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Welcome back to our favorite online consignment shop for kids, Dashing Bee!  If you’ve shopped Dashing Bee before, you know their inventory changes regularly, so their site is a fun place to check in frequently for new, gently used clothes for your kids.  If you haven’t discovered Dashing Bee, check out their great selection of name brand children’s clothing and gear at affordable prices and enjoy the opportunity to shop from your home…in your pajamas, if you wish!

If you’re interested in being a consigner, check out Dashing Bee’s consigner page.  Consigners make 50% of all items sold–a great way to clean up closets and make some extra money.

My current favorites on their site: 


Dashing Bee owner and founder, Alison, answers some questions about starting and running her business:


1.) How did you get into the consignment business and why?

As a busy mother of two young children with a very hectic schedule, I quickly realized that taking the time to shop for growing children didn’t exactly fit with all the daily demands that all mothers face. Also, after seeing how quickly my boys grew out of their clothes from infancy on, I knew there had to be a more affordable way to dress them in nice clothing. After shopping and consigning at local consignment shops, the value of consignment shopping (and selling!) became very clear. After doing research, I quickly came to realize that there wasn’t an online service that would provide a more convenient and affordable way to for all families with growing children to buy quality clothing at economical prices. I then started Dashing Bee to fill this need and to make it easier for parents everywhere to eliminate the stress, hassle, and inconvenience of in-store shopping.

2.) What’s the most rewarding part of running your business?

The most rewarding part of running my business is knowing that parents across the country are able to afford high-end quality clothing for their children and much more of it! Customers write me thank you e-mails almost daily saying they never would have been able to buy their children high quality brands if it wasn’t for Dashing Bee! They also tell me how much they appreciate the time they save by using our service. They are able to volunteer more in their community or at school, exercise, or just spend more quality family time together. I also enjoy the fact that I can provide a marketplace online for people to make extra money by consigning their children’s clothing with us.

3.) Inspiration behind “Dashing Bee” name?

I was looking for a unique and catchy business name that would capture the essence of how busy parents are in today’s world. The word Dashing has two meanings: 1.energetic and spirited and 2. stylish. I think both meanings describe our children! The word Bee just fit because it was cute and our kids are our little bees!

4.) How do you balance running a business while being an involved mama?

I have two boys, Kyle (6) and Dylan (5), and I love being able to be there whenever they need me. I can take them to and from school and my husband, Brad, and I can spend quality time with them when they are home. I am able to volunteer in both their schools and do other volunteer work in the community. I am able to plan my workday around my children’s schedule. I can work during the day and after they go to bed at night.

I’m loving learning more about how these businesses evolved and how mamas are making it work. Clothe your kids affordably and support another mama business by shopping Dashing Bee!


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  1. Cute cute cute!! Boy stuff!!! 😀

  2. I love that you are helping spread the word and make these businesses grow. Thanks Kelle

  3. This is very cool. I’ll keep an eye out for cute finds for my little dudes!

  4. Sounds like an awesome business!


  5. The clothes are adorable : )

  6. I’m on my way to check the website.
    Love the boy stuff!

  7. Awesome! And such cuuute little clothes, too!

  8. Very smart concept, and it’s wonderful that she’s making the life of other moms, grandmas, relatives, care givers, etc. a slew easier.

    Thank you for sharing it!

  9. Love seeing the boy choices…I had so much fun shopping and styling my boys.

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