Ma Bras

I figure I’d drift from Christmas cheer for a moment because, in the midst of rearranging the ice skating kids in my snow village and adding more tinsel, I’ve realized my bras are crap. Random, but true. The recognition of this fact has been brewing for quite some time, but I’ve put it off, pretending not to notice that my pregnant doughbags have outgrown their sad threadbare homes—referring, of course, to the trilogy of worn slingshots I mindlessly rotate to accommodate them. Black, white, nude—none of them fancy, none of them proper fitting, none of them I’d ever want to be wearing if, say, my shirt had to be cut off in an ambulance (am I the only one who was told that’s why you should wear decent undergarments?).

Bras aren’t really my thing. I’ve always thought fifteen bucks was about right for a small piece of material intended to be covered by other clothes, and for what you can spend on a “decent bra,” do you know what else you could buy? Well for one, shoes. Groceries. More than half a water bill.  I happen to buy bras once a year, and plural only because the last time I bought a bra, I got the second one half off. Last year, Heidi and I went bra shopping together, and you would have thought we were fourteen-year-olds setting out to find our first training bra. Lots of giggling. We stifled laughter when the sales attendant insisted our breasts weren’t the size we thought they were. And we were both so mortified by the state of our bras walking in that we left wearing the new ones, discarding the old bras in garbage cans underneath the Soma cash register, praying no one would find them.

Yesterday morning, I reached the point of desperation. A loose underwire, a wrinkled cup that bent in the middle, a strap held together with a safety pin. It was Bra day. I left the house with the single mission of finding a decent bra, and I called in the help of the Bra Team—friends I knew were well-versed in boobs and coverage and support. If you got a call, you should be flattered. My sister (yes, she’s on the team) swears you have to splurge on bras. “And get re-measured,” she advised.

“Out of the question,” I answered, “because that would mean the measuring lady would see the bra I’m currently wearing. No can do.” Hello?  Safety pin, pit stains, bent cup. I opted for Plan B which was to guess the current state of these pregnant sacks and find a mid-price range transitional bra that would hold me over until the baby comes. Anything is better than what I’ve been pulling off lately, and I knew I found the right one when I saw a tag hanging off a bra that said, in giant letters, “LIFTS THE GIRLS.” Sold. My girls need a crane at this point.

The bonus is it’s actually kind of pretty.

Hi Dad.  That’s ma bra.  On ma blog.

If my shirt had to be cut off in an ambulance–well, I can just imagine:  the EMT dictating my vitals would stop mid-blood pressure.  “Nice bra,” he’d say. 

Why, thank you.

Christmas cheer for good measure:



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  1. nice bra. =)

  2. good bras are totally awesome – it’s only when you finally get the “right” one that you get it! I hate getting measured, though. I’m positive they are worse at reading a tape measure than I am.

  3. Bra splurging is most definitely a must, at least to me.

    My mother may not have taught me how to be organized or how to handle neurotic tendencies. But she sure taught me that a good bra makes the difference.

    Hey, nice bra!

  4. All I was thinking the whole time is your DAD is gonna read this! EEEWWWW!!!

  5. Truly hysterical!

  6. I had so stereotyped you into being the type of woman with gorgeous underwear- you are so pretty and put together, I am shocked by this confession! :)

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  8. That is an awesome bra story! I haven’t bought one in 5+ years. Last year my friend saw my bra and was horrified, made me throw it away on the spot and she gave me one of hers (which is to big) and I am still wearing it. I was amazed what happened when the girls were where they were supposed to be.

  9. Kelle, I love love love reading your blog! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the regards to your dad.

    All the best for you!

  10. Haha,love it! I just faced the opposite dilemma…after nursing my ladies just kept shrinking—all-the-way- to a jaw dropping AA (as in smaller than an A). EEEk, I didn’t know what to do. I was drowning in my A cup bras, but I didn’t want a training bra; I’m 27 for goodness sake! So I headed to Aerie and did the dreaded measurement shebang. This is where I discovered the AA, I had never heard of it prior too). On Black Friday I scored 2 fancy bras in my size, that are super comfortable for $13.00 VICTORY! Black Friday is my new annual bra shopping day! (perks of size AA is that you can always find them on clearance)

  11. Cute bra. And cute t-shirt miss nella is rocking. And why the heck does my COMPUTER, not just my phone, autocorrect NELLA?

  12. very cute bra… okay, share, where did you get it? (LOVE your shoutout to your dad!!)

  13. I agree, I HATE spending money on bras. I just had a baby and am breastfeeding so now I am stuck with nursing bras…and even these are now wrinkled and worn. I am never happy because I cheap out… one day I will learn my lesson and splurge on a nice one…maybe this post has inspired me to spend a little more and get a nice bra that “lifts the girls”!!! hehe! thanks for the smile today.

  14. oh bra shopping….dreaded! just like bathing suits and jeans!

  15. I am in love with True & Co for bras.

    You take a little bra quiz and they send 5 gorgeous bras to your house (for free!) for you to try on. You return the ones you don’t want (for free!) and pay for the ones you love.

    I HATE trying on bras in fitting rooms, and shopping is low on my priority list with two littles at home so this is fab.

    They even accommodate pregnant/nursing women. (:

  16. Once a year…that’s better than me! Can’t remember the last time I bought a new bra. Guess that means it’s time for a new one :)

  17. Sorry my dear, we cut through bras, too.

  18. Girl, I feel ya. I just bought some bras like a week ago. With the yo-yoing of my weight, due to Crohn’s. I had to get some that fit. Everything was either too big or too small. Ugh.

    However. I found two I liked, fit, and look good for basic.

    I have never been a bra girl either. I’ve always had bigger girls and they do not make comfy pretty bras for them without fall out if I bend over. No good with two girls running around. 😉

  19. I’m a huge supporter of good bras! I like to shop at a local bra store that has their associates properly trained :) I thought I was a 34B, but after my kid was born I got really good nursing bras and I measured at 32E, I didn’t know there was such a size. But Lordy, they felt amazing and my boobs looked good 😉

    Go do it, don’t be afraid! xx

  20. Ok, now I must know…where you bought the bra?

  21. I love this and think it looks great Kelle, what an innovative idea. Cute photos as well.

  22. FOX CUP! xoxo

  23. I couldn’t agree more… The right bra will change your life! Though I still think i can try to buy those cheap o’s at Marshall’s, etc, but they almost NEVER help my cause… And then they just get added to the pile i never wear and for some reason cant seem to part with.
    i always try and stock up when vs has their semi-annual sales…

    Anyway… I’m blabbering now… Love your cute new bra, def shirt torn open worthy.

    Xo- Kaara

  24. I was always told to wear clean underwear in case I had to go to the hospital, but never a bra. But then again, I don’t think I had boobies when I was told to “ALWAYS wear clean underwear!”

    Cute post.

  25. Over here in Australia they have some really nice nursing bras, from a company called Hot Milk. I dare you to take a look at them there so pretty. They also do nighties, easy access for night feeds..

  26. I also hate bra shopping! My mother-in-law brow beat into buying a couple of new bras a few months ago, but I’m glad that she did. I always love seeing sweet Nella! My three little ones have also been enjoying the snowman cookies from Starbucks. I just bought two of the ugly Christmas sweater tees for my husband and sister. Thanks for posting yet another cool item on your blog and many blessings to you and your beautiful family this Christmas!

  27. Heeeeyy, nice bra 😉
    About a year ago my mother in law was the bra fitter at Dillards. I was mortified when she fitted me and then insisted on seeing me in the bras SHE had picked out for me. haha

    Cheers to bra shopping!

  28. haha… this post cracked me up. I keep telling myself that I need to go get fitted…

    Hi Dad. That’s ma bra. On ma blog….THAT cracked me up!! HA!!

  29. OMG…reading your POV on bras was like reading something I wrote myself. My. thoughts. EXACTLY! The sad thing is that my 3-rotating bras (white/nude/black) were about 3 years old before I broke down to buy new about a month ago. I was in luck and scored at a Macy’s Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off sale so now I have 4. So over-indulgent!! I felt a little guilty about how this purchase – so blatantly “just for me” – made my heart SO SO happy. I felt so greedy. But then I realized I’d never let my daughters wear bras in “that” condition so I’m allowed a “just for me” moment every now & then,right? I was giddy with excitement as I texted my husband the news from my car and told him not to worry about Christmas for me – SERIOUSLY. Those 4 new bras had made me feel like an 8 year old on Christmas morning!

  30. Is this when I embarrassingly admit that I’ve only bought two bras in seven year of pregnancy/breastfeeding and one no longer has underwrites and has a hole in the cup. It’s hard to find bras (particularly bursing) in my size (38H) and I just can’t fathom spending the money on me! I understand your bra shopping dread. Sigh. At least I’m not the only one with bra issues. :) love the sponsors!

  31. TJ Max and Marshalls have started carrying bras from the same brands as Nordstrom! And they have a bunch of sizes (I’m very much an off-size, and I can always find something that fits). Calvin Klein works best for me, but they have Le Mystere (super fancy) and other more-expensive bras. Usually? I pay $12.99 for bras that sell for $42 at Nordstrom. Of course, you have to hit it at the right time. . .

    Gorgeous choice! Next time you’re at TJ Max or Marshalls, though . . . check it out!

  32. Yep, I buy bras MAYBE once a year too, although I do splurge for comfort.

  33. haha, that’s funny! I am from Brazil and sizes there are different. So, for about 8 years (since I have been living in the US) I had no clue what my “american size” was supposed to be. I always bought what I thought was the right ones, and very cheap ones too. But I never felt completely “comfortable” with my cheap bras so I took a chance and went to Victoria’s Secret one day. The Lady didn’t even ask me to take my shirt off, she didn’t even measure me, she knew my size the moment she saw me, It was AWESOME. I got only one bra but it was THE PERFECT Bra. It was the most “right”, “comfortable” bra I ever wore. And I am coming back for more. I know they are pricey, but they are SO worth it.

  34. This post made me laugh. I like wearing cute bras and undies because it just gives you that extra boost of confidence in the morning. Fun stuff. :)


  35. Well I did have my shirt cut open in an ambulance last year and had CPR administered on me by my son’s friend’s dad. To this day I’m not sure which bra of mine was exposed for all to see, but I am 100% sure it would have been old, discoloured, ill-fitting and seriously ropey because that’s the only sort I own! Did I learn my lesson after this experience? Sort of. I have bought a couple of new bras, grabbed off the shelf after I’d measured myself online. Getting there. Maybe after Christmas.

  36. Black, white, and nude… Yep, that’s me. I will probs never spend money on bras. Such a boring purchase…hahaha! Plus, my hubs is turned on no matter what I wear, and I got NOTHIN’ to support anyway. My BUTT needs more of a bra than my boobs!


  37. OH.MY.WORD…you did NOT just post this blog. Just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more!!! Rock on, Kelle!

  38. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am being pulled under in holiday family drama and I needed the smile. I hate spending money on bras and hate the current trend in underwire and fun foam that makes me sweaty

  39. You described my bras perfectly.

    Shredded lace underarm sides, broken underwire on the one that has intact sides and I’ve pulled the underwires out of my other two completely.

    When you said ‘ma bras’ I thought you meant Ma as in Mom bras because that’s why mine are gross… I’m a mom and buy kids clothes and pay bills with bra money… and they’re nothing fancy either.

  40. Hahaha attagirl. Bra shopping sucks!

  41. The only thing worse than bra shopping would be wearing them :) My favorite part of the evening is when it comes off! Your picked a very cute one. Good job.

  42. ha, i totally was taught the ‘always wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident’ rule! nice bra 😉

  43. I used to feel exactly the same way. Then I walked into a serious, proper bra store (really, a lingerie store), I told them what I thought my size was, and without even MEASURING me the lady came back with the perfect bra in the perfect size. (For the record, not at all the size I told her). Expensive? Yes. Worth it? SO MUCH. The right bra really does make all the difference – you look thinner, feel better, have better posture, and if you’re like me and your bra has a serious job to do, it’ll even make your back feel better!

  44. made me laugh…out loud…and i’m by myself

  45. the bra industry should thank you. pretty sure we will all be buying new bras tomorrow. thanks for the reminder!

  46. Target!!! I totally have the same one – and I was checking out at Target last month and the lady in front of me was getting it and I just had to tell her it was great! LOL! :)

  47. Oh goodness, ha ha… I was always told the same thing, to choose undergarments based on the fact that you’ll someday have to have your clothes cut off you!
    Then my EMT friend informed that if they’re cutting, they’re cutting EVERYTHING.
    Aw, man.

  48. I have the same one and love it!! I had the same nursing bras for my first 3 kids so I figured it was time for new ones when I had my fourth. Came home with 3 (!) new ones that I’m super happy with.

  49. I must say, reading your blog makes me feel like I’m talking with a dear friend. Your writing is so personable. I had to share this post with my mom. She enjoyed it just as much.

    Thank you for continuing to share your journey.


  50. My amazing mummikins called me last week to give me her gift card code for $50 at Victoria’s Secret, because she is well aware that I haven’t bought new bras (besides nursing bras) since before I got pregnant with my oldest, who is now 4 1/2. Shameless. So now I have one pretty bra and two dumpy ones. And I totally read your caption under your bra pic in the voice I use when I talk to my dad about, well, chick stuff. P.S. – Nella’s unicorn shirt is rock star.

  51. OMG!! You just totally wrote about my current bra situation!! I am so with you on the “No can do”-letting the bra lady measure the “girls” wearing the contraption I’m wearing right now!! YOU’ve got to be kidding!! Thank goodness my to do list tomo includes bra shopping…

  52. Sooo, where’d you find it? 😉

  53. Kelle you crack me up and I love it! I am totally lacking in the bra department as well most of the time – I do buy good ones when I finally decide to give in and invest but most of the time I am rotating between only two! Congrats on your new bra – I’m sure you will love it, even if it is hidden by other clothes =) … oh and you are not alone in having been taught to wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident haha!

  54. After a year of nursing my poor bras were falling apart. It felt so nice to go and splurge on something that made them look a little better. I completely agree with getting remeasured!

  55. Yes, yes, and yes. I always feel better when I realize that girls of all sizes have the same problems!!!! I have *ahem* BIGGURLS and they’re ridiculous to try and cram into a bra. Bravo, brave friend, for voicing (again) what we all feel. XOXO

  56. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha!! Glad I’m not the only one having boob problems. At least you didn’t break yours.

  57. I buy bras at Ross’s or Marshalls, or off the sales rack at Penney’s or Kohls. On my last trip I got 3 at Ross’s for less than 20.

  58. Am I the only one who thought Kelle in the sweater was pointing out her new bra?? Too funny! :)

  59. I just have to say, “I love you” you are so adorable and I love love reading your blog!!!

  60. Would love to know where Nella’s green and red bow/barrettes came from Thank You

  61. I am almost embarrassed to admit that at a Goal Setting & Achievement Seminar I went to a week and a half ago I had to set 100 goals and one of them was to buy (and consequently own) three new bras (with no discoloration or missing underwire) SIMULTANEOUSLY in the next year. Who knew I was not alone in this goal?

    Loved everything about this post :)

  62. Why must we ALWAYS wear our undergarments TO SHREDS before we decide to do something about it? We deserve better. Sigh. I’m the same way.

  63. might be one of my fav posts so far… and a good nursing bra is like gold!

  64. Girl, you have to splurge on bras! I am a dutch, coupon crazy bargain shopper and I have no problem spending good money on a bra. If you spend a little more, they last a LOT longer too. Check out, they have great bras!

  65. You are TOO cute. Thanks for making me laugh! :)

  66. I have to wear all cotton bras…they aren’t pretty, they aren’t easy to find, they aren’t cheap, but they keep my boobs from pushing my socks down……giggle. Oh by the way, nice bra :-) xo

  67. still nursing. can’t wait to wear a real bra again. WORD.

  68. made my day :) thanks

  69. And yes, when the laundry pile significantly out numbers what is left in the drawer, I think what the EMT might say about those undergarments, because they are at the bottom of the drawer for a reason. You are not the only one.

  70. Keeping it real, I love it! And this might just be the impetus I need to finally get off my haunches and buy new bras myself. I’m 4 weeks into nursing baby #3 and these nursing bras that made it through 14 months of nursing #1 and #2 each just aren’t going to make it another year, I’m afraid. I hate spending the money, but hate the twisted straps, droopy fabric, and stains even worse, I think. I will bite the bullet. Merry Christmas to me!

  71. May I recommend the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra? Heaven, I tell you. Also, lovin’ the bump under the ‘bad sweater’ tee!

  72. I must say that I got a good chuckle out of this post (so thank you for that) but totally relate to your topic – which reminds me that I’ve got a few threadbare ones myself that could stand to be liberated, LOL!

    Love the pix of Nella, both her outfits are totally cute, right down to the shoes! I just wanna hug her! <3

  73. You totally crack me up! Glad you are all fixed up now!

  74. I have 2 words for you: Genie BRa. They have changed my life

  75. Love, love, love that you just wrote a blog post about bras. I hate them! I wear (from target) tank tops with the bra built in. Dreadful, I know. Comfy, yes! I also like the Cooby bra. I have it in three colors. Does nothin’ for me! But it is super comfy!

  76. Are you pointing to the girls in that pic? Too funny. Oh the dreaded deed of bra shopping…right up there with jean shopping and swimsuit shopping. I have one that looks just like yours. We’re twinkies;)

  77. I splurge on bras, but mostly not by choice. I LOATHE bra shopping and have since I had my first signs of maturity in the FOURTH GRADE!!! I had a reduction a few years ago and STILL had to buy specialty bras because of my size. I am in DESPERATE need of new bras, but the lady I went to who fit them and even altered them if they didn’t fit properly…retired and closed her shop!! I was hoping your post would plug some sponsor that could help me with my difficult size! I enjoyed the post nonetheless!

  78. Gotta tell ya, I’ve been in the ambulance… They cut off my bra too. Fun post though :-)

  79. Thank for the comic relief…especially that comment to your Dad. LOL! I needed that tonight.

  80. Bras: what a hassle! Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. And the shout-out to your dad is cute too. The ugly t-shirt is so cute! (Yes, I realize that sentence doesn’t really make sense, haha).

  81. Slingshots…. Bwaaahahahaha!

  82. Kelle….
    That bottom picture of Nella…. Love it!! 😉

  83. Kelle, you SHOULD get measured or read some good advice on bra types and cuts and how a good bra should fit.
    The bra you bought looks exactly like one of that kind that doesn’t fit anyone right as the middle is too low and the sides are too high. Usually this kind of bra cuts in in the middle or isn’t really filled in the upper part or presses the boobs to the middle so that they kind of “fall out” in the front.
    If it does fit despite its looks, congratulations! (just can’t believe it really fits)
    I’d recommend trying different cuts, like e.g. balconette bras, next time as well.
    (Btw. it’s really easy to change an ordinary bra to a nursing bra.)

  84. call me granola, but i was recently considering just giving up on bras altogether. as in just wearing the ones i have til they desintegrate and then just phasing them out. i’m not even trying to make a statement here, just hate bra shopping that much! has anyone else done this?

    and, yes, i also thought kelle was pointing to her new bra on the xmas t picture. :-) i, for one, am stoked the the cheesy xmas sweater is making a comeback!

  85. Hilarious! I found a really pretty bra at V.S. while shopping with our foreign exchange student (I was told by her a visit to Victoria’s Secret was about equal to visiting any of the national landmarks and yes photo taking was involved-outside the store anyway). Okay so I tried it on and had no idea a bra could do that for you! I told my husband I finally knew what Victoria’s “secret” was!

  86. Love this. I changed my shirt at a girlfriend’s house once, and she says… “Is THAT the bra you wear?” She immediately gave me one of hers. Which was way better. I love a good bra, I guess I just don’t care, or know, when I need a new one. I love a good girlfriend that will point this out to me even more :)

    ps- I think I have to paint my nails red now.


  87. I actually used to work at Victoria’s Secret and can vouch for your sister’s advice. Getting re-measured is very important. (especially if you’re pregnant and obviously not the same size as before) Despite having worked there, I myself have not been re-measured in years, nor have I bought a bra in awhile. Might be going out sometime soon… anyone up for a bra trip? 😉

  88. I just wanted to let you know that my son (2.5, born in feb) always looks at your blog with me and everytime Nella’s pictures come up he always gets so excited with a grin from ear to ear and says “I wanna play with her” :-)

  89. Love that you shared this today, Kelle:) Right there with ya sister. I am 15 weeks this week and desperately trying to avoid the whole bra shopping bit of pregnancy! I am literally at the double boob stage (where the cups runneth over, so to speak) and am still determined to make it work, lol! However, after reading about your successful venture into bra-land, I may have to pop out one day soon and see what I can find!

  90. I took my then 22 year old daughter with Down syndrome with me last time I went bra shopping. We went to J C Penny’s and had a sales woman do the actual measuring with us in our ugly old bras. Viola, I bought 4 new bras that are still working great and April bought 2. Time to go again.

  91. oh-my-gosh Kelle!!!!! You kill me. I love it! I found some clearance bras at Target the other day…….my black rotation had lost all its snug! Glad someone else hates bra shopping too!

  92. So…I splurged before getting pregnant with my last little guy at Victoria’s Secret and bought two really nice bras that fit me really well…well, after now breastfeeding for almost 14 months (and still going) those two really nice bras do not fit me well at all. The ladies have shrunk a bit and I need some better coverage…I HATE shopping for bras! But loooove reading your blog! I do believe this is the first time I have commented :)

    P.S. Very pretty bra!

  93. You crack me up.

    I am in nursing bras now and am DREADING the day I have to go buy new normal people bras… I mean, the old ones are in similar condition to your safety pin masterpiece. I’m not proud. :)

  94. Hahaha love the caption directed at your dad. That’s exactly what I think when I post anything girly/non-dad approved on my blog. Only I also know my boyfriend’s dad is reading, too, along his elementary school teacher and my dad. Talk about pressure! :)

  95. That’s hilarious – and I feel the exact same way. It also doesn’t help that I’m quite small (either A or double A, depending on the brand); now that I’m pregnant I’ve small-average! I HATE shelling out a lot of money for bras, and the ones in my size don’t tend to be very pretty. It’s like jeans – I’m always on the lookout for The Perfect Pair. But I never find it!

    Side note: when I was in high school my older sister was in a bad accident. She had just bought this pretty new bra (red and black lacey number) and was so disappointed that they cut. it. off. along with the rest of her clothes. So you probably DON’T want to be wearing a nice, expensive, pretty new bra in an ambulance. :)

  96. Thanks for the good morning laugh! Love it!

  97. LOVED this post! I love how you keep things so real!
    On a personal note, I splurged and my husband let me get two victoria’s secret bras this year. I am hooked and I’ve never been a bra girl, either. I usually would pick one up on clearance for $5, but…. These new ones from VS actually FIT and they are COMFORTABLE! I wore then despite the fact that I was still nursing my son and they rock. So, if you get the chance, go get fit and try one. I love mine! (Oh, and I found out I was wearing the wrong size, though you never would have convinced me of that before getting fit!) Merry Christmas and thanks so much for your blog, I read it religiously! :)

  98. hahaha, I loved this honest post. My bra sounds like your old bra…I nursed for 2 1/2 years and so the state of my bra was/is ridiculous. I am inspired to get another..right away. I love the hot cocoa picture. great angle

  99. I am at my wits end with bra shopping. I’ve spent nearly $300 in the last couple of months trying to find a bra that fits my ginormous breasticles. I have been measured in FIVE different stores and given FIVE different measurements. I’ve bought online from specialty stores. I have not found ANYTHING that fits AND continues to fit after a few hours. The fact that I also need nursing bras for the imminent arrival of baby number two is really upsetting me. I have CRIED! Pre-pregnancy I was a 34HH! Now I have NO idea what I am, and no store carries anything even remotely near it.

    I could seriously go crazy if I can’t resolve it soon.


  100. i am in love with my walmart ones. They have little pedals where the nips are to hide that T.H.O. that is constant after nursing. look for the stickers. they’re gold.

  101. I have the same bra! I bought it earlier this year when I was pregnant, and it’s still going strong with breastfeeding 4.5 months postpartum.

  102. seriously spewed my tea at the “hi dad” :)

  103. Oh, as a PS, my kid did have his things cut off in an ambulance…it can happen, and they must think the things have value, as in “nice bra,” (not in his case, because he happened to have on a new shirt and pants, new, not old and tattered, new, but no bra) because the items were returned, cut and bloody, or bloody and cut if you want the right sequence, in a clear plastic bag. So, think, not only will the ambulance folks comment, so will everyone else who sees your nice bra in bloody shreds lacily looking out of the plastic hospital bag :) A new bra, a nice bra is definitely worth the investment.

  104. Lol.

    When my cousin was a young boy, he was riding his bike and was hit by a car. As he’s being put into an ambulance, my uncle asks him: “Are you wearing clean underwear?” His mortified answer: “Dad, I’m not wearing ANY!”

    I’d rather they saw my nasty bra than no bra at all! :p

  105. Just came across Warner’s brand (found At maceys or kohls) and am in absolute heaven. I highighly recommend their wireless collection….all the support + comfort!

  106. I’m so relieved to know that I’m not the only chick in the world who loathes bra shopping and who wears them til they are so pathetic looking.

  107. I usually skim the photos in each post before I read the details. The combo of the post title and bra photo lead mt think you were pointing at something(s) other than the shirt in the photo further down. LOL good thing I always follow the skim with a dive into the full text :) Love the blog and love getting a glimpse into your adorable life.

  108. LOVE the bra talk but my favorite is the bra photo’s caption. Hi Dad. That’s ma bra. On ma blog.
    I giggled just as I do when I buy a bra. Thanks!

  109. Laughing out loud. Glad I’m not the only one who has problems with bras. I must own over 20, but I only wear two…. one is nude, one is black. When they fall apart, I’ll suck it up and get a couple more.

    Fav line of the post:

    Hi Dad. That’s ma bra. On ma blog.

    Thanks for the much needed laugh,


  110. i had to come back and comment on this.

    i used to be obsessed with matching, colourful bras and panties. nowadays i just throw something because i have the excuse of still breastfeeding. i can’t wait to throw away the old bras, get re-measured and get new fun one.

    p.s: my mum would be proud of you because she always says: “have nice and clean underwear on in case you end up in an ambulance.”lol

  111. LOL I was laughing at this. I can’t remember when I was able to get away with a $15 bra. You. Are. So. Lucky. My ‘ladies’ need something that involves a crane, scaffolding and rebar.


  112. This is my idea of good timing…my boss gives me a gift card every year and never gets to see the fruit of his labor as I use it to replace my fruit of the looms (so to speak). This morning the underwire of ma bra poked it’s evil way out into my armpit & at lunch I received a gift card from my boss. Sweet!

  113. Oh, this is so me. And my husband keeps reminding me of it. Undergarments have never been high on my priority list because nobody sees them besides me and the man who already pledged to love me unconditionally. Same reason that a shower trumps shaved legs. Everyone will know if I didn’t shower, but only he knows I didn’t shave. Everyone can see my favorite shoes or new shirt, but only he knows my bra is missing underwire on one side, is two sizes too small, and the straps need adjusting every five minutes. That being said, I really need to go bra shopping.

  114. This was too Funny! you crack me up! I am glad I am not the only one with crappy bras. You have motivated me, I think I need to go bra shopping this week while the hubs is off work.

  115. LOVE the bra…. where can i get it…??? Seriously I need bras…

  116. I am so glad to be able to purchase barely there bras that I often have to go to a store to buy!

  117. I try to find a brand I like…then pray it somehow ends up at my favorite discount store in my not-so-common size (luckily, it did this week and I scored a satiny hot pink little number for about $6 – sweet).

    Thanks for sharing your wonderfully human-ness. :-)

  118. you should try a website called They are the greatest bra shopping experience EVER! you just take a quiz and they send you 5 bras to try on and then they only charge you for the ones you keep. ITS GENIUS!!!1

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