ETST Sponsor: For the Love of Tea

Tea Collection has been a long time sponsor of ETST, and it’s no wonder it’s a perfect fit–we wear Tea, we love Tea, and we love the way Tea Collection not only recognizes worldwide cultures with the influence of their clothing designs, but they find ways to give back such as partnering with the Global Fund for Children.

Since Lainey started school, I’ve learned to love one major quality of Tea clothes–they wash and dry beautifully without wrinkles.  We wear their soft and comfy day dresses a lot, and they look as good as the day we bought them.

Twice a year, Tea designers travel the globe and study new cultures, and then bring back what they’ve seen and learned to be expressed in their new clothing designs.  Last season, we were smitten with their Nordic influences. 

Both girls in Tea, Lainey’s Finn Flora dress currently on sale

This year, Tea unleashes their new South African inspired lines, African Indigos and On the Savannah

Loving the colors and culture that come alive with all these new pieces and, as always, loving the way Tea clothing lends itself to some good mixin’ and matchin’.

New favorites:


Top, from L to R: Boys/Girls Vilakazi Stripe Tee, French Terry Cargo Shorts, Zebra Tee, Checkerboard Vans, Zebra Stripe Flutter Dress, Mini Stripe Rib Leggings, Ostrich Smocked Mini Dress, Silver Umi Moraine Shoes
Bottom, from L to R: Desert Beauties Romper, Pazitos Sweet Gold Maryjanes, Elephant Pajamas, Hydrangea RomperYellow Saltwater Sandals, Vilakazi Stripe Romper 

Welcome back, Tea Collection!


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  1. Love love love tea collection!

  2. I think I’m in love with this collection as well after seeing this Kelle, wonderful stuff!

  3. Lainey looks so hip!

  4. LOVE the tea collection for my son. Great quality of fabrics used, too. Super soft!

    Molly from

  5. Beyond loving this!!!! My husband and I are in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia… I’m going to be all over this African collection as soon as we find out boy or girl!!!

  6. Those little dresses are adorable!


  7. I believe Lainy has found her job or passion early in life, she could be a little model/fashionista.

  8. I love all these things about TEA and the thing I love the most is how good they look after several washes. They are by far my favorite brand for my girls (ages 6 and 2).

  9. I have been friends with someone from South Africa for nearly two decades, so I’m particularly fond of SA and hope to visit there someday.
    These clothes are really cute – I especially wish I could get that ostrich smocked mini dress in grown up size! Love it!

  10. You were born to be a mom! Job well done :)

  11. Love Tea! Lainey looks great in that dress too!

  12. I love tea : )

  13. Um, does the Zebra shirt come in my size? Because I like stripes, but why rock just regular stripes when you can rock a ZEBRA!?

  14. I wish they made adult clothes! Love love Lainey’s dress!

  15. We LOVE Tea Collection at our house!

  16. cant wait to see your picks for baby boy as he grows. :)

  17. We love those yosicles that Nella is about to eat!
    Tejas smiles,

  18. Kelle….
    The other day, as I was carrying around “Bloom”, walking through our local bookstore, something resurfaced within my mind. Why I enjoy this Blog. My reasons for purchasing “Bloom”. Why I admire you. None of it has anything to do with Down Syndrome!! I enjoy this Blog because you are a phenomenal writer. Plus your photography is beautiful. I bought “Bloom” not because of our mutual connection that is Down Syndrome, but for the above reasons!! And. I admire you for your deep, deep insight!! Sure, my youngest brother was born with Down Syndrome. And Nella often reminds me of him. But, I read/comment/enjoy this Blog for so much more than extra chromosomes!! I do mean that.

  19. Tea is my favorite :)
    I actually accidentally discovered it when I win a pair of the French terry baby boy pants that came with a Kate Quinn shirt I was after for my first boy’s first birthday! LOVE at first feel!!!!!!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

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