Craftastic: Cupid Headband

Cleaning up some blog stuff today and tidying the space.  Nesting here too, I guess. 

A quick V-Day craft and a few sponsor shout-outs before their pretty side buttons are put away.




1. Measure around your child’s head and cut lace trim a little longer than this size (need overlap to fasten Velcro).
2. Attach Velcro strips to ends of trim so that it securely fastens as a headband. Set aside.
3. Choose 4-5 white feathers (stiffer feathers take paint/glitter and stand up better). Paint just the ends of feathers pink and/or red.
4. White paint is wet, sprinkle corresponding color glitter on painted ends. Let dry.


5. Hot glue ends of feathers to the inside of headband. Let dry.
6. Voila. Bribe your kid to let you put the headband on her and smile. Cute, huh?


A few of our holiday sponsors are ending, and I wanted to give a big thank you to these great businesses who help make frequently contributing on this blog possible.


MARIA DISMONDY, Children’s Author of these beautiful books that incorporate important morals with entertaining stories.  We have each of these, and I love the discussions that arise after reading them.


LEVITICUS JEWELRY:  Artist Tara Levitin combines art and fashion to create her memorable pieces composed of mixed metals and stones.  Her site is full of unique and beautiful finds.


SWEET SEAT: Washable, portable and durable booster seats and bibs in a range of retro, vintage and classic patterns. 


HAPPY CAMPER STUDIO:  Affordable, soft, hand-dyed dresses and t-shirts for your littles.  Check out the Valentine’s Day dipped dress.


HOLDEN ON BABY: Lauren Isobel shares her style and adventures with her little boy, Holden, on this blog.  I’ve found so many cute baby boy products and shops through Isobel, and I love peeking in on her beautiful photos and great style tips.


THE ALBUMS:  Watch this video and sign up for the premiere of a new way of sharing your family and photos, in a boutique setting.  If blogging hasn’t worked for you, and you’re looking for an easier, streamlined way of sharing photos, vacations and family experiences, be sure to check The Albums out.


Happy Day.


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  1. I hope you are still going to do a post on the wonderful fairy garden!! I wish I had gotten one of those for Christmas 😉 Love your blog, posts, children and can’t wait for the birth of your son!

  2. Hi! I know this particular post doesn’t have much to do with this, but I wanted to wish Nella a happy early birthday:) We are both January babies! I also wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, and how inspiring it is. Also, Nella and Lainey are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

    Lots of love,

    College Girl

  3. OMG…. how cute… and the most adorable model.


  4. she’s just soo soo cute!!

  5. Happy birthday to Nella I know thats soon and let me take this time to wish you well in your delivery. I cant wait to see your little one xxx

  6. Your little poppet never fails to make me smile…here I am on the other side of the world working away in my home office and it’s like you and yours come to visit every few days…thanks for sharing x

  7. Pretty headband on a pretty girl!

  8. Such an adorable idea Kelle! LOVE your little DIY crafts xoxo

  9. Can’t wait to see the boy crafts you come up with someday!

  10. Very sorry I read to fast and thought that said Craptastic. The p in cupid threw me off.

  11. I ordered a few of the bibs…. well almost every one offered and they are wonderful! People just love the patterns

  12. I am obsessed with how amazingly crafty you are. Hazel is turning 1 and I have been on your site looking for inspiration several times. Love your ideas!!!

  13. Adorable little headband! So creative.


  14. I have to say I’m really excited you’re having a baby boy. You have such great taste, and I adore the outfits and cute things you find for the girls. But since I don’t actually HAVE a girl (not yet anyway), I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing some unique boy finds to use for my little guy! 😉 So happy for you and your family! You’re going to LOVE being a boy mom. xoxo

  15. I like his skin texture. Fact.

    good piece of art work.liked the shadings in eyes.very realistic.

    I can see why this is one of your favorites. It’s wonderful. Beautiful color!

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  16. Somehow my brain first read “headboard” and I couldn’t believe you change your headboard with the seasons. I was much less intimidated by this adorable headBAND on gorgeous Nella. That one I can try.

  17. Kelle….
    Cute!! Nella is wearing a frilly Valentine’s Day Indian headband!! To state the obvious!! 😉
    I love, love, love that last picture of Nella!! Is she experiencing a belly laugh? ;-D

  18. Cute DIY headband!

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