Enjoying: The One with Christmas Cheer.

December makes me feel like Christmas record people.  Oh, you don’t know them? 

You know…these people:


The smiley ones with big teeth and shiny lipstick and perfectly tilted heads. That girl up there? She’s saying, “I’m so full of Christmas cheer, I can’t feel my legs!”  There’s a snowy pine behind her, she’s singin’ carols, and sister is happy.  December, of course, has its regular dose of daily frustration and stress and exhaustion. It’s just that there’re so many twinkly lights to sort of daze and distract me, so I smile.  Because smiling’s my favorite.

Speaking of records, my first order of random enjoying business…

An early Christmas present–early because I had 99 cent Goodwill Christmas records that couldn’t go to waste, so a new record player for the kids’ room it is.  It has since found a safer, higher place to spin.


And Hark! (hell yeah, I just said Hark) I found Christmas prenatal vitamins:


It also should be noted that if Honey, I Shrunk the Kids could really happen, I’d be first in line to be shrunk, and I’d spend December in this Village Inn.  Dude, there are fifty shades of good stuff happening up in that Inn, and I only wish I was small enough to fit in the door and see what’s going on.


So, where were we? 

I pushed my cart past a giant crate of real fir wreaths today at Costco.  Not to over-persononify, but I kid you not, the fir scent climbed out of the crate, chased me and my cart and tackled me for a hug–so hard that I had to spin my cart around, return to the crate and bury my head in it.  People stared, but I am not ashamed.  That stuff is to be enjoyed. 

So we do.  Enjoying…

New Goodwill Treasures


Little Shoppers


Growin’ Kid
I saw him yesterday, in 4D, and I love him all the more.  He has chubby cheeks and a Lainey-like forehead.  And he flips so much, it takes my breath away.  My explanation on in-utero baby movement to Brett the other day: “Picture a raccoon.  Inside your body.  And he’s goin’ all crazy.  That is happening right now.  Inside me.”

My Kid Standing out in Ballet
…the undies give her away


The Beginning of Impromptu Holiday Adventures
Like night trips to IHOP for hot cocoa and pancakes.





The come-to-Jesus, slap-your-face-and-get-with-it phone call to Heidi yesterday:

Heidi: “Hello?”
Me:  “This is bullshit.  It’s December 4th, and we haven’t had one crazy holiday outing.  I expect you, in green tights and reindeer antlers, knocking on my door soon.”
Heidi:  “I know, I know.  We’re going to change that.  Promise.”

Needless to say, there are festivities to come.  They will involve a white van and possibly commence in heist fashion.  I may or may not be wearing this when we pull away. (Hey Heidi, can you rig your horn to beep Jingle Bells?)

Nella Begging for Walks
She brings us her boots. “Boots? Walk? Please?” And a flash of a smile that would warm the Grinch’s heart.  Saying no is very hard indeed.


North Pole Prep
…the making of which induces record lady smiles for me.  I can’t feel my legs.


Blurry Lights
…along with in-focus ones, colored ones, clear ones, flashing ones, red ones, green ones and all the in-between ones.


And I feel this should end with some deep-voice radio announcer rattling off disclaimers in super speedy auction manner. Because that’s a lot of cheer, a little bit of swearing and yes, a Hark! But it’s December.  So there you be.


Happy Camper Studio is back with a newly renovated storefront that offers clothing and homegoods, hand-dyed and designed by a Southern Arizona family living in the Sonoran Desert. As Happy Camper Studio puts it, “we are the “Official Outfitters of Daydreams and Adventures” for children of ALL ages and we don’t do fussy!” My girls’ mermaid dresses are the second round of Happy Camper Studio products we’ve owned, and one of Lainey’s favorite things to wear–super comfortable, authentic mermaid wear (the scales!), and the real selling factor…they twirl!



I love the simple, sweet Christmas dress Happy Camper Studio offers and the affordable price ($25, but use code 1STCAMPER for $5 off your Christmas or mermaid dress order).

Check out the Happy Camper Studio blog as well!



Cup ‘o Cheer, Friends. Cup ‘o Cheer.


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  1. I have micro marshmallows in the cabnet and am downright obsessed with how they are the same size as my one year olds tiny little finger tips when she picks them up to eat them.

  2. Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease adopt me into your family? LOL! I found myself swooning over Lainey’s’s pink legwarmers in the one photo, and the cute little snow people popping out of the paper bags in the other. Let’s see, what else…Your tree is enchanting, the Goodwill treasures are adorable, and, well…I just want to enjoy the holidays with YOUR family because they’re nowhere near as enjoyable in my family. :)

  3. You are so funny. I really enjoyed your post. And strangely I’m craving pancakes and cocoa.

  4. those mini marshmallows are the BOMB! Yup, totally said it! We don’t have them in canada, so last time I was down I bought 3….they’re almost gone…and I should mention I went down 2 weeks ago! To be fair I use them in S’more cookies, and the recipe uses more than half the container! Love them on Ice Cream!

    seriously that bump is one of the cutest I’ve seen! Can’t wait to ‘meet’ Mr. Man

  5. I’m glad you turned around to smell the pine scent : ). So excited you got to see the baby in 4d. You are so skinny. You look amazing!

  6. Sooooo jealous of those Goodwill finds! Takes me right back to my childhood 70’s kitchen! I’m dyin’ over here!

  7. You are a kindred holiday spirit!

  8. I am bringing my kids and coming to live with you for Christmas! I love all of your holiday ideas. It’s nice to find the simple pleasures in all of the hustle and bustle.

  9. a new record player is now in our living room… i love the sound that came! my children are getting crazy for it!
    i love your belly!

  10. I need some IHOP pancakes. Yum! I hope my preggo belly looks as adorable as yours does in a couple months (I’m only at 14 weeks right now, and look like I’ve swallowed a small cantaloupe). Lainey’s peekaboo undies are precious beyond words – the leg warmers make that picture. And I am SO looking forward to hearing all about the North Pole adventure and holiday heists you are planning. I don’t comment often, but I love your blog Kelle. All the time, but especially around the holidays. It gives me the warm and cozy Christmas feelings I crave this time of year – glitter included;)

  11. Does Brett have a wicked bruise or is that just all the years in the sun?

    I have the same vitamins and they are fantastic with hot chocolate, cereal and double as a beard for Santa.

  12. Oh, I know them, those record people! :) and I totally feel like I’m on the cover of a record this month! I am so excited about the festivities that I find myself tearing up just thinking about them! Sheesh! but, life is just so much more with my son to soak up the holiday goodness. can’t wait to see the north pole party this year. suck the holiday marrow, baby!

  13. I’m going to agree with some of the people above and say that I am packing my bags, hopping on a plane and coming to stay with you for the holidays! You make it seem to perfect and enchanting.. :) xx

  14. Thank you for reminding me about Honey, I shrunk the kids! I’m going to hunt down that movie now.
    Also, yes on the holiday cheer. It’s like it’s bubbling out of me. I.cant.contain.it

  15. I loved the line “I expect you, in green tights and reindeer antlers, knocking on my door soon.”

    I so want to call my friends up and say that ! I am sure you will have lots of fun !

  16. Just have to say…you are so fun! :)

  17. Seriously laughed out loud at your “And Hark! (hell yeah, I just said Hark) I found Christmas prenatal vitamins” and the picture to go with! I read the statement, but had to scroll down before I could see the picture. You are adorable! “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.”

    Your baby bump is sweeter than honey. Yep. Merry Christmas to you and your darling family!

  18. LOVE the mushroom-decked spoon-holder! And as always a beautiful post :)

    Aloha from Hawaii!

  19. The Christmas prenatals cracked me up! I saw those in Target yesterday and HAD to walk away. I am 39w5d today and just can’t bear the thought of having them in my pantry after baby girl arrives!

  20. I…… LOVE it!!!!! I am a Christmas SUCKER, but what i possibly admire most is how you’ve stayed true to thineself and still dressed your girls in yellow. In December. :-) xxx

  21. Love your Goodwill finds! Of all the funnies in this post…the simple statement (a white van) made me laugh the most! LOL.

  22. Christmas record people…LOL. I always wanted to be in an Andy Williams Family Christmas Album pic!
    First time I EVER admitted that..they just always looked so damned HAPPY!
    Just love this warm & cozy post. ‘Tis the season & I’m trying but I’m so damned tired. I just don’t know how you do it!

  23. I was smiling through this ENTIRE post! So happy :) I love how you enjoy. Your spirit is contagious!

  24. your belly!! :) just adore you.

  25. this post made my heart swell with happiness! I need to get my holiday cheer on! st. nick comes tonight and i have to run out and get some trains for my kid… and some special sweets from Whole Foods (and an apple and orange, it’s tradition.) Zayn has been asking for walks too, I love it!

    My friend in England just sent me three bags of marshmallows and they are sooo much better than the ones we have. I need a cup of hot cocoa now. xx

  26. I love the Christmas season, too! We’ve tried to simplify a lot and it’s hard not to go crazy with decorations and all the cheerful trimmings.

    I’m seven months pregger with #3 and she’s been doing crazy flips, too! Since I’m high-risk I have weekly ultrasounds and, though I get a bit nervous each time, it’s so neat to “see” my baby each week.

  27. I can feel it, all the holiday cheer and I have to tell you that it is melting my heart. Thank you for letting us share in your life. :)

  28. Grandma and Grandpa had that same butter dish. Thanks for warming my heart today!

  29. As always, I am left desperate for more! I love your spirit, embracing every holiday and especially Christmas! Lainey and nella and little man are going to remember and thank you forever for the incredible experiences you give them!!!

  30. HAHAHAHA prenatal vitamins. And that reindeer mask is just creepy.

    Happy December, Kelle! :)

  31. Your bump is seriously so perfect; I cannot wait to see his little face! Also, I totally had a dream you had him and named him Edwin… Weird on a variety of levels.

  32. You are adorable pregnant. Seriously I was a hot fat mess. Imagine getting really really big…only having tents for clothes and then your nose becomes smooshed on your face. That was me. It wasn’t pretty. You my dear are pretty!

    I love IHOP btw. I need to call up my heidi like friend and don some green tights. We have yet to do a Christmas outing either…does IKEA count?!

  33. I need to get some itty-bitty marshmallows.

    I laughed out loud at your story about burying your head in the wreath. I have a picture of me and boyfriend with our heads in a Christmas tree. They just smell so perfect and happy and like Christmas!

  34. I seriously love you. I wish we could be sister wives. But, I’m not sure how our husbands would feel about that. :-)

  35. prenatals!! lol! classic.

    i am with farmgirl paints, the fact that you don’t have pregnancy back fat is just sick. 50 pounds all 3 times for me 😉

  36. Cup o’ cheer back to ya.
    Sometimes it’s the roses.
    Sometimes it’s the Christmas greenery. That’s good stuff.


  37. We discovered the mini marshmallows last year. Seriously…I buy them 10 at a time. Our son has celiac…so pretty much no fun cereal for him….but..with those…we just shake them on gluten free corn flakes or the GF Chex cereals and it is our own form of lucky charms. YUM!!!!!

  38. I must ask, where did you get your record player and what brand is it? I’ve been searching….vintage vs. new tech….I’m debating and would love to hear your scoop. Thanks!

  39. Kelle….
    “I’m so full of Christmas cheer, I can’t feel my legs!”? What an adorable thing to say!! I love it!! 😉
    A record player? We used to have one when I was young. My oldest brother loved Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, and would sing it word for word!! If memory serves me…. ;-}
    I loved your story about the fir wreaths!! Too funny!! And I love how you’re unashamed to be YOU!! I admire that…. ;->
    Cup ‘o Cheer, to you!! ;-D

  40. Funny… I went to ihop for the first time ever on Sunday. Pancakes were excellent.

    When’s the baby due? I’ve lost track since the announcement… you need a countdown on the blog or something. :)

  41. I think this is the first time ever that someone has loved and bought what I took to Goodwill:) I just could not take the shrooms anymore:)

  42. Love those prenatal vitamins. I would have been stellar at taking them if those were the real thing!!

  43. If I could eat pancakes for every meal, I would. I might end up fat, but my smile would be worthy of a record cover.

    Your belly is darling, and so are Lainey’s roos.

    Cheers to December! (btw, I’m cheersing with a cup ‘o cheer.)

  44. omg, i love you! after a day that consisted of a chemical peel that was supposed to make me look younger but really left me red and pimply; plus hearing the nightmare that has become of my friend’s marriage. not to mention the fight my husband and i are having. just all so un-christmas-like! but really trying to enjoy the evening with my 3 year old love. wathching Frosty and reading your posts makes it really all so much better!

  45. Best picture this post? Your goodwill finds, because my family has had the mushroom vase, the butter dish and the flowered bowl at some point. Heck, my sister or mom probably still have them! Brings back wonderful childhood memories.

  46. Kelle – that is EXACTLY how I feel about the holiday season. You put it into words perfectly. I can’t get enough of the lights, the traditions, the baking, and the jolly good cheer. No matter what, December ALWAYS delivers and it is a month that deserves a holiday bucket list. It’s heavenly. Sucking the marrow, just like you. :o)

  47. Dude – that reindeer mask is kinda freaking me out! :) Loved the snippet of your phone call – makes me miss my besties!!

  48. I love Goodwill treasures!!


  49. I just bought the matching salt & Pepper shakers to your mushroom canister at my Goodwill! The sales person told me there was just a lady beofre me that bought the whole rest of the canister set.Bummer! Happy to see some on your counter tho :)

  50. How come it’s December and you are all wearing short sleeves and have bare legs? isn’t it supposed to be cold there? I just don’t get your weather pattern…..

  51. Ps and if you want some good Xmas carols get Bob Dylans Xmas songs, just great hearing that husky voiced dude singing “oh come all ye faithful…”

  52. How come it’s December and you are all wearing short sleeves and have bare legs? isn’t it supposed to be cold there? I just don’t get your weather pattern…..

  53. Oh my word, that reindeer mask was hee-larious and kind of creepy looking too…

    Fun post. An enjoyable note to end the evening on.

  54. My grandma had one of those villages from Dept 56. All my aunts and my mom have them, too, and they make me so happy thinking of Grandma :)

    Another fun Grandma story – Ellie was playing with my angel ornaments from my grandma. Matt was concerned because she plays rough, but I told him that Grandma would have made us shut up and give the angel to Ellie. Of course, she threw the angel and knocked off her wings, but it was still good for a smile.

  55. Love the retro Christmas record!
    And how sweet is the clothing emblem “Mermaid Society”.
    Little Boy Hampton sounds absolutely gorgeous. Seeing the 4D ultra sound must have been amazing!

  56. The marshmallow vitamins made me laugh. Why didn’t I think of that when I was 7 months pregnant in December…twice!

  57. Hah I love this post! Your Christmas cheer is contagious! Hope you have some fun, spontaneous Christmas adventures soon!

  58. HAHAHAHAHA You are as happy as Christmas record people! Yup!!! I definitely know the type! :) Love that!

  59. I saw on instagram today the mushroom cookie jar you got at goodwill… My beloved grandmother had one in her house when I was growing up. It was a happy thought…thank you.

  60. HAHAHA! You were on a roll today! …. Laughing all the way!

  61. love love love your holiday stories! I thought I had a lot of Christmas cheer and you have a million x more. your family brings a smile to my face every time I read your posts. sometimes a little tear. can’t wait to see your little man!

  62. Kelle, it is seldom that I say this to strangers, but I love you. Your warmth, love and joy jump from the page with every blog I read. You inspire me to be a better, more positive mommy to my girls and even have me attempting more crafts! Bless you and your family this holiday season and every other day of the year. Cheers!

  63. I totally missed the post where you announced that baby on the way is a boy! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what new adventures he’ll bring!!

  64. I LOVE reading your posts lately (ok, usually do no matter what time of year they are…) since they are full of chear and happy holiday and not complaining about how you havne’t started shopping or how full stores are. Thanks! You’re house is adorable and I love seeing new photos of it! I can’t wait to have children of my own and have them old enough to do a reindeer bar of our own!

    AND If you ever decided to get rid of your fabulous new butter dish from goodwill I’d be more than happy to take it off of your hands! I love finding old pieces that match my dish set that I would actually use! GREAT score in my book! Thanks again for the dose of cheer when you post!

  65. Cutest bump EVER!

  66. I love this post Kelle! One of my favorite memories of Christmas as a kid is after Thanksgiving dinner we would pull out the Christmas ornaments and the Christmas records. My favorites were The Muppets, Johnny Mathis and The Beach Boys. Keep an eye out for those.

  67. My mom had the same mushroom canisters when I was a little girl, this post brought back so many childhood memories. Thank you, thank you!

  68. You don’t know this but every time you have a post with Nella sporting her moccasins, I send a link to my 24-year old daughter who has matching mocs. I tell her how to rock the mocs Nella-style. Precious family. Thanks for letting my daughter and I bond via you guys.

  69. I loved this post. I love how you tell your story!

  70. i love that you bring the kids’ grocery cart with you! i will have to do that – it may make my 3 year old behave better when in the store b/c he will feel “grown up” and have something to do. and thank you for all the christmas cheer! your holiday posts always makes me smile!

  71. You really do make it the most wonderful time of the year for your loved ones!

    I’d love to know what all you throw onto your reindeer food bar…

  72. Nevermind, just saw your 11/17 post. Oops!

  73. LOVE!

  74. I am just so stoked you found the Merry Mushroom utensil holder..or maybe it was a canister that lost her top…at any point..always happy to see them again! Sure got my share of these as wedding presents..and still have them!!

  75. I don’t know you but your blog always draws me back. The wonderful way you capture your kids and family life really makes me smile. Thank you.

  76. I swear, I could sit and read your blog all night long. Do I sound creepy? Probably. But its true and its your fault. I feel like you’re my best friend, calling for a chat. I love how randomly you flow (In an organized fashion) and chat on about the things you love. And I can’t wait until your little man joins your family and we get to see his sisters going nuts over him.

  77. I just got a record player the other day! Love the Elf reference!

  78. I don’t know how I ended up here,but I know I am not leaving. Have just spent am hour with hot cocoa and my lap top just reading and loving all your photos. You have a beautiful family. You are truly blessed!!!

  79. I LOVED that video! Beautiful!

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