Santa’s Lap

Just a few words to accompany our photos today. I spent most of the day in bed yesterday, surrendering to a sick day that was actually quite kind considering the flu stories I’ve been hearing. It worked as a good reminder to settle down, rest and enjoy the coming days. That, we are doing.

Lainey’s School Field Day Today:




And our yearly tradition of a family shopping day.



The Santa thing went exactly as I had expected.

Scene 1: Nella cries.


Scene 2: Brett’s hand sneaks in to comfort.


Scene 3: Sister leans in to whisper and console.


Scene 4:  All is well.


The “O” face is back.


As well as some new ones.



Things have shifted into true holiday mode.  Poppa arrived last night.  Baking and wrapping await.  And tonight, our family huddles close.


Welcome back to sponsor, Tea Collection, one of our favorite makers of comfy globally-inspired clothing for kids.  My girls spend so much time in their play dresses, and their cozy rib knit leggings are staples in our closet. We’ve recently fallen in love with their Mod Stripe Tee–thick, soft cotton that never wears as it washes.  And hello, stripes. 

Lainey’s Pazitons Swan Ballerina Flats, also Tea

Check out Tea’s cold weather shop, stocked with everything you need for the coming months, and keep an eye out for their next global inspiration (see inspiration behind current Nordic-inspired line here).


And check out my 10 Must-Get Photos for Christmas on Babyzone–so many little photo gems awaiting these next few days.

Goodnight, friends.



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  1. So sweet that Lainey comforted Nella! I LOVE your blog and can’t believe that soon you’ll be posting pictures of a THIRD cutie-pie! Oh my goodness! Also, those black ballet flats that tie like pointe shoes… I wish they came in my size!

  2. Nella’s new face is all her momma!! :)

    Love that energy!!

  3. Sister love :) I can’t believe one hand and a few whispers is all it takes… The force is strong in this one. Enjoy your holidays!

  4. I love seeing the tender love that Lainey has for Nella!

    You have such sweet girls!

  5. Love the Santa recap. Too funny. Loving those shirts too:)

  6. That photo of Nella’s face on Santa’s hand is precious! I like how he is looking at her. And, how Lainey is looking, too. Feel better, Sweet Friend ~ Hugs from Snowy Minnesota

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  8. ha sorry too many typos ….getting used to my new kindle . Adorable photos. :-) Hope you are feeling better. Enjoy your time with Poppy.

  9. precious faces. so cute. i love them!! awww!! sweet!! ( :

  10. These photos are so cute, the look on your daughter’s faces at seeing Santa fill me with warmth and joy, wonderful post as usual Kelle.

  11. Oh how precious is the picture of Nella on Santa’s arm with Nella and Santa looking at her. So sweet.
    Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family.

  12. Nella’s crinkled-up face is totally cute–and identical to yours in some photos of yourself you’ve posted in the past!

  13. that sweet Nella steals my heart every time. big sis is adorable as well. My favorite pic is Nella with her daddy.

  14. I have a great picture of my daughter screaming and launching herself off of Satan’s lap. (Oops — I mean Santa. Damn typos. I am not fixing it because I think it’s funny.)

  15. Love, as always! Love Nella’s new (you) face!!

  16. Ah ha ha ha ha!!! Poor Santa looks like he is ready to call it a day in the first photo. By the end, it is the sweetest trio of good friends. Love it!

  17. The “o” face is insanely adorable!!! I cannot handle all her cuteness!! Big sister comforting little sister is priceless!

  18. I looooove seeing everyone’s kid Santa experiences…always classic.
    Those ballet flats are to.die.for. Can I justify oooonnnnne more Christmas present for my girls?

  19. Striped shirts! LOVE them. What could be better? And those ballet flats? Oh my heavens. Thank you for sharing your girls smiles tonight. I am glad Poppa came to visit. He always brings big cheer.

  20. So cute!!

  21. Why do you dress your children like grandmas?

  22. Love, Love, Love the happiness in this post…the “O” faces, the other joyful faces, sista’s whidpers, Dad’s comforting hand, loving on Santa’s arm, the stripes, Ballerina flats, family fun at school…
    Happy baking and wrapping and huddles with your Poppa…

  23. Oh those sweet pictures! We ventured out to our small town library for our Santa photo and our ten month old would not let go of Mommy or Daddy!

  24. OH MY WORD. Lainey is looking JUST like you and Nella’s O face just cracks me up. So cute!

  25. Hooray for the return of the O face!

  26. Hope you are back on the mend. Your girls are just gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

  27. omg: Santa’s Lap, Santa’s Lap….I’m thinking, what? Santa is working out, running laps???
    How many times I click the page, struggling because I don’t see Santa running a lap….I obviously have lost my mind.
    Of course, you mean the lap of Santa, as in, Santa’s lap and your children in it…now I can sleep tonight :)

  28. That pic of the girls in front of the tree! And the one of you and Lainey! Lots of love.

    Welcome, Poppa. Welcome, days of recovery, peace and family.


  29. simply….Beautful!!!! :-)

  30. Love your blog, love you photos, love your family:)
    Merry Christmas to you:)

  31. So very sweet as ever! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  32. Oh, I love the Santa series of photos. So precious. And the “O” face makes me smile. :0)

  33. I loved the picture of blurred lights on babyzone; guess I’m quickly improving my english vocabulary of everyday descriptions.

    Funny meet Santa with a t-shirt,I think he really enjoyed the warm weather of Florida.

    Have a nice family day
    A 17-year-old girl from an almost frozen Italy

  34. Your children are beautiful as you know, and that Santa rocks. He looks OC (Original Claus). Love it.

  35. Pure joy JUMPS off the screen in these pictures. Your family is GORGEOUS and clearly, SO happy. I adore your site, cannot get enough of your photos and wish you and your lovelies all of the happiness, joy and wonder of the season…Over the next few days and beyond. Love.

  36. When I was a little girl, I remember clutching tightly to my older sister’s hand as we sat together on the Santa-man’s lap.

    Sister memories last forever, they’re so magical :)

  37. Santa photos’s, just can’t even get enough of them!!! So cute. REST!!!

  38. Love the photos of your beautiful children, especially the little one resting her head on Santa’s white glove.

    I know you miss snow, but oh! to have sunshine on my face.

    Merry Christmas!

  39. the final scene photo is priceless. Blessings to you and those you love BEcky

  40. Kelle….
    Aw…. Nella is still terrified of Santa Claus…. My oldest brother (Not the one with Down’s syndrome!!) never liked sitting on Santa’s lap, either. He would write out his list, hand it to Santa then walk away!! True story!! ;-}
    I love the way Nella’s nose crinkled up in that “new faces” picture!! 😉

  41. I want those ballet flats for me!!

  42. Love the polka dot dress and the striped shirt … where can we get?

  43. Hi Kelle! Thank you for sharing such special moments in your children’s lives with us. You have two gorgeous daughters who I’m sure will always be close to each other as well as you!

    Zoe xxx

  44. My 19 month old daughter also makes the “o” face! It is my favorite, puts a smile on my face every time! Thanks for making me smile at work today Nella!! Happy Holidays to all of you :)

  45. This little tune holds two of the most wonderful things in its title…may it bring you a speedy recovery back to full health. I present: Christmas Unicorn by Sufjan Stevens.

  46. I love Lainey’s outfit!

  47. Love the stripey tee, also the santa photos… I am not even going to try this year with my two ‘big’ kids!

  48. Your girls are just precious!!

  49. super cute santa pics :-) love that she can be comforted like that!

  50. Your kids are just so freaking gorgeous!

  51. i’ve always loved photography. i wanted to comment (maybe for the first time ever here on your blog) saying HI and telling you my very short story. i suffer from SMI serious mental illness, have PTSD from sexual trauma and physical as a child, depression and anxiety. I really enjoy your lovely blog with all the nice pictures. it brings a smile to my face and that’s a good thing. i take many meds a day just to stay from harming myself. christmas is a hard time for me and i’m really trying to stay out of the mental hospital this year. i wanted you to know how inspiring you are and how lovely your blog is. i blog about my mental health here:
    and have regular blogs thru my blogger profile. hugs from arizona.

  52. I NEED LAINEY’S SHOES! Oh my god, those are the cutest things ever!

  53. Nella looks so big and grown up!! When did that happen?! 😉 I love their striped tees. And the Santa photos are the best! Merry Christmas to you and yours from Vancouver Island!

  54. The sweetness of being comforted by her big sister. I love it!

  55. What a beautiful capture between sisters!

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