Tiny Dancer

I don’t know how I had forgotten but suddenly it was Tuesday morning—a very special one—and Nella had nothing to wear to her first ballet class. And by nothing to wear, I mean she had a closet full of clean clothes but not what I had in mind for my girl’s first class, which is just as much about this thing I have with ballet and my own little moment in motherhood, as it is a daughter’s milestone.

I tied my hair into a ponytail yesterday morning, poured some coffee to go and slipped out of the house early to find the smallest leotard—smaller than Lainey’s old one I found in the dress-up box, smaller than the pink bathing suit the big sister insisted would work. I don’t know why that little leotard was so important, but $7 later, I felt prepared. Nella needed that new leotard.

Putting it on was an event. Lainey ran to help as we laid the little sister down, changed her diaper and pulled from the pile of ballet necessities—tights, legwarmers, leotard, tutu. I called for each one while Lainey proudly passed them to me. The finishing touch—two soft slippers, the smallest ones we could find.


Maybe my tears had nothing to do with inclusion and expectations and how having a syndrome somehow makes milestones seem more obvious, although I celebrated Lainey’s first day of ballet very much the same. Maybe my tears were just the same ones every sappy mama spills when they’re standing in a ballet studio, listening to classical music while they watch their toddler transform into a little girl. I do know though, that my heart hurt in the same way it did when I choked through wedding vows or that first Happy Birthday chorus. It hurt good.


I am so proud of how she learns, how she observes those around her, how she mimics and how she smiles that tiny little “I’m doin’ it” grin.


She’s doing it.

Thank you to Miss Blair, our wonderful ballet teacher who is extra special, extra gentle and attends to each and every student’s needs so seamlessly.


Several of you have asked how I make my photo/video slideshows. I am no expert, and my attempts at movies are more for just preserving some memories, but it is very easy and quick to make one of these (the Windows software is free online). I ran through a quick instructional video if you’re interested.


We’re party planning…someone’s turning five here this weekend.

Dropped my phone under my bed this week–dug to get it and found the other earring to my favorite Darlybird pair. So, yay.

We’re learning the hula hula.

Our Monday evening moon walk


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  1. Nella looks so sweet in her ballet outfit!

  2. Nella is so cute in those leg warmers and ballet outfit!! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to take a dance class!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Love it! I want my little girl to take ballet . . . we’re so beyond broke though that by the time we can afford it she probably won’t be so little!!!

    So proud of your little Nella and I can’t believe that Lainey is turning 5. If you cried at ballet, wait until the first day of kindergarten! (I was a mess and a half!!!!)

  4. TOO Cute!!!! My comment does not even do this post justice! I am smiling SO big because I could just see Nella doing this (ballet) & she is! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tejas love,

  5. Just a big dose of sweetness!

  6. i am in so love with little Nella. she is such a piece of sunshine. and i have to say that i am so addicted to those moments of being the proud mama. your hearts swells so much you feel as if it might explode out of your chest, eyes welling up, lump in the throat. being a mommy is the greatest thing.

  7. Wow–my heart hurts so good just from watching that sweet video! The photo of her and Lainey hugging at the end is just too precious!

  8. WOW…you have a special way about everything! The way you take pictures that capture so much about special events & just the beautifulness of ordinary moments…fascinates me! Your daughters & your love for them brings tears to my eyes…almost every post! You’ve done it again. I’m so thankful that I stumbled upon your blog 1 1/2 years ago. Have a great day!

  9. made me cry! total sweetness!

  10. How precious Kelle! My 3 3/4 (she would insist on the 3/4) daughter is about to start ballet for the first time! I am sure I will be a crying mess! The pink leotard was perfect!
    Happy Birthday to Lainey! I am sure her party will be just as fabulous as every other!

  11. I love that photo you posted on fb about the tippy toes. I have been debating on a ballet class for my girl, but i’m not sure about it. She has a mind of her own sometimes, and it might be disaster.

    Nella looked the part of a ballerina… Just gorgeous!

  12. Oh.My.Goodness. Nella is ADORABLE! I know you already know that 😉 But the pictures, the video, oh, geez, they made me blubber. Nella is one smart cookie!!! Way to go, Nella!!

  13. So cute. The video of Lainey and Nella dancing made my eyes water. Thank you for each post and a glimpse into your life, the inspiration you give. I look forward to each post and thinking you will celebrate Laineys birthday this weekend is precious especially since I’m celebrating my little girls 3rd birthday today.


  14. Btw, I love your title ‘tiny dancer’ – perfect! And, love your line: “Thank you to Miss Blair, our wonderful ballet teacher who is extra special, extra gentle and attends to each and EVERY student’s needs so seamlessly.” –…All about respect & I love it!
    Love from Tejas,

  15. I cried the whole way through.

  16. Wow! It’s just like watching my own girl growing up! Good Job Beautiful Nella! You did it! Just like my Valentina would say!

  17. Absolutely precious!! Loved the video.

  18. I can’t stand it! That Nella is just out of this world adorable! The way she observed the bigger girls could not have been any cuter. Lainey must be so proud to have her in class. The pics of her hugging Nella are just precious.

  19. Thats awesome- I hope she loves ballet!

  20. Kelle, that was beyond precious.
    i have been meaning to post this for a while…when i started reading your blog, i saw a beautiful little girl, with Down Syndrome…now i just see a beautiful little girl. thank you for that. for changing my perspective about a lot of things. you are blessed.

  21. Just beautiful. As I was watching I was thinking to myself that Lainey was probably going to be five soon. Then I saw the birthday blurb. Can’t wait to see what you have planned.

    Thank you so much for the tutorial on movie making with stills. I have the hardest time getting my videos the way I want them and you just cleared up a great deal of my confusion. I’m such a “show me” type girl. I’ll have to figure out how you custom set your videos to upload to vimeo now. Thanks again.

  22. Is there anything more perfect or precious than a tiny girl in pink slippers and a tutu? Oh I think not. I was in the grocery store when I saw the first instagram. I made the strangers in the isle with me look. Everyone had big smiles when they moved on to the next isle.

  23. Oh Kelle –

    What a precious morning! Nella is just too sweet for words. Thanks for making the presentation at the end. There are some of those pics that belong in a little girls picture book about ballet!

    So very special, and the hugging picture – no words needed to describe the love of sisters.

  24. One of the most beautiful things is how much your older daughter loves Nella. And Nella’s smile is wonderful.. it makes me feel happy. Kisses from Italy!

  25. these pictures are amazing…………..go Nella!

  26. Oh how those big girls help her out and show her things is so sweet! Love the last pic! What a great big sister you are Lainey!!

  27. Happy tears!!!! :)

    So proud of little Nella – she’s just beautiful and so poised as a ballerina.

    What a special moment for you as a momma.

    And thank you times TEN for posting this how-to video for making slideshows and videos – been dyin’ to learn how.


  28. That was the sweetest video I have seen in a while. I cried proud mom tears the whole way though! I have two daughters and I can’t wait to put them in a sweet little leotard and tutu. Kinda crazy how emotional us moms can get over those ‘firsts’ :)

  29. OMG the tears!!! I grew up in the ballet studio and though I have a love/hate relationship with ballet, I can’t wait for my 3yr old to experience it. She can start this fall, and as much as I’m looking forward to it, I’m terrified that she’ll fall in love with it like I did! haha

    Your girls are just gorgeous together…I love how protective Lainey is of Nella…and the look of pride on her face. Such a beautiful love they share! I’m pregnant with my 2nd little girl and I can’t wait to see my girls interact…watching yours the last two years has gotten me excited!! 😀

  30. Oh, I am dying. So precious, Kelle. I am crying and I wasn’t even there. But I’m totally a crier by nature so I celebrate this milestone with you.

    And again, now I want a daughter. But I felt the same at my son’s first soccer game. Cried happy happy tears. Because them growing up is so darn bittersweet, isn’t it?

  31. Oh Kelle thank you so so much for your little how-to video!!!!! I am a complete techno-numb-skull and haven’t had a clue where to start with our wedding video that was filled SIX years ago :oO I want exactly that kind of video…with photos and video together….and text too….oh I’m so excited to get started with it…although I’m guessing it’ll take me a little longer than 20 minutes to make our movie.

    Yay!!! Thank you for making me realise that I CAN do it….expect I’ll be referring back here a few million times ;o)

    Am loving Nella’s 1st ballet lesson! My little Rose started ballet last September (just after she turned 2) and just loves it too!

    Andrea xxx

  32. I recently discovered your blog and have appreciated the time I have been able to spend getting a glimpse of your lovely family and reading your beautiful thoughts and words. Today I also want to thank you for the generosity in sharing how you make your videos in a Youtube video. It is a wonderful resource and is saved in my favorites. Every year I make my grandson a Photo Story DVD of the events in his life…usually just photos. Now that he is 10 and into sports and performing I also have video clips. I will enjoy trying to make his 2012 DVD even more interesting!

  33. It must be a lot of pressure knowing that so many of us are refreshing our screens several times a day to see if you’ve posted yet :)
    I should only do it in the morning, because my favorite is getting to work with my latte and opening up a new blog post of yours.
    I even showed some of my good friends, and their response? “She’s you! Her hair, her style.”
    Oh, and I LOVE the sister hugs. This was a great post and made me cry…happy tears.

  34. UGH. This post is so sweet!! Nella in Ballet class brought me to tears- and I am a Ballet Teacher, so one would think I see this stuff all of the time!!!! As soon as my little Elijah is walking, I’ll have him dancing. Despite his Ds, I know he’ll be a natural!! :)

  35. Tears of happiness are running down my face!! That was beautiful. What a lucky mama to have such 2 beautiful ballerinas! I love your blog. You are such an inspiration!

  36. Oh. My.
    That video made me a little bit weepy.
    You’ve captured such beautiful moments…your girls most certainly will be grateful one day for all the effort you put into recording their lives!

  37. Oh my, the sweetest thing ever!!!!

  38. What a sweet video. It brought tears as I watched her watch and learn and dance. Thank you for sharing.

  39. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. What a beautiful little ballerina you have! I cannot wait for Maya to take ballet! :) 2 cannot come soon enough!

  40. I have no idea why I’m tearing up but I am. She looked so sweet and did so well! Congrats on your first dance class Nella and I’m sure you’ll have many, many more to come!!

  41. How precious. What a lovely video. Thank you for sharing! How wonderful that your girls will have it to look back on!

  42. omg… that video of Nella’s first ballet class made my eyes burst with happy tears! So beautiful!! Ahh… my day is made :-)

  43. She looks SO much like Lainey in these pictures! I feel you on getting weepy–my older two got their recital costumes in last week and I about cried my eyes out when they tried them on.

  44. OMG she is sooo adorable..happy mama tears for you :)

  45. I just teared up watching that video. How stinking sweet is that!! It looks like she had a blast. Wow, I cannot believe Lainey will be five. Is she heading to Kindergarten this fall?

  46. How can i love your little ones so much without even knowing them? Watching that video,*sigh* it hurt good for me too. *hugs*

  47. Brings tears to my eyes… not just because Miss. Blair is kind, patient, and understands her part in holding Nella accountable to do just as everyone else is doing, but becuase you are the mama who understands that having high expectations for your little one at such an early age will forever make her (and your) life easier/better/more fulfilling. Thank you for sharing!!!

  48. I had tears in my eyes while reading this post and looking at the pictures that ended up rolling down my face as I watched your video. Beautiful. Your girls are amazing. Thanks for sharing. (And I can’t wait till my girl is old enough for leotards and legwarmers!)

  49. That video made my heart so happy! Thank you for sharing.

  50. you’re really a great person and I really fall in love with your blog…congrats congrats. And the video makes me crying….

  51. Oh sweet Nella! Crying happy tears right along with you :)

  52. Aww, the photos of Lainey and Nella together are melt-your-heart cute! So sweet!

  53. cryin my eyes out! You are beautiful, smart and strong Nella! Big hugs and kisses to the whole family! Love everything about ballet! Especially after 5 boys! :) Love Katie

  54. Wow…Nella is so beautiful!

  55. You are KILLING ME! I could hardly watch through the tears welling up in my eyes!

    3 favorite dance quotes:
    “While I dance I can not judge, I can not hate,
    I can not separate myself from life.
    I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.”
    – Hans Bos

    “Dance is like dreaming with your feet”

    “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

    Enjoy your tiny dancer…When my girls dance it makes my heart sing.
    Ps. thanks for the vid :)

  56. Beautiful, Kelle, just beautiful!! I loved the video! Tears but happy tears! Can’t wait to see pics from the big sister’s birthday party! Karen H.

  57. Prettiest ballerina ever!! It’s such a joy to watch her growing up.

  58. I hope you know how much of an inspiration you and your beautiful girls are. Every time I log on and read a post from you I end up getting teary eyed (but the good kind of teary eyed, promise). Nevertheless, I get this feeling that no matter what is going on- everything is going to be alright. We should always strive to find the beauty and joy in everything thrown at us in life. Thank you for sharing your life with the world and for being so open and honest with us.

    bloom has been ordered by the way- thank you for my newest summer read!!

  59. Go Nelle – get your dance on! I’m so thankful that we can share this milestone with you.

  60. Oh my goodness, I don’t know that I could have even been mentally prepared for that preciousness, but I surely wasn’t! I can’t even take it. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Congrats to beautiful Nella on her ballerina beginnings & a very Happy Birthday to beautiful Lainey this weekend! :)

  61. Beautiful video! The girls look great.

  62. Your video made me cry!! I don’t see a child with Down Syndrome…I see a beautiful little girl who is soo happy!!

  63. I love, love, love the video. What I loved most is Nella taking it all in… I could tell that she was really concentrating on the other little girls… so absolutely, precious! I love proud mama moments! The first happy birthday was an overwhelming blessing for me!

  64. I was just swept away watching Nella’s video…smiles, eyes full of tears, emotions running deep, full of joy for your sweet girl. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Sometimes I feel so empty and lost, my kids are grown and far away with my grandkids. Sometimes this house is just to quiet. Being able to peek into your life brings back all the memories stored away…and I don’t feel so empty any more.

  65. What a precious video and thanks for the tutorial! So lucky you found your earring – I keep hoping something similar happens to me with a dear bracelet my mom gave me that’s now been missing 2 weeks.

  66. Oh Nella, you are just so wonderful. I loved her little ballet outfit. I can’t wait to show my husband the video. Nella does remind me of my granddaughter Mabel. She just started ballet….she is 3.
    Happy Birthday Lainey girl. You are such a good big sister. Loved the pictures of you hugging your sister.

  67. Oh my gosh, I totally have PMS and am still coming off the “high” of my Mother’s Day weekend, which is stretching into Mother’s Day week when I’ll have seen all my kids … so that and this beautiful entry and the video, yep it led to wet eyes and the sniffing back of loose snot! This was beautiful, the milestones, the memories of your eldest in this milestone, and now your youngest. Just beautiful, Kelle. Thank you for sharing.

  68. I’ve been doing ballet since I was five and this post (especially the video!) made my heart smile. =) So precious. Thanks for sharing!

  69. What a special, sweet video. You have two precious girl. I can’t wait for my (future) daughter’s first ballet class. Thank you for sharing this, it was beautiful.

  70. Ugh….my heart is melting!

  71. I think it may be your mission to make me cry in about 98% of your posts. Nella looked so happy and how awesome it is that she gets to be a part of the fun and not sit on the sidelines and watch. Bless her heart and kudos to you for making your daughter’s experiences so special. :)

  72. So, so sweet…have you read Ballerina Dreams by Joann Ferrara. Have some Kleenex handy;)

  73. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful, sweet video. I anticipated feeling emotional today because my own baby girl turns ONE today, and for the very first time today, the tears spilled when watching. Oh how quickly they grow!

  74. One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen. My little girl and I watched it together and it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing!

  75. I kind of sobbed through that video. What a treasure that Nella is! So fantastically amazing, and Lainey is the sweetest big sister. You are one spectacular mama.

  76. She is so precious. She has the sweetest face. She looks adorable in her little ballet outfit.

    The video was great!

    It is beautiful how much your girls love each other.

  77. holy moly, that movie is simply magical. those girls of your are such a joy.
    btw – i woke up mother’s day morning to find homemade french toast, a mug of coffee (this is a big deal for my husband) and a copy of your book (i may have mentioned to my husband about 40 times that it was all i wanted for mother’s day). haven’t been able to put it down! i love following your incredible journey!

  78. So glad you found the perfect leotard to go with that adorable tutu.

    Adorable girls. Adorable mama.

  79. You think you’re a sap? I had tears in my eyes seeing Nella all dolled up, and she’s not even mine! The cutest, sweetest pics you’ve ever posted. LOVE them all. Hooray for ballet!

  80. Shame on you for making me tear up at work!!! Nella is probably the sweetest little girl in the most adorable tutu and tights I have ever seen. Such a wonderful moment :)

  81. More precious than words can even give it credit for! My highlight of the week…thank you!

  82. Adorable :)

  83. That video. Holy sweetness. Where’s the damn tissue?! I’m bawling!

  84. Thank you so much for sharing that video! She is the cutest thing in the whole world. Look at her run!

  85. That video gave me chills – the really good kind. I’ve been here all along, but I’m fairly certain that I haven’t commented since Lainey’s first ballet class. There’s just something so special about this milestone for little girls and their mamas. Love.

  86. Thanks so much for the video tutorial! I am wanting to make one soon and was wondering where to begin–that helps a TON. It was very easy to understand.

  87. OH my Goodness! This is just filled with cuteness! These are precious memories for sure…totally made me smile watching this!

  88. That is the sweetest post ever. I was a dancer myself and loved my leg warmers more than anything– still did in college during ballet classes.

    Can you do an instructional video/post about photography? How you capture people without them stopping to say “cheese” and some of your favorite settings/lightings etc?

    Just love your blog!

  89. I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures. You have beautiful daughters and such a beautiful life. I love the ballet pics of Nella. What a cutie!

  90. Oh my! I’m not her mama but I was crying like I was while watching that ballet video. Nella has some serious grace going on!

  91. I just love your sight. My best friend shared it with me last week. You truly are an inspiration to any mom out there. I so wish I had the talent of you to have captured more images of my son who is 2 1/2. Your site helps me every day in trying to be a good mom and overcome my recent diagnosis of MS. I’m home at night alone with my son and don’t feel well and I’m trying to enjoy life more and to enjoy the small things…….. thanks for the inspiration and for helping me each every day that I struggle.

  92. You have the sweetest little girls in the whole world! I cried watching this video. I started ballet when I was three and took it for 8 years. It was such a wonderful part of growing up, and I recently started an adult ballet class that I am just loving. I can’t wait to start my future little girl(s) in such a lovely art. My husband and I are currently trying for a baby, and sometimes I start to freak out about all the stresses and downsides to having children. And then I read your blog, and all of those worries melt away. It truly is one of the best parts of my day.

  93. Beautiful! You are blessed.

  94. There is no way anyone could possibly watch that video, and NOT tear up!! She is so stinkin sweet! She reminds me so much of my Brynn. I love how she watched the older girls movements…and how happy and into it she seems!!

  95. Beautiful video. Thank you SO much for also sharing the tutorial video. I know now that I can do the same thing for my children. What precious memories you are capturing.

    Your blog posts are always so beautiful. How long does it take you to upload your photos, resize them, write an average post with pictures and publish? What is your work flow? I’d LOVE to see a tutorial on how you go about posting such beauty and content so often without it taking forever. It seems as though when I sit down to blog (which is almost never now) it takes me so long. I must not be doing it as efficiently as I can. Thank you for showing us how to enjoy the small things.

  96. The video of nella dancing brought tears to my eyes. She is a wonderful little dancer..

  97. Oh Kelle my heart melted at that hug between Nella & Lainey. Beautifully captured. Perfect little dancer memories made.

  98. Nella is so ridiculously cute. That much blond goodness should be illegal. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face with your posts and family stories.

  99. Her itty bitty leg warmers are killing me. I didn’t even know kids so young could take ballet but holy crap it is one of the cutest things ever!

  100. Such a cute ballerina!! She’s not even mine, and I cried watching her!

  101. I am in the middle of reading Bloom, finally found time to read it, while I am getting IV steroids for an hour each day. Seeing Nella all decked out for her first ballet class just now, after reading about her first few weeks of life, I am so happy. I have happy tears for you. To see the two sisters dancing together beautiful!

  102. WOW! watching Nella at ballet brought me to tears. Beautiful, just beautiful!! She is just so cute, and the sisters together just radiate love!

  103. She is so cute! I use to take ballet as a little girl too.

  104. Sweet – thank you so much Kelle! I’ve had the software downloaded forever, but haven’t bothered to figure it out. Done! I’m thinking it’s movie time tonight. :)

  105. dancewear.com has great deals on leos and ballet slippers for good prices…we like the BLOCH brand for slippers…they come so small your sure to shed a tear! My tiny dancer has her first perfromance June 2nd on the big stage…both my girls…can”t wait!

  106. Your girls, at ballet together. how beautiful. I never even hoped for a sister for my daughter. I didn’t have one myself so it didn’t occur to me. I loved that she had brothers. By the time we found out she would have a sister I already knew their story would be different. It made me cry to watch your video and realize that we won’t have that moment with our girls. But I can remember to be thankful for the hugs that my oldest gives to her sister (who is still in my belly). She has a sister, just not one that she’ll share clothes or stories with someday.

  107. oh. my. gosh. that video made my heart cry! i don’t know you or nella… but i love her. she is so sweet. and, i love that you’re her mama. god is so smart.

  108. First lesson? Nella is a natural! Her big smile half way in the clip says it all! Love Lainey’s jump in the air.

  109. How beautiful! I just love her! And I can’t believe Lainey is turning 5 already?!

  110. oh man!! and i thought nella couldn’t possibly be any cuter!!! love it!! go girl!

    and happy almost 5th! how fun and exciting for lainey!!

  111. Oh my! She’s not even my girl, and I teared up! All I have are boys, and I showed them the pictures. The oldest at 12 proclaimed, ” Awwww she’s so cute!” And the youngest at 8 said, ” she’s stinkin’ cute! Mom, we really do need a baby girl!” Thank you so much for sharing those precious pictures of her first class.


  112. Oh my! She’s not even my girl, and I teared up! All I have are boys, and I showed them the pictures. The oldest at 12 proclaimed, ” Awwww she’s so cute!” And the youngest at 8 said, ” she’s stinkin’ cute! Mom, we really do need a baby girl!” Thank you so much for sharing those precious pictures of her first class.


  113. First time commenting… Melt my heart! Nella looks PRECIOUS and I could just eat her up! Relatively new reader, your book is on my nightstand ready to begin, and I’m so enjoying your blog. Those girls are beautiful. Can’t wait for my daughter’s first day of ballet!

  114. Happy half-a-decade, Lainey. Wow. There’s nothing quite like five. Sweet, sweet little ballerina. Lots of milestones around those parts..

  115. I love her ballet outfit! I have two sisters and we all did dance for years. The girls will have great memories :).

  116. “I hope this was not a hot mess of confusion.” Dude, you kill me. I’m a hot mess of confusion, but that has nothing to do with you, although now I may blame you.

    This video? These moments you have captured? &^%$ me. Perfection. xo

  117. Oooh kelle!! I cried! My heart hurt too, that is just gorgeous, nella looking waaay too cute in her ballet get-up. Toddlers in tutu’s are just DE-Vine! I too love movie making, i’m a bit of a freak at it and make them for any reason, but it’s my THANG ;). I can’t knit or sew or draw, but i can take many-a-photo and video and put them into montage.

  118. Major tears over here. Sweet girl, she is just growing and growing!!!

  119. Hi Kelle, first time I leave a comment, even if I’ve been reading your blog for many moths. And just got my copy of “Bloom”, all the way from NY to Spain, where I’m living at the moment. Another bad day, about to loose my job, fight with my boyfriend..but then I got home, saw Nella dancing and everything’s all right again. You’re all helping me so much in this hard time (big crisis in Spain, I’m away from home-I’m italian). You just make me see life in a different way. And I’m grateful. GRAZIE, GRACIAS to make everything easier. Antonia

  120. I had chills that whole post. And double time during the video. You summed it up perfectly: hurt. so. good. Way to go Nella. Captured everything so well, Kelle. (as usual)

  121. Kelle,
    You are right, you didn’t feel so goose-bumpy because of inclusion or DS or anything like that, it’s because your little girl is taking ballet and for some reason that does something to us Mommas :) My little girls (one now 28 and the other 26) both took ballet from the time they were 2 and 4 until they were 18 and 20. I think I enjoyed it much more than they did. I cried when they were in the Nutcracker as the party children and later when they were the Snow Queen or Clara, it didn’t matter, what mattered was their beauty.
    Enjoy, enjoy, your little one is already such a learner. I am learning to enjoy grandchildren now, our first is a rascal named Jack and there is another on the way and a rather large part of me would like another little girl to wear leotards and toe shoes :)
    P.S. this is the teacher in my, please tell your very wonderful ballet teacher not to pick up Nella by the arms, that low tone easily lead to dislocated elbows much as I learned to my chagrin from my eldest.

  122. I just did the ugly cry.

    That is the most beautiful video ever! She is such a precious ballerina.

    And you and Lainey in the car doing the frantic dress-the-baby-assembly-line before Nella’s first class…. honey, that is my life everyday. Not to mention my famous crisis moments like changing a poopy diaper in the middle of the dentist office yesterday.


  124. That video was simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing these precious moments!

  125. This just made my day! Adorable Nella!

  126. This post makes my heart melt! Thank you for sharing your stories.

  127. I could barely wait to get to a computer so I could share this:


    Her parents gave her no limits, and she has soared!

    Stefanie in St. Louis

  128. I don’t even know what to say.

    My heart is bursting and my eyes are welling! Quite possibly the sweetest thing I have ever watched! I can’t wait to show my husband….I KNOW his eyes will well too.


    psst….if you want a good laugh, go to my FB wall and watch the best 1 minute video of Nora’s giggle. You can’t see her face and mine is wrinkled, but the laughing makes up for it….hahaha!

  129. Let me preface this by saying, I REALLY hope you don’t think this sounds stalkerish…but I had to share. I had the sweetest dream last night about babysitting Nella and Lainey. (I was catching up on some posts just before bedtime) Nella was showing me her favorite Winnie the Pooh books and telling me that sometimes she reads the words and sometimes she just likes to look at the pictures. And Lainey was telling me that she thought maybe she drank too much grape kool-aid. At that point, I started looking desperately for you as I tend to panic when kids get that “I might throw up” look on their face. Despite the Kool-Aid scare, it was very sweet and I woke up reminded of how much I miss holding babies. (Mine are almost 9 and 16) Thanks for sharing all that you do so authentically.

  130. Oh Kelle that was beautiful, thank you so much for sharing.I feel proud of Nella going to her first class!

  131. For some reason this entry made me cry, to see that sweet little Nella begining her ballet lessons. You are truly blessed to be her Momma.

  132. I absolutely love your blog. I found it through a friend of mine and look forward to all your posts. I loved your recent post about being grateful for things. it opens my eyes and reminds me of everything that I have to be grateful for. You inspire me with your positive outlook on life! And today’s post with your little girl is just too sweet – I honestly had to stop watching the video because I am at work and don’t want to be crying. So darling!!!

  133. This post is beautiful. Probably one of my all time favorites! Just so sweet.

  134. Love it! Beautiful post once again and Nella looks adorable in her tutu.

  135. nella’s dancing is amazing but what really got me about this one was the interaction with lainey and nella, GOOD LORD! just the sweetest pair of angels, i can’t stand it!! thank you for sharing your life.

  136. I love these posts! Little girls look so fun and after years of saying how I only want boys when I become a mother, I think I’m going to have to say I want a couple of each now! I love your videos, it’s so fun for me to see your girls in action and be reminded of how very real they and their smiles are :)

  137. oh yea. i cried.

    ryan and lauren have still been saying happy mother’s day to me every day this week. the blissful memories from today’s post will say happy mother’s day for a lifetime.

    here’s to realizing that mother’s day every day! xo

  138. Oh my gosh, that video made me cry. Big sappy tears. So beautiful!

  139. Well there you go. Bringing me to tears on a Wednesday. Little miss Nella is just the most precious thing. Thanks for sharing.

  140. oh, that was just gorgeous. heartbreakingly beautiful. i cried, too. you have so much to be proud of.

  141. Nella in her ballet class is quite possibly the most adorable sight I have EVER seen.

  142. beyond words. the outfit, the proud big sister, that look of absolute pride and joy on her face. beautiful.

  143. Holy crap. I think that may be the cutest thing I have seen in my life!

  144. That video is BEAUTIFUL! Nella looks adorable and Lainey looks so proud to be her big sister.

  145. This video is…perfection. Just like Nella and Lainey. Congrats to your newest ballerina!

  146. It is so heartwarming to read about Nella and Lainey’s milestones. You have two cute ballerinas!

  147. well, that was clearly the cutest thing ever. My 6 year old wanted me to say how pretty she thought Nella looked, and that if she ever met her, she would like to teach her some more ballet moves.

  148. So awesome! Nella is glowing with pride. LOVE seeing how proud Lainey is of her little sister. You’re an amazing mama. :)

  149. Precious!!

  150. Yay Nella! How wonderful! She is tu tu cute!

  151. that has got to be one of the most precious things I have ever seen!
    nella the ballet/rock star!

  152. Your video made me smile, too. I love how Lainey loves Nella. It’s just beautiful and pure sister love.

  153. Smile. Pfff. I meant CRY. I mean, I smiled, but I also cried. :]

  154. Absolutely made my day! :)

  155. Oh. My. Goodness!!! Tears streaming on this end too. Happy that hurts…I so get it! Dance on little, Nella!

  156. Kelle, I have to say. I think there is something extra special and meaningful about Nella’s first ballet class…at age two! Two years ago, you feared she and Lainey may never share “typical” sister activities, hopes, and dreams. You didn’t know when she would walk and how she would develop. And here she is, bright as the sunshine, holding onto that ballet bar, with her tutu propped up on her cute little diaper bottom, and walking around like she owns the place! She and Lainey are dancing together. That’s huge. So huge. Sister knows just what to do, and she shines. It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  157. I loved my girls’ first ballet classes. They got to start together, on the same day, and that was among one of the happiest days of my life. But I think I might even be more in love with Nella’s first ballet class! I’m so excited for her!

  158. My heart can barely take how much I loved this!!!!

  159. Well, I understand why you cried at her first class because I cried watching the video! So cute and you can tell she loves every minute!

  160. Such cute pictures!!! You have 2 beautiful girls. :)

    p.s. I saw your book in Target the other day! How exciting! Congrats!!!!

  161. ohh kelle, this is so so precious. nella is the cutest little ballerina! and i love the video… especially the pictures of lainey and nella hugging.

  162. Oh wow. Amazing video!! And the sister hugs? Cutest ever.
    Makes me long for a girl in a house full of boys!

  163. nella’s ballet video is SO beautiful!!

  164. Tiny dancer indeed….You go Nella! Happy Birthday, Lainey! Have a fabulous hula party :)

  165. OMG, It doesn’t get more adorable than that!

  166. Way to make me cry!! oy..those beautiful babies of yours..they melt my heart.

  167. Lainey is turning 5 and Nella is starting dance class! Where has the time gone? Seems like I was reading about Lainey’s 1st dance class just yesterday. What beautiful girls you have Kelle – I know you’re one proud Mama. Thanks again for sharing with all of us.

  168. that video is adorable! made me smile :)

  169. AHHHHH I DIED OF CUTE. That video made. my. day. And this was a good day! :) How did you find that sweet music, too?

  170. So sweet! Just pray they don’t have a recital with the song “when she loved me” from toy story… my nieces danced ballet to that one year with little dolls and I seriously was a crying fool :)

  171. Shoot.
    Could you make me cry any harder with this video? The little whispers from friends, the sweet, intense, watchful look from Nella. The sweetness between sisters.
    The beauty of your ballet teacher.
    My daughter had a ballet teacher, who told me she “just couldn’t ” have a class with “special kids”, because she would just have too much emotion go out of her.
    bravo to your teacher.

  172. Oh my…what a priceless moment. Are your cheeks still sore from smiling? Aside from happy (sometimes bittersweet?) tears, that’s the other one that always tells me that it was one of my favorite moments. :)
    Absolutely precious, and I can’t to see pictures of this upcoming hula party (and hopefully some video of the dancers?)

  173. Love, love, LOVE Nella’s first ballet lesson! It just made me melt and smile and my eyes glisten….so I can’t even begin to imagine how you must handle that as her momma! :) My little angel just turned two….so her dance days are coming up!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  174. That video was seriously so sweet that my heart just melted… :)

  175. Watching that video made me smile more than anything else has today. What an angel she is.

  176. If I could only see the screen… my eyes are over flowing with tears of joy! Pure joy!! Beautiful tiny ballerina! oh Kelle thank you for sharing the video.
    Words have escaped me… my heart is smiling and dancing!

  177. Nella’s lil booty is redic in that tutu!!!! Love anything related to dance and little girls:-)

  178. So Super Sweet! :)

  179. Oh my goodness, that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!
    Bad timing watching this though, just tried on the new mascara I bought for myself and now it is running down my face!!

  180. Precious! Great job Nella! You did a great job! I love the pics of Lainey and Nella. I wish my girl had a baby sister. So sweet!

  181. Really beautiful, I am not one to have tears easily but this just about had me there:)

  182. That video is beautiful.
    I love it.

  183. Kelle, I just finished Bloom and logged on to find this beautiful post, this truly makes my heart so happy! Nella is such a true beauty! You are such an inspiration and I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to your new world, one of beauty and wonder that I may never have been open to had it not been for you and your girl! Thank you!

  184. I love this! I cried like Nella was my sweet girl while watching your video! Such a fun and happy day! Hugs to you all!

  185. How CUTE, Nella looks so precious!!! I love the little outfit.

  186. tears in my eyes…hard. to . type.

    I did ballet for eight years, was in the student company, performed many times, and I’m quite sure Nella has surpassed me in every way.


  187. Gosh dang, Kelle, what a happy mama moment! It was so tender to watch the montage of Nella and Lainey together in the ballet studio. I started to well up and get that tightening in ma throat. :)

  188. Nella, you’re a beautiful little ballerina and as pretty as a picture in your pink tutu! Dance little lady, dance! xo

  189. My heart is a little happy puddle. Nella is TOOO STINKIN CUTE. Be proud, mama.

  190. Kelle…I was wondering what you use to take your videos of the kids with? Is that your Iphone or do you have a camcorder?

  191. That’s a beautiful video you made and thank you SO MUCH for the tutorial – that’s all the things I’ve been wanting to do and never looked up what software I needed or how to go about it, you’ve saved me so much time

  192. I’m, definitely, in love. Nella is so rock with black leggins and pink tutu, i love it!!!

  193. You have a way with words, there is no doubt about that. But there’s something about the moments you capture with your lens that bring tears to my eyes. The love in your home screams through Lainey’s eyes as she helps her baby sister during her first ballet session. Thank you for sharing this moment. I think I’m going to go call my older sister now and thank her for all the times she has encouraged me…

  194. She’s just adorable, as usual. It’s heart warming seeing her.

    I hope the birthday party will be totally wonderful :-)

    Happy b-day wishes to Lainey, from Sweden!!

  195. MELT. MY. HEART. Beautiful pictures, like always, wonderful moments preserved. Lainey and Nella are little blessings…

  196. OMGsh!!! Loved that video! I like how you mixed the b&w photos and the color, so lovely. Thank you for sharing it :)

  197. Oh my gosh she is so cute! Love her and Lainey together :)

  198. Your photos of this day are beautiful! And the video is perfect. Something about the music and the moment brought tears to my eyes, I am proud for you!

  199. This is probably my favorite post…ever. And I have read every.single.post. since I’ve been following your blog for 2 years. I loved seeing Nella in her little tutu.

  200. Ah, what a perfect way to start my day. Two beautiful ballerinas!

  201. Your writing is just so beautiful. It gets me every time! And Nella is an adorable little dancer – her joy in ‘doing it’ is palpable:) I love that you say it ‘hurts good.’ That’s such a good way to describe those certain moments in life that inspire awe but crush your heart at the same time. Perfect! I’m sure I have many of those moments of my own coming – children seem to bring those moments on in great amounts. I love preparing myself for these moments by reading what you write! Thanks for sharing!!!

  202. Honestly, that child is just delicious!!!

  203. That last pic of Nella at ballet trying to reach the bar might be my favorite picture of her EVER.


  204. Love the video! My daughter is starting ballet in a couple of weeks and I will totally be shedding tears, too.

  205. My God – she is so precious!

  206. ok, so that totally made me tear up which isn’t a surprise really since i tear up to just about every first for my daughters too.

    so sweet. looks like she enjoyed being there with big sister!

  207. I’ve already read this post about three times. As a “baby” dance teacher, I just can’t get enough of tiny dancers, whether they’re my own students or someone else’s!

  208. Your photo video had me in tears. So precious! I need to try one for my daughter’s birthday party next weekend.

  209. For so many reasons, a brand new leotard for Nella’s first ballet class was important!

  210. Aw, Neela looks so sweet and did such a good job!! Love all of the photos and you put together a beautiful video!

  211. Love her sweet ballet outfit!

    Your posts always get me in the heart.

    Love reading here!

  212. OH, how precious! Nella could not be cuter and the love between sisters is heart warming! What two beautiful, loving little girls.

  213. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday by complete accident and am so glad I did! My sister was born with Down’s Syndrome in 1969. I never knew her because she passed away when she was 6 months old and I was born in 1963. I miss her all the time. I never had another sister, only 4 older brothers and we aren’t close because they are 14-19 years older than me. I watched your video of your little girl at ballet class and I cried like a baby. She is so beautiful. It made me miss my sister that I never knew. I only have 3 photographs of her and I treasure them. – Karen

  214. That video brought tears to my eyes :) Having a daughter with her own limitations right now, I completely understand how things like a first dance class bring so much clarity to a moment. Bravo, Nella, bravo :)

  215. This post actually made my day. I can’t believe how gorgeous she is.

    If I had a daughter, she would definitely be doing ballet!

  216. There are no words!!! What an absolutely precious little angel!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  217. Well, I just watched that video at work. Talk about dumb. I knew better! Now I have to explain to everyone why my mascara is running down my cheeks. You captured that day so perfectly. The short clips of her running, her & Lainey hugging, oh.my.God. You could sell those pictures. Nella is too stinkin sweet! What an emotional day, what an awesome milestone. LOVED it! Hey, you should bring the girls to the iHeart conference in Dallas – I want to go like crazy (not sure I can afford it), but I know those women would go crazy lovin on those girls we all feel like we know so well.

  218. Nella is just the most adorable girl!

  219. This was beautiful! You may have the two sweetest sisters in your home ever!!!

  220. I absolutely love the video!


  221. Wow, that little video brought tears to my eyes. Good job Nellabean! :)

  222. Cutest little ballerina ever! I loved this blog entry so much.

  223. i totally teared up watching your video…… Your girls are so sweet and special. i love seeing them and watching Nella’s milestones! thank you for letting me peek into your beautiful world!

  224. Ok. I usually don’t weep snotty tears when I watch other people’s childrens videos…

    However, I am a blubbering mess here.

    Well done!


  225. I think I just fell in love with Nella’s ballet teacher. And that sweet little brunette jumping with Lainey, Sigh. Little girls are precious.

  226. Nella looks so adorable!

  227. Amazing photos, and video! Love it:)

  228. oh my goodness. i was once a dancer and cant wait for my little lovey to go to her first class. its like a right of passage into being a little girl. oh i know the tears will be streaming down my cheeks. goodness, and NELLA! she is just too much cuteness in one person!! i just about died seeing her in her tutu slippers and legwarmers. just precious:)

  229. such sweetness! Nella is adorable in her ballet attire! my favorite perhaps is seeing Lainey and Nella hand-in-hand ~ Lainey so lithe like a gazelle and Nella, just sweetness you could scoop up with a spoon. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment in your daughters lives

  230. ohmygoodness! That video was the cutest ever! I just want to squeeze her! Nella’s little feet and beautiful smile just made my day! Truly something to celebrate Kelle! Thanks for the tutorial on the video!

  231. wow! such a beautiful video. it brought tears to my eyes! nella is such a sweetheart and the clips of her and lainy together are just too sweet for words. i love your blog and have been following now for about a year. thank you for the very easy tutorial. you inspired me to put together a video of my boys. still lots of learning to do but thank you so much for making it easy peasy!!

  232. This comment has been removed by the author.

  233. I love Nella, can I just give her a BIG squeeze! Goodness she is such a doll in her ballerina outfit! Her teacher is so angelic and sweet.

  234. Well heavens above that video has just about tipped me over the edge! She is going to be so thankful in years to come of the amazing way you captured this precious day x

  235. This was so sweet. YAY for Nella and her teacher is wonderful with her!

  236. love love love the little ballet tutu. she looks adorable. looking forward to seeing you last week of july! xoxo

  237. No, you were not the only one with tears during Nella’s first ballet class…I always read your blog but have never commented. I just wanted to say that you have the second two most gorgeous girls (after mine, of course) and how sweet the video of Nella’s class is, and how much I loved to see it all – especially how happy she is, and how she looks up to Lainey. So beautiful. Well done to Nella, well done to Lainey and well done to you. Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  238. That is beautiful!! That video, i was sobbing cry, Nella is beautiful and you are truely blessed to have such beautiful girls in your life!!!
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!! I cant wait for my lil girls first ballet lesson, i just hope i dont cry as much as I did for Nella!! (be embarassing in public! :P)

  239. Shut the front door! Cutest dancer!

    Looking forward to reading about Lainey’s special party.

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  240. that Nella was beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  241. My favorite video-photo montage you’ve ever done! Brilliant, heartwarming. Love. x

  242. kelle.. i know we often say in the blogging world. “oh, this made me cry.. or, i have tears brimming my eyes.” when really, it’s just the thought of tears. not actual ones.

    but. i can honestly say. i.had.tears. {real live tears dude} seeing little nella DANCE!!

    i’ve watched her from the beginning. followed her story through yours. and i feel i’m seeing her grow up right across this computer screen. my mommy heart just swells. i love that little soul. feel so proud of her!
    which sounds kinda weird from a stranger.. but then again, isn’t that how it should be among the mommy community? to support one another and cheer on our kids, all of them, as they walk {and dance!} through life!

    sometimes we live close enough to do so in tangible, audible ways. and now.. through this crazy world wide web.. we can offer our voices, our hands, our support and our cheering in a different way.

    so cool to all be journeying this way together~

    good job, nella! i think you make a beautiful ballerina.

  243. Nella and Lainey are the sweetest little girls and I love catching a glimpse into your family life. The video gave me a lump in my throat! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, from my desk in Johannesburg South Africa, and it always gives me such a sense of calm – thank you xx

  244. Beautiful Nella!!! So elegant in her tutu. great pics, wish I were good as you on taking them….sorry for my bad English, it’a lot of time I’m not using it.

  245. Do the other ballet moms mind their children’s photos being posted on the internet?
    Nella looks adorable – a little overdressed maybe, but I’m sure it’s all for the lovely photos.
    Why don’t YOU take ballet? It’s pretty darn simple: just call around until you find an adult beginner class. (though maybe not so much of a photo opportunity, given the other classmates). I take class regularly for my riding.

  246. OH! I can hardly believe that Nella is this big..AND Lainey turning 5!!!!!

    Nothing like an early morning cry to get you going…..xoxo
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram


  247. Thank you for the quick tutorial! I had no idea I even had movie maker and now Im obsessed. Got my copy of ‘Bloom’ last night…50 pages in and can’t put it down. Thank you for sharing your life.

  248. Awww, I love everything about this post- especially little baby leg warmers!

  249. Oh, Kelle. My eyes are awash in tears with the preciousness in this post. Each word, each emotion, each picture–it’s just beautiful. Nella in ballet is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. xoxo

  250. Nothing makes me happier than a running baby.

  251. Well no wonder that made you cry!!! How much more adorable can you get! She can tap and twirl and steal hoola hoops right up there with the best of them!!

    Made me cry too!!

    Your baby girl is beautiful!!

  252. Great job pulling the outfit together, Mommy! She looks like a doll!

  253. That was so special. I loved watching and no wonder you cried! These little ones couldn’t be sweeter. You’re a great photographer–your girls are so lucky they have you to capture all these moments.

  254. Oh my goodness!!! What a doll! I cannot wait for my Ruby Doobs first Ballet class!! I am sure her big sis will be just as excited like Lainey too :)

  255. Love, love, love this post!!! Nella is just perfect in her tutu. She looks like she was born to be a tiny dancer.

  256. Oh my goodness, those pictures are precious!! Happy birthday Lainey! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  257. So special! I get teary eyed at my boy doing new things, I so get it. Nella is such a sweetheart. Loved loved the video. Melted my heart to a blob!;)

  258. Gorgeous. Magical. Thank you for sharing. :)

  259. Oh my goodness! She is the cutest and most precious little ballerina ever! Love all the sweer unplanned moments you captured. So awesome!

  260. she is too stinkin cute!!!!!!! Love everything about the ballet outfit. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. That was just beautiful, Kelle! It’s funny how the internet connects us to people we don’t know, follow their story and become part of it. I love being able to feel a little bit of what you feel. Miss Nella is just precious in her little ballet outfit. I had tears watching her.
    Thanks so much for sharing her first lesson.
    Happy 5th birthday to Lainey! Hope her party is a fantastic success.

  262. The video is amazing, Kelle. That last picture in the video with Lainey and Nella is just pure love… Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  263. Your kids are going to have the best compilation of memories! What a great mom you are!

  264. She is the sweetest ballerina I have ever seen. I loved when Lainey was groovin’ on the dance floor too. The love they have for each other is simply adorable!

  265. So absolutely heart warming

  266. Well she’s definitely the cutest little ballerina in there! I don’t know how you do it, but your photos and videos just capture every moment perfectly! My little Mackenzie will be taking her first ballet class this summer and I can’t wait!

  267. Everyone above has expressed everything I would have said, but far more eloquently. I’m moved to tears,watching such a beautiful moment in the life of your daughter. Remembering all too clearlybthatvexact same moment in my and My daughters life. Music, dance, love…thats what it is all about. So beautiful

  268. This post had me in tears. I’m an ex-ballet dancer. Imagine how many strings you’re pulling at my heart right now. This is a great opportunity for any child. May she learn to dance like no one is watching.

    I cannot wait for Alex to start this fall. Oh, I will be a gushy mommy in the corner taking shots, wiping tears too.

    Thank you, thank you for sharing this blessed moment with us.


  269. she is just absolutely beautiful, i love your blog xxx


  270. Seriously the sweetest thing I have seen in a very long time…

  271. Thank you so much for doing the movie how to! I had to try it–and gave you & your blog a shout out! LOVE hearing about your family! The girls are adorable! Blessings, Sharon

  272. She looks absolutely gorgeous- she brought a happy tear to my eye. x

  273. holy cow… cutest thing I’ve ever, ever seen.

  274. Nella looks beautiful! It’s so nice to see her reach all her milestones. Theres a blog post I thought you would enjoy from another DS mother http://myshtub.blogspot.com/2012/05/top-5-reasons-why-down-syndrome-rocks.html

  275. Don’t know if you’ll read this among so many others, but wanted to say how much I loved seeing the video of Nella’s first day at ballet. When my little guy was born one of my biggest fears was that he wouldn’t be able to participate in life the way other kids can. That he would be left behind or not feel included. He’s 16 months now and I am discovering more and more that it is not true, that he sucks the marrow out of life in his own little way. Watching Nella a year ahead of him just made my heart soar. He does and he will participate in all the joys life can offer. Thanks for the gift.

  276. Wow the video is just amamzing!! I love it. You must frame the picture of her with her in her ballet outfit!!!

  277. so so so cute tiny dancer!
    I m in love with her!


  278. This post has me hoping I have a tiny little dancer growing in my belly. Love these pictures of Nella!

  279. This is the most ADORABLE post!! My daughter introduced me to your blog & to your amazing book! You are so inspiring!!

  280. She’s such a little cutie! Thanks for the tutorial too. :)

  281. Well- I, too, shed a tear watching that beautiful video of Nella’s first ballet class. Your girls are gorgeous, and their sisterly bond is touching to see. You are the type of mama I aspire to be. Thanks for inspiring me!

  282. As both a mama and a dance teacher, this has to be one of my most favorite posts yet!! Nella is so sweet in her leotard and shoes… makes my heart melt! And a Happy Belated Birthday to Lainey as well, from all of us here in Cleveland OH. (My three little girls love looking at the photos of her and Nella) Cheers!

  283. I loved the tutorial…but how I get the videos into my blog…must I create a vimeo account???
    Thanks so much!!

  284. Aweh, Nella is so precious in her little ballet outfit! :) and what program do you use to record your screen?

  285. I’m just gonna go there so please bare with me. Much like August 5, 2008 changed forever the way I thought about and took photos, June 2, 2012 will add new ways for my family to view our memories. I’m not sure if you remember but August 5, 2008 was the day you photographed my Johnathan. You can literally see a difference in the amount of my photos (and the attempts to “Kelle” them) from that day on. And now that I’ve (finally) watched your “tutorial” . . . I’m in love and have already made two videos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m going back to when John was born to make video memories of our life. Thank you so very much!! -Nicole :)

  286. even though I’m a day late and a dollar short, I couldn’t resist posting a comment to this… I feel like yesterday, Nella was learning to walk. Oh how time flies. my heart smiles for you & that beautiful ballerina.
    because of Him,


  287. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the video tutorial. I’ve always wanted to make one, but had no idea how. I was finally able to make my first one tonight and you made it soooo easy to follow. I now have a great video of my son’s VPK graduation. Thank you!!

  288. My heavens that is one of the sweetest videos I’ve ever watched. Go Nella!!!

  289. Kelle, I just read your book and LOVED it! I’ve been reading your blog from the very beginning for 3 days now – there are so many posts that just touch me and I don’t know how many times I’ve cried here at work b/c of them! I LOVED the video of Nella in ballet class – so adorable!

  290. Dance on little sweetie !!!

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