Friday Enjoying:

Our back woods drenched in the light of sunset.  Stripey boots.  Weed bouquets.  Daddies who hold babies tight.  Fridays.  Blueberry streusel toast.  Digging through the car console to find enough change for drive-through coffee splurges.  Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers. Fresh-from-the-dryer laundry.  Toddler morning hair.  Swishy skirts. Fireplace weather.  New colored pencils. Googling mountain cabins for summer road trip dreams. Middle-of-the-night baby hiccups.  Red lipstick. 













Locals, join us if you can tomorrow for The Writer’s Domain, a Barnes and Noble signing event, at Waterside Shops in Naples, that will benefit First Book of Collier (making sure disadvantaged families in our community have books for their children).  I’ll be joining other local authors including Karna Bodman, Ben Bova, Michael Connors, Robin Cook, Barbara King, James Lilliefors and Margaret Cardillo.  I’d love to meet you!


What’s making you happy today?



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  1. Ahhh…I love your life

  2. This seems like so much fun to me Kelle. You and your little family are so awesome.

  3. Its Friday and I get a long weekend to spend with my kiddos!!

    Also enjoying the beauty of toddler talk, when my son opens his mouth it always puts a smile on my face. His new one is when I am telling him something he doesn’t want to hear he puts both his arms up and shrugs his shoulders and says, “I don’t understand you…” or ” I don’t understand that…” and goes about his business. To cute…..

  4. In the midst of a hard family situation and being away at college while it is all going on, my happiness just came in the form of a phone call from a friend. a completely precious friend from high school who called randomly. we sat on the phone and laughed over old memories. that’s a gift. and perfect timing.

  5. every time i see people “enjoying” or wearing red lipstick (and pulling it off), i can’t help but give a shout out to my sister-in-law who has a make-up company where 10% of each sale goes to organizations fighting human trafficking. Check out http://www.belovely.com! Her signature red is “Constance”

  6. A much anticipated girls weekend with my college besties!

  7. Watching my daughter chase a chicken at a petting zoo. She is 15 months old and calls every animal kitty. I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I think I may have to pick up some blueberry strusel bread. That sounds amazing!

  8. Finally seeing the sun, the cool crisp winter air, thundersnow (even though we didn’t get the snow, it was neat to hear thunder in january), my baby’s laughter.

  9. Not sure where your road trip is taking you, but I just stayed at Mountain Springs Cabins outside Asheville, NC for New Years. It was MAGICAL. 13 log cabins along a stream, across from a farm…hammocks and bonfires and front porches with swings, oh my. So charming!

  10. What a perfect Friday! I love your weather. Those fox boots are the cutest.

    We had a hard week. Really hard. So, today I am happy it is Friday! I am happy the sickness is leaving our house little by little. I am happy for a night with nothing to do.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. I love moments like these. Where it’s just the family – just hanging out and enjoying each other. Life truly is good, isn’t it? Happy Friday!

  12. Kelle….
    I am enjoying…. Your Blog!! Keep writing it!! 😉
    What is making me happy today? Vanilla scented lotion. Spending quality time with my mutt, Rose. Being home, as we have been seemingly busy lately. ;-D

  13. Today is my oldest daughter’s 10th birthday. That has been keeping me smiling all day!

  14. The biggest happy for me right now is that my husband is here. No deployments looming. WOOT!

    My little one is Autistic and is blooming beautifully at pre-school!

    My teenager finally “gets” Geometry!

    We are having a lovely week!

  15. My 3yr old daughter ripping my hair out while she puts my hair in a “bun”. I sit perfectly still while she says “Mom, hold your head still”! Friday night garbage bread & pinot grigio awaits me as soon as her Daddy gets home from work and we settle into 3 whole days together.

  16. This is off topic but I love the simplicity and cuteness of your daughter’s little clippies. Are they just fabric glued on? And did you do it yourself or purchase them from somewhere? Thank you! I so enjoy your blog.

  17. Going to Long Island for the long weekend to see my dad, who is amazingly strong after a fall on his head from a 12 foot roof, 9 weeks ago today! THAT is what is making me happy!

  18. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog for a while and I have immensely enjoyed your stories and pics. Just wanted to share with you that tomorrow I will see my grandchildren (3 and 5) for the first time after awaiting almost 5 years for this moment. I am so full of joy and anticipation.

  19. Such a happy little Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  20. I’m in North Dakota, where it will be -20 degrees tomorrow. And I am SO happy about it! Making snow cream, snow angels, and just enjoying life in general :)

  21. Love this… and I love the fact that just six short months after saying goodbye to the baby in my womb I’d already grown to love, I’m loving another and beginning to feel kicks! I love the resiliency and strength of people, of mothers, and how much we are stretched by our loves for our kids! Holding my growing belly now, and thankful for another chance. :)

    ~Tabitha Blue

  22. This is a blog I loved. The birth story, your lovely photos. I donated the last two years to NDSS. And then, something tipped. The frequent sponsor driven posts maybe? The Christmas post about donations and feeling that “shining your flashlight” was more important than actual tangible charity (especially contradictory considering you ask your readers to donate to the NDSS fund (which, again – let me say I applaud and contribute to, but surely you must see the irony?)). And then, today’s instagram. How you feel it is appropriate for you to post full-frontal naked photos of your daughter. Who is not a baby. No matter how many onesies you dress her in she is a little girl. A three year old girl. Who is only a few short years from being school aged and then a teenager. We don’t “own” our children. We are not allowed to do whatever we please with them. We are charged with raising them. Caring for them. How in your mama-bear persona do you think exploiting your young child for “likes” on instagram is okay? Do you truly not think that maybe her privacy is something your should protect. Her image is already splashed all over the internet, can’t bath time be sacred? I am not suggesting that the photo itself is inappropriate. Its an adorable picture of your daughter enjoying a fun treat of ice cream in the tub. But shared with your twenty-thousand instagram followers? That is creepy. You may choose to put your life out there, but doesn’t she get to decide if she wants the same thing?

  23. So happy to have joined my 6yearold’s class on a field trip to view the eagles in our neighborhood. Happy for coffee/hot choco dates with my 3yearold after. Happy for our rainbow maker casting prism light around and around my office as I read and write!

  24. Writting soul deepening blog posts, fabulous went-too-long-for-my-hour-lunch-break lunch dates with my best friend, free coffee with my bag of beans, seeing people smile and the fact that it’s Friday. Just to name a few. Happy Friday, Kelle!! Have a fabulous weekend. Love the “woods” shots. And daddy’s holding babies is one of my all time favorite things! Peace, love, happiness and kindness! Keep on enjoying. :)

  25. Haven’t seen any red lipstick here. I was interested 😀

    Really envious of you hammock, but I have snow and mountains :)

    A 17-year-old girl who’s studying for her first university exam :)

  26. Kelle…after reading Suzanne’s comment I was appalled at how people can be so judgmental and negative. I am sorry that through your sharing of your life through this blog and instagram, you come across such people. I hope they don’t dim your light or stop you from doing exactly what you do. You make such a positive impact on so many people and I am thankful for it.

    I feel a need to share a quote with Suzanne… “You are not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor should you feel the world must live up to your” – F. Perl

  27. enjoying: snow outside the window, hot cocoa by the fire, wool socks on top of cozy brown leggings, kitty cats who burrow their little heads under my neck………. <3

  28. Today I am loving….
    … learning how to break out of my shell
    … the process of reinventing myself professionally (adding “writer” to my resume and following up on a job lead
    … registering for a writing workshop with Cheryl Strayed this summer (so excited & terrified & really freakin excited!)
    … the sun shining warm rays
    Today was a very good day.
    Happy weekend!

  29. What’s making me happy is getting to spend all my time with my sweet 2 month old baby girl :)

  30. To Soaking Up The Happy Life — If my comment encourages her to stop exploiting her child with personal photos of HER body, than I’m perfectly comfortable with “dimming her light”.

  31. i love Nella’s fox slippers … so cute. wonder if they make them for adults? they made me smile. precious!! great times in the forest. so fun!! ( :

  32. Lunch at Friendly’s with my girl Kay and Happy Endings sundaes!

    Have a GREAT weekend Hampton family! Hey Nella, I love your fox slippers! And Lainey, those striped boots are RAD!

  33. Enjoying a snow day in North Carolina, complete with making cupcakes with my kiddos and a little friend and listening to little people plan the most fabulous puppet show that will debut in twenty minutes. That is bliss.

  34. Nella’s fox boots and bloomers cracked me up. My smile for the day!



  35. The warmth of the Arizona sunshine! And the beautiful mountains! And the blue sky! And the smiles of those adorable Hampton girls! Happy Weekend!

  36. note to God: please put some woods like these behind my mansion in heaven. thanks :)


  37. Funny–I was wishing you’d post about a book signing next weekend when we’re at our Naples condo. I would love to meet you someday when we are there. Sounds like a great cause and bless you for devoting time to it! Kids books are such an enjoyment, and all kids deserve to have them.

    Making me happy–always–Miles and Emma. Throwing a 4th birthday party tomorrow. Florida sunshine on the way in a few days. A rare get away with my husband.

  38. When I was younger, we had a backyard very similar to this! And my siblings and I would play for endless hours building forts and playing make-belief. Your girls are lucky to have the same!



    I know someone has already asked but please do tell me, where oh where did you find those?!? MUST.HAVE.FOR.MY.LITTLE.

  40. the new baby is a boy…right?

    I envy the girl who gets Nella’s hand-me-downs!

  41. I just love your blog. :) I, too, get a full heart by enjoying the little things in life. Your list made me smile and think of my own. Love my little moments with my family. They rock my world!! :)

    Thanks for all of your photography info. My husband bought me a Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas and I am loving it! My kids think I have joined the paparazzi. Hee, hee. They are loving too.

    Enjoy your weekend with your precious family.

  42. Making me happy… the twins learning the alphabet; after nap snuggles from the baby; goodbye kisses from my husband; and a new book for me- The Light Between Oceans. Bring on the weekend!

  43. Where do the fox bootees come from? My 4 year old son would love some!

  44. your list made me happy… i try to write down my gratitudes everyday and i just love the simple joys of the day- like you! today one of mine was that my boss was away and i got to sneak a bit of time to read your blog! haha

  45. One of my students reading for the first time, and turning on music and having a dance party in the classroom to celebrate!!!!

  46. Your post today made me happy! Also, I blogged about how important breastfeeding is to me. Made me feel good to throw a bit of myself out there. :) Have a fabulous weekend.

  47. Nella looks so grown up to me in these photos! :)

  48. Baby hiccups!! I have not thought of that in ages – my daughter seemed to hiccup constantly!!

    My happy thoughts are: finally completing a major project (hurray!), spending time with far-away friends this weekend, and seeing the joy that the simplest things bring my 3 y.o. – like jumping over every.single.sidewalk.crack. I was tired and my feet hurt, but I did it with her! Happy weekend to you and to all who find a little extra joy in this space.

  49. I love nellas pigtail braids. So dang cute.

    And what makes me happy is Skype dates with the hubby who is deployed overseas and playing dress up in put new talent show booth my 4yr old got for Christmas.

  50. Those fox booties! Beyond cute!! Sunshine is making me happy today…and snow. My girls had a snow day. Yay!

  51. You have such a sweet family. My happiness for this day..knowing I get a three day weekend. That give me an extra full day to work on my daughter’s wedding invitations. Knowing I get to lounge around in my comfy cozy cloths and watch a movie with the family..and football on Sunday!

  52. Ahhh, a hammock! I’m jealous. Also, I adore Nella’s fox boots.

    Today I’m enjoying:
    The fact that it’s Friday (hello weekend!)
    the thought of a date night with fiancee tomorrow
    Videos of my baby nephew walking with a push cart
    The thought of sleeping in tomorrow
    Thinking about future baby due in September

  53. Those foxy boots are awesome! What made me happy today? I popped into a portait studio on a whim and my girl did everything the lady asked of her with a beaming smile, the pictures were about as stinking cute as you can get. And then watching Lady and the Tramp 2 with my kiddos before bed and my 4 year old son was choking back tears when Scamp’s family was pining for his lost dog. This kid is so full of compassion and love and it makes me so proud.

  54. Kelle- Just gotta say again that your girlies are so cute!! Nella turns pages just like my Jenna used to :) And I have to encourage you to “rise” above the negative comments that get thrown in your direction…you do a great job!!

  55. Oh lordy I am just loving those boots! Perfect for running through the pine needles! And Nella’s funny little foxes…adorablely topped with flowers and stripes..does it get any better? Why yes it does, in the womb hiccups! Been 31 yrs. since I’ve had a baby in me with hiccups, but it seems likes yesterday..always thought that was kinda funny feeling that little hiccup. Yea I miss it. Its wonderful to watch how you treasure those sweet little moments!!!

  56. Loving today…having my girl wake me up at 5:30, a good cup of joe after my girl wakes me up at 5:30, finishing a financial aid form, and glowing in the relief of getting Miss A’s schooling ironed out for next fall. That alone is a relief and a victory.

  57. Loving today…having my girl wake me up at 5:30, a good cup of joe after my girl wakes me up at 5:30, finishing a financial aid form, and glowing in the relief of getting Miss A’s schooling ironed out for next fall. That alone is a relief and a victory.

  58. LOVE impractical jokers!! Finish every episode in tears!! Hysterical!!!

  59. LOVE those stripy wellies. Also Nella’s tights/leggings/whatever they are. Such fun!
    J x

  60. Honestly, how do you do it! I’m 10 weeks pregnant with my second and between the constant 24/7 nausea and the tiredness I can barely get dressed in the morning.. I think I need some of your zest :)

    I’m loving, Nella’s little fox slippers, my little man currently watching morning cartoons in his pj’s, warm de-caff tea, the fact we are currently in the middle of a freak snow storm but we’re warm inside :)

    I hope you have a great weekend and how I wish I lived close enough to come to the signing! That damn Atlantic Ocean is in the way though! x

  61. I just got Bloom out of the library in Canberra, Australia and really enjoying tears and laughs and your amazing writing. Thank you for making this and bless you for making it available to all of us.

  62. Folding laundry. Funny but as I sat on my bed last night folding our six loads of laundry, the monotany and mundaneness of the task melted away. Instead I was filled with a deep gratitude for our three healthy girls, the love that weaves through us and our good fortune to have recently moved back closer to family. It was a very good way to end my day. I even managed to put it all away; and that never happens!
    Wondrous weekend wishes to you.

  63. I’d forgotten about baby hiccups when they’re still in your tummy…oh yes, happy funny memory! We’ve finally got a sprinkling of snow here in Kent, UK so have been busy this morning enjoying sledging down the smallest of hills because at 5 and 3 they seem like mountains….and come back inside to hot chocolate with marshmallows….my boy told me that “this is the BEST DAY I’VE EVER HAD….EVER!!” :) Ax

  64. Read this news article this morning of a Houston Waiter standing up for a special needs child.


  65. “Weed Bouquets” …this made me laugh like a dopey college boy. :)

  66. The fluffy tails on Nella’s boots…SO great! : )

  67. Today…….I am happy for spending some time alone. I never get to do that. It makes for a happier me.

  68. awesome, i love nella’s boots, so so fun. please kelle, if you read this comments can you please tell me where i can find a pair :)

  69. Kelle, I want to thank you for making me a better mother. After seeing your IG photo of Nella yesterday, I had a lightbulb moment. From now on, I will always try to remember that my child is a future adult. That is, a person entitled to privacy & boundaries that he doesn’t yet know he wants and needs.

    The truth is, all the crafts, parties, and pretty pictures in the world won’t matter if you’re not respecting your children.

  70. awwwwww…..frosted trees. breakfast with family. Ice cream impropto-with family. 3 days till my vaca to sunny Hawaii!

  71. So glad that I am not the only one fantasizing about summer vacations. My husband calls me a vacation junky!! I need something to get me through this long, cold Michigan winter!

  72. You know what’s makin’ me happy right now?? 3 words: Nella’s fox booties. ADORBS. 😉

  73. Watching Nora walk…love her wide legged stance and swagger!!!
    My husband’s chocolate chip cookies…the best :)
    Finishing a project while being able to let go of perfectionism.

    And I just can’t leave without saying I adore you, your blog, your photos, your heart. And I will always have your back.

  74. happiness is impromptu drives to faerie land, clean sheets, restful babies, grateful toddlers, santal 33, fresh homemade raw almond milk in my coffee, wearing two skirts at a time, and eBay deals and dealin alike…

    look here if you have time::

    best, N

  75. Love the striped boots and the fact that you guys aren’t in coats. We’re in Michigan freezing but with no snow.

  76. I’m finding great happiness right this moment, in watching the spirit of light and love fill your comments. I’m envisioning them piling up on each other while burying the naysayers, the ones struggling to find their light. Thank you, so very much for sharing the beauty with us.

  77. I have just discovered your blog and read Nella’s birth story. I was with you the whole way and felt every little pain and thought with you. Then joy and happiness took over. Your daughters are beautiful and you have a lovely supportive network with your friends and family. Enjoy every beautiful minute with your lovely family.
    Vicki xo

  78. Kelle, I just can’t believe that it’s been 3 years since Nella was that teeny little baby. Looking at her and Lainey here is making me a little teary. Thank you for sharing your journey here…I’ve loved every minute. And I hope you’re having a WONDERFUL weekend!

  79. I love how just a few simple words can describe the beauty in one day. I am always trying new ways to document the everyday occurrences in life, so this post was inspiring. What a beautiful family!


    this kid is my new hero (:

  81. Where can I buy Nella’s fox boots? Love it and love her!

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