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Popping in for a little holiday prep love.  I’ll be bringing some of our favorite sponsors back as well as new ones this month to help with gift ideas.  And I’m receiving e-mails every day about specific questions for the North Pole Party.  So, tomorrow I’ll have some more specifics for anyone who’s interested in throwing one of these parties or creating a reindeer food bar, Santa scavenger hunt, etc. for your kids this year.  I’m trying to put my printables up for you as well, and I’ll share our tags and labels to help make things easier for you. 

For now, I bring you Dashing Bee who returns with more great consignment finds for your kids.  Stretch your holiday budget by shopping these beautiful second hand goods, or stock up on winter coats and accessories for a fraction of the price.

All of these finds–some favorites of mine–are currently on the Dashing Bee site.  You get the thrill of the thrift hunt with the benefit of staying in your pajamas.


And look at those stripey scores in the last row!

Dashing Bee inventory changes daily, so keep checking in.  Use Code Kelle10 for 10% off your order.


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  1. This company sounds awesome Kelle, I adore these little items, they’re so cute.

  2. Oh Kelle, you’re amazing. Where do you find the time to fit in so much?

    Last year when I saw Lainey’s North Pole Party, I fell in love with it and showed my then 3 yr old. She’s now almost 5 and has harped me all year about having a Christmas Party like Laineys :) I said YES!!!! But, we go to Japan for 12 days {getting home on the 7th of Dec and then it’s her 5th birthday in January. So I’m trying to keep the Xmas Party as small, simple and affordable as possible during this busy time. Having your printables, ideas will be a MASSIVE help!

    You rock!!!
    Thank you xx
    Claire x


  3. Can’t wait for the party info. One day when they are older, your girls are going to realize just how freaking cool their mama is.

  4. putting together our own North Pole party here, so looking forward to your tips !

  5. My Husband’s birthday is Christmas Eve so everyone is always here….but now that I have seen your party, I MUST do it!! I was squeeling going through the old post and can’t wait to plan something similiar!

  6. Why do to you assume I don’t go thrifting in my jammies? :o) love Dashing Bee, all the fun of thrifting no weird smells. Ya I said it.

  7. Can you do Dashing Bee online? I live in Vt. but want to shop? Oh, I can’t wait Kelle…

  8. Is this the one where they send you cute clothes every month… I mean, I looked at the site and it doesn’t say that, but isn’t that what Dashing Bee does? Or was that a different internet shop with a cute-sounding insect-related name?

  9. Hi Kelle, are you going to have a boy or a girl!? or you ´don’t want to know!? :)
    Big kiss,

  10. Amazing.

  11. Thanks for introducing this website! I love consignment clothes for kids! What a great way to save money! The Dashing Bee has such great inventory!

  12. Thanks for sharing the party details! And I need to thrift more for myself and my kiddo! Love the convenience of online shopping :) xx

  13. Kelle, Like you I have 2 girls and my youngest is has a unique chromosome abnormality. Anyway, I saw this product and though – how cool! I’m totally getting this for my girls! Just wanted to share!


  14. Thanks kelle for sharing your printables soon, can’t wait!

  15. oh my gosh, I LOVE these clothes!!

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