Diary of a Mad Nesting Woman

DISCLAIMER:  What you are about to read is true.  I’m sorry to admit this.

Scene One, The Other Night:

It’s 11:30 at night and the kids have been sleeping for hours.  I’ve finished a load of laundry, scrubbed my tub, soaked all my make-up brushes, cleaned the smudges off my silverware drawer knobs and organized my kitchen pots so that all the handles are facing to the right.  I decide that 11:30 is a great time to roast some brussel sprouts, so I Google a few recipes and settle on a complicated version of coconut oil/bread crumbs/apple slices/reduced vinegar and honey sauce–because I’m simple like that.  Once brussel sprouts are slid into the oven, I proceed with normal midnight chores.  “I’m going to paint the living room,” I conclude, and I head out into the garage to gather my tools.  Upon hearing the garage door slam at some Godforsaken hour of the night, Brett follows me out to inquire.

“What are you doing?” he asks, obviously hesitant for my reply.

“I’m going to paint the living room,” I answer, as if this is a perfectly normal thing for an eight month pregnant lady to be doing at midnight on a Monday evening. 

“Babe, it’s like, midnight.  Can’t you–”  He stops.  I think it was my eyes.  I’m pretty sure the devil climbed into my body and glared some kind of Twilight character stare because he never finished his sentence.  In fact, he offered to stir the paint for me, pour it into a pan and carry it back into the house.

I painted one wall.  I ate delicious brussel sprouts.  I went to bed.

Scene Two, Yesterday:

I’m out the door with two dressed kids at 7:30 in the morning.  I get my coffee.  I go to Lowe’s and buy succulents and spray paint.  I go to ballet.  I call doctors and set up a year’s worth of appointments for my kids in case the Apocolypse comes and I can’t get one.  I come home and start another project because I certainly don’t have enough.  I’m going to spray paint my frames and redo my entry wall, and it has to be done right now.  Like now now now.  I lay out a sheet of butcher paper in the side yard and start spraying the hell out of a stack of frames.  Brett finds me there.  He says nothing but hands me a construction grade face mask.  “Wear this,” he says.  “Thank you,” I answer.  I stop painting for a moment to get the mail, but I leave my face mask on.  The neighbor across the street looks at me and I smile and wave.  Except the smiling is kind of a moot point.  I mean, the mask.  I holler “I’m painting frames!” loudly to explain, but it came out a bit of a muffle.  “She thinks I’m crazy,” I think to myself.  She’s right.

I paint twenty frames.  I go to Fred’s.  I come home and cry that my world is falling apart and that I really really want Brett to change out our towel bars in the bathroom.  “Pick some out, and I’ll do it,” he answers. 

Oh God, poor Brett.

Scene Three, This Morning:

I add a second coat of paint to some frames.  I cry to two friends on the phone about–you know what, I don’t even remember.  I tell Brett he should rent a carpet shampooer and clean our bedroom carpet before the baby comes.  I stress about putting on my favorite yoga pants today because I put them in the hospital bag and what if I get them dirty and they’re in a laundry basket when it’s go time?  Tragedy, man, tragedy.  I decide to risk it but think about it about thirty more times throughout the day.

Noon: And here’s where I finally realized Sistah done lost her mind.

Out of nowhere, I declare a couples meeting (Brett trudges into bedroom…”What?”), and I–seriously, this is absolutely ridiculous.  Here goes.

…I lost my shit.

“How come Lainey doesn’t know how to ride a bike yet?”  I whined.  “I thought you said you wanted to teach her.  She’s five, Brett.  She should know how to ride a bike.” 

People, I’m going to lay it out there:  I am not proud of the last three days.  Brett called me from the car this afternoon (he had an “appointment” but, God love him, if he left the house just to drive in silence and tranquility, I’m totes cool with it) and said he had a great idea–how ’bout we go have a family outing this week and–oh, hey babe–wanna go out for lunch tomorrow? 

I suddenly felt awful for him and realized I am a hot mess of hormones and nesting and freaking out. And he is trying so hard to support me and this crazy time of life for us birthin’ women.  We replayed the events of the last few days together this afternoon and laughed so hard we couldn’t finish.

And Heidi.  Bless her.  Her great philosophical words of advice to me in these last days could be cross-stitched on a pillow, painted on a plaque: 

“Bizotch, drop the brussel sprouts.  Put the paintbrush down.  Go.  To.  Sleep.”


And now, completely unrelated to the above story are the sweet photos of less maniacal moments this week.

Evening driveway play is our come-to-Jesus time. 



Ahem…said succulents.

I like xylophones simply for the rainbow.

Birthday party at some local stables this weekend.  She got to brush horses.  She was happy.

The Twirly Wand in ballet.  It’s earned its right to be a proper noun.


Ballet moves transfer home to swing.  Point them toes, Nellie.

She mothers.  Constantly.  Dolls, sister, babies. 




This smile.  Yes.

She’s Student of the Week in her class this week.  We created her me doll together this weekend.

When we finished, she asked if she could make another one with no help.  Her creation:

And that, my friends, got us to mid week.

Happy day. 


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  1. I’m with Heidi – Go get some sleep :) Thanks for sharing your fun, nesty, pregnant self with us. It won’t be long now!!! Have a happy Naples day!!

  2. You go, Momma! Can’t wait to see this new addition that is causing all these crazy hormone surges!

  3. I LOVE IT! Our poor men. :)

  4. Get some sleep. Or just look at Nella SWING! Oh, I love her smile…

  5. XxOo

  6. Laughed so hard I shook my four month old son sleeping on my chest. So relieved I’m not the only one who behaves this way. Thanks for being crazy and brave enough to share it. My husband may want to start a support group with Brett.

    Happy nesting! Sweet little fella isn’t gonna mind what color the living room is. Or how clean the carpet it. But gotta assume he enjoyed those Brussels. πŸ˜‰

  7. Thank you for a much-needed laugh on a crazy work-day. It’s also good to know that my husband isn’t the only one who has to deal with crazy crap from me… and I don’t even have the excuse of being pregnant! Embrace the crazy, Kelle. :)

  8. Laughed so hard I shook my four month old son sleeping on my chest. So relieved I’m not the only one who behaves this way. Thanks for being crazy and brave enough to share it. My husband may want to start a support group with Brett.

    Happy nesting! Sweet little fella isn’t gonna mind what color the living room is. Or how clean the carpet it. But gotta assume he enjoyed those Brussels. πŸ˜‰

  9. I still had training wheels in first grade. Sure, some kids have never let me forget it, but it doesn’t bum me out.

  10. FABulous post. Literally laughing out loud because I can so relate to being in the same mind frame at the end of my last pregnancy.

  11. I am cracking up, this is hilarious. I can’t imagine how you must have looked getting the mail with that mask on. Oh, good heavens. Your family is beautiful.

  12. That was hilarious…that is some serious nesting! I admit, I cleaned and organized and thought it normal when I woke up from a dream and HAD to scrub my garbage can…but wow, you are master nester!

  13. This was a funny read! I’ve never experienced nesting, as I don’t have babies, but it sounds interesting :-)

  14. Best Blog post ever!! Love your honesty…brussel sprouts at midnight though??? Whew, yep u preggers!

  15. I laughed so hard I woke the baby, but it was totally worth it. So funny!

  16. I’ve never commented before, but you are awesome! Totally been a crazy beast many times…still am and not even pregnant – but it’s great when we can laugh later. Good luck with baby #3!

  17. I just love your writing. Thanks for being wonderful :)

  18. Hilarious! I thought I was the nuttiest 8 month pregnant woman around! I forced my husband to move furniture for five hours on Sunday – back and forth – and ended up with everything where it started!

  19. I never nested. I did however have plenty of break downs over things like the fact that I couldn’t have a cherry coke (stupid gestational diabetes), and that I wanted my toes the perfect shade of pink for delivery day.

  20. You are soooo having that baby super soon!

  21. That was hilarious!! Now go to sleep :)

  22. This is hilarious! Now I know what I have to look forward to when I’m pregnant in the future :) Love the photos of your girls changing diapers on their dolls. Good practice :)


  23. loved reading your hormonal happenings :) makes me feel less crazy! not that i’m preggy…just regular, hormonal woman tendencies πŸ˜‰ haha

  24. Laughing out loud as I read this!! Also, very jealous. I am 11 weeks pregnant, and cleaning out one box exhausts me. I can’t wait for the last trimester crazy nesting energy!!

  25. My baby will be 3 weeks tomorrow (time is flying). Never once did the nesting urge hit me (but I could sure use it!).

    I think you got an overdose of nesting…. Dont be too tired before your little man arrives.

  26. I love this and can totally relate. I remember when I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant with the twins and my husband was deployed. I decided one day that I HAD TO organize the garage immediately. It was about 40 degrees out, so I had a big fan set up in the garage with the doors open, I wheeled out my office chair, and after a trip to the hardware store for shelving, which I then assembled, I organized our entire garage over about 4 days. Every day, I was out there with my fan blowing. The neighbors thought I’d lost my mind I’m sure. But it had to be done IMMEDIATELY.

  27. Oh, I hear ya!!! I’m due at the end of March and my crazy list just keeps on getting crazier. The other day, I felt like the kitchen cupboards HAD to be cleaned on top so, I stood on our counters and dusted above the counters….my husband wasn’t too pleased about me standing up there!
    Hang in there, you’re almost done!!!!

  28. Dude I’ve been dying watching your IG lately. You’re always popping up with some crazy crafty project. It’s actually pretty hilarious so thank you for sharing it with us! Also, can I say? Brett has some crazy, unlimited patience.

  29. Oh, little Nella is growing!!! She looks so big behind Lainey… Sweet girl.

    Paint at midnight… no biggie. Grow that baby boy! XOXO

  30. I was having a not-so-great day and this made me laugh out loud. Thank you! Just what I needed!

  31. i say let a pregnant woman rule the world. be president & do it all. that would be freakin’ awesome!! you could do it sister. you make me smile. love this!! ( :

  32. “Bizotch, drop the brussel sprouts. Put the paintbrush down. Go. To. Sleep.” Gotta love a friend who knows just the right words…LoL!

  33. hehehe, you crack me up :)

  34. Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one :) Due in March – our poor patient amazing hubs!! xoxo

  35. Oh, this is very funny! I wish I had a sliver of that crazy energy you have!

  36. HI-LAR-IOUS stories. Thanks for this peek into the crazy side of nesting.

  37. You made me laugh. Thank you. As for nesting, been there, done that, have a closet of crazy t-shirts. My best moment had to be when I was 39 weeks pregnant and decided that the fridge, at 11 PM, was a disgusting mess and needed to be taken apart and every piece scrubbed in the hottest water known to man, no exceptions. That was a *fun* time, man.

  38. I’m laughing! Best post ever. Lol, so relatable!

  39. Oh Honey, you just described me every single day. and I AM NOT PREGNANT. Sometimes you have to strike when the urge hits you. Take good care in growing that baby.

  40. I’m only 23 weeks along so I have not gotten to the crazy nesting stage yet. But I’ve been through it plenty of times before. It’s very real, and it can be awful (on those who surround us! lol)

  41. Oh my goodness, the hormones! I remember them well . . .

    Question for you . . . WHERE is that rug from that Lainey is kneeling on with her doll? It is exactly what I have been looking for to put in front of my kitchen sink!


  42. Pfffft. Now I *know* you’re fake. Nobody actually eats brussel sprouts. :-)

    LOL, in all honesty, I love your blog. I learn so many things from your story and the stories of your readers, but the main lesson I like to take from your blog is the *happy*. You give a lovely- not perfect, but true- model of happy.

  43. Ha! That is by far the best “end of pregnancy” story that I have ever heard. Love it!

    aka jam358 on IG

  44. This post mate me laugh so much Kelle, great story!

  45. What!? Sounds so perfectly and beautifully normal to me! But, really, echoing your BFF: get some rest, girl! New baby on the way…sleepless days and nights alert! :)

  46. I think part of the reason Lainey mothers like she does is because you model it for her so beautifully. I realize that we get to see the shiny, crafty, best-of-moments mommy life you live and that this is not all and no life is perfect every day, but I truly feel that peace, honesty and beauty reign in your home. Because it seems like you work damn hard to make sure that’s the childhood you’re creating for your littles to savor now and also to remember when life gets older and harder. It inspires me to be better everyday that I get to read your adventures and your craft projects and your quiet reflections. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  47. God bless your husband! LOL! I could eat Nella up in these pictures!

  48. I seriously sat at my desk and laughed out loud at this! God Bless your husband! He is a good man! I didn’t have may babies until my 40’s and I think my hormones were flatlined, because other than a need for new tupperware….I never did the nesting thing. I kept waiting and it never came. But don’t think my poor husband has been spared….I freak out every year right before Chirstmas and I need to purge. I go so far as to take time off work…keep the kids in daycare and then schedule myself into project oblivion. This year was the guest/craft/wrapping room. It was EPIC!!!! No need for pregnancy for this sister to declare her craziness….but I sure do love reading yours. Enjoy these final weeks. I’m totally done ever having babies again…but I sure do love the season of creating new lives. Sooo awesome!

  49. I am due in two and a half weeks and you perfectly described me. I work all week so I am useless then, but I have 20000 million projects each weekend that I work myself into a frenzy over.

  50. you. are. amazing.

    amazing mom, amazing writer.
    amazing energy. just amaze.

    now sit down.

    xo – heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  51. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love you anymore, along comes this post…

  52. Hi Kelly! I’m also due in a few weeks! Too funny about your yoga pants because I have these great pair I’m planning on wearing home…except there so dang comfy that I keep taking them out of the bag and wearing during the day and every time I think what if its time and these are dirty! I guess there could be worse things. I agree go to sleep while you still can!

  53. that was all kinds of levels of crazy, but so hilarious!! thank you for the laughs, that was a good start to my day today =D

  54. Kelle, how do you always know when my nanny babies are having a bat shit day, thus I am having a bat shit cray cray day and need a laugh?!?! They are staring at my like I’m a lunatic because I can’t stop laughing picturing Brett’s exhausted face and your crazy, beautiful mama self losing your shit in the middle of the night. Thanks for this!! XOXO

  55. Kelle, I’m not even prego (not even close!) and I am a crazy nesting woman all the time! I’m nervous for what is going to happen when I’m actually going to prepare for a baby! I love that it’s happening to you too! :)

  56. You made me laugh so hard and I needed it. Nesting is awesome in some ways because you can get so much done but maddening in other ways because it makes you do crazy things like painting walls at midnight while roasting veggies.

  57. that smiling picture of Nella. She looks just like you there :)
    Please please please get some rest…. okay?…….please?

  58. That’s a good man you have there!

  59. OH my. Lovin your life. Lainey’s own doll creation is really good, she has many talents. My 5 year old does not know how to ride a bike yet and it really bothers me, and I am not nesting. Although I did not bring it to the hubs attention at some random moment either =) LOVE YOU Kelle. Can not wait for that little precious to join all of our lives. xo

  60. Oh, you’re funny! I wish I had half your energy.

  61. THIS! This should be required reading for all preggos and their significant others…when I went crazy-nesting at the nd of both of my pregnancies, my poor husband was so confused. But, like Brett and most good husbands, he just smiled and went along with my need to move around the nursery furniture a million times and to clean out and organize every drawer and closet in our home. Love this post!

    Absolutely in love with the photo of Nella with the flower dress, red shoes and the “popcorn” popper toy!

    Also, get one rest. :)


  62. hahahahahaha. i love you. this is me right now and i can laugh about it sometimes and then i think i’m all good, laughing about it, and then i cry again. but i bet your house is lookin’ fly!

  63. I have to laugh how pregnancy makes women! I mowed the lawn the day before I gave birth to my son. It’s crazy what you think HAS to get done. Good for Heidi and Brett knowing how to calm the nesting waters. Heed their advice and relax:)

  64. Kelle,
    I do believe a baby boy is about to be born! The brussels sprouts and painting at midnight was a real tip off.

    Love,love, love this post!

  65. Look at your blog constantly. Have you ever thought of working with Band of Angels? (http://www.bandofangels.com/) It is an organization which was created by a mother of a son with down syndrome. They used to make greeting cards with beautiful photos of people with and without disabilities… your photos would be perfect!

  66. I never really nested with my daughter but I did repaint all the trim in my house at 38 weeks with my son. Most be something in the boy genes! So excited to see this little man of yours soon :)

  67. Toooo funny! Thanks for sharing. And, absolutely loved your last post. I have been thinking about you and your son, and how he is almost here! I put pregnancy in the same category as ‘fleeting moments’ even though it is 9 months long…it is so treasured & gone in the blink of an eye. I just went and held a little bit of heaven today, for my nephew was just born one day ago.
    Tejas hugs,

  68. Oh my gosh. I was laughing and had to read word for word ot my husband. He was laughing before I made it throught the fist night. You are so funny. I hope you get some rest in between the nesting. Can’t wait to see this little baby,

  69. whoops sent before I was ready:

    Toooo funny! Thanks for sharing. And, absolutely loved your last post. I have been thinking about you and your son, and how he is almost here! I put pregnancy in the same category as ‘fleeting moments’ even though it is 9 months long…it is so treasured & gone in the blink of an eye. I just went and held a little bit of heaven today, for my nephew was born just one day ago.

    Prayers from Tejas for a beautiful and safe delivery Kelle,

  70. Man this post cracked me up. Cracked.me up. I have a friend who is pregnant right now and I swear she has a screw loose too. Hormones make you nuts. I should know I get that way just with pms! Now I must google roasted brusswl sprouts and run to Lowes for succulents!

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. LOL!!! Same old blog! I love that it hasn’t changed or at least that it is changing with you, of course, but it is still the same sweet writing! And…….”we” are working on the bike thing too! Love reading your pages and feeling like I’ve just had the same frustrations and laughs!!

  73. You are freakin hilarious. I am two weeks behind you with my third pregnancy as well, and I can totally say “Amen, sista”. You roll with the punches and take what comes, cause when baby is here you’re gonna look back and think “Man, I got so much done then!”. Hugs and an warm thoughts to you in these final days! xo

  74. loved reading this. Nella is getting so big…she looks like a kid not a baby any longer. I am noticing the same thing in Ruthie (My 3 year old), boy is it heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. I love your blog and have been following for years. Thanks for sharing.

  75. I hope you can get good sleep the rest of the month. I am not even pregnant but I act so psycho so often. I keep waiting to wake up outside one morning where Gary has deposited me after ANOTHER psychotic episode. And I would totally deserve it.

    The pictures are beautiful. I love the babies God has given you. And I love how you love them. You are a great Mom and a beautiful person.

  76. Girl, I can relate! I’m having this baby on Friday and I’d rather get 4 hours of sleep and scrub baseboards than sit on a lily pad with jasmine tea.

  77. Omg, so funny. You are absolutely hilarious. Brett is a saint. Heidi, +1!

  78. My pot handles have to all face to the right too… But I have nothing like your excuse x

  79. hormones are cray! and i have no real knowledge on the subject, but i remember watching something or reading something about how john travolta’s son died and that the disease he had(kawasaki disease) could possibly be caused from the chemicals in carpet cleaners. google it. kawasaki disease and carpet cleaning.

  80. You are hilarious! Seriously I was laughing so hard!!!

  81. Those hormones. Dude, who knew that you had a 6th gear. I’m glad to see that you didn’t crochet a new blanket and compose a symphony while making sprouts, paintng, and not sleeping. Thank God for good friends and patient men. You need to find a gold star and stick it on Brett’s shirt. He earned it this week. Yeah, he earned the one that’s full of gold sparkles too!

    You crack me up. (Oh but how I forget how I was a nesting, organizing fool that bordered on compulsive when I was preggers).

  82. I get manic surges like this from time to time, usually late at night. But I don’t have pregnancy hormones to explain it. But I say go with it, ride that pony till it gets ya to the stables! Or…something.

    I think the last photo with the L arms pushing the happy N steals the prize.


  83. Kelle….
    I did not receive “Bloom” for Christmas as I’d hoped. However!! I bought it today!! I cannot wait to read “Bloom”!! ;-D
    Okay. I have not read this Blog post yet. I should get crackin’ on that!! πŸ˜‰

  84. My babies are 19 and 23 but I remember those days like it was yesterday! My dear husband found me in the middle of the night standing (as well as you can at 38+ weeks) on the couch trying to hang curtains. Why? Because! It had to be done NOW!!

    Oh how I miss those days, experiencing that crazy mama bear power! There is nothing you can compare it to. The human body is truly amazing-scary but amazing!

    Enjoy these last days and may your son’s birth be as much of a blessing as your first two were!

  85. lol – don’t feel too badly! At least, don’t feel alone! Just before I had Isla, Tahd was doing all the laundry. That alone should have stopped me – my husband did ALL the laundry. Without complaint! But no, I noticed there was a little extra static in the laundry and asked him about it. He said he’d been splitting the dryer sheets in half because he thought a whole sheet was overkill. I promptly lost my $h!t and informed him it was NOT overkill, and I set about REWASHING the laundry he had “destroyed.” That wasn’t even enough for me, though, because I began ransacking the closets and drawers looking for clean laundry that *might* be a little extra staticky and washed all of that, too. In the end, I washed approximately 9 loads of ENTIRELY CLEAN laundry! Craziness! The good news is Isla was born in a week! Hang in there!

    Oh, and Gabe doesn’t know how to ride a 2-wheeler yet, either, and he’s 8…

  86. Oh I so love this post – you have a great sense of humor. This is totally the sort of thing I would do in that late pregnancy state , actually I do this sort of stuff when I am way overtired and just need to sleep. Happy nesting and hope you manage a little more rest.

  87. Hon I was the same.. My hubs woke at 5.30am to find me painting the hallway, I was 8.5 months and get this cause I’d been banned from using the ladder by him I was standing on…. A swivel chair!!!! Hormones make us MAD I tell ya!!

  88. Heidi and Brett are angels. And you really should sleep some more :).
    I have weeks like that. I change fornitures, paint frames, try new recipes everyday. But I’m not pregnant, it’s just that my exams are coming and I don’t feel ready at all.

    So I think I should go to study as much as you should go to sleep.

    But I’m going to ski right now. Yeah.

    Best wishes for the weekend
    a 17-year-old girl with a pair of ski

  89. aw bless you and your crazy pregnant brain. I have so been there. Heidi is right! Sleep while you can lovely lady xxx

  90. Lol, you’re hilarious!! Poor Brett. Thanks for not being afraid to share the real stuff with us. You need to relax, mama! You will need all your energy for your little one coming!

  91. HAHAHAH! Kelli you are AWESOME in it’s most stunning state..pregnant! Your husband is a mench! Keep on keepin on, I love it all! P.S. I have been mama-ing and cloth diapering for 23 yrs. off and on. If you ever have any questions about them just email me. I’m the one who posted the greenline diapers on your FB wall. my other faves are softbums! Good luck and blessings on your impending labor and delivery!! I wish you every good thing!

  92. Hormones are just a girl’s best friend (and her hubby’s), aren’t they? During my last week of pregnancy this past summer, one day I cried the entire way to the doctor and then begged her to break my water…lack of sleep…so bad! If you can get it, take it sista!

    PS…I know how you love dolls…I think you need to know about this website!!!!! They are adorable!!!

  93. LOL that was hilarious, thanks for making my morning :)

  94. Isn’t it amazing how thes little babies have control over our body before ever entering the world? In a GREAT way!!! Good luck Mamma.

  95. I miss nesting, that’s the only time things got done. Just don’t get your carpets cleaned, there has been some research lately that professionally cleaned carpets are not good for babies to lie on. Good Luck!

  96. I’m right there with you. If we don’t get the lawn in order in Feburary, the world will probably end.

  97. I wanted to burst out laughing and give you a hug at the same time while reading this post, Kelle! I am almost 6 months pregnant and experiencing some of the same ‘crazy woman/pregnancy hormones/nesting syndrome’ symptoms you talked about in this post. The other day, I think my poor hubby really thought I was going to kill him. I feel like I just have SO many things to get done, I can’t calm down. I have been up past 11 every night because I just can’t sleep until I get my to do lists checked off. I know I need to just calm down and relax a bit – I need a friend like Heidi to tell me what to do:) Loving following you along this journey and can’t wait to meet your precious boy!

  98. Kelle, thank you. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my 5th. I am homeschooling and MIGHTY SICK. I have so much whirling in my head that I want to do but can’t seem to get done. I picture my next two trimesters much like yours. I am so grateful that you are right with us. This mommy baby magical woman thing is hard and we’re lucky that we have someone to ride the waves with us.

  99. These pictures are too much cuteness for one post.
    I so hear you with the crazy nesting hormones. Get Some Sleep like Heidi said.
    To make you feel better – when I was at the end of my 1st pregnancy, we went to the store to pick out some last things for her nursery. My husband saw some glow in the dark stars and thought they were great. I burst out sobbing in the middle of the store and yelled at him, “Do you want to get a nice tapestry and hang it on her wall? Maybe some beads for the doorway? This is NOT COLLEGE, Brian! OMG, how can I possibly have a baby with you – you still haven’t grown up.” And yes, that is an exact quote.

  100. I LOVE this post so much!!! We can be all sorts of ridiculous. Really, really funny!!! Thanks for sharing.

  101. You know we totally need that recipe for brussel sprouts now, right?? That sounds SO delish!! And also, of course, you make me smile and your babies make my heart happy! :)

  102. Ha this was the best post ever!! I was laughing so loud and so hard my dog started looking at me funny and the cat ran away..Thanks for the great laugh this morning! We’ve all been there!

  103. Mumford and Sons, a ETST post about nesting, pregnancy makes for this girl’s hormonal tears and lots of cleaning. Isn’t pregnancy fun.

  104. Been there with the crazies right before delivery. Silly me decided stripping wall paper was a good idea. Hmmmm, maybe that’s why I went into labor early.
    Loved the pics.

  105. Dying laughing. Soooo funny.

  106. So funny and oh, do I remember those days. Your husband is a doll. Thanks for sharing your story.

  107. I needed this. It has been one heck of a week for me. I am not enjoying the little things and enjoying my Jesus moments with my family. Lainey made a beautiful doll all by herself. What a big girl.

  108. I like you. A lot. But for the love of God, woman, stop painting so much!! Don’t you know chemicals and pregnancy don’t mix!! Seriously!

  109. Gorgeous, Gorgeous!

  110. Brett is a saint!! Too funny. Best of luck with these last few days – enjoy every minute.

  111. I think every woman who has ever been pregnant can relate to the hilarious tale you just told. We all go through the “nesting” in one way or another. You will get through this and so will he. Try to relax and rest though because let me tell you (as a mom of 4) adding the third kid is going to throw you for a loop and you need to be EXTRA rested to prepare for it!

    Oh and just a side note suggestion…My recommendation for teaching Lainey to ride a 2 wheeler is this- Buy a Balance bike- Here is a link to one, although there are many options on the market-


    While living in Germany we saw most kids aged 2-6 on these bikes and so we decided to buy one. Our last 2 kids have started on the balance bikes at around 3. Then at 5 we bought them a regular bike without training wheels. Literally we put them on the bike, gave them a little push and they were riding on their own. No running behind them for miles while they learn to balance. So easy and a lot less frustrating! I will never use training wheels with any of my other kids and will always start them with the balance bike. The thing about the balance bike is that they learn to balance on a bike without the frustration of having to peddle too. It allows them to put their feet down when they start to lose their balance and they are much less nervous because they have all of the control. Then once they have the balance thing down it is no problem adding the peddling because they have already been doing that for years on tricycles. Just a suggestion but it just may be the perfect option for Lainey!

  112. *laughing* (with you, of course).

  113. Girl, you are HILARIOUS!
    my girls learned to ride bikes at 6.5 and almost NINE, yes 9 years OLD!
    it’s all good! xoxo
    get some SLEEP sistah!!!

  114. As crazy a that – and this – sounds, I’m jealous. The nesting thing never hit me, and when I went to the hospital six weeks ago I left a messy house and an unfinished To Do list. It’s been hell.

  115. Oh.My. WORD.
    Isn’t life just like that?????? We are such broken, fragile human beings and being made to love in such HUGE amounts and then turn around and LIVE life in all it’s force is amazing. Nest away, baby, nest away…I think your sweet husband totally gets it.

  116. Awww… Any pregnant mama can relate and it’s so great to laugh at – after the fact.
    I remember while in my throws of nesting, I HAD to scour along the entire perimeter of my kitchen, under the baseboards using only an old toothbrush and a bucket of hot water mixed with vinegar. I was adamant it all had to be done immediately! Also, the 7.5 months pregnant, snarky comment I made to my husband, “It’s all about YOU!! Isn’t it??” When he tried to use the keyless remote to unlock our car as we approached the vehicle. He managed to unlock the driver side just fine but my passenger door was still locked; thus, the venomous comment that spewed out of my mouth. Needless to say, that last one still makes us laugh!

  117. SOOO Funny! It isn’t even all hormones, we adopted our baby and I still had CRAZY nesting impulses! I am someone who would paint the living room at 11:30 at night without a baby on the way!

  118. Not even kidding, I am telling my husband to read this post when he gets home! Haha! LOVED it! I laughed out loud, and nodded, and even got teary! I can so relate. Totally. I’ve had 3 babies and honestly, I can act as crazy as they come. And cry about NOTHING!

  119. I have 3 things to say in between laughter:
    1. eating brussell sprouts at midnight is not so weird
    2. I had the same conversation with my husband about my daughter being unable to ride a bike… or tie a shoelace… or swim… so… i feel ya
    3. Brett is a good, good man

    i lied – its 4 things … and you are a totally normal and wonderful mom :)

    back to laughing now…

  120. You are hilarious, your girls are amazing and your husband is a saint!!! Can I get that Brussel sprout recipes, sound delish πŸ˜‰

  121. Please watch out for PPD. Baby boys make mommas hormones go crazy! Get lots of sleep and dream of that sweet little boy. Sending love and prays your way!

  122. I can’t believe I was your first commenter!! :) YIPPEEE!! I don’t know why this makes me so happy, but it does!!!! Love reading your blog :) Cheers, Kelle!

  123. I just realized it…you are my girl crush!

    For shiz, this is awesome. It made my day.

  124. Kelle….
    Alright, I read this Blog post!! I am torn by two responses. Poor, poor, hormonal pregnant you. And…. Crack. Me. Up!! πŸ˜‰
    Oh, and one more thing. I think I’m in love with your husband!! Hee, hee, hee…. ;-D

  125. This was so real and so wonderful.

  126. This is too funny! Ya know, the definition of “nesting” to to “rid the house, the ‘nest’, from anything potentially harmful to the soon to be born child.” You, my dear, were simply ridding the house of brussel sprouts and paint. Totally logical!

    Best of luck in the coming weeks. Can’t wait to see your new little bundle :)

  127. That was just priceless, I laughed so much and just had to share it with my husband, ( who has not known a wife pregnant) and he was in wonder as to if it really occurred; all this crazy nesting hormonal women stuff.
    I assured him it did! But he is safe we are past all that in our lives :)
    Best Wishes for the safe arrival of your little one x

  128. Oh my god, I couldn’t stop laughing. I am 36 weeks and can totally relate. It is so nice to know that I am not the only one who is one big mess of hormones.

  129. This post, along with the ‘peanut’ post, had me laughing so hard tonight!!! HYSTERICAL! You also managed to make Brussels sprouts sound delicious, and I’ve never liked them!! Ha! So excited for you and your family as you await the arrival of your little guy!!

  130. This post made me giggle at work today. I been there more then I would like to admit! I painted my bathroom on night at like 1 in the morning….. and did the whole thing!

  131. I stop by and read a lot, but don’t comment.

    I am pregnant with our third child, another boy and due in May. We have a ton of stuff to do around the house.

    My parents and grandmother moved in with us last July, which facilitated a round of moving bedrooms (ours from downstairs to up). Grandma passed away at 84 in October, so now we’re moving the eldest two back downstairs and moving our bookshelves and desks back across the hall so the upstairs is part master bedroom/nursery and office (where I’ll finally have my own desk and my easel back!). But that also involves cleaning the basement, which we’re turning into a play area for the boys…sigh.

    Anyway, I read this entry and called my husband over.

    “Read this,” I said. Commanded, really. “Learn from the wise man named Brett.”

  132. I seriously couldn’t love this post any more. You are so cool! I love your writing style. I love your honesty. That was great. Feel good, Momma.

  133. This blog post was just a delight! Thank you for your honesty. Where is Lainey’s shirt from? I adore that quote so very much! I’m fairly certain she is learning how to fly from you. Thinking of you in Annapolis, MD.

  134. omg, I die. you are hilarious!!

  135. Holy hell….this is freaking hilarious! You have the best husband in the world. Hands down.

  136. I loved reading about your crazy nesting!

    A follow-up to the “balance bike” comment above – When our oldest son was five we removed the pedals and lowered the seat of his bike so he could touch with both feet while sitting on the seat. We live on a culdesac with a gentle slope, so he could coast down the hill and learn to balance and steer without much danger. He had it down within a couple days and we put the pedals back on. Then we gradually raised the seat to the normal height over the course of a few months.

    Blessings to your family!

  137. Your posts always make me smile….now get some rest πŸ˜‰

  138. As I hold my cup of hot tea, memories of the past 5 pregnancies and births come flooding back to me. I shook with laughter at your nesting stories, and can totally relate. Enjoy this month, mama, before you’re smitten with your fresh sweet baby and could care less about smudges. Nest your heart out and bless your husband. =)

  139. Love this post! I know exactly how you felt!! I have done similar.

  140. That last picture of Nella is absolutely beautiful!! I love everything about it. B&W, trees, swings, and above all, the SMILE! How do you get anything done when she has a smile like that?? :-)

    Hope you get lots of rest this weekend.

  141. Kelle! You crack me up!! Oh my goodness! May I be as productive for three days sometime soon. Enjoy that adorable belly. And thanks for the inspiration to redo my own photo collage (love your photo tips!) and ‘stuff’ in my house-I too am striving to only keep and display things I love!

  142. My girls don’t know how to ride bikes without training wheels yet, and they are 11 and 8 years old. It used to make me feel ashamed, like I’d totally screwed up this parenting MUST, but I’ve changed my mind about it. They’ll learn. When they want to. When we aren’t doing other awesome things.

  143. This may be the funniest thing I have ever read. I think I have may finally found someone with a brain like mine. I love this and your blog! (and your beautiful new baby, congratulations!)

  144. I’m late getting to this post, but somehow I found your site and this made me laugh so hard. I’m 36 weeks now and was just like “oh honey, you have to read this. see it’s not just me.” (to my husband, God love him.) Thanks for a laugh.

  145. I’m so glad I found this as I take a break from scrubbing every vertical surface in the kitchen. I’m 39.5 weeks and pretty sure this baby (#3) is coming tomorrow based on what’s going on and experience from my previous pregnancies. Today I looked around the house and thought “I don’t want anyone to come feed the cat when there’s this many dishes!” And then, I just kept finding dirt while I happened to be holding a sponge. If it wasn’t for my 2 year old needing the potty I probably wouldn’t have stopped to realize I have a backache. :)

  146. Hi… I just found your blog–this lovely and inspiring post, and wanted to comment; something I rarely do with the amount of blogs out there… but whenever I see a post so inspiring and uplifting as this, I have to leave a comment… πŸ˜‰ Love, caring, loving, blessings to you all!


  147. Your brussel sprouts sound delicious. This post made me cry. I think I am crying because I am so happy that you get to be a mom to three little muffins. I might be crying because I wish my little muffin still loved me. He is 15 now and he hates everything I say and do. We have had Sabriah with us all year, and I love her so much, but she hates everything I say and do too. I wish they were little again. I wish someone liked me.

    But, back to you : ). I am happy for the beautiful family God gave you. I love how much you share. You are definitely one of my favorite writers.

    Love, Becky (Lover of mechanical pencils, brusell sprouts and nice children)

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