Our Thanksgiving

This morning, I am full and content.  The garage is a lively and noisy place right now as Brett rifles through attic boxes, and two little girls enthusiastically await the day’s decorating. 

Our Thanksgiving snippets:

Seventh Annual Neighbor-But-Moreso-Beloved-Friends Pajama Breakfast


I might spray paint everything silver this holiday. 

Our first fire this season





And the Homey Family Traditions that Followed Photobucket






Bring on the holiday playlists, and have a wonderful weekend.


Welcome back to Enjoying the Small Things sponsor, Sweet Seat, creator of the portable, easy-to-clean, and beautifully designed booster seat.  Every chair is handcrafted on this Texas family farm and thoughtfully made with consideration for both the environment and your family. 

My girls each have one, and our Sweet Seats give us a good opportunity to get out of high chairs and kid tables and join the family for a more intimate meal. 


And yes, that’s a matching doll booster!  Sweet Seat has added new products to their shop and now offers Sweet Seat Minis for little friends who want to join the table as well as beautiful, laminated cotton bibs with adjustable straps that double as pacifier clips.  The fabric choices are dreamy–lots of fun, retro prints.


Sweet Seat is currently offering a holiday discount of 10% off and free shipping, using coupon code THANKFUL.


As you pick up little holiday goodies for those you love during this shopping season, I want to take this opportunity and thank you for your support of Enjoying the Small Things sponsors.  We love the businesses we’ve worked with this year and have enjoyed learning the stories behind how they’ve developed and grown, allowing many mamas to stay home, small ideas to bloom, and great products, art and services to reach homes that appreciate them.

Two more to remember while you browse Internet deals today:

Jessica Clough’s Scentsy Shop (time for pine and balsam!)


…and one of my favorite vintage-inspired clothing shops, Shop Ruche.


Bing Crosby is crooning, and I hate to keep him waiting.



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  1. I think my grandma had that same green coffee cup. Brings back fond memories. I love seeing photos of family memories in the making. So sweet!

  2. Love!!

  3. troppo bella questa giornata!!!!
    leggere il tuo blog è sempre una festa.

  4. LOVE the vintage looking crocheted tablecloth!

  5. This is all captured so beautifully!

  6. That last pic is the color I always want to duplicate. I love the tone, so pretty. Happy day after !

  7. What a lovely day! That fire looks fantastic… I wish I was sitting in front of one right about now!!

  8. This was our first Thanksgiving back in the US after over a decade in the UK. I wasn’t up for cooking the whole big meal as I’m nearly 7 months pregnant, and our kitchen is super tiny. And with both our families so far away, it didn’t seem worth all the effort. But next year we will have our own house and I am going to cook the crap out of a mighty big turkey with ALL the trimmings. :)

    Thanks for sharing your lovely traditions.

    Katie Vyktoriah

  9. I love your home! And your family and friends. You inspire my dreams for the future :)

  10. I’m so glad to hear and see that you guys had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, great photos!

  11. Lovely photos, but it would be easier to take your Thanksgiving thoughts more seriously if they didn’t end with sponsors. They kind of negate the message.

  12. That dress of Lainey’s is just like my old party dress.

  13. This had me googling butter syrup. All I can say is YUM! I think the maple syrup will have to move aside.

    Looks like you all had a lovely day.


  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you and family!
    Your daughters are so adorable.

  15. I took zero pictures yesterday. ZERO! Looks like a lovely Thanksgiving.

  16. it’s always wonderful be inspired from your words, pictures and love, thank you

  17. Alot of sweetness in your home with your families and friends. Loving the pictures.

  18. Awww looks like you guys had a fantastic time. Family is what it’s all about x

  19. Sorry I’m getting so slack with comments on your blog, I still read your posts but for some reason I comment more on IG. I’ve been loving your posts recently, maybe I recognise some of your Mama to be emotions and thoughts in myself, but oh so eloquently penned by you. Your blog here holds such a valuable vault of memories, seeing your family grow and change makes me want to ensure I record the little things too. The pics of your girls in front of the fire, made my heart melt and I’m not sure how you didn’t shed a happy tear! Happy Thanksgiving Kelle, I am SO thankful I googled birth story a few years ago and stumbled upon your blog, I have found a kindred spirit on the other side of the world! Hugs to you and yours. Xx Marian

  20. oh kelle I just adore what you capture in your photos, a home filled with family and LOVE. the girls party dresses are beautiful, the cuteness of nella’s stripey tights is too much!! our christmas decorations are going up this weekend, the carols have already been playing for weeks… x

  21. Even your wee dog is smiling by the fire!!! LOVE. xo

  22. i swear you live inside my head…love your style!!!!!!!! green mug is AWESOME and love the window on your mantle.

  23. oh my, I saw you in Lainey’s face on the step. :) beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

  24. When and how do you find the time to do it all ??!! I’m amazed Kelle!!!

  25. What beautiful traditions and special memories you’re creating for your family. Thank you for the inspiration.

  26. Happy Thanksgiving

  27. Those girls are going to have such great memories of the holidays when they grow up! I am always thanking my parents for the wonderful memories I have of growing up….the summers, vacations, holidays. I’m so glad your girls are going to feel the same, I have NO doubt!! Enjoy the family this weekend!

  28. If this is your version of a Thankful hangover, bring it on. It’s not only amazing to embrace our own feelings related to the season; but to see it emerge within our children is simply amazing. Like watching the best sunrise of your life every. single. day.

    Happy Thanksgiving dear!


  29. So much love and joy I get out of your all your blog posts. Warm hugs and kisses from me & my kiddos in Canada on this very snowy night xx

  30. Oh my goodness, Nella steals the picture of the 3 girls together.
    All the girls are beautiful, but Nella captures my heart in that picture! I love it!!!!

  31. Sweet pics! So glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  32. what fun pictures! happy thanksgiving!

  33. What a beautiful holiday you must have had. The photos of the children are so precious.

  34. I don’t know why but looking at your pictures and reading your words always makes me homesick.

  35. I love it- this year has been incredible for us, too. So thankful!


  36. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  37. E’ sempre meraviglioso leggere le tue pagine. E’ tutto cosi’ naturale………..

  38. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, I feel blessed and grateful to have found you, it has been awhile that you have been in my life (so much so that I have had Nella wander through my dreams, from time to time). Thank you for all you are and do. Please squeeeeeeeeeeze those precious girls for me and tell them that I am thankful for them too. Best wishes and Happy Holiday Season =)

  39. Your book came in the mail this afternoon, and I’ve just finished reading it.

    Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story, I cried and laughed, and loved the pictures in the book.


  40. Love the wreath! Is that a decoration you leave up year round? What is it made out of? Can’t tell if it’s pom-poms or little yarn balls or something else? Thanks!

  41. Beautiful Thanksgiving post. And beautiful traditions.

  42. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving day with us. I love the picture of the girls by the fire. :-)

  43. Kelle,
    I just love looking at your photos…they seem to tell their own story in a special kind of way.

    The tablecloth is gorgeous. The girls are precious ….love, love, love the one of Lainey giving Nella the big bear hug.

    Your home seems to ooze “love” in every nook and corner. Just lovely!

    You provide me with so much inspiration in each of your posts. All I have to say is that you’re a “WOW” mom!

    I hope your Thanksgiving was beyond wonderful!


  44. Your girls are so precious! I hope to be able to take beautiful pictures of my kids(when I have them) during every day life. Your pictures are what I think of when I dream about kids some day! :)

  45. coming back to comment again lol…I love Nella’s eyes in those last pictures. LOVE. oxox

  46. That green mug….. my parents used to have those when I was a kid! Wonder whatever happened to them.

  47. that one of Nella with her sweet baby at the table…oh my! she is just gonna have a ball with the baby. i can hardly stand it. gonna need videos.

  48. I love that last shot of your big girl asleep. Can you share your settings?

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