Love. That is all.

There was a really awesome outpouring of love on Instagram today–readers supporting other readers; friends who’ve never met offering to help one another, paying it forward.  I am so overwhelmed today by the spirit of love and the way communities come together to support each other.

I love love.

Some love for the little brother on video today:

little brother from ETST on Vimeo. Song:  This is Love by MoZella

(For those who have asked, I did a quick instructional video on how to make these videos.  You can view it HERE.  Promise, once you get the hang of it, these are easy and quick to make! )

Also, there are still Skype slots open for anyone interested in organizing a Bloom paperback book club (pre-order 8 paperback copies and I’ll join your book club via Skype).  Offer ends April 1st, details HERE.  Or you can just pre-order one for yourself by April 1st and get a signed book plate

 photo blog2-23_zpsa6020a2b.jpg

For those who were a part of that Instagram generosity today, thank you.  You inspired me. And I’m still matching addresses with generous donors, so if you offered to buy a reader a book, stay tuned for a response.

Happy day.


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  1. <3 Love your video. Beautiful Kids. :)

  2. LOVE.

  3. Beautiful!! Love it!

  4. I love love love that video! Especially Lainey patting Dash’s back so vigorously! :)

  5. What a loved little bother he is!

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  7. That last picture is PRICELESS! The kissy face on Nella. Oh my gosh.

  8. oh this video makes me so happy as I’m hearing Molly (age 3) cry it out because this sleep thing is difficult in our household.I love LOVE as well. XO

  9. I wish you could “like” blog posts the way you can “like” things on facebook because I would be liking this x a million. How freaking cute are they!?

  10. What an awesome video. Awesome kids.

  11. Lainey patting his back, Nella lying in bed with him… i think an ovary or two might have exploded over here.

  12. Your little man has got it so good, with those two little mamas! You can tell how much those girls love him!

  13. Oh my what a wonderful video! I am smiling.

  14. I teach preschool and we read The Kissing Hand every year :) LOVED seeing Lainey read it to Dash while he was sprawled across her lap :) What sweet, beautiful blessings!

  15. this really gave my heart a hug, I really love the way you capture there love in such a photo journal way.. KUDOS and blessings.

  16. KELLE!!!! STOP.IT….! I seriously laugh/cried through the whole dang thing…! Beyond words in the cuteness department..!

  17. Love Nella’s kissy lips and Lainey’s mama ways.

  18. just checked out the ig feed. it makes me smile. one of the things I like about you is that you seem to truly understand money comes and goes and it doesn’t really define us. great idea! :)

  19. Oh, he is loved! Lainey is such a little mother. She is soo good with him. I LOVE the last picture!!

  20. Beautiful moments captured on film. It inspires me to get my own video camera out more often with my two little lovies. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love love love x 3 … This is the most beautiful video ever :)) thank you for sharing them !! Xx

  22. Awesome video! It is so cute to see Lainey and Nella with Dash!

  23. He has no idea how much he is loved.

  24. Love! What great big sisters this lucky little guy has! So cute. Loved when Nella ripped off the socks to reveal those precious baby toes, I’d do the same thing!! :)
    Love is great!

  25. It kills me how good your little girls are with him! What a lucky little guy!

  26. That video is precious!!

  27. Oh.

  28. You have three of the most beautiful children in the world, Kelle- inside and out! It must just make your heart melt every day to watch the love you created shared like that. The last picture of the three of them together is priceless. The video made my night. :)

  29. Nella holding Dash’s hand is so precious! I love when siblings love on each other. Such a beautiful video.

  30. oh no! I love this video so much, but you just made me want to have a gazillion more babies! (mine is only 7.5 months!). Nella in the crib with him, just laying there playing with his little hand – ah! love it!! What sweet children you have :)

  31. I loooooveeee it, and I love the happy hour on Instagram it was something really beautiful :)

  32. Love your blog and the honesty contained within. You keep it real for all us moms who are not of the step ford variety and are working on being more and more ok with that.

    I came across this etsy gem today and immediately thought of your new little fox in one of these. Unicorns have inspired some of these amazing women. I mean a fox coat! Get out of town!

    Peace and momma love from one to another!

  33. I can hardly stand the oozy cuteness and love it his video! it’s fabulous! him sucking on Lainey’s finger is priceless!

  34. That was so beautiful..tears! Dash laying across Lainey while she reads a book & Nella in bed with him. I am so in love with that little girl. What a beautiful family they’re growing up in.

  35. oh my word!! melt my heart!! i LOVE it!! <3

  36. Absolute beautiful moments you’ve captured! Happy Tears! 😀

  37. This is just too precious! Those kids of yours are something truly special, Kelle :) Much love!

  38. I loved that video! I just had my third baby and my older two love on her so much too! I look forward to your videos so much. I so adore your little Nella. Keep your posts coming! I look forward to them.

  39. Being 37 weeks pregnant with our last baby, a little boy, this video melted my heart. And it also made me that much more anxious for labor! My daughter is Lainey’s age and the boys (twins) are close to Nella’s age, and seeing Lainey be able to hold Dash and even lay him down so gently makes me so excited to see how my daughter is with this baby. Watching the boys with their little brother will kill me too. Love!! <3

  40. Oh good gravy that was precious. He’s in very good… loving hands. Makes me smile to my toes.

  41. My heart could just explode. Loved and blessed beyond measure. What a perfect little slice of heaven you’ve got in all three of your littles.

  42. Oh my goodness! I love, love the video! So incredibly precious. 3 beautiful blessings! Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  43. omg, JUST PRECIOUS

  44. So so sweet – thank you for sharing!!!

    Wish I had instagram so I could see the love on there too!

  45. Oh that video!! So much pure love and sweetness. Reminded me of when my sister was born, I used to read to her just like Lainey does. And Nella holding Dash’s hand- melted my heart. Thank you for sharing:):)

    The love on you IG feed today was amazing to watch- I even had a stranger offer to join in a book club with me and a friend because we can’t afford 8 books to do a Skype session. (She lives too far away, but her generosity was so sweet!) Your book is touching so many lives, it’s wonderful!

  46. much love, tenderness and innocence. You can feel all the love and happiness in your home. Just loved the video…gonna play it again before bedtime! Thanks Kelle–you are truly blessed!

  47. I die. This is beyond precious!!

  48. Beautiful LOVE!!

  49. That video! I tried remembering all my favorite parts, but really, it was all favorite. What a heart-melting treasure!

  50. Oh I just had to watch it again!! Lainey has that tender touch of a loving Mama. And Nella. Sweet Nella. She would eat him up if she could :)

    Kelle, thanks for sharing the little brother moments!

    Many more happy family story making moments to you and to all you Mamas out there…our littles, they grow soooo fast!!

  51. Adorable video…They are as sweet as can be. Thanks for the smile.

  52. Love the video & watching the girls interact with little brother. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them! You are an inspiration to many!!!!

  53. So precious. It has truly been a blessing to experience my 3 boys with their baby sister. She’s 7 months and she has brought things out of them that I had no idea were there. So glad that you are experiencing that with your beautiful kids!

  54. Heart=Full

  55. Beautiful! I was smiling the whole time. Thank you for sharing!

  56. This is such a sweet video! Thank you for sharing both it and the tutorial! So generous!

  57. Oh tears. This is beautiful.

  58. Oh my!! That has to be the sweetest video EVER!! Sisters have the LOVE down pat!!!

  59. I cried. That is all.

  60. So sweet…wonderful, precious memories….they will all enjoy watching that together in about twenty years :)

  61. just precious. so sweet. ( :

  62. Oh. My. Goodness! That video is beyond cute! Lainey is so good with Dash; I loved the one clip where she’s setting him down and how she cradles his head just so…

    Oh. My. Goodness. LOVE!!! :)

  63. What I love:

    -That last stripy shot of all 3.
    -The sock burglar
    -Little Mommy Lainey

    I missed scanning IG today thanks to work, so I am thrilled to hear about a lot of IG love.

  64. Your kids are ridiculously beautiful! Love the video.

  65. Love seeing big sisters in action… but little sock swiper stole my heart!


  67. Loved this! You inspire me to capture the smaller moments in my daughter’s life. Thank you.

  68. I seriously cried a tiny bit when watching that!! SOOOO CUTE AND makes me get all emotional watching those sisters with their lil’ bro!!! :)

  69. This is CRAZY cute. Love it. Can’t even believe how natural Lainey is with him!

  70. LOVE THAT VIDEO. And can’t wait to hug those kids. x

  71. You make me want to have another baby so my kids can be like yours. That was the sweetest video ever. I loved it. Thanks for sharing the love and joy.

  72. Kelle. I had a horrible, horrible day today. And seeing this video…the love of siblings. Just made it my heart swell. Thank you for sharing.

  73. Oh, this is such a lovely video.

    You and Brett created a family, a built-in team of support and friendship and love. The way Lainey and Nella look after Dash now is the way they will all look after one another as they grow up; there will always be someone (or someones!) who will need more support than another at any given time, and they will always be there to provide it for one another.

    So many smiles, so much love.

  74. Dude! “I love LOVE”… that is my saying. You’re the only other person I know who says that. Just sayin’.

  75. Your family is so beautiful. I loved Lainey being so grown up with her brother and when Nella was snuggling him it melted my heart. Too cute.

  76. and the video – melt my heart!

  77. Favorite post on any blog I’ve ever read. Ever. Keep doing what you do sweet lady- we’re inspired!

  78. Oh this could not be sweeter!

  79. Beautiful sibling love. :)

  80. I love watching this love video!!! And I love how Dash was lying over Lainey’s legs while she was reading to him. such a cute video Kelle.

  81. For real? That was the cutest video! My oldest is a couple months younger than Lainey and she would love a real live baby to take care of. I think we are done with 2. Although seeing little Dash makes me reconsider…

  82. So neat to see the love that is only understood by siblings. My twin girls are just a little younger than Lainey and I can see so much of them when they are loving their bothers & sisters (quadruplets). It is such a neat experience for them to be little mommies even if at times they want to help a little too much! You have a very beautiful family and have been so blessed.

    Also wondering what you use when videoing; camcorder or phone? I have a camcorder but it is not anywhere as clear as yours so wondering if I need to start using my phone. Thank you so much.

  83. If Lainey doesn’t have “mama blood” flowing through her veins, then I don’t know who does. And Nella, just wanting to kiss Dash and hold his hand <3

  84. That was the sweetest video ever! Those girls really love him and it shows!

  85. That was awesome. Just delivered my baby girl and seeing this excites me to get her home to her almost 3yr old brother :-)))
    PS can we see a video of Nella talking to him or saying Dash? Pppuuuurrrrrdy please?? 😉

  86. Omg I am now cluckier than ever!! I hope my girls would be this loving if they ever get a little brother or sister! What an amazing great love! No wonder your heart is so full!

  87. LOVE Nella’s kissy faces.

    Let me know if there’ll be a paperback available in Australia- I will happily send to an Australian reader xx

  88. Ooooooh just had a thought, I KNOW someone who owns a boutique bookshop here in Melbourne- let me know if you’re looking for an Australian retailer and I can put you guys in touch??

  89. I think your video has got dust in it…. I’ve got tears in my eyes…. 😉 OMG! How delightful that was. Thank you for sharing. Jude.x

  90. So beautiful. I am just addicted to seeing siblings and how their bond grows (probably has something to do with having a second baby!!!) but I just find their relationships fascinating. Your little man is so lucky to have two such doting sisters. X

  91. Me too! Lots of happy tears!
    I loved so much in that little clip! Especially Lainey letting Dash suckle her finger, so soothing. And reading to him. Oh, melt! She is such a little mother!
    And Nella having a snuggle! Gorgeous.
    That was just precious…..
    Thankyou x

  92. just melt my heart. lainey is so big! and nella, oh, she is just the cutest sister ever. dash is a lucky guy, no doubt. :)

  93. That video was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. There is so much love between your children and it shows!

  94. Beautiful video!!! I love the love that’s oozing out of Lainey and Nella!

    I’ve just bundled up my copy of Bloom for a fellow UK etst lover! I had an extra springy spring in my step this morning as the girl I’m sending it to and I emailed back and forth. Thank you Kelle for filling the world with so much love and beauty that it over spill into all of us. I am imagining your beautiful books flapping their wings and flying between loving homes to enjoy your inspirational words and photos.

    Oh…and I’ve just pre-ordered the paperback version as I can’t bear to miss out on the extras ;)was tempted to order 8 so I could get a skype chat with you but that seemed a little stalkeresque 😉

    Andrea x

  95. That video is priceless, such a treasure you will always love. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  96. Long time reader, first time commenting. This video is precious. Makes me want another baby for my two girls to love on. :) So beautiful the way they love him.

  97. I may or may not have cried watching that video.
    I don’t know how you can get through a day without crying.
    This is why I shouldn’t have kids. I’d be a hot crying mess every time I see them interact or touch each other.

  98. WOW! That was so beautiful! It made my day! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family. ♥ ♥ ♥

  99. Wow. Just wow. Everything you do/post/capture/share touches my heart. But THIS…Might be one of the MOST amazing videos I have ever seen. You can absolutely feel the love and tenderness JUMP off of the screen. Your children are beautiful and are a reflection of the love, patience, nurturing and levity you clearly bring into their lives. LOVE.

  100. Kelle, I love this. Love. ANd thank you so much for putting your life in this happy perspective of appreciation while keeping it so real. I am so glad that you share so much of your family with us!

  101. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are no words to express the LOVE in that video!

  102. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  103. This video is so perfect – I watched it twice and I can guarantee I’ll come back and watch it again later. The love is palpable. It oozes out of every pore in your kids. Lainey and Nella are SO GREAT with Dash. He is definitely going to adore them like they adore him now.

  104. Made my day :-) Thanks for sharing your littles!

  105. such a sweet video of your precious kiddos. seriously brought tears to my eyes as i await the birth of my sweet baby girl, making my little guy a big brother. i cannot wait! xo

  106. Beautiful…. and it made me cry (in a good way!)

  107. I have an extra copy of the book coming to me and would love to send it to someone. Kelle, can you coordinate?

  108. One of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen! I adore those girls!

  109. Wow, it was really magical watching your children interact with each other. That Lainey… she is just like her momma, isn’t she? :-)

  110. Gosh, you have THE sweetest children ever. I love them. :)

  111. LOVE this video!! You have the most amazing family. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  112. love and adore the video. you are so blessed, mama. xoxo

  113. This made my day. I had to share it on Facebook. Nella seems so gentle with him (Lainey, too). I especially love when she removes his socks :-)

  114. I absolutely love the video! Your girls are so sweet to their adorable baby brother. I especially loved Nelly laying with him. My bigger guy definitely loved on his little brother, but it was never that gentle or patient. What a great time– so glad you are enjoying every moment.

  115. Oh Kelle, you are one wonderful mama! I love that you let your girls just love their little brother. Lainey is a supremely good sister (we knew that already) and Dash laying across her lap for a story is amazing. Nella & Dash in the crib is just priceless. What a lucky, lucky little boy to have this much love. Thank you again for sharing them with us! xo SarahLICMom

  116. I am in tears! Oh Kelle, your family is so beautiful! That baby is so loved!!! Nella and Lainey are the perfect big sisters for the job! Congrats on being a fabulous mother! And Congrats to Brett for being an amazing father! You are ALL so blessed!

  117. What a great video. I think my favorite was Nella just chillin with him holding his hand in the crib. Melt my heart… can tell Lainey just mothers him. Oh and Lainey reading a book while he was laid across her chest. She is just such a little Momma. So precious.

  118. Absolutely precious! He is so beautiful! And, if it’s possible, his sisters grow more lovely daily. :)

  119. Precious video. Love Nella’s big smoochie lips!

  120. That video is so precious! Those girls love that little boy like no other. They are both going to be exceptionally great sisters, just like there exceptional mommy!

  121. Kelle…I could watch that video over and over again. Thank you for sharing. It’s one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. You are so blessed. xo Kris

  122. Oh my goodness, that has to be the sweetest video ever. Lainey is such a “mommy” to him, so sweet to see. And Nella…oh I loved she she took his socks off…I used to catch my daughter doing the same thing to her sister when she was a baby! LOVED IT!

  123. Love it. Made my whole week to watch. the kiddos are blooming and growing like tumbleweeds!!! Lainey…such a little mama! I know you are enjoying this time….

  124. oh my….too cute!!!!!!

  125. OMG – ‘nough said.

  126. Lainey!!!!!!!!! Little mama, SO cute!

  127. That video…I have no words.

  128. THIS is what we’ve been waiting for. This is love. Wow. Your little man is so loved on. Thank you for sharing. Brings back wonderful memories (and my babe is only 9 months old, but his being so bitty feels like ages ago already!).

  129. How blessed you are Kelle! Also I love “The Kissing Hand” book! Makes me cry everytime!

  130. Awww your kids are such naturals! I’m 29 and don’t even feel that comfortable around children :)

  131. love, love springs from your little girls ….so sweet.

  132. This is hard core, deep down to your bones, tangible love right here!!!! Sweetest video ever!!!!!!


  134. That little video is make you cry beautiful! Thanks for the sunshine in my morning.


  135. Ahhhhh….sending you love from Idaho! I love those sister kisses!

  136. I just died. My ovaries hurt.

  137. oh my goodness. I am a loyal follower of your blog and IG but never really comment but I just had to this time! How precious your children are! I am the mother of 3 as well but 2 older boys (2 and 7) and a baby girl who is just 4 weeks older than Dash. It’s so funny to see how different your girls are than my boys! They love their sister but really could care less! lol. You have such little mamas! They are adorable. :)

  138. Is it possible for kids to be any more gorgeous? I’ll answer my own question: no, no it is not. Thanks for sharing. You are a good sharer. Phyl

  139. this is such a beautiful video. i literally teared up and am SO FREAKING EXCITED to see sibling love someday. (1 so far!).


    i also just wanted to say that when you were on your somewhat maternity leave hiatus and had guest sponsors, i so appreciated the post from claire bidwell. in a strange twist of fate, it was posted on the 17th anniversary of my mom’s passing and the first one i have spent as a mom. her words while different from what my own would be, broadened my view and helped. and any help in regards to that is appreciated. thank you for your generous heart and for bringing in JUST the right people.

    keep rocking it,

  140. STOP IT. :)

  141. Holy Moly! You woman, are the inspiration in my life! I read Nella Birth Story several months ago and have not been able to get enough of you guys since! You have completely and I mean COMPLETELY changed my entire perspective and life, for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your lives with us.

  142. Loved the video!! So adorable. Makes me want another little one!

  143. Your daughters are perfect little mamas!! Both look so in love with baby Dash. Congrats!!

  144. oh Kelle…Nella with Dash is just like ice cream on a hot summer day when you are on a diet…

  145. Kelle,

    So my oldest daughter Whitney (4) asked to watch The Incredbles today. We got to the part when ElastaGirl drives her son home from school, having just been sent to the principle’s office for “dashing” under the radar. And then she triple names him and says, “Dashel Robert Par… everyone is special.”

    Moments later I checked my blogger feed to find you’ve written a new post complete with a video of your handsome Mr Dash. I am taken aback by this coincidence.

    Your family is pretty special and incredible. Thank you for sharing your life with the world.

    – Erin

  146. Kelle! Beautiful video! Tears sprang to my eyes in the first 10 seconds! I love love too and I love this video. Happy day to you and all your loves!

  147. As I said when I posted a link to this on my FB page, pregnant women should not watch this video :) It was absolutely precious. As a mom expecting baby #2 in a few months, I loved watching the girls interact with their baby brother. They are both naturals. What a wonderful, loving environment, and what lucky kids (all 5 of them!).

  148. I love this blog! Your family reminds me of mine and all the reasons that life is beautiful and happy and full of love. Happy Easter! I just made Bunny Bark and wrapped it in terra cotta pots with blue cellophane and handmade tags while the kitchen is full of dirty dishes and the laundry depserately needs to be folded. :)
    My priorities are definatley in order.

  149. This video just made my heart melt. The love your girls have for their little brother is just beautiful to see. You have so captured that.

  150. Kelle! I loved every second of this video! I love Lainey burping Dash and Nella curling her legs around him on her bed. I just melted.. You’ve got such a wonderful family and I love that you share that with all of us. I have been reading your blog for over a year half and I talk about you and your family like your my next door neighbor! My husband thinks it hilarious. One day I hope to cross your path and meet your beautiful family but until then I enjoy your breathtaking pictures and your sweet words.

  151. They are such little mamas! I love how careful Lainey is to support his head while moving him from her shoulder to the bed- I don’t think I had that mastered until my first nephew was born! The love in the video is so tangible, it’s amazing.

  152. SUch a beautiful video! Lainey is such a little momma! They are so sweet with him. LOVE!

  153. Best video yet! Love your family.

  154. Love and family, it’s all that really matters :) Thank you for sharing.

  155. Greeting from new jersey! Thank you for sharing your angels with us. This video has made me smile all day. I’ve watched it way too many times. So precious. Your work is so well done. Xo

  156. Kelle….
    I am a bit behind on people’s Blogs at the moment–but not yours!!–I love, love, loved your video!! Too cute!! 😉
    Oh, and by the way? That quotation from “Bloom”? I underlined it–among most of the book!!–just thought you would like to know!! ;-D

  157. That video made my day! You’re raising great kids there, Miss Kelle! Much love!

  158. nella holding his hand in the crib is beautiful.

    what do you use for to take videos?

  159. Sweetest little video I’ve ever seen!

  160. Oh, my goodness! That video is precious!!! Beautiful babies!

  161. Oh man, that was priceless… He is so loved! Love your little family.


  162. STOP. IT. NOW. Upon viewing of said video, I stopped to offer prayers up to the Baby Jesus that my husband’s recent vasectomy was an epic fail.

  163. How blessed are we with children. I just love your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

  164. Oh jeez, that’s the sweetest little video!!

  165. LOVE the Video! So Beautiful! They love him so much. <3

  166. Beautiful video! So much love :)

  167. SO CUTE!!! I literally cracked up at reader Janita’s comment above hahaha!! Awesome

  168. Gotta say…brother is cute but Nella stole the show!!!

  169. OMG that is soooooooooo cute!! So gorgeous to see how they both love on him so much – I’m currently terrified of taking the plunge and trying for number 2, but this gives me lots more confidence :-)

  170. Adorable video!

  171. Oh my! Precious beyond words:) The way Lainey holds Dash’s little head as she puts him down on the bed is adorable! And Nella cuddling with him in her little bed melted me……..

    Susan from Boston

  172. That vid is priceless. My little girl (4 years old) is such a mum to her little brother (7 months old)…I loved the footage of Lainey burping Dash because my Cate did the same to our Emmett. I hope Dash is up for the love that is going to be dumped on him – his two sisters seem to be in raptures. Divine!

  173. What sweet girls you have, they love him so much!

  174. Can Dash look any more like you, Kelle?! :) Beautiful, beautiful video!

  175. Precious video!!! You have some pretty great big sisters helping you out!!! Little mommas!!

  176. So very sweet! What good little sisters <3

  177. Loved the video!! Makes my heart so excited for my first coming in August! :)

  178. I could and probably will watch this over and over – the love is clear to see, so sweet. He is going to be one spoiled little boy with those two beautiful girls to look after him.

  179. My heart just exploded. That IS love.

  180. Oh my goodness! I love your blog! This video made my heart smile!! Such a beautiful family and you are such an inspirational Mama. Thank you for blogging.

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  182. sweetest video EVER!! This has to be one the most precious things anyone has ever seen. The love they both have for him is beautiful. PS – Lainey looks just like you being a mama :)

  183. LOVE!!!!!!!! it and some more…..

  184. What an adorable video. It is so neat to capture sibling love.

  185. This is the sweetest video. Love.

  186. This video is perfect. So sweet it made me giggle.

  187. That video made my heart so happy :)

  188. That was the sweetest video ever. You have the most beautiful loving children. xoxoxoxo

  189. Omg, I’m crying and smiling all at once. What a PERFECT video!! So perfect and precious! And wow, those big sisters are GREAT big sisters!!!! Lainey is a natural….hands behind his neck and head… Amazing. And I love all Nella’s kisses. I want to kiss her! Thanks for sharing.

  190. I don’t normally comment, but I just wanted to say that that was the sweetest video I think I’ve ever seen.

  191. Oh my goodness. As if watching you go through pregnancy didn’t make me want a third baby enough…. I’m going to have to get on that.

  192. I love love love your video !!! So sweet, I got a little teary eyed !!! Such a beautiful family you have :) Made me smile today !!!!

  193. The video is SO, SO adorable!! I love the way that Nella loves babies. That made my heart smile!

  194. What a sweet video. Thank you for sharing.

  195. Hi Kelle, i never write. I just read and listen to your words and learn from your pictures. Tonight, i watched this video with my 3 year old. She has a 2 year old sister and a 7 week old broter. So she can relate to this baby kingdom we got going on. Anyway, she saw Nella and said, “aw!! is that his sister? Is she my friend?” I said, “Sure she can be your friend.” Then she asked, “Can i go to her house when the sun comes up?” She doesn’t understand that i can’t take her because we live in Arizona and Nella lives in Florida. So she said, “Ok, Daddy will take me then.” So beware, a very hard headed 3 year old along with her caving daddy might be showing up at your door. He can never say no. Love your video and your message.

  196. Love love love this video. I love the way your girls are loving on their little brother!

  197. Love love love this video. I love the way your girls are loving on their little brother!

  198. Ur video=awesomeness. Love doesn’t do it justice!!!!!!!

  199. Oh wow- what a perfect time for you to post this video… My husband and I are getting ready to try to get pregnant again after two miscarriages and this morning I convinced myself that if I am lucky enough to have a healthy pregnancy, I will not try to get pregnant again after that. And, then I saw the love between siblings in this video and realized how much I would love to have more than one baby and how much it will be worth it to try even if there is a little more heartbreak in the process. Thanks for giving such a sweet glimpse into your family and really thanks for helping me sort out something that I have been struggling with so much lately:)

  200. Thank you so much for your inspiring words and lessons. I have been a follower since I was 8 months pregnant and have read your blog eve since.

    Thank you for your tutorial on the video… I made one last night for the first time.

  201. Kelle, this is one of the very most beautiful things I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your family with us. You are all so beautiful, in so many ways.

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    Thanks for posting!!

  203. The video is precious! I love it!

    Happy Easter to you and your precious family. :)

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  205. I’ve played this video over and over…it’s such a gem! I just read this article on “People” and thought of Nella…the sky’s the limit. With so much unconditional love she will soar!,,20687013,00.html

  206. This video made my MONTH and it’s only April 1st. Don’t you think Nella and Dash have the same mouth? So precious! What perfect little mama-sisters he has :)

  207. Lovely video! My favorite part is when Nella took off his socks to see his little toes, I do that with newborns too Nella! Nothing beats baby toes!

  208. This is the sweetest. You have a beautiful family!

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  215. Lainey really is a little mama. Pure love between those three.

  216. I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful your family is. You are a truly blessed woman, which I’m sure you know. Three beautiful, happy & healthy children. I remember reading your story about Nella, many years ago. What an adorable little girl she has turned out to be. The video of them with your newest peanut is just too cute for words. I can only hope I have a family as gorgeous as yours one day. This is exactly what I picture in my mind when I hear the word family. Seriously my heart bursts with happiness just seeing these pictures/videos. One lucky lady you are!!! :)

  217. That video was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! What a beautiful & loving family you have.

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