Welcoming Dash: A Birth Story

Well, I’m just going to start typing.  Because you have to begin somewhere.  Writing a birth story three years after writing the birth story is interesting.  My, how we change over time.  And yet really, I’m still the same girl.  The one who started dreaming of being a mama when she was barely big enough to hold a baby.  The one who held giant spaces in her heart reserved for three beautiful children, and she didn’t even know it.  The one who possesed a multitude of strengths that would stretch and grow throughout the years, guiding her through challenges, pulling her toward victories, and always always pushing her towards a greater love.

First, I’ll preface this by saying that writing the stories of my babies’ welcomings is done freely.  I didn’t reread or edit my girls’ before posting, and this will follow suit.  I write.  I write and I write and I write, and whatever falls onto this screen gets published.  Love and honesty without censoring is how I like my kids’ birth stories to be preserved. A bit has changed on this blog since I wrote Nella’s birth story.  More readers, more hearts, more stories, more scrutiny, more perceptions, but I’d like to believe–and I do–ultimately…more love.  For our families and our children and our unique journeys.  I think that’s all I have to say about that.

There are scribbles of precious unshared moments from my children’s births that are hidden in baby books, and there are parts of these chapters–also precious–that I share.  It is a common thread that runs through the tapestry of motherhood–all kinds of mamas, hundreds of thousands of unique and beautiful children, miles of earth that separate us, cultures and beliefs and families that identify us–but each of our children has a story of how they were welcomed.

This is Dashel’s.


A Little Story to Begin 
Last year, Brett’s Grandma Betty passed away on May 25th.  She didn’t say much the last couple days before she died, but she had a few moments where she asked some interesting questions, according to Brett’s dad.  “Who are the people in the mirror?” was one.  And another…”Who’s the baby?” 
Brett’s dad asked “What baby?,” and all she replied was, “There’s a baby.”  A month later, we found out we were expecting.  Grandma Betty would have celebrated her 91st birthday last week, on February 13th.  She always wished she was born a day later…on Valentine’s Day. 


I felt a deep desire for this baby shortly after Nella was born.  I wanted this baby for Nella, for Lainey, for us, for a lot of reasons really.  But it didn’t happen like I planned (hello life lesson #242–I think I’m finally gettin’ this one).  A couple miscarriages and then crickets for almost a year–until I self-therapy’ed myself into a very good place of peace and acceptance and moving on.  I was thankful for my two girls and so very aware that we can’t control a lot of things in life…but we can be happy.  If it happened, it happened.

And then we went on the best vacation of our lives last year–a road trip to Michigan where Wanderlust and Relaxation traded hands at the wheel and drove the ship together for three weeks.  I felt so presently aware of how much my family makes me happy.  Even in the car, after seven hours of driving when the girls were shot, there was us.  And for three weeks the four of us were together, walking the busy streets of Chicago, scouring Lake Michigan for smooth stones, fishing from the edge of the dock by our cottage.  I had no idea that the four of us was really five of us until I snuck into the tiny bathroom of Glenn’s grocery store in Lewiston, Michigan to take a pregnancy test.  When I screamed, the four cousins who were standing outside started banging on the door. When I let them in, we tightly huddled, shared a group hug, jumped up and down and took a picture in the blurry mirror above the dirty sink.  We called the baby “Squirt” because we went back to the cottage for a toast, and among the clinks of Coors Light glass bottles, there was a tinny tap of one soda can, my Squirt.

I waited until we heard a heartbeat, until we made it through a couple of “this one’s going to make it” ultrasounds before I let it sink in.  And while I thought I wanted another girl because girls are what I know, I had no idea that what I really wanted was a boy.  Sometimes you don’t know you want these things until fate picks them for you.  And then you’re thankful that you don’t get to make all your own choices because that would be kind of selfish and boring, and you’d never get to experience your secret wants–the ones only fate knows.

A boy.  My son.

My water broke last Thursday morning.  I went in for a quick appointment to check on everything and was sent straight to the hospital with nothing but my purse.  That’s what Heidis are for.  They pick up husbands and baby bags and cameras and everything you need for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

I spent an hour alone in the birth room before anyone arrived.  We chose a different hospital for this birth–a half hour away and close to the Isles of Capri.  I loved the peaceful environment, the view, and that calm hour I spent alone with the comforting sound of my boy’s heart, transmitted in a constant stream of ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum from the monitors strapped around my very large middle.  I wasn’t nervous or scared or anxious, just present. 

One of my favorite things from all my births?  The warming bed–the tiny diaper and bulb syringe and stretchy striped hat that’s laid out for my baby–the one who’s still inside me.  There’s always this gripping moment of reality when I see those three items.  They represent the transformation that’s about to happen–that the baby I’ve dreamed of and felt move and imagined holding is moments away from being real, from being placed in that diaper and dressed in that hat and placed in my arms.  That realization has made me cry for all three births.  “Send me a picture of the empty crib,” my sister texted.  It’s important, that moment.

Brett and Heidi arrived along with a little surprise–Nella came too.  I got to hug her as my baby one last time before Brett ran her home to his mom for a nap.


And then several hours of this incredibly significant time.  Baby prepares, Mama prepares.  Our room felt full of love–music and candles, favorite things from home, stories with friends and my husband who was very nervous and cautious.  I didn’t realize until after Dash was born just how nervous he was this time. 



Heidi feng shui’ed as Heidi does.  I ate popsicles.  Brett paced the room and constantly asked everyone if they needed anything. 

And the pain increased.  “Tell me if you want an epidural,” the nurses said, and I made note of the fact that they estimated half an hour for the anesthesiologist’s arrival.  I knew I’d probably want one eventually–I had one with the girls–but I also wanted to breathe through some contractions.  I wanted to feel as much of this birth, as crazy as that sounds, as I could. 



Pre-drugs, your pain is monitored only by your own perception of contractions, on a scale of 1 to 10.  “That was a four,” I started off reporting.  Then four built to five, five to six, and by seven, I had invented a brilliant pain management plan.  Instead of moaning or cursing, you yell celebrities’ names–obscure ones–the more interesting, the better.  I admit I stole this from Steve Carell in Forty Year Old Virgin when he screamed “Kelly Clarkston” during a chest wax.  But I can honestly say, shouting “BOB HOPE!” and “FLORENCE HENDERSON!” pulled me through the dooziest of doozies.  And Heidi snapping “Oh my God, you can do better than that” makes you laugh; and when you laugh, Contraction-of-an-8 feels like Contraction-of-a-3. Which is good, contractionally speaking.

Somewhere near breaking point, we said that thing you say to make it feel better:  “Just think, he’s going to be here soon, and everything’s going to be perfect.”  That’s when I let myself honestly confront my fears.  I cried–not for long, but long enough. Because I remembered saying those same words moments before Nella was born.  And even though everything turned out fine–more than fine–I like to listen to these feelings and to fears and to everything that hums within.  My last birth and my present birth shared a bridge for a short moment, and I felt the depth of those beautiful moments again which is exactly what propelled me to the place I needed to be when they told me that my boy was ready to come out.

Oh, and the epidural?  I finally asked for one.  And got it.  But his head was too big and down too far, so it didn’t work.  Even after two “refills” and a billion clicks of that clicky thing they give you to administer your own boost.  I actually think the clicky thing is for purely psychological reasons now because even when I knew it wouldn’t give me anything, it felt really good to click the bejesus out of it during a bad contraction. 

So they say “You’re ready.  Time to push.”  And right now I can close my eyes and remember everything about what happens when they say that.  How the room suddenly shifts as nurses excitedly prepare; how the ligthing changes; how the faces of your friends suddenly express more love as if that’s possible; how your husband holds your hand so tight, you can feel his fear through his grip, and if you’ve ever wondered how much he loves you, you have a pretty good idea by the way he looks at you; how you start crying and can’t stop–a little bit because it hurts but a lot because you know that you’re about to meet your baby and mere seconds separate you from one of the single greatest, most love-filled moments of your life. 

They told me to push.  And I did, crying “Am I supposed to feel all of this?” through all of it.  I remember holding Brett’s hand so so tightly and feeling like he had such strong safe hands.  I remember him telling me I was doing a really good job.  I remember the pain.  I remember the comfort of my friends and hearing them cry and feeling lucky to share moments like this with people I love so very much.  I remember my doctor and her kindness, her gentle instructions and feeling safe and comfortable with her in charge.  And in hindsight, I’m glad the epidural didn’t work so good.  Because I felt my son make his way into the world. 

Oh to go back and have that moment again.  The euphoric moment of seeing him held high, pink and perfect and crying.  Reaching out my arms in the most desperate grasp to hold him, and finally feeling the weight of his body and drawing him to my face where I could kiss him.  Skin to skin, we connected.  He cried one good hearty cry while I sobbed steadily but smiled.  Beamed.  I kissed his nose and made note that it was cold–colder than the rest of him.  And we fell in love, my son and me.

*My friends Heidi and Laura once again captured our sweet first moments


The nurses took him only for a moment, but my eyes didn’t leave him.


Dr. Clements, our wonderful doctor who helped bring this boy into the world

Brett asked about fifteen times “Is he okay? Are you sure? Is she okay? Are you sure?”  But I knew the moment he let go and breathed in the relief that everything was okay.  He was suddenly calm and elated while together, we welcomed our boy.


Sweet Baby Dash.  He blink-blink-blinked just like the girls did, taking in the first lights and sounds of his new world.  He clearly responded to our voices, even stretching and reaching back towards Brett when Daddy hummed his first hello.  “Did you see that?” I asked Brett.  He was smiling radiantly.  “Yes.”



These moments?  I have them forever.  These are the ones I’ll go back to both when things are rough and when life feels glorious.  When parenting is hard, when years replace days in separating me from the moment he arrived, when I don’t have the answers and he’s not tiny and I’m not the one and only thing he needs for survival, I’ll remember what it felt like to be handed my son–how quickly and deeply that love began, and I’ll find perspective hidden in these memories.

Later that evening, Brett returned home to our girls while I paid no heed to the things they tell you about resting that first night.  I can’t sleep.  I want to stare at him and study everything about him.  I want to talk about babies and life and begin tallying up the hilarious moments during the birth that we knew would be shared later.  So Heidi and I whispered for hours by candlelight and Bon Iver and ate chocolates and roasted almonds while Dash got kissed and snuggled.


I talked about how different it felt from Nella’s birth–how nice it was not to be crying and scared and yet strangely, I admitted that part of me actually missed the memory of those painful, precious moments after her birth.  It’s hard to explain. 

We finally slept a few hours, Dash’s little cradle cart pulled perfectly parallel to my bed so that when I opened my eyes, I could see his face; I could reach over and touch the cold nose that I had kissed for the first time just hours before.

Everything felt so incredibly calm.  The evening, the next morning, the trail of visitors, Brett’s voice on the phone when he called to take food orders and let me know the girls were on their way.  Calm and sunny–a giant picture window framed our room and poured a constant stream of sunshine throughout the day.

one of my favorite photos from the hospital, taken by my friend Monica, from her phone

For both girls’ births, there were so many specific things I had planned for and remember happening, and this time around I was in a happy haze, observant in a different way of the events around me.  Relaxed, receptive. 

I didn’t cry when the girls met their brother but rather smiled and sat calmly on the bed, watching them, marveling at the fact that it seemed so meant to be–like he’d always been here and they’d always loved him.

Babies who suck their fingers are funny

*Thank you to my father-in-law who took all the beautiful photos of the girls welcoming their new brother
Brett’s dad who shares Dash’s middle name


Curious sisters watch his hearing test

Lainey and I shared some very special hours together in the hospital.  After a stream of visitors left, we decided to let Lainey stay alone with me and Dash for a little bit while Brett took Nella home for a nap.  I know she’ll never forget those moments.  We veered from our nursing routine for one feeding to give her the opportunity of giving him a bottle, something she had talked about a lot before he was born.  Watching that?  Well, that one made me cry.  Such a quiet bonding experience between little brother and his second mama–a relationship that has captivated me this week in way I hadn’t anticipated. 



I love the hospital moments.  I love that for every second I’m there, it feels special, like a vacation–the one where a new baby is welcomed and mamahood is celebrated.  And being that this was my last mamahood hospital vacation, my heart was raw.  I remembered each of my children’s stories–how they were welcomed, how the moments in that hospital were spent. 

His coming home outfit, crocheted by my mama; and that’s a yawn, not a cry

Saturday evening, as we packed up and gathered all the memory tokens from the room before we headed home, I held back tears and turned around once more before we left.  Room 11, added to the Hall of Fame.  I thanked the sacred space for the memories it delivered.  Another birth story written.  Another soul to love.  And he’s ours to take home.


I can’t believe it’s been a week.  I’ve succumbed to a few normal postpartum blues breakdowns this week–just wanting to stop time, wanting to go back to that day, wanting to preserve that memory as long as I can–hence the hospital bracelets still hugging my wrist and the playlist from his birth continuously repeated.  I am trying to balance my sentimental heart with the one that embraces reality and understands that the present is the most important time.  Not yearning for the past, not needlessly anticipating the future.  Just living right now, in this moment.

So, we’re doing that.



Something about the juxtaposition of a big strong teenage boy holding a tiny fragile one completely melts me.





*Another favorite photo.  How inventive this girl is in finding ways to get to him.  Unlike another moment earlier this week, this one didn’t involve a pointer stick between the crib slats.  Or Frosted Mini Wheats flung into his Moses Basket. 

You know, we’ve come a long way as women.  Our culture recognizes and celebrates our accomplishments, talents and unique gifts far more than it did fifty years ago.  Much good has come from voices for feminism.  And today, we talk a lot about recognizing and valuing our identity outside of motherhood.  I know that’s important.  I have no doubt that if I didn’t have children, I would have found fulfilment and happiness in other things and I wouldn’t have been any less of a woman or lover or nurturer as I am today as the mother of three.

But I can also say that I am an independent woman who is completely and utterly in love with motherhood–so much that yes, my identity is and forever will be intertwined with this gift–being their mother.

How incredibly grateful I feel right now to be given our boy.  And what a treasure this week has been.

iPhone first moments


So there you have it.
A birth story–more laid back, but then again, so is he.  Pretty chill, pretty calm.

The best thing about birth stories?

They are just the beginning. There is more to be written for our family, for our love, and for the life of our precious Dash, the sleepy boy who purrs when he dreams and cries in tiny, raspy, velociraptor squeaks.

It’s as if he’s always been here. 



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    Mary, momma to many, including 4 from Ethiopia and 2 from Korea

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    having two girls is utterly amazing. but the addition of a little blue caboose is something very special. (i know.)
    i can’t wait until you get to this moment. right here. where we are. newborn baby boys are lovely. but three year old baby boys are so spectacular.
    this moment right here is my favorite.
    (truthfully all of them have been and likely will be.)

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    He is simply gorgeous and I wish you many, many more wonderful moments of mothering with your three.
    I just have to ask (as I have a thing about this from when my four were born) what was the song on your playlist when he arrived in the world?
    Ah it really makes me want to have another!!

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    I still need to write the girls story down – it is seared onto my heart already, but like you I will need them home for a week before it will feels right. I feel their story will be an epic. I love how you shared Brett’s feelings here too- cause I still want Rob to write down his side of our story too, his rush to hospital humming the James Bond theme, seeing the girls for the first time as I was hidden behind the curtain, his fears and elation. Hugs to you Mama and to your precious family of 7. Xo

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    And I love that you call him Dash. Our youngest is called Bash (Sebastian), and Bash and Dash are his two favorite trains from Thomas the Train. :)

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    I have to ask: what are the “memory tokens”? I see several bags, one of which looks like it may actually hold tokens or something? How does that work? ::off to Google but would still love to hear how YOU used them::

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  67. (I’m nursing my 6 month old right now and trying not to let my tears fall on him.) What a beautiful birth story, Kelle. It was as achingly wonderful as Nella’s story and it brought me back to those first days with both of my boys. I am so sad that we’ll never experience those first days again, but at the same time so blessed to have two perfect little boys after having terrible pregnancies.
    Seeing every photo the you post here and on instagram makes me realize just how quickly time passes and how much of our journey depends on our perspective. I chose to look for and remember the wonderful parts of every day and let go of the not so great parts. Thank you for putting into words the deep, deep feelings of being a mother and for sharing your life with people like me.
    And congratulations (again, because I’ve said it a handful of time on IG already) to you all. He is so heart stoppingly beautiful.

  68. Perfect. Captured. And now shared. I smiled all the way through, a big cheesy smile. Luv u

  69. Really beautiful, Kelle. The photos are priceless. However, I do think there is one thing you should go back and edit: your heart was ready to welcome FIVE children, not three. Your stepsons seem like wonderful brothers :)

  70. Welcome baby Dash! So funny, that is my husbands nickname – David Ashby goes by Dash! I love it! I am just tickled to the depths of my soul to read about your joy and see the girls welcome this new precious baby boy!! Thank you for letting us share in such an intimate moment of your life!! Looking forward to watching the sibling love grow! How delicious! <3

  71. Congratulations! The birth story was beautiful, just as expected! You have one heck of a gorgeous family!

  72. Your doctor did not bring this beautiful child into the world, YOU DID!!! What a beautiful story mama! Births are a time when the veil between Heaven and earth is very thin. There is nothing like it. So happy for you! What a beautiful and perfect way to finish off your beautiful family. His crocheted outfit is TO DIE FOR! I pinned a picture of him in his outfit so that if I ever have another son, I will get that made for his blessing day. PERFECTION! Congrats mama! Hugs!

  73. beautiful, beautiful, story. thank you so much for sharing. this moved me. not to tears but it moved me in a special way. thank you so much again. blessing to you and your sweet family as you begin this journey of five together. <3

  74. the sweetest newborn he is, baby dash.

    thank you for sharing these sacred, precious moments with us…they were nothing short of a mommahood fairytale <3

  75. So beautiful! I had my third, and last, baby 7 months ago and I am so grateful for my three beautiful children but also sad that I will never hear the amazing sound of my baby’s first cry again. I love how you celebrate Motherhood but you never seem to loose your individuality and personality. I’m still working on that. Congrats!

  76. I had a great day. Until about 11 tonight, when an unexpected and painful memory walked back into my head. And then I came home and I read this and I was reminded how beautiful the unexpected can make your life. Thank you, and congratulations on your beautiful new baby.

  77. Just breathtaking. Thank you.

  78. Congratulations again…he is a beautiful baby. What a happy time for you all!

  79. Oh my gosh Kelle…love love love this. Makes me wish I could do my two deliveries over again…with a different perspective.
    He Is SO Beautiful…one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve seen in a long time. Huge congratulations to your family. You are so so blessed in so many ways

  80. Congratulations. :)

    I am so sorry about your miscarriages. I don’t know if you wrote about them previously, but I’m so sorry you went through those.

  81. This statement moved me so much! Thanks for always sharing your heart!

    “how you start crying and can’t stop–a little bit because it hurts but a lot because you know that you’re about to meet your baby and mere seconds separate you from one of the single greatest, most love-filled moments of your life.”

  82. he is so beautiful! i am completely smitten over him. congrats again mama! love this story.

  83. I love your birth stories. Thank you so much.
    J x

  84. Oh I am sobbing. Sobbing for you. Sobbing remembering the birthday’s of my three beautiful boys. Just from one mama to another. What a beautiful day, beautiful boy, and beautiful gift!

  85. Another beautiful and inspiring birth story. Thanks, Kelle!

    Unfortunately as I laid in bed reading Dashel’s birth my husband was laying next to me watching this on youtube and laughin/wheezing hysterically. I kind of, shall we say, “ruined the moment” for me. :)


    All the best as you welcome your beautiful son into your beautiful family.

  86. Congratulations, again, for entering the sacred space of motherhood xx He is beautiful, and so are your life stories. xx

  87. Oh my heart. So beautifully written. I can almost taste the love! Congratulations again. Wishing you every best happiness. Xx

  88. My deepest and most sincere congratulations. I wish the biggest blessings on your beautiful family!

  89. I’m sure I’ll be the millionth person to say this, but oh, how beautifully written this story was. His story.
    Your posts always bring a smile to my face.
    Thank you for sharing your little miracle with us and wishing you lots of sleep!

    Vera. xo.

  90. Beautiful, you’ve brought tears to my eyes. My two favourite photos are the one of Lainey and Dash in the hospita bed… and the one of Nella reading beside Dash… SOOOO precious x

  91. Oh kelle! Your words are so beautiful.. I’m left with happy tears. Thank you for sharing your heart and most importantly, your family with us. He is all things perfect. Congrats!

  92. Oh kelle! Your words are so beautiful.. I’m left with happy tears. Thank you for sharing your heart and most importantly, your family with us. He is all things perfect. Congrats!

  93. I first ‘met’ you, when someone on my scrapbooking website (2Peas) posted a link to Nella’s birth story! I read it, cried, became a faithful reader of your blog – and have laughed and cried – sometimes while reading the same post – many times since! I cried tonight too – reading Dash’s birth story! I cried and smiled and – even though I wasn’t there – felt the deep love that exists within your family…..

    Perhaps I cried and laughed, because in a month or so, my baby girl will give birth to her first baby – and I will enter the world of Grandparenthood! (is that a word?!) My son-in-law loves my daughter with the same commitment as Brett loves you……..They will not be young parents – and I know that their lives will change in ways they can’t even imagine – but, they will be amazing, wise, love-filled parents – and my grandbaby will be welcomed into a world where he/she will know love – a whole lot of love!

    Congratulations to you and Brett, on the birth of beautiful Dash……congratulations to his big sisters – and even bigger brothers………Welcome to Planet Earth, Baby Dash……..May your journey here be long, prosperous, healthy, and filled with love!

    Thanks for sharing your family with us, Kelle………….Rosemary

  94. I’ve been waiting for this. It did not disappoint. Congrats to you and your family. He is beautiful!

  95. Just before bed, I checked your blog and was rewarded with Dash’s birth story. So beautiful. It is amazing to see how beautifully time has passed from Nella’s birth to little Dash’s (I started reading your blog right after Nella was born). Many blessings on you, the family, and your sweet little boy whom I am yearning to snuggle!

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  97. Beautiful. Brings me back to the births of my 2 little ones. And makes me want to experience it again and again 😉

    I had no idea that what I really wanted was a boy. Sometimes you don’t know you want these things until fate picks them for you. And then you’re thankful that you don’t get to make all your own choices because that would be kind of selfish and boring, and you’d never get to experience your secret wants–the ones only fate knows.

    So much this.

    Congratulations on the birth of your little man, he is positively perfect! Very happy for you and your family.

  98. Maybe it’s because I’m partial to boys (I have one and a second due in 8 weeks) but this story is just so sweet – they really are a great gift and i’m so happy you had a wonderful experience. He is beautiful!

  99. I’m sitting here in the quiet of my home while my own 7-month old (and my husband) sleeps. Your recounting of Dash’s birth is absolutely beautiful and written so peacefully. I felt as if I were right there eating chocolates in the hospital with you. It brought me to (happy) tears as I read your words and remembered my daughter’s story. Birdie is my first, and if God wills, not my last. I never knew that my heart was missing such an amazing piece of itself until I met her.

  100. He’s perfect (as you well know!). Thank you for sharing the birth story with us. Blessings!!!

  101. So beautifully written. Words that brought me back to the precious moments when I became a Mama to our gorgeous boys. They come into our lives and in that first meeting we instantly are captured and our hearts expand and we fall in love with them and the gift of motherhood.

    Dash, what a great story. And boy, you have some superb characters in your story that love you a whole bunch!!

    Thank you Kelle, Brett, Lainey, Nella, and BIG bros for sharing Dash and his first week with all of us. May God continue to bless your family.
    Me thinks Dash is pretty happy with his story…loving his happy smile in the last photo :)

    February 21, 2013 at 11:05 PM

  102. What a beautiful testament to birth, motherhood, and your boy. I was covered in wave after wave of goosebumps reading the part about Brett’s mother. Welcome sweet Dash and welcome to new mamahood for the third time, Kelle. It never gets old, does it?

  103. Love, love that photo of Lainey and Dash snuggling together! They both look so peaceful and, I might add, Lainey looks so mature.

  104. Oh wow…my heart is full after reading that Kelle. Much love to you and your family.x

  105. Welcome to the world Dash :)

    And reading about Brett being so nervous this time and worried about you two made me want to cry. He loves you so!

    Remember, sleep when the baby sleeps and Nella is napping and Lainey is watching tv! lol… I know, impossible right?

  106. Thank you so much for sharing another lovely story with us all! I have grown to love your sweet little family! Congratulations to you all, and welcome, Dash!

  107. Such a beautiful birth story Kelle! Happy tears for you all here. Welcome Dash! You are so loved. Not only by your family who knows you, but by thousands of readers who are been blessed to follow your story on your mama’s blog.

    Oh, and that phone picture of Lainey and Dash on the bed just kills me, especially after reading your words on IG when you posted it, as it reminds me of two years ago when my son was born and my daughter couldn’t wait to get back from nursery to hold him, hug him, care for him. Such precious mama hearts in such small ones. And it only gets better :)

  108. Congrats, Kelle! I’m expecting my fourth little boy in May, And I love how you describe fate, cause I definitely didn’t know this is what I wanted, but I’m so grateful we get to add to our family. And his name, it’s beautiful! Love your blog!

  109. Waited ever so patiently for this birth story! :o) Thank you for sharing it and sharing Dash. He is handsome and very chill! I look forward to the journey, sister’s doting on him, loving him, and the bond they will forge.




  110. tears of joy and i’m always emotional if i read birth storys!! i want a 3one my husband not…

    he’s wonderful and so adorable!!

    congrats and enjoy!!

  111. I thought I wanted a girl too until I had my sons. It’s crazy how quickly we fall in love. As women, having sons, boys feels so so special . I grew up boy crazy, always wanting boys and men to love me and now I have the love of my two precious sons to carry me through life. It’s amazing, really. Thanks for this post. I cried my way through it, remembering. Dash is adorable. I can’t wait to read more about your thoughts on having a son, now.

  112. Tears at breakfast-time here as I read this – really so beautifully written and I just feeeel your calmness. I Bizarrely the first time I read your blog was Nella’s birth story so it feels like a circle to come here again for this (and I followed all along in between!). Many congratulations; you rock. And he is just perfect. Oh and where can I get a ‘Heidi’?! She rocks too! Lou x

  113. Lovely, i especially enjoyed all the beautiful pictures

  114. Kelle, you have no idea how strange it is reading you write “my boy” and “my son” (lol). I started reading your blog a few months after Nella’s birth and your blog radiates pure GIRL. Pink, lace, tea parties, ballet, girl-themed parties, arts & crafts and all that good girly stuff. It’s going to take a while getting used to this..haha. Sincere congratulations on the new baby. He is soooo cute. I have 3 children myself. 2 sons and 1 daughter. Take it from me, once you have a son, you have a greater appreciation and empathy for men. You’ll see your husband, your step-sons and a lot of other men in your life with even more loving eyes–because now YOU’VE given birth to man. It made me a better person, it’s the best thing having both boys and girls. Welcome to ‘our’ club. P.S. Love the pictures of the girls with their new brother.

  115. Tears in my eyes. Brings back all of those sweet memories of bringing a new life into the world, into my family. And a perspective I needed tonight as I begin to deal with the woes of teenage boys. I needed this reminder of the love and gift I was given all of those years ago. Just beautiful, Kelle. Your words, your family, your pictures, you. Beautiful!

  116. Congratulations Kelle and family. Such beautiful moments, such beautiful family.

  117. Beautiful birth story and photos. Love them all but if I had to choose one it would be Lainey and her baby brother cuddling/sleeping together so very sweet

  118. Kelle,
    Thank you for sharing the story of Dash’s Birth Day.
    It is so lovely the way Brett’s Grandma knew about her great grandson. Lainey and Nella’s bond with their baby brother is so beautiful. You look so well Kelle and Dash is adorable.
    Welcome, welcome little Dash.xo

  119. beautifully written, congratulations! love the pic where lainey is holding dash and nella is looking at her, perfect! and the story of grandma betty is precious… love love, silvy.

  120. He’s beautiful.
    And the picture of Lainey holding him in bed…oh, it’s perfect.

  121. Such a beautiful story, Kelle. Many tears shed over here at the beauty of new life!

  122. So beautiful!
    Congratulations from Holland!

  123. Here sobbing. Love your words and pictures. Congratulations to you all. enjoy every second. I am excited to watch Dash(love the name!!) grow and to watch his sisters adore him. nella trying to get him to wave makes me giggle so hard, love that.

  124. I will be 40 weeks pregnant with my first baby on Tuesday. I am fully aware that I have no idea of the magnitude my life is about to change. Thanks for sharing Dash’s birth story. It made me feel more at peace about the labor and delivery of my soon to be daughter. Beautifully written.

  125. very cute baby :) Congratulations!

  126. Oh my gosh, Lainey looks so grown up, what a gorgeous little mama she is!

    Although this birth story didn’t make me bawl like Nella’s did (still does!), it was still so sweet and a truly beautiful read. What a little beauty Dash is.

    My ovaries are aching!

    Love from my family to yours, Larissa in Melbourne, mama to Baylee and Madeline xxx

  127. Thank you! I have a daughter of 18 months and for some medical reasons I cannot have another baby at the moment but I’m looking forward to that moment you’re describing so passionately! Thank you again!

  128. Such a beautiful picture… he is the final piece of the jigsaw perfectly slotted into place. Wishing much happiness and blessings to you all. xoxo

  129. My heart melts for you – beautifully written and wonderful photography. So very happy for you – enjoy all those precious moments. Congratulations – and I adore the photo of Lainey sleeping with Dash, and of Nella sitting with him on the quilt. So very lovely moments. I cried reading this – you have a wonderful way of capturing moments so we live them through you. Happy thoughts and times to come. God bless you all, J9 x

  130. My heart melts for you – beautifully written and wonderful photography. So very happy for you – enjoy all those precious moments. Congratulations – and I adore the photo of Lainey sleeping with Dash, and of Nella sitting with him on the quilt. So very lovely moments. I cried reading this – you have a wonderful way of capturing moments so we live them through you. Happy thoughts and times to come. God bless you all, J9 x

  131. so wonderful!
    I remember the birth of my children … Thank! this is the most beautiful moments in life..
    I wish You great happiness!!!

  132. My heart is full for you.. Congratulations! xoxooxo

  133. He is just beautiful, he looks so much like Nella! Especially in the last pic. You have beautiful children. With love, from Australia :)

  134. Congratulations! He is beautiful. Your birth story is beautiful.

  135. I think it’s a third baby thing…our third, who shall be six months old next wek, also feels as if he has been here forever, if he has been a part of this family for always. Thank God, he is also calm and chill…third babies know they need to be for mummy sanity 😉 Dash is just divine…I loved this story and I teared up at the pic of Lainy napping with her brother…oh sweet perfection. And I agree – baby brothers in their teenage brother’s big arms, oh my goodness!! And Nella and her crafty ways of getting to those little baby waving arms…it’s all just gorgeous. Enjoy xx

  136. Congratulations, Kelle! Thank you for sharing another beautiful birth story.

  137. I was hoping to find an update this morning. The calm of Dash’s birth story and the palpable love you express was a beautiful thing to experience (for your readers as well) and was just what I needed today. So happy for you, Kelle!

  138. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing the beginning story of his precious journey.

  139. COngratulations! I love the story. I love the photos. But I admit – my favorite is of Lainey admiring Dashel while Nella is admiring Lainey. Perfect capture!

  140. COngratulations! I love the story. I love the photos. But I admit – my favorite is of Lainey admiring Dashel while Nella is admiring Lainey. Perfect capture!

  141. Thank you Kelle

  142. he’s so sweet and this was so very beautifully written. i can’t wait to meet him. love.

  143. I loved reading this, Kelle, especially while holding my 2-month old baby boy. I have a hard time of letting go of that newborn stage. Part of me wants it to last forever. I’m afraid I’ll forget the little details I want to remember that can’t be recorded with words. The smell… I miss it. He still smells wonderful, but that newborn smell is gone. My favorite paragraph? “These moments…” Tears, Momma. Tears. You have a way of doing that to this girl. :) I think this week I just reached the point where I feel more like, “He’s getting bigger and I’m okay with that…” Not that it ever really gets easier. Thank you for sharing his birth story with us. Your pictures are AMAZING! Love all of them and I seriously wish you could be my tutor. And Dash? He is just gorgeous! Fits in perfectly with his family. :) Congrats again to you all!

  144. Dash is precious. Thank you for sharing your. Beautiful birth story and pictures. The pictures of your girls with Dash are so sweet.

  145. Wow. I’ve been checking everyday for Dash’s birth story. When I saw it first thing this morning when I logged on I couldn’t wait to read it. I stopped through it multiple times so I could savor it. I too remember those beautiful hospital moments and the first time taking babies home. Special moments. Congratulations to you and your whole family Kelle. Dash is a beautiful boy. My favorite photo is the one of Lainey laughing at Dash sucking his fingers and Nella lovingly looking at Lainey. Precious!

  146. Thank you for sharing your beautiful son with the world, Kelle. He is precious. As I read your post, something suddenly occurred to me and I feel compelled to share it with you. As much as you might feel or believe that your purpose in life is to mother these three little souls, I am convinced that your bigger purpose is to help heal the world. Regardless of the horrible things happening in the world on any given day, I can always come here – to your online “home” – and get my heart filled with the good stuff. . . love. And when one’s heart is full of love, well, somehow that just makes everything else not quite so bad. If somehow we could get the whole wide world to come here every day – if just for a minute or two – can you even imagine how much better the world would be? A world full of love. Wow! For whatever reason, the good lord above has handpicked you to help fill the world with love. And I for one believe you are doing a phenomenal job! God bless.

  147. Congratulations!! He is such a precious little love. I am 31 weeks pregnant with #9 and can’t wait to have this baby girl in April. Enjoy these moments, the small things :) (P.S. if you want to do a baby outfit post, I won’t object 😉

  148. oh that was so beautiful!!!! I do not have children yet, oh but that made me want one so so so so so much!!! The love you have for your babies just spills out on all of us in your writing! Thank you for sharing!

  149. Thanks so much for sharing your birth story, your family, and your poetic words of motherhood. I thoroughly enjoy every word you write….it is oozing from your soul….captures my heart.

  150. love.love.love that you didn’t experience the epidural…i think it’s so amazing, when women can admire what their bodies will do, when we let them take over…proud of you…yes. it hurts. that’s okay. it’s great infact…he is gorgeous…much love.

  151. My babies are nearly 33 and 30 and I still carry their birth stories in my being. Thank you for sharing.

  152. Absolute perfection, Kelle. The birth story and little Dash! Congratulations to you and all the Hamptons.

  153. What a gift you have! So beautifully written and so full of love. Enjoy your gorgeous little boy and congratulations to you and your family.

  154. what a beautiful story… we’ve all been anxiously awaiting this post.. you so beautifully describe a mothers love for her children in a way that escapes most of us. congratulations on your sweet boy.

  155. Amazingly beautiful birth story Kelle! My ovaries are aching for another baby now:)

  156. Congrats Kelle, you have blessed us again with Dash’s story. I have followed you since Nella’s arrival. In that time, I have given birth to my first boy, and thinking we would only have 4, we were recently blessed to jump around the bathroom in December and realize that number 5 is on the way. Prayers for you, for Dash, for all the children in your family and life. May God Bless Dash with strength, love and peace. May you relish the memories you create each day.

  157. Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of your story.


  158. I love the way you put together your birth stories. They are always so beautifully out together. Your kids are beautiful.

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  160. The black and whtie photo of Lainie with Dash in bed in the hospital just made me cry. And I am not a crier! Perfect beautiful moments of life.

  161. Another beautiful birth story… I was in tears reading it, filled with the memories of my own children’s births. I mean, you CAPTURED it… all of it. You paint such a detailed visual and emotional picture, Kelle. You are such a fantastic, talented writer. I am in awe of your ability to turn a phrase, stir and emotion, and remind us all about being present and loving deeply.

    Dash is sweet and precious and I wish blessings to him and your entire big beautiful family! Enjoy these days – they go so quickly :)!!

  162. I love his birth story.
    So grateful for his safe and perfect arrival. I laughed out loud about Bob Hope! : )

  163. Oh my. Beautiful, Kelle, every last detail. And the picture of Dash and Lainey lying in that great big hospital bed together? Absolutely gorgeous moment, captured forever. I actually gasped when I saw it. It melted me.

  164. That was beautiful!

  165. So many real, honest moments shared with us, your readers, reminds me of the reason I like to follow your blog… it reminds me constantly of so much goodness in the world, on how through different cultures, we still share a way to see the world.
    Congratulations Kelle!!! having little Dash in your and your family’s life is amazing! He is adorable… I read this post with my mom and we kept going with so many ohhs! and ahhs! we laughed together and we cried together, through each one of your words, your description of moments, your photos… your daughters with him, the way they look at him, your and Brett’s love that has overcome so much!, and the love you all share for each other, families are such a blessing!

  166. Congratulations! What a beautiful birth story – thank you for sharing

  167. I know I don’t know you personally but feel as though I do through what you share on here. Such a beautiful story, I cried as I read re-living my own births of three daughters. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family! God bless you all.

  168. Beautiful! Made my cry. :)

  169. Love your story! He’s beautiful! I enjoy your blog a lot! Enjoy! :)

  170. I loved this! What a beautiful birth story. Hang on to every second because, as you know, it flies by! My youngest just turned two yesterday…sigh…Your story brought back all of those feelings of his own arrival!Thank you!

  171. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful words and stories. I cried reading this and afterwards when I went through pictures and memories of when my babies where born. It goes by so quickly – my twins boys will be 5 and my daughter will be 2 all in May. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and be present.

    Many best wishes to you and your beautiful family on this new journey.

  172. Good gracious, Kelle . . . you have such an amazing way with words. What an awesome birth story. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I did that little intake of breath to try and stop the tears!

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Much love to all.

  173. I haven’t kept up with blogs as often as I should and I missed your writing. Congrats on your beautiful new baby boy. That hat… oh my. Bless all of you!! <3

  174. Your story is beautiful. It’s raw, honest, and so incredibly well written. Dash’s story, the beginning of his story anyway, is one he’ll love to read over and over. Congratulations, Kelle. Like your daughters, he is perfect.

  175. Sobbing…but happy sobs. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. My only son is 30 now and I’m a widow but your story brought me back to his birth..the happiest day of my life. There is no greater love. Cherish every moment…it flies by in the blink of an eye.

  176. I think no matter how old your babies get, those birth stories are frozen in your mind. Just as when you look at your growing children, you see them as that brand new baby, open heart and open mind. Even though my now 6 year old cringes when I call him my “baby,” my 4 year old is showing his independence more and more each day and my 1 year old, still a mama’s girl, is slowing outgrowing our rocking chair… when I look at them, I see my babies. Now and forever. I love reading your words and remembering my own emotions through yours. Thank you for sharing with us with us.

  177. Another beautiful, heartwarming, celebratory, unique birth story to add to your family collection of birth stories. Love to you all. Welcome to the World, Little Dash. Congratulations Lainey and Nella on being big sisters, again, and for the first time. You are all such beautiful hearts. Thank you for sharing with us.

  178. Oh, saving this to read this morning was such a good idea. Love love love the emotion and love here. You’re making my uterus hurt & yearn to be a mama one day as well!

  179. Loved it! Loved all of it! Good thing my 1 year old behaved because I didn’t take my eyes off the screen for the entire post to check on her!

    Enjoy your new little and enjoy the “now!”

  180. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I boohooed thru half of it. You have such a way with words! Congrats!

  181. This post brought me to tears- it was so beautiful! You are an amazing, strong and inspirational woman- thank you so much for sharing your deeply personal experiences in such a human and meaningful way.

  182. And congratulations on Baby Dash!! :)

  183. Congrats! He’s adorable, and your words tell the story so beautifully.

    Of course, I was transported back to my daughters birth. :)

    Thanks for that, and Happy weekend!

  184. I’ve been waiting for this post since Sunday. :) My husband and I are fairly certain our family is complete, but there are parts of me that make my heart ache in a good way when I read your birth stories. Maybe it’s because I never wrote my children’s birth stories down, and I’m afraid I’ll forget them, but it’s made me more aware of how capturing time through pictures and blogging will help me to remember some of those special and ordinary moments that I will soon forget as time passes and my littles grow up. Thank you for daily inspiring me to be present and to never take these moments for granted for they are fleeting. He is beautiful, Kelle. Thank you for sharing him with us. :)

  185. simply beautiful. thank you for sharing.

  186. Congratulations! When my kids were little, at the first sounds of his baby sister waking up, my son would run into their room and hang on her crib, talking to her. It is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. They are 15 and 17 now, and while napping is gone by the wayside, they are fast friends. I wish the same for your three!

  187. Thank you for sharing this story that is in your heart. Dash is simply beautiful, just like his sisters and brothers. You have a family created from love – that is what you deserve. I send you many congratulations and wish you more and more love.

  188. He is a beautiful little fella, I’m so pleased for your family! Lovely to see him with his brothers and sisters; Lainey looks so grown up nurturing her new little pal. I think being a mom of 3 suits you already. There is a sense in your writing that seems very calm and present, laid back. Little boys are something special – as of course are all children. My little buddy is 4 and has really changed my life since coming into it 2 years ago. Looking forward to more photos and tales of your darling boy as he grows :)

  189. Magic!!!

  190. So sweet and precious! I am so inspired by your birth stories…and your hospital pictures! You bring things with you that I never would think to bring, that are not listed in all the “Lists of What to Bring to the Hospital.” Like cozy quilts and music playlists. Can you tell me what all you pack? I’m having our second baby in July and would love a less “sterile” experience. :)

  191. Kelly, thank you again for sharing such an intimate and special moment in your life! I especially related to your description of thanking the sacred space that helped you welcome your son to the world. I remember that feeling 3 1/2 years ago when my daughter came into my world. Grateful. Nothing like a Poppa with a rhinestone monogrammed shirt! This post of Dash’s birth story is beautiful in every way.

  192. That was a beautiful start to my morning….thank you! You capture those first moments and days so well.

  193. today is my baby girls 2nd birthday…and reading the story of Dash’s birth…so beautifully told..sent a continuous stream of tears down my face. what an amazing time it is when we welcome our tiny new loves…how fleeting…and how quickly they turn into “big kids” thank you for sharing another amazing story of your life with us.

  194. I am smiling and crying and totally wanting another baby! Thank you for sharing your story and wonderful pictures!

  195. Everything about this post from the words to the pictures is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  196. He is precious and I can see the freshness of heaven on every inch of him. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the story.

  197. Beautiful. Thank you.

  198. Beautiful, Kelle. You make me yearn for the first days of my boys. I don’t think I’ll ever get to do it again and that makes my heart pretty sad. But sharing your story helps because it brings back so many good memories of my own babies’ birthdays :)

  199. The warmest of congratulations to you all. Dash is lovely, just like his sisters. Thank you for sharing his birth story. It took me back to the birth of my own children. Welcome, little one!

  200. This birth story is beautiful, as is your newest little love. I fought back tears – can’t believe it has been nine months since my second son arrived. Enjoy that “bundle of boy!” (That’s what my mom always said about my newborn little guys).

  201. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Congratulations! I feel so grateful to have found you site and to be allowed to hear such a beautiful momma’s perspective. Thank you!

  202. I’m new to reading your blog and I’m so delighted I found it. Thank you for sharing such beauty and love. This post moved me to tears. Thank you again for sharing stories of motherhood, your family, your little loves. Welcome Dash!

  203. I’m not even close to finished with the story but just want to say…THE WARMING BED! YES! I stared at that with both of my labors! The visual of my inside baby being outside…just, yes. Agree agree agree. You captured that so well.

  204. What a beautiful story! I thought your comments about how the hospital is such a sacred place were so interesting. I so wanted to have my daughter with a midwife and have a natural birth. Midwives are hard to come by in our area, so I ended up having to use a OBGYN and deliver in a hospital – a hospital that didn’t necessarily have the same thoughts on birth that I did. I resented the whole time in the hospital – I could not wait to get out of there and get home. Get back to a space that was mine. Your comments made me rethink the whole thing. Maybe it isn’t that bad. Maybe I should have celebrated all the joy that happened in that room instead of wishing I wasn’t there. Thank you for making me think. And welcome to baby Dash.

  205. Oh Kelle, he is so beautiful. The story of his birth seems perfectly fitting for him — calm, sweet, filled with the perfect balance of memories and anticipation. What a lucky little one, to be surrounded and loved by your wonderful family. Congratulations to you and thank you so much for sharing these special moments!

  206. So good. Thank you.

  207. I still haven’t learned not to read your birth stories while I’m at work… because they make me ugly cry. Just stunning words that relay the love so vividly. He is one lucky little guy.

  208. I should have known from the last two times not to read this in public!
    Congrats again, and enjoy <3

  209. What a wonderful story. I had tears in my eyes. You’ve done such a superb job of capturing the emotions I felt welcoming my two.

    You also made me really want a third!

  210. Beautiful. So beautiful.

  211. Such a beautiful story! He’s gorgeous and I am so happy for your family!

  212. this. was. beautiful.

  213. Thank you so much for sharing – my heart is filled with love for your family and your beautiful Dash. Congratulations! !

  214. Absolutely beautiful, and definately more love!!

  215. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  216. So beautifully written and a perfect account of the miracle of birth. I was crying this morning as I read this, as it brought back so many emotions from the birth of my own daughter. I love the description of the first time you felt the weight of him on you. I remember that so vividly, and the feeling of her clammy skin on mine. It’s amazing how deep and intense our senses are and how the world stands still at those moments. I still love feeling the weight of my daughter on my chest… and one day when she is grown, I know it will be one of the things I miss most.

    Congrats to you Kelle. I love reading your blog and following along with the beautiful way that you do life with your lovely family.

  217. Congratulations on another beautiful babe. And another beautiful story to preserve those precious memories.

  218. I die. Love, love, love.


  219. I have three babies, two births both very traumatic. Reading beautiful, amazing birth stories like yours warms my heart and gives me hope. So wonderful, so happy. Enjoy sweet mama.

  220. birth is just the most special celebration that i can think of. you were made to be a mama, kelle. your heart is so full of love to share and i thank you for sharing it with your readers. Dashel Omar Hampton is perfect in every way. xoxo

  221. Welcome Dash! He is beautiful and looks like he has always belonged as well.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I felt many of the same feelings when we delivered number three, only it was our little girl after two having two boys. Each of them is special. Each tugs at a different part of your heart, but they all have a way of pulling it all back together. Making your heart swell so much it feels like it could burst at any moment.

    you capture your feelings well and express them in a way that is so relatable. Many good wishes to you and your family!

  222. Wonderful. I want a third baby so badly, much as you did after your second and you knew you weren’t done. That there was one more. Your birth story brought tears to my eyes. And, interestingly, my epidural(s) with my own son failed as spectacularly as yours did!

  223. Sooo sweet!!! What a precious little one God has blessed ya’ll with!! God is so good!!!!

  224. What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it brought tears to my eyes..

  225. Beautiful birth story…thank you for sharing it with us. There is nothing more amazing than the moment your child is born. My babies are now almost 6 & 8, but I sill think of the moments they were born often. Beautiful photos, as always. My favorite is Lainey holding the baby and Nella looking at her big sis. I get that a lot with my girls…the younger one watching and taking cues from her big sister on how to react to a situation. Love it. Congrats on the new addition to your lovely family.

  226. A beautiful birth story, Kelle. It gave me comfort to read, since my husband and I have been talking about having children (and I want them so badly, it hurts) but I am terrified of childbirth to the degree that it affects our plans. This gave me hope that maybe it is something I don’t have to fear. Enjoy your wonderful “present” moments with Dash!

  227. Beautiful birth story, beautiful boy. Congratulations again to you all, and welcome baby Dash!

  228. The most beautiful little story ever! Made my eyes well with tears and my lips tremble… as the older sister of 2 brothers, I remember the feeling of instant love exactly this way ~~ that kind of love never fades!

  229. Beautiful. Congratulations. I look forward to watching him grow here…

  230. Congratulations, he is adorable. I am due with my first any day now and I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!

  231. Congratulations!

    Such wonderful news and I’m beyond thrilled for your entire family. Hope lots of love and babysnuggles abound!

  232. tears rolled down my cheeks as I read this. Just a few days ago we welcomed a much longed for baby (8 years! & the first in the momma’s family in 24 years!) into our circle of friends. You put into words so many of the emotions I believe we all feel when a baby bursts into our lives. Dash, what a MANLY name, is Dashing. What a beautiful surprise to have Nella drop by, your dad wearing his Poppa shirt thrilled me, L giving him a bottle, and those older brothers a perfect picture of Dash in the present and in the future. THANK you for sharing exactly what I feel about motherhood…it is WONDERFUL and perfectly ok to be a momma, even in our current day. Congrats to you and your family!

  233. Congratulations, he is adorable. I am due with my first any day now and I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!

  234. Absolutely amazing, simple, wonderful, beautiful, sacred and just…..wonderful. So happy for you and your family. What a wonderful place for that sweet child of God to come.

  235. Long time reader, first time commenter. Several things:

    (1)I’m a runner and love Kristen Armstrongs blog. This post and her recent post tie in beautifully:

    “pain is a luxury”

    (2)you and your beautiful birth stories inspired me to write my own and in large part, you and your blogging inspired me to blog for myself (so thank you so much for that gift)



    (3) Dash is so incredibly beautiful. I don’t have a daughter so I can’t compare the bond between different gendered kids but I will say, BRACE YOURSELF. The way boys love their mama’s is downright mind blowing.

    (4) Congratulations again. He is simply perfect. I am so incredibly happy for you, especially after the heartbreak you had experienced.

  236. Congrats. There is absolutely no more crazy strong-emotion filled time to me than the first little while with a tiny new person — all fresh from some place so familiar, kind of bringing little glimpses of remembrance and homesickness. The panic and overwhelmingness that comes with establishing new routines, re-figuring out life, and worrying it might never get normal again; all mixed with the opposite and totally contradictory feelings of panic that life WILL go back to normal, that this tiny one won’t stay new and helpless — won’t mold into the crook of your neck like that — forever makes for some wonderful, ridiculous, crazy days. Congratulations again to you!

  237. I loved his story and the photos. Thank you for sharing your sweet boy with us! Congratulations Hampton Family!

  238. I read on Instagram that someone said they cried when you hugged Nella as your baby for the last time. I totally did not expect to be crying your entire post! I love how you put so many emotions into words. You have a gift for writing for sure! This brought me back to my son’s birth and the beauty of it all. I have two cherished daughters and like you I didn’t think that I wanted a son but yes those words -my son- they are so special. Congrats to you and your family! Thanks for sharing!

  239. Well you’ve done it again, girl! You’ve made me cry!! BEAUTIFUL!

  240. I LOVE that piece about feminism and identity. So thoughtful and beautiful. Well said, all of it. Love when you shoot from the hip.

  241. How very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    This line really resonated with me, “I am trying to balance my sentimental heart with the one that embraces reality and understands that the present is the most important time.”

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  243. Congratulations, your new baby boy is so beautiful. You have documented his birth well. He will love reading this later.

  244. so very lovely and heart-wrenching and real and full of bits of heaven and the divine, all at once…. He is perfect! So so very happy for you…. Thank you for sharing so much. You are a poet and a momma warrior and a true lover of life and all things beautiful. You remind me to notice and love and appreciate all the little things that make life spectacular! Congratulations to ALL of you!

  245. Beautiful! I think my favorite photo is where Nella is reading to him!

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  247. Oh, I am bawling right now. Those pictures just melted me! I adore the one of Lainey and Dash in your hospital bed. How precious! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your new little one!

  248. Oh, I’m sure you’re too busy to read all these comments, but I think your honest, wonderful writing of Dash’s birth story exudes love and can only bring us outside who follow your stories to fall a little more in love with your family. Congratulations.

  249. Your birth story brought me right back to the birth of both of my children. Those moments that will never be forgotten, that you can feel in your heart and relive all the time. Thank you for sharing Dash’s story with us. Congratulations again!

  250. Congratulations! What a beautiful story.

  251. I’m 23 years old and have dreamed of being a mother for as long as I can remember. I’m absolutely in love with the thoughts of my own future babies and can’t wait to experience it. Thank you for putting into words so beautifully Baby Dash’s wonderful birth story. He’s simply darling, Kelle! Congratulations on your beautiful family. Congratulations to you, for embracing motherhood and grasping its very essence.

  252. Be still my heart. You are such a beautiful writer Kelle. Thank you for sharing another amazing birth story. It made me smile and it brought me to tears as you took me back to my own daughters birth story and the wonderful moments that made it ours. I can feel your happiness and love through your words! Congrats on the arrival of your darling Dash! I can not wait to continue watching how he blesses your lives.

  253. Love, love, love this! Congrats

  254. Wow! Beautiful birth story and what beautiful children you have – precious

  255. I have been waiting for this! How beautiful. I have a little note book where I write down quotes that stand out to me… ones that make me say “I needed to hear that.” I wrote down one from this post. So very thankful to have found your blog 3 years ago… so thankful to have to opportunity to be inspired by you and the mama that you are.

  256. I love that “(s)he’s always been here” part of a new baby.

    Congratulations! He is such a sweet little smooshy cheeks! :-)

  257. Oh my gosh, the shot of him and Lainey in the hospital bed made me cry.

    And I so feel you on that feeling-him-born thing. I had my first with no epidural two months ago, and while it was completely excruciating, I so wanted to be completely present.

  258. Here I sit at 39 weeks pregnant. With a boy. My first boy after my two little girls, ages 4 & 2. Crying because I so want him in my arms and with his sisters and for my dad to be here before he leaves Sunday night – baby arrival or no. Your writing is incredible. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

  259. Oh my…I have read your blog for a long while now, but never commented. The picture of Lainey and Dash in the hospital bed has to be the sweetest picture I have ever seen on any blog, ever. Lainey is already such a little mommy, and it is amazing to see the love those two sweet girls have for their baby brother. He is well loved! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the story. It brought back many memories of my own three children’s births!

  260. Congratulations, Kelle! He is so handsome! I LOVE the way he holds his little thumbs in his fist! The kid I nannied for & my own daughter hold their thumbs tucked under all their fingers but it’s so cute how Dash just has the tip of his thumb tucked under! What a little cutie! Hope you and your family are blessed!

  261. Oh that last photo!! you are such an inspiration as a Mom. And Bon Iver & chocolates? more delight on top of an already perfect moment. :))

  262. I am 39wks1day pregnant. I have two girls-4 and 2. Expecting a boy. I can’t stop crying after reading this story. I can’t wait to share this joy. Thank you.

  263. I was so excited to read this! But I prepared myself this time. I read Nella’s birth story at work and needless to say I was in tears and my co workers thought that I was a crazy mad woman sobbing at my desk. Another fabulous story. Thank you so much for sharing!

  264. Thank you for sharing Dash’s story. I know I was so excited to see on IG that you had him; and then I realized it was Valentine’s Day. Exciting for sure! Congrats to your family of seven!

  265. A beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing, Kelle, and I wish you a wonderful fourth trimester! :)

  266. Your stories are so beautiful. Congratulations to you on your baby boy! I have two beautiful sons that came in two completely different ways (emergency c-sec at 31 weeks and an unscheduled c-sec due to going in to labor at 38 weeks). You have a wonderful family.

  267. that thing you said about re-reading your birth stories when things are more distant and times might be tough … that inspired me, thank you Kelle – I’m off to read my boys birth story from six years ago cos things are currently tough and I never thought of that as a tonic.

    Enjoy falling in love! x x x

  268. He is beautiful! Congratulations to you all! Reading this was perfect timing for me today. Like you, I have had a couple of miscarriages after my first baby (he’s 4 now) and like you, went for a whole year of trying, like REALLY trying, before we got lucky totally on our own. I had made my peace with our situation, and then boom, it happened. I’m nearly out of my first trimester and had to smile when I read that you nicknamed him Squirt because that’s what we’ve been calling our little baby too. It makes me feel like good things are ahead for us, too. Dash is a lucky little boy to have you as his mama, Kelle!

  269. So beautiful. Welcome to the world, sweet Dash.

  270. Congratulations on the newest beautiful addition to your family!
    I love reading your posts. You are an incredible writer. Your writing is as beautiful as your pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  271. Thanks for sharing another birth story Kelle. Brought me right back to my daughters’ birth days. Such an amazing time and memory. Beautiful photos and words as always. Congrats again!

  272. Congratulations – he is precious. And thank you for reminding me, after a rough morning my four at home, that being a mother is such a privilege. It’s easy to forget that some women aren’t afforded such gracious gifts in their lives and that no matter what hard things I am dealing with on a day to day basis, He entrusted four awesome little (loud) people to ME.

  273. Beautiful…I love your words and the pictures you have to capture such an incredibly powerful moment — moments! — that will remind you of this sweet little babe’s first minutes in your arms. You are always a great reminder of ‘enjoying the small things’ in life…they all add up to pretty amazing things…motherhood is definetely one of the best! thanks for sharing your heart and your life…its a blessing! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! I have two little boys, who came from years of praying and struggle to conceive…and they are the biggest blessing in my life (along with their Daddy!) — you will love having a little boy to add to your already beautiful family!

  274. You had me at hello! Congratulations. My 2 year 1/2 year gave our 6 week old salmon for dinner one night. It was a sweet and forceful gesture. Just the beginning.

  275. dash’s birth story is absolutely beautiful. what an amazing write you are, kelle. i am 11 weeks pregnant with my first and reading this makes me SO excited for my baby’s birthday. congrats to your sweet family!

  276. You are simply the BEST!!!

  277. Just beautiful – the words and the baby. Huge congratulations to you and your family. Dashel is gorgeous. x

  278. Oh gosh, what a beautiful story and what amazing pictures. I love the picture of Lainey in the hospital bed with Dash. I can feel her love for him. You have a beautiful family and I am so happy for you.

  279. I feel like I want to write so much to you right now……
    Loved it all!!!! Beautifully written!!! We have a 4 year old girl, a 2 year old boy, and one due in August. I do have to say, there is nothing better than my sweet, little boy. He melts my heart everyday!!!! Many Blessings to you and your family!

  280. Oh my goodness, so touching Kelle. Thank you for sharing. I had so many tears in my eyes when you began with “a little story to begin”. As precious and real as the rest of your story goes, how you began is the most endearing part of THIS story. What a blessing, then and now. “And then you’re thankful that you don’t get to make all your own choices…and you’d never get to experience your secret wants–the ones only fate knows.” -I can relate but never could’ve worded it so richly. Love the way you ended with “the sleepy boy who purrs when he dreams and cries in tiny, raspy, velociraptor squeaks.” Just love those parts of your story!! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you.
    Much love from Tejas,

  281. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your heart with us and this precious story. Thank you for your honesty and for being an inspiration.

  282. So beautiful! All the photos brought tears to my eyes! I had an unintentional natural birth with my last too. But like you, I’m thankful that I felt him make his way into this world! It was an AMAZING experience, even if it’s not what I wanted! Enjoy him, love him, cherish him! Boys are something very special! I have 3 (and the token princess)!! Congrats momma! And thanks for sharing him with us!

  283. I cried just like I did reading Nella’s birth story. You have a beautiful way with words. Congrats to your sweet family :)

  284. Wellp. Now I’m crying. Thank you for that. Welcome Dash!

  285. Sometimes I don’t bother commenting because I feel like mine will just be one in a million. We all love you and think you’re incredible.

    But this time. This time I can’t not comment. You wrote the words that were in my soul. You explained so perfectly how I felt when my baby was born. You made me cry because really this was perfect.
    You are seriously the BEST writer. Even that seems like a understatement.

  286. I love how you all love. Congratulations on beautiful Dashel. Enjoy your new family of five

  287. You have been blessed with another beautiful life. Congrats to you and your family.

  288. your writing always makes me want to run and hold my kids even though they are 20 and 23 now. Thank you for sharing Dash with us. What a miracle.

  289. You write so beautifully. I wish I would have captured my children’s birth stories. Your pictures take me back. Oh what a wonderful and beautiful time. He’s beautiful mama and you have a wonderful family. Take care of yourself.

  290. Thank you for sharing. Motherhood is such a miracle. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Welcome to the world sweet Dash!

  291. Love your writing Kelle, it often brings tears to my eyes and this birth story was especially tender. Thank you for sharing these heart centered moments to remind us all of what really matters. The connection with grandma Betty and Dash is such a gift. Blessings!

  292. Love it. Your pictures are fantastic. I adore the picture of he and Lainey cuddled up on the hospital bed. I love the photo collage at the end. He is the perfect piece to your circle.

  293. He is just beautiful!! What a beautiful story and amazing pictures as always! So very happy for you and your family!

  294. so beautiful. the way you write is just incredible. makes me cry. welcome sweet baby dash, you are perfect.

  295. That was lovely.

  296. I’m a labor and delivery nurse so when I enjoy your birth stories I take special note of those moments during your delivery you remember the most. Like the warmer for the baby. It makes me wonder what other mom’s take away from their experience. God Bless.

  297. your writing brings tears to my eyes; it’s absolutely beautiful. it’s even more meaningful having experienced giving birth and being able to relate to everything you describe in your story. congratulations, mama! dash is just perfect. :)

  298. Congratulations! The pictures with the girls loving on Dash just melted my heart.

  299. Whats in the hospital visitor bags? Curious for my own birth…
    And your playlist?

  300. Congratulations! He’s beautiful! You have a beautiful family.

  301. Congrats on your beautiful boy! Thanks for sharing him with us!

  302. Just another beautiful piece of writing from you Kellie, and I cannot wait to watch on as Dash grows.
    Your pictures really do speak a thousand words, the instant love for him is so apparent and like he has been here all along.

  303. wow, you wrote this without re-reading and without editing? amazing.

    simply breathtaking and totally gorgeous. you have a stunning family.

  304. (((sigh))) just beautiful <3 makes me go back to the 4 most beautiful days of my life when I welcomed my 4 littles into this world.

  305. So beautiful kelle. Again, congratulations to you and your family. Love everything about this. Everything. And I love that we shared some similar moments.

    I got pregnant in high school and we kept it a secret for awhile. When I was five months pregnant, my bf’s mom dreamed of holding a healthy baby boy.

    When I was having him, I waited until asking for the epidural and by the time I did, they said I would have already had my son before they get it prepared. No epidural for me!

    Thank you for reminding me of these moments. Looking forward to hearing more about Dash!

  306. Congrats! Love that pic of Lainey and Dash curled up in the hospital.

    I gotta admit that I’m still stumped on how to pronounce his full name, though. Is the “El” pronounced more like “bushel” or “rappel”?

  307. enjoyed it so much. what a difference a year makes!!! this time last year you were awaiting the publication of your book! and now, such a precious addition to your life! i am truly truly truly just so very happy for you. and proud to call you a ‘friend,’ stranger 😉

  308. just finally had time to sit down and savor this. so wishing i had the blog all those years ago when my big chick was born. i didn’t even think to write a story, but this birth story is going to be such a gift to you and to them forever. just precious. btw he is one of the most beautiful babies i’ve ever seen. love to you momma.

  309. Beautiful, just beautiful. So happy for you all! The photos brought a tear of happiness to my eye, though my absolute favorites are the black and white one of Lainey in the hospital bed with her arms around Dash and the very last one of him smiling. So totally cute, precious, and simply wonderful memories for you all to have of his birthday!

  310. So sweet! It brings me back to the birth of my son 9 months ago. I have loved watching my daughter (age 4) and son’s relationship blossom. Enjoy your boy :)

  311. Kelle, congrats again to you and Brett. Dash is absolutely beautiful. Your birth beautiful. Heidi captured such precious first photos of you, Brett and Dash. The photos of Lainey and Dash…..oh goodness –I die!!! Love the touching photos of big brothers….and of course, with Nella.

    I hope you are feeling well and getting rest.

    What a beautiful family you and Brett have.

  312. I hope that if fate blesses me with a third new little life, this time I will be able to appreciate the chillness of it all too. I am so happy that you, Dashel, and fam are doing so well!

  313. Congratulaions! Boys are wonderful! He’s a beautiful baby. Thanks so much for sharing his birth with all of us! xo

  314. Boys are most definately more chill than girls. I had a girl first, then boy. Wow what a difference. He is going to worship those girls though and give them hell.

  315. Wonderful story, so honestly and well written. He is just beautiful and see the pictures of your girls interacting with him makes me hope our #2 is conceived soon…my son loves babies and I can’t wait to see him with his little brother or sister.

    While I loved my son’s birth, it was so scary and chaotic. I have very few pictures of our birth experience. I hope next time I get more documentation time so I have fewer fuzzy memories. Your photos are fantastic.

  316. I have been reading your blog since right after Nella’s story. I have never commented before. I want to thank you for sharing not just your family with us, but your heart. Dash is adorable. Congrats to you, and the entire family.

  317. Oh Kelle, how this takes me back two years, when, after Wyatt was born and was still in the NICU, I entered into the world of Down syndrome by the dim light of my computer screen, searching “Down syndrome birth.” I found Nella’s story and cried for hours, awaiting my son’s eventual Ds diagnosis. The way you have crafted these stories is nothing short of pure. Thank you for sharing your journey. Sometimes I think it was meant just for me. i want you to know that, beyond naysayers, you have sent hope and joy through your words. I hope I am afforded the opportunity to have another child. And I look forward to that birth experience. My son was born on February 15th. A great month. Congrats and best wishes for you all!

  318. Just breathtaking! It’s really makes me want another baby

  319. Just beautiful, all of it, but especially Dash.

    Congratulations again, your family look full of love.

  320. Kelle….
    Wait. You changed your comment “comment” in your comments box!! {Say that ten times fast!!} I love it!! 😉
    Beautiful birth story, as always. It has touched my deepest emotions…. 😉
    The part about Brett’s Grandma Betty gave me chills!! 😉
    And, shouting celebrities’ names during contractions? Crack. Me. Up!! By the way? I love Steve Carrel!! 😉

  321. D-Dynamic


    M-Mom’s Lil Man

    D.O.H.= Perfection

  322. Another beautiful birth story, coupled with the sweetest of pictures.

    Enjoy your precious boy!

  323. Gorgeous images, gorgeous words, a gorgeous little boy….thankyou for sharing your beautiful story….I cried all the way through it, it was gorgeous.
    Enjoy many more beautiful moments x

  324. Welcome little one! :)

  325. So thrilled for you and your family. I have tears of joy for you (as usual!)

  326. This takes me back…24 and 16 years…thank you.

  327. Congratulations mother of three sweet blessings! What buckets of fun you will have! Thank you for the beautiful thoughts and photographs.

    -Charity Mack

  328. What an amazing journey. So touching, so beautiful. Enjoy every moment.

  329. Such sweetness. Mine are 26 and almost 22. I wish I had had your sense of presence during their birth. Completely knocked out for my son’s and so exhausted and pained during my daughter’,s I just wanted it to end. I wish you all the happiness your sweet family can contain and thank you for sharing with us!

  330. Capire tutto quello che scrivi è per me impossibile. ma le fotografie raccontano molto bene tutte le emozioni. quante lacrime di gioia guardando la tua meravigliosa famiglia. Grazie!!!!

  331. As I told you, what a Valentine’s gift you have got!!May God bless you and Dashel and the whole family. Congratulations!! God is love and He has given you a precious baby boy, now !!I am so happy for you.

  332. such a lovely peace in this story. welcome dash!

  333. You are such a wonderful writer. Such beautiful words here that you and your family will always treasure. Thank you for sharing your world and your heart.

  334. lovelovelove. the name. the photos. expecially the one of lainey and your new baby boy in bed. giving me goosebumps sort of sweet. thank you for your expertise in writing, you do it so well, and for your honesty and your joy. i love coming here and seeing what you are up to. i really do.

  335. Dying here… what a beauty he is!

  336. Congratulations on a beautiful boy! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your book! You uplift & inspire so many other people & you are at a place of peace & happiness which is where so many others strive to be, but never quite get there! I am so happy & grateful to have discovered your blog recently! Enjoy your angel son, Dash! :)

  337. I had been waiting and looking forward to this post! I totally get the part about that little cradle and hat waiting on the baby….I honestly think it got me through one of my girls births – just being able to look at it and know that soon there would be a baby in there..my baby. Goodness, I think I have baby fever now! Dash is absolutely precious.

  338. This is beautiful. I hope to one day be half the mother you are. You truly do inspire me every day. Thank you.

  339. I love this story.
    I love the picture where Nella is looking at her big sister as she is holding the new baby.
    So sweet. So innocent.

  340. Congratulations to the birth of little Dash and all the best for you and your familiy!!

    It’s a wonderful post with lovely pictures… I am melting away…

    I had to smile, because our “first home” (in two different hospitals with my two boys) had been the room “11”, too!!! Okay, the second time it had been room “5411”… ;o)

    It has been a magical time in this rooms: The first common day after the one very long and one very short nigth birth, this wonderful baby smell, the first night together in one bed, stroking, huddling together…

    Thanks for sharing your birth story and your personally photos!

    Love, Elfchen

  341. So happy for you, I have been following your blog from the UK for some time, beautiful pictures of a gorgeous family.
    My second son, almost 3 years old, was born with a rare syndrome, that birth experience was tough.
    I love the positivity of your blog, it’s so inspiring.
    Welcome to the world Dash!

  342. Beautiful story, beautiful new little soul.

  343. Mamahood hospital vacation is a perfect description…and your description about seeing the diaper and hat waiting for your soon to arrive baby—I remember thinking this exact same thing!!

  344. Eeeek!!! Congratulations!!! Love the name and loved the story. He’s beautiful. :)

  345. Congratulations on your new son and I love his name! We just welcomed our second child, a daughter, 3 weeks before you, and she is probably our last as well. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since you published your story about Nella in Parents magazine. Good writing, lovely photos!

  346. Oh My Gosh! That first photo looks like a one of those real life baby dolls. He is one lucky boy to have those sweet sister to love him. Thanks for sharing. Congrats to your beautiful family!

  347. Dashel has a sweet, round peanut-face that I like very much! He’s a real cutie!

    Also, I love the birth story and am grateful it isn’t as intense as THE birth story — it is beautiful, none-the-less.

    Congrats, again!

  348. I just read Nella’s story. A friend sent it to me. I didn’t look at the date, and just read and commented. I was so excited to click on the main page of your blog and find this – another new addition to your beautiful family. Your girls are both healthy and loved, and I know that this new little one will be too. I wish you all the congratulations in the world, I really do. I wish I had read Nella’s story earlier. But things come as they do, so no point in wishing for the past. I’m so, so unbelievably happy to see Nella, especially the pictures of her and Dash. I’m going to go back now and read more of your past posts, I’m excited to learn more about your family, so similar to mine. As always, thank you for posting your beautiful journey.

  349. Your birth story made me cry. I could feel the love in that hospital room just as much as if I had been there myself. Thank you for sharing your heart with your readers. Welcome Dash :)

  350. Beautiful birth story. I found myself nodding through tears in agreement with a lot of what you said. You have such a gift of using just the right words to exactly describe things. Congratulations, soak it up.

  351. Thank you Kelle! Love your story and pics!!

  352. You are such a beautiful and talented writer. I could feel it all and it pulled hidden memories of my babies birth stories to the forefront of my mind. Beautiful and precious!

  353. You are such a beautiful and talented writer. I could feel it all and it pulled hidden memories of my babies birth stories to the forefront of my mind. Beautiful and precious!

  354. All of your photos are so beautiful! The one with Dash and Laney in the hospital bed together is my favorite. Congratulations of your sweet little boy! Love his name!

  355. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your precious children with the world. You are a constant inspiration to me! <3

  356. As a 20 year old college student, I usually absolutely hate birth stories… I just don’t get them and they’re TMI most of the time.. but your’s was absolutely beautiful. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  357. You are an incredibly talented writer and just put into words what I can’t about both my sons’ births. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to more pictures of that sibling lovin’.

  358. Precious story and pictures! I sat here with tears falling down my cheeks! What a blessing!

  359. congratulations on your new little one…3rd babies do seem to be more chill,that was my experience. Thank you for sharing.

  360. Congratulations! A beautiful story about the arrival of your beautiful boy! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

  361. These photos are completely beautiful!! And this story made me tear up!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog

  362. Oh wow! Love it, love the pictures, love your birth story. Your babe is completely precious. (p.s. I thought I felt done after 4 but a few months later…I really want another!) Best of everything to you and yours.

  363. Oh the tears that are pouring from my eyes!!!Welcome to the world Dash. What a blessing you are :) xx

  364. thank you for sharing this! it literally brought tears to my eyes! your son is beautiful, as are his sisters and mother. (and can’t forget dad too!) he is so blessed to have so much love surrounding him! may GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

  365. Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy! The picture of Lainey holding him in the hospital bed just melted my heart. I do hope my girl gets to experience that one day too. Enjoy your precious family!


  366. Congratulations! such a beautiful birth story, i also had to hold back tears. such a perfect picture of the 3 of them in the hospital!

  367. Beautiful little addition to your beautiful family.

  368. Hi,
    Congratulation!!! Dashel is amazing and your family is big miracle for me :)LOVE YOU!
    Have a nice day Vlaďka

  369. Beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS! Love reading Dashel’s introduction to his world. What a loving, warm, caring world to enter! Lucky little boy to be so enjoyed by all.

  370. aw, kelle. thank you so much for sharing this. i have always been a quiet reader, drinking in your words that leave me feeling wonderfully humbled and in awe of the fact that i am awesomely chosen to be a woman and a mama. i am re-reading ‘bloom’ and just finished nella’s birth story last night. and now after reading baby dash’s, i just want to fly to naples and hug you- and tell you that i wish the world were full of people like you.
    may God beautifully bless sweet baby dash and your family!


  371. Thank you as always for extending this moment with us. It’s things like this that bring joy and an overwhelming sense of peace knowing I too, will share these moments when that time comes.

    Welcome, Dash.
    You’re already loved beyond means.


  372. Your little boy is beautiful…thank you for this amazing post!

  373. Good job, mama :) As an infertility survivor and someone who is struggling with reconciling the deepest hope of conceiving #2 but not having an easy go at it, but also not feeling like I can take energy away from being a great wife and mother to dwell on it, I am intrigued by what you wrote: “a couple miscarriages and then crickets for almost a year–until I self-therapy’ed myself into a very good place of peace and acceptance and moving on. I was thankful for my two girls and so very aware that we can’t control a lot of things in life…but we can be happy. If it happened, it happened.”

    I am wondering if you would ever write about this more, and what worked for self-therapying yourself 😉 (Especially per my post today, I am just about to embark on self-therapying!)

  374. What a beautiful story!
    Congratulations! He is perfect!

  375. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful stories! I too wrote a similar story from when my son was born 11 weeks premature last August! Also a rough beginning, but a wonderful journey thus far. Your children are beautiful! Congratulations on your newest addition…boys are so amazing!

  376. Congratulations. He’s gorgeous.

  377. Congratulations on your new sweet bundle! I have enjoyed raw, truth-filled blog. Thank you for that!
    I would love it you had a look at my blog, if time permits. I’m just a girl from Saskatchewan, Canada with a small blog that started as a 365 blog, which was completed twice. Now I’m onto life.
    Enjoy your sweet children!

  378. Kelle –

    Your words about living in the moment struck a cord with me. Thank you so much for your honesty and sharing your life on this blog. I wrote a post about you – http://theduepners.blogspot.com/2013/02/words-to-live-by.html

    I hope you don’t mind. Your words were just to profound…to important…not to share.

    Your family is so beautiful. I am so happy for you and your husband.

    Thank you once again,


  379. What a fantastic & emotional birth story!! I am so happy for you and your family, Kelle! Congratulations on your beautiful boy <3 I love your hospital photos.

  380. Ah, Kelle…..finally got a chance to sit down and catch up on your story. BEAUTIFUL. Wow. Wow. Wow. I’m over the moon for you, if not a touch melancholy at the thought of never experiencig this again. That, and looking back, I regret not capturing the beauty of my precious moments in more detail. Various reasons for that, however I wish I could go back and do it all over again. Is that bad? I guess regrets wash over you from time to time, whether you like it or not. Thanks for sharing, hun. He’s perfect. You’re blessed. And the cool part? You know it. xo

  381. Beautiful story and gorgeous little man. Congratulations!

  382. I haven’t read your blog in what seems like years– logged into blogger to update mine– for work- blah– and stumbled on this wonderful story riddle with sweet moments and photos. Thank you Kelle– I bawled through Nella’s story all those years ago, and now, Dash’s. Mamma to mamma. You rock. BTW- little boys will melt you.

  383. oh, that b&w photo of lainey with dash just melts my heart. what a gorgeous moment, captured forever & ever ♥

  384. Just now catching up. LOVE the pic of Lainey in the hospital bed snuggling Dash. Congrats once again.

  385. Beautiful post Kelle. It took me right back to the day I had my Henry. And also left me with the craving for another day just like the one you described. Now look what you’ve done :)

  386. Beautifully written and such an intimate moment that you chose to share with us. As a momma of two who has declared our family is complete, this actually made me ache to hold another baby again.

  387. *Tears* Beautiful pictures and beautiful story.

    I started reading your blog not long after Nella’s birth and days after the birth of one of my own blessings. She was born on Feb. 16th. I had our surprise baby last Sept. My first homegrown boy.

    Rest well, Kelle!

  388. Thank you for sharing another beautiful birth story! It made me relive those moments 6 short months ago, of my “last baby” being born.
    Welcome to the world Dash! You are loved!

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  391. What a small world. We have a family cabin in Michigan.

  392. Congratulations! He is such a beautiful baby. We will be welcoming our 7th baby in June. Your birth story is so delicious! Thank you for sharing your beautiful moments.

  393. Congratulations Kelle, and entire Hampton family! You have a beautiful, perfect boy, and a beautiful, perfect family. I cried and smiled reading his precious story, and my heart is full for you. Gorgeous photos, as always, and I adore Poppa’s shirt! :)

  394. Your girls have grown up so much since I last visited your blog! Congrats on the safe arrival of your gorgeous baby boy; those girls are going to be amazing big sisters by the look of it.

  395. I am just reading this (several weeks late, but at least I’m reading it) and I can’t help but think of my own little one’s birth. He’s 15 months old now and I wish he were as tiny as your little Dash.

    Thank you for sharing your story, your words, your family and your love. I always try to save your blog for last because I know that I will find the most heartfelt moments in your words.

  396. Not even sure how I found your blog tonight, but I do know reading a few of your birthing stories may have just changed my life!
    Congratulations on your new baby boy and your sweet, wonderful family.
    Hoping to have a baby soon, although, we know there will be challenges along the way.
    Nice to meet you… and thank you.

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  398. Congratulations Kelle on a beautiful addition to your family. Dash is just precious. Thank you for sharing his birth story with us. I adore your writing. Enjoy every second with that sweet boy ; )

  399. My god you can write! I love reading about your babies. You inspire me to be a better and more “present” mommy to our 2yr old son. We’re trying for baby #2 after a recent miscarriage, and reading your both stories keep my chin up and hopes high for another healthy pregnancy and perfect little one. I know during my next pregnancy I’ll check back here often to re-read these stories of yours. They truly are beautiful, as are your children!

  400. He is absolutely perfect!! Baby boys are awesome. Congrats!

  401. Congrats, beautiful mama, beautiful writer. Love your blog and your mind. And the babies you make are grand too! Happy new mamahood! Again! It never gets old!

    Erin Jo, http://www.thesearemyreasons.com

  402. oh my goodness, these photos literally gave me chills. and made me feel the need to have another baby – stat! dashel is such a wonderful name!

  403. I just found your blog. Firstly, I love it. All of it. Secondly, this story is just beautiful. It made me cry. Seriously, I am sitting at my desk at work tearing up and I don’t even know you. Heck, I started tearing up when I read how you found out you were pregnant. Thank you for sharing.

  404. Congratulations, so happy for you and to see little Dash!

  405. Oh man, how I cried when I read this; I can’t even begin to imagine how you felt throughout everything. May God bless you and your family in this new journey, and this super cute, new, and tiny addition to your family bring many lovely memories.

  406. This is an amazing birth story. What a gift little Dash has been already to your family. I cannot wait to experience my own birth story for the first time in September this year. :) Blessings!

  407. What a beautiful story juxtaposed with beautiful photos! You capture the feelings I have about my son, who is now a year old, perfectly.

  408. What an absolute pleasure to read…oh the tears how they fall. I LOVE birth, birth stories, babies, mamas, families….thank you for sharing this with us! xoxoxoxo

  409. Congratulations to Dash for having a very brave mother.

  410. You have such a way with words. Loved this story! Such a little cutie pie he is!

  411. Simply amazing… Watching your daughters eyes meet their brother for the first time. It brings back so many wonderful memories of my daughters meeting the twins….bliss. Many blessing to you and your family!! What a beautiful family to all are.

  412. As a labor and delivery nurse, beautiful birth stories like this changes my view of work and causes me to keep the delivery room sacred. It is so easy to make going to work mundane and just another day, but reading this post on your treasured story brings tears to my eyes and changes my perspective on my career. As a soon to be midwife, I never want to take another birth for granted and I want to have that magic and excitement contained for each and every birth. Each birth is a crucial moment for each individual family member and remembering this will help me to stop time and relish is the joy of each new birth with which I get the pleasure of assisting. Thank you for your open honesty and genuine thoughts. Praying for your family and your new endeavor in raising a boy.

  413. So beautiful <3 I have tears and it makes me feel like I am finally mentally okay with the possibility of having a third child, and that I can do it like a ‘normal’ woman next time. Thank you

  414. Why did it take me so long to read this? Your birth stories always make me teary, make me hope to have my own again in the future. I haven’t been on your page in a long time. The depression that was my marriage made me loathe to bask in anyone else’s happiness, but here I am. Reading, and as hopeful as the first day I read it. I’ve said it before, you’re an inspiration!

  415. A friend just sent me the link to this post and I’m so happy she did. It was a perfect story of love; one I needed to read today.

    Such a beautiful birth story. I’ll admit that I cried multiple times while reading it. I hope your family is doing well. xo

  416. I have been following your blog for a few years now and I’ve read and re-read all of your birth stories and they melt my heart every time. I can not wait to write my own one day. Thank you for sharing your life with the world, its amazing to read <3

  417. You always write such beautiful birth stories, my heart just aches reading the words pouring from your heart. Makes me yearn for the day when I can hold my own little love and I hope that I’ll be able to feel and share such heartwarming sentiments when that day comes…beautiful Kelle, you make this world a better place!

  418. We just shared our First Birth Story – Not According to Plan We think your reader’s will love it!

  419. Congratulations ! beautiful written post, so kind this blog.
    Welcome, little one!

    see also my blog

  420. How sweet! I found this blog as a friend has just shared with me this story. I am so looking forward to the birth of my first little boy in April. Thanks for sharing <3, Hilary

  421. I cried. This is how I felt with my last baby, whose is three now. I just don’t have a way with words however. Absolutely beautiful.

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  425. Thank you for this bit of inspiration. I discovered your blog today when I noticed your laundry article.
    I looked around and discovered this post. I have not read it however. I’ll save it for after I write my OWN birth story for my little one. Yes, three years late and also named after mentioned famous writer. The story is all there I just need to find a quiet time to write and revisit that beautiful day. Thanks for reminding me that there is still a story due, no matter the amount of time elapsed. Amazing coincidence. Smile.

  426. Oww.. So Cute…… :)
    Kelemahan Advan Vandroid S5E

  427. lINDA fISHER says:

    Even tho this post is from when your Dash,was brand new, I fell in love with your family all over again. I love “Bloom” and share it with friends. Much love has been learned from reading the treasure you wrote. I worked as an In-Home Healthcare provider before I retired 3 years ago. My last client was a darling young woman, 45 years old, and DS. Tho not allowed, She became one of my best and dearest friends. We had 3 wonderful years, and many fun times together before her family moved away. I love her dearly and miss the joy she blessed me with everyday. (Now I’m crying.) In any case, your writing has blessed my heart, and, I send much love and joy to you Kelle, and to your precious family. Linda fisher.

  428. MicheLle says:

    What songs are on your birth story playlist?

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