Our curtains finally flutter, brought to life from their motionless slumber by November breezes our open windows usher in.


I’ve just returned from a solo bike ride where my overactive brain was hushed by the sound of wind and the occasional cracking from an acorn that lined up perfectly beneath my tires. 

In observing different gratitude projects circling social media this month, I’ve been thinking about its very complex meaning.  So many of the things we are grateful for have inverses: having a home vs. not having a home, being healthy vs. being ill, having a job vs. being unemployed, etc.  But gratitude is more than an I’m-so-glad-my-life-is-better-than-that-person’s-life list.  In fact, it shouldn’t be that at all.  Being exposed to the inverses of good fortune is a wonderful catalyst for gratitude.  I can’t help but kiss my babies’ cheeks and feel thankful for their health when I hear of mamas huddling over sick babies in hospitals; and witnessing storm damage, gas lines, and crowds of hungry people gathered in the northeast this week certainly makes me thankful for food and power and a structurally sound home.  This is only one facet of gratitude though, lending to the very important awareness component of its meaning; but it doesn’t seem a very humble definition.  The true depth of gratitude comes when you move beyond awareness and find ways to do something for someone else–to bring gratitude to other places in the world.  I still make lists of things for which I’m grateful. I still need stories of “not having” to sometimes remind me of what I do have.  But I’m learning more to breathe gratitude and to find ways of practicing it hidden in corners beyond the obvious check-lists of health, jobs, home, things, etc.

So right now, I’ll string them both together–enjoying little moments right here, right now and finding ways to help make someone else’s “right here, right now” a little better.


Walk friendly weather.



More Kitchen Time this Month


…which reminds me, fellow blogger and friend Meagan Francis at The Happiest Mom has launched The Kitchen Hour, a great way to connect and inspire moms during the time when we’re preparing dinner for our family.  The Kitchen Hour offers podcasts you can listen to while you cook, bringing tips, recipes and fun inspiration for connecting your family right to your kitchen.  I was honored to be part of Meagan’s first podcast and look forward to seeing how this grows!

Tights and Weather that Permits Them


Finding Nella “Playing Car”

(line up chairs and grab a tupperware top steering wheel)

Slowly Creating a Space Nella and Baby will Share



Inexpensive Decor Ideas

(inspired by Land of Nod catalogue: a cardboard letter and some yarn)

Watching Little People Explore


Things that Make YOU Happy: (#enjoyingthesmallthings on Instagram) 


And ways in which you can help someone else enjoy little things and big things right now:

Ultimately, I know we are once again going to be impressed with the resilience of NYC and surrounding areas because they overcome…that’s what they do.  But they need help.  To assist in Hurricane Sandy efforts, I’ve asked some friends in those areas to help direct efforts where it is most needed.  Some of the most affected areas in NYC are Far Rockaway, Staten Island, Long Beach, Oceanside, Red Hook and Breezy Point.

You can donate your help in the following ways:

* Text REDCROSS to 90999 to quickly and easily donate $10 (will be deducted from your phone bill).
* Text STORM to 80888 to quickly and easily donate $10 to the Salvation Army.
* Text HUMANE to 80888 to quickly and easily donate $10 to the Humane Society (Humane Society is working to rescue animals that were left behind and to provide shelter for them).

Or you can make specific donations in food and supplies that are most needed, and they will go directly to places in specific areas affected by the storm:
* The items on this Amazon Wish List go directly to Staten Island Sandy Relief.
* The items on this Amazon Wish List go directly to Moms New Jersey Sandy Relief.
* For Far Rockaway Recovery, click here.
* See New York Times list of ways in which you can help.

And thank you to the compassionate readers who helped kindly inform where help is needed!


Darkness creeps in earlier now–more time to burrow into our nest and enjoy family.



The fabulous Shop Ruche is returning in sponsorship this month, offering their incredible collection of affordable, vintage-inspired and unique products for both mama and child

Hummingbird top, Shop Ruche

Shop Ruche has been one of my favorite online stores for some time now, and whether I’m looking for a particular item for an event, a gift for a friend, a seasonal wardrobe addition or a unique find for baby, Shop Ruche is guaranteed to have something great.

Favorites: Finishing Touch Blouse, Homemade Home for Children Book, Cabernet Peplum Dress, Stevie Floppy Hat, Hillary Indie Ruffle Heels, Jewel Tone Chevron Dress, Country Ankle Booties, Pom Pom Hat in Honey Mustard

Check out their new winter look book, launched today. 

And, Shop Ruche is offering readers a great discount on their children’s line this month.  Buy anything from Shop Ruche Children and use code KELLEHAMPTON15 for 15% off (offer runs through November 7, 11:59 PST). 

What are you enjoying?
How are you feeling grateful right now?

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. 



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  1. I love fluttering curtains.

  2. Currently enjoying your AMAZING fall light, laughing at my girl, THE BEST PT ON THE PLANET and progress, and a bit more light in the mornings….

  3. Check me out, second, but behind one of my other most favorites!

  4. I am in love with my patient husband, who is kind and solid always with the kids and mostly he is generous and giving with me. Thank you for helping me to remember to slow down and be grateful. I enjoy your blog….:)

  5. I am grateful to have the right to vote tomorrow.

  6. Love that yarn letter!! 😉 Totally making that! :)

  7. I’m enjoying how fall lingers here in the Pacific Northwest. I was able to get outside for my run today and it was magical…in so many ways.

  8. I love Nella’s bed… so cute!
    I am super grateful for a patient husband, laughing babies, and warm coffee… and I am loving leaves in my yard, the smell of the grill, and my pumpkin spice candle! Have a wonderful week Kelle!

  9. Love that chalkboard on nella’s bed.

    I am grateful for my kids. My baby always awakes with a smile, and i adore her for it.

  10. Our babe turns 2 just weeks before our 3rd is due and eventually we’ll need her crib. I’ve been so worried about her sleeping in a “big girl bed” at such a young age. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to get her a toddler bed for a couple of years until I saw yours on IG! One less thing for me to frett about – thank you!

  11. Love The Happiest Mom! Must check her podcast out!

  12. Feeling thankful for so much…got a big girl lens today for my camera. Dreamy. Got a fun craft weekend to look forward to this weekend. I’m tucked in with my sweet dog on my lap, my girls by my side…The Cosby show is on;) Life is sweet.

  13. Today, I am grateful that I took a chance in April and started blogging! It has been an amazing experience…I have found so many wonderful stories to read and now have a place to tell my own stories.

    Love the photo of Nella playing car and the sign at the end of her bed…priceless!

  14. your images can only bring me warmth! frosty here with out first snowfall…cold…not cool. cold. time to pull out the parkas, the boots…the mitts and toques! xo i just rhymed :) love from muskoka…

  15. Grateful that my friend and his wife were able to hold their son if only for a day and grateful that their sweet baby boy knew only love.

  16. These photos are awesome Kelle, really helped to put me into a good Winter mood, I love it.

  17. Why wouldn’t Lainey & Nella share a room?

    Sounds awfully torturous putting a newborn with a child who just got a bed of her own.

  18. Enjoying the unexpected sunshine – a welcome break from the rain. Thankful for family – especially my 90 year old grandma and 94 year old grandpa. How blessed am I to still be able to spend time with them on a weekly basis?!

  19. I am enjoying the fact that you are on Instagram so that we not only get to see your beautiful family and pics on your blog, but now also get little glimpses there as well. (I even linked up with you today when I posted about my love of IG.)
    I am grateful for my family. That even though we go through struggles in life, our family remains strong.

  20. Right now, enjoying this quiet time with my sweet baby nursing her to sleep. Holding on to every single second of it because she’s growing too fast. Also, I love that’s it dark earlier, more time for snuggling on the couch with my older two in the evenings and watching movies!

  21. I am grateful for earlier nights and more time to be cozy with my family. Love, love, love standard time. Hello winter, I’ve missed you!

  22. Please don’t forget the Jersey Shore. We were hit so bad here. We are just devastated.

  23. Longer days, dogs that follow me around when I’m feeling sick. Those 1st kicks and flutters.

  24. Yay! I’m so excited to have made it in the Friday Photo dump =D Made my whole week!
    I am thankful to be on vacation in Florida this week with my husband and sweet daughter, soaking up the last little bit of summer here, before heading back north to our home in the woods, which will probably covered in snow when we return. Thankful we have this opportunity to be together!

  25. Thankful that I submitted my Capstone Project/Paper and now all I have left is to finish my internship hours. After 11 years of school, 2 classes a semester, I will finally have my Masters degree! Of course I am thankful for my 2 daughters who are now young adults.

  26. Thanks for the shout-out and for linking to my podcast, Kelle! You were a great interview – maybe you should have a radio show :)

  27. Nella: Hands down one of the cutest babies ever.

  28. I LOVE my husband. He has been patient and kind through 7 weeks of remodeling. I LOVE my girls. They bring me joy and laughter every day. I LOVE blogs (like yours) that bring truth and happiness.

  29. I LOVE my husband. He has been patient and kind through 7 weeks of remodeling. I LOVE my girls. They bring me joy and laughter every day. I LOVE blogs (like yours) that bring truth and happiness.

  30. Ah as I was cooking a new dish tonight, I was feeling grateful for my mom’s gift of sharing her kitchen and teaching me to cook. The joy passes down the generations.

    And there’s nothing like trying to cook with my girl under my legs trying to sketch out her masterpiece of the hour. Oh how I love to share the air that she breathes.

    Sigh. Thanks Kell.


  31. I love new posts on “Enjoying the Small Things” by inspirational Mama Kelle Hampton :)


  32. Thanks for your post I agree! You are such a wonderful writer and I love reading your posts! It’s fun to be thankful but it does mean a lot to help others in need! Or to just make a difference in the lives of those around us! Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. Great pix and message, girlfriend. Proud. Happy. Not surprised. <3

  34. Enjoying my Eli cuddled up next to me watching a movie (it was Gabe sitting on my lap earlier), and they both come in early in the morning for before school snuggles.

    So very grateful for insurance that covers physical therapy. It will be approximately a year before I get full mobility in my foot, but P/T is working wonders!

  35. you always inspire me to clean up around my home! THANK YOU for that!

    love nella’s new bed!

  36. The picture of Nella looking up to her big sister cooking is priceless. So sweet. What a beautiful thing those two will share! Love your blog!

  37. grateful for my work at home job and all the blogs I read that make me feel me again.

  38. wonderful and ispiring post as always,thank you! today i’m grateful to be here where i am now, with my children, my family, grateful to live my life.

  39. I love all the photos in your post, illustrating what you enjoy. I think the idea behind this “grateful for” challenge circulating the web now, is to get people to think more positive. If one are concentrating on things like having a job, home or whatever, they will be more positive. But I also get what you say. That one should rather reflect on what you really are grateful for, the deeper meaning of it.

  40. Love the pic of Nella with her hand in the imprint of the hand on the sidewalk :) I am grateful for my husband and his good job, and of course my 8 healthy children and my new little babe tucked away in my belly (16 weeks along).

  41. As a little sister myself, I sure love that shot of Nella looking up at her sister. Where they’re making cookies.

    I don’t have any girls, but some of my favorite moments with my boys is when they’re having a brother connection like that.

  42. The picture of Nella looking at Lainey while Lainey looks like she is explaining how to cook something is absolutely wonderful. It has to be one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. Such a great big sister and a gorgeous younger sister!

  43. Don’t be so disingenuous. You are blessed from the get-go. Your cup is overflowing! Many of your readers aren’t quite as fortunate as you are.

  44. Little disappointed that NJ doesn’t even get a mention past big bad NY. If any of your readers would like to help our entire state, our ENTIRE state which is suffering from north to south with no power, gas supply shortages, no school, no homes, cold weather, etc, maybe you can provide the link to the NJ Hurricane Sandy relief fund that our first lady has set up to help NJ families, here’s the link:


  45. @Sarah,
    I provided the link for Moms New Jersey which has been recommended to me by several readers. Thank you for adding the SandyNJReliefFund!

  46. I am so grateful to have our our son home from the Democratic Republic of Congo after a year of waiting, praying, hoping, and longing for him! I am enjoying every moment with him and having our WHOLE family together at last!

  47. So, Nella’s a back seat driver huh? (There are two chairs and she’s sitting in the back one lol).

  48. Thanks for the mention of the podcast…I love me some podcasts! I subscribed just now! I love your view and outlook on life.

  49. Dude! Are you perfect? You seem so. Love your blog, photos, words, kids, style, and how you’ve invited us on this journey. I have a two year old and four month old and the only bummer about your blog is I feel bad about how I dress daily after I read it!

  50. Nella is so adorable! 😀

    I am grateful for the fact that I am a woman who has the right to vote.

  51. Thank you so much for the relief links. I’ve been looking for more specific ways to help after donating $ to Red Cross. Our family home in NJ was spared, and I want to pay that luck forward as much as possible.

  52. Love the top from Ruche!

  53. Grateful you shared sweet Nella’s smile with me today. That girl’s smile never fails to make me smile too!

  54. I love your blog and your life full of love with your girls. <3

  55. Kelle, That picture of Nella looking up at Lainy when she is baking = a big smile on my face

  56. So happy to have stumbled onto your blog. I am to cope with my sister’s illness (brain tumor/cancer). Your outlook inspires me. Your pics are fabulous and love Lainey and Nella!! I check your blog daily and it makes me smile always. Thank you

  57. So happy to have stumbled onto your blog. I am to cope with my sister’s illness (brain tumor/cancer). Your outlook inspires me. Your pics are fabulous and love Lainey and Nella!! I check your blog daily and it makes me smile always. Thank you

  58. So happy to have stumbled onto your blog. I am to cope with my sister’s illness (brain tumor/cancer). Your outlook inspires me. Your pics are fabulous and love Lainey and Nella!! I check your blog daily and it makes me smile always. Thank you

  59. Hi Kelle, I have an award for you on my blog!

  60. TO Mermaidbehindthepage…and Sarah..yah, i think, in the list of Amazon links there IS one for New Jersey, so it was mentioned here. but good to see the one you added,too, Sarah. SO very sorry for all affected by Sandy, everywhere. Just awful. I have shared the links everywhere I can, and I hope everyone here does so. We are all in this together and need to help others. And, Kelle, I love the whole Gratitude thing; thanks for the reminder. And I voted today and am so grateful to have that right~ Love from your Blog Mama~

  61. Hermosas tus palabras acerca de la gratitud, imágenes encantadoras y excelente tu blog!!Saludos desde Argentina.

  62. I don’t often comment, but I wanted to let you know I love your blog. I love the way you mix personal stories with the photos. Reading your stories changed the way I write (for the better) and now much more personal stories go along with my photos. Thank you. I will continue to visit and get inspiration from you. (www.kewingcreative.com)

  63. I am in love with my boys. My youngest son is 16 months and recovering from a major major surgery. He Is paralyzed andhas a wheelchair and recently got a new one. I love seeing the excitement on his face when we roll him around and I love how his older brother doesn’t see his wheels; only his friendship and love.

  64. I love love love your boots! Can you tell me the brand?

  65. I’m a new reader to your blog, but thanks so much for the reminder to slow down, be grateful for all we have and enjoy the moment. Moments with little girls slip away pretty fast…thanks for reminding me to grasp them when I can.

  66. oh my gosh I love your pics!! They brighten my mood every time, thank you :) I’m smiling now :)

  67. Your blog is so unbelievably inspiring! Such a lovely family you have! xo Eden

  68. Hi, I am a high school student and I am doing a research project on Special Needs. And I want to be a Special Needs teacher later in life and my question is. What would I have to learn to help others with Special Needs?

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