Sarah Sitting Down

I was so touched by a reader’s e-mail last week, I’ve asked her if I can share it. This young woman is such a brilliant example of confidence and tenacity, and she’s brought such beautiful clarity to some of my own challenges. I hope she inspires you too.

Dear Kelle,

My name is Sarah and I am one of your mystery readers. I feel like I am in AA and making a confession. I stumbled on your blog after receiving a link to another blog from a friend. Your blog was listed on the side under “blogs I read”. I was quickly drawn to the title and started reading. Little did I know, I would be reading your blog over the next several weeks, searching for every undiscovered, unread post. I immersed myself in your life, holding on to every word and every picture. I would sit for hours just reading and sobbing. Sobbing sometimes because of the sadness, but mostly because of the joy you exude in the most difficult situations. You take darkness and turn it into light.

Twelve years ago, when I was just twenty one years old, I was involved in a horseback riding accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down. Immediately, my life changed and everyone around me changed. Nothing was the same anymore and I was faced with not only the cluelessness of my twenties, but the overwhelmingly difficult challenge of doing this while newly paralyzed. After waking up in the ICU and learning my fate, I decided I would jump in with fervor and gusto. I was going to be the toughest, strongest, coolest paraplegic there ever was. I powered through therapy and insisted on covering my enormous back brace with chic pieces like a sweater around the neck or a scarf. I returned to college, after only missing a semester to recover. I was living as if I was going to beat the prognosis. As time went on, I learned this idea was not going to work. I began to have a tremendous amount of difficulty with the insurance company and obtaining what I needed, wheeling across a college campus seemed like so much work and took so much time. I started getting sick more and more often and was spending more and more time alone in my dorm room. I didn’t want to go places because I didn’t want people to see my wheelchair. I would have people over and insist I had to stay in bed just so I didn’t have to sit in the chair. I was losing and changing friends so rapidly because I had no idea who I was and anger and resentment were taking permanent residence in my mind.

I left Miami University, started a new job, and moved in with a high school friend. I continued to have higher and higher fevers every single day. I was vomiting every day, sometimes three or four times a day. I was trying to do my job as a tutor for children with autism and give them my presence and devotion and the attention they deserved, but I was slowly slipping away. My health problems increased and so did my insurance problems. My wheelchair was repossessed because of my insurance company’s failure to make payment! The issues went on and on and I fell deeper and darker into depression.

The doctors finally discovered that I was carrying a blood infection for at least nine years. I had to fight a number of doctors until I found one that actually felt there was something huge going on and didn’t dismiss my symptoms as just a UTI or a stomach bug. I had three years of treatments, of various kinds, to heal this infection.

I am now recovering rapidly and look forward to a future. Last year, when I discovered your blog, I was having a particularly difficult time in my life. I was terrified about moving forward, wasn’t all the way healed, and was just generally frightened about life. When I started reading your words, reading the fear you have, seeing how you keep going despite wanting to shut down, and feeling the positive energy that exudes from your blog, I started believing that I may have the life I’ve always wanted after all. Your honesty about wanting to hide the disability spoke volumes to me. I was always trying to live in spite of my injury instead of embracing it and living with it. I wanted to hide from everyone. I check your blog constantly because a simple picture of your girls or a story of a moment you’ve had, good or bad, can make my day seem bearable or better. Your stories, love of life, parties, simplicity, courage to just be present are all addicting. I want to create the feeling that comes through your blog in my life.

I, like you, always had a baby on my hip or kids in my life. I was the super nanny of my neighborhood and babysat all through high school and college until my accident. I can not wait to have a husband and babies. I can taste it, it is so real for me. I began thinking my dream life wasn’t possible because I couldn’t picture myself caring for my children they way I babysat. Water parks, ocean visits, hikes, and even playgrounds seemed impossible. I thought my children would be the unluckiest children and wish their mom could do something besides play scrabble. But then I found your blog. I see that Nella’s life is Nella’s life. Whatever modifications or changes have to be made, in comparison to Laney’s life, are made seamlessly. No one is suffering from a lack of anything. A disability does not mean dreams are over or are even comprimised. Working hard and making life what we want it to be is what we all have to do. Nella and I may have to work a bit harder, but we will still can have the life we desire.

Thank you for inspiring me to live the life I want and for making it look possible. I am plowing full steam ahead to grab what I want and to quote someone I admire, “suck the marrow out of life.”

Some people like to tell me that my injury, my paralysis, my illness, they are all a part of a plan, particularly God’s plan. That everything in my life has a reason and only He knows why. Well, I tend to find that a ridiculous thing to say. I find it very difficult to believe that hurt, pain, rape, murder, disability, war, and many other awful things are all a part of a plan. As far as I know and understand, God is love. Whenever love is present, so is God. God is inside of us all. When our hearts expand and more love blossoms, we are finding and experiencing God. When something tragic happens instead of being a part of a master plan, I believe it is just one more way we can expand our hearts. We are all a part of the human experience and with this experience comes many, many things we can not control…some good and some bad. Instead of analyzing them and figuring out why they occur, we would be much better off expanding our hearts and realizing all of the other people who share similar circumstances. We would be better off being a little bit easier on people we are frustrated with because who knows what he or she is going through or has been through. We must become more gentle and less tough. You have mastered this idea of opening your heart and sharing love.

Every child has known God-Not the God of names-Not the God of don’ts-Not the God who never does anything weird-But the God who knows only four words and keeps repeating them, saying: “Come Dance with Me.” Hafiz

Our life is a dance and we are the choreographers. You have taught me this through your blog and book and I am forever grateful. Because of you, I am starting my own blog to try to reach out to people who are suffering and in a similar condition or situation to mine. I hope it helps everyone, but want to focus on the disabled. A friend’s son jumped into a pool and is now paralyzed. He is at the beginning of the journey and I want to help him with my honesty, just as you have helped me with yours. If I reach out to only one person, it is worth it. I also need a place to tell these ridicouls stories that have happened throughout this journey! Please know I think of you often and am touched by your words constantly.

Thank you,
Sarah Berger


You can read more from Sarah’s new blog, Sarah Sitting Down.

Sarah, thank you so much for sharing your story.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular post and the Mark Poulin giveaway winner.


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  1. What an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I wish you all the best in life Sarah :-) I also love the quote about God. He is truly amazing <3

  2. Wiping away tears . . . Sarah, thank you for sharing your story. It’s so heartfelt and inspiring, I can’t even absorp it all. I will be bookmarking this to read again and I think I’ve found a new blog to follow!

  3. Kelle, thank you so much for sharing Sarah’s words. Sarah, thank you for putting your beautiful feelings and your difficult journey out there. You are a beautiful young woman (you both are!) and you both inspire me – xoxo

    Libby @ ninesandquines

  4. Will run like the wind to read Sarah’s story! What a truly inspiring post! Kelle…you are doing good work, girl! Keep it up!

  5. Thank you, Kelle, for sharing Sarah’s story. Sarah, you are such an inspiration and I know you will help more people than you will ever know. I pray that you continue to thrive and embrace your strength to love and create love in others. All the best! xoxo

  6. Beautiful…thank you so much for sharing. You both are inspiring!

    -Jenny in Iowa

  7. What a beautiful and touching story… it is great to see how the internet can bring so many of us together, no matter the miles, the circumstances, we all are brought together to learn from each other. Sarah’s words are full of emotion and she has the same talent with words as Kelle does. I agree with her… we must become more gentle and less tough… starting with ourselves… that one is my struggle… thank you both, Sarah and Kelle for bringing inspiration, tears and hopeful feelings to my life.

  8. Thank you for sharing Sarah…you are an inspiration!

  9. So incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing Sarah, and Kelle x

  10. Sarah, beautifully written. And so honest. Can’t wait to check out your blog!

  11. THIS is what it’s all about. Understanding, relating, cheering each other on, and shouting yes! even though what it is isn’t exactly what you have experienced, but their words are what you believe in and know to be true! Thanks for sharing her story. We’re all in this life together.

  12. I am so glad you shared this story. I am so glad she has a bright hope for her future!

  13. This is a beautiful story and a true testament to how you affect us all remind me to be grateful for all the love and blessings that I have.They come in many forms and disguises but I am blessed with 2 gorgeous daughters and my best friend, my has always tried to hobble me with an abusive alcoholic father, poverty stricken childhood,eating disorders, bipolar disorder,and now a miscarriage.every time that I think I can’t take anymore, I get stronger before the next thing comes to tear me down.i am strong, I am happy and I am blessed.thanknyou for reminding me to change my perspective! Xoxo debi @TruthfulMommy

  14. Beautiful, touching story!

  15. Truly gorgeous!! What an amazing girl & an amazing email. Sarah’s frame of mind is inspiring.
    I’m off to read her blog now :)
    See Kelle….your words & photos & journey inspires ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE…not just Mothers with DS babies. We all take so much from your blog, and your ‘way of life’.

  16. As a student who just graduated from Miami University, I am truly touched by Sarah’s story. Our university is not by any means wheelchair friendly, and is very much a ‘homogenous’ campus. I am inspired by her bravery, and very much aware of her decisions to not continue her education there. Her story is certainly inspiring, and one that I hope can inspire universities and public organizations to be ADA friendly.

    Kelle, your blog is wonderful— congratulations on your pregnancy, and best wishes to you and your sweet family!

  17. Fabulous K!!!

    I love reading other peoples journeys. We are all on one and it’s great to have access to them through this glorious world wide web :-)

    It’s like a massive friendship garden we can meet up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly to get such uplifting stories no matter what our circumstances are.

    Thanks for sharing xxDani

  18. Sarah is right about you, Kelle. And Sarah is right about life. And about the dance. And God. I look forward to reading her words. Thank you both so much for sharing!

  19. Beautiful, beautiful letter. Kelle, you are truly an inspiration. I can say that you have also inspired me to see beyond the ‘worst’. I love your blog, your honesty and your willingness to share your journey with us. :-)

  20. WOW! Yes, Sarah said it for sure. Thank you so much for inspiring all of us, Kelle. And I look forward to reading Sarah’s inspiring blog as well.

  21. This is just so touching! We’ve been having a tough couple of weeks around here and this has provided me with another layer of perspective. Thank you so much for writing this Sarah, and for you Kelle for sharing and inspiring this!

  22. I have often felt the same way as Sarah and asked myself, How can this painful thing be part of God’s plan? She has summed it up beautifully. Sarah, thank you for sharing your story!

  23. What an amazing story. Sarah, you are beautiful and a true gift! God bless you and I’ll be reading your blog.

  24. Sarah, what can I say to you. I’m so sorry about your accident. I’m so sorry about your illness. What character you have, what strength of will, to have persevered through so much. You are breathtakingly lovely and so are your words.

    Kelle, I’ve already shared with you what a beautiful and hopeful place I find your site to be. Thank you so much, again, for all that you share. And happy happy pregnancy to you!

  25. One word for Sarah’s letter…AWESOME. And you, Kelle, inspire SO many. Like Sarah, I get so excited when there is something new to read on your blog. I have nothing that compares to either of your life problems, but love, love, love to read about other peoples’ lives – the good AND the bad. Thanks again. Now I have another blog to add to my ever-growing favorites bar! :)

  26. Beautiful. Thank you both for sharing.

  27. Beautiful girl and a beautiful story!

  28. Sarah, that was so beautiful. Love and good wishes to you!! :)

  29. I to was the same way when I found your blog. Every night I would read and read and stare at all the pictures. Just completely in awe. Because it’s true, your blog radiates the most beautiful energy. and it shines so bright i couldn’t help but stop and look. and i have been looking ever since. you have touched us all in one way or another. and you have inspired us all to strive to be happier and stay present. thank you.

  30. Oh, this precious girl! I pray her prince comes soon & blesses her with many babies!

    Kelle ~
    Once again, your timing is impeccable (no accident).
    Just minutes before I sat down to read, I stood still in my kitchen and prayed a simple prayer: “Dear Lord, even after I’m healed, please help me to not forget.”

    I’m talking about this ruptured achilles I’ve been dealing with for 2 months (with many more months of physical therapy to go…..6 to 12 months for full recovery). In no way am I comparing my injury to Sarah’s, but in a very minuscule way, I understand her thought process and her transformation through out her trial.

    I hope I will never again take it for granted that I have 2 feet to walk on. I’ve had to change the way I do everything; everything from picking a toy up off the floor while maneuvering on crutches to washing my hair exclusively in the tub, from going up & down stairs on my bum to laying on the floor in order to put on my underwear. These are only a FEW of the things that have changed, but the hardest things have come from not being able to care for my children the way I want to. I can’t even cook for my family because my foot and toes turn purple and swell into sausages that resemble gorilla feet. I haven’t carried Nora on my hip or cradled her in my arms while walking from the living room to her crib, or picked her up from the floor or out of the tub or to her carseat or for a standing hug or a swaying dance…….for 2 MONTHS!!! And I don’t know when the next time I’ll be able to.

    This is a very serious injury, but I do have hope of walking again. I WILL walk again (and dance….the very thing that got me into this mess ;). So that is what makes Sarah so extraordinary!!! She may not walk again, but she still has hope; hope for a fulfilling future. Her courage and positive outlook is inspiring, to say the very least. I don’t know if I could say the same about myself had it been a paralyzing accident.

    I haven’t worded this right, I know that. But what I do know, is that I just prayed for daily reminders (even beyond recovery) to not take anything for granted, and you sent me (us) this message.

    Thank you, Kelle. Thank you Sarah. Thank you, God.

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  32. Very few people can express themselves in a wonderfully eloquent way that makes others sit up and want to drink in their words. You can Kelle – and I believe Sarah can too. What an amazing gift that both of you have and are willing to share – enlightening, encouraging and showing others the positive path that our lives can take despite the ‘bumps’ along the way.

    Thank you both.

    Northern Ireland

  33. amazing – went right away and read her blog. thanks for sharing and ill be reading her blog faithfully along with yours!

  34. Wow! Sarah, You TOO are an inspiring person. You HAVE got the spirit, and I can tell just by reading your letter you’re an amazing person!

    God gave you these challenges because he KNEW you could face them head on with a positive spirit. Life is NOT supposed to be easy! :)

    <3 My favorite quote, which seems appropriate right now: “Keep your chin up gorgeous, there’s people who would kill to see you fall!” :)

  35. So lovely to meet you Sarah. Looking forward to experiencing your journey through your blog.

    You have a way with words just like Kelle. I struggle sometimes with emotional issues and sometimes struggle to let certain people into my world with an open and loving heart. I have found your words, like Kelle’s, very inspirational and humbling.

    I am so pleased you have connected and it fosters a vision that I find gives me strength, which is that somehow, we’re all holding hands as we face life’s obstacles. Much love x

  36. Thank you so much for letting Kelle share your story Sarah! Your both an inspiration for so many of us. I cried and smiled at the same time. I will think of the quote all the time as it carries such meaning to me. I want to grab someones hand right night and call those beautiful words. I have an autistic son, so I know struggles too. Love to you both. This world is mesmorizing to me and I’m grateful in the way it can bring people together.xx

  37. I am speechless. What an incredibly motivating and touching story. & what a huge compliment to you, Kelle. Isn’t that was the human experience is all about? …sharing our life with and touching others? God Bless you both!

  38. Wow! Sarah, so beautifully written. Such an inspiring perspective. So grateful to have gotten the opportunity to read Sarah’s story.

  39. I coach a wheelchair tennis team and Sarah’s story is like so many I have heard over the years of coaching. What a wonderful woman!

  40. Kelle, I hope that you are feeling better with each passing day. The best part about morning sickness is it is they say that it is a sign of a healthy baby. Sarah’s story is just one more example of what you were put on this earth to do. You are one amazing person, through your photographs, writing, showing us what an amazing Mom you are through the good and bad/rough times. You are so HONEST and I believe that is why we all can relate to you. THANK YOU not just for your blog but for the way you are able to bring a smile to our face each time you post to your blog. You have a way of making me realize that nobody’s life is always perfect.

  41. Loved reading this email. I loved how she said she didn’t see pain and disability as gods plan but a way to expand our hearts.

    My son have severe cerebral palsy and my view of what I thought motherhood would be like has completely changed. He was born at 28 weeks and by all accounts we should have lost him so he is truly a miracle. Through pain, anger, mourning, hope I have come to my ‘new normal’ and my son is such a light in my life. He’s not what I ever wanted but sometimes we don’t always get what we want, we get something better.

  42. Thanks, Kelle, for sharing Sarah’s story with us, and thanks, Sarah, for giving her permission! Reaching out, helping others, just living and coping and trying to always see the bright side of life – your two blogs do/will bring so much sunshine into our lives – thanks for the smiles, Kelle, and Sarah – I’m so excited to be a new follower and am so looking forward to a peek into your life! God blesses us all in many, many ways – we just have to open our eyes to those blessings!

  43. what a wonderful story… all because you put your story out there! i love how that in sharing our own stories, our own struggles, and journeys others can be encouraged, lifted up and find hope. kelle, you do this for sarah, but for many more. i am one of those people. in your sharing many hearts are made lighter, perspectives are changed and life is different. you make a difference. keep writing!

  44. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful story. Sarah – we’re all richer having seen a piece of your life and I for one am rooting for you! Keep that positive light, it’s beautiful!

  45. Strangely, I saw a vision in reading again Sarah’s story…of a God who longs for all to understand the grand and glorious mysteries of life, sending lives into the flow, like floating candles in the current of a river. And then I saw those candles…they were people, beautifully broken, bold and brilliant. Among them I saw my Nella, smiling…and Sarah, glowing…and all of us willing to be light in the darkness. This was an amazing letter and I am so grateful for Sarah’s energy in sharing it! It’s a good day!

  46. Wow! What an amazing and truly inspiring person. Kelle and Sarah, Thank you both for sharing your stories.

    All my best, Kimmy

  47. Thank you for sharing!

  48. Sarah, thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to all. Your words touch my heart and they are words to live by, not just for people with disabilities, but for everyone without them too. I have made the effort in the last few years to live my life this way and what a difference it makes. thank you, and thank Kelle.

  49. Sarah, Thank you for sharing your story! If this world is as small as I think it is, I believe I know the boy you are helping who had a recent swimming accident, you are such an angel to him and his family I’m sure. Our community is so blessed to have such caring and loving people like you! You are an inspiration to all. PS: Go Redhawks!! (I just graduated this past May with a Special Education degree!)

  50. This just represents the best of the internet! I’m so touched by reading your story, Sarah, and Kelle, I don’t even know where to start! My husband is paralyzed from the chest down because of a gymnastics accident when he was in high school. We started blogging about it, just being honest, and God has really blessed us! It turns out there are a lot of people out there who just need community. Amazing that community like this can be built across thousands of miles!

  51. Welcome Sarah! You also have a beautiful voice :-)

  52. “A disability does not mean dreams are over or are even compromised.”

    Thank you for saying this. I have two special needs boys, and for far too long I hid. It took time, but I realized that we didn’t have to miss anything. We just had to do it different.

    Best wishes on your journey and thank you for sharing.

  53. Wonderful message!! I cannot wait to read Sarah’s blog. I am sure she will reach so many people.

    Kelle – you touch so…. many people-it’s amazing!

  54. this is an amazing story! I can’t wait to read more about Sarah on her blog. Thank you for sharing!

  55. Wow, what an amazing girl! Sarah, thanks so much for sharing your touching story. You are beautiful inside and out!

  56. Wow. Thank you, Sarah, for allowing Kelle to share your email with us. Your story touches my heart causing my heart to reach out to yours. Our lives are like those “choose your own adventure” books – do you remember those? That you are actively choosing your adventure AND your attitude is a beautiful thing and that in the process you want to share and bless others with your adventure is awesome.
    I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I am so sorry for all your troubles. So many things at once – adjusting and processing life as a paraplegic, an undiagnosed blood infection, and insurance trouble on top of it. You are still writing your story, but I can see that you WILL come out on top, girl!
    You are a sweet inspiration to all of us and I look forward to checking out your blog.
    The God quote you shared is absolutely beautiful. Sarah, hear His continuous invitation to dance with Him.
    Kelle, thank you for seeing how this story would bless us and for sharing it with us.

  57. This is such a great story — thank you for sharing!

  58. I love your blog and Sarah’s letter was just so honest and beautiful! I definitely plan to follow her blog. Also, found this wonderful blog today with kids’ DIY projects and thought I would share! Another inspirational blogger :)
    Thank you for all that you share!

  59. Wow… what an inspiration! Thank you Kelle and Sarah for sharing.

  60. What a beautiful post. A real inspiration.

  61. Thank-you, Sarah – for having the courage to share your story so openly and so touchingly…..Thank-you, Kelle – for having the wisdom and insight to know that Sarah’s message was just what many of us needed to ‘hear’ today!

    I will be adding Sarah’s blog to my reading material……..Rosemary

  62. Thanks for sharing, Kelle. Amazing story of triumph and the human spirit.

  63. so beautiful!

  64. Wow. Very inspiring. You have me crying at work! Thanks for sharing.

  65. Wellp. My face is just covered in tears now. What wonderful, inspiring words. I will be reading Sarah Sitting Down, absolutely.

  66. Sarah, you are a beautiful person and wiser than most.You will do great things and help others by sharing your stories and THAT is now your plan. Our plans are what we make of our situations, our circumstances, ourselves. I agree with you that God does not cause harm, disease, or misfortunes – but He can help us through those things and bless those around us by showing the strength He gives us. You are a beautiful writer, and I can’t wait to see how you help others while bringing continued healing to yourself through new support. Kelle – once again, look at the ripple effect you have caused with so many whom you may never meet in real life but have touched so personally we feel as if we know you. Thank-you for being you :)

  67. Sarah, you are beautiful inside and out. And YOUR story was so moving to me! I can’t wait to read your blog!! :)Hugs!

  68. Wow, thank you for sharing Sarah’s email. After my son’s birth I had some very dark days and Kelle’s words definitely lifted my spirits and told me that life was going to be ok no matter what. Suck the marrow, indeed!

    Good luck, Sarah! I look forward to reading your blog :)

  69. Love this post so much. What a beautiful woman she is. I see her with lots of babies, and a husband who adores her.

  70. wow! that’s AMAZING how many lives you have touched through your blog Kelle and now Sarah is going to reach out and help so MANY because of your words! it’s AMAZING!

  71. My brother-in-law is a quadripalegic. It’s amazing what he’s been able to do since he resolved to live his life like he had wanted to before his accident. I really hope Sarah’s blog helps anyone–whether in a wheelchair or not–because it’s so needed.

  72. I know many people feel about Kelle as Sarah does. Inspiring!

    Thank you for sharing your story Sarah. Best wishes to you as you suck the marrow!

  73. So, so beautiful! Sarah you are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing (and making me cry!). I am now a follower of your blog. :)

  74. Thanks for sharing this!! Sarah, what an inspiration. You are beautiful inside and out!

  75. Thanks to you and to Sarah for sharing her letter. I totally agree with her that people need to be more gentle with others because you never know what their story is.

    Kelle, I know you don’t share every aspect of your life on this blog but the fact that you focus on the happy things has made a difference to me. I’ve had a lot going on in my lift the last 2 years and it helps to be reminded to enjoy some happiness even in the midst of sadness and stress.

  76. Kelle,
    Please keep this family in your thoughts, they just lost their little one.

  77. what a fantastic story!

    And Sarah, you are beautiful.

  78. Thank you for sharing Kelle, you see how you inspire us all!

    Sarah, you are amazing and I look forward to your future! Best wishes to you!

  79. Hi Kelle, Im also one of your mystery readers. And it’s just beautiful to have found such a “place” where to get so many beautiful testimonials how how much life is worth living every second! Thank you, Elisa

  80. thanks so much for introducing all of us to beautiful Sarah! i know i’m going to be learning awesome life lessons from this amazing gal. =)

  81. Love Sarah’s blog!

    PS since i’m bad at math, can you tell us how far along you are?

  82. amazing. simply amazing. thank you sarah!!

  83. Hi Kelle, thanks so much to both you and Sara for sharing your incredible journeys with us so far. I have to agree with her, God doesn’t necessarily dole out challenges. He allows them though and allows us to struggle like any good parent. Standing by, waiting for us to reach out to him anytime we need him. He knows how strong we are, even when we don’t. He directed me to you blog and I’m so thankful! We have a great story, I will tell you in an email. But basically because of your story and you opening my eyes to the beauty of these down syndrome children, we are opening are home and hearts to adopting one or maybe… 2. We’ll see how things go. Thanks so much for all your beautiful posts! P.S. having dealt with HG, I feel your exhaustion. When you said you spit in the sink and crave citrus, it brought me RIGHT back! Been there done that! The spitting ARRGGHH!!! Blehhh. Hang in there sweetie! Have your been to the helpher website? Good HG site! So happy for you though! XO, Sue

  84. P.S. get some lemonheads to suck on, that helps the citrus craving and the constant saliva…ugghh, I hate to even type that word..(((shhhhuuddder)))!

  85. Inspiring! Way to grasp life, Sarah!

  86. Another truly inspiring story. I stumbled across your blog 2-3 months back and instantly recognised something in your writing and photography that moved me. Five years ago at 38 weeks pregnant I had a life changing accident that shattered my pelvis and hip and means that I can barely walk. Aside from this my baby boy was then born with a form of hydrocephalus (water on the brain). I too initially thought ‘what had I done?’. Through God’s grace I have learnt to reevaluate life and to live in the now, rather than worry over the future and the things I can’t control. I applaud your blog and value of the diverse world we live in and the moving way you articulate some really difficult situations. People like you help to change perceptions of disability on a wide scale to one of valuing each individual. Thank you – you inspire me and lift me in a similar way you have done to Sarah. It’s only through her bravery to email you that I’d even disclose my situation to ‘strangers’, so thank you! J9 x

  87. What an absolutely AMAZING letter for you, Kelle! And Sarah, thank you for sharing your story. I love the title of your blog and I added it to my favorites! God bless you!

  88. What an absolutely AMAZING letter for you, Kelle! And Sarah, thank you for sharing your story. I love the title of your blog and I added it to my favorites! God bless you!

  89. WOW!! Sarah, you are a class act.. one of my best friends is a paraplegic and I have witnessed and seen her struggles, but she is not letting it stop her..stay strong chicabee, you are a inspiration!!!

  90. thank you both so much for sharing your stories, being vulnerable and inspiring us all.

  91. What a beautiful and touching email and what a gorgeous and inspiring girl!

  92. MY prayers to you and your fast recovery, this is a very touching blog, i remember my son which is only 4years old when he encountered aarizona car accident and was in ICU for a while, my heart crashes together with him in the accident, after a few weeks of medical treatment, and months of therapy from his chiropractor, he is now able to stand again and walk, its a process like what you mentioned here, i Thank God and the person behind each of every step my son is stepping.

  93. Sarah, Your story broke my heart, but your optimism makes me smile. You ARE a true champion in so many ways, and a very pretty one to say the least.
    Good luck to you.


  94. Wow…sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own drama that you forget about others and what real suffering is about. What an inspiring story of perseverance and strength. So many people would shrink & crumble inside, but Sarah has turned herself around ad aiming high! Thank you so much for sharing!

  95. I was always trying to live in spite of my injury instead of embracing it and living with it.

    I needed this today. What a moving and inspiring story – thank you for sharing!

  96. MY prayers to you and your fast recovery, this is a very touching blog, i remember my son which is only 4years old when he encountered an arizona car accident and was in ICU for a while, my heart crashes together with him in the accident, after a few weeks of medical treatment, and months of therapy from his chiropractor, he is now able to stand again and walk, its a process like what you mentioned here, i Thank God and the person behind each of every step my son is stepping.

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