Outside the Home, Inside the Home

I’ve been waking up earlier lately, drawn out of bed by the promise of a short period of solitude before Nella wakes up. I make my coffee and watch the news, the latter usually a regrettable decision, especially lately when mud-slinging politics and devastating stories such as the Aurora tragedy plague the media.

I tend to sway back and forth between periods of international awareness and current event cluelessness based on how busy I am, how tolerant I am to what I read and see and sometimes, how guilty I feel for what I don’t know. Sometimes my role as a thirty-something, family-focused mom challenges me to look far beyond my own little circle and deeply consider the decisions that are being made that affect our country and our world, the stories that are playing out in our community and the headlines that surface on the Internet, trend in Twitter and steal our focus in horrifying scenes on the morning news.

But sometimes that very same role of a thirty-something, family-focused mom is exactly what challenges me to turn it off. To walk away from the TV, to stop reading the headlines and to know that awareness and the promise of a brighter future begins with ourselves and our own families. The media’s overwhelming presence in this current generation allows for biased presentations of how good or bad the world really is. But when I’ve watched and read enough that I feel that “God, what kind of world do we live in?” dissapointment taking over, I know I need to shift gears. The best things happen when we believe in good, when we give people the benefit of the doubt, when we understand that pain and tragedy are indeed part of this world, but that they are overshadowed by the potential of the great amount of good in human kind.

I am so sorry for the families who are hurting in Aurora, Colorado. I hope that more stories of courage arise and the heroes of this event are given far more media coverage than the young man who caused it. I hope we focus not on fear and panic for what could happen but for the possibility of what will happen to our communities and our country when we properly balance our focus on what exists beyond the doors of our home with what we are doing inside them.


Somewhat fitting, we enjoyed a family day this week. In the middle of the week, for no good reason than we felt we needed it. We chose a new beach, a quiet secluded one at a nearby state park and, for five hours, we enjoyed each others’ company with no distractions. Alright, I Instagrammed.




The tide had washed in earlier and created a shin-deep pool that made for some lovely wading.


And lots of sea life. Cockles and conch shells, two sand dollars and, get this–a sea horse. Not exactly the unicorn, spiny-back, twirly tail kind, but it was definitely of the sea horse family. A little Googling has proven it to be a pipefish.

For the record, we put our sand dollars right back where we find them–in the gulf.

Lainey and Nella are completely different in their sea critter comfort level. Lainey will hesitantly touch a starfish, come within a couple inches of a sand dollar, but she ran screaming when the conch shells surrounding her towel started flipping over and creeping toward her. Nella, on the other hand, can’t get close enough.


Sister almost kissed a crab.



Both satisfy their inquisition level as they see fit, digging sand trenches, venturing into the warm waters of the gulf, flipping twisted shells over and peeking inside for any movement.





And Mama’s just happy to be there, watching my girls write chapters in their Florida childhood books.


Retro Swimsuit, Popina Swimwear






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For fun this weekend…what are five things you are tired of and five things you are not tired of?

Tired of…uncomfortable summer heat, Moon Dough mess, the morning news, my dirty iPhone case, e-mail

Not Tired of…Instagram, kind words, fresh veggies, evening baths, Nella’s naughty word (“butt!”)


Happy Weekend…outside the home, inside the home.


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  1. no way, first comment?!
    Tired of: lack of rain, dirty kitchen floors, bills, filling up the gas tank, chipped toenail polish
    Not tired of: My 1-year-old walking, my 5-year-old talking about starting kindergarten, trips to the Cincinnati Zoo, reading, pink lemonade sorbet with chocolate chips.

  2. things I’m tired of this weekend – laundry, grocery shopping, work looming above my head

    things I’m NOT tired of this weekend – my first run in 2 years, homemade iced coffee, turkey taco lasanga for lunch, dress up clothes scattered across my living room.
    :) happy Saturday!

  3. tired of:vacuuming dog hair up, paying bills, explaining death to a curious five year old, headaches, cleaning the house
    not tired of: five year old kisses, being excited for my wedding anniversary next week, watching TV with my husband, being an auntie, blogging(reading and writing
    Beautiful pictures and post as always.

  4. How true…tragic events and troubled individuals are in this world…they cannot have the last word! To cover these wounds with acts of healing kindness, to hold closer out children, to enlarge our compassion, to see with loving eyes even the sadly broken young man who caused this awful event–that is to assure good wins and light overcomes the darkness.

  5. Tired of: leaving my son home while I go to a job I don’t love everyday, heat that keeps us indoors, bug bites, not having a personal chef ;), feeling like I don’t really fit in where I live

    Not tired of: Bedtime giggles with my son, dairy queen blizzards, early mornings at the park, cold beer on a hot day, knowing soon I get to stay home with my little man and feel so fulfilled!!

  6. It is so fun to watch the girls growing up right in front of my eyes! LOVE!

  7. Tired of: cleaning the house, the kids leaving craft messes everywhere, 3 meals a day plus snack making, taking the dog for 5 walks a day, the AC not working in my bedroom!

    NOT tired of: being 0.7 miles from the beach, discovering new places in our new town, meeting new people, looking at old homes here in Menominee MI, & scrapbooking!

    have a great saturday!

  8. Tired of :: Arguing and sibling rivalry, the scale numbers, weak coffee, being woken up too early during summer break, my teenager’s lethargic attitude

    NOT tired of :: random summer dips in the pool whenever we want, sea salt and caramel gelato, my playlists, running just AT dark, gerbera daisies

  9. Tired of: stress, footprints on the floor the minute after I mop, meal planning, kitty litter, my bank account. Not tired of: kids being with me all day every day, untold adventures, sleeping in and waking up with no schedule, thankfulness, kindness towards each other.

  10. Tired of…dry, endless heat, cleaning the litter box, vacuuming pet hair, laundry and super-hot car interior
    Not tired of…watching Milo and Otis with my daughter, reading, going swimming, story time at the library and my brand new job that I love
    Happy weekend!!!

  11. Tired of:sore throat ,paperwork for my job, laundry piles,bug bites & a small muffin top

    Not tired of :water hopscotch with toddler daughters, navy blue and chevron, Rasberry Lime Rickeys,thrifting,summer!!

  12. Was thinking of posting on Facebook today both my disgust in our politics and how ruthless and dirty everyone is with it, both politicians and parties. As well as how if only we would stop giving the bad guys attention- don’t give his killing spree a cool name like the Batman masacare, or tell his story or even credit him by sharing his name- we should give no glory in wrong doing, even if that glory is bad glory, its a motivate for bad guys to take others down with them. I don’t know if I said any of that in a way that makes sense which is why I didn’t put it on fb :) but loved how you worded the begining of this post

  13. tired of …. sore hip, cat throwing up, terrible scottish summer weather (cold/rain), photos not being where I want them on the laptop and non-sleeping toddler

    not tired of … our new home, cold white wine on a saturday night, cooking good food, getting excited about our night off next week and the smile my gorgeous boy gives me when I ask for one

  14. Tired of…waking up before 6am, chipped nail polish, 2 year old tantrums, horse flies and missing my husband (less than two weeks to go!)
    Not tired of…island living, my son’s kisses, being out on our boat, the colors of sunset and snapping photos/memories.

  15. Tired of: my girls waking up in the night, not talking to my dad, feeling like a single parent sometimes, Dora, Facebook.

    NOT tired of: exercising, little girl laughter, ballerina dancing with my girls in my living room, close chats with my husband, coffee.

    Thanks for the beautiful post once again…never fails to delight.

  16. thank you for addressing the grief and loss we are feeling as a community here in Colorado — as a longtime resident who remembers every big disaster (fires, shootings, etc) I keep my hope by reminding myself of how our community unites in these horrible times.
    I’m tired of the heat, having no a/c in my house, working long days, not living near a beach and living too far away from my bff
    I’m not tired of my sweet little dog, the a/c at my office, summer fruit, my new ice cream maker and living the dream with the love of my life! :)

  17. Tired of: the symptoms that come along with a detox from junk food, my husband working long hours,the gas light,mosquitoes,and my phone battery dying.
    Not tired of: long summer days,instagram,eating a plant based diet for the first time in my life, pigtails,and little girl giggles.

  18. My God! How sweet family you are!!! I love you guys! :****

  19. It looks wonderful. Over here (UK) a beach like that would be absolutely crowded. It looks like heaven on earth!
    J x

  20. Great thoughts. Great photos.

    Tired of…littles waking up several times a night, preparing meals, staying inside most of the day b/c of the heat, bad gas mileage, stubborn 5 lbs that won’t go away

    NOT tired of…kisses from my little guys, pinterest, a loving hubby, my 27 inch computer screen, taking pictures

  21. Tired of: trying to sleep while 9 months pregnant; having to pee every 30 minutes; listening to everyone’s labor horror stories (seriously – how does that help me?); not drinking wine; baby kicks to my ribs (I know this is really one thing – being pregnant – but i’m due next week and it’s all consuming!)

    Not Tired of: baby kicks not in my ribs; sitting in baby’s room; picturing what baby might be like; yoga; being excited about baby’s arrival!

    So pretty much I’m tired of being pregnant, but loving it at the same time :) I love the picture of Nella and the crab – I hope my child is that curious!

  22. Tired of …humid FL weather with super rainy weather.

    Not tired of… Watching my son learn new things, finding new places to eat, having family fun filled days.

  23. Tired of: Under construction, messy house, no good movies out right now, laundry, humidity.

    Not Tired of: Boys who love the train table I pulled up from the basement, playtime at the park, new box of markers, crockpot dinners, fresh peaches.

  24. Tired of: Laundry, drama, friends texing pictures from Hawaii, potty training, back to school shopping (already!)
    Not tired of: Sleeping late with all my kids curled up in my bed, laying by the pool, Happy Hour at Sonic, Sunday dinner with all the family, my neighbors new baby.

  25. Tired of: This darn heat, bad vegetables at the grocery store, sugary snacks, money woes

    Not tired of: Coffee with cream, taking pictures of my kids, etsy shopping, my soft couch.

  26. You said it perfectly about the news and media! I feel just the same way…

  27. Amen, sister. About it all. Perfect reflection on how to view the sometimes ugly parts of this world and focus on the always beautiful parts. It helps knowing a world of women feel the same way I do…
    Five things I’m tired of: job searches, budgeting, politics, bills, and commuting.
    Five things I’m not tired of: anticipation of date night, my husband’s kisses, my cuddly kitty, homemade yogurt, and the bright blue sky.

  28. The beach time looks perfect! I could use a little bit of that myself. Loved your swimsuit.

  29. I grew up in Denver.
    My sister lives in Aurora with her family.
    They are all safe.
    Yesterday, my dad ate lunch at the Macaroni Grill near where the shootings occurred…meeting with the City of Aurora for unrelated work reasons.
    My son loves Batman.
    Yesterday’s events all hit too close to home for me…and I am so far away.
    I cried most of the morning.
    My kids were clingy…I didn’t let them hear or see any media coverage…they are too young…but I couldn’t turn it off.

    I, too, have been getting up early to enjoy some quiet before my kids wake up.

    Five things I’m tired of: my old cat peeing on the carpet, dishes, laundry, my husband being away

    Five things i’m not tired of: being home with my kids all day, fun thrift store finds, instagram (also love it), lazy days

    Speaking of lazy days…we’re still in our pi’s at noon on a Saturday.

    stephany @ home is what you make it

  30. I am tired of too much traffic and people driving too fast on our street, bad news, people not being courteous, people not having compassion for others, the everyday use of vulgar language and cursing and heat. I will never get tired of hearing my children laugh, watching my kids dance, reading a good book, the beach and relaxing with my family!

  31. oops! I only listed four things I’m tired of…oh well…
    I guess I’m also tired of not being able to count! 😉

    stephany @ home is what you make it

  32. And, I only listed four things I’m not tired of!

    One more thing i’m not tired of…reading and writing blog posts!

    stephany @ home is what you make it

  33. I totally hear ya about the news thing. I often don’t watch the news because afterwards, I just feel sad and scared. However, like you….I feel like I do need to be informed and try to contribute my small part to make our society better. I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. It’s so important to me, to try and make the world better for them!
    Last night I watched Nightline and balled my eyes out for the people in CO. It’s hard to see but, I think it’s better to be informed than to be totally numb to what’s going on around us.

  34. This was beautiful. You said the things I feel in my heart about the current event situation, but I cannot articulate. Thank you.

    I am not tired of the slower pace of summer, reading your blog posts and photographs, and hugs from my kids.

    I am tired of daily autism therapy, dishes waiting to be done, and telemarketing calls.

  35. Tired of: bad news, fighting kiddos, mosquito bites, credit card fraud nonsense, and having my hubby gone for a month.
    NOT tired of: The way my son asks for “Drip, Drip, Drop, Little April Shower” every time I put on the ipod, painting little toenails, watching the kids swim like fishies, ben and jerry’s, love notes from the military hubby.
    LOVE Nella’s naughty word! :)

  36. Giggling about Nella’s naughty word! Oh how I would love to spend a day on the gulf with my two littles! Not tried of…long summer days, swimming with my kids, staying up late and sleeping in (a little bit anyway)listening to my two year old talk, having my 5 year old to myself before the big K starts. tired of…my husband studying for his 2nd set of boards, being married to a med student (last year hurray) cleaning, boiling and freezing hundreds of green beans from our garden, our house always being messy, laundry

  37. Cute pictures, looks like a fun trip.

  38. Tired of: unnecessary tragedy, feeling tired most of the day, messy playroom, laundry, and so many obligations.
    Not Tired of: energy enough to take a beautiful hike with my 4 yr old, pride in finishing my 1st full marathon, 2 beautiful little girls, an amazing husband, and an adorable chihuahua named Tequila!!

  39. Beautiful beach pictures!! Sand dollars are my fav. I haven’t seen one in years, but they remind me of childhood vacations in Florida. The girls, as always, are beauties :)

    Five things I’m tired of…unbearable summer heat as well, crumbs on the kitchen floor, growing out a short haircut, my sore lower back and people who would rather complain about their problems than solve them.

    Five things I’m not tired of…my daughter’s growing ability to remember to say please & thank you, sunny days, cooking new recipes, running and early morning cuddles with my little girl :)

  40. tired of robo-calls, junk mail, putting off reading my summer book, not finding my favorite summer cookbook, traffic

    NOT tired of summer, the beach, writing and wrestling with words, music that makes me dance, bike rides and picnics :)

    <3 your blog! ~Beth

  41. Love the pictures and your words, as always.

    I’m tired of the hubby working too much, being woken up every few hours during the night, Facebook, changing diapers, and flabby abs.

    I’m not tired of seeing my girls smile and play, sweet smelling girls fresh from the tub, Dr. Pepper on ice, cute summer shoes, and adding new things to my project list faster than I can create them.

  42. Beautiful memories being made.

    Tired of: cooking with an oven in extreme heat, television, my haircut, the pull of this computer, hot flashes

    Not tired of: sewing pretty things; holding newborn granddaughter, Ava;
    afternoon thunderstorms, watching my girl being mommy of two girls, phone calls from my oldest boy

  43. Love that quilt – and the dirty hair pics. I’m always getting pictures of my daughter’s hair; thank goodness for conditioner.

    Tired of: Relentless heat, lack of rain, dust bunnies (but not tired enough of them to clean the house yet), political robo-calls

    Not tired of: feeling the baby kick and wiggle, cuddling with my big girl, the maternity parking place at the mall, my husband helping to prepare meals

  44. I’ve missed your longer posts.
    Tired of: white goods and cars breaking down, work issues, office politics, a cold bed at night, short days.
    Not tired of: clean washing from our fancy, schmancy new washing machine, lunch dates with my love, hope, eating rocket fresh from our garden, snuggles with our dogs.

    Kelle, I’m so glad we don’t have a tv, we still listen to the news on the radio, but I think you can still be aware of others outside your home, and not watch endless coverage of horrific incidents. I’m so sorry for the families of those who died or were injured at Aurora.

  45. Love the pictures!

    Tired of: living on a tight budget by choice, kitchen cabinets constantly open, a child who is “booorrrrred”, the Nebraska heat wave

    Not tired of: summer break with the kids, crafting on a budget. morning walks with the dogs and vacationing kids.

  46. Hahahaha!!! Nella’s naughty word! Nora’s not far behind, I’m sure. She laughs every time we say “excuse me” because she knows it either means a burp or a fart just occurred! She’s got brothers :) Heck, she’s got ME.

    tired of:
    *this cast slowing me down
    *not sleeping
    *HOT, dry weather
    *my crusty kitchen
    *cat poop (in OUR yard, and we don’t own a cat!)

    not tired of:
    *dreaming of all the things I can’t wait to do after physical therapy!
    *watching my boys with their sis
    *Nora’s piano playing skills…plink, plink, plink…she’s ADDICTED!
    *kind, generous people bringing us meals

    Love the pics of Nella with the crab….I recognize the body language and curiosity 😉

    Love to you & yours!

  47. Tired of : questions, insomnia, heat, arguing, and cleaning
    not tired of : Chatting with friends, impromptu get togethers, online shopping, and caffeine

  48. Tired of too many toys, never enough diapers, relentless heat, too many night wakings, constant laundry.

    Not tired of early beach mornings, feeding the ducks, getting organized, fireflies and the sound of crickets, anything yellow.

  49. Love the beach photos and the one of Brett rockin the supermodel pose with Nella!! Love your post!

    Tired Of: facebook, political ads, laundry, knock knock jokes, Michigan drought

    Not Tired Of: lazy summer days, Lake Michigan Beaches, Watermelon, Hugs from my kids, Detroit Tigers

    Tina J

  50. Beachy days…sooo nice for you all x

    Tired of::: sending children to school in the dead of winter, washing clothes, supermarket shopping.
    Not tired of::: baking in the kitchen with the little people, instagram, having an evening glass of wine while I cook dinner, blogging

    Xoxo….can’t believe Nella nearly kissed a crab…that girl is a brave brave cutie pie.

  51. Tired of:
    Unhealthy eating habits
    Angry and/or rude people
    Hubby working 24/7

    Not Tired of:
    People who don’t sweat the small stuff
    Sisters who hold hands

  52. Tired of:
    People that litter
    Anything to do with “the Bachelor..ette or pad” on tv
    Light outside till almost 9 pm..hate it

    Not tired of:

    Summer fruit and tomatoes
    Happy kids running around
    Simple acts of kindness
    Getting older
    My Mom’s hands

  53. After just watching the news … I am going to name 10 Positive things I am not tired of ….

    Your blog, as it makes me SO happy
    knitting/yarn :0)
    screened in porch
    breakfast on that porch :0)
    Zoee’ Lynn, my sweet Boston

    *sorry if this appears twice … my computer is having issues …. certainly not the operator !!!!:0)

  54. tired of: laundromats, long distance relationships, the military causing us to reschedule our engagement photos, radio static, and overpriced coffee drinks.

    never tired of: long baths, beachwood candles, wedding planning, Chinese takeout with best friends, and a new job with the Autism Society! :)

  55. Yay! I’m in the first 100 comments. Cheesy yes, but never happens for me. I just LOVE you Kelle! I read your blog every day now and have to have my “small things” fix. It helps me focus on the best parts of this beautiful life and helps me to be a better mother. You are a wonderful person and are making such a difference (first with your own family & especially little Nella) but with the whole outside world. Keep being true! You are awesome!!!

  56. i am tired of waiting on the loan application outcome.

    happy to know that my loved ones are safe.

    i love your swimwear.

  57. I know girl…so sad and in just a heavy mood with the latest sick act. So incomprehensible. We were going to go to a movie, but just couldn’t do it. It wouldn’t be any fun.

    Let’s see…sick of sin, sick of bad people becoming famous for awful things, sick of humidity, sick of me not sticking to a healthy diet…I know there’s more. I’m so grateful that there is a God that heals the broken and forgives even when my mind can’t understand it.

    Btw thanks for picking my pic. Blessed me today.

  58. Tired of :: laundry, uncertainty, cleaning my house, a tight budget, my husband’s work schedule

    Not tired of :: hope, thankfulness, alone time, photography, my kids

  59. Sorry, have to comment again, my above was *BEFORE* finishing your post (just to get in asap)

    My ten are:
    sick of it smelling like pesticide everywhere I go :(
    sick of having black feet from wearing flip flops
    sick of trying to think of 5 things I’m sick of….
    sick of
    sick of

    never sick of my beautiful daughter and literally EVERYTHING she does
    never sick of my handsome hubby who works so hard to keep me home with our jewel
    never sick of our freedom
    never sick of your posts. lol. I’m officially addicted to etst
    never sick of love and beauty in the world

  60. Tired of: my own scattered-brainess, my wasting time on Facebook so I got off, seeing messy floors in my house, stressing about said messy floors, guns in our society…..

    Not tired of: the precious moments I get to spend with children during my summer vacation, the support I feel from my husband for making their summer the best I can, Crossfit, Running, Summer naps with no guilt because the older I get the easier I am on myself.

    I too struggle with the balance on being in tune to the news. I try to listen to npr during the school year but am quite clueless lately and prefer listening to ingrid michaelson on pandora or kids bop and wonder if I’m being a bad citizen of the world. BUT

  61. Hi Kelle!

    and ‘up from the grave (s)he arose!!’ seriously tho! I have been slackin!

    Still catching up on your blog, loving who you are and what you do :)

    Five things I’m tired of:
    weeds in my garden, puppies chewing things to pieces, humid heat, quickly rotting veggies, laundry.
    *phewf, that was a tough list to compile! Loving LIFE!

    Five things I’m NOT tired of!
    Lazy summer days, coming up with new clean recipes, computer time, my 3 bathin’ beauties, Late movie nights with the hubbs <3


  62. Amen to all you wrote about Colorado, bad news, family, beach…love the pics. POPPA RIK-You always know just the right words – Amen to what YOU wrote, too. Yes, we must all do what we can to assure that Light prevails and is the focus. I know that many hugged their children tighter after hearing the news; called family, cuddled with their “sweetie”..I cried when I saw the news; it is unimagineable that any human being could do such evil things. But, they sometimes do. Maybe that is why I cry most of all~ Love and Light from the Blg Mama

  63. Kelle, I am halfway through your book and my husband probably thinks I’m crazy because I keep on crying. It is so heartfelt and real. Bless you and your beautiful family. Thank you for the gift of your words, your pictures, your genuine humanity.

  64. Tired Of: hardwood floors forever needing sweeping, laundry that keeps coming back, a 21-month old’s eating strike, not being able to fall asleep at night, incessant barking (from my dog whom I love in spite of it)

    Not Tired Of: Sand and Sun Yankee candle, grilling, the general splendid New England summer, pleasure reading, and a 21-month old’s call of “Guys!” and response of “Um, sure!,”

  65. Tired of: Hot Chicago heat, Sad news, 3 year old temper tantrums (love him but he drives me crazy some days), laundry, and having no rain

    Not tired of: Fun summer days and nights, peanut butter, working out, pedicures, spending time with my little guy (despite the temper tantrums), girls nights out and girls weekends (going on one this upcoming weekend, WOO HOO!)

  66. Tired of: the same old recipes, mosquitoes, vacuuming sand out of my Jeep, people who run late, and endless yard work.

    Not tired of: spending time with my boys, tan lines, drawing “people” with my 3 year old, readying for the 3-Day, and Instagram.

  67. your little girl is so cute! wonderful pictures, Kelle!

  68. I like this “get the ‘tired of’ out of the way first so we can focus on the good stuff'” idea. Tired of…a sick little one, scorching hot seatbelt buckles, $8.95 shipping on a $5 clearance purchase, student loan payments (only 1,000,000 years to go!), and guns – for obvious reasons.

    Not tired of…my kid saying “walrus” – “wah-wahl,” my new running shoes & playlist purchases, iced chai lattes, new recipes, and red wine & movies with the hubs. Oh wait, and Instagram – never! Darn. Guess I have to not be tired of 6 things.

  69. Watching the news sometimes makes you want to grab the kids and run into hiding doesn’t it? Instead I like to use it as a teaching tool…we all need to try so much harder to love one another. OK….my 10.
    Tired of: heartburn, peeing ever 10 minutes, baby kicks to the ribs, the draught, baby sitting on my bladder (can you tell I’m 8 months pregnant and sooo over it?!?! Lol)
    Not tired of: swimming playdates, sibling kisses to the baby bump, smiles and high fives when my 3 year old makes it to the potty in time, lazy summer dinners, sleeping in

  70. This post really resonated with me today. I’ve read two horrific stories of child abuse in the news the past week that have haunted me for days and nights and as a mother I was just so disgusted in the state of the world and what humans can to do one another. Then to hear about the senseless shooting in Colorado seemed to reinforce my feelings. I told myself I needed to stop reading the news stories for awhile and just focus on praying for the victims, all victims of senseless tragedies. Especially innocent children. I think that is one of reasons I come to your blog, because it does drive home the fact that this world is full of wonderful, loving people and we are all truly the same. We can’t let a few horrible people in the world take that away from us. Peace and love Kelle. XOXO

  71. Tired of… old undies, living out of a suitcase, lack of painted nails, missing family, being overweight

    Not Tired of… sunshine, working with such amazing people, summer dresses, birthday celebrations, bright smiles

  72. Yes to the whole first part of your post. I was reading it and nodding my head while thinking, “Amen sister!” My heart is going out to all those of the Aurora community

    Im tired of: jerks for inlaws, insufferable humidity, cranky boys, my writing slump, and my husband’s job search.

    Not tired of: All this family time, hearing my boys giggle at eachother, getting the chance to go home next week, Instagram, coffee in the mornings on the front porch while the boys play in the dew-ey grass.

  73. Tired of:
    1. Laundry
    2. Humidity
    3. Parallel parking
    4. Mean people
    5. Bad graphic design

    Not Tired of:
    1. Strangers who smile back
    2. Warm sunshine
    3. Random acts of kindness
    4. Wedding preparations
    5. Giggling loudly

  74. Tired of: my messy house, it not being hockey season, it being so hot, pain, and friends moving…

    Not tired of: my 1 year old saying “Hi mom!”, laughing, the beach, impromptu get togethers, and crossing off things on my to do list!

  75. tired of::
    >(this is a little shameful) missin m’hulu shows
    >lack of beaches and pools and rivers and canoeing in my life
    >chipped toenail polish
    >my iTunes

    Not tired of::
    <my husband’s cooking
    <iced coffee
    <the smell of my 5m/o baby’s breath

  76. Tired of: broken iPhone case, laundry, waiting, being lazy, toenails without polish

    Not tired of: family time, good books, late night chats, making my love laugh, peaches and wine

  77. tired of … my children being away from me. my children being away from me until tomorrow. not kissing my babies goodnight. finishing my stairwell. the quiet.

    not tired of … ice cubes. lemons. picking veggies out of the garden. my childrens’ smiles as my dad send photos of them enjoying themselves. the quiet.

  78. hm, what perfect timing – was just reading the news and feeling overwhelmed with sorrow, so turned to your blog instead, only to find this post! …i think i probably need a ‘news cleanse’ for the next while; thanks for the push.

    tired of: being confused by my faith, not fitting in here, missing my family, feeling not good enough, PMS!

    not tired of: my vegetable garden, blue skies, riding my bike, baby snuggles, home

  79. Tired of: feeling like I’m single (I’m married), parenting my spouse, the heat, not being able to work out consistently, world-wide madness….

    Things I’m not tired of: my 3 year olds’ early morning, right-in-my-eyeball stare, her laughter, her asking me to snuggle, my BFF and the fresh crispness of each new morning.


  80. Lovely post as always Kelle, great pics

    Tired of:
    Winter (surely its over already)
    Über clingy 19 month old (seriously, I’d love to pee by myself one day in the not to distant future)
    Constant laundry
    Failing to diet and being totally addicted to sugar (quite seriously I need to crack it)
    Nothing colorful in the garden

    Not tired of:
    Morning cuddles with all 3 of us in bed
    Beautiful dawns
    My new Olympus OM-D
    Getting crafty with chalk paint

  81. Wow! This is exactly what I have been thinking… am I too out of touch with the real world but how can I keep my heart and soul intact by being aware of everything? The tragedy breaks my heart and I only hope that “People” chooses to put the victims on their cover rather than the killer… because he doesn’t deserve to be the center of anything. Anyway…!

    Tired of: laundry, dog hair on my floor, laundry, vacumming, laundry

    Not tired of: my 3 year old randomly saying “I like you”, being able to understand my 3 year old, hugs from my 9 year old, sweet notes from my husband, dramatic productions put on by my 7 year old

  82. love these photos :)

    tired of: sad news stories on tv (love the thoughts you shared), evening heat, slow internet, dirty dishes, buying gas.

    not tired of: the trendy mint color, cool summer nights, watermelon, iced coffee, instagramming.

  83. Ooooh I love me some lists.

    Tired of: Summer (bring on Fall!), studying for the CPA exams, small minded people on the internet, American Idol even existing, spiders in the bathroom (WHY do they love the bathroom?)

    Not tired of: The music I listened to as a teenager, collecting nail polish, my nephews constantly asking for me, the ID channel, Degrassi

  84. your pictures of the beach make me want to move to Florida!

  85. I am tired of:
    1. overnight duty
    2 the humidity and heat here in Hong Kong
    3. my big belly
    4. the stupid political news
    5. people who do not realize how lucky they are but keep complaining

    I am not tired of:
    1. reading you blog, words and photos
    2. Instagram
    3. chatting and sending photos to my sister who is in England via whatsapp
    4. Planning my up-coming trip in Nagoya
    5. collecting Japanese masking tape

  86. I have been having way too many moments of “what is happening in the world out there?” Which is probably why I really limit the amount of news coverage I watch. Like you, I try and find the positive.

  87. Tired of – my boyfriends 12 hour days 6 days a week work shifts, people who flaunt their “perfect” relationships on Facebook, needing a vacation, stressing about the future, mosquitoes.

    Not tired of – the adorable toddlers in my summer camp class, my Michael Buble station on Pandora radio, the incredible homemade italian ice place that puts every other ice & ice cream place to shame, $7 movie Tuesdays at the local theater, hot weather.

  88. Tired of:
    1)Tragedy. It has been creeping around every corner, interupting the lives of several of my friends. I’m ready for it to pack up it’s bags and move along.
    2) Exhausting heat of humid Virginia Summers (with no air conditioning in my car, at that).
    3)Hearing about 50 Shades of Grey being the best read of the Summer. To all those who feel that way, I suggest they pick up a copy of Bloom 😉
    4) Laundry.
    5) The unexpected last minute expenses in planning this wedding.
    Not Tired Of:
    1) The color Mint
    2) Impromptu visits to my Nanny’s farm, hearing her laugh, riding through the wildflower fields on my Papa’s tractor.
    3) Gathering new photography inspiration, and working on new branding.
    4) The promise of Autumn approaching in a few months.
    5) Knowing that next Saturday, I’m marrying the love of my life and best friend, and that this time next week I’ll be St. Thomas bound!

  89. What a relaxing, beautiful day for y’all.

    Love your swimsuit =)

  90. I am tired of: facebook, electricity bills, studying, my sweaty forehead, pavement

    Can’t get enough of: Josh Garrels, sunsets on the beach, afternoons on Palisade Head, preparing for my first sail, daydreaming of autumn…I know, it’s a bit strange to be pining for fall…I just love fall :o)

  91. Tired of, my daughter’s naughty word – stupid. cleaning, hacking and wheezing, bills, not losing weight

    Not tired of, reading, writing, applying to grad schools, the joy my kids cuddles give me, cooking healthy food

  92. Tired of: Staying up too late, endless commercials when simply trying to watch one TV show, eating junk food,

    Not tired of: being home, good food enjoyed with my sister, yellow toe nails, flowy dresses, hot curlers.

  93. Thanks for that post. I just had a baby and have been feeling the same way about the news. I have not looked at any serious websites other than people.com :) because I am way too emotional to process the type of world I just brought my sweet, innocent baby into. Glad to know I am not the only one:)

  94. Tired of: humidity, insomnia, polital comercials, lack of rainfall, and reality shows where it is so obvious it is staged and fake.

    Not tired of: sweet baby kicks in my belly, my kids excitment about the newest joining our family, lazy days of summer, long days of sunlight, and picking food out of the garden

  95. tired of: job hunting, sad tears, cloudy skies, job hunting, and job hunting

    not tired of: God’s grace, good meals with good friends, hoping i’ll find a job soon, summer dresses, weddings

  96. Tired of – picking up toys, constant laundry, 100 degree heat, saying “no”, 5 year old whining :)

    NOT tired of – planning my 2 year old twin’s birthday party, new toy buckets to ease the mess, summer holidays, pool days, Mickey Mouse!

  97. Tired of: having to attend a church I’m not at all comfortable with, tired of the hurt I’m holding onto and won’t let go of, tired of no air conditioning in the house, tired of math, tired of frustration,

    Not tired of: an early morning trek to the airport, chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream, plans for a beach trip tomorrow, gummy bears, your blog, sparklers, dark chocolate with almonds, taking time to listen to 3- and 4- year-old boys telling me their big dreams about huge BB guns that shoot fire all the way to “the blue planet”, a 1 year old baby that smiled in recognition when he saw me, babysitting, babies, Les Miserables… *oops* that’s a lot more than five!

  98. Thanks, Kelle. I needed to hear what you had to say at the beginning of this post.

    Tired of: the heat, doing laundry, Facebook, the heat, and, yes, the heat

    Not tired of: cuddles with my husband and pets, watermelon, grilling out, summer break, louning in my papasan chair

  99. *lounging

  100. Thank you for this post, Kelle. I’ve been so disgusted by the news lately, I’ve tried to shut it all out and just focus on my family. I found that watching the local news just made me depressed and saddened. Of course I hear of some news via the internet or radio..but for the most part, I have to tune it out. Your words explain why perfectly.

    5 Things I’m tired of:
    1. Florida humidity and heat
    2. Tourists being disrespectful to locals. (I live just outside WDW)
    3. Crime
    4. Rain every afternoon
    5. The wasps that keep building nests outside my house

    5 Things I love:
    1. Heading to the beach whenever we can
    2. Ice cream cones with sprinkles
    3. Christmas In July
    4. Netflix and Redbox
    5. Smores

  101. Sometimes changing your news source can be a refresher, try cspan or the BBC world service. I think it is important to engage with current events however unpleasant, although I agree you need to focus inward too, and ‘inside the home’ definitely shapes outside. But, it works both ways, and not everyone has a home or a family; they can’t afford for the rest of us to turn away. I can imagine how annoying it must be to be in a contested state right now though, some of those ads repeating would be driving me insane.

    You are an engager with ‘outside the home’, look at the advocacy for understanding and acceptance you have done.

  102. What kind of subscreen do you use on your girls? Bc they are forever in the sun but I never see burns on them or even hard core tans! My 3 and 1 yr old don’t get burned but do get tans and I’m always looking for something stronger and better!

    Tired of:
    -Mississippi July heat
    -Scraping dog food out of 1yr old mouths
    -Oppressive car heat when I can’t find a shady parking spot
    -trying to decide what to cook, not cooking just picking
    -my recycling only being picked up 2x a month

    Not tired of:
    -sticky curly post swim baby hair
    -my 3yr old saying I want to tell u a story mama then making one up where she’s a princess hero
    -my 1yr old dropping things and saying uh oh but it sounds like either uuugh! (of the bowel movement variety) or Oohoooo (of the extreme wonder variety)
    -farmers market veggies
    -edamame hummus on carrot sticks-yummm!

  103. Tired of….. My one and a half yr old son always being sick, this cold SA winter, doing laundry, not being able to be a stay at home mom

    Not tired of….. My son’s giggles, how he holds my head when he gives me a big smooch, loving my husband and spending QT together, comfort food and hot desserts

  104. Tired of…the clutter in my house, the lack of energy to be cleaning the clutter, my plugged ears from my plane ride last night, staying up too late and wishing I was not so tired, and triple digit heat.

    Not tired of…the way my kids love to play dress up and will sport capes and costumes even when it is blistering hot, family time, belly laughs with the kids until we tear up, vintage thrift store finds, and planning for our camping trip.

  105. Oh and not tired of your blog and how somehow we tend to be thinking the same things…a bit of magic there.

  106. tired of: the heat, crying, hospital visits, bad thoughts, bad luck
    not tired of: my new apt, crickets chirping at night, family time, your blog, hunting down interesting pieces for my new home

  107. Gorgeous pics! I wish we had a beach like that here – I’d be there every day!

    Tired of ~ freezing cold Adelaide winter (I’m quite jealous of your hot summer weather!), the possum/rat/whatever it is in our roof, eczema, kitty litter on the floor, and the price of petrol :(

    Never tired of ~ my baby (8 months) girl’s giggle, vegetarian tacos, Bokwa, maternity leave from work, and scrapbooking :)

  108. Tired of: the high cost of gasoline, the lack of rain here in the Ottawa area, how my eyes water during the drive into work- ruining any makeup I may have had on, chipped toenail polish, and how there never seems to be enough hours in the day!
    Not tired of: the sound of birds singing early in the morning, my little grandchild’s arms around my neck, that first sip of coffee, the way my girls yell MOM! when I open the door at the end of the day, the smell of my husband’s neck!

  109. Wonderfully put about the tragedy in Colorado. When talking with friends we discussed our fear of raising children in the world we live in. I bet our parents thought the same things though…

    Tired of :: brown, crunchy grass – folding wash – Facebook – not seeing falling scale numbers – always having to be the family rock

    Not tired of :: Finally hearing the word ‘Mama’ – the lingering scent of sunscreen on baby girl when I rock her to sleep – Instagram – cold beers under the stars – Fridays at the beach

  110. Love your words about today’s news. Exactly how I feel!

    Tired of : Warm humidity, bills, cluttered house, not working part-time, long commutes to work

    Not tired of : being pregnant, fresh fruits and veggies, grilling, toddler talking, questions and conversations with my six year-old

  111. Can I just let you know how much I love your blog. a friend of mine directed me your way through her blog, stating that your videos and photos were just captivating. and, she was right! I maybe blog stalked one day and had a dream that night that I met your two little girls and told them that I thought they were some of the most photogenic children I had ever met (I promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds!) All that to say, thanks for the beautiful pictures and the reminder to celebrate the small things!

  112. Just loved the words that opened up this post, beautiful, mama!!


  113. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I’m your newest follower – hope you can check mine out as well : )


  114. Well it’s not the weekend anymore but I will still chime in on the 5 and 5….

    5 things I’m tired of:
    1. Humidity
    2. Clutter in the home
    3. Money Troubles
    4. Being tired all the time
    5. Not having enough time to get things done!

    5 things I’m not tired of:
    1. The little miracle in my belly kicking
    2. My daughter’s giggle and shy grin
    3. Your blog (always brightens my day when there is a new entry!)
    4. Friends that have an understanding & accept
    5. God’s love :)

    Can’t thank you enough for your realistic, honest and positive life…you are an inspiration.

  115. I wish I lived near the beach!

    Tired of: endless grey skies, waiting to move house, um, I can’t even think of anymore!! Lucky me :-)

    Not tired of: writing, browsing for furniture for my new house, picking out plants for my new garden, dreaming of art I will draw for my walls, home made bread. Life is good.

  116. Sounds like a lovely weekday beach get-away!

    Tired of … dirty house, kid’s staying up too late (and keeping me awake), fibroids that will be removed soon, husband being out of work, feeling depressed

    Not tired of … friends who come over to swim with us, grilling dinner, Dad living so close, watching my wonderful children grow up and mature (even if it does happen too quickly), being inspired by your blog

  117. First off I love love love your blog…

    Tired of – Having a car payment… heat… working until 5pm… the news… planning my vacation, I just want it to be here already!

    Never tired of – Being able to jump in the car with the kiddos for no reason other than to jam out to our favorite songs… lake time… painting nails with my little miss… being Wonder Woman while little man is the amazing Iron Man… going to sleep with my best friend every night!

  118. Gosh, I think I remember when Lainey was wearing the swimsuit that Nella has on (am I right?). Is she really that old? Where is the time going?

  119. This weekend I’m…

    Tired of:
    1. The extreme heat
    2. Humidity that makes my face and head sweat
    3. Dust
    4. My deck not being accessible to grill and entertain on
    5. Chores

    Not tired of:
    1. Good times with good friends, old and new
    2. Being there when a friend needs you
    3. Accomplishing a longtime goal! (13.1 finisher, baby!)
    4. Celebrating
    5. Chicago

  120. Tired of:

    frizzy hair.
    a bad hair cut.

    Not tired of:

    late night talks with my hubby.
    small gifts/encouragements.
    comments on my blog.
    My kids playing together SO WELL!

  121. Oh, sweet wonder being back here – I find I never have time anymore…. I’ve started writing a book and every spare minute (there aren’t many) I find I use for that.

    Well, enough about me ;-D

    LOVE the mood, love the love and they joy in the pics here, as I always always do <3

    OK, tired of….
    1) the rain and cold! We have like three real summer months in our country – and they rain away….
    2) the hectic pace I keep arranging for my vaca every darn year – not a moment of peace, why am I this social?!!
    3) tired of the first vaca-week’s decadence in the eating and the non-existing exercise (no more!)
    4) tired of longing for the firstborn, wish he lived nearby…
    5) no, can’t find anything more to be tired of!!! It’s vaca here :-)

    NOT tired of:
    1) the wooden deck my precious husband built this summer – it’s wonderful!
    2) vaca – I’m not tired of having vaca, I love it <3
    3) writing, I sure am not tired of writing!
    4) the sun – she’s to rarely here but boy, do we love the sight of her?!!
    5) the ocean – this years it’s really cold but still beautiful <3

    Wishing you a continued wonderful summer, sweetest Kelle!

  122. Tired of…frizzy hair from our Virginia humidity, a mound of laundry waiting to be folded, my procrastination of getting to the gym, the animal that keeps eating my garden veggies and early work mornings

    Not Tired of…reading this blog :), cute lil girl bathing suits, summer farmers markets, my new Oakley shades and planning our first Disney trip!!

  123. Thought of you and Nella when I read this article, http://thelook.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/24/12930506-baby-with-down-syndrome-lands-a-swimsuit-campaign. I loved the quotes from the designer and mother.

  124. Hmm,
    tired of: never ending bills, heat and sun so hot you can’t play outside long, 3 day work weekends, all the clutter and cleaning that really needs to be done, working opposite shifts that my husband

    happy for: knowing my kids are always with a parent every single day, strawberry cupcakes with my kids, sewing quilts late at night when everyone is sleeping, quiet time in the morning to enjoy my coffee before the busy day begins, playing with my girls when I get home on a workday

    I can relate to how you just want to isolate yourself and family from the harsh reality on tv. I need to know what is going on in the world but I don’t really want to know at times. It can be mean and cruel and unfair but keep in mind, we can always make the difference in our little world. Happy kids, making memories and sharing ove. I think that helps keep it in balance. Forgetting to turn the channel from Scooby Doo to the news help too!

  125. Tired of :
    Self centered people
    Freedom of speech that is one sided
    Watching my skin age

    Never tired of:
    Designing events
    Fresh summer produce
    Changing seasons ( can’t wait for fall too!!!)
    Time with my son & husband
    Positive people who love life & are kind

  126. Ah!! You are SOOO lucky to have such amazingly beautiful beaches to visit!
    I think I need to move…. :)

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