Happy Halloween

A regular post coming tomorrow. 

For now, there is music blasting, a crock pot simmering and two excited sweet littles whose mama loves holidays.  We have a house full of friends we love tonight, and I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Halloween.  Have fun and stay safe tonight.

Our Halloween Card this year:




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  1. What a beautiful card! Happy Halloween from Canada!

  2. Fabulous!!! Happy Halloween Hamptons!

  3. Ahhhhhhh. So sweet. Lainey looks like you Kelle in this picture.

  4. they are adorable!

  5. Adorable! Even your mini-post made me excited for tonight. :) Have a great Halloween!

  6. So cute!!! Hope you’re all having a super fun day!

  7. I’d kiss all the frogs if they looked as cute as that one!!

  8. LOVE it…they are SO cute!!!

  9. love the card! i’d like the frog to kiss me too.

  10. LOVE. Happy Halloween, Hamptons! :)

  11. What a wonderful card, enjoy your Helloween Party! Love from Berlin, Katrin

  12. Fantastic!!!

    Happy Halloween to you and your family! Enjoy …

    ~ Dev

  13. So cute! Happy Halloween!

  14. So cute! Love these costumes. Lainey is looking more and more like you as she grows up. :) Have fun tonight!

  15. That is adorable… Love it!

  16. love

  17. Love the card! Happy Halloween!

  18. I love the frog outfit! My baby girl is being an elephant, happy Halloween!!!

  19. Perfection!!! What a lovely card.

  20. LOVE it! Have a fun, safe, happy halloween :)

  21. Absolutely LOVE the card and the girls costumes. Adorable.

  22. Okay, you make me want to have my future kiddos close in age for the very specific reason of Halloween costumes. Have fun tonight!

  23. Oh, what a lovely Halloween card:-) Have a perfect Halloween.
    Hugs from Norway:-)

  24. Happy Halloween! The piccies are gorgeous – I especially love the frog outfit!

  25. Love it!!!

  26. What a creative idea for the girls’ costumes! Very cute…Have a fun, safe and warm Halloween.

  27. lainey looks pretty darn precious, especially on the photo on the back!

    and nella, well, she’s adorable as always! cutest frog ever!

  28. Sweet. Have a fun night!

  29. These are so creative and adorable!!

  30. loooooooooooooovvvvve the costumes!

  31. Cute card!!!

  32. Have the best time! Love the card!

  33. Happy Halloween, Hamptons!!!!! I love, Love, LOVE that little froggy costume!!!!! :)

  34. Adorable Kelle. I just started reading your book, Bloom! The cards saying reminds me of the magic that happened when Lainey first held Nella, an unbreakable bond was formed and a daughter taught a mama how to love! Happy Halloween!

  35. I’m so glad you “couldn’t be happier” tonight. While you enjoy your Halloween festivities with a house full of friends, perhaps you can give a passing thought to the people who have died or been injured, the people who lost their homes and possessions, or the millions who are still without power.

    Honestly Kelle, I have been a faithful reader of your blog since Nella was born, and I just can’t do it anymore. I think the only person Kelle really cares about…is Kelle. As a very recognized and popular blogger, sharing some compassion for the people who are in turmoil would have been a kind and, well…expected thing to do. Not everyone is having a happy Halloween with a house full of friends in cute costumes, some people are living a Halloween nightmare.

    Best of luck to you in the future.

  36. To Amanda,
    Somebody, somewhere is living a nightmare EVERY day. I can get enough of the storm on the news or in my actual life. I want to read Kelle’s blog to remember that even though life can be hard, we can still enjoy the small things–like seeing two adorable girls in their Halloween costumes. This is just a small peek into one person’s life. I
    was delighted to see these photos and I also can understand that this doesn’t preclude the fact that she has feelings about world events. Enjoy your family, Kelle and be happy.


  37. @amanda:
    Sorry to hear your Halloween isn’t as enjoyable as the rest of ours. I lost a baby 4 years ago on this date. I would never blog about my sorrows because no one wants to hear that. Stop being a debby downer!

    Love the Halloween card! Thanks for putting me in the festive mood :)

  38. Amanda,

    I think you’re going to regret that little fit you just had. Life is precious…and it goes on. If you’re going to act ugly, go somewhere else.

    I’m sorry you’re so angry.

  39. luv, luv, love, love it! so cute!! (:

  40. That Halloween card is TOTALLY CUTE! Love it! :)

    Happy Halloween, Hamptons!

  41. I taught an evening class at our local community college tonight and was inspired by your recent pumpkin carving party to throw a mini Halloween party for my students. Cider, donuts, and festive Halloween napkins were enjoyed by all. Just wanted you to know :).

    Everyone’s thoughts are with those on the East Coast who have to pick up the pieces after a terrible natural disaster. Your beautiful Halloween card brought a smile to my face and I’m sure the card, along with your wonderful words, will bring comfort and a moment of escape to people who have a lot of hard challenges to face.

    Happy Halloween to you and your family!

  42. That card is SO cute! I love it :)

    Enjoy your night xx

  44. Love that card! How adorable are they?! Wow. Great job. Have fun tonight with them!!

  45. i dont usually comment but i after reading your post kelle an hour ago and the comments below…i just feel like i should apologize to you for some of the negativity that was also left for you……how unfortunate a gray cloud had to pass over your happy night…..

    i always look forward to your posts for the beautiful pictures of not just the girls but the small simple things that make up your world and motherhood, both the good and bad……they help us remember how important it is to relish in the joy of littles in halloween costumes and the memories we all had of this special night!

    and i think its important for us as readers to remember that your blog is yours….its public yes…but its a journal for your girls….a place for them to look back upon for their memories…..we are all just blessed to also have a glimpse…..
    yes kelle may be a recognized and popular blogger, however it is because of her own personal heartache and family trials that she shares that we all know her so well……

    thank you kelle for the glimpse in to your world……we may not actually know you….but oh my do we love you……

  46. Perfect. Absolutely perfect! A pumpkin-y cheers to you!

  47. Precious! Love the card and the sweet faces! :) Hope you had a happy Halloween!!

  48. Have a spooktacular evening! Family, Friends and Love!

  49. So sweet!!! Wishing you a Happy Hallowe’en too!

  50. I have never left a comment before. On anything. But when I got onto today’s update- I laughed and smiled when I saw those two precious girls in those costumes! When I read the comments I was upset to see some negative feedback.. I live in NJ and am dealing first hand with this hurricane. I have never experienced anything like this before. Luckily- we had power and heat restored late last night. But most of my friends and family are still without. My town is pitch black and still dangerous so Halloween was canceled. This is my favorite holiday so needless to say- I was upset. Now some may say we (and I) have more important things to worry about then Halloween. But one thing I have learned in the last week is that we need to find happiness and love wherever we can get it. And it made me happy to know that someone somewhere was having a good Halloween! Just because I can’t have the perfect holiday doesn’t mean that no one can celebrate! Yes- people are suffering. But life doesn’t stop. Kelle did nothing wrong by giving her friends and family a great night! If I was able- I would have been celebrating too! So thank you Kelle for making me smile with that awesome card! You have a beautiful family and I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

  51. Amanda,

    While you are upset at the fact that people are struggling in New Jersey, perhaps you forget about the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes in Syria in the past months, fleeing the country’s opposition – a topic I chose not to write about on Enjoying the Small Things. Perhaps you are unaware of the casualties that have occured in Libya or don’t remember that thousands of U.S. farmers and their families have suffered and face challenging futures due to the drought of 2012 – also topics I chose not to write about here. I may not write posts about each incidence of suffering our world experiences on our family blog, but my condolences, my thoughts, my prayers, and my love certainly exists for these individuals.

    I am sorry if you were one of the individuals in New Jersey who experienced losses. I pray hope is soon restored to that area and that through these challenging days, people still find things that make them smile.


  52. What an absolutely adorable card. Those girls of yours are just too darn cute!

  53. Kelle,

    Please never change the way you write or what you write about. I personally come here because I love how you focus on the good things in our world. We all have sufferings within our life and sometimes it is good to come to a place that replenishes your soul and that is what your blog does for me.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you provide to us Mummy’s out there!

    I hope you enjoyed your Halloween!
    Liane xx

  54. I ♥ this card- super cute!!!!!

  55. I can’t find an email link on the blog. Is there one?
    This is unrelated, but I really thought you’d like it. Fair warning…. it made me sob!! Nothing more awesome than a Dad loving his kid…


  56. Bravo Kelle. Your grace and compassion is a lesson for all of us.

    Love those sweet girls xoxo

  57. Sooo cute. I love it!! Hope ya’ll had a great halloween!! :)

  58. They’re just precious.
    I can’t wait ot see your costume! I have a fantasy of you and Brett going as the Duke & Duchess of Windsor.

  59. @Amanda…..BOO!
    @Kelle…..a TREAT, that’s what you are 😉

    Loves to you, and your card caption produced instant tears…good ones!

  60. very cute card!!!!

  61. Kelle, I have read your blog since Nella’s birth story was forwarded to me. I absolutely adore Nella. I think she is the most precious and beautiful child and looking at her photos is always such a treat. However, I do have to agree with Amanda. In this case. Yes, there is always grief, disasters etc. Happening all over the world, but this one hits so close to home (in fact it IS your home since you are an American). Would you have posted a “happy” post on Sept 11, 2001 since you choose to only post about “happy” things on your blog? Where do you draw the line? How many casualties would it take for you to aknowledge a disaster? Also, it is so immature of the commenters here to attack Amanda. It is a public blog and everyone is free to express his/her opinion, so “booing” Amanda for simply stating her point of view (in a respectful way) is just silly.

  62. Kelle ~ Just keep doing your thing! You brighten my day, along with many others. :)

  63. Happy Halloween Hampton family (belatedly)!!!

  64. Ella,
    I don’t think kelle intends for her blog to become a place for bickering between her readers. That being said, I must address that Amanda assuming that kelle only cares for herself is hardly respectful, yet quite hurtful. We all are entitled to voice our opinions as we see fit but since this is Kelle’s blog, this is where she should be able to express herself and without scrutiny. It is not for us to tell her what to write about or how to feel, we are simply blessed that she chooses to share a glimpse of her life with us. I am a silent cheerleader, I love the hope, inspiration, joy, love and openness that this blog brings. Thank you for sharing it with us, kelle.

  65. I LOVE, LOVE that Halloween card. How did you make it? Please, do tell.

  66. Oh, Ella, Ella, Ella….

    What’s “silly” and “immature” is that neither you nor Amanda have a profile picture attached to your comment. Because if you did, it would surely be the face of ignorance.

    I wasn’t booing her opinion, I was booing her decision to voice it here. The purpose of Kelle’s FAMILY blog is stated in her title.

    Enough said.

    Enjoying the small things with you, Kelle, and praying and feeling deeply for the harder, bigger things too. :)

  67. You moms are just as bad reacting so viciously and so nasty! A shout out to all the Americans currently suffering along with her bliss, I feel, would have been more appropriate. Maybe Kelle can use her noteriety/fame to encourage people to donate to the Red Cross or another organization. Let’s come together at this time…not add to the mean and hate.

  68. And no, I don’t have a picture either!! I don’t like pics of myself but if you need a picture to be encouraged to be kind to one another I would be happy to oblige!

  69. holy cats!!!! See my profile pic to see just how wonderfully great minds work together!!!! I swear I had no idea my girls would match your girls in costume genre! Happy Happy!!

  70. Oh, and PUH-LEEEEASE ignore the words of those whose lives are better lead by finding the fault in others’ everydays. Honestly, some people just don’t understand the value of living in the here and now and taking a minute or two a day to just relax and coo at some cute kids.

  71. rats…apparently this cute card has generated some drama… I was hoping you would share how you made the card!

  72. Question on your too cute Halloween card you included in your post. I too, have two older step son’s, two biological son’s and another on the way. In the past, when I’ve created a holiday card, or taken a picture of my babie’s in a silly get up, I am given a hard time by some family members for not including my older sons. My thought – do my 8 and 10 year old step son’s really want to dress up in heart painted t-shirts? But the questions still make me feel guilty for enjoying past times with my babie’s that I didn’t get to experience with the older boys. Have you experienced this type of criticism from family or friends? And, if so, how do you respond?

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