ETST Sponsor: A New History

Graphic designer, Alissa Smith, and her shop A New History is our new ETST sponsor this week.  As spring and summer approaches and you’re looking for unique gifts for weddings, baby showers, etc., take a look at the customized artwork Alissa offers that brings a meaningful reminder of your family’s story to your home.

Shop Favorites:  The State + State Love Equation Prints (great wedding gift!) and Adoption Birthplace Map Prints

 photo anewhistory1_zpsd8f00af9.jpg

The inspiration behind A New History?  As Alissa says, “My family and extended family and friends are a beautiful mix of love stories, blended families, adoptions, and new babies…I wanted to create beautiful art for the modern family.”

A New History also offers customized Family Tree prints, Address art for new homes and a variety of other great personalized prints for gifts.

 photo anewhistory2_zps8755ca3b.jpg

See more of Alissa’s shop HERE.

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