N3lla’s Triple Crown: A Video

In celebration of the last three incredible years, please watch and share.
On behalf of the thousands of other families who love someone with Down syndrome, thank you for your support.  Thank you for learning with us.

I love this girl so very much, and I’m so happy her little extra chromosome has introduced us to new friends, new lessons and more love.

Nellas triple crown from ETST on Vimeo.

Help raise awareness and create opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome by donating to N3lla’s Triple Crown Fund HERE.

We are eternally grateful for your support.  YOU have helped make this happen. 


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  1. Beautiful!

  2. What a big girl!!!! Nella is adorable. And well done on the video. Loved it.

  3. What an amazing video Kelle. Thanks for sharing and bringing awareness to so many.

  4. Great video! Happy Birthday Nella!

  5. Amazing! All of it!

  6. Beautiful video.
    Beautiful people.

  7. Beautiful, moving video!

  8. My heart just broke wide open…well done, you. What a great way to help everyone see the people, not the differences. I made my donation earlier today. $5 for every time I’ve looked at someone and secretly judged them for their differences, and $5 for every time I’ve used the “r” word without stopping to consider the impact of it, the weight it carries, even though I used to think it was harmless as it was just something I said in passing, not directed at anyone in particular. I think I’m a pretty good person but those $5 hits added up, so consider this my pay-it-forward to help set this world right, and to help further my self-awareness as to how I can continue to grow as a person. For your children, my children, all children…peace out, sister. xo

  9. just love every second of it…thank YOU for all YOU do- you are one amazing mama!!!!

  10. It’s that extra chromosome that makes Nella and all your friends at Fred’s so extra wonderful. Happy birthday Nella and thank you, Hamptons for welcoming us all along on your journey.
    Tracie in NY

  11. You are so inspiring! As a special education teacher who deals with the stereotypes on a daily basis, I just wish more people would work as hard as you do to show the world DS is not scary! Bless you!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Your daughters are a joy to “get to know” through your blog. You have opened my eyes and my heart even more. Thank you.

  13. Love the video Kelle! Someone introduced me to your blog the day after we found out our son would have Down Syndrome and you Nella have been an inspiration ever since! Thank You!

  14. Totally teary eyed over this. Such an amazing video for an amazing cause and adorable wee girl xx

  15. Wonderful video Kelle! I loved it.

  16. Great video. Such a fantastic way to draw and focus awareness on a wonderful charity. Happy 3rd Birthday Nella!

  17. Thank you Kelle. I have been caught up reading (not commenting) on much of the negativity around over the last week. And I think you just silenced a lot of people.

    Thank you for continuing to show the world that people with Down syndrome are simple people first.

    Happy Birthday Nella.

  18. You have outdone yourself this time girl!!! Amazing video!!!
    We have also been blessed with the amazing gift of Down Syndrome. Hazel makes us beam with pride every single day. Our girl turns 1 next weekend and we are so honored to have been witness to the strength and tenacity she demonstrates daily.
    Happy Birthday Nella, you change the world in a HUGE way!!!

  19. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    If you are ever open to supporting other organizations, check out Reece’s Rainbow: http://reecesrainbow.org/
    They provide adoption grants for children with Down syndrome living in orphanages around the world. Kids like Carina, who is just a little older than Nella and facing transfer to an adult mental institution soon: http://reecesrainbow.org/19057/carina-15h

    I will share the video! Thanks again!

  20. Well done!!


  21. Beautiful video. Beautiful souls.

    Happy birthday Nella!

  22. That was an amazing video! Loved seeing my little Lily in there blowing bubbles (proud big sister in law here). Also loved “meeting” Matt.


  23. I cannot tell you all the ways that you have changed my thinking.. my heart…. thank you to you and to Nella. In three years she has made more impact than many of us do in 30. What a beautiful blessing you and your daughter and your family have become to so many. Great job mama.

  24. Happy birthday sweet girl! May you have a blast becoming a big sister this year and continuing to love life! Proud of your momma for making such a beautiful, fun, and inspiring video. May you continue to be blessed all of your days.


  25. Best video yet!! Thank you for including lils – cannot wait to share this. Happy three years Nella !! Oxoxox

  26. So not fair, you should have had a tissue warning! Thank-you for being a brave momma! ps, your cheeks are simply fab!

  27. Well done! Thank you!!

  28. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person. To move forward and not lose hope that there are still amazing people in the world!

  29. What an amazing video, it brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy to have the chance to support you all. Thank you.

  30. What a great video! Nella is such an amazing little girl!

  31. beautiful – ill be making my donation soon. happy 3 years, nella! thank you for all you’ve taught me.

  32. crying!!!! Amazing video kelle xxxxx

  33. Great video! How much we’ve all changed over three years…thanks, Kelle!

  34. Happy Birthday to Nella! I LOVED the video! Such beautiful people. Thanks so much for sharing them with us x

  35. That’s beautiful, and important.

    Thank you Kelle for spread awareness like this. We all need it, even here in the other side of the ocean.

    a 17-year-old girl from Italy

  36. I know I could not give a lot this year, but some day, soon I hope, I will be able to give a lot more.

  37. Loved the video! Such great contributions from all your interviewees!

    However, I had a hard time hearing some of the dialog because of the music. :(

  38. That is beautiful.

  39. Tearjerker!! So many beautiful kids… I love them all!

  40. Meghan made tears run down my cheeks. What an amazing, brave, beautiful, inspiring young woman! And the young man wanting a bachelor’s pad~ he is so funny and charming! Good job, Kelle! You made people fall in love with these kids, just like we’ve fallen in love with Nella. God bless all of you. :)

  41. such a wonderful video you made for a wonderful cause and reason that features wonderfully beautiful and bright people,children and adults!!

    thanks so much for bring sweet tears to my eyes. happy birthday to nella!

  42. you always make me cry with these sweet videos. Happy Birthday Nella.

  43. I found this blog through pintrest and I am so completely in awe of you.You are the kind of mother I dream of being someday. Your words bring me to tears on a regular basis.You inspire me! Happy birthday nella!

  44. absolutely beautiful.
    thank you!

  45. Amazing! Love this video.

  46. wow! you are AMAZING! The people in the video were pretty cool too.: )

  47. In the late 1930, a baby was born with down’s syndrome. Though I am sure that his family was told to institutionalize him, they kept him at home. The Catholic School he attended continued to ‘pass’ him on to the next grade- though they really didn’t educate him! When he was in his late teens, his mother became ill and couldn’t take care of him. He was sent to live at Selinsgrove State School- an institution. My cousin remained here through most of the next 20 some years. He spent all of his summers and holidays with my family. My parents even tried to move him to live with us but were told he would lose his medical insurance because of crossing state lines. Finally, he was moved to a group home in Pittsburgh, where he ended up in a semi-independent living situation for many years. This man learned to walk to the cafe, buy a newspaper (not that he could read – but that’s what he saw the steelworkers do every am. so that’s what he did!) and a coffee and take the bus to work at Goodwill. His joy and ability to love was endless. He died some years ago but his life directed mine in many ways. I work for a non-profit agency and train the staff who help educate folks like my cousin, Bobby. I hope I’ve made a difference in the attitudes of many through my life, my job and my participation in the End the R-Word campaign, etc. You, Kelle, can rest assured that you have made a huge difference in the world that your Nella lives in!

  48. What a beautiful video!


  49. I love this video. I love what you’re doing for the Down’s community. I work with a 4 year old with Down’s and, although he’s the most stubborn child in our preschool class (we also work with children with Autism, Fragile X, etc.) I absolutely LOVE being around him. He’s probably my favorite.. shh… don’t tell! Happy Birthday sweet little Nella!! Happy Day Hamptons! :)

  50. Just love it and can’t get enough of all of it- and you had to see that man that stood up to the family at the restaurant and refused to serve them, wow that sounded like a jumbled mess, but I was so impressed with that boldness, one person at a time :)

  51. I watched this video with my three year old. She didn’t say anything while she was watching it. She’s never met anyone with Down’s Syndrome and I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. At the end of the video she said, “That Megan girl was really pretty. I liked her red dress.” That’s it. Just like you said at the end of the video, she saw people, not chromosomes. Little kids get it….so much better than teenagers and grown ups. They don’t know yet that differences matter or that they’re “supposed ” to be phased by them. People are just people and that’s what they see. If we could bottle up the acceptance and love that our kids demonstrate and pass it around, this world would be a better place. Sometimes, almost always, it’s just so much better to see things as our kids see them–because everyone has a place that way. Thanks for working as hard as you do to cultivate a culture that teaches that people are people. Period.

  52. Thank you for making me laugh and cry. This is so beautifully done and makes me wish I lived in FL so I could party at Freds with all of you! What a wonderful community you and Nella have.

  53. Love, love, love. You are doing wonderful things and for all the right reasons. Here’s to 3 years and $300,000 in honor of sweet Nella!

  54. Beautiful! I love to read the feedback here- to learn of the experiences of others and I am particularly moved by what Donna wrote about her cousin, Bobby. What a long long way we have come in our thinking and what a long way yet to go. Thank you for helping to illuminate minds and hearts.

  55. Kelle, you face a lot of criticism. Some, perhaps, merited. Most, grossly mean spirited. In any case, I don’t think anybody could reasonably argue against the fact that you have dedicated yourself to humanizing something that has long been subject to stereotype, ill-conceived non-truths, and prejudice. Your dedication is beyond commendable. Through your blog, you have taught me much and if you touch even one person, you work will outlive you.

    I am not an important person and I recognize as much. Furthermore, my perception of you does not matter to anyone but me, but in the face of criticism, please know that I am proud of you and inspired by you.

  56. Kelle….
    “I love this girl so very much, and I’m so happy her little extra chromosome has introduced us to new friends, new lessons and more love.”. Well said!! ;-D

  57. Happy Birthday to your sweet little Nella. Your video made me cry and gave me hope and made me smile…all at the same time.

  58. Happy birthday to Nella Cordelia! May you all enjoy her big day to the fullest.

  59. oh, so wonderful. All that you are doing, all that you and Nella are. Just incredible. Happy Nella’s Birthday to you all!

  60. Tears of joy. Thank you for this beautiful video. Happy birthday Nella! x

  61. Happy Birthday to darling Nella!

    What a lovely video. I had trouble with the audio unfortunately. Anyway you can lower the music volume to more of a background level? It overshadowed when I don’t think you intended for it to. The music made it heard to hear your interviewees, especially Matt. Thanks!

  62. I have a question, you may or may not be able to answer it, and I don’t mean any offence to anyone with DS, I’m just curious.

    I’ve been around people with DS on and off my whole life. As a kid I went to school with a girl that could barely do anything for herself. As an adult working for a uni at one of our smaller campuses we had a lovely young lady studying with us in a certificate I in business. Whenever the other students needed attention or the lecturer needed a break from the high demands of this student, she was sent up to get some office experience with me. I’d give her work to do (usually filing, sorting things for me, making up folders etc) but would find that I would often have to redo the work to a degree because she didn’t seem to understand what I wanted from her, no matter how many times I showed her. Megan in your video though seemed quite switched on and (I hate to use the term) ‘normal’ so I can’t imagine I would have problems redoing things if I hired her. In fact I’d probably be able to give give her much more comprehensive tasks than filing and she’d probably do some tasks better than my current staff!

    So based on these three people, are there different degrees of DS? Can some people live more of an independent life than others because of their DS?

    Again, I don’t want this to be a mean thing, I’m just wondering a bit about things.

  63. What a beautiful and touching video! I have been hooked on your sweet Nella from the very beginning and consider me a consistent partner in your drive for change! Happy birthday to your darling girl!!

  64. I love this video so much! Thanks for sharing!!

  65. Great video!!!

  66. Happiest of birthdays to Nella! I hope you reach your goal. Thank you for bringing awareness to Down syndrome with this video, your fundraising efforts, and this blog. My Owen, soon to be 4 years old, thanks you too!

    Commenting to @Sarah’s Here: Every person with Down syndrome is different, just like everyone without Down syndrome is different. The IQs of people with Ds have a range. Some will be able to attend college and live on their own for their adult life, while others require more assistance. No one can predict what a person might need or become; the same could be said for typically developing individuals. There are no degrees of Down syndrome–you either have it or you don’t. However there are 3 kinds of Down syndrome (non-disjunction, translocation, and mosaic). Non-disjunction (Full Trisomy 21) is the most common (95%) and means that every 21st chromosome has 3 copies. Mosaic means that some cells have 46 chromosomes while others have 47 chromosomes while translocation means that some of the 3rd 21st chromosomes have moved to another chromosome, usually #14. Hope this answers some questions for you. Please visit: http://www.ndss.org, http://www.nads.org, or http://www.downsyndromeinfo.org for further info.

  67. I am speechless….so I am just going to send you and Nella much, much, Love!!

  68. Beautiful Beautiful Video, Tears are falling down my face as I see these darling kids and I love love your interviews with the two adults. Well Done

  69. Loved the video, just donated, and passing the word on…

  70. Thanks for making and sharing this beautiful video.

    There is so much more I want to say but am having trouble finding the words right now…



    From the aunt of a boy with a missing chromosome… who is SO much more than that.

  71. Awesome video, I am a special Ed teacher but started working with people with disabilities at Camp Lee Mar and The Guided Tour when I was in college, an amazing organization run by Ari Segal. Please tell Meghan to look up The Guided Tour to fulfill her dream of traveling. This organization supports people with disabilities to travel and go on planned vacations around the U.S and other countries! She would love it!

  72. Awesome video, I am a special Ed teacher but started working with people with disabilities at Camp Lee Mar and The Guided Tour when I was in college, an amazing organization run by Ari Segal. Please tell Meghan to look up The Guided Tour to fulfill her dream of traveling. This organization supports people with disabilities to travel and go on planned vacations around the U.S and other countries! She would love it!

  73. Love the movie my little sister has ds. It’s amazing to see the difference you make in the US. We need more of this in Australia.

    P.s she loves dancing as well

  74. Happy Birthday Nella!!!!!!!!! Been thinking of you lots today.
    This is a beautiful video, I just love how Megan says “we are the best of friends” about her mother and then the expression on her face after.
    Congratulations Kelle on three wonderful years.

  75. Happy Birthday, Nella!!
    This video made me choke up. Such beautiful people, beautiful souls. Gorgeous smiles. I cry not from sadness, but for God’s beauty that I see shining in their eyes. True beauty can make you choke up like that 😉
    Oh, and by the way…I just love Megan!! Can you ask her if she blogs? She should write a blog! I’d follow it, for sure! What a wonderful young lady.

  76. Thanks so much @The Sumulong 3! That’s really interesting, I’ll have to go reading :)

  77. Thanks so much @The Sumulong 3! That’s really interesting, I’ll have to go reading :)

  78. Kelle I commend you and all you do to shed light on the reality of children with Down Syndrome. That they are worthy of all the love and affection, acceptance and inclusion that every family wants for their child. Many babies born in Eastern bloc countries (particularly Bulgaria) with DS are routinely sent to orphanages for the first 4-7 years of their life, after that they are sent to insane asylums! Adult asylums where 75 percent of them die within the first year. They are unable to compete for food or endure the abuse from the other patients. If they are labelled “severe” they will spend their entire life in a crib. Reese’s Rainbow is one site that specializes in these children. It costs about 30,000. To adopt one of these children. In the adoption world it is often called ransom! Another blog I enjoy reading, called “No greater joy mom” has brought home three children with DS and one with profound special needs. These children were absolutely starving to death! A five year old who weighed 10lbs. These children need mOre than just the food and medical care they need families!!! They jneed to be rescued. With such a large and generous audience, think of the difference you could make in the lives of these children! Can you imagine Nella being denied food, medical care, love and then top it off with a trip to a mental institution where the first thing they do is shave her head? Nella’ Triple Crown Fund would pay all the adoption fees to bring 10 of these precious children into a home and give them what every child needs first, and most: to belong, to be loved, to be fed, to be cared for when they are ill. I challenge you to look at the global picture of DS. I think you are capable of more than you can imagine!

  79. How beautiful is your daughter! I just watched your Bloom book trailer (learned about you from the Gretchen Rubin interview) and I absolutely love how you exposed your heart (and gorgeous daughter) to the world.

  80. Happy Birthday to Nella!

    I happened upon this article and thought of you and Nella.


    Thanks for reminding us that beneath external appearances, we are all human beings just wanting love, belonging, and a full, happy life.

  81. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Her birthday week and donation request all fell on the scariest week of my life as I was waiting for results of a prenatal diagnosis of DS. I have been a long time blog reader and pretty much ran to the library to get your book when I got the first scary call. I LOVED your book and it made me feel so less scared and that I could rock it just like you did. I appreciate your candidness, your heart and your efforts to raise awareness. You get a lot of shit but you are only one person and I think you are pretty darn amazing. I got my results today and they were negative for DS. I knew the minute I found out I would donate to Nella’s fund regardless the result. Kelle, you don’t even know how much you helped me this week between your blog, book and instagram pics. If I could drink a beer with you right now I totally would. Keep on keeping on mama.

  82. I’m curious (as I’m sure other folks are) what those funds are spent on? Most non-profits explain that. I’m wondering if you can? Thanks! Nella is so precious…it’s been fun watching her grow-up.

  83. Good luck in your fund raising efforts! I feel lucky that I am able to contribute, even though I don’t know nor have ever known, anyone with DS. After reading your blogs for the past year, plus your book, I know that I’m really missing out on having one of these sweet-natured, adorable angels in my life. Thanks for giving those of us that aren’t familiar with DS a glipse into Nella’s (and some of her friends’) world. And not sure why, but everytime I see Nella wearing something my 3 year old Ava also has, I get so excited!

  84. Oh, Kelle! This is so very beautiful!!! My mom worked in a group home with adults with developmental disabilities (there was a broad array of challenges) and her eyes – and mine – were absolutely opened to the amazing dreams and potential these individuals had. They were living fairly independently, with staff in the house 12 hours a day to assist with meals and medications. I think about how just 20-30 years ago, those individuals would have either never been able to leave their parents’ homes, or they would have been institutionalized. And I know that the outcomes are just going to keep getting better, with more dreams and promise being fulfilled. Thank you for sharing this. And, Happy Birthday, Nella!!!!!!

  85. This is so unrelated, but Megan’s dress is ADORABLE

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