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Welcome back to Blue Q, creator of the ultimate something-to-talk-about product.  With nifty little gifts from toiletries and magnets to environmentally friendly bags in every size and style, Blue Q puts their stamp on every product with their edgy prints, hilarious quotes and that unique something extra that has everyone asking “where the heck did you get that?”

 photo blog2_zps649ee267.jpg
How awesome is that Medical Supplies Messenger Bag?
 photo blog1_zps085e273f.jpg
Little Vintage Blue Cross Body Bag, perfect for a couple diapers, wipes and a cell phone.
Like their sassy wet wipes for your purse or car:

 photo print1_zps0e595083.jpg

Their hand sanitizer you’ll be eager to share:

 photo print7_zps184da99f.jpg

Or my favorite, their new line of hand creams for the most sophisticated of folks:

 photo print2_zpse7263b13.jpg

Honestly, when things feel a little up tight and far too serious in life, you need to have a little fun. Lighten up. Blue Q knows how to do it right.  And while they are certainly having a lot of fun at work designing and creating products, the folks at Blue Q are serious about important things like giving back.  Blue Q manufactures their products in environmentally responsible ways, supports the Nature Conservancy and employs a work force of disabled and non-disabled individuals working together.  See it happening here.

Having a rough day?  A trip to Blue Q’s site and a perusal (oh my God, it’s a real word–I thought I made it up for a second) of their product descriptions will be sure to make you smile. 


We’ll be back tomorrow for a real post.  Family on the mend. 

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