Merry Tuesday

Introducing two new holiday sponsors (cue Christmas cartwheel and the throwing of silver tinsel):


I had the pleasure of meeting award winning children’s author Maria Dismondy at one of our road trip stops this summer.  Her message is one we share: “In today’s society, it’s important to remind children that, although we are different on the outside, we are very much alike on the inside.”  Maria highlights this message in each of her children’s books, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun, The Juice Box Bully, Pink Tiara Cookies for Three, and the newly released Potato Chip Champ.


In each of her books, Maria talks about important childhood issues–bullying, recognizing differences, understanding kindness, and celebrating individuality. By presenting entertaining scenarios and characters, Maria Dismondy’s books empower kids and help equip them with ways to deal with challenging circumstances.


We love our books–they spur so many great conversations with Lainey.

Books can be ordered through Maria‘s website using links to Paypal, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



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That wishbone necklace!!  Bottom row: A unique illustrated wall calendar, my cherished silhouette necklace of my girls, personalized art print

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  Merry Merry Tuesday!


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  1. Love Maria’s books! She has a ton of free downloadable activities on her website for teaching the lessons too :)

  2. Kelle, thank you so much for this. My son who’s 6 is being made fun of at school because he’s different. His favorite color is pink and he likes to wear different things than most boys. My heart hurts for him when he comes home from school in tears. I’m going to purchase the “Spaghetti” book for him. Thanks again, Erin

  3. Kelle….
    “In today’s society, it’s important to remind children that, although we are different on the outside, we are very much alike on the inside.”. I like that. 😉

  4. There a few things better than spending time with a child and a book.

  5. Sweet! I’ve been watching these books on Amazon for my son but hadn’t made the leap to purchase yet. I think I will :)

    I also noticed you have a copy of Rainbabies – is that not the sweetest book ever?!?

  6. Wonderful Post & Blog! Glad I find you :) You have a beautiful family!

  7. ordering Spaghetti in A Hot Dog Bun immediately!!! thank you for the recommendations!

  8. Yay I can’t wait to use those books to teach my kids that underneath all of our beautiful differences we are all just the same! Thanks for sharing.

  9. So sweet! I want Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun :) Can’t wait to read it with my kiddos!

  10. Oh, oh, going on my classroom wish list!

  11. I went To High school with Maria!!! Yay! Love her books.

  12. I want to buy those books for my son.

  13. @ ERIN

    Please check out the book entitled “The Sissy Duckling”. It is a wonderful story about a boy duckling who loves to bake, sew, cheerlead, and anything that a ‘stereotypical’ boy duck shouldn’t enjoy. I am a teaching candidate and have used this story several times with young children with very good results.

    Kelle==as always, LOVE your sponsors!

  14. when you get tired of the “READ” letters, will you send them to me? :) Because I really want them.
    Kenz is wanting some earrings you’ve worn that look like red and white striped buttons or circles or something…if you think of which ones they are and where they’re from email me?
    Those books look ADORABLE !

  15. kelle! where did you get the letters READ? my daughter’s name is Rooney so i am creating a wall of Rs for her. thanks :)

  16. Love Maria Dismondy! Met her when ‘Spaghetti in a HotDog Bun’ was released and she had a party at the bar I was working at in Novi, MI. Bought 2 signed copies. Still one of our fav books!

  17. Kelle! quick question: where did you get that book shelf? I saw a bunch of similar IKEA hacks on the internets but that one is a bit short and this one looks like a better length for what I need.

    thanks so much!!

  18. Thank you for the book recommendations! My son is different on the outside (he was born – surprisingly! – with a form of dwarfism a year ago), but simply amazing and very much alike on the inside. Sounds like these books would be a great addition to our collection…especially now for my 4 year old daughter.
    PS. Totally copied your “read” letters when I saw your post about making them way back when. They are one of my favourite things in my daughter’s room!

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