Hallmark: Falling into October

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Flour covered every inch of my kitchen island last night, and buried in its scattered dust were measuring spoons, spices and little fingerprints. It was our first batch of pumpkin bread–a tradition which launches the season for us, as funny as that may sound coming from a girl in southern Florida.

“Is it really fall, Mom?” Lainey asked as she flung a spoonful of cloves toward the mixing bowl and missed.


“Yep.  It turned fall this weekend,” I answered.  She smiled, shook her flour-covered hands and ran to tell Brett. 

“Daddy, it’s fall now!  We can do cozy things.”

She returned to the counter with new excitement, and together we rattled off the list of things we were going to enjoy now that it’s fall.  Like fires and blankets and movies and cider, nature walks and baking and decorating and friends.  Even though it’s ninety degrees outside right now and the closest apple orchard is a plane ride away.

What I love about this entire conversation though, is that my girl’s cues for fall came entirely from me.  How quickly she shifted into seasonal celebration, prompted by her mama’s confirmation and memories of things we’ve done in the past. I might not have golden fields or fiery foliage to tell my girls it’s fall, but I have my own memories–rituals I want to recreate that rely less on weather and environment and more on family and home.

This, of course, doesn’t mean I won’t go to the ends of the earth to bring a little bit of fall environment to our otherwise barren landscape (by barren, I’m referring to majestic palms and calming ocean–I’m exaggerating due to my current Michigan withdrawl).  So yesterday after school, Lainey and I set out in efforts to bedazzle our home with fall.  Hay bales. I had to have them.  Brett caught wind of our intent as we were pulling out of the driveway yesterday. 

“Seriously?  Hay bales?  Dude, I’m allergic to that stuff.  For real?  You have to have them?” he asked.

“They’re for the kids,” I answered.  End of story.  (Note:  “They’re for the kids” will get you anything in life).

We returned home two hours later, trunk filled with two hay bales, a pumpkin, a few gourds, two cans of pumpkin and a bundle of wheat.  Also known as, we returned home happy.



Brett rolled his eyes while he pulled it all out, setting it up at our front entrance as I directed. And even though he had to back the car out, sweep out the back with first one broom and then a stiffer bristled broom and then finally with a vacuum, I think he’s cool with it. I mean, it’s for the kids.


My Top Five Fall Memories and Favorites:

1.  Living with my grandparents in college when fall meant drives to the orchard, oatmeal apple crisp after dinner, cider with our lunch trays and telling my grandparents goodnight before I drove up to the college track at night to go running
2.  Warm sugared donuts from Blake’s Cider Mill
3.  Receiving a giant box of leaves from my cousin Joann in Michigan, every year since Lainey was born
4.  Wearing tights–even in Florida, even if it’s hot
5.  The Elementary School Leaf Project–saving maples and oaks and aspens between sheets of waxed paper, thumbing through leaf identification books, making crayon rubbings from my favorite leaves. 

What are your favorite fall memories and favorites? Hallmark and I would love to hear about how you and your family enjoys this season.

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  1. We love going to farms, and here in Ohio, there are billions to choose from!

    Happy fall, Hamptons!

  2. Fall favorites: cider and hot chocolate, driving up the canyon to look at changing leaves, pumpkin pie…hmmmm fall is delicious!

  3. Everything about fall is my favorite fall memory. <3 Specifically, everything apple and pumpkin flavored and going to the crazy beautiful Tennessee mountains. Sadly, I’m in Florida now for school and have serious withdrawls as TN is starting to experience Fall, and I’m in Tampa where it’s still in the 80s or 90s. : /

  4. 2 words…Pumpkin Patch!
    We live a few minutes away from one with a petting zoo, corn maze, and lots of places to play. They decorate beautifully. I love snapping pictures there. Best of all…it’s free! I LOVE fall!!

  5. here in NJ , raking up a giant pile of leaves and jumping, throwing, rolling thru them for as long as we can. Pumpkin muffins, and cider donats. Love fall, now that I am an adult it is my favorite season.

  6. Apple-picking is becoming a tradition for my fledgling family. We’re two for two falls in and going strong!

    This is my very favorite time of year. Even though my yard catches ALL the leaves in the neighborhood and they take a full Sunday to rake. Fairs, crisp evenings, cinnamon-scented candles, pumpkins on the porch … I love it all.

  7. Easily my fav time of year! I love that your little ones already acknowledge it as a time to ‘do cosy things’- I’m typing this as we’re all snuggled on the sofa with the heating on and the candles lit!Rx

  8. I just changed scents in my scentsy burners, put the fall wreathes out and am patiently waiting for the pumpkin pie blizzard at DQ!

  9. 1)fires in our basement fireplace when I was a kid
    2)corn harvest
    3)our wedding
    4)trick or treating in our small town
    5)mums… all the mums!

  10. Living in Vermont as a kid, I loved it all. the sharp smell of snow in the air. cider. the feeling that somehow everyday life was a bit more old fashioned than normal, now that i was fall. does that make sense?


  11. I am from farm country in Ohio as well, and Nella is sitting on STRAW, not hay! There is a big difference even though they look sort of similar. The pictures at the top look more like hay, since they are greenish. Hay is fed to animals and straw is for bedding. Most people decorate with straw bales. If you have ever baled either one of them , you would know because hay is much heavier.

    I used to live in AZ, and it is very hard to get used to not having seasons. I moved home because I missed it so much. I even missed winter. Good for you for teaching your daughters the beauty of fall!

  12. Missing every bit of a Wisconsin fall as I create a faux fall here in Arizona.
    The pumpkin farm, blaze orange leaves, brisk nights, scarves…all of it.

  13. I also grew up in Michigan so my favorite fall memories are –

    1. The leaves changing. This is my #1 for sure.
    2. The sound of high school football games on Friday night . . . and having to “bundle up” to go watch them.
    3. My Mom’s pumpkin rolls. (I will give you the recipe on Facebook the next time I pull it out.)
    4. I’m not a hunter but my dad and brother’s are. So watching them get all of their gear ready and head out in their camo reminded me of fall.
    5. The return of good primetime TV programs. Modern Family is baaack!

  14. Fall is my very favorite season! My Fall favorites are hot apple cider, fresh cider donuts, pumpkin patches & colorful leaves. Happy Fall!

  15. what i LOVE about fall-
    the weather! it finally starts to cool off here in TX
    the leaves
    pumpkin patches at the local farms
    fall crafting
    birthdays 😉
    carving pumpkins
    decorating the front porch

  16. We have a Pumpkin Farm near here and it’s amazing! I’ve been going since I was a kid; hayrides, train rides, HUGE pumpkin patch to choose your own pumpkins, delicious smells of cider and baked goods, animals to hand feed, play areas for the kids. It’s absolutely my favorite place during October. We are so excited this year because we get to take our son for the first time!

  17. I love all things fall as well! I’m looking forward to lots of autumn baking (anything pumpkin or apple, yum!), watching the leaves change colors, taking my boys apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch, and lots more! My list for the season is extensive enough that I wrote a Fall Family Bucket List so we don’t forget anything, haha!
    Happy Autumn!!

  18. You need to come to Spokane WA in the fall! We go to a collection of farms every year that have hay bales galore and pumpkin donuts that are delicious! It is the best time of year to visit the farms (although they are open year round for seasonal treats!)

  19. For me, fall means it’s getting dark at 4 pm (not yet though), cold weather, and I mean COLD, lot’s of layers of clothes, people staying more inside their own homes, not socializing as much… I don’t like it one bit, except we’re getting close to Christmas. Then after Christmas, only 2-3 (or 4) cold months left, but at least it’s getting lighter again…

    Fall also means beautiful colors, but I wish I lived in 90 degree weather..

  20. Pumpkin patch, hayrides, cocoa…All the usuals

  21. Michigan misses you too Kelle! Yummy cider, warm spicy scents, pumpkin bread, cool nights, vibrant colored trees…October is the most magical month in Michigan – I’m pretty sure this is where unicorns spend their fall:)

  22. Every fall my entire family (plus cousins, aunts/uncles, grandparents) would pile into cars and drive 3 hours north to our cottage in Haliburton, Ontario. There, we would rake mountains of leaves at the bottom of the gravel driveway, and my grandfather would put all the kids into the wheelbarrow and tear off down the driveway as fast as he could. We would be ceremoniously dumped into the mountain of leaves, giggling and shrieking. My grandfather passed away over 6 years ago, and I miss him so much at this time of the year. Nothing says “fall” like Northern Ontario (well, ok, Michigan is pretty close to us too!! 😉

  23. Okay, that’s it. I’m going to attempt to make pumpkin bread. This is your fault.

  24. I am a fall junky. All of our pumpkins are already out, and we are enjoying cider and pumpkin bread, chicken noodle soup, and spiced tea. Add a cozy blanket and air cool enough to make kiddos snuggly and I’m in heaven.

  25. My first time living somewhere where the leaves colored fall colors (I am from oregon – we are green year round), I got so excited that i gathered up a huge box of them and sent them to a friend studying in Paraguay for the year. Turns out, they were poision ivy. Turns out, Poision ivy doesnt die by the time it gets to Paraguay – it is still poisionous. I dont send leaves in boxes anymore:)

  26. I love the cozy things and sleeping with the windows open. It’s till in the 80’s here…sigh…but I’m patiently waiting. welcome Autumn! xo

  27. Minneapolis – The view from one of the many bridges over the Mississippi. Awing at the red and orange leaves on the banks (it’s stunning!!!!). To one side you can also see the University of MN campus – all a bustle with new freshmen moving in, Homecoming excitement, brand new college sweatshirts…

    And having a breakfast party while cheering for runners of the Twin Cities Marathon on a sunny crisp fall morning!!! I miss it so much!

  28. Hot chocolate, wearing layers and boots, Snuggling with blankets, knitting, home made soup, conkers & pine cones!

    Happy fall! x

  29. The leaves turning colors, pumpkin patch trips, Halloween, boots, Friday night football games, husband off on hunting trips, and cozy days inside. Happy Fall!!

  30. Oh visiting the farm is such a great activity! Glad you all loved it. How gorgeous are you all!!

    Holli xo


  31. Fall Fairs….just went last night. Leaf Piles, Pumpkin Farms, Apple Orchards, Apple Pies, Cozy Blankets, Fires….It’s definitely Fall in Ontario, Canada. Loving it!!

  32. 1. Apple Hill
    2. Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch
    3. Apple Cider
    4. “Autumn” Scented Candles
    5. PIES!
    I love fall!

  33. Our fall traditions always include going to our family farm for Thanksgiving and everyone takes a rake to help make HUGE heaps of dried leaves and we jump in them, over and over till we have leaves down our pants, in our hair and our skin is full of dust. Then it’s time for the dinner….and pumkpin pie. We also like to go out for after dinner walk and crunch on the dry leaves returning home with chilly fingers and rosy cheeks. Ahhh….I love fall. It’s my favorite season.

  34. The leaves are just starting to fall, and I love the sound of them rustling on the ground. My favorite fall adventure is conquering a corn maze. That’s on the agenda for this weekend.

  35. I grew up in SoCal, so my fall memories are all in the past 10 years!
    1) world’s cheesiest fall festival at Cox Farms.
    2) Marine Corps Marathon
    3) sticking Ellie in a pile of leaves
    4) cooking with pumpkin
    5) high school football games

  36. Autumn is my fave season. Growing up in the desert and now living in the arctic I feel similarly about bringing summer into our lives when winter just won’t quit.

  37. Favorite fall memories from my Iowa upbringing include:
    1. Running around at sunset, catching fireflies near our family’s blanket while we listened to an outdoor orchestra at Bandshell Park (a giant half shell stage that made the music sound so big from wherever you were sitting).

    2. Sitting on the roof outside my bedroom window watching the fall thunder storms roll in.

    3. Walking around the lake and seeing all the geese fly overhead.

    4. The gorgeous fall foliage around the public library.

    Really, my list could go on and on. I miss my Iowa so. Both my husband and I are from the same city and moved from there only 2 years ago, and it makes my heart sad to think that since then we’ve started having babies and those babies will never know of our Iowa heritage. I can’t believe my babies aren’t Iowa natives!!! AAhhhh. My sister in law gave me loads of hand me down clothes and included were lots of Carhart stuff and John Deere insignia. At first I thought it was just her having poor fashion sense (haha) but then I realized that it was her way of bringing her iowa upbringing into her kids’ lives. : ) After realizing that and totally identifying with her Iowa pride I applause her effort to keep her roots strong, even if it means sacrificing your kids style. haha. Thank you for posting so much about fall. It’s contagious, and I need it big time. I just had a baby a week ago and decorating and baking to ring in the fall season is the last thing I have energy for. I’m living my fall vicariously through you. : ) So yeah. thank you.

  38. oh my gosh, my absolute favorite fall memory I didn’t even write down!

    5. hitting up the apple orchard with my little family and my elementary school kids in Iowa. With the rolling hills and lush fall foliage it almost seemed fake or too good to be true. The little baby goat named Princess that always escaped from the cage so that people would hold her was my personal favorite. : )

  39. please excuse the run on sentences, grammatical errors, and typos. I had a lot of them in that big comment. i just woke up from a nap. : ) let’s pretend like that’s the cause.

  40. I will never forget raking leaves just so we could jump in the pile, leaving a bigger mess than when we started. My current fall favorites are mulling cider, harvesting pumpkins, and catching a pint of hard cider on draft. Mmm!

  41. We fake fall here, too! Hot cider, cocoa, cinnamon, pumpkin…. We watch seasonal movies, carve watermelons, since we don’t have carving pumpkins here (just gourds, they don’t work). I’ve even planted candy with tr neighbors so my kids and their friends could go trick or treat there!

  42. My favorite memory is hitting up Blake’s apple orchard as well when I was a little girl… and then going to the haunted hayrides as a teenager (even if I did cover my eyes for 95% of the ride!) Now I love watching my little Bloom girls (remember them wearing their Bloom Tshirts at Weigands Nursery?) playing in the fallen leaves <3

  43. I’m in Central Illinois and I absolutely love when I can wear sweatshirts. I always go to my grandpa’s house when I was back in my hometown and would rake his leaves and my dog would always just sit in the pile of leaves and would not move which always gave us a good laugh!

    I just wanted to add that I have been following your blog for awhile now, and its just really inspiring to me. I came across it from another blog I follow about another family who has a wonderful daughter with Down Syndrome. I’m in college working towards becoming an early childhood teacher and working with children with special needs is my dream, I want to see them succeed as much as I see that you do and that really touches my heart. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us and as soon as school starts settling down, I cannot wait to read Bloom!

  44. 1. Hay rides.
    2. High school football games (Go Wildcats!)
    3. Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. (As beautiful as it sounds)
    4. Jumping in Piles of Leaves (No idea why I don’t have fond memories of actually raking them into piles though…)
    5. Mom boiling mulling spices on the stovetop to make the house smell yummy

  45. * I loved visiting the pumpkin farms
    * drinking hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows
    * going for a ride with family through Wisconsin farmlands looking at the foliage
    * jumping in the leaves
    * watching lots of cutesy Halloween movies (Disney… Halloweentown is one of my faves!)

  46. Your talk of fall leaves bring back memories of my first year as a Girl Scout leader I had my little daisy scous bring in leaves to make place mats and I or more girls had poison ivy leaves in the bag. I had poison ivy all over my hands and face for weeks. The girls didn’t get it.

  47. Did you know you can get hay bales at the craft stores? They are not too big, just right for the kids.

  48. Tennessee falls are pretty great – top five:

    Pumpkin anything
    Leaves changing
    Hay rides
    Haunted houses

  49. Blake’s Farm ranks pretty high on my list of Awesome Things of Fall. Also highly ranked is Yates Cider Mill and eventually seeing Lake Huron surrounded by orange and red and yellows backdropped by blues and greens and gray.

    Another HUGE favorite is the whole college football theme, which mostly just means good beer and good company.

  50. For some reason fall is craft season at our house. We make wreaths from leaves, handprint turkeys, and “elf” people from acorns. For my husband it’s all about fire. He can’t wait to build the first campfire and roast marshmallows.

  51. First off, where did you get Nella’s dress?? That screams fall all by itself. MUST HAVE!!! Secondly, I realized yesterday when I hear roaring jet engines flying overhead all day that in my town, fall is brought in with the Blue Angels flying overhead. The last weekend of September every year McConnell Air Force Base does an air show with the Blue Angels. We bought a new home this year and I found out we are right under the airshow course so we will have front row seats in our own yard. No crowds, no traffic. Pretty neat!

  52. I love the day that the air magically changes and finally speaks “fall”…especially after months of scorchiing Texas heat!

  53. Piles and piles of leaves to jump into. Picking out the perfect pumpkin, Pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, pumpkins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, did I say pumpkin! Hot chocolate from a thermus that Mom made to take to the high school football game. Leaves any color but green. The smell…….. You know what I’m talking about, you just took a big whiff, didn’t you? Changing seasons, change our souls.

  54. I absolutely love fall! It’s always been my favorite season. Lainey announcing the fall is just too cute.

    Marissa / treetopnest.blogspot.com

  55. YES!!! We just went to Blake’s yesterday! Love love love going there.

  56. I am experiencing my first midwestern fall right now. I lived in Florida my whole life and just moved away this year. I thought only Jo-Ann’s had red and yellow leaves until now. :)

  57. I am (selfishly) happy to read that you TOO are filling your home with spicy, pumpkin-ish smells while it is NOT fall-ish, but decidedly summery all around you. I’ve been trying to tune down the sun for fall (and winter for that matter) for ten years now, living in Africa (on a muggy little island in the Indian Ocean.) Night-time is perfect for imagining anything (trees stripped to their bare-bones, heaps of loose, bright leaves… even a nip in the air!) in the dark beyond the windows. Also, a parcel from my Mom in upstate New York (the Capital of Autumn) does the trick, too. Yeah – spicy candles are an absolute must for imagining seasons that just aren’t there… :) ~Sandy thatchwork.wordpress.com

  58. Fall is my favorite season. Big comfy sweatshirts, bonfires and cold noses, hot chocolate and bundled babies dozing on your lap in the crisp night air. Visits to the apple orchard and freshly pressed cider. Walking along trails of fallen leaves. Halloween.
    My family used to go on leaf drives when I was young, up to Galena, IL. Now that I have a 2 year old daughter of my own, I’m really looking forward to creating our own family traditions!

  59. I love everything about fall-I live in North Eastern WI and the fall colors are a delight to see this weekend! Fall is apple picking, pumpkin gathering, put up that hay bale and cornstalk type of time! Fall signifies comforts of cool weather, bonfires, and family- lighting that spiced candle at night and snuggling under covers! Ahhh fall-and the best part of this time of year, is that is one amazing season after the other:) Happy Fall Hamptons!

  60. We live in beautiful Southern Idaho so the leaves have began to change, the nights are cooler, and fields are a rainbow of different lengths and colors. I love cozy-ing up at nights…..warm homemade cider, pumpkin every-thing(cookies, bread, soup!)and wearing sweaters!

  61. This post got me a little teary eyed! I too live in Florida, but I’m from Illinois. Fall for me was the changing of the leaves, apple cider, apple picking, the smell of the bon fires in the backyard on cool nights – I miss it!

    I have two boys of my ow and it’s hard to explain to them what you once had and want them to experience as well. I love that you have rituals and you bring the Fall to your little ones! Thank you for this post!

  62. 1. Pumpkin Patch – we live near a wonderful one here where they make huge statues from pumpkins every year with a new theme.
    2. Baking, baking and more baking!
    3. Thanksgiving – even though we live in Switzerland, we are from Canada and our Thanksgiving is in early October.
    4. Lighting the fire for the first time!
    5. The dark nights and the dark mornings…

    Love the autumn…crisp is the word.

  63. I have lived my entire life in New England (Massachusetts and Connecticut). My favorite traditions are:

    1. Visiting a HUGE corn maze (complete with double-decker bridges and playgrounds within it) with the family to kick-off fall.
    2. Hayrides, pumpkins, and kids jumping off hay bales at two local farms.
    3. Warm apple cider and hot chocolate…especially if it’s with a bonfire.
    4. Jumping in leaves and the sweet smell and crinkling sound in your ear when you are buried by them.
    5. Rain sliding down windowpanes, brilliant colors out my window, and apple and spice spells wafting up from a cozy kitchen.

  64. First things first: Kelle, I’ve followed along with your blog for over a year now, read Bloom, and stalked your Instagram like a big fat freak. But before I say anything else, I just need to get this out in the open – and my very first comment seemed the entirely appropriate platform…I’ll just clear my throat…ahem…okay, here goes:

    I love you. I love Lainey and Nella and your hubs (don’t worry, that’s totally not meant in a I’ve-got-the-hots-for-your-man kinda way) and I love your blog. Even though we’ve never met before, I feel as though I connect with you and I know for a fact that if we were neighbors we’d rock the shit out of a good friendship. And the truth of it is that if ever I’m in Florida and I spot you or your girls, I fully to run up and beg for hugs and cuddles :)So keep your eyes peeled for a little brunette named Amanda who wears her heart on her sleeve and loves to give hugs. That’ll be me. I promise I won’t bite.

    Okay, now that that’s off of my chest…

    Fall is my favorite season, it always has been and always will be. I grew up in a little town smack dab in the middle of Vermont, and a lot of my favorite Fall memories are very much like yours. Sizzling hot apple cider donuts, green and red speckled apple orchards, pumpkin carving and pumpkin seed roasting, my Mom’s cinnamon apple pie and massive crisp piles of leaves that my Dad had raked perfectly high and around only for my sister and I to catapult ourselves into. We’d giggle until our stomachs hurt, tears ran down our cheeks and chunks of crinkled leaves were in every exposed crevasse on our body. I just love this season and over the past 4 years I’ve enjoyed it here in England with my husband and in-laws. And it’s always the same: every year I get homesick for my beloved Vermont with all of its cherished childhood memories and family members. Thankfully I’m headed back to my precious home very soon and in the very near future I plan to, like you, have precious little baba’s with whome I can share my childhood memories, just as you do with Lainey and Nella :)

    So let’s clink our rich deep brown glasses of tart apple cider and sink our teeth into some warm spiced pumpkin bread. Fall’s here baby, and it sure as hell is time to celebrate! Let’s rock this season!

    Lots of love,
    Amanda xoxo


  65. Every year as a kid, we will pile into our car and my godparents in theirs and head to go apple picking. What I remember most is there was this one orchard we loved and no one but me could remember what exit. There was this u-pick sign at the top of a large cliff thing right next to the highway. We were pass it, pull over and listen to the adults as they tried to remember if it was the right one. I always piped in and said it was. I was always right. That sign is still there and I see it and smile.

  66. Hiking. Fall means hiking to me–crisp cool air and warm golden sunshine work together to keep you at the perfect temperature. Walking through trees a million brilliant shades while leaves crunch and crinkle underfoot. The echoing honks of the geese overhead. The brilliant saffire of the lakes hidden in the woods as they reflect the clear autumn skies. The faint tang of wood smoke in the air from bonfires and fireplaces. There is no better time to hike than the fall :)

  67. Hi Kel, I haven’t been here for a little while and your growing belly just looks divine! I see your eyes and smile in some of Nella’s pics, gorgeous girl!!! Thanks again for all that you do <3 Dani

  68. The first pumpkin muffins of the season came to Chicago this weekend for our last Fall College tennis tournament. They have been the tailgating staple for the last four years my daughter has played college tennis. I love this time of year and Chicago has graced us with a beautiful weekend to celebrate.

  69. I’m from Michigan, I grew up in Troy and now live in Bloomfield hills. Fall is definitely our favorite time of year! We went apple picking at Blake’s every year in October and I continue that tradition with my kids now! Trips to the cider mill and jumping in leaf piles can’t be beat!! To make you feel better, as amazing as it is, it goes so fast!! And then we want to be spending our time down south like you!! We just got a condo in Bonita bay and I look forward to many years of beach memories with my three kids!! Your kids are lucky to be able to experience how special Midwest falls are through you and your memories!! http://shealittleones.blogspot.com/2011/10/annual-trip-to-blakes_03.html?m=0

  70. Like I said before – sweltering in the early-fall FLorida heat in the east stands of Florida Field – wearing my favorite fall wardrobe: a sports bra and a pair of Gator shorts hiked up because even THAT was still too hot – watching the Gators clobber yet another team.
    (Tights? You’re whacked, G’fren!)

  71. our house is getting into the fall spirit and we have halloween on the brain, too! pumpkins and decorations going up every day! such fun!

  72. I don’t know how much time you have for other blogs but for a great Autumn fix head over to Susan Branch’s blog. Great fall pics and recipes, enjoy!
    We are just pulling out the woollies here in New York and looking forward to leaf peeping.

  73. We like Blakes, too, and Westview. We usually take a trip out to Westview and take pics there in the pumpkin patch. Love to pick apples, too.

    We have a tradition of making “pumpcakes.” It’s a pumpkin spice cupcake with chocolate frosting.

    Love decorating for fall/Halloween, too. And deciding on costumes. So much fun!

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  75. Oh Crayon Rubbings! Some of my favorites from childhood are favorites of mine to still share with my daughter.

    -Apple Picking and fresh apple cider donuts. Mmmm..
    -The smell of warm cinnamon.
    -Raking the most gigantic pile of leaves and jumping into the pile until leaves creep into our socks and underwear.
    -Carving Pumpkins and roasting seeds the same night.
    -Planning and making costumes.
    -Making Soup
    -(new one) visiting the fall festival at Green Street Gardens (hay rides, moon bouncing, corn maze, and much more – insanely fun!).

    Man, I simply love fall. Thank you for motivating me to get my corn stalks and mums!


  76. Searching for wild mushrooms and chestnuts.

  77. I love Blake’s! Miller’s Big Red was always a favorite of mine. Good family friends with the Miller’s. Not having a real Autumn is the downside of living in Florida. My sisters and parents send me daily pictures of the leaves as they’re changing colors.

  78. Since we moved to Florida this summer, I have been longing for a respite from the incessant heat. For the first time in my life, I want the change of seasons. I have NEVER appreciated them in 30 years of living. And I’m so excited because on Friday, we are driving up to Pennsylvania to spend nearly a MONTH with my family. I can’t wait to see my little boy run and jump in piles of leaves for the first time. I can’t wait for the late night bonfires and the hot apple cider and visiting the pumpkin patch. I especially can’t wait for my dad to take my boy trick or treating for the first time! I’m so excited to have this time back home. 😀

    Katie – http://herpretty.com

  79. Football. Happy Apple Farm. Marching Bands. Homemade applesauce. Pumpkin waffles, pancakes, muffins. Snuggles under afgans made by aunties with love. These are a few of my favorite fall things.

  80. WIthout a doubt, my best fall memory from childhood was Halloween. My grandparents lived two houses down from me and used to hitch up a hayride to the back of their 4-wheeler (they were cool grandparents, evidently). Then all the kids in the neighborhood would gather at my house on Halloween night, and we’d trick-or-treat together… hayride style. Let’s just say my reaction to my grandfather selling the 4-wheeler later on in my life was a bit over the top (“YOU SOLD MY CHILDHOOD MEMORY!”).

  81. Fall Favs: Pumpkin Spice Lattes
    Cute hats on my littles :)
    Boots and leg warmers
    My gratitude tree – I bust it out every year at fall. Its a rod iron tree with bare limbs. Starting Oct 1st through Thanksgiving, each week I write something that I am thankful for and I hang it from my tree and display it in our living room. When we have friends over I am always asking them to fill out a grateful as well! After Thanksgiving I take all the notes and save them in a box so I can always go back and remember how lucky I am to have a wonderful family, health, true friends, and all the small blessings and bumps along the way!

  82. Oh so many fall memories…going to the orchard/pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, chili on Halloween, crisp air at football games where you have to wear a hoodie, and then Thanksgiving. This year we’ll welcome a new baby girl so that will be my new favorite memory :) 3 more weeks!


    Also, where is Nella’s fall-like dress from? And her moccasin? I LOVE them!

  84. I’m looking forward to doing some fall projects, crafts, and outings with my son. We usually have an entire day of decorating and cooking.

  85. Hahahaha….being in Texas I can relate to the wearing tights….even if it is hot! Love it. Glad to usher in fall…which means PUMPKIN BREAD! Too yummy….

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. Favorites of fall: 1) apple picking, seriously it’s my absolute favorite thing to do 2) apple cider donuts from Terhune Orchards 3) apple cider slush from Terhune Orchards, you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted it 4) hay rides 5) decorating the house

  88. Sounds like you totally need to meet Amanda!

    I love fall like probably everyone else in these comments. I mean, no matter where you are in the world, what’s not to love about this golden season? I grew up in Ft. Worth Texas and if you think it’s impossible to be as “fall-less” as Florida, I think I can relate. I remember my mother bawling, missing her beautiful Utah mountains, the vibrant autumn colors and of course, her family. Fall really is in our hearts and like you said, what we make with our families in our own homes, wherever we may be. So, like you, I am tying my family to the ground with harvest rituals, traditions, art, music, anything that makes this season fill up their sense. I love you and your blog. You have inspired me incredibly.

    Enjoy Dallas!!!

    Love from Mary in Utah
    (sending you crisp air and crimson and gold leaves in exchange for some of those foaming waves and powdery beaches)Happy October!!!

  89. Blake’s! We would get several bushels of Macintosh apples, climbing in the trees to pick them all, of course. My mom would break out her manual food mill to make homemade applesauce and bake everything apple. Our family favorite is apple cake – for breakfast!

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