Easy Pumpkin Carving Party

Our Pumpkin Carving Party:

Proof that parties don’t have to take a lot of effort or money.  The idea for this little party came two hours before it happened.  The only thing we bought was donuts, cider, some paper plates & napkins and a pumpkin carving kit. 

We took an empty nightstand from our garage into our woods, added a couple blankets and laid our treats out in pretty wood dishes.  Pull a few pinecones and sticks from the ground to decorate and, voila…a magical party.


Lainey was completely surprised when she came home from school. The woods and her friend were waiting for her.













For easy clean-up in the woods, we also brought a garbage bag for disposal, a bowl for pumpkin “guts,” and baby wipes to clean hands.





Gourd Powers Unite.


Friday Photo Dump:

PhotobucketFriday Phone Dump photos are taken on the Instagram iPhone app (free) and dropped into a 12×12 collage using a photo editing software (Photoshop Elements works). I am @etst (enjoying the small things) on Instagram if you care to follow the feed.

And your #enjoyingthesmallthings photos. So happy to return to this as it makes me happy to see your images!  (If you use Instagram and have a photo that makes you happy, share it by using the hashtag #enjoyingthesmallthings. Yours may be chosen to be shared in a Friday post.)Photobucket


And a little sponsor love for Deb Oliver Origami Owl Lockets.  She’s received a great response so far–thank you!  Her personalized charm lockets make a great addition for the holiday wish lists.


Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Happy Fall to you and your family!! I love reading your blog and am inspired to seize the day whenever I do. Thank you!!

  2. Such a sweet little pumpkin party!

  3. It’s hard to get a sense for how tall you are, Kelle, because most of your pictures are with a 5 year old and a 2 year old! But seeing that baby bump on you — now I can see… you’re so tall! That bump looks adorable, you wear it well :) Hope you and baby boy and the rest of the family have a great weekend!

  4. I love your life.

  5. So much love in these photos! Beautiful people and a beautiful fall to you all :))

  6. You sure do know how to make a great party anytime and anywhere! Such a fun memory for your girls! They are precious :)

  7. They are going to have quite the memories to pull from when they grow up and realize they had the best childhood. Nice work mama bear!

  8. I’m still laughing about the nightstand…wouldn’t have been the same without it!

  9. Love that last shot of Nella, look at that little wrinkled nose! :) Adorable as always, and nice job documenting this little party. Lovely photos.

  10. You are always so creative and spontaneous, Kelle. I’m always saying that because I work I just don’t have photos or inspiration. But I finally grabbed my camera the other night and headed out on an adventure with my boys. You should see the photos! Beautiful pink/orange sunset and it reminded me of you out exploring with you fam at the beach at sunset. You truly are an inspiration, hon.

  11. I agree with 1 of the particular above posts… I, too, love your life! :)
    That dresser is so awesome!!! I love it’s style :)
    Great post!

  12. And just where did the chocolate donuts disappear to, hmmm? If you’re like me they were hidden away to be eaten after the kids are in bed.

    Looks like a fun time for everyone.

  13. What an awesome mama you are!! How fantastic, thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  14. This party is an awesome idea and seems so simple as well Kelle, your children have had something created that they’ll never forget and that in itself is wonderful in my eyes!

  15. What an elegant pumpkin carving party. You’re right, it doesn’t take much effort. Oh – and I love Izze sodas. A lot.


  16. Oh you are so my mama-hero. “One day, when I’m a mom I will…” i love your love of life.

  17. Love love love!

  18. You are such a good mama, Kelle. You and your kids are going to remember that impromptu pumpkin carving party for years to come. I may have to borrow some of those ideas…we’re carving our own pumpkins tomorrow. You are truly an inspiration to me!!

  19. So, never noticed it before, but as much as Lainey resembles you in your baby pictures, Nella looks JUST like you in that last photo!
    Great Pumpkin Carving party ideas!!
    Totally respecting your ‘changing of the classmates’ identities’ when posting!
    As our kids have aged, we’ve made our blog private–of course with your readership, it’s likely you won’t do that, so you do the next best thing–protect identities.
    Once again, thank you for sharing!!

  20. What a fun and easy party! so inspiring! thank you for sharing

  21. You are such an inspiration for me to get my hands dirty with my boys! This party looks like a blast!

  22. As a mother with a special needs child, my son is autistic, you are my hero!! I know I can always count on your blog to make me smile and give me a little extra giddy up in my step. Also, Nella takes the most awesome pictures. :)

  23. 1) nella’s donut-eating faces are way too cute.
    2) this is such a cute idea for a party — impromptu or not!
    3) i so wish i lived closer b/c i am in love w/ that night stand and would gladly buy it from you (from your craigslist post, of course) in 2.2 seconds flat! :)

  24. Holy Pumpkin Party Fun! What a great idea and easy! Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I think I am going to plan one for our couple friends! Easy Date Night!

  25. Ok so I have you a deal…

    I’ll send you as many leaves, pumpkins, and anything fall you could possibly want for as many years as you want in exchange for that ‘nightstand thing’!!!! I LOVE that ‘thing’ and want it :)

  26. I love all those facial expressions!!! I also love the thrown together party, I will be passing this post to my daughter who is the biggest planner in the world. She needs to see how cute a thrown together party can be. Have a great weekend.

  27. I love your party idea! Great photos <3
    I always look forward to seeing your Friday phone dump. :)

  28. you were right in “forcing” brett into lugging the nightstand into the woods…. it’s lovely!!

  29. I love your spontaneity! Your girls are truly blessed.

  30. Beautiful photography, and I love the nightstand. I’ve never carved a pumpkin outside before – what a fun idea!

  31. 1) Last pic of Nella = Perfection!
    2) Continued jealousy of your pumpkins, we have a SECOND squirrel hole in ours. I showed a pic to my students today and the laughter was great, but I also am glad I waited until the END of class, I never got their attention back!

  32. PS. Is brett excited to track our hurricane?

  33. This post is awesome. It’s easy to say, “She can do that kind of stuff because she has more money, more time, more whatever than us.” But you showed it didn’t take too much time or money.

  34. You are awesome! Loved seeing this on IG, too! Beautiful pics! :)

  35. This is sooo cute!

  36. This is perfect :)

  37. What a perfect pumpkin party! I’ve hosted many of these parties. (I’m actually having one this coming Monday for a bunch of 16 year-olds chicks.)

    We’ve been decorating pumpkins since they were four.

    (And before The Chick joined our family, her brothers and their friends enjoyed making “superhero” pumpkins, Indian pumpkins and Veggie Tale pumpkins!)

    Instead of doughnuts, we’ll be having potato soup and chili in Panera bread bowls and Pumpkin Dump Cake.

    But unfortunately, we will not have a beautiful dresser in the woods… but I wish we could!

    Happy Fall!

  38. Love this idea! These things are SO much harder to do when it’s already snowing in October where I live.

  39. Such a wonderful and cute idea for the kids. So fun. The woods remind me of the ones behind my mom’s house in Lehigh.

  40. What a fantastic memory you created. That setting is so gorgeous. Love the photos!

  41. Such a delightful day, LOVE that this gathering came together so quickly… Makes me wonder why we [or at least me] feel pressured that everything needs to be perfect all the time… I would love to capture your enthusiasm, and have a little pumpkin party too, but the foot of snow we have, would certainly put a damper on the party atmosphere…

  42. What’s not to love about this party. Simple, and beautiful.
    You’re an amazing Mum Kelle.

  43. How fun! SO easy… I’m totes loving everything with foxes. I found a really cute fox jumper for Zayn! xx

  44. Ahhh, I love this! You are too creative! Quit it, you’re making the rest of us look bad;) Love the pictures!

  45. Honestly, your party came out just fine but in your last post, I was thinking, “This chick has got to be EXHAUSTING to live with!”

  46. How cute! This is a great idea. I love what you did. =]

  47. You want to know what I love most about your blog? You make things fun and you celebrate life! I love all the things you do with the kids. I love how you love life!


  48. Love, love, love your spontaneity! I crave it… but don’t have it. Yet. I am always encouraged by you, so… maybe someday soon.

  49. love the pumpkin carving party! its simple, yet fun!

  50. I can not get over how adorable that little pumpkin party was! That would have made my year when I was a kid! So excited to be a mom and do crazy cute things like this one day.

  51. Oh my goodness, you are such a cool mom. Love it. My boys are grown and I know I did “fun” things with them but we always wish we could go back and change a thing or too, if I could, I would be more spontaneous like this party. Kudos to you mom.

  52. I wish I could do this today with Kaish. I have two sessions and a zillion pictures to edit…do you remember how crazy it used to be when you did photography? I think I remember you talking about it before. I feel overwhelmed. And stressed.

  53. the thing I love about coming here is the eye candy. i wish i knew how to take pictures with that dreamy quality – the colors are the perfect subtle flavor. love !!!

  54. I just love how you can do a little impromptu Fall party as beautifully as you did! I love that your husband loves you so, and he will go along with your spontaneity! How sweet it is.

  55. Such a lovely post.. The last photo of Nella is gorgeous!
    This afternoon I carved pumpkins with 4 kids and it was inspired all inspired by you!

    Have a great weekend x

  56. That was meant to say *inspired by you* lol x

  57. CUTEST punkin carving party ever in the history of ever. I love it. Coolest mom’s of the year award!

  58. What a lovely idea! I love the “How To” little board you made! Super cute and totally Pinterest perfect :)

    And that picture of Nella! I think thats how I eat powdered donuts too!


  59. I’m sorry, everyime i read your posts I am distracted by your photos. Your girls are simply stunning. I want to scoop them both up and feed them cookies and play in raked leaves. I dont have kids yet, and I’m unsure if I want them, but seeing these photos makes my uterus tingle.

  60. LOVE!!!

  61. ,,,final photo of nella my fav,,,

  62. What a fun little carving party. I love seeing all the fun things you do with your girls! However, I have to ask, when you’re in your wooded area aren’t you afraid of snakes? Maybe I’ve watched to much Animal Planet Channel and they’ve scared me too bad with all the snakes in FL. lol

  63. What a perfect memory for your children 😀

  64. Martinellis, entemanns and pumpkins. Doesn’t get any more “comfy” than that! Good party!

  65. So many wonderful images, heart-warming on a crisp, cool Fall day. Thank you for sharing!

    Paul Michael

  66. Kelle,if everyone was as cute as you prego..everyone would be prego. You look adorable. I love the pictures of the girls…especially of Nella with the pumpkin. Have a great week!

  67. What a lovely surprise for Lainey. I love the whimsical and imaginative things that you do with your family.xo

  68. Oh! my.gosh!! You do know how to arrange a lovely party! So sweet – Such beautiful memories you’re creating for your family………

    The very last picture of little Miss Nella makes my heart melt – and will make me smile every time I think of it, all day!!…………Rosemary

  69. LOVE your party and LOVE LOVE LOVE Nella’s dress! Where did you find it? My two youngest would go nuts for that dress!

  70. Love the pumpkin party idea. I think I might do it tonight :) Also, we bought our daughter (who turned 13 yesterday) one of the necklaces from Deb Oliver and she LOVED it. What a great idea…it’s now on my wish list for Christmas :)

  71. LOVE the font in the pumpkin party image. What is it called?!!?

    You are such a fun Mama.

  72. I am new to your blog but I adore it. I bawled my eyes out reading the birth story and I am dying at how beautiful everything is in this post. If you read this comment, would you pretty please let me know where you happened upon that lovely outfit Nella is wearing? I have a little one that would be perfect in it, too! :)

  73. I really enjoy reading your blog and see how you interpret the world through the written word and through your camara.
    I have 4 kids, 3 of them are girls and I have got to know where you got that dress Nella has on!!!!please tell! Thanks Kelle

  74. I love the pictures of Nella. She reminds me so much of my Lucy. Their facial expressions and what they get into. So sweet.

  75. Party looks like it was awesome.

    I’m in love with that nightstand. Is 4 hrs away too far to go get it? ;o)

  76. Besides absolutely loving your blog, I do believe I am in love – with that night stand! Oy – it is perfection!

  77. Kelle, what gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing these sweet pictures and your suggestions for a fun, impromptu autumn party. I love that you mostly used items from your home, including that nightstand! I’m sure Lainey will treasure this fun day for a long time. – Carrie from Sam’s Club

  78. Your blogging is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Leaves me speechless. You have truly touched me.

  79. Where on Earth did you get Nella’s gorgeous dress from? I love it!

  80. This Halloween activity is very interesting. We don’t do it here in our place, maybe because we find it unethical to carve pumpkins as if we’re making fun of a vegetable. But seriously, I am amazed with how talented those who could carve. Thanks for these pumpkin carving ideas . I would love to list them on my collection please. Cheers and good day always!

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