What They Share

There are times when I watch my girls like I watch a chocolate cake baking. I open the door and peek my head in just to make sure everything’s okay. And then there are times when I really watch them. When I can’t pull my gaze from what they have going on because it is captivating. Because the feeling of love and adoration between them radiates in a way that feels palpable.

It was quiet in Nella’s room today, and I stopped at the sight of Lainey fitting Nella with a cape to match hers. She didn’t tell her sister to stay still or explain what she was doing–sisters just know. So Nella stood patiently, glancing down to watch her sister knot her scarf. Arms held to her side and careful not to move, she waited and trusted her sister.


Nella followed Lainey out into the living room where Lainey told her to lie down. “You’re Sleeping Beauty,” she instructed. And Nella does what Lainey says.


It continued for an hour. Two sisters, lost in play. Sometimes they talk, Nella repeating big words that Lainey says. Sometimes they are quiet, communicating with more powerful things than words.



But everything they share is exactly what I had hoped they’d share. Maybe even more.



My sistergirls.



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Happy Monday.



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  1. Bliss.

  2. I love your girlies.

  3. i know your heart is just filled to the brim. those pictures are priceless and what’s even better is that there will be so. many. more. like those.

  4. oh my, they are a dream come true. luv this post. xoxo

  5. This makes me want to cry! So sweet. I don’t have a sister.. but it just seems so wonderful. What a precious gift!

  6. What a wonderful day. Your girls will always be sistergirls. I’m so glad you record these moments.

  7. They are perfect.

  8. I love this post!! One of the best ones yet :)

  9. What lovely photos – what a treasure! I love watching the bond between my girls develop…they truly are the best of friends. And what sweet joy for a momma to behold such precious moments!

  10. So amazingly beautiful that I have a tear in my eye. Those are lucky girls and you are a lucky mama, but I probably don’t have to say that :)

  11. This post was so simple and beautiful. It gave me chills. Your girls are so lucky to have one another. They are also lucky to have you to capture these precious moments between them.

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  13. Oh my goodness…Lainey looks like the best big sister ever!

  14. What beautiful moments you captured! Such a treasure!

    I’m excited to check the link… I’ve been starting to wish for fall and could use some fresh ideas to enjoy the time that is here now instead of wishing it away.

  15. simply perfect..makes me melt!

  16. I can’t wait to be a mother. It terrifies me and excites me at the same time. You are truly an inspiration Kelle, thanks for making motherhood so exciting and something for me to look forward to. Your girls are a blessing to so many more people than you know.

    Love to you and your girls.

  17. I love this post. I love seeing my girls love each other, and I love watching yours. So adorable, so awesome. And so poignant for you, I’m sure, given your fears that this would be denied to your girls. And it’s not! So beautiful.

  18. Melts this momma’s heart to see them playing so well together!

  19. I am so envious. I dream of that kind of relationship and special moments between my three – twin 6 year olds and a 4 year old, and instead they spend most days yelling at one another and fussing to me about who’s bothering them. *sigh* I wish I knew how to foster what your girls have so naturally!

  20. I love these photos and this post so much Kelle, it’s such a seriously adorable moment and I’m so pleased it gives you such joy :)

  21. I’m crying.

  22. Ok…maybe it is the journey we have shared, maybe it is the hope we surrendered and later found again…but I wept through this post–every photo, every word. Maybe it isn’t what sisters see in each other but more what they don’t see. The commenter who said “it seems so beautiful” should be “it SEAMS so beautiful”. Invisible threads of a love that is deep and mystic. I am so proud and pleased to be their Poppa.

  23. How precious & you’ve captured the essence perfectly… I knew just what you were talking about just by the photos
    my boys are like this sometimes & it makes your heart burst. That bond between siblings is so hard to describe but so magical.

  24. Today I got a call to see my doctor ASAP regarding positive test results for down syndrome for Stella, the baby in my belly. This is exactly what I needed to see today. Your sweet sisters.

  25. Oh my, I almost loved “Poppa’s” comment even more than this post. Lucky, lucky girls.

  26. As a mama of two girls that are now 23 and 20 my heart swelled while reading this post. There is nothing as special as watching your “sistergirls” become best “sisterfriends”.

  27. such a beautiful post of your loving sistergirlies. extra prayers for cade and her little stella.

  28. True love… Blessed <3

  29. Extremely cute and thanks for letting your readers see some of that cuteness that you see. Richard

  30. Your pictures Are priceless, oh what lucky girls you have – raised in a sensitive Caring Home, free to develop their own path in life.

  31. Just beautiful.
    What a gorgeous bond they have….one that only sisters could have!

  32. This post brought tears. So full circle from only 2 1/2 years ago. I so love those girls.

  33. I have had the exact same moments watching my girls but could never have summed it up as beautifully as you did here. There is something so very special about the bonds sisters share…it is a joy to behold.

  34. Oh man, these pictures.

  35. Love this post!!! Praying my little girls will share this bond to fullest someday too

  36. Such a sweet little post, Kelle. I’d go on about it, but I’ve gotta break up the smackdown between my beloved children that’s transpiring in the kitchen right now. ;o) xo

  37. Oh my…they are precious. Tears filled my eyes while I read your post.

  38. What a great post….what a momma Lainey is.

  39. How heartwarming.

  40. Simply precious!

  41. I am losing some steam for summer, too.
    Our summer is at it’s peak, but I just bought some new boots for fall.
    I am so happy that the seasons change.
    We still have a lot on our summer list to cross off…

  42. The CUTEST little girls!! Good thing Nella cooperates……..I was the Big Sister and when my little sis didn’t cooperate, it got ugly!! ha ha
    They are sharing some SERIOUS LOVE, your two littles! Gonna last a lifetime!

  43. Lainey is so soft & careful with Nella … so cute & sweet. i really love the lipstick views. that really makes me smile. awww!! feeling the love. they are such great sisters. (:

  44. I love it.

  45. I remember that one of your early concerns was that Lainey wouldn’t get the sister you had hoped for her. I knew from my own experience with my kids that you would come around to realize she was blessed with exactly the perfect sister. They will enjoy a long lifetime of wonderful days like today. You are all truly blessed.

  46. Do you sometimes want to go back to your dark days after Nella’s birth and shake your old self?
    These are the most precious photos of your two sistergirls. Lainey looks like an expert with the make up already!

    Aren’t children the funniest in how they copy their parents? My sister sent me the cutest photo of my niece Maisy the other day. They had bought her one of those mini couches. In the photo she had her feet propped up (crossed no less) on a box of wet wipes. I asked my sister if she’d put it there for Maisy, and she said nope, Maisy had found the perfect coffee table substitute and positioned it and then laid back and enjoyed it all!

  47. What an unbelievably beautiful, PRECIOUS, post! When the girls are older they’ll love reading back to posts like these. So personal and genuine :) Thanks for sharing with us, Kelle xoxo

  48. Oh Kelle, I’m so happy for this dream come true for you! Seeing your girls together makes me secretly hope that the long-awaited second child coming into my daughter’s family will be a baby sister for my granddaughter. I know she will love her sibling no matter what, but you and I both know there is such a special bond between sistergirls!

  49. Sisters are the best for sure.

  50. OMG these are the sweetest pictures ever

  51. I have a 10 year old son and we are about to adopt a 4 year old. I worry about their bond; will they get along, will it be somewhat ‘normal’ eventually, will they be able to do brother things…nobody can tell me, just like nobody could tell you and ease your worries. And now look what has happened! It gives me some confidence reading this post that the new bros will be ok:)

  52. oh my goodness. this post brought me to tears

  53. Keep taking pictures like these. The pictures when Lainey first saw Nelka to now are the start of a sister book that will bring hope and joy to many!

  54. Precious. I know how deeply you wanted those girls to have that special bond. How wonderful to see it in action.

  55. Simply precious!

  56. Seriously beautiful.

  57. My favorite pictures of yours ever, so much love in those head to head shots. Beautiful.

  58. I absolutely adored this post. :)

  59. They are just darling!

  60. You can never predict how kids will get along, but when they do…and the adoration between them is so apparent…it’s magical. I hope they will have these shared memories for a lifetime. =)

  61. Your girls are simply beautiful and so incredibly lucky to have each other!

  62. This may be the sweetest most touching post. The sisterhood beginning so early, and a bond that will never be broken. I love it, and adore your Lainey. What a loving heart she has!

  63. That post just warms my heart. :)

  64. Poof! All your wishes come true!

  65. The last photo, with the girls’ heads together, is just precious.

  66. your girls are so sweat together! Nella is so sweet!(:

  67. this post makes me REALLY want two girls. you are one lucky mama.

  68. Gorgeous pictures and so sweet!!! Precious moments.

  69. these moments that are now frozen are just perfect and priceless! i love the adoring looks on nella’s face as she watches her big sis help her out!

    your are one blessed momma :)

    happy monday!

  70. tears of joy, so lovely.

  71. Love!

  72. Absolutely PRICELESS!!!!!! :O)

  73. I think these might just be the most precious moments you have ever captured!

  74. I adore looking at pictures of your girls. Nella and Lainey both melt my heart with their beautiful little girl faces. They make me want to make more babies so that my little one can have a best friend. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  75. I am so glad they have such a lovely relationship, I think it will be so precious lifelong to them.

    If I had a pair of trousers like Lainey’s floral ones, I think my day would be so much better.

  76. These are my most favorite pictures you have taken.

  77. beautiful capture! the pictures are priceless.

  78. These pictures remind me of my sister and I. And I pray to God every day I will have two little girls, so that they will know the magic of growing up with a sister and a best friend. Your girls got it, babe. They are beautiful in their love for each other. :)

  79. I love how you pay attention. You’re a good momma Kelle.

  80. The love is palpable in these pictures … thank you for sharing this experience of beauty tonight. Siblings share such a special bond. I’m thinking of my younger brother, Willie, who has autism, and who has taught me so much. And I’m grateful for the women who have been like sisters to me. Thank you, Kelle.

  81. These are the days that you will come back to, when they have a fight over hair stuff, who took who’s sweater, who took who’s boyfriend. These are the days that you will remember, when they roll their eyes at you, stomp off in a huff and tell you and their dad that you are not cool. Enjoy this time! We sure do!

  82. I guess it’s like what Poppa said “more what they don’t see”…because I don’t see (couldn’t if I tried) anything wrong with this at all.
    LOOOOVVVVEEEE them (and you).
    Tejas love,

  83. This post was soulful, it brought tears and smiles at the same time. Sistergirls do share a very special bond. Happy Week!

  84. Wish my two got along like yours :)

  85. Simply precious. :)

  86. Love it! My boys share the same love, but instead of cute dress-up and quiet time Lucas (2) has been trying to play beyblades with his (6) yr old brother, and they wrestle on the bed and chase each other down the stairs. Boy are soooo not the same, lol.

  87. Man Kelle. This post makes me want more babies for my son to play big-brother with, like NOW.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Beautiful! They are so lucky to have eachother.
    I’m two weeks away from having my 2nd baby and only hope they share a bond like your two little angels xo

  90. I think this is my favorite post of all~ next to the girls’ birth stories, of course. 😉 Love, Love, Love that God has replaced your fear about their relationship with this beautiful reality. Precious pictures! :)

  91. Oh my…I have two girlies, 2 and 3.5, and this post is probably my favorite of yours so far (it would still be awesome even if I didn’t have girls). You captured it all–all of these things that give me goosebumps about my own loves. Mine have their arguments/fights mixed in with the lovin’, but they truly are the best of friends and inseparable.
    Beautiful words and pictures :)

  92. Those pictures are to die for!

  93. These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! Nothing is stroger than the bond of sisters!

  94. This post comes with perfect timing. My 18mth son and 4yr old daughter have, just in the last week, started playing together for hours at a time. Mummies and daddies, cars, dress ups. Being from an all girl family, I wasn’t expecting it, I thought boys and girls were too different. But that sibling magic is there and I have spent the last week watching in wonder. I’m pregnant with my 3rd and have been wishing for a sister for my girl, but now I realise that it doesn’t matter, no matter what gender, the sibling bond will be there.

  95. What a beautiful thing. We are currently trying to decide if our DD will be an only or if we should try for another child. These pictures are starting to sway me!

  96. wow…..i wish my kids would play together like that…….or use lipstick (i’d never give that to them) the appropriate way. lol. you are so blessed to have them love each other this way!

  97. Just when I think I couldn’t love your posts more than I already do…you write this. Your words and pictures are truly a gift to us readers. Beautiful! Thank You for sharing!

  98. I have a pair of sistergirls, they have been close since the day I brought Baby Sister home. My pair are soon to be attending high school together as senior & freshman sisters. They will get to spend this next year at school together after five years attending different schools. It is so very bittersweet for me, I am trying to savor these summer days and the school year to come. I am in awe of their love for each other and so proud they are best friends. I cannot help see my girls in your photos, thank you!
    I need a tissue to dry my tears….

  99. I don’t speak english very well and I don’t understand everyting but I know that you and your family are simply beautiful!!!!!

  100. Your Sistergirls are beautiful. The I luv u look Nella is givIng Lainey must just make your heart dance. You capture these moments like I was actually there experiencing the true love between these Sistergirls. I feel the love!! You are an amazing mama creating memories that will make you and your Sistergirls smile for years to come!! Thanks again for sharing.

  101. What special moments you have captured. Two sisters, both the same and yet different. You can just see the love and care they have for each other.

  102. Of course this is a beautiful post, like everyone else said. And how could you not feel the love by looking at those gorgeous photos! Being the mom of 2 boys, it’s just not the same. But my boys have a bond that is special just the same, and i wouldn’t trade that for the world.

  103. tears! so sweet.

  104. I absolutely LOVE these photos! My favorite by far.

  105. I’ve never commented before – just found your blog recently. But these pictures…love them. Sweet little momemnts captured. What a lucky momma you are!

  106. Do they ever fight? I’m expecting my second girl in October, and curious to see how they will get along :)

  107. These are my favorite posts!
    Sharing and caring. So blessed Kelle!

  108. Such perfect images of your perfect girls.

  109. The way Lainey feels about Nella is the way I feel about my baby sister. Even now that we are in our mid 30’s, my sister will always be that little baby wrapped up in a blanket.

    Wish that love for your girls. xoxo

  110. This is the cutest thing ever. Lainey looks like a good big sister.

  111. You know, this hits me beyond the cute because my girls are now at odds. Oh, how I fantasize about them having moments like Lainey and Nella’s in this post. There are days when I sit and wonder where it all went wrong, will it get back to the way it was when they were inseparable. It hurts to think there must be a reason they seem to dislike (DAMN IT HURTS TO WRITE THAT WORD) each other. I will, however, continue to try to bring them back together. The bond of a sister is like nothing else in this world. Nothing.

  112. Wow, you are so right. Just what you had hoped for, if not better :-)

  113. As a mommy of two little girls, this may be my favorite post ever.
    My girls are soul mates too.
    I know that they’ll always have each other and that soothes this momma’s heart.

  114. They have such a great sister bond. It melts my heart every time I see it.

  115. I remember reading about how much you feared their sisterly bond wouldn’t exist in Bloom. I’m so happy for you, and them. Xo

  116. I finally carved out time to purchase and start reading “Bloom.” Oh man – I am hooked. I think reading your book and following your blog is the best thing that could happen to a memoir..it’s like the characters are etched out in daily life on your blog with the book telling the bigger story – we are blessed to have your words and images!

  117. So precious… I have always had such a wonderful and special relationship with my little sister… Its amazing to see it captured through pictures. The girls will be so happy to see their love and childhood once they are adults and still best friends.

  118. love. post gave me a little lump in my throat. :)

  119. OMGosh – this is the best post ever!!!! Love, love, love all the sister photos … I am sure this is a complete dream come true!

  120. How very very sweet.

  121. oh my lanta!! your girlies are just absolutely presh. totes following you now. ahh i love all the pictures, so good!


  122. Beautiful post! The makeup pictures were my favorite ♥

  123. Beautiful girls, beautiful mamma!

  124. Lovely – just like sisters should be. This made me smile big!

  125. This post made me tear up as it is SO very sweet and exactly what you wanted for your girls. You explained your fear of them not having this in Nella’s birth story and look at them now….just Beautiful!!!

  126. Your girls are so sweet! I have a house full of rowdy boys, and I absolutely love them. But now I wish I had girls too. :)

  127. This is so sweet. I really hope I have two girls one day for this exact same reason. I have a sister and she is my best friend.

  128. You know Kelle, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but recently I’ve been back-blogging and reading the posts that were there before I stumbled here and what I see is the unmistakable bonds of sisterhood between your girls. You can see so clearly how in love with Nella Lainey has been since she slipped into the world. You have such a wonderful thing there.
    You know this already, but all those things you hoped to give Lainey back when Nella was still tucked deep inside you–all those sister things–the look on those girl’s faces when they are together promises that you gave them every single sister thing you couldn’ve hoped to. What a blessing!

  129. Precious and Priceless!

  130. Love them and their sweet bond. Makes me think of your first post on Nellas brith and how scared you were that they may not have that bond you had longed for. Let me tell you girl, that bond looks like so much more than you could have even imagined in your wildest dreams! You are blessed <3

  131. How adorable are they! Praying to have a daughter one day :o)
    God Bless you guys!

  132. I have 5 daughters! And I have 3 sisters! I know all about sister relationships! Always have loved the saying: “Sisters by chance…friends by choice” Enjoy your girls…and keep sharing! Thank you Kelle!

  133. Precious sisters! I find myself doing the same thing when I see my 18-year-old and 16-year-old (with cerebral palsy due to CMV) interact. It IS like watching a cake bake! Sweetness indeed!

  134. Just cried big fat salty tears looking at those pictures. The kind of tears that come from the overflow of happiness from my heart.

    Thank you for the very personal share.

  135. Oh, I love this!! Beautiful photos. I have three girls and my older two (3 years and almost 2 years) are starting to be like this too. It is so beautiful and I too could just watch them for hours. I always wanted a sister and I’m so happy that they have each other! Your girls are precious.

  136. this is such a sweet post…beautiful pics of your beautiful girls. sisterhood is one of the best gifts in life. i have 4 incredible, unique, kind, talented, loving sisters and they are such a blessing to me! i now have 5 daughters of my own and it’s a total joy watching their relationship blossom each day. kudos to you for catching those moments on your camera for them (and you) to enjoy forever. :)

  137. Wonderful words to describe pictures… even if the pictures speak by themselves…

  138. I love the bond that Lainey and Nella have.Your beautiful blondies are a joy to read about. Thanks Kelle as always for sharing your world with us.

  139. that why I always wanted a sister. just beautiful.

  140. Truly Beautiful!

  141. i love those pictures that show such precious sister love. pure bliss. pure love of our Lord..

  142. I could not read this post- as I was looking at the pictures I was crying. You are so lucky to have 2 beautiful girls. I have a beautiful 2 year old and sadly, I had a miscarriage the beginning of June. I was looking forward to my Janie Ann being a big sister and being able to watch them grow up together. I know that just because I had a miscarriage doesn’t mean I will not be able to have another baby, but I was so excited. I’m scared to try again- very scared, but looking at these pictures, I don’t want to be so selfish to face hurt again to not give my daughter the privelege of being a sibling. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful pictures and post.

  143. I seriously cannot even articulate how beautiful this post is…I dont know what overwhelmed me more..the pictures or your words. You fill my heart with such happiness for you and your beautiful family!

  144. omg, this post, the pictures! tears… love it.

  145. This is one of my favorite posts. You can see the love the girls share for each other. My favorite picture is the one where they have their foreheads together and are smiling at each other. Having a sister is one of the best things for a girl!
    Thanks for sharing your girls with us. :)

  146. What a beautiful bond your girls share. You should be proud that you have raised them to love.

  147. My most favorite post of yours. Brought me to happy tears!

  148. This is so precious. One of my favorites :) I hope I have girls as sweet as yours someday. Thanks for sharing. :)

  149. I am so moved by your photos. Beautiful! Found out last week that my daughter is going to have a little sister and I just think of their years ahead that they get to share. I never had a sister so I am unfamiliar with that bond and am ecstatic that my daughter and her sister will have that bond for a lifetime. :)
    You have shown me what I get to look forward to. Thank you!

  150. Makes me sad that my little girl doesn’t have a sister. Love this post! Love these girls!!

  151. Oh holy lordy… you’re making me question my decision of keeping my son an only child. This post is absolutely wonderful and perfect.

  152. Kelle,
    That second to last pic. of Nella and Lainey looking at eachother, seriously gave me goosebumps. Funny how a picture of one moment can be so much more descriptive and powerful than any words could ever do it justice. Special girls, both of them. Melts my heart.
    I rarely comment on the blog, because I know you get so many, but I am on instagram too, (kara78) and I will sometimes comment there. (my brother in law next to Obama’s limo.) Love your pics, love your blog, been a faithful follower since Nella was born. :-)

  153. tears here too, I have a sister, I have 4 grandgirls, I don’t know if I have ever seen such love and adoration.

  154. Just looking at that 2nd to last picture made me cry! What a beautiful shot! Your girls are amazing!

  155. I think this may be my favorite post you’ve ever done. These pictures are really special – no doubt up there with some of your favorites of the girls. Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

  156. Thank you for this. It made me cry. It was a good cry, a cathartic cry. A cry that makes me sad that my daughter won’t have a sister and one that makes me mourn that I didn’t have this relationship with my own sister. A cry that makes me hopeful of the future for girls, of the future for myself, as I can create my own sisters, and in doing so, my own sisterhood and my own village. Thank you for reminding me of why that is so important.

  157. These might just be my favourite pictures you’ve ever posted. Such a connection, such immense adoration for each other … nicely done Hampton Family!

  158. Oh my goodness, tears! Thank you – this is one of my favorite of your posts.

  159. This is so the most precious thing ever. Pictures and memories to hold on forever! What great sisters!

  160. Lainey is so serious! I love it.

  161. Wow. These pictures say so much. They are both so sweet and they will love these when they are older!

  162. just stumbled across this post…so so beautiful. Your girls are amazing. True love. <3

  163. just stumbled across this post…so so beautiful. Your girls are amazing. True love. <3

  164. Your sistergirls are just gorgeous, I am sure you are very proud of them both.


  165. Oh, sisters. I found your blog recently and am loving your sentiments – both written and visual. And having two little girls of similar ages to you, I can relate to a lot. Thank you for your inspiration and reminders to enjoy the small things – there are lots of them to be found! Today’s post reminded me that along with the squabbles and competitions that I find my girls in sometimes, there are also moments of bliss that only sisters can create. Loving it!

  166. Aww made me cry too. So beautiful thanks for sharing

  167. Precious! The adoration on both of their faces is touching!

  168. I loved this post! Sisters are so amazing, I love that my girls are getting to an age where despite a 4year gap they can play together, it warms my heart to see the love they share!

  169. I am a big sister to two amazing girls. And now I have 3 daughters too. Sister love is the best! Great photos Kelle!

    @DaphneOP on Instagram & Twitter

  170. That sly smile that Lainey has is adorable and the happiness your girls share is beautiful!

  171. Adorable! I know that Zayn needs a sibling sooner rather than later :)

  172. Oh my gosh love love love love love

    Can I please borrow Lainey and Nella for a week to teach my boys how to treat each other this way??!! SOO envious!!


  173. Ahhhh this post got me. How amazing the relationship is that your girls share…you all are truly blessed!

  174. They’re sooo sweet! <3

  175. oh kelle, these photos are too much! tears, the love shining out of both of them is moving x

  176. I haven’t read your blog in quite a while, mostly because my life ran away with me for a little while. But I realized how much I have missed it and so I am reading back a few to catch up. I love this post! My girl is close to Nella’s age, and while I don’t think I want to have another baby, I long for her to have a sister. We hope to adopt down the road, and I can only pray that they will have that bond as family, even though they will not be related by blood.

  177. I love these pictures. After hearing not so happy future fertility news and deciding our son will be our only child, these pics just melt my heart and wish things were a little different. Your daughters are beautiful, especially Nella.

  178. sigh, this is so precious!

  179. I’m about half way through your book, I’m pregnant and due late January :) and I tear up and get goosebumps throughout reading. I’m looking at your blog for the first time, and this post just makes me SO SO happy!

  180. This post just melts my heart <3

  181. Love. And makes me want to have a sister for my daughter even more.

  182. Kelle, I recently finished “Bloom” and have felt as if I am in the middle of your journey. Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking feelings I felt for you was the disappointment over the girls not having the connection that you and your sister were able to share and still do. My heart ached for you.
    This post has given me such joy. How deep their love, bond and admiration for one another. I am blown away as I watch your incredible story unfold.
    Thank you for your vulnerablity and truth. Your and your family have forever made an imprint in my life as a woman and mommy. I am grateful for the new perspective I have because of sweet Nella. She has changed my life.

  183. I love this post! The bond between sisters in unexplainable!!

  184. Favorite. What beautiful images and words, Kelle. Thank you for sharing. xxx, j

  185. I cried happy tears (again). Your sistergirls are precious! This is one of my favorite posts and I am so happy I came across it again! You’re a wonderful mama!

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