Memorial Day

It’s a beachy weekend here.

Bored? Find the hidden watermarks. It’s like Where’s Waldo, but even more pointless.



We’ve soaked, sunscreened, sipped and simmered with friends the past two days, and we are, consequently, excited for summer.




I’ve packed more beach bags in my life than I’ve packed lunches, suitcases and heat combined. Okay, I’ve never packed heat. But I do have the beach thing down and can quickly load up my bag with necessities. We wear our swimsuits to the beach with covers, and the kids carry their own towels. A great extra I recently discovered from Parents magazine? Bring an ice cream scoop. It’s perfect for making sand balls.

Currently reading French Kids Eat Everything and rereading an easy read favorite: Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity
Unavailable for photo: swim diapers, hair ties, lipbalm with SPF, baby sunscreen, camera (in padded case) and a paint brush (Say what? I just learned this from my friend Andrea: a soft 2-inch paint brush is perfect for dusting the dials on your camera body to keep them sand free)

My three favorites from Isles of Capri yesterday:



Favorite retro yellow bathing suit: Popina Swimwear

The rest I threw into a video because everything’s better with music. We had a treasure hunt for the kids yesterday–clues that led to different locations around the beach and a real buried treasure at the end. It was a little bit fabulous.

Song: “5 Years Time” by Noah and the Whale

If you didn’t catch it last time, I created a quick tutorial for making video/photo slideshows like the one above in this post.

Happy Memorial Day. Remembering all those whom this day honors, especially our friends, the Terhune family. xo

I’ll be back Tuesday for a Hallmark post.



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  1. Beautiful pictures on this holiday weekend! Love the floaties and Nella’s hat, for sure :)) Happy Summer to you all from Kentucky!

  2. those hidden watermarks…yeah, totally like where’s waldo. I spent more time trying to find them than I care to admit 😉 beautiful photos (as always!) and the video is just the cutest. hope your memorial day is lovely!

  3. Found it!! Beautiful pictures, by the way. I especially love the one with Nella and Brett hugging! Cute!!!

  4. There will be love, love, love ~ where ever you go!

    and thank you for sharing the love.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Peace and love, Tara Marie & Emma Sage and clan.

  5. Can you give us a brief explanation sometime on how best to put these videos together? Love the video, stills and music all put together. I’m a bit familiar with the flip cam software but would love any pointers you may have. It makes the day come alive and catalogs a great memory as well!

  6. LOVELY! I’m inside taking a “sun break” before we grill! And great camera tip…

  7. I still haven’t learned that in order to be the first comment, you can’t actually read the post first. :) And I guess I also chose to find all the watermarks. haha Looks like an awesome weekend! I am itching to go swimming today. It’ll be our first swim of the year!

  8. delicious. your beach posts always make me yearn for sunny days, roasting in the heat, cooling in the waves, digging toes into sand and napping in the breeze. yum.

  9. so fun! so precious! so beautiful!

  10. Fun! Beautiful! and you are such an amazing storyteller!
    Yey! summer is here!

  11. Headed to the water park today and hoping to catch some great shots. The picture of your hubby and Nella hugging made my heart melt. Beyond precious.
    What is the name of the font you used on writing on the quilt picture? It just feels summer like.
    Happy Summer.

  12. Happy Memorial Day Kelle and your family, these photos are all amazing too.

  13. Love the video! And you have some frame worthy photos in this post :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. LOVE the one of you and Lainey!

  16. So much loveliness! And I totally played the watermark game :)

  17. how does lainey like the puddle jumper?! my son is a fish, but at this point, we still need to hold on to him in the pool, and he hates life jackets. I’d love to try them out…

  18. so precious! i’m glad you all are waving a fabulous time! thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics!

  19. Oh so precious! I love, love, love it!! Wherever you go there is always love and thank you for sharing it…it is contagious! You inspire greatness Kelle!
    So many gorgeous photos in the video! Lainey has a magical giggle! And Nella…born to be a beach body!! Super cute photos of her doing what she loves!!

    Many more happy beach days to you!!


  20. Can I come with to the Isle?? It looks like so much fun! We had to manage with a sprinkler and a kiddie pool at the end of a kiddie slide yesterday… fun, but not as fun as a beautiful beach! Happy summer!

  21. Loving the where’s Waldo of watermarks! Makes me really study the picture. (I found al of them btw)

  22. I’ve made a game of finding your watermarks on your photos.
    I love all the pictures – they’re gorgeous! Looks like a great way to spend the holiday weekend.

  23. It was fun while we were drinking, it was fun while we were drunk, it was fun while we were laughing! Best video – so evocative. and those sandy swinging toes at the end…perfection! Where are those shots with the waterfall? Looks familiar to me. Lou x

  24. So lovely. Some day I wish to visit the magical beach.

  25. I found ALL the watermarks!!
    The photos are great!!

  26. Ok, I actually had FUN looking for the watermarks ahahaha.

    There wasn’t one on the list picture, was there? Cause if so .. I can’t find it.

  27. I just spent ten mi utes looking at your boob in the yellow suit looking for that dang watermark! LOL. Give a girl a challenge, I react! Happy Memorial day baby!

  28. Cute song! Our weather was the opposite of what you had this weekend, rainy and cold. But- we tried our best to make it a special time with our little family anyway.
    Your beach bag had all the essentials, but where were the SNACKS??!?

  29. It’s 6am here in Australia. I’ve been up for an hour after a night of minimal sleep, with my 6 month old who is snuffly & burning a slight fever :( It’s still dark & very cold right now. As we lay here on the couch together, I log onto my laptop in hope to find some SUNSHINE in my blogroll to brighten today! AND wahlah…as always….you’ve delivered!!! Thanks Kelle. LOVE your summery goodness. You spread such joy. Off to watch your vid now :)
    Happy Monday {or Tuesday here!}

  30. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and video…when I was watching I thought “those kids look so grown up”…then I looked at my own and thought “these kids look so grown up”….a little bit sad, a little bit excited once again!

  31. Love, love, love the video! Such happiness. Violet is sitting on my lap watching it- demanding, “Do it again! Do it again!” Happy Memorial Day!

  32. Love what you’re reading; lots of similar books have been big in the UK recently. French mothers seem to be the object of awe the world over.

    Looks like you had a blissful day.

  33. This post is a little bit fabulous..

  34. Gorgeous photos and videos like always! You really make me want to move to Florida, I haven’t been to the beach in 2 years! SOON!!!

  35. Beautiful photos! Could you please send some summer and sun to a freezing viking on top of the world? Hugs from Anette in Norway :)

  36. I am diggin’ your awesome videos! Little Nella is getting a great tan already! The watermark in the 2nd photo reminded me of the stickers we used to put on in the sun to leave an untanned silhouette :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend! The pic of you & Lainey is my fave!

  37. My must-have at the beach (at least at the end, getting-in-the-car part) is a small bottle of baby powder…a light dusting gets the sand off so well!

    Looks like you had fun. Happy summer ahoy!

  38. There is a lot of life and love in that video. Happy Summer!

  39. I absolutely love the video. It looks like it was the perfect weekend for you and your family. Andddd, LOVE LOVE LOVE the retro swim style you and the girls have got going on. :o)

  40. Just so lovely :)

  41. Love all your pictures and the video. Sure does make me wish I lived in Florida!

  42. sounds like an awesome way to welcome back summer!

    lovely photos of wonderful moments, as always!

    i found all the watermarks (well except for in the “beach necessities” photo…)

    happy week!

  43. I love the video, and the song playing with it- GREAT job!!!! ♥

  44. You rock yellow.

    Thought of you a lot this weekend. You tripped and fell at the White House, I had a spat with my youngest. There was spit and pinching and all rolled into one not so golden moment. It’s never quite how you picture it.

  45. Add to that bag some baby powder and you’ll thank yourself! We live in Hawaii and an auntie out here suggested I try dusting the sand off my little one with baby powder. It has some magical powers and the sand just rubs right off. Usually I don’t mind the sand and consider it our fun evidence but it can get a little uncomfortable for the little ones when sitting in a sandy diaper for the ride home :) Love the photos and searching for the watermarks…why is it we’re so easily entertained?

  46. I’m just starting the same book! Anxious to hear what you think. I’m trying a more whole foods/DIY approach to eating for the summer. The video is great!

  47. We just got back from a weekend in Michigan. You’re heading up here soon, no?

  48. Do you know what is also great for the beach bag? Baby powder (talc) – not sure what you call it in the US? But it’s fantastic for getting sand off baby arms & feet – much better than water…just slips off x

  49. So nice! Love the shot of three pairs of sandy sandals. And I have to ask: How do you get Nella to sit still while you put those itty-bitty braids in her hair?!

  50. I love that you’re making videos now! Lainey’s “HAHAHA” laugh was my favorite part. :)

  51. Kelle, your video montages are getting better each time, what a treasure for you and your girls. I’ve been mucking around with iMovie, but it’s not as great as your software.

    What a perfect day at the Isle of Capri. I love that you make a whole day of it, we tend to visit the beach for short bursts, not stay there the whole time.
    I’m loving your summer already and it’s not even summer yet!

  52. Oops…I didn’t read carefully enough. I only looked for the watermark in the first pic. Am going back to find the others!

  53. I spent a long time looking for a hidden waterMELON, until I went back and re-read the instructions!!! hahaha

  54. i had way more fun than i should have had finding the hidden watermarks. hah!
    and i am so jealous of your beach day!

  55. What a fun place. I need to go there once in this life time! My kids and hubby would love it! On a side note…what is the name of the cute little font that you used as your watermarks and in your video. I am always on the hunt for a cute new font! Thanks – Lisa

  56. I found FRENCH KIDS… To be utterly compelling, thought-provoking & convictive. subtle changes have been incorporated into our meal approach even tho my boys (homeschooled ~ wink ~) are teens.
    I also found your CAPRI… Video to be utterly compelling, thought-provoking & convictive! 😉

  57. I am easily amused and those hidden watermarks are THE BOMB.

    Glad you and your crew had a great long weekend.

  58. Just read Bloom … Loved it. Now I’m totally loving your blog, Instagram feed and other ways you’ve made available for shameless stalking. Our oldest girlies are just a few days apart, so your kindergarten post has had me in tears for more than 24 hours. So thanks.

    Loved your weekend in pics.


  59. Your post makes me miss the beach so much! I love the yellow swimsuit too.

  60. Ha! Ha! Jenlar3 !!!! :-) love it!!!
    Holly (again)

  61. Laughing at myself for taking the time to hunt for all the watermarks. Couldn’t ever find it on the pic of your books & beach necessities, but found it on all the others. Makes me wonder if they’ve always been there & I just haven’t noticed til you pointed out that they’re there this time?! ha ha!

  62. That was awesome- i seriously loved looking for the watermarks- you are so fun! :) It’s so funny- we went to the beach this weekend and I thought about how fun it would be to make a post about what to pack in a beach bag! you have to add baby powder to the list– it is great for removing sand from hands and feet!! just sprinkle some on, and wipe away! :)

  63. Love Noah and the Whale!

  64. I agree with your 3 fav pics….beautiful. Loved the video too!! :)

  65. I read your blog ALL THE TIME…but don’t leave comments.
    You get so many, I think it would get lost in the shuffle.
    BUT……….I just wanted to say, cause I always think it

  66. Love the #1 item on your list:)

  67. Do you take the videos with your iPhone? Or a camcorder??

  68. the best and thank you and I have never commented before, but you MOVE me. Like you MOVE so many, Kelle. Keep at it. Thank you for sharing your life.

  69. Hi Kelle, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  70. Hi! I’ve been lurking for quite a while, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. Until 9 months ago, I lived in the Naples area. I was a student at Ave Maria. Today’s post really slapped me in the face because I’ve been to the resort where your pool pictures were taken! What a fantastic place! Anyway, thanks for all the great posts – they are truly inspiring.

  71. I’m a dork. I had WAY too much fun finding the watermarks, teehee!

    I just discovered ‘Real Simple’ Magazine last week! I found the April issue at my newsagents (I’m in Australia) and then a week later I had a week of holidays off work and I went to try and find ‘ a magazine like Real Simple’ and the May Issue was out, yay!

  72. I love this! The video was just beautiful. I have a question, one I’ve been wondering about for a while…which lens do you use on your camera to take the videos? And which lens do you use most often for taking photos of the girls? I also have a Canon and would love to know, if you have time to answer. My email is remaliah(at)gmail(dot)com

    Happy week over there!!

  73. I am giggling over here – I misread the “watermark” I read watermelon – so much for reading posts while drinking the first cup of coffee . . . needless to say I did’t find the melon!
    Smiles CB

  74. aww someone beat me to it, talc/baby powder is really good for getting sand off kids legs without scratching their skin x

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Amazing pictures and video as always Kelle. Lainey in that hat is just adorable.

    If there is a watermark in the quilt picture, it sure is tricky!

  77. I always throw a small bottle of baby powder in my beach bag as well… one sprinkle and it gets all of the sand of your body! :)

  78. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! YOU are my new favorite blog!! :) So happy I found your blog! 😉

  79. Looks like everyone had a blast

  80. Looks like everyone had a blast

  81. I couldn’t find the watermark in the beach list and it drove me crazy. Please don’t do this too often or my breakfast dishes will never get done. :) Just kidding of course, please do what ever your big heart desires.

  82. Fun, fun, fun. I love that song. I’ve never heard it but it’s catchy. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. We went camping and it rained on us but we had a good time.

  83. I love water babies :) Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  84. The last few posts I just can’t get over how much Lainey reminds me of Christopher at that age. Same mouth and eyes — that’s so cool to me!

  85. I had to search for all of the watermarks too! :) I looked for ten minutes and can’t find the one in the quilt picture. My daughter is helping me now. Feel free to spoil it for me someone, and tell me where it is. It’s driving me crazy! :)

  86. Absolutely gorgeous photos, like always 😀 I couldn’t help but find all the watermarks haha!

  87. Oh, I love beach photos!

  88. I love the videos you make! Thanks for linking to the tutorial you made again. Bookmarked and ready! I always love watching kids playing in the sand. I am always amazed at how they can bend themselves and get so low to the ground. Looks so effortless.

  89. That video is fabulous. I’m inspired…

  90. Love the pictures! This makes me want to escape Nebraska and visit the Isle of Capri…any recommendations on places to stay?

    Many thanks!

  91. Yup. I’m a nerd. I found every watermark. You put out a challenge, well…..
    Looks like it was a wonderful, sun-filled relaxing weekend!!

  92. Yup. I’m a nerd. I found every watermark. You put out a challenge, well…..
    Looks like it was a wonderful, sun-filled relaxing weekend!!

  93. Where do you get your oh so comfy looking quilts? I want some!

  94. Your tutorial was so helpful. I’m so proud of the video I put together tonight but so disappointed that Facebook won’t post it because of the song I used (Gracie by Ben Folds). It’s just not same without the song.

  95. great photos! Definetely looked for all the hidden watermarks. The picture with the red shoes was hard to find the watermark. looks like a great weekend!

  96. Finding your new watermark on the photos is so much fun! It’s like “Where’s Kelle Hampton?”

  97. I’m sure you know this little tip but baby powder is the bomb for removing sand from feet, bellies and everywhere else sand hides! It’s a stock item in our beach bag.

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