarre…and how awesome for those ladies!

  53. That is just too cool.

  54. Awwww!!! What a lucky group of ladies – what an awesome surprise!!!

    Annnnnd yeah I’m totally jealous. 😉

    Kelle, if you are ever venturing into Ontario Canada, my 5 year old daughter would be beyond thrilled to have a tea party with Lainey. Just sayin’. 😉

  55. Yayy!! How fun :)

  56. I know I’m a little emotional right now but that made me tear up! That is a night that those ladies will never forget, what a wonderful surprise!

  57. That is so Awesome!! Any thoughts of doing a book signing in Michigan??

  58. That is awesome!!!! I remember meeting Martha Beck and feeling this same way…so thrilled, excited and so happy to have someone who understood and said it so eloquently. What a great surprise. So fun! :) Thanks for sharing! ~Beth

  59. What an amazing, amazing surprise… I love that it was pulled off and so many ladies had no idea!!! How fun! :)


    ~Tabitha Blue

  60. Wow, so generous of you! What a fun night that must have been!!

  61. So great! So jealous! I would have been freaking out and hyperventilating like those woman on Oprah’s favorite things!!

    Loved getting to skype with you today! Thanks!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  62. nice! :)

  63. Awesome! How fun!

  64. Aw, that’s awesome you could do that! :)

    Ps. I *FINALLY* have my copy of Bloom! DHL sent my pre-ordered book on a wild goose-chase across the US for three weeks, lol.

    When I read the first few chapters last night I felt like was reading the words of an old friend since I’ve been reading your blog since Nella was born. I am so ridiculously excited :)

  65. Aw, that’s awesome you could do that! :)

    Ps. I *FINALLY* have my copy of Bloom! DHL sent my pre-ordered book on a wild goose-chase across the US for three weeks, lol.

    When I read the first few chapters last night I felt like was reading the words of an old friend since I’ve been reading your blog since Nella was born. I am so ridiculously excited :)

  66. Kelle, my heart did a little leap when I saw you were in Baltimore/DC, where I am! As soon as I realized it, I felt such a surge of good energy, you are an inspiration! Soak up fun and love in our little state–there’s lots of love for you here!

  67. Oh my gosh I LOVE that you did that!!!! Happy weekend!

  68. Haha! The best part of that whole video was when one of the women was yelling “Shut up! Shut UP!!!” when you walked down the stairs. That is SUCH a girl thing to do…I say the same thing when I’m taken off guard like that. How fun!

  69. that really is so awesome. well done!

  70. You really are a fantastic chick! It wasso fun “sharing” that surprise with theladies. Totally love Kayla snaping away.

  71. That is so awesome! They were so surprised! Way to go!

  72. That is outstanding! So much fun!!!!

  73. How cool! Also I think that is the first time I have heard your voice which kinda neat because in reading I have always had this idea of your voice in my head!

  74. That was sooo cool! Any chance you wanna crash a book party here in AUS? hehe!
    Good job Kelle. You’re a good lady!

  75. whisper: “holy”



    I have always imagined my husband surprising me with a girls weekend (or week) where he set me up in a cabin or condo somewhere and flew you in to the destination as well…..

    don’t tell me….you’re up in our guest room right now, RIGHT?!

    THIS.WAS.AWESOME! Those crazy lucky ladies :) And poor Nella….Nora would have cried, too :(

    Much love to you,

  76. OMG I totally teared up watching this!! Especially seeing the other women tearing up from excitement and shock and awe… SO SO COOL!!!
    Feel free to come surprise me at my house in Santa Barbara County… (I can bribe you with wine tasting… i live in wine country!!) LOL :)

  77. I love that they were so in shock that they kept the skype phone ringing long after you came down the stairs. What an great surprise!

  78. What an awesome surprise!!! I know they were thrilled. How fun!!

  79. immediate goosebumps!! i would have died! such an awesome surprise! you had me crying!

  80. This is awesome and made me cry the biggest happy tears!!! What an amazing surprise and I bet you ladies had a great time. I’m jealous!!

  81. That ROCKS! I love that they were screaming when you came down. How amazing!

  82. Oh my gosh I love this! I live in Baltimore and would love to meet you if you’re still in town!

  83. Awww, I wish I were there!! :) :) :)

  84. *JEALOUS*!!!! What a lucky group…glad nobody had a heart attack or fainted! :-)

  85. I sat on the edge of my seat for those ladies!!! So sweet!!! :)

  86. That was awesome_ I love it!

  87. THAT was AWESOME!!!!! I’m so happy for all of your success. You bring so many smiles. Don’t you want to come to Colorado for a bookclub?? :)

  88. haha! this literally made my day. such a classic ‘girl’ response, right?!


  89. Such an amazing surprise! Lucky gals! And you had Nella with you! What a bonus! Do you see how many people you’ve touched and who really follow your blogs/book?! You.Are.Awesome.

  90. I SO LOVED THIS!!!!!!
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  91. Ugh. Am I the only one this video didn’t work for? Tried it in different browsers, tried downloading it to watch onto real player and it cuts out before you come down, being blank the rest of the video. Which is of course what sounds like the best part. You’re probably way busy but if you have the chance to upload it onto youtube or through blogger that would be awesome. I’m sure I’m not the only one it didn’t work for :( That’s great you got to surprise them!

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