Our Valentine

With love, we welcomed our new son on Valentine’s Day.


Dashel Omar Hampton

We call him Dash.
*Omar is after Dash’s grandpa (Brian Omar) and Brett’s Great Grandpa Omar

A hearty 8 lb. 6 oz. and 21 inches long

I am a mess of exhaustion and post birth emotions–completely in love and feeling grateful and ultra aware of how sweet this gift is…welcoming life.  I’m not very good with words right now.  So I’ll wait.

I want to go back and relive the last few days again and again.  And since I can’t do that, I will savor the seconds of the present.  His chubby cheeks; his baby-hogging sisters who gently nurture him and ask to hold him every second of every day; his daddy’s love gazes; middle-of-the-night feedings where even through exhaustion, my soul intertwines with his; saying “my son”; kissing his cold nose; melding my love for each of my children and each of their birth stories; knowing that these first days are precious and fleeting and that someday I will be far removed from newborns and *pinch myself* moments of mamahood bliss.  But right now it’s here.  And I feel so grateful for this gift.

We’re busy stockpiling love.

Loving our little Dash.



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  1. congratulations!!!!! he’s gorgeous. :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is beautiful. These may be my favorite photos of yours ever! That one of you kissing him with the tear streaming down your face — priceless. May the next few weeks (months, etc…) of adjusting be a beautiful time for all of your family. <3

  3. Thank you for sharing your little slice of bliss.

  4. Congratulations! He is absolutely gorgeous! He was big! Many blessings to you at this wonderfully special time!

  5. He is amazing and so lucky to have wonderful parents and loving sisters!! Congratulations to your whole family!!

  6. Congratulations Kelle and Brett and to big sisters Lainey and Nella and big brothers Austyn and Brandyn! Welcome to the world gorgeous Dashel Omar! I love your choice of names. I am so happy for you and your family.Dash is such a handsome little fellow. Hope you are doing well Kelle and thank you for sharing.xxxooo

  7. Oh my gosh Kelle, what a wonderful gift you and your family have received. He’s beautiful and I love the name!

  8. Congratulations!

  9. He’s a beautiful gift.

    He’s your biggest baby by far. So handsome.

    Thank you for sharing pictures of him and your special moments with us. My ovaries are aching. I miss those moments of tight-fisted arms, curled legs, little grunts, perfect little fingernails, diaper changes and feedings.

    Sleep my dear, sleep…


  10. Congratulations guys!! He is so adorable xx Awesome size !!

  11. Such LOVE!! Congratulations Hampton Family!! you sure do make some beautiful babies!! Enjoy young Dash. Your one lucky little man.

  12. Oh, he is so beautiful.

    I have a daughter and a son, and of course love them equally but differently. I get to be my daughter’s first best friend and my son’s first love. Both amazing and beautiful roles. Enjoy falling in love with your son!

  13. Please tell me that is the class turtle that Lainey drew on the sign? LOL congratulations to all of you! So happy you have more family to blog about :)

  14. Congratulations Dash is beautiful! You are truly blessed!

  15. Congratulations to you Kelle and all the family. It is lovely to see how much his big sisters are in love with Dash already.

  16. The hugest of congratulations to your family. Such gorgeous photos brings tears to my eyes. Enjoy the small things xxx

  17. Congratulations Kelle, and to your family!

  18. Absolutely WONDERFUL! I started tearing up at that picture of you crying holding him. My fourth is just a fresh four months old and I cried today thinking about how she is no longer that incredibly precious newborn. So much happiness to you all!!!!!!

  19. Just beautiful…

  20. This is so exciting! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  21. Oh my gosh, congratulations!! What a beautiful surprise!!

    Emily (above), it is absolutely NONE of your business what his name is. If you don’t like his name then leave the blog. There is NO reason to leave a rude comment mere days after his birth.

  22. Congrats, Kelle! He’s just beautiful!

  23. Tears! What a precious gift, he is beautiful. Congratulations! xo

  24. Congratulations!! He’s one handsome little man! Glad everyone is doing well and enjoying the new addition =)

  25. Congratulations! My little one and I reach our due date tomorrow, so we’re waiting with excitement to see when she’ll decide she’s ready to come out :).

  26. What a precious gift he is! Many thanks for sharing him with us.

  27. Congratulations. He truly is a gorgeous little boy.

  28. Congratulations!

  29. He’s so perfect!!! Can’t wait to hear his birth story!

  30. Motherhood welcomes us into the realm of nobility. We earn our place thru our sacrifices and earnest faith in ourselves, our family, our God.
    Blessings, Kelle to you, your love Brett and the rest of your family.
    Enjoy these moments like you do so well.

  31. Congrats, congrats! I can tell Dash is very loved (by your family and your blog readers alike!). You’ve got a beautiful family! :)

  32. Congratulations, he is beautiful!

  33. *Cluck cluck cluck* Ooh he makes me want another baby, and my youngest is just 6 months old! I’m going to go give her super cuddles and smell her head, because she is already growing way too fast.

    Hugest congratulations, he is perfect. I can’t wait to read all about his birth and about this new phase of your lives.

    I’ve been reading since Nella’s birth went viral, and you inspire me so much.

    With love, from Larissa in Melbourne Australia, and daughters Baylee (aged 4) and baby Madeline <3

  34. welcome to the world Dash!

  35. Amazing! Congrats! I have 3 boys and they have a hold of my heart!

  36. Congrats to everyone in your family on the arrival of beautiful little Dashel..I looked this morning for your blog and there was nothing so I thought there must be a new baby in the world :)

  37. Congratulations, my friend. So many congratulations. Son::sun. Funny, isn’t it? Those little boys steal your heart big time, mama. Whilst leaving enough room for the girls obviously. But there’s just something about a boy. Xoxo.

  38. Congratulations!!! He is beautiful and precious and surrounded by love. How wonderful. Fitting he was born on Valentines Day. His little creamy handmade outfit is just adorable. It fits him perfectly. Gosh, I am thrilled for you all. Thank you for sharing.

  39. Ahhh… I am lying in bed, listening to my 5 mo old snoring next to me, reading your post, tears of joy for you and tears from remembering when my two girls were in my arms for the first time. Such the best feeling in the world. Enjoy your family Kelle and congrats!! Take good care of yourself these next few weeks/months!

  40. For the love of unicorns…did you really give birth to a baby on Valentines day? Oh my oh my! I could not think of a better day for such an explosion of love! Congrats mama!

  41. Congratulations!! He is absolutely perfect and so beautiful! Enjoy this bonding time with your wee one :)

  42. Congratulations! You two make the most beautiful babies! Enjoy your newborn bliss. <3

  43. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

  44. Lainey looks SO happy to see Dash and you all arrive home, melted my heart :) And the turtle… the turtle is awesome.

    Welcome home and welcome to the world Dash!!!

  45. He is just so gorgeous – and that’s a lovely white outfit too – did you make it? It’s perfect for him.
    J x

  46. What wonderful news! Dash is gorgeous and don’t believe that I’ve ever seen photos of Lainey looking happier than she does in the photos of her with her baby brother. My heart is smiling for your whole family…

  47. Congratulations on your newest addition to your beautiful family.

  48. Congrats! Can’t wait to hear the whole birth story, but totally get the resting up and soaking it up. Take this time with your family and be little hermits and just love on each other. Its my favorite time, ever. New babies are amazing.

    Dash is totally gorgeous. When you have moments where you wonder if he’s really as cute as you think he is… he is. Truly. I can’t stop looking, he’s just perfection.

  49. What wonderful news! Dash is gorgeous and don’t believe that I’ve ever seen photos of Lainey looking happier than she does in the photos of her with her baby brother. My heart is smiling for your whole family…

  50. CONGRATS!!!! :)

  51. Congratulations! My heart is so full thinking about your beautiful family and all the happiness Dash will bring.

  52. Can you believe it? Congratulations to Wonder Mom.

  53. Congratulations!! I just had a baby boy 7 weeks ago and I already miss him being so little.

  54. Oh Kelle!!!

    He’s beautiful. What a lovely birthday too!!! (I can already picture the amazing birthday parties you’ll dream up).

    Enjoy. . .those first days and weeks are so delicious.

    –Much love–

  55. Oh this brought tears to my eyes….I started reading your book that my sister gave to me a few weeks ago and I am so in love with you and your family. I began to read your blog from the very beginning and I have never read anything more beautiful and optimistic and life embracing than your words. I am a mother of three myself, two wonderful daughters and on Dec 4 our son was born. Congratulations on Dash, he is so beautiful. It’s indeed an amazing feeling to use the words ‘my son’ and I love it.
    Greetings from the cold and snowy Germany ( I am German) and tons of love from my family to yours.

  56. Congratulations! He is adorable and everyone just looks so happy.

  57. Congratulations! What a fantastic name!
    Best to you and your family,

  58. Congratulations and welcome to the world Dash!

  59. Congratulations to you all. Dash is SOOO adorable! Soak in all that newborn-ness :) xx

  60. Congratulations and welcome to the world Dash!

  61. Congratulations!! He is precious

  62. Sounds to me like you are still very good with words.. even if tired and in newborn baby heaven :)

    Congratulations! He is absolutely stunning!

  63. Oh he is so beautiful! Congratulations, Hampton ‘Ohana!!!

  64. He is beautiful -congratulations!

  65. Congratulations, he’s such a precious gift. I’m so happy for you :) xx

  66. So precious!! Congrats!

  67. Congratulations!! He’s so, so beautiful!

  68. Oh I’m so happy for you, he is so dreamy… Love to you!


  69. The first picture.. Tear stained cheeks.. Kissing perfect newborn skin.. Brought me to tears.. SO SO SO excited for you Kelle!

  70. Congratulations!! He is so so so adorable, Lainey and Nella are gonna be awesome big sisters. Love the name! <3

  71. you make me want to birth a baby tomorrow. ( i realize this comment should be reserved for private communication. but also. shouldnt)

  72. While I experienced it with the birth of each of my boys, I still have to say that Nella looks so much older as she looks down on him. Isn’t that amazing? So very happy for you- here you go on the journey~

  73. Congratulations! What a wonderful valentines gift! Just beautiful!

  74. So sweet! God bless your sweet family!

  75. Congratulations. I love his name!!!!

  76. Many many CONGRATULATIONS! He is perfection, just perfection.
    The tear down your face, the look of love on your girls. Sends me off to bed with a warm glow in my heart.

  77. Such absolute sweetness!

  78. What a sweetie! Congratulations to the whole family! I LOVE the sign Lainey made to welcome him home!
    xoxo :) Molly

  79. We welcomed my son a year ago on Valentine’s Day. Let me tell you, nothing tops it.

    We welcomed him here at home, and it was absolutely perfect. Your little man is too sweet. There is something about that newborn shlump, the squishy little bodies. A time of true bliss.

    Continued prayers for health and happiness.

  80. Welcome to the world, Dash!
    Congratulations to the Hampton family.

  81. Welcome home sweet baby Dash. <3 What a sweet sweet gift you have all been given…how glorious that it all revealed itself on Valentine’s Day! I am so thrilled for all of you. :)

    My first baby was born 20 years ago (which is just plain weird and heard to believe!) — I wanted to share with you this quote I wrote in my journal to him all those years ago. I hope it touches your heart:

    “In the sheltered simplicity of the first days after a baby is born, one sees again the magical closed circle, the miraculous sense of two people existing only for each other.”

    Hoping you enjoy this magical closed circle…your baby is beautiful…Lainey’s adoration sublime and Nella’s big sister vibe, the best. Congratulations! ~Beth (and family of four darling kids ages 20-6 and one great husband!)

  82. Oh! Want to give credit for the quote: Anne Morrow Lindbergh…one beautiful mother.

  83. Congratulations! He is so beautiful. May God bless his life and the rest of the family!

  84. Congrats! What a sweetie. A beautiful addition to a beautiful family.

  85. What a perfect heart day! Congrats, such a blessing.

  86. He is beautiful!! Congratulations mama (and family)!

  87. congratulations!! he is absolutely beautiful!!! that first pic…so lovely!!

  88. Amor also means LOVE in Spanish, if you switch the vowels it’s Omar :)

  89. Beautiful Dash, beautiful Hampton family. Congratulations on your Valentine baby xxxx

  90. Amor= love in Spanish. Switch the vowels= Omar- Congrats on the Valentines day baby, born on one of the most love filled days of the year :)

  91. Beautiful! Congrats!

  92. Congratulations!! He’s beautiful! Love his sisters snuggling on him. Enjoy these precious moments!

  93. Congratulations!!! He’s so sweet!!! Get rest, and savour every moment!!!

  94. Benvenuto Dash!!!!!! Siete bellissimi!!! Un abbraccio dall’Italia, da chi in silenzio vi segue sempre!!!!! :-)))))))

  95. That was my thought exactly after my son was born almost three months ago- that I could go back and live it over and over again. Words cannot explain the emotions that were in that day after experiencing my sweet daughter’s birth nearly 5 years before.

    I am so happy for you and your family. I am also appreciative that you so willingly share your thoughts and beautiful children with us. Thank you Kelle, and congratulations are your sweet Dash!

  96. Kelle….
    Did you write that Dash was born on Valentine’s Day?! Score!! I called it!! I called it!! ;-D
    Dashel Omar….
    Welcome to the Hampton family, where, it is so fitting that you would be born on a holiday when our world celebrates love. Because. In your little world with your family, you will be so, so, so loved!! 😉
    Congrats, Brett, Kelle, Lainey, Nella, Brandyn and Austyn…. He is so handsome!! ;-D

  97. Congratulations and so much aloha to your entire family!

  98. Kelle, congratulation, he’s perfect!

  99. Been thinking of you, so glad he’s arrived safely, enjoy your babymoon and welcome earthside little Dash! X

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  101. CONGRATULATIONS, Kelle! He is absolutely perfect.

    I fell in love with your blog when I read Nella’s birth story. And I have to tell you I had a milestone reading the words in this post that you wrote about Dash. At 26, it is the first time that I read something that resonated with me and made me think, “I want that.” It may seem something small to you, but ever since coming into ‘adulthood’, I’ve struggled with whether I really have that maternal gene. And strangely, something clicked to me while looking at these pictures and reading these words. I really look forward to reading Dash’s birth story once you have the strength to get it all on paper! xoxo.

  102. Congratulation to this beautiful family!!!!! You are welcome Dash!!!!!!

  103. Welcome to the world, little man.
    Prepare for your close-up.

  104. That first photo of you kissing him just hit me deep to the core. How beautiful. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!! –Meg O.

  105. Congratulations!!! HE is SO beautiful!

    Love his name by the way. So unique and strong.

    Rest up little mamma. Looking forward to more of his birth story when you are more ready and rested. Enjoy this precious time with your family. Your beautiful sweet family.

  106. Oh my gosh he is A D O R A B L E!!!
    Love every photo, your girls look so in love with him. Congratulations Mumma and welcome to the world Dash!! xxxx

  107. did you really give birth on the dance floor during the valentine’s dance? :)


  108. congratulations! may he always be blessed, healthy and happy :)

  109. I wish happiness to your beautiful family! I enjoy reading your blog and I’m very pleased with you on this beautiful day!Congratulations!!!

  110. Kelle, he couldn’t be any more perfect! I sit here typing feeling a bit choked up because I know it was a desire of yours for a long time to add to your family, and now he is here… what an incredible blessing…!

  111. Oh Congratulations! I am so happy for you-you made me cry. He is beautiful, has a wonderful name and has happened upon a lovely family to help him grow. Wishing him and you and yours a wonderful happy lifetime together Xxx

  112. This is one of those times when I have to say with the utmost respect, “Oh, my GOD!” He is so beautiful!!! The most perfect baby boy lips I’ve ever seen! And I love the tear streaming down your face…beautiful capture by someone.

    I remember after my Eli was born, my Gabe walked in the room and I SWORE his head had grown over night…huge head! Nella’s head doesn’t look huge, but she DOES look suddenly grown up :)

    Congrats, Kelle, and so much love to you!

  113. Congratulations and best wishes!

  114. YAY!!! What a pleasant surprise to get on the Internet after a few days away and see you’ve given birth to your little one. He is adorable! Congrats!

  115. Congratulations Kelle! Dash is a beautiful baby boy.

  116. Congratulations you are a wonderful family <3

  117. Congratulations on your precious Valentines gift. I feel privileged for being allowed to share in the beautiful moments of your life. It’s heartwarming to watch your family grow, not only in numbers, but in every good way possible. You are an inspiration!

  118. Congratulations to your sweet family for the new baby! Kisses from Greece!

  119. Welcome to the world skin side little man.

  120. He is so wonderful!!
    Best greetings from Poland :)

  121. Congratulations. Your new baby is beautiful!! Cheers for all your sweet family.

  122. Beautiful <3 Congratulations xxx

  123. Congratulations to you and Brett and to he two sisters! Dash in so beautiful as you are… A big hug from Italy

  124. Congratulations! :)

  125. Sweet congratulations, and welcome to the world, Dash !

  126. Wow! Congratulations….what more can I say!
    Many blessings to you and your family. He does look beautiful!

  127. Congratulations, Kelle! He is just precious! What a sweetie.

  128. Congrats he’s handsome! that’s so surprising- i didn’t know you were close to due yet… are you going to write another book at all? I loved Bloom!:)

  129. Huge Congratulations to you and your family.

  130. Sweet sweet little boy.
    Be happy, all of you!

  131. Congratulations, and welcome to Dash, from Italy with love.

  132. Congratulations! Dash is just perfect! Thank you for sharing now, and always with us!

  133. Corgratulation!!!!!!!
    We’re waiting for new photos.

  134. Beautiful Baby Boy :)
    I see such love and wonder in your little girl’s faces, I pray that Baby Dash is a little chill baby that just absorbs all your love like a little sponge! You look beautiful and so in love <3 God Bless You Kelle and everyone that shares your heart
    Welcome Little Dash

  135. Congratulations! He is beautiful.

  136. Absolutely beautiful. (Makes me want to have #5!!!)
    I love seeing the love in all of your faces holding little Dash, but the photo of Brett holding his baby boy. Not sure why but that one really touched me.
    You are all very blessed.
    Enjoy the baby bliss Kelle!

  137. Welcome, little Dash, to the best family you could have been born to. Congratulations Kelle and Brett.

  138. Congratulations Kelle!

  139. He’s deliciously perfect. Enjoy these blissful newborn days.
    Claire x

  140. oh gorgeous boy and on Valentines day too. Congratulations to you all and welcome to the world little Dash

  141. What a truly delightful gift from God on Valentine’s day.

    Congratulations to all of you.


  142. So beautiful! Congratulations to you all!

  143. Love the one with all three of the littles. Precious….

  144. Wow, he’s beautifull, congratulations Kelle and family xxx

  145. He’s beautiful! Welcome, Dash!

  146. SOL

    (Sighed out loud)

    Valentines Day!! Omg, that is way too wonderful.

    Congratulations beautiful, he looks like his Daddy:)

  147. SOL

    (Sighed out loud)

    Valentines Day!! Omg, that is way too wonderful.

    Congratulations beautiful, he looks like his Daddy:)

  148. congratulations!!! what a beautiful babyboy <3

  149. A perfect son born on the perfect day! Congratulations to all the Hamptons!

  150. Congratulations to your whole family!He’s so cuuute and you ‘ re so beautiful!!

  151. Congratulations <3 Beautiful <3

  152. Congrats! Boys are so wonderful!

  153. Kelle, I’ve been waiting for this news! I’m crying such happy tears for you! Your son is beautiful. And I’m in love with how happy Lainey’s smile is when she holds him, and Nella’s sweet wondrous gaze. You and Brett have created a beautiful family, in so many ways. Enjoy these moments and know that you are all so very, very loved.

  154. Congratulations! I love the proud look on Lainey’s face as she’s holding her little brother. So sweet.

    And my firstborn, whom we were told we would never have on our own, was born the day after Valentine’s Day 24 years ago. It’s a special time of the year for us. Hearts full of love. (We have three children now and two granddaughters!)

    I am anxiously awaiting the birth story and more pictures. Blessings to you and your precious family, Kelle.

  155. Oh your sweet dash is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your pregnancy and birth…reminding me of those fleeting, between-two-worlds moments surrounding birth. My heart fills seeing your sweet girls adoring their brother. Nothing makes me happier than to see my children together. Thank you.

  156. Adorable !!! I’m so family for you all !

  157. Congratulations!!!He is Gorgeous!!
    May always be healthy, strong, clever and Lucky….

  158. Welcome to the world, little one. Congratulations Hampton family.

  159. Kelle, he’s gorgeous!!! Congrats! I know you all are so proud! Can’t wait yo hear more! :) PS ~ Your hospital lighting is amazing!

  160. Dash is beautiful. Well done Kelle (you posted on the day of his birth – woo hoo!) and congrats to all your lovely family. So happy for you all:-)

  161. Congratulations, he’s gorgeous!!! I love the pics with his big sisters:))) All the best to you all!

  162. Oh congrats!!!!!!!! He is beautiful and that name is awesome!!!

  163. He is beautiful!! Congratulations on the sweet addition to your family!!!

  164. Congratulations:) my son was born also on Valentines day two years ago:)

  165. Congratulations! He is an adorable lil boy.

  166. Oh, Kelle. He is beautiful and I am in tears seeing that first photo of you and your boy with the tears running down your cheek. Congratulations!

  167. He is adorable! That knit outfit is fabulous. And the girls adoring their baby brother – their precious miracle… priceless. I can’t wait to hear Dash’s birth story :)

  168. Congrats ! Your baby boy is beautiful! I love the pic of the girls with him!

  169. Congratulations! And welcome to baby Dashel, I adore his name, and the photographs are so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes. Love to you all xxx

  170. Crying tears of joy for you (and me;). I cannot fathom how this moment feels, how full circle it must feel. I am sure you have been through the range of emotions and are surely enjoying him. How it must be the cherry on top for this journey.He is one of the prettiest newborns I have seen. I just love his dark hair.

  171. Congrats to all of you – may you enjoy the blessed wonder of these newborn days…

  172. Congratulations! What a perfect Valentine’s gift!

  173. Congratulations! He is so beautiful. Born on my birthday – what a surprise! There is nothing in his world as sweet and pure and loving as newborn baby. I can smell him from here. He is precious!

  174. Congrats to the whole family. so special & wonderful all bunch up into it all. love it!! love that name. so fun & cool. have such fun. big big hugs. ( :

  175. My heart just melts for you and your family. Congratulations Kelle!

    Linda from Texas

  176. He is sooooo handsome. I am so very happy for you. Love Brett holding him, your tear, and your little mamas holding him…so very precious. With tears, makes me want to go and hug my sweet babies so tight.
    Congratulations from Tejas,

  177. Oh how fun to be here with you to witness the Tug of Loves between two sisters smitten with their baby brother! He is beautiful! Dash Hamton in these wonderful growing years, then maybe Dashel Hapton, Attorney at Law or Senator Dashel Hampton from the sunshine state…ha! Today, my heart is full when he nestles in my arms or makes his sisters beam! Thank you God for this perfect little baby…but then, every baby He has given us is perfect after all!

  178. I can’t imagine a better Valentine. Welcome to the world, Dash, and welcome to your beautiful family. Congrats to you and yours.

  179. Congrats and holy moley, that’s the name for our soon to be born son as well! What a cool name: Dashel for a supreme court justice, or Dash for a surfer with a guitar :)

  180. Oh Kelle! He is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT! I can’t wait to hear his story:)

  181. Congratulations! He’s beautiful!

  182. Congratulations on another beautiful and perfect baby. So very happy for your family!

  183. Congratulations to you and your family!! Another perfect addition! Welcome, little Dash.
    Wishing you all the best,

  184. Welcome to the party, baby Dash! All of life’s blessings to you! Congratulations Hampton Clan!

  185. Gorgeous. Congrats to you and your sweet family!

  186. Congratulations! What a perfect day for Dash to be born into this family that is all about love.

    So happy for you all. Welcome to the world, precious boy.

  187. that beautiful drawing on the door made me shed a tear…
    Welcome little baby Dash!

  188. Congrats to you and your sweet family! What a blessing. The picture of you kissing his sweet little nose with a tear…currently crying at my desk!! Beautiful

  189. he’s precious! so happy for you! Congratulations!

  190. Congrats!!! Welcome to the world Dash! He is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful valentine’s day present :)

  191. What a beautiful baby…the spitting image of Brett! We know how you love throwing parties so can’t wait to see the shindig next Valentine’s Day! Congratulations! Precious Dash was born into such a loving family.

  192. Congratulations!!! I love his name!

  193. CONGRATS and enjoy your beautiful healthy baby boy!

  194. Congratulations! I love that he came on a holiday for his holiday-freak-flag waving Mama!!! What an even greater reason to raise those flags high from now until forever!

  195. Hey Kelle!
    So glat, everything went fine! I just read your book and thought a lot about you! I enjoy to see the pictures and wish you all the luck in the world for Linsey and Nella und your new little boy!
    I love Nella! I know wiht she will be the chances ever!


  196. What a beautiful Valentine’s gift! I love his name! Wishing you all much peace, love, comfort, joy.

  197. He is beautiful. Congratulations to all of you.

    Blessings from MN-

  198. Congratulations to your family!

  199. So beautiful, congratulations! Those girls got the real baby they’ve been craving for so long!!

  200. Congratulations Kelle he is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. I’m sure he will very loved. Enjoy!

  201. Congratulations!!!

  202. Congratulations! Cherish every moment with your little gift from God! I also have a valentine baby! Cheers!

  203. Congratulations! What a sweet lil guy.

  204. So excited to check the blog this morning to see the news! He is such a baby doll! The love comes through in each and every picture. Congratulations Hampton Family!

  205. Congrats Kelle! (And family!) As I gave birth to my son 3 months ago my mind replayed the births of my other children too and realized the same sentiment you did; how we will once be far removed. It’s bittersweet especially for me knowing it was definitely my last. Enjoy these days, I know you know this, they go so quick. He is adorable and I love that name. Your girls are going to be one of the best parts to watch. My older four (2 girls and 2 boys, in that order) are 9,7 ,6 and 5 and I STILL have to fight for time with the baby! The older girls practically fight me to take care of him. It’s been a blessing breast feeding because that’s the time I get him back!! Haha enjoy enjoy!! Love to you all from a long time reader! Jessica

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  207. You can’t have too many congratulations, right? Super-photocredit goes to the person who captured that first tearful kiss. Priceless!

    The moment when Dashel first years the Rudolph song, and thinks that he is a reindeer.. that’s going to be awesome. :) Lovely name.

  208. Congratulations! He’s beautiful. I guess Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning in your house :) How wonderful!

  209. Congratulations! He is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful. Perfect! What a sweet birthday for a sweet boy. God bless you all. Welcome, Baby Dash! :)

  210. Congrats. This made me tear up. Beautiful family you have there.

  211. Kelle and family: Congratulations on a perfect little Valentine’s baby! I was so thrilled to get on the blog this morning and see that Dash had arrived safe and sound. My new favorite picture of yours, hands-down, is the one of you holding your son with the tear streaming down your cheek. That picture is truly worth 1,000 words. Enjoy these next few weeks! Can’t wait to follow along in this new journey with you and the rest of your family:)

  212. Though I am quite content to be a mother of two, I feel the ache of wanting to experience these moments again when I see all the joy in these pictures. Congratulations on your beautiful little boy! Enjoy every moment!

  213. Congratulations Hampton’s!! SO excited for you and your family. What a great name, I love it! I can’t wait to read all about his little adventures with two big sisters at his side :) Congrats again. Such a great time in life right now, I love the welcoming of new life…just like you said. It’s the best.

    Angie from Ohio (angiepics on instagram)

  214. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful little one.. So glad he’s finally here!

  215. Absolutely the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!!! Congratulations to you all.

  216. Congratulations!!!
    The girls look huge now. Wow.
    May you continue to find delight as well as times of rest in these next few weeks and days. Blessings on your family!

  217. Congratulations and blessings to you and your family! What a beautiful gift to welcome your son on Valentine’s Day! Looking forward to reading about his journey earthside once you’ve had the time and space to put it all to words :)

  218. Yay! He is beautiful! Congratulations!

  219. Yay! I was hoping that your lack of blogging was due to your welcoming your little miracle. He is beautiful. Savor every second of his newness!

  220. Congratulations!! He’s a beautiful little boy!

  221. Congratulations Hampton family!

  222. Congratulations Hampton family. Little Dash is gorgeous! And such an amazing family he has chosen. Love and best wishes to you all!

  223. Congratulations Hampton Family! Dash is absolutely gorgeous. And what an amazing family he has chosen to be born to. Love and best wishes to you all!

  224. Such amazing pictures!! Love the one with tears going down your check!! Amazing Blessings!!!

  225. He’s beautiful <3. Congratulations Hamptom family.

  226. Welcoming your beautiful son this morning, with a full heart and tears in my eyes. I always loved being a mama and I love how you simply love.


  227. Oh, my goodness! He is beautiful, Kelle! I love the photos of the girls loving on him, marveling at him. So, so precious!

  228. I’ve been reading your blog for years, but really didn’t understand being a Mom until I became one this last year. Congrats, on your perfect boy!

  229. He is one very lucky boy! And beautiful. I have been stalking Instagram all weekend waiting for another peek. Congratulations and enjoy…you will be pinching yourself when his life just whizzes by.

  230. Oh Kelle… I am so happy for you!! He is beautiful…. and I gotta say: love, love, love his name!

  231. Congratulations, Hampton Family! What a handsome little man you have there. I adore his name. I know you are tired, but make sure to write his birth story and immortalize it on the internet. He may now be your first, and he may not be your special Nella’s birth, but he is unique and needs to feel special too. Enjoy the snuggles!

  232. I know you probably will not see/read this because you have so many beautiful children to tend to, but I just wanted to say I adore you and your children. I picked up your book when it came out and I adored it. I adore reading your blog and seeing your photos and I just wanted to say your kids are just so freaking great. Seeing your posts gives me hope about if I someday have children myself.

  233. What a precious little love, your little boy. His sisters seem enthralled – babies are fascinating at this age :) Congratulations!

  234. Welcome Dash!!!! Congrats to your entire family! The pictures already show how much he is loved!

  235. so happy for you and your family! he is beautiful and i love the name!

  236. Absolutely Stunning! You are such an inspiration :-)

  237. Congratulations! He’s adorable!

  238. Congratulations, Hampton clan! He is beautiful… I can’t wait to hear his birth story! I’ve been checking Blogger every day, waiting to hear that he came- and here he is! Savor every moment!

  239. Absolutely precious….so very happy for all of you……Blessings.

  240. Congratulations, he’s beautiful!

  241. Congratulations! He’s beautiful!!! So happy for your family:-)

  242. Congrats! What an adorable little boy and such loving big sisters!

  243. praising the Lord that your precious little dash has arrived. know you and your family are savoring these moments.

  244. Congratualtions! I, like so many, click on your blog every morningto start my day. You are an amazing writer, mother and photographer. I get so many great ideas from you and you inspire me to do more things with my children and be proud that I can work part time in a world that is driven by woman wanting to be the best and work fulltime. At least where I work that is the case~ Enjoy this precious time, you are so lucky! Congratulations to the two BIG sisters!!

  245. So beautiful!
    Enjoy every minute of your gift! You’re right, it goes by so fast!

  246. CONGRATULATIONS again~ What beautiful photos capturing those precious moments. Thanks for sharing a special little guy with us :) Now, get lots of rest :))

    I am over the moon happy for you!
    (btw, WHERE did you get that gray and yellow print blankie he’s wrapped up in?!)

  248. So happy for you! What a precious gift. I am always amazed at how instantly older the siblings look when a new baby arrives. What great big sisters!

  249. Congratulations, Momma.
    So sweet.


  250. Congratulations! He is just precious!

  251. Congratulations!! He is absolutely beautiful!! I am so incredibly happy for you and your family :)

  252. I had a baby boy, 4 years ago this Wednesday, and i’m telling you, Dash is absolutely perfect. he’s beautiful and my heart overflows with happiness for you guys. soak it in, Mama. xoxo

  253. Kelle!!! I welcomed my first son on Valentine’s Day two years ago- so so special. Dash is completely gorgeous, completely perfect. So happy for you, and thank you for sharing and taking me back to that precious, amazing, soul shifting Valentine’s Day of my own.

  254. I cry with joy for you and your family! Welcome, little man!

  255. Congratulations to the Hampton Family! He is a beautiful new addition, and I’m so happy for all of you.

  256. Congratulations! I have a little Valentine’s Day boy too! There is something very special about little ones born on this day, they are so sweet and loving. It’s like they picked that day purposely for their birthday :) Enjoy him!

  257. Congratulations! He is just darling, what a doll! Love the pictures, especially little Dash w/Daddy and the one with the girls and the expression on Lainey’s face opening the door-oh they are all amazing!

  258. Congratulations!!! He is so beautiful!! Your words always make me tear up, especially this post. Enjoy every minute.

  259. Beautiful….on a day filled with LOVE. Congrats on your new bundle.of.joy. Boys are pure joy.

  260. COngratulations on your sweet little boy! Forever he will be your little Valentine!

  261. My 5-year-old, “Incredibles”-loving son was so excited to hear you named him Dash! :-)

  262. That knit outfit is absolutely breathtaking.

  263. Congratulations Hampton Family! What a beautiful baby boy!

  264. Congratulations!!! What a perfect addition!! The girls look so mature next to him!! Did they grow up overnight? Much love!

  265. My eyes welled up with tears just looking at your pictures. You have such a beautiful and loving family. Congratulations!

  266. Congrats! What a wonderful blessing! We have a baby boy on the way, too. :)

  267. Congratulations to you all!! Welcome to the world, beautiful little Dash!

  268. Congrats Congrats Congrats!! He is incredibly adorable! Have fun snuggling him up!! :)

  269. a million congrats to you all!!! he is so adorable and beautiful and the girls look so darn happy and proud to finally have their baby brother in their arms!!!

    can’t wait to see more photos of you beautiful blessings, enjoy this time and hope you get some sleep :)

  270. welcome to our world Dash, you are surrounded by love.
    Congrats to all! xo

  271. He’s adorable. Congrats Kelle & Brett. Love all the phots….


  272. Just love the pics… :) The first one is priceless.

  273. Congrats! Remember the cute baby announcement I sent you of my daughter’s that you loved (the feet)? Well she had her baby boy 1.5 hrs before the 14th! So she almost had a Valentine baby too! Now I can follow both your babies at the same time :)

  274. So happy for all 7 of you! WOOHOO! He is so handsome and that hand-sewn outfit…WOW!

  275. Congrats to you and your family! Hes beautiful!

  276. Congrats to you and your family! Beautiful additon to your loving family. So precious.

  277. Congrats! He is so precious, what a perfect Valentine! Love the all the photos,so much love.

  278. Congratulations, he is so handsome!

  279. Congratulations! I agree with the other commenters, Dashel is a great name. Love Lainey’s look of joy and Nella’s look of wonder.

  280. Congratulations, Hamptom family! We’re over the moon for you! Give that precious boy a squeeze from us, will ya? My friend shared this poem with us after our first son was born. There’s just something about a boy, isn’t there? Thought you’d enjoy. xo


    “Remembrance finds a Sunday when
    the late afternoon sun continually dissolves in cloud and reappears
    east of one o’clock. He is doing nothing. On his belly watching red
    ants scurry. On his back to see a hawk disappear in the sun. At the creek to scoop and drop handfuls of minnows. Not aware his new clothes are hand-me-downs. Not aware he is alone. Not thinking anything. This is the afternoon the fox steps from tall grass, gazes at him, then prances off.
    And the bluegreen dragonflies helicopter in the bulrushes while the Vs from two slow muskrats touch and lazily overlap. All the trivial sensations sliding down the sides of memory into this day. A wheat grass stem sucked white tasting of wind and heat and dust. None of it is going anywhere. He isn’t going anywhere. The day repeating itself and the boy becoming a boy into dazzling blue infinity.” Gary Hyland

  281. Today is MY Birthday (18th). What a nice surprise to see the news (AND great pics) of Dash’s arrival. I’m so happy for your family!

  282. Congratulations!!! He is so adorable!! You have three beautiful children!!

  283. He’s gorgeous, Kelle! Congratulations! So happy for you & your family!!!

  284. I think you found the perfect words, every single one of your words inspire me. Welcome to the world baby Dash!! You have such an amazing family and are so blessed. xoxoxo
    Enjoy this newness of life and extending love Kelle and family!

  285. Congratulations on beautiful baby boy Dash!

  286. Congrats! I have (as I always do!) checked your blog daily, and when there had been no new updates for 4 days – I was hoping you and your family were experience another amazing birthday!

    He is precious, and your family is perfect! <3


  287. Congratulations! What an amazing gift of love on Valentines Day!!

  288. Valentine’s Day will never be the same! Congratulations. He is absolutely beautiful! They are all beautiful together. Wishing you joy, love and a little rest ~ Best to you all.

  289. thank you so much for sharing him with us. that pic with your tears melted me. it’s such a privelege to sneak a peek into your life. love you girl. welcome baby dash!!! love you already.

  290. All these wonderful comments pretty much sum up all of our feelings of joy for you Kelle- BUT I JUST HAVE TO ADD—- THAT ALL THE OUTFIT CHANGES ON LE BEBE’ MADE ME GRIN FROM EAR TO EAR! : )
    He is a gorgeous , gorgeous newborn!

    xoxox hugs!

  291. Congratulations to all of you. He is absolutely beautiful! :)

  292. Congratulations, Kelle – he is gorgeous!! Love the pics of the girls with him. :)

  293. Congratulations to all of you~ I love that Dash is already posing for fashion posts and it looks like he has three momma’s and big sister’s will not be letting him want for anything~ Enjoy every minute of him! God bless you all~

  294. He is so precious. Congratulations to all of you!!

  295. So precious! Congrats! We have our own little Dash born in September.

  296. I can not stop looking at how beautiful he is… Like for real I have visit this post about 8 times since last night! So thrilled for you mama! As someone who has a had a miscarriage it brings me hope that I will someday too hold a babe of my own…. Love to you and your whole family!

  297. Bless you! Your daughters are going to be such good helpers.

  298. I love when pictures leave your heart feeling like you’re right there in the room … I can almost smell the baby powder and new baby scent. Almost feel the sweet new baby clothes washed for the first (and probably only) time in Dreft laundry soap. Hear the oohs, ahhs, and unmistakeable brand new infant cry. It’s so special. Thank you for sharing. :) welcome baby Dash!!

  299. Oh what a lovely little boy, and what a perfect day to be born. Makes me long for my little one even more. We will be welcoming a baby brother in june:-)
    Enjoy these precious days with your two big sisters and their perfect baby brother<3

    Love from Norway

  300. completely in love with Dash and so happy for you and your family, Kelle xx

  301. Oh my he’s beautiful! Congrats to you and your family on welcoming such a precious bundle to your home! He is toning to be well loved and protected by those darling sisters of his!

  302. Not even 4 weeks postpartum myself, my hormones are wild for this post. That welcome home sign-love.

  303. Welcome to the world Dash!! Congrats all…so very happy for you. Sweet boy has a couple of extra Mom’s in his big sisters…life just grew oh so much sweeter for all!!

  304. Congratulations! He is perfect… and I love those picture of Lainey with him… so cute.

  305. Congratulations and love to all of you!

  306. I like how you’re savoring and enjoying these moments you just want to grab and hold in your hand – stockpile away!

    Weird that I’m so excited for someone I don’t know – but I am!!!


  307. Congratulations! SO precious! Enjoy these fleeting moments while you can. I’m VERY impatiently awaiting the arrival of my own little one. I was ready to go at 37 weeks because that’s when my last one was born, yesterday I was 39 weeks (that’s when my first was born)… and still she won’t come out. *sigh* I’m going to be pregnant forever!

  308. Congratulations Kelle, Brett, Austyn, Brandyn, Lainey, and Nella! And congratulations to you, Dash. You were born into a great family!

  309. Huge massive giant sized congratulations. He is awesome and you are superwoman.

    I welcomed my son into our crazy home just 5 months ago. Enjoy all these baby days…….I am looking forward to re-living them with you.

    With love and light xxx


    (Oooh….go me! I think I just wrote my first ever comment!!! I am out of the closet!)

  310. Huge massive giant sized congratulations. He is awesome and you are superwoman.

    I welcomed my son into our crazy home just 5 months ago. Enjoy all these baby days…….I am looking forward to re-living them with you.

    With love and light xxx


    (Oooh….go me! I think I just wrote my first ever comment!!! I am out of the closet!)

  311. Lovely photos.
    congratulations to all family.

  312. He’s beautiful! Congrats to you and your family!

  313. Started following you via Instagram, and I just have to say I am smitten with your family. Smitten with your strength and love…with you creativity and what seems like abounding energy. You and your family are beautiful. Your photography is fabulous. Let everyone help you and get some rest!!!

  314. Congratulations, Hampton family, on your beautiful baby boy! He is just gorgeous. May this new transition be as smooth and full of joy as you hoped!

  315. Congratulations…Dash Looks like a little doll. He is precious. I’m so excited for all of you. Enjoy this very special time:)

  316. Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!! xxoxox

  317. What wonderful news! Congratulations to all of you! The girls look absolutely in love with him. What a blessing for your family! Take care – enjoy these days of bonding – take lots of photos!!

  318. <3

  319. So wonderful! Congratulations! What an adorable little name for a charming little boy.

  320. congratulations hes so handsome!

  321. oh so happy for you and your family..darling little Dash

  322. Congratulations!!!! He is so sweet. And those pictures with so much emotion, brought tears to my eyes.

  323. What a beautiful little man who is sooo blessed to have such a wonderful family to welcome him into this life.

  324. Oh, my uterus just screamed. Those pictures are SO precious. Congratulations!!

  325. What a wonderful Valentines Day gift. He’s stunningly beautiful – and the picture of his sisters holding him melts my heart! Congratulations to all! Enjoy the precious days of this newest phase with your family.

  326. Congratulations on y’alls beautiful Valentine! Now go enjoy being together :)

  327. What a sweet little blessing! So excited to watch him grow with the girls. Boys are so sweet! Congratulations again Hamptons. He couldn’t be more perfect!

  328. Ahh! Congratulations!! I love that he was born on Valentine’s Day!

  329. congratulations! he is so cute. my heart is keeping beats for you guys.

    just a beautiful valentine, god bless

  330. Dash is so adorable. I am so thankful he’s here, and that both you and he are fine. Thanks for posting so soon. Take care of yourself.

  331. Congrats! He is really beautiful. I hope you are all settling in nicely.

    I also hope you gave your dad permission to leak so many details on IG! We knew when your water broke, his middle name, and his weight before you got to mention it :)

  332. That first picture of you holding him, with the tear on your cheek, oh my word. Nothing like that moment, brings me back to that first moment with my son. Congratulations on this blessing. Enjoy these moments, don’t worry about finding words yet. Baby needs mommy more than we need to know:)

  333. Congrats!!!

  334. Congrats!!!

  335. Thrilled for you and your family! He is beautiful.

  336. How perfectly fitting that Dash arrived on Valentine’s Day! It is apparent that he has stolen the hearts of everyone in your beautiful family. Sending love and congratulations to you!

  337. It’s perfect Kelle. As Lainey and Nella. You have three perfect treasure.

  338. Oh yes…sweet baby boy! Enjoy every second! Congrats :-)

  339. Congratulations! Enjoy every moment. I know you will!

  340. beautiful baby boy…congrats hampton’s! the photo of you kissing him with tear stained cheeks made me IMMEDIATELY verklempt. just stunning.
    i also am totally in love with his little pilots cap!!! where is it from if you don’t mind me asking?!!?

  341. Congratulations Kelle and family!

  342. Now you have three beautiful little ones. Bless your whole family!

  343. What a little gift of love on Valentine’s Day! Congratulations! He is so precious.

    Love, love, love,

  344. Sigh. Joy. Bliss even. There’s nothing like it! Congrats and enjoy your slice of heaven on earth.

  345. Congratulations!! Welcome to the world, little Dash! :)

  346. Oh he is sooo beautiful. In that precious outfit Grandma made him he looks like an angel. Congratulations to you and your family. Soak it in…these are the sweetest days.

  347. Congratulations! He is beautiful!

  348. Congratulations!! He is so handsome and I just love his name. Beautiful! Looking forward to reading more of him and his big sisters!

  349. Congratulations! Dash is beyond beautiful and all of you look completely blessed out. Thank you for sharing!

  350. congratulations to all of you! Dash is beautiful! did someone make the beautiful crocheted outfit for him? Would love to know where to find that pattern! It’s gorgeous! Enjoy your beautiful family!

  351. Oh wow, congratulations Kelle & Brett!! There is nothing more precious in the world than the birth of a baby. That first picture of you and Dash, Kelle, brings tears to my eyes. Seeing the tear mid-stream down your face makes me so long for those days with my babies again. And that hand-knitted outfit (that I know your mama made!) is the sweetest thing ever! Congratulations!!!

  352. A beautiful baby! Congratulations! Cherish this special time.

  353. Oh my goodness. Tears! He’s perfection & I love his name. Great job, Mama. Congrats, Hampton family!

  354. Little guys are so much fun. Congratulations to all of you! He’s beautiful.

  355. Congratulations, Kelle. All of your children are gorgeous and perfect. Soak up these newborn moments…they go way too fast.

  356. Congrats Kelle !!! Get ready for the very special love between a Mama and her baby boy!

  357. Congratulations, he is gorgeous!!! I have been following your instagram feed, but wanted to let you know how happy I am for you and your beautiful family. He was quite big! Glad that his beautiful grandma made going home outfit fit him lol

  358. Welcome to the world, little Dash! Congrats to your beautiful family! (PS: his birthday rocks, it’s also my birthday on V-Day!)

  359. Welcome Dash! Can’t wait to hear about you in the unfolding Hampton story. Congratulations Kelle!

  360. Congrats! He’s beautiful. Big sisters look so proud.

  361. Congratulations Kelle! Glad to know your little boy is finally here safe and sound (and is already being loved to pieces by his big sisters)!

    I love the name Dashel – it’s got a real charm to it. Plus, that was the name of one of the main characters in one of my favorite books, “Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares.” :)

  362. Yay! Congratulations!

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  364. congrats from Poland:*
    lots of love and happy for you & your amazing family!!!

  365. Congratulations! We have sweet little boys exactly 6 months apart. And we both have a Lainey. :) I am a regular reader and have read your book, I just rarely comment. P.S. Love the name!!

  366. Congratulations! Enjoy your son, I have two and they are so precious. We are due our third in 29 weeks and I hope I get my girl, so you have given me hope, and your blog and words make me long for a girl, and the relationship you have with yours, even more.

    Cherish every moment.

  367. I am so happy for you and your newest addition to the family.


  368. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! My mom’s birthday is February 14th! :)

  369. This is happy, happy stuff. He is precious. Enjoy!

  370. We can’t get enough of the updates and photos. He is such a beautiful little boy. I just noticed he is wearing the same pink/blue stripe hat at birth that Nella was wearing..is that her hat? I keep going back and forth from this site to your photos on IG and haven’t been able to do any work at all! Hope you’re healing and feeling better.

  371. Congratulations!! He is beautiful.

  372. He’s so beautiful. Congratulations all of you. Enjoy every minute and please keep the pictures coming. :)

  373. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby, born into a beautiful and loving family! Wishing your sweet family all the best!

  374. Congrats, he is angelic! My son was also born on valentine’s day, he just turned 3, and he has lived up to the meaning of his special birthday. Pure love!

  375. Congratulations Kelle! He is divine and that photo of you kissing him moments after birth with a tear streaming down your face is MAGIC.

    I have a Dash too – full name Dashiel – and it’s the handsomest boy’s name in the world! He’s 7 now, and though two sisters have followed, he always and ever will be the pride of my heart. Boys… <3 <3 <3 <3

  376. He is beautiful! Congratulations!!

  377. He’s so beautiful! Congratulations on the addition to your beautiful family.

  378. Congratulations!!! Love the name!! How perfect that he was born on Valentines Day!! So happy for you and your family!

  379. Congratulations!!! Love the name!! How perfect that he was born on Valentines Day!! So happy for you and your family!

  380. Congratulations to you and your loved ones :)

    Love and blessings from Norway!

  381. COngratulations on the birth of your son, Lady K! Love and best wishes to your family of seven! Welcome to the world, Dash! Take good care of yourself, Kelle. Thinking of you from across the pond.

  382. Welcome Dash! Can’t wait to meet you on here. Congrats on the newest addition =)

  383. My Mother and I send the hugest congrats to the whole family!
    He’s a doll!
    Looks like Nella to me…so happy for you all!

  384. How wonderful! Congratulations Hampton family!

  385. Congrats to you & your family!! Dash is beautiful – enjoy every second with him. There is no love like the love a boy has for his momma 😉

  386. I’ve been checking every day, waiting for the birth of your little one! So over-the-moon excited for you! The tear rolling down your face had tears rolling down mine! Enjoy your beautiful little man! Hugs to the big sisters!!

  387. Congratulations! He is breathtakingly beautiful.

  388. WHY do you always make me cry!? ALL good tears, however. He is a very handsome young fellow….born into a family FULL of love.
    Bug & Ruby’s Gram

  389. Congratulations!!! Hes is very beautiful and adorable. ♥

  390. Congratulations!!! Hes is very beautiful and adorable. ♥

  391. …and he is beyond beautiful! A home of little giggles is a happy home!



  392. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Dashel. He is absolutely beautiful. I hope you and your family enjoy this special time with him and enjoy welcoming him into the family.

  393. Congratulations Kelle!!!! He is too precious!! What a little blessing. And on Valentine’s Day too! SO happy for you all. We just had our little bundle of joy as well on February 1st, and I am cherishing every second with all of these sweet, newborn cuddles and love. One of the greatest gifts God gives us. I am so thankful. Beautiful pictures as well.

  394. What a beautiful way to spend Valentines Day!! He is just precious…beautiful babies. Take care of your sweet family they are such a blessing!!

  395. His coming home outfit is to die for – your mum is so clever. Welcome Dash! You are going to be beyond loved Buddy xx

  396. Congratulations! I am so happy for all of you. 22 years ago on Valentine’s Day I brought home my last of four babies, Harrison Christopher. As I look at your sweet son, I remember all the joy and wonderment all over again. At 22, he continues to bring me great joy. My best to you and all your family!

  397. Congratulations to all of you! What a handsome little boy he is. And just look at the love on Brett’s face in the picture where he’s holding Dash. Cute name, too! And born on Valentine’s Day! So much for me to say.

  398. I’ve been a fan of your blog since reading your insanely beautiful book last year. Someday I’ll get around to telling you what your book meant to me (it reached me at a low point, reproductively speaking, and I needed a good talking to). For now I had to delurk to send my sincerest congratulations and best wishes on the arrival of sweet baby Dash. May you relish every joy of the coming minutes and days. I want it to play in slow motion for you, like one of those late summer days that goes on and on and on….

  399. Congratulations! He is precious and I am so excited for you and your family. I love the tear of joy and all the pictures. I love having a son, boys ROCK!

  400. He is absolutely perfect in every way! Congratulations to you & your beautiful family. God Bless!

  401. That picture of you kissing him with tears streaming down your face….oh my Lord… EMOTIONS. Tears over here as well. Congrats Kelle!!

  402. Oh my goodness, he is just scrumptious, Kelle! Congratulations to you and Bret, the boys and the girls. What a wonderful day to welcome a baby!

  403. Welcome to the world, sweet Dash! So much love to you + your family.

  404. So beautiful!!! What a sweetie!

  405. Congratulations! He’s absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful pics! :)

  406. Congrats Kelle & family, he’s a beautiful baby! And, I love his name!

  407. Welcome to the world Dash!Congratulations to the whole family on a beautiful addition!

  408. Congratulations! Thank you so much for continuing to share your story and your joy. In a world filled with so much anger and pain, I find your blog to be such a welcoming calm. I look forward to reading your words more than you know. :) Take care and bless you and yours…..

  409. Wow…..so beautiful. Congratulations!

  410. Congratulations. <3

  411. Congrats on your beautiful family!!!!

  412. OH sweet Kelle and family! I hope you are so in the moment that you don’t actually read all these comments! Just enjoy, enJOY! He is perfect, those lips and cheeks! The first photo is crazy, his hands reminded me of Nella! And Brett with the clock right behind him and sweet Dash in his arms….What lovely and precious memories! I wish you all a smooth transition and I hope that sisters are loving their new roles!! And for the holiday lovin’ mama….how Unbelievably perfect is that for a birthday!? Valentine’s Day will never EVER be the same!!! Many congrat’s and I can’t wait to watch him grow!! XOOXOXOXO

  413. Congratulations!! He is gorgeous!

  414. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. So very happy for your family.

  415. Congrats! He’s adorable.

  416. Congratulations Kelle, Brett, and girls – Dash is beautiful!!

  417. Oh, my. Ohmyohmyohmy. Thank you for sharing the love on you family’s faces!!!

  418. Congratulations! Your family is beautiful. I absolutely love his name :)

  419. He’s beautiful Kelley! Praying for you!

  420. Congratulations Hampton family! I have been soaking up his wonderfulness for days on IG. So good to see it announced on here! Kelle, the photo of you kissing him and the tears on your face….be still my heart! It made me cry! I can’t wait to hear his story! Till then, soak up those amazing first few weeks of bliss! Love from KY!

  421. Oh my goodness! Congratulations! What a fantastic Valentine’s gift:) The best of wishes to you and you beautiful family. Thank you for letting me get a glimpse of your life. <3

  422. Congratulations! He definitely looks like a Hampton. How special that he brought extra love on Valentines day.
    He’s precious.

  423. My little girl Emily (who will turn 2 next week) loves to scroll through the pictures on your blog. Tonight, after seeing your newest post, she scribbled with some pink and green marker on a coloring page while muttering about “baby and mommy” and pointing to the computer. She drew a special picture for you and Dash and I wish I could share it with you! Congrats from little Emily and family from the Shenandoah Valley!

  424. Congratulations!!! He is beautiful!

  425. Best wishes on your new bundle!

    Love the name – the hubs and I have been tossing around/debating Omar as a potential future baby name. Way to be the naming pioneer!

  426. Oh my gosh! He is precious!!
    And that pic of him on the white blanket…wowzers…he looks like a ceramic baby doll from a catalog! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  427. He’s so precious. Congratulations!

  428. Congratulations to your family!! He is beautiful! I was blessed with a precious granddaughter on Valentines Day! It is so special!

  429. Congrats, congrats! Beautiful addition to your beautiful family. Enjoy, and thank you for letting us enjoy with you.

  430. Congratulations Kelle & family. Oh little boys, they know just how to steal their mama’s hearts! I love the name Dash too – super sweet, yet strong! I was wondering – where did you get that little fox shirt for him? My little Kip has a toy fox he just loves – so much that I named my Art company after it (and my daughter’s favourite froggie) So I would love to have a little fox shirt for Kip! 😀 Happy snuggles to all of you & butterfly kisses for Nella – since she is the reason for this blog’s success!

  431. Congratulations! What a beautiful addition to your family! Welcome, Dash!

    Jill B (Overland Park, KS)

  432. From one Valentine’s “baby” to another – You precious little thing! Welcome to the world, baby boy!

  433. CONGRATS Hampton family. So happy for you all.

  434. He’s such a beautiful baby! Enjoy Mama, for these moments are fleeting. Love all your babies and how they love each other. I wish I could turn back time and have all 4 of mine little once again. Blessings to the Hamptons!

  435. Congratulations Hamptons! What a beautiful, handsome, awesome, amazing, precious, be-still-your-heart addition to your family.

  436. Congrats to all of you! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Blessings to you and yours and on your precious babies.

  437. Love.the.name! Congratulations to you all!

  438. Breathtaking moments. Much love and congratulations.

  439. I’m so thrilled to read of the birth of little Dash! Isn’t he just beautiful!

    Can’t wait to see more photo’s.

    Karla :)

  440. Welcome baby Dash!!and congratulations Kelle (& Brett of course :))he is absolutely gorgeous..i couldn’t quit staring at him…Lainey looks as pleased as punch and Nella is totally mezmorized, but with a little of “hmmm, where did he come from??!And I bet those two oldest brothers are equally as pleased! Love on your lil charmer… take care, Anne (Jenna’s mom)

  441. He’s just too adorable! Congratulations!! I can’t stop looking at these pictures!

  442. Oh my word. He’s BEAUTIFUL. And 8lbs 6 oz? You’re so tiny to carry that big of a baby. :)

    Way to go, Kelle – congratulations. I am so happy for all of you.

  443. Congratulations!!!! He is perfect!!

    The Hartungs Blog

  444. Another perfectly beautiful gift from God…you are blessed! Congrats Hampton family!!♥

  445. Welcome to this beautiful life, Dash. You will always know love.

  446. Congratulations from Australia! My baby boy is due in 8 weeks. We are so excited, so is his 4yr old sister! It was lovely to read your post xox well done

  447. he’s so perfect!! congrats!! 😀

  448. Congratulations!
    My second child (a girl Violet to join my 3.5 yr old son Thomas) was born on the 9th Feb.
    Looking forward to the newborn ride far more eloquently put by you than i ever could.
    Welcome Dash. Xxxx

  449. Congrats and mazel tov!! Have been watching Dash’s life unfold on Instagram, and could not be more bowled over by how gorgeous he is and how beautifully you’ve presented him to the world.

    Of course, seeing Dash with his sisters is such a treat. Lainey even seems to have a new “Dash” smile. Goodness, she looks positively blissful holding him and gazing into his eyes!

    Dash is the luckiest little boy in the world to be surrounded by such love and rad outfits. :) You are a great mommy, Kelle. Hugs!

  450. Congratulations!!! He’s pretty and lovly

  451. I hope he is ready to be loved and cuddled!!! What a perfect Valentine! He is sooo cute!!! That first picture of you and him is incredible!!

  452. My most sincere congratulations, Kelle! He is beautiful. I love saying “my son.” Wishes for quick sleep and a peaceful few months.

  453. Congratulations to you and your family! Thank you for sharing such private pictures with us!

  454. Congratulations Kelle and family. What beautiful photos. What perfect love. There is nothing better than new life. I hope you begin to get more sleep very soon and find a little time to take a deep breath in the midst of the chaos!

  455. We have all been blessed by this little man, welcome into the world, Dash…..and let mama know some of us would like to know the pattern for that beautiful outfit that someone lovely crocheted. It is perfect! Good thing they didn’t make it any smaller 😉

  456. Oh, what a wonderful Valentine’s gift! He is so beautiful and I LOVE the name. Congratulations! You deserve all this joy and so much more.

    God Bless you and yours.

  457. He is so beautiful. YOu are truly blessed. Cherish them all.

  458. Congratulations Hamptons!!! What a beautiful little man – and a great name to go with.

  459. Wonderful! Congratulations — I have a few friends with such a LOVE-ly birthday too, so fun!

  460. So perfect. He’s gorgeous! Congratulations to you all.

  461. Congrats! He is beautiful!!!

  462. Such beautiful photography as usual. I love the photo of Brett and Dash. But all of them are amazing. I love reading your journey. Congratulations Hampton family. What a beautiful son x x

  463. Welcome to the world of trucks!!! (mama of 4 boys here)…love the photos – your blog is a joy to my day – enjoy!!! (and please sleep too!!)

  464. Congratulations Kelle! He is adorable! <3

  465. Congratulations!! So perfect that he was born on Valentine’s Day. He is entering a family so filled with love to give. Your son will always be your “boy”. I just spent the weekend with the one who made me a momma and at 21 he still brings me the greatest joy and a huge amount of pride. I call him sonshine because he lights up my life. Enjoy every minute, take care of yourself and post some more pics – he’s gorgeous!!

  466. Congrats!!!!!!!!! So sweet!

  467. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Takes me back to those sweet, surreal days after my (now 16mo old) son was born. Can’t wait to see more sweet pictures of your sweet little valentine. Congratulations!

  468. I’ve already left a msg…. but I keep coming back to look at precious Dash. The look on Lainey’s face in each photo ~ ~ love it!!

  469. smart kid, being born on my birthday. 😉 congrats to you and your beautiful family!

  470. pure sweetness in a bundle!
    so happy for you all~ xo

  471. Congratulations! My niece was just born on Valentine’s Day too!! Her name is Mila. Happy BIRTH Day to Dash!! So cute and sweet….I’m getting baby fever all over again! 😉

  472. Congratulations! What a perfect Valentine’s gift to complete your lovely family.

  473. Congratulations!!! He is beautiful. What a blessing to add to your family.

  474. Kelle He is so beautiful. Congrats on your newest litle love. I know that you will charish these days. Seeing your Girls love on their new little brother is so heart warming and makes me want to give my boys a new sibling sooner than planned. Love to you and your family.


  475. What a wonderful little Valentine! Congratulations! Some of the best people I know where born around Valentine’s Day. It must be the sun sign. 😉

  476. Congratulations! He’s stunning. So happy for you and your beautiful family. :)

  477. Congratulations! He’s beautiful! I love his name. Enjoy your beautiful new son. 😀

  478. What a beautiful boy! Such a blessing. So happy for you, Kelle!

    La Petite Gigi


  480. Oh wonderful news! Heartfelt congratulations to you all.
    Enjoy your beautiful family. Xxxx

  481. Oh wonderful news! Heartfelt congratulations to you all.
    Enjoy your beautiful family. Xxxx

  482. Oh, Kelle, he is absolutely beautiful! I literally gasped out loud when I saw him! So tiny and perfect. And I love his name. Congratulations on your handsome little boy!

  483. Congratulations! You and your family are so blessed. :-)

  484. Valentines. More than fitting for such a loving family! Congrats to all of you guys! That little knitted outfit is to DIE for!

  485. What a sweet gift! I love the pictures, what a handsome fellow. Congratulations on your newest blessing in your home.

  486. Hello Kelle!!Congratulations on the new little Prince…is cute,sweet and just like her beautiful mother!!Greetings and best wishes from Italy,a big kiss Federica Fusco.

  487. Congrats!!!! I have no doubt now that you’re a super mom; you posted on Thursday, had a beautiful baby boy, then three days later posted again!!

    You are absolutely inspiring and it’s so heart warming to be able to peak into your world.

    Much love! :)

  488. I just inly want to thank You. To all Your family being so beautifull, and hopefull, and so on these optimistic feelens. Reading Your blog and book makes me a better person, really.

  489. Welcome to the world Dash! He’s beautiful and true blessing.

  490. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for your family! God is good all the time! :)

  491. congratulations on your valentine!! Welcome to the world Dash and congratulations to all!!!! xoxo

  492. Congratulations! Welcome Little Fox!

  493. Congratulations on your little boy! He is absolutely gorgeous! I love reading your blog and always smile at your words and photographs; this post made me tear up. Welcoming a new life is always such a precious moment and I am so happy for your family! Enjoy your little Dash!

  494. Kelle he is perfect! Congrats… I am so happy for you. Love his name, Dash! What a happy delivery from the love bug to the Hampton family!

  495. Congratulations to your beautiful family on the birth of your beautiful son. I bet he smells delish!

  496. Congrats to all of you! How appropriate that you would have a baby on Valentine’s Day. :)

  497. He is one of the most beautiful baby boys I have ever seen! Congratulations to you and your amazing family!

  498. Congratulations! Little boys are soooo sweet! He’s a doll.

  499. ,,,congrats to all of you. your sweet little “dashel” is precious,,,

  500. Absolutely beautiful. Congrats and God bless you all. :-)

    ~ Wendy

  501. From one Valentine’s Day Baby Boy Mommy to another — congratulations! He’s beautiful!

  502. So, so happy for you. I love your blog and your little family. You’re an inspiration to us all.

    God bless.

  503. How sweet! Now that’s the perfect Valentine! Dash is so precious. Congratulations to you and your lovely family.

  504. Congratulation with your beautiful baby boy :)
    Enjoy every second.

    Greetings from Norway

  505. Good to know that you are all well, enjoying little Dash. Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us.God is love and He just gave you a lovely gift once more.We are so happy for you.

  506. Oh my gosh, he’s such a doll! Congratulations! Love his name!

  507. Just had to say Congrats to you and your family! I love his name!

  508. wow wow wow!! he is absolutely beautiful. i’ve been reading your blog for a long time but this is the first time i’ve ever left a message. you are inspirational and fun to read. give my friend, glennon, a hug for me… she and i were sorority sisters. so cool to see that you all have become friends. enjoy this special time with dash and the girls. he’s a keeper! xo

  509. Congratulations Hampton Family! He is beautiful!

  510. Congratulations to the entire family. He is so precious, it makes me ache to kiss those chubby cheeks and tiny baby feet. My youngest is 10, but it seems like a life time ago when she was this size.

  511. Congratulations Kelle!

  512. Congratulations. He is beautiful. LOVE the picture of the three of the them. So adorable. Enjoy this time. THe newborn stage is the best, as you know.

  513. I had a feeling he was here! Congratulations! He’s gorgeous :)

  514. First time commenter, long time lurker coming out of hiding to congratulate you on your beautiful boy. How lucky you are; how lucky he is!

  515. oh, this is leaving me in tears. congratulations love

  516. had tears while looking your beautiful family pictures. Wish u all the best.

  517. auguri per questa nuova vita. auguri a tutti voi, meravigliosi.

  518. So beautiful! I am beyond happy for your family. Just watching your precious girls in awe of their little brother melts my heart.

  519. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your precious moments.

  520. Congratulations, Kelle! The very first post of yours that I read was Nella’s birth story, and to have another one to read is just awesome. Happiness and good health and REST to all of you as you celebrate your babymoon. He is just gorgeous.

  521. CONGRATULATIONS! He looks so sweet!

  522. Congratulations!!! He is ….I cannot even find a word-amasing ,just another your miracle! Wishing You all healf and happiness. I am proud of Your family. You make me smile. Thank You.

  523. I just finished reading your book. It’s beautiful … really no words. I have three children, live in Poland, I am writing a blog with book reviews. My children are for me the most important in the world! Congratulations baby, I wish you good health and greet the whole family the warmest I can. I do not know English well, please forgive the mistakes!

  524. Beautiful news!! What an absolute miracle. Thank you for sharing and for the beautiful pictures!


  525. Beautiful name for a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to you, Brett and your children. What a wonderful addition to your family!

  526. Congratulations Hamptom family! Best wishes.

  527. So very happy for your family! Welcome to the world Dash! You are already so loved!

  528. Congratulatons,10 times over, Kelle! He’s gorgeous! But then again, all your children are gorgeous! I have a nephew named Dashielle. Though the spelling’s different, he is called Dash as a nickname too. His Dad named him that after a character in The Maltese Falcon, apparently. It was a book he was quite fond of. – Karen

  529. Hi!
    I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It’s beautiful, well structured, interesting… and it has completely got me hooked. I think we’re going to get along just fine! 😉 I’d like to invite you to meet my space as well and I hope you’ll have as much fun as I am having in yours!
    I wish you lots of success

  530. Congrats to you and your family. Love the name Dash! What a sweet family.

  531. Congratulations on your new bundle of love, he is beautiful! Best wishes to you and your lovely family. :)

  532. Love all of the pictures but my favorite is the first one where you are kissing baby Dash with a tear! Love it and congrats! So happy for you!

  533. Congratulations on your new Blessing!! A wonderful gift of love on Valentine’s Day!!Love the pictures,the one of you showing tears of joy,Priceless!!!

  534. Oh sweet bliss… congratulations to you and your family! He’s beautiful, of course! :)

  535. Congratulations! What a beautiful, touching picture of you, tear streaming down your face. The face of love!

    He is absolutely beautiful. So happy for you!

  536. Congratulations to you and the whole family!! He’s darling. Can’t wait for more pictures!

  537. He is beautiful. Congratulations!

  538. Hi Kelle, it’s Emalia, remember me? Lainey & my daughter Kenzie were in dance class together a few years back when we lived in Naples. We are now back in Utah! :-) I know getting through all these comments will prob. be at the bottom of your list & you may not even read this (nor do I blame you, you 1 busy lady) but I want to offer you my heartfelt Congratulations!!! He is just Beautiful! There really is something magical having your 1st boy & feeling a different, special kind of love for him…a bond. YOU are the Women in His Life!! Cherish it, as I know you will. Sending you & your sweet family lots of Love! ps read your book, & loved it! made me cry good tears.

  539. How sweet! The best Valentines day gift. Congratulations!

  540. Congratulations! The picture of your kiss, his teeny face and your streaming tear is just perfection. Many happy wishes & a warm welcome to your little Dash & his two beautiful big sisters.

  541. Congratulations!!!! Precious baby and loving sisters. Blessed, for sure! Enjoy every minute 😉 xo

  542. He is so so so so beautiful…Congratulations to you and your family! Your pics are so tender, my heart is truly touched.

  543. There’s a special kind of love between a mama and her son. I know you’ll enjoy every single second of this new experience. Congratulations!

  544. oh my…what a gift!
    He’s so beautifull…enjoy!

  545. Congratulations!!! He is absolutely beautiful!! Perfect!!!

    Thank you so much for all your kind comments and support on my blog!! I have found such a beautiful community here and I’m so glad your part of it!!!

    I hope you are resting a little bit and living every moment with that new baby boy;)

    Xoxo Hanna

  546. Omy Kelle, I may not know you personally but I am so happy for you! Congratulations! Boys are the best! :)

  547. Oh happy days :) Congratulations… enjoy every moment of that new baby bliss!

  548. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I just recently found your blog through Tommie and Ellie and their adventure with Tucker. You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to read your whole blog from the beginning. Take care! Enjoy the bliss. They grow up so fast. :)

  549. Congratulations!

  550. You are here! Welcome, Sweet Boy! Oh Dash, you are going to have a wonderful life. You were born into a really Cool family. I cannot wait to see all that you become. But, Please stay teeny for awhile. Your Mama needs that.

    Congratulations to All of the Hamptons! Love & Hugs from Minnesota. ~ Jo

  551. congratulations! what a beautiful boy! and the sweet love between siblings is pouring out of these pics. enjoy those warm newborn snuggle.

  552. congratulations, he looks amazing!

  553. Your news brought tears to my eyes. What a precious miracle! :)

  554. What beauty, love, and unabashed emotion is captured in those photos. I love your tear. So many things in that one droplet. I had my boy almost a year ago, and his sister has spoiled him like crazy. This time WILL fly by. So happy for your family.

  555. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    <3 the tear drop down your face. :)


  556. Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie prachtige Dash!!! Heel veel geluk.

    Von… From Holland

  557. Congratulations to the Hampton Family! He’s so beautiful! Sending a delicate little kiss for his cheeks! :)

  558. Oh my goodness! Congrats! He looks a lot like Nella!!

  559. Beautiful!!!! What a sweet blessing to have a Valentine’s Baby! Perfect for a unicorn Lover of happiness like you! God Bless your Sweet Family!!!

  560. WOW – a valentine’s day baby! Congrats – he looks like a doll! Can’t wait to see more photos. You all look so happy! The girls and Brett look over the moon! Good work!

  561. He is absolutely gorgeous! You make some beautiful babies!

  562. Congratulations! I teared up just seeing the photo of sweet Dash. I have been on vacation for the past week and promised myself that I would stay away from the internet and computer and truly embrace life sans technology on vacation. But, I just could not wait to check your blog upon my return and I am so very happy for you and your ever growing family.

  563. aww congrats to your sweet little family! these pictures are presh! :)

  564. Wow, 563 comments. Not sure you’ll see this but I still want to write it. Thank you for sharing and congratulations. I love birth stories. My son was born shortly before Nella, and my daughter is now 8 months old. I started following your blog with Nella’s birth. I just have to say thank you for your words. I feel them, I know what you are saying. Wanting to feel the pain of birth, wanting the whole thing to slow down, even the bad/hard/sad stuff because it’s just so *real*. I love birth.

  565. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much after reading a blog entry before. I’m honestly sitting in my cubicle at work crying huge tears of happiness for you guys. Your writing is beautiful, you say things that I have also felt but never found a way to write out. “….it seemed so meant to be–like he’d always been here and they’d always loved him.” I can truly say I felt that way when my son was born last March and watching his older sister meet him for the first time. I’m not even done reading your entry and I have to stop to blow my nose.


  566. What a beautiful baby. I just keep looking at your lovely pictures. I have two girls and we have always discussed trying for a boy…I’ve just finished your book and just started following your blog. I am interested in knowing your opinion on genetic testing. Forgive me if you’ve covered this before…do you wish you would have had had it with Nella? Would you have felt more “prepared”? Did you end up doing it wiht Dash? I skipped it with my second but I think I would with a third only because of my age. Thanks for your honesty and CONGRATS!!!

  567. Beautiful boy. I gave birth on Friday the 15th to our 2nd daughter, sixth child. I loved her birth and am just sitting back enjoying our new blessing. I bet your girls are so excited to have their baby brother. Congrats.

  568. Congrats….my precious gift of my son (now 31) was on Valentine’s Day. Best Valentine I ever got!

  569. Wow Kelley! I didn’t realize it was so close to your due date. I’m so happy to hear everything went well. Dash is so adorable. I love the photos that you chose to share. You and your beautiful family are so richly blessed.

    I know exactly how you feel in regards to wanting time to stand still as you hold your baby.
    Enjoy your time (as we know you will) and thank you for sharing with us.


  570. Congratulations on the birth of your son! I am almost finished reading your book. Kelle, thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Your friends and family were right, YOU were chosen. All three of your children are lucky to have you as a mother. Thank you for sharing such a an amazing story. God bless!

  571. He is darling! He seriously looks like a perfectly sculpted porcelain baby doll!

    Also, I am in love with that sweater you are wearing in some of the photos! mind sharing where you got it?

  572. Congratulations!! I too had my number 3 bundle of sweetness on February 14, 2013! They share a birthday! My labor was so crazy and I love hearing other peoples! Emerson Kate came in at 9ib and 21 inches. Enjoying every moment of baby goodness :) Congrats!

  573. Congrats to you & your family on the new addiction. Your mom has such talent with the outfits she knits. Does she have a pattern that she would be welling to share or where she got the pattern from?

  574. Such an adorable addition to the family

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