Weekend yes

Somehow, we’ve managed to get into a really good groove this month.  The urgency parasite is now starving somewhere far away from my brain, and just today Brett and I were talking about how nice it feels to make good choices–saying yes and saying no according to what we know our family needs right now. 

Both of us said yes to alone time this weekend–his choice, a football game with a friend while I watched the girls; mine, a late night symphony at the Philharmonic while he watched the girls.  Thirty minutes before I left, I called my vivacious neighbor (who doubles as my second mother) for a last-minute invite.  She–the adventurous life-lover–said yes, yes, yes; and a few curls, red lipstick and a strand of pearls later, she met me at my car.  Because she is fabulous.

This weekend we said…

Yes to exploring the woods with a new friend from school.




Yes to a natural treasure hunt.





And yes to finishing an evening with a spontaneous trip to the beach for sunset.  The drum circle was there again last night, accompanying the sun’s descent with good rhythm and enthusiasm.



I didn’t have any sand toys, so the girls used my shoes for shovels.



And yes to working a little extra tonight so we can spend the day with Poppa tomorrow.  I’ve had a few lengthier blog posts on my mind–thoughts on compassion, a little more about this baby we’re waiting for, some deeper stuff that lends itself to a hearty writing session.  But part of those yes and no choices that are making this November feel good are about when and how to write.  Right now, there is a breeze, a sun about to set and two little girls who would love a long walk and some sidewalk chalk.


I loved reading your happenings on the last post.  Congratulations to the Magic Cabin Rubens Barn Doll winner, Comment #184 (generated by random.org), Angela King:

Listening to: 1.) If Only – Dave Matthews

Last thing that made her smile: 2.) Lunch with a dear friend today.
What she’s looking forward to: 3.) A nice warm night with my family.
4Last thing she bought for herself: .) Sparkly nail polish!

Congratulations, Angela!  Please e-mail your contact info to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net with MAGIC CABIN WINNER in the subject line, and someone sweet and little in your life will soon have a new friend.


Welcoming new sponsor, Haddy Grace Designs, created and operated by mama of four, Ruth Ann, who happens to be an amazing seamstress.  I love this little signature dress design she does so well (the Chevron Christmas print is adorable for the holidays).


And the collection of homemade Haddy Grace shoes are adorable and well made.  Nella loves hers, and Baby Boy has a tiny little pair waiting for him too.


Check out this talented mama’s beautiful designs for both boys and girls.


Have a beautiful evening, friends.



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  1. I love the nature treasure hunt! Happy november!

  2. I LOVE Nella’s dress. LOVE IT. And I you look amazing too! Happy Monday.

  3. YES to life!! :)

    Also, lady I can’t express my honor in bring included with you on the top 10 inspirational bloggers here:

    happy happy Monday!!

  4. Kelle, where did you get that wonderful skirt that Lainey is wearing in the photos from the woods? It’s so cute! Not that I’d be able to get one in grown up size (even though I’m small), but it’s just sooooo beautiful that I’m curious.

  5. I’m single. No kids. Never been married. But I am a teacher (middle school!) and swim coach and daughter and roommate and friend and a whole bunch of other people wrapped into one and have learned this lesson already at the ripe old age of 31. I’ve had to choose to say no – and it’s not selfish! It’s the biggest thing that makes me keep my sanity intact. I’ve also learned that when I make plans, it’s easier to break them… so I’ve started being more spontaneous which is way more fun!

  6. sounds like a spectacular weekend. We are learning when to say yes and no as well, and it really is important. I hope the symphony was magical.

  7. Sounds like a magical weekend!

  8. those shoes!!! <3 LITTLE BOY! So exciting. :)

  9. sounds like a glorious weekend! i LOVE those sunset photos especially :)

    can’t wait to read your deep posts,you always write to elpquently and sweetly.

  10. What a cute dress and little shoes. Your girls are so lucky to have a mom that let’s them explore like you do. Such happy little girls.
    You looked amazing on your night out.
    It is important to have your own time. Good for you and your husband.

  11. Nella’s dress is adorable! Now I need to have a little girl just so I have an excuse to buy the dress!

    Enjoy your day with Poppa! x

  12. Beautiful pictures of your girls!! I love the mixed emotions this time of year: One minute there’s a rush of excitement as I turn on Christmas music and browse pinterest for Christmas decorations; the next moment I’m sipping on coffee, reminding myself there’s still 5 long week of school left, of which I need to work hard and make good grades.


    I love college, but cannot wait to be home with my family, decorating the Christmas tree while my baby sisters watch Elf in the background. Family is the best <3

  13. It must take your breath away to have new friends coming home from school. To see your daughter so completely independent. I think that day will be wonderful, but might make me cry a little, too.

  14. It’s a bloody cool mum that lets her kids use her shoes for shovels is all I’m saying!

  15. Kelle,
    I don’t know what to say. You always say just the right thing. I love your blog. I loved bloom. You are one talented Mama! Can’t wait to read what you’re working on.

  16. These photos are awesome Kelle, your bump is coming along nicely, you guys make such wonderful parents, if I can be a tenth of the parent you guys are then my future children will be very lucky indeed.

  17. beautiful pictures of your girls at the beach, you have lovely children.

  18. Nella at the beach looking at the sunset is s wall hanger. Yes=family and the ocean, I am jealous of the ocean photo’s

  19. I love quiet and restful weekends where there nothing pressing on the schedule except what we want to do or not do!A sunset on the Gulf of Mexico is always a pleasure…

  20. I attended a wedding on the beach in Naples last night and we stood in awe of that incredible sunset. We didn’t get to cross everything off our list during our time here in paradise, but we made some fantastic sandcastles, which I know will stick around as memories for my little for years to come.

  21. Oh darn! Wish I’d have walked over to the beach for the sunset and somehow seen the fabulous Hampton girls – I would have thought I died and went to heaven! Down in Naples for a few weeks at my brother’s condo – right behind Delnor Wiggins park across the bay @ The Dunes! DRATS! :-(
    They are both so darn cute – can hardly wait to see what the Little Brother is going to look like!

  22. Beautiful pictures, as always. What a lovely weekend!

  23. Loving the “natural” woodsy pictures :)

  24. Have a great night, Hamptons!

  25. I too love stay at home, slow moving weekends. I’m glad you got one.

  26. You know what’s great? Letting the kiddos use your shoes as shovels. Mom of the year award goes to you!

  27. Love those woods you have in your backyard. What a lucky, awesome space for your girls to explore. And for you to witness their curiosity. Looking forward to my kids in there with your kids. :)

    Thanks for the happy distraction as I ready to publish a post. It’s nice to peel away from my screen for a bit.


  28. You are truly an inspiration. I have only been reading for a month or so, but you have quickly become one of my go-to blogs. Thank you for your beautiful words and gorgeous photos.

  29. Hi, I’m a Spanish girl. I love your blog. Could you tell me how is called typography you use in the header?
    thank you very much

  30. Thank you for this morning read as I settle into work mode. It reminds me that although my “to do” list is long, the top of my list should start with family time and “me” time in order to motivate the rest of the “to do’s”.

    Have a fantastic day with Poppa.

  31. My weekend yes was going to Meg’s craft weekend. She was my first blog crush… until you came along;) Can’t tell you how surreal that meet up was.

    Sure wishing you had something similar. I just know we’ll meet someday…but a solid weekend…that was bliss! Love Nella’s blue dress and that quilt…on the beach…fabulous!

  32. I can’t stop laughing – the picture of Nella looking at the ocean… It looks like she’s standing on the water. Go, Nella!
    Haha so cute; love it!

  33. Saw the video of Nella this morning on FB and OMG more videos please!!! Such a cutie and I love her obsession with the baby. Totally love her voice too!!!


  34. What a lovely weekend you all had. You look absolutely stunning. Great photos of the girls =)

  35. Kelle, you look so great while pregnant. I mean, you look great all the time but the belly just adds to it :) I love the symphony!

    p.s. I wrote a post about adopting a child with down syndrome today. It’s so close to my heart and you had a large part in it. I’d love it if you would visit :)

  36. your new sponsor is such a talented mama! love her stuff.

    and it is so awesome that you and your hubby give each other alone time! its much needed and well deserved!

  37. Are you going to write a post about your first shopping experience at Trader Joe’s? :)

  38. I need more of yes and more of no. I just can’t make up my mind to which is which.

  39. Hey Mama!

    I love that you went on a soul date. Love it. I’ve been trying to play a lot of classical and traditional music lately, trying to feel my way through my own down-turns in life instead of blocking out those feelings entirely with distractions. That’s hard for me. But playing “ave maria” and forcing myself to sit still and listen actually works.

    I’m so excited to meet the little fox and see all the beautiful blues and greens and yellows and sailor outfits and hats and everything else. And it seems like your ladies have grown up so much lately. I keep thinking of Nella as a little baby but….well, she ain’t anymore!

    Nici and I talked about you a lot. We miss you and maybe all three of us can be in the same room (or state, or side of the country!) at the same time one day.

    As always, your blog, words, photos, life are a soothing and happy and affirming space for me to visit. So helpful on these dark, dreary seattle evenings.

    Much (much) love,

  40. Homegirl always slays me in that little overall-jumper thing.

    Viva la philharmonic!

  41. Yes to the beauty in this post. Nella looks quite proud of her new dress.

  42. I miss a good walk on the seaside and playing with sand. You just make me feel better, enjoy this small thing even for me.

    a not-anymore-17-year-old girl from a cold Italy

  43. Oh, how warm my (already warm!) chest gets here. Love your gorgeous photos, as always, and the cute cute girls. Love Nella standing watching the sunset!
    Looks like wonderful days <3

    We too enjoy a very good flow and pace this month – don’t really know how come but think I have a clue – and I make sure I capture it and marvel over it!!

    Have a fantastic new week, dear wonderful Kelle!

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