ETST Behind the Business and a Giveaway: The Vintage Pearl

I’m out of town today but I’m excited to introduce a new sponsor, The Vintage Pearl, and a generous giveaway owner Erin Edwards is offering.  The Vintage Pearl offers meaningful hand-stamped jewelry and gifts, incorporating raw silver, leather, freshwater pearls and birthstone crystals in their creations.


Learn more about this mama of four and her inspiration and drive in my Behind the Business interview with her.


1.) How did your business get started? I started making jewelry as a creative outlet while staying home with our kids.  My sister-in-law and I were home raising children the same age and she began sewing and selling her designs on eBay and Etsy. I couldn’t sew, so I started making jewelry to match her outfits. I taught myself how–first with beading and soldering charms and then hand-stamping, and I quickly fell in love with it. After about a year and a half on my own I started needing help, so friends started jumping in to help me answer e-mails, ship packages and eventually make the jewelry with me!

2.) Where/How do you get inspiration for your ideas? EVERYWHERE! A quote, my kids, a song, nature… inspiration is all around us and can hit at anytime–especially in church!

 3.) What is your favorite part about operating The Vintage Pearl? I have several— I LOVE designing meaningful jewelry and keepsakes, and I LOVE getting to work with some of my closest friends everyday–we have a lot of fun! It’s also incredibly rewarding receiving a note or e-mail from someone telling us how much the piece they have means to them. And I also love how much we are able to give when our business is successful; it makes the pressures and stress worth it knowing we are helping people in need!

 4.) Any tips on balancing personal life/business life? My word of the year was “balance” because this is hard for me. I love to work, I’m very motivated and self driven and sometimes I find it hard to turn off work mode and be the mom/wife that my family needs. Thankfully, my family enjoys many aspects of the business (my husband is actually most of the business brains behind it all) and the kids like hanging out at the studio.  They like to make jewelry too! I know looking back, though, I don’t want to regret not spending more time with them, so I make efforts to take them out for bowling, movies, game nights, picnics at the park, the girls and I get our nails done together–fun things like that. We spend a lot of time together as a family, and I never miss their games (and our kids play lots of sports!) So, I guess my best tip would be no matter how busy you are, make a big effort to make quality time and memories with your family–after all, they are what’s most important, and you’ll never regret it!

I love learning more about the different ways women create, are inspired and accomplish the complex task of balancing work and family.  Check out The Vintage Pearl and their beautiful collection of meaningful gifts and keepsakes.

From L to R: Chunky Message Ring, Vintage Peas in a Pod, Love My State NecklacePersonalized Silver Baby Spoons, Wrap Ring  

Erin is offering a giveaway of a $50 gift certificate to TWO commenters on this post (winner comments generated through

And since we’re talking inspiration and businesses, here’s a fun question: If you were given the funds to start and/or continue any business, what would that dream venture be? If you’re already doing it, congrats and please share!


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  1. love the vintage pearl! and if i could start a dream venture, i would write a book.

  2. Wow – those are great! I love the vintage handmade look! If I were given funds I’d quit my teaching job and become a full time photographer! After 5 years in the part time biz I’d love to make it my full time gig! Thanks!

  3. I love The Vintage Pearl jewelry! If I were given the funds to start a business, I would like to use that money to start a summer camp for children with special needs.

  4. That’s a tough one! Probably something that makes a mom’s life easier!

  5. I love her designs! My dream venture would be graphic design. I would love to make unique invitations and party favors.

  6. Beautiful jewelry!!

    If I could do anything, I’d quit my job and own a book store! A nice quiet mom and pop type of shop.

  7. my latest business idea is a tea room for mom & daughters. fun!

  8. love the vintage pearl, really really want that bluebird necklace, and scheming and praying about a secret dream right now!

  9. I would open a bakery. I bake and love it. It is something I just do for friends and family now that I am home with my kids but someday I would really like to get into a space, away from the kids and animals, and make cakes, breads, cookies, muffins and so on. I think it would be fantastic. :)

  10. OMG! I love the peas in the pod! So cute! I’ve already started a part time photography business in addition to my “real” job but my dream venture would be going on as many mission trips as possible to share the love of Christ. :)

  11. cute!! Love these fellow Okies and was so excited to get my adopted daughter one of their beautiful necklaces on her birthday! I think it’s time for Mama to have something, too! 😉

  12. Love Love Love the jewelry! I would open a coffee shop! I have always wanted to do that!

  13. I have been following the vintage pearl for a while and still have not bought anything! I LOVE her things! Absolutely precious! As for starting my own business, I don’t have a creative bone in my body, I’d become a professional organizer – that I can do!!

  14. Mine dream venture would have to do with food. Ethnic Polish food using recipes from my sweet Granny.

    I love the pea pod jewelry. So simple and the message is clear.

  15. Love the jewelry so much! Simplicity at its finest. Dream venture? Hmmm…I’d love to write a book!

  16. ohhh, amazing giveaway!!

  17. My sister and I would start a gourmet luncheon catering business. Soups, salads, sandwiches, muffins, cookies… I would do anything if it meant working with my sister all day. :)

  18. I love the jewelry! I would launch a women’s magazine if I could.

  19. Awesome giveaway! I would love to own a bed and breakfast. I enjoy cooking, but not enough to have the stress and long hours of owning a restaurant. This way I could share my cooking with small crowds.

  20. I love your blog…if i could start any business, it would be a party planning business. i love planning and picking out every detail of an event. i have big ideas…my mom says i have a champagne brain on a beer budget…lol…i love the vintage pearl, so much talent!

  21. Beautiful jewelry! I am excited to start shopping around on her site. If I had the funds, I would further my photography. I do it here and there, but don’t have the equipment I would love to have!

  22. Love every piece of jewelry shown! If funds were not an issue I would love to open a photography business.

  23. Such cute jewelry!

  24. If I could open any business it would be getting art to the masses so everyone could enjoy it adn create it

  25. I have loved the Vintage Pearl for years! I really like the necklace that has a different charm for each name, because then it’s easy to add someone on later!

  26. Beautiful stuff! I have always wanted to start a flower shop. I have no business know-how but it sounds so nice to make people’s day by delivering flowers.

  27. Love the wrap ring!

    I would try to launch my stationery shop on Etsy, Lovely Lion Shop, into a full-time gig!

  28. Love these beautiful pieces!

    I started my business with Initials, Inc. We specialize in personalized gift items, for home, for yourself or for others! We have something to fill a need for everyone, and lots of things to fill wants. :)

    If you’d like to check it out, my website can be found at

    The new catalog premieres February 1st, with bold patterns and bright colors perfect for Spring and Summer! :)

  29. In love with the peas in a pod charm!

  30. This is an awesome giveaway!! And if I could do anything it would be to train horses full time!

  31. I loooove the vintage pearl. I guess I would probably start a photography business, but I have never really wanted to be a business owner after watching my father and in-laws struggle through the years. Some years are great and others terrible. I prefer DH’s steady job and I am currently a SAHM.

  32. I just started an etsy business selling crocheted (mostly) baby items. It’s been just about a month, so we’ll see how it goes. :)

  33. I love the Vintage Pearl! I would love to be able to get the necklace I’ve been eyeing! 😉

    If I had the funds, I would open a bakery. I love baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes and cake pops. I also have a secret cheesecake recipe passed down from my husband’s grandfather. Yum!

  34. I love the Vintage Pearl thank you for sharing. Being the mother of a special needs child, my husband & I want to start a non profit that will help families with special needs children with funding for their child’s care or create a business with a monthly subscription service in mind since this seems like the hot thing out there right now.

  35. I bought a necklace from Vintage Pearl because I think you may have talked about it years ago? I have been constantly referring friends there as it’s my fave necklace of all time! A venture for me? some sort of shoe store…one can never have enough pairs

  36. Mine would be a photography business. But that would probably be a long time from now. :)

  37. Love the jewelry! I would love to open a children’s consignment shop/place for Mommy’s/kids to hang out!

  38. Absolutely LOVE The Vintage Pearl–have bought several pieces from her!

  39. I love the peas in the pod. If money were no object, I would love love to open a bookstore/coffee place. Omg, bliss.

  40. I’d start a dance studio! It has always been my dream!

  41. Love the Vintage Pearl and I’ve been eyeing some things on there for months–it’d be great to win! If I had the funds to start something it would be an organization to help couples wanting to adopt with their funding. These are already in existence, but there’s always the need for more help!

  42. I teach kindergarten and I would love to open my own children’s book store.

  43. I LOVE every piece of your collection…will def. be getting mother’s day gifts from you. love.

  44. I love all of her work. If I had the funds to start a new business I would open bakery with my two younger sisters. We are always happiest baking together in the kitchen and I know having a shop would be a blast for all of us!

  45. I would love to do my own photography.
    The Vintage Pearl items are so pretty!

  46. I would love to either write a book, or open my own bakery!! One can dream, right? :)

  47. If I were given funds I would open a fitness studio….in Panama. Or Costa Rica. Or anywhere warm with monkeys.

  48. I love it all! Stories like these inspire me to pursue all my hidden dreams and succeed!

  49. I have two pieces of their jewels. I love it! I’d love to open a fabric store.

  50. i lost my vintage pearl necklace a few months ago and have been lusting after a replacement ever since. beautiful stuff.

  51. If I had funds I would start looking into patenting my ideas. :)

  52. Very cool stuff! If I were to start a new business, it would be cooking or baking oriented. Maybe meals to go for busy moms.

  53. I love the secret keeper necklace! If I could start my own venture, it would be a cake business.

  54. Always love her jewelry!! Amazing! My dream venture would be a photography business … offering affordable rates so the less fortunate can still afford pictures!!

  55. Beautiful jewelry….love all the quotes on them.

    I’m a history teacher (currently online) and love historic homes and architecture. My dream has been to open a B & B in a Victorian home in a fun historical city. I currently live near St. Paul, MN and love all of the Victorian homes on Grand Ave. It would take a lot of capital to do it, but that’s why it’s called a dream!

  56. I would love to open up a wedding reception business with my sisters and mom. Complete with photography, floral, catering, and anything else that might be needed. I’d want it to kind of be a one stop shop sorta thing!

  57. I would love to open a kids clothing and/or toy store.

  58. a bakery

    abile27 at yahoo dot com

  59. If I could start my own business, it would probably be something to do with singing. Probably singing at weddings or funerals. :)

  60. My dream job would be a small business developer. I see so many people with great ideas fail when a little help with marketing, advertising, financial planning, and project management could go a LONG way.

  61. love the pieces on their site. going to point out a few to hubby that I would like :)

  62. Love the state necklace!

  63. If I had funds to start my own business I would open a store on esty and sell hand made things, for the home, office, kids etc. I would love to have the option to stay at home and craft!

  64. I would start some type of creative business, but I’m not quite sure what type because I love so many creative things. Painting would surely be involved. And I would be near a beach. :)

  65. My dream venture would be a little retail shop in my small town in Montana. And speaking of, I think I need one of those Love My State necklaces!

  66. I love jewelry that has meaning behind it and is beautiful at the same time!

  67. I would start a party planning business. I hope I win.

  68. I would start some type of creative business, but I’m not quite sure what type because I love so many creative things. Painting would surely be involved. And I would be near a beach. :)

  69. I LOVE the VP! Beautiful stuff!
    And if I were given the funds to start a business, I would finally kick off my photography business. Scared to take the leap just yet.

  70. My dream venture would be a pinata company. I love making unique paper mache pinata’s for friends so it would be even better if it could be a business!

  71. Love the Vintage Pearl! If I could start my own venture I would design and sell little boy clothes. There just isn’t enough out there for them 😉

  72. Ohh I’m a big fan of the vintage pearl, love their stuff!
    My dream venture would be quitting my job and becoming a doula, I’d love to support new moms through the entire process, from early pregnancy all the way through pregnancy and on to post-partum care. I love babies and bellies and taking care of new mamas!

  73. Love this! And I would love to write a book as well.

    I did just start my own doula business & am working towards becoming a CBE!

  74. I LOVE the vintage pearl. I ordered a necklace a year ago with my 2 childrens names on it, and left it behind in a hotel in Orlando (I’m from Canada)…it was never seen again. My dream venture is to stay at home and raise my 2 babies and work as a travel agent – which I just started doing last month – It feels AMAZING !!

  75. I love the special pieces that Vintage Pearl creates. If I could pursue anything it would be to write a book or a new career in photography.

  76. I love this collection! Thanks for sharing.

  77. I would love to run a natural baby/mama store. With cloth diapers, all natural body products, info and classes on things like breast feeding, natural birth, home made baby food, etc.

  78. I make lampwork glass beads by hand with a torch and a kiln. If I were given funds for the business, I’d hire someone to highgrade my website, handle marketing and/or hire an apprecnice for my studio. Imagine the heaven it would be to say, please make me a lemon yellow two inch barrel shaped base bead, then have it handed to me to do the detail work while the apprentice prepares the next base bead. 😀

  79. I own my own dental practice I would invest in that!

  80. I’ve been admiring your work forever! I finally had a baby and can’t wait to get a necklace for you!!

  81. Oh my goodnes, I LOVE The Vintage Pearl! I actually left their website open on my computer all weekend in hopes that my husband would be inspired to order a Valentine’s Day present 😉 And…my dream would be to run a creative art studio for children (similar to Casey Wiegand’s “A Little Artsy”).

  82. I would love to start my own preschool…one that works on the skills kiddos need for Kindergarten in a hands on way, not worksheets.

    I love the jewelry from The Vintage Pearl!!

  83. Your jewelry is beautiful. If I had the money to start any business it would be an adoption agency geared towards helping families who don’t have the finances but why a child. I am adopted and I would love to help a child find a family and help a family afford the cost of adopting.

  84. Love love the vintage pearl! Dream venture…baking business.

  85. I would like to write and illustrate children’s books about veggies, fruits, gardening and making the world a better place.

  86. Your jewelry is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  87. If I had the funds, I’d start a bakery – immediately! It’s my pipe dream :)

  88. Wow, she’s talented. I know how hard it is to start a business while raising a family. I love the pea in the pod necklace, since I’m expecting, just reminds me of new life growing:) Such beautiful jewelry.

  89. I’d love to help my mom get a dog boarding service going someday. She’s such an animal lover and that way she’d be able to have a dozen temporary pets and not drive my dad crazy!

  90. love the jewelry, especially the state love neckless! I wish I was a better writer because the world of blogging and writing look so fun and inviting!

  91. I’d love to help my mom get a dog boarding service going someday. She’s such an animal lover and that way she’d be able to have a dozen temporary pets and not drive my dad crazy!

  92. I LOVE The Vintage Pearl! I have been drooling over the peas in a pod necklace for awhile now.
    If I could start any business it would have to do with crafting, possibly jewelry making or something to do with felt!
    (I gotta be honest, every time I think of felt now I think of felt poop.)

  93. Ice cream shop/bookstore = perfection.

  94. I love vintage pearl! I’ve been wanting a tiny footprints charm, along with my son’s name. Those little footprints remind me of his tiny, tiny feet…he was born at 28 weeks weighing 2lbs. If I could start my own business, it would be a supportive place for women who experienced a difficult or traumatic birth and would include therapies, support groups, creative outlets, and alternative healing therapies like reiki!

  95. Vintage Pearl rocks! I would love to start a doggy daycare/boarding business at my home. I have a horse barn and arena that are the perfect setup for it but just can’t leave my job with benefits yet. Maybe someday….

  96. The jewellery is beautiful! If I could do anything I’d probably want to be a professional book reviewer, or a craft services person on film sets!

  97. I love all of them! Wow, gorgeous! My dream is to be a stay-at-home mama and help my dad start his brick oven pizza business.

  98. I’m a music therapist and I would LOVE to be able to open a private practice. I had one 10 years ago and then went to grad school, got married, had babies, have a very good job, but I miss making music with people and helping them reach their goals.

  99. Love, love! I’d someday love to start my own rock climbing gym!

  100. Love the Vintage Pearl. I would totally go to school for PT or OT and open my own private practice. I would love nothing more than to work with kiddos like my own! ( plus or area is really lacking with OT and PT practices!) Much love!

  101. I began my Thirty One business 3 years ago and it has definitely helped our family in so many ways!There are so many things I would love to do….but its one day at a time. Love the handstamped jewelry!!!!! My oldest Daughter has that beautiful extra chromosome and Her ‘logo’ we use is Dream Big…

  102. I would love to win. Such great products.

  103. I’m a grandmother, now retired and widowed after caring for my spouse and my mother during their final years of life. Now I care for my grandchildren. I have forgotten how to cook and bake, and I’m not very artsy, but as a retired stockbroker, I’d love to offer financial classes to curious people; other widows, high school kids, retirees.

  104. Loving everything she makes! It’s all beautiful!

  105. I would love to start up something in photography. Not sure what, but offering something different or special. I love this jewelry. I can think of several sentimental things I want right off the bat.

  106. The peas in a pod! I die!

    If I had the money, I’d train and show Quarter Horses. Did as a kid, not so much as an adult with 3 littles of my own. I can’t believe what my parents paid for! Wow.

  107. Love the Vintage Pearl :) I am beginning my dream career of being an RN- I graduated and take my boards next week!! I work at a children’s hospital currently and hope to get an RN position soon. If I was given extra funds I would love to open a scrapbook store :)

  108. Love the bird necklace. I would choose to be an artist, jewelry, fiber, something of that nature.

  109. Everything is so beautiful! It’s hard to decide what I like best.

  110. I love vintage pearl! Such fun pieces! I would love to open a rug hooking shop!

  111. So Cute! I would love to have my own photography business and put the money into educating myself more on the subject.

  112. Love this! I’ve always wanted to own a bakery or bookstore, or combination of both. I have been inspired lately to try an etsy shop. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

  113. I love hand stamped jewelry and these are beautiful! I’d like to think I’d do something crafty but I’m not really all that good at stuff like that. I have always designed my own invitations for events so maybe something to do with that!

  114. I would love to have an art studio for children. I feel like the value art and creativity has taken a backseat in our schools and society, and I would love to give children a place to imagine and create.

  115. Your pieces are lovely! If I could do anything, it would be to open up a rescue for all animals and have my daughter grow up taking care of animals and learning how wonderful it feels to help out the less fortunate!

  116. Oh, love love love the peas in a pod necklace!

  117. Love the vintage peas in a pod. Beautiful work!

  118. Love these designs. My dream business would be a community dance studio.

  119. I love the Vintage Pearl! Love my I Heart Faces necklace i got at the conference and would love something representing my family! She is so talented!! My dream would be to continue running Kelly Coulter Photography with my best friend Sandra…but we would have a bright and happy studio that would allow us to shoot year around in the cold wintery months in Wyoming! :) It would have woods floor and bright lots of white and huge bright canvases of our clients on the walls. and lots of fun props to play with kiddos with. Ah…I love dreaming.

  120. My dream venture would be to own a bakery, mostly cookiess and cupcakes! =)

  121. if i could had the funds, i think i’d try a peanut-free, nut-free bakery that also offered other allergen-free goodies (like egg-free donuts and dairy-free cake). i have kids with food allergies, and many of our kids’ friends have them, too. it would be great to take my love of baking and be able to share it so that kids don’t always have to feel left out of some of things most people take for granted, like trips to a bakery!

  122. Love, love, love!

  123. such beautiful pieces that are both special and unique.

  124. I love the vintage pearl!

    I would start a photography business. I hope to start one when all my girls are older.

  125. I have one of her necklaces already! I would love another one. So precious :)

  126. Loving the peas in a pod! I would open homes for medically fragile children with special needs. By far the best job I’ve ever had was working in one.

  127. If I had the money I would definately start a crafting business of some kind. I love to craft! :)

  128. I love the vintage pearl. I need a necklace that says “transform” for my one little word.

  129. Sounds like a great company to me Kelle, I love these pieces!

  130. I would be your one stop shop for all things baked, sewn, and jeweled! I would make cute clothes and items and jewelry to accessorize and bake you a few lovely sweet and savory things to go along with it!

  131. I would love to own a restaurant/bar.

  132. I would open a bakery. I love to make my daughter’s birthday cakes but once a year just isn’t enough…or a used book store. I would love to spend all day in the company of books.

  133. A book store with a coffee shop/ice cream parlor attached (with an abundance of sorbets!). Or, someday my mama and I are going to have a yarn or a fabric shop (or both!) where everything is organized by color, regardless of anything else. :)

  134. Sweet! A mama’s ring will be my first choice if I win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  135. If I could start a business, I would do interior design for single moms. It would ideally be free of charge or only a small fee, and I’d use only what they already own and what I find at thrift/antique stores.

  136. How awesome! I want that mother’s ring!

  137. The jewelry is absolutely beautiful! If I had the money, I would open up a cupcake shop with my girlfriends!

  138. How awesome! I want that mother’s ring!

  139. Great giveaway! Love the vintage pearl!!!! I will love to win.

  140. Cute. If I could start a business and money was not an issue, I would start a mentoring center for teens. Somewhere where teens would be loved, valued, and accepted. Somewhere we’re they could belong and have an adult that would love them no matter what.

  141. I love the state necklace!

  142. I would start a business doing professional organizing working primarily with moms and families.

    I also would love to own a secondhand gift shop. Go to auctions, find stuff, and then help people envision how it could be repurposed to fit their needs – buying new is not always needed. I would also incorporate handmade items made my local artisans (especially moms who make things so they can stay home with their kiddos) to the shop.

    Lots of ideas…not much money to follow through.

  143. Such a beautiful collection!! Love love love!! I am an aspiring photographer, and someday when the timing/finances are right, I will dive head first into the amazing world of photography. Hopefully my passion inspires my babies to follow their dreams and maybe puts them through college.

  144. Love this jewelry! Possibly a tutoring business for me.

  145. It’s hard to decide on one business. I like making jewelry and I like painting. I guess my dream job would be to get paid for reading… Though I suppose some actual review work would have to be involved :)

  146. I checked out the Vintage Pearl! All of the jewelry is amazing! SO meaningful!

    I am currently living my dream venture. I am a SAHM and just opened up Wonderstruck Weddings & Wreaths (an Etsy shop) in November 2011. I love having a creative outlet and the chance to interact with so many wonderful people! It makes my heart sing!

    To read more about Wonderstruck Weddings & Wreaths or to check out my shop, please visit:

    I am currently giving away a “Thirty-One Gifts Littles Carry-All Caddy”. Stop by my Facebook Page to enter the giveaway! I would love to see you!

  147. There jewelry is gorgeous!

  148. Love! I would quit my job as a teacher, stay home with my kids, and do something crafty.

  149. What beautiful jewelry! I would start up a buisness I created but never did that is all packed up in a box. It is a buisness that helps families find good care for their children since that is my passion.

  150. would love to win a chance for a PA necklace! I miss my home state!

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  152. Huge fan of the vintage pearl! If I could do anything, I would love to start a photography and custom invitation business!

  153. Love her pieces. If I could start up a business, I would start a stained glass company with my Step-mom aka bonus-mom. She does beautiful work.

  154. I love the pearls…would definitely get something with the kids initials

  155. Love the jewelry! If I were to get some funds to start a business, I would love to start a children’s party planning business. I love planning my daughters parties!

  156. I love the Vintage Pearl. Bought the Texas state necklace for my daughter for Christmas. It was her favorite gift!

  157. love the vintage pearl!

    if i had the funds, i would love to own a bakery. just me and cupcakes all day long :)

  158. I would love to have my own photography business when we move to the beach (where we are planning on retiring). I’d also like to be paid to scrapbook. :p

  159. I love the Vintage Pearl! My oldest child and I have often discussed starting up a specialty food shop with a small, reservations only, bistro. He would do the cooking, I would do the baking. Some day…

  160. If I could start my dream venture it would be a combination of a photography/memory business. I’d love to help people document their memories for the generations to come through the use of storytelling, audio/video, and photography.

  161. I love the vintage pearl! And my venture would be to open my own school where children came to learn life lessons, have hands on experiences and gain values of life without have to worry about standardized testing. My dream!

  162. GORGEOUS jewelry – thanks for the giveaway! my secret dream is to make money with my camera.

  163. Love the vintage pearl!! I would love to be a full-time photographer, and travel the world with my hubby and kids taking amazing photos! Love you, Kelle!!

  164. I would like to start a charity for children and teenagers in low income households. I would like them to have the same opportunities our children in the suburbs have. The same dance classes, sports activities and fun outings. It hurts me to see all the things they miss.

    Thank you for this nice giveaway.

  165. I love the vintage pearl! I would start a clothing line for overweight little girls. It is almost to find cute age appropriate clothes for my 10 year old just because she is a little heavy. That would be a dream come true.

  166. My dream is to own a knitting/sewing store where I can have classes, women can reserve a room for GNO and I can employ my family/friends as well. It’s been a dream for a long time.

  167. What beautiful jewelry! If I had funds to start a dream business I would do something that would keep my husband and I working together…maybe a travel blog :).

  168. I love the vintage pearl! And my venture would be to open my own school where children came to learn life lessons, have hands on experiences and gain values of life without have to worry about standardized testing. My dream!

  169. I would love to earn a living planning childrens’ parties and events.

  170. thanks for the chance! I started a non-profit to help families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. It’s hard work but I am grateful to be able to do it.

  171. Love all this jewelry. So beautiful and meaningful. If I could have one dream to live out, it would be owning my own coffee shop. A place with great tasting pastries and a toddler and big kid play area. I’ve worked in the coffee industry for 9 years and love it, but I would love to fill a need for mamas and do something I love at the same time. Lattes and a safe place for kiddos to play, what’s not to love about that?

  172. I would start my own home/office organization business!

    I discovered your blog about a month ago (via Shutterbean) and have loved it ever since!

  173. Ooh! I love The Vintage Pearl!! I have a wish list a mile long with my hubby :) My husband started home brewing about 3 years ago and his hobby has turned into a passion and we would love to open up our own little tap room in our town.

  174. I LOVE The Vintage Pearl! I have been wanting a birthstone necklace for what seems like forever! Such beautiful and unique pieces.

  175. My dream business…a used bookstore. I can’t think of anything better than to be surrounded by books and the people who love them all day.

  176. I have had the image of a shop in my head for such a long time…a place to shop, gather, and go to art/craft classes all rolled into one. It is all laid out in my mind so when that dream money comes in I am ready!

    The Vintage Pearl has long been a favorite in my family…we all wear matching necklaces in memory of my mom. Thank you TVP!


  177. I would continue and grow my photography business. I work full time and do photography as a side job but I would love to have the funds to grow that business.

  178. LOVE that wrap ring!! If I could do anything, I’d find a way to
    travel the world and get paid for it! I am a teacher, and have thought about applying to teach English in another country once my kids are grown. Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. Hmmm…my creative side would love to start a cake shop….my other side would love to be an independent court investigator (which would need some $ to get started!)

  180. I love the vintage pearl. If I could, I’d also design and sell my own jewelry line ! So inspiring.

  181. I love the Vintage Pearl!! I would love to open an etsy shop and sell crocheted animal hats for babies and children.

  182. Ooh… I’m definitely saving this for future gifts! :o)

    Dream business is to start a performing arts & fitness studio with my best friend. It almost happened before babies entered the picture… maybe it will happen when the babies are in school.

  183. Oh, I LOVE the rings and the state necklaces… I need a way to show my love for RI & OR!!

    I would give my left arm to become a professional photographer. I dabble in it, but I don’t have the money to do what I *want* to do wtih it. As creative as I am, I need better equipment (I drool over lenses like it’s my job) to get a move on!

  184. I love these sweet little creations! I’m always in awe of people with this kind of talent. Thanks for sharing!

  185. I love, LOVE The Vintage Pearl!! If given the funds, I’d love to start some sort of postpartum/lactation support business…that’s where my heart is at!

  186. This shop is exactly what I’m looking for, for my sisters 30th birthday! Love the simple and elegant design.

  187. I would love to get my own photography ad DVD business up and running and successful!

  188. My dream venture would be a goat farm!

  189. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks to you both! My hobby and passion is photography, so I would love to pursue that.

  190. Such beautiful jewelry!

    I already have a dream job working in humanitarian aid, but if I could start my own business, I would love to run a used bookstore, complete with a lazy “bookstore cat” to keep me company and a writing studio where I could pen my own manuscript..

  191. love everything she has…but my favorites are necklaces with your child’s initial and the pearl. if i could start my own dream business, it would be photography!

  192. I dream of opening my own children’s book store one day!! :)

  193. Cute jewelry! I would like to start a fire safety education business that includes fun classes for all ages of kids and their families/safety camps/juvenile fire setter education/and birthday parties (complete with a real fire truck) I do fire safety education on my job now but hope to do this when I retire…the real fire truck is what will cost $$$ but maybe someday : )

  194. My own photography business.

  195. Love the little blue bird!

  196. A pro photography business with classic and beautiful photos with reasonable prices!

  197. My dream is to get my journalism degree someday. And I’ve always wanted something from The Vintage Pearl!

  198. I LOVE Vintage Pearl!! I am dreaming about eventually helping start an organization to help AIDS orphans in Kenya! It is very close to my heart!

  199. I love vintage pearl! I have a necklace from there that I wear everyday with my daughters name and birth stone on it.
    If I could start a business it’d have to be a photography business. The extra funds would come in handy so I didn’t have to work so much at my other job and could focus on photography more.

  200. What a fun giveaway! Thank you! Personally, my dream has always been to run a bookstore and live above it. If I was actually pursuing a business, though, I’m not sure what I would start!

  201. This is the cutest jewelry!! I love all your sponsors. They all have something amazing and unique. Thank you!

  202. I love!! So talented!! I love the state pendant!! Thank you for doing a great giveaway!!

  203. I would buy a professional printer and vinyl cutter and rubber stamp making thingy and make stationery and wall decals and stamps.

  204. I love the vintage pearl store! I have a necklace with my daughters name on it from there, but I’m going to be needing to add baby #2’s name to it come June!

  205. Those’re gorgeous. I’m hoping one day to found and run my own magazine – an educational one for kids interested in ornamental fish (especially boys) cos for them the only offerings are robots and aliens. And for girls it’s ALL pink. Let’s get some yellows and greens going.

  206. I love this jewelry and what an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.

  207. Love the jewelry!

    I would open a coffee shop that caters to teenagers. Because they are fun and need someplace to hang out :)

  208. I have always dreamed of writing and illustrating children’s books.

    And I would love something from the Vintage Pearl! What an awesome 30th birthday present for myself if I won 😉

  209. Ohhh, something to do with food. I love to bake and share!

  210. My dream has always been to have a party planning business that focuses on children’s parties. I start planning my own kids’ parties about 6 months in advance, sometimes more, because I love it so much! And I NEED this giveaway. I already have a VP necklace but I need a charm with the new baby’s name on it!

  211. Love the charms! I wish I could be a stay at home mom and full time gardner and crafter.

  212. Love this Vintage Pearl stuff!! If I had money to start a business I would open up an in home child care facility. I hate that I have to take my kids to daycare but love that it’s a home environment.

  213. Would love something from the vintage pearl!

  214. I love hearing about other creative mommas and how they do what they do! I would open a vintage and antiques shop! I am passionate about old things and thrifting and would love to be able to share that with others!

  215. GREAT giveaway! If I had the funds I would start a Vintage shop!


  216. I love the vintage pearl and have been dreaming of getting one of their necklaces for some time! :) If I had the funds to start a business, I definitely think it would be photography!

  217. The jewelry looks amazing! I’m dreaming of having my own little creative shop/music cafe where I or anyone can come and create pottery & paint whatever!! Showcase local talent,writers & artist..a small part of my dream:)

  218. Beautiful jewelry!!!

    I have so many things I’d like to try to make a business out of – but one that I think I’d really enjoy is a small shop of handmade (sew, knit) children’s items. Of course, I’d need to improve my sewing and knitting to get to that point 😉

  219. i’m a huge fan of her jewelery! beautiful!
    if i had enough money to start up a business of any would be a photography studio…love.

  220. Love this!!! If i had the means…i would start my own interior design business!!!

    ~ Jillian

  221. Beautiful jewelery! I would love to have a business refinishing antique furniture.

  222. Thanks for this give-away opportunity! My dream would be to make homemade applesauce from my kitchen. Using locally grown apples that are organic, I’ve started pursuing this a little bit, but would love for it to grow into something that would bless a ton of families! =) -jenna

  223. I used to work for Habitat for Humanity and started to see a growing need for home repairs for veterans. If I had the money today I would start a veterans home repair program.

  224. Thank you so much for offering this! I love the ring and the necklaces.

  225. Oh man, if I had the money to do what I love most it would be to open a flower shop. I could work with fresh flowers all day and never get sick of it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  226. Oh My Goodness, this jewelry is beautiful! I may just have to treat myself to something special for an early Mother’s day gift. I would love to open a bakery with my mom, aunts and cousins.

  227. Love the jewelery. I would pursue a natural products business. I already make my own soaps and lotions for myself and family, but would love to have the funds to do more :)

  228. I love her things! If I were given funds to start a dream business it would be to open a bakery with my mom and sister. I have already dreamed about opening it up right across the street from our house.

  229. I LOVE THE VINTAGE PEARL!!! If I could start my own dream venture, I would write a novel.

  230. I Love the Vintage Pearl. I’m working on starting a baby blanket business. I’m supper nervous about getting started but I hope it all works out.

  231. Perhaps go to “make up school,” buy a ton of supplies and become a professional make up artist. It’s the most ridiculous not-in-keeping-with-the-rest-of-me interest, but it can’t be helped. I kind of adore make up.

  232. what cute jewelry! i would love to win!

  233. Love the Vintage Pearl! I need to add my newborn son to the necklace I already have with my other two kids on it. I would write a book, have always wanted to!

  234. What beautiful jewelry! I’m a sucker for the “Love My State” Necklace!

    I would really love to open a bakery one day. I bake cookies, pies, cakes and breads all the time and give them out to friends. I would love to be able to do that day in and day out. Even if I did have to get up super early to get the bread started!

  235. love. i would love to do photography and/or reclaimed furniture projects.

  236. Love the vintage pearl! I would stop working as a nurse and open a daycare for my co-workers kids.

  237. A game shop. My BFF and I dream about it constantly! A place to come and play games to try them out, to purchase them, to get together with other people to play games. Someday…

  238. My heart is in design, so I’d love to start a business designing children’s clothing and accessories, or possibly interior spaces. I have been eyeing The Vintage Pearl’s carefree bird neclace for ages, thanks to Kelle and TVP for this awesome giveaway!

  239. That’s funny you happen to ask if receiving the funds what would I do as my best friend and I were discussing this several times this past week! We are both in college for Elementary/Special Education and with our crafty side always coming out to make things for the kids or even ourselves, we seem to bake a lot together. We always joke about opening our own bakery and would incorporate my love for photography somehow! Who knows, maybe on day we will be teachers who just so happen to own a bakery!!

  240. A coffee/play place. Where the parents can drink coffee and visit and the kids can play.

  241. Fun! What beautiful jewelry. I’m not sure what I’d do – I love photography, but don’t think I’m ready to do it as a business. I love crafting, so maybe something with that – quilts, baby items, that sort of thing. Or maybe something like tutoring, or something along the lines of teaching.

  242. Her work is gorgeous! If given the funds to start a dream business (post little ones of course) I would love to have a tea shop in the middle of a bookstore. Both of my loves in one peaceful location.

  243. I love Vintage Pearl :)
    I would love make things and sell them, etsy-style, working from home.

  244. LOVE Vintage Pearl!! If I could start my own business, it would have to be a little art botique for all of my random creations, as well as the hubs paintings! <3

  245. Wow I can’t believe I have never heard of Vintage Pearl. I am in love!

    If I was given money for any venture I think I would open a flower shop. I have also always wanted to publish a cook book of family recipes maybe I could do both!

  246. Would definitely be food related. Food is my love!

  247. I have always wanted a Vintage Pearl piece of jewelry :) I’m dreaming of a lot of things right now and trying to find/choose a direction, the overall dream being finding my place in a new town as a teacher and musician.

  248. Love everything! Would love a necklace with my sons name!

  249. If I had funds I would do my hobbies full time – sewing/making paper crafts. I am starting that dream, part time at my new Etsy shop.

  250. I would open a tea shop

  251. The jewelry is so beautiful! I would lovelovelove to give my mom the sweet pea necklace for Mothers Day this year!

  252. I would open a children’s book store. Books are magical, you can open one and go anywhere.

  253. If I had the funds, I would start a craft workshop for kids. It would be a place where kids could go to make crafty items, painting, etc.

  254. I love the Vintage Pearl jewelry. It’s so simple and unique. I don’t know what business I would start. Too many possibilities!

  255. Love the Vintage Pearl designs!! My dream venture would probably be Photography!

  256. i would love to do something that i could do from home so that i can stay at home with my doggies and future kiddies and it would be even better if it was big enough that my hubby could stay home too! LOVE all these designs!

  257. You always find the most fantastic items to showcase! I love your sense of style, and I LOVE The Vintage Pearl’s jewelry! I could spend that $50 in a flash!

    I’ve always wanted to write a book about inclusive play dates… a ready-to-go, packaged workbook with ideas and activities for parents to use that will be accessible for children with a range of strengths and needs. If I could take some time off to write that, I’d be a happy camper!

  258. I’d love to own any of those pieces!! Gorgeous items! I’d open a shop that is half a flower shop and half a coffee shop :)

  259. If I had the money, I would start a business that employs teenagers and teaches them skills for working and life. I have worked with so many teenagers that if given the opportunity they would have flourished in this kind of program. Love the jewelry!

  260. Gorgeous jewelry. This would be perfect for my cousin.

  261. Graphic Art, blog design, photography etc. all tied together. I would love to do it full time.

  262. That jewelry is BEAUTIFUL! If I had the money to start a venture, I would focus on my writing more and try to write a book.

  263. Wow! Beautiful jewelry. I would probably open a bakery shop :)


  264. I love her jewelry and your blog :) !! I would love to open a coffee shop or cafe or would love to make hair bows, sew, and crochet! If only I had enough time in a day to do all of that and take care of my family!!!

  265. So Pretty! Id love to win. Thank you!

  266. What an amazing giveaway! If I had the funds to open my own business, I would start an “on call” babysitting service for parents with Differently-Abled children. It’s hard enough for parents to find good, quality, childcare for a night out or to run errands. Add to that having a child that is differently-abled and it’s near impossible.

  267. How wonderful! The jewelry is gorgeous, and unique! If i had the funds to open my own business it would be a fully inclusive early education center focusing providing a quality education and teaching students and families to value the input of ALL, especially those who are different from you. Children with disabilities and their families deserve to be heard and valued.

  268. Beautiful jewelry! If I were given funds I would start a crafts/jewelry business. I have never really focused on learning more about crafts, but I secretly love it!

  269. I would start a bakery! I love to bake. And eat what I bake :)

  270. I’d want to open my own bakery!

  271. OOOO I love Love LOVE the vintage pearl!!! Hope I win 😉

    As far as the dream venture – I would open a school and hire only the best teachers, have small class sizes and makes sure each and every single one of my students had what they needed to succeed – that’s my dream :)

  272. I need a new hand stamped necklace of names because I just found out I’m pregnant again and in September my current necklace will be one name short! :)

    If I had the money to start a business…… would probably be along the lines of event or party planning–focused on kids’ parties.

  273. I love TVP! Beautiful jewelry! I would love to own/run a cloth diaper store!

  274. This comment has been removed by the author.

  275. love the vintage pearl! i think it’d be fun to run an upscale fluff and fold, where I could bring my puppy to work with me. 😉

  276. i LOVE their jewelry!
    i’d love to start a company working with children, helping them and seeing them grow :)

  277. This comment has been removed by the author.

  278. Oh Vintage Pearl, how I love you! I love my 3 peas in a pod necklace.

    If given the funds, I would take my business to the next level by expanding my product offering to include more handmade mama products.

  279. I would love to own a gift shop that sold all my favourite things! I love stationary, jewelry, big coffee cups, candles and fun things :)

  280. My dream venture would be to start an adoption agency.

  281. Cool. Thank you Vintage Pearl! If i had my own business, it would be travel agency.

  282. Besides my wedding rings, I think my most special piece of jewelry is the grandma’s necklace from The Vintage Pearl that my grown kids keep adding to! Hanging from it are 3 round personalized discs for my grandsons & 3 scalloped ones for my granddaughters . . . with an additional scalloped one to be added after May! :) Not sure if that will be the last one or not! Thank you for the chance to enter for the gift money!

  283. That is beautiful jewelery! I cant wait to check out the shop.

  284. Beautiful jewelry!

  285. Beeeeautiful Vintage Pearls!! Loooved them!!! :)
    So, if I could start my DREAM BUSINESS I will buy a great camera (and put my iPhone cam away for a while… )and start to take classes for being a Photographer!!! I love to freeze those really special, and simple, moments of our life so they can last forever….

  286. Love Vintage Pearl! I would love love love to be able to run a children’s bookstore (think Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail) and write as well.

  287. I’m so gonna check her out! I have been wanted a handstamped necklace for my 5 kids for a while! Thanks for the giveaway too!! You are doing exactly what is love to do someday!!

  288. I love Vintage Pearl…I see it everywhere. And I’d love to have some of my own jewlery. I think if I were to start a business it’d be a tutoring one. I like working one-on-one with kids!

  289. In the six years of having my beautiful Maggie (DS) and learning much of the medical/ educational/amongest many other things the long and or hard way, I would love to offer a place for parents and family to come where I could help them find the great doctors or ENT’S. Or help them with all the questions about education and the fears that go with that. Even the simple questions, I want to help other families! I would also run some kind of plan to constantly. E in my daughter’s school with the campaign to Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign. Hopefully by doing this I’d be able to educate the kids at an early age that yes there are some differences with Maggie, but she is actually more like you then you can even imagine! In a perfect time , I will make this job happen!

  290. If I had the funds, I would buy a huge farm in Texas and hire people that can’t get jobs elsewhere to take care of dogs that would’ve been put down at the shelter.

  291. I would buy a big house and adopt as many children as possible!!!

  292. looking forward to doing some birthday, holiday shopping on this site. Love homemade gifts.

  293. i have loved her work for a long time,one day when i am a mom i hope to purchase and item or two from her beautiful shop :)

  294. I love The Vintage Pearl jewerlry. If i could start a business I would start a local coffee shop and feature local artists and musicians. I would include entertainment at night time and on weekends.

  295. I’ve admired The Vintage Pearl for quite some time! I always wanted to open a bakery. :)

  296. The Vintage Pearl has beautiful things. If I had the money to start a business, it would need to be a lot, because I want to operate a spa type place for people like me who cannot afford such things :) Probably with a focus on women re-entering the workforce for whatever reason – divorce, layoffs, getting out of jail, widowhood – something to give them a step up to feel good about themselves.

  297. The peas in a pod are so previous! My dream would have to be a concert pianist!

  298. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift! I’d love to have the funds to open a non profit theatre to give underprivileged kids a creative outlet . I learned so much about myself and how to work with others in high school theatre!

  299. Love The Vintage Pearl!

    I would love to own a small space in the mountains where I could make pottery and I would love to have enough space to keep bees and sell local honey.

  300. TVP pieces are beautiful!

    I think I would love to have a photography business. My area seems to be oversaturated with photographers and photographer-wanna-bes right now.

  301. As a graphic designer and mama-to-be of two boys, my dream venture would be to have a shop selling custom cards, scrapbook kits, and invitations.

  302. What an awesome giveaway! If I had funds to create a dream job, it would be an event/party planning business. I love planning and hosting my kids’ birthday parties and bridal and baby showers.

  303. Would love to start my own photography business someday! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  304. I love Vintage Pearl! If I could start my own business, I think it’d be a photography business. The funds could be used to provide some extra training, too, right? :)

  305. I would love to win!

  306. My dream business would be owning a flower/gift basket shop. I would love being the one who put smiles on people’s faces … whether they be happy and in love or grieving the loss of a loved one. A simple flower petal can go a long way to making someone’s day brighter. :)

  307. I would start a dog collar business!

  308. awesome giveaway – good luck!! i really love the peas in a pod necklace – awesome!! give that to my mom for mother’s day. the bow necklace is so sweet. love it. i really enjoy the love ring – so great. what a great collection. so cool!! ( :

  309. Beautiful jewerly!
    If I could start my own business venture I would start a pet sitting/dogwalking business in my hometwon.
    And I have this nagging voice in my head that keeps telling me to write a book, so maybe I’d listen to that voice and figure out what it is that I’m supposed to write!

  310. Love Vintage Pearl!
    I would love to be a photographer.

  311. So fabulous, I love them all!

  312. Love Vintage Pearl! My husband has dreamed of starting up a local coffee shop. I’d love to help fund that.

  313. If I had the means I would probably open a bakery/deli/diner type of business…hmm….now for a name?

  314. I love the Vintage Pearl! If I had startup funds, I’d start my own bakery. It’s ALWAYS been a dream of mine, ever since I was little, baking goodies with my grandmas in their kitchens.

  315. Wow, how pretty! I would love to win :).

    If I had unlimited funds, I would either take the time to write a book or I would pursue a photography business. Really, I don’t do it more because of time/confidence issues than cash flow … though that certainly plays into it!

  316. I would love to have a Vintage Pearl piece. I am hoping after #3 arrives and our family is complete to get something. If I had the funds, I would love to open a small children’s book and toy store. There was one in the community we lived in when I was young and I have such wonderful memories of it.

  317. I love how beautifully simple the pieces are!

  318. LOVE Vintage Pearl!! I have been dying to purchase some of their stuff! Great giveaway!!
    If I had the funds for a business, I would open my own Pre-school. I love teaching that age group and I would just enjoy having my own space and materials to do it. :0)

  319. Love! Enjoyed reading all the answers from talented women. I would love running a summer camp.

  320. This jewelry is GORGEOUS! I would love to own a paper store, so I could help people create invitations, baby announcements, etc – anything to help celebrate life’s special moments.

  321. This is my kind of giveaway! Comment and your done!:)

    LOVE their jewelry!

  322. Love these designs! If I were to be given funds to start a business, I’d probably do some sort of a non-profit where moms/dads can come and learn about ways to strengthen their family. I’m a maternity RN and I love teaching classes on baby care, parenting, marriage/relationships, finances, etc. It’d be fun to do it in a coffee shop type atmosphere! :-)

  323. I would love to do something creative — helping people document memories in digital scrapbooks or the like. For now, though, I just started my own law practice, so I guess I am already working on a dream!

  324. So excited to see a local business from my town! Yeah!

  325. I would start a travel business and be the new Rick Steves so I Could travel everywhere for free!

  326. My husband and I currently own and run 2 part time martial arts schools. Our dream is to combine both schools into a prime commercial location. And live happily ever after! :)

  327. What an awesome company! Love these features you are doing! Hoping to order something from her in April after my 1st is born! Since we do not know the gender I have to wait! Thank you Kelle for your constant inspiration!

  328. oh my gosh that first necklace!

    ALL I WEAR IS PEARLS first of all- 97% of my jewelry incorporates pearls. 2nd, my name is Jacqui- the J is perfect! 3rd- alis volat propriis or “she flies with her own wings” is one of my favorite quotes! it’s currently my “about me” on facebook!

    i’m fairly sure she made that necklace for me without ever having met me. if i don’t win i’m buying it anyway :)

  329. Amazing giveaway! I love the Vintage Pearl! I would love to expand my Design business. hopefully one day this can happen! Pick me! 😉

  330. I’d love to start a dance studio for little kids. Dance is my passion, and I didn’t pursue it as a career, but I still love it!

  331. Oh I would love to have a photography prop rental business! vintage and modern prop rentals! Yep that’s be awesome!

  332. Beautiful! If I were given funds I would have hubby build me a piano studio…

  333. I’m not sure what business I would start, but it would be crafty and vintage looking!

  334. I love teaching, but with unlimited funds I could provide all kinds of awesome activities and manipulatives for my kiddos. Even hire a classroom assistance for 1 on 1 and small group interventions. Usually I provide these interventions while the rest of class is working independently, and most supplies are purchased out of my own pocket.

  335. I love teaching, but with unlimited funds I could provide all kinds of awesome activities and manipulatives for my kiddos. Even hire a classroom assistance for 1 on 1 and small group interventions. Usually I provide these interventions while the rest of class is working independently, and most supplies are purchased out of my own pocket.

  336. This comment has been removed by the author.

  337. I love teaching, but with unlimited funds I could provide all kinds of awesome activities and manipulatives for my kiddos. Even hire a classroom assistance for 1 on 1 and small group interventions. Usually I provide these interventions while the rest of class is working independently, and most supplies are purchased out of my own pocket.

  338. I love Vintage Pearl!! What a great giveaway :) If I could start a business, it would be to help educate parents on healthy eating for kids.

  339. I’m in the process of restarting my business, where I facilitate home programs for adolescents and young adults with special needs. I stopped promoting it during grad school, but now that I’m done, I’m ready to get it started again. I work and volunteer with adults with disabilities, and I am ready to take more control and help people in a new way! I cannot wait!!!

  340. Beautiful jewelry! My sister and I have a dream to open a bakery one day, later in life. One that specializes more in snacks – scones, muffins, cupcakes, cookies – that sort of thing. =)

  341. Posso partecipare anche io? Magari la fortuna arriva fin qua! Speriamo

  342. I love the Vintage Pearl! I love the personalization of the pieces! Thank you for sharing how your business works!

  343. Beautiful work! Just lovely! I’d love to be able to volunteer. A life time of civic duty! That’s my dream :)

  344. Her jewelry is so simple, but absolutely gorgeous!! I have been looking for a way to wear my childrens names and haven’t found anything that I love…until now! Great work :)

  345. I love this shop! My husband has a lovely keychain from her shop. I would open up a small restauranwith my husband in a neighborhood that would embrace a small eatery.

  346. I’ve just sent the link to several men for anniversary & birthday ideas for my friends. Can’t wait to see the result!

  347. The vintage pearl is my favorite! I would want to open a stationery shop or a children’s bookstore like Meg Ryan’s in ” You’ve Got Mail.”

  348. I’d start a bookstore/dessert/coffee house. And maybe serve wine as well! I don’t think that would ever get old!

  349. I love the jewelry! I would be an artist and create and make and paint and sew and draw if I didn’t have to worry about money.

  350. Beautiful pieces! I love my job too much to want to change, I think…but I would travel and blog along the way more.

  351. A photography studio. I’m only a novice, but I love it. I would love to have the time and money to study the craft more, and be able to give people the gift of their memories. Maybe someday!

  352. I love vintage pearl! I would open a cupcake shop:)

  353. I love Vintage Pearl! If I could start a business it would be a non profit that helps schools get more physical activity added to the students’ days.

  354. I love my vintage pearl necklace – it has all my babies’ names. I cried when my husband gave it to me. if I could start my own venture, it . would be to write a series of children’s books. One day!

  355. Love the peas in a pod! I would start a kid-friendly coffee shop where moms could gather!

  356. I love what I do!!! So I would use the money for my special education classroom needs :)

  357. I would love to open my own private school for children in high poverty neighborhoods…

  358. Hmm, dream business venture? I think it would be to have a picnic restaurant….like you order what you want in your meal and you get it packed picnic style to enjoy on the conveniently located green space right outside, and then return the picnic basket and all to the store when you’re finished. It’s probably a thoroughly flawed idea, but seems like it might bring some romance back into the lunch break. :)

  359. I love these pieces! I will have to keep The Vintage Pearl in mind for Christmas and birthdays. Beautiful!

  360. Love the wrap ring!! Beautiful jewlery! I am in the process of starting a boutique photography business, which has been my dream for so very long!

  361. With start up money, I would start a restaraunt/bar. My husband could cook and bartend and I could run the front of the house.

  362. HMM… If I were to start a business I would want to work in service determination and advocacy for children with Autism,and their parents. It’s a terribly confusing system to navigate alone, and the internet is just full of crazy, wading through crazy can be tough!

  363. I’d run a bike rental place in the Mediterranean coast, and I’d rent out guest rooms at my house on the side.

  364. The jewelry is beautiful!

    I LOVE reading to kids and with kids. My dream venture would be to own a children’s bookstore where there are too many books to count!

  365. I am a Hypnobabies childbirth education instructor at, hypno-doula, and birth doula. I AM living my dream! ♥

  366. I love personalized gifts and Vintage Pearl has alot of really fabulous items!! I have just recently started to take my love for photography a step further, and I can’t wait to see where it might go!

  367. I love reading your blog. My dream job would be to operate some type of business like a daycare but not full time. A place where moms or dads could drop their children off for a couple of hours to go shopping or to go to appointments, etc. I love the vintage pearl and always think after the fact it would be an awesome gift for some of my mommy friends.

  368. If I had the funds, I would open up a kids book shop – with an attached coffee shop for parents. I love kids books and think it would be a fun venture.

  369. I would start a no kill animal shelter.

  370. Personal shoppping! Or some kind of crafty creative thing I could make and sell.

  371. what a amazing giveaway!! thank you for the opportunity to win!! I would love to do something for families who lose children or their babies… not sure what that would be but my heart is heavy for those who have lost.

  372. My husband and I always talk about an art/music school that we would open and run together… When we win the lottery someday! 😉 we would offer scholarship programs to low income families, because I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to get creative and hone in on their talents and dreams.

  373. Love these pieces!

  374. I would love to open a preschool in a sweet little bungalow house. The whole space, inside and out, will be devoted to learning through exploration.

  375. Ohh lovely giveaway. If I had the funds for a business I would invest in better photography equipment and I’d sign up for a lot of photography classes. Big dream of mine.

  376. I would start a party planning business, and help people make economical parties for their family and friends!

  377. Beautiful jewlery! I would love to win the gift certificate.

  378. Love the idea of wearing rings with your child’s name on it! I would love to start a party planning business :)

  379. I love the gorgeous jewelry from Vintage Pearl! If I were to start a business, I would likely open a preschool. I’m intrigued by a preschool in the UK that is entirely outdoors – they use nature to play and learn. I’m not sure how I’d make that work in Canadian winters but I like the concept!

  380. My dream is to finally start my own graphic + web design boutique. i’ve been doing it on the side for about a year now, but walking away from my full time job to pursue it is a little scary, but life is short and i would rather spend it creating things i love & bringing joy to others. i also want to spend less time away from my littles and teach them that it is possible to have a job that you love!

  381. I love the vintage pearl. My infant son passed away last year (renal failure) and my husband bought me a necklace with his name on it from there. Every time I look at the site I spend the whole time coveting everything they make.

  382. love this company. I would run a florist if money wasn’t an issue

  383. Idea: publishing math education resources. I’ve been meaning to start throwing related stuff up on a blog (information wants to be free, yes?)…that’s my 2013 goal, anyways.

  384. Beautiful treasures! Love what The Vintage Pearl is creating. As for a business…I have no idea!!

  385. I love Vintage Pearl too! If I had the exttra time and funds I would further my little tiny Etsy shop and grow it into a big one!

  386. Love the pearls in a pea pod!! My dream would be to open my own bakery where I could work every day with my Momma. When I was a chid she did a lot of cakes and wedding catering out of our home, and it was always our dream to have our own shop where we could work together, and where someday, when I was older I could bring my littles with me to work and we could all be together. We came really close once, but life got in the way, and it never happened. So if I had the chance, that’d be my dream, a bakery with my Momma!!!

  387. I love Vintage Pearl stuff but don’t have any of my own :( I would start a baking venture of some sort…or flower arranging for special occasions.

  388. I love the Vintage Pearl and would be delighted to win this! We’re expecting our third son soon and I’d love to get a piece with all of their names on it. As far as dream ventures, it’s hard to choose… photography, raising goats and making cheese and soap, a pastry shop… so many fun things to dream about!

  389. My dream is to finally start my own graphic + web design boutique. i’ve been doing it on the side for about a year now, but walking away from my full time job to pursue it is a little scary, but life is short and i would rather spend it creating things i love & bringing joy to others. i also want to spend less time away from my littles and teach them that it is possible to have a job that you love!

  390. really admire a mom of four having such a successful business. I have started a little shop on Etsy and would love to find more time to sew the vintage inspired outfits that I sell there.

  391. I would better fund the animal rescue nonprofit I volunteer with. It’s so hard to get donations these days.

  392. I’ve visited the vintage pearl site lots of times and covet all the jewelry there!! I recently started an etsy shop of making nest necklaces and love it! :)

  393. I would love to have a back yard studio space. So i could do facials, make up and spray tans. I have the education just not the space and money to start it up.

  394. I love this shop! What beautiful pieces.

    If I had the funds for a dream business venture, I would go in with my husband to start a bookstore/coffee shop where we could combine my love of books with his love of roasting and brewing coffee.

  395. I love her stuff! If I could do anything I’d start a classical school where all children are welcome . So not really a business. But a dream non the less.

  396. My husband and I were just talking about how when the kids are grown we’d like to start up a small diner. We love to cook!

  397. Love the vintage pearl! My dream is to open a children’s store.

  398. I love The Vintage Pearl so much! The jewelry is so cute and really great quality. Such a fun giveaway!

  399. Beautiful stuff! I would love one of the baby spoons for my niece or nephew-to-be!

    If I had the funds I’d love to have an interior design studio and home store. It was my first degree, but the economy forced a career change to nursing. I miss the creativity!

  400. What beautiful stuff.
    If I could start a business it would probably be expending my sewing hobby to something that paid a bit.
    Or back to my original career pre baby of horses.

  401. My dream has always been to be a travel photographer.

  402. Wow, so generous! I would love to win a certificate – the jewelry is beautiful! :)

  403. Love the jewelry and the mom’s motivation to start her own business. I would love to marry my knowledge as a speech-language pathologist and staying home, possibly developing materials for children with special needs.

  404. I would love to somehow turn blogging into a business. I love to write and I love photography, so it’s a great fit. With my full time job and a little one, the time just isn’t there.

  405. I live the pea pod necklace!

    I would be a professional organizer:)

  406. My dream is to live a life of positivity. I want to be aware of the trouble and pain in this world, but not let that effect my attitude. I want to love everyone I meet and understand that we each have a story. I want to be a light to someone. I want to give the Lord all the glory.

  407. I’m also a big fan of TVP! If I had the guts to start a business, it would be graphic design, preferably purchasing my own letterpress…

  408. I would love to be a florist!

  409. Love all items at the Vintage Pearl. If I could live a dream, it would be a PI. I (heart) detective work!!

  410. I would love to open my own book store!

  411. I am a PhD student in stategic management. Not necessarily a kid-friendly topic, however I have a goal to write children’s stories that emphasize basic business/math principles in everyday kid-friendly settings. For instance, I’d love to write a book called Annabelle’s Lemonade Stand in which a little girl (named after my oldest daughter)sets up a lemonade stand and in the process learns about how to price her cup of lemonade while considering costs like cups, lemons, etc. Another idea is Hattie Rose Builds a Tree House (named after my second daughter). In this story, Hattie Rose learns to work with others using their strengths to balance out her own. While simple, I LOVE the idea of girls in the business world. Let’s start ’em young!

  412. fun giveaway! Love this stuff so beautiful!

  413. Gorgeous stuff! I love the peas in a pod necklace! <3

  414. I love the pearl designs. If I could start a dream business, it would be a small bakery/floral shop.

  415. I love the new sponsor! My dream is to own a bookstore in Ireland. Cozy rainy days can be spent in there with a blanket & a cup of tea!

  416. Oh goodness – if I could do anything it would be making handmade crafts. I love making gifts of any kind of folks. I once tried a custom scrapbooking “business” but I was burned out so quickly that my 4 1/2 year old is only 10 months old in his scrapbook and my 15 month old daughter doesn’t have one! ha! SOOOOO burned out. Maybe someday I will find the time/energy to finish things up.

  417. I would love to start my own childcare center. I’m currently a student in college and i’ve already done the prep work. however, funds limit me from pursuing my dream. plus, i still have more schooling to get through

  418. I love her designs! If I weren’t so shy I would love to pursue my passion for photography!

  419. I love all of Erin’s Vintage Pearl unique personalized designs. Personally, I’m getting started writing a book, with a blog and website as extensions of the book. It’s a process!

  420. I think I would devote my time to singing opera. I haven’t made the time for singing since I had kids!

  421. Love the Vintage Pearl!

    I would love to be a professional photographer if I had the business opportunity.

  422. I would love to continue teaching others to sign with their children. I simply cannot do it all myself right now with 5 kids, but the benefits of signing as a way to communicate with your hearing but not yet verbal infants are something I think every parent should know about.

  423. Dream #1 would have something to do with babies! Whether it be a birth photographer, doula, midwife or lactation consultant!

    Dream #2 would be to start a consulting business that assists small businesses in creating thought out communication plans.

  424. I am not much of a jewelry wearer but I have wanted to jump on board with the hand stamped jewelry. I love her work!

    As for starting a business, I don’t know. My first instinct is to say I’d like to have an organization, have the resources, to better help adopted children and birth parents have a way to connect with each other. I realize laws and the such are in place for a reason, but they can be frustrating. Had it not been for a newspaper editor willing to publish my story and a search angel with resources reading the story (all in a very small town), there is no way I would have reunited with my birth family, at least not within four months of starting my search! It is a remarkable feeling to have been lost then found and I would like to help others like me!

  425. I would love to own a bakery/cupcakery! My coworkers tell me constantly that I should be doing that instead of sitting at a desk all day! Love the Vintage Peal!

  426. I’ve been dying to have the spinner ring! All her jewelry is so beautiful.

    I think if I could start a business it would be photography. I have always loved it, but lacked the funds.

  427. I think I’d expand my own jewelry business! I have tons of ideas, but NO time and limited resources to make them happen!

  428. A coffee shop bookstore!

  429. Such beautiful pieces! I DO have a little business already, but it’s very small. I’d love to make it bigger by importing and selling designer and special fabrics from the US and Japan :) I am a total fabric addict!

  430. I love The Vintage Pearl and have been eyeing a few pieces for quite a long time!

  431. my dream business is a cupcake shop! baking and decoratin cupcakes all day with my mom, it’d be so much fun!

  432. Love the jewelry!

  433. I’ve been eyeing the Vintage Pearl’s pretties for a while but haven’t purchased anything. A little over a year ago I opened an online fabric store. I adore fabric and love to sew. It makes me so happy to walk into my studio and see all the bolts of beautiful fabric. If I had more time I’d sew children’s clothing to sale. As it is, I only sew clothes for my daughter and the occasional gift.

  434. Love this jewelry. And the fact that you really get to know the people behind the product. Thank you.

  435. Love, love, love the Vintage Pearl. I love how each peice has its own special meaning. If I had the time and funds I would go into photography…

  436. I love the Vintage Pearl and I love your blog. Your journey has changed me. I am thankful that you have shared your family and your approach in life. God bless you.
    I would love to preserve memories in some way!

  437. I LOVE the Vintage Pearl–her creations are beautiful. If I could start a business, I would probably start a small publishing company. I would love to publish meaningful children’s books.

  438. What beautiful jewelry! I love seeing people pursue their dreams and thrive. I just took the leap myself, starting my own senior care consulting company to help families navigate the confusing world of senior care. My business partner and I quit our stable jobs with benefits to start Peters & Love; we just launched and are so excited to see our dream become a reality!

  439. I ordered a necklace from The Vintage Pearl shortly after my daughter was born two years ago. It is simply her name and a pearl, and one of my favorite pieces. I find myself holding it, rubbing it, almost like one of those “worry stones,” my grandmother used to have in her pocket at all times. Thank you for sharing the village and inspiration behind such a lovely business!

  440. I love the vintage pearl. We have several pieces, and they are so unique and well crafted. Glad to see them as one of your sponsors!

  441. Erin’s creations are amazing. I’m in love with the handstamped vintage look right now. Also wanted to shout out a very Happy Birthday to Nella! And to answer your other question, I adore planning parties. Birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. I think it’s the best way to get my creativity out. I’m an event planner at heart. I would love to be able to start a business where I could help people plan AFFORDABLE birthdays that are unique and special. I’ve never set out to do this for anyone else, just my own kids. It’s fun. I did work events and public relations at my local PBS affiliate for a while, but those events were much different. I guess my love for events started there. Having kids expanded it to the truly fun things that can be done!!

  442. if i had the funds and TIME i would love to start a summer camp for refugee children here in Lebanon…full of games, adventures, bonding and of course meaningful lessons!

  443. I’d love to own a children’s book store, a la Meg Ryan’s character in You’ve Got Mail.

  444. I LOVE The Vintage Pearl! I have been drooling over a couple necklaces for awhile now. :)

    If I had the funds, I would love to open my own preschool.

  445. Love the jewelry it’s absolutely stunning! If given the funds to open any business I’d open a vintage inspired eclectic boutique. Special gifts, home decor, handmade items :)

  446. This is a beautuful way to live. If I could start anything it would be outdoor adventure retreats for moms with young kids.

  447. Love Love Love this beautiful jewelry!!!

  448. Her creations are gorgeous!

    And, I’d love to start a photography business :)

  449. I would love to open a bakery and chocolate shop!! Right now I’m working on crafty things that I’ve been selling on etsy but, I would love to cook!

  450. I’ve always thought TVP made the loveliest personalized necklaces.
    I really like the you one shared with the quote about flying on her own.

  451. If I were given the funds I would start a non-profit co-op daycare for the working poor. So many families cannot afford to have two parents working. Or if they are; they are barely staying afloat!

  452. dream business would be to do this family documentary service; filming, editing and producing tasteful interviews of the elders of a family to be left to their survivors after they pass. kind of like biography but for your own elders! (is that a thing already? if so: GOOD. i’d like to do it too!)

  453. I have a few things I would do!
    I would love to own my own coffee shop/bistro/book store:)
    And the other dream I have is to be a doula:)

  454. I have to admit I have never been a fan of pearl jewelry, but I am in love with some of these pieces!
    Would so love to win one of these gift certificates so I can order my favorite…the circles with kids names on them. Lovely.

  455. I’d love to open a bakery! And your jewelry is beautiful!

  456. I love Vintage Pearl jewlery! Would love to win this. If I could start my own business it would be a bookstore. What a treat to be surrounded by good books all day long!

  457. Vintage Pearl has some awesome stuff! I would do something with travel! I would love to help open eyes to all the amazing things/people/places in the world!

  458. No brainer, I would establish a non-profit for families that survive a house fire. Those first initial 48 hours post that dramatic event are the most humbling & surreal. Like, seriously, toothbrush? What toothbrush? Underwear? Hmmmm I would love to take it big and make sure that everyone knew in those first traumatic moments that it will all work out and the little things don’t matter…. THANKS for the fun giveaway opportunity!

  459. I LOVE the vintage pearl!
    Everything is soooo cute!

  460. I am obsessed with this new sponsor! I found them through another blog I follow, NieNie Dialogues, and love that they are now a sponsor on your page! The fact that 2 women I love and look and look up to and that I only read 2 blogs and both of them have the same sponsor, is just so cool! The My State necklace is my favorite! Keep up the good work by getting your message out there and continuing to have it grow. xoxo

  461. Love the items from the Vintage Pearl! I would love to have my own photography business one day!

  462. I would use it to start writing publishing children’s books. I teach middle school now, but that would allow me to stay home with my little one and feel professionally fulfilled.

  463. I love the vintage pearl! If I could do anything, I would probably open a cool little shop that sold home decor items. Thanks for the chance!

  464. I would love to get into graphic design and work from home. Love all of her pieces!

  465. I’d probably start a home business making cheesecakes (cause i make wicked awesome cheesecakes).

    Also, I’m loving that necklace in the bottom middle (with the heart in the center).

  466. Love TVP! I’m unsure about a dream venture- maybe crafting?

  467. I would love to win this! My mum turns 60 soon and I’d love to get something like this made!

    As for a dream job? I’d love to have enough money to quit my job and work with underprivilidged children!

  468. I love the Pearls-in-a-Pod…so sweet. I have a true passion for photography but I really love birth photography. That first glance is just God breathed.

  469. Great giveaway! If I was to open up a business I would open a pick your own fruit/vegetable farm.

  470. I would help my friend set up her baking business here in Germany! She’s so passionate and talented and is also so stuck in red tape (Can I buy red tape away in this game???)

  471. I would try out some aspect of photography or open a book store of some sort. Maybe I could combine my two loves is some wacky way.

  472. I love these Necklaces, would love to get one for my Nana for her birthday/mothers day (always with in days of each other)

    I would open a Cafe Bookstore!

  473. Love the Vintage Pearl! I dream of owning something from there someday.

    If I were given the funds to start a business, I would like to use that money to teach and offer items of preparedness for others. I feel such peace and security when I and my family are more prepared for the unexpected things of life. I want that for everyone. It’s a great feeling.

  474. I love anything with my daughters name on it, and these are so cute! If I could do anything, I would love to write a book!

  475. love this jewelry thanks for sharing. i would start a cupcake shop. more then that, it would be a hang out for mom’s with child friendly environment with toys and distractions, like decorate your own cupcake. and the moms would get to divulge in a cupcake or muffin and coffee and tea in a big cushy chair with others…just need that financial investor who likes the idea as much as me.

  476. What BEAUTIFUL jewelry! I see a lot of personalized hand stamped jewelry, but these are truly original! I love them!

    Book Reviews

  477. I would totally open a bakery/restaurant with my husband. With a quiet reading nook somewhere in the corner. And lots of love to give. Also, I love looking at everything the Vintage Pearl makes. It’s all wonderful.

  478. Beautiful pieces! I love the thrill of an amazing antique/thrift store; so I would love to curate and open one of my own!

  479. Beautiful jewelry! I love that she is able to balance work and family, and do what she loves!

  480. I love to bake, and people always told me I should open my own bakery. For a while I dreamed of opening a coffee/gift shop, and as I’ve simplified and become more aware of the benefits of eating local, organic products I thought this would play nicely into such a venture.

    Currently, I’m into sewing and knitting handmade goods – and I’ve dabbled in jewelry-making! – so there are all sorts of outlets I could get into.

  481. Gorgeous jewelry! I’ve been looking for a ‘family’ style necklace like this for so long!

  482. her creations are beautiful!

    Just for fun, I’d open a coffee house/pastry store/ library to constantly be around good conversation and good reads :)

  483. Love the jewellery!
    If I could open my own store it would be either be a book store, or a store containing product made with all natural, organic, local ingredients/ materials.

  484. Such beautiful jewelry! I love all the pieces and what a great story behind the business! If someone gave me the funds for my own business, I’d have to choose one of the following:

    A food truck that sells bakery items (both savory and sweet) or get my sweet hubby involved and start building awesome bikes.

    I wonder if I can combine the two??? Nah….probably not!

    Either way I’d be happy b/c I’d get to be creative. But I’d probably go with building bikes since it’s such a huge dream for the hubs and helping him fulfill his dream would be very rewarding!

  485. Like many above me, I would love to run a bookstore.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love how you give us some insight into the business. Makes me want to shop there even more.

  486. I already run a small sewing business where I make bibs, burp cloths, nursing covers, aprons, etc.!/SeaminglySimpleCreations

  487. I would open a cloth diaper store! Or maybe a business with cloth diaper home classes – sort of like Tupperware parties but make it more about education than sales!

  488. I love Vintage Pearl!! If I were given the resources, I would try to really make a go of my little sewing business. It’s difficult because I work full time in a traditional job and have 2 toddlers, but I love sewing and seem to be stuck in the “you have to spend money to make money” rut; we really don’t have enough money for me to make a meaningful investment in my business yet. I’m going to keep working away on it, though, because I love it!

  489. Love this jewelry!

    My dream venture would be to open a consignment store for clothing and furniture where a part of my earnings from the store would be go back into the community through donations.

  490. If I had the funds, I would invest in my little photography side business. Love the Vintage Pearl items!!

  491. LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage pearl! If I could start a business, I would start a graphic design company. I just love being creative! Money & Time are things I don’t really have, I have two littles.. so maybe someday! :)

  492. That is some gorgeous jewelry! If I could start it business it would be something music oriented. I’m already a piano teacher and have had a few ideas but haven’t had the time or resources to get anything new started. Part of that has to do with the fact that I’m getting used to being a full time mom now! :) Hopefully in the future I will be able to pursue more dreams of mine. Thanks for the post, Kelle! I’ve been a long time reader but this is my first comment.

  493. I would move out into a beautiful place in the country and live off the land.

  494. I have never heard of The Vintage Pearl before, but after seeing the beautiful pieces I immediately sent links to everyone I know. I am in love!!

    If I could start a business, I would start my own photography business. I would love to capture the beauty of the world and share it with people for a living. What could be better? :)

  495. I would start a photography business!

  496. If I were to start my own business, it would be a ceramics studio where I could work on my own art and have classes for low-income adults.

  497. It has always been my dream to open a gourmet sandwich shop!

  498. Those are beautiful! Kudos to her and I love hearing inspiring stories of women being successful at something they love to do. If I were given the funds to start a business, I would make it a bake shop full of yummy goodies!

  499. Would love to open a crepe shop~

  500. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the state necklace. SO cute! *fingers crossed*! She is so talented!

  501. My dream is to expand my garden enough that I can provide fresh, organic produce to local organizations, churches, etc. in the warm months. Great giveaway!

  502. Yoga Studio!!! I never leave a yoga studio saying “What a waste of time, I wish I wouldn’t have taken that class.” Yoga makes any day better.

    I would love to open a yoga studio that offers free community classes, discounted classes for seniors, etc. etc. Whenever I can’t sleep at night, I design a yoga studio in my head. Makes me smile and I fall alseep peacefully.

  503. I would love to open a flower shop! Flowers always make people smile :)

  504. I just accomplished my dream of becoming a RN. Now my dream is to find a part time job, so I can be a nurse and a very present Mommy of two.
    Love the peas in a pod necklace!

  505. I would do photo books, or photo collages on canvas, if I could make a living at it!

  506. Oh, I love Vintage Pearl.
    What would I do? Right now? Nothing! I’m a SAHM who homeschools and that is enough. Someday thought, DH and I dream of running a gourmet sandwich shop with all local ingredients and making much of it in house! We already smoke our own bacon and many other things, just for fun, so I guess that would be it!

  507. So cool… I’m lucky that I love the job I have, and I can’t figure out how to go freelance as a SPED teacher :)

  508. This comment has been removed by the author.

  509. These are beautiful!
    My dream venture would be to have a successful blog. I just started my own…Juggle Like A Mama!

  510. in love with her work! and i’m currently writing a book. i just took the plunge and hired someone to come watch my kids for four hours, twice a week, to get me to be more consistant with my thoughts. i’m very excited!!

  511. Very cute jewelry!
    I have too many dreams (is that even possible!?)… I would love to own a farm someday, have my own bakery, get into photography, or get really good at crafting and sell my creations. My ultimate dream is to be able to stay home with my baby and future babies. We’ll see! :)

  512. Well, I’d like to help others through child loss somehow. But I also love cooking. Maybe a cafe that benefits families of baby loss?

  513. I really like those rings! If I had the money to start of a business, I would help my husband open up a pharmacy. He is finishing pharmacy school this year and we have hopes and dreams of paying of student loans quickly so we can open up a pharmacy/clinic/staple-of-community type of business.

  514. I would love to run a kitchen goods store! Huge dream of mine!!!
    Love the vintage pearl!!

  515. That shop is awesome!! My dream business would be a maternity spa…yoga, massage, pregnancy-friendly hair/skin/nail fun…all run by healthcare professionals such as nurses like me!

  516. My dream venture is to write a book and run my own bookstore. Someday maybe…. and I want to start a rescue shelter for dogs and horses. :)

  517. I LOVE love LOVE the 4 peas in a pod necklace! I have been looking for one, since I have 4 boys (my own post today features them) but the stores that carry something like this only feature 2 or 3 peas.

    What a fabulous give-away!

    I’ve been making my own lanyards, bracelets and necklaces for a while. I recently made several as gifts (including beaded eyeglass leashes). This is what I would sell in my own store, along with beautiful journals (made by others), cards, quilts, and other things made by friend — basically anything handmade with love!
    I think a used bookstore/library set up in the same shop would be wonderful, too!

  518. What stunning jewellery. I love seeing the work of passionate, talented people. Your blog opens up lots of doors and opportunities Kelle.

    I run a business from home around my babies.
    I design and sell Inspirational Wall Prints:

    Claire xx

  519. I love the personalized spoons! Beautiful!!

  520. I love the Vintage Pearl! I would do my own photography business, right now it’s just a hobby. :)

  521. My husband and I would love to be wild mushroom sellers. We love hunting and eating them. He is an expert.

  522. I’d love to run an upscale Chuck E Cheese style place. It’d have a quiet coffee shop area for the Mamas, various creative outlet stations and homework helper areas for the Littles and a calm, more peaceful, artsy, fun vibe.

  523. I love the state heart jewellery – always wanted a Maine one.

    If I had funds for a business venture I’d love to set up some kind of coffee shop and book store combination

  524. I would start a newborn photography business!

    And I might still…after my own newborn arrives in the next few weeks 😉

  525. I’m living the dream! I run an empowerment and teen pregnancy prevention program through a non-profit organization full-time, and earlier this year, I started a brand-new organization called Pearls that reaches out to women working in the sex industry. Every month, we visit women who are working in strip clubs to bring them beautiful gifts with no strings attached, just to let them know that they are loved, that they matter, and that support is available to them. It’s incredible to see their faces LIGHT UP when they realize that someone just simply cares about them!

  526. I would open a gift shop.

  527. Love the Vintage Pearl…have always admired her things from “afar” and would love to have something of my own. If I were given funds to start by own business, I would quit my teaching job and open up my own home daycare or tutoring business.

  528. My dream business would probably be a cloth diaper & baby wrap/carrier store. Thanks for the chance!

  529. I would open a bakery!

  530. I love this jewelery! How unique and different. I like the quotes. If I have extra funds to do anything I wanted, I would open up my own non-profit. I would create an agency that helped dogs in need of adoption and somehow incorporate that into animal therapy for children.

  531. I would write a children’s book!

  532. I would open a tea house / bookstore / paper goods store – and ask my sister to be my partner! I love Vintage Pearl pieces and I’d be honoured to wear any of them. Thanks for sharing.

  533. Beee-u-ti-full. Love, love, love the vintage peas in a pod.

    Hmmm…I would likely spend my time in Africa, as that’s where my husband’s heart is; my parents are currently volunteering there, and so I would love to follow in their footsteps.

  534. Love the jewelry and would love to own some! Totally dig the Florida necklace, although I’d have to do one of North Carolina :)

  535. i love looking at the vintage pearl jewelry, but don’t own any yet! i would love to discover the world with my family by doing humanitarian work abroad.

  536. Love her jewelry! Items you can wear everyday and showoff! Love love love them! If I could open my own business, I would love to produce my patterns for some of the little toys and baby accessories that I make!
    Check my blog and you can see some of the things I made my new grandson!
    Thanks for the giveaway, its a fantastic one!

  537. love these!

  538. I love The Vintage Pearl! I’d love to have the funds to take the time to write a book.

  539. I LOVE this jewelery! My dream venture would be to start a clothing line for babies using all vintage designs :)

  540. Beautiful pieces, great giveaway!! Thank you Vintage Pearl :) I’ve pursued my career in Urban Planning for a number of years before having kids, but those little boys of mine have made me crazy in love with managing a photography studio and being home with them more. I suppose you could say I am already living the dream 😉

  541. I would love this! I’m not sure about my dream venture… either educating women about fertility and birth control or cooking.

  542. I would love to run my own Bridal shop. I love weddings and the love/joy that they bring. Plus who does not love the amazing fashion that comes along with the bridal world! What an amazing giveaway!

  543. LOVE those necklaces! I would love to start a bookstore/bakery/coffee shop… in a small mountain town.

  544. I would love to write meaningful children’s books. I have started but it is a tough business to break into! I love your peas in a pod necklace and would love one to wear for my identical twin girls! Their shower and baby room was peas in a pod.

  545. I would want to start some kind of home organization business, but I’d have to hire some very talented people, because I need the help, too.

  546. I love the vintage pearl! :) I am already running a photography business, but I would love to invest in a good assistant to help me find a better balance!

  547. I would just go forward with my photography business and perhaps write that novel I’ve always dreamed about:)

  548. I <3 the Vintage Pearl. Love love love their pretty jewelry. I dream of opening a preschool. Or a bakery. Those are two of my passions in life.

  549. I have always admired the items on the vintage pearl website! If I had unlimited funds, I would love to start a photography business :o)

  550. Fun giveaway!! Love her jewelry!
    I would love to grow my photography business even more.. if I had the time and funds! :)

  551. how wonderful. i dream up ideas on a daily basis that would be a fun job for me and benefit others. i’m still dreaming.

  552. I would jumpstart my photography business. Right now it’s simply something I do on the side as more of a hobby….if my love for it would pay the bills I’d be made. I’m not giving up the dream tho – dreams are made big so that we can grow into them right?!

  553. I’d be an orthodontist!

  554. I LOVE the bird necklace…so pretty!! I really enjoy how you are giving us more information about your sponsors with Behind the Business. It’s so cool to here about what inspires the owners and how they got started! I have recently started my own etsy shop selling vintage goods and if I had funding I would grow this dream…maybe into my very own real store. Selling beautiful things…that would be my dream venture.

  555. Oooh, I want in on that!

  556. I love her jewelry!
    I’d finally build a house,where women,children,fathers snd mothers can meet, eat my cakes, read and exchange books, ideas, art, wisdom, And there would be an awsome garden with an orchard… And some animals..

  557. Oooh, I want in on that. I tried commenting just now. Hopefully it doesn’t pop up after I leave this.

    I would love to have a coffee & sandwich shop.

  558. my mom’s bday is february 15th … she lives in maryland, we live in florida … it would be so meaningful for her to always have us close to her heart : ) plus, the jewelry is gorgeous!!

  559. vintage pearl is amazing. i’d have such a hard time deciding on something to spend the winnings on! if i had money to start a business venture, it’d be a children’s book store, like in You’ve Got Mail.

  560. Simply lovely! My passion is nutrition, so some sort of organic food-based business would likely thrill me.

  561. Oh my goodness…I love this stuff!! If given the funds to continue my current ventures I would build my belly dance program and be able to make sure finances never got in the way of anyone taking my classes, performing with us, attending workshops, etc. Money always gets in the way! My other job is working as a Service Coordinator in the Early Intervention program in Colorado, so I would put as much money as possible into our amazing providers who are working with the children and families I serve!

  562. Love the FL necklace — can you make that in a mitten — with an upper peninsula? Beautiful jewelry!

  563. What gorgeous jewelry! If I had the money for a startup… Hmm. That’s tough, Ive always wanted to go back to school to get a phD, I’ve never thought of going into business… Perhaps a quirky, fun children’s book store. Kind of like Meg Ryan’s “Shop Around the Corner” in “You’ve Got Mail!” I love books, I love children’s books even more… And a bookstore? Heaven.

  564. I’d say I’d jump into photography, but I love being a stay at home mom. Maybe I would become an author! The possibilities are endless – or maybe I’m just indecisive.

  565. Oh wow! This jewelry is DELICIOUS!!! I especially love the peas in a pod, as that was the theme for my twins’ baby shower. :~) Anyway, if given some lovely start-up money, I would LOVE to start a cooking studio for children. I love kids {of all ages} in the kitchen. I used to teach a “Cupcakes for Kids” class and it was so much fun. :)

  566. I’d say I’d jump into photography, but I love being a stay at home mom. Maybe I would become an author! The possibilities are endless – or maybe I’m just indecisive.

  567. If you were given the funds to start and/or continue any business, what would that dream venture be?

    **A lil shop with antiques along with new things…. including a coffee bar :)

  568. If I could create any business I would want to make and sell (or even better, giveaway)recovery art. There are so many people struggling with so many things out there that I want to be able to use my passion and talent to create inspirational works of art that are encouraging and healing. I know from personal experience that some of the pieces I create have helped friends and even myself during a struggle by reminding us of what is important in life and that we are worth it.

  569. Love this jewelry!! If I could open a store, I would probably do something photography related!!

  570. It has always been a dream of mine (and my husband’s) to have enough money to open up our own dog rescue facility. It would be next door to our own home, and we’d help as many dogs out as we possibly could manage. (I have always wanted to foster, but hesitate because of the 4 dogs we already have in our family, and fears about how it would affect them).

  571. so beautiful! What a fun giveaway, Kelle.

  572. I have several VP pieces and I LOVE them!! They are also great gifts, everyone that has received one has gushed! If I could do anything, I’d love to run a yoga studio here in Clarksville. I don’t even do yoga, but it’s a dream.

  573. Love her jewelry! I would want to open my own photography studio….I love to take photos and am currently going back to school for digital meeting and photography.

  574. I would love to own a posh little baby boutique in my hometown. We aren’t a big city, but we aren’t super small either. Our only baby options are BRU and Target. I want to offer something unique! :)

  575. Farm to table restaurant! I always wanted to own my own restaurant and have regulars (like in “cheers”). I hear it is not as glamorous as it sounds though.

  576. I love colour, texture, and pattern. I would love to open a store that sells fabric, yarn, and paper. I would be in HEAVEN!

  577. In all seriousness…I would open up a Breakfast Burrito stand. People would come from all over to try them :-)

  578. I love The Vintage Pearl, so glad to see them on your blog :)

  579. Oh, I love the Vintage Pearl! And I also have my eye on the love my state necklace!

    And if I had the funds I would some how try to become a writer! (And yes, I’m aware you don’t need funds to be a writer). But my dream would be to write a children’s book and have it published!

  580. I love the Vintage Pearl. Such beautiful work! If I had my dream job it would be running a Waldorf Inspired preschool / daycare. Maybe someday I will!

  581. I would continue with my sleep cap business! get custom labels, and business cards and return address labels and my own website…

  582. My husband has always wanted a book store/fly shop.

  583. Such talent. Would love to win this:)

  584. If I could start my own business, it would be a bookstore/cafe/children’s playspace.

  585. Love these!! I would simply enjoy retirement and time with my family!

  586. I really like the State necklaces :)

    I would like to have a scrapbook store. Or open a Jimmy Johns or Braum’s franchise in my town :)

  587. I would open a bakery/bookstore!

  588. I love this giveaway but I don’t know if I can come up with a dream venture. I’d love to learn more about photography and do something with that. I’d also love to write. I kind of just want to do a little of lots of different things. Maybe by the time I’m 40 I’ll have a better idea of what makes me happiest…right now I’m still learning!

  589. I love it all! Many of my friends have some of these pieces,I’d continue taking pictures for families and people here and around Iowa!

  590. My “if we won the lottery” dream venture would be to open a yarn store. My boyfriend even gave it a name already. *must go buy lottery tickets…

  591. My dream is to start a bakery that caters to humans and pups :) I am a third grade teacher and would also love to open my own enrichment/tutoring center. One day!

  592. Love the stamped jewelry! If I would start a business, I would like to do business consulting with my most favorite friends, and since we’re dreaming here, only work about 3 days a week!

  593. This is great jewelry. I would love to write a book someday, possibly a cookbook for children.

  594. I live in a small town with little resources for mental health services. As an aspiring therapist (I’m getting there, slowly!)I would gather the knowledge and support and services from different professionals around my town who were willing to donate and volunteer their time and help, and start a free clinic. It wouldn’t be much, but it would be love and support in a place where it often feels like there isn’t any.

  595. Making hand made cards. I love doing it for special occasions because I think getting something personal in the mail is priceless these days! It’s not an actual business though, just a weekend craft project with my two year-old!

  596. Oh, I dream of this. My son has severe food allergies. There isn’t a single bakery in my city that provides yummy cookies and cupcakes and all sorts of other treats for kids and adults with food allergies. My son runs the risk of anaphylaxis if he eats anything with nuts in it.

    I would LOVE, LOVE to open a bakery for EVERYONE…for mamas who need a yummy treat that is safe for her son or daughter to eat. For friends who want to celebrate a birthday but can’t find a beautiful safe cake.

    All of the mamas I know who deal with this bake their own, single cupcake for their child to bring to a birthday party because they can’t eat the cake.

    I’d love to make this part of their lives easier.

    And, as it turns out, I love doing it. So, maybe one day. For now, its an awfully nice dream.

  597. My mom is a wonderful artist, but it too busy caring for my dad, who suffered a major stroke, to work on her business or take it online. Would love to help her do this someday. Having others appreciate her art and encourage her raises her spirits so much.

  598. I would love to start up a place like The Farm here in Canada. A space for women to come as they prepare for birth and motherhood where they could be surrounded by supportive community.

  599. If I had the funds, I would love to learn how to sew better and start making blankets, quilts, busy books for babies!

  600. I love the jewelry! If I could start a business it’d be a vintage coffee shop and used bookstore that gave back to the community and helped local artists.

  601. Video editing… It’s my passion!

  602. Creative outlet is so important and you have wonderful talent!

  603. woah 600 plus comments! i would love to win the pea pods necklace!

    i am selling kids vintage, which i love doing but i would really like to write a TV series based on my great grandparents lives immigrating from Sweden to MN!

  604. I have several dream businesses I would love to start. But my first has always been a dog bakery. I have the name picked out, a logo in mind, and even the location I would like to have it. Now I just need to win the Powerball!

  605. love love love the peas in a pod………catering is my forte…nurse by day/night….catering by off time would be my passion……

  606. Would love writing cookbooks!!!

  607. i love the vintage pearl! i’ve ordered 3 items of theirs as gifts!

  608. Oh, how I love The Vintage Pearl. The Messy Nest necklace was a Mother’s Day gift last year and for Father’s Day I got my hubby Dad’s key chain. Both turning out so great!

    I am so blessed and content in my role of SAHM to my three kiddos (age 7, 4, and 2), so the idea of a dream venture is not even close to being on radar. Now a dream vacation I could really get behind!

  609. Beautiful! I love the pea pod necklace charms!

  610. I would open a home for teen moms and they could live there for birth to 3 and I would teach the moms about resources for them and their family. I would also teach them how to care for an infant/small child.
    I also like the idea of a drive through @ the grocery store

  611. I love these! My dream would be to open an art working art gallery. A place where artist could rent spaces to work and show there work.

  612. Oh, so many things I want to do…I’d have to think hard to pick one :) I’d love to have a photography business. I’d love to open a clothing store. I’d love to have a business selling children’s clothing I make…someday, one of these will happen.

  613. ohh i love the vintage pearl!

    kikilala17 @

  614. A sweet little cupcake shop!

  615. Gorgeous jewelry!!

  616. love the Vintage Pearl! My friend is a new Mama and would love to win something for her!
    If I was given funds for a venture it would be something to do with tea….love everything about tea and the frills…so maybe a tea service that gets delivered…you know..the little sandwiches..scones…and a pot of tea.

  617. This blog is really informative i really had fun reading it.

  618. I love the Vintage Pearl, they make great gifts! I got my mom a necklace with all her grand children’s names on it.

    My venture, if given the funds, would be to give it to my partner and let him create a place for a DIY mechanic shop. His dream, not mine, but a good one for him.

  619. I love the state necklace, too! Not sure running a business would be my cup of tea… I’m a first grade teacher and I love it. :-)

  620. I have always loved the pearls in the pea pod from Vintage Pearl! So sweet. If I had all the money in the world to start a business, I would open a home for older people to live in that cant live at home anymore alone but dont want to be put in a nursing home situation. There is quite a market for that in our area.

  621. I would love to have a photography business but I would also like to have a preschool or place for kids to come play or read books etc.

  622. Awesome stuff! I would love to buy my first piece :)

  623. My company would be starting a children’s clothing store. I’d make it a welcoming place for families and bring in lots of local designers.

  624. What beautiful jewelry!
    I would love to jump into fashion design….its always been my dream….but my babies are my dream right now. :)

  625. If I could start my own business with no cost to me… I would take pictures of babies in the NICU for their parents. I would make keepsakes for these tiny infants and their families to help them remember the struggles they had to go though to get healthy infants.


  626. I would love this!

  627. Wow, those are so cute! I would open a hot dog cart… lol, I seriously would. You can’t get a good “dog” anywhere around here!

  628. That baby spoon! So precious. Even if I don’t win, it may become my go-to baby gift! Triple love it!!!

  629. Beautiful jewelry. I have a good start on my dream. I love teaching and that’s what I get to do. Public school can be very restricting at times so in the future, I’d love to find a better way to teach.

  630. What beautiful jewellery. So simple and stylish.

    I have loved reading some of the comments. I’d love to read them all!

    I would love to combine a business with rearing my lovely brood. I’ve had so many ideas and dreams over the years. Tea rooms/ second hand bookshops, cool housewares shop, child friendly cafes, community centres with classes for young and old,. They’re all still dreams but one day maybe….

  631. I would open a doughnut shoppe that would make and sell my Grandma’s Homemade Spudnuts!:)LOVE the wrap ring!!

  632. My dream venture would be to go to medical school but I feel like its too late now that I’ve started a family and have to work.

  633. My dream would be to start a fresh foods cafe with healthy clean eating options! In my small town we only have hamburger and pizza joints and our kids need to have the option of eating better!

  634. Great Giveaway, the Vintage Pearl is something I have always wanted. That ring on the lower left is so GREAT. I am a public school teacher, and if I had the means, I would start my own school. A school that pushed outside the test score box our children and teachers get put in all to often!

  635. Such cute jewelry! If I were to give money to start a business, I would start an outdoor education camp for school kids. I would love to mainstream kids with all learning capabilities as well as physical disabilities together. There would be lots of compassion/empathy going on!

  636. My dream is to run a gym.

    I’ve always eye’d the vintage pearl! lovely items.

  637. I would love to have a Tea House. A place for birthday parties, showers and full tea services.

  638. Love the baby spoons!

  639. I think the jewelry is beautiful, but it her story and her inspiration with is the best.
    I own a very small nail spa. If I could get funding I would expand it to include Esthetics and massage.I would be able to carry the organic skin care product line that I dream of having, and maybe even start my own line. Hey if you are going to dream, dream big, right.

  640. I LOVE The Vintage Pearl! Bought my daughter’s Christmas gifts there.

  641. If funds were no issue I have two different business ventures I would love to start. One would be an educational type daycare setting and two would be a restaurant.

  642. I would start a family legacy business, taking people’s written and oral histories and turning them into hardbound books for generations to enjoy. And I love the VP!

  643. I love the personalized silverware, along with the ring with multiple names! So pretty

  644. I would without a doubt pursue a photography business!

  645. My dream business? It’s something that has evolved over time in the minds of myself and my best friend. It’s definitely our own shop and the current version is a coffee/ice cream shop where we can sell our own art and display/sell art from local artists to have their voices heard.

    At one point our shop was going to double as a dance club at night where no one is ever afraid to be the first person on the dance floor! Dream big!

  646. Beautiful jewelry … I am a painter and am fortunate enough to work in my home studio everyday with the gorgeous sunlight streaming through the windows. The joy of living my dream on a daily basis makes me so very grateful.

  647. I don’t know if it’s considered a business, but I’d love to write a book! I’d also love to find a way to work together with my husband to create something (uh, besides sweet babies) & build a business that would make us able to both work at home!

  648. I currently sell flexi clips I would be willing to send you some to try/give away if you haven’t yet. I really would love to start up a business for herbs and essential oils.

  649. theyve got really cute stuff! thanks for connecting us with a great find!

  650. Love these! My favorite is the Florida one, though I would choose California. :)

    If I had the opportunity for my dream, I would open my own daycare center. I love children and never get to spend time with them these days.

  651. I love the vintage pearl and love that you’re having a giveaway again!! Thanks for letting us get to know the sponsors like this—great idea!!

  652. a virtual assistant!

  653. I would love to have my very own quilt shop!

  654. My dream business would be to open an ice cream shop in town. We don’t have one and NEED one!! And I love ice cream!! :)

  655. The Vintage Pearl is SO my style! Love it!

    *fingers crossed I win!*

    If I had the funds to start a business, I would open a dance studio!

  656. I would love one of these! After going through a miscarriage, I wear a necklace all the time with our angel baby’s birth stone.

  657. I love the vintage pearl!
    I would start a photography business.

  658. What beautiful jewelry! I’ve dreamed of opening a bed & breakfast some day.

  659. I love the wrap ring the the names on it! I would start a business with my Mom doing some sort of food delivery to the elderly.

  660. My dream venture would be to open a little cafe called: Jazz N Java. It would serve wonderful coffee in charming little expresso cups, be decorated with lace and antiques and have mellow jazz playing in the background. Nothing beats a strong cup of coffee, a freshly baked croissant or creme brulee while listening to Billie, Nina, Ella or Miles! Well I can dream, can’t I ?

  661. Vintage Pearl is one of my favorite places to drop by while I am in OK…my home state! Their jewelry is just as amazing in person as it is in photos! I would use the money to invest in my blog…in hopes that one day it might generate some income!
    drop by if you have time
    Kim from OK who now loves living at the beach in NC!

  662. I’m sewing for a children’s clothing business right now. One day I’d love to have my own business sewing handbags, children’s items and more just for fun. I love sitting at my machine and creating beauty.
    Thanks for the chance!

  663. Mos’ def a pie shop 😀

  664. I would probably have a bed and breakfast with my husband and girls. On a farm. Oh, that would be a dream.

  665. I would open my own bridal dress shop!!! If only :)

  666. Ohhhh man! I LOVE your blog, and I LOVE Vintage Pearl! Pick me! Pick me!!! You rock — just so you know…

  667. Custom baby books for non-traditional families :)

  668. If I were to have the funds…my hubby and I would own the funkiest, coolest coffee shop that all of Maine has EVER seen — complete with the world’s best coffee and foodies…

  669. Love the vintage inspired jewelry! My dream business would be an all inclusive maternity center….Lamaze classes, breast feeding classes, prenatal massage, etc. a place for pregnant women and new mamas to go for education, support and a bit of pampering!

  670. I I would start a welding business, I love welding!!! :)

  671. I would be a grief counselor.

  672. NEED the Florida necklace! Homehomehome<3<3<3

  673. NEED the Florida necklace! Homehomehome<3<3<3

  674. This comment has been removed by the author.

  675. Kelle,

    This is my first comment on your blog!! Thanks for being a great part of my daily read. :)


  676. I I would start a welding business, I love welding!!! :)

  677. Gosh, I think I would love to make and sell quilts or dolls. Let’s be honest, I’d be ecstatic to be able to be a stay-at-home momma! Thanks for the giveaway!

  678. This is my first time commenting, but I have been following your blog for over 3 years. Thanks for introducing great businesses to us!

  679. I have a husband and two babes that I would loovvve stamped on a few rings. Thank you!

  680. Love the jewelry! I’m especially in love with the state necklace.

    I would someday love to open a children’s bookstore. The atmosphere would be the reading clubhouse I always tried to create as a kid. I’d feature story time for littles during the day, complete with a book, snack, and craft; book clubs for the trendiest pre-teen series, and summer book camps.

  681. I am wearing my hand stamped necklace from Vintage Pearl today! It simply says “Mailey” which is my daughters name. I LOVE, LOVE it!!

    I have thought about starting an online business (through Etsy) that I could make Invitations, cards, business cards, party supplies, etc. I would be able to stay home with my girl instead of working out of the home. But I would still be bringing in an income.

  682. Beautiful! I’d love to do some life coaching if given the chance.

  683. Love the vintage pearl!
    If I was given the funds, I wouldn’t start a business. I would start an orphanage in India, or a school in southern Thailand. Sounds cheesy, but its sincere. It would be awesome.

  684. Hmmmm, perhaps a vintage resale shop!

  685. I love so many things The Vintage Pearl has. Beautiful, beautiful.

  686. Love this stuff! I Would open a little gardening business!

  687. What cute stuff!!! Thanks for the give away!!

  688. Wow, all of those pieces are gorgeous!

  689. Something Ive always wanted to do (and hoepfully will get into this year sometime) is either a vintage rental compnay to rent out lovely vintage pieces for weddings/events/stylized photoshoots OR revamp old furniture to sell.


  690. I would love to own a coffee shop/bakery. Have a little shop where people could come read a book, surf the net, have local musicians play and just hang out. I could have my son who has Asperger’s syndrome with me all day. What more could a momma ask for?

  691. I LOVE basically everything on that site! I am trying to be good and not shop right now, but I came very close to ordering something…doesn’t mean I won’t though!

    Personally, I don’t think I could own my own business. I’m a high stress person and need the separation between home and personal life and I don’t think I’d be able to maintain that separation if it was my own business. I see this with my bosses all of the time…

  692. not sure if I posted already… love the jewelry! If I could, I would LOVE to own a child friendly, baby boutique- a job where I could bring my children with me!

  693. I would open a restaurant with my brother. He’s always wanted to open a place called Chuck Wagon. I’d run the front of house and he’d run the kitchen. I’d also be the taste tester!

  694. My husband’s dream is to start a winery, so I would do that with him. As long as I am with my kids…that has always been my dream.

  695. Fun idea! I like these new posts. I can’t even imagine what I’d do if I could start my own business. Maybe photography. First, I’d have to learn how to take beautiful pictures 😉

  696. Gorgeous pieces! If I had the money, I would quit my job and start a nonprofit to inspire leadership in young girls.

  697. Would love love to own a children’s bookstore!!!!

  698. I love her story of finding a creative outlet while being a stay at home mom!
    If I had funds, I would open a good daycare for single moms!

  699. ZOMG. I NEED ONE OF THESE NECKLACES. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one! HUZZAH! If I could start any venture I’d either write a book or open my own dance studio :)

  700. ZOMG. I NEED ONE OF THESE NECKLACES. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one! HUZZAH! If I could start any venture I’d either write a book or open my own dance studio :)

  701. Beautiful jewelry! My best friend’s dream was for everyone she loved to love Jesus, and since she is with Jesus now…I pray everyone we love loves Jesus too.

  702. I would love to become a personal chef. Cooking is my passion and would love to share it with others.

    Mel J.

  703. love this jewelry! my dream venture would be selling MY own jewelry (don’t worry – i haven’t even learned to make jewelry – i won’t be competing with this company anytime soon!!!) thanks for the giveaway.

  704. My daughter is BEGGING me to enter this! I run, and I would invest money into taking our curriculum to mothers in third-world countries. Thanks!

  705. Love the jewlery! If I could start a business, it would be a bookstore! English major right here!!

  706. Beautiful!! I’d open a Children’s Museum, complete with a mini post office, grocery store, news station, florist, etc. We’ve visited many and love them!!

  707. This comment has been removed by the author.

  708. I love love these pieces and need to order some.

    If I had money to invest on a new venture it would be to take some photography classes and buy a nice camera and maybe make a a little more out of my hobby.

  709. Vintage Pearl is so great! Love her stuff (and her name!)
    I would sell handmade baby, children’s & mama accessories, including tote bags.

  710. If I could pursue a dream I think I would most definitely write. I love putting pen to paper and sharing my feelings. I write on a private Carepage about the journey I am on with my daughter who has special medical needs and am often told I write really well…but I am too scared to “go there”! I must admit, Kelle, you are such an inspiration. I take criticism too much too heart…something to work on in 2013!
    I also love to craft, paint, be creative in general…so anything like that would be a wonderful opportunity to turn a dream into reality. The Vintage Pearl has beautiful pieces! :)

  711. Gorgeous jewelry! I would love to write boos for children and travel around doing readings and lectures. 😉

  712. If I could start a dream business it would be sewing clothes for pinups or renaissance festivals.

  713. Dream venture would be a personal shopper! Love the VP!

  714. I love the Vintage Pearl! I have a necklace with my girls’ names, and it just warms my heart. If I were to start a business, I would open a bakery! I love to make cupcakes for others for free, so making money would be fun, too! :-)

  715. My dream venture would be to own a small gourmet shop out in the country with a variety of homemade and specialty treats. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. =)

  716. I would love to be a professional organizer. I’m not sure why but I’m so into organizing houses to increase space available for fun things.

  717. I love Vintage Pearl. My dream is to stay at home, but if I could start a business I would open a rice crisperie…. and make rice crispie treats of all types!

  718. I really like the “love my state” necklace! Really cute store.

  719. I love the jewelry on The Vintage Pearl’s site. So beautiful.

    If I could start a business, it would be something adoption-related…I would help to fund adoptions, write a book about adoption, start an organization to help waiting families…something like that.

  720. I’d love to open a boutique with all handmade items! But, instead I deliver babies which is great too! =)

  721. I’m about to have baby #2 and have been looking for jewelry just like this! If I started a business I would be a photographer. :)

  722. Beautiful! I’d be a full time baker for sure.

  723. I would open a bookstore up!

  724. I would open a consignment shop

  725. Ahhh, that chunky message ring! Love.

  726. Oh I love all of these! If I had the time, energy, and money I would build my photography business to be the real deal! One day!

  727. Lovely giveaway. :) I’ve been coveting Vintage Pearl for years.

  728. If I were given the funds to start any business, I would try to start one that would assist the elderly/disabled at home who like to craft or build things sell their products online to assist them with retirement.

  729. Love the pea in the pod necklace, too cute!

  730. I love the Vintage Pearl! Great stuff!

    If I had the funds, I would open up a cozy bakery (specializing in cupcakes)deli/coffee/smoothie bar that has an extensive actual paper library for people to peruse. My small town would benefit greatly from such a place!

  731. I would open a bed and breakfast or a cabin rental type place that caters to families. It can be so hard to find something affordable that is also nice and memorable when traveling with children!

  732. Hmm…my business would currently be buying the old brick store for sale in my hometown and turning it into a co-op of sorts, featuring foods from local farms/friends, food made by local foodies, and otherwise stocked with local yummies. And for those struggling, options to work there for meals/food. A benefit to the whole town!

  733. Love her designs. If I were given the funds to start a business I would love to do something that would allow me to work from home. I have a daughter with serious medical conditions and I can no longer work outside the home. I’m not sure what that business would be though :-(

  734. I think I will be ordering a necklace with my son’s name soon. I would start an art gallery if I had the funds to do so, displaying my photography!

  735. I LOVE The Vintage Pearl!! I actually did start a business, on Etsy a couple years ago (and advertised with you – hi, Kelle!), decoupaging wooden recipe boxes that my husband makes. Love it, since it fulfills a creative spot in my life, and lets me work from home. So…if I were given funds for the business…hmmm. I guess I would build another room on the house to be an official workspace. THAT is a dream right now. :)

  736. Awesome Giveaway! :) If I could start a business, I would love to open a restaurant. My grandma makes the best authentic Mexican food. I would love to share the deliciousness with everyone! 😉

  737. I love Vintage Pearl & have been dying to get a necklace from there. I would love to start a cloth diaper shop. There is only one local to us & I want to share all that I’ve learned about cloth diapering with other people.

  738. Pick me! Pick me! I love the wrap ring!

  739. Great giveaway! On my way with hubby to opening a small cafe:-) life is great!

  740. I would open a bakery. I love to make cupcakes and candies :)

  741. I would love to own a vintage wedding rental business. I’m in love with hunting for vintage treasures!

  742. I love the items she makes! I have wanted something of hers for awhile – if I don’t win, than I’m putting a request in for Valentine’s Day with my husband :) For my own business -right now I have a newborn and I can’t find enough of the outfits that I like and make sense for this stage…little one piece outfits with footsies, hand covers and matching hats that actually fit on her head! Oh, and they should zip – when she is fussy and needs a diaper change I wish I could just zip her right up & not sit there snapping!

  743. Love the Vintage Pearl. Fingers crossed. If had the funds to start a business it would be a coffee shop or a fun eatery where my craft friends could display and sell their skills and products.

  744. I would open a bake shop. I would also like to teach cooking lessons to children to show them that homemade is the best (and most fun!) way to cook.

  745. Photography-I would love noting more than to travel, photograph and sell :)

  746. I love vintage pearl. My girlfriend introduced me to the jewelry and I feel in love. If I had the funds I would love to work in either an orphanage in South America or a birthing center.

  747. Love this little shop and giveaway! I’d do a coffee shop/ bookstore employing those with disabilities I have worked with in the past :)

  748. love the Vintage Pearl designs! hmmm…if I could do anything / have a dream venture…well, I am still dreaming it up. I REALLY hope to make it happen when my miracle girl starts school full time in 1st grade (two years from now). I love photography, writing, design, typography…so somehow melding those things into a stay at home business would be IDEAL! let’s hope it happens! I believe…

  749. beautiful jewelry!

  750. My dream venture would be to open up a flower shop. How could life not be dreamy and magical surrounded by wonderful-smelling roses all day?!

  751. Right now, my dream business would be owning a beekeeper,Taking care of the bees, extracting honey, selling the honey and wax, & creating with the wax.

  752. About 2 years ago I needed a creative outlit being a stay at home mom. I love to crochet and started making things for my friends and family. Everywhere they would go I would get complimented on my items so I decided to open up my own etsy store-MeganYouHappyCrochet. I am loving every minute of this adventure.

  753. LOVE The Vintage Pearl! If I were able to start a business, it would be quilting. <3

  754. They are gorgeous!! Would love to be able to get one.

  755. Hmmmm…. what a fun question… I think my business would be helping moms battle mommy