The First Gift: Magic Cabin Giveaway

There’s something about the first holiday gift for me.  Usually purchased this time of year, it initiates a little burst of holiday enthusiasm and a settling feeling of “I did something to get this ball rolling.”  And by ball, I mean shiny Christmas ornament with glitter on the outside and cheer on the inside.  I’m all for letting November be November and giving Thanksgiving its time to shine.  But that’s part of the fun of November for me–doing little things here and there that lead up to a more relaxing and fully enjoyable December.  Hence (holla for the word hence), the first gift.  Wrapped and waiting.  Every time I open my closet doors I see it way up on the shelf, and it makes me smile. 


Last year, I finally did Christmas right and this year, we want to simplify even more.  I bought almost all of my gifts online last year, and I took the time to search for well-made toys that would A:) Last, B:) Really mean something to my girls, and C:) Not take up a lot of room in our home.  I look for free shipping deals.  I keep an online wish list throughout the year of things I really love for my girls, and I use it to guide both my own gifts for them and to answer questions when grandparents ask what they want.  After years of buying Christmas gifts, I’ve realized less is more–hard to do but feels good when you stick to it.  I’d rather have a few really nice things that will last for my girls than a bunch of junk for them to open and forget about later.

Things I Like to Buy for Them:  Nice baby dolls (never gets old for them) and baby doll accessories (a good stroller, a few cute clothes, cloth doll diapers, bottle, etc.), toys that encourage imagination, educational toys and books, puzzles, crafts and art supplies, wood and felt toys

Things I Steer Away From:  Oversized things that will get in the way (we have a good kitchen set and a nice wood easel, and two “big” toys is enough our house can handle), cheap plastic (although those little dress-up click clack shoes will always be a fave), things with little parts that will get lost

I clean out their toys this time of year as well–sort through the things we don’t use to donate to Goodwill.  I’m getting better at this every year, and I’m finally getting the hang of simplifying my girls’ rooms and belongings for not only an easier life (it stays clean!), but more appreciative children. 

So, on to the first gift.  We have a thing with baby dolls.  My mom has had a thing with baby dolls for years–she can talk for an hour about makes and models of dolls, where they are manufactured, how well they’re made.  And my all time favorite gift memory from my childhood is when my sister and I received new baby dolls Christmas morning, delivered to our front door by a nurse (neighbor my parents bribed) in her hospital scrubs.  They were wrapped in receiving blankets, and we proudly reached out for them like real mamas.  (They were also filled with this jelly-like substance to make them heavy, and three days later we broke them open and cleaned out the jelly, shoving it in the door pockets of our Chevy Citation while our oblivious parents drove to Grandma’s…but that’s a moot point).

We’ve had several different ones throughout the years, but most of our dolls have been cheap things Brett excitedly comes home with from the grocery store because he does that sort of thing.  But this baby?  I saw her in the Magic Cabin catalogue and fell in love.  Designed in Sweden (I’m speakin’ my mom’s language now), the Rubens Barn dolls have soft-sculpted bodies and weighted bottoms to make them feel real.  Nella’s going to love hers.


There are a number of Rubens Barn dolls to choose from–both babies and kids and girl and boy dolls. And I love the cloth bottle and pacifier set (the little mouth opens on the doll).  One comment from this post will be randomly chosen to receive a free Rubens Barn doll, reader’s choice, courtesy of Magic Cabin. You can find Magic Cabin on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well.  We love their well-made toys that encourage imagination.
We’re also simplifying our wrapping this year.  I’m usually tempted by beautiful wrapping paper and rows of pretty ribbon in craft stores, but I am loving the simplicity and cost-effectiveness this year of parchment paper, baker’s twine, paper doily tags and $1 stamps.

The baker’s twine is actually a $10 giant skein of fine yarn.  It lasted us through all of last year’s crafts and North Pole Party (coming again this year!) and we have gobs left for this year.


My favorite IG pic this week: A moment Nella and I shared where I danced her to sleep, serenaded by classical music. Our night weather finally qualifies for cozy fleecy jammies…I like.

Instagram is a free phone app.  You can find us at etst on Instagram.

Magic Cabin Rubens Barn doll winner announced in Monday’s post. Tell me four things…

1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?
2.) Last thing that made you smile.
3.) What you’re looking forward to right now.
4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

1.)  James: Rhodes, Piano Recital
2.)  Nella and Brett playing the blanket throwing game
3.)  I’m going to the symphony tonight…alone.
4.)  A cinnamon crisp bagel, Panera


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  1. 1. Holy Ghost Tent Revival in my car on CD.
    2. My son asking if he can do chores for random strangers for money. My little capitalist.
    3. Thanksgiving turkey and dressing. 4. The cute Owl hanging that you have above Nella’s crib from Darlybird. :)

  2. I love, love, love the simplicity of the parchment paper, yarn, and doily gift wrap. Thank for the beautiful idea!

  3. 1.) Madness by Muse
    2.) My 1-yr-old said “Jayhawk” :)
    3.) 80’s movie night with my BFF
    4.) A pair of jeans

    I always thought my daughter wouldn’t be into dolls because I wanted to encourage her to play with whatever she wanted to (even if it was trucks, dinosaurs, etc.). Needless to say, she LOVES baby dolls. She has one in particular that she has to have with her everyday at daycare.

  4. 1.) Elizabeth Mitchell’s cover of David Bowie’s Kooks. Love.
    2.) A photo (on Instagram) of my friend’s son proudly sporting a Belle gown for his 3rd birthday shoot.
    3.) The first holiday party of the season, tonight, celebrating local business owners, which I proudly get to call myself one of.
    4.) Hanes Her Way. Glamorous, I know!

  5. 1) Jack Johnson songs… relaxing for the last day of the week

    2) Few minutes ago while reading the answer of Barack Obama to a little girl asking advices to him because kids at school tease her because she has 2 dads

    3)Get on the bus and go back home to see my husband (I work 2.5hrs away from home and I commute)

    4) Lunch….for my belly! :)

  6. 1. The Traditional Christmas station on Dish Network
    2. Tahd left work early to come home and stopped at Panera to pick up lunch for me
    3. So, so, so excited for Christmas. So excited!
    4. Fabric to make curtains for our living room. Gray chevron – lovely!

  7. Oh Kelle that photo of you and Nella is so beautiful! I love holding my sleeping baby in my arms. And yes we need to break out the fleece pjs now too (Northern California).

    1.) I’m listening to NPR on my iphone – makes a change from children’s indie station on Pandora.
    2.) My 7 month old all wrapped up in cosy bear suit and playing on the swings in the park this morning.
    3.) Christmas!!! My favourite time of year.
    4.) A big cosy cardigan from Gap yesterday.

  8. 1. My kids are all (ages 13, 5 and 2) into One Direction so that’s always on in the car…forgive me but it’s so cute when the baby sings along :)
    2. My baby boy telling me to have a good day at work (he’s 2).
    3. Knowing my husband is coming home tonight after only a night away on business but that bed is cold without him, at least until all the kids climbed in this morning.
    4. Spicy Thai lunch yesterday…yum!

    P.S. LOVE the pic of you and Nella. It’s pushing me toward another baby…you guys are precious.

  9. 1. Your playlist from Spotify (Some Nights)
    2. My cat with that horrible collar, after some surgery this week
    3. The weekend and the start of the winter Farmer’s Market
    4. Coffee

  10. Love that picture of you and sleeping Nella. So sweet.

    Mine are:

    1. Bob Marley, Bing Crosby, Josh Turner

    2. Watching my girl ballerina-twirl for her daddy over Skype.

    3. The end of this third deployment.

    4. Cold medicine. (I should just buy stock in it).

  11. 1.) New Mumford and Sons cd on repeat!
    2.) wall decals for the nursery that my sister has purchased for the awaited arrival!
    3.) I’m 36 weeks and anxiously counting down!
    4.) a bagel from Tim Horton’s!

    I absolutely adore your blog, always checking for new posts even though I know I get updates as to when that happens :)

  12. Nothing playing currently… Enjoying the cooing of the baby before the big kids get home from school.

    The baby and I went shopping today, and at less than five months old, she is imitating us and trying to talk. And grab my sandwich. Both are big deals, because her sister is almost five years old and is nonverbal andwas in feeding therapy for two and a half years.

    Looking forward to our trip to ISLE OF CAPRI!!!!

    I just got an ipod touch, so I can finally Instagram! I have been going crazy with pictures and effects!! :)

  13. 1. Children’s songs for my girl
    2. Hearing from a far away friend
    3. Our first holidays in our new home
    4. Some new clothes!

  14. 1)Burl Ives’ CD in my car “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas. I started listening to Christmas music earlier than normal this year. It just makes me happy!
    2)My little girl was just trying to avoid her afternoon nap by crawling down the hall covered with her blanket. I swooped her up (making her jump) and tucked her back into bed.
    3)We are taking the kids to see the Christmas lights in Branson, MO tomorrow.
    4)A new top to wear out for a Girl’s Night Out tonight with some friends.

  15. 1. Alternating between the new Dave Matthews Band and Mumford and Sons
    2. My oldest telling me she made me my favorite lunch, long noodles!
    3. My parents and sisters coming for Thanksgiving!!
    4. New face wash and lotion, it’s the little things, right?

  16. 1) actually nothing, I’m working in silence
    2) watching my 18 month old chase my Jack Russell around to play peek a boo. She says, “peek boo”!
    3)the holidays = days off of work & spending time at home with family & friends
    4)a veggie burrito – then I got the stomach flu & it came back up :( Haven’t eaten since.

  17. 1. Mumford and Sons, Babel
    2. Looking through some old photos of my son when he was 1 (he’s 7)
    3. My two sick kids being healthy
    4. Just splurged on an iPhone 5

  18. 1.) Nothing. I cherish silence sometimes.

    2). My baby sitting in my lap on the floor and sliding down my baby bump to actually get to my lap.

    3). Visiting family out of state.

    4). a striped sweater

  19. 1. Howard Stern
    2. Watching Shawn help Oliver build his new Lego set
    3. Having my family sleep over tonight
    4. A nice candle that smells like winter

  20. 1. Mumford and Sons
    2. My daughter getting so excited to wear snow boots for the first time
    3. a long weekend
    4. A curling iron to keep a shampoo for my curly hair more than one day

  21. 1.) Holly Jolly Christmas Pandora station
    2.) My girl’s ridiculously crazy hair that she called fabulous
    3.) Our family photos next weekend
    4.) A more pink than I’ve ever worn in my life shirt from Old Navy

    Enjoy your weekend :-)

  22. 1. Kids music currently Subi shelton
    2. I came in from carpool, dropped my bags on the table and ran to the bathroom and when I came out I found that my 2 year old had unpacked and put away all the groceries
    3. NY getting back together it’s still a mess since hurricane sandy I feel like we’re living in a 3rd world country
    4. Jelly rings by target check out. Bad for my waist but so yummy

  23. 1.) Chopin classics on Pandora

    2.) My dd singing a made up song in the next room

    3.) Possible snow this weekend :)

    4.) a Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks & an ebook from

  24. 1.) What’s streaming from your right now? Mumford and Sons Below my feet from Babel
    2.) Last thing that made you smile. My 2 year old catching ants
    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now. Friday night sewing and take out
    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.
    Ugg boots at TJMAXX so worth warm feet keeps my whole body toasty in 30 morning 30 degrees outings

  25. 1.) Zac Brown Band channel on Pandora – “Let it go”
    2.) the little girl behind me in line at the grocery store who complimented my turquoise hair streaks 😉
    3.) A trip to CVS for my flu shot so I can maybe sneak a treat of lipstick for myself.
    4.) Seche vite top coat for my nails.

  26. I love those dolls!! Might need to check them out for my niece.

    1) Diamonds-Rihanna (useful when running)

    2) my son’s smile when I opened the toy inside the McDonalds box (a batman skateboard, ooh)

    3) seeing Skyfall with my oldest friend from childhood on Sunday

    4) besides a cup for water from McDonald’s? An HTC EVO 4g LTE

  27. 1. Wanted by Hunter Hays – Such a feel good song!
    2. My son fishing off the top bunk in his room last night :)
    3. My mom is having gastric bypass surgery on the 26th of this month and I am so excited for this huge step in her life… prayers please!
    4. I bought myself and ice cream cone on my way home from work on Wednesday. I drove to the park and just sat in my car in silence for a moment as I enjoyed it after a rough day at work…

    Great post Kelle!

  28. 1.James Taylor (Pandora station)

    2.My kids loving on the plastic, tacky, “baby deer” that a neighbor donated to us from her yard sale that they randomly place around our yard…oh, the joy!

    3.Our Thanksgiving preschool feast.

    4.A Pumpkin Spice Latte with a gift card that I have been holding on to for months…it was worth the wait. :)

  29. 1. The latest Passion Pit album.
    2. My daughter scheming for more rocks in the rocking chair before naptime.
    3. A weekend with nothing scheduled.
    4. Cute socks.

  30. 1.) Hard to love on CMT
    2.) My daughter- our doula came to visit and when my doula leaned over to say Hi my 3.5 month old daughter said HI back!
    3.) CHRISTMAS as if it was my last one ever! Mainly cause its my daughters first!
    4.) A fleece back pullover. The joys of winter in WI!

  31. 1.) I’ve been listening to a lot of David Gray

    2.) A good meeting with my boss

    3.) Our new house being built!

    4.) Lovely leather Ros Hommerson riding boots that fit my genetically mutant wide calfs (from LOVE!

  32. 1.) Christmas music. Because it’s time.
    2.) My 6-month-old Corgi puppy, running through the house as fast as she could go.
    3.) Finishing the book project I’m working on.
    4.) An e-book short story for my Kindle.

  33. 1. The Message on XM radio
    2. Sarah Grace (my daughter)againing head control so she can move her head to where she sees me:)
    3. The Childrens’ Book Festival in Savannah tomorrow.
    4. Otis Spunkmeyer cookies!

  34. 1.) When I’m Down by Chris Cornell
    2.) My 22 month old daughter falling asleep in the exersaucer while jumping
    3.) Christmas traditions… old and new
    4.) A car charger for my cell phone… learned the hard way after seven days without heat and power after Hurricane Sandy

  35. 1.) The new Script album
    2.) My 2 year old son lining up his cars
    3.) Son’s nap time so I can finish your book, just bought it for my Kindle and I couldn’t put it down.
    4.) Socks…boring

  36. Baby Dolls were my #1 presents as a girl!
    1.) A song that one of my best friends from high school sings. He is living in Nashville, soon to make it BIG!! “Railroad Woman” Matt Sellars

    2.) The sweetest email from an old friend, just to check in!

    3.) Attending my very first NFL game this Sunday. GO PANTHERS!!

    4.) A hot pink bauble necklace! I am wearing it today at work!

  37. 1)James Taylor, Sweet Baby James, live.
    2)text from Dan that he was excited for our date tonight
    3)a hot bubble bath once kids are picked up.
    4)Venti iced Coffee two pumps toffee nut one pump mocha.

    Thank you for this post. xo

  38. 1. Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver (can’t get enough)
    2.Picking my kids up from a sleepover
    3.Hosting a chili party
    4.a thrifted maxi dress

  39. 1.) As much as I’d like to be listening to the Of Monsters and Men set I queued up, the boy is watching the “You Get Me” video from the Talking Tom app on his iPad over and over and over… so I’m listening to that.

    2.) Watching the 4yo bring the 17mo a pillow so he would “sleep” – because then the 4yo can go back to watching Talking Tom without interruption…

    3.) Having our family back in one house for the holidays

    4.) A Maple Sugar and Oak candle that was on markdown at Rite Aid – one of my besties said I should get it because it smelt like morning breakfast in front of the fire – and it so very does.

  40. 1. Marry Me by Train
    2. Hearing “Mamamamama” when I opened the door to my 7 month old’s room this morning
    3. Sleep (provided Jack allows it)
    4. Nursing pads. There isn’t much shopping for mama these days.

  41. 1.)”Ho Hey” by The Lumineers
    2.) My sweet kiddos 1st grade school picture.
    3.) My daughter’s IEP meeting this afternoon! I love to hear all the progress she has made. :)
    4.) Crafty supplies to make a yarn wreath for Fall! Lovely!

  42. 1.) Taylor swift on pandora..LOVE
    2.) My little girl playing with her nuk in the middle of the night (via video monitor)..she is learning so many things :)
    3.) Spending the weekend with my little girl while daddy is gone..
    4.) Sandwhich, but looking forward to a salted caramel mocha tomorrow.

  43. 1. Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face
    2. Our daycare provider texted me to tell me that our 2-year-old daughter ate her carrots after another little boy told her they’re good for her eyes and promptly said, “I see better now!”
    3. A day date with my husband tomorrow!
    4. Some BB creme…it’s amazing!!!

  44. 1. Michael Buble holiday on Pandora
    2. waking up to read sweet notes left by happy customers
    3. Seeing the doctor. Waiting rooms suck.
    4. Leopard print flats.

  45. 1. Adele.
    2. My daughter Joey (2 years old) begging me to let her wear a football jersey so she could be “just like bro bros.”
    3. Listening to my dad give a speech tonight.
    4. A pair of wool thigh-high socks from Grace & Lace (on etsy). Perfect for November, no?

  46. LOVE your simple wrapping for this year. Classic, crisp and clean.

    1 – still rocking the new Mumford & Sons
    2 – my 2-year old daughter in her pigtails
    3 – a quiet weekend at home preparing for a new baby (+/- 7 weeks!)
    4 – a peppermint hot chocolate

  47. 1.) Frank Sinatra Holiday Pandora
    2.) #1
    3.) 5:00 on Friday so I can get home and light all the candles, put away all the things, then enjoy a night where I have no where to be!
    4.) A dress for my high school reunion, online a couple hours ago… I found 50% off first purchase on a fun site.

    Happy Weekend :)

  48. Nothing… I’m a lover of silence.
    My son saying his verse for AWANAs.
    Distance from this phase. Awful, but true.
    Stamps for snail mail.

  49. 1) The Glee Christmas Album, Volume 1
    2) an email from my husband earlier today
    3) picking up my Abby (4 yo) at daycare later
    4) giant sized rice crispy treat @ Target

  50. 1. Les Miserables station on Pandora
    2. My daughter lifting her plate full of peas to lick off the pizza sauce and the peas tumbling into her lap. She’s one and was totally unaware.
    3. Naptime. Same daughter is cranky.
    4. washi tape at Target, I’m resisting covering everything in washi tape :)

  51. 1.) Clear the Stage, by Jimmy Needham
    2.) My husband, who called to tell me that will be taking care of dinner tonight. He’s cooking!
    3.) Taking family photos in just over a week.
    4.) Just ordered myself a necklace and charm from Jewel Kade. The charm has a star on one side, and on the other says, “Wise men still seek Him.” Can’t wait to wear it this season!

  52. 1. Mumford and Sons
    2. A late night dance party with my husband and 2 year old son.
    3. A warm weather weekend (and Christmas of course!!!!)
    4. A cozy sweatshirt.

  53. I wish I lived close to you because you would be my friend! I love love love reading your blog. Its my quite time to sit down and soak myself into your words, your life. Your life, your family, your passion is beautiful. I find it more fun to read your blog than keep mine going. Thank you for blogging in such a wonderful way. One day I hope to meet you and your oh so adorable children.

    What a sweet sweet baby doll! My little Reese is 7 1/2 months old and I can’t wait buy her her very first baby.

    1.) KLove
    2.) Your Blog
    3.) Thanksgiving, being with my family and my Grandma getting to meet my baby for the very first time :)
    4.) gummies, I just love them

  54. oh wow oh wow are those babies CUTE!
    1) Wiggles, Fresh Beat Band or Laurie Berkner from the car radio, usually.
    2) this morning, my Lovie told me she could see my nipples as i was getting dressed. and that they were nice. hahaha. :)
    3) getting my hair chopped on Tuesday
    4) just ordered some tops from zulily

  55. 1).38 Special in the car at lunch
    2)One of the middle schoolers in my office
    3)Listening to Christmas music while driving to our camper tonight
    4)Crepes, so I can have banana Nutella crepes tonight!

  56. 1.) Adele <3
    2.) My son calling his chin a chicken
    3.) Picking up our kittens in the morning
    4.) Butterfingers candy bar :)

    So enjoy your blog!

  57. 1. Mumford & Sons on Pandora…my new favorite
    2. Seeing a new ETST post pop up!
    3. At home date night with my hubby and a cozy tucked in weekend with my family since we got a foot of snow here in MT!!!
    4. Hmmmm…it’s been awhile… maybe I should go shopping!!

    Those baby dolls are great…thanks for the link to the site, I may have to add those to my girls wish lists for Christmas, they love dolls!!

  58. 1.) Classical Music (mostly George Winston Pandora)
    2.) Thinking about doll babies due to this post.
    3.) Crafting night with the girls tomorrow.
    4.) Pumpkin Pie bagel from Panera

  59. 1. The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band in my car. My 2 kids love her, and I find myself singing along to “Victor Vito” along with them!
    2. Dancing with my kids this morning in our pjs
    3. Going to get family photos taken tomorrow morning
    4. A book for my iPad

  60. 1. Unfortunately nothing because I am at work.
    2. A sweet text msg from a dear friend telling me she is praying for me.
    3. Visiting my kids for Thanksgiving.
    4. A cute bright RED top.

  61. -Bedlam boys, nice and loud!
    -watching my son who just learned to read, wow.
    -a three day weekend full of family crafting
    -even more fabric for sewing projects

  62. 1) Mumford & Sons new album
    2) My husband called me at work (where I am having a terrible day!), so I could hear our little guy giggling
    3) The weekend with my family
    4) A quick lunch at the grocery deli

  63. 1.) Mariah Carey’s Christmas albums
    2.) My 2 year old saying “Bless you Mama” after I coughed this morning.
    3.) Finishing my PhD…3 more weeks.
    4.) A new blouse to wear for my PhD final seminar…any stressful event deserves a new shirt.

  64. 1. Amen, Meek Mills
    2. Squirrel caught in bird feeder.
    3. Traveling Pickle Party
    4. Big Black Boots

  65. We do simple Christmas’ at our house. Usually 3-4 gifts per kiddo and one gift is a book.

    1) I don’t know what music is in my CD player. My 4 year old like to change it and I haven’t listened to music in a while.
    2)My daughter telling me she “loves me” right before requesting juice
    3) Quiet time to sew
    4) Flavored creamer for my coffee

  66. 1.) Britney Spears
    2.) My daughter’s pigtails
    3.) A relaxing, uneventful weekend
    4.) Facewash!

  67. i love how you wrapped your gifts, so pretty! and that doll is just adorable, i may need to get one for my niece!

  68. 1.) Anthony Skinner
    2.) My sweet baby girl
    4.) Maternity yoga pants

  69. 1. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ news album
    2. 5 minutes ago, my 3yr old called me a “Stinky little rat” because I ate a grape off her plate haha
    3. I’m looking forward to seeing my parents this Sunday!! I miss them :(
    4. A bright pink pair of Hunter boots (50% off at The Rack woot woot)

  70. 1) Les Mis soundtrack!
    2) Some inside joke or another
    3) Making an important decision, for better or for worse
    4) A breve at the local coffee joint

  71. 1.) The Lumineers
    2.) A video of my son taking his first steps (yesterday!)
    3.) Pizza and movies with girlfriends tonight
    4.) A Candle that smelled like christmas

  72. 1.) Kenny Chesney
    2.) Fitting into a smaller size suit for work today.
    3.) My birthday next Saturday.
    4.) The TurboFire workout. I’m having fun looking like an idiot in my living room :)

  73. That Instagram shot just made me swoon audibly. <3

    1) Listening to a lot of NPR at work – mostly Fresh Air and Tell Me More – and a lot of different stations on Songza on the commute and at home.

    2) My toddler waving to me when I peeked in to check on her this morning.

    3) My birthday tomorrow!

    4) This!

  74. 1. Paloma Faith
    2. How ridiculously excited my 4 yr old was when I let her get Teddy Grahams at the grocery store this morning. You would have thought she’d found the Holy Grail.
    3. Going Christmas shopping with the hubby on Sunday. Got a sitter for the kidlets and gonna make a date of it.
    4. A Keurig. And it was worth every penny. Mommy needs coffee in the morning. And fast. :)

  75. 1.) Pandora: love my 60s folk radio station.

    2.) My little girl laying her hand on my tummy and asking, “Is Lil’ Bit kickin’, Mommy?” (Lil’ Bit is our second baby girl, due in February!)

    3.) My little girl being healthy again! We are going a little stir crazy and she’s on her third illness in the last month. This one is going to take us into the doctor to check out 02 stats, I think.

    4.) Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth :).

  76. 1.) I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
    2.) My daughter this morning ran away from me without a shirt on giggling. Then turning around a giving me the cutest smirk.
    3.) Meeting this little girl that’s been in my belly for quite some time now. I’m due on the 29th!! :)
    4.) At the thrift store I bought this pretty striped pale pink and mauve scarf. I love me some scarves!

    Loving that Christmas spirit and your take on gifting. It’s great, I should really take on that advice! :) Have a nice weekend!!

  77. 1. Pandora: Jeff Johnson
    2. Eating Mexican food for lunch with my feisty Grandma.
    3. A weekend in the Texas Hill Country surrounded by family, ones I see often and others I rarely see!
    4. A new journal! (so excited)

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. 1-Blown Away by Carrie Underwood
    2-Seeing my grandson get his very first hair cut/that made him go from a baby to a toddler
    3-looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with people who I am so Thankful for>
    4- potato skins with cheddar cheese and bacon.

  80. 1.) Moonlight Sonata!
    2.) My two boys pulling each other on the sled in the backyard snow.
    3.) Hot chocolate and blueberry crepes for lunch (I’m pregnant, so I can say, “The baby wants crepes.”)
    4.) A vanilla cookie candle.

  81. 1.) Savage Garden… too funny to have a little one cooing along!
    2.) Knitted snowman hat that was our early Christmas gift (cold weather comes quickly in Canada)
    3.) Christmas baking tonight!
    4.) Cinnamon shampoo and bubble bath (technically vitamins, but that’s not as exciting)

    Thank you for the beautiful post! Love that belly poking out from under Nella!

  82. 1.) Sheryl Crow ‘Wildflower’
    2.) I’m taking care of my friend’s dog, Juno, and she looks at me and tilts her head when I talk to her. So cute.
    3.) Running with my son this weekend.
    4.) A pedicure.

  83. 1. Silence. Love it.
    2. Sharing an apple with my three year old.
    3. Going home. Have been visiting family for almost 10 days. Going home tomorrow!
    4. Not sure. Maybe some yoga pants from Target. Sounds lame, I know, but I’m wearing them right now and they’re so comfy!

    Love the photo of Nella sleeping!
    Great thoughts on simplifying for the holidays. I have been thinking about doing that this year too. – Amy

  84. 1. Zac Brown Band (I’ve been on a kick since summer)
    2. Baby Boy looking so darned cute in his pumpkin hat
    3. Baby’s first Christmas and getting together with college friends tomorrow for lunch
    4. A pair of tights argyle socks

    LOVE your IG picture. So, so sweet.
    lacieb75 at gmail dot com

  85. 1.) I have to admit – it’s Christmas music. I love it.
    2.) My girls playing together.
    3.) Our upcoming weekend with family at an indoor waterpark.
    4.) Some fabulous bubble bath.

  86. 1) anything and everything by Fun and Imagine Dragons
    2) my kids painting blocks of wood outside this morning
    3)My husband’s surprise birthday party tmrw night
    4)a big ole’ coke from Mcdonalds

  87. 1.) Adelle, 21
    2.) Talking to my sweet girl while I am at work
    3.) Looking forward to this week being OVER (been a rough one!)
    4.) Orbit spearamnit gum (its the small things)

  88. 1.) K-Love on the radio

    2.) When my 4 year old son said to me, “I love you, my sweetheart!”

    3.) Time with extended family over Thanksgiving weekend

    4.) A tea kettle

  89. 1. Fisher Price Sing Alongs in Spanish…over and over again!
    2. My little one pressing her finger to her mouth and making a “thinking” sound right before she answers the question I just asked her!
    3. The zoo this weekend– only the second time ever we’ve taking our daughter and going to a new one we’ve never been before!
    4. A tuna salad sandwich and Pirate’s Booty for lunch a few hours ago!

  90. Love the coziness of the last pic.

    1. The Civil Wars — Poison and Wine. Can’t stop hitting replay.

    2. A text from my husband.

    3. Reading more of The Hobbit out loud to my three oldest tonight. Love that they are old enough to repeat the tradition from my family. My mom must have read it out loud a million times by the time she’d gotten it into all 11 of us kids.

    4. An US Weekly magazine. Oop. Did I just say that. Guilty pleasure . . . I only do it a few times a year.. . .

  91. 1. French Cajun music
    2. Walking in from work and seeing my children eating lunch together at their little table
    3. My next decaf latte
    4. I paid off my library fine so that I could check out books again – surely that counts as buying something for myself!

  92. 01.. matthew perryman jones [goodness for your ears]
    02.. my sweets rocking out in the car.
    03.. shopping date.
    04.. new sheepskin insoles for my boots – happy feet!

  93. 1.) Silence – but if I wasn’t in the office, it would be Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” CD
    2.) A sweet checking-in email from a friend
    3.) A weekend at home with my hubby with no “real” plans, before the madness of the holidays begins
    4.) Lunch – treated myself to a salad that I love.

  94. 1.) Mumford + Sons, but I’m ready for Christmas music now!
    2.) My baby girl taking her first step!
    3.) Mock Thanksgiving dinner at my daughters’ cooking class tonight
    4.) A Kindle book – yours, in fact!

  95. 1. Anything Carrie Underwood – great to sing out loud!
    2.) Carrying my 2 daughters up to bed for their naps – their sleepy breath on my neck…. pure joy!
    3.) The weekend! I love days with my girls, but weekends as a family rock my world.
    4.) A new box of k-cups! Love my afternoon coffee during naptime.

    LOVE the shot of you and Nella dancing. So beautiful.

  96. Those dolls are so adorable. My 5-year old niece would just love them.
    1) Jack Johnson today
    2) A text from my guy
    3) A weekend filled with some baking, relaxing, and celebrating my sister’s birthday.
    4) Necklace from Sassy Steals

  97. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?

    playlist of songs i sing to baby #1 due in feb! (adele, eva cassidy, dmb)

    2.) Last thing that made you smile.

    feeling baby kicks!

    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now.

    the weekend!

    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

    dinner with girlfriends last night!

    thanks so much!

  98. 1.) Mumford & Sons and the Jersey Shore Red Cross Phoneathon from last week- I turn it on for the music but always end up crying!
    2.) My great aunt & cousin got power back on Long Island after 10 days in the dark!
    3.) Thanksgiving and NYC in December
    4.) Pad Thai at lunch with the work friends

  99. 1. Depending on You by Tom Petty
    2. Our anniversary was the day after the elections. My husband woke me up shouting, “40 More Years of Us” like he was rooting for a politician.
    3. Girl’s night tonight and the birth of my first child soon!
    4. A piece of costume jewelry to take the place of my wedding ring as my hands have swollen from pregnancy too much!

  100. 1.) The Civil Wars
    2.) My husband
    3.) Dinner with friends this evening
    4.) Some great scented candles…and I’m heading out to get some discounted yarn tomorrow =)

  101. 1.) David grungor… loving his tunes.
    2.) My 4 year old colored all over himself and his 18 month old brother. I have 4 kids, i’ve learned to find the humor in things that I used to get annoyed over.
    3.) Going to the gym. Alone.
    4.) Perfume. And as i’m nearing the big 3-0 I am noticing my tastes changing.

  102. 1. Thanksgiving American Folk Hymns
    2. My daughter’s “bed head” this morning.
    3. Celebrating Veteran’s Day home with family
    4. Cold medicine

  103. 1. Les Miserables
    2. My daughter putting her head on my tummy while I sang to her
    3. The weekend
    4. Hot chocolate

  104. That doll is so adorable. My daughter (who is about 6 months younger than Nella) would LOVE it!

    1.”Factory” Band of Horses
    2. Having a yummy lunch earlier at Panera with my special little lady
    3. Heading to the beach for the weekend
    4. A new scarf

    Have a great weekend!!!

  105. Lovely doll.

    1. Roll Away Your Stone – Mumford and Sons
    2. Granddaughter Nora loving on her baby sister “A Pearl” as she calls her. (Ava Pearl)
    3. Running my second 5K in the morning. Nervous yet excited.
    4. Bought Les Mis tickets this morning for me and two gal pals! Now we have to wait until March to see it.

  106. 1 – Red Hands by Walk Off the Earth
    2- My kids coming home from being with friends
    3- Preparing for Christmas!!! (Thanksgiving has passed here in Canada)
    4- 2 Darly Bird goodie bags (some stuff will be given away but there’s a great bracelet I’m going to keep!)

  107. 1- “everyone is a little bit racist sometimes”, cover by NOFX
    2- dinner time tonight, we adults eating sushi and my two years old son eating mozzarella with sticks
    3- welcoming home my best friend and her husband who are currently in Colombia meeting the two girls they are adopting. Have to wait 40 days before they are back and I’m sooooo restless already!
    4- Rob Ryan’s paper cut calendar for 2013. I adore all his artworks!

  108. 1. Some Nights by Fun (reck it ralph movie)
    2. Dinner last night, my 4 year old son said “Dinner was so good, it blew my mind!”
    3. Christmas…it’s the most wonderful time of the year
    4. My 50mm 1.8 Canon lens..your photography inspires me so I had to have it

  109. 1.) The Christmas Cantata I’m practicing for.
    2.) Reading the words of God’s love and encouragement that someone wrote to someone grieving the loss of a child.
    3.) Meeting my sister and some friends tonight to celebrate her birthday.
    4.) Gray suede slouch knee boots (still waiting for them to arrive…) :)

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. 1.) Anything Christmas music!! :)
    2.) Sharing good news w/ a friend.
    3.) Hubby’s birthday next weekend and surprising him big time.
    4.) A cozy, gray sweater from Target.

  112. 1. My iPod is on shuffle. Right now: Praise You in this storm by Casting Crowns.

    2. My baby girl laughing after she sneezes (she does it every time!).

    3. Thanksgiving road trip to NH and PA!

    4. Breakfast at McDonalds…yum!

  113. 1. One Republic “Feel Again”
    2. a hot cup of Chai on a quiet morning
    3. cold weather begins tonight!
    4. an Americano coffee?


  114. 1: Little House on the Prairie audio book
    2:cooking with my preschool class this morning
    3: camping trip for the upcoming long weekend
    4:fabric, a sewing magazine, and chocolate (see aforementioned long weekend)

  115. 1. Natalie Grants – Your Great Name
    2. Rocking my little toddler to sleep as she smiled at me.
    3. Christmas!
    4. A cheeseburger from McDonalds! Ha :)

  116. 1) X&Y byt Coldplay
    2) a sweet text from my boyfriend
    3) Teaching my children’s class at church
    4) a lipstick :)

  117. 1.) I have on our local easy listening station. 80s soft rock does it for me every time.
    2.) The mail. 3 packages came, all for ME!
    3.) Hubby to come home – he’s been gone all week and I need some me time…oh, and it’d be nice to see him, too. :)
    4.) Some lip gloss & perfume.

  118. 1.Andrew Sisters Christmas
    2.Warm cocoa and my littles hugs
    3.Hearing from a friend….and Thanksgiving
    4.A peppermint mocha

  119. 1. HIllsong United’s 2011 Album
    2. Scenes from my favorite Holiday Movie – Love Actually
    3. In 5 weeks we go to France for Christmas :)
    4. A sweater from Alternative Apparel

    Thanks for sharing your joy…

  120. 1.) Listening to: Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors
    2.) Smiling at: the fact that it’s Friday!
    3.) Looking forward to: spending Veterans Day with my fiancé (a US Marine)
    4.) Bought myself: a cute, dressy top

  121. 1. I always have Elizabeth Mitchell and They Might be Giants kids cd’s playing in the car

    2. Watching my 4 yr old dance and sing is the last thing that made me smile (just a few mins ago!)

    3. I’m really looking forward to a relaxed holidays this year.

    4. I bought myself a 3 month pass to kickboxing!

  122. 1) Just Breathe (Willie Nelson)…I have been listening to this alot since my dad died this summer.
    2) A note my daughter secretly left in my desk drawer…I just took it out and read it again for a pick-me-up.
    3) Seeing high school girlfriends on Sunday. Drinks and fun!
    4) Drill bits. My electric drill is my new favorite thing :)

  123. 1.) Regina Spektor…love, love, love her.
    2.) I participated in the Happy Day Project and spread lots of lovlies throughout work. Their smiles make me smile.
    3.) Coaching THE LAST flag football game of the season tomorrow!
    4.) Might be an overshare…but Walmart has these supercomfy Halloween undies…they’re cute and I always get them when they go on sale!

  124. 1. Monsters and Men
    2. My son, playing peekaboo
    3. Date night with my husband
    4. Coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks

  125. 1.) Some mello Jack Johnson before my son comes home and begs for “The nightmare Before Christmas song” He has Halloween withdrawls.
    2.) When my daughter asked me, “Why do you look old” (I am 35 and if I do say so myself have aged gracefully)
    3.) Making so some homemade soup for tonight,it is going to be a cozy night in for our family.
    4.) I have been taking riding lessons and I finally gave in to buying myself a cow girl hat to fit the part.

  126. 1. Silence right now – it is a rare pleasure :)
    2. Seeing the little Flash Rubens Barn doll – my 3 year old son has been asking for a ‘baby,’ but I think a doll will have to suffice for now :)
    3. Yoga
    4. Coffee :)

  127. 1. Right now I’m listening to the music from my baby’s swing…does that count?
    2. My 3-year-old constantly makes me smile and laugh!
    3. The holidays and the first snow.
    4. A new dress at the Goodwill! I LOVE treasure hunting there!

  128. 1.) PodRunner for my daily runs!
    2.) Having my 1st grader home with us this beautiful Friday since he didn’t have school! Hooray for everyone home at lunch time!
    3.) Getting Christmas-crafty!
    4.) Running skirts

  129. Radiohead – while my son sorted the ad leaflets for his weekly paper round.
    Watching my mother help my son sort leaflets for his paper round.
    A little bit of peace and quiet tonight, probably at about 10.30pm
    A lamp, the base of which is the Eiffel tower, so much more tasteful than it sounds, I promise!

  130. 1. Adventures in Oddessy
    2. my baby angel Hadley
    3. coming home to a clean house
    4. a nugget meal from chick fil a

  131. 1. Listening to the newest Dave Matthews band I love those guys!
    2. The last thing that made me smile is my little guy and the constant and never ending questions that he asks (hes 3 :) )
    4. Looking so so forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family!
    5. A purse!

  132. 1. Susie Tallman. The wheels on the bus is on repeat.
    2. My baby (now 4.5) said all he wanted to do after school was “be sweet and snuggle on the couch with (me).”
    3. The texas renaissance festival. Honey mead, turkey legs, and baby girl’s first French braids.
    4. La Madeleine French toast. Imagine my delight while eating them followed by my horror as I logged all 1250 calories to MyFitnessPal….

  133. 1.NPR
    2. Finding out there is more than one Monsieur Hulot movie
    3. Family dinner for Brother’s birthday tonight
    4. Lunch.. Taco Bell

  134. 1) Ray Lamontagne… LOVE him so much!
    2) My Calculus students kill me
    3) Going away for the night with one of my favorite friends tomorrow.
    4) I just finally broke down and ordered 2 gap maternity tunic sweaters with the 30% off coupon.

  135. (1). The Cranberries
    (2). My 9 year old grandson telling my 20 year old son….Jesse you ride my bike, and I’ll ride on your face!! (all in love….of course – they’re quite the pair)
    (3). Going to NYC at the end of the month. Had to reschedule courtesy a gal named Sandy.
    (4). Lipstick….Pale Lip by Lancome.

  136. 1-Long Way Home by Steven Curtis Chapman
    2- My toddler waving bye bye when I left him for a nap.
    4-maternity t-shirt

  137. 1.) Nightmare Before Christmas station on Pandora :)
    2.) chunky toddler thighs on my napping girl.
    3.) visiting with a good friend this afternoon.
    4.) a David Bowie t-shirt.

  138. Who doesn’t love a good doll?!

    1. Bing Crosby pandora station
    2. Learning that it’s going to be 72 degrees tomorrow in southern IL.
    3. My daughter’s 1st birthday next Wednesday…milestone!
    4.Cherry chapstick

  139. 1.) Elvis Presley – 50 Greatest Hits Album.
    2.) Playing pairs with my 3 year old.
    3.) A busy weekend. Our nephews birthday and fireworks tomorrow and then remembrance sunday.
    4.) A new nail varnish this morning :)

    Have a great weekend! x

  140. I just loved your story about Christmas morning and the “nurse” I’m going to have to file that one away for when we have a little girl.

    1) Vivaldi “The Four Season” CD
    (I just got to read your last post about relaxing and slowing down and listening to classical music yesterday and so it’s been on repeat ever since with a little Pandora classical station thrown in)
    2) Riding the Ferris Wheel for the very first time(I’m 33)
    3) Going out again tonight to the Peanut Festival with my hubby and my sister.
    4. Fresh Pork Rinds….. so amazingly tasty

  141. 1) Skyfall by Adele. Keep singing it to my cats.
    2)My husband making me the most perfect cup of tea just as I got home.
    3) Getting my homework finished and running a deep bath – mmm.
    4) Some gummy sweets shaped like sushi!

  142. 1.) Ray LaMontagne Trouble album
    2.) My girl pooted this morning and said that her poot sounded sad.
    3.) Movie night..Its Friday warm baths dinner and cuddle time
    4.) yellow skinny jeans (-;

  143. 1.) Rocknoceros for my little one. Local kids band with strangely hummable tunes.
    2.) Picture of my daughter dressed as Dorothy for Halloween that I just shared with a former co-worker
    3.) Going out tomorrow for our second round of house searching. Still searching for the right home for our family
    4.) Old Navy sale – workout clothes. I’m trying to take care of me so I can take care of my family.

  144. 1- Mumford and Sons Babel(planted tulip bulbs with Mom a few weeks ago and this CD kept us goin!)

    2-Your adorable picture in the mirror holding/holding Nella/preggo belly!

    3-My husband returning from his guys golf weekend in Hilton Head hopefully with a cute tan! :)

    4 – Paint samples! Working on a master bath re-do!

  145. 1) Natalie Grant – Love Revolution
    2) My daughter mashing homemade applesauce to make it taste better
    3) Naptime
    4) New black eyeliner

  146. 1.) Some Nights by Fun
    2.) My baby girl greeting the dog when we came home.
    3.)Your post has me stoked for brown paper packages tied up in string (I have wrapped them that way for years now and just looking at them makes me feel completely Little Women Christmas-sy.
    4.)Not one but TWO lipsticks. (Buy one get one 50% off at Rite Aid-I’m the last of the big spenders) which don’t make me cringe (I’ve been on a really bad run with drugstore lipsticks lately).

  147. 1) The sound of the work dock moving up and down for a delivery. I am at work.

    2) My grandbaby (that I raise) showing (at work) up for lunch.

    3) My grand daughter (whom I raise) her next dance competition.

    4) A brand new (pub style) kitchen table and chairs. LOVE!!!!

  148. 1. I have had an iPhone since last Christmas and still haven’t uploaded any music. (Tisk tisk)
    2. One of the littles at work dancing to music.
    3. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend.
    4. Just bought a snack wrap from sheetz.

  149. 1.) Currently nothing, but I am watching “The Voice” on Hulu.
    2.) Hearing the x-ray tech say my 13 month old daughter did NOT infact swallow a battery. (THANK GOD)
    3.) Cuddling with hubs after the kids go to bed.
    4.) A churro at Taco Bell

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  150. 1. Sweet Pea-Amos Lee
    2. My 3 yr old kissing her 10 month old sister before she went down for nap
    3. A weekend with nothing on our schedule…first time since July!!
    4. A pair of running leggings, trying to shed that last of the baby weight

  151. 1.) Nothing
    2.) My friend presenting her thesis defense for PhD.
    3.) Christmas!
    4.) Knitting needles

  152. 1. a country radio station
    2. my 3 year old in fleece footed pajamas…. probably the last winter I will able to get away with them!
    3. Disney World! We are heading there in 9 days!
    4. laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese

  153. 1. Tony Bennett Radio – so calming
    2. My dog on our lunch break walk – she is in heaven
    3. Our baby – I am 9 weeks pregnant now.
    4. Christmas decorations – I buy way too many! :) But it makes our house a happy place!

  154. 1) Micheal Buble
    2) My husband’s corny jokes
    3) A nap since the kiddos are napping too!!
    4) A novel!

    I love that you are looking for more quality toys rather then MORE toys. I totally agree that a few well made toys and some books are so much better then cheap plastic!

  155. 1) The Canadian Tenors..
    2) Watching my daughters new love.. the tent we made in the living room.
    3) Spending good quality time with the family over the Thanksgiving holiday
    4) I stopped by Braums on the way home from a late night appointment and bought myself a scoop of Butter Pecan Ice Cream :)

  156. 1.) Alternating between the Little Women soundtrack and the Michael Buble Christmas station on Pandora (I can’t help myself!)
    2.) I’m 28 weeks pregnant, but my son is 3 and has a cognitive delay so we weren’t sure if he understood what was going on even though we talk about the baby all the time. He pointed to my belly today and said, “my baby.” So happy!
    3.) Painting my nails a gorgeous brown-red color tonight.
    4.) A tall decaf nonfat salted caramel mocha from Starbucks with light whip. YUM.

  157. 1. Norah Jones
    2. My little girl’s imagination
    3. The gym tonight, it’s relaxing
    4. An emerald green sweater

  158. 1) newsboys — love air one
    2)my little one belly laughing at our dog, Chester
    3) dinner tonight with high school friends!
    4) Christmas decor at the nutcracker market!

  159. 1.) Ingrid Michaelson
    2.) My daughter
    3.) Spending friday evening at home with my husband
    4.) A grapefruit spoon.

  160. 1. Regina Spektor’s What We Saw From the Cheap Seats
    2. My 2-year-old asking me “Why you call me a monster like that”?
    3. The birth of our first son in 4 months
    4. a veggie burger from bk

  161. 1.) Laurie Berkner Band- Goldfish song
    2.) My son willingly parting with the majority of his Happy Meal junk(toys) while cleaning out his room
    3. Cooking dinner with my hubby
    4. A “My Fair Lady” Barbie doll on Ebay

  162. 1.flo+machine ceremonials; avett bros
    2. hugging a sad student
    3. owl birthday party this weekend for my 2 yr old
    4. dunkin donuts peppermint mocha

  163. 1. Rosi Golan
    2. my daughter playing with one of her birthday gifts
    3. My daughter’s 2nd bday party tomorrow
    4. makeup from Sephora

  164. 1.) Pink – love her.
    2.) My husband surprising us by coming home early on this Friday.
    3.) Date night with my husband tomorrow.
    4.) A new lipgloss – might be an addiction that I have.

  165. 1. Fun. – Some Nights
    2. My 3 year old asking me for a “hugger”
    3. Tomorrow’s photo shoot with a new client
    4. 6 skeins of yarn for new crochet projects.

  166. That is one of the sweetest babies I have ever seen! Nella will most certainly love it. I think my daughter would too :)

    1.) Streaming on Pandora as we speak is One Headlight by the Wallflowers.
    2.) My youngest sneaking up on me giving me a raspberry on my bare back. Gets me every time!
    3.) A shower. Simple things right?!
    4.) New running tights and a pullover. It is so cold out in the MN tundra.

  167. 1. Radio Disney
    2. My sister
    3. Tonight/weekend
    4. lunch

  168. 1) Kytami
    2) Playing “crazy in bed with my kids
    3) My husband getting to come home early from work
    4) A pair of tights last month.

  169. 1. Pinks Greatest Hits (So Far)I like to rock out in the car
    2. I volunteer at my sons kindergarten class and a little girl in his class was getting ready to present her art project and I saw her lick her pinkie fingers and then smooth out her eyebrows. I died.
    3. Getting over this cough.
    4. A big, huge really, cup of coffee, because I can’t sleep from coughing up a lung all night.

  170. 1. Ellie Goulding – Anything could happen. The more I listen the more I dance with purpose! ; )
    2. Note the above. ; )
    3. The next 5 days. My hubby is finally home and we are going to hit our Christmas “to do list” with a vengeance. Yeah. It’s a two blizzard up here right now in Canada, but who cares. So looking forward to getting out!
    4. Red cowboy boots. Thank for the inspiration!! ; )

  171. 1.) Whatever my kids want to listen to- this morning we listened to Somewhere Over the Rainbow and The Rainbow Connection on the way to school.

    2.) My almost 5 year old daughter.

    3.) A night in with my husband tonight.

    4.) Fall decorations for my mantle.

  172. YAY a post! I was hitting refresh all morning haha

    1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?

    Christmas music and our local christian station.

    2.) Last thing that made you smile.

    Watching my little one ride his bike today for the first time to the store

    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now.

    Christmas! We put up the tree and I’ve been stashing gifts upstairs

    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

    Paint so I could redo my bedroom walls.

  173. 1. Right this moment? Nothing, but if I hit “play,” Thrift Store Cowboys would come on.

    2. Tickling my tiny and listening to his giggle

    3. Receiving two fun packages in the mail :)

    4. Pumpkin Chai Latte

  174. 1. My Christmas play list. Sure, I’m early, but it’s snowing here in Reno and I love Michael Buble and all his holiday charm.
    2. My almost 10-month old standing on his own and clapping for himself. :)
    3. My hubby coming home…he’s been gone all week on business and I am one tired mama!
    4. Fancy address labels. It’s the little things… :)

  175. 1. Coldplay Pandora station
    2. Laying in bed at 10 am with my little girls (5 and 2) cuddling and laughing while we all pretend to snore and sleep.
    3. Shopping tonight with my sister.
    4. A white sweater that is still sitting in my trunk waiting for the right time to appear in my closet so as not to bring attention and the inevitable question from hubby “when did you get that?” of course we all know I’ve had it “awhile”!

  176. 1. NPR and various podcasts
    2. Listening to my little one chatter away and sing to herself in her crib this morning
    3. The first holiday season where my daughter has a clue what’s going on!
    4. New brakes for my car. Not exciting but much safer!

  177. 1: Little Big Town-Pontune
    2: The three kids giggling together while playing.
    3: Movie night tonight with the kids.
    4: Frozen hot chocolate.

  178. 1. A lecture on epidemiology
    2. The beautiful photo of you and Nella you put in this post.
    3. The run I’m going to take after work.
    4. A discounted gift card to a restaurant dh loves so that I can take him out on a date.

  179. 1. Christmas Music—not too early in my book 😉
    2. My son’s smile—I’m so in love
    3. Thanksgiving—getting together with family I haven’t seen in months
    4. A mercury glass pumpkin that I’ve had my eye on at Pottery Barn

  180. 1.) Fun. Some nights
    2.) I had a play date with a my frist new friend since we moved to Wisconsin.
    3.) Going HOME from Thanksgiving.
    4.) I finally went and got a much needed haircut.

  181. 1. Nat King Cole’s Christmas album.
    2. Waking up my little guy this morning, and he pulled the covers over his head and pointed his finger out the door. I became indignant, and he started giggling. He melts my heart even when he is being naughty. :)
    3. I am looking forward to a quiet 3 day weekend with my babies. I see board games and hot chocolate in our near future.
    4. A Yankee candle. Mistletoe. Feeling very festive lately.

  182. 1.) Aerosmith – Music from Another Dimension (going to my first concert of theirs in December!)
    2.) My 21 month-old baby girl has figured out the “bear hug”. Can’t get a bear hug without giving a smile.
    3.) My birthday on Monday. I love birthdays. :)
    4.) Two pairs of shoes from Zulily. Just arrived! I always buy kids stuff from Z but this box was all for me. :)

  183. I am adoring your perspective on less is more and investing in good quality items for your kids! I love it and hope to do the same! … 4 questions, 4 answers …
    1. Little Talks – Of monsters and men
    2. Dancing with my baby girl
    3. Christmas with a toddler – I adore Christmas and the joy of it with a little one is so exciting for me!
    4. Nonfat cappucino – Starbucks 😉

  184. 1.) If Only – Dave Matthews
    2.) Lunch with a dear friend today.
    3.) A nice warm night with my family.
    4.) Sparkly nail polish!

  185. 1) Oh little town of Bethlehem. We’ve been listening and singing it at bedtime for months now.
    2) My 3 year old “baby” asking me to “hold you” and commenting on all of your pictures as I read your post. Mostly on the adorable baby picture.
    3) Naptime.
    4) A beer and sandwich while out with a friend.

  186. 1.) Mumford & Sons – Babel
    2.) Finalizing activities for my best friend’s baby shower
    3.) A quiet weekend in with my love
    4.) A few good novels :)

  187. 1.) Jack Johnson station on Pandora
    2.) My husband kissing our napping child after a family lunch date before he headed back to work.
    3.) Dinner with my child’s great grandparents – a Friday ritual.
    4.) My second wedding dress ($40) for mine and my husband’s Convalidation in the Catholic church.

  188. 1) The Souljazz Orchestra, Conquering Lion, from album Solidarity
    2)My son Elio hugging his friend Giorgia after a week they didn’t see each other because of chicken pox
    3)my new contract as research fellow working on women and land in Mozambique
    4)thights, one in burgundy and oneultramarine blue

  189. 1. Frances England on Pandora
    2. When my son thought the brownie topping at our local frozen yogurt place was actually meat and that’s why he never chose to put it on
    3. Going to Florida at Christmas
    4. Two tunics from Anthro :)

  190. 1.) Starting early, and have been listening to Christmas Music of any sort, but mostly hymns lately.
    2.) Hearing my unborn baby’s heartbeat.
    3.) Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping!
    4.) Maternity clothes. I was busting outa my pants!

  191. 1.) Elmo’s travel songs
    2.) My sleeping daughter, smiling in her slumber
    3.) Creating magic for this holiday season
    4.) An order of onion rings

  192. 1.) Gangnam Style by Psy- feel free to judge. That song does lend itself to a mean Mama and toddler dance party though.
    2.) Sitting in bed reading books with my Gracie and as I read she rubbed her nose on my cheek, it gave us both a serious bout of the giggles.
    3.)Looking forward to my husband coming home on Sunday.
    4.) Chocolate chips- not just any chocolate chips, but Ghiradelli Milk chocolate chips. Yeah, you should buy some right now.

    Thank you for your amazing blog. The way that you live your life, the way you think, and the way you write is refreshing and rejuvenating for me. I wouldn’t feel right with myself if I never said thank you, so thanks…again. :)

  193. 1. You’re the first, the last, my everything. sung by the guy on the Voice. Nicholas David.

    2. I smile alot and have a bad memory, this is hard. Let’s go with most important thing that made me smile most recently – coming home from being away for 3 days. Oh and lukey’s temper this morning. I can’t help but laugh when he (3) stomps his foot and tells me he’s mad at me.

    3. dr. appointment for baby #3!! And hopefully finding out she’s a girl so I can buy dolls instead of action heros! 😉

    4. Chinese for lunch! General Tso’s and Crab Cheese!!! Crab cheese was the best part.

  194. 1) Nanci Griffth
    2) My two year old falling asleep still in her snow boots and jacket, right on the floor, after attending a playdate with her big sister’s friend.
    3) Thanksgiving with family!!
    4) A new Hanna Andersson nightgown for my birthday, love love love it.

  195. 1.) Sadly nothing
    2.) My daughter waking up in her bed this morning
    3.) Picking up my daughter at 4 PM
    4.) A big kitkat

  196. 1.Mumford and Sons new CD
    2. My little Finley saying, “Mornin Mama, HI!”
    3. The weekend and being with my little girl for 2 straight days before daycare and work starts again.
    4. A huge slice of pepperoni pizza…20 weeks along, and craving fulfilled!

  197. 1. I find myself going back and forth between the new albums between Taylor Swift and Mumford and Sons!
    2. My husband trying to tickle me while I made lunch
    3. I’ve got an at-home date night planned for my hubs and me – it’s a slumber party! About to head out and buy some candy and popcorn, as well as rent some movies. It’s gonna be great!
    4. Unfortunately, I bought some acne cream. Boo to being in my mid-20s and having worse acne than I did in high school! :(

    Have a super weekend, Kelle! :)

  198. 1. Rilo Kiley on Pandora
    2. Watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix
    3. Taking my niece and nephew to the park later today!
    4. Marked down Halloween candy…yumm!

  199. Oh, gosh, that doll is SO cute!!! Love it!

    largirl at yahoo dot com

  200. 1. Phillip Phillips- Home
    2. Unplanned lunch date with the husband
    3. Playing the Hungry Hungry Hippos game we bought last night with my kiddos tonight
    4. A Sonic diet dr pepper :)

  201. 1.) Everything country! The Band Perry’s new one Better Dig Two is great.
    2.) My 1 year old’s laugh.
    3.) Thanksgiving, skiing in Tahoe!
    4.) A pair of pink jeans from The Gap. Color is fab!

  202. 1.) Really? Raffi. Later? Some Erykah Badu. :)
    2.) my son hiding from naptime under a sheet
    3.) Surprising my daughter with her first trip to Disney.
    4.) The “fancy” shampoo.

    Lovely giveaway!

  203. 1.) No more Monkeys Radio
    2.) Veteran’s Day celebration at school
    3.) Seeing my son walk.
    4.) coffee

  204. 1. A mix of Mumford, Florence and Jack Johnson
    2. Rescuing my toddler from his crib after naptime
    3. A baby shower for a friend tomorrow and a weekend home with my family
    4. Pumpkin spice latte :)

  205. 1. Christmas music with my 2.5 year old – our favorite: santa claus is coming to town
    2. My 2.5 year old making my 9 month old laugh uncontrollably
    3. Trip to disney world, from canada, with my munchkins in a few weeks
    4. New bubble bath: lemon freckle. Smells delicious.

  206. heatherguzha(at)gmail(dotcom)

    1.) Spotify – hymns, old school style–but revamped, like Jadon Lavik.
    2.) Laugh outloud? My husband did this “karate” move and then made a cobra with his hand and said.. “cobra!” ha ha ha ha!!
    3.) Celebrating my kiddos birthday’s as a family at Great Wolf Lodge next week!
    4.) A pack of gum and diet pepsi, I am my mothers girl. :)

  207. 1.) “Madness” by Muse.
    2.) Adorable Instagram photos from friends and bloggers.
    3.) Cold weather in Cali! Finally!
    4.) Suede black wedges for a friend’s wedding.

  208. 1.) “Soldier” by Mud River Boys (a song written for my brother who was murdered earlier this year)
    2.) My two boys piling up leaves and jumping in them at their grandparents’ house.
    3.) Meeting my baby girl in four weeks or less!
    4.) A baby book for my daughter. I am so excited to start filling it in!

    Happy weekend!

  209. 1.) Nields – Full Catastrophe
    2.) my sweet snuggly baby girl
    3.) bedtime 😉
    4.) yarn

  210. 1) my three year old singing during nap time.
    2) our brand new chromosomally enhanced baby boy
    3) getting into a routine as a mom of three
    4) blue bell pumpkin pecan spice ice cream!

  211. My 18 month old Evie is totally into dolls right now- it is precious to see her carry them around, giving hugs and kisses liberally. :)
    1. Jack Johnson, my go-to for cloudy stay at home days
    2. Evie giving big hugs after she woke up from her nap
    3. Heading to Toronto on Monday with my mom and sister for a YHL book signing
    4. pair of Seven jeans for $16 at a new consignment shop- woohoo!

  212. 1) Mumford and Sons
    2) I took my girls to the beach this morning in 50 degree weather. I smiled as I watched them take off their socks and shoes. Only to discover the feel of sand was much different than it wasin the summer!
    3) Dinner out alone with my husband tomorrow night.
    4) 4 new tires :(

  213. 1. Hits for kids 4. They thrash it, and husband secretly does too!
    2. Baby girls smiles at 5:30am. I think she knows its early but figures her smiles are gold dust. They are!
    3. We are having a good old fashioned bonfire tonight. The joys of country living. You get to burn shit!
    4. Strawberry smoothy shower cream.

  214. 1. The “country” genre on my iPod (cuz I’m a nurse in a nursing home and that’s “appropriate” for all listeners”).
    2. The last thing that made me smile (and cry) is all of the residents at the nursing home where I work lined up at the front of our rec room in all of their military garb with pins and hats for their Veterans Day recognition.
    3. I’m looking forward to 3:30 so I can spend the weekend with my family!
    4. The last thing I bought myself was lunch today at the bar and grill… Breaded tenderloin and cauliflower!

  215. 1. “you got what i need” joshua radin.
    2. a photo i took of my son (in the snow covered woods in this plastic car with a mini tree tied to the roof. its ridicously cute.)
    3. family xmas photos this weekend.
    4. Great bottle of nail polish.

  216. 1. It’s nap time at our house, so all is quiet at the moment….ahhhhh.
    2. My husband retrieved our daughter’s blankie from the car, but he warmed it up before he gave it to her. (It’s -11C (12F) here in Edmonton, Alberta!!)
    3. Having some quiet time with my hubby.
    4. Winter gloves

  217. 1. P!nk station on Pandora
    2. A coworker gave me a compliment today
    3. Looking forward to spending the weekend in Houston with the love of my life
    4. a beautiful red blouse that I can’t wait to wear

  218. 1. Fun. Air playing from Pandora
    2. My three year old daughter coming down, sleepy faced from her nap
    3. Date with my husband tonight!
    4. A good cup of coffee

  219. 1. Pink’s new album
    2. An episode of Spongebob that my kids are watching, unfortunately.
    3. My husband getting home from his business trip today!
    4. A cool pair of boots :)

  220. 1) Mariah Carey’s Christmas albums (both of them!) and Manheim Steamroller’s “Stille Nacht” (the only thing that soothes baby girl when she’s upset in the car)

    2) My 5 month old shyly smiling and leaning her face toward mine when I pucker my lips at her (her version of “kissing” me)

    3) Going home to Georgia for Thanksgiving!

    4) Pumpkin pie ice cream, Kroger brand. And oh my goodness.

  221. This comment has been removed by the author.

  222. 1: pearl and the beard, an excellent indie band, you should check them out
    2: my baby…her hands kept getting in the way of her feeding
    3: going to my inlays this weekend with our new baby. She was born very premature, and came home about a month ago but we’ve been cooped up home..until this weekend. I’m looking forward to dressing her in an actual cute outfit headband and all for the first time! (As opposed to her sleepers, which are cute too!)
    4: an awesome coupon organizer, haha!

  223. 1. children’s christmas music and whoopem gangnam style (my ipod was hijacked by Aniston)
    2. the new baby doll in this post.
    3. pickin my babygirl up from school in like 5 minutes :)
    4. vintage afghan at goodwill 2day :)

  224. 1. Mindy Gledhill “Whole Wide World”
    2. The Presidential election results made me smile!
    3. I’m so looking forward to my son’s wedding next week.
    4. I just bought myself some new mascara. Glamorous!

  225. 1.) Bon Jovi (so embarassing)
    2.) Being able to rock my baby to sleep even though he’s ‘too big’
    3.) Big Canadian snowstorm this weekend
    4.) new Gap socks (my splurge)

  226. 1) it’s raining men, by the weather girls
    2) surprise offer from a friend to babysit so hubby and I can have a date night
    3) imminent birth of my friend’s baby
    4) lunch

  227. 1. Quiet. Absolutely nothing. :)
    2. I helped out at my daughter’s school “rodeo” and her class included my son in everything!
    3. A weekend of just the 4 of us.
    4. A new cardigan from Target and a mocha frap.

    Love the wrapping!

  228. 1. FooFighters
    2. my almost 3 year calling her Grandpa to tell him she poopoo’d in the potty
    3. my kids getting home from school and starting the weekend
    4. a dress

  229. 1) Taylor Swift – Hey Stephen:)
    2) Just finished putting my grandson to bed and he read most of the story- he’s 4 and has autism and he’s reading! So happy!
    3) Getting to grips with some crochet and some down time.
    4) A very pretty snowflake charm- it is the season….

  230. 1.) Josh Garrels’s album “Love & War & The Sea Between”
    2.) My 18-mo-old daughter showing me her Curious George animal and saying “George!” so almost clearly. Adorable.
    3.) My hubby getting home from work!
    4.) The book “Raising Your Spirited Child”

  231. 1) Taylor Swift – Hey Stephen:)
    2) Just finished putting my grandson to bed and he read most of the story- he’s 4 and has autism and he’s reading! So happy!
    3) Getting to grips with some crochet and some down time.
    4) A very pretty snowflake charm- it is the season….

  232. 1. The Piano Guys
    2. My toddler dancing on the table
    3. My kids opening their presents
    4. Some fur-lined slip-on shoes

  233. Little big town
    Puppy kisses
    Looking forward to the holiday season
    Bought a new book to read this weekend.

    Doll is gorgeous! Great idea.

  234. 1.) The Civil Wars
    2.)My 3yr old saying she wiped her own tooshie.
    3.)The laundry being done.
    4.)A sausage egg biscuit for breakfast at the gas station yesterday while pumping gas. :)

  235. 1. i am spotifying the cuss out of Joy Kills Sorrow
    2. vintage fabric find on my weekly thrift run
    3. ribs for dinner
    4. yoga pants and leggings at our catalog return store this afternoon (pants from athropologie! leggings from free people!) both for 18.00 total!

    ps: funny thing, i’ve been shopping a boy doll for my Loukas for christmas!

  236. 1. Prince
    2. My daughter dancing after her fever broke…thankfully.
    3. Friday family funday
    4. A pair of nice fitting jeans…finally. :)

  237. 1. Freedom by Tyrone Wells
    2. A note my 11 year old wrote me
    3. Family night at the movies
    4. Contact solution

  238. 1) Maroon 5
    2) The cutest old couple praying over their KFC at the park where I just went for a run!
    3) Road Trip this weekend with my sis to West Palm beach.
    4) Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans – a favorite.

  239. 1. Beatles pandora station
    2. A brownie I had as an after lunch treat
    3. A trip to FL for Thanksgiving
    4. a new hair straightener. Mine broke the morning after I got a new short haircut!

  240. 1)Listened to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.
    2)Watching my nephew napping in his red and white striped seasonal onesie.
    3)A season full of peace and family.
    4)Hmmm…my mom treated me to a purse that was on sale today, I feel guilty for the gift, last thing for myself was some fruit at the grocery store.
    This was my first visit to your blog. Thank you for a beautiful introduction to November.

  241. 1. Taylor Swift- Red CD per my 3 yr old twins!
    2.Daughter Addy putting on her new socks.
    3. Going to an old friends baby shower. To help her celebrate her new addition and comfort her due to her Mom’s recent cancer diagnosis.
    4. Hershey Bar

  242. 1. Alt-J….It’s a guilty little pleasure on mine:)
    2. Connor sternly telling the lady giving him his immunizations that she was “bad” for hurting him.
    3. A Pinterest Party with my friends.
    4. Espresso Balsamic Vinegar…what shall I create with that?!

  243. 1. Passion Pit
    2. The IG picture of you and nella
    3. Visiting with my in-laws. We’re leaving this evening!
    4. Pumpkin Spice latte this morning

  244. 1.) Dixie Chicks – Landslide
    2.) Your pic of Nella sleeping on your shoulder reminded me of how I do the same every night with my son. There’s nothing better.
    3.) The long weekend – more time to snuggle my boy.
    4.) A corn muffin. And it was delicious!

  245. Such a cute doll! Loved your Christmas morning doll story, too.

    1. The Desert Song, Hillsong
    2. Good medical report from a friend.
    3. My husband coming home from work for the weekend!!
    4. Brown boots.

  246. 1.) Music from The Voice
    2.) My son’s belly laugh when we play
    3.) My pedicure on Monday
    4.) Comfy slippers for my 8 months pregnant feet!

  247. 1.) Christmas Music :)
    2.) My Cousin’s text
    3.) Starting a family with my hubby.
    4.) Slice of pizza for lunch.

  248. 1 – I haven’t listened to anything good except the Wiggles in the car in awhile :)
    2 – my one year old eating her ice cream at lunch
    3 – a clean house once I get off this computer
    4 – a hot pink coat from Old Navy

  249. 1.) The New NO Doubt CD.
    2.) This morning both my girls in unison bursted out in song to Annie’s Tomorrow.
    3.) I’m looking forward to nap time, for both my girls and myself.
    4.) A doughnut… 😮

  250. 1. I’m listening to a “mix tape” playlist that Jon made me (including some Jason Mraz, Nora Jones, and Bruno Mars). :)
    2. The last thing to make me smile : picking my littlest up from preschool and the “drop everything and run to mommy as fast as you can” that happens at every pick up.
    3. Looking forward to our family’s last Thanksgiving together at my Grandfather’s (who turns 100 in a few months!) before my sister moves far away to Florida.
    4. The last thing I bought myself : some hair wax -not something I’ve ever bought for myself until now (my hair is finally growing back fully. Big woot!).
    I’m excited to see your North Pole party! ENJOY the symphony tonight. Breathe it in for me… I’m totally jealous. :)

  251. 1. Simba’s Pride is playing in the background on the tv.
    2. Meeting my new nephew via Skype yesterday.
    3. Meeting my new nephew in person in a few weeks.
    4. A charm for my bracelet in Disney World a few weeks ago.

  252. 1. Mumford & Sons-Babel
    2. My son waking up with a DRY pull up! :)
    3. Snow over the weekend!
    4. New, black boots just arrived from Zappos–I have not bought myself a pair of boots since I was 15, over thirteen years ago.

  253. 1) David J. Summers: You Live in Me
    2) My daughter being a drama queen (I wonder where she gets it…)
    3) Family over for dinner on Sunday
    4) “ho ho ho” lettering for my door (Thanks for the suggestion!)

  254. 1.) Gangnam Style
    2.) Having breakfast with my best friend and my girls.
    3.) Buying a new house
    4.) An autumn orange sweater

  255. 1.) Normally just listen to the pop station on the radio, keeps me going
    2.) As we put my daughter down for a nap she had to say “Bye!” to everything and kiss the doggy as well, she’s only 16 months old
    3.) Buying our first house!
    4.) I had a bacon cheeseburger for lunch from Wendy’s!

  256. 1.) Get to Me, by Train
    2.) Text from the hubs
    3.) The weekend!!
    4.) Sweet tea from McD

  257. 1.Cruise FL/GA Line
    2. Someone told me they went #2
    3. Dance Class
    4. Fall Clothes
    Totally agree with less is more…you took the words right out of my mouth!

  258. 1) Alex Clare – Too Close
    2) My boss talking to her 14 year old daughter on the phone
    3) Going out after work to a new fancy restuaraunt to celebrate my friend’s last radiation treatment while my husband puts the twins to bed by himself
    4) a salad from the local deli that supports rescue pets (that sounds gross but I promise its not!)

  259. 1.)Florence and the machine-shake it out
    2.)my 15 month old son milking mommies boo boo kisses
    3.) Starting sewing on my daughters Christmas dress
    4.) Rotary cutter and Board

    Love the gift wrap! Definitely going to have to do that this year.

  260. 1) Come Back Down by Greg Laswell
    2) My baby’s smile after waking up
    3) Spending the weekend with my family
    4)Spinach, walnut & feta salad

  261. 1. handals water music

    2. Watching my 14 month old grand daughter charm every human being she sees!

    3. the holidays! i love them all

    4.Some totally awesome bright pink fuzzy slipper boots!!! They are amazing!
    Even better i got them for free with a coupon!

  262. 1, the jazz station
    2. listening to my 5-year old play school
    3. 3-day weekend
    4. orange juice

  263. 1-jean michel jarre on the train on my way home
    2-the barista in the coffee shop
    3-having my first proper coaching session with the life coach I met tonight
    4-a new pair of boots from a ‘proper’ shoe shop (rather than a charity shop or eBay!)

  264. 1. Baby station on pandora
    2. My 3 month olds gummy grins
    3. My sweet baby girls first Christmas
    4. Lunch? I’m a new mama, I only buy stuff for baby lately :)

  265. 1) iTumes on shuffle but currently Pat Benetar ‘All Fired Up’
    2) Email from my bestie at work
    3) Picking up my girls from daycare
    4) Tim Horton’s coffee and crueler (yummy)!!

  266. 1.)Florence and the machine-shake it out
    2.)my 15 month old son milking mommies boo boo kisses
    3.) Starting sewing on my daughters Christmas dress
    4.) Rotary cutter and Board

    Love the gift wrap! Definitely going to have to do that this year.

  267. 1. “I’ll be seeing you” by Billie Holiday (it makes my heart melt and tingle all at the same time)
    2. My daughter’s yummy cheeks drooping and jiggling as I lifted her above my head laying on our bed
    3. My husband finally coming home from work this afternoon after cleaning up some of the mess that hurricane Sandy dragged through
    4. A hot caramel macchiato

  268. 1.) Mercy Me: Christmas
    2.) My 3-month-old son smiled and cooed at me as I laid him down for his nap.
    3.) My husband and 2-year-old daughter are coming home from out of town on Monday. I can’t wait to see them!
    4.) Popping corn for the long weekend!

  269. 1) classical music for studying, pandora while my students work on a project.
    2) that picture of your beautiful girl and your beautiful baby-belly
    3) date night with my husband
    4) greige knee high distressed born boots that have changed my world

  270. 1) Kings of Convenience – LOOOOVE that band
    2) An episode of Community. Hilarious!
    3) Setting up our house for Christmas, our first as a family of four.
    4) Some fabric from Spoonflower – that amazing online store that lets you design your own fabric!

  271. 1) Kings of Convenience – LOOOOVE that band
    2) An episode of Community. Hilarious!
    3) Setting up our house for Christmas, our first as a family of four.
    4) Some fabric from Spoonflower – that amazing online store that lets you design your own fabric!

  272. 1.) The Who – Baba O’Riley
    2.) This spoken poem, Direct Orders
    3.) Going home for the day and spending the weekend with family
    4.) Maternity swimsuit top. My son starts swim lessons in December!

  273. 1. Chin up (from Charlotes Web)
    2. Baby smiles and giggles this morning before work
    3. picking up my Peanut from Daycare (its my second day back at work…so hard).
    4. An owl plate from TJ Maxx…I can’t stop myself, it’s a problem

  274. 1. Alternative Adult on Comcast
    2. Being at my grandson’s house when he woke up from a nap today…I surprised him getting him out of his crib :)
    3. Spending the weekend with my youngest… in G-ville… home of the Gators :)
    4. A shirt at Goodwill

  275. 1. a personalized veggie tales CD…we’ve been spending a lot of time in the car!
    2. my 2 year old singing the hairbrush song with above cd
    3. a girls night out next Friday followed by a morning play date with friends I haven’t seen since college
    4. Carcassone game for date night with the hubby

  276. 1.) Not streaming anything.. I should listen to music more..
    2.) My “baby” girl’s contagious laugh. (She would freaking LOVE a Rubens Barn doll!)
    3.) 2013. I hope it brings lots of much needed change for my family and my career.
    4.) Sour Dots. We didn’t celebrate Halloween this year, which made me crave fruity candy!

  277. 1. Silence… the girls are asleep!
    2. My 2 year old stating “mommy you look like a princess!” while helping my grandparents move into their nee house.
    3. Dinner date with my hubby on Sunday night!
    4. Decaf soy pumpkin spice latte from my fave coffee shop… yum!

  278. 1. Country mix
    2. My daughter getting a pair of silver sparkle shoes this morning and her face lighting up when they hit the sun
    3. Decorating for the holidays
    4. A photo album

  279. 1. Im still stuck on Phillip Phillips Home.
    2. My 9 month old playing peek-a boo with the curtain and laughing her sweet belly laugh.
    3. Work being over so the weekend can start and I can spend qulaity time with my Girls!
    4. pumpkin spice latte

  280. 1. Rockin some Journey while my girls and I clean the house.
    2. Getting big smiles from my two month old when she woke up from her nap.
    3. I’m looking forward to the Hubs getting home tonight. He’s been out of town this week for business.
    4. Mango sorbet. My guilty pleasure. Well, that and Dr. Pepper.

  281. 1.) K-LOVE
    2.) looking at photos from 2004 when organizing them into folders on my computer.
    3.) The three day weekend with my family (I like having a full home especially when it’s storming and we’re getting a dozy this weekend!)
    4.) Oreo Blizzard–extra Oreos.

  282. 1. 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman
    2. My son just learned to growl… and won’t stop
    3. Looking forward to my hubby getting home from work earlier, starting next week
    4. white mocha latte

  283. 1) Mumford and Son
    2) My 3 year old daughters new favorite expression “that really freaked me out” lol
    3) My friend’s baby shower this weekend.
    4) A bottle of glitter nail polish :)

    Have a great weekend!

  284. 1.) What’s streaming from my player right now? My Spotify playlist, which is at least 50% Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac!
    2.) Last thing that made me smile: Putting together a rockin’ bookmark at work (library) to advertise for an autism awareness program we’re having next week!
    3.) What I’m looking forward to right now: Enjoying some scrapbooking this weekend!
    4.) Last thing I bought for myself: prints of photos taken at a special concert I went to with a co-worker a few weekends ago. The performers had a show called “The Magic Garden” back in the ’70s and ’80s, and we’ve been friends for almost 10 years now. Their shows are always fun, and being around them is too!

  285. Kelle,

    I think the idea of cleaning out the toys you don’t use anymore is great, but you could also consider including your kids in the process. When I was little we got about 5 or 6 things to open on Christmas Day. Then about 2 weeks after Christmas we would choose 5 or 6 toys that we didn’t use anymore to donate to children in need. I’ll always remember that feeling of pride that I was helping others by donating my gently used toys, even though I had outgrown them myself.

  286. 1: Motherhood The Musical CD. Makes me tear up everytime!!

    2: My mom rocking with my almost one year old as she slowly drifted to sleep.

    3: A road trip with my little family to MN and just being able to spend time away from home to focus on us and not house work :)

    4: A sweater from Goodwill!!! I fell in love as soon as it was in my hands. :)

    Love the baby bump picture with Nella.

  287. 1.) Loreena McKennitt, The Lady Of Shalott
    2.) Listening to my sweet boy sing songs to himself in his crib to avoid naptime!
    3.) Looking foward to dinner tonight with my sister, nieces, mom, husband & sons.
    4.) Last thing I bought was a new pair of jeans (in a smaller size!). Woohoo! :)

  288. 1. Moulin Rouge soundtrack- one day I’ll fly away
    2. My daughter pretending she is a cowgirl puppy.
    3. A weekend with no plans
    4. All You magazine

  289. 1) Mumford and Sons
    2) My daugther jumping in a giant leaf pile this morning.
    3) Our annual lantern walk tonight.
    4) 3 pairs of wool socks.
    We live in WA state and it’s getting cold here with lots of fall color. Love reading your blog every week.

  290. 1) my country workout mix – always cheers me up
    2) my 2 year old exclaiming – “I happy!” – while we made lunch together
    3) going home to my Dad’s in a week and of course, hopefully, my husband gets a job offer
    4) a book, but I couldn’t tell you what one!

  291. What an adorable baby doll! Seriously, Kelle, how are you able to find the world’s cutest gifts? Lainey’s cloth fire/s’mores from last year was brilliant!

    1) All Sons & Daughters Pandora station
    2) ear of corn my husband left on my desk at work. I love fall and harvest!
    3) book sale tomorrow and starting a quilt
    4) LLBean boat and tote bag for my farm market produce; they are the best!

  292. 1.Jackson Browne
    2. Email from a friend, with a photo of Barbie waving, subject: “Hi Emily!”, body: “Love, Barbie”
    3. Finding somewhere to go where the weather is warm. Michigan is making my skin hurt, so dry!
    4. Fresh green juice


  293. 1.) Audiobook: Insurgent by Veronica Roth
    2.) One of my speech students finally letting go and “going big” with his storytelling.
    3.) Moving into a new house in just a week!
    4.) A chai latte this morning…a rare and wonderful treat!

  294. 1.) paula abdul (don’t judge)
    2.) my daughter sleeping during her nap
    3.) My Hubby coming home
    4.) lipgloss

  295. 1) Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
    2) Playing with my sweet baby girl!
    3) All my family getting together for Thanksgiving
    4) Some Christmas decorations!!!

    I LOVED playing with dolls growing up and am looking forward to seeing my daughter playing with some of my old ones as well as some of her own!

  296. 1.) Mexico – The Staves (beautiful, relaxing folk music from a trio of British sisters)
    2.) A nice comment on an Instagram.
    3.) Three peaceful hours while my kid naps.
    4.) A book on Montessori nursery design.

  297. Lauryn Hill old school:)
    Baby Violet is pounding the wall protesting nap time*her new thing
    Going away with my husband next weekend
    A NEW BRA! it was time;)

  298. 1. Currently loving Taylor Swifts new song “Begin Again”

    2. last thing that made me smile is watching the baby girl i nanny for fall asleep in my arms.

    3. Looking forward to Christmas, just started my online gift buying today!

    4. Last thing I “bought” for myself is an 8 week boot camp! :)

  299. 1. Zac Brown Band
    2. The sweet picture you posted of you and Nella and baby Hampton.
    3. Getting off work and picking up my girls to have a Mommy/Daughter night.
    4. New makeup

  300. 1. Les Miserables (anticipating the movie)
    2. Little boy dance when he got his spelling words right.
    3. Mary Poppins on stage tomorrow night with my best friend.
    4. Coffee!

  301. 1 – Boom Shack-a-Lack by Apache Indian (loving the 90’s cheese)
    2 – ‘Literal singing’ with Husby in the car tonight when there was nothing worth listening to on any radio station and giggling as the two of us dischordantly warbled “Driving behind a car, don’t know who they are, coming up to the lights – they’re reeeeeeeed” etc. etc.
    3 – 17th November – my next free day entirely to myself
    4 – A fruity flapjack earlier today after a morning of writing and posting reviews.

  302. 1.) Gangnam Style! It never fails to get me in a good mood.
    2.) Finding my favorite spicy Chex Mix at the gas station. I can never find it!
    3.) Going home after work to see my baby girl.
    4.) A pink, sparkly lipstick. I never wear lipstick and decided 30 was a good age to start.

  303. 1. Soundtrack of Pitch Perfect!
    2. Giving my kindergarteners a hug on the way out the door this afternoon.
    3. Hot yoga and then a cold beer.
    4. Spirit wear from out school parent council.

  304. 1) Blessings- Laura Story
    2) My sweet daughter’s “kisses”
    3) Thanksgiving!!!!
    4) Coke 0!!!!

  305. 1- Vivaldi – Four Seasons
    2-My 2 year old sitting beside me chomping on an apple
    3-dinner out with hubby
    4-a hot coffee, which was enjoyed in one sitting

  306. 1. My daughter likes to chat without music but I did enjoy listening to our homeschool co-op group practicing holiday songs to sing at a local retirement residence in December.

    2. Just now when I realized its almost 4 and hubby will be done work soon. Love when all four of us are together!

    3. A road trip this weekend from Niagara Falls to DC to visit our friend who has been at Children’s hospital since June. Hoping to cheer her and her Mom up.

    4. A magazine at the grocery store today

  307. 1.) Spa music… I know that sounds funny but I’m preparing myself for labor and it helps relax me.
    2.)My daughter crying in the middle of the night (ear infection) “Mommy…” it made me feel like one of those Mom moments, wanted I guess. To know that in her mind I’m there to make it all better.
    3.) I am looking forward to all the fun outdoor things we will be doing now that it is cooler.
    4.) a tank top that was on super clearance at target for $4!

  308. 1. Bob Marley – it works wonders to calm my kids down in the car
    2. my 18 month holding out her hand for me to walk with her around the house
    3. taco night at my sister in law’s house – the kids get popcorn and a movie while the adults have some wine and relax
    4. jeggings the other night – I didn’t know they made them for adults. They are perfect tucked into boots.

  309. 1. Bing Crosby Christmas station on Pandora
    2. Jack’s Christmas list (stick horse at the top)
    3. Feeling baby’s first kick next month
    4. Striped slippers
    P.S. love that IG photo !!!

  310. 1.) Phillip Phillips- Home
    2.) My almost 2 year old son saying “hi” for the first time to a stranger today.
    3.) Date night!
    4.) Fabric to finish my fall/winter quilt.

  311. Brandi Carlile-Have you Ever
    A kind note from a friend
    Building a snowman with all this snow!
    Mint-chocolate M&M’s


  312. 1. Jon Foreman: your love is strong
    2. 18 month old triplets, 2 boys 1 girl. Those boys love bringing sister her baby doll.
    3. Dinner and a movie tonight.
    4. A green blouse for the football game

  313. 1) Lady Antebellum Holiday station on Pandora
    2) my son’s new mantra from the Magic School Bus videos — “take chances, make mistakes, get messy!!”
    3) time to do some blog design
    4) vitamins!!

  314. 1. I’m still stuck in Halloween so I ha e my Pandora turned to my monster mash station.
    2. My son running to the car this morning when I went to pick him up from his dad’s. I missed him o much last night that that very moment made my entire week!
    3. Looking forward to next weekend when we will be going on our first adventure together. 4 hour bus rode to uncle’s house.
    4. I’m horrible at this. Every time I have extra spending cash it gets spent on my son. So I can’t repeat the last thing I bought just for me.

  315. 1. Harlem Gospel Singers!!!
    2. Ignoring my husband’s computer tips and getting the printer to behave for me on my own terms (sorry babe)
    3. Reading/drinking morning coffee on the train ride to a conference tomorrow morning
    4. My first black blazer…um, and I guess there was also some chocolate to celebrate Obama’s victory with (I shared though!)

  316. 1. The new Mumford and Sons album
    2. Realizing today is Friday
    3. Internet Christmas shopping
    4. An egg mcmuffin

  317. 1: pandora stations playing constantly are Adele and the civil wars.
    2: me recording my husband while he was dancing silly at home and then him refusing to repeat it over and over so I can record it over an over.
    3: MADONNA this weekend!!! and a road trip!
    4: our family Christmas ornament. :-)

    also. my mom was/is obsessed with dolls too. I got one every year until I turned eighteen and now that I am married my husband says it’s so silly to have more than one doll even though he had every GIJoe and wrestling figure known to man. so I’ve got a plan…
    whenever we get pregnant with our first baby, if it’s a girl I am going to ask my moms friends to all bring a cheap baby to the shower (like the little dollar ones) it will be hilarious to see his face when I walk in with a boatload of babies. :-)

  318. 1. Streaming country at work
    2. The new pic of you holding Nella:)
    3. Work treated mani/pedi in 30 minutes!
    4. ?? I honestly don’t know

    My 3 year old son would LOVE that baby doll!!

  319. 1. Cosmo radio
    2. My two babies asleep in the car….mini van
    3.quiet time with my hubby
    4. Grande nonfat cappuccino

  320. 1. Cosmo radio
    2. My two babies asleep in the car….mini van
    3.quiet time with my hubby
    4. Grande nonfat cappuccino

  321. 1. Cosmo radio
    2. My two babies asleep in the car….mini van
    3.quiet time with my hubby
    4. Grande nonfat cappuccino

  322. 1. Hey, Ho The Lumineers.. I’m obsessed!!
    2. My littlest in the backseat saying “” read “Airplane, me, yay” when dropping daddy off at the airport.. sweet girl thought she was getting on one too :)
    3. Getting into our new house!! In escrow and set to close Dec. 3!!!
    4. See #3.. Our new house!!! :) Oh and a cheapy pair of Aviators from Target yesterday!

  323. 1. Silence-home alone :)
    2. Lunch with a friend
    3. Being done with my Master’s: 3 weeks!
    4. New mascara

  324. 1. P!nk: The Truth About Love
    2. my cousin had a baby girl last night (they all thought it was a boy)
    3. making tomato soup mac and cheese
    4. macadamia nuts

  325. 1 ~Mickey Mouse ~ hot dog song
    2 ~My little girl dressed in a lady bug costume with her Snow White heels
    3 ~Monday, my husband has off work and I see some much needed house cleaning getting done.
    4 ~ I can not remember, but it probably came from Target.

  326. 1.) Ben Howard – Only Love

    2.) Watching my daughter put on a bright red (and wide) headband to wear to school with her mismatched outfit

    3.)Movie night with my mama

    4.)An egg and cheese sandwich on Ciabatta – delish!

  327. 1. Little People “Apples n Bananas”.
    2. My 3 year old forgetting the name of her private parts (vagina) and referring to it as her ‘Hinus’. We were at the pedal office and the Dr looked at me like WTF are you teaching your child?
    3. A big fat burrito with extra guacamole for dinner
    4. MAC lipstick in Russian Red. Awesome color, I feel empowered when I wear it.

  328. 1. Loving the song “Remind me of who I am” by Jason Gray. Its on repeat.
    2.My little boys eyes filled with delight when I asked him if he wanted a snack!
    3.This weekend filled with lots of visiting with a brother-in-law that has been traveling “way to much”. He is home.
    4.My first scarf. Its bright yellow. I am in love!

  329. 1.) Classical music on Pandora– helping me get to sleep easier with my 5.5 month bump!
    2.) Hubby got me a 3 hrs of maid service today to help clean
    3.) My Third trimester will occur during the holidays!
    4.) Scrapbook tape

  330. Hi Kelle! here’s my dealio~
    1. 10,000 Reasons by Mat Redman
    2. my son, proudly showing me the
    clothes he bought to start his new job on Monday! (whoop whoop)
    3. a weekend home “alone”!
    4.a bird feeder to put on the deck


  331. Beautiful post as always. This one made me cry for some reason. I think it’s that beautiful growing belly of yours. Just precious and such a gift!

  332. Love your blog and the sweet & utter love you have for your children.

    1. The Wild Youth EP by Daughter
    2. Youtube video of St*uff Christian Girls Say (actually made me laugh out loud. No making fun here, I’m a Christian girl myself :])
    3. Going to Charming Charlie by myself
    4. Nothing, but I’m sure I will once I get to Charming Charlie

  333. 1. nothing … I enjoy silence quite often
    2. getting an egg our of our chicken coop and realizing it was still warm
    3. Christmas lights
    4. Diet Coke

  334. Wow! I had to scroll to get here! :) I’m a new reader, and I bawled like a baby when I read your “start here” page. I hope to write like you and have as many readers… thank you for the inspiration!

    1. I’ve been listening to Pandora’s Jack Johnson station all day
    2. Seeing my daughter’s outfit she put on today-a shirt, a dress and jeans that were on backwards and two sizes too small!
    3. A ladies night/pampered chef party without kids
    4. A Starbucks hazelnut coffee- my guilty pleasure!

  335. 1.) Michael Buble Christmas :)
    2.) My daughters freckles.
    3.) A quiet weekend at home.
    4.) A new pair of jeans.

  336. 1.Listening to the Yo Gabba Gabba station on Pandora.
    2.Watching my two and a half year old climb into his new toddler bed to listen to the Yo Gabba Gabba station on my phone.
    3.Looking forward to my baby girls first holiday.
    4.Last thing I bought for myself…hmmm….spray paint to paint to my son’s night stand. Does that count? :)

  337. 1.) Mumfords and Son
    2.) My 18month old saying NO to the nurse wanting to give her shots at the doctor
    3.) Rain and a movie weekend with my 5 and 7 year olds.
    4.) New running pants!!

  338. 1. A Sunday school music station on Pandora
    2. When my 9 month old daughter smiled at me upon waking from her nap
    3. A relaxing evening with my husband tonight eating pizza and catching up on our tv shows from the week
    4. Tiny pink picture frames from Hobby Lobby

  339. 1) Iron & Wine
    2) My 2 year old reading me “Ni-Nite Moon” before nap
    3) Next week we’re taking our Minnie Mouse obsessed daughter to Disneyland for her first trip!
    4) Pregnancy tests :)

  340. 1. Faith Hill Christmas Album
    2. My K class doing the fire drill right
    3. Going to see my daughter’s opening night in the “Christmas Carol”
    4. Starbucks Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte

  341. 1. Some Nights by FUN
    2. Feeding my 5 month old her first solid food this morning
    3. Selling my handmade crafts at my very first craft fair next week!
    4. New pair of skinny jeans for my post baby body.

  342. Beastie boys
    My kids getting off the bus!
    Work tonight
    Pumpkin pie bagel (panerra)

  343. • listening to Sing Along by christy Nockels
    • baking a favorite snack from our childhood with my sister
    • having movie night with the kids tonight – Elf!
    • Emergen-C! Gotta stay healthy!

  344. Adele 21
    The gap where my 7 year lost his big front tooth
    A weekend of cozying in bed with hubby and my three lovies
    Caramel Brulee Latte from Starbucks

  345. 1. Out of Africa Soundtrack
    2. My 3 yr old said ” you have to save your monies in case you want a Starbucks.”
    3. Going out w my husband for a bit tonite.
    4. A Yankee candle

  346. 1) Red-Taylor Swift
    2) A goodmorning post-night shift nap text from my best sister-friend
    3) Treating myself to an eggnog latte this afternoon and thumbing through the Sears Wish Book (just for fun)
    4) A light therapy sun lamp to stave off those winter blues (I’m from just east of Vancouver, BC—lots of rain!)

  347. 1.) Matt Nathanson, Modern Love.
    2.) Bow pose in yoga class today.
    3.) Weekend time with my hubby.
    4.) A bird pincushion.

  348. 1.Suzuki Piano School (my daughter just started piano lessons)
    2.Talking to my BFF (who lives many miles away) on the phone. She always says something funny!
    3.Looking forward to trudging through the 3 feet of snow on the ground to pick up my oldest from school – I’m going to pull my youngest on the toboggan and I think she’ll love it!
    4.A grande Chai at Starbucks :)

  349. 1.) Josh Groban Chistmas album (I’m already in the spirit!)
    2.) Looking/reminiscing at my now 10 month old daughter’s newborn pictures. It goes by so fast.
    3.) The weekend & a girls get together tomorrow! :)
    4.) Diet Dr. Pepper! haha

  350. ~1~the classical station
    ~2~watching my 3 year old come out of the house with no pants on! (PS: it is snowing!!)
    ~3~spending the weekend indoors watching the snow pile up
    ~4~Breyers Mint ice cream

  351. 1.) The Little Willies – love the old fashioned, and Norah Jones does the trick
    2.) My lucky scribbles from my daughter that she insisted on drawing on the back of entry tickets to win a gift basket – and guess what? We won!
    3.) Shopping in a big city and getting out for day trip before my ankle reconstruction surgery next Thursday. Ew.
    4.) New makeup brushes. They feel so wonderful.

  352. 1. Ronan- Taylor Swift because I can’t bare the thought of loosing one of my kids. I listen to it over and over.
    2. Watching our triplets(that we never thought we would have) play in the sandbox today.
    3. A girls weekend in Houston next weekend with plans that include sleeping in, watching movies and being lazy.
    4. Two new pairs or fall skinny jeans!

  353. 1) Mumford & Sons new CD
    2) oohing and aahing over gift’s at a work baby shower today
    3) movie at home with hubby tonight after the kids go to bed
    4) liquid B complex vitamin

  354. 1. Nothing, I never am the one to seem to get control of the music anymor.
    2. My daughter reading me a story.
    3. Getting over being sick. So I have more energy to play with my daughter and get the baby nursery ready.
    4. A cherry limeade.

  355. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now? Silence! :) Does it count if I have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s “Hot Dog” song stuck in my head?
    2.) Last thing that made you smile. Seeing my 16 month old after she just woke up from her nap.
    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now. Spending the weekend with my girls.
    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself. A new tablecloth for our dining room table…on clearance at Marshalls :)

  356. 1. Lullaby’s-Trying to get kids to sleep
    2. My 3 year old “reading” The Hungry Caterpillar to his brother and sister
    3. Taking my Son on a date to Disney on Ice tomorrow.
    4. Diet Cherry Limeade at Sonic Happy Hour.

  357. 1.) Reckless Kelly & Randy Rogers Band – I love alternative country!
    2.) The care and concern my 11 and 13 year olds showed bursting in the door with their 3 year old sister who had taken a spill off her bike.
    3.) I’m looking forward to an answer to prayer.
    4.) Brand spanking new Asic running shoes – this mama rarely gets brand new!

  358. Love your wrapping this year…simple is sweet! I absolutely love the baby doll you picked out for Nella!
    1. Mumford &Sons station on Pandora
    2. Watching my oldest boys hold hands & look both ways before crossing the street on their way to the bus stop this morning :)
    3. Baptizing our little babe…
    4. A gold cross layered necklace

  359. 1) MN Public Radio’s classical music channel
    2) My naked almost-3-year-old asleep in my bed
    3) A rare date night with my husband tomorrow night
    4) Fleece PJ pants from Target

  360. This comment has been removed by the author.

  361. 1.) The Beatles…”1″ Album
    2.) Watching Ian and Hailey play peek-a-boo.
    3.) Spending the weekend with my family at a wedding of our dear friends.
    4.) Dinner at Mom’s Night Out

    Love, love, love the baby and cozy pjs!

  362. Love your wrapping this year…simple is sweet! I absolutely love the baby doll you picked out for Nella!
    1. Mumford &Sons station on Pandora
    2. Watching my oldest boys hold hands & look both ways before crossing the street on their way to the bus stop this morning :)
    3. Baptizing our little babe…
    4. A gold cross layered necklace

  363. 1.) Angel Dream- Tom Petty
    2.) pictures of my 4-yr-old daughter giving our newborn a bath.
    3.)my husband getting home from work
    4.) reusable nursing pads

  364. 1. Home… Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros, classical music, and the Twilight soundtrack(prep for the upcoming movie)
    2.Watching a silly video my sister posted on Facebook.
    3. Getting the vaca officially booked!
    4. Sugar free peppermint coffee creamer on a 10pm runner to Fred Meyers last night!

  365. 1. Mumford & Sons, Pandora
    2. The morning sun streaming through the windows this morning (Seattle)
    3. The weekend
    4. Stamps this morning, online via Evalicious.

  366. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?
    The CD of my 4-year-old’s church Christmas program. I’m pretty sure I know the six songs better than she does and we’re both memorizing the speaking parts… as in, all of them.

    2.) Last thing that made you smile.
    My daughter turned 4 on Tuesday, her party is this Saturday… she keeps thinking she gets to turn 5 at her party.

    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now.
    Christmas music on the radio 24/7

    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.
    This book:
    SAY WHAT? Things only little girls could come up with.
    Written by a friend.
    All parents would love it!

  367. 1.) Ho Hey, The Lumineers
    2.) My daughter waving bye to me this morning.
    3.) The 3 day weekend!
    4.) A clearance scarf from target. $4!

  368. 1. Listening to silence right now. It’s a good thing with 4 sweet kiddos running around! :)
    2. My girls making cookies with their great grandma.
    3. Date night with hubby on Saturday night!
    4. Starbucks gingerbread latte. Yum.

  369. Music, smiles, excitement bought
    1. Right now i’m listening to sweet quiet. My littles are napping & I’m waiting for a friend to bring my big girls home from schgol. Ahh!
    2. Watching my 2 year old twins hold hands and scheme in the way only 2 year old twins can :)
    3. Looking forward to the start of online orders being delivered to the front door. I get excited evenwhen I know what’s in them.
    4. Last weekend I attended a Diwali Mela festival with my 2 big girls & friends of ours. I bought me an extra ticket so I could enjoy the elephant ride with my girls. How often does one get a chance to ride an elephant? I’ve been sick with bronchitis since then, so haven’t been near a shop! Shocking for me :)

    Love the baby doll! They are big favourites at our house too!

  370. 1. Lullaby station on Pandora while the baby sleeps to it!
    2. Listening to the hilarious conversations between my two pre-schoolers.
    3. Having my mom come home from vacation! I miss her and want to celebrate her birthday with her!
    4. A cozy coat to wear this winter.

  371. 1. Sara Groves- Loving her old stuff.
    2. Thinking of my little girl getting her first baby doll this Christmas. :)
    3. A weekend spent with family!
    5. Coffee this morning- very much needed it!

    Thanks for the idea of a nice baby doll for my little girl. I hadn’t thought of that as a gift!

  372. 1.) Symphony No. 3 in E Flat major, Opus 10. Antonin Dvorak. ( streams from my lovely city of Portland – it’s fantastic)
    2.) My daughter’s enthusiastic and dramatic re-telling of the deer she saw in the yard.
    3.) Movie night with my kiddos tonight.
    4.) Ice cold Dr. Pepper

    Also, my two year old absolutely adores her baby dolls. They are all lined up next to her at night and tucked in with love. I need to look into this Magic Cabin place…

  373. 1) Bernard Harris (he’s a bass player)
    2)My 3 year old baby girl telling me not to worry that my belly’s getting big…because it’s the baby (I am due in March) :)
    3) Spending the weekend with my family since my husband is off tomorrow.
    4) Potato soup for lunch with an almond cookie.

  374. 1. Grateful Dead, “Touch of Grey”
    2. When my children climbed all over me and would not get off. We all were laughing.
    3. My son’s 5th birthday party
    4. Some frozen Korean Food from Trader Joe’s. Do not feel like cooking tonight!

  375. 1. Imagine Dragons, Vampire Weekend and Train is still a favorite
    2. Pranks at work that involve setting silly pictures as employees desktop backgroud
    3. FRIDAY NIGHT (leaving work) and a mcdonald’s playdate with a friend that just moved back in town
    4. A big fluffy sweater on sale at LOFT

  376. 1. Billy Joel
    2. Snow finally falling in Utah
    3. Becoming pregnant with baby #2
    4. People Magazine

  377. 1. NPR (so boring) or Gangnam Style
    2. Reading all of the Holiday Hands on your girl G’s blog Momastery.
    3. My in-laws are flying in from Alaska tomorrow.
    4. You pick 2 from St. Louis BreadCo. That’s Panera to the rest of you, but absolutely must call BreadCo. in the ‘Lou.

  378. 1.) Alicia Keys – No One
    2.) A hug from my little boy.
    3.) The weekend!
    4.) A memory card for my brand new Canon Rebel.

  379. 1. Ellie Goulding
    2. My 2 year old little girl and my 5 mo old baby boy giggling and squealing while playing in the bathtub together
    3. A GNO to see Breaking Dawn, part 2. And dinner with the whole fam on turkey day!
    4. Clearance Fall wreath and stuff to doctor it up for only $7.99!! Score! And it’s beautifully done and now hanging on my door!

  380. 1 – The Lumineers – loving folky type music lately while resisting the urge to bust out the Christmas tunes.
    2 – My 18 month old son wanting me to close the blinds this morning after opening them to show him it had snowed, he must have gotten his “love” of snow from me. :)
    3 – A weekend of storms and nothing on my schedule. Spending the days snuggled up warm and cozy at home.
    4 – Onion rings (my weakness) and a coke, delicious lunch!

  381. 1. Adele- Lovesong
    2. My youngest daughter taking her first steps today!:)
    3. Family coming into town next weekend for Thanksgiving
    4. A coin purse from Darlybird:)

  382. JJ Heller album deeper
    Talking in the kitchen with my BFF today
    Going to Nana and Papa’s tomorrow while our kitchen floor gets fixed!
    A happy meal at Mcdonalds because the baby was craving it(i love that excuse!)

    Love that sweet doll, thanks for posting it!

  383. 1. Elle Goulding Radio on Pandora
    2. My two year old kissing the fake dog at Old Navy (cute but yuk too, germs)
    3. My hubby returning Tues
    4. the cutest fingerless gloves and headband from anthro

  384. 1.) A mix CD with songs that my 3-year old loves to sing (among them, We Are Young, Drive By, and My Favorite Things)
    2.) My grandma telling me a dirty joke over lunch
    3.) Musical story time at the library with my girlie tomorrow
    4.) An adorable dress on clearance at Target…$13 baby!!!

  385. 1.) Maroon 5
    2.) My daughter playing in the bathtub with lots of bubbles. She never gets tired of bubbles and oh the excitement.
    3.) The weekend and having Veteran’s day off so I be a stay at home mom for the day and attend a play date. :)
    4.) Make up – eye shadow, caviar stick and shimmer brick.

  386. 1.) Selena Gomez!
    2.) facebook pics of a friends new baby!
    3.) giving my kids their new christmas books
    4.) a ginger spice cookie, mmmmm

  387. 1.) I know it’s still early, but I’ve been listening to Christmas music. Maybe it’s because I’m working in retail this year and we put up our decorations weeks ago, or maybe it’s because this has been a stressful semester and I’m ready for it to be over.
    2.) Watching Ellen, she always makes me laugh!
    3.) Having the semester finished so I can fully enjoy the holidays.
    4.) Pizza and a haircut :)

  388. 1. Sigur Ros, The Boss, Cyndi Lauper, Pink
    2. My toddler telling me ‘ noooo Mom! ‘ when I asked for a kiss
    3. My birthday tomorrow
    4. A Starbucks doubleshot half caf with soy, yum!~

  389. This comment has been removed by the author.

  390. 1.) Childrens Christmas music
    2.) My newborn baby, Jackson, sleeping
    3.) Spending time with my husband who has been at work for 12 hours
    4.) Wow. Nice Bedhead hairspray

  391. Loving the calm that is seeping from your posts at the moment Kelle. It’s inspiring and good for the soul.

    I too love the simplicity of brown paper wrap and twine. I then usually get my girl to decorate the paper – ends up chaotically colourful – but beautiful too :)

    1.) Rocking around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee. {already I know!!!!}
    2.) Waking this morning to grey skies and wet streets – had my coffee out on the back deck and breathed in the fresh rainy air, listened to the forest noises and had kids playing at my feet. Made me smile BIG! A slow morning calls.
    3.) Looking forward to our family holiday in 2 weeks to JAPAN!!!! Can’t.friggen.wait!
    4.) A packet of chocolate freckles – and I downed the whole bag in about 30mins flat. Oops.

    Happy weekending Hamptons.


  392. 1.) With A Little Help From My Friends – Joe Cocker
    2.) A co-worker’s story about chaperoning her daughter’s middle school dance.
    3.) Anniversary date with the hubster tonight.
    4.) Hard to remember, probably a coffee:)

  393. 1. Elizabeth Mitchell (I have a two year old who doesn’t really want me to listen to anything else when she is around).
    2. My daughter falling asleep in my husbands arms today when he was reading her a story before her nap
    3. A pair of jeans and a sweater from Banana
    4. My mom spending the night so I can sleep in in the morning.

  394. 1. Reading on a Sunday Morning (even though it’s Friday!) – classics by Chopin, Debussy, Tchiakovsky, Schumann

    2. My 6 yr. old granddaughter phoning this morning to say that her daddy put very good new snow tires on the car so even though the roads are icy and highway travel is not recommended they could still drive to our house, 3 hours away from them – I really wish they could!

    3. A whole day at home by myself and spending some time sewing, scrapbooking and creating Christmas gifts.

    4. Just finished buying some digital SB elements for a December Daily album – and they were on sale :)

    I love the doll – oh, my granddaughter would be delighted to have one of those! Thank you for your generous sharing, Kelle!

  395. 1. “Todays Hits” on Slacker
    2. My 3 year old saying, “Fish Crackers – ooh, ooh, ooh!!” (from Curious George, and cracks me up every time he mimics it)
    3. Having a dinner date with my kiddos tonight at the Chinese restaurant
    4. A book, “The Violets of March” by Sarah Jio (very good read!)

  396. 1) Beach Boys 50 Big Ones
    2) The election results
    3) Seeing my six month old grandsons at Thankgiving
    4) Minnetonka fringed bac zipper boots!

  397. 1.) U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name
    2.) A joke one of my students told me this morning.
    3.) Spending Friday afternoon with my little girl!
    4.) Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte this morning. :)

  398. Feist singing 1234.
    Ellie TAKING STEPS!!!!
    My brother in laws wedding tomorrow
    A sandwich at the airport.

  399. 1.) Norah Jones
    2.) My 3yr old daughter invading my quiet Mama Bathtube time.
    3.) Watching Arthur Christmas at our Community Center tonight as a family & with some neighborhood friends.
    4.) Maternity Clothing.

  400. 1. Casting Crowns
    2. My baby boy smiling at me
    3. Rest!
    4. Peppermint Mocha, so good!
    The doll is so cute!!! Love the pic of Nella, reminds me of my Elijah!

  401. m83 midnight city.
    my little girl’s singing
    my brother’s bday party on Sunday
    some very nice lotion!

  402. 1.) Been slow dancing cheek to cheek in the living room to Ray LaMontagne all afternoon with my 9 month old babe.
    2.) That tousled hair, rosy-cheeked, just woke up smile he gave me when after his nap.
    3.) Looking forward to eating what’s in the crockpot right now.
    4.) Last thing I brought myself was a peppermint mocha latte. Bring on the holidays!

  403. 1. Taylor Swift’s RED…I play the song 22 over and over again. Totally surprised by how much I love this CD. I am glad I stepped out of my usual genres to try it.
    2. The picture the sitter texted me a little while ago with her & the boys snuggled up with big smiles on their faces…I am far, far away on a business trip & it made my day.
    3. Kissing my sleeping boys’ foreheads when I arrive home tomorrow night.
    4. If you really want to know…matching bra & panty sets. Just got them today!

  404. 1)Anything by Colin Meloy and The Decemberists
    2) Watching my puppies run around in the back yard and play in the crunchy leaves
    3) Seeing my tiny baby via ultrasound on the 21st
    4) A christmas sign from Zulily ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ in red GLITTER!!

  405. 1) After All (Holy) by David Crowder Band
    2)my 3 year old batting his eyelashes to get a cookie
    3)turkey dinner tonight!
    4)striped yellow and white long sleeved maternity shirt :)

  406. 1. Imagine Dragons : It’s Time
    2. My grandsons reaction to seeing us across a crowded mall.
    3. Finishing the quilt I am making for expected granddaughter due any day now.
    4. Diet Dr. Pepper and Advil

  407. 1. Of Monsters & Men, Lumineers, Mumford & Sons
    2. Hearing my daughters voice requesting tuna fish for breakfast
    3. Looking forward to being a stay at home mom again…1 day left as a working mom.
    4. Iced Eggnog Latte from Starbucks…mmmmm

  408. 1. Elle Goulding Radio on Pandora
    2. My two year old kissing the mannequin dog at Old Navy (cute but yuk too ha ha)
    3. Hubby returning Tues
    4. Cutest fingerless gloves and matching headband from anthro

  409. 1. Nutcracker Suite
    2. Finding the last bit of apple cider vinegar in the back of the cupboard when I thought we were out. (I have a wicked sore throat).
    3. A dear friend visiting this afternoon (well, hopefully she still will when I mention the sore throat).
    4. Dried mango. Delish.

  410. 1. Christmas music…mixmas 2012
    2. a text from my hubby bear :)
    3. Going home and seeing my furchild and working on new jewelry creations!
    4. lunch at giovannis..nom nom nom…

  411. Zac Brown Band on Pandora
    My 7month old baby boy
    Going to a cowboy party tonight! Hey ya’ll and yeehaw!!
    Soda from Target while I looked around by MYSELF! Yay!

  412. 1. Of Monsters & Men, Lumineers, Mumford & Sons
    2. Hearing my daughters voice requesting tuna fish for breakfast
    3. Looking forward to being a stay at home mom again…1 day left as a working mom.
    4. Iced Eggnog Latte from Starbucks…mmmmm

  413. 1. “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men
    2. My 4 year old playing “presidential election” with his action figures
    3. Friday Night family movie night
    4. A LARGE coffee this morning

  414. (First, where do you get the parchment paper?)
    My list:
    1) Mumford & Sons. (Be still my heart!) :)
    2) My Goodreads list… and this post.
    3) The holidays to begin!
    4) A peppermint mocha. Hallelujah.

  415. 1. Phillip Phillips – Home
    2. The kids I Nanny for
    3. Christmas :)
    4. Vintage christmas decorations!

  416. 1. I have retreated back to my country roots and my playlists and presets are completely reflecting that right now.
    2. Watching my kids interact at the park.
    3. Looking forward to the Meatball Shepherd’s Pie I made for dinner.
    4. A new camera lens.

  417. 1. Beautiful bu MercyMe
    2. Watching my 9 month old daughter walk across the room with one sock on and one bare foot.
    3. Having family besties over for pizza and creme brulee tomorrow night. And learning to make creme brulee.
    4. New shoes for Christmas.

  418. 1. Pandora’s symphony station. Oh please work to calm my 3 year old boy who has the energy of a broken Thomas train stuck on “on”.
    2. My 1 year old cracking up at her big brother’s hiding spot during a very serious game of hide and seek. : )
    3. The kiddos sleeping soundly and not waking from their coughs and me getting to catch up with my hubby. Grown up time is limited these days.
    4. Coffee this morning while we were killing time while our house was being shown. Cross your fingers!

  419. 1.)Christmas music :)
    2.) My children being nice to each other and actually getting along :)
    3.) My Surrogacy Journey, Thanksgiving & Christmas!!
    4.) Yoga Pants for my Bikram Yoga classes :)

  420. 1) Randy Crawford’s Play mode, love her voice! I can sing along without sounding like I’m having a heart attack…
    2) A complment my roommate gave me
    3)Going home to see my parents in a week, can’t wait for my mom’s homemade dinners!
    4)New clothes for winter at 50% off yesterday.

  421. 1.)Lára
    2.) Your post.
    3.) My nephew to come and spend the night.
    4.) Subscription to Runners World.

  422. 1) The Lumineers have been playing quite often in our home lately.

    2) How the hot cocoa I’m drinking is making the baby in my belly dance.

    3) Looking forward to being surrounded by wonderful, loud family over the holidays.

    4) A maternity shirt

  423. 1.) Pandora’s “classical christmas” station
    2.) My two year old asking if duct tape is “what holds ducks together”
    3.) Decorating for Christmas
    4.) heavily discounted wall art from Target

  424. Hate to say it but Taylor Swift Red.
    Looking at old photos on my phone this afternoon
    relaxing weekend
    MK purse

  425. 1) Children’s Radio (currently Do Re Mi) on Pandora
    2) My baby girl who was supposed to be nursing but was flirting with Mama instead!
    3) Thanksgiving!!! 70 relatives expected this year and it’s my favorite weekend of the entire year.
    4) A Pampered Chef starter kit so I can bring in money while having fun and getting out a few nights a month. :)

  426. 1) All I want for Christmas is you
    2)Tearing open the package today that held a new Christmas stocking….for the baby who I wasn’t sure was still going to be with us for Christmas.
    3)Pizza and movie night with good friends and lots of kids
    4)oh this is sad, shapewear to hold me together after my c-section =(

  427. – Minnesota Public Radio stream
    – Watching my daughter telling me she was going to stack one more block on the sky high tower!
    – Dinner tonight
    – new cozy shirt for fall

  428. 1. Lost In My Mind- The Head and the Heart
    2. My daughter dancing in the kitchen.
    3. Chinese food! Tonight!
    4. A leopard print silk dress from The Loft.

  429. 1. Lullabies by Essie Jain
    2. My five month old son rolling over
    3. My birthday dinner tonight – I am 26 today!
    4. An orange soda!

  430. 1. Lost In My Mind- The Head and the Heart
    2. My daughter dancing in the kitchen.
    3. Chinese food! Tonight!
    4. A leopard print silk dress from The Loft.

  431. Adorable!

    1. Frank Ocean, Duffy, Fun
    2. My two year old transitioning from “muma” to “mommy”
    3. My alone time on Saturday morning with an expensive coffee to go thrift shopping
    4. A chicken burrito!

  432. 1. SHEL, an all sisters group from Colorado <3
    2. My daughter Avery laying on the floor in striped tights rolling toys around on the hardwood floor
    3. Our trip to Cozumel in the spring just my husband and I.
    4. A hazelnut soy latte from a coffee shop by our favorite park

    Avery loves her dolls. She is only 11 months old but gives her babies kisses all the time. It’s more like open mouthed slobbering but kisses just the same.

  433. 1. Maroon 5
    2. I volunteer at lunch for my son’s school and I surprised him with tortellini in his lunch. He wasn’t aware I was watching, and I was able to see a beautiful smile and an excited fist pump in celebration upon the opening of his lunchbox
    3. Having dinner with my sisters and mom for my sisters birthday. Nothing like girl time spent laughing and talking about our kiddos.
    4. A black and gray striped sweater with a crisp white shirt that makes me feel like a million bucks.

  434. 1. Taylor Swift – we are never getting back together
    2. My girls playing ‘drums’ on overturned toy bowls, pots and pans.
    3. Snow suits to arrive from OshKosh for my girls!
    4. Eyeshadow

  435. 1 – Just got finished watching this Thanksgiving video:
    2 – Watching my two little boys play together.
    3 – Taking grandpa out for dinner tonight.
    4 – Tennis shoes

    Love the little dolls. My little boy loves baby dolls. We both take care of our babies together. :)

  436. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now? Mumford & Sons on Pandora
    2.) Last thing that made you smile. My 2.5 year old girl asking me after school “Today be my birthday, Mommy?” then taking her home, baking a birthday cake & singing happy birthday…just because
    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now. Painting an egret picture for my daddy’s birthday
    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself. New watercolors last night

  437. The messiah, i wish
    A teacher joke
    Jeans – on sale :) and a walking foot with the last of my birthday money.

  438. The messiah, i wish
    A teacher joke
    Jeans – on sale :) and a walking foot with the last of my birthday money.

  439. 1. Nothing right now…but I was just thinking I should pull out my Christmas music…oh how I love Christmas music…My current fave is the group “Strait No Chaser” I encourage you to check them out.
    2. Last thing that made me smile: the picture of you and Nella. Oh…it reminds me so much of one taken of me and my 2yo boy while I was swollen with pregnancy with out daughter…I like to call it…baby on baby!!!! So very sweet. And now that little girl is almost two and oooohhhh how she loves her babydolls.
    3. My daughter’s 2nd birthday party in the morning…just 5 two year old girls and 5 mommies and lots of baby dolls and mimosas. Oh yeah.
    4. A steal of a faux fur vest at Marshalls.


  440. I too love this time of year and really getting started on the Christmas shopping. And stashing the gifts throughout the house where the kids won’t find them… :)

  441. 1. Christmas Music already- Specifically Snow Angel from Over The Rhine!
    2. the 3D Ultrasound pictures of my twins faces. A boy and a Girl- growing well and already looking like their daddy!
    3. Getting my hair did!
    4. 3 silver sparkly pinecone Christmas ornaments from Pottery Barn. Happy Birthday to me!

  442. 1. Listening to Michael bubles Christmas album
    2. Watching my little girl play with her blocks and asking me to help her make a tall tower
    3. Christmas, New Years, my little miss turning two and the arrival of our no. 2 bub
    4. A crochet pattern book for baby hats and blankets

  443. Oops, forgot the 4 things.

    1.) Bob Marley, Jammin’
    2.) The cuteness of my 18mo son
    3.) Relaxing this weekend with my family
    4.) Ballet flats

  444. 1.) Andy Davis – Brown Eyes
    2.) Laughing at my office mates
    3.) Spending the long weekend with my husband.
    4.) 2 Peter James books for my Kobo.

    I live in Canada so I don’t know if I will qualify for the draw but I know my little niece would love it so I figured it was worth a try!

  445. 1. The music from the new tv show Nashville
    2. Our puppy snuggling with the 4 yr old
    3. Fresh from the oven apple crisp
    4. 20 oz Barq’s root beer- a favorite treat

  446. 1. Pink
    2. My daughter and her naked butt running through the house
    3. My new job
    4. Interview pants 😉
    I’m so boring

  447. 1)we are young-fun
    2)when I discovered that my 9 and 7 year old daughters will have their flute and violin presentations next week.
    3) Going to their presentations! I’ll have to walk two miles in the cold, at bedtime with a 4, 5, 7 and 9 year old but I’m determined to make it.
    4)New kitchen utensils. They are shiny, new and great quality. They make me happy.

  448. 1. Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban audio book
    2. One of my pre-k students stealing the Veteran’s Day program with his moves to Yankee Doodle Boy
    3. Thanksgiving Break
    4. A large Dr. Pepper

  449. That doll is incredible! I have been wanting to splurge on an high quality baby doll for quite some time now. I currently have my eye on a Kathe Kruse, but with all the research I am doing, I may turn out to be a baby doll expert such as your mom and start quite the collection for my 2 1/2 year old. haha

    On to the questions!

    1) Dario Marianelli on Pandora (the pride and prejudice original soundtrack composer).
    2) My daughter pretending to be Woody from Toy Story. “I’m Woody! Howdy howdy howdy!” and of course the classic, “there’s a snake in my boot!”
    3) I’m excited to make my grandmothers famous nutmeg christmas cookies.
    4) A mistletoe scented Yankee candle. This combined with #1 is pure perfection.

  450. 1. Audio book of The Kitchen House
    2. My 2 yr old making funny faces…
    3. OKC Thunder game tonight!
    4. a purse (today)!!

  451. 1. Jack Johnson, In Between Dreams album (an “oldie” but goodie!)
    2. Inlaws already trying to buy things for our first baby…coming in May!
    3. My best friend’s wedding tomorrow!
    4. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

    First time commenter, long time reader. I adore your perspective on less is more. Trying to keep that in mind with the little one on the way!

  452. 1.Kelly Clarkson-love her spirit, her voice…my boys love her too!
    2.Watching my oldest (14 )climb on the church youth bus for his first all-night youth outing….nerves and excitement. Oh how I remember those days!
    3.My husbands return from his weekly business trip…miss his face so much!
    4. Large diet coke from McDonalds IN a styrofoam cup…my weakness!

  453. 1. Shine. Rosi Golan
    2. Freeing the baby from her car seat at the last rest stop
    3. Disneyland!
    4. Culver’s cheeseburger :)

  454. 1. Handmade kids CD from Auntie, for my babies (Tangled, Little Mermaid, Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen)
    2. Going in to get my 20 month old out of his crib this morning, to find him completely naked!
    3. Dinner and a movie with my hubby tonight, kidless!
    4. Salted Caramel Gelato from Safeway, delicious

    -My sweet 4 yr old loves babies, and treats them like her own real children, she is so nurturing and loving to them:) Makes me feel good knowing she has learned her mothering from watching me!

  455. Those dolls are precious. I love your idea of keeping gifts nice yet simple. I want to do the same thing for my baby’s 1st Christmas this year! My answers are:

    1. nothing at the moment, but the last thing I listened to was Lullabye Radio station on Pandora.
    2. a sweet email from a distant friend today.
    3. A weekend off of work to spend with family!
    4. A peppermint mocha!

  456. 1. “Mambo Italiano” on Pandora – while making meatball soup. Seemed appropriate.
    2. Taking my 5 yr old with his $10 gift card to Walmart this afternoon. We wandered the aisles for over an hour.
    3. A Lumber jack show tomorrow – so random to be coming to our city but they’re on a tour and we’re goin’!
    4. Epoxy glue. for a craft. it was exciting, despite how unexciting it sounds.

  457. 1. Nat King Cole’s- The Christmas Song (on Pandora)
    2. Seeing how excited my 4 yr old was when I surprised her with a new Hello Kitty Christmas shirt, laying on her bed.
    3. Having my nephew over tonight while my sister and bro-in-law take their girls to medieval times tonight.
    4. Chocolate covered cherries! Yay, back “in season!” :)

  458. 1.) The best of Elvis Presley on Pandora, because all of a sudden my girl LOVES Jailhouse Rock!

    2.) Coming home from a trip out of town and tucking my girl in. I kissed her cheek before I left the room and she said sleepily, “mama, you came back!”.

    3.) Looking forward to a spa day for my birthday! Celebrating the big 3-0 which happens to be on the 30th of this month! My “golden” birthday, if you will!

    4.) That cute little fox sweater dress from Target that I’ve seen all of IG lately!

  459. What a fun giveaway, Kelle! I have two little girls who would LOVE one of these dolls!
    1. Josh Garrels and Mumford and Sons
    2. Seeing the guinea pig habitat my girls made for their pets on the driveway
    3. Pride and Prejudice book club with great friends
    4. a bag from 3 Cord, a ministry with women in Haiti that makes some amazing handmade products

  460. 1.) Mumford and Sons. Pretty much always.
    2.) My little girl smiling back at me 10 seconds ago.
    3.) Everything!
    4.) Just bought a used woven wrap. Old soul babywearing rocks.

  461. 1.) Since Monday this week- Chrismas music Yup, I’m that annoying lady cranking it up in November :)
    2.) The sound of my littles laughing together in the living room.
    3.) A quiet weekend with my 2 babes while hubby and our oldest son are up North.
    4.) lunch – McDonald’s. Don’t judge, I’m pregnant and baby likes Big Macs!

  462. 1. Two Detroit radio stations have started Christmas music (Yes, already – and I love it!). So…streaming Christmas music from WNIC onto my laptop.
    2. Getting a funny e-mail from a very old co-worker/friend today that only we would “get.”
    3. “Girls Night Out” tonight in downtown Northville. A little wine, a little shopping and dinner with the non-shopping men afterwards. Love the holidays!
    4. A tablecloth and napkins for Thanksgiving. Poor Thanksgiving gets lost around these parts!

    Sweet picture of you and Nella…Precious times ~

  463. 1. Lumineers- Flapper Girl
    2. Two children napping & my cup of coffee with an excess of pumpkin spice creamer.
    3. Thanksgiving & showing off our new son to the extended family!
    4. Ruffled boot socks :)

  464. 1.songbird by Eva Cassidy 7 month old chewing on his toes
    3. I’m really looking forward to Tuesday as we are having babys first photo shoot
    4. A navy top with little owls on it.

  465. 1. Big Daddy Weave

    2. My two toddlers singing at lunch while banging on their water cups.

    3.Getting a puppy this weekend, and going to Apple Hill, too.

    4. Bar of Toblerone chocolate, while out Christmas shopping.

  466. 1.) Aladdin soundtrack (courtesy of my 3 year old, still on a Disney World high)
    2.) My husband said, “You’re beautiful” to our 18 mo. old…She said, “I know.”
    3.) Thanksgiving!!! Food, Family & Shopping!
    4.) An oil change for the van….that counts, right??

  467. 1.) Depeche Mode
    2.) My almost 1 year old son clapping his hands for the first time!
    3.) My baby to turn one and my other baby to turn 3 a week later!
    4.) Venti Caramel Macchiato

  468. 1. Spotify playlist of random songs!
    2. Laying on my bed with our baby girl, kissing her cheeks to hear her laugh.
    3. Tonight’s Pampered Chef party and pizza!
    4. An iced coffee, because it’s too hot for a regular one!

  469. 1. Science podcast.
    2. Asking my two year old what noise a mouse makes. His response? “Umm… I want cheese!” Crazy kid. :)
    3. My upcoming job search after 3.5 fantastic years home with the kids.
    4. A pair of leggings and a cozy sweater. It is fall after all…

  470. 1) Nick Farr – And So It Is
    2) My girl in her jeggings and red cowboy boots.
    3) The afternoon we have planned tomorrow…outdoor fire in 40 degree weather.
    4) A large vintage Pyrex Cinderella mixing bowl in the Butterfly Gold pattern…it completes my set!

  471. 1. Brian Crain’s Rain from the Pandora lullaby station
    2. My sleeping baby in my arms.
    3. My daughters first birthday in December.
    4. A coffee from Ditch Bros.

  472. 1) trans siberian orchestra christmas album
    2) My daughters smile when she woke up this morning
    3) taking lexi to visit the reindeer at grouse mountain this december
    4)A tim hortons caramel mocha

  473. 1.regina spektor…my bff introduced me to her…love!!
    2.watching a little boy (probably about 1 1/2) dance his own little jig as he walked by in the airport!
    3.going home to snuggle my boys! i’ve been on a mommy only vacation with my fabulous friends from back home!
    4.a starbucks mocha….yumm!!

    for the record, i get giddy about your holiday posts!! love them!

  474. I just re-read this one (because I loved it!) and noticed your belly in the last shot — somehow missed it the first time. SO wonderful!!

  475. Sleeping babies and bellies. So beautiful as always. Thanks

  476. 1.schoolhouse rock: twinkle, twinkle
    2.finding a picture of my 3yr old, when he was a baby
    3.a friend’s baby shower tomorrow…doubly blessed she is.
    4.a 12pk of cherry coke…my addiction.

  477. 1. Christmas music
    2.My 11 year old told me a funny joke
    3.Shopping with my Mother at a fall festival tomorrow
    4.Scentsy items (Christmas scents)

  478. Thanks for the chance. I have been looking for a baby doll for my daughter for Christmas because unfortunately she doesn’t have any. She’s been so into boy stuff having two older brothers.

    1.) Gangnam Style…Jesenia’s favorite song. She’s always playing it!
    2.) My daughter waking up from her nap before I left for work.
    3.) Getting home from work at 10pm.
    4.) A Dr. Pepper at 7-11

  479. 1. Taylor Swift- Red
    2. Watching my almost one year-old dig through the diaper bag.
    3. Picking up my husband from the airport. TONIGHT!
    4. The yummiest donuts from the cutest donut shop during our trip to Indianapolis yesterday. So fun.

  480. 1. Jezebel by Iron & Wine
    2. A beautiful baby falling asleep in my arms.
    3. Taking our one month old on her first trip to grandma’s.
    4. A pack of gum.

  481. 1. Faith Hill – Breathe
    2. Hearing rain falling this morning after 3 months of no rain.
    3. Girls weekend away for my birthday.
    4. Maxi dress for girls weekend away

    Love that cute baby doll for Nella. I think my little girl is now going to get one of these babies for chirstmas as I have been on the hunt for a special present.

  482. 1) Celine 2)your photo of you and Nella as Nella goes to sleep softly resting on new baby brother, 3) going to see my 4 grandkids in the morning 4) shoes. I have a question – I was raised in Maryland and Santa never wrapped the Christmas presents he brought. I had never heard of Santa wrapping until my boys married girls and when the little ones came along they said Santa always wraps the gifts. Have you always wrapped the Santa gifts? My boys thought their wives were crazy but they gave in and wrap them up although there Santa was never wrapped either..

  483. 1) Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven
    2.) my cousin
    3.) Thanksgiving with family and friends
    4.) A cup of coffee

  484. 1. The Safety Dance – Men Without Hats. Gotta love Pandora! :)
    2. Seeing a picture of a pumpking my daughter makes. It’s hilarious and cracks me up every time.
    3. This school semester being over!! And passing my classes. 😉
    4. Lunch. Yummy!

  485. 1.) Zac Brown Band
    2.) Helping my daughter pick out a dress to wear to her 4th birthday party.
    3.) I’m so looking forward to my daughters ballet class.
    4.) Shoes, beautiful black ballet flats!

  486. 1.) Forever- Ben Harper

    2.) Watching my 4 yr old climb off the bus and run to hug his sister.

    3.) Family shopping day tomorrow

    4.) Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

  487. LOVE that picture!!

    what a great idea for simplify for the holidays, perfect and smart!

    1)brandi carlile
    2)having my nephew give me kisses on the cheek
    3) sleeping in and reading tomorrow
    4) short nonfat nowhip raspberry mocah this morning :)

    beautiful photo of you and your two youngest :)

  488. 1. James Taylor… Always
    2. My 2 year old rubbing my pack saying “shh it’s ok!” When I had morning sickness.
    3. No more MORNING SICKNESS!
    4. A new camera…

  489. 1.) “Here I Am” by Caspar Babypants.
    2.) My kids holding hands in the car driving home from Target.
    3.) Drinking another cup of this morning’s coffee.
    4.) New iPhone case!

  490. 1. Kari Jobe
    2. My son spying on girls after school
    3. Having a baby in 2 weeks or less!!
    4. Leopard print shoes

  491. What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?

    Ed Sheeran – Give ME Love

    2.) Last thing that made you smile.
    My eight year old drawing pictures of saints.

    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now.
    Starting Christmas shopping.

    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

    A scarf at Kohls (Vera Wang)

  492. 1.) Forever Young- love to sing it to my unborn baby girl
    2.) Saw her moving around on sonogram today, she’s a fiesty little thing!
    3.) Baby shower tomorrow with my best girl friends
    4.) A hypnobabies self study kit- hopefully to get me through labor unmedicated :)

  493. 1. Sarah Groves
    2. A child’s invention in my classroom.
    3. Watching Project Runway on DVR
    4. Cool comfortable boots.

  494. 1. RED – Taylor Swift’s new cd, after watching her E! True Hollywood story I feel like a proud momma when I hear her sing (And I was suprised by my 16 year old step daughter with a concert ticket last year to her show)
    2. My 6 year old smile when I drove up to the gymnastics center for the class I signed him up for… 10 minutes ago!)
    3. Dinner tonight…every night with my family, we always share our day.
    4. Acozy scarf that I have only taken off to sleep (fear of being strangled by it) and when I shower…. I love Chicago winters. I am a leg warmer, scarf wearing kinda girl!

    Enjoy you alone time, although I am sure the company of your growing boy will be the first of many date nights with him!

    K.Oconnor <3

  495. 1. Sugarland
    2. My text from my hubby: “I will always love you more”…his response to my “I love you”
    3. Turkey
    4. Cuddle Duds

  496. 1.) Anthem Lights cover of All I Want for Christmas
    2.) Seeing the picture of you holding a sleeping Nella with your baby belly under her…seriously, I love that picture!
    3.) Dinner in the caf with a friend. (well, not looking forward to the caf food, but looking forward to seeing my friend)
    4.) A sweater dress! I’ve always wanted one, and I finally got one!

  497. 1. The Fresh Beat Band show soundtrack…(my 2 yr. old is a fan!)
    2. Blowing bubbles in the back yard on a windy day with my daughter… She said, “bubbles goin’ cwazy!” :)
    3. Looking forward to my birthday and Christmas.
    4. A cuff by Farmgirlpaints :)

  498. 1. The Black Keys
    2. Sleeping baby clutching her Sophie giraffe.
    3. Girls’ night next weekend.
    4. A big hoagie!

  499. 1. Vince Gill/Carrie Underwood, How Great Thou Art.
    2. Watching my grandson and nephew play at the park.
    3. Beginning my Christmas shopping this weekend (online)
    4. A kissing Santa and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper from hallmark this afternoon.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  500. 1. Miles Davis and Dave Matthews
    2. My baby girl watching it hail through the bay windows
    3. Dancing with my big girl in her studio’s production of “The Nutcracker”
    4. A sweet coffee drink

  501. 1. No mp3 playing currently, but I can hear my girls watching the Grand Canyon episode of The Brandy Bunch. (btw- Loved that you gave props to the record players out there! Totally still have mine)

    2. Random salesman at my door telling me that “he’s out here selling soap, not dope”, and that the cost of the cleaner “won’t take the cheese out of the macaroni”. Definitely, bought some cleaner.

    3. Friday Family night tonight. Although, my husband’s a fireman, and on duty tonight :(

    4. Does cleaner count?? I also bought some Zebra popcorn at Costco the other day. That stuff is evil, I tell you. But, oh so good!

    Happy Holiday season, Kelle!

  502. 1.) Pandora…Third Day
    2.) My son beating my husband at Wii
    3.) Dinner then bed time
    4.) Peppermint milkshake

  503. 1. My cousin’s new CD:

    2. My kids playing dressup with halloween costumes, prom dresses, and my old shoes.

    3. Mom’s night out tonight!

    4. A vanilla latte.

  504. 1. Streaming from my iPhone is my “Head Boppin’ Country” Playlist. Currently playing is Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)”
    2. Talking to my Grandpa who is in the hospital
    3. Spending the weekend with my 7 year old niece for the first time since I moved back home from Chicago 6 weeks ago. I haven’t seen her since February!
    4. Bright pink pj’s with owls wearing glasses on them!

  505. 1. Michael Buble Christmas music. I know it’s early but I can’t help myself.

    2. My almost seven year old assuring me that his arms and hands are “Pwenty big enough to learn to pway guitar!”. 😉

    3. I’m looking forward to a good South Dakota snow storm and a reason to not leave the house!

    4. I bought myself a fun picture frame to have at work.

  506. 1. Suzuki Cello Volume 1
    2. My 4 year old took a sip of my latte and liked it. :)
    3. Looking forward to our trip over Thanksgiving to visit family.
    4. Dark chocolate cookies.

  507. Let it Be on Pandora
    My son’s smile when I picked him up from Grandma’s
    Christmas magic with my kids
    A set of knifty knitter looms

  508. 1. I’ll be home for Christmas-Josh Groban
    2. Wrapping my little sister-in-law’s birthday present for tomorrow. I know she is going to love it.
    3. Christmas time!!!
    4. Went on a shopping spree at Salvation Army yesterday(:

  509. 1. 90’s Alternative on Pandora
    2. My girl feeding me Smarties from her Halloween loot
    3. My husband making dinner tonight
    4. A BLT, with extra bacon :-)


  510. 1.) Some Nights – .fun
    2.) My baby boy running to greet me at the door when I got home tonight
    3.) Holiday card photo shoot on Sunday
    4.) A new shirt for work for $6 on clearance at

  511. 1. Mumford and Sons
    2. My oldest daughter showing me the puzzle she finished all by herself.
    3. My youngest daughter’s first birthday tomorrow. (Well, I’m looking forward to it but at the same time I’m not.)
    4. Last thing I bought myself? Uhh..burger king. So bad but so good.

  512. 1.) Lifehouse – My favorite band’s newest song: Between The Raindrops
    2.) Finding out just this past Wednesday that I’m pregnant with baby number three :)
    3.) Crafting for our family’s (everyone lives long distance from us) holiday gifts
    4.) A thrifted, like-new leather hobo :)

    thank you! i have that doll on my little lady’s list. so sweet.

  513. 1. Music from The disney Channel….Austin and Ally…Bridgit Mendler…A.N.T. Farm, etc.

    2. Webcamming with my sister and niece in NJ

    3. Chicken breasts, one the bone, in the oven. Rice Pilaf….green beans. I am starving.

    4. A $3 bottle of Pinot Grigio from Walmart, Hey, it’s the simple things and we’re on a tight budget. My husband drank most of it though.

  514. 1.) Celtic Woman- Carol of the bells {early yes, but so beautiful!}
    2.) My Daughter laughing at Big Brother sneezing!
    3.) Finishing the Doll carriage overhaul and it’s bedding for my sweetie’s first Christmas!
    4.) An iced latte from

  515. 1. I’m listening to my teenage sons talk about their day.
    2. I laughed at my grandbaby reading me her book.
    3. I’m looking forward to a neededgirls night out.
    4. I just bought me a large diet coke to keep me going a few more hours.

  516. 1. Do you see what I see
    2. The “pp” in Happy written backwards by my 5yo.
    3. Bedtime for the kids.
    4. A thrift store world globe.

  517. 1.)Fun.
    2.)Watching my two big girls cover our new baby boy in kisses
    3.)My husband and I getting a date night soon
    4.)A christmas album on itunes :)

  518. I wrapped in paper like that one year – with paper bows and stamps. The tree looks so beautiful and simple w/the gifts all wrapped like that underneath!

  519. what a beautiful doll!

    1. the avett brothers
    2. lunch date with a great friend.
    3. a three day weekend!
    4. a sonic dr. pepper, with vanilla.

  520. 1. Pandora on my phone streams Hip Hop of the 2000’s now.
    2. A funny story my husband told me made me smile.
    3. I am looking forward to the warmer week ahead.
    4. I bought myself socks. hah


  521. 1.) Holly Cole (blues/jazz)
    2.) My girls faces when I picked them up from daycare
    3.) Christmas break
    4.) A hair cut!

  522. 1. Nothing playing right now.
    2. Seeing my grandson this morning.
    3. Thanksgiving with 17 of my favorite people.
    4. A cozy fall sweater.

  523. My soon to be 1 year old would just melt for one of those dolls! Love that photo too, I’m currently 8 weeks with our very surprise baby! (See “soon to be 1 year old” lol!)

  524. 1. My Norah Jones station on Pandora
    2. My daughter playing on her Fisher Price xylophone…she just turned one and is so proud of herself!
    3. An upcoming trip to England (though bittersweet because it means leaving my family)
    4. A post-work beer with co-workers :)

  525. 1. The new Taylor Swift Album
    2. Taking the toddlers to the museum today for a field trip, their twinkling eyes.
    4.A pair of burgundy pants from old navy!

  526. 1. Home by Phillip Phillips. I’m addicted to it.

    2.My husband. He cam home from work early today and we actually got a few hours of quiet while the kids were at school. Between his work and school schedules quiet alone moments are few and far between.

    3. The 8th grade basketball game tonight. My 13 year old is a cheerleader and she’s cheering front and center tonight.

    4. A cozy sage green mens Chaps sweater from Goodwill. Got that sucker for $1.88, it’s my favorite sweater right now.

  527. 1. Mud on the Tires-Brad Paisley (my kids are obsessed)
    2. Baby trying to hide the leaf she found and had been sucking on all morning.
    3. Family baby shower this weekend, just taking one kid along!
    4. Ugg boots!

  528. Good questions.
    1. Philip Philips : Home
    2. Putting my youngest in his new swing on our swing set. PURE joy on his face!
    3. Thanksgiving with my family.
    4. A NEW pair of jeans in a brand new smaller size! EEEKKK!

  529. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?
    Arcade fire pandora channel
    2.) Last thing that made you smile.
    Seeing that you bought Nella the exact same thing I’ve been looking at for my little girl.
    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now.
    My hubby being off tomorrow and surprising my in laws for thanksgiving.
    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.
    Starbucks peppermint white chocolate mocha :)

  530. 1.) A playlist of worship music that I put together.
    2.) Putting my daughter’s kindergarten photo in a frame on the mantel.
    3.) My husband coming home tonight after a week away.
    4.) Some winter plants, mini Christmas bulbs and a pack of mini lights to spruce up my window box. (plants are in but I’m waiting a few more weeks to decorate)

    I saw your instagram pic of Nella playing the blanket throwing game. I love her sense of humor!

  531. SUCH a fun giveaway! My little ones are also getting dolls for Christmas and they’re going to be SO excited. I found some that are also weighted and fit into preemie or newborn clothes. Can’t wait for them to play:)

    Listening: Dean Martin Christmas on Pandora
    Made me Smile: My kids being silly going to bed
    Looking forward: Alone time tonight!
    Last thing I bought: A sundae at Friendly’s (for dinner;)

  532. Me:
    1. Sade, Cherish the day
    2. My little girl sayin Mama
    3. Seeing my Hubby
    4. False eyelashes

  533. 1. Taylor Swifts Red…we have three daughters, they are obsessed.
    2. Paying for the car behind us at McyD’s drive thru today.
    3. Going to local high school performance of grease tonight, all 5 of us.
    4. 49er sweatshirt!!!

  534. 1) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    2) Going to pick up my kids at preschool and seeing one of their friends jump off a balance beam and have her pants fall down around her ankles.
    3) Taking my amazing 15 6th graders to Nature’s Classroom on Monday, even though it means saying goodbye to my boys for 4 days.
    4) A pair of jeans to replace my (w)holy ones.

  535. 1. Thunderball, from the compilation Covert Operations… great clean the kitchen before company comes music.
    2. My four year old telling us that his older brother “speaks for the flowers” just like the Lorax.
    3. My Sunday night date with husband.
    4. New red(!) pants… they make me happy every time I look down or catch a glimpse of them.
    Happy weekend!

  536. 1 // The Civil Wars album

    2 // Shopping with my mama yesterday.

    3 // A big cup of French Vanilla tea, brewing on the stove

    4 // Coral lipstick

  537. 1–Nothing right this minute but 88.1 Classical Portland in my car.
    2–Drawing Thanksgiving things on the kids’ feet.
    3–Bonfire tonight. And Thanksgiving!
    4–Gas, yippee!

    P.S. I was just telling my Mom that Magic Cabin is by far my favorite magazine for kids! I love all of their woodsy and whimsical well made toys. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  538. 1. Christmas Music!!! :)
    2. My 5 year old told me he didn’t like chicken because he doesn’t like to eat “human meat.” Haha!!
    3. Dinner, bedtime for the boys and some Tivo with hubby
    4. A Kindle book!

  539. 1) Point of Grace Christmas Album…an oldie but a goodie! 2) I smile a lot…just did now looking through the amazing site of “Magic Cabin”! 3) Tomorrow, I have the house to myself. 4) A dining room table.

  540. That last shot of you, Nella and your boy, is beyond precious!

    1- I’m home with my little one, so Fresh Beat Band is what we’re dancing to at the moment.

    2 – The last thing that made me smile is the view of 2 year old toes sitting on my lap. I love little toes!

    3 – I’m looking forward to feeling better and being able to make it to my step-sister’s bridal shower. I’ve been super sick all week and I’m ready to be well!

    4 – funds are tight these days, so I haven’t been able to buy much for myself. I did get myself my favorite sandwich today, though. Chicken, bacon, avocado and provolone on a soft roll….YUM! :)

  541. 1)Soft meditation music…
    2)My husbands dancing….
    3)I am looking forward to a road trip to see my twin grandbabies :)
    4)A soft squishy vest at Sam’s Club!

  542. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now? The Some Nights album by Fun. (yes, I still say album)

    2.) Last thing that made you smile: My three year old yelling “YES!” when the waitress brought him chocolate milk at our dinner out tonight.

    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now: painting my daughter’s room Behr Paint’s Purple Freesia this weekend.

    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself: a Tim Horton’s pumpkin spice coffee, triple-triple.

  543. 1.) The Red Rose by the Everybodyfields.
    2.) My boy, asleep in his stroller during our walk. He never EVER falls asleep on walks.
    3.) Seeing my soul sister this weekend.
    4.) A Peppermint Mocha from my favorite coffee stand.

  544. Thomas the Train theme (just wait. You’re next. It will happen.)
    My boys make me smile. They are hilarious!
    I’m looking forward to my baby boys 2nd birthday Sunday. Last year we had just had a house fire, so this year will be much more of a celebration!
    I bought myself a red dress. I recently lost 25 lbs, so I feel sassy enough for a red dress. It’s really cute!
    Happy weekend to y’all!

  545. 1. Toddler Tunes (That is how I roll in my mini van.) 😉
    2. My baby signing “more” at dinner. Woot for baby sign language!
    3. Thanksgiving with my family!
    4. Lunch- a Publix sub.

  546. 1. Phillip Phillips
    2. MY 3 year old saying “I’m SOOOOO STARVING. MAKE DINNER NOW. please.”
    3. Putting together my Christmas cards.
    4. Nice bottle of wine for a friend and I to share.

  547. I love how simple you keep things. The Holiday season is really about who you are with and not about what you get.

    1.) Mostly some country with some other mixes.
    2.) James pushing me in a wheel chair at Walmart because I couldn’t get my breathing under control.
    3.) I am looking forward to New Years. =]
    4.) Cookie Dough.

  548. 1.) I’m listening to the sounds of my littles…no music on right now.
    2.) My little guy talking about our friends he saw in a picture made me smile.
    3.) I’m looking forward to a weekend of rest.
    4.) I bought myself a cup of coffee.

  549. 1. Beautiful Things (Gungor).
    2. My niece called and said that she missed her auntie THIS MUCH (holding her arms out wide, as evidenced by the quick drop in volume on my end – and the description from my sister later).
    3. I am beginning my dream job (therapist in a juvenile correctional facility) this coming week.
    4. New clothes for my new job.

  550. 1. David Bowie- Changes
    2. My son, after spilling another drink, saying “Oh My, I did it again.”
    3. Fun family time tomorrow with food- Pie!
    4. A completely superfluous, pretty box to put all of my nightstand clutter in. I still love it.

  551. 1. Dave Matthews
    2. When I turned to look at my daughter, my bangs covered one of my eyes, and she said “mama, you look like a pirate!” She will be 3 in decemeber.
    3. Moving in the next week
    4. chapstick (berts bees)

  552. 1. RHCP – makes my drive home a party.
    2. my daughter’s big smile (after a moment of reflection) when I came home from work. just before that – my husband texting me to come let him out of the chicken coop…the door closed on him and there is no inside latch. hysterical – he barely fits in there and the chickens were going crazy!
    3. seeing my parents this weekend for the second time since my daughter was born.
    4. a necklace.

  553. Love. That. DOLL! I look for very similar things when buying for my girls, but I feel like it is getting harder and harder to find quality toys that won’t be scattered everywhere or take up our entire condo. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places.

    My list:
    1. Sarah McLaughlin, Iron & Wine or if I’m working out, Skrillex!
    2. My 3-year-old just walked up to me and randomly said, “I love you”.
    3.I am looking forward to early-birding it at our local flea market and scouting out those perfect gifts that I never would have thought of if I hadn’t stumbled upon them.
    4. Art supplies and wine – for cozy nights of completing DIY Christmas decorations (thank you Pinterest) and well, the wine just makes crafting more interesting 😉

    Oh, and I am seriously coveting your wrapping set up this year. Might have to copy-cat it!

  554. What a sweet doll! I have three girls and I know that they would just love a doll like that!
    1. Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack (my oldest daughter is auditioning for her schools musical and the Belle Reprise in her song audition choice :) )
    2. My baby boy smiling at me!
    3. Our family trip home to Fl for Thanksgiving!!!
    4. A soft, cozy sweater.

  555. 1) New Avett Brothers
    2)Seeing my little girl after being gone on a work trip
    3)This weekend

  556. 1. My Lumineers pandora station
    2. Someone switched on my daughter’s snuggle switch and’
    3. An outdoor wedding tomorrow with beautiful weather
    4. a basket of local apples!!!

  557. 1.) Nothing (for once)
    2.) Going through my oldest girls clothes…such fun memories!
    3.) Our children’s first Holiday season! (We brought two 5 yr olds from China and have a newborn, plus our other 4 for a total of 7)
    4.) A yummy coffee!

  558. 1.) Christian praise and worship music. Always.
    2.) My precious 14 month old.
    3.) Thanksgiving with long lost family.
    4.) Rosemary shampoo.

  559. O How I love reading your blog :)

    1.) My Celtic Christmas CD. There are a few songs that are nice and mellow and then there are a few songs that make me feel like I can break out in a River Dance :)
    2.) My sister just arrived from California yesterday. After not seeing her for a year and a half our hearts still connect like we saw each other yesterday!
    3.) Nice Cozy days staying inside while it’s snowing outside :)
    4.) A notebook :) I have a thing for notebooks lol…I really like to buy multiple notebooks and write in them.

  560. LOVE the story of you and your sister receiving the babies at Christmas. What a cool idea!!!!

    1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now? Mumford & Sons newest album
    2.) Last thing that made you smile. Our two fur babies barking at the vacuum to “save” us.
    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now. Our first cake testing tomorrow for our wedding cake :-)
    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself. New pair of shoes — a girl can never have too many shoes :-)

  561. 1. Pandora station country Christmas
    2. My daughter in the backseat blowing me kisses in the rear view mirror
    3. Thanksgiving break , no school for my daughter :)
    4. Craft stuff for Christmas crafting with all my nieces and family

  562. 1. One Republic
    2. Watching my son nap in just undies with his butt up in the air.
    3.Looking forward to Thanksgiving
    and seeing my husband’s family.
    4.Two chocolate bars. Sad, I know. But I needed them!

    I would love this doll for my niece. Her mom is a single mom who has a hard time affording her gifts, and I love to contribute when I can. She would love it!!

  563. 1. The Pitch Perfect soundtrack-Love that movie
    2. My imaginative daughter
    3. Family coming to visit
    4. delicious sushi

  564. 1. New CD-Voices of Glory
    2. Listening to a story my daughter told me about her roommate experience!!
    3. The kids coming home for Christmas! I miss them. :0(
    4. Mary Engelbreit calendars for 2013!!

  565. 1. Birdy-skinny Love- on my ipod :)
    2.busting my 2 year old swiper swiping a pickle.
    3.Looking forward to home renovations.
    4.A new gym bag. Purple and fabulous.

  566. 1. Fun
    2. My kids and an empty office depot box that has become their favorite toy
    3. Getting over this sickness running through our house
    4. Highlander Grogg

  567. 1.)Bon Iver
    2.) My 15 month old daughter Phoebe holding her nose when I told her she was so stinkin’ cute!
    3.)Having a slice of the vegan pumpkin cheesecake I made tonight!
    4.)Boden floral sweatshirt

  568. 1. Motown
    2. Flowers from DH this morning.
    3. A fire and movie tonight.
    4. Pink frosted cupcakes.

  569. 1. Taylor Swift- we are never getting back together
    2. Both kids napping at the same time
    3. Dinner alone with the hubs tonight
    4. PSL from Starbucks

  570. 1) Judy Garland, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.
    2) My oldest and I playing in Photo Booth ( a program on Mac computers).
    3) At this very moment I am looking forward to spending the evening with my baby loves.
    4) A hair cut.

  571. My baby would love that baby!

    1. Brandi Carlile
    2. My son feeding the fish and admiring them after.
    3. Pizza and movie night!
    4. Chai latte.

  572. Kelle, I am totally stealing the stamp/doily idea!!
    1.) Christmas music. Mainly anything Bing Crosby.
    2.) My youngest being helped by her older sister to brush her teeth.
    3.) Entering the workforce again as a RN, after being home with the kiddos for a bit!
    4.) A sparkly blue case for my iPhone. So pretty.

  573. 1- Ed Sheeran
    2- The ‘feel better soon’ card my oldest daughter wrote to my youngest
    3- reading my girls bedtime stories
    4- storage containers, I am such an organizer.

  574. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?

    Pandora country radio station

    2.) Last thing that made you smile.

    My first Christmas gift arriving in the mail today for my little boy, Melissa and Doug’s wooden birthday cake set…he loves to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles. He’s going to love it!

    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now.

    Spending Christmas in the New England SNOW! Currently in Florida.

    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

  575. 1.) Cat Power / The Greatest
    2.) I Facetimed with my son before he got into bed from my desk at work. It’s our nightly ritual. He was perfectly cute and cuddly in his fleece PJ’s.
    3.) The weekend!
    4.) Skinny vanilla latte!

  576. OMG I love the parchment paper. And those dolls are screaming my girl’s name!

    1.) – begs a listen, it’s hilarious!
    2.) My girl saying Momma for the first time, whilst my son just learned to say I love you.
    3.) Weekend walks up North.
    4.) EcoNuts (I’m super stoked about them!) & a FagBug (for my son who loves rainbows and VW bugs! We have the absolute same policy re: Xmas gifts. Small, meaningful, well made gifts! This one I’m just dying for ‘Santa’ to give him!)

  577. 1.) streaming: Josh Turner-Why Don’t We Just Dance
    2.) Getting a great thrift deal today
    3.) My third-yeat college girl is coming home for T’giving!
    4.) A ‘slightly-used’ cream-colored ultra suede jacket (with a beautifully-embroidered leaf pattern)@ the thrift store for $2 (SCORE!)

  578. Iheartradio – cursive station
    My oldest and youngest girl sitting so close tonight, playing
    Having the day off work on Monday to hang out with my kiddos
    A cheeseburger and coke for lunh

  579. Taylor Swift “RED” ( eight year old daughter has control of music this week lol)

    Watching my kids play today at the park.

    T-ball game in the morning.

    Lemon tree

  580. 1.) When One Became Two – A Family Album by The Verve Pipe
    2.) Listening to my girls play dolls together.
    3.) My husband coming home from work.
    4.) A jar of vintage buttons and vintage sewing books from an estate sale I stopped at this afternoon.

  581. 1. Old MacDonald
    2. slobbery “kiss” from my 5 month old
    3. Netflix all to myself
    4. vitamins

  582. 1.) Neil Young :)
    2.) a friends video of her 4 month old baby talking to her <3
    3.) dinner with my parents
    4.) 2 pairs of jeans i think?

  583. Music classical my husband fave
    Watching my granddaughter dance she is one
    Beautiful weekend it is going to be sunny and 60
    Tea dress on zuilly

    Love baby dolls my fav Christmas gift we always got a new one every year I have 5 sisters and can still remember that new smell Christmas morning thanks for the memories

  584. 1.) My 5yo popped in the Polar Express cd, and while I don’t usually listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, his enthusiasm is contagious.
    2.) We call our 16 month old, “Beaver”, and tonight he very seriously built himself a lodge out of his big brother’s wood marble run (another great quality toy!), walking one piece at a time across the room to the train table and placing it carefully.
    3.) Looking forward to settling my youngest little into her crib for the night and cuddling on the couch with Hubby.
    4.) Bought myself a cute navy corduroy skirt from Land’s End Canvas. Can’t wait to wear it with textured tights and my tall boots.

  585. 1. Onerepublic’s All This Time
    2. My 2 year old copying me with words such as woof, moo and haha.
    3. Sunday. We have nothing to do all day for once!
    4. Tic Tacs. We’re budgeted lately.


  586. 1.) A little Indie band called Swear and Shake
    2.) Talking about my pregnancy with a coworker
    3.) Prepping the nursery
    4.) Chicken Pad Thai for dinner!

  587. 1- imagine Dragons
    2- smashing our molding pumpkins in the backyard
    3- spending a day at home tomorrow with no agenda
    4-New boots!

  588. 1.) NPR, specifically This American Life
    2.) My son laughing at a silly joke he heard at school
    3.) The birth of our daughter in a couple weeks!
    4.) Knee high winter boots

  589. Diana Krall is keeping me company tonight.

    My tired sweet husband laying on the floor playing checkers with our boys.

    A restful vacation over Thanksgiving week at my in-laws.

    A mocha latte.

  590. 1.) Alex Clare
    2.) My daughter trying to use sign language to ask for a popsicle
    3.) Girls Night Out at Stem & Stein coming up
    4.) Very short chic new hairdo

  591. 1. Toddler radio on Pandora. I think the last song was “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”
    2. My 19 month old daughter hugging her daddy tight after a bath.
    3. Working on a Christmas gift for daughter tomorrow afternoon with hubs.
    4. Tylenol at Target yesterday. Getting over a cold.

  592. 1. The Lumineers
    2. My kids’ reaction to my husband returning home after being away for a week
    3. Holidays. And more immediately, some seared ahi tuna.
    4. Some Sephora essentials

  593. 1) The Lumineers self titled album.
    2) spending a quiet night in with a bottle of wine and my best friend
    3) watching my first football match in London tomorrow
    4) purple fringed suede ankle boots.

  594. 1.Adele Someone Like You
    2.My little girl kicking im my stomach while my two little boys tried to roll hotwheels all over it…she chased and kicked them..they giggled infectious happy giggles that I wish I could bottle.
    3.Holding my little girl…looking into her eyes and seeing if she looks like me or her daddy.
    4.An ice cream cone at brewsters..Chocolate raspberry Truffle…yum.

  595. 1. A lot of Puscifer, and gotye these days.
    2. My 2 year old putting one of her favourite toys into a box for “babies in need” (I was giving free stuff out over the Internet!) and for the record, I didn’t let her give her favourite dog away, she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it LOL!
    3. Aside from Christmas; for my girls to go to bed, so I can make some felt Christmas ornaments!
    4. Um.. That’s a hard one? For myself?? Uhhh.. I got a package of sugar free hard candies last month!

    I love your blog !

  596. 1) Chopin Nocturnes
    2) My two year old son saying “butternut squash”
    3) Tomorrow’s breakfast…bacon something. :o)
    4) Hail Merry Chocolate Macaroons

    Beautiful Doll and I completely agree with your ideas on holiday simplification! :o)

  597. 1. Notion…Kings of Leon
    2. My daughter saying “please!”
    3. Looking forward to our entertainment center project being done
    4. New pots and pans.

  598. 1) Christian Music
    2. My daughter wearing her sunglasses.
    3. To go to bed.
    4. A nice shirt from Marshalls

  599. 1.) Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (my all time favorite)
    2.) Listening to my 4 year old sing herself to sleep
    3.) After several very busy weekends, I am very much looking forward to a quiet 3 day weekend with my family
    4.) French Vanilla coffee with CREAM ( splurge)

  600. 1) we are streaming Pandora- station Raff
    2) right now my 21 month old is eating his avocado with balsamic vinegar on it, just like his mama.
    3) finding out if my baby boy feelings are as right as they were the first time…5 more weeks!
    4) knock off Toms that don’t fit even a little bit :/

  601. 1) we are streaming Pandora- station Raff
    2) right now my 21 month old is eating his avocado with balsamic vinegar on it, just like his mama.
    3) finding out if my baby boy feelings are as right as they were the first time…5 more weeks!
    4) knock off Toms that don’t fit even a little bit :/

  602. 1) Pontoon, by LIttle Big Town
    2) My 9 year old son telling me he tried out to sing a solo at the Christmas play (where does he get this confidence?)
    3) Hosting 23 members of our family for Thanksgiving
    4) An “Always Kiss the Cook” sign for my kitchen

  603. I love Nella’s doll. I love the pictures you take of her playing with her doll. I agree with your ideas for Christmas. Less is more.
    1. Watching TV so istening to that.
    2. My granddaughter told me a pig showed up on their playground and they called a COde Blue.
    3. Looking forward to the holidays.
    4. I bought a pair of socks at Michaels tonight for a dollar, hah.

  604. 1.) Ed Sheeran’s newest album, + (It makes me deliriously happy.)
    2.) My younger sister/best friend grabbing my face to kiss me on the forehead… It happens.
    3.) Sleeping in and waking up to a blazing fire in the fireplace; woohoo first (light) snowfall of the season!
    4.) A Dunkin Donuts bagel. But that’s a boring answer. So the thing before that was a vanilla candle that will (hopefully) transform my bedroom into someplace I want to be, rather than I have to be.

  605. 1.) Delain, from this morning’s run
    2.) My husband cleaning the kitchen when my back was turned.
    3.) Early bedtime for my sweet kids so their stressed mom can have some quiet. Ha.
    4.) Boots! Lovely black boots with kitten heels, knee-high, to be worn with cold-weather skirts on Sundays.

  606. Oh and seriously. That doll for Nella… I don’t have any kids yet but I might just buy one anyway.

  607. 1. Zac Brown Band – Different Kind of Fine
    2. Skyping with my best friend in Chicago
    3. Thanksgiving break from Medical School which will include my 8 week old niece who is making a visit to Michigan!
    4. Bell’s Two Hearted

  608. 1. Florance and The Machine – Say My Name
    2. My GP telling me I’m a very nice, friendly person doing a job that is meaningful to society, that I have so much to live for, to give, that I will have wonderful things happen for me after I finished telling her that I don’t like myself.
    3. My Dad is coming to visit in 3 weeks to see the unit I just bought!
    4. A haircut and a new magazine.

  609. 1. Michael Buble’s Christmas album. Too early? Perhaps but just a little glimpse won’t hurt.
    2. Meeting you the other day at BabyGap and Anthropologie (Katherine Heigl). I really couldn’t stop smiling.
    3. Snuggling up in my bed with my husband.
    4. New yoga pants bc when I don’t feel like getting dressed to run errands with my kids I at least try to look like I’ve worked out. :)

  610. I never listen to music.
    My kittens make me smile.
    Looking forward to snow this winter.
    Bought myself a blouse on ebay.

  611. 1. listening to my son watching girls volleyball on tv.
    2. getting my power back after hurricane sandy after 6 days. (some people are not as lucky that doesn’t make me smile!)
    3. looking forward to my weekend, even though its a busy one. (further looking forward to our belated 10 anniversary trip in January to Aruba!)
    4. lunch today, at work, cant remember the last time I did that!

  612. 1) A Very She & Him Christmas
    2) The squeaky sounds my newborn makes in her sleep!
    3) Getting out of the house and going for a walk with my TWO little girls tomorrow; fresh air, sunshine, and exercise!
    4) A gingerbread latte

  613. 1) I need a Savior on KLOVE radio
    2) looking down at my sweet baby boy asleep while nursing
    3) house hunting tomorrow (my hubby & I are finally moving back to Texas! Near our family!)
    4) a bottle of water in the airport this morning on our way to get to Texas. :-)

    My niece would love a baby doll!! Thanks for the chance

  614. 1. Some Nights by Fun.
    2. Watching my daughter dance in her pajamas
    3. Flying a kite on the beach tomorrow
    4. Banana caramel crunch ice cream

  615. 1- Jim Croce
    2- Watching my 4yo dance to get a laugh out of my 9mo.
    3- Sleep (a full 5 hours would be nice)
    4- A cup of soup!

  616. 1.) Hopeless Wanderer — Mumford & Sons
    2.) Watching the sun set.
    3.) Going to Chicago next week to see my boyfriend.
    4.) Hot salsa!

  617. 1)Mumford and Sons
    2)My Little One saying “ni ni mommy” and blowing me kisses.
    3)Looking forward to December when I graduate with a BS in Accounting.
    4) I took a bubble bath about 3 days ago.

  618. 1. Hillsong’s new cd
    2. my son stalling bedtime in the most creative ways
    3. my husband’s job transition which will make for A TON more family time
    4. Pumpkin Spice Latte

  619. 1.) Les Miz 25th anniversary concert
    2.) halloween visits from my friends kids!Also the picture of Lainey and Nella..adorable in their costumes!
    3.) relaxing with a film and a cup of tea
    4.) a fake firepace in Cali and a NYer…so need seasons…even if they are fake..

  620. 1.) Florence and the Machine
    2.) A message from a friend
    3.) The spa tomorrow morning
    4.) A killer pair of jeans

  621. 1. The playlist I made for my daughter while I was pregnant. It has artists like Jack Johnson, The Allman Brothers, and Jimi Hendrix
    2. My daughter’s face as I poured water into her tub.
    3. Taking my parents out for breakfast tomorrow at our favorite diner, The Galley Grill.
    4. A bouquet of burnt orange mums

  622. 1.) Scotty McCreery’s new Christmas cd :)
    2.) My daughter dancing to music.
    3.) My parents visiting for Thanksgiving
    4.) New brown boots for this winter!!

  623. 1. The Nerdist Podcast (guest Zach Braff)
    2. My 3 year old finally figuring out how to do a somersault on the living room carpet.
    3. Seeing The Hobbit December 14th
    4. The Criterion Collection DVD My Own Private Idaho.

  624. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now? Any of the GLEE soundtracks.

    2.) Last thing that made you smile: Sweet newborn smiles on a cool fall day.

    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now. The time spent with family during holidays.

    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself. Nursing shirts.

  625. 1. Silence. At the end of the day, I can’t listen to one more thing.
    2. Girls’ Night Out! Very fancy, at Cracker Barrel with a great friend and our daughters
    3. Thanksgiving stuffing!
    4. A new pillow. I’ve never regretted an investment in sleep!

  626. 1. This is For the Girls
    2. My daughter saying, “I love you” for no reason
    3. Taking her to a play tomorrow afternoon
    4. Black pants a size smaller. :)

  627. 1.) Christmas music – I stumbled across a playlist from last year and had to put it on
    2.) My “big girl” (3 year old) running to say hi to her little (1 year old) sister.
    3.) A nice relaxing long weekend with my family
    4.) New pants, since none of mine fit anymore!

  628. 1.) Christmas Without You – One Republic (I know its early, but its just that one song for now.)
    2.) Watching my little girl tap her bare feet on my husband’s leg during story time.
    3.) Getting over first trimester nausea.
    4.) Maternity pants from (so comfy).

  629. 1.) New Mumford and Sons
    2.) Waking up from a nap and hearing the boys doing the dinner dishes and making a dish washing song to the tune of Deck The Halls!
    3.)My 39th birthday on SundaY!!
    4.)New running shoes and running sleeves

  630. 1.) A Very She and Him Christmas
    2.) Zayn wanting to read more books before bed and then telling me, “I try!”
    3.) Mr. Figwittage bringing me home a hot fudge sundae from DQ.
    4.) 3 mini hedgehog candles from Target… they’re so cute for decoration (not for lighting!)

    Zayn likes his Cabbage Patch doll (custom made by my best friend, I ‘inherited’ it when she died) … I have to check these out these lovely dolls!

    I have to agree with you about simplicity and well-made products! I’m looking at Etsy hoping to score deals for everyone this Christmas. Now… if I could find a really great kids table and chairs…

  631. 1.)AirOne radio station
    2.)Feeling kicks & jabs from my 38 week old inside me!
    4.)A fajita quesidilla that I’ve been craving for weeks!

  632. 1. ben folds live – from the concert about 8 years ago!
    2. my three month old smiling/flirting with me while nursing.
    3.looking forward to my family coming up this weekend for my daughter’s christening!
    4. polka dot skirt off of ebay that fits my new post pregnancy body so wonderfully!

    i love the picture of nella sleeping on you. my baby is sleeping on me right now – greatest feeling in the world!!

  633. 1.) Capital Choir Tribute to Florence and the Machine’s “Shake it out”
    2.) Looking over at my sweet boys making a fort!
    3.) Sitting down with my kiddos to eat the yummy lasagna that is cooking.
    4.) Lavender Bath Salts.

  634. 1.) Hundred Dollars by Punch Brothers
    2.) Talking to my sister on the phone
    3.) A wedding tomorrow, so much love
    4.) A red leather belt from Gap

  635. 1. My daughters cd from her Suday school program. Trying to learn the words!
    2. My one year old roaring like a lion.
    3. My four day weekend.
    4. A bottle of Reisling.

  636. 1.) Lorie Line Holiday Music – this is the first year in almost 20 years my mom and I haven’t attended her Holiday Extravaganza concert.
    2.) Kissing my kids goodnight.
    3.) The birth of my littlest baby girl…any day now!
    4.) Lunch at Panera – 1/2 ham sammich and caesar salad.

  637. 1. Let It Roll – Little Feat
    2. At work today…let a boy and his dad into the washroom and when they came out the boy signed ‘thank you’ to me. Made my day!
    3. Taking my daughter to see a local production of Annie in a couple of weeks.
    4. New cozy socks 😀

  638. – mumford and sons
    – waking up from a long nap with my son
    – parks and rec on the pvr
    – mustard coloured nursing top (my husband promptly reminded me that its the same colour as our baby’s poops which hadn’t occured to me – doh!)

  639. 1.) Zac Brown Band-Colder Weather.
    2.) One of my students telling me she
    will miss me this weekend.
    3.) Disneyland tonight!
    4.) Iced Vanilla latte made with powder not syrup.

  640. 1) Kings of Leon
    2) Snuggling up with my baby girl as she fell asleep.
    3) Madonna concert tomorrow night!
    4) Peanut butter chocolate pretzel fro yo

  641. 1.) Zac Brown Band-Colder Weather.
    2.) One of my students telling me she
    will miss me this weekend.
    3.) Disneyland tonight!
    4.) Iced Vanilla latte made with powder not syrup.

  642. 1. Tender Lullabies
    2. My sweet 3 year old singing Now Rest Beneath Nights Shadows to our 3 month old baby! Such a little mother!
    3. Going to sleep-I’m so tired!
    4. Vanilla Creamer

  643. 1. the new Jason Mraz album

    2. Watching my daughter draw all her favorite family members

    3. Finally trick or treating tomorrow-Take that Hurricane Sandy!

    4. Riding boots :)

  644. 1. Michael Buble Christmas album…because life is too short not to listen to Christmas music whenever you want to.
    2. My little man (2 months old) finding his thumb.
    3. Another blog book signing tomorrow with my sister and my little girl.
    4. The new Maroon 5 CD, Overexposed, so I can learn all the words before the concert in the spring.

  645. 1. U2, Alison Krauss, and Gordon Lightfoot
    2. Watching our kids eat pizza
    3. My husband coming home from hunting!
    4. A purse-today!

  646. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player (so many means of listening these days) right now?
    2.) Last thing that made you smile.
    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now.
    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself.

    1. the xmas cd’s my friend danie d. makes for me every year, amazing. at one point the ramones “merry xmas i don’t want to fight” is followed by jessica simpson singing “let it snow.”

    2. my son truman telling me for the 100th time “remember when you came to my class and made cookies!” he had his Fall party on halloween and me and another mom slapped together cookies and frosting and sprinkles, the fact that this can make his world rosy right now makes me so happy.

    3. i have a solo trip to the shrink tomorrow and will get a mocha on the way. i could look at this as rather sad but it’s so fantastic drinking coffee and getting professional feedback on my anxiety issues 😉

    4. i bought myself TWO pairs of shoes this week, unheard of!! red swedish cogs and some of those 80s style boots that are short with clunker heels. i am so tired :)

  647. Some of my greatest childhood memories involve playing with baby dolls.
    1. Norah Jones pandora station
    2. Watching my 2 year old give her baby sister a kiss.
    3. a nice, relaxing evening
    4. coffee!

  648. 1. Beauty to Ashes- Shane & Shane
    2.watching my husband read bedtime stories to our 2 yr old
    3. After 3 months fighting for the life of our unborn daughter- hopefully having a healthy birth and going home for Christmas ( been in the hospital for months)
    4. Yoga pants on Amazon. Gotta love online shopping when you’re on bedrest 😉

  649. 1.) Taylor Swift- Red Album
    2.) My 3 year old twins laughing their heads off playing in pull-up boxes
    3.) Looking forward to my sister Holly coming to visit me in Utah from California for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!!
    4.) Pho Soup…If you haven’t had it, you will LOVE it!!! Vietnamese soup. Enough said.

  650. 1) Nothing, I am at work.
    2) My daughter making a new friend.
    3) Going to see Little Mermaid play with daughter on Monday.
    4) Subway for dinner.

  651. 1.) Sara Groves
    2.) Holding my dear friend’s 4 month old son and watching him grin over and over at me.
    3.) Spending all day tomorrow with my mother-in-law.
    4.) Supper last night when I was out with some friends without kids!

  652. 1. Taylor Swift’s Red
    2. My daughter laughing at her daddy
    3. Watching my husband run a marathon tomorrow.
    4. Bounce dryer sheets. (I don’t like winter static!)

  653. 1. Peggy Lee
    2. Zobee Lou’s smile makes me smile
    3. seeing Les Mis the movie
    4. my current favorite shampoo

  654. I too purchased and wrap the “first” christmas gift today!!

    1.) Disney’s greatest hits Volume 2
    We recently got back from Disneyland and I’m missing our family vacation time!

    2.) My son, Harper, asked me “Mom, do you still have that milk in your belly for Gracie?” Too cute! I smiled, and laughed!

    3.) I’m look forward to my 30th birthday on Thanksgiving day!

    4.) I purchased a very yummmy slice of pizza and a cherry coke at the mall today.

  655. 1.) The Beatles “Love” on Children’s Indie Radio
    2.) My two week old daughter and her silly facial expressions
    3.) Spending the next few months home with my little lady and not returning to work until after the holidays.
    4.) Do nursing bra’s count?…..

  656. 1.) toddler radio pandora station-the hubby got our 3 year old addicted and now she always wants me to play “kiddo” music although it is kind if fun to sing “if you’re happy and you know it” at the top of your lungs with your child while driving around.
    2.) finding my daughters play food in the laundry basket when I went to start laundry long after she was in bed-I love finding these things because it won’t be long before shes all grown up and I’m going to miss these times.
    3.) the holidays-they make me giddy :)
    4.) some really cute fuzzy boot socks at Payless-it was BOGO time-got the little one dress shoes for Christmas and I had to find something to get half off!

  657. 1. nothing. quiet. quiet. quiet. :)
    2. my 15 month old playing ball
    with her 7 year old sister.
    3. decorating for christmas.
    4. a pair of rockin’ workout pants
    at a thrift store for fifty
    cents. :)

  658. 1.) die antwoord- thanks to my teenage daughter (and only when the little one is not within listening distance)
    2.) watching my little one facetime with her papa, who is in singapore. she gave a lot of wet, foggy kisses to the camera.
    3.) lunch with the girls (daughters and grandma)
    4.) a pair of corduroy pants from goodwill

  659. 1. I’ve been listening to a lot of classical violin. It helps me study!

    2. I know it shouldn’t, but my almost three-year-old’s new attitude makes me smile!

    3. I can’t wait to meet my new baby girl in February!

    4. I bought myself two clearance books from Books A Million!

  660. 1: blue Christmas – Elvis and my husband (he’s playing along with it)
    2: the way my 4yo said good night
    3: tomorrow morning and not having to get ready for school
    4: a large Diet Coke from McD’s

  661. 1.) Danza Kuduro because we heard it on our recent vacation!
    2.) When my 2 yr old said “bless you” to the cat tonight when she sneezed.
    3.) Seeing a play with Grandma and my daughters this weekend!
    4.) 2 Christmas ornaments on our vacay to Mexico!

  662. 1. Pink and lady Gaga
    2.My five year old son singing in the shower….Hilarious!
    3.spending all day tomorrow with my three babies
    4. a winter jacket

  663. 1) Stubborn Love – The Lumineers (love anything and everything by them these days)
    2) My two year old son saying “cuse me, I tooted” made me not only smile but laugh until tears came. It was his delivery and little lisp that got me, more so than the bodily function report.
    3) I am so looking forward to one day finally seeing a double line on a home pregnancy test.
    4) The plaid blazer from Gap. It screams fall, coziness and a prelude of colder days to come. Bring it on.

    Love the photo of you and sweet Nella from Instagram. Priceless.

  664. 1.) Taylor Swift’s new album (no shame)
    2.) My boyfriend coming home early from work.
    3.) Dinner at Tilth!
    4.) A unitard. Real talk. I LOVE it!

  665. 1. Winter Moon by Mindy Gledhill
    2. My 3 boys re-enacting their songs from this mirning’s Veteran’s Day program while their pajama clad baby sister danced and sang along, paci in mouth and beloved piggy in hand.
    3. Looking forward to a trip to Canada with my husband that is not strictly for work.
    4. A set of 6 pairs of dainty flower earrings from h&m for $5.95. Holla! Scooooooore!!!

  666. What a gorgeous doll! 1.) a mixed 70’s hits cd that was my dads 2.) my dog loving the sun in the beach today 3.)my fiancé coming home from work 4.) a mini fish tackle box for my own collection of shiny lures :). Your blog was recommended by Sara Bell at

  667. 1.) I don’t listen to anything too special. Hip Hop on my way to Philly every day. I listen to it because my kids love it and I like to pretend I am cool : )
    So, lately, I have been hearing a song about a whistle and whole bunch of other songs about highly inappropriate subjects : )
    2.) My sister called tonight and said her husband was working late and she wanted to go to a chinese buffet. I hate chinese buffets. I love my sister though : ), so we packed up and went to a chinese buffet with my sister and her kids. I smiled all night. I love being with the people I love. Even at crappy Chinese buffets.
    3.) Kaish gets to go to a school dance next Friday and he is very excited. I guess I am looking forward to him having a wonderful time. I am also looking forward to one of my kids getting their case discharged in court this week since she has done so well with her attendance this year and is no longer truant! YAY! Oh, I am also looking forward to watching both the Real Housewives premiers while I edit these weddings tonight!
    4.) Avacodo sushi at the grocery store on Monday. YUM!

  668. 1) the soft sounds of my husband sleeping next to me, just back from overseas, the golden retriever breathily sleeping on the floor next to our bed and the sweet sighs of my baby girl as she dreams her big dreams
    2) Christmas, because we will have a bright eyed 12 month old to share the magic with this year
    3) Addie playing in the car the laugh mimicking game she created
    4) Reese peanut butter cups- so satisfying!

  669. What a cute doll both my daughter and son love babies. My son loves to smother them in kisses.
    Here are my 4 things
    1 Listening to Roots Run Deep -Jadon Lavik
    2 The 4 year old I watch asked me to deliver his baby – and he told me he has little boobs :)
    3. Going on a field trip with my daughter.
    4 Purple ballet flats from Old Navy

  670. 1. Madness by Muse
    2. Hearing my 3yr old daughter say what she is thankful for
    3. Curling up on the couch with my husband to watch Snow White and the Huntsman
    4. Almond Latte

    Love your move to simplicity for Christmas. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  671. 1-Blake Shelton God gave me you.
    2-Watching my mom put my 9 mo old peanut in her Babys first Halloween pjs, “because I like the pumpkin on the butt”
    3- looking forward to seeing family from out of town for the weekend.
    4-boots from target, bogo half off!!

  672. 1.) What’s streaming from your MP3/radio/CD player/record player = Little Big Town
    2.) Last thing that made you smile. = my 3 month old grandson :O)
    3.) What you’re looking forward to right now. = getting more Christmas presents made – I have 2 done so far
    4.) Last thing you bought for yourself = the newest Little Big Town CD

  673. 1–Taylor Swift Red (that’s right, I’m a 30-something old groupie who doesn’t have a teenage girl to use as an excuse
    2–My son repeating something that I clearly say too often
    3–Bedtime. It’s been a looong day.
    4–Starbucks Mocha Frap.

  674. 1. adele station on pandora on my iphone
    2. my 3 year old daughter telling me that her plate was hungry and lonely and needed another piece of raisin toast now please
    3. my parents getting back from their vacation (they are having a blast but the aforementioned 3 year old misses them terribly)
    4. kiehls lip balm (the best ever)

  675. 1. My ani difranco mix.
    2. My toddler calling her teenage stepbrothers to dinner. “boys!! Ninner ready! We having DOODLES.”
    3. Baby #2 – due in Jan!
    4. A really yummy lunch of thai food…..yummm….

  676. I absolutely love your blog and am usually one of your “silent stalkers.” :) Thank you for being something I look forward to whenever I go online…

    1.) Anything 80’s. It drives my husband nuts (but I think he secretly likes it).
    2.) My 2 year old trying to convince me she’s three. Slow down baby girl!
    3.) Our annual Black Friday trip to see Santa. I love the holidays!
    4.) Oatmeal cream pies- I haven’t had them in years… not since high school when we’d have them in our (pseudo) chocolate ice cream (shh, don’t tell my parents)!

  677. 1. Mumford- Babel
    2. An unexpected call from my out-of-town hubby
    3. Sleeping until my daughter wakes me up tomorrow, not when my alarm does #yayforweekends
    4. Intro to Acrylic Painting book

  678. 1. F.U.N. – Some Nights
    2. My 2 kiddos jumping in the leaves as I raked.
    3. The end of December … Baby #3 is due!
    4. A decaf caramel brûlée latte from Starbucks. Delish.

  679. 1.) Marie Soleil (Suzanne Pinel)…my daughter’s favourite.
    2.) My daughter’s giggles as I tickled her chin before bed.
    3.) Christmas morning!
    4.) A latte this morning.

    I love those dolls! That website made me teary.

  680. 1)Taylor Swift’s latest album- Red
    2) Random crazy dance party in the kitchen with my 4 yr old, while listening to above
    3)Big city night out to see Bruce springsteen (front row) with some great friends
    4)kick ass leather boots, for above

    I loved my dollies so much growing up, and it melts my heart to see my daughter show her nuturing side as she pretend bathes, dresses and my favorite- occasionally nurses them.

  681. 1. Sittin’ on the dock of the bay
    2. My 7 year old daughter saying – I love burying my mind in a book! :)
    3. Looking forward to sitting down with my recipe box and planning Thanksgiving dinner
    4. Living room curtain…which I love!

  682. Let’s see
    1. Nothing. I’m digging the silence right now.
    2. Just watched Parks and Recreation on Hulu.
    3. Seeing my friend’s newborn tomorrow.
    4. A new camera!! Saved up for a while and bought the new Nikon D600. Woo hoo!

  683. 1) What if we could – Blue October
    2) How cute my almost three month old boy looks in his space PJs
    3) December 15th, my sister and I are going to get makeup done and have some girl time. I cannot wait.
    4) A sequined hat from Forever 21.

  684. 1. Marie Soleil…my daughter’s favourite
    2. Her giggles before bed
    3. Tea with milk and honey + a book in bed in a few minutes
    4. A latte this morning

    I love those dolls so, so much. The website made me teary. Must have.

  685. 1. The Weepies
    2.My daughter practicing her choir song for the Veteran’s Assembly at school.
    3. Girls weekend in Chicago with my dear neighbors who now live across the country from me!
    4. A PDF tutorial for an upcycled fairy sweater.

  686. 1.REM
    2.Holding Hands with my Husband
    3.Having my family feel better