Enjoying: Balls on the Floor

Lest you think that post title is completely inappropriate, let me clarify.  It’s the juggling balls–the ones we struggle to maintain some rhythm to as we balance our duties.  Cleaning house and nurturing kids and pursuing talents and doing work and keeping the toilet paper stocked (we’re down to paper towel status here).  No one “does it all” at the same time, but the appearance of juggling, say, three balls out of ten while seven lie on the floor ignored, might deceitfully suggest that we are bionic women.  For the record, if I share a photo that shows a clean room, rest assured there’s a contrasting pigsty somewhere in the house–ball on the floor.  If I get the kids to the park, have a picnic or make a craft, simultaneously another area of my life took a temporary shove to the back burner–ball on the floor.

My point?  I’m droppin’ some balls this week.  And we’re just going to have fun kicking them around for a while.

After feeding Dash in the night last night, I wrapped him up in a receiving blanket I found at the end of my bed and tucked him back in the bassinet.  Except it wasn’t a receiving blanket because when I woke up this morning, I found him wound in a pair of my yoga pants.  Ball on the floor.

Somehow, the juggling always finds its rhythm again.  In the meantime, I’ve realized there are other cool games involving balls besides juggling that actually require all balls to be on the floor. Croquet, for one. Or bowling.

So, we’re bowling right now.  With bumper guards.


Big sisters who read to little brothers.  And sometimes accidentally knock books in baby’s eyes.

 photo blog2-23_zpsded743de.jpg

Pajama Physical Therapy.  Because we didn’t feel like getting dressed.

 photo blog4-19_zpsa96c2be1.jpg

Cousin Joann whom we love and the reason for a short post tonight because we gosta get our sistahood time in before she leaves.

 photo blog9-13_zpsb2084a04.jpg

Sunset. When your balls are on the floor, run.  Preferably, to the beach.

 photo blog10-14_zpsa2d29928.jpg

Wispy wind hair and little moon sliver eyes. 
(Speaking of, tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  I feel so lucky to personally know what this day means now.)

 photo blog1-28_zps6a7e4e48.jpg

Sisters who play together stay together.

 photo blog3-21_zpsd814e4ef.jpg

Baby Sunbathing. Clenched Fists. Chicken Legs.  Polyester Grandpa Socks. And Little foxes.

 photo blog8-16_zps252c9754.jpg

Old soul eyes.  He smiles with them.

 photo blog7-16_zpsb06d5238.jpg

 photo blog12-12_zps74e2896d.jpg

Chunka chunka burnin’ love.  He’s filling out.

 photo blog5-18_zpsa457d1df.jpg

Families in floor heaps.  If the balls are down there, might as well join them.

 photo blog11-12_zps26c21878.jpg

His “Leave me Alone” face.

 photo blog6-17_zps457a3977.jpg

Happy Humpday, Friends! What are you enjoying? Ready, Go.


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  1. Wow beautiful as always.

  2. We are enjoying our last days of cozy weather and anticipating a storm this weekend, surely the last of the season.

  3. I love your beautiful baby. He made me smile. I needed that today. Today there have been clouds – I’ve been enjoying that.

  4. Your family is so gorgeous. And, you, inspiring.

  5. Kelle, leave the damn balls on the floor and be badass.

  6. Lovely!
    Dropping balls too; 3 Spring Breaks this month, one right after the other and STILL not done, ‘things’ here haven’t gotten done either, but fun was indeed had!

  7. I am so used to tripping over the balls, they don’t even bother me anymore. Like Thursday when I woke up 1 hour and 15 minutes late, which meant I had 35 minutes to get 4 kids, myself and a man out the door. Throw on some powder, fresh deo., new blush because thankfully, I dropped the ball of washing my face the night before and could wear yesterday’s makeup, before heading out the door. Second graders didn’t even notice!

  8. Ooooh — honestly, I’m enjoying your sweet little pictures of your gorgeous family! That baby boy is precious!!! Ahhh!!! I’m enjoying being cozy inside with all the SNOW on the first day of Spring, here in little Prince Edward Island….

  9. The children are all so beautiful and you have the unique talent to capture their spirit through your camera lens. Glad you’re back!

  10. 99% of mine are on the floor, getting pretty dusty right now. We welcomed our second sweet little girl three weeks ago and I am thrilled and exhausted and in love with my little family and oh, so behind. Glad to know I’m not the only one :).

  11. I am having my first baby – due date is in 8 weeks (I think it’s a boy). All my life balls are totally on the ground and in the air and everywhere and I just want to focus on tne end of my pregnancy and soon-to-be-here-to-hug baby. I love seeing pictures of your boy and family – keeps me focused on all the good to come.

    Also, I love your boy clothes (don’t bother me face outfit” and the cute mat he is sunbathing on on the floor. Can you tell me where you get some of these super cute things?

  12. Love this analogy! I’ve got lots of balls on the floor!! For sure. Looking forward to attending my kids’ open house at school tonight, even if it means all of the evening routines will get disrupted. They are so excited!!

  13. Such a great, much-needed post for me, as I am 4 weeks post-baby #2.

    P.S. I love how adorable your sweet girl looks in her Matilda Jane dress. That one from Hammond Bay might be my favorite. :)

  14. A warm bath with my two beautiful sunshines, while the dinner dishes like up and left overs sit in the open!

  15. Love it!!! Most of my balls are on the floor right now but instead of hiding I took the advice of your guest blogger and invited people over for a play date! Nothing motivates me to clean up my crap more than knowing someone is going to see it!
    Beautiful photos as always!

  16. I’m seriously enjoying this post. I had my boy 2 days before you, and man my balls are all over the ground. We live in up upstate New York where it is freezing and dark. I am going to buy stick in vitamin d, I swear. I haven’t put makeup on since last week and an outing for me is a quick diaper run… Nice to see that not having it altogether doesn’t have to be so bad after all.

  17. Love it! Currently enjoying the fact that my brother and I showed up at the same coffee shop at the same time and got to have a nice little chit chat then sit and work quietly for a while. Makes a big sister’s heart happy. :o)

  18. Congrats on baby Dash, Kelle! I enjoy checking in on your blog every day to see what you’re up to. Love your photography too! By the way, I wanted to pass along this lady’s Facebook page/website. I thought of you and Nella. These dolls are beautiful!

  19. Aww…mama we get it. My little girl is 2 and I’ve still got “balls on the floor” (that needs to get swept, incidentally…) Thank you for not being wonder woman… :-*

  20. I’m enjoying these photos and your words. You made me laugh for the first time today. I have been feeling sad today and you put a smile on my face!

  21. Lovely pictures…
    Soo sweet.
    Kiss from Portugal

  22. Listening to your fabulous playlist while doing a not so fabulous assignment at work, at least the tunes are keeping me rolling. And couting down the minutes until I get to play with my sweet baby at the park, love these long days.

  23. Enjoying settling back into non international travel home life, took a few bumps to get back into it but now I am, and that moment where you look at your friends and boyfriend and think, how on earth did I have the good judgement to pick you people as my tribe?

    They rock.

    Also melbourne autumn weather. Is hot/it’s cold/it’s rainy/it’s not, can snuggle up on Sunday, then laze in the sun on Wednesday

  24. Great post! I have 4 kids and get a lot of “I don’t know how you do it,” -type comments from well-meaning people. My response is that I don’t “do it” but somehow we’re all happy anyway. Life ebbs and flows and flows some more.

    Today I’m loving on my 3 big girls (7, 4, and 2) and their baby brother, Dashiell (4 months). It made me smile to see that you named your little guy Dash as well since I read your book while I was pregnant with my Dash.

    I think your blog is terrific. You bring a lot of joy to a lot of people.

  25. Three cheer’s for bowling!
    Lovely post. Lovely family.

  26. Had me laughing at paper towel status (us, too) and baby wrapped in yoga pants – but hey, those things are comfy!

    I am enjoying working in the same room with my sweetheart on different projects, laughing really hard after a frustrating day, and a big salad for dinner.

    Your kids are lovely as always :)

  27. Ah well, you gotta have balls to post the truth. Love the pics of Dash. He’s scrumptious.

  28. your baby!!!

    Might have baby #3 and alot of it is thanks to you. inspiration mama.

  29. Thanks for sharing – my balls are on the floor too, and little Nico is six months old! And I have teenaged children to help me… Oh well…
    BTW, I bet Dash looked great in yoga pants ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Your analogies are wonderful! Wish I had this one in the back of my mind after my second baby.

  31. I’m enjoying the MSU shirt your cousin is sporting! March Madness begins!

  32. I am enjoying that I am not the only one with “balls on the floor.”

    Also, I am enjoying watching Hazel practice her balance every chance she gets. With a toy in her hand, without – waving her arms, arms still – with a toy in each hand etc. It amazes me how she learns and grows!!!

  33. Love the milk blister on his lips… :~)

  34. Love this analogy…all balls on the floor in our house today! My 2 and 3 year old tantrumed in tandem all day! Tonight…I’m leaving the balls on the ground and looking through pictures of happier moments to remind of how precious they really are ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whew, thank God for the ability to forgive ourselves for losing patience, but most of all tonight I am thankful for bedtime! Tomorrow is a new day, I might even start to juggle!

  35. He looks so much like Nella! (and the ball I always drop is the dishes… hate them)

  36. I’m enjoying a heaping bowl of Bruster’s Ice cream while I read your blog. Alone. I have this space all to myself; sans hubby. Sans kids. It sure is glorious. Thank you for showing me your balls. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    – Erin

  37. Dash is so beautiful you are a very blessed to have such a very beautiful family.

    Tomorrow is World DS Day and I to know the love and joy of celebrating it here in our home.

    To all the beautiful babies who make us so proud to celebrate this wonderful day. Have a great day.

  38. Your baby’s lips are just so perfect- a beautiful mouth on that little boy!

  39. what sweeties- blessings to you and the balls on the floor

  40. Had no idea tomorrow was world down syndrome day, wonderful post guys, adorable photographs.

  41. Nella reading to Dash!! That is beyond precious. And can I just say how grown up those beautiful girls are looking these days?!

    I’m with you with having balls on the floor. Right now I’m enjoying the rain. It gives me the excuse to sit on the couch, watching Disney movies and cuddling with my little girl. I’m also really enjoying how she asks for her daddy all of the time. It used to be all mommy, so it’s nice to hear her vocalize her love for her daddy.

    I’m also enjoying the wonderful women friends I’ve become so connected with over the last year. You once said one of the key aspects of your solid friendships was vulnerability. You are so right!! That factor has made my relationships much better and we’re all closer than ever before. There’s nothing like quality women relationships. They hold you up when you’re down and cheer you on when needed.

    There’s so much more, but those are my favorites at the moment. Happy Humpday, Kelle! Good luck with your balls!! :)

  42. Nella reading to Dash!! That is beyond precious. And can I just say how grown up those beautiful girls are looking these days?!

    I’m with you with having balls on the floor. Right now I’m enjoying the rain. It gives me the excuse to sit on the couch, watching Disney movies and cuddling with my little girl. I’m also really enjoying how she asks for her daddy all of the time. It used to be all mommy, so it’s nice to hear her vocalize her love for her daddy.

    I’m also enjoying the wonderful women friends I’ve become so connected with over the last year. You once said one of the key aspects of your solid friendships was vulnerability. You are so right!! That factor has made my relationships much better and we’re all closer than ever before. There’s nothing like quality women relationships. They hold you up when you’re down and cheer you on when needed.

    There’s so much more, but those are my favorites at the moment. Happy Humpday, Kelle! Good luck with your balls!! :)

  43. Enjoying:
    -A giggle about your baby wrapped in yoga pants/swaddling clothes.

    -Getting the house all clean for houseguests including junk drawers, purses, coat closets….

    -Friends from Europe coming all the way to MN to visit this weekend.

    -Totally relating to the balls on the floor. It makes me sing this song (to the inappropriate tune of pants on the floor): Balls on the floor, balls on the floor, looking like a fool with your balls on the floor. :)


  44. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I’ve bookmarked several of your posts recently. I too just had a baby, although it was my second and not a brave third ๐Ÿ˜‰ (yet!).

    Everything about this post makes me so very happy. Big sister reading and poking books in baby’s eyes? Check. Balls on the floor? Check and check. Clenched fists? Endless pajama days? Yes, please.

    I love reading about your little family. Thanks for sharing.

  45. The photos in the post just made me melt… the balls are definitely on the floor here this week. What a well timed read for me. Thanks, as always!! And enjoy your cousin. :)

  46. Love how perfect and real this is. I totally get it.

  47. Loved (and needed) this analogy and reminder. Thank you Kelle!


  48. Field hockey…another sport with balls on the floor. :)

  49. Just wait til your balls get bigger…then they start having their own balls and you feel like you should help keep those up too…Hi cousin Joann…don’t rush nack to Michigan…I just walked my dog in a freakin blizzard…I can only imagine what Houghton Lake would be like:-)

  50. I, of course, meant rush *back to Michigan…but I wouldn’t rush nack either…that sounds awful

  51. Oh Kelle that is some major cuteness going on there! Love the pics of your kiddos. That lil boy of yours sure is an old soul, love that sweet face! <3

  52. Well, I’ve always been kicking a ball or two around on the floor……..you just bend over and pick one (or two) or none up. Just a part of my life and I don’t stress about it. Ever.

    Dashingly cute, that boy is! And his big sisters lovin on him……..adorable.

    Thanks for sharing – as long as the diapers are getting changed and the kids are getting fed, you’re doing great, momma! :-)

  53. I was enjoying reading your blog, while cooking dinner with a glass of wine and listening to my girls playing outside for the first day of spring. Took a break from reading to remove my veggies from the boiling water and pulled out the rubber band that must have been from the broccoli bunch…ball on the floor. Just had to laugh at myself and the timing of reading your post!

  54. going with the ball theme…..how about we add in BALLS TO THE WALLS to go with this new adjustment of baby makes three. hehehehehee.
    looooove the picture of nella on the beach, her cute smile makes me smile! and of Dash in the moses basket. funny how they hold their fists up by their head…so newbornish.
    things i’m loving right now….the unexpected rain shower out my window this evening, thin mints, my first day of exercise yesterday, and the topper…KISSING thomas’s cheeks. xoxo

  55. The yoga pants scenario had me laughing out loud!!

  56. He looks like such a laid back baby. which makes for such a good little brother. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love Nella’s concentration while she reads to him.

  57. Question: Where did you get that perfect little mat that Dash is sunbathing on? I’ve been looking for something just that size!

  58. Just what I needed at the end of this long day – laughing out loud at the yoga pants!
    My fav. picture of this post though is Dash’s covered face…how sweet is that?! That will make a great “show at wedding ” picture…
    Thanks for the smile filled update.

  59. Oh, his perfect little newborn lips make my eyes tear up. My littlest man, boy #3, is almost 1 year old. Seeing Dash’s sweet face reminds me of how quickly they grow. Soak it all in mama, suck up every glorious second of it.

  60. Enjoying Nora’s endless chatter and growing vocabulary…accompanied by hand motions and exaggerated facial expressions!!! Hhhmmm, wonder where she gets it ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I swear it’s the cause of my wrinkles!!!)

    Enjoying a bit of bipolar weather; wind, rain, sun, cold…I love it all.

    Enjoying the prospect of not teaching next year. Every time I imagine what our days could be like, I find myself exhaling and smiling. It must be the right decision.

    And can I PLEASE have Dash? Please?!!!

  61. Dash is just lovely. Your yoga pants cracked me up!

  62. I love reading your blog! It is always like a big breath of fresh air for me. I feel like I have a lot of balls on the floor everyday. I just have to decide which ones to pick up and which ones get left for tomorrow. Dishes, laundry, Easter grass all over the playroom floor…

  63. I’m sorry but I laughed so hard at the yoga pants and book in eye comments. I laughed mostly because I am right in the trenches with you. Dropping balls all over the place with my 2 year old and 6 month old. But hey, at least we keep trying to balance the little juggling act of life.

  64. My son is 12 days older than yours and I laughed so hard I cried about the yoga pants swaddle!

  65. I love this. And a nice subtle reminder that we don’t do it all is refreshing. Love the pics of his eyes open. He is beautiful.

  66. Well, it’s been four months since our adoptive son, who is 4, moved in with us and I gotta say we have a ball pit of balls on our floor some days!
    Despite the madness and the chaos,
    I’m enjoying seeing and feeling him settle a little deeper into our family lately and we are having major break throughs around some of his behaviours! I am enjoying his amazing resilience, cute smile and sense of humour. And what I’m enjoying most is when I pick him up at the end of the day and he wraps his little body around mine so tight and lays his head down on my shoulder and asks to be rocked. For a little guy who was never hugged or loved or rocked for the first few years of his life it feels incredibly special and all the days struggles just melt away as we melt into each others hearts.
    Thanks for sharing another great post and allowing me to reflect a little bit too:)

  67. !omg Dash is a beautiful baby!

    your pictures are, as usual
    breathtaking~ of all 3.
    xo beth

  68. What a beautiful, beautiful baby Dash is! I mean, he is an exceptionally good-looking little guy! Enjoy the teeny snuggles!

  69. I have so many balls on the floor this week! Thanks for making me feel better about stepping over them. Gorgeous wee man:)

  70. I had a Dutch professor who would screw up the juggling balls and irons in the fire analogies by announcing that he “had all his balls in the fire”. Just had to add that. Lovely post, Kelle, and touching photos.

  71. Love that dark hair! He’s got some mommy in him!

  72. His little quilt/pillow/sun bathing mat! Where ever did you get it? I LOVE it!

  73. Enjoying…..
    *the first day of spring even thought it’s currently 21 degrees. (It’s got to let up right?)
    *a new lighter hair color and cut
    *creeping blogs like yours to put smiles on my face and remind me that no matter how many balls I have on the floor, I’m enjoying life, and that’s what’s important

    Love the post, as per usual. Enjoy the remainder of your break!

  74. Enjoying my sweet sweet seven month olds newfound high pitched screech :)


  75. The image of your babe swaddled in yoga pants is so great! Hilarious! Haven’t we all been there, in one way or another? The “balls on the floor” make for some of the best memories. <3

  76. Hahaha loved the Yoga Pants part, it’s such a human thing to do, hilarious lol.
    I’ve been enjoying not having anything planned over weekends and just going with it. My wedding is also in a years time, so I’m looking forward to everything falling into place and enjoying our big day. The dress has been made and is on it’s way here! Cant wait to see it :-)

  77. OMG He is such a beautiful baby!!!

  78. Loving your pictures and way with words as always! Dash is a handsome little fella. I think I see you in him. :) Yoga pants as blankie = Awesome! Love how you keep it real and share with everyone the good, the bad, and the ugly! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re enjoying days at home with our kiddos right now and anticipating warmer days to come! Happy almost Thursday to you!

  79. Oh my goodness that baby Dash is something handsome!!!! I bet you could just stare into those eyes all day.

  80. I say go ahead and throw the other three balls on the floor and kick them all under the couch. They’ll still be there when, if, you’re ready to pick them back up.

    Also this balls on the floor thing reminds me of the old George Clooney, Michelle Pfieffer movie, One Fine Day, when she accuses him of shoving his balls (the figurative juggling ones of course) in her face and she repeatedly says “Balls in my face”

  81. Balls dropped: yeah…my house looks like animals live here!

    Balls juggled: A boy saw some quality school time today, and he got some new workbooks, with the promise that, if he would learn how to read (ahem), then he would get the book of his choice and his own reading light (since mine is the COOLEST thing ever, and always dead because he must turn it on at every available opportunity!)

    Lovin’ the sweet baby pics! My baby is just over a year old now, and I miss the newborn yummies :-). Give him TONS of extra cuddle kisses!

  82. Love, love, love your beautiful babies! Thank you for sharing your family with all of us.

    And thank you for the lesson about balls on the floor! I really hadn’t considered that you aren’t actually Super Mom. (BTW, I choose yoga pants every chance I get, so I’m sure Dash didn’t mind that a bit!)

  83. You make beautiful babies, Those photos of him are just gorgeous

  84. Enjoying: being home as a new family of 4, that when I ask for kisses my new son shows his teeth like a little beaver, makes a squeaky sound, then plants one on my waiting cheek, the immense waves of gratitude I feel for nanny’s in an orphanage in Shanghai – for picking him up and holding him tight – he was so ready for my arms thanks to the love given by others.

    Also enjoyed the PT in Jammie’s … I’ve done sessions like that before – they.are.the.real.deal :)

  85. When looking at your IG photos, I have always thought his eyes say I’m an old wise soul. He has so much to share through those gorgeous and captivating baby blues. Loving the two you posted here. He is simply scrumptious, a beautiful addition to your family.

  86. Enjoying:

    -This post and your writing.
    -Unwinding after doing homework, even though it means staying up a little too late.
    -My newly cleaned apt. (today was productive wednesday)
    -arizona green tea from a can

    Always love your posts!


  87. Enjoying the last two days of school before spring break! Can’t wait to have my babies home from school! Looking forward to using new rainbow sidewalk chalk we found in Target! Weather is beautiful!

  88. Your Book! I got it from the library… Congrats on the paperback version, wow it’s been a year already?!

  89. Kelle….
    Okay, first off, your post title produced a cockeyed smirk from me!! I could not tell at first which usage of the word “balls” you meant!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    “Pajama Physical Therapy. Because we didn’t feel like getting dressed.”. Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
    I am enjoying….
    Working on my “Secretive Writing Project”. It is slowly but surely coming along. Kind of like I always have!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am enjoying….
    The foreign concept of actually going to bed before midnight!! We shall see…. ;-D
    I am enjoying….
    Your writing!! Seriously. I glean from it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. The last two weeks have seen my eldest need surgery, then his girlfriend’s house on fire and moving in with us, and, tragically, a miscarriage of something I didn’t even know I had yet…the balls were knocked out of my hands and rolled pretty much all over.
    So, this weeks I’m enjoying…
    * four beautiful, healthy and/or healing children
    * my health
    * slowly picking up a ball at a time and giving myself permission to take this juggling thing a bit slower than usual.

    Your photos, babies and words, as always, uplift and strengthen me xx

  91. I’m enjoying a cup of coffee while reading ETST post…happy days.

    I’m enjoying the way you put my thoughts into words and I nod away whilst reading. I think I’m guilty of making it appear that I’m keeping all the balls up when just as you say, there are only a few up while the rest roll around on the floor.

    I’m enjoying having my girl at home today even though she’s home because she was poorly in the night…am enjoying the snuggle time with her though. Silver lining and all that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m enjoying not being in a rush today after the 1st half of the week being a bit manic…today I’m catching up with my tail.

    Andie x

  92. Loved waking up to such a lovely post this morning, as usual. Your pictures are so beautiful!
    I have plenty of balls on the floor. Yesterday I skipped a lot of daily “things” around the house to have some good quality time with my girls. While I am far from regretting the fun we had playing and crafting together, i still have that nagging regretful feeling that I have now set this day to not be good.
    Ugh, do you know what I mean?
    Today I will juggling my balls as carefully as I can.
    Your posts always seem to come at the right time for me. Much love to you and your family! XOXO

  93. Can I have balls on my ceiling? We have a ceiling project going on three years now! This month my daughter getting ready to move to her first apartment. I’m joining in on that fun for now. Ceilings will always be there right?

  94. none of the balls, except the people ones really matter all that much. thanks for keeping it real girlie. my balls are on the floor alot and i feel sometimes like the only one who has trouble juggling. love your sweet family. that little dash is fitting right in:)

  95. I always think that if I keep juggling, I’ll catch most of them and the ones that fall on the floor I can pick up later. This week I’m realizing that I truly have too many balls. I need to drop some for good, and maybe pick them back up in a few years. Maybe I can let some go, and enjoy the ones I have even more.

    Thanks for real shots into a beautiful life.


  96. I am enjoying pictures of your family. I am enjoying a meal out at an actual restaurant (not a “kid friendly” one) with the family to celebrate my daughter’s wonderful report card and parent teacher meeting and first day of “library” class for my littles. I am enjoying a hot cup of coffee as the snow flurries fall here in CT.

  97. After enjoying all of your pictures!! I am enjoying CELEBRATING World Down Syndrome Day. Yeah, with 3 kids that happen to have DS, we celebrate their awesomeness!

  98. Haha the yoga pants killed me. And Nella reading to Dash is gorgeous. I have dropped balls even just this week: obviously neglecting to check hw, (obvious because I received one of THOSE calls from the English teacher), getting laundry together & halfway down to the laundry room when I realized I forgot to buy detergent – it all annoys me but isn’t what is important. I am enjoying the very brief alone time I have in the mornings before work. It’s a rarity as I have my son 6-7 days per week, depending on his dad’s schedule. xo SarahLICMom

  99. Ah yes, the balls on the floor. We all know it well. Enjoy the family time – before you know it he will be running around with them and these snuggle days will be gone. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments.

  100. Oh, the yoga pants blanket made me laugh so hard.. I can see that happening to us! Enjoyed your post, and love your sweet family! Dash is certainly filling out!

    Right now I’m enjoying the sunshine (from inside because it’s too cold outside) and the thought that I will be in your area in less than a month!

  101. We celebrate TODAY too as we have an angel among us….
    Sarah Elizabeth
    How honored I am to have jumped on the blogging
    wagon just last week and one of first posts gets
    to be about World Down Syndrome Day!!!

  102. Enjoying that beautiful beautiful baby of yours!…and thank you for the great analogy! Lots of balls rolling around here, too…but with one boy changed and one boy not…enjoying the sight of them both playing with their cars on the couch.

  103. Dash is beautiful. I love the picture of the beach! Nella looks like such a big girl reading to her baby brother. Happy World Down Syndrome Day.

  104. I get what you mean by juggling and dropping. I was just mentioning yesterday that I cannot keep the paperwork straight (without losing half of it) the older my daughter gets; and next year with school…Lawd, I need to come up with a better system! And yes, without guile I had to ask the dance studio to give me the paperwork again seeing that it’s lost somewhere in this house.

    Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

  105. Love seeing your pictures! I have been thinking about your family with the addition of little Dash and hopeing you’re able to enjoy your littles.
    Love the analogy and the reality of it!

  106. beautiful pictures!

  107. Can I just say, “YOU FREAKING ROCK!!!” I needed this today. I have a lot of balls on the floor right now(much of it has to do with keeping a perfect house). I needed to hear it’s okay.

  108. Wow! It’s amazing how you never seem to drop any of your “take, pictures,edit photos and update my blog” balls…..

  109. He’s beautiful, Kelle. Enjoying my newborn today, too. :)

  110. My analogy has always been keeping the plates spinning. Remember that circus trick where all the plates were on sticks and the person ran around like a loon trying to keep them all spinning at once? I’m learning to let go of the plates and let them break on the floor.
    Then I run to the beach.

  111. We’re in paper towel territory right now too. Oops.

  112. Thanks for coining a new phrase in mine and my sister’s vocabulary – have already referred to “balls on the floor” today. The yoga pants swaddle is one of my favorite stories ever, and maybe a million dollar idea!

  113. Kelle….
    Happy World Down Syndrome Awareness Day!! Well, to both of us, since I have a brother who was also blessed with an extra chromosome!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have you heard that some company has created Down syndrome dolls? I saw it on our evening news. Here is the link to their Web site:
    http://www.dollsfordowns.org . ;-D

  114. I enjoyed family dinner, and my son splashing around with his rubber duckies. :) Also I LOVE the chevron blanket, please tell me where you found it.

  115. We are enjoying third quater straight A’s for my son and daughter. And waiting for warm Spring weather while maybe getting a snow storm this weekend.

  116. “I found him wound in a pair of my yoga pants.”

    That cracked me up!! Oh my…I have lots of balls on the floor, both at home work. Trying to pick them up….one ball at a time.

    Beautiful sunset… beautiful baby boy… beautiful family.

  117. Dammit, Kelle, those Dash pictures make me want another one SO BAD and my Sam is only 6 months. Gah!

  118. ahhhhh….Dash is getting so big! My balls are on the floor too…..bedrooms need to be cleaned. bathroom. living room. etc. But I am loving this Easter season………..sunshine….yes please.

  119. Great job! We all have balls on the floor. I am expecting number 5 and in that journey I am learning to let go. Finally. Today, I donated all my formal furniture. Why? So I didn’t have to dust as much and could spend more time with my babes. You see the good in each moment. You take the time to make good memories. Perhaps the floor has some spit up on it, the baby has a diaper falling down or the girls have mismatched socks, shirts and pants…they adore you and so many other moms enjoy following you! Enjoy the ride Kelly…the best is yet to come…oh and P.S. Your cousin’s shirt….killing me…how I miss East Lansing :)

  120. Hi Kelle! I have been a follower of your blog since Nella’s birth. I have cried and celebrated with your family ;)And I’m happy to say I just bought your book. I am SO excited for you and absolutely can NOT wait to read it!!!!

  121. Love this. Thank you for your honesty. Some balls are on the floor at this house too..but it’s all good. Balls on the floor mean more to play with. :)

    I’m enjoying quiet time with my baby boy.


  122. As another mommy of three wonderful kiddos eight weeks was the magic number for me as far beginning to feel like I could finally survive the day on my own with the three!

    I am enjoying my 5 year old reading to me

    Playing chutes and ladders with my 3 year old

    Watching my 1 year old zoom around the house pushing her shopping cart!

    Side note saw a baby towel at target today that was a fox and I thought you and the little man today!

  123. girl, yoga pants = classic! funniest ever. it’s going to show up in a commercial for tide free, someday. mark my words!

  124. Enjoying my own beautiful baby, my first. I love the smell of her skin as she snuggles in to me!

  125. Enjoying my own beautiful baby, my first. I love the smell of her skin as she snuggles in to me!

  126. You wrapped your kid up in your yoga pants. And blogged about it. This is why I love you. SLAYED

  127. Beautiful!

  128. Where did you get Dash’s little knit shorts? Think my little guy needs those!

  129. The last few photos of Dash with his eyes open are just breath taking. He really is beautiful.

    Enjoy your weekend Kelle! x

  130. Another awesome post that combines everything I love about this blog. Dreamy photos, coziness, beach, babies, honesty and delight. keep em coming, sister. xo

  131. Lol at the yoga pants! No-one can do it all and as we know Parenting is very much a balancing act. Judging by how happy the kids look I’d say that you are getting the balance right. Dash is just the cutest thing xx

  132. Hi Kelle,
    you probably already know him but just in case:


    He has been the first to be graduated in University, he’s a great actor. And he appears yesterday in the Spanish TV for the DS day. He’a amazing.
    Thank you Kelle, you really changed my life,
    kiss from Mexico City

  133. Dash is just so beautiful! BTW….I love that he was wrapped up in yoga pants and obviously thought it was pretty snuggly :)

  134. Dash is so so beautiful!!!

  135. last shot. uh-huh. slay me now!

  136. The beach is my place to run to! {even if it’s just a picture in my mind among all of those balls you mentioned!}

    Love seeing your littles interact and be themselves!

  137. Glad there is another mom that experiences the same juggling problem! If the house is clean it is because I didn’t take a shower or brush the babies hair. If I cooked all day then the kitchen is a mess. If we go to the park, the laundry doesn’t get down. I can’t do it all. And it can be so frustrating. I am still learning that I need to embrace the balls on the floor and go on living! With four kids, two being age 1 and 2, it’s going to be this way for awhile! Hugs to you and keep on writing!

  138. The Kelle Hampton empire is crumbling. It’s evident through the constant posts consisting on you peddling etsy shit that isn’t good enough to be sold in a real store. And let’s not forget the barrage of negative comments that you have gotten lately. Oh, how fun this must be for you.
    I feel truly sorry for your kids. Having to wear those amish clothes and being exploited. But fuck kids’ safety when you have people worshiping you. I can’t believe you don’t care about your kids enough to have a tiny bit of privacy that may keep them from being kidnapped by one of your crazy fangirls. In a 2 minute search I found your home address. Of course, you don’t think anything bad could ever happen to you.
    You are a disgrace to mothers.

  139. Enjoying a house with working heat on (another) snowy Colorado saturday.

    PS Amazon Prime membership = toilet paper delivered to your house.

  140. In other news, the comment above my first one is wack. I don’t even use that word, but it’s seems appropriate. I hope you delete it and send it off into the wind!

  141. Clever, Lashley. Clever.
    Kelle’s too busy staging instagram pictures.

  142. My go-to blog for a daily pick-me-up. Just a dose of your photography brightens my day, even if its a post I’ve already read. Thanks for being freaking awesome Kelle!
    Unicorns unite!
    -Elizabeth Kathryn

  143. Just wondering if you would mind sharing where you found the cute fox stuffies? They are sweet. THANKS!

  144. Please, I beg you, please make a post sharing where you have gotten the outfits and blankets for Dash. That yellow Chevron blanket? The little wool soakers? The leggings? The onesies? I am due with boy #6 in 2 months and would love to get him some cute outfits that aren’t all hand-me-downs. All the better if they are affordable. I have not seen anything like what Dash is wearing, PLEASE share!!!

  145. So nice learning to walk in a row wood. Use a RAYUELA to teach her The planets of the Solar System, vowels, abc…, numbers, the States, etc.

    see also my blog

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