A Little Oily

Well, the “pretty” thing turned out to be no big deal, and I tried not to make it a bigger deal.  I think as parents we have these giant red flags we’re searching for with signals our kids give us, especially when it comes to confidence.  Sometimes, hardly a flash of red appears and we take it as a signal fire.  Lainey seemed bewildered by the fact that I wanted to talk about it when all she wanted to do was finish coloring Fancy Nancy’s face in her coloring book.  So I took her cues and kept it light-hearted.  Yes, there are lots of things that make us feel pretty but turns out that Lainey thinks “pretty” means blue eyes–even if she likes her brown eyes too.  No signal fire.  Sister’s fine.


I just returned from an essential oil party tonight with my friends.  I pictured candles and spa tunes and all of us passed out on the floor, totally zen from eucalyptus, but it didn’t exactly go that way.  I started using a few essential oils for pregnancy nausea and headaches this time around, and now I’m getting into it.  And the “I think I’m a Doctor” I’m married to has a list of oils he’s researched for common ailments.  I’m hoping it goes better than the last time I got into essential oils which goes a little something like this:

About six years ago, Girlfriend took one trip into this local health food store that smelled like alfalfa, lavender and healthy people with cool quirks, and it was life-changing–or so I thought. Here I was in my early twenties, identity easily swayed by anything that looked cool (mid-thirties, I still get that way sometimes).  And there, standing in front of bergamot and sandalwood bottles in the middle of the essential oil aisle, I decided I was going to become Essential Oil Girl, a small step toward the grass smoothie drinking, dredlock wearing, Prius driving chick that, on that particular day, I thought was cool (I decided I’d stop at maxi pads made out of sheep’s wool).

I bought five oils to start, came home and didn’t even think to research their intended uses.  Peppermint oil smelled good, and I was certain it’d make a relaxing bath.  So Essential Oil Girl lit some candles, poured a fourth of the peppermint bottle (not kidding–a fourth of a bottle) into hot water and climbed in.  Brett walked in a minute later and said, “Smells really strong–like a candy cane” which is about the moment when the excrutiating pain part of this story comes in. 

Take my word:  Do not ever, ever, ever pour fourth of a bottle of peppermint oil into a bath intended to soak a human body. 

I imagine being burned with dry ice feels a little bit like taking a peppermint oil bath.  Or putting Ben Gay in places it doesn’t go.  Everything–and I mean everything–went frozen.  Burning chills.  My body shook for four hours.  I literally wrapped myself in wool and then climbed under fifteen hundred blankets, hand cupped over burning crotch, crying, and still could not get warm. It was awful.  And I’m sorry to say that’s not the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in life (Dad, no need to comment on this sentence). 

I’ve come a long way since then, and we’ve been researching some ways to supplement modern medicine for our family (Brett’s highly interested–always has been).  We’re going to try some natural things for immunity, stress and allergies for our family and some very basic natural remedies for increased cognitive/memory for Nella–nothing ingested and nothing I would push on anyone else.  There’s a lot of information out there re: cognitive supplements for Down syndrome, and I don’t have enough substantial research to suggest these for anyone else.  At this point we have not used any nutritional supplements for Nella other than regular children’s vitamins, and we’re most comfortable keeping it that way for right now, with the addition of some daily essential oils that we’re going to try.  I’ve received numerous e-mails requesting what we do for Nella, if we use any supplements, etc.  It’s not that we’re trying to be secretive–we’re happy to share what we do.  It’s just that there are thousands of stories out there, not enough solid case studies for my own safety comfort levels, and I’m not qualified to refer parents regarding these issues.  We do what feels comfortable for our family, we use our trusted resources to ask questions and I expect everyone else does the same. 

With that said, spa night’s over and I’m ready to camp out. 

A few pics…


So ticked at me..




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Happy Weekend!


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  1. We use lots of Young Living Essential Oils! Be careful though, lots aren’t safe to be around during pregnancy and can cause contractions!

  2. Bahaha, oh Kelle. And your burning parts after a peppermint oil bath. That made me almost squirt my pants.

  3. I love the grumpy face! PS- headache oil too close to eyes also not a good thing:)

  4. I was literally cracking up over your peppermint oil story. When I was 8 months pregnant, I received a package with tea tree oil. I decided to open it while soaking in the tub. I figured out too late that the bottle had cracked & the entire contents poured into my bath water. There’s definitely a label on the bottle to avoid usage while pregnant. I was soaking in a tub filled with the stuff. It stung every part of my body & I could not get the residue & smell off for days. I feel your pain.

  5. I love having a looksie at Mountain Rose Herbs for essential oils, teas, etc. My dream car is a Prius… or a Subaru Outback wagon :) I need to check out more natural remedies for fevers, that’s on my list. And artificial dyes are bad, damn Popsicle brand… your peppermint story gave me the chills!

  6. Um, can I just say I’m always envious of how your daughter’s are dressed? Sigh, I love their clothes, I wish my one year old had their closet! :)

  7. Have you ever used “Organic Good Samaritan” By Veriditas Botanicsls? It’s pretty much AMAZING!! The babes and I wear it every day 😉

  8. I’m just picturing all the essential oil safety ‘hints’ you’re going to get after this post 😉 Not from me though. Glad you’ve found something to help your family with general ailments.

    Love those pics of Nella! So gorgeous.

    Happy weekend :) x

  9. HAHA I was dying laughing about your burning parts! Hilarious!

    I also loveee that picture of Nella pouting in the woods. She is so cute even when shes mad.

  10. Hit up Mountain Rose Herbs and go nuts… I get my essential oils to make bug spray there (been using it all summer – not one tick or mosquito bite, impressive for Massachusetts!!) I also get elder berries from there – read up on the benefits of elder berry syrup, its great stuff!

  11. I love your writing…that said I haven’t laughed as hard at any writing in a long time…thanks for the warning about peppermint oil 😉

  12. Oh, heavens. That essential oil story was hilarious and awful at the same time. Peppermint oil = not for baths…noted!

  13. I literally just laughed out loud and had to read this entry to my husband. Sorry to have a laugh at your expense but that was hilarious Kelle :)

  14. Which essential oils have you been using during your pregnancy for nausea? I’m almost 13 weeks, pregnant with my 3rd and I’m literally sick all day! Any suggestions?

  15. I have only been reading your blog for a short time. I probably wouldn’t comment at all on a blog like this — as I tend to give comments as support, and feel silly almost giving a comment unnecessarily among thousands. But, I will comment to tell you what I admire most about you. Yes, your photos and way of working light make your life look picture perfect. Your kids and husband and self dress hip and do cool things. There is plenty to envy as we all tend to do when looking at others lives. But, what I have seen, and what has spoken to me — told me a way I want to improve — is not just the old “but you try to keep it real” — because yes, you do, you admit the bad that also exists, and that it to your credit. But, to me, your amazing strength is in . . . I don’t know the right words . . . it is in your ability to tell us your life all the while making us feel unjudged if ours is different. It feels like you would like me if you met me. You would like anyone, maybe, if you met them. I know I am not saying it right. But I think there is truly nothing I would wish for more than for me, my kids, to be able to love and not judge. Sometimes I read blogs and I think, “This person seems super cool. I admire her, but I know that she would not like me because I don’t . .. feel super strongly about natural childbirth, or, have the same political agenda, the same religious beliefs, the same passion for organic or homeschool, etc.” What I love about you is that you can write about your world — share it, let us learn from it, with out doing any harm. With out making any feel less for not being big on whatever you might be big on. That is my new goal — in touting my wares (showcasing my kids, my life), not to be walking nervously on pins and needles — to freely share, but to do so in a way that doesn’t diminish others who are different. That is a beautiful thing and you are able to do it.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Your sheep’s wool pads made me giggle. I make my own pads, but out of flannel and PUL. =) It’s made a world of difference.

  18. Often times people make the assumption that “natural” equals “safe”. As with anything, one has to read the labels! I have made my own mistakes. Im currently reading the book “Wheat Belly” and it truly is an interesting read. Written by an MD about all the wheat products we eat. I highly recommend it. Your peppermint story gave me goosebumps. I just learned that a drop of Japanese Mint oil on the upper chest will defrost a stuffed up nose…my sil swears it stops her from snoring. Lots of interesting things out there to try…with caution of course. Love your blog, one of my fav ones on the net.


  19. absolutely loved this post.

    Like you, over the years I have gotten so many qestions on ‘what we do’.

    I firmly believe as you so eloquenlty stated. Do what feels natural to you. Eat healthy, supplement as you feel confident in….love and nuture. Get in-tuned with yourself, your rhythm, your family.

    It all falls into place.

    Loved the photographs. Miss Nella and Sister are precious [and oh, so loved “it shows”]

    Peace on this day of Internation Peace and the most delightful first day of Autumn.


  20. i have to say, the nella stomping and frowning in the woods picture was PRICELESS!
    … and i’m in total agreement as to the lengthy comment about how you “keep it real.”

  21. HILARIOUS bath story.
    Good for you for not making suggestions. You are such a brilliant young woman. But wonderful ideas indeed.
    LOVE the top picture of Nella.
    Such peace.
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thank you for sharing thae essential oil story. I, literally, laughed out loud. That is absolutely something I would do! Cheers to you for finding natural ways to help with your daughter. I hope you come across the best ideas, ever!

  23. So did I literally laugh out loud!! My husband, too! For days I will think of ‘hand cupped over burning crotch’ and laugh & laugh & laugh!

  24. I think it’s because Nella reminds me of our daughters, who are now technically grown but who will be forever teenage toddlers, that I got such a giggle from Nella’s scowl! I could almost hear her feet stomping through the leaves! I have to admit that she looks more and more like Lainey each time I visit your blog, and she definitely looks like her sister in that picture!

    Glad the pretty thing was nothing but a thing! :)

  25. Oh no, frozen crotch? That doesn’t sound great. We’ve all done stupid things like that though. I covered my spotty teenage face in toothpaste as I’d read it dries up spots. I think they meant if you apply a DAB to the spot, not a THINK LAYER to your WHOLE FACE! Stripped a layer of skin off and had a red raw face for a couple of weeks after and, no less spots!Rx

    PS- tangerine oil is safe in pregnancy.


  26. I can SO relate to your peppermint oil experience…except I was using Dr. Bronner’s (?)peppermint soap. I naively used it to wash my face…and when it came in contact with my eyes… it felt like they were literally on FIRE! I seriously thought I would become blind in the process. Anywho, love this post and can’t wait to hear more about baby boy. You rock.

  27. Haha! The peppermint oil story had me laughing out loud. I’m sorry you had to go through so much pain, but it sure makes a great story. And Nella has the most ADORABLE mad face!


  28. Hhahaha… that bath story is so awful and hilarious. Once I used a “refreshing face wipe” at a port-o-potty because there was no tissue. It was eucalyptus and I had the exact same reaction!!

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  30. Your girls are always dressed so cute. Always. :)

  31. All I can think of now is coaching boys track and laughing at the kids who let icy hot stay on their hands when they “adjusted” themselves.

  32. I love the picture of Nella walking out in the woods. It made me think you had just told her to “Come on. Let ‘s go.” Mostly because I see that same little frown on my own 2 year old. A lot when I am making her do something she doesn’t want to do. Thanks for the post. A good way to start off a Saturday I have to work.

  33. Nella is so funny, when she is mad she is MAD!!! Too cute!

  34. Nella is so funny, when she is mad she is MAD!!! Too cute!

  35. Holy cow, you had me laughing so hard my two year old started to get a little nervous!

  36. I can’t believe how big Nella is getting in these pictures! She’s really losing a lot of her babyness and coming into her own big girl. Love it.

  37. Love, love, love the peppermint oil story!

    Happy Fall!

  38. Nella’s grump face is adorable!!!

    Eeek…baby boy clothes!! Exciting! And you just made my day…my daughter has the top right dress!! I must go check out Dashing Bee!

  39. Haha! I’m so the same way! Why dip a toe in when you can submerge your entire body all at once?? We are fearless …. Or something.
    By the way, if you find anything that works for allergies please post!!

  40. Oh no, peppermint oil is strong stuff! Dr. Bronner’s makes awesome soaps that are castile soap with essential oils in them, but they are also very strong. A little goes a long way! The peppermint one is tingly but not killer.

  41. Oh my, that absolutely cracks me up about the peppermint oil…I can only imagine how terrible that was. And hilarious now.

    I have been happy with a few essential oils that I have used over the past couple years. Do you mind me asking what has worked for you as far as morning sickness?! I would love to find something that helps with that!!!!

  42. This post is so awesome. I can really relate to so many of your thoughts, ideas, and theories! Thanks for sharing!

  43. I say you should put up a cute fall craftastic banner!

  44. Oh my, I’m sure it’s funny now, but I can’t even imagine the pain.

  45. ooooh that grumple face! I love it!

  46. Oh my gosh. I can totally relate. Last weekend, I bought peppermint oil. While I didn’t pour 1/4 of a bottle in the tub, I surely put enough in to believe that it was going to be the end of me. I couldn’t believe it was happening.

  47. I haven’t gotten into oils yet, but when modern medicine wanted me to get on lifelong meds that may or may not help a medical condition i may or may not have, we turned to a homeopathic practitioner who was/is fantastic. will i be getting an epidural in a couple weeks when i deliver this fella? heck to the yeah. do i take herbs and use other natural remedies before turning to prescriptions? yep. am i afraid to go to the doc when i know i need to? nope, and even took an antibiotic just last week for bronchitis. BUT, our family has been changed in a HUGE way by diet change and using supplements and more natural approaches to sickness and other issues. we are still trying to find the balance, but i love what we’ve learned so far.

    any smells to induce labor?? after we get this baby turned head down, i wanna start workin’ on it bc my last two have been induced. and our new city seems super happy to induce for convenience and c-section at the drop of the word. no thank you. :)

    enough rambling.

    the girls are so very beautiful and i’m so glad that lainey’s “pretty” perspective wasn’t a big deal afterall. and she clearly has no idea how many admirers she actually has. :)

  48. Dying laughing. The image of being under blankets “cupping crotch” = priceless

  49. OMG- I did the exact same thing only with eucalyptus. ouch. you had me laughing so much that i might have to not read your blog until my c-section wounds heal. double ouch. as always, love nella bean’s pouty face. she has mastered that.

  50. haha. I see your peppermint oil bath and I raise you hot salsa on the cheeks to achieve a nice healthy glow. Try explaining that one to the college urgent care doc when he asks how you got chemical burns on your face. lol thanks for sharing.

  51. Hahahaha! Can’t stop laughing….not even long enough to answer my entire family’s burning question, “MOM! Please, WHAT is so funny?”

    And what was Nella so ticked about? Oh my goodness, I love her….hahaha!

  52. The “Nella’s ticked” photo is so cute. She looks so pretty, even with a sad face. And she looks like such a big girl.

  53. That’s so something I would do around Christmas-time in an effort to make even a bath seem “Christmasy.” Thanks for that heads up… the though made me cringe!

    It makes me smile that you get to buy adorable little boy clothes now. So fun!

  54. I’m pregnant too. Almost done though. My due date is next monday (October 1st). I definitely love natural medicine as a supplement and covet my bottle of peppermint oil. I get migraines, but I’m not a fan of taking medicine while pregnant. I swear I had the worst migraine the other day and even sleep didn’t make it go away. My husband rubbed some peppermint oil on my temples and my jaw and the base of my skull and within 15 minutes I could open my eyes and interact with the world again. It was like a miracle. Definitely follow the advice about getting it close to the eyes though. The vapors can make your eyes sting, but it won’t hurt anything. Good luck. I love reading about your little family. :)

  55. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nella’s grumpy face. She is adorable! Both of your girls are beautiful and I am sure your little boy bundle will be just as beautiful. Or should I say handsome 😉

  56. Okay, Mama, what did you do to make Nella so grumpy? I love that grumpy face and I can just hear her stomping through the woods. She is such a delight and I love watching her change as she grows.

    I’m glad the pretty thing wasn’t anything. It’s amazing how a simple comment from our kids makes us want to jump in and fix things.

    Your bath story was hilarious.


  57. Reminds me of the time I thought to use my husband’s athletes foot spray on another part of my body because I was in need of much relief for what I thought was the same kind of problem…a yeast infection is a yeast infection…no? Don’t ever spray that stuff on anything but your feet!

    Have you looked into hypnosis for pain control during childbirth…my most favorite birth experience out of 4.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  58. Next time that happens Kelle, You can cut the oil with regular vegetable oil. That’s one hot oil. I did something similar with eucalyptus oil that was supposed to help yeast. I was sobbing in the bath tub with cold water. Didn’t help. I won’t do that again. But cooking oil will cut the burn.

  59. Oh.my. I’ll bet that was extremely painful. Yikes.

    Nella’s ticked off face made me laugh…only because she wasn’t ticked off at me.

  60. Kelle, Love your stories even though I would not have wanted to be you. HA. I love Nella’s dress but most of all that face in her secong pic. was so so priceless. Those girls are so cute I just can’t wait to see them wit your little boy.

  61. Love this whole post :) It made me laugh out loud on a morning when I really need it!

    I’ve always been interested in alternative medicine. I’m glad you’re doing what feels right for your family xx

  62. Yeowch! Peppermint oil is painful, I feel your pain (literally)!

  63. Holy moly! I crossed my legs for you! Another lovely post, even my husband asks o see you pics when he sees me reading you blog now… Sigh… This could cost me a new camera 😉 xxx

  64. pretty photos!!!
    the girls are so cute*

  65. I LMAO when I read you dumped peppermint oil in the bathtub. Any amount. I’m laughing with you, promise.

    I like to keep my granola in the bowl. (To clarify, I call all my ‘earth mama’ type friends, granola).


  66. Hi, Kelle.
    I am a Norwegian girl, living in Oslo. I have read your blog for 6 months or so now, and I just love it. Everytime I see that you have written a new post, my day is complete! I usually wait to read it until I need something positive and refilling. My famliy have a 11-year old girl With Downs living in our home one weekend a month. She is just adorable. We also have a 30 year old girl With a braindamage living in our home one day a week. She has Been doing that since I was born. These two girls have made me become who I am today, and really appriciate them.
    I bought your book today, and I am looking forward to read it.
    I would loved to meet Nella, but as I live on the other side of the world, is that a bit hard. Instead; give her (and Lainey!) a huge hug from Oslo. Have a Nice week!
    Katinka (16)

  67. That peppermint story had me laughing. It reminds me of a similar story of mine where i mistook a bottle of peppermint foot lotion for our…ahem… Bottle on my nightstand in the dark. That was not how the night of lovin’ was supposed to turn out!! Lol

    Too bad that learning experiences have to be so painful sometimes! :)

  68. Love it! Ran into a similar problem one night when the hubby made dinner with chili peppers. He thought he washed his hands, but turns out he didn’t! I thought I was going to shrivel up inside. I had to plunge my butt (and lady parts) into an ice bath to feel better… and I imagined smoke leaving the water! (sort of like a cartoon, huh?)

    Love the blog. Congrats on your boy and your beautiful girls. :)

  69. Oh Kelle, this post made me laugh so hard I went into that silent-laugh-look-like-an-idiot phase! And at a time when I really needed it; I’m sick with strep throat and the flu, husband just left for out of town for the week for work so I’m playing solo mama to my two girlies, and I have a paper for my grad class I am trying to finish by midnight. I was feeling slightly overwhelmed so I came over to your blog for a break to see if you had a new post and I’m so glad you did!

  70. this whole post made me LOL! sorry! 😉 I’m sure someone has mentioned this but cod liver oil is wonderful for cognitive, processing, health and a host of other things. I originally bought it for one of my son’s who has PDD and now we have all taken it for yeas. I only buy Carlson’s, lemon flavored in liquid. Triple party tested for safety and purity. check it out :)

  71. Once when I was in the hospital and had just had a catheter removed I felt like I needed to go but couldn’t. The nurse filled the sink with hot water and put peppermint oil in it. The aroma made me relax and I could go. Disclaimer-the oil did not not touch any body part directly. {grin}

  72. Oh….my…word….
    I have been using essential oils for a few years (Young Living is definitely the best that I have found…good thing that wasn’t what you got from the healthfood store as it’s significantly stronger than other brands!) and I started to smile when I read that it was peppermint and my eyes really widened at the 1/4 of a bottle! :)
    Peppermint is great for fevers or in hot weather because it lowers your body temperature. LOL!

    FYI, it’s too bad you had to suffer like that. You could have applied a fatty oil (like olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba, etc.) to dilute the peppermint and take away the burn. You probably know that now after the fact. :)

  73. I will never, ever, ever add that much peppermint oil to a bath. Oh, you had me crying in laughter.

    Glad to hear that Lainey was only referring to blue eyes. Yes, sometimes laying low and finding out gently is the best way.


  74. Saw this cute little “Bloom” item on clearance at Target and thought of you :)

  75. Glad the “pretty” thing wasn’t a big issue. My little sister used to come home and tell my mom that other girls were popular and she wasn’t. My mom didn’t care about popularity, but she did want my sister to have friends and feel included. Turns out, sister didn’t want to be popular because it was “too much work”. She liked to play with her few friends and that was that. Kids see things differently. I love it!

    As for the burning…I know the feeling, but from hot peppers…definitely R rated story, but hilarious looking back. :)

  76. Glad that the pretty thing wasn’t such a big deal. We just had to have a serious talk with Rob’s daughter, and I think we will have to continue to do so over the next little while. I hope she continues to talk to us. She did today, which was a big step.

    Oh Kelle I can feel the pain of that peppermint bath. I have ridiculously sensitive to soap etc, and before I totally accepted that I thought a romantic bubble bath on Valentine’s Day was a good idea. Boy did I pay for that one evening for a long time to come. Still makes me squirm to think of it. So no bubbles in our household.

  77. I stumbled upon your blog and the first thing that struck me was – OMG, such pretty pictures! I would give anything to be able to take pictures like that.

    The peppermint oil experience sounds terrible. You must have been terrified at that time too – I would be, not knowing whether any real damage was caused since there was so much pain.

  78. My daughter loves Fancy nancy too :)

  79. Oh ouch on the peppermint and that totally sounds like something I would do. I’m always jumping to serious conversation mode with my kids and by the time I’m prepared and ready they are off playing who can jump off the couch the furthest.

  80. omg. peppermint bath survivor Here, too! I thought I was going to die..

  81. I recently came across your blog when your book was featured on People Magazine. I thought itwas interesting because I have a daughter named Elaina and we call her Lainey (spelled the same way!). Anyway, your posts are very good. Nella’s dress is super cute in this post!! I might have to track it down. Matilda Jane?

  82. LOL.

  83. I bought some peppermint oil at a health food store for a massive headache onetime. My head hurt so bad that I used like 1/2 the bottle to rub my temples. Well, about 3 minutes later my eyes starting burning and watering and that lasted about 2 hours. It was AWFUL! My husband came home to me clawing out my eyes, writhing in pain on our bed. Hey, it made me forget the pain of the headache…haha!

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. This hilarious story reminded me of the time I decided to self-medicate myself with garlic. I had strep (but didn’t realize it yet) and I read somewhere online that garlic helps to relieve cold systems (which I thought I had) so I went to Trader Joe’s, bought a bag of the gigantic garlic bulbs they sell (they have a name, but I’m forgetting…), went home, popped them in the oven, and waited. When they were cooked I started eating … I got through 2 1/2 huge bulbs before I started to break out in a sweat. Pretty soon, my stomach felt like there was a brick in it. Pretty soon, I couldn’t even stand up straight anymore. I crawled (yes, crawled) to the phone, called my aunt, and begged her to come pick up my 2 month old baby because I was horribly ill.
    That’s not the even the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, either.

  86. Just returned from my first trip to Naples – the Gulf shore is beautiful and so kid friendly! But it is bad hair weather :) We want to to back and take our 3….

    I’ve asked this before… what lens to you use when you are out and about. I feel like I am carrying so much stuff that I often leave the camera behind because it’s so big… but then I miss those “moments”… you never miss them!

  87. If you are into essential oils, check out this blogger — she is ah-mazing…..her helpful how tos and home made products using essential oils are to die for! I made her sugar scrub and will never go back!!!


  88. Ohmygod. Your description of a peppermint bath had me in tears from laughing so hard.
    And I totally get the “red flags waving” alert that happens as a parent. My four year old boy is so not wanting to go to preschool. He “just wants to stay home with you, mama.” And I freak out the two days a week we go through this. Including thoughts like, “what if he won’t ever want to leave? What if he never moves out for college? Am I too clingy?!?”
    And then I try to remind myself that in a few short years, both my kids won’t even notice when I go on a trip, or out to the store, for that matter.
    Whheeee – the ride that is being a parent!

  89. I don’t know if any one else has suggested using doTERRA essential oils, but I highly recommend them. They are Certified Theraputic Grade so you can take them internally as well as apply them topically or use them aromatically. There is a great oils use book called Modern Essentials that tells you the science behind them and all the info on how to use them, along with a guide to look up by symptom or disease.

  90. Theanine is a great remedy for stress! Check!ut out on Amazon, the brand I get is Jarrow. It really works wonders!! And all natural.

  91. Oh my good gracious, your peppermint oil story was freakin’ hilarious!! I about peed my pants reading it. I really needed that laugh tonight!! Thanks for always saying it like it is and looking at the glass half full! And as always, for the beautiful pics of those beautiful girls!! hugs

  92. no fair!!! … to post a picture of Nella being “so ticked at (you)” and not tell us why! is the pic before the grumpy one, she looks like she’s practicing a zen moment with her little hands out to the sides and her fingers touching! Nella is beyond adorable!

  93. Try I like me I think it’s called with a pig, books are great subtle messages of confidence. American Girl dolls are not in my opinion but their books & creative writing/chatting/recording girl books ARE.

    I was aghast with the materializing & accessorizing focus when someone (a fancy-dressing family) gave our first fancy nancy book. I get it more now but I’m not 100% on board with the tantrums & obsessiveness (that I struggle with!) presented in it either. But maybe it’s just too much real life. I LOVE many of the messages in the series about museums & big words & the beginning, middie & results of the decision-making process though!!

    The big messages are told & re-told every day in small details. Big talks are great summary but not always needed. Start playing the song brown-eyed girl a lot, us blue eyed girls are always trying to change the lyrics to that classic.

    Notice every relative with non-blue eyes too. Point out the colors to teach Nella them while getting info to big sis.

    But we ARE allowed our preferences.

  94. Oh wow, note to self, never have a Peppermint Oil Bath! LOL

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