Her shadow obsession

Dual bedtime reading

Watching Lainey decorate cups for our traditional hospital baby toast


The little car that has entertained this girl, her older sister and both big brothers over the course of sixteen years

Nella nursing her baby by the front door

The end of the bump era–my beautiful friend took some baby belly pics last week.  For the record, it took me five minutes to sit down wearing those jeans and I almost got a pair of pliers to pull them off later that night.  This goose is cooked. 





What are you…listening to, reading, working on, looking forward to…?

Listening to: The Lumineers, Flowers in Your Hair
Reading: How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran
Working on: Making very purposeful decisions about the input in my life.  I often do this little cup analogy in my head because Lord knows I love analogies.  If our “cup” is full with good things–our family, people that challenge us to love, creativity that inspires us, reading that moves us, etc.–there isn’t room for anything else.  If we choose to make time for those not-so-great things, something good must spill over to make room.  I’m stingy with the good in my cup–I’m not letting it spill over.
Looking forward to:  My mama coming to stay with us for a little while and a handful of amazing women who I’ll be introducing on the blog soon.


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  1. Ohh the Lumineers. So good

  2. Seriously gorgeous bump pics. Enjoy the rest of your bump time! :)

  3. I love that belly! It’s beautiful!

  4. You are beautiful! Enjoy the last few days of pregnancy….soon your boy will be in your arms and you will be nursing a SON!! Ahhhh. New life is amazing.

  5. Gorgeous photos!
    Listening to: The glorious sound of silence. It’s naptime and today it was needed!
    Reading: Just finishing your book and starting “Shepherding a Child’s heart”.
    Working on: Getting the room ready for Baby #3, getting ready to put our two youngest in one bedroom, resting, and simplifying.

  6. Beautiful pictures!!!

  7. Holy cow! You look so great : )
    I am excited that the baby is coming soon!

    What are you…listening to: Kaish playing a game on the play station. Something with indians and hunting. I asked him what it was called and he said “How can you not know?”

    reading: I just finished Vinegar Hill last night and am about to start something wonderful. I just don’t know what yet. I need light and fluffy reading because everything has been so gloomy lately. First Miss Perigrines Home for Peculiar Children and now Vinegar Hill. I can’t take any more deep thinking for a while.

    working on: I edited wedding pictures today for about 3 hours. I have about 5 more hours to go until I am done! Hoping I can whip them out tonight.

    looking forward to…? Well, I have been feeling so glum lately. I am looking forward to feeling happier soon : )

    Hope you have a great night. Love, Becky

  8. You should feel so proud of yourself with that gorgeous full belly! Looks like things are nice and breezy right now. As a labour delivery RN, I really really love your hospital toast. Do nurses get to partake 😉 tee hee

  9. You belly-bump photos are beautiful. You look so fulfilled. What an exciting time for the Hamptons!

  10. My little one has a serious shadow love as well – she calls her shadow and reflection her gaga.

    My second is due any day as well :). Lots of love and blessings as you prepare for delivery!

  11. your bump pics are beautiful! Well, as are the pics of the girls too, of course 😉 I’m so excited for you and that little boy — keep enjoying.

  12. Lovely baby bump photos!

  13. you look absolutely amazing Kelle, all the best for the new arrival and can’t wait to see more beautiful photos

  14. awww you look so beautiful! I love these pics!

  15. Listening to: Ellie say, “hat! hat!” as she puts a too-small hat on her own head, her baby’s head, her stuffed lion’s head, and soon, I’m sure, her mama’s head.

    Reading: I need something new. I just finished a book set in the Downton Abbey era (forgot the name) but the past few days have been lots of non-fiction for a unit at school.

    Working on: See above non-fiction unit :)

    Looking forward to: The first IEP meeting for my girl on Friday (yes, LOOKING FORWARD TO, I teach special ed so I’m weird like that.) This girl mastering walking. A few steps here and there are great, but I am READY to watch her walk across a room like she owns it!

  16. the sandals that you are & Nella are wearing – what is that brand? i love them & would love a pair – please tell us. thanks!!

    i love the Lumineers. Butch Walker, what music do i not love. ( :

  17. I’m currently re-reading the Harry Potter books and I’m re-reading your book for like the 8th time!
    I’m looking forward to Going to school for web design this year!!!!
    I’m loving all your pictures! Your baby bump pics are super duper cute!

  18. Kelle, you are beyond beautiful! Pregnancy definitely becomes you! And Nella nursing sent me into baby cuteness heaven. I love it!

    Oh and this “Making very purposeful decisions about the input in my life. I often do this little cup analogy in my head because Lord knows I love analogies. If our “cup” is full with good things–our family, people that challenge us to love, creativity that inspires us, reading that moves us, etc.–there isn’t room for anything else. If we choose to make time for those not-so-great things, something good must spill over to make room. I’m stingy with the good in my cup–I’m not letting it spill over.” As always you make me see things in such a different light. Thank you for that! I will definitely remember to not let the no-so-good things take room from the good things.

    I’m listening to Maxwell and reading my QuickBooks text book.

    Right now I’m looking forward to starting my first in-person college class tonight! I haven’t sat in a class room since I was 17. I’m so excited to start this new chapter.

    I’m working on be okay with not being perfect. I try so hard in so many areas in my life and tend to get down on myself when I realize I haven’t done something exactly the right way or if I’m not getting the results I want as quickly as I would like. So, I’m focusing on telling myself that I am doing my best and my best is good enough. Not every decision will be perfect and not every action will give me the results I want instantly. Just gotta keep living life and enjoy it along the way.

  19. You are so BIG belly and beautiful. (that boy is a coming early I say…) Amazing memories you are creating…and with your best friend…makes them all that more placed deep in the heart!!

    Reading 10 Mindful Minutes
    Listening to Norah Jones
    Looking forward to some BIG changes and new beginnings in our family’s life…
    Thanks for always making me think a little bit deeper and appreciate the little things a hell of alot more!! Trying to keep the “cup” full of good

    Cheers to you Happy Mama!!

  20. Listening to: Devotchka

    Reading: The Happiest Baby on the Block

    Working on: Less stress. Stopping to smell the roses. Slowing the eff down. Being more intentional and thoughful.

    Looking forward to: An ultrasound!

  21. Listening to: Zooey Deschanel on You Tube cause Hazel is OBSESSED with her!!!
    Reading: Jenny Lawson “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” – I laugh so hard I can’t sleep. I call my husband in to read it to him and I often can not get through it with out tears of laughter streaming down my face.
    Working on: My little Hazel’s birth story. It’s calling so many emotions to the surface, I am taking my time.

    Nella makes my life!!! Good Luck Kelle, with the new baby and journey he will bring.

  22. You look radiant. I swore when I was pregnant I’d never comment on how other women looked – I was so aggravated when people said I looked good, and felt like screaming: “I LOOK good? How about I’m MAKING A HUMAN BEING? Isn’t that more important?” And yet I can’t stop – pregnant women just glow – I suspect what I’m reacting to is that whole making a human being thing, though. Anyway, congratulations. And Caitlin Moran’s book is on my list … good? xox

  23. Beautiful baby bump! You’re so close!

    And I love your thoughts about filling your cup… on the other hand, here is a quote from Amy Carmichael:

    “A cup brimful of sweetness cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, no matter how suddenly jarred.”

    Spill away, Kelle. :)

    (P.S.- my girl, when she was four, loved shadows, too, and if I stepped on hers, she would say, “Hey! You’re squishin’ my girl!”)

  24. Listening to: The Lumineers, “Ho, Hey”
    Reading: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    Working On: new ideas for my blog… I love it when the creative inspiration to write strikes me!
    Looking forward to: my Origami Owl on-line party and starting my new job!

  25. You are so beautiful !!! Your belly as well <3

  26. I’m looking forward to skiing this weekend with just my hubby for an early Val Day!

    Love your sunny outlook on life :)

  27. Too cute! I looked like moo moo cow with my 3rd.

  28. You are such a cute lady. I don’t know how you look so effortlessly adorable all the time but know it is admired.

  29. Such a beautiful, confident, inspiring woman you are, Kelle!
    Best wishes with the new boy about to enter your lives, I cannot wait to meet him on my side of the screen 😉
    xoxo- Kaara

  30. Hands down, the picture of you on the steps is my favorite. Absolutely beautiful!

    Right now I’m listening to Face Off and reading a Game of Thrones.

  31. Glorious photos! Wish I’d taken more of my bellies!
    Listening to: Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack- perfect romantic tunes for this time of year
    Reading: Reluctant to start the final novel by Maeve Binchy, “A week in winter” because, after this, there’ll be no more storytelling magic to experience 😔
    Working on: my new blog! Let me know what you think…
    Looking forward to: I’ve got two birthday parties to plan for the first week of April! This year they’ve chosen secret agents and knights. Hooray for Pinterest!
    All the best to you, Kelle. The more I read of your work the more I refer to you as my virtual BFF 😉

  32. Aww, the end of the bump era. What a realization. You look beautiful. In that very last picture, you have a crooked little smirk on your face that looks JUST like Lainey’s!

  33. Why do you and your children wear sandals that are multiple sizes too large?

  34. Reading-War Brides by Helen Bryan
    Listening to Pink Floyd. Looking forward to Spring and warm weather!! Your baby bump pictures are beautiful. Enjoy :0)

  35. How is it that you look so fantastic?! Your arms are tiny!


  36. You look so beautiful in those bump picks!

  37. You are beautiful, inside and out! Love those belly shots (and the one of Nella nursing…oh my!). Enjoy these last few days. Your cup will sure help with that. The best thing (for us) about your cup being so full of the good stuff…we get to share it.

    Listening to: Smart Creative women interviews
    Reading: Little Women
    Working on: Editing, deleting and tagging photos ready to go on the hard drive.

  38. You never looked more beautiful or radiant. We are all waiting anxiously for news and photos of the little fox…this is just so exciting! Can’t wait to see Lainey and Nella’s reaction to the new baby!

  39. Listening to: The Lone Bellow
    Reading: The Valley of Vision
    Working on: A new blog post and packing up my life to move across town in a few weeks
    Looking forward to: Being greeted and picked up at the airport from my current 10 day work trip on Valentine’s Day by the new man in my life. Hopeless romantic – yup.

  40. Gorgeous photos…
    Listening to Lady Antebellum, reading Far From the Tree and Daring Greatly. Looking forward to…the weekend!

  41. I love your black-and-white dress! You have the best wardrobe!
    Listening to: Hot water whistling in the tea kettle.
    Reading: Villette by Charlotte Bronte
    Working On: Sustaining my optimism and cheerful demeanor during difficult times; living fully in the moment, focusing on the present and embracing it.
    Looking forward to: New books, spring weather.

  42. Wow you are one cute pregnant lady! I’m only 16 weeks and I think I’m already developing kankles! Congrats Kelle I love your blog!

  43. I just bought my first pair of saltwaters for my daughter from an awesome sale on amazon. I almost bought the yellow, but thought that I’d look too much like a wanna-be creeper, so I “settled” for the petal pink ones. I can’t wait to get them!! Just the shipping notice made me excited!

    I love that black dress on you… Your belly pics are great. :)

  44. Listening– Jose Gonzales on Pandora (currently Sufjan)

    Reading– Still Alice

    Working on– quieting my heart before finding out on Monday what country the hubs and i are being sent to for his job :)

  45. Listening to a lot of Indigo Girls, Alanis Morissette and Mary Chapin Carpenter.
    Reading (re-reading) The Great Gatsy. Just finished Different for Girls by Louise Wener of the Brit Pop band Sleeper.
    Working on my glass bead art, my blog (Confessions of a Lampworkaholic), being peaceful in the moment, playing more with my cats.

  46. Beautiful shots of you!!(boy bellies do stick straight out;)
    Listening to my kids play together outside, Reading this blog, working on the clutter in this house, and looking forward to a free-er, more enjoyable home.
    Tejas love,

  47. Listening to: Jolie Holland’s Springtime Can Kill You (on repeat, every single day recently)
    Reading: Alice Munro’s Too Much Happiness
    Working on: Seeing all that people do rather than all that they don’t.
    Looking forward to: The first warm day of spring when the air is thick with mud and grass.

  48. Never commented before, but I like the bad ass look of those maternity shots. You’re ready!

  49. LOVE the bump photos!

  50. i gasped out LOUD at Nella nursing her baby!!! Even the placement of her free hand is perfection. Oh, her beautiful face.

    And your pregnancy pics are gasp worthy, too!!! Aren’t you so glad to have them?! Wish I’d done more “professional looking ones.

    *Listening to the ticking of our grandfather clock and Nora’s rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider…she gets real passionate washing the spider out!
    *Reading whatever chapter book my kids bring me to read to them at night, but I’m really wanting to read something for myself such as 1000 Gifts or Sarah’s Key. I haven’t read for my own enjoyment in about a year.
    *Working on being more confident in my abilities. Good grief, I’m 45!!! Time to get over my insecurities.
    *Looking forward to being creative, daring, and present!

  51. I’m reading the same book! Listening to 90s music from college. Working on my photography, and finally looking forward to the Disney World trip I’ve been dreading.

  52. Listening to: La Mer, Veronneau style.
    Reading: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
    Looking forward to: My graduation trip to England (maybe)!

  53. Listening: Toni Childs’ Union album
    Reading: The Trivium
    Looking forward to: Spring! It won’t stop snowing until June so I’m going to be looking forward for a while yet, but I can hardly wait.

  54. Gorgeous baby bump pictures. That picture of Nella nursing by the front door~stunning.
    Listening to: Pink
    Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
    Working on: Organizing my house
    Looking forward to: SUMMER

  55. Listening to: Florence and the Machine

    Reading: The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

    Working on: inner peace, gratitude, a graceful heart.

    You are radiant, my friend. Enjoy your last bites. xo

  56. OOOHHH, LOVE LOVE Luh-HUV maternity pix! It is always sad to know it is the “last” but how amazing to have the opportunity even once to carry life!!! The anticipation is sooo joyful, those last days seem to take forEVER!!!! Both my babies were late, the last one by 9 days! Although I wanted to meet her….I absolutely LOVED being able to be pregnant longer. I think my body was hanging onto that belly along with my mind.

    What is Maheen Ott:

    Listening to? My husbie TRY to put my 2 to bed without me there as I proof…it is NOT going well (from what I hear) so I’ll be joining them after this comment 😉

    Reading: ALL I ever have time to read is this blog, Parent’s Magazine and trying to finish Daring Greatly!

    Working on: Working currently on proofing 2 baby shoots I did of 6-month old cuties in Chicago last weekend. I *need* to get them done before another 6-month old cutie I have to shoot THIS weekend!

    Looking forward to: St. Patrick’s Day! My “Mom-A-Versary” and Lucky Levi’s 4th birthday! Which was airplanes themed..but wouldn’t you know it, after we picked out a cake and ordered favors and decor he changed his mind to monster truck bowling…so looks like it’s gonna be a hybrid this year 😉

    We ate out at Red Robin tonight following swim lessons. It seemed every table around us had a birthday. Every few minutes the staff busted out in song and claps, serenading the birthday guest. Which, before kids would have annoyed me to no end. But now… I smiled SOOOOO maniacally with joy for those kiddos tonight! Needless to say, Levi has now added a stop on his birthday party plans….

  57. You look amazing as you await your newest love.
    Listening to: the whir of a silent baby over the monitor (aah)
    Reading: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A mostly true memoir (not kid appropriate but excellent for laughing out loud)
    Working on: a 14 piece set of crochet Star Wars characters
    Looking forward to: upcoming pictures of my girls and my littlest’s first tooth peeking through

  58. You look absolutely beautiful, Kelle! Good luck with everything over the next few weeks. We can’t wait to meet your SON!!

  59. Listening to whatever is on radioparadise.com

    Reading Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children by Sarah Napthali. I’ve read it a dozen times and the pages are falling to pieces from being dog-eared, underlined and highlighted half to death.
    How to be a Woman is a scream! Hilarity and poignancy from the first page to the last. A truly great read that I recommend to all the women (and a few men) I know.

    Looking forward to my next run, going back to work, pursuit of board certification, spring, a new fence, buying a house, my son learning to crawl then walk, daffodils making the first peek above the soil, time alone….

  60. Rock it lady! Those are some bad ass pics!

    Listening to: Poison and Wine by the Civil Wars

    Reading: Heaven is For Real

    Working on: Being intentional about the time I spend with my family. Being a working mom makes it easy to just turn on autopilot after the chaos of a busy day with my students and I can easily close myself off to doing my own thing. A good friend and co-worker lost her 26 year old husband to altitude sickness on a snowmobile trip in Colorado this past week, and let me tell ya….watching a 22 year old widow grieve over the moments she can never get back will open up your eyes in a hurry. I’m going to work on not beating myself up about the amount of time I can spend with my family, but I’m going to work damn hard at making sure I spend quality time with them.

    Thanks for sharing Kelle. I always look forward to your posts. #thatisall

  61. Listening to: at the moment, silence; during the day, the Rizers, our son’s new favorite group
    Reading: anything fiction I can find in my house…time for a trip to the library for some new books
    Working on: getting back into healthy eating routines, organizing the kids’ rooms so that it’s functional/homey/theirs
    Looking forward to: chocolate on my birthday this Saturday!

    I love your black flower dress. It’s gorgeous, and you look gorgeous in it. You make me miss being pregnant: there’s something so beautiful about carrying new life.

  62. your post reminded me of this story :)

    the mayonnaise jar and two cups of coffee

    A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.
    The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.
    The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous “yes.”
    The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.
    “Now,” said the professor as the laughter subsided, “I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things – your family, your children, your health, your friends and your favorite passions – and if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.
    “The pebbles are the other things that matter, like your job, your house and your car.”
    “The sand is everything else – the small stuff. If you put the sand into the jar first,” he continued, “there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff you will never have room for the things that are important to you.
    “Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your spouse out to dinner. Play another 18. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal. Take care of the golf balls first – the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”
    One of the students raised her hand and enquired what the coffee represented. The professor smiled. “I’m glad you asked.
    “It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.”

  63. You look amazing!
    Pregnancy totally suits you!
    Hm, I discovered the Lumineers just this week. Really good.
    Loving listening to Mumford and Sons Babel.
    Just finished reading “The Perks Of Being a Wallflower.”
    Working on: adjusting to my baby of 4 children starting part time school as of yesterday. (I sobbed like a baby on the way home in the car and then some!!)
    Looking forward to: the birth of my Sister’s second baby in April.
    Love this post Kelle and also looking forward to hearing of the arrival (and the name!) of your little guy.

  64. Adorable photos of you Kelle. Can’t wait to see baby boy. That’s so kewel you still have that lil car.

  65. Gorgeous photos.

    And I ADORE your cup analogy. I really, really needed that today…

    Thanks for the reminder.

  66. ummmm….1, love the pic of Nella nursing; 2, you are so pretty!

  67. love these photos:) Thanks for the extra kick in my 24 year old broody butt, hahaha all the preggy bloggers is killing me:)
    Listening to: Sting, Phil Colins, Lumineers and Muse on constant rotation for 2 weeks.
    Reading: Le Mis
    Working on: A fish restaurant
    Looking forward to: Weekend sleep over with my husbands biological family he just found:)
    Been reading for like two years, figure I should finally comment:)
    lots of love for your blog!!

  68. ..ti seguo da un bel pò..sei una donna da ammirare! complimenti per le bimbe sono bellissime e auguri per il bimbo che arriverà!

  69. Are those your pre-maternity jeans? If so, bravo and holy crap (glad you didn’t need scissors to finish off the removal process. You look so amazing, and to have your dear friend do the shots – yes, it means the most.

    Listening to: The glorious coffee maker and Ed Sheeran
    Reading: Positive Discipline and The Blessing of a Skinned Knee

    Looking forward to: Getting Alex and Ben ready for the daddy/daughter dance on Friday. They’re both so excited, and secretly so am I!

    Enjoy these final days of anticipation.


  70. Listening to my Lainey singing as she eats her breakfast. Reading “I Declare” by Joel Osteen. Looking forward to her 2nd birthday and my trip to KW for Songwriter’s festival in May, and the venti cafe mocha I’m going to stop and get on the way to her doctor’s appointment this morning!

  71. oh lady you are just GLOWING. love those beautiful moments heidi captured of you!
    i also love me some lumineers – that was def on my labor play list :)
    currently loving me some “anne of green gables” and listening to the birds chirp out my window.
    so excited to meet this sweet baby boy of yours!

  72. Beautiful post, Kelle!
    Listening to: Emmylou by First Aid Kit
    Reading: Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman
    Working on: Not cussing. Oh Lord have I failed many times over since I’ve made this commitment to myself, but every day is a new day, right?! I decided a month ago that there are millions of words to describe my feelings, that I don’t really NEED to curse at all! These filler words have begun to fall off the tongue so easily, so I knew then and there it was a red flag!
    Looking forward to: being a chaperone on my son’s field trip tomorrow :)

  73. pumping my baby’s sippy cup breast milk…reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly, listening to Mumford and Sons Babel- over and over bc my 2 year old loves it- and looking forward to a playdate in the park.

    I adore your new front hall, btw. Great job!

  74. Long time reader, rare commenter…you look gorgeous! If I looked that good pregnant I might do it 5 more times! :-)
    Listening to: whatever pops up on Pandora next
    Reading: The Happiness Project (my dad got it for all of us for Christmas and I’m slowing reading my way through it. So inspiring!)
    Working On: Organizing my home one cabinet, drawer, box at a time. It’s slow work with 6 of us, but it’s necessary and I get so excited with each little step done.
    Looking forward to: Lent, actually looking forward to making some meaningful changes over these 40 days.
    Again you look beautiful! Can’t wait to see the new addition. Enjoy these last few weeks!

  75. Gorgeous pictures! Love that magical time right before a new baby comes (I have 4!)

    Listening to: Ray LaMontagne
    Reading: an easy read (but VERY emotional!)…The Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.
    Working on: refurbishing thrift store furniture
    Looking forward: to moving to a new home @ the end of the month! New beginnings….exciting & scary!

  76. Gorgeous pictures! Love that magical time right before a new baby comes (I have 4!)

    Listening to: Ray LaMontagne
    Reading: an easy read (but VERY emotional!)…The Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.
    Working on: refurbishing thrift store furniture
    Looking forward: to moving to a new home @ the end of the month! New beginnings….exciting & scary!

  77. Listening to: Silence (and it’s golden). Big brothers are at school and by some miracle, little sister is still asleep!
    Reading: American Heiress (I’m a Downton Abbey Junky)
    Working on: Simplifying. I don’t need to do EVERYTHING all the time. That being said, yesterday we still did breakfast with a book at school, dance class, ice skating with Grandpa, Grandma’s house, Dinner fundraiser and went to see the ice castle. I didn’t do laundry…but it doesn’t seem like that counts. :)
    Looking forward to: SPRING! Minnesota winters are long and my toes are longing to peep out of some cute strappy sandals! :)

    Can’t wait to hear the news of your imminent arrival! You look beautiful!

  78. Oh pleeeease tell us where you got those adorable matching shoes!!!

  79. Listening to: The Story So Far ‘Under Soil and Dirt’

    Reading: Inside: Life Behind Bars in America by Michael Santos

    Working on: The taxes of multinational corporations, at work

    Looking forward to: Blizzard for the record books that is supposedly coming to Massachusetts this weekend

  80. Love all those pics Kelle……my sister is due today! Waiting…..waiting.:)

  81. You’re absolutely stunning! Pregnancy is good on you!

  82. Oh- always reading Simple Abundance A Day Book of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Read it every day, all year, every year.

  83. At first I thought I cracked the code and figured out that Lainey was wrighting the baby’s name on the cup…Bobby….then I figured out that it was Baby :)

    Love the baby bump peeking out of your shirt.

    I’m listening to quiet at work. No sound but the keys klicking.
    I’m reading nothing right now. No time.
    I’m working on slowing down and enjoying each day, keeping my house clean and exercising on a regular schedule. Working on yoga and focusing on filling my body with healthy energy. I picture filling my soul with fresh water with each inhale and dumping the dirty mop water with each exhale.

    Be blessed Hamptons!

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. I’ve been a following along since Nella’s birth and I just love reading your blog :) So excited for you and your new little one coming soon!
    Listening to: Kris Allen, Tori Kelly
    Reading: Queen of Babble Gets Hitched – Meg Cabot
    Working on: Looking outside myself and helping those around me in more meaningful ways and showing greater love.
    Looking forward to: Filming my best friend’s music video this weekend!

  86. Your dress is so gorgeous! I am 28 weeks pregnant and I feel some days like I am just a little bigger than normal, other days like there is no way I can get any bigger.
    I am currently listening to Coldplay and working on some tax stuff, just finished reading The Book Thief which I highly recommend, looking forward to my babymoon next month and then the birth of my baby! Everything else is just details. ;]

  87. Wonderful blog <3

    I’m following you everywhere fb, pinterest and here <3



  88. I’m listening to Body-Field Sound Healing and just read your “happiness” interview in GH.

  89. What do you think of Caitlin Moran? Quite surprised you have that book as she is so, so British, and provincial British at that. (I feel allowed to say that as I am from the same area as her…) Have you read her birth stories yet? How did you find them?

  90. Hey Kelle! How are you?
    When you have time, take a look at this video:
    It’s about a brazilian actor with Down Syndrome, he has a dream and he is asking for our help! It’s really worth seeing it.
    The video is in portuguese, but there are subtitles
    Take care :)

  91. Listening to: Bethel worship music
    Reading: Changes that Heal
    Working on: soaking up the present of right where I am; not looking too far ahead or getting caught up in worry or anxiety… just enjoying the right now of right now. Trying to keep my eyes on Jesus through the craziness of life… I don’t want to lose sight of my need for Him! Wanting to love others around me well.
    Looking forward to: Spending 7 weeks in Boulder, CO at new staff training this summer for my job! Can’t get here soon enough! And I’m looking forward to my main squeeze coming home tomorrow night after being away for 3 weeks. Reunions are sweet. :)

    God bless you and your pretty little family.

  92. SO I love those clogs and remember when you shared that they were on sale at Zulily? Well I bought them, duh, you’d be a fool not to. Then when I was about as pregnant as you are here I tried to wear them and fell while trying desperately to put them on (alone-mistake). I felt a small gush and thought for sure my water had broken. My husband rushed home and took me to L&D. So long story long, I just peed a little. Still loving those clogs though. And I just bought those saddle shoes today, hopefully they will be less eventful.

  93. You look stunning! I only wish I looked like you when I was that far along!! All the best :) xx

  94. Love the pictures, especially the bump pics! That black dress is totally cute! :)

  95. Kelle….
    Now how did I let this happen? I got behind…. Again!! I actually read most of your story about Lainey and “her” stuffed class turtle with thoughts and feelings!! However, I was too tired/and/or busy to comment!! Sigh…. ;-/
    I love the feet picture!! 😉
    Wow!! That car has certainly seen some mileage!! Hee, hee, hee…. ;-D
    Oh, Kelle!! You look so beautiful!! I do mean that!! 😉
    Listening to: Taylor Swift’s newest album, “Red”. I just received it for my 29th birthday!! Well, actually, “Red” is not playing right now…. ;-D
    Reading: “Bloom!!” I am halfway through and loving every word!! I actually have sentences underlined!! ;-D
    Working on: (By the way? I love analogies, too!! And I appreciate that you do, as well!!) Gathering the courage to write Robert Downey Jr. a letter expressing gratitude for impacting my life in a very profound way as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Oh!! Did I just write that in a comment? It is a long story…. 😉
    Looking forward to: A beautiful future!!

  96. Kelle…tap, tap, tap! PLEASE let us know when the big day arrives! If we don’t see a post for several days we’ll be going crazy lol. It won’t be long now…sending hugs and wishes for the best birthing experience ever!

  97. I’m reading Caitlin Moran’s book too Kelle! My husband came home with it for me last week and has been shaking his head from the other end of the couch as I’ve been hooting with laughter as I read. Hope you’re enjoying it too. And you look truly beautiful.

  98. This is a great Love story just in time for Valentine’s Day!! True Love!! When Bill Met Shelly No Disability Could Keep Them Apart. The story is in the Washington Post.

  99. Gorgeous photos, you’re beautiful! Thank you for being so inspiring, positive, and uplifting. I enjoy your blog so much.

  100. Love the pic of the sandles and toes!!! So sweet!

  101. Kelle, you are just absolutely stunning!! Can’t wait to see your precious baby boy!

  102. Oh my goodness Kelle!!! You are soooo darn pretty!!!! Way to make pregnancy look amazing!!! Can’t wait to see that pretty baby girl of yours!!! :)

  103. Kelle, I have not read your blog in some time and I see you are having a 3rd! What a beautiful way to celebrate life. Nella’s “triple crown” will be welcomed by triple love.

    Congrats to you and your family. I also want to let you know I read your book and was extremely thankful that your wrote it.


  104. You look so amazingly beautiful!! Can not wait for the arrival of your wee boy xx

  105. Listening to: Jumping around my living room to Svenska Björnstamman’s Mörkt kallt ljus.

    Reading: Song of ice and fire

    Working on: My master thesis,my teaching plan for the next week and grading my student’s essays.

    Looking forward to: Going to sleep tonight :)

  106. Listening to the song in my head. Reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. Working on what our next steps should be (in business, our family and life in general) and trying to be more open to the Universe (she’s trying to tell me something, I know it). Looking forward to meeting my nephew. He’s due right about the same time as your baby boy. Lots of love and happy wishes for you and yours :)

  107. Listening to: Katy Perry – Fireworks, I can get some stuff done rocking out to her!
    Reading: Little Princes by
    Working on: Bringing my blog up to date – I’ve got a few resolutions to tell my peeps about!
    Looking forward to: My first bible study group this year tomorrow and paying off a credit card and getting a new car.

  108. Oh, yes… LOVE the bump pics!

  109. Beautiful photos. You are absolutely aglow. Thrilled for your upcoming arrival.

  110. Love those pics kelle! The pearls are a cute touch!

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