Summer, Expired

I’m all about savoring every moment, but I’ll admit this hot summer thing? I want to skip the last three chapters and be done with it. Which is why you would have thought I saw Jesus in the third aisle over at Joanns the other day when I noticed the fall wreaths have debuted. I am ready for a weather shift, and I’m a sucker for seasonal commercialism.



We dwell in two places these days–inside or in the pool. I actually asked Brett the other day, “How come we have to wear clothes?” because it’s so hot and humid, the heat relief of communal nudity sounds inviting.

Don’t worry. We stayed clothed. We ate popsicles. We ran through the sprinkler, and we finished the night in the pool.

It looks like this:









Ten Random Thursday Facts:

* I thought it was Friday for the first half of the day today.
* I am crazy looking forward to the Olympic opening ceremony tomorrow night.
* School starts in three weeks, and we are still making big decisions.
* Regardless of decisions, I still enjoy thinking about cool backpacks, lunch boxes and first-day-of-school outfits.
* I Googled “Precious Moments Coloring Book” today. Because I had one once. And I want another one.
* I’m going through a hair accessory phase.
* There are FIVE empty cups on my desk right now. I’m going to do something about that.
* The girls and I are having a sleepover at a friend’s tomorrow night. A real polish nails, eat popcorn, watch movies kind of sleepover.
* I had a pedicure this week and I was so relaxed, I started slipping out of my chair. It startled me.
* Nella has added several complete sentences to her vocabulary, and we’ve been celebrating.

Thank you to all of those who joined us today for the NDSS Webinar. So many great questions! If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube HERE


I’m so excited to bring Darlybird back as a sponsor this month. I’ve proclaimed my love for this fun, whimiscal shop and their incredible selection of well-priced unique gifts, and several of you have followed (they sold out of the adorable owl hanging last sponsorship, but it’s back in stock). Darlybird is returning with new shop items as well as old favorites.

I’m loving my Vintage Elle Ring


The Vintage Molly and Florida 50 States Earrings


…and Darlybird’s fun home and children’s accessories.

Like the driftwood garland


…and Lainey’s wool felt crown.


Darlybird has also helped us in our mission to support the NDSS, donating a portion of their profits last sponsorship to Nella’s 2for2 Fund. We’re thrilled to welcome them back. Happy Shopping!

…popping in tomorrow for a quick Friday post.

Olympic prep:



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  1. Isn’t it magical? I love everything about summer! So much happiness in this post I could just scream!

  2. Love Nella’s suit!! So ready for summer to be over here too!

  3. oh.the.heat.
    i’m trying my best not to complain because i’m fairly certain that when the freezing cold of winter is upon me? i’ll be wishing for this to come back.
    but still. ugh.

  4. This post made me run the gamut of emotions in two minutes flat. Okay more like 30 seconds. And for that? I think I deserve a gold medal in GIRL.

    For real, I’ve been wanting to blare Christmas music all over the house today, and to my families happiness, I’ve refrained. And I’m reminding myself that pumpkins come first.

    Also? This post made me cry. I’ve been wanting to be in the pool SO BAD. It really is so HOT here. I’m from MI, we moved here to Clearwater last September, and it’s hot. We just lost our pregnancy two weeks ago, and though I’m doing much, much better and healing physically and emotionally, I’m supposed to wait THREE weeks to swim. That is the hardest thing. My two little want me to swim with them, I want relief from the heat and it’s like a daily reminder of the loss.

    BUT, nonetheless, you have a couple of the most adorable swimmers ever!


    ~Tabitha Blue

  5. lol…I just saw a commercial for the Olympics and thought, “Boy, I can’t wait for the Olympics to start this weekend!” Five seconds later, I read your bullet about looking forward to the opening ceremony. Summer TV is boring – let’s spice it up!

    I don’t comment much, but I read your blog religiously. I feel like I know you and your family personally. I want to be like you when I grow up :) God bless the Hamptons!

    (oh, and the ladybug cornhole board? I must have one!)

  6. I first found your blog when I was recuperating from breast cancer, mastectomy and the very slowly receding effects of chemotherapy. Your specific circumstances and stage of life (I’m a grandmother) were so different from mine. Yet, you communicated. On that woman-to-woman level. That “life just gave me a turn I wasn’t expecting” level. Celebrating the small things. Thank you for sharing your story.


    I’ve never seen anything more beautiful that your pictures of your girls!

  7. The girls suits are beautiful! We are so cold here in Melbourne Australia at the moment that I would welcome any breath of heat! But of course, it is oppressive here in the middle of summer too…you all look like you are melting in that first photo!

  8. Your girls……..well, I just can’t get enough of their smiles! Stinking cute.

  9. dude, i am thinking the same about fall! i am ready for cool nights and apple picking and stuff like that!! i am trying to savor the last of summer but i am really kind of over it.

    also, HOW COOL were the precious moment coling books of yore??? they were so cute and fun to color in! i will keep my eyes out at the thrifts for you.

    hugs to you and the girlies.

  10. Pull your hair off your neck and rock a summer ponytail! That will help a little, I hope. 😉

  11. Oh Man, My computer said 0 comments, My thought was Are you kidding I am the first, she must have just pushed the send button. There is no way I could be the first to comment and sure enough I was right I pushed the comment button and there were 4 comments already. I guess I am not the only one that waits daily for your great posts. I can not get enough of your amazing photos. I also love the way you express yourself. Thanks so much for making my day.

  12. I am getting pumped for fall, too! I am in need of some crisp, cool autumn air! But I do love Nella’s swimsuit and was happy to see another pic of her in it. So cute!!

  13. I’m ready for fall too! And precious moments coloring book….dollar tree. No lie. Go grab your unicorn and paint a rainbow over the last 3 chapters of summer with it. :)

  14. I’m in NC and I had the same “why do we even have to wear clothes” thought today. It. Is. So. Hot! Love your posts (as always).

    Delightfully Dunn

  15. Cutie pies you have!!! I get you with this heat, its nuts!!! So in Colorado out Dollar Tree store SELLS Precious Moments coloring books!!!

  16. Don’t wish away summer yet, pretty please. Ours just started 3 weeks ago. I was literally wearing fleece in June. 9 moths of Winter clothes in NO fun.

  17. I am LOVING Nella’s little suit! Too cute!!

  18. We are so ready for the Olympics in our house too! Thanks for the great webinar today…you made my day!

  19. Oh, thank you, Kelle, Im so done with the summer heat as well! Windows open tonight for the first time in weeks. Oh, and my husband has been picking up my glassware on my desk, otherwise Id run out of coffee mugs.

  20. 1. Love the random Thursday list. You’re fuuuuunny.
    2. Thanks for saying “whimsical.”
    3. Freakin out about the wreaths at Jo’s. Can’t wait to wear a turtleneck!!!
    4. I’m all done with school and don’t have kids… but I will still probably go school supplies shopping. No lie.
    5. It’s Friday now! (almost!)

  21. Melted my heart today when Austin came in my room after being “not so nice” to me and said very deliberately “!” Complete sentences…a very big deal around here!

  22. Yeah we’re here in Georgia and it’s awful awful awful. I’m dreading sending my six-year-old to school AUGUST 9TH and not getting to pick out a cardigan and pair of tights for her. She’ll probably just go in her swimsuit.

  23. I said the same thing. Yesterday. I’m ready for fall. I’m ready for a freaking breeze. And oh, how I look forward to the day I can walk to the mailbox without sweat rolling down my back! Bring on the pumpkin spice candles :)

  24. I love your indoor pool! I hope this doesn’t sound to wierd but what are the measurements on it? I’m trying to convince my hubby to get pool built in our backyard he said he doesn’t want to because our yard is a decent size but a large pool would take up the whole space and we still want room so the kids can play in a nice grassy area. I hope you read my post and can reply ‘)

  25. Seriously flyin the Olympic freak flag around here too. And don’t even get me started about this summer heat…..

  26. I’m in the same boat…two little ones and waiting for Phoenix heat to fade and preschool to start. Love your pics and aspire to take as many as you do and write about our moments like you do, thanks.

  27. Glad to be reminded of the opening ceremonies=) I’m not sure I’m with ya on the heat thing…I am sick of it..but not looking forward to winter so I try not to rush it as my feet seem to stay in a frozen state from November to March here in Indy=/ Love the suits and the ways you stay cool=)

  28. I loved the random thought about your decisions on school and how regardless of those, you are still looking at book bags and lunch boxes. I am 99% sure we will homeschool again this year (b/c we loved it last year) but I still love looking at Pottery Barn Kids or LL Bean catalogues to see those cute book bags. I do feel a little sad that she won’t need one but not as sad as I am excited for this homeschooling year :) Good luck with your decisions and love your pictures :)

  29. Oh man I love Precious Moments coloring books, they have always been my favorite! I always give them crazy colored hair.

  30. I am loving these pictures beyond words. Living in Naples too, I know what you mean about the heat this week. The sunset was hazy tonight and I’m pretty sure it was steam. Ick.

    Two things: I also thought it was Friday. What gives? And I buy Precious Moments coloring books *all of the time* at the Dollar Tree by Pier One on Pine Ridge/Airport. Hope that helps!

  31. Love this post! We have, actually, become nudists. Makes it kind of hard to blog photos, hee hee! :)

  32. I love water pictures… in the pool, through the sprinkler, playing with the water hose… all of it, especially during these hot months. The pool is our oasis right now!!!

  33. Amen sista to being over this heat! We are in Ohio and I am dying…can’t imagine how hot it is there! xo

  34. Ridiculous isn’t it, here we are wishing on the spring and you wishing on the fall!! I say send it on down, we are ready….
    I guess the decision you make for schooling for Lainey will impact on Nella down the track, as you will probably want them both to go to the same school. Go with your’s generally the best guide.

  35. Do you know who would LOVE to hear Nella talk? Your blog followers! Do it!!

  36. Our family is in the process of moving two provinces over (Manitoba to Alberta) and as I was packing the other day I ran across a Precious Moments colouring book! Can’t remember if I packed it or sent it off to the recycling bin. But I can let you know if it’s there when I unpack. My kids didn’t really care for it, and as long as I still have my Muppet Babies and Barbie ones I’m happy. :)

  37. We hear you up here in Indiana on the heat..100 degrees (or more) + no rain for almost SIXTY days=misery. We can’t even play outside in the pool because we have a water ban. Ugh. How I long to be near the ocean..

    And our Olympic freak flag is flying over here as well. We are celebrating our “baby” turning 18mos tomorrow along w/the opening ceremony. So exciting!!

  38. I agree about the heat! My husband and I are in Russia this week for our adoption and the weather is gorgeous! Low 80’s all week. We joke that we had to fly accross the world to experience a true Michigan summer!

  39. Bring on the Fall! Way too H-O-T this summer. Ice pops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  40. We have been vacationing on the warmer side of our state this week, and our girls have fallen in love with pool life. We are ready for our own beds at this point, but boy am I going to miss the pool joy.
    At the risk of sounding like a middle school year book: Stay cool!

  41. I am with ya sista! So ready for the hot, humid, sticky weather to be gone! Can’t wait for Fall, ~~~then my fav~~~Winter! Enjoy what you have left of your summer with your precious babies, as I will do with my precious grand babies, Ta Ta for now sweet lady!

  42. Talk about wanting to skip the rest of summer – I bought my daughter’s Halloween costume over the weekend and got all excited because, for some odd reason, I thought that we were coming up on Halloween! I think all of this heat and humidity is getting to me… It was a slap in the face when I realized it’s not even August yet. :(

    Now I’m crossing my fingers and toes that, come October, my daughter still wants to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween..

  43. My son has autism and was non-verbal at age 2. He’s 6 1/2 now, and talking clearly with few struggles. It was a long road to here (thank goodness for sign language and speech therapy!), and I remember each and every one of those celebratory moments when he would be able to reliably say a new word, and then a new little sentence, and then a bigger sentence. I’m smiling big for you and Nella tonight, because I know just how awesome this truly is!

  44. There were so many wonderful things and images here but the one I am happiest for you about is Nella and her complete sentences. Now THAT is a milestone … go girl!

  45. lovely pics***

  46. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a pool in our yard! We would never get out and be pruney all Summer long! Great post as usual, beautiful girls…Aloha

  47. I wrote you a great, long, funny comment from my phone. And then my phone refused to scroll to the “post your comment” button, which may or may not be related to a certain individual using my otter box for teething.

    Anyway, I LOVE summer, but over 100 (like this week here! Urgh!) is gross. After 10 years in DC, I’m beginning to enjoy seasons. Also, Pinterest-ing fall ideas helps.

  48. I wrote you a great, long, funny comment from my phone. And then my phone refused to scroll to the “post your comment” button, which may or may not be related to a certain individual using my otter box for teething.

    Anyway, I LOVE summer, but over 100 (like this week here! Urgh!) is gross. After 10 years in DC, I’m beginning to enjoy seasons. Also, Pinterest-ing fall ideas helps.

  49. I am feeling this post for sure. Yesterday in DC it was 103 and felt exactly like a wet swamp outside. I am more than ready for my Pumpkin Spice Lattes and knee boots. My baby is starting kindergarten and I have been eyeing those Back to School supplies too:)

    Love your blog Kelle!

  50. hey!! i love the state earrings … i need VA. love!! (:

  51. I’m with ya on summer being over and fall coming. Fall is my favorite time of year and this summer heat is just unbearable.

  52. I am pretty much in love with your blog ~ Your family is so very precious!!

  53. I love the state earrings! You should get a pair to represent Michigan too. :-)

  54. ha ha! Looks like Brett is walking on water! Enjoy your heat..we finally have some in Oregon!

  55. i never get tired of your blog….

  56. Yay for Nella and her sentences! :) Also, I had two large Precious Moments coloring books when I was younger and I still have them! They are about 3/4 empty too, because I have a thing about coloring ‘in order’ and a problem with saving my good things (like precious moments coloring pages) for special occasions. I’ll have to bust them out for my daughter to color in :) Hmm….maybe I could scan a few pages and email them to you….I’ll have to work on that…

  57. I’m a spring and summer girl, though fall isn’t too bad. I just crave sunshine and there isn’t enough here in the winter.

  58. We just bought a precious moments coloring book at the dollar store! Can’t beat that.

  59. I agree, done with the heat! And I feel a lot less crazy knowing I’m not the only one looking at pumpkin decor and searching for Christmas stockings on Etsy. Of course, come January, I know I’ll be dreaming of fireflies and watermelon. Trying to enjoy the small things, for sure! Happy Friday!

  60. So done with the heat, so ready for the autumn chill, all things pumpkin and baking again. So not ready for homework, packing lunches, ballet/football/scouting activities. Completely conflicted and beyond grateful for air conditioning.

  61. We cleaned out some closets at our church a few months ago and I found an almost like new Precious Moments coloring book. I hung on to it because ya just never know when you might need one!

  62. Ok so regarding school, I have 3 kids 10 yr old starting
    5th grade an 8yr old going into 3rd and a 4yr old starting preschool! The older ones started in public school and we did that for three years, I have since pulled them and they now attend a small catholic school! Despite my happiness at our smaller more loving school I am still uneasy about the whole 8 hours a day at school and sometimes two hours of homework per night parent teacher conference thing! Have you watched “Waiting for Superman”? Anyhow…I don’t believe the majority of our schools here in the U.S. Public or private were built with the best inerest of kids in mind!

  63. “* There are FIVE empty cups on my desk right now. I’m going to do something about that.”
    How you said this, with “FIVE” in all caps, really made me laugh… thank you! :) And your photo of Nella in the wading pool is completely precious.

  64. Popsicles. . . that’s a great idea!

    Good luck with your education-related decision. That can’t be easy, but remember it’s not permanent- whatever you decide can be changed if it’s not working. We’ve homeschooled from kindergarten on and I love, love, love having my kids home and teaching them every day, but every family has to decide what works for them. (Secretly and selfishly I hope you decide to homeschool because I know you’ll be phenomenal at it if you do and I want to read all about it on your blog 😉 )

  65. I was going to post a comment but realized “me” ^^^ already said it. ha.

  66. cute picture at the end :-) reminds me of summer days with my sisters where we would create elaborate “synchronized swim routines” in the pool after watching the olympics. good memories.

  67. I’m 6 months pregnant right now and jealous of anyone who can sit and hug their knees at the same time. Heh. You rock.

  68. Oh Bless you!! We in England have literally only got a bit of summer this week – and loving it! Olympic ceremony is very exciting – our TV coverage is non stop on the BBC tonight!! We’ve finally managed to get some tickets to an event and my 6 yr old is sooo excited!! Not sure what the ceremony will include but exciting non the less!! Love, J9 x

  69. For selfish reasons I sure hope you choose to homeschool your daughters! Ours have never gone to school and the time I get to spend with them everyday is a gift. I think you are an amazing Mom and I also think you would be an incredible “Homechooling Mom”. Those girls are so deserving of our time:)

  70. hmmm, left a comment earlier but it’s not here…bummer

  71. The girls are precious! :) I enjoyed reading the Thursday randoms… I actually still have my Precious Moments from back in the day! 😉 Hope you have a great time at the sleepover! Sounds like so much fun!

  72. I can’t really imagine what the heat & humidity must be like – I’ve googled your weather and I think your winter temps are still warmer than our summer ones here in Tasmania.
    Rock out the rest of your summer Kelle, I constantly fall into the trap of wishing time would hurry up, when I should cherish every moment.

  73. I totally sympathise re being too hot, although I don’t want Summer to expire here in the UK yet, as it only started about 2 days ago. (Apparently it will end this weekend anyway.) I just saw the opening ceremony on tv tonight…I hope you love it!! I really hope the international audiences like it and if there are any bits where you just think ‘what? who?’ and actually care to know just say and your British commenters will tell you!

  74. Our hubbies have the same swim trunks :) And was that cornhole I spotted? Looking forward to your post tonight. Have a great weekend!

  75. I do wish it was a little cooler these days. My husband is air condition crazy so if there is a hint of humidity or the temp is over 75, the air is on. I so love the windows open to enjoy the beautiful weather. This is my favorite time of year and I love the months to come.

  76. That picture of Nella sitting in that ippetty-bippetty pool is so precious and funny! Three cheers for you making your way through the big decisions. It can be so difficult and wrenching. But I know you will find your way and find the peace you deserve for being such a conscientious parent. Go you! And the same to all the other mindful Mamas going through the same this time of year.

  77. The girls are getting so big! I love their swimsuits.

    We don’t have a real pool- more like a puddle- one of those 12 ft round by 36in high quick set things. But, the kids love it. My 13 year old son keeps asking me if he can take my two year old in it. I thought he just wanted to be helpful and entertain her. It’s just dawning on me that he wants an excuse to cool off:-) Because at 13, they are too cool to use the kiddie pool on their own accord.

  78. random thoughts: i love fall decor at joann’s. brett looks like he’s walking on water. there is a typo on your sponsor’s website in her hanging Indonesian wood garland description {mine instead of mind}. it’s been super hot here in Michigan says my $400 electricity bill. lately the crickets have been chirping more in the evening which for some odd reason makes me think of fall. i heart you and your cutie family. on with your day….

  79. Kelle,
    Another beautiful post with super amazing photos. You’re such a talented young lady!!!

    I think the photo of Nella sitting in the little pool is beyond adorable, and I always love when you include photos of yourself. Such an inspiration to see a busy mommy, writer, photographer, wife, and all of the others hats you wear looking so “put together” and downright beautiful!

  80. Yep, ‘me’ said it best!
    Tejas hugs,

  81. I am jealous of your beach days and hot and humid weather! Living in Norway has this year meant that we have had less than a week of warm/hot weather and all those days spread out. Want to trade for a week?

    Relish these summer days.

    I’m sure fall will come soon and you can plan yet another wonderful Halloween party and Thanksgiving.

    Your blog is truly a breathing space and inspiration in a busy life as a mamma!

    Thank you!


  82. I am a member of a similar village. Last week I spent 4 days inside of a courthouse, protecting the little one from all the adult things he didn’t quite need to hear at his age, while his momma was fighting for his life. There is a sisterhood, an unspoken agreement… It’s been this way since we were teenagers. Her kid, without a sliver of a doubt is my kid. He jumps out of the car before its parked, runs up my stairs, drops his coat and shoes, helps himself in the fridge and assumes his position on my couch. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    While you ponder the decisions regarding school for Miss L, you might want to purchase “oh the places you’ll go” by dr. Suess. Have each of her teachers, support persons, important people in her school life sign a page with a note or two. Let it be a surprise when she graduates.

  83. Ok that part about you getting a pedicure and getting so relaxed you starting slipping out of the chair made me laugh so hard I cried. Like actual tears. I’m not sure if it was actually that funny or if my heart just needed to laugh, but either way thanks for sharing it :)

  84. Precious Moments coloring books! Those are the ONLY coloring books that I will color!

    I have three right now on emergency call in my closet :)

  85. May I just say I am continually inspired by your blog…and Bloom! Just picked it up and can’t put it down!

  86. it has been a hot one!! i love that you seem to squeeze fun in even if you’re over it. i love the change of seasons too. fall is so beautiful. the leaves fall off, and before when we lived in mn that made me really sad, but not in va. with the leaves gone i can actually SEE into the woods…a little open space;) yeah!

    **BTW can you email me your mailing address? i have a love package for you:)

  87. Kelle,
    Can I just say I adore the second photo ( the one of you and Lainey together). You look happy and I see a whole lot of Lainey in you:) and the photo of Brett and Nella running into the pool is precious. Stay cool ( lol , sounds like I’m writing in your high school yearbook:)
    Enjoy those last 3 weeks. Mine go back August 16th and my baby is starting kindergarten.I;m hoping a survive, since she refused to go half a day:( I’ll be all alone all day. I’ll miss her dearly but I will get to get my deadlines in on time instead at 2 am in the morning:) Mama needs some sleep. Happy Sunday.

  88. I love that ring! So pretty! :)

  89. I think that 2nd photo, of you & L sitting on the step is THE most beautiful shot of you that I’ve ever seen! Made me smile.

  90. i. am. so. over. summer. i went home to Wisco for a two week visit. hot, hot, hot… but luckily at night the lake michigan breezes saved and i took Zayn to the park (he had such a blast!) i seriously wished we lived near a beach… lake michigan was on the warmer side, i remember it being so cold as a kid! xx

  91. Hi! New to your blog today and love your photographs! Is that a baltic amber teething necklace on your daughter? I have a 4 month old and just learned about these. Do you love it? I think I may have to break down and buy one since my 4 month old became miserable overnight with swollen gums! Not sure I believe it could actually work- but keep seeing them more and more. Looking forward to following your blog!

  92. Love those pics!! Nella’s bathing suit is to die for
    LOOOOOVE Darlybird, they have the absolute cutest stuff!

  93. I snagged a bunch of the Precious Moments coloring books at Target… dollar bin (it’s like crack to me) back at Easter time!

  94. The photos of your children are so. damn. beautiful. The colors! The joy! I love summer, but fall is my favorite.

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