To the Broken Hearted

My little girl came home from kindergarten today.  She threw her backpack on her bed and ran to tell me stories about her day.  She is home, safe and unaware of the tragedy that occurred today.

My heart aches for those whose children did not come home today.  There are no words.  To the state of Connecticut, Newtown, Sandy Hook Elementary School, and all those affected by today’s news:  I am so sorry for your loss.  I am so sorry.  We grieve with you, we pray for you, and we support you. 

Sending love to the broken hearted tonight.  Your children are not forgotten. 



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  1. Beautiful. Thank you.

  2. so sad. ) :

  3. You’re right, Kelle. There are simply no words. Australia is grieving with you too today. We cry, we reflect, and like you, we ask, ‘Why?’ You’re in our hearts and prayers.

  4. I feel your pain. So much I’ve grabed all my three children and put them into my bed tonighet….

    This is….. no words.

    -Malin, Norway

  5. This is so beautiful Kelle. An absolute tragedy has occurred today and it’s so sad. America is in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. I know.
    So sad.
    I can’t stop crying.

  7. Absolutely NO words. At all. I was sitting at the car dealership having some work done on our van when I saw the breaking news on the TV in the lobby. I had my younger three kids with me, but the older two were in school. I couldn’t breathe until I had all five under my roof. I ended up picking my big kids up way early and taking them home. I saw them walk out of school, laughing and talking, without a care in the world. And I grabbed them held them and sobbed and sobbed. I can’t begin to imagine what the families are feeling.

  8. thank you…it is my town..


  9. picking up my son from kindergarten today, I was in tears. I am so blessed because I got to hug him again….I am praying for those who won’t get another chance…

  10. <3
    Love on Lainey and Nella a little extra for all of us who don’t have our own littles to love yet

  11. Very good, Kelle. My heart just breaks for those children’s families who will be unable to give their little ones Christmas presents….

  12. Kelle, so glad you posted this. Our mama’s hearts are breaking for all of those mamas in CT. The thought of their agony takes my breath away and makes my heart hurt. It’s just horrible. As someone who lost someone in a similar act of horror almost two years, I thank you for remembering them and their families.

  13. Very, very sweet of you. I’m sure you have fans there. As an 8th grade teacher, and mother of two little girls, I can not fathom it. I’m so sad we can’t protect our children from the ills of society.

  14. Thank you for the beautiful post…
    as a mother, teacher, and Connecticut resident.
    The families are in all of our thoughts and prayers.

  15. There are no words is right. Tears flow and hearts ache.

  16. Amen to that.

  17. My heart is just breaking over and over again. This just hits so close to home, and I am so sad.

  18. So sad just breaks my heart. Prayers out to those families and friends who lost someone today.

  19. i’ve been crying all day, knowing my own kindergartner was safe and happy and innocent in her classroom and beyond words devastated for those who were not. i’m so upset :(

  20. My aunt lives in Sandy Hook and all her children went there (grown up, thankfully, and don’t go there anymore). Absolutely appalling. I’ve been crying on and off all day; I hugged all my littles a bit more today (I’m a teacher, no kids of my own yet) and choked up when I saw their parents running to the door to grab their kids for a hug and a kiss and a thank-god-i-have-you smile. So blessed we are okay, and in agony for those who are not.

  21. Beautiful.

  22. Remembering and praying with you.

  23. yup – well said – a very sad day for the world – presious lives taken before the should be.

  24. beautifully said. such a tragic event.

  25. My heart is theirs tonight- grieving, mourning, and praying for comfort and some answers later. I can not imagine the absolute terror. The gut wrenching grief of a community is being grieved with across the world tonight. In Canada we are also here to light candles and stop for moments in honour of all the little lives lost. Their innocence and spirit will not be forgotten. Thank you for writing this…as a mother who grabbed my three children today and sobbed with thanksgiving for their safety for one more day- I can not imagine the feelings of all those affected. Thank you for honouring the families.

  26. Kelle,
    I love your blog but have never commented. I am a teacher in Connecticut, and today I am grateful that I was able to keep my 18 little ones safe and preserve their innocence, because that may be the most important part of my job. Others were not so lucky. I teach pre-k, and I hid my tears at naptime as I mourned those little lives that were lost so close to us, just hours from that moment. Thank you for your thoughts.

  27. Our hearts do ache for those who have lost their loved ones in todays tragic event. There are no words. But we will pray and we will grieve…

    Prays and support from Canada

  28. I’m in tears again. Beautifully said.

  29. All the way from Australia, we’re sending our love and thoughts. My heart is bleeding for those families and that community. Life will never be the same for all of them.

  30. Lots of love and prayers coming from Australia today. Such a tragedy x

  31. My kindergartner was home sick today and while I am sad she doesn’t feel well, I was so happy to be able to hold her tight. I have cried off and on all day thinking of those 20 innocent kids and their families. Thank you for your post tonight.

  32. I couldn’t get home quick enough as the news sunk in as I drove home. So sadden by the news. Thoughts with those who lost loved ones.

  33. My heart just aches. I can’t wrap my head around the amount of hate, hurt & anger that had to have existed within someone to push them to do this. how can this happen? how can this happen to little ones?

  34. My mama heart aches. It takes my breath away.

  35. At 8:30, it hit me that for many of those babies, it would be bedtime soon and I was hit in the gut with grief I could not contain. Those simple routines are left undone tonight. Jesus, wrap those mamas and Daddies and families tight in our arms.

  36. The principal that alerted the school by triggering the sound system, saved many lives. So many heroes will come out of this terrifying, tragic day- Connecticut Mom that is praying for all the other Connecticut Moms. God Bless The Little Ones and hold them close.

  37. Thank you for posting this.

  38. Well said. The still photos are so heartbreaking – the parents HUGGING their children who were not hurt – and the parents collapsing and crying out who lost a child. So tragic, and so unfathomable.

  39. ‘This seems so preventable.
    By God and by man. Yes. So easy.
    But neither man nor God prevented this.
    Man, because he did not know it was happening. God, because he has his wise and loving reasons that we wait to learn with tears and trust.’
    (Words from John Piper grieving the death of his granddaughter 2007)

  40. Your words are beautiful in their simplicity, Kelle. I struggle to find the right words; my mind simply cannot wrap itself around this tragedy. I just keep thinking of the children who died, whose families will never be the same, and of the children who were there to watch it all unfold who have been spared. None of them will EVER be the same again, and my heart breaks for them all.

  41. I’m from Canada and I cannot fathom the grief that everyone is feeling! I’ve cried on and off all day thinking of those sweet babes and their parents and families! Tomorrow is my grandson’s 6th birthday and I’ll be sure to hugggg him like he’s never been hugged before! I’m sure that all parents will want to do the same! My deepest condolences to all those who lost loved ones!

  42. May you hold your precious family close tonight. I had plans to edit photos into the wee hours, but with the tragedy that I cannot even speak about weighing heavily on my heart I just cannot stop being with Levi and Zara. We are off to camp in front of the TV on the pull out, all 4 of us, in Santa Hats. I feel so lucky, yet guilty. So many innocent families will never lay eyes or hands upon their little ones again, this holiday for them I cannot even imagine. But, as a mom I just “go there” and feel such incredible heartache. As hard as it is, may you also let the tragedy soak into your mind and heart long enough to feel the need to do more, more than send thoughts or prayers, but to do something. I have been moved, and want to do one small thing to prevent one more incident like this from happening in our country again. If you feel the same, I have A Challenge. We all can help. In addition to the obvious: making guns a privilege rather than a right and harder than hell to acquire, we can help people like this shooter. Many want to hate this man. But, what if he was helped? Many shooters, like the theater shooter earlier this year, do not even have friends to interview. That should not come as a shock. Our church had a talk a few weeks ago about baby Jesus and the Inn. How the Inn was “full”, and how the Inn is now famous, not for what happened there, but for what could have happened if only they had made room. The church challenged us to make room in our lives. To not fill up with other things, but leave room for potential good to transpire. We all know people in our lives who are disconnected, socially or emotionally. I have no idea what this shooter’s personality disorder was or what he was like, but I am around children every day and some children (and adults for that matter) have a harder time just connecting. And it can be hell for them. They disconnect from humanity, and do inhumane things. There is a boy in Levi’s class, he is “naughty”. He hits. He is angry and acts out a lot. He is the topic of many of our dinner conversations. I have had play dates with other families from the class, the other moms know who he is through stories their children tell. Do you think ANY of us have EVER asked to have a play date with this child? Or reached out to be a friend to his parents? Of course not. NEVER. I would never think to before today. BUT. This holiday break, we are going to invite them over. We are going to reach out to a little boy and his (likely) very overwhelmed and stressed out parents and see if we can make him (and them) feel normal. Included. Liked. It is incredibly surprising how the smallest gestures can have the biggest and most lasting impact. I hope you can find room in your hearts to include someone you hadn’t thought of before into your lives, over the holiday and into the New Year.

  43. It was a surreal day. I moved back to CT in August and the town I live in is one town over from Newtown. Kids that used to attend the daycare go to that school. I cannot believe that this happened at all let alone so close to home. I can’t grasp the reality of it even though I attended a vigil tonight mourning the loss of innocent children and dedicated teachers. So much more was lost today – the loss of blissful ignorance from so many children, so many kids now aware of how cruel this world can be. They now know a fear greater than anything I have experienced in my near 30 years.
    “We’re going to sleep in a different world than we woke up in today – a world a little colder, a lot scarier. Fear and sorrow weigh on our hearts tonight and in the days, weeks and years to come. We have been forever changed by one man’s senseless actions. This didn’t hit close to home. It hit home. Not only are we mourning the loss of 20 children and 6 adults but also the innocence of many other children too young to experience such tragedy. Heaven has new angels. Fear has been given a face.
    My heart and prayers go out to every family affected by today’s tragedy.”

  44. i was a preschool teacher when I was twenty – at my first job.
    bella coola, britsh columbia, canada was such a beautiful place to start out in my career.
    i was worried about bears in the nearby woods, wandering too close to our play ground, but never about people.
    how very very sad that today we have so many hurting individuals who need help who in turn hurt others.
    prayers for all the ones that ache and hurt tonight for their children and loved ones.

  45. Thank you for this post :)

  46. Feas 613 BETH, so good to see you! I havent been here in a while myself. cathy, prayers to all in your town. Yes, Maheen, we all need to reach out. We need to teach our children, by example. And these horror committed, we can never understand WHY or HOW could soemone do this? And there are no words.. I have been sobbing, here in Calif. It feels like those children lost are our children too. Such precious innocents gone. ANd by violence. I cry for those parents who took their kids to school, not knowing they wouldnt see them alive again. How does a parent get thrut his? No parent should bury a child; it’s unnatural. I kept hoping someone would tell me this wasnt true! Our hearts are heavy. OUr nation mourns; the worlds mourns. I lit candles for all victims. Tho there is evil, I believe there is more Love and Good. And we must, each day, be Love and be the light in the world. Not just when tragedy wakes us up. We must do it. We must be brave. As singer Jewel sings, “Light is what darkness most fears.” Yes , let us all be grateful for each moment with our children and loved ones. Let us hug them a bit tighter, and a bit longer. Say I LOVE YOU. And do it when we take our kids to school. Love from your Blog Mama~

  47. Feas–BETH..I am so sorry this hit home,how awful. I love the words, yes evil has a face. And YES, prayers for all those other kids who witnessed or were there, what horror for them to know at such a young age. Chilling words you shared! so very sad, Blog mama

  48. For Maheen Ott –

    No website, no blog, just you with an awesome challenge! I used to comment & I don’t have a website or blog and I am not hiding or mentally ill either. I think about what you said so beautifully alot of the time. Thank you for putting your challenge in such excellent words.
    And, thank you Kelle for all you do. That beautiful snow pic is so serene and calming.
    Muy Love across the gulf,

  49. Heartbroken alongside you, Kelle.

  50. Amen

  51. @Maheen Ott,

    Your challenge is a beautiful one. It is so easy to “protect” our kids from behavior we don’t want them to see. There are ways to educate our children though. And to always ALWAYS teach them to love, to include and to be a role model. I love what you are doing, and I hope that your family can be of help to this new family in your lives. Thank you so much for sharing that.

    It’s so easy to feel helpless during times like these–to focus on the evil in the world and to feel hopeless. Yes, this is senseless and horrible. We will grieve for a very long time, and these families will never be the same. But I believe in love and hope and choose to teach my family that if you do not like the world you live in…change it.

  52. I wrote this this morning and wanted to share it. It’s so hard to write about tragedies like this. There is so much pain and sorrow, and yet there is so much opportunity for change and hopefully a better future. I’ve been following your blog for almost 2 years now, Kelle and I admire so much the love you have and the inspiration that you provide. Most importantly however, your humility, empathy, and compassion. Thank you.

  53. It’s impossible to try to understand how something so horrifying could happen. I pray for the “peace that passes our own understanding” for these families this Christmas and always. And I will not live in fear for “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” Phillipeans 4:7 and 2Timothy 1:7

  54. Beautiful, the way hearts come together. Beautiful, the way strangers are our family. Beautiful, the way we are given the gift of grieving together.

    This world is jacked up in so many ways, but I lean toward hope and redemption. I pray those who have lost can grieve in all the ways they need to and ultimately, someday, come up with hope in their eyes, still.

    Your heart? Beautiful. You are a good soul, Kelle Hampton.

  55. If you feel like joining the challenge:

  56. Thank you for this post…I teach 5th grade 6 miles from Newtown, and it was a horrible horrible horrible day…praying for those sweet little ones and their families

  57. All children are gifts and I pray one day everyone see the brightness that shines from each child.

    It is amazing the clarity time brings to all things and yet emotions can still be felt as real as the first day. A year ago today we found out at our 20-week ultrasound that our second son had some abnormalities. This moment lead us on a path that changed our lives forever. One year later our son who was born with a very, very rare genetic syndrome has added more love to our lives than we could have imagined. I wrote a blog post yesterday to remember this day and in the wake of the tragic events in Connecticut I am reminded of how grateful I am for the life that was given to us.

  58. It’s unthinkable – unbearably unthinkable! My mind reels, my stomach lurches. I think of my unborn grandbaby, growing big and healthy, safely inside his/her Mom – and I pray that this baby, who will soon call me “Grandma” will always be as safe, loved and protected as it is right now…

    My heart is with the citizens of Newton, today. You are all in the thoughts and prayers of so many people around the world. It is my prayer that you will all be able to feel all of the love and concern being sent out into the Universe, with each of you as its intended destination…………God bless and hold you……………Rosemary

  59. I have a kindergartener, also. When I picked him up from school yesterday my heart was very, very heavy. Just so very sad for those who did not make it home from Kindergarten that day. I cannot even imagine being “that parent” for more than two seconds without tearing up.

  60. I am so sorry for those children and families….The news got me sick.
    My heart is with those relatives and parents and people who lost their children and friends.

  61. Beautifully and simply written, well done. I am really struggling with this one and even trying to wrap my mind around it. xo

  62. This was the saddest news I’ve heard. My heart goes out to their parents, family and friends.

  63. Kelle, So well said, Thank you.
    Feas613- I weeped thru your comment but the challenge was one I hope others will take. I see that you do not have a blog but am wondering if I could post your challenge on my blog and even tell others I know about this challenge? I have a granddaughter who just this week came home and asked her mom if she could invite a little girl much like the child you were talking about to her home for her annual gingerbread house making party. Her Mom asked her Why she had decided to do so and she told her that she had never had a friend invite her to thier house for a play date, she came to the party and when her Mom came to pick her up she told her Mom that she didn’t want to go home. My daughter asked my granddaughter if she had a good party and her reply was “Yes Mom, but I really think (the little girl) had a greta time she didn’t even want to go home and this is the first time she had even been here”! She was so proud that she made her happy and smile!!! When my daughter called to tell me about it the tears were streaming from her eyes along with mine. I told my granddaughter that she “made this little girl have a very special holiday this year”.
    Kelle -sorry for telling this on your blog but I am so proud of her and hope others will do the same as she did.
    Tammie @

  64. This tragedy has my heart so broken. I teach pre-k and my son goes to my school as well. I keep going over in my mind what I would do in that type of situation. Today our elementary schools became a war zone.

    We are grieving with you Sandy Hook.

  65. Maheen, I love your challenge! Tammi, your story of your granddaughter made me tear up, so touching. I tear up easily right now, since the horror in CT. Katrina, I , too, start to cry when I think of all this, and of the parents. cant imagine how awful it is for them. Hearts heavy for a long time. I am so touched when I see that, around the world, everyone is thinking of this. Russia – memorials set up. Brazil- 26 wood crosses on the beach. Too bad it takes such horror to make us feel like we ALL are really one big family… When I saw the names of the precious children, finally, i sobbed more. It seeme dto make it even more real, to say their names out loud. And just babies, six and seven year-olds. Oh, I feel like I am in a state of total disbelief, cant believe this could really happen. love from the Blog Mama

  66. My heart is broken as I look at my little one and imagine what these families are going through right now. I can only pray that God help us all to get through not only this horrible senseless tragedy, but also to heal this broken world in which we live right now. Things must change, somehow someway….

  67. Simple. Perfect. Thank you. The Lord is holding them in his arms.

  68. It is a difficult time. As a mom of a kindergartner I don’t quite know how to feel. It feels selfish to be relieved that my kids are home safe and sound, but I have never felt such strong relief in my whole life. I am states away, and I didn’t know any of the victims or their families personally, but I will be grieving for them for a long time. I will also be grieving for the piece of innocence that all of our children lost on Friday.

  69. This was beautifully and simply stated. Thank you. I for one have let dishes and laundry sit dirty a little longer; studied my little guys fingers, eyelashes and toes; drank in my baby’s sleepy sounds and his giggles; gave more hugs, kisses and snuggles and reminded myself how absolutely lucky I am my child was safe in my arms this weekend. My heart, as most in America this weekend, is absolutely broken for those beautiful children, their families and that community.

  70. Lovely post……..those poor babies…..I can not even begin to imagine how all the families involved feel. My heart goes out to them ten fold….I am a mother of 6 girls, one of them a first grader, and I can’t imagine our lives without each and every one of them. I made sure to say a prayer in church this morning asking to give all the families involved the strength to get through this and for them to feel all the love and prayers being sent out for them during this time. If I could hug each and everyone of them I would. America is truly mourning with all of them.

  71. I can’t get my head around such a senseless tragedy. School is supposed to be a safe place for our children!!!
    My babies are the same ages as those babies that aren’t in their mum and dads arms anymore. I can only begin to imagine the amount of pain they are in now at losing their children to such a violent act.
    To all those mums and dads in Sandy Hook, I’m so, so, so deeply sorry for your loss and I weep for you and pray for you. You will never, ever be the same again.

  72. Terrible, just too terrible for words. I cried watching the news. Those little children! God bless them and their teachers. It brings back the terrible memories of Dunblane, Scotland in 1996

  73. My heart keeps breaking over and over. Now that I see the innocent children who lost their lives, I can’t even tell you how sad I really am. This hits so close to home having a 5 year old, being a special ed. teacher, and living just about 30 mins. from Newtown. Thank you for sending your thoughts! We need it in CT.

  74. Two days later and I’m still truly heartbroken over the loss of all of those innocent, precious babies. I just can’t stop thinking about it. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about sending my 4 year old to school tomorrow. I need a really big bubble :/

  75. I cry every time I think about those Mamas.
    Your picture fits so perfectly.

  76. heartbreaking……

  77. I’m glad to hear that your daughter was able to come home, peacefully.

    To those innocent children who did not make it home to their parents, please bless their families.

    I’ll never understand why someone would do something this like. I keep telling myself, when we decide to start a family, we’re home schooling. The world is just not a safe place anymore.


  78. I can’t even tell you how sad I really am. This hits so close to home having a 5 year old, being a special ed. teacher, and living just about 30 mins.


  79. Hi Kelle,
    Not sure if you know about the website but they feature different clothing designs each week & donate $7 from each item sold to the featured charity.
    This week the organization is Reese’s Rainbows – “The mission of Reece’s Rainbow is to rescue orphans with Down Syndrome through the gift of adoption and to raise funds to help adoptive families afford the high cost of adopting these beautiful children.”
    Maybe you can help spread the word & raise lots of money for this AMAZING cause!

  80. Kelle,

    I am a long-time reader but have never commented before, I do so now to enlist your help as I remember you posting about the adorable handmade superhero capes your girls have. I’ve been looking for some way to help in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy, and this idea proposed by the friend of a friend touched my heart. She says:

    “I have been in contact with the Newtown Bee. There were 525 Students at Sandy Hook and the idea is to make them feel strong again. A dear friend of mine’s daughter is a student of Victoria Soto. She was one of the kids that ran out of the building and to the house next door. This little girl feels guilty about not saving her teacher or the 7 other kids in her class. She doesn’t realize how brave her and her friends were that day. The idea is to try to give that back to them in a term they would understand. I hope to deliver by Christmas but only if we have enough for each child.”

    She is looking for monetary donations via Paypal, and donations of superhero capes: homemade, new, purchased or gently used.

    Please contact Camie Mollica via Facebook ( if you’d like to contribute.

    Thank you,

    Lara W.

  81. Thanks, Lara, for sharing. LOVE it..we can all help out! Lets do it, i know how strong this group is here. A timely matter, but lets donate and help those kids at Sandy Hook school, by Christmas. Be the from the Blog Mama

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