Almost There

The only thing I don’t like about staying in hotels is the coffee. The coffee isn’t great. But the rest? It’s vacation adrenaline–every little nugget, from the tiny shampoo bottles to the hum of the big air conditioner in the corner, whispering, “Relax. You’re on an adventure.” An adventure that, for us, includes 27 hours of drive time. Before I end on this blessed upswing of how very much I love this road trip, let me say we’ve had our moments–kids crying, a bit of bickering (“I told you you should have taken that exit, but no–you had to keep driving.”) and a particular low moment in Tifton, Georgia when, after finally deciding to call it a night and celebrate with a cold beer at Chilis, we arrived thirsty to be informed that the South has some pretty conservative standards on Sunday drinking. Or, as our waiter (who looked like Zac Efron but spoke like Alan Jackson) said, “Oh Sweetheart, I’m sahr-ry but we’re a drah cow-ny on Sun-dahays.” Son of a Peach.

We’re headed out from Bowling Green, Kentucky this morning to make it to our first book signing in Skokie, IL (7:00 p.m. tonight–Come! Don’t make me pull random housewives from the cafe and force my signature on their Fifty Shades of Grey because no one showed up!). And then we’re spending a day downtown Chicago, off to Michigan for two more signings and finally headed up north for some blessed relaxation. Now I said “blessed” twice in one post–a little church past creeping up. We love us a good blessed.

I’m actually going to be doing a little bit of the driving today. You’d think it was my first time because Brett saw the need to teach me some tips yesterday.

“Now when you’re driving,” he seriously informs me, “It’s especially important that you look in front. Always be watching. You know you’re not the one I’m worried about; it’s the other drivers.”

I laugh. “Brett, I’m 33 years old. What are you, a Driver’s Ed teacher? I know how to do this.”

And then he says, “Nevermind, I’ll drive.”

Very well then. Here’s a little video of our first half of the trip.

Untitled from ETST on Vimeo.

And don’t forget, we’d love to meet you. Come out and see us at one of the book signings. I’ll draw something happy in the front cover of your book.


Check out Wiegand’s Nursery page. It made me smile. Gary has worked for Wiegand’s for over thirty years and, less than six months after Nella was born, one of the owners had a granddaughter born unexpectedly with Down syndrome. Wiegand’s has worked hard to put this event together, arranging to give a portion of Saturday’s retail proceeds to Band of Angels, and we are grateful.

Looking forward to meeting some of you!


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  1. What is it with low moments in Georgia (sorry Georgia residents) ?
    We just got back from a road trip to florida from ontario canada and Georgia was not kind to us :(
    enjoy your trip, let’s hope you don’t run into any other DRY counties!

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  3. I don’t think you have to be worried that no one will show up! Be worried that you may run out of ink! :) I so wish that I lived somewhere on your trail to Michigan! :) Have Fun!

  4. I love to video of Lainey blowing the dandy lion (?). Her smile is great!

  5. Makes me want to go on a road trip!

  6. you should stop by Lexington, KY on your way home! We’d LOVE to have you! :)

  7. If only your roadtrip was bringing you through Evansville, IN!! We have a Barnes & Noble, good coffee, and a gaggle of women that would love to sit, chat, and bestow Southern Indiana goodness on you. Have a safe journey. Enjoy each mile. :)

  8. I so badly want you to come to Cleveland, OH! Unfortunately as close as MI is I can’t make these.

  9. I so badly want you to come to Cleveland, OH! Unfortunately as close as MI is I can’t make these.

  10. So excited for the book signing tonight!! I’ll be there =)

  11. Sure wish you were coming up to Traverse City, Mi….would love to meet you!

  12. the shot of the girls holding hands had me in tears…I’m expecting my second girl in October, and I could just picture this for our future! *tear* :)

  13. Woops! Just posted on the wrong blog post so I’ll just simply say –

    I’ll be bringing my baby girl to meet you tonight! I’m excited to actually meet you in person :)

    My happy place:

  14. Love the picture of Lainey with the dandelion! Looks like you’re having a great time so far! Safe travels…and wave hello when you go through Indiana. :)

  15. I’m with Bonnie! I wish you were stopping near Cleveland! I really tried to make it to the Michigan ones but it doesn’t work out for me : (

  16. You had me laughing so hard I almost wet my pants when you talked about Brett telling you how to drive. I have been married for 32 years, driving for 45 years, and my husband still does the exact same thing to me. Look in front of you, watch behind you, slow down, speed up. You just have to love them, there’s nothing else to do. Have a fun and safe trip.

  17. so so sweet. love the video!

  18. So sad that I won’t be able to come to meet you, I wish I would have known about it before…but I’ve been down and no online much because I recently had surgery. Sucks because in IL you’ll only be 2 hours away, and in MI you’ll be 3, so close yet so far away lol. :( Maybe next time if there is one!

  19. I seriously missed you by one day! I was out in Chicago from Friday to Monday visiting a friend this past weekend. Any PA signings? Maybe some in the Philadelphia area? No? Yeah, I don’t blame you 😉 Happy travels!

  20. oh i so so wish your signing was in the city! cannot make it to skokie tonight :( chicago is beautiful right now – everything in bloom, gorgeous weather. enjoy and good luck with the rest of your road trip!!

  21. Oh enjoy MI for me. There is NO place like home!! So wish you were a little bit closer for a signing though. Enjoy some MI for me!!

  22. So in love with this video/song! I felt like I was right there with you. You guys are such a cute family.

  23. Thank you for the video. It is wonderful. Hope you guys have a great and a safe time.

  24. ps the video. i cry. so beautiful!

  25. So fun! The picture of Lainey blowing the dandilion was precious. I could see my son doing that. Also, I don’t do this normally, I am breaking my preachy rules. Please keep your feet off the dash. The airbag could go off and really bad things happen to your feet, face, ankles, etc. This happened to my friend, she was out of commission for several months and had several surgeries. Yikes. My husband is a drivers ed teacher, I don’t drive anywhere, it’s much easier! Have fun.

  26. Great post and photos Kelle, I’m with you when it comes to hotel coffee too, man that stuff sucks!

  27. The video made me long for a journey. I hope you find some ingdelicious coffee, and keep enjoying the scenery!

  28. Brett sounds a lot like my husband. “honey, make sure you wash your hands after you handle that raw chicken” “honey, don’t forget to put gas in your car” etc. It’s kind of funny and kind of annoying lol. At least you don’t have to do most of the driving!

  29. The video is great! I love me a road trip but my husband? Not so much. Remind Brett to keep his hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel. He can be so reckless sometimes! 😉 Have fun!

  30. It looks like you guys are having lots of fun! :)

  31. I usually don’t comment, but Kelle, you really are sunshine and unicorns! I have made the drive from S. Florida to Baltimore/DC A LOT and it has never looked that fun! You can really turn ordinary (or even less than fun things) into amazing adventures. :) Have fun at your book signings!

  32. I’m still stuck on your Zac Efron meets Alan Jackson waiter in Georgia. 😉 Looks like the girls are having a blast so far! Safe travels, mama. :)

  33. As were watching the video and it came to the part where you were swinging Nella around in circles my little May (age 3) says “Oh Mama she looks like so much fun to play with.” Yes May she does, y’all look like someone that is very fun to play with! I follow your blog closely but rarely comment. Thank you for making such and impact in my life! BTW you ever headed to the DFW area for book signings? If so, I’d be first in line!

  34. Our family of 5 is taking a hugemongous road trip at the end of the month, with 8 days total spent in the car so I can totally relate! I’m kind of dreading it, but your post has given me hope that maybe it will be fun, lol. I love your idea of making a video montage of it, I might have to do that. And the cookie sheet for the magnet dolls is a great idea too!

  35. Can’t wait to meet you in person tonight! You are my best friend.

  36. Kelle!
    It’s been so long since I’ve been in touch! Love that you used another Noah and the Whale song on your latest video. . . your montage was great and now has me really itchin’ for a road trip. I’m about finished with your book (please plan a trip out west for a book signing!) and I think about you and your girls so often. Life is good in Washington State. Henry is going to be a big brother this summer and Lilly became a big sister (for the second time) this past winter. Lilly is doing well. . . Colleen and I have got to post an update on Lilly’s blog one of these days soon. It’s been forever!!!
    Would love to see if next time you’re out to visit Nici. Have a great vacation with your family!
    Take care,
    Kate (Henry’s mom from Washington State)

  37. Safe travels! I can’t believe you stopped in Bowling Green, KY. That was only 15 minutes from where I lived before we moved to Wisconsin four months ago! I know you will have a great turnout at your book signings!

  38. I wish you could come to Buffalo, NY for a signing. We’d love to have you here. And there is always a place to get a cold beer on Sundays:-)

  39. God bless GA! Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise. Proverbs 20:1 Have a blessed day!

  40. Reading about your travels makes me want to go on a road trip!!

  41. Brett sounds like my dad! I’m 28 and I know how to drive! I’m flying to Wisco in July & two weeks later my parents and brother are driving me and Zayn back to Atlanta. He’ll do most of the driving, but his driving isn’t what it used to be… me & my mum cringe a lot. Maybe he’ll let me drive too… xx

  42. Headed to Minneapolis. perchance?

  43. I love your videos. I’ve tried my hand at it with your tutorial, but the results are never what I want. I’ll just keep watching yours. 😉

  44. Oh my gosh, Kelle, your bit about you [not] driving–that is straight from the pages of what I’ve seen my mom and dad do. Made me laugh!

  45. Adorable video as usual! My 1-yr old barely made it through errands in the car this morning but you can bet in a year or two we’ll be doing this! I’m thinking a drive down the coast from WA to CA. That’s an AMAZING drive!!!!

  46. I’m all jealous. It is cold here, I am grouchy, I am dealing with selling stuff on craigslist, (which is never fun), my girl graduated kindergarten today, and it is 9 years ago today my mama died. I am overwhelmed with emotion.

    I wanna come with you guys. Can I? Purty please??

  47. What a great video! Loved it! Made me wish I could take my little family on a road trip — just relax and enjoy the time together. We always took road trips as a family growing up because there were six of us. Such great memories! Now, if only you were coming a little further west, say to Washington, I’d so be there for one of your signings. : ) Safe travels!

  48. You kill me. Who makes a video of their road trip while they are still ON the road trip? You’re girls are lucky to have you two as parents.

  49. Omgsh!!! I live in Bowling Green, KY girlfriend I could have hooked you up!! Oh well maybe next time!! Have a great trip! Swing in to see us on the way back!!

  50. Ha ha sounds like my boyfriend trying to tell me how to drive home from our trip to Florida last year. He wanted to watch a football game and asked me to drive. I have no problem driving in fact I prefer it but I do not need advice thank you I’m 38 yrs old! Hope the rest of your trip is wonderful!

  51. Wish you were stopping in Indy but imagine your are driving through right about now. I love road trip adventures. We did a three week loop through Michigan and Wisconsin about 10 years ago and we still talk about it. Enjoy!

  52. Sweet heavens, you crossed into Tennessee and drove right by my exit. And my river. Well, not MY river, but my river. When you cross through Chattanooga, I would love to have you stop at my house for a strong cup of french press…or tell you fun places for kids to stop!

  53. Would have loved to have you signing in Bowling Green, KY while you were there :) Safe travels!

  54. Old Orchard is a pretty cool mall if you have a chance to walk around. It’s outdoors and it’s so beautiful today! Sad that I’ll miss it today!

  55. I live right by your Chicago signing. Can’t wait to meet you!!!

  56. Aww. I hate that GA wasn’t great for you. How about a re-do in Savannah?

  57. Thanks for sharing the FUNtastic travel video…you have now inspired me to do the same…a priceless gift we can give ourselves and our children…happy memories!!

    Happy, safe travels to you and your family!

    Enjoy the VERY long line up at your upcoming book signing :)


  58. Weigands Nursery is about 5 minutes from my house. They are AMAZING! They have a few seasonal events for kids that benefit the MDA. They do so much good around here!!! I hope I can make it out Saturday!

  59. I’m too curious to hear what Lainey’s voice sounds like 😛 I’ve read this blog for like 3 years, I’d be real fun to hear her (and the rest of you too)talk in a video :)

  60. Ahhh so close to me… I live right outside of Owensboro (Daviess County) KY. Have a fun, safe trip :)

  61. So wished I lived closer to Chicago!! My little dot on the Wisconsin map is a little too far from it for a Tuesday drive. Best of luck with the rest of your trip! It looks like your littles are enjoying it as much as you are!!

  62. I can’t wait til your signing tonight! :) And I can promise you that I will not be asking you to sign 50 Shades of Grey. I bust out laughing at that.

  63. oh i live near bowling green ky….and we live in a dry county, everyday..uhh! hopefully not for long, voting on july 17. wish us luck!!

  64. Great pics. Cute video.

    Brett the Driver’s Ed teacher….bwwwwaaaaaaa!!!

    Bummer on the beer on Sunday =(

    Road trip ~ must pack beer cooler for when you stop 😉

  65. sorry kelle about the south & our no drinking on sunday rules – there are ways around that so i will devote a post to them soon. also: i never travel without my own coffee and mini keurig! have a great trip!!!

  66. I’ve been to Tifton! Yes, Georgia does have its own rule,but there are some cool places to visit.I honestly think that you do not need to worry about no one showing up for your booksigning!! Have fun!

  67. Really, really cute video!

  68. Really, really cute video!

  69. I am leaving a on long summer trip in just 5 days! I can not wait. And your post makes me even more excited!

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  71. So excited to see you when you get to Michigan! Love the video that you made :) It’s making me want to put one together!

    We love Wiegand’s Nursery. We took our daughter Zoe there for Easter and had a wonderful time. They really put a lot into their special events. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  72. Come to Boston!!!

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  74. Your post makes me want to pack up my 7 kids, and head out on a road trip. If only this was do-able. Have a great time, and don’t worry, I am sure lots of people will show up!

  75. Ahh! Kelle!! We’re moving from Alaska to Illinois this weekend (flying into Chicago), and then I was in Naples this summer the week before your B&N book signing. I seem to be missing you by a hare all over the country! It’s fun to see you and your family in Tennessee, gettin’ all excited about Bowling Green, KY. Tennessee is where my heart is :) Hope today’s travels are safe! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fans and followers at that book signing.

  76. I knoe you are super busy but if you get a second, could you email me and let me know what program you use to make your videos. Thanks! (

  77. Bowling Green has a great little amusement park called Beech Bend. We went last year. Have fun on the roas : )

  78. Love the video! So great! Hope you get yourself a beer soon. Ha!

  79. Such a fun and exciting adventure. I wish you so much fun, Kelle!

  80. I know everyone wants you to come to their town but just in case you get an offer from Knoxville, TN we would love to see you!! I love your magnetic family and friends idea on the cookie sheet. I’ll be trying that one. Have fun!!

  81. You’re living the dream!

  82. What an adventure..!! Are livin the dream..road on..happy days from Ireland xx Catherine

  83. LOVE!!!

  84. THIS IS LIKE A BIG UNFAIR JOKE! I worked in Chicago, lived there too! Oh yeah, went to Michigan State and I have family near your MI signings….ahhhhh! This is a bit sick not to be there. Safe travels! Come to Jersey….uh, please????

  85. OMG!! I know EXACTLY what Brett is talking about with the driving….I’m ALWAYS giving the hubby the same speech! He tends to rubber neck while driving – I’m like “you HAVE to watch in FRONT of you, dear!” It’s those cars coming at ya – those idiots who are texting/talking, doing everything BUT driving – 2 inches left of center and POW*BAM%CRASH!
    Yeah, maybe you should let him drive!;-)

  86. I am so very bummed that I can’t make it out to the signing tonight – hubby is working late & no babysitter in sight… My consolation prize is that I got my book plate this week!!!

    Enjoy our beautiful city – make sure to stop @ Crumbs for some cupcakes with the kiddos and Gino’s East for some Chicago deep dish.

  87. What fun ! Love the video and the wishes being blown. Who knew there were dry counties anywhere? Geesh! I will file that away for a rainy day for sure!

  88. Oh good Lord now we need to add videographer to your list of accomplishments. That was freakin’ awesome! I need to figure out how you did that.

  89. I hope you’re having a BLAST right now at your book signing!!! I hope you do a Northeast one (hint hint….when you can’t take anymore of the humid southern summer heat…Boston is awesome!)! Loving your trip pics and video so far, you are really making me look forward to my mini-vaca this weekend!!

  90. I was having a grumpy day….and then I saw the picture of Nella’s toes. How can anyone be grumpy after that? Have a safe and wonderful trip. :)

  91. I’m trying so hard not to go down the road of depression with this stinkin’ injury, so your posts are even more of a gift than they were before; a bit of joy in my long days of lying on the couch. I’ll be imobile all summer, so keep posting, kay? Thanks :)

    As always, loved your video!
    oik9i]];[p-0 0 (that was from Nora) She makes her way over to the couch and pops her little head up near my chest and gives me a real breathy, “Hiiiii”……so stinkin’ cute!

  92. IL & MI are so lucky!
    CA hopes you will keep driving west… I-80 baby… golden gate, redwood trees & lots of really great wine await (whats this “dry” business?!)
    Safe travels!!

  93. Wish you were coming to Ann Arbor! Stay safe on your travels. :)

  94. If you’re heading to Michigan you really should come WAY up North to Traverse City — climb the sleeping bear dunes, enjoy some Moomers (voted #1 scoop on Good Morning America), beautiful beaches and breathtaking sites — I would gladly be your personal tour guide 😉

  95. So bummed! I wrote the Skokie signing down wrong in my calendar. Enjoy the day in the best city in the Midwest!!

  96. I am so sad I just saw the dates today. I drive past Old Orchard everyday on my way home work and would have loved to stop. Hopefully you’re back in the Chicago area soon. Have downtown. I love this city.

  97. the video is so sweet! I’m currently mid-way through planning a road trip and now I’m even more excited :)
    safe travels to your and your family

    C.J xx

  98. Oh I am so excited for Saturday at Wiegands! You are such an inspiration and a hometown girl! Travel safely…..


  99. So under the Michigan/OHIO dates, i noticed there is no OHIO location. I would drive anywhere in my blessed state of OHIO to get my Bloom signed. Heck, I should drive to Macomb… I used to live there when I was little. Maybe we could get a little road trip in before i go into labor?!?! :)

    Hope the rest of your trip ROCKS. Chicago is so fun!!

  100. Come to Savannah so that I can redeem Georgia! Your girls could play with my sweet ill 2 year old daughter ~ they’d have a blast!

  101. DUDE…. can you make a little pit stop in Indianapolis??? Pweeeease?

  102. I am SUPER bummed I cannot make it to Skokie tonight. When you said you were coming to Chicago I was hoping it was the city. My little munchkin is currently in NICU and I read your book each day I am there. The NICU nurses love you as well. Please come back to Chicago.

    Enjoy your road trip with your family.

  103. Wanna come to Australia to do a book signing? Lol

    Wish you could :)

  104. One question – how do you pronounce “BLESSED” – like one smooth word – “blessssed”? Or like the churchy appropriateness of “bless-id”? Just curious! (enjoy your trip!)

  105. Love the video!! Quite amazing work you do.

  106. i L.O.V.E. the picture of Lainey and Nella walking off holding hands… it doesn’t get any sweeter than that!
    having spent my early childhood (up to age 12) in northern Michigan (Gaylord), i hope you have the best time of your lives… my memories of Gaylord include some of the best times of my life.

  107. Loved the video! :) Maybe one day I’ll get to meet you and your family… Have a safe and blessed trip! :)

  108. insanely cute, those girls of yours. And your video skills (WHILE ON ROADTRIP) are pretty amazing, too.

  109. I just finished your book, which lead me here to your blog. Kelle, I have just fallen in love with your family . . . and I promise, I don’t mean that in a creepy stalker kind of way!! :o) You really made me take a look at perspective and as a 1st time Mom, caused me to cherish my little pumpkin in a whole new way. I look forward to continue to follow your story. I also think I might revitalize my blog so my girl (and any wee ones in the future) can have a great digital scrapbook like you’ve provided for your sweet ones!! Thank you and “Bless” you :o)

  110. Beautiful Kelle!

  111. If you come to Athens, ga I promise to get you some really great coffee!!! I work for a local coffee shop chain :)

    Hope you enjoy your trip :)

  112. Should have warned you about that dry county business. I may or may not have crossed state lines to get my dose of ETOH.

  113. Can’t wait to see you in Michigan!!!!!!

  114. Really wanting to go on a roadtrip now!!!! LOVE the video. Just precious. Have a wonderful time!!!!

  115. YOU. ARE. JOY.

  116. This vid gave me the warm an fuzzies…and the craving to just DRIVE THE HECK OUT OF HERE! haha. thank you for sharing. stay safe, and don’t worry….they will come :)

  117. I never knew that there were dry counties in Georgia, Wales used to be a little like that on Sundays. Travel safe. Chicago’s an amazing city, hope you get a little lookaround. :)

  118. Soo jealous watching this video, its winter in JHB South Africa and we’re a little freezing here! I love road trips, lucky for me my hubby hates driving so I always drive:) Anyway have fun!! Love nella’s pink swim suit sooo cute!!

  119. I find it so ironic that you are making a trek to our (former) neck of the woods, and in a month or so, we will make the trek down to the sunshine state. But first we have to get back to the US. Sad to hear that you will be in the midwest and we are still in the far east.

    And I must say that I love, love, LOVE the gas tags that you are leaving on gas pumps. That makes me so happy that I might have to steal…. borrow that idea.

    Happy roadtrippin’!


  120. That video is the cutest thing ever. It made me kind of sad but happy at the same time if that makes sense! I think it’s because I saw you captured moments that you’ll look back on and cherish. :-)

  121. Oh, have a tonne of fun at your signings! How I wish you were coming to the UK!

  122. I am from the Chicago-land area but had to work last night… it was torture, knowing you were only about an hour away and I couldn’t meet you and the fam!! I hope the book signing went splendidly!

  123. What a beautiful video. Makes me want to jump in my car and go!

    Be safe and enjoy!

  124. LMAO at (“I told you you should have taken that exit, but no–you had to keep driving.”) . Sooo funny and so true! I love that while you share the ups of your life you also share the raw moments that make you just like every other family!

  125. So so so so so super bummed I didn’t get to come meet you last night!!! :( My husband got home from work too late :(
    I kept looking at the clock and going oh she is only one hour away from me RIGHT now!
    Hope your back in Chicago area again someday. Sad sad :*(

  126. Oh Kelle, how i wish I could’ve made it to Skokie yesterday, you were only about an hour from me, darn!! I would’ve loved to have thanked you in person, after I finished reading your book, we came to find out that my son is going to have to start an in home therapy program for his major speech delay, my little buddy is just shy of 2 and has the speech capacity of a 10 month old, they tell me he should be using 50 different words at this point and he doesn’t have but 1 word that hw can say, at a time when I was so stressed and felt so invaded by all of these different therapists coming into my home I reflected on your story, you helped me find hope in a troubling time, I have come to the decision that even if my little man can never verbally speak to us (he does his best to communicate other ways), we still love every inch and then some of him and his precious little soul, it really is a wonderful life!!! Thank you and enjoy your trip! You’re right, you are BLESSED!

  127. jcooper, sorry to reply to you here, don’t know how to do it any other way. My grandson had almost the exact same speech problem. My daughter was freaked out about having strangers come to her house, etc. That was 3 years ago and now Connor is getting ready to start regular kindergarten. He talks so much and so well that my daughter’s only complaint is that he never STOPS talking. Good luck. It will get better. Sorry again for replying here.

  128. Wish I could be at the signing tonight…that B&N is just down the street from my aunt’s house! Will you be leaving signed copies at the store for others to purchase later? Have a great time!

  129. Oh man — I used to go to that Barnes and Noble in Skokie all the time when we lived there!! Hope it was wonderful! I am SURE you had no issues filling the place!

    Please come do a book signing in Dallas sometime! I would be happy to host you and we do NOT live in a dry county!:)

    Angela in Dallas
    (Casey Jane’s mom)

  130. A ‘Bloom’ story worth sharing

    Identical twins, the extra chromosome, with leukemia.

  131. Great blog! Glad I stumbled across it!

  132. Kids were in the car, ready to head to skokie for a book signing…… all 4 of us anxious to meet the author of mommies 2 year following. And guess what? Its Wednesday and we just realized we had our info in our calendar on the wrong day and have missed you :( so bummed.

  133. I HAVE TO BE BETTER ABOUT TAKING VIDEO!!! So I really believe you that you want to meet us readers:) Have fun! :)

  134. Your girls are so delicious!! Seeing them in photos always makes me smile but seeing their REAL smiles and laugher just melted me. Thanks for sharing. I’m a GA peach and lived in NYC/CT for the past 13 years and so sorry you had a bad experience. I love it there and always love going back to my roots to hear the Southern twang, talk to the nicest of smiling people and drink the best sweet tea. 😉

  135. I finished your book today as I sat in the hospital with my two year old son who is receiving chemo therapy for the Luekemia he was diagnosed with 4 months ago. Although our stories and trials are hugely different, they are in so many ways the same and I am able to relate to so much of what you went through that first year. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Through it I’ve found a renewed sense of courage and energy. I’m reminded to hope for the best and embrace every moment of his “one wild and precious life”.

  136. If I still lived in Michigan, I would so be at that signing! Your road trip reminds me of countless road trips I took growing up with my family – from MI down to my grandparent’s house in Ft. Myers and back up again. Best times were when we caravanned down with my cousins. I know that I-75 route by heart! <3

  137. You are doing an incredible job documenting your children’s childhood. I envy how you make the mundane beautiful in your pictures and it inspires me to find the beauty in our days. thank you.

  138. I love the photos in the slide show of Nella on the hotel bed with all the sun streaming in! Gorgeous! I never thought about you being in Kentucky on your trip! We are a couple hours from Bowling Green! Oh, how I’d love Levi & Nella to meet!!!

  139. Yeah!! Alan is coming to Michigan,I have never been to one but it sounds like great fun ..just ordered Alan Jackson tickets and already the premium track tickets are sold out, but I have a seat in the 16th row, and I am happy to know I will see him!!!!Now I am hoping he comes to Auburn Hills or Windsor or good old Toledo Ohio.

  140. I have the best idea…on the way back you could stop in Nashville and do a signing!

    OR just stop somewhere, let us know, and we’ll bring our books!

  141. Hey Kelly!

    been reading your blog for years, and this is my first comment! the Road Trip brought it out in me! it was a throw down to leave a comment! i love seeing these images, as we are avide travellers and the road calls my name!!!

    you must check this BLOG out as this sister is a kindred spirit for you , i believe! and inspiring, heart wrenchingly beautiful tale of theif life, that will have you laughing and weeping…

    Happy Road Tripping!
    Sarah in Ottawa, Canada

  142. p.s. make sure to read the Mother’s Day entry- so so beautiful. will have your weeping in the car on your road trip!

  143. Thanks for the video! It took me back to fond memories of summer road trips in my own childhood…the excitement and wonder of watching new places pass by the windows of a car. :-) Good memories!!!!

    I feel like I ask this every time, but when, oh when are you coming to Southern California!?!? :-) Soon please!!!

  144. Oh Kelle
    You guys are so beautiful! What a fun trip! Isn’t God so good?
    You are blessed!

    Have fun, y’all!

  145. I adore your perspective on life. You so inspire me. I love part of the video where Lainey is getting candy out of the machine – I would never ever think to video something like that but MAN did it make me grin. Good memories from when I was a kid and for my daughter. I am leaving on a trip on Sunday and I am totally mentally planning to channel you in my pictures and video because I A.D.O.R.E. this post. :)

    Also, we are trading places. I am headed from Michigan to Florida on Sunday!

  146. What’s the song in the video???

    I can barely stand how lovely your family is…..

  147. LOVE the video!

  148. LOVE the video!

  149. Any book signings planned in Iowa? Maybe Waterloo or Des Moines?? We’d love to come!!:) Safe travels!! Looks like so much fun!!

  150. Ah man, we live so close to Tifton next time come here instead-promise to have a cold one for you. :-) These blue laws make things exciting some days! Hope you have a great trip!

  151. Kelle – I love your videos and the way you incorporate both still pictures and video. What software do you use to do this? I often have so many pictures that it would be easier to dump them into something like that than post each one.


  152. Dry county??? Yikes! :) looks like you guys are having a blast, making lots of fun memories. Thanks for the video tutorial, by the way. I’m so inspired to start making a few of my own!

  153. So lovely! Thanks for sharing the wonders of your road trip – makes me anxious for the arrival of summer in the pacific northwest. Here’s too good, strong coffee on the next leg!

  154. Beautiful.

    Just beautiful.

  155. Chicago equals = great pizza and hot dogs among the many other things, great pictures. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa

  156. you are 33?! You look 20! :) love your blog so much. My younger brother has special needs and i appreciate your amazing documentation of what a blessing it is to have a sibling/child with special needs. sending my love to Lainey and Nella!

  157. I have followed your blog for some time/ suggested others to follow it as well…This is the first time I have actually posted a comment.
    Let me start of by saying I Love, Loved your video the best part was I live off exit 174 in Chattanooga and have the pleasure of driving around “The Bend” it is so beautiful during the right time of day. Ok don’t freak I think you had dinner at Las Margaritas which just a couple of months ago a bad tornado touchdown and destroyed alot in that neighbor. Across the street was the park and it took a hard hit…If you get a chance on the way home stop by the university of the south at sewanee it is a hidden gem, beautiful campus, and great little eatery’s. My next fav. is i love me some CHICAGO you can never not eat enough deep dish pizza, hot popcorn, great architect, and people watching. There is something magical about Chicago…
    Have a safe trip
    P.s. Thank you for sharing your Journey….

  158. Hey I love your videos :) What is the title of the song? Safe trip home <3

  159. Would you believe that I live just 2.5 hours outside of Chicago (West Michigan) and I have never been! Now I want to go more than ever! Inspirational as usual!

    Newest Post:

  160. I love your family! They are all so beautiful :) And your girls have more style than I’ll probably ever have in my lifetime!
    Have a fun and safe rest of your trip :)

  161. I love your family! They are all so beautiful :) And your girls have more style than I’ll probably ever have in my lifetime!
    Have a fun and safe rest of your trip :)

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