Shared Room: Baby’s New Digs

With T-minus-forty-some-days until due date, I am more aware of the window that’s slowly closing–savoring the constant movement within, memorizing the curved silhouette of my body and beginning to clearly imagine what it will feel like to have him here.  The weight of his swaddled body in our arms, the sound of sleep breaths in our necks, the outbreak of sister fights as they repel each other’s grab in an ugly game of Who Holds Him Next.  I’m preparing.  And I am not ashamed to use Who Holds Him Next as a very efficient bribery tool.

When we found out Lainey was going to be a girl, I was at Sherwin Williams the next day.  Pink.  Pink, pink, pink–every paint chip card of it taped to the wall until I settled on Romance, the softest blush shade perfectly balanced between too peachy and too purply.  I bought the things the baby books tell you need even though you don’t.  I registered for a girly bedding set.  I enjoyed that pink room for over five years, through welcoming another girl and patching more pink over wall scribbles and nail holes.


With preparations for a third baby, I’m much more laid back this time.  I know he’s set up for at least the first year simply because I have boobs.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I even realized we no longer have an infant carseat, and all it took was a “Hey, anyone not using…” text and five minutes later, we had a carseat.

But the room?  There’s something about the baby room to me.  It’s a place I can walk into that last month of pregnancy, sit down with my coffee and look around at the details that say “We’re waiting for you.”  Okay, maybe I do that all nine months.

Although he’ll snuggle in our room first for a while, Baby owns half the rights to the room next door–the pink turned buttery wall room that is now haven for a soon-to-be-bonded brother and sister.  I wanted a colorful, gender neutral environment that encouraged play, incorporated art and felt warm and homey.

The New Digs:


My Favorite Things about this Room:

* I made more purposeful choices about what to put in it, and a lot of that included exploring options before I just clicked to buy something or put it in my cart.  The only new piece of furniture is a toddler bed we purchased from Craiglist (spray-painted it red).  Most of the items in this room are switched out from other areas of our home or were found inexpensively at Goodwill, on eBay or from Etsy.

* For Lainey’s first nursery, I didn’t know any better than to buy an entire bedding set–a lot of the price going to the crib comforter.  We never used that comforter, and this time around the most important crib detail for me was a sheet I loved.  We added an inexpensive plain white ruffle and bumper and an afghan we already had. 

* Rather than spending the bulk of a room budget on things that will only last for the first couple years of babyhood, I invested in things that will last through room transformations–namely, art.  My favorite items in this room are the crib mobile (art that will hang in our room long beyond nursery days–more on the artist below) and the above-the-dresser art which includes Lainey’s drawings, some favorite Etsy artists, and some illustrations torn from old children’s books.  Frames were purchased from Goodwill.

* We don’t have room for two dressers, so we utilized the book shelf space to store baskets for baby clothes and accessories.  I weeded through toys and made a collection of our most-loved, made-to-last treasures in a corner storage area that’s easy to clean up because everything has a place.  This has taken me a very long time to learn, but I feel like we are finally getting the hang of simplifying and managing toy messes. 

Owl Hanging, Darlybird; Clipboard holds a favorite photo my father-in-law took–a baby-wearing mama in an African village

* Our teepee was a gift from a fellow Florida mama. It creates a fun space for reading and chill time, but I love it because it is completely portable. It can collapse in all of two seconds and be stored in a closet, or we can easily move it to another area of the home.


House Pillow: Two Stars Etsy shop, discount code below; Queen of Hearts doll, Darlybird

* Two simple D.I.Y. transformations: our flag bunting and the fabric-backed bookshelves. For the flag bunting, I spent about $3 on felt, cut it into triangles and hot glued the edge onto twine.


To add more interest and depth to our bookshelves, I cut fabric to size and used UGlue strips to adhere it–easily removeable.


The rest was a little bit of nesting and a lot of love. We are so excited to bring this baby home and create more stories for this room.


Antlers, Yarn-Bombed Anters, Discount Code Below.

Fox Pillow: Gingiber, Doll: Darlybird, Elephant Pillow: ShopRuche

Mother/Daughter Image Block: Artist, Sascalia; “My Wild One” Print: one of my favorite artists, Irena Sophia; Jessie Willcox Smith illustrations torn from a children’s book.  A huge framed version of the mother and baby one used to hang in my parents’ bedroom when we were little.  I’ve always wanted it in my home.

Vintage skating patch–one of my favorite eBay finds.

Other Deets and Discount Codes for you:

Crib Sheet: Land of Nod
Rug: World Market
Mirror: Antique Shop
Mounted Antlers: Yarn-Bombed Antlers, use code 10Offantlers for 10% off your order.  Most shop items are set up for your custom order–you choose mounting, stain and yarn.
Hand-Stamped House Pillow: Two Stars, use code ETSTunicorn (yep, that’s right) for 25% off your order.
Teepee: Play Haven, use code TP10ETST for 10% off your order.

And my favorite, the crib mobile–our treasured piece of art, representing our entire family:

The detail on Nellie’s moccasins slays me.  And yes, unicorn.  I know.  Pretty awesome. 

Pink Cheeks Studios, the maker of our mobile, is our new sponsor; and I’m so excited to introduce this mama’s talent.  This year, I’ll be introducing sponsors a little bit differently in an effort to connect not just with a business but the people and ideas behind it.  These posts may show up between regular posts, and I will do my best to include them in a way that allows you to move along and click out if you’re not interested or follow along to learn more about how these businesses started and where they find inspiration.  As always, we choose the sponsors we work with based on innovative ideas, art and products we love and the thought behind the business–and we hope you’ll like them too.

I’m thrilled Pink Cheeks Studios is our first “behind the business” interview.  I fell in love–like cried when our mobile arrived–with the detail and thought this mama puts into her creations.  While we have our mobile hanging over the crib, it’s something we’ll display in our home long after the babies have grown. 


Nichol of Pink Cheeks Studios creates pillows, prints, softie dolls and crib mobiles with various themes.  My favorite–the custom created family mobile.  She captured so many details about our family–what we wear, what we love to do–right down to Brett’s flip-flops and Nella’s boots of choice.


I asked this talented mama to answer a few questions, and I loved getting to know her more through her answers.

1) How did your business get started?

My business started when I gave myself a challenge to sew a “pillow monster” a day for 30 days. I did this to jump-start some creativity and help me break free from some sadness after my mother passed away. I blogged about it, and someone in the comments mentioned Etsy to me. Then my pillows evolved to have arms and legs and now I make softie dolls and mobiles. I love every minute of it, and I feel very fortunate that I get to make a living by using my hands in a creative way.

2) What’s your favorite thing about making your creations?

My favorite part of making my creations is the “Turing Right Side Out” part. When you sew 3D pieces, you basically sew everything inside-out until you are ready for the stuffing step. Every time I turn a piece right side out, I get a little thrill of excitement (it’s the small things, right?).


3) How did the name for your business evolve?

My shop is named after my son, Walter, whose cheeks turn bright pink when he sleeps, laughs or gets a bit shy. He is my main joy provider in my life, and I want my shop to exude joy.

4) Where do you draw inspiration for your art?

I get a lot of inspiration from other artists. I love Alexander Girard’s wooden dolls, Chicago Imagist, Karl Wirsum’s sculptures, and everything Elsa Mora does (she also has a lovely blog). I also still feel inspired by a puppetry class I took in Prague about 10 years ago.

A big ‘ol welcome to Pink Cheeks Studios.  We’re so happy to have you aboard. 


Lainey’s back in school, routine has taken over and I’m excited about some new ideas for the blog this year which include our upcoming fundraiser.  Three Years, Three Chromosomes, Three Cheers for the way so many have come together to celebrate and honor all of our beautiful differences. 

Here’s to the excitement of potential.
Have a great Monday.



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  1. Love love love. It is perfect and so fitting for such an amazing family.

  2. So beautiful. I felt so calm and comforted on the nursery tour.

    Truly gorgeous!!

  3. That mobile is amazing! I love the room. So excited for baby’s arrival!

  4. Love the nursery tour. I am a few months behind you pregnancy wise and excited to see how you navigate life with three. I also have a kindergartener and a toddler so number three is going to make things busy busy. :)

  5. The room is absolutely beautiful – filled with little details that make it so you :)

  6. How did you decide to have Nella and her new brother share a room instead of pairing the girls together? I’m sure you’ve probably talked about this before but I’m relatively new to the blog.

    Thanks! (and also the room is totally and completely adorable)

  7. It’s perfect. I love it.

  8. girl it is all sorts of wonder and surprise in there:) he is going to love looking at all the fun things. my heart did a little jump when i saw the owl i did for you. he fits right in on the book shelf.

  9. So lovely! I could look at that room all day and still find fun new details! Perfect for a baby boy AND a big girl!

  10. Love the new room so much!!!! Totes obsessed with the antlers- I think I missed the coupon code, would you mind reposting? Thanks!

  11. I love every detail. Simple lovely! I bet Nella is going to love welcoming a “roommate” to her digs!

  12. Love the colors, look, and feel of all the love poured into Nella and little Fella’s room. He is going to be smothered in love and admiration! As he should. :) looking forward to Nella’s #3 day! Eager to hear more about this years fundraiser. Becoming more and more personal for me.

  13. love it all so much. Gingiber is a local around here :). several of her pieces cheer up #happylittlecornersofmyhome :). this nursery is PERFECT.
    much love to ya

    ~N (@ozarkmamadeer on IG… formerly @nicobg :))

  14. That is such a beautiful space for both of them! You did an amazing job!

  15. i have been so excited to see the finished shared room! it’s just so lovely! you can tell so much thought went into it and it’s just already so filled with love. thanks for sharing!

  16. What a gorgeous room. Perfect for a precious baby and a beautiful little girl (:

  17. it’s perfect. simply perfect.

  18. The room looks great and I absolutely love the mobile!

  19. I love, love, love your children’s room! It is so warm and inviting and joyful! Thanks for sharing the inspiration and ideas, and for being such a great example of a mom.

  20. That mobile is Amazing! I so badly wish first time mom’s would take note on this- less is more in a baby’s room. Never, never regretted doing that for our two.
    Saw this in my Lucy magazine and had to share:
    told hubby I wanted it for Valentines!

  21. Rad. So chill.

  22. Wonderful job Kelle! I absolutely love it!
    {side note: after reading your book while pregnant with our 2nd baby, I went out and bought Burt’s Bee’s baby lotion…I always think of you when we use it.}

  23. HAHAHAA! Oh Kelly, the unicorn stuffed you is hilarious! I love the mobile so much, what an innovative and creative way to “introduce” baby to the family. Love it!

  24. The room looks marvelous. I so agree with you about how baby rooms hold promise, emotion, love, hope. That custom mobile takes my breath away. xox

  25. The new room looks wonderful!! All of the thought that ou put in to decorating it sure shows. What an exciting time!

  26. Love it! I think that our due dates are pretty close to each other (this is my third, as well)…..and I have not done a THING with baby girl’s nursery. I’m impressed with your motivation!

  27. I love all of the thoughtful, personal touches.
    I also love that the vintage Fisher Price Activity Center that we sent from Oregon is in your corner of favorite toys!
    It is a JOY filled room.
    Happy, happy!!

  28. Where did you find the chicken wire baskets? Love them.

  29. Love it!! The room, the mobile, the meshing of baby brother and sister, all the special little touches. The room is perfect!! Can’t wait to hear all about your new little boy!

  30. I’m counting down right along with you- baby number 5 is due for us on February 19th! I gather that’s not far from your due date. I, too, am trying to relish the last few weeks of pregnancy- this is not necessarily easy for me since I feel quite LARGE :) I don’t take for granted what a blessing it is to be pregnant again, and we’re SO excited to have another little one in our family. I love being able to follow along with you, as well. Can’t wait to hear your little guy’s name :)

  31. simply <3

  32. Amazing how your style changed from when you were expecting little girls, to now. Love the almost eclectic style and little details; those animals on the wall, the hanging mobile…so perfect!

  33. You Have created a beautiful shared haven for your two angels!!! Love everything about the room! Your talents are amazing! Can’t wait to see the new baby boy!!!

  34. Love the room! Baby boy is so loved already!! Love the new sponsor too. I have to go and take a look.

  35. It looks amazing! You did a great job!

  36. The room is so wonderful. Very thoughtful-meaning you put so much thought into it. The mobile is awesome too!

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  38. so beautiful. love every detail!

  39. Wow that mobile is just incredible! You have created a beautiful bedroom space for your two littles.

    Looking forward to finding out the name you have picked too! :) x

  40. First of all, you just made me cuss again…that last photo 😉

    Secondly, I SO relate on finally getting a handle on the toy messes…took me FOREVER!

    Lastly, repurposing and using what I already have, or thrifting, has been my theme throughout the entire holiday season. Even for gift giving. “We have too much to keep and so much to give.” I wonder if I can claim that quote as an original…I’ve never heard anyone else use it :). So happy to see your shared space is prepared with the same mindset–thoughtful, and with so much love. I love it SO much!

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  42. That mobile is too cute! Love all of the details and personal touches.

    La Petite Gigi

  43. Love it!!! What is the brand and color of the beautiful walls???

  44. Warm and homey! Nailed it! I want to snuggle in that TeePee! Can’t wait to see the little bug!

  45. I usually don’t comment, but I love the last picture of Nella. The new room looks lovely. I wish I had the gift of being a good decorator.

  46. forty days!!! wow. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.xoxo

  47. Love it! It looks like such a warm and inviting space!!

  48. I love the soft buttery yellow of Nella and baby boy’s room. We live in a two bedroom, and I’ve always wondered how to incorporate older son with a little sibling. Now I have a better idea.

    Also-mobile envy! That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen for a baby’s room, ever.

  49. I love the little chalk board at the end of Nella’s bed. It is time to redo Connor’s baby bed to a big boy bed and I love this idea so much, I will be “borrowing” this idea!

  50. I looove this! I would probably end up sleeping here and kick the kids out haha, it’s perfect.

  51. I love that you managed to strike a balance between cozy and simply without it looking cluttered. That teepee is wonderful.

  52. I love it so much! It looks so homey and cozy to me. :) I have that dotted sheet on my wish list for baby boy #2 coming in April!

  53. The last picture…the hat! Stop it! Toooooo cute!

  54. What a great boy-girl shared room! Love it!

  55. I am finding myself with the “nesting” urge…not because I have a little on the way, but because the new year always does this to me :) You inspire me to personalize more, and continue the never-ending decluttering journey. We WILL have one of the those teepees one of these days, and I’ll just have to fill it with lights — I love it every time I see it here. :) Time to save up!

    Always love all of your little touches. :) Happy New Year!


  56. I just love your style! That sheet is so fabulous on the baby bed. I have the owl from Darlybird. I love the etsy animals and pillows. What a delightful welcoming room for baby boy!!

  57. Usually children’s rooms are a messy hodgepodge of chaos and clutter. You’ve managed to create an oasis of calm and beauty. It looks so inviting, peaceful and artistic…a wonderful environment for the littles. You can now add “Interior Decorator” to your impressive talents!

  58. The room is wonderful, but I knew it would be!

  59. I love the new room. Oh Nella’s little bed is just adorable. I like the use of colors and that mobile. What a cute idea for the family.Nella in her tent is so sweet. I like that she has her toys neatly in the room instead of hidden. So cute.

  60. My boys share a room and it’s so special. Even if its a bit hard at first with getting the little guy to fall asleep it whatever, hang in there. So worth it. Now ofte when we tuck the boys in to bed and close the door, we hear them singing together. What could be sweeter?

  61. Please go buy the baby a new car seat! Its very dangerous to get a used one, you don’t know its history. Even a minor fender bender could have caused some serious damage to the seat.

  62. The little guy’s nursery is so perfectly wonderful. I wish you many snuggles and songs in your cherished space. Love the last picture of your Nella. Happy New Year!

  63. I love it all so much!! Your style is killer. I can’t wait to check out all the links :)

    Happy Monday to ya!

    Angie from Ohio (angiepics on Instagram)

  64. I second what Brenna asked…where did you get the darling wire baskets?

    Room looks amazing. Thanks for going through the effort of sharing it with us.

  65. Oh it looks SO great! And I have to admit I’ve never gotten on the antlers or animal head trend but yarn bombed ones??? I can totally get behind. Love it.


  66. Adorably chic!! Can’t wait to see the new baby checking out his digs!

  67. I love it, Kelle!!! It’s perfectly, you. :)

  68. Love the unique decor, Kelle. And that mobile is just over-the-moon WOW!

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  70. Kelle, I was so charmed to see the Jessie Willcox Smith illustrations on your wall — she’s an ancestor of mine (and the artist gene still runs strong in my family). The room is absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to read about your upcoming bundle of joy!

  71. Beautiful, creative and inspiring room for sure. I wonder is the “N” for Nella, baby boy or both? Time will tell. Can’t wait to see what life will be like for the Hampton’s.

  72. perfect.

  73. LMAO, saw the comment from another about the stuffed unicorn kelle…and i was like, unicorn!? i must have missed the unicorn shirt or something…scroll back up to the mobile…LOL!! there you are…the unicorn riding YOU!!! LOVE!!! The nursery is so calm, eclectic, cozy & fun, worldly, meaningful…LOVE IT!! oh my gosh the initial on the wall makes me crazy can’t wait to know!! But I swear I saw an initial G somewhere before on something someone made you for boy. Baby Hampton, we love you!

  74. I gotta agree! I love the unicorn stuffed-Kelle

  75. We’re expecting baby #3 next month and this is making me want to get out all of our baby things! We already have a girl and a boy, so it’s not like we need to do anything completely different with the rooms, but it makes me want to freshen up the space(s) and organize!

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  77. What a beautiful and comforting space for your new little one. My son and daughter (3 years apart) share a room now and it is so sweet to have them there together playing. Congratulations and good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy! :)

  78. love <3 <3 the room! i can’t get enough of crochet granny square blankies either(that and vintage pyrex bowls lol:) now you just need to get some cloth diapers 😉 i didn’t start until #4 was almost 2 and now my new little guy is 4months and i love it! wish i would have for the others not only for the waste factor but all the chemicals in sposies(and it’s fun:) softbums are my fave. good luck with your final stretch! oh and also wanted to say good luck with the baby holding! my baby’s 3 and 6yr old sibs still argue and drive us nuts over “holding” the baby-at least he is super loved:) indiandsol :)

  79. one word… perfect…one more word…hugs

  80. So cute, adorable, sweet and just perfect! I love it!!!

  81. LOVE the room. And love your common sense. Third time around you definitly have some wisdom!

  82. I soooo love this room. I feel the same about the “baby’s room.” A lot of people don’t bother with getting a room ready for the 2nd or 3rd child…but I long for their own space and a place to put their things…and a place I can go to daydream about them and then rock them and care for them. I’m 27 weeks pregnant with Baby #2 and haven’t started on the nursery yet! I’m dying to get started! This room is very inspiring to me. It has just the “feel” I want. I wish I could transplant it into my house. 😉 Well done.

  83. “and create more stories for this room” LOVE!!
    You’re a wonder, Woman.

  84. Love all of your post. I was wondering if the lady who made the teepee sales them. Also if she does, how can I contact her. Thanks

  85. Oh my gosh. That mobile is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. So cute that I want to wake Gary up and tell him I absolutely positively MUST have a baby right this second just so I can buy a mobile like that. I am sure he will be thrilled : )

    I love the baby’s room. I am so excited for you.

  86. Beautiful nursery! It’s eclectic and personal – especially the photos/paintings on the wall. Congrats :)

  87. Kelle, you are such an inspiration!!!!! I love love love you style and your passion for life!!!!! (I finished reading Bloom tonight…. Gotta tell you, I’m pretty sad it’s over… What am I going to do now??….J/K!!!!)

  88. The mobile is amazing!!! The whole room is beautiful. Hard to believe it’s so close…can’t wait to hear of your little guy’s arrival!

  89. Its one of the best nursery i`v ever seen. GOD bless you and kids!

    Blank T Shirt Store

  90. Oh Kelle, the room is perfect. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ your baby boy through this blog very soon. All the best.

  91. Good gracious, that room is PERFECT! And the mobile is quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

  92. LOVE the nursery!! It couldn’t be more perfect and more suitable for your sweet family. The mobile is darling. I can’t wait to find out the name you have chosen. Thank you for sharing!

  93. Beautiful post — love your creativity with all that you do, Kelle! What an inspiration!

    Also loved the mobile, and the interview that went with it — very inspiring, too!

    And, of course my heart melted with the picture of Nella at the end (as well as the one with her inside the tent with her book).

    Wishing you a beautiful day. Thanks so much for all the sunbeams you’ve sent my way!

  94. Love is in the details. And that room is brimming with lots of it.

    Enjoy the next month or so of the baby kicks. Such a special time to savor even if it means you cannot sleep or only have a handful of outfits that fit.


  95. I love the room, Kelle! And I love that you included artwork from Lainey.

  96. Older and wiser, Kelle, as my italian grandma always say. But I still love your old pink nursery too.

    Love the wool quilts, they’re the same we have, totally handmade. Can’t wait to see if Baby likes all of this.

    A 17-year-old girl from a foggy Italy (but we had wonderful sunny holidays, so who cares!)

  97. I love this nursery! So creative!

  98. Kelle! Such FUN! I did the same with my kiddos…with EACH addition to our family I became more practical and more thoughtful about WHAT I truly wanted in their rooms! NOW! Where did you get the GIANT clip board!I am IN LOVE! I am off to find it!

  99. Beautiful room!

    I love the bookshelves. Are they built ins or did you buy them somewhere?

  100. I adore every once of this room! Please come decorate my house!! :o)

  101. That mobile is amazing!

  102. so so so so so good! I love the transformation. xo

  103. ADORABLE!

  104. The room looks SO fun and cheerful. What a great space to hang with the kids!
    PS…I’m due mid march and have been debating whether or not to get a new carseat like I am “supposed to”…good to know I’m not the only one.

  105. Oh the mobiles are amazing! I need to start saving my pennies for the next nursery I put together.

  106. Absolutely stunning! I’m so blessed to have run across your page a few months ago. I look forward to your blogs, and I think Nella is one of the most beautiful babies (turning into one of the most beautiful little girls) I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing her story! Lainey is breath taking too!

  107. its beautiful x

  108. I absolutely love the way this turned out and I think interior design might need to be in your near future :)

  109. Love! Where did you get the little elephants hanging on the cabinet door?

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  111. So sweet! I am in love with that teepee. The whole room exudes warmth and cozy and homey and lived in. Your little guy is going to love it! Can’t wait to “meet” him!

  112. What a real cutie you have. And I love all of the lovely art everywhere.

  113. I’m back for a second look because it’s so awesome!

  114. Ohh! The Lainey is a great artist!

    One day I can send you an art for girls room?

  115. gosh, this melts my heart. love every single thing!

  116. Kelle, I love how you’ve created such a warm, welcoming room-the personalised family mobile is amazing! So excited for you all anticipating the arrival of Baby Boy Hampton and looking forward to finding out what name you’ve chosen.

  117. dear Lord…these mobiles? probably the cutest things I’ve EVER seen!!! The nursury is magical- well done girl! : )

  118. holy crap, that mobile rocks! Love the whole room. :)

  119. Just beautiful. All of it.

  120. Bah, don’t mean to be “the jerk”, but do you mind if I ask if you are part American Indian? I’m an Indian and I cannot help but cringe every time I see non-Indians usurp tipis as playthings for their children because they “are cute”.

  121. I have to be honest, I read this post the other day, and then reflected back on it today. I often read your posts quietly, and instagram quietly. I’m a people watcher. I just enjoy watching and reading aimlessly. I thought about how you had written in this post on how elaborate the process was of picking everything out for Lainey when you were pregnant with her. Funny thing what having many children does to a mom. With my first (he is just under 5), I went crazy deciding his theme. Green with jungle animals, because blue was too, well, boy. Then with my second (just over 3), he pretty much received all hand-me-down cribbing, but I started to think “do I really need all of this crazy jungle bedding and accessories?” and eventually just kept the bumper, mobile, and used the blanket I had made for him prior to his birth. My daughter is just over 1, she does not have elaborate bedding, she has no bumper. She has, though, a beautiful ivory crib that I splurged on after realizing how beat up the crib we used for the boys was, craigslist vintage ivory claw foot dresser, craigslist changing table, and then tons of personal decor. I made her mobile the day before she was born. I made her blanket a few weeks prior, and then worked on her artwork after her birth to determine what I felt “fit.”

    It’s just funny how priorities change from the first to the third…I really do wish I had done the same for all 3.

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  123. This post was a well-timed gem. We are also expecting a baby boy, likely in February. He is currently living in an orphanage in Shanghai, China. His room isn’t ready yet (ahhhhh – his room isn’t ready yet!!) I think it is an adoptive-mama protectionist thing. It is time for me to cozy up his space and sit in there a little while. To say aloud ‘we are waiting for you little one’. Thank you for the courage, or the inspiration, or maybe for the gentle kick in the A*% to be a little bit braver.

  124. The room looks AMAZING!! And The mobile is to die for!

  125. Oh hey yarn bombed antlers

  126. Oh my you are so very talented, that room is amazing, I had to check out all the details.

    I love how it has such a unique, slightly tribal/ethnic, slightly vintage, but very magical childhood feel to it.

    Well done, you can tell a lot of lvoe went into it!

  127. Love! : )

  128. Looove the mobile! Freaking awesome!

  129. Great room.

    Just wondering who are in this room now then, new baby and Nella?

    Did Lainey got het own room ?

  130. I love this space, Kelle!! It’s absolutely perfect! All the details and love and awesomeness…wow!

  131. Beautiful! Found this while looking for fabric for my daughter and thought of you:

  132. This is my first post ever on the internet (other than FB). I read your book months ago and loved it. Since then, I’ve been following you here and on Instagram. I love seeing how things turned out for you and that you make life for your family as normal as possible. And I loved seeing your new nursery you created. I have an appreciation for art and things that are really different, but I’m certainly not as crafty as you. I love the pics. I am a mother of two girls (7 and 9), so I am totally inspired by your posts. I had my one daughter’s room painted like the original pink room…stripes below the chair rail like you had. Thank you for sharing your cool finds!!

  133. This is my first post ever on the internet (other than FB). I read your book months ago and loved it. Since then, I’ve been following you here and on Instagram. I love seeing how things turned out for you and that you make life for your family as normal as possible. And I loved seeing your new nursery you created. I have an appreciation for art and things that are really different, but I’m certainly not as crafty as you. I love the pics. I am a mother of two girls (7 and 9), so I am totally inspired by your posts. I had my one daughter’s room painted like the original pink room…stripes below the chair rail like you had. Thank you for sharing your cool finds!!

  134. Such a pretty and cosy bedroom. Love all the pretty touches and artwork.

    Looks like you have plenty of storage ideas and cupboards to control the messes.

    Please tell, when you get a minute where the hanging rabbits were purchased.

    Good luck with the baby and the whirl wind that follows…

  135. Your decorations are just perfect!!! Such a pretty sight hanging in the window.

  136. You said “slay” and that made my whole night happy!! LOL I thought I was the only one!! <3 LOVE the post… please come put up pictures in my house?! I have a basket full of pictures that need to find a home on my walls and I’m not creative at all! :) Great job!!

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