Enjoying the Small Things Sponsors: Devyn and doTerra

Welcoming two returning sponsors today:

Devyn Bag

The Devyn Bag company was created from one mama’s search for a bag that would meet her needs when she returned to work after maternity leave.  She wanted a multi-use bag that could hold everything she needed for work and baby as well as store milk and accessories.  The Devyn Bag was born and has since expanded to include the more compact and practical Elle Bag.  Both bags are manufactured in Denver, Colorado and use materials that are free of BPA, vinyl and PVC’s.  Both bags provide insulated compartments to keep milk and food cold and yet separate from the bag’s padded pocket for iPads, tablets or other electronic devices (so they won’t get condensation).

I love how small and portable our Elle Bag is and yet perfectly functional with enough room and organized pockets for diapers, clothes, your phone, your keys and your iPad as well as snacks and drinks that won’t spoil.


And the adjustable strap allows you to carry the bag a number of ways–over the shoulder, backpack, messenger, etc.


Devyn Bag is offering 10% off your purchase using code “1212.”  Check out both the compact and effortless Elle Bag as well as the roomier Devyn Bag.


DoTerra Essential Oils Independent Consultant, Jessica Litster

We’ve received many questions about the essential oils we use.  We’ve been using doTerra oils for several months now after being introduced to them through a wealth of information and research showing their benefits (and lots of locals who’ve been using them and swear by them!). 

DoTerra essential oils independent consultant Jessica Litster joins Enjoying the Small Things in sponsorship again, and she is more than willing to answer any questions regarding what oils would work best for your family.  You can contact her through her site or e-mail her at jessicalitster22@yahoo.com.

We use On Guard oil almost every day for immunity as well as Frankincense and In Tune oil blend for Nella (cognition and focus properties).  The girls love the daily drill.  I pull out the oils, and they run to lie down with their feet in the air.  Nella’s oils are now Lainey’s job, and little sister is happy to get a massage.


We also use lavender oil in our aromotizer at night, citrus bliss blend during the day when we need a little stress relief, and a number of other oils as needed.

Our bedroom aromotizer, leaking out some relaxing lavender oils.

From fighting allergies and acne to relieving arthritis and disinfecting your home, essential oils provide safe and natural remedies for your family.  Jessica is happy to help you discover how doTerra oils can be safely and effectively used, and she’ll get you started with what works for you.

Oh, and we never use peppermint oil in our bath.  Learned that lesson once.


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  1. Love DoTerra! Their cold remedy oils are so much more effective and safe than cold medicine…thanks for always sharing!

  2. Definitely looking into those oils…it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. My girls have allergies, and we could always use a little stress relief around here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. def. need to know where you got that gorgeous aromatizer!

  4. I’m interested in that owl – did you make it?

  5. Very interested in the essential oils! My son has bad allergies and excema…anything natural to help him would be great!

  6. woah woah woah, what is that beautiful aromatizer? please share where you found such a gem!

  7. That aromatizer is seriously awesome! I want one. And your gnome is cute, too. :)

  8. We diffuse lavender at bedtime too – love the little light show our “steamer” has, it is groooovy :) I put drops of oil in laundry loads too, much better than scented detergents.

  9. I’m in agreement with the others who have asked where did you get that aromatizer? very cool!!! Checking into the oils too….I’m sick of kids being sick!!

  10. Ok, where did you get the awesome aromatizer?!? Love the owl too :)

  11. so wonderful!….i would actually run and lay feet up in a milli-second if i knew i’d get such a treat!!

  12. The pic of Laney giving Nella a foot rub is too cute. Also, where did you get the owl art hanging on the wall? My daughter’s room is decorated in owls and this would look so cute in there!

  13. I think the Owl is from the sponsor Darlybird. I also love that aromatized! Great pic of Lainey giving Nella a foot massage- how cute!

  14. I’m with everyone else…where did you get that beautiful aromotizer? I ordered a bunch of stuff from Blue Q for Christmas…thanks for sharing the website!

  15. The aromatizer is from doTERRA! I can certainly help all of you with getting one for your home! I’m the sponsor, feel free to shoot me an email jessicalitster22@yahoo.com and I’ll help ya!

  16. This is a whole lot of sponsor posts in December. :( The consumerism is getting a little out of hand.

    Also – for those interested in oils but don’t get the expensive stuff sent for free – try Butterfly Express. Good quality, good prices.

  17. @Lisa,

    We purchased every one of our oils and made the choice to join the family doTerra club to get a discount because we felt that was best for our family.

    I hope you make choices that are best for your family too, including how you support them.

    Merry Christmas!

  18. For those who asked, the aromotizer is also from doTerra.

  19. I love hearing about all the sponsors. It’s a great way to learn and discover new, unique items! I thank you for sharing your special finds, as well as your heart and soul with us! You have a beautiful family and will never know how much your story has touched and made a difference in my life. Thank you for sharing all of you! Merry Christmas!

  20. I love the sponsor posts as well, and thank you Kelle for opening your life and home to us! I just purchased the Elle bag and can’t wait to receive it!

    Keep up the great work Kelle!

  21. I have been searching all over your blog for those camera bags you advertised awhile back. They were more like a wrap for the front of your camera so you’re not lugging the whole bag- do you remember where those were from?? Thanks! Andrea

  22. have you researched YoungLiving Essential oils? My family has been using them for many years and the benefits are amazing! :)

  23. Sweetest pic of Lainey doing Nella’s feet….Aaawww!
    I see essential oils in our future…always takes me a bit to start something new, but I know I will :). Thanks for the info!

  24. love essential oils….warning….grapefruit burns, too….just in a different way…..peppermint oil would be fine if one use a couple of drops…..same as lavender in the bath. Just a couple….but I’m sure you know that now, too. 😉

  25. Just getting into e-oils myself! 2012 was the year of the refrigerator makeover where we overhauled our family diet to veg/clean foods. Now 2013 is going to be the year of the medicine cabinet makeover thanks to doTerra!

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  27. I also enjoy reading everything you write, sponsors and all!

    What kind of pacifer and sippy cup do you have in the picture with the bag?

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