It feels liberating to say that I’ve spent a lot of time in bed the last few weeks, I walk around holding a bar of grapefruit guest soap that I randomly sniff to fight nausea, and when I say I want a lemonade, you have about t-minus-five seconds to do something about it (I’ve craved it every pregnancy now).

I kid. Not really.

What I really want to say is thank you so very much for all of your kind words and your heartfelt congratulations. Expanding our family is definitely something we’ve wanted to do, and we’ve had a couple losses in the process.

After both miscarriage and an unexpected birth experience, I am very emotionally aware this pregnancy. Does that mean I worry about silly things? Yes, sometimes, and I think that is natural and okay. It took me until seeing a heartbeat this time to even let excitement in the door (it was waiting outside, knocking). But there is another part of being emotionally aware that is good and comforting, and that is trusting my body, embracing all of the emotions that come with these nine months and letting go of what I can’t control. I’ve learned a lot the past couple years, and with that comes a great deal of peace. And where the peace has holes, there are wonderful people who listen and laugh and say “we all worry about that” and “well, that’s just motherhood.”

So for now, I smile and I sniff soap and I rest. A lot. With both girls, I was sick for 14-16 weeks. And while that seems much more difficult to handle with two kids, they have been so great to play quietly and join me in bed or on the couch for “lay still” games. Like Memory and dentist and hair salon and make-up spa parlor. And honestly, I don’t care how much eye shadow she uses or how far up my face the lipstick goes or how many rubber bands she’s managed to twist into tangles. I can close my eyes, and she’s happy.

Lainey’s Sweet Seat–don’t forget, you can still use Code “KELLE” for 10% off your Sweet Seat order.




The state of rest is recognized by our entire household now. Brandyn slept until noon today, the dogs are suddenly narcoleptic and Nella can randomly be found lying on the carpet, pretending to snore.


In the meantime, necessary routines encourage consistency and push us toward more productivity. I miss it.

Nella stacked a 1o-story high stack of blocks in O.T. this morning

Lainey convinces her brothers to take her swimming

I felt good tonight and actually texted back an “I’m in” to a girlfriend call to Hurricanes. I ate spicy food and laughed at inappropriateness and rolled out humor to match. “You’re on fire tonight,” my friend noticed after dropping me off. The whiney pregnant girl who sniffs soap, spits in sinks and sits in the shower with a Noxzema moustache just because it smells good was on fire. She was funny, and she felt great.

We’re getting there.



Last week’s Friday Photo Dump:

Friday Phone Dump photos are taken on the Instagram iPhone app (free) and dropped into a 12×12 collage using a photo editing software (Photoshop Elements works). I am @etst (enjoying the small things) on Instagram if you care to follow the feed.

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Mama monkey and her babies.


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I’m going to go curl up with a bar of grapefruit soap and call it a night.



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  1. Congratulations! Such an exciting time…

  2. going back to read, but happy you are RESTING ! :) oxox

  3. I had a tube of Carmex that I would smear under my nose lol!

  4. I know it isn’t easy now but hang in there…Hopefully not much longer. I was sicker with my 3rd than I was with my other two and it last longer. I think 14 weeks but after that, I got to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. It was pure bliss and I loved every minute of it. Hoping that happens to you too! It is all worth it in the end, when you get to hold that beautiful baby!

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  6. So, I craved lemonade FIERCELY during my pregnancies, both of them (a singleton and twins) and I have 3 boys… just sayin’ :) Really though, congratulations. You are the mom I aspire to be.

  7. So excited for you!!!! We are also expecting…due Jan. 30th.I plan to facebook announce on Wednesday. Our Abby and your Nella are just a couple of weeks apart. I too have rested a ton and felt oh so yucky this time around…I just take it all in stride…knowing my body is doing what it is suppose to be doing! Continue to listen to your body and rest when you need to!
    Hugs to you!

  8. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! How very exciting!! I just finished Bloom, and I loved every second of it!!

  9. spitting in sinks…oh girl, i’ve been there! :)


  10. Congratulations!! I don’t know that I’ve ever been this excited for someone I don’t actually know…but of course, I feel like I do know you! I can’t wait to read about your upcoming adventures in pregnancy. I just hope you start feeling better soon! With both of my kids, I was nauseous 24/7 for about the, so I know the feeling! Thanks for sharing your news and your life with us all!

  11. Holy Bananas!!!!!!!

    Kelle, I have been a comitted reader since the wind exposed Nella’s Birth Story!

    I’ve recently purchased Bloom and I finished it in two days!

    I always wondered “is that it for Kelle or will she have more?”

    I read a few lines into “Resting” and was like “Now damn, she sounds like she is expecting” and after I read “thank you everyone for congratulating”, I scrolled hard and fast!

    I’m so SO so so thrilled to see another Hampton in the makes. Congratulations and truly and sincerely, I wish ultimate greatness for you! Bless you so much Kelle.

    Thank You

  12. LOVE those necklaces!!! And congrats again!!

  13. I am so incredibly happy for you! And I cannot wait to see how you love this new little soul.

  14. Being nauseous sucks, but it’s totally worth it in the end, and I know you know that. :)
    Smelling bars of soap and wearing a Noxzema moustache – that made me laugh tonight, not because you’re feeling sick, but that those are things that make you feel better. Love how our bodies are so complex :)
    Take care hun…

  15. this is such exciting news! so happy for you and your family.

  16. rest up, momma! You’ve got a cute baby that needs a’bakin! :)

  17. Congratulations! How exciting for you and the family. Take care, Hugs!

  18. SO excited to hear you are pregnant! (I am new to your blog). We are trying for a third, we have had 3 miscarriages and now have less than 1% chance…but we have HOPE. And I HOPE your grapefruit soap smelling days are over soon! So many congratulations :) Love the pics of your girls – they are adorable and so well dressed/ neatly coiffed!

  19. Oh my. I debate back and forth between my heart and my brain if we should add a third to our little crew…so seeing people who are going for it is absolute inspiration!
    Looking very forward to reading about this new leg of your journey as it unfolds.
    And I can hardly wait to hear what the name will be! I’m a name junky and your sweetpeas are rocking some pretty damn cool ones!
    Rest up!

  20. I had terrible nausea (26 weeks) when I was pg with my daughter, I’ve never heard of grapfruit/citrus smells helping. I’ll be sure to give that a shot next time around!


  21. Congratulations! So happy for you and your family.

  22. Congratulations!

  23. Four children later and I still remember vividly that awful queasy feeling, especially late in the day and evening and the tiredness, oh the bone sapping tiredness.
    Rest, rest and rest I say!!
    Soon you will be getting your glow on :)

  24. You are so lucky the grapefruit/lemonade combo works for you. I never found anything that helped my nausea and only felt better after I expelled whatever offended the Peanut. I can’t wait to hear the name for your new bundle gets, I am in love with Nella’s name and wishing that I could have a little girl so that I could use it too :)

  25. So glad you had a great night out with your friends…i saw your IG pic of Beck..:-))… and the whole pukey thing….eeppppppp!!!…. Ive had 5 babies and all of them, I was sick for about 16 to 18 weeks…that’s the awful part….soon you’ll be feeling like a million bucks :-)))…

  26. There are some people in this world made to be mums to many and you are one of them!!! Your two babies make me smile just as much as my two do when I see them play together… its so adorable. There are 5.5yrs between my son and daughter and its such an awesome gap, they adore each other so much. Your girls are going to rock the big sister act so well.

  27. congrats!!! the necklace set is adorbs and my lil miss would love matching necklaces!!

  28. Congratulations! I was super sicks with my second for about 16 weeks, ugh felt like forever! Hope you feel better soon. Woot babies!

  29. Oh Kelle, this is just wonderful news!!! I am so thrilled for you and your family. Sending prayers from Seattle.

  30. Congratulations Kelle! You always make motherhood sound so dang good :) Hope you start feeling better soon!

  31. Congratulations on your pregnancy Kelle!! I hope that this pregnancy goes smoothly for you and I wish you all the best.

  32. Love the monkeys! I would need three baby girl monkeys! Your babies are soo precious!

  33. Good on you Mumma….getting out with your friends for a night of fun & normalcy. As much as I treasured & savoured my pregnancies with absolutely everything they were worth {especially after loss} I still quiver at the thought of morning sickness! I too had it both times for the first 16weeks and was then fine after that {which is nothing compared to some people who are violently ill for their entire pregnancy!} But it can be a really horrible thing! A good chance to rest & trust your body though. Soak it up Kelle.
    So happy for you!

  34. So so happy for you. :)

  35. Congratulations on your new pregnancy! So glad the girls are letting you get the much needed rest.

  36. I LOVE the necklace set! I would LOVE to win this and be able to give my daughter her necklace on her first day of dance school… she is two and I just registered her for dance today. It breaks my heart because she is growing up and I’M not ready for it- she is! I would love this necklace set because then we would know that we are always together!!

    Also- congrats on baby #2- I can’t wait to read all about your experiences! I started reading with the birth of Nella and love every new post and picture! That is one lucky baby to join the Hampton Clan!

  37. I love how the sleeping is contagious in your house right now. Is Lainey wearing a Browns jersey? I can’t quite tell the colors from the photo but it caught my eye immediately!

  38. I craved lemonade with my first pregnancy! I couldn’t stand the thought of food. I still remember going grocery shopping and having a cart full of drinks and next to no food because I just couldn’t stomach the thought of it.

    Oh, and I love the smell of Noxzema, too. So glad I’m not the only one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. So happy for you and the lucky baby who get to join such a loving family!

  40. Congratulations to you and your family! Can’t wait to read about how you rock this pregnancy!

  41. Awesome! Congratulations on your beautiful, ever growing family!

  42. Heartbroken that it took a loss to get to this great place but so happy for you that this little Hampton clearly has the same zest as the sisters! It’s always a great day for baby news and even more so when we know they’re going to welcomed into such a great family!!

  43. I’m so happy for you! I’m excited to watch Nella and Lainey care for a new baby. Thank you for letting us in on a piece of your life!

  44. Congratulations and I hope you are not sick for long. DeDe

  45. Congrats on the great news, I have so many people around me having babies and in my extended world also. I hope and pray that all goes well for you and your family over the coming months.

  46. Maybe because there’s a third on the way… but Nella is looking SO GROWN UP! Also, way to go on stacking 10 blocks!

    Feel better soon. Such a blessing to have quiet girls at this time. Thankfully I was blessed with less morning sickness this time around, because my kids missed the notice to be calm.

  47. Hope you feel better soon :) congratulations!!!

  48. Congratulations!!! I have to laugh about the soap thing because when I was pregnant with my little girl the beautiful homemade bar soap I had just purchased in Kauai on our honeymoon made me dry heave every time I washed my hands. I finally threw out that pretty souvineer as it seems I had a much better one that did not like coconut scented bar soap.

  49. I can relate to this post on so many different levels. We are expecting our 3rd, in March and our other two are 3 and 1. I am excited but, also slightly scared and we haven’t told anyone yet about our sweet baby that’s on the way.
    I get really sick like you do and I love the idea of smelling something yummy to help with the nausea. Smell can be so powerful so, that’s a great idea!

  50. Rest, mama, rest! It’s so amazing how our families just fall into the rhythm of mama, so enjoy it! What a beautiful and peaceful (hopefully) time! I just can’t get over the magic of pregnancy!!! xoxox

    ~Tabitha Blue

  51. Mmmmm, lemonade. I craved it with both my pregnancies too. Yum. Hope your “on fire” days come more and more frequently very soon! Congrats, mama, this is such wonderful news!

  52. So wonderful!

  53. (your pregnant lady imagery is priceless, ps)

  54. Congratulations!!!!!! I am so HAPPY for you and your family and wish you all the best for a smooth pregnancy!

    I am feeling green about my gills, and am forcing myself to wait 5 more days before I test! Haha, we’ll see!

  55. I love your Photo Dump and the Instagram pictures (amazing shots people!!!).

    Hope the queasies go away soon, yuck!

  56. Those necklaces are adorable! I wish you the healthiest next six months you can possibly have, I’m so excited for you!

  57. so unbelievably happy for you! Congrats!

  58. way to go!!! I suffered through the first trimester as well and am so impressed that the girls are clean and entertained. first trimesters are why I stopped at two. y’all will have 5!!! :) XO

  59. Congrats!! As a momma who experienced the loss of my first pregnancy, I learned to embrace the constant nausea in my furture pregnancies as a sign of hope for the new life that all would be well. I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family! Before you know it Februrary will be here and your new bundle of love will be in your arms and your heart will be filled with love as you watch your girls begin their forever bond with their new sibling! Yay!

  60. Will you tell us how you told your girls?? I remember how happy I was when I was 9 years old and found out I’d be getting a baby sibling! Thrilling for everyone!

  61. Ack. so excited for you. It’s the little things that get me going. the 10 block tower in O/T? AMAZING! We’re embarking on enhanced S/T with our monkey. I’d LOVE to have a necklace set to share with her.

  62. Congrats on your newest addition. S/he is one lucky baby to be joining your amazing family. :) I’m also expecting right now and just recently got over the sick phase. Keep your head up. 14-16 weeks will be right around the corner! :)
    PS: I LOVE the necklace set!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks for introducing me to the jewelry line. I hope I win. :)

  63. First of all, let me congratulate you on the amazing news. Couldn’t be more happy for you. We, your readers, can’t wait till Feb to meet this new precious baby!

    PS just saw Mark Poulin Jewelry and I absolutely fell in love with everything. Will definitely have to order something for my daughter and I!


  64. I walked around with a jar of Vix vapor rub with both of my kids. lol so glad I’m not the only one who sniffs to get by!! Congrats!

  65. Sniffing soap bars, aye? Genius! And those necklaces are ADORABLE.

  66. your girls seriously have the cutest outfits!!! its so awesome that they (and everyone else in the house) is so in sync with your pregnancy! :)

    and those jewelry are so adorable!!!

  67. congrats Kelle! This news is so exciting for everyone :) Nella will get her real baby

  68. oh i’m so glad you weren’t shy to mention the “sink spitting”! I didn’t have that with #1 but have it so bad this time around! I too am due in Feb and am so sick!!
    love your blog and always your stunning pictures of your sweet gals. x

  69. Congratulations!

  70. Congratulations!!!! Wishing everything of the best for you and that you start feeling better soon.

    Love the photo of Nella on the bed!

  71. I had nausea in my three pregnancies and I lacked the energy to even pretty myself up. All I could manage was eyeliner and lipstick wearing comfy clothes I could even go to bed in if I chose to do that. But you always look wonderful even with nausea and I believe you tricked us all … no hints whatsover about your pregnancy. I commented on your last quicky post but want to tell you again … CONGRATULATIONS! Looking forward to seeing your cute belly grow and the girls loving on it and you.
    Many Blessings!

  72. Congratulations! And oh my word, Nella somehow looks so. iChat more grown up with her hair in a pont tail!! It seems like just yesterday she was born and now before we know she’ll get to be a big sister! *sniff*

  73. Congrats! Love the necklaces!

  74. Dear kelle :)

    First and foremost- huge congratulations! I let out a little squeal when I read your post about your expanding family! You are such an inspiring mother and i really enjoy reading your updates of your life with your darling little family :)

    I started reading your blog just after the birth of my baby daughter Violet, who is now 8 months old (uh where did that time go?!) I wanted to say- that I experienced fairly strong anxiety through my pregnancy and I guess the main feeling was – this feels too good to be true.. But, it wasn’t- I now have my baby girl in my arms :) though we are not quite ready to try for baby number #2 yet- I have already started feeling a little anxious at the thought of feeling those powerful worry emotions that come along with pregnancy- and can I just say- your post today has helped – a lot! Trusting our bodies is something hard for us to do sometimes, but I somehow feel more confident with the idea of my next pregnancy now- so thank you for your words :) oh, and also? The spitting in the sink thing? I thought that was only me! And the grapefruit soap idea, I shall steal for when I need it next!

    Congratulations again, enjoy any much needed rest as you possibly can! Looking forward to following your pregnancy :)

    Amanda x

  75. CONGRATULATIONS! Great news for you and your family!

    Those necklaces are fantastic…thanks for the opportunity.

  76. I can relate well to the “I’ll try anything once in the hopes that it works” arena. I ate mints like they were going out of style with number 3. It was the only thing that helped calm the queesies. Good luck!

  77. Grapefruit soap…hmm who would have thought that one. So looking forward to lovely reading late at night about your belly growing.

  78. Congratulations again! So excited for you and your family! Can’t wait to see how Nella is with a baby sibling, I bet she’ll be a little mama like Lainey :)

  79. it’s been almost 3 years but i still clearly remember the pregger sickies. here’s to hoping you feel better really really fast, even if you are almost there, lets hope it’s tomorrow. but thanks for the soap idea! maybe next time (if there is one) i’ll give it a gogo! sorry damn fresh beat band and there gogo for everything! again so happy and excited for you. can’t wait to share this journey and live vicariously through you!!!!

  80. Yea! Love mama monkey and her babies! And funny about the lemonade and grapefruit soap. Rest and enjoy every minute of it!!

  81. Hi kelle, I have to say that when I read your post Summer, expired and saw the photo of you sitting on the step I was alsmost certain number 3 was on the way. I know that look and I carried that look throughout both of my pregnancies. In fact that look is part of the reason I am scared to go for number 3. I was in and out of hospital with both pregnancies and now with a 6 year old at school and a soon to be 3 year old I just don’t know how to mange it. I am however very very happy for you all and can’t wait to share the journey with you. Your blog has opened my eyes to what motherhood is all about and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. With Love from Melbourne Australia xxxxx

  82. I can’t pretend to understand the American obsession with grapefruit (urgh! Such a nasty, tart fruit!) but I’mso glad you’ve found something to ease the ills. Sending love and congratulations, Kelle & co.!!

  83. Congratulations!! So excited for you and your family! I have heard that Lemons are the best thing for nausea. I wish I would have known about that when I was pregnant. Nothing sounded good.

  84. So excited to see your girls get to be sisters again. Lainey will be an old pro and Nella is going to rock it. I know that I consider myself more blessed than anyone else in the world having an older sister with Down syndrome. They teach acceptance and more pure a love than anyone else I know. Congratulations, Kelle (and family).

  85. Congratulations again on your pregnancy! With my first i also had cravings for lemonade! Hubby had to get multiple 12-packs just to keep up with my demands.. errr cravings.. =)

  86. So excited for you and your family! Your sweet little ladies will be the best big sisters!

  87. I love jewely like this! Would be so fun to win!

  88. Letting go of what you can’t control is definitely followed by an immeasurable amount of peace. Thanks for the reminder!
    Tejas blessings & sweet dreams,

  89. Letting go in pregnancy is the best thing to do. You’re great Kelle!

  90. I love Nella’s matrioshka dress! :)

    We also have a matching necklace each – they have special powers! When one of us are facing challenges, we put those on – a guaranteed success!

  91. I’m so sorry about your losses, and I wish you good health and a happy outcome.

  92. So sweet!

  93. Rest on, pretty momma!

  94. I love the mum/ daughter set..we call our girls our monkies!!
    Thank you for the chance to win..

  95. Rest away! And so glad the kids seem to be cooperating with rest. That pic of Nella “sleeping” behind Latte is awesome.

    Continued congrats, take good care of yourself!

  96. Hello Kelle, I’m curios to know how your daughters are thinking about the future brother/sister they will have?
    Let we know :-)


  97. Love the photos of the girls!!! Beautiful blessings from God!

  98. I hope you feel better soon. Love the necklaces. And I really love the phone dump. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  99. Oh Kelle. Still smiling for you. Smelling soap, that’s a new one! Hope the nausea improves really quickly. Xxx

  100. I am so thrilled for you and your whole family! You are a mother by nature and I am glad there are going to be more people with your genes on this planet! Definitely can use more big hearts around here!

    I can also relate to the extra worry and awareness that comes with pregnancy after loss. I am 26 weeks with a second baby I thought we’d never have. Feeling movement has eased a lot of my silly worries, but since I know how precious and fragile this whole miracle can be, I am taking NONE of it for granted!

    A speedy end to nausea to you!

  101. Congrats from a Grammy of a special 3 year old who just announced the pregnancies of my daughter & daughter in law … January & February. It would be fun to have matching monkeys :) You look gorgeous!

  102. Glad to hear you were able to get out of the house and visit with friends. I think I only managed that one time while I was in the nausea stage of my 2nd pregnancy. Love that the girls are letting you rest and I hope you are feeling well soon!


  103. Resting is good. Enjoy!

  104. Congratulations Kelle:). You are such an inspirational mama and person! I always look forward to your blog updates:)

  105. You must have so many people say this to you but you inspire me. All I have ever wanted out of life is to have a family. My husband and I got married last September and are now starting to think about having our own family. We know it’s going to be a difficult journey as I have PCOS and Endometriosis and my husband has the Fragile X gene which means we have some serious decisions to make. But I am excited!
    I love how much love you have for your family. I’m sure you have your bad moments but as someone who doesn’t have a parental marriage role model, I look up to you and yours.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope the sickness eases up soon! xx

  106. Congrats again. So happy for you!

  107. So happy for you!! I wish you all the best as you cook this little one. :) And I hope you can put down the soap soon. :) Congratulations!

  108. So exciting! I am 29 weeks too, and I have been craving lemonade too – and popsicles! Good for you for getting the rest you need – that is hard for me to do – I need to take a lesson from you. Rest is important!

  109. What beautiful necklaces! Congratulations on the sweet new life you are carrying! What a precious gift :)

  110. How far along will you be when you tell the girls the big news?

  111. So excited for you! Actually just finished your book last night as I rested after a day in the hospital with our own baby #3 on the way. You are easy to relate to and make clear the humanity or motherhood. Thank you for being you and letting us all share bits of your glorious life!

  112. It’s amazing the immense joy and love our hearts can hold and expand with each little human that blesses our lives. Congrats to you and your family, what an amazing journey you are on!

  113. Such an exciting time!!!!YAY!!

  114. Congratulations Kelle – and to the entire crew!! So excited for you! Rest up and I hope you feel better soon – keep sniffing the soap until then hehe!

  115. I was SO happy and excited to read your news… can’t wait to follow along as you grow that baby! Congratulations!!

  116. Hang in there.. I had morning (or any oh time of the day) sickness, but the rest of the time, life was amazing!

  117. Reading your past two posts makes me think just a little bit about a #3 . . . congratulations!

  118. Congratulations!!! Must be soooo exciting. Hope you feel better soon.

  119. So very thrilled for you; you make the cutest kids.

  120. Some days, I wish for a 3rd (little girl), but most days, my 2 boys (5 & 3) totally convince me otherwise. So much congratulations to you that the word congratulations doesn’t even fit!!

  121. Oh I remember the sick days of pregnancy. I would do ok as long as I was constantly eating. I kept grapes with me everyday, poppong one in my mouth all the time. My husband worked in a restaurant and the smells there just sent me over te edge. I made him shower every day when he got home.

    Good luck with the grapefruit soap.

  122. Congratulations! Do whatever you need to do and enjoy this time.

  123. Congratulations on the new bebe!!

  124. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! You look wonderful!!! I hope you’re feeling better in no time. Small price to pay for such a sweet reward! :) I just love those monkey necklaces…too sweet and so unique. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful week. I’m melting here in Tampa.

  125. Congrats. Here’s a link for recommended help with morning sickness.

    Ginger ginger ginger. Also get the the girls to make fresh lemonade Popsicles. Stash the away in the freezer.

  126. Congratulations! What exciting news!

  127. I’m a mama with two monkeys. Shameless I know!

    Rest up Mama. And congrats.

  128. What a darling jewelry store! I love it! And congratulations on this new little one! I’ve been reading this blog since Nella was born and feel so honored that you share your journey with all of us! Blessings!

  129. Oh how I remember those days… I had all day and all night sickness with my 3 and citrus scents helped me as well – I went through bottles and bottles of lemon hand cream handling nausea. I’m glad you’ve found what works for you!

  130. Oh, I love the picture of Nella on the bed! I hope the nausea passes soon, and am so excited to follow you along this pregnancy! The necklaces are adorable and I would love them for me and my girlies. Rest easily mama. :-)

  131. I haven’t commented in awhile but I have been reading. So excited for you all! Your home will be even more exciting with three littles underfoot (thankfully you have two big brothers to help!)

    And I NEED that necklace lol. My little monkey probably won’t keep it on for awhile but it is way too cute to pass on!

  132. so happy for you and your family!

  133. i squealed when i saw your pic on instagram – congrats! love the matching necklaces, too.

  134. Oh, Kelle. I remember your pain all too well. It wasn’t that long ago for me. Same story… incessant nausea, some vomiting (which I learned I didn’t despise nearly as much as the nausea), spitting in anything I could reach, whining on what felt like a constant basis. And I am so impressed you find yourself sitting in the shower. I didn’t even want to get in the shower… that meant I had to hold my head up. And when people would say “just be happy you are pregnant when so many want it and don’t get it” I just wanted to punch them in the face. I WAS happy to be pregnant… I was not happy to feel like I had the worst stomach flu possible for 16 weeks straight. So I try to encourage by reminding you it WILL end and you will return to a quasi-normal state of being. Productivity will return (along with the color in your face.) You are an amazingly inspiring mother, wife, woman. I am excitedly anticipating these next few months for you. Love your closed-mouth smiles… until the bold laughter returns.

    @spechagarmar on IG

  135. I really feel for you. I didn’t have ANY morning sickness in my first pregnancy, but I’ve been sick since day one of this one. I’m assured by every well-meaning friend and family member that this means I’ll be having a girl this time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  136. I remember being very thankful for how sick I was. As a young girl I was told I could not be a mom, so to go on and give birth to three miracles I count the PICC line scare and time spent laying on the cool bathroom floor a privalege. You keep rocking it out, be gental with yourself when the worry monster comes knocking and be prepared for the sweet sweet gift comeing your way. xoxo

  137. Wish I would have known the grapefruit soap trick a few months ago! Sending 2nd trimester energy & love your way! Congrats, Kelle!! Love from Pella, Iowa!

  138. Congrats! Exciting time!

  139. Congratulations! So happy for you.

  140. Congrats on your pregnancy!!! That monkey necklace set! I’ve always called my daughter “monkey” and she recently said “I’m not a monkey Mom!” So I told her that she was my little monkey and then she called me a big monkey. :)

  141. So So happy for you. I would love another baby someday but being financially responsible says 2 is enough for now. I would also love to share that necklace set with my little princess. Sending non-nauseaus and happy thoughts your way!

  142. Congratulations on the new little one, can’t wait to share in the experience with you, through your writing of course!

    Those necklaces are adorable!

  143. With my girl I craved lemon meringue pie all the time. For nausea I put ginger in everything, and ate watermelon everyday to control the nausea and get some nutrients. Good luck to you and I hope the nausea subsides soon.

  144. First off way to go Nella on stacking 10 blocks. Lainey and Nella must be over the moon excited to be big and bigger sisters! I have twin monekys and would love that adorable necklace. I hope your nausea fades soon.

  145. Oh jeez, do I remember those days… Hang in there! Keep your eye on the prize.

  146. I didn’t know, congrats!! I am so excited for you and seriously this baby will be born into the most beautiful, loving family!!

    The monkey necklaces are so adorable!!

  147. I remember morning sickness (all day sickness) I could only smell cupcake candles from Yankee candle. oh the wonders of pregnancy! I love the necklaces! My 9 year old daughter has been on vacation for almost 3 weeks and I miss her terribly.

  148. YEAAA!!!! Congradulations!!!

  149. CONGRATS! These are indeed amazing days. xo

  150. Oh- I remember those first few weeks of each pregnancy like it was yesterday and it has been 18 years.. funny the things we find soothing.

    Congrads and I am looking forward to all the wonder and joy I know I will find in your blog along this new leg of your journey.

    I had to eat A-1 steaksauce on mm cookies- makes me want to toss my “cookies” thinking about it, but was a favorite! I also wanted anchovies and fresh squeezed orange juice- haven’t touched any of those items in 18 years !!! LOl

    Take care of yourself-

  151. Congrats to you all!!!

  152. Mama + 2 would be PERFECT For me and my girls! I am so excited to read about your adventures with your new little one! I hope you start to feel a lot better very soon. So excited for you!

  153. Congrats on adding to the family! I understand what you are going through, I was extremely sick with all five of my pregnancy’s!! So very worth it, but hard while going through it! “This to shall pass” consistently went through my head! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  154. Oh delicious lemonade, I am so with you on that. Actually, funnily enough, my midwife with my first pregnancy recommended room temperature lemonade as something to ease my nausea, I always wonder if THAT’S why my body craves it so badly in pregnancy–it’s like it remembers!

  155. Oh man Kelle my youngest just turned 2 and you brought me back to the thick of sickness with her. I felt like such a terrible mom because I couldn’t do much for my other two. I felt like a terrible wife because I fell asleep at 7 every night before the night nausea set in. So I know it’s hard, and hang in there! Congrats!

  156. You’re a trooper, Kelle! Thank goodness for grapefruit!

    My dinosaur lovers and I would ROCK one of those charming necklace sets. Thank you both!

  157. Hope you start feeling better soon! Just thinking about pregnancy nausea makes me a little queasy.

  158. Hey Kelle! You had helped me a few years back with Stella’s fairy party. Congrats on the new addition. We are expecting too but due in Nov. I wanted to send you a congrats gift. Either for an ultrasound pic or just a pic of your soon to be 3 babies! This is the frame I was going to send. I’m messaging you via email. Hang in there! :)

  159. Congratulations! So excited for you! Grapefruit soap??? I will have to remember that next go’round for me! Those necklaces are simply adorable!

  160. Your grapefruit soap reminds me of a night I stupidly decided to make salmon for dinner. My apartment stunk to high heaven and I ended up carrying around a bag of coffee beans held up to my nose. My husband thought it was hilarious. If only he had pregnancy nose!

    Hang in there, mama! So incredibly happy for you!

  161. So happy for your family! When I read the big announcement I had to let all my BLOOM buddies know right away! Your blog makes me smile!

  162. Oops it didn’t copy all the way. Trying again. Here’s the link.
    It’s the frame with the quote-
    “No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you, after all your the only ones who know what my heart sounds like from the inside”.

  163. Congrats! Hope you start to feel better soon!

  164. Congrats!!!!

  165. Congrats! Adorable girls and necklaces!

  166. Oh, Kelle, Congratulations!!! I’ve been waiting, ever so impatiently, for the news that you were pregnant again. You’re such a wonderful mommy that I’ve been very hopeful for you.

  167. So excited for you and your growing family!

  168. I’ve heard of several nausea remedies, but sniffing soap is a new one for me. Hope the nausea subsides soon & you get to feeling better. Congratulations, again. I couldn’t be happier for you & your family.

    may God bless you,

  169. Still so happy for you guys! Thank you for being real in this post. Recently, my husband and I lost our first pregnancy, and I, like you, know that next time around, I won’t be able to have that pure joy that I did the first time. Next time around, I know it will be tainted a bit by fear and anxiety – if I let it. It’s nice to know that others feel the same way and struggle through the same things. But get through it with a positive outlook. Wishing you the best in this pregnancy! :)

  170. Who ever came up with the term ‘morning sickness’ should be kicked in the balls. Im sorry but its not just in the morning, but ALL DAMN DAY.

    I feel for you. Hoping the weeks fly by :)

  171. Congratulations on your beautiful family growing bigger. :-) I am very much looking forward to your posts through this pregnancy.

  172. So happy for you!!! Your girls are absolutely precious!!

  173. I spent the first 15 weeks with my head in the toilet :) It’s so wonderful that it DOES get better, and pregnancy has become somewhat enjoyable (I say “somewhat,” because I still moan and complain about my sore back and heavy belly!) Congrats – what beautiful news.

  174. So glad you are feeling better! :) I loved the smell of citrus when I was pregnant,too. Found some kind of lemon ice cream that helped alot but can’t remember the name now… :) Take care!

  175. Hmmmm grapefruit soap – I think I might start sniffing it too although I’m not pregnant! Sounds divine.

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  177. for me it was noxema. i loved the smell and even used it in labor to help calm and comfort me. hope you are through the worst of it sweet thing.

  178. Congratulations! I remember being so grateful that my then- three year old son was so willing to just play cars or read a book while I lay in bed for the first trimester of my second pregnancy. Kids are pretty intuitive – I think they can sense, “Whoa, I need to be good. Mom can’t handle much else today.”
    congrats again and sleep the day away!
    July 31, 2012 6:58 AM

  179. It sure does suck to be sick, but we take it in stride as a sign that things are going well in there. And the soap? That makes me laugh. Whatever it takes, right? Hang in there girlie, you’re almost there.

  180. First of all congratulations on your new little one. How exciting! Secondly… fun giveaway! Super cute!


  181. Vicks Vap-o-Rub did it for me; even after all these years (I am a grandmother now), it is still comforting. Sucking on very chilled apple slices also seemed to work well for me and is just a good overall snack to have on hand. Blessings to you as add to your already lovely family. I am sure that this babe will be just as treasured, loved and enjoyed as the other two are!

  182. Congratulations and enjoy this special season of your life (once the nausea wears off)! Your girls will make such sweet mamma-sisters.

  183. I’m so glad you were feeling well enough to get out and have a good night. I was sick with all three of my kids and it was exhausting. Congratulations again, I’m so happy for you and your family.

  184. Congrats! Such exciting news!

  185. I craved lemonade with both of my pregnancies too! I hope the nausea passes quickly, I can’t wait to see a new little Hampton baby! He/She is certain to be beautiful, inside and out.

  186. Glad to hear everything’s going well, even if that means you feel a bit icky. Your girls are going to be the perfect mama helpers… I can already tell. Congrats again! I am so happy for you.

  187. I was that way with red licorice. I needed it desperately and my poor husband couldn’t find it anywhere. I can’t begin to describe my joy when I opened a care package from my MIL and there was a HUGE tub of red licorice. It was the only thing I ate during that first trimester that brings back good memories. Everything else still has the power to make me gag (17 years later)!

  188. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys. Nella and Lainey are going to be great little mama’s to the new lil’ monkey!!

  189. I have a disease that has me fighting the nausea quite a bit..some days I live in my pressure point bracelets like people wear for sea sickness, they help..also peppermints! Hope you feel better! Couldn’t be happier for your family!

  190. It’s so funny that you AMAZE me every day with your incessant patience with the girls and your incessant energy….only to find out you have MORNING SICKNESS on top of it! You’re a pbenom! So very happy for your family and wishing you peace to take away those mommy fears. As a mother of 3 preemies, I know RIGHT where you are at.

  191. Congratulations! Hope you continue to feel better. Can’t wait to follow along as your wonderful family grows!!

  192. Congrats! After finishing your book, I just had to look more into your blog and your great story. I am so glad to have found you!

  193. Just keep on resting! The nausea will be over soon………I remember that I cherished the “good days” that were interspersed with the “bad” ones – and gave me hope that it wouldn’t be long until I’d be feeling human again! Lemonade! I didn’t crave it during my pregnancy – but – for the first month after my baby was born – I lived on it!

    Love the picture of Nella sitting on your bed………so sweet – and getting so big!

    Take care!………..Rosemary

  194. Awww, I just love this post! I’m so happy for you, mama! I’m loving the crayons in the glass bottle and that sweet little grin on Nella’s face. :)

  195. Congratulations on your pregnancy, so happy for your family! Will you find out what you are having or do you let it be a surprise, do you share the name, or is that a surprise also (I actually think I remember Nella’s name being a surprise you hid inside a painted coffee mug). Hope you feel better soon- the old wices tale is nausea is a good sign, it means the pregnancy is progressing as it should, so just think about that- im sick but my baby is growing!

  196. Congratulations on the little bean and keep on sniffing that soap and drinking lemonade! It too will pass. I – and many others – can’t wait to hear about your family’s evolution!

  197. So happy for you and your family! Glad you’ve been able to rest and felt well enough to enjoy a night out. Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!

  198. I am so excited for you, and would love the monkey set :)

  199. I can’t express well enough how excited I am for all of you. So much so that I actually dreamed about you and the girls last night. So, so happy for you.

  200. Congratulations!! So happy for you. Thanks for the chance to win!

  201. Sorry about the nausea, but congrats about the little one! The night out with friends sounded fun, exactly what you needed. Hang in there!

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  203. Congrats on the new baby! I am so excited to go on this new journey with you. Thank you for taking us all long with you.

  204. Noxema moustache…too funny. ๐Ÿ˜€

  205. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! (and thank heaven for grapefruit soap! :)


  206. Sooo happy for you!!

    I have two little girls (who I call my monkeys!) that would love those necklaces!

  207. That necklace set is so cute! I’m going (quickly) to the site to find my own monkey set

  208. So happy for your family! The necklaces are adorable!!

  209. So happy for you. :)

  210. These necklaces are so cute! I love them…espcially with the arrival of our first just 29 days way (nope…not counting at all over here!). Congrats to you and your family!!

  211. Never tried grapefruit soap :) Quease-ease along with the child size sea-bands helped me…I to was sick until at least 16 weeks with all 4! (#4 due in 7 weeks!)
    Sea-bands need to be tight and leave a mark…so the child size ones are necessary for most women with smaller wrists!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  212. congrats! congrats! congrats! so happy for you and your family. love your raw honesty as I had my own thoughts wondering how you were feeling about it all. always that thought in the back of your mind…for me, it was wondering how my cancer would affect my third child, the child that they said I would probably never have due to the chemo.. life works in mysterious ways that I, too, have come to understand that I have no control whatsoever so I am just thankful and grateful for the opportunities that arise. good luck with this pregnancy and I hope the nausea soon dissipates so that you can once again enjoy your wonderful movement with your girls as the summer starts to wind down.


  213. Congrats on the great news!!! I have always loved being pregnant and I love the smell and smallness of babies…..that is why I have 5.

  214. So happy for you! Couldn’t be sweeter news!

  215. I didn’t post in the last announcement, but congratulations! The nausea is hard, but so worth it in the end, isn’t it?

    I absolutely love Nella’s dress! I’m always envious of how well dressed your kids are :)

    And I love the necklace! I will have to check that shop out, I have my own little monkey here :)

  216. Playing games where you hold still… most definitely have daughters, and I most definitely do not! :-)

  217. Congratulations! Hang in there!

  218. Congratulations! Hang in there!

  219. I am so excited to read your posts over the next 9 months or so! I long so badly to be pregnant with my 4th, so I’m going to be living through you. :)

  220. Go, Nella, with your stacking big self! That is pure awesomeness right there.

    I am so glad you are getting some rest and starting to rebound from the beginning of pregnancy icks. And those monkey necklaces are just too much!

  221. So happy for you and yours. It seemed like I ate grits breakfast, lunch and dinner to get through the sick stage. Becky

  222. Those charm sets are adorable!

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  224. Girl, I’m having sympathy morning-sickness for you. My youngest is only 7 months old, and I have recurring bouts of nausea throughout the entire pregnancy. It’s how I roll. I’m not that far removed, and I empathize. Really. But, some good advice from my midwife. For that morning (all day, if you’re like me) sickness make sure you get at least 76 grams of protein. Start with little things like a cup of greek yogurt. Then move on to nuts, lean meats, cheese, milk, etc.. Just stay ahead of it, and it’ll keep the misery somewhat at bay. With my fourth baby I was fine as long as I never got hungry, which could account for those *ahem* 50 extra pounds. But, serously. It is SOOOO wonderful that you are having another little sweetie! I didn’t become a follower of your blog until Nella was six months old. I look forward to following this baby from day one! :-) Congratulations again!

  225. Soon it will be a thing in the past, and that sweet new baby will be snuggled in your arms. In the meantime, enjoy your soap sniffing and sink spitting, it means a new little miracle is brewing!

  226. I have a pregnant friend that would love that necklace!
    Feel better soon!

  227. congratulations! we are expecting in feburary too! thank you for sharing your story with us. (love to win, too!)

  228. Love these necklaces! And congratulations on baby #3…I so enjoy watching your little family (via my computer screen).

  229. That photo of Nella on the bed is perfection. Just love her expression.

  230. Enjoy your rest and congrats again. Thanks for the giveaway… fab gift for my granddaughters..

  231. Beautiful necklaces! Excited for you to need a 4th one soon :-)

  232. Congratulations and I hope you have a very peaceful and uneventful pregnancy and a joyful delivery :)

  233. Happy to hear you are feeling better! You deserved that night out! :)

    Thank you for the giveaway. Those necklaces are DARLING! I sure would love them!

  234. Congratulations to you! I am so excited to hear about your pregnancy. I will have to remember the grapefruit soap and Noxzema mustache if I am ever blessed w/ another baby.

  235. No offense intended… But I’m so glad to know I’m not the only pregnant lady playing couch games with her daughter this summer!!
    Paper/magnetic dolls have saved me many times.
    And I bought some preschool scissors because that means she will sit and cut up junk mail for me for at least 10-15 min without my assistance.

    I’m due 11/8. Fingers crossed for both of us to get a cool front soon!

  236. Great news for you and your family! how awesome is to get what one dreams of… have a beautiful joyful pregnancy Kelle :)
    Btw, you look beautiful in that red dress of your Friday Photo Dump.

  237. Love all those pictures! Your girls are dolls!! Congrats on the new one on the way!!

  238. New to your blog, love your outlook on life and learning about your two beautiful babies. Thank you for sharing.

  239. I am so happy for you, I’ve been thinking of you tons these last couple of days, since seeing your picture. Funny that so many people have said that they guessed when they saw the picture of you in the summer, expired post. I definitely noticed that you looked tired, and you admitted you were not feeling summer so much anymore. But I missed that clue. I know, from reading along and from Bloom, that you wanted more and that you’d had losses. After struggling with infertility before we had our twins, I have winced inside every time I read comments here or on IG saying “It’s time for you to have more.” Or “Nella would love to be a big sister.” So I’m even more glad that things seem to be going well for you this time. Just reading this post takes me back to my days of lying on my couch in the basement while my two year olds played on the floor. Oh, the nausea and the bone deep fatigue. I will never forget it. But so so worth it. So looking forward to watching you go through these next months. Well…and years. A few months ago I was talking to my husband about how sad I was that someday you’d probably stop blogging, and then how will I know how Nella is doing when she’s a grownup? You know, how the story turns out?

  240. I am so excited for you. I love love love your black and white stripe top. Where did you find the perfect tee?

  241. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading all about it!

  242. This post deff. brings me back to the first trimester… which I do not care to remember, lol. I was such an unhappy 1st trimester Mama… you’re attitude is much better than mine was.

    Here’s hoping your morning sickness is fleeting soon! I’m almost 36 weeks and looking forward to the finish line.

  243. I have a darling daughter, a son with a surprise chromosome, and suffered two miscarriages. My second beautiful girl arrived just 6 weeks ago. After suffering the loss, this birth was so much sweeter. I look forward to hearing about your journey.

  244. Hi Kelle, many blessings and joy on the expected arrival. I love your blog, and love all teh little pieces of your family tou share.



  245. After losing our 4th baby I totally understand the not letting the joy in til you hear that heartbeat. I did the same with #5 (who should come any time… hopefully!!!) and after I heard it and had my first ultrasound I let the joy fly! Unicorns baby! Sorry you are feeling sick. Hopefully it will end soon!!!

  246. Bless your sweet heart. I had the same experience 4 times and while it wore me out, I knew that the baby developing inside me needed whatever it was that made me sick and I could handle it. My kids are now 24, 23, 22 and 18. You will survive it. (I also had a couple of miscarriages in between). I love how the rest of the house just “knows” you need rest. If I lived closer, I’d babysit for you!

  247. Kelle, Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am really excited for you and your family. Your girls are going to love being big sisters and mamas to the new baby!

  248. I love the mama and baby elephant set! Congrats to you and your growing family!

  249. Congratulations Kelle! So glad you are so happy!

  250. Oh dear this made me smile! I had a lavender eye pillow that I sniffed for 20 weeks! It’s so funny now but at the time it was so miserable… I feel your pain. And wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy and the happy days ahead!! :) CONGRATULATIONS!

  251. Kelle, I am so happy for you guys, on this new of a new little in your family. I’m SO sorry to hear about your loss. I suffered miscarriages and never knew the incredible mark those unborn babies would leave on my heart. I’m praying for healing for you and for a safe, non eventful pregnancy here!


  252. Oh how I know about the face wash mustashe in the shower! ha! Congrats again :)

  253. Congratulations! such exciting news!

  254. Congrats! I’m so glad your girls are willing to be quiet and play quietly for you. At least you’ll have a great fall…energy, less nausea, and two excited big sisters!

  255. I am a new reader and am absolutely addicted to your blog! A heartfelt congrats on your wonderful news. Our wee one is now 10 (!!) months old and we are hoping to be blessed with more in the future. Feel better soon!

  256. Hope you feel better!

  257. So happy for you and your family! Oh, and way to go Nella on the block stacking!!!

  258. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! While I was prego I had to use Vicks to block out yuck smells. It’s so funny what our body likes and dosen’t like.

  259. Finally made it to the top of the request list at the library for Bloom. I have it in my hot little hands and can’t wait to read it. Grapefruit soap… I love it! Take care and rest up!

  260. I love how willing you are to put yourself out there, knowing you have oogles of readers. After 2 healthy kids I thought our 3rd pregnancy would be a walk in the park, you can imagine my surprise when I strolled into my 14 week dr. appointment to learn there was no heartbeat…miscarriage somewhere right around 12 weeks. I shared my story and my experience on the blog and overall we all handled it pretty well. But now I am 24 weeks PG, everything going smoothly and yet I haven’t posted about it. I felt the need to not announce right when the stick gave that awesome + sign, and then somewhere between the 12 week mark and now life has been crazy. Congrats to your growing family!

  261. I also craved lemons! Lemon drops were the best!
    Happy cravings!

  262. Yeah, congrats on your newest addition! Grapefruit soap is a new one to me but, hey whatever works to get through that time. Haha.
    We’ll keep you and wee one in our prayers. Take care and hope you start feeling better soon.

  263. Congratulations on such exciting news — and that you’re starting to feel better :) We have started the attempts for Baby #2 and I dread the morning sickness but it’s so worth it!

    Love the necklaces! We call our little one ‘chunky monkey’ but I love every single one of those rolls!

  264. Congrats to you and your family on the soon-to-be newest addition! I hope you start to feel better soon so you can enjoy this special time in life!

  265. Imagine me toasting you with a lemonade – anything citrus-y is right up my alley when pregnant too. I’m due with our #3 in November, and like you, have been nauseous and fatigued for 14-16 weeks each time. As you know, it does get better, and is totally worth it (easier said this second trimester, true!). Wishing for a healthy pregnancy for you with lots to remember fondly.

  266. I just started reading your blog, and I’m (unexpectedly) 14 weeks pregnant with my 3rd, totally feeling the nausea, exhaustion, and uselessness while trying to keep up with my 4-yr-old and 1-yr-old little monkeys!

  267. Congratulations!! Absolutely love the monkey set!

  268. Girl, I do not know how you do it!! God bless you and your family, and those beautiful girls allowing you to rest! I’ve got to say, I am so excited to be able to watch your family grow… You are truly an inspiration to me, to be a better friend, mother, wife, business woman, etc – and I am truly positive that if we lived closer, and if you allowed me into your click (LOL), we could be great friends! :) Hope you are feeling well today!

  269. I hope you’ll blog about how you found out the exciting news and how you told your girls and family! Pretty please! I’d love to hear all the details :)

  270. Congratulations! I love your story and am thrilled to hear more as you begin this next journey bringing another beauty into the world.

  271. Mark Poulin has the cutest stuff. I like the little Orbit Boy. He reminds me of a character we have in our house. The turtles are also SUPER cute.

  272. Congratulations on your pregnancy! No matter how sick you are, you’re still beautiful and that sweet sweet baby will be here before you know it!
    Thanks for sharing a link to Mark Poulin, such awesome stuff, love the monkey necklaces!

  273. Congrats that is awesome!!

  274. I was a sink spitter too! Hope you are feeling better soon.
    (The monkey set is adorable!)

  275. I love how even my pretend friends are pregnant!

  276. I’m so sorry for your losses and so excited for your current state. My husband and I have also had 2 miscarriages in the last 2 yrs while trying for our first child. I totally understood when you said it wasn’t until you heard a heartbeat that you finally let excitement in the door. I recently found out I was pregnant again and have my first ultrasound tomorrow and am crossing my fingers (and praying) to hear that little heartbeat for the first time. What an emotional roller coaster. Take care and thank you for blogging about even the most personal things. It really can touch other people in ways you may never know.

  277. Congrats on Baby Hampton news! Such a joyous and exciting time for you all, enjoy every minute. I’m looking so forward to reading about your pregnancy, seeing pics of the growing baby bump, and how happy the mama girls will be. Rest Up! Come February there won’t be much time for that anymore. :)

  278. Love the grapefruit soap image!

  279. OMG love the Mark Poulin jewelry set…and CONGRATS on the pregnancy! What a wonderful blessing for all of you.

  280. I love my 2 little monkeys too! :)

  281. At 6 months pregnant, I’m still spending lots of time resting. I hope the nausea passes swiftly for you – but if it helps I found the acupressure seabands helped a lot, as did lemonade and ginger biscuits. Here’s to a very happy and healthy remaining 6 months ๐Ÿ˜‰


  282. Congrats to you and your family.

  283. Congratulations! How wonderful & brave of you to share your news with us. Thank-you.
    PS – Love the jewelry! Have you seen the little squirrels? Sweet!

  284. Congratulations! How wonderful & brave of you to share your news with us. Thank-you.
    PS – Love the jewelry! Have you seen the little squirrels? Sweet!

  285. AAAAHHHHH I’m more excited for you than most people I know in real life!! lol I commented on your instagram (“shut UP”) and yes, I follow your life here, too!

    Best wishes, Kelle. Really. You’re so lucky.

  286. Congratulations! How wonderful & brave of you to share your news with us. Thank-you.
    PS – Love the jewelry! Have you seen the little squirrels? Sweet!

  287. awww. you look awesome…congratulations.

  288. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read about your pregnancy journey. Would love a necklace set for me and my sweet girl.

  289. Congratulations on your new little monkey!

  290. Congrats, we look forward to your coming up posts about your growing family. The joy is platable.

  291. lovely news…. and lovely monkeys. love.

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  293. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you and your precious family!!

  294. so exited for you and the family, what an amazing time! as for the not so amazing part (that icky nausea), i swear by yummyearth organics ginger zest candy drops. hopefully the girls and the grapefruit soap keep up their good work and you won’t even need them! :)

  295. love those necklaces! so happy for you and that sweet babe!

  296. I’m glad you were able to get out and be ‘on fire’ this week. Sometimes that’s just as restful as bed rest. :)


  297. I’m a bit sad to have just finished my last pregnancy. So wonderful to hear about the beginning of another beautiful life.

  298. Congratulations! I am so glad that you are able to expand your family. You are an awesome mom who does so much for her children. They are truly blessed to have a mom like you. I wish I had half the time & energy you do cause I am going to need it with 2 baby boys. It’s going to be scary when they are both mobile.

  299. so excited for you!
    I live Mark’s sight! :)
    I ordered a giraffe pillow for myself :) My birthday was 2 days ago and I thought I needed a little treat and I love giraffe’s! I’d live to get a necklace!

  300. Those girls are going to love having a little brother! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  301. Congratulations! How exciting. Enjoy your time of resting, it’s a great time of year for it. :)

  302. Congrats and I hope you start feeling better:) I was always sick with all 3 of my babies and know how hard it can get . The soap is a fantastic idea I wish I thought of that. I also sucked on sunflower seeds to help with all the extra saliva nausea can bring on. I love your blog and read it daily sometimes more. I’m a huge fan !!

  303. as i was reading this post i was thinking: “I can’t wait for Lainey to become a teenager and Nella to go to school.” and then I realized these were not my kids…haha. Sending lots of love to the growing family :)

  304. Forget about the “Fifty Shades of Grey Baby Boom”, I am calling it now, there is going to be a “Kelle Hampton Baby Boom”, your blog posts, growing baby belly photos and all the highly anticipated photos of your newest bundle of joy are going to start something all over the world! :) I know you will continue to inspire us all to be the best mommas we can be, grapefruit soap and all! Best wishes to you and your growing family!!

  305. Congrats!! Babies are a blessing…I was sick all nine months of my 6 pregnancies. My baby girl is 4 month and our oldest is almost 13. Time flies, feel better and snuggle those beautiful girls!!

  306. Those two girls are going to be big sisters. How lucky you are that they are so good to you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am excited to follow your new journey…thank you for sharing with all of us.
    Best, best wishes from Seattle,

  307. Happy you are resting…I’m almost 7 weeks prego and feeling it.

  308. I must have been so behind on your blog cuz I had no idea you were expected. I had to hurry and scroll down to read the previous post. Congrats! That is awesome. I feel like we are old friends cuz I’ve read your blog since Nella’s birth and I’m so happy for you, I could just jump for joy (and I will). My little Eden is only 3 months older than Nella and I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. I was also sick the first 16 weeks of both pregnancies so I feel ya sister… smell that soap! Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! Much love!

  309. thank you for your beautiful pictures and honest words. your blog is how i want my home to look- clean, beautiful, and filled with light and love. best wishes and praers for your family and the new little life growing inside you.

  310. SO wonderful! Hopefully the nausea passes soon. Anything citrus helped through my pregnancies too. Smells so clean and refreshing it helps!

  311. A million congrats! Have you tried Trader Joe’s chewy gingers? Those saved me during my pregnancies!

  312. Just recently learned of Mark Poulin jewelry. My daughter and I are about to be separated for the first time….for two years…she is going to the Ukraine to study. Although I am thrilled for her, my “Mama Heart” is taking a heavy hit. Enjoy those precious “babies” as they grow up way too fast.

  313. Congratulations, Very exciting and good luck!

  314. Hope you’re feeling a lot better Kelle. I’m just so excited for you!

  315. Love that you are sniffing grapefruit soap! During both of my pregnancies, I craved grapefruit and grapefruit juice. Had to have it every day. Even during morning sickness, I never grew tired of throwing it up!

  316. What an exciting time! So excited for your family.

    I craved sour watermelons candies (like sour patch kids) for both pregnancies. I would make my husband go on candy hunts for them. He wasn’t allowed home unless there was a huge bag in his hand.

    I love that last picture of Nella with her babydoll. So, so Sweet!

  317. So cute! I’ll be checking Mark out for some upcoming birthday girls!

  318. So cute! I’ll be checking Mark out for some upcoming birthday girls!

  319. As happy for you as I would be for a friend!! You should have heard me tell my husband your news!! I have twin 5 year old girls and they love to keep up with Lainey and Nella though your pictures!

  320. Congratulations to you, Brett, the boys & girls! What a wonderful, wonderful blessing!

    I’m counting down in days to my due date now, but was so very sick with this pregnancy early on… I’m feeling for you!

    Praying blessings upon you as you progress!

  321. congrats and thanks for your sweet blog. nice to read as I lay next to my daughter waiting for her to fall asleep.

  322. I’m so happy for you and your growing family! When you were expecting Nella, I was also pregnant with my little girl (born May 18). Now we are expecting a boy in November. It’s kind of silly, but I’m glad to be pregnant the same time as you again. Here’s hoping the nausea fades quickly this time for you!

  323. Congrats!

  324. Beginning a new pregnancy is not easy, I know that, even more when we have two kids already! But you’ll be fine! Good luck! :)

  325. Thinking blue this time…you need a boy…a girl loves her momma but a boy steals her heart :) hang in there Kelle!

  326. Since I read your blog (compliments of Momastery) this morning, not only did I cry into my coffee. But I also had your energy follow me around today. It’s amazing how someone else’s beauty can inspire one’s soul to swell. Your family is amazing! And as I continue the journey towards relationships which emit whole-souled honesty and the seeking of a ‘higher knowing’, I am honored and inspired by coming across your stories. Thank you for sharing them…. your ability to open your soul to others’ is healing!

  327. Congratulations! I love reading your blog. Can’t wait to hear how the girls take the news! Take care!

  328. Discovered this through a friend. What a wonderful blog. Best wishes!

  329. I am so happy that another child will be blessed to have you for a mama!! Congrats to Nella on the three blocks! I am a special education teacher and everytime I read your blog I remember that each of my students are UNIQUE and created by God’s design. I hope you don’t barf too long:( Can’t wait to keep reading as your family grows but one more!

  330. oh, kelle. congrats! what a joyful time–a true blessing! you must be over the moon :)

  331. I love that you share your story, your life with us! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to follow you along on this new journey. Congrats!!

  332. So excited for you and your family! Reading your post tonight just brings back my pregnancy memories and just how much I loved them inside me! Such an amazing time those nine months.

    Tina J

  333. So excited for you and your growing family!

  334. My big crave was watermelon-could not get enough! I made my kid’s father pay $9 for one once-which he did happily!

  335. Oh! I feel giddy with happiness for you! I didn’t read the previous post until now! CONGRATULATIONS! Another baby! How amazing?! Maybe it will be a little boy this time, eh?

    Take care.


  336. I have never heard of grapefruit to fight nausea. I will have to check that out (not that I’m pregnant…right now). I only had nausea with my first two of three (those first two were both girls with number three being a boy – coincidence?). I ate lots of peppermint and saltines those first few months with those pregnancies. I hear ginger is really good, too.

    This blog post is such a good lesson to all of us blog followers. From the outside, you seem just as energetic as ever, but here you’ve been anything but. Such a good lesson that when it comes to blogs we only get a tiny snapshot of whatever it is the author wants to share with us. Most blog authors will highlight their very best, which the rest of us compare to our very worst. Thank you for the great reminder that we are only seeing a snippet of your reality.

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to watching this journey, this angel, unfold. A BIG congratulations to you and your family!

  337. The soap sounds good… Congrats on the exciting news!!!

  338. congratulations to baby number 3! can’t wait to see the little one. all the best to you and yours from vancouver! kerstin

  339. What a blessing this baby will be! Prayers for some relief for you and your sweet girls soon.

  340. Congratulations….these months are the best there is. My husband and I lost our first wee one and I was scared for months into the pregnancy that gave me my now 5 month old son.

    I appreciate your optimism and joyous posts. They are the light I need in some darker days.

  341. ahh! i missed the announcement. how very exciting for all of you. may you be blessed with health and peace throughout. you deserve it.

  342. So exciting! Congrats. I’m a new follower, just found you and am I glad I did. You are such an amazing writer, with an amazing blog and an amazingly beautiful little family (well not so little for long). xo

  343. Congratulations on being pregnant! I have baby fever!!!

  344. Ooooh!!! So cute to imagine you sniffing grapefruit, but sure hope it helps!

    Nella on your bed….that smirk….I want to tickle her! SO darn cute! And love the pic of your girls coloring together…..makes me teary (not sure why).

    Do you want to feel better in a non-grapefruit way? I posted a video of Nora talking to herself in the mirror on my FB wall. We celebrated her 2nd birthday that day. And THAT definitely made me teary for obvious reasons…..they’re getting so big, our girls. So glad you get another shot at all that baby-ness :).

    You already glow ~

  345. I too am expecting in Feb. I related so much to your latest post about being down and out. I wish my kids were as good as yours with quiet play. congrats! I will enjoy going along on the journey with you:)

  346. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

  347. I just remember being completely exhausted when I was pregnant with my third. Hang in there and keep your eye on the prize! Can’t wait to find out what beautiful name you have chosen for this little one!

  348. Congrats! Fantastic news!

  349. Congrats! Is it weird that I’m not pregnant but the grapefruit soap sounds really good to me?

  350. Congratulations! I not-so-secretly hope its another girl. I have 3 little girls and they are so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, they drive me to the brink some days, but overall, I more often find myself eyes welled with happy tears watching them grow into amazing little ladies. Congratulations to your whole family!!

  351. How exciting for your sweet family! Contests!

  352. Thank you for sharing this. It came at a good time. 6 months ago today I gave birth to my 3rd child. He lived for 36 hours before he passed away. This week I found out Im pregnant once again. It wasn’t planned but I’m happy mixed with terrified. I often feel like I’m the only one going through these kind of feelings. So it’s really good to hear from other people who have similar circumstances and thoughts.

  353. I have been a little absent for a while and I’ve missed my Kelle fix. Congratulations!!!!! I am so excited for you and Brett. I can’t wait to hear how wonderful your daughters are at being big sisters. The monkey necklaces, are adorable. I hope I win one! Haha, but as usual, I might just go buy one myself. Take care of yourself.

  354. I am thrilled for you and the expecting babe on the way! Not so thrilled about you feeling, well, pregnant and sick…but at least you’ve been able to manage it seems! Congrats to your “Blooming” family!

  355. I have two little monkey and would gladly wear those sweet necklaces with them;)

  356. I am so happy to read this today! I’ve been coming over to your blog for quite some time. I too have been resting in bed and fighting the nausea with baby number one…we are due in late January. I am constantly wondering how I would do this with more children in the house! Your words today make me feel better. I also desperately want to know where you find that grapefruit scented bar of soap. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congratulations. :)

  357. Those necklaces are so cute! Congrats on your pregnancy! Oh how I know those emotions of worry. We had 4 losses between my son and daughter that I just birthed 8 weeks ago!!! I look at her and am overwhelmed with the miracle of it all (we had to do multiple fertility treatments). Congrats mama! Can’t wait to see your little one!

  358. just caught up!!! of course, the ONE time i don’t check back regularly i miss the pregnancy post!!!! so mad at myself!!!! so extremely excited for you! I’ve read back and seen the beginning of nella’s journey but it’s so wonderful to be going step by step this time. !! wishing you a very happy healthy pregnancy!!

  359. Haha. I smelled lemon soap and sucked on Lemonheads candy in the beginning of this pregnancy. I only have 3 weeks left to go before meeting my little guy (pre dx T21.) I totally understand the hesitation of getting too excited after having a miscarriage. (I had that experience too last October.) Congratulations and enjoy your rest!

  360. I LOVE Mark Poulin!. His work is fantastic! So many things remind me of my kids, moments with my kids, things I want to share with my kids….. He’s wonderful.

  361. congrats! been a fan for a long time and been hoping you’d have another!

    for sickness too remember vitamin B6! there’s a great product called B-Natal that is sold at Babies R Us and online (in candies and lollys) or you can just get it from your health store. talk to your Dr about dosage.

    and i also hear sour keys work (anything sour really).

    oxox cheers and so excited to follow you in this journey!!!

  362. I do hope you can feel all the thoughts and prayers from all us followers and readers and well-wishers and care-abouters.

    It’s like an umbrella, I think. A big red one.

  363. Congrats! I hope you are feeling better soon~

  364. Congratulations on your new little bundle! It is so refreshing when you hear of a new life being brought into the world! Good luck kicking the nausea! BTW…Mark Poulin Jewelry is amazing, wouldn’t mind wearing that gem!

  365. So very excited for you…AND I love sock monkeys! (o:

  366. Those necklaces are ridiculously adorable! Congrats!

  367. oooh grapefruit soap. I will have to give that a go next time around! Congrats again!

  368. I love this whole post. After two healthy pregnancies, I lost two babies. After the miscarriages, I welcomed the nausea and exhaustion at the start of my current pregnancy because it definitely meant I was still pregnant! I am so excited for you and praying for a healthy and happy time for your entire family.

    Do they sell Blue Bell ice cream in FL? If so, you have to check out the Lime Fruit Bars. I have been living off of them since I discovered them a few weeks ago. They are just SO GOOD!

  369. Hope the lemonade arrives quickly, the grapefruit does its job and that your feelings of peace grow strongly. We are also expecting – not the old-fashioned way but via international adoption & I am craving banana popsicles like nobody’s business ๐Ÿ˜‰

  370. OMG great news!! I haven’t checked your blog in the last week and now I have found this wonderful news about your family, I’m so happy for you all! So excited :)))
    And next year you will need an extra monkey :)))

  371. Congratulations! It feels kind of funny to say this here when I’ve hardly been able to speak to my friends about it, but I lost a pregnancy last month and it’s just so…uniquely sad. I actually thought of you when I found out and realized just how brave it was to share your post about your past losses. The day that we found out, I kept saying to myself and my husband, “I just know that at some point in the future, we’re going to have our beautiful second child in our arms and we won’t be able to imagine our family any other way.” Although I really do know this to be true, I have to say that it felt so…promising? awesome? to see your announcement. Like you, I am staying focused on my vision of our family, in whatever form it takes, and starting to think about trying again. I guess all of this is to say, thank you so much for sharing all of this with us and best of luck, and I hear you about that emotionally aware business. (Which is such a nice way to say it by the way–scared sh*tless is what comes to mind when I think about it, but of course there’s so much more there than just fear.) Big love to you and your family!

  372. Have you tried sucking on sour patch kids? works wonders when I feel nauseous. Congrats!

  373. What cute, little necklaces… My daughter would love it!

    Vera :)

  374. I send gentle “lay still hugs” xo

  375. Congratulations to you all.
    I had a go to snack I could always eat no matter how much I thought I would vomit:

    1 slice of bread
    Almond butter ( cuz I like it best)
    Thinly sliced apples arranged nicely on top
    Cheese- your favorite kind
    Broil that puppy up and enjoy.
    And eat sour patch kids ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It is amazing what the bigger girls will do. Mine we amazing!

  376. Glad your feeling better!

  377. Aaaaah!!! I wanted you to be pregnant again so I can hear another story and keep up to date with all your littles. I am currently 24 weeks and I keep reading your posts when you were pregnant with Nella. So exciting and soooo happy for you!

  378. Resting…not being pregnant when I wanted so badly to be (with #2)…but resting in a new home that I adore with a backyard that I love. Just resting – taking a breath of “what is meant to be is meant to be”. Resting…with a glass of wine! Kelle, I wish you all the rest that you and your new little one need!!! Congratulations — and thank you for your daily offerings of inspiration!

  379. Best of Luck, Your family must be so excited. You are an amazing mom who desereves to kick this morning/all day sickness and ENJOY this pregnancy.

  380. Congrats! You guys sure do make cute little monkeys;) sending feel better vibes your way!

  381. So happy for you! For ALL of you! Congrats!!

  382. Congratulations again! I am so happy for you and your family, my friend and I always read your blog and both sent each other “Kelle is pregnant!!! :)” texts when we saw your instagram post :)

    Love Mark Poulin’s jewelry! Just gorgeous.

  383. Congratulations! I am so excited for you and your family. I just know Nella will be an amazing big sister :)

  384. You guys really are the best! Sooooo thrilled at the news of your new arrival! eeep!!!

  385. I have a friend due in 4 days with her first girl, and would love to give her this necklace!
    CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!!

  386. Hmm, I looked through all of his stuff and my goodness are they cute. I would love to get a mother daughter set.

  387. Congratulations! What a lucky baby to join such a wonderful family.

    And, iced ginger tea with a generous dollop of honey is great for nausea (mix the honey in while hot and then ice it). Yum.

  388. As soon as you mentioned nausea I was all what the what!?!? and I scrolled down like a madwoman. Congrats!!!
    My husband and I recently announced that after fighting infertility for almost 7 years we are finally pregnant
    with TWINS!!! I hear you on the nausea, ugh, but hopefully it will end soon.
    We are also due in February.
    Go February Mommas!!

  389. Congratulations! That is really wonderful news! Loved your photos today, as usual, and can’t wait to see some of the new babe next year. :)

  390. Ha ha! I loved to hear about you spitting in the sinks! I had spit cups all over the house. It drove my husband insane. No one I know had to do that! I was super sick too with all 3 (even on weekly IV’s). I’m glad it’s starting to get a little better for you. I remember that feeling after weeks of puking, to finally feel like a normal person again…like you could take on the world! Congrats on new baby!!! I’m so happy for you!

  391. Oh.My.Goodness! So exciting! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your growing family. Happy and healthy for you!

  392. I just had my 1st baby about a week and a half ago, and part of me is missing having her inside of me, even with the nausea. I loved the smell of Irish Spring soap for some reason during the time, but grapefruit soap sounds so much better!

  393. hi sweet mama – i’ve been popping in and out of your blog ever since Nella’s birth story was featured on offbeat mama and i cried reading it and counted the days until my nook would finally let me upload the then-unpublished-yet bloom (which i cried through most of as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    all that being said, i came to tell you mAzeL tOv on your newest little – we’re expecting our very first starfish in january, so i think it’ll be fun to follow your blog as we go through this journey together <3

  394. Ah Sarah… she rocks – makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Awesomeness on wheels. And thank you for shining the spotlight on her blog – I can tell she has a lot to share.

  395. I have been waiting for this announcement! Looking for signs, clues… lol! Glad you’re starting to feel better – those first nauseous weeks are hard.
    So happy for you and Brett :)

  396. I loooved being pregnant… So happy for your growing family

  397. Love the last picture. Nella is going to be an awesome big sister…Lainey is a great example to follow!


  398. Congratulations!!

    My son and daughter are my little monkeys. I need that necklace!

  399. Congratulations! I just love the mom and girls necklaces…and he has squirrels….oh so cute!

  400. I absolutely L-O-V-E the pic of Nella in your bed. She is so gorgeous!

  401. sniff away. at least it is only soap. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  402. You ALWAYS have the very best sponsors and I love most everything you show.

  403. Love Lainey’s Orange Suit… So cute!

  404. your book almost jumped off the shelf as I literally did a two-second drive-by the new books shelf at the local library, with my boys waking up in the twin buggy… happy to have discovered your story, blog, outlook and book.

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