I’m not feeling very well tonight and had visions of a fun writing session earlier today, but now I want to curl up and watch a movie.

Nellie has a little Valentine’s birthday party tomorrow, so I had best finish this before the cupcake timer dings.

Wishing you all a weekend full of little happies.

Our happies:

Decorating our classroom Valentine box

The Blueberry Ceremony. She plucks and eats, plucks and eats.

Little Naughty sneaked in and stole the Fairy Garden dog

Mama finally got with the program and stepped up my job at home to reinforce the sight words

She is so hungry, hungry, hungry to learn. It’s inspiring.

Swishy skirts, running feet

Nella just ran off with my phone, and I heard her push a bunch of numbers and someone said hello.  She’s babbling from the hallway, so this is my cue before international cell phone charges show up on our bill. 

Find some ways to make people happy this weekend.  You will, in turn, feel happy.



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  1. I adore the hair clips and your blog..where oh where do you find such cute square clips??

  2. You’re in the home stretch now!!!!!!

  3. Baby time?

  4. I hope you get some rest this weekend!!!
    So excited for baby boy!
    As a side note: I wanted to say that Hazel is now addicted to “Flowers in Your Hair.” She sways from side to side. I might like it a bit too now 😉
    Happy Friday!

  5. Happies to you! Thank you for the smiles you bring along each day :)

  6. Time to chill out, relax and indulge yourself. It won’t be long now. Thanks for taking the time to post and share more gorgeous photos.

  7. Knee deep in Blzzard Nemo up here in New England really jealous of that green grass.. oh well I guess we’ll go sledding and dream of summer :)

  8. love. <3

  9. Kelle, I really love your blog. Looking at the pictures of your sweet girls makes me happy – thank you for sharing your life with us.

  10. Two things, hot tamale: That first picture? is my fave pic of Lainey to date. Something about her look… in the moment, happy…
    AND? I love Nellie’s kicks. Nothing better than old-school Keds.
    Guess that’s it. Love.

  11. Your sweet family is such a visual treat. I hope you are resting and snuggled in waiting for that new bunny to arrive soon.

  12. Kelle, sorry that you are not feeling well. I figured as much from the picture of you snuggled on the cough on Instagram. Hoping you feel better soon. Rest up Mama! Laura

  13. Baby is coming soon!

  14. So funny to see the term “happies” on your blog! I often use that term on my own, I love listing my random happies. I always think of it as a silly word, but I love it…it makes me smile.

  15. That is very good advice. I hope you feel better soon. I feel sort of bad today too. It isn’t really sickness. Just sadness I think. I can’t get it to go away. Darn it.

    I hope your weekend is filled with unlimited happy moments and 0 international calls.

  16. OH I pray you feel better soon!! Have a Blessed weekend!!!

  17. And ALL adorable little happies! Feel better soon – lot of love your way!

  18. <3 <3 <3

  19. Feel better! I live in Northern Indiana (MI border) and the drearies have taken over! We are supposed to have sun today so my fingers are crossed! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE PICS OF THE VALENTINE BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Thanks for sharing your inspiring words, wisdom, and kindness with the world!

  20. Love that first pic. I’m getting so excited for your baby Kelle! Feels like a good friend is about to have a baby :) xo

  21. My happies for the weekend is seeing this NEMO snowstorm come to an end! I can only hope that the rest of New England can clean out and get back to have a Happy weekend. I am sure there are many Happies about this snow that we got if you are a snowmobiler or skier, Thanks for making me think Happy thoughts and not UGGGS… Love to see those sweet girls pics.

  22. Happies to you Kelle!! Have a great weekend with your girls…I have a feeling baby boy just might join the party!! All the best to you!

  23. Snuggle up on that couch and get yourself a comforting cozy cup of something soothing. And rest up, soon to be Mamma of 3 :)
    Meanwhile, your everyday happies make the rest of us happy too! Love your everyday photos.
    C x

  24. End -of-preggo body aches. A very faint memory. Hope you feel better today. Sweet post. Thanks you for sharing!

  25. Kelle….
    I am sorry that you are not feeling well!! I’m getting over a cold, myself. I enjoyed one week–one freakin’ week–free of feeling sick, and now…. Something else!! Yuck. :-(
    Nella has a little Valentine’s Day birthday party planned? Fun!! For her, or Baby Boy? Do tell!! Do tell!! 😉
    I love, love, love Lainey’s classroom Valentine box!! It is a birdhouse!! Very creative!! ;-D
    That third picture of Nella!! I cannot get over her facial expression!! It is like: “Who, me? A blueberry thief? I didn’t do it!!”!! Too cute!! 😉
    “Nella just ran off with my phone, and I heard her push a bunch of numbers and someone said hello. She’s babbling from the hallway, so this is my cue before international cell phone charges show up on our bill.”. Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D

  26. they are sponges at that age. i remember going over memory bible verses with my big chick. she could remember entire chapters! holy cow! hope you are feeling better today. *oh and i wrote about my valentine’s party dream i had of you the other day on my blog. too weird!

  27. Adore your kids! If I got a random phone call from a cute 3 year old, it’d make my entire weekend.

  28. Just in case you didn’t already amaze me in so many ways…how in the world can you sit Indian style on concrete at 8+ months pregnant?!? You truly are superhuman!

  29. So . . . who was she talking to?! I’m guessing whoever it was, that was the best conversation of their day. :)

  30. I love reading your posts….I love your happiness and positivity. I think that most people realize that you aren’t trying to portray a perfect life but who needs to read more negativity from this world? (forgive me, I’m still thinking of the post from a few weeks ago about instagram). You inspire me to live life with gusto and truly enjoy life. I am reading your book right now so I am in a “gushing” mood right now. AND, I’m so excited to read the news of your new little one arriving!!! Thanks for being a ray of sunshine and goodness.

  31. Hi Kelle
    Am sitting here in beautiful manzanillo mexico and thinking about you and the upcoming birth of your baby. Im also thinking about you because my husband and I recently purchased a new slr canon rebel recommended by my photojournalist son and LOL we are both struggling to learn. But when I see your amazing photos that so beautifully capture “the moments” of your life I feel encouraged to lol keep reading the manual. Hoping to get the hang of it while here in mexico for the month. Such color, character and beauty here. And will be thinking of you and your family as you bring another baby into your beautiful blended family. Best wishes, k

  32. Beautiful post! And what a lovely little fairy garden :)


  33. Lovely post. We too are practicing sight words. Washi tapped homemade cards are all over our dining room wall

  34. Love this

  35. I completely understand the not feeling well. I am thirteen weeks and still have the horrible first trimester symptoms!

    I am loving Nella’s little pig tales and Lainey’s eagerness to learn. I have a three year old little boy who is reading and writing and soaks it all up like a sponge.

    Hope you’re feeling better! xx

  36. sight word bingo rocks! Make some bingo cards to go with those flashcards, kicking up the fun!

  37. Short & Sweet, hope you feel better and have fun at the par-tay tomorrow.

    I’m off to watch my guilty pleasure of MobWives… you know, where every other word if the F bomb :)

  38. The game ZINGzo is awesome for sight words!

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