ETST Behind the Business: Nella Designs

Our namesake friend, Nella Designs, is returning in sponsorship, and we’re happy to highlight the beautiful work of designer Elizabeth Allen.  From invitations and announcements to custom prints and personalized jewelry, Nella Designs offers unique gifts and meaningful eye candy for your home.

Elizabeth is known for her custom silhouettes created from photographs, which can be turned into framed art as well as charms for necklaces and bracelets. 


Her shop is also stocked with art prints for the home as well as both classic and whimsical jewelry gifts, including these new wish bracelets.  Make a wish and when your bracelet is worn, your wish is ready to come true (also available in “love” and “soar”).


As always, Nella Designs knows how to bring the happy.


A little more about Elizabeth, the artist behind the design:


1. I know you used to work in the design industry before starting your own company. What inspired your move to start your own business and how did that transition take place?

Nella Designs was born out of sheer determination to fulfill a lifelong dream of doing something that I loved, could share with others, and on my own terms. After ten years in the design industry, I launched Nella Designs in 2008 in hopes of becoming my own boss and creative entrepreneur. The road has been long and often uncertain at times, but I wouldn’t change this ride for anything.

2. Okay, so you know I love that we share a love for the name Nella. Where did the inspiration behind your business name come from?

Yes! I actually found your blog via Google Analytics after the search term “Nella” kept popping up. So funny and what a blessing!  I had the name Nella Designs picked out LONG before my business ever came to fruition. Nella is actually my last name backwards.  What’s good enough for Oprah (Harpo) is good enough for me.

3. Your silhouette pieces are unique and beautiful. How long do they take to create?

It can vary depending on how complex the supplied photo is (each one is made from the customers submitted photo of choice). The average silhouette takes a few hours to draw and refine.

4. You offer a nice selection of products from jewelry and stationery to prints and custom work. What’s your favorite thing to create and why?

I’ve really enjoyed creating jewelry as of late. It’s been a real learning curve, but I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Probably one of my most favorite things to create though would have to be art prints. I like to hole up in my studio, crank some tunes, and just draw and experiment with various layouts until I have something I’m proud enough to put in the shop! I just want to thank everyone who has purchased something from Nella Designs. It’s because of YOU, that I’m able to live out my dream!


Use Code “Valentine” and get 15% off all orders over $21 at Nella Designs.

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