Small Things

This time every year, I slump a bit.  I’m bracing myself for October, my busiest month; I’m missing family and fall; and things feel slightly overwhelming–big projects, big schedules, big things on my mind.  Without fail, the antidote for this feeling is to go small.  Focus on the good little things that are continually present in my life.

All or nothing never works for me.  I love the simplistic trend that is seeping back into our generation, but it sometimes overwhelms me too.  I can easily feel guilty for not being “simple enough.”  The fact is, I thrive on both simplicity and complexity.  In a perfect world, we’d split our time between a quiet cottage where I watch my girls chase goats and play with homemade toys all day and a New York City apartment where we go and do and see and crash late at night, our brains rich with culture and stories; our bodies tired from good stimulation.  And you know what?  When October and all its craziness and travel and work and e-mail and writing is over, I’m going to look back and think “I loved it.  I freaking loved that high.”  And it will come just as we slowly dip our toes into a delicious November, drenched with slow family simple moments that will seem all the sweeter, contrasted against the craziness.  Maybe that’s why I love these last three months so much–for the dichotomy present which brings to light both the fulfilling frenzy and quiet calm that we love.

One of the greatest benefits of blogging for me is being able to look back at our own story.  I spend at least one Saturday morning a month sipping my coffee and clicking back at old, old posts.  Reliving exciting trips, remembering quiet family gatherings, feeling really happy that our life is made up both big and small, simple and crazy.  Woven together, it’s ours. 

I have a lot of work to finish this week.  But we are still enjoying small things.


Mumford and Sons New Album.  Every freaking song.  But seriously, “I Will Wait” and “Lover’s Eyes“–specifically 1:28 into Lover’s Eyes. I want to get a lighter and light the freaking world on fire.  I want to pick up my babies and dance in a field of daisies.  I want to be a unicorn.

Sleepin’ Dirty Feet through the Crib


White Pumpkins in the Window Sill


Afternoons Alone with Little Sister


Black and White



Blanket Throwing. She throws every blanket out of her crib. With force.

Several readers asked about her owl hanging in the last post.  It’s from our sponsor, Darlybird.  It’s very well made and fairly priced.

Baby Boy’s Growing Stash. I pull it out at least once a week and refold everything, marvel at how tiny it all is, make Brett sit and watch me hold up each outfit while I gush.


Heidi surprised me with this Moses basket last week.

Lucky Charms. Harvested from our own wheat crop with marshmallows processed from the sugarcane growing in our backyard and dyed with fruit juice.  Not.


Walkin’ with Hands Behind her Back


Baby Techy. She can slide the unlock button, swipe through screens to find her icons, open and close them out, take pictures with the camera. Steve Jobs lives on.


Sunflowers and Gnomes.


That is all. Happy Thursday.

I’m happy to welcome The Paperhouse in sponsorship this month.  The Paperhouse represents both a family and a business–otherwise referred to as a family business, but The Paperhouse is more than than.  As Devon (the mama behind the business) describes, “(We’re) a true mom and pop store trying to keep up in a world of one-click Internet shopping and Kindles. (We offer) our face-to-face service and – in an effort to extend ourselves outside of our small dot on the map – our web site, Reading with Joey.” 

How much do I love Devon’s boys about to go fistacuff on this cart?  Um, a lot.

The Paperhouse is an office supply/bookstore but also offers book reviews, mini reviews, recommendations and great educational resources for moms and kids.

I’ve gotten to personally know Devon a bit through her insightful writing, and I’m thrilled to have her and her family business a part of Enjoying the Small Things sponsors.

Check out The Paperhouse, click around and feel at home.

Have a great day!



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  1. I’ve listened to the new Mumford & Sons CD at least 5 times in a row since I bought it yesterday.

    LOVE how it handles me feeling emotional, confused, overwhelmed, calm and at peace all at once.

  2. Ahhh I have that iPhone, life proof case! It’s pretty awesome. Which, now I understand how you take all of those water action photos. :)

    ps. You’ve inspired me to go purchase some white pumpkins. I’ve been holding out for October, but I just can’t stand it anymore.

  3. Baby G!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! The suspense is going to kill me. Love every single image in this post.
    and Mumford and Sons! YES! Preach on, Sister.

  4. Haha. Loved the Lucky Charms blurb. :-)

  5. I have never loved you more than when I read the Lucky Charms comment. Enjoying Count Chocula, myself.

  6. I’m so pleased to hear that life is going so good Kelle and that you love Mumford and Sons new album, hopefully you won’t fall into any kind of October slump! You’re a great mother, you really are.

  7. I lol’ed at the Mumford & Sons comment. I LOVE it too!!

  8. Love the little things. And Nella’s “I just threw my blankie” face too!

  9. I love this post. I love Nella’s face in the mirror photo! And baby boy clothes. For the most part I’m perfectly happy being 40 and past the baby phase, but every now and then my heart aches for those years. Cherish, cherish, cherish.

  10. Love this post. As always.

  11. hahaha, the lucky charms thing made me laugh!! I keep searching for marshmallows dyed with fruit juice and haven’t come up with anything 😉

  12. I’m more of a quiet cottage type. With this fast paced world, it is hard to grab hold and hang on. It’s a constant battle between the complexity and simplicity.

  13. You’ll never know how much I needed this post today. It’s amazing how just a few words from someone can change your whole day. I needed a reminder to step back and just bask in the small things. And Nella…I needed that picture of you in the mirror. Sweet girl, your smile is magic! I have a feeling you know where all the unicorns live!

  14. I also LOVE going back through my old posts on my own blog. Makes me so happy and grateful for all the wonderful moments in my life.

  15. Love the post! I need to download the new Mumford and Sons STAT! Can I ask you a question about photog? What is your favorite lens?

  16. Our awesome worship team played “I Will Wait” at church a couple weekends ago. I cried my face off and immediately downloaded it. SO. GOOD.

  17. I am having Fruit Loops myself. Pull out the children’s Halloween books, read, relax and just enjoy all that Autumn has to offer.

  18. Ahhh,love the Nella throwing her blanket pic. Great shot! We went to visit my youngest (in her 2nd year of college)for family weekend this past weekend and she called when we rounded the corner to say she was sad the visit wasn’t longer. I could tell all week she wasn’t herself when she called more than usual and just didn’t seem happy. She called yesterday and just let it out. Midterms are coming up, she’s on a homecoming committee, she’s in soro, etc. So much to do, so little time. I wished she was a little so I could scoop her up and hold her. Your simple and complex writing today hit home.

  19. You may not even see this comment, but do you use the disposable inserts in the gpants? Or do you use the cloth ones? Just looking for a little insider info on which one is better :) I’ll definitely be gpanting when I have a baby.

  20. Music speaks to me, as well. Have you heard the song, “Heaven Waits for Me” by Jenny Simmons? In it she says, “I’m not holding on for next year. I’m living for today.” She, too, is enjoying the small things. Love this post!

  21. I also love the new Mumford & Sons… wow! But hadn’t quite thought of wanting to be a unicorn… :) That made me LOL.

    I’m in the Midwest so am enjoying the crisp mornings, leaves a changin’, apples, bundled cornstalks, hay bales, chilly noses… all of it.

    I’ll channel some your way today.

    Thanks for the giggle!


  22. I love looking back through my old posts. I mean, I have almost 6 years of them. I have come so far as a woman, mom and writer. It is my practice, my hope chest for my boys.

    Speaking of boys – you’re making me want another one. Uh oh.

  23. Love the baby blue g-diaper cover – we’ve used g covers with cloth inserts for our little guy since we brought him home from the hospital (15 months now – o.m.g can it really be that long already!) and we love them – the covers are just adorable, still gets my heart every time I see him running around in just the g-pant!

  24. you mean the antidote, not the anectode.

  25. I also LOVE Mumford And sons! Have you ever listened to the avett brothers?!? They’re awesome, like my fav, and from my area! Please check them out if you haven’t!! Love the white pumpkins!

  26. Glad to know I’m not the only one that indulges in a bowl of Lucky Charms 😉

  27. love the g-pant! we have use them on all 3 of my boys. Also love the GroVia both the all in two and all in one. thanks for writing so real reminds me there is n reason i must go out to have my kids learn and be happy

  28. I’m so excited for my baby 2 coming in a few weeks and then I read your blog and get even more excited!!! Secret confession: I’m psyched for your little boy to arrive, so we can learn his name!!!

    What is Nella doing in the last picture?! I’m curious because my Scarlett has her own pocket in my husband’s cargo shorts that she stores little trinkets when she’s tired of carrying them! It looks like Nella is searching for something…

    Happy Thursday to you!

  29. Oh how I can relate. I’m not sure how busy my October will be yet but I revel in the small things, the simple things because sometimes I just have to stop and smell the roses. Life can get so hectic and crazy… Love, love, love your pics, especially the black and white ones!

  30. Listening the music while reading your blog. I’m engergized! That last shot is MONEY$$$$$$ Such sweetness I can’t stand it!

  31. I’m happy to see a cloth diaper in your baby boy stash!! I love cd’s!

  32. That’s too sweet about making Brett watch you gush about baby boy’s things. I remember doing that. Reading that brings back such happy memories of waiting & preparing.

  33. Sweet post. Love baby boy’s goodies!! bahaha on the next steve jobs, she is too cute!

  34. Oh god yes, love the Mumford and Sons cd. It’s been on almost constant repeat here the last few days, alternating with the new Avett Brothers cd that came out two weeks earlier.

  35. Absolutely love the last photo…so adorable. Love Nella w/her lil skirt with hands behind her back. Maybe she can teach me a few things on my iPhone. HA! Everyday I find out what else I’m not using if for! 😮

  36. LOVE that new CD and have listened to it probably 20 times. Love those two songs as well and all your gorgeous pics of Nella.

  37. It’s funny, I became a fan of Mumford & Sons long before they became famous. I fell in love with their first CD. It made me cry, made me thrilled, made me want to go to London. So I pulled a Kelle and said, “Screw it, I’m doing it”, and hubby and I went to London as our “last hurrah before having kids”. I loved it. Freaking loved it. You will too. I saw Mumford live in concert and got a great spot fairly close to the stage. It was brilliant. But I was sad that “my boys” were now becoming famous and I’d have to “share” them with everyone, lol. I got Babel in on Tuesday and listened to it once (on crappy laptop speakers). It demands to be listened to in the car, blasted loud! I guess this was my roundabout way of saying, “Wow, I can’t believe Kelle…my idol of 2 years… listens to my favorite band! Can we be any more identical?” :)

  38. ok, sorry for jumping to conclusions. i am not hip to the g pant. 😉

  39. gDiapers are amazing! We have done them since birth and our daughter is now 11months. Enjoy them and all those tiny baby things.

  40. Another Mumford and Sons fan??!! Listening to them in my car is a worship experience… and one of my favorite things to do. Love the baby clothes! Why must I have to wait another couple of years to have babies???? :)

  41. If you love Mumford and Songs, you’ll freakin luurrve Ben Howard ‘Every Kingdom Now’ (I think!) Very similar vibe :) x

  42. Holy smokes. I’d never heard of Mumford and Sons. I clicked that link and got chills listening to that awesome song. I have new music to download like mad and share with my husband. Thanks!

  43. Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud at your description of the Lucky Charms. Listen, Lucky Charms have been enriching humans for GENERATIONS. They’ve GOT to be good for you!

  44. oooh do you know where she got the moses basket or recommend any good ones? Im in desperate search of a good one! Loving pottery barns moses basket system but looks awkward to take from upstairs to main floor on a daily basis. Have a great day:)


  45. Yep, love the new Mumford and Sons album.
    And the black and white photo of Nella smiling in the mirror brought tears to my eyes…she is SOOO flippin’ adorable.
    Also, we have a thing for Lucky Charms here too, two of my kids just eat the marshmallows, one kid only eats the cereal part, and the other one eats it all (oh, and I eat it all too) 😉

  46. I am so with you… I get restless with quiet and simplicity if it is not balanced with busyness and crazy go-go-go! I appreciate home and rest a billion times more when I have somewhere to come home from, something to rest from. Great insight, thank you!

  47. So our number 3 is due Dec. 1st and I eat cereal like it is the only thing sustaining ‘our’ life-force! My particular favorite is generic PB and cocoa pops but when I told my midwife I mentioned the frosted mini wheat’s instead. :-)

  48. I am the same way as far as needing simplicity as well as stimulation.
    That’s why we live in a big city but have a row-house with a small yard. We have all Waldorfy and handmade toys and craft daily, and go for daily nature walks in one of the biggest unmanicured urban parks in the country (it even has a creek!) but we also have a lot of culture at our fingertips. We tend a small community garden plot but mostly shop at the food co-op.
    That said, I think your family makes the most of where you are too: you have a beach that you frequent instead of a park, you went on a road trip and saw other cultures,you always do crafts. Etc.

  49. It’s amazing…I’ve been away from the computer for a while and I thought, “I bet she’s revealed the sex of her baby, I wonder what she’s having!” I checked back and found your lovely Vimeo of the REVEAL. Pure loveliness. Boys are fabulous and the world needs more wonderful boys.
    Also, you did perfect with the whole Kindergarten thing. Well done.

    PS: As a Momma who found it hard to find funky baby boy clothes, I can’t wait to see the gems you unearth;-)))

  50. Am I the only one to notice a “g” on that diaper? Im thinking you picked a name ( or maybe its a brand logo, and Im just silly) and are subconsciencely tryng to tell us..hmmm im thinkng Garron? no, Gavin.. :) love you love your blog

  51. Awesome!! The Paperhouse is from my hometown! They helped sponsor our Beau’s Baskets which are given to families who have a child born with DS in our local hospitals!! Wonderful family!

  52. oh. my.!! the paperhouse is in my hometown!!! oh i got little goosebumps!!! what a wonderful surprise to see my corner of the world on your happy blog!! my littlest baby sister even babysits Devons little munchkins!! :) …… love love. :) thank you for supporting a mom and pop down the street from my mom and pop!.

  53. I love the simple so much I hardly venture in to the go-go-go. But the go-go-go is what gives us find memories to think about during the simple downtimes, so it’s important, too.

    Three out of four family birthdays are in the next 5 weeks. This is a busy time for us, too.

  54. ooo! i notice the “g” on the diaper! Is Baby going to have a “g” name? When are you due?

  55. that pic of her in the mirror was precious! sweet sweet nella. i’ve been a crazy person too. gotta say i daydream about naps and curling up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea. i know it will slow down…just in the frenzy i panic.

  56. everyone keeps talking about the new Mumford & Sons CD. I gotta get it! Always love seeing your pics.

  57. I think Nella and my granddaughter Giselle are kindred spirits. They are about the same age and remind me so much of each other with their mannerisms and now that you’ve shared it, Giselle is also a techie that can figure out how to maneuver the mouse, is great with a phone and even knows how to push the arrows on the keyboard to make things move on the monitor. So true, Mr. Jobs does live on in these tiny kiddos! :)

  58. I’m off to my kitchen right now to make myself a bowl of your homemade lucky charms. Thanks to Lainey for the extra marshmallows she so kindly put in my box. Love them!

  59. I. Loved. This. Post. I love Mumford & Sons and will have to take a listen. I am currently enjoying Alanis’ new goodness. Have you listened to Rosi Golan yet? Perfect mellow music for fall. Happy Thursday.

    If you have time to take a look…

  60. I’m soo trying to decide if I should splurge on a pair of minnetonkas and if I would actually wear them enough to justify it.. and Nella’s little pair is prompting me to go look at all their options…

  61. Where did you get Nella’s moccasins? They are SO cute!

  62. I don’t know why, but I love this post. You rock.

  63. So many beautiful pictures!!

  64. We love G Diapers! They’re definitely or favorite cloth diaper. Have you used them before or will this be your first baby wearing them?

  65. Loving the New Mumford & sons!! Got with it the new Muse, also so amazing!!

  66. Love Mumford and Sons…I feel the same way…they make me so happy :)

  67. Hi Kelle I love your blog, I love the way you dress your children, could you tell me where did you get Nella’s boots, they’re super cute!

  68. I love the pictures with Nella’s little leg bent back and she is so into her books. She looks like she is just so super proud of herself for throwing her blankets from her crib. I just love how you capture things in your pictures that are able to make us feel like we really know you all and that we some how are right there when it is all happening.

  69. The moses baby basket looks adorable!

  70. love a good etst post.

    and the walking with her hands behind her back…delicious.

  71. Mumford and Sons ROCK and so do YOU :o)

    Happy Friday!



  72. This could have been a Hallmark post, I was teary with that warm wonderful feeling inside. I hope you have the BEST October of your life so far. Love love love the pics. And once again, please please please squeeze your girls for me. I LOVE THEM! Best wishes and feelings and all that makes your heart smile.

  73. Happy Fall to everyone! Richard from Amish Stories

  74. Thanks to your picture, my son now wants a delicious bowl of Lucky Charms. It is our go to vacation cereal. Vacation is when all whole grain, healthy breakfast options are out the window and it is sugar and marshmallows in the morning. Direct quote, “We go and buy that cereal at the store today.” No question a direct order!

  75. I had lucky charms for breakfast. :)

    Love that you have cloth diapers in your baby boy stash!

  76. love the daddy tackle at the end!!! lainy’s got him down and nella’s all “where’s the cash?” haha!!

  77. Huge Mumford & Sons fan here…I saw them in Montreal almost a year ago. Definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!! I’m so pumped their new album was finally released. I can’t wait to see them in concert again (soon, hopefully).
    Love your blog…from a faithful reader in London, Ontario:)

  78. Love the stash of baby boy clothes! Where did the booties come from? And please share any cool sites for boy clothing! It’s so hard to find cool and unique items. Thanks so much!!

  79. There is so much I love about this post! I love that it is simple yet so full, happy and insightful, loving and fun! I totally get the simple vs busy life dilemma … Sometimes I think it would be amazing to live a simple life on a farm with less stress and craziness … Then the next hour I am loving all the friends and family and events in our life!! Happy fall!
    PS love the fall decor for your front porch!
    PPS you crack me up with the lucky charms – love it!

  80. I love having a boy, I hope to have a second one, but it truly doesn’t matter! I spy Hanna Andersson mukluks (Zayn has a blue pair and he loves them, such good quality) and gDiapers! I used gDiapers with newborn organic Indian prefolds from (I couldn’t keep up after a while and hated that the snaps left little marks on his skin.)

    Mumford and Sons… lOVE them, freakin’ lOVE them! xx

  81. Little kids amaze me with how quickly they pick up the “techy” stuff. My almost 3 year old knows how to work my smart phone too — swipe it on, scroll to his page of apps, and get his “games.” They’re going to be smarter than us pretty soon!

  82. I love Mumford and my sweet hubby got me tickets to their concert this week for my birthday! Amazing!!!! I’m in San Diego enjoy your time out here when you come to shoot for Infantano. I submitted my babies but so far no luck.

  83. Shit, seriously. “I do not ask the price I paid, I must live with my quiet rage, Tame the ghost in my head, That run wild and wish me dead.” This was the exact part of the song that awakened a tidal wave of emotion inside of me. I love that one song- one little line can do that to your soul. Oh, Mumford & Sons…

  84. I looooooooooooooooove your blog. The photos of Nella make me laugh out loud and bring me joy. By the way that owl – fabulous!

    I discovered my girl on Pinterest. Your story was beautiful. So real, so deep, so honest. I love it. I pinned it on my DIVA board.

    Happy Fall.


  85. As a cloth diaper user and huge fan I have to admit I was super excited to see a G diaper in your new stash. I personally LOVE Bum Genius, but any type of cloth makes me smile :)

  86. I love the pic of Nella with her hands behind her back. My daughter Phoenix walks like this too.

  87. Ohh Lover’s Eyes is wonderful! I love it!

  88. speaking of good albums. The new ‘The xx’ album (Coexist) is my current favorite. Every song, every beat, every melody, every lyric….so…darn…good. Get it, Kelle!

  89. Mumford. Heart.

    And I had to laugh at your Lucky Charms photo since my mom *just* told me that she put sugar on her Lucky Charms this morning. What?! I guess when you’re a rockin grandma you can do what you want. :)

    Happy Fall.

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