ETST: Weekend Giveaway, Popina

We’re bringin’ back the ‘ol phone dump to the blog.

Our latest favorite iPhone captures:

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We’re also reigniting last year’s routine of sharing some of the favorite small things you’re enjoying.  Hashtag your IG photos with #enjoyingthesmallthings, and I’ll choose some to share on the blog every week. 
This week’s #enjoyingthesmallthings moments captured:

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Two quick matters of “business” (slamming briefcase down on table and putting on my glasses):

*  With paperback release of Bloom, there’s a fun virtual blog tour going on.  You can check it out here.
*  I wrote about our expectations of perfection for our kids on Babble this week.  You can check it out here.

Meeting adjourned.  I’ll type up those minutes later.


And finally, a fun weekend giveaway, courtesy of Popina.

Popina Swimwear is back as an ETST sponsor just in time for the sunshine.  Anticipating pool parties, planning your summer vacay, dreading the horrors of swimsuit shopping?  Check out Popina.  I’ve been a Popina Swimwear lover for three years now, and their suits are all I wear.  A big fan of retro swimwear, I’ve found so many fun suits off their site that scream vintage travel poster.  I feel all Esther Williams, not to mention they fit like a dream.  Like give-your-butt-a-hug kind of dream.

 photo popina_zps409f99b6.jpg
Left: Jantzen Vamp, Right: The Retro Grace Suit

Popina offers a wide variety of Jantzen Swimwear, their Vamp solid suit (in red and black) a classic choice for the beach.  Add a big floppy hat and some Jackie O sunglasses, and you’re good to go.  These suits fit good and snug with a little bit of ruching to make them ultra flattering.   I order one size up for the perfect fit, as they tend to run a little small.

So, one of ya’ll is going to receive a new Popina swimsuit.  One comment will be randomly selected from this post (generated by and announced on Monday.  Popina Swimwear will ship winner’s swimsuit of choice from their site to the recipient.

To make it fun, tell me where you dream of wearing this suit–your ideal summer vacation.

Mine?  Hmmm.  I’m going to get crazy and say somewhere in the Greek Islands.  Family, sunshine, turquoise waters, cliffs in the background, plans for souvlaki for lunch.  A big blanket spread out in the sand, a stack of books, my camera, a blank journal and a good pen, a little music…and my Popina suit.  A girl can dream.


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  1. Your dream in the Greek Islands sounds like heaven right now. I may take my camera, paper, a good pen, and head to the waters of the Kentucky Lake and just lie in the bed of my truck for a while.
    It’s Saturday and the sun is shining!


  2. I would wear it on our vacation (which is coming up!) to Marthas Vineyard! We are leaving the kids and my husband and I are going! Aren’t we sooo Kennedy material (praise God for a great deal on a timeshare there!):)

  3. So glad the iphone photo dump has returned! Lovelovelove.

    I would wear my swimsuit on family vacays to the ozarks, which we go on every Labor Day weekend. Nothing like a red neck yacht club… :)

  4. I’m desperate to get out of this cold weather! Popina, please give me a suit and take me away to the Galapagos Islands! Margarita, adventurous hikes, relaxing beaches, my sexy husband who works too much, and a suit to make this Momma of two’s less-than-stellar body look so much better πŸ˜‰

  5. mmmm… yes. i will pack mine up to an all inclusive somewhere. where there is baby shushing at night and someone brings me umbrella laced drinks on a tray , and staffers are tasked with while watching my kids in the pool so they don’t drown and i can drifft off to sleep by the pool. we would then be fully rested for all sorts of family fun but there would be a tantrum relief staffer following us around that the offending child would be ejected to for the duration of said tantrum. that’s my version of ‘all inclusive’. somehow i think it only exists in these here comments.;)

  6. after the winter we’ve had in central illinois, i would go anywhere with a beach and warm temps!

  7. Ooooo I would love to wear a Pompina suit to my dream vacation in the French Polynesian Islands in a hut over the water. I love the beach, but there is something dreamy about a hut over the water.

  8. We are going to Destin in six short weeks and I would love one of these darling suits. Thanks!

  9. Me? Bathing suit? Where would I wear it? Hahahaha – you must be joking. I’d wear it behind closed doors, with no door, lock in place. LOVE your blog.

  10. I’d wear my suit at St Bart’s on my yacht! Dreaming big today!

  11. I’m not sure I could come up with a better description than yours! But I’d take even a simple vacation, if we could afford one this year. Just to see the ocean would be a dream!

  12. I would wear it on a beach in Jamaica!! My husband and I went there last year and it was AMAZING! I’m SO ready to go back!!

  13. I’ve for the longest time wanted to go to some beautiful Italian place where I have this lovely house overlooking the ocean with gorgeous plants and surroundings and a quick walk down to the water. Maybe in a million years, haha.
    Pregnant right now, but I’ve found that something about being pregnant makes me want to go buy a swimsuit(which I haven’t done for like, 8 years. o.O), perhaps the fact that I don’t have a traditional swim suit figure makes me doubly yearn for one? At any rate, I always love your suits when you happen to post beach pics. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I love your swimsuits and it would be fantastic to win one! Hmmm, ideal vacation? I’m thinking Hawaii!

  15. On a white sand beach anywhere warm, you know.. like the South of France. :) It is still so cold here and I am dreaming of summer!

    So excited for the return of the phone dump! :)

  16. I’d love me some Caribbean fun in a suit like that — a little St Martin sun, sand, and a cold caribe beer with my loves.

  17. Ooh, that’s a hard one as there are so many places I’d like to go. I think the top of the list is to go visit my BFF in Australia, though I’d wait until our winter so it was her summer as she lives right by the beach!

  18. I would wear it on my first beach trip with baby!!

  19. Yeah, so excited!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win!!

  20. I’d like to wear it to any beach with white sand and turquoise water!!

  21. Wearing my new Popina on my dream vacay? You bet. Cali, here I come, ready or not. Love, love, love Monterey. I can see it now, checking out sea urchins and starfish in tidal pools. Yep. Imma gonna do it.

  22. I would love to wear a new Popina suit in Bora Bora. We honeymooned there and now it feels like a lifetime ago (only 3 years) and 2 babies later!

    Also, I’m halfway through Bloom and hate having to put it down!

  23. i’m gonna be realistic and say…I will wear this suit chasing my crazy kids around the beach two days a week. oh and in disney! :)

  24. I’d *love* to go back to Nachi Cocum Beach Club in Cozumel. We were only able to spend a few hours there last time we went (we were with a cruise), but it was so nice. There were only a few other couples, a beautiful view, plus all you-can eat Mexican food and all you can drink margaritas…my heaven on earth LOL! I’d love to spend a whole week there! Thanks for the giveaway! I love retro swimsuits.

  25. So many places I would love to chose, but I think I would chose some east coast or southern location. Big porches, drinking homemade lemonade out of mason jars, jumping off a dock into a lake, catching fireflies with my kids, staying up late and lazy mornings.

  26. Yesss!!! I would go to panama :)

  27. I dream of wearing this suit on isla Roatan, our favorite island. Can’t wait for my little to experience it with us

  28. Doing the math:

    Perfect suit + Perfect book + Perfect beach (Oak Island) = Perfect vacation!!!

  29. So glad you brought back photo dump! Love every little pic, they all make me smile :-) love that bathing suit, too!!

  30. I would love to wear the swimsuit while vacationing in Hawaii……that’s wishfully thinking. But I’d be happy going camping for a weekend here in WI :) I love your blog and find it very inspirational and motivational!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  31. Beautiful swimsuits! I haven’t been in one since I had my baby a year ago. I think I’ll be ready this summer, especially with a cute new suit!! ;). Dreaming of a vacation to Belize! I just saw pics of its beautiful beaches and it seems like such a fun and gorgeous place to visit!

  32. I haven’t been on a real vacation in over 6 years since my first child was born but I have always dreamed of a warm vacation in Tahiti in a hut with a glass floor over the ocean…..someday hopefully!

  33. I would love to wear my swimsuit at the warm beaches in Hawaii. I would actually look feminine and pretty lounging in one holding my baby, while the rest of my boys run around me, making sand castles and having a blast!

  34. Any beach will do! A swimsuit vacation would be dreamy right now.

  35. I’d head to Santorini! I’ve always wanted to go there. Yay for the photo dump coming back to etst.

  36. I would love to wear this suit on a beach in Hawaii

  37. Love the swimsuits! I am preparing a move across country from Georgia to Hawaii to be with my love. One of these bathing suits would be perfect for the North Shore of Oahu! It might even make it to Waikiki Beach a time or two…

  38. I love how the swimsuit looks on you, and maybe, just maybe id jump in the fridgid waters here in sweden if i had one? :) i never win anything, but here’s to trying!!

  39. I would love to wear it on my honeymoon. I love these suits!

  40. Myrtle Beach with my family!

  41. So many things I’m enjoying. Like the last blizzards of this year…hopefully. Also, enjoying my daydreams of beer and patios.

  42. My dream vacation right now is Cape Town, South Africa. I can picture myself there right now wearing one of these bathing suits… ahhh…..

  43. I could soooo use a new suit, especially a cute one piece after having a baby a few weeks ago. Won’t be wearing bikinis anytime soon. Or ever.

    I’d wear it in Jamaica while holding a fruity drink, listening to reggae and burying my feet in the warm sand. Sounds wonderful!

  44. They are so cute! We would take a family vacation to maine and visit with my husbands family. Oh, on the beach with a lobster roll in hand! Need some extra rouching in the tummy area if i am goung to indulge in one of those. :)

  45. I dream on wearing the suit at GreatWolf Lodge lol. I havent bought a swimsuit in over 10 years. I either made due with what I had. Then I put on weight to the point where I was to uncomfortable to wear a suit.
    Since then I got married, preg and gave birth to twin girls.
    My girls will be 2.5 years old in June and we think its time to take them to a place that is filled with fun!
    Ive lost 70lbs, and I think what better way to celebrate my new improved body then to wear a great suit and play in the water fun with my family :)

  46. On the Westcoast in Canada on an island called Savory. Nice remote location with white sand beaches, nothing to do but lounge, ride bikes and play board games in the evenings

  47. Love the vintage look! Would be perfect for 4th of July in Maine, a little throwback Americana on the rocky coast before sunsets, cocktails, lobsters and blueberry pie.

  48. I’d wear mine to Bora Bora! A week long getaway with the hubs in an overwater bunglaow, a fantastic book in one hand, and a fruit alcohol filled drink in the other. Ahhh yes!

  49. They are so cute! We would take a family vacation to maine and visit with my husbands family. Oh, on the beach with a lobster roll in hand! Need some extra rouching in the tummy area if i am goung to indulge in one of those. :)

  50. but where id love to wear the suit would have to be in greece, xalkidiki to be exact! my dad is greek so every summer used to be spent somewhere in greece, either or the islands or on the mainland. and now im married to a greek canadian, and living in sweden. too bad he is a football player, and they are in season all through summer so no beautiful greek summers for us anymore :)

  51. I love these swimsuits too! My answer is simple this year for where I would want to wear a swimsuit, I just want to be somewhere with my husband where I could wear a swimsuit. 2013 has started out really rough for us, he has been in and out of the hospital with multiple surgeries since 2013 began and we just want to go to a beach and spend some quality time together after he’s completely healed :)

  52. I would love to wear my new swimsuit in Maui for my 10 year wedding anniversary :)

  53. I dream of wearing this swim suit in Santa Cruz, California. It’s near where I grew up, so not a huge dream, but I miss the beach desperately and would love an excuse to show off a new swim suit!

  54. Anywhere where the it’s warm enough to swim, but not too hot at all :).

  55. I would love to have one of theses suits to take to Costa Rica when hubby and I renew our vows on 14-02-14!

  56. I would wear it to Hilton Head Island!

  57. The Outer Banks, North Carolina. Or Ireland in the Summer. I love the cut of these suits. Makes a momma feel better about her curves!

  58. I’m glad you brought back the phone dump! It’s so much fun!!

    I could use a flattering suit this summer for the first beach vacation we have planned just a month and a half after I’m due with baby girl! The whole family spending a week together and enjoying the brand new first grand baby :)

  59. Well, since I’m moving to Ecuador in May, I’d like to show off one of those little numbers in the Galapagos!

  60. Florida! Just sitting by the ocean and collecting shells.

  61. Florida! Just sitting by the ocean and collecting shells.

  62. Yay for the return of the Photo Dump :)
    My ideal vacation? Gosh, it’s been so long since I had one! It would have to be the Carribean. sun, sea, sand & clear blue water. A cool drink, my husband, my son running around. You’re right, a girl can dream :)

  63. I would wear it this summer on the French beaches when I’ll be reunited with my lover <3
    Love your blog Kelle!

  64. Any warm secluded beach with my hubs and three kiddos. :)

  65. These are adorable! They are so ‘you’! I would love to try one out this summer :)

  66. Mauritius

  67. i adore your I photos!!

    love the popina swimsuits!

    i would wear mine on the beaches of Australia,man i want to go there so badly :)

  68. Your blog is hands-down my favorite! Your children are as beautiful as the words you write about them! :) I’d love to wear that suit by the pool this summer in the hot and humid St. Louis climate!

  69. Mauritius

  70. My ideal vacation spot would have to be Sea Island. The Golden Isles of Georgia don’t get a lot of love because they aren’t flashy like the Gulf, but the small town, old world beach resort feel makes me so very nostalgic and happy.

  71. I’d wear it on Lake Michigan. Love it!! Love your blog too. Check out mine at

  72. We are going to the Bahamas this summer and I have just lost some weight and looking forward to feeling fit and happy in my swimsuit this summer! Love the vintage look of these suits.

  73. I would love to wear one of these cute suits with my two little on a beach in Hawaii!

  74. I’d have to say somewhere in Italy! Been dreaming about Italy for a long long time.

  75. I would love it to wear to the YWCA for swim lessons for my baby girl. My dream would be to wear on the beaches of Maui.

  76. Any beach would be a welcomed vacation. Utah weather is getting me down

  77. I live on the beautiful coast of Maine and would *live* in one of these suits this summer!
    Dream vacation? Costa Rica, baby.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. I’d be off to the Riviera Maya! With my suit, a few stashed Dr. Peppers (they’re difficult to find in Mexico!), a beach bag full of books, and a pair of dancing shoes. After a long day at the beach, I love when the husband takes me dancing at the discoteca!

  80. Woohoo! Great giveaway! Perfect timing for the warmer weather that has FINALLY decided to arrive here in Pennsylvania :0)

    – jen

  81. Super cute! Would love one of these!

  82. I’d love to be on a boat somewhere in the Eastern Caribbean with my camera, a snorkel and a free pass to pull up to whatever beach I fancy at the moment. I’m feeling relaxed already!

  83. My dream place to wear the cute suit: on Sugar Island 90+ degree day, a stack a books with a few magazines sprinkled in there, a cabana boy refilling my ice tea, hot sand between my polished toes and the sound of the waves crashing into the shore.

  84. Key West, my hometown. There is no place better.

  85. Lido Beach, a good book, snapping photos of my trio of cuties, wearing a rocking new swimsuit! Yes, I believe that’s my dream vacation. :)

  86. wonderful!!! i will wear it on Florianopolis, Brasil! yeah!!!!!!

  87. I would lounge around the Florida keys. Or Costa Rica. Or southern Spain…too many choices!

  88. My husband and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. We never really had a honeymoon and I would live to wear the suit in some exotic location for a “anniversary moon”.

  89. I would like to be laying on the beach in North Carolina.

  90. Hawaii! Hoping to go next summer!

  91. My husband and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. We never really had a honeymoon and I would live to wear the suit in some exotic location for a “anniversary moon”.

  92. I’d wear it on my upcoming vacay to Sanibel Island in Florida! Being from Québec, Canada…I can’t wait for some beach and sun!

  93. I could come up with a number of places I’d wear some Popina, Greece would be wonderful, South America lovely, and lookGrayton always makes me happy. However, I’m mostly looking forward to my friend Mel’s backyard saltwater pool, fifteen minutes away from home, surrounds by friends or popping in for a solo swim afterwork, it’s a Crestwood Oasis.

  94. If I can dream big, I’d be wearing it on some gorgeous beach in Italy, maybe to explore the famous Blue Grotto. I’d settle for Italy though! In reality I’ll just be going to the pool or a local beach, but at least I’d feel fancy doing it!

  95. Sanibel Island, Florida

    Is the yellow one available?

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. I’d wear a new suit on a vacation with just my hubby and I (sans the 3 kids) on a trip to Grand Turk. :-) It may only be in my dreams…but it feels so good to dream!

  98. I would definitely wear my Popina while visiting my other home on the island of Crete AND Kelle you guys are welcome anytime!

  99. hmm my dream vacay is definatly the greek islands as well. specifically Santorini :)

  100. I’m ready to go back to Hawaii again and wear this suit! Such precious pictures!

  101. I have been on the search for a wonderful, sexy swimsuit to cover up this baby gut (baby girl is 2 weeks old!) I would love to go somewhere exotic one day, where the water is crystal clear and blue, the sun is HOT and the drinks are never ending! I can day dream….

  102. I would love to wear it on vacation next month! Caribbean here I come!

  103. I’d were my beautiful suit on the beach in the Mediterranean of France!

  104. I just want to go to the beach, any beach will do (I’m in Utah) TODAY with my best friend who was just diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Would love one of these beautiful suits.

  105. Even tho i love any beach, and have worn my suit to many dreamy places, MY true dream vacation will always be the beaches of Michigan where i live; especially Grand Haven. To ride the clean clear salt-free waves with my babies is what makes life great. Happy Swimming!! {LOVE these Pompina suits!!}

  106. My Lake Michigan visits this summer NEED a Popina suit!

    Also, I am in love with Dash’s sloth shirt!

  107. Puerto Rico…but in reality, I think it will see the cold waters of Newfound Lake (NH). I’ve been busting my tail in the gym to lose the baby weight by summer. A cute swim suit will be the perfect reward!

  108. I would love to wear it on the beach next summer!

  109. I’d love to wear one while celebrating our anniversary next year in the Bahamas!


  110. I’m not picky. Some place with sun, water and a boat.

  111. Love the swimsuits and as always, your posts.

  112. I’m not picky. Some place with sun, water and a boat.

  113. I dream of wearing one of these pretty suits – can I say I prefer one piece suits now – sitting on the beach bay side in Key Largo. It’s the perfect relaxation getaway and we haven’t had one in a long while! :)

  114. I would love to return to my honeymoon spot in the Bahamas!

  115. Oh I would love to wear these lovely swim suits in the beaches of my home country, Philippines. Or in Europe! Oh a girl can dream!

  116. Maldives, hands down. Legs dangling off the pier outside one of those little huts out over the water… Mmmmmm…

  117. I would love to relax on the warm sandy beaches in Hawaii!

  118. I am going on my honeymoon in Las Vegas in 2.5 months, and I am still on the hunt for some cute swimsuits! One of these would be great!!

  119. Dream? I’d be wearing that suit on an island, sans kids, fruity drink with an umbrella in hand, lying in a hammock tied between two palms, a stack of books and just read, sun, nap, repeat.

  120. Everytime you post about Popina suits, I want to buy one. I dream of wearing one on Maui!

  121. I would love to take my popina swimsuit back in time. To simpler ways of living. Back to friends who have moved on either from this world or simply to another stage in their own lives. I imagine us all back on the gorgeous white sandy beaches of Pensacola having a cook out, watching the dolphins, and enjoying each other once again.

  122. My sister is living on the North Shore in Massachusetts and I’d love to take my babies up there (all the way from Oklahoma) and spend a few weeks letting them play with their cousins on those beautiful beaches!

  123. I’ve always loved these suits in your pictures! We are expecting our first baby in 2 weeks!! So our summer vacation plans are a little different than years in the past, but if I’m dreaming, I would say any carribean beach with a frozen cocktail in my hand!

  124. The Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Bora Bora…the list goes on and on πŸ˜‰

  125. I’m actually going to Hawaii in June! I’d LOVE to have one of these beauties to take along!

  126. I would Love to wear it in Tahiti!

  127. I would wear the butter yellow to Turks and Caicos. Yummy!!! Dreaming BIG today!

  128. Thailand!!!! Really though, anywhere would do…WI winter does not seem to be letting up anytime soon!

  129. What delicious suits!! And I say delicious because who doesn’t like to feel absolutely delectable in a good suit?! My dream spot right now would be an Isle in the south of France, with crystal beaches, sunshine, beautiful accents and plates of bread and cheeses!! :) Cheers to the weekend!

    ~Tabitha Blue

  130. I would take my hubby and little man to South Carolina to see my brother. I would stay at one of the beautiful pastel colored homes, sit on the porch in the afternoons and play at the beach during the day! I could use a new suit to cover my new “mommy tummy”!

  131. I would really love to go any where that has a beach house with not too many people around. Relaxing and quiet :)

  132. I would love to relive my honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta! Pick me!!

  133. Wish I had somewhere exotic to wear such a great swimsuit but likely I’d be wearing it on our vacation to Ontario this summer with my kiddos.

  134. I’d LOVE to wear it anywhere that is WARMER than Minnesota has been for the last 6 months. I’d love to see Florida. I’d also love Hawaii and really just anywhere warm. I’m pretty easy to please.

  135. Absolutely Greece, but that is a big dream. It is on my bucket list and I’m determined to make it happen someday!!

  136. This comment has been removed by the author.

  137. Love the photos!

    And definitely love the suits!! I’d love to wear it relaxing on the beach in Tahiti!!

  138. A kiddie pool in our backyard, hopefully on the property we are trying to buy. We travel a lot during the year. The summer is beautiful where we live (Wisconsin), so I dream of being home in summer :)

  139. This sounds super boring in comparison to where I could go with this… I’m from TN, but going to school in Tampa, FL. Where I would love to wear a Popina bathing suit is at any beach, it doesn’t matter where, on a day trip with my best girls. Because I could be at the most beautiful beach in thw world, and if they weren’t there, it just wouldn’t be worth it.

  140. If I was to wear this suit on my dream vacation it would be on the West Coast in Southern California by the ocean where I would take my best friend, a camera, a towel, sunscreen (for the protection of this Michigan white chick’s pale skin), a pen and a journal, a good read, and sunglasses. Forget the bikini-give me that retro style. :) Love your blog and popina.

  141. Kinda boring, but I am always happiest at Lake Havasu, NV.

  142. Super cute suits! My ideal summer vacation would be in my backyard with my family around, playing in the pool. And maybe a trip to Ocean City, NJ in the mix.
    Of course, if money weren’t an obstacle, I would probably enjoy the Greek islands, or Hawaii. :o)

  143. Hmmm, dream place to wear it…..that’s tricky. I’d have to say somewhere like Bali, heck I live in Western Washington, anywhere with crystal clear water and SUN.

  144. I would love to wear my popina swimsuit while staying in an overwater bungalow in Fiji! Just need my husband, a few good books, and some fruity cocktails :)

  145. I’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora. A girl can dream, right? :)

  146. I would love to win one of these suits! My dream vacation is pretty realistic…I just don’t think I can make it happen this year. My almost 3 year old son has been to the beach in Florida the past two years and it’s still all he can talk about. I had a baby girl at the very end of December and used all my vacation time for this year for my maternity leave…so a big vacation is not going to happen this year. I would love to take him to the beach even in Michigan since we live in the Midwest and also to have baby beach pictures for my daughter like we had done for my son!

  147. I’d wear it in Maui — my favorite island — with my hunk of a husband by my side.

  148. Right now, I would just be happy wearing a cute swimsuit in summer weather period! Winter still has a grip on southern Saskatchewan and I’m craving all things summer!

  149. I would love to rock a Popina swimsuit to a sandy location that can only be visited by plane so my biggest little one can fulfill her dream of being on an airplane….anywhere with my two little ones is a dream vacation…sunshine, water and sand is all we need!!!!

  150. I would wear my suit to the Cayman Islands, snorkeling and teaching my daughter how to swim, taking it easy. That sounds like heaven compared to my hectic lifestyle !

  151. I would wear a new swimsuit in some good California sun!

  152. In my dreams I’m wearing that suit on a beach in the south of France with Alexander Skarsgard by my side. I like to dream big.

  153. I’ve always wanted a Popina Bathing Suit!
    I’m seeing myself wearing it in the backyard, swimming with our future kids! :)

  154. I think I would say the Bahamas, the beautiful water, warm sunshine and colorful building, I could spend time on the beach reading or swimming or out walking around taking picture…I think I am in need of a little sunshine.

  155. I would wear my swimsuit to a Carribean island. I haven’t decided which one yet :)

  156. I would love to have a new swimsuit to wear to my favorite spot, backyard with my kids splashing in the kiddie pool!

  157. Grand Haven, Michigan. Definitely. :)

  158. So cute! Dream vacation would be back to Hawaii! In reality, if I win, it will be worn at the Jersey shore this summer. :)

  159. Bora Bora with my husband for our 10 year anniversary!

  160. This may sound funny to some, but my dream vacation will take place in my backyard this year. We moved a year ago from a house with a pool to a house without a pool. We missed our pool so much last summer (we live in AZ, where having a pool in the summer really makes being outside with your kids a possibility) that we have decided to build a pool. It is in process- my backyard is a mess- but I can’t wait to be in my backyard, with my kiddos, lovely beverage in hand, relaxing and spending time as a family!

  161. I’d wear it on vacation in Hawaii!

  162. Oh I need a new swimsuit like you don’t even know! At this point since we have snow falling today, I’d take any beach anywhere!

  163. I’m dreaming of heading back to the Virgin Islands where we spent our honeymoon last summer. A quiet beach and a fruity drink would be perfect right about now!

  164. Hubby and I honeymooned on the beautiful and tranquil North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Dreams to return– in Popina swimwear! :)

  165. I’m not much of a swim suit fan since I had my two girls but I’m learning to be more comfortable in my own skin.

    We recently moved from Daytona Beach, FL to O Fallon, IL.

    I’d love to go back and relax with some family I haven’t seen in a while. Nothing too extreme, but special to us :)

  166. I would so rock this at Hollywood beach Florida, visiting my daughters grand daddy … I wish

  167. I dream f wearing a super chic swimsuit at any beach resort that requires airline tickets. Accompanied by my lovely two daughters and handsome husband. However, if I do win, I’ll probably be wearing it to our annual beach camping trip. And that’s ok too.

  168. Thanks for the chance to win! Where I’d wear mine: Me and the hubby, sans kids, lounging outside our bungalow on the sun-drenched cliffs of Negril, Jamaica at the Rockhouse Hotel where we eloped 8 years ago. Little piece of heaven on earth.

  169. My dream location for a new suit would be Mexico. Chilling by the pool/ocean, drink in hand, half awake, half asleep – just wasting time!

  170. Looove Popina swimsuits :)
    I’m thinking about wearing one of them on a beautiful seaside, between splashes of light and shadow…
    The sound of the waves in my ears, the feeling of wind on my skin.
    Then maybe have a nice drink with feet in the sand watching the sun dipping in the sea. I love summer sunsets <3

    Thank you Kelle, have a wonderful weekend :)

  171. I would wear the swimsuit on our vacation this summer. My husband and I are taking our first trip away from the kids to celebrate five years of marriage. Somewhere warm with a beach sounds wonderful since we’ve been buried in snow and cold temps all winter. I’d love Florida or California.

  172. I would wear the swimsuit on our vacation this summer. My husband and I are taking our first trip away from the kids to celebrate five years of marriage. Somewhere warm with a beach sounds wonderful since we’ve been buried in snow and cold temps all winter. I’d love Florida or California.

  173. Somewhere very tropical and exotic like Figi!

  174. I’d love to wear it on ANY beach, really, holding a mojito in one hand, a good book in the other, soaking up the sun. But, realistically, I’d be wearing it in my backyard on an old, worn sun chair “lifeguarding” my two littles in their blowup pool.

  175. Love the iPhone dump!

    I have been dreaming of Hawaii and Mexico lately. But for a summer vacation, I wouldn’t mind a cabin on a lake with lots of sun and cold drinks. And no bugs. (a girl can dream, right?)

  176. My ideal place to wear one of these gorgeous suits? Anywhere! Well, anywhere that it is deemed appropriate to wear swimwear, that is. πŸ˜‰

  177. It’s a bit in the future, but I would wear one of these fabulous swim suits in Bali Indonesia in 2016 – there’s going to be a total solar eclipse visible there so I’ve been planning to do that trip for years!

  178. Dear Kelle,
    Perfect Summer prep giveaway, Thank you! Popina suits are the stuff dreams are made of… unless you only have the kind of dreams where you show up at school/office/beach naked! Popina would certainly improve those experiences! ;P

    Ummm… vacation… We are in sun deprived NE so anywhere with warmth and green would be fabulous. We love Puerto Rico where we have some family so maybe I’d choose there. The food, the friendliness, the beaches, the fascinating culture and history. Yum!

    Thanks again, Kelle,
    Raimie Lu

  179. My dream spot would be playa de mujeres(in Mexico, about half an hour from Cancun). My hubby and I went there on our honeymoon in 2011. We are planning to start a family soon and thinking of planning a babymoon. Playa de mujeres will be the spot we enjoy! :)

  180. If I win, I will wear the desperately needed bathing suit on a girls/kids vacation with my bestie (somewhere in FL in early June) and then again in July on the family vacation which will be a DISNEY CRUISE!! I want to be the most stylish mama there. Love your blog!! I work with special kids in middle school and the ds kids are a fave! They are so sweet but stubborn. We work on life skills and have a ton of fun in our room! Peace, love and harmony is our motto….

  181. Would love to win a suit! I dream of wearing it on our extended family’s beach trip in July, probably to coastal Carolina (location TBA)!

  182. Anywhere warm with beautiful blue ocean stretching on forever . . . plus one of those huts on stilts in the water . . . ah!

  183. I would wear my new Popina suit to our first vacation in Florida this year with the family….celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary! Excited just thinking about it :)

  184. My kids have been begging me to take them to the beach. Sadly, only my oldest has been. I’d love to take them this summer…any beach would thrill them and thus thrill me!

  185. I would rock that Popina suit on or trip to Yellowstone in August!

    Love that photo of Dash smiling. :)


  186. Being in Greece sounds like a dream vacation, I could only imagine a family vacation there. My dream beach vacation would be Europe in crystal clear waters enjoying the amazing view with my camera in hand to take pictures of the amazing view and those little family moments :)

  187. Popina, yes! I’d love to take mine to Spain, although we leave on Wednesday, so let’s dream up another vacation… mmm yes, Hawaii. Definetly Hawaii.

  188. I’m dying for one of these suits. I would love to go back to the Zoetry resort in Mexico where my husband and I honeymooned. It was absolutely perfect!!

  189. I’m heading to CA this summer for a dreamy week with my family and sista! New bathing suit? Check!

  190. I would love to wear it on a dream trip to Seaside, FL. Went there a few years ago and would love to return.


  191. My dream vacation with a new suit would be to Hawaii with my family…boogie boarding on the waves with my boys. What fun! Can’t wait…it will happen some day πŸ˜‰

  192. My vacation to Jamaica is already planned….I just need the POPINA swimsuit! Kelle, I love reading your blog. Thank you for being so willing to “put yourself out there”!

  193. The Italian Riviera, if we are dreaming!

  194. A cruise!

  195. I would wear it to Australia so I can lounge around on the beaches! Except…I would have to take it off for the nude ones. :)

  196. Oh how perfect! My brother is getting married in Mexico this May, and I don’t have a suit to wear yet. We’re staying at an all-inclusive resort in Playa that I’m told has swim-up bars and the best tequila selection, and that sounds like a dream vacation for me!

  197. I would love to wear a popina swimsuit at any beach that has white sand and some sunshine… if I get all caught up in dreamland I’d say I’d take it to the Maldives.

  198. Kelle….
    I read your Babble post. Every single word!! Very good. Very, very, very good. Nella being born with Down syndrome is a fine example that WE should plan nothing. God is in control. Our very life is His Plan. And thank Heavens for that!! I was born with multiple birth defects and now struggle with learning disabilities. Would I have planned any of that? Nope!! Yet, as resulted, I have met and befriended some amazing kids–both in person and Online–who, too, were born different!! I would not change that part for the world. πŸ˜‰

  199. Hawaii with a fruity drink and a good book!

  200. I’d love to wear it on our cruise for my brother in laws wedding in the Caribbean! !!

  201. We’re going on a Disney cruise next year with my family and I’m so excited! I need a new suit. :)

  202. after a long Midwest winter being poolside, even just at the neighborhood pool sounds dreamy!

  203. The only time I’ve been near an ocean was during January, which was not prime conditions for swimming. I’d put on this suit and head to the ocean, any ocean, and listen to the waves as I read on the beach.

  204. The ideal vacation would be some secluded beach somewhere – don’t know exact location as I haven’t discovered one yet, but in my imagination it’s perfect. :) Although maybe that would be better with no swimsuit at all? πŸ˜€

  205. I’ve love to wear one of these in Italy. Or do anything in Italy, really.

  206. I would pack my gorgeous Popina suit and head to see my dear friend stationed in Okinawa!

  207. Hawaii…because its always a beach I dream of.

  208. I just want to go to the pool with my family!

  209. I would LOVE to rock this swimsuit back in Australia…..*sigh*

  210. So cute! This would be perfect for our up coming trip to Disney world in may!

  211. I would love to wear one of these fantastic popina suits to a lake getaway with “my girls”. How much fun to pay in th dun, enjoy a cocktail and laugh. Can’t wait!!

  212. Love their swimsuits! I used to live in the most beautiful swimsuit destination: Nantucket. But last month, I moved to the middle of nowhere in Northeast Wyoming. Mostly I’ll be wearing one to teh pool around here, but maybe I could make it to the west coast?

  213. I would love to wear one of these gorgeous suits while on a vacation to Disneyland/Disneyworld. Sitting by the pool soaking up the sun while covered in some SPF 45 and a big floppy beach hat, with my sweet little girls having a blast splashing in the pools!

    Have a great weekend Kelle!

  214. Oh I love your swim suits! I would wear this suit on my dream vacation that I am GOING ON in May! A cruise with my family (built in babysitters for my 2 year old!) My 30th birthday/MBA graduation present/break for a very busy work schedule.

  215. Oh, dreaming of Italy! Someday…. When the lovies are old enough!

  216. I love to dream big! I can see myself in the Bahamas on the white sandy beaches with my family. We would be soaking up the sun, swimming and drinking cocktails. I would be rocking my cute Popina swim suit. Thank you Popina and ETST for this opportunity!! :)

  217. So happy about the IG pics from other people. I love seeing what makes everyone happy! And those swim suits are awesome!!

  218. Maui or Kauai would be a heavenly escape…or just a staycation on San Diego’s sunny beaches right here at home.

  219. I dream of a cabin in Tahoe over summer. In Tahoe you have no choice but to relax and do nothing. I imagine my two littles burying me in the sand, but then I predict that I will most likely be chasing my son down the beach all day, so might as well do it in a super cute suit!

  220. Bora Bora!! I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those tiki huts on the ocean where you can walk right out and jump in the ocean. One day…

  221. I want to wear it somewhere where I can breathe clean fresh warm air…where I can close my eyes and hear the ocean and feel the warm sun on my skin.

    This midwestern winter was rough here…I need the joy of the sun.

  222. Mexico! I love that it mixes beaches and sun and culture and food, al into one lovely package. And after my first Michigan winter… I’m about ready for some sun.

  223. Mexico! I love that it mixes beaches and sun and culture and food, al into one lovely package. And after my first Michigan winter… I’m about ready for some sun.

  224. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii!

  225. My dream vacation would be Australia. I’ve always dreamed of snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef. My reality vacation would be my aunt’s pool 5 miles down the road.

  226. The swimsuits are lush! I’d wear mine on a secluded island, where the sun is shining, book and cocktail in hand, then wear it snorkeling!

  227. Your summer vacation dream sounds similar to mine, but mine would probably take place in Ireland. A book, a writing pad, a camera, my husband, and the waves lapping against Inch Strand Beach= heaven.

  228. Hands down, I’d be out on a boat, no land in sight!

  229. My dream vacation is anywhere I can lay on a beach and have someone bring me cold tropical drinks!!!

  230. You are such an inspiration. I came across your family’s story via Pinterest a few months ago and I love to read your blog. It inspires me to be a better person and to continue writing, even if its just a blog for me.

    My dream place to wear such a beautiful bathing suit would be at a gorgeous Hawaiian beach, tropical breeze blowing and a good book on my side.

  231. Dream swimsuit location is learning to surf in Hawaii with my two girls. This summer’s reality location is a quick trip to FL panhandle beach with cousins, sisters, and grandparents. Pretty dreamy!

  232. I’d love to wear a Popina swim suit on a Maldivian beach….crystal clear waters, tropical fish swimming past as i snorkle in the warm sea and a Mai Tai waiting for me beside my sunbed. Oh a girl can dream! πŸ˜‰

    Andrea x

  233. Bora bora. Beach chair, magazine, drink with an umbrella. My heaven.

  234. I just had baby #3 and need to lose… arrgh… probably thirty pounds. *sigh* I finally broke down and bought a swimsuit last year when I wasn’t pregnant, but I won’t be fitting into it this year! I don’t want to buy another one, but maybe if I WON a suit… :)

    We’ll start camping every month once the weather gets nice. I see myself sitting pool- or pond-side, holding my growing baby girl while watching the big kiddos learn how to swim.

  235. I love the photo dump pics! (And I love your swimwear!)

    If I had one of those amazing suits I probably would wear it all the time…forget dream vacations…I’d be rocking it in the kiddie pool and I’d be the most stylish fisherwoman on the water. Canoe ride? Sure!

  236. Hawaii!! My husband and I honeymooned in Maui and it was a dream!!

  237. Naples… Where else? White beaches, turquoise water, green palms. Paradise to this land-locked mama.

  238. I’d wear any of those lovely swimsuits while vacationing in Hawaii.. My 9 year old keeps asking when we’re going.. Not anytime soon, I tell her, but maybe someday..So, in honor of her, I would do just that!

  239. I am taking my post baby body to Hawaii this summer and I think a new suit is in order! Those suits are gorgeous!

  240. Our 30th anni9versary is June and I would love to go to Bermuda. Three kids, breast cancer, both sets of parents passing away while they were young, job loss, etc. It’s been tough and we’ve had our struggles, but we are more in love now then we were then.

  241. I’d love to wear one of these gorgeous suits at home on a beach in Nova Scotia! I haven’t been back in the summer in so long. Thanks for the giveaway!

  242. I’m dreaming big today… I’d wear it on a Mediterranean vacation. In reality, I’d wear it while enjoying our backyard pool, which is pretty nice too!

  243. I would definitely want to go to the beaches on Greece! My Dad says it’s soooo beautiful, and anyway, beaches + Greek food. What could go wrong?

  244. I love love love your swimming suits. My ideal spot to wear this would be any breach by the ocean. This Midwest girl needs a little sunshine! Excited for your enjoying the small things posts and photo dumps again!

  245. I would love to wear my Popina suit on the beaches on Maui. I’d love to spend the days on the beach or whale watching with my son, and the evenings enjoying luaus.

  246. My dream vacation right now would be spending a week away from the house with the family – my husband, our (almost) 2 year old daughter at a beach house, don’t care about the location. It’s been over 3 years since we’ve been able to take a real vacation due to lots of other things going on and are excited we actually have a week to spend together this summer!

  247. Nantucket! Does it get any more perfect?

  248. I’ve been dreaming of a vacation in Costa Rica…

  249. I’d like to wear mine lounging on top of a houseboat on Lake Shasta, surrounded by my family and friends (and books too, of course).

  250. I would wear this swimsuit on a romantic getaway with my husband to Figi. Hey…a girl can dream :)

  251. I love the photo dump, even though I’ve seen most of them on IG! I adore vintage looking swimwear and would wear it tanning on my deck all summer during my break before I start grad school!

  252. On a second honeymoon vacay with my husband to celebrate finishing nursing school this June! We’ve had little alone time in the past two years with being in school ad having a two year old to boot. Celebrating 4 years of marriage in August and a second honeymoon to Mexico or somewhere tropical would be amazing! I’d have a floppy hat, a book, my camera as well and a big icy drink! No music needed when you have the waves around you!

  253. My dream would be Hawaii. Have only been there once and my daughter asks daily if we can go to the “Hookie Lookie”

  254. I would love to vacation in Hawaii but would even settle for Gulf Shores. Most likely I’d enjoy wearing it at the community pool all summer long :)

  255. I’d wear my Popina suit on a summer, Mediterranean cruise!

  256. My current dream vacation is scheduled… I leave in less than two weeks! Five days by myself on a tiny Central American island that has no vehicles or paved roads. I am packing my yoga mat, my Kindle and my camera. CAN’T WAIT.

  257. Mine may sound mundane, but if love to wear the suit to a small NJ beach community called Ortley Beach that was pretty much demolished by Hurricane Sandy. We vacationed there my entire childhood and were able to do so with my son. I look forward to the day it’s rebuilt and my daughter can experience it as well. Jersey strong!!!

  258. I’d love to wear the suit anywhere warm on the beach with white sand, with my husband and two babies. Throw in a good book and wash away my money worries and it would be pure bliss!

  259. First of all YAY for the return of the iphone dump! Second, babble article was awesome!
    Third, I will be wearing mine in Hawaii in the near future when we go for our 20th anniversary. I too will have a big stack of books spread out on our favorite quilt, my camera at hand, my iphone too, amazing Hawaiian music in the background, a glass of something tropical in my hand, my handsome hubby next to me, and our babies playing in the sand, then learning to surf. (7yr old sons request.)

  260. I would love to wear it on a trip to any warm sunny beach… the Oregon coast isn’t a particularly swimsuit friendly beach most days :).

  261. I would like to wear that swimsuit anywhere it’s warm enough to wear a bathing suit. In Michigan that means only indoor locations right now. I’m getting cranky about too.

  262. Jamaica in June for our honeymoon :)

  263. Ooh, I’d like to wear mine to Tybee Island, and sit on my chair and watch my kiddies make sand castles. Maybe there’s a margarita (or five?) in there somewhere, too?

  264. I am always inspired by your photos from the Isle of Capri…think I’d wear mine there :)

  265. If we’re dreaming, I would rock one of those swimsuits in Bora Bora..but more like reality, I’d love to wear it somewhere in the Caribbean!

  266. Dash is killing me with his cuteness. AMEN.
    Hmmm. I’d take it to Orcas Island and lay on the shores of Crescent Lake and feel just as cute as my cousin!

  267. I would lovee to wear one of these gorgeous swimsuits on my honeymoon coming up in May!!

  268. Thank you for being an inspiration- Popina swimsuits are adorable! I’d love to be bathing in Bora Bora, snorkeling and discovering new plant and animal life.

  269. I would honestly just love to take my kids on a Disney cruise… Financially it’s just not possible for awhile and I fear that by the time it is, my oldest won’t care for it. I imagine how excited he would be, seeing a lot of his favorite characters on a giant boat- something he also loves…

  270. That suit is gorgeous. I would wear it on our family beach vacation to Maine this summer.

  271. If I could go anywhere….it would have to be a beautiful tropical island with white sandy beaches, and blue water. Realistically, I would love a new suit for this summer when we take our kids to Lake Superior.

  272. i’d love to wear a new suit sunbathing in Cancun for our 23rd anniversary in October…yummy sun

  273. I have big dreams of going to Tahiti, staying in one of those little huts over the water…

  274. I would love to wear it in greece also!!! Would be an amazing vacation!! :)

  275. I’d wear it on a diving vacation in St. John, USVI!

  276. I will dream of wearing it to St. john…most gorgeous place I have ever visited. :)

  277. I will dream of wearing it to St. john…most gorgeous place I have ever visited. :)

  278. My dream vacation? Somewhere where my ancestors came from. My grandparents came from Europe. I would LOVE the opportunity to wear my new POPINA swimsuit somewhere in either England, Germany, or France. Hopefully someday. I am nearly 50 years old and have never had the opportunity to go anywhere on a plane, train or boat.

    But wearing a POPINA swimsuit in my own back yard would be pretty cool too! ; )

  279. I would love to go to Orlando Florida. I live in Orange County CA within walking distance of Disneyland and I would love to take my daughter to Disney World. Next we would go to the beach and see the Atlantic ocean. I’ve never seen another ocean other than the Pacific. My husband could scuba dive a new ocean, it would be an amazing trip of never before seen opportunities.

  280. Would love a new bathing suit, these are adorable!

  281. I would love a new bathing suit! We go to the beach every year for a week so a new suit for our family vacation would be fabulous!

  282. I would love to go to Orlando Florida. I live in Orange County CA within walking distance of Disneyland and I would love to take my daughter to Disney World. Next we would go to the beach and see the Atlantic ocean. I’ve never seen another ocean other than the Pacific. My husband could scuba dive a new ocean, it would be an amazing trip of never before seen opportunities.

  283. We’re heading to Lake Como this summer. Our first proper holiday since little Liam was born and it’ll be the perfect time/place to wear a Popina swimsuit!

  284. I would love to wear this on our famliy beach trip this year!!

  285. Napa and Sonoma, would be perfect!

  286. napa and sonoma!

  287. Anywhere with warm sand & blue skies! We are recovering from both of our boys having tonsils and adenoids out earlier this week and could use some sun & sand! Love these suits!!

  288. I dream of being on a beautiful crystal clear beach in the Turks and Caicos, with my son who is 11 months old today. We would play in the waves and build giant sandcastles!

  289. Lake Michigan

  290. Take me to Msui, please!

  291. My dream would be to go back to Australia sporting one of those adorable swimsuits. The combination of world class beaches and a laid back culture is perfection :)

  292. Anywhere warm would be fabulous right now. We love Isle of Palms, SC…

  293. All I need for a vacation is a beach! My preferred beaches are in Michigan, Lake Michigan. Calgone, take me away…to St. Joseph, MI~!

  294. I LOVE these suits. I have some big boobies and I am not so very confident about being in swimwear in public, so I like a one piece that flatters the girls. I would use it laying around the lake in the French Alps while trying to convince my boy that having a baby is the best idea EVERRR … I think if I am wearing something that makes me look half way sexy during these conversations I may be in luck πŸ˜‰

  295. I live in MN & it snowed yesterday so anywhere warm would be heavenly right now. :)

  296. I would wear my new swimsuit on Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island! I grew up on this Island and travel home to enjoy as much time as I can at this beautiful place! I want my kids to experience this fun loving small community!

  297. I have a couple dream locations and as much as I would love to wear a beautiful Popina while at one of those locations, I would more than anything to be at a beach that all my girlfriends could also get to. I just wanna hang out with my girls, a place like Isle of Capri would be perfect. A nice chill location with lots of sun, sand and surf…oh, and a well stocked bar.

  298. Love the suits! I’d wear mine in Aruba!!

  299. I would love to go to Bora Bora!! I just wouldn’t look forward to that 18 hour plane ride :)

  300. Realistically? Lake Michigan with my hubs and our four kids – dreaming big? Surfin waves in Cali

  301. I have been dreaming about that red polka dot suit so long, I would be happy with a staycation in my backyard!

  302. I would wear one of those awesome bathing suits in Mexico at the beautiful resort where we had our honeymoon last year <3

  303. I would love to wear one of those bathing suits. They are adorable!

  304. I dream of wearing this suit ANYWHERE that is warm – but St. Lucia in particular! These suits are so pretty :)

  305. I live near the beach and would just be happy for some free time with my son!

  306. I so badly wanna go on the shores of Maine and eat some oysters!!

  307. I would wear it on our tenth anniversary cruise!!!!!

  308. If we’re dreamin’ big I’d say gold coast! I’d settle for Key West or Ft. Lauderdale at the very least.

  309. I would take anywhere warm and quiet….Florida Keys or Hawaii!

  310. Indonesia. Hands down.

    It’s a dream of mine. Happy Weekend Kell :)

  311. My dream is to someday go to Hawaii!

  312. Now I can do the Friday photo dump too because I finally have an iPhone :) I’m so glad you are doing it again.

    And I would love a new swimsuit – thanks for sharing such great sponsors.

    My ideal summer vacation would be on a Hawaiian beach with grandkids and their mamas and poppas in tow, enjoying the sand and the water and each other! A grandmother’s dream, for sure!

  313. My dream vacay would be a nice little beach with white sand and nature, away from all the tourism where I can sit and enjoy the sun with my friends and my pup.

  314. The south of France would be nice…

  315. Honestly, I have no preferences where I wear such a lovely suit. Anyplace warm and relaxing, with the kids splashing and laughing nearby, would be a lovely – and much needed – holiday.

  316. I’d love to wear a new suit to a tropical island getaway with the hubby somewhere beautiful.

  317. I would love give this suit to my daughter who searches each year for the perfect summer swim suit. She wears them so well…tall, elegant, with a pixie cut of red hair (this summer she says it will be purple)…I think the summer place I would love to take her to wear it is Italy!!!


  318. If a girl can dream, then I’d say on a beach in Italy. My daughter would look fabulous in one of these swimsuits. She is a girl after her mom’s own heart and loves the beach. Any beach. Thanks.

  319. I would love to wear this amazing swimsuit in Tahiti. I would love to spend some time on an empty beach with my family. Crystal blue water and by sexy hubby would be a great mix, and add in my sweet baby girl splashing in the water and I would be in heaven!
    Love your Blog, And I LOVE your book.
    Congrats on your new little man


  320. I’d love to go back to our honeymoon destination, St. Thomas. Spending time alone with my husband in an adorable new bathing suit would be quite lovely!! :)

  321. I just want the weather to be warm enough to even think about wearing one!!!!

  322. I have been on a bathing suit hunt since my boyfriend and I decided to book our Hawaiian vacation! We are headed to a cozy cottage in the hills of Hana and going to turn off our phones, computers, and ipads for the whole week!

  323. Planning on vacationing with all the inlaws in a few weeks and will have to show off my post-baby body for the first time. Ack! Need me a flattering Popina swimsuit!

  324. I love all the pictures of Lainey holding Dash… Just makes my own little mama-craving heart melt. :) All of your children are so beautiful, inside and out!

    I’d wear my swimsuit while relaxing on my dream trip in Hawaii. I have always wanted to go there and experience the beauty of the islands.

  325. I definitely need a new suit…I don’t really care where I’d wear it, any beach with lots of sunshine will do. A week away with my husband would be amazing.

  326. I definitely need a new suit…I don’t really care where I’d wear it, any beach with lots of sunshine will do. A week away with my husband would be amazing.

  327. My oh my. How I LOVE this giveaway!!! I would pack a Popina suit to the Great Lakes for a summer sailing date with my love.

    Thanks for all of the loveliness here at ETST!!

  328. Oooh! I love these suits and dreaming of beaches! I would totally take off to a Hawaiian island and enjoy long lazy days by the water with my hubby and our new baby :)

  329. Glad you brought back the photo dump! I definitely missed it.

    Also, LOVE the popina swimsuits, i have one, and its the best ever. I would adore another!!!! No other suits fit me quite right.

  330. I would love to be wearing one in Hawaii, but since I’m due with baby #2 (a boy!) in a few weeks, I guess a more realistic goal would be fitting into a swimsuit again πŸ˜‰

  331. At this moment when I’m sick of the snow, any place sounds like a good place to wear a swimsuit! I’d happily sit poolside anywhere in the world, but I’d really like a clean and secluded California beach.

  332. I would love to wear it to somewhere exotic… Belize, the Greek Isles. However, I live in Florida so I think I will have to settle for some of my own beaches. :)

  333. Ooohhh… This sounds like fun! My dream beach getaway is to Bora Bora! Me, the hubs (and of course the kids,) staying in one of those bungalows over the water… A world away from everything else!

  334. Looking forward to our vacation on Cape Cod :)

  335. Greece sounds lovely! However, I think I’ll settle for staying here in South Carolina and taking my sons to the beach here! :)

  336. I remember when I saw your first Popina post and I have been in love ever since. I’m going to Hawaii this summer so that’s my dream vacation right now and I’d love to wear a fabulous retro suit too! :)

  337. Anywhere warm would be great but I’m envisioning a peaceful summer vacation at a cabin on a lake :)

  338. My dream spot to wear my Popina suit would definitely be Hawaii!

  339. So I love Popina swimwear thanks to you! I was in Portland a couple of years back and had to go there and check it out. Such an awesome store. My dream vacay wearing a Popina swimsuit would be in Cozumel. I’ve never been there but I want to. I’ve heard it is amazing. I would have a fab body and my kids would look adorable in their suits (and I might add, behaving like perfect angels) and I would be wearing white oversized sunglasses and it would be the perfect temp. How’s that for dreaming?

  340. This June is my 10th anniversary, so I would love to be wearing a Popina swimsuit in Fiji with my husband, but I’ll likely be at my parents’ pool with our two kids. :)

  341. Sailing away in the British Virgin Islands, landing on a secluded island, grill fresh lobster, and have not one deadline. Not one.

  342. I would love to wear mine to a warm, sunny beach in Italy!

  343. Really I’d be wearing it to the swim classes I just signed up for with my one-year-old, but I’ll fantasize about re-living my honeymoon on the white beaches in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

  344. Your little Dash is darling! As for summer…Ideally I would wear the suit on a beach in Mexico, but since that cant happen, it most likely will be in the back yard with a kidde pool and sprinklers. :)

  345. Love those suits! I’d love to go to Fiji and stay on one of those huts over the water with my hubby & our almost 2 year old!

  346. I’m dreamin of wearing it in Egypt, because that is number one on the bucket list. Surely a girl can find a nice spot along the Nile to wear the most amazing swimsuit ever!

  347. I would love to go back to the Bahamas. Just remembering this morning how fun it was to take a cruise there a little over a year ago. Much better then the gross leftover snow we are “enjoying” now!

  348. I’m hoping to go to Sleeping Bear Dunes this summer :)

  349. I do love those swimsuits. I’m not dreaming big this summer, but look forward to mornings at the beach with a girl who’s finally old enough to play in the sand, not just run wildly down the beach and hurl herself into every wave. Here’s to a little relaxation!

  350. I’d wear any one of those Popina suits while snorkeling in the waters off the coast of Thailand. I’d spend hours staring at the underwater world and listening to the language of the fish. Then I would walk up to a huge hammock on the beach and take a nap under the shade of a giant tropical tree. wow. I’m really looking forward to that! Maybe at the very least I can get one of those suits:)

  351. I’m dreaming of the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico… Popina take me away!!!

  352. I would hop into my popina suit and dive into the waters of Fiji. My family and I would be renting one of those awesome bungalows that seems to float over the crystal waters. I’d bring my bible, a journal, and my iPhone so I could take a million pictures of my girls and hubs lounging in paradise. Pick me, pick me!!

  353. hawaii. It’s the least my husband can do for me after pushing out baby number 11 next month, don’t you think ?! πŸ˜‰

  354. A Margarita, a Popina swimsuit and my boys on a quiet Mexican Beach!

  355. I would love to wear a fancy swimsuit on the new boat that my hubby has been “looking” at, and I’m sure we will be buying before summer! So my swimsuit won’t travel far from home, but will make all the lakes close to home that much more exotic!!

  356. I would really like to visit Hawaii so that is where I am going to dream about wearing my new swimsuit.

  357. I’d wear it on my trip to Hawaii. Can’t wait!!

  358. My dream vacation would be somewhere on a Hawaiian Island. One of the more secluded ones, where I can spend all day laying on the beach with my baby girl & listening to the waves.

  359. I would love to wear my new swimsuit on a warm and sunny tropical beach, in Florida, Greece, Hawaii, or most anywhere. Realistically I may need it for the historic flood we are preparing for right now, here in the Red River Valley of ND and MN.! Ha ha!

  360. Me me me me meeeee!! I lived on Kos for one magical summer, and love all of the islands, but would luuuurve to visit Skopelos for some peace, quiet, and fancy windmills xxx happy summer

  361. Holy Kamole! I have been wanting a Popina swimsuit since I first saw yours 3 years ago! ~I keep thinking I will get myself one for my birthday, but just can’t get myself to spend that much on one piece of clothing…and usually opt to buy my kid’s new clothes instead πŸ˜‰ Maybe one of these days-years! I think I would rock my swimsuit in our tiny 3 foot diameter pink kiddie pool with my daughters…seems like heaven to me; especially since we still have snow on the ground-in April!!!

  362. Having just moved from Northern Arizona to Texas, I dream of heading back to Oak Creek Canyon with my husband and little boy. Margaritas in the red rocks? That’s heaven for sure.

  363. They look amazing!
    We’re taking a first ever family vacation this summer with Mom and 7 of the 8 (adult) siblings.
    I would love to have a new suit to wear on our Gulf Shores, AL trip!

  364. I would love to take a trip to somewhere like Bora Bora…I keep coming across pictures from there on Pinterest. Maybe it’s a sign! I would love to take my husband and daughter. Sand in our toes, the blue water you can see right through to the bottom, the hot sun…And the tiki type rooms that are built out above the water. How amazing would it be to wake up looking at that?

  365. Any beach, any tropical location…no kids with us, margaritas AND beer in hands. A girl can dream can’t she

  366. I dream of Cancun!

  367. If we’re dreaming. The first place on my world travel bucket list is Italy. So Italy, beach, water, wine, carbs, and a retro swim suit to make me feel glamorous.

  368. My dream vacation right now would be WARM sunny weather and a warm pool in my backyard. Good friends and lots of laughter.

  369. Since even dreaming about a vacation is out of the question right now (baby #3 is due in June!) – I’d say I’d wear an awesome popina swimsuit in my back yard this summer, holding our newborn while our 16 month old & 9 year old splash away in their kiddie pool! OH. AND. I’d have a cold adult beverage. Preferably frozen. Now THAT’S a vacation! πŸ˜‰

  370. With this suit, I’d pack up my hubby, my darling baby, my e-reader some sand toys, and a large bottle o’ sunscreen and we’d head to Bora Bora for a second honeymoon!

  371. If I can save up the FF miles… Hawaii! Days and days on the beach with great books, great waves, perfectly clear waters, and beautiful things to see underwater. Nights of fresh fish… Take me there now!

  372. I would go on a cruise with my family. I would bring a good book and enjoy the relaxation and time with those I love. The suits are adorable, and I would love to own one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  373. Love IG and love those swimsuits.

    I dream of wearing one on a beautiful secluded beach on the island of Corsica. Oh yes….

  374. I would love to go to Australia and spend a month or two exploring the beaches. I would spread out under a draped canopy with a pen and a pretty notebook and spend the days writing and basking in the sun.

  375. I’d love a Popina swimsuit for my holidays… at the mountain!! Let me explain: I am Italian and I love to spend my summer holidays in the North of Italy, near the border with Germany. It is a great place to make long long walks in the woods and then… relax in the hotel SPA with a super cool swimsuit :)

  376. I’d love to be able to revisit Cancun (with my husband and minus my littles)!

  377. Lake Powell! It is a lake on Arizona/Utah border and it has beautiful red rocks. I could go somewhere extravagant but truthfully my best lifetime memories are camping on the lovely beach in Lake Powell with my family and almost sinking our jetskis (WOOPS! :)) I would love a swimmie that I can wear this summer, my boyfriends first summer at the beach with my family! Big stuff comin up! :)

  378. SandPoint, Point, IA in July. A week on the lake. Family & friends. Doesnt get better than that!

  379. I would go to Hawaii! I’ve always wanted to go there. Or New Zealand. :)

  380. Ah, I was going to say the Greek Isles too! We spent our honeymoon in Santorini, and I can’t wait to get back there with our kiddos in tow.

  381. I’d love to go somewhere….anywhere! Someplace tropical where I can walk out the door & be on the beach and in the water.

  382. Hmmm, I live in Northern Ontario and it is currently snowing…never mind the fact that there is probably about 2 feet of snow remaining on the ground as well. So, dreaming of where I want to wear a swimming suit feels like a far-fetched dream, but I WILL dream! Spring always comes!: ) So I would LOVE to be wearing it on a Mediterranean cruise – seeing so many beautiful new places and possibly swimming in the stunning blue water of Greece!

  383. A Popina suit would look perfect along any seashore, but especially the Italian seaside village of Positano. I mean, seriously, what could be better? The bathing suit could help hide all the carbs + gelato I’d consume…

  384. I’m headed to Sea Island for a stay at The Cloister. I would wear a Popina there!

  385. I’m not sure I can pick just one place to wear the suit! I’m thinking it needs a world tour…a pit stop in Mazatlan, run to Costa Rica, bashing around Bali, a jaunt to the Seychelles…and I’ll meet you in Greece! :-)

  386. I want to take that beautiful suit and go to my favorite vacation spot – Anna Maria Island, FL. Lay by the quiet waves for hours, eat the best french fries on the planet at the City Pier, and get ice cream at the cute shop up on Holden Beach. Love love love.

  387. I would love to wear Popina swimsuite on Sri Lanka! Thank you for your beautifull blogg . Love from Vibeke, Norway.

  388. in my dreams this suit and I would make our way to the french riviera… a little sunshine in the south of france this summer sounds DIVINE!

  389. A beach in Hawaii sounds perfect!

  390. I love, love, love the style of those suits!!!! My dream vacay, I have to say, would be to go to one of your dad & gary’s beach houses… AND, most importantly, bring my family & set up a chance for me to meet you and your family. I also have a daughter that is 3 with down syndrome.. The week after she was born (3/10/10) I read Nella’s birth story. I would love to meet you — you saved my life. I truly don’t know how I would have gotten through had I not stumbled on your blog. I do believe, next to your family & friends of course, that I am your biggest fan. You inspire me EVERY day. Usually a few times a day. :) Just had to share. I’ve actually never commented before today…. Thank you so so much for all you & your family do!

  391. Where do I want to wear my suit? At Barber’s Point in Oahu where we like to rent a cottage and splash in the surf.

  392. Maui. No kids. Fresh pineapple. Non-parenting related book. Margaritas. Lots of them. Ahhhhh….

  393. I would go back to the Cayman Islands to visit my childhood friend and go scuba diving.

  394. Southern Italy. I have some relatives there that I’ve never met. How fun would it be to just pop by?

  395. I dream of wearing a lovely suit like any of these somewhere with white sand and brilliant blue water!

  396. Well, just something simple and wonderful like the Outer Banks is what I am dreaming about!

  397. Love these swimsuits! I’d wear mine to the Cape or Martha’s Vineyard this summer.

  398. I would love to be back in Haiti. I wasn’t there for vacation, but to help rebuild after the earthquake. I don’t know how much bathing suit wearing I’d do there, but the sunshine from the sky and the sunshine that shines through all the Haitians is the greatest.

  399. Crazy cute swimsuits, would love to win one for our upcoming vacay!

  400. Oh I would love a new swimsuit! I have lost 110 lbs and I’d love to show off my new body in one of their swimsuits! thanks again for another great giveaway!

  401. Wow!! My dream? Anywhere with my hubby and family and sand and sun and our new baby!!

  402. I would love love love to wear one of these suits on a lake Michigan beach with my family and my sister and her family. Just frolicking in the sun together sounds like paradise!

  403. So want to be sitting near any warm beach with a delicious drink in my hand watching my babies frolic……that word makes me laugh!

  404. Hmmm, how about Rio de Janiero?!? Brazil just sounds so exotic and hot and awesome. I want to look hot and awesome in this swimsuit :)

  405. I imagine wearing the suit lying on the same beach in St. Thomas that I tanned my shoulders on 3 years ago in my wedding dress the day I married my husband. The best part is that in my vision this time around, my beautiful almost 2-year-old is digging in the sand next to me.

  406. I would live to be wearing that Popina swimsuit on a beach, no special preference, it has to be super sunny, warm, with a nice breeze, though. So ready for summer vacation!!!

  407. I hope to wear one in Kauai!

  408. I want to wear a new suit when I take my baby swimming for the first time!

  409. I want to wear a new suit when I take my baby swimming for the first time!

  410. My ideal summer vacation would be one where I’m in some foreign destination (Costa Rica, Tahiti, really any beach) where I can sit on the shore and watch my kiddo splash in the water, and watch my man surf like the pro he wants to be…and I don’t have to cook dinner πŸ˜‰

  411. I’m thinking I’ll be getting my dream vacation this summer – in a cottage by a lake with my family! it’s good to have simple dreams :-)

  412. My ideal family vacation is happening this summer. My parents, siblings, our spouses and kids will all share a house on Lake Michigan this summer. Bike rides to St. Joseph, cooking on the grill, coffee with a sunrise, sandcastles, no alarm clocks and uninterrupted family time. We can’t wait…76 days!

  413. I would wear this swimsuit to Cinque Terre in Italy. When we went in 2012 all 5 cities were in ruin from a flood so we had to skip this destination. I know one day I will make it back there.

  414. Ahhhh. My dream vacation would be wearing it while soaking up the sun beating down on the Nile River. I wishhhh.

  415. Fiji! Would love to wear that baathing suit sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella in it, on a hammock in Fiji!

  416. Lake Superior, up near the Apostle Islands

  417. Oh how I love the Vamp suit! I would love to win the red polka dot, its so perfect for summer!

  418. HI Kelle,
    I would wear it to a fine luxe resort anywhere the sun shines. At the moment, how bout Bora Bora.

    Love to you and your gorg fam,

  419. I would wear a fabulous new suit to our annual family week on the North Carolina coast!

  420. I’m going to Costa Rica with my baby and husband in July…I don’t have a suit yet…I sure would like a nice vintage sun bather while I chase my baby boy on the beach!

  421. I’d like to wear my Popina’s swimsuit during my road trips this summer: I’ll be in southern Spain, then surfing in Portugal’s coasts, and finally I’ll drive from Italy to southern Sweden to enjoy two days of Northern Sea baths. Yes, I’d like to wear one of this, driving the cities Hemingway described, photographing the best ocean’s sunsets and getting drunk in Germany with too much beer, knowing that someone will be driving tomorrow morning.

    But I can wear it in Greece too ‘cuz my best friend gave me a 3-days-vacation in Mykonos for my birthday, so Kells, make me know if the want to send one to me by the way πŸ˜€

    Best wishes from a springing and cherry-blossoming Italy

  422. I’d wear mine in bora bora! My dream vacay! :) lots of good books, my camera, my baby & the hubs. And a pretty drink too. πŸ˜‰

  423. So happy to see #enjoyingthesmallthings is back! Love your photos and those of other readers! Popina is awesome, and I could totally rock a new suit in my post-baby #3 bod. Hmmm, where would I go? Coronado Island. xo

  424. Anywhere with a beach, water, and sunshine! I want to go with my family to relax and ENJOY each other instead of worrying about everything that we need to do.

  425. I would wear the swimsuit on a beach in Fiji. Just me and my boyfriend, and it would be no military, no traveling (work related), no lonesome nights, no missing you, but a lot of LOVE, books, and romance.
    ‘Cus that would be perfect.

  426. Ohh, I LOVE the Popina suits!! Having finally lost most of my ‘baby weight’…I am definitely in need of a new suit! I’m easy to please these days.. while the greek islands sound AMAZING.. I would be just as content at the local watering hole this summer…especially if I had a new swimsuit to rock :)

  427. That first picture is almost too much cuteness in one place!

    I would love my toes in the sand…any sand…feeling very blissfully small in this big universe, listening to my babies laugh at the waves. Heaven.

  428. OOOH the lake! I would look like a hip retro mama floating in an inner tube surrounded by the kiddos:)

  429. I am a simple girls and I just want to wear my new suit on a weekend in Cape May, NJ this summer.

  430. I’d love to go anywhere this summer, but with a newborn, it’s probably not going to happen…

  431. Dream would be Hawaii this summer for our 10th anniversary. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  432. Dreaming of one of the super cool island huts that are OVER the water…..with a glass window in the floor to see the fish swimming below us.
    Realistically it’ll be worn at the beautiful beach her at the NJ shore.

  433. Dreaming of one of the super cool island huts that are OVER the water…..with a glass window in the floor to see the fish swimming below us.
    Realistically it’ll be worn at the beautiful beach her at the NJ shore.

  434. I <3 Friday phone dump! So glad to see it’s back! Your images are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing little bits of your life and family with all of us, Kelle.

  435. Oh, I would love to wear a vintage suit with my little in St. Augustine.

  436. Those suits are divine. Your family is precious, Kelle!

  437. I would love to sit on a private island in Belize – my little ones making sandcastles on the beach, a cold bevvy in my hand, my handsome hubby beside me, and me in my lovely Popina swimsuit soaking it all in. Ahhh if only you could make the whole dream come true! But for now, a Popina swimsuit would more than please me :)

  438. it’s cliche, but Hawaii! I just want to go once!

  439. I am definitely feeling your Greek islands idea… Heck, even Florida would be nice (I’m from Alberta Canada so there aren’t many beaches to lounge on around here ;)I may just be purchasing a new suit though; these are drool worthy!

  440. Thanks a lot for the giveaway!
    I dream to wear one of those fantastic swimsuits in Australia, I’d love to explore it, especially the places where I have far roots :)

  441. Tahiti!

  442. My perfect beach vacation=Bora Bora…with my handsome husband, a good book, sunglasses, wine, lobster and my new Popina swimsuit! Hello perfection!

  443. My perfect beach vacation=Bora Bora…with my handsome husband, a good book, sunglasses, wine, lobster and my new Popina swimsuit! Hello perfection!

  444. I’m thinking Hawaii would be a beautiful place to wear one of these beautiful swimsuits!

  445. I love the modesty these suits provide while still being cute! My dream vacation would be on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, watching my two children play in the ocean with their father while I sipped on a cold tropical drink. Mmmm…summer can’t come too soon here in cold, flat, eastern SD!

  446. Honestly, I dream of swimming in a warm beach. The Oregon coast just isn’t quite swimming water, no matter if you happen to get a warm day!

  447. The hubs and I are planning a trip to Hawaii next year. Oh yes please I want this swimsuit!!!

  448. Right not, I would love to be anywhere that would require a swimsuit :) but in a dream world, I would be somewhere in the Caribbean that has bright blue water and miles of beaches to lounge on!

  449. I would love to go to La Jolla, CA (a long time favorite spot of my family’s) and wear one of these cute suits!

  450. Anywhere with my kids!!

  451. I am dreaming of my first vacation, sans kids, since before we had our first child in January of 2010. Long overdue! We’ll be lying on the beaches of Cabo come October… can’t wait!

  452. My dream vacation would be to visit my best friend in West Palm Beach. Our kids could finally meet and we could sit back in sand and watch them run around.

  453. My dream vacation would be to visit my best friend in West Palm Beach. Our kids could finally meet and we could sit back in sand and watch them run around.

  454. My dream summer vacation – Australia! Actually, that’s a dream vacation for any time of year. That and Italy. Oh, time to daydream. :)

  455. Would love a new swimsuit for this summer to wear while my littles play at the pool!!! Don’t think I’ve bought a new one in 9 years!! And Dash is getting so big!!

  456. This comment has been removed by the author.

  457. I dream of being on a white sand beach with a yummy drink with an umbrella in hand. Truth is it will be worn in my backyard with my feet in a kiddie pool as my littles run circles around a very pregnant me!! :)

  458. I would love to wear the swimsuit in Mexico… Just went there in February but would go back in a heartbeat!

  459. México! In puerto vallarla. P E R F E C T !

  460. I would wear mine to Nice, France!

  461. I’m going to go non-exotic and say my hometown in Western Michigan. I still claim they have the best sand anywhere and I’m feeling a little landlocked here in Denver.

  462. My dream vacation will be back to my honeymoon spot in Bora Bora…everyone always said I would appreciate it more a few years into marriage, and I think they are right!

  463. There are so many places I dream of going that I haven’t been that I can’t even choose!

  464. I am heading to Fiji with my best mate and I can see me laying on a banana lounge, under an umbrella, with a lovely dark tanned boy bringing me Piña coladas while my best mate and I solve the problems of the world on a beach, and we chat about my awesome swimsuit, of course.

  465. My ideal summer holiday is in Bibione, the same place since I was born, no better place still now that I am a mum of 2 girls. Does Popina deliver to Italy?! Baci.

  466. I recently lost 20 lbs and I’d love a new suit! No fancy vacation here to dream about, but my husband recently joined the navy, and the kids and I will be joining him in CT in June. I’d love rocking a new retro suit on the east coast!

  467. My ideal summer holiday is in Bibione, the same place since I was born, no better place still now that I am a mum of 2 girls. Does Popina deliver to Italy?! Baci.

  468. On the peaceful beaches of North Carolina (envision any movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks novel)with my wonderful family. Heaven. On. Earth.

  469. Island of Capri in Italy is my dream vacation.

  470. My favorite vacation spot is in Asheville NC at the Grove Park Inn – My husband and I went to stay there for our 5 year anniversary – a whopping almost 8 years ago – I still can’t believe we’ve been married almost 13 years. The spa area is to die for and this would be my dream place to wear a Popina swim suit. With fingers crossed – I press send!

  471. I have been looking for a good vintage-like suit for ages. I love these. I would bask in the sunshine on the beaches of Waikiki, teaching my son to make sandcastles.

  472. We refuse to travel all summer because it is the best time of year to go “up north” to the lake in Northern Minnesota. I can already see myself zipping along behind my parents red boat on water skis in one of those cute popinjay suits!

  473. We are locals, but heading back “home” to Wisconsin this summer. First time I’ll be enjoying a Wisconsin summer in 12 years. The lake, boating, touristy little shops in Door County. I can’t wait. And I’d totally make room in my suitcase for one of these little numbers.

  474. Would wear it in my own backyard pool… and our local beach! Having just had a baby 10 days ago no exotic travels anytime soon!

  475. You can’t beat Maui. Like you said a girl can dream.

  476. Ideal summer vacation? An oceanfront house on Martha’s Vineyard with a well stocked kitchen and outdoor grill :)

  477. The red polka-dot suit is so darn cute. Last summer we spent a week in upstate New York at a lake house for a family reunion- my dream vacation would be hanging out at that lake house with my husband and kids, no distractions, just sunny days of swimming and boating. A girl can dream!

  478. San Lucia. I keep seeing pins of it on Pinterest and it looks so amazing! I’m from Hawaii so you’d think I’d be immune to the magic of white sandy beaches but you’d be wrong!

  479. Dream beach day: Hyannis Port, in that gorgeous red Popina suit, with my Jackie O shades, a mojito, and some cute shirtless Kennedy men. Maybe we’ll go for a sail before we retire to the beach house for chowder, tea, and reading. Can’t wait for summer! xo

  480. Love the swimsuits and love you!! πŸ˜€

  481. I just got back from Kiawah Island (SC), and am already jonesing to go back this summer when the weather is warmer. A new swimsuit would be the cherry on top! Thanks for the giveaway!! (

  482. My dream place to wear one of those fabulous bathing suits would be Fiji! I hope one day I get to go, but I’ll just be dreaming about it here in Cincinnati!
    Thanks so much for doing this!(:
    -Kelly B.

  483. The Greek Islands are exactly my dream vaca! But I would also love to wear this suit when I go back to visit my fam for vacation this summer. I LOVE the retro suits and have already checked out Popina after reading some of your older posts. So cute!

  484. i would wear mine on at my friend’s summer home in northport, mi… grand traverse bay, my baby, my dog and my hubby.. all on the beach :)

  485. I would wear it on our upcoming summer vacation to the Oregon Coast! Fun giveaway!

  486. Love those suits! My husband and I were just talking about doing a summer trip to Michigan (he’s from there.) Your family’s road trip there looked picturesque :)

  487. the greek isles ARE heaven. santorini is my all-time favorite…all rich, bright blues and stark whites. ahhh.
    loving the friday phone dump, too!
    spring it, baby!!

  488. I would love to be on a beach with girlfriends at a spa resort. If not, I’d happily wear it while I schlepp my kids to swim team. that’s great, too — enjoying the small things.

  489. iphones are so perfect for capturing the moment when the big camera is not handy. <3

  490. We are not traveling this year because of tight budget, so I would sport this swimsuit at the local lake. Or swimming pool!

  491. I love those swimsuits and would love to have one to wear anywhere that there is water, sun and an ice cold beer in my hand!

  492. I would wear my rockin’ new suit to Hawaii. Always have wanted to go, lay on the beautiful beaches with my husband , explore the islands’ many wonders. Such an intriguing place.


  493. Probably won’t be vacationing anytime soon as I just found out I am pregnant! First one! Totally freaking out. We are lucky to live a block from the beach, so I’d flaunt my mini baby bump in a cute suit right here in Cayucos, CA this summer.

  494. This year I’d like a simple beach. I’m dreaming of Anna Maria Island sunsets and beaches for my daughter to experience for the first time.

  495. Aruba! Even the backyard pool just to wear the cuteness!

  496. We honeymooned innthe Greek isles! The way you describe it makes me want to go back! I’d have to say Popina swimsuit in the Seychelles sounds perfect right now!!

  497. I would have to say the Greek Islands, as well!

  498. Beach + book + blazin’ sun!

  499. Hmmmm….I dream of anywhere sunny. I crave sunshine right now. Maybe a pretty Italian shoreline beach? A cruise through Central Europe?

  500. i fianlly figured out this whole comment thing! whew!! do you know how many times i have tried to say, i love you!! only to be electronically rejected! haha! but, i love you kelle hamilton!! XO … i’m gonna be leaving messages all the time now! : ) yes, bathing suit ~ i would wear it in … india, like in eat pray love style

  501. Our babymoon in St. Thomas at the end of this month!

  502. I would love to wear it on a family vacation anywhere by the ocean. Originally from CA but living in CO right now, I miss the beach!

  503. I’d be okay if someone wanted to take me to the Windward Islands, the Maldives, Turkey or Seychelles :)

  504. I would wear it to Australia. It would be perfect! PS I love following you on instagram!

  505. I’d have to say that I’d be most excited to wear it up at the lake on our boat. I am continually dreaming of warm summer days when our family can decompress at the lake.

  506. In a tiki hut on the water in Bora Bora!

  507. hmm…Italy. We’re longing to go back to Italy. :)

  508. I would wear my suit in a hot spring in Ice Land watching the aurora borealis. It’s where my fiance and I dream of going on our honeymoon.

  509. I would love to be wearing a Pompina one-piece in Brazil this summer. Unfortunately there’s not a giveaway for a vacation too- I’d be happy with just the swimsuit though :)

  510. LOVE the photo dump!

    My Popina swimsuit would be worn on an upcoming family vacation on the beaches of Australia. :)

  511. I’d love to be in Florida, on the beach, in a cute swimsuit with a good book and a stiff drink :)

  512. I would wear to our cottage up north this July. That’s when I get to spend a week with my siblings and their offspring. We may not live close to each other, but when we do get together, look out!!

  513. A week at a cabin by a lake, family, friends, fun, love kids and memories…. Sounds like bliss to me!

  514. Yay for a new phone dump! Okay, since you are talking retro I dream of a retro beach vacation in Florida. Can I go back in time during my dream? Past or present I’m thinking shell-hunting, fresh seafood, sun soaking, and sand castles!

  515. I would rock that suit in Croatia this summer! xoxooxox love your blog!

  516. Dreaming of sitting by the pool with my bestie, sipping iced coffee while our kids splash and play. It’s only 3 months and a 15 hour drive away!

  517. How gorgeous…I am currently trying to lose a few kg for my dream holiday to Hawaii…first holiday since our 3 year old son was born…of course he would be coming as well!!

  518. Living in Vermont after a cold cold Winter, I am dreaming of Spring showing up around the corner and wearing this swimsuit in my backyard because as long as there is sunshine I will be happy!

  519. This will be perfect to wear while vacationing with my husband this summer in the Bahamas. We are celebrating 10 years together! Please I need this swimsuit :)

  520. My dream vacation (Popina Swimwear included) would have to be in one of the huts above the bright blue ocean water that has glass floors so you can see the fish underneath.

  521. Thanks for this opportunity to win. Love your blog and LOVED your book.

  522. I think anywhere tropical would be great but I might agree with that Greek islands idea! I think the gathers on the sides of that Popina suit would be perfect for all the Greek food I would eat too! :)

  523. Would love to wear one of the lovely, classy Popina swimsuits to a romantic get a way vacation to the beaches of Italy!

  524. I want to wear my swimsuit in the lakes of MN! I can’t wait for summer here in the midwest!

  525. I would love to visit the French Riviera in this type of suit. So fitting.

  526. I wold love to wear it vacationing in cancun Mexico!!

  527. I would love to wear this suit in THAILAND! Sticky rice, pineapples, sun!

  528. At this point, any place warm enough to wear one of those stunning suits would be my pick! An island off the coast of East Africa would be lovely, though.

  529. We’re heading to Florida in a couple of weeks, but I would have to wait to wear a new swim suit until after I have this baby in June.

  530. Please pic me! I need a suit! These are LOVELY!!!

  531. Ohhh…a dream vacation…Greek islands sound amazing, or somewhere in Asia – a vacation of exploring the various beaches and cultures.

  532. Right now, I would love to wear it back home on the Jersey shore. I miss it dearly now that I live in the midwest.

  533. I’d love to be in Spain at my cousin’s wedding, on a beautiful island in the sun drinking something fabulous and looking fabulous. That would be something special.

  534. I will be wearing my beautiful suit on the white sand beach of Grand Beach, Manitoba, Canada this summer…..if the snow ever melts that is.

  535. Lake Tahoe..or Maui. Its currently 55 and pouring outside…oh how I wish I had this swimsuit and a teleporter.

  536. FIJI. FIJI. FIJI.

    Would love a hot suit to wear to the neighborhood pool while I’m wrangling two toddlers and a crap load of water toys. So hot. πŸ˜‰

    Great post, as always!

  537. Fiji! Lets go, Kelle! I’m ready when you are!

  538. i love the photo dump – glad to see it back. so fun!! ( :

    going to check out their swimwear now. yeah!! nice!!

  539. I would wear this lovely suit on a Mommy and Kiddo playdate to Paradise Cove, a lovely little beach spot in SOCAL! Love these suits sooo much! Every year I think I’m gonna buy one and every year I can’t drop the $$!!

  540. Kauai for my hubby’s 40th. And then all summer long with my kidlets.

  541. Fun! ANd so many option, I don’t even know where to start! Somewhere hot and remote :)

  542. Dreaming of walking in the pillowy soft sand of a beach in Maui, where my husband and I were married, in a lovely new swimsuit :)

  543. I’d wear it to Hawaii. Baby no 3 on the way, so I doubt I’d be swimwear ready, but it IS a dream vacation.

  544. I would sunbathe on a beach in New Zealand after a morning of skiing in the mountains. In my mind I am there now!

  545. I would wear my Popina suit on a beautoful sunny day in Sicily!

  546. Hoffmaster State Park on Lake Michigan! Jon and I went camping there last year, and it was beautiful!

  547. Would love to take the littles to Lake Tahoe and get us both some Vitamin D this summer!

  548. Hawaiii!!!! Would love to dream a little. :)

  549. Kiawah Island, SC!

  550. LOVE these suits! I dream of taking a trip to Maui. Although, after a freezing cold winter, anywhere warm with a beach or pool sounds lovely!

  551. Since I’ll be welcoming our third baby this summer, I dream of wearing a suit in our kiddie pool in the backyard. Seriously. I can’t wait to chill in a few inches of water with my kids!

  552. I’m with you on the Greek islands dream!

  553. As the last bits of snow melt in my sleepy New England town, I dream of our town pool (which is actually a manmade pond), where 6 or 7 of my favorite mammas and I convene every summer afternoon to let the kids romp and play. It’s the lull of those lazy afternoon, where we catch up, gossip and plan cookouts, that I dream of now!

  554. love the suit but love love your blog more.

  555. I would love to wear a new swimsuit on a Disney cruise with my two girls… Love the return of others enjoying the small things!

  556. I would wear it to a water park with my kids this summer. Last year I was too insecure with my body to go to a water park. I decided not to let that happen two summers in a row, and I dropped 21 pounds this winter!

  557. I would wear my retro bathing suit to the Oregon Coast. I live in Portland and swimming in the river is fine (just don’t swallow the water). However, heading over to the coast with a carload of your favorite people just can’t be beat!

  558. Greece would be my first choice, but I’ll settle for Hawaii :)

  559. I want to go to Riu. Any location is fine. And I’ll bring along a babysitter, massage therapist, and sushi chef.

  560. I would wear it to Atlantis–this time we may take the kids :-)

  561. I can’t wait to take a vacation to the Atlantis in the Bahamas, so I’ll say there, either by a pool or on the white sands by the crystal clear waters.

    Far from my reality. My summer will be at home enjoying my sweet 2 year old daughter and a new born baby boy.

  562. I desperately need a new swimsuit and have never had one that truly made me feel special. This might do the trick for my return to NC’s Emerald Island this summer, it’s my happy place.

  563. Tahiti sounds awesome but I’d take good ol’ south Alabama’s beaches if I had time to go… home sweet home.

  564. Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of frolicking in the warm waters of Hawaii. Magnum P.I. was my weekly escape…Tom Selleck (oh!!! those dimples), a red ferrari, and a small, private beach in Oahu. What more could a girl wish for?? A cute vintage inspired swim suit of course:)

  565. Love your kids clothes! Hope you’re enjoying your babe!

  566. I finally managed to find the motivation to ditch that baby weight I’d been to exhausted to focus on within a reasonable timeframe, so I would just love to wear it anywhere, ha ha. I like the idea of a nice looking, but still modest, suit I can wear to the water parks with the kids and the beach this summer.

  567. I would love love LOVE to be sporting one of these adorable swimsuits when I go to the beaches of Europe this summer!! πŸ˜€

  568. anywhere where there is sunshine and it’s warm. i’m all done with this new england winter!

  569. Oh,so happy to see the photo dump back! Always so much fun. Reminds me of old polaroids. Love looking at those! Getting married on St. John in a month and a half – and oh, a new swimsuit would be wonderful!

  570. i’m dreaming of a wonderful family reunion that i’m hosting in the outer banks of north carolina. july 4th, baby! and i’d love to rock one of those bad boys!

  571. Ooh, I want to win one of their retro suits!
    I would wear mine in Hawaii! Not super exotic but we have great family memories there!

  572. I dream of wearing this suit to the pool in the backyard of our new house. We are in escrow and hope to move in next month!!!

  573. I would love to head back home to the Philippines. It’s been over 30 years…. :-/

  574. I dream of wearing a new suit from Popina on a private beach in Taveuni Island Fiji. A girl can dream!

  575. oh, it is not a great swim suit place but I would go to Bavaria, Germany. I lived there as a child and would love to be able to show my husband and children that beautiful country. Oh and I would love a new Popina suit, because I am about to have my 5th baby in 6 years and I will need some inspiration to go to the pool!!

  576. I’d be happy at my in-laws pool in good ol’ J’ville FL. It’s been a long winter here in the Windy City.

  577. Love Popina & love ETST! I would be wearing that polka-dotted Grace suit in the South Pacific with the hubs and kids next to me :)

  578. I will wear mine at Splash Pad with my soon to be five year old. He doesn’t giggle at my jiggle lol!

  579. Love the iphone pics. Dash is getting so so big.

    I would wear my polka-dotted swim suit in Hawaii. I would lay on the beach and read a book or a magazine, sip a cocktail and people watch all day while people commented on how great I look in my suit…

    Oh sorry, I was daydreaming. I would definitely wear my suit to Hawaii, but I’d have my 3 beautiful kids with me and I’d probably have a butt full of sand in my hot suit at the end of the day from making sandcastles, trying to b-feed under a towel. Ya. It would be great!

  580. Ohmygosh, in a beautiful bathing suit like that, ANYWHERE I could go would feel like a fabulous vacation! If I got to take that baby for a spin somewhere exotic, I think it would be Bali. I super duper want to go to Bali and stay in one of those little huts over the water.

  581. Ooh! I need a new suit soooo bad!! I dream of frozen drinks on the beach on Maui!!! Amazing!!!!!

  582. i kinda hate wearing swimsuits. my behind is too big and my ladies are too small. but even i’d wear a popina bathing suit on the beaches of thailand. sipping a thai ice tea with too much sugar in it. reading a good book. or writing in my journal. with my man friend by my side.

  583. I will join you in Greece, I’ve always wanted to go there. Everything just looks so bright and blue and beautiful! ABby

  584. Hawaii would be wonderful!

  585. Kelle-
    So happy Friday Phone Dump and #enjoyingthesmallthings is back! One of my favorite posts!
    I would love to use my suit playing with my kids at our local pool all summer just like my mom used to do with me and my sister.
    And, for what I hope will be an annual family vacation for my parents, my sister and her family, and my little family, I would wear it up at Lake Pend Oreille where we will be in July!
    My aunt and uncle own an home up there and we all had a big family reunion to celebrate my cousin’s wedding last year…we’re all going back again this year…and hopefully for years and years to come! Nothing like a beautiful lake during the summer…fishing, swimming, jet skiiing, water skiing, kayaking, sailing, jumping off rock cliffs, searching for heart shaped rocks, and enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner, and campfires on the waters edge with my extended family.
    Oh, I just can’t wait!!!

  586. I have never been to Cape Cod but would love to go in a Popina swimsuit! :)

  587. Hmmm, my ideal vacation would be Lake Garda in Italy. I spent every summer there as a child and haven’t been for a while. I really would love to go back down on Memory Lane :-)

    Best wishes,

  588. So dreaming of warm weather…would love a vaca to fiji or australia!!

  589. I too have fallen for Popina swimsuits and all their retro-awesomeness….fingers crossed!!

  590. Love to wear mine on the beach in Bali and reunite with family that live in Indonesia!!

  591. I dream of the warm, bath-like Caribbean Sea, white white powder beaches, a perfect coral pedicure, and a fabulous book.

  592. woah 600 comments!

    i loved that perfection post by the way!!

    ok so dream vacay? right now i am dreaming of a Fallish getaway on the north shore of lake superior with the kiddos, looking up cabins with deck hot tubs and saunas! i have not been to a real OCEAN in years and lots of family in california so there’s THAT!

  593. After a long, gray winter, I’d wear this bathing suit to the grocery store if it was warm enough! I’d love to wear it to the beach and enjoy with my family and a good book!

  594. I would wear this on our first beach vacation in Perdido Key, Fl in the end of June. My girls are thrilled to see the beach for the first time and I’m excited to show them! And at one of my favorite hidden gems in the gulf of Florida. :)

  595. my ideal summer vacation is…Charleston, sc

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  596. I’ve been planning a trip to Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) in Mexico with my mom… would love a new swimsuit!

  597. Italian Riviera, please. The scene is set,in my mind, and the Popina suit would fit right in.

  598. Greece! I have been drooling over those suits since last summer.

  599. i would love to wear a Popina swimsuit to the beaches of Spain! I would love to be back there with my best friend, without a care in the world!

  600. My husband and I have been married for 31 years and have 20 children. (not a typo) This year has been a rough year. (our oldest son passed away in January) All that to say, I would love to win a new suit and wear it to a beach in Florida after taking our remaining children on a dreamed for trip to Disneyland.

  601. Love your blog!! I would wear my bathing suit on the beach in Jamaica…………

  602. With a suit like that I would fnd any reason to go to the pool, the beach or just loung in the back yard on a hott summers day. A classic suit will never go out of style

  603. My dream vacation would be an anniversary trip with my husband in some tropical beach bungalow away from it all!

  604. DYING for one of those suits!!

  605. I *heart* Popina! (And they should totally be using your pictures in their ads… rocking those suits, mama!)

    Where would I wear mine? I’d go back to Provence. Stes-Maries-de-la-mer. Wild horses. Hot sand. Rocky cliffs jutting out into blue waters. Warm churros. White-washed buildings. Baby toes touching ocean water for the first time. White sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. Oh, take me back. <3

  606. I dream of wearing a popina swim suit on a trip back to charleston–to relive my wedding weekend with my husband!! It sure is fun to dream …

  607. I would wear it on vacation to Cape Cod!

  608. I would make a date with Block Island in New England, where I’d bring my soon-to-be newborn and 2 year old and attempt to soak up much needed sun with the family. Great suits! I’ve been looking for something that works with a postpartum body.

  609. Oooh. So fun! I would wear my new suit to our family reunion at the beach over memorial day. Sun, sand, and my little ones smelling of sunscreen!

  610. I would love to hit the beaches in Negril again. It’s so beautiful – I’ve never seen a horizon so wide!!

  611. I think I’ll agree with you and say the Greek Isles. Mamma mia looks heavenly

  612. I would love for someone to build me a pool in my backyard (and get me a pool boy too, so we aren’t responsible for the upkeep) and then if wear my new suit out back every day!

  613. I have dreams of wearing a suit on the west coast of Michigan. Love me some Michigan shoreline sand!

  614. I think I’ll wear my suit to my staycation and swim with my kids in the baby pool in the backyard. Well, after the snow melts. :( Come on summer!

  615. Oooh I would love to where this suit at the lake with my family this summer! I have always admired those suits on you! Thanks

  616. I would love to go to Hawaii, but realistically I need a new suit to wear to the pool with my little boys.

  617. I’ll wear it to disney!

  618. mmmm…It’s nice to be ablet o dream about the things we know just won’t happen any time in the near future. I would love to vacay really on any clear beach where I can find a quiet place to sit and read and journal. And enjoy my family. Just me, my hubby, and sweet girl. And the hubs phone could not be used for work. That would be where I would wear my swimsuit.

  619. I will wear it to our 4th of July vacation to South Haven!

  620. I would dream of wearing a new swimsuit to Fiji, where I have heard the snorkeling is amazing. My reality this year will be getting to any beach with my 2.5 year old and 6 month old. Your photos always make me want to transplant my entire extended family to Florida!

  621. I will wear it to our 4th of July vacation to South Haven!

  622. I would wear my gorgeous Popina suit to the BVI. It’s our favorite destination when we want to “get away” from our lives and just be. No phones, no tvs, just sun, beach, and painkillers!

  623. I’d wear my dreamy bathing suit to Costa Rica. Frozen daiquiri on the beach or the deck of my resort, overlooking the forest canopy.

  624. I have always wanted to go to jamaica! Thanks so much! What a wonderful giveaway!

  625. The Bahamas!

  626. Hawaii…I would definitely want to wear one of those adorable suits in Hawaii. That is very much just a dream, and not likely to be a reality until kids are grown (they are 3 and 3 months old!), but hey, you are right, a girl can dream… :)

  627. We readers are happy that you are making time to blog regularly after Dash. I have admired those retro suits for a while now. May splurge for my birthday!

  628. I’d love to pack up my little family and head south to Gulf Shores – my littlest baby has never seen the beach, and I just know he’d love to splash his tiny toes in the waves!

  629. Somewhere tropical for sure, I’ve always wanted to go to Costa Rica

  630. Oh swimsuit like that needs to be worn somewhere warm and adventurous…so I vote Fiji!
    Reefs, sharks, warm, adventurous!

  631. I love Popina and dream of wearing something like this to Italy! A girl can wish!

  632. Oh I’d love to win a suit! And I’d love love love to wear it in Costa Rica. Went there 2 summers ago for my baby brothers wedding. Came home with a lovely parting gift too–hubby & I conceived our firstborn there. πŸ˜‰

  633. This comment has been removed by the author.

  634. I would wear it on the shores of Lake Michigan this summer!!


  635. A Hawaiian beach would be my dream spot to wear one of those suits! I’ve wanted to go there since I can remember! Hopefully some day. Right now getting one of those suits is more likely than that Hawaiian vacay!

  636. Thailand. The beaches in Thailand are gorgeous! I’d bring my hubby and four kids there to show them where I spent part of my childhood. <3

  637. We’re going to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding, I love to have a new suit to wear there :)

  638. I would live on bodies of water if I could! So little money to travel, but if I did I’d want to see lots of water! Like Greece, Italy, Jamaica, and oh so many other places.

  639. This comment has been removed by the author.

  640. We are planning a family trip to Bulgaria for a wedding this summer. I would wear this to the Black Sea

  641. I know it’s a long shot, but I gotta try. Oh how I could use a new swimsuit for my post-baby body!

    Hopefully, we’ll be spending a month this summer at my mother-in-law’s cabin in the Adirondacks. Which, actually, is pretty close to a dream come true. Splashing in a lake and kayaking every day with my littles? and no humidity? Yes, please.

  642. I wouldn’t even need to go somewhere fancy….just quiet. Preferably with a good stack of books, my easel and paints, some mellow music, and a good bottle of wine!

  643. I found my Popina suit last year from reading your blog, and I love mine!!!! I live in Malaysia as an international teacher and just went on vacation to Thailand and my suit was perfect! White sand, blue waters, cliffs, Chang beers and pad thai. Perfection.

  644. I dream of vacationing anywhere near an ocean this summer. One of those suits would be a perfect accompaniment. :-)

  645. I come from the East coast of Canada, and my husband and I are planning to take our 4 children there this summer! I would love to have a snazzy new suit to wear on the beach!!!!

  646. Ahh! Lovelovelove their suits!

    My dream getaway is a cabin on the mountain with my lady and our dog, lots of sunshine and white wine, good food on the grill and music in the background.

  647. Yay glad you brought back the dump;-)

    Okay where I want to wear one of those CUTE suits… Hawaii. Maui to be exact. It’s my happy place. I have the sweetest memories of taking the girls there a few years back. It was a dream come true.

  648. Is it my ideal summer vacation? Well it’s my summer vacation this year, so for now it’ll do! Oregon Coast!

  649. We live in the tropics, so a beautiful bathing suit would go perfect on our beautiful beaches. And I dream of vacations in America with a Starbucks nearby. :)

  650. I’d love to be able to wear it on any island in Hawaii.

  651. Their suits are so gorgeous! I’m hoping for a getaway to Vegas with my husband this summer, would love to have one of these to wear by the pool. Thanks for the giveaway!

  652. I would wear this suit lying on the beach in Maine, awaiting my next lobster filled meal….

  653. New to the Pacific North West…hoping to be on a boat with friends…feeling fine instead of frumpy.

  654. I would wear my suit to FL to visit my family!

  655. Unrealistically: Somewhere, anywhere exotic and warm.

    Realistically: The sundowner motel in John Day Oregon for a family reunion. Still warm at least. Lol.

    I never put two and two together that the Popina you rave about is right here in Portland (OR). Nice!

  656. I would wear it on our quickly approaching Florida getaway (5 days with just the hubby & some friends!).

  657. Away from Cali Desert…to Santa Barbara!

  658. ahh at my trip to cinque terre this summer!

  659. If we’re dreaming, I’ll say Hawaii. My little one wants to surf and someday I’m going to make that happen!

  660. Blue waters, blue skies, and a cute hat to hide under while I read my recently arrived copy of Bloom. :)

  661. Blue waters, blue skies, and a cute hat to hide under while I read my recently arrived copy of Bloom. :)

  662. I’d love to vacation anywhere on the ocean coast! We’re landlocked and plan to visit the coast with our kids! Can’t wait for summer.

  663. so cute!! i’d wear it at the beach with my kids.

  664. Well if we’re going to get crazy, my dream swim suit wearing vay-cay would be the South of France, Cote d’Azur. Beach, brie, wine, and history all around you.

  665. Oh, I’d wear mine on our hypothetical European cruise. The warmth of the Italian sun, the beauty of France, and me in my Popina suit. Sounds good, mai oui? πŸ˜‰

  666. BVI… with all my family of course :)

  667. Dreaming of the beaches of Sardinia.

  668. Hmmm…somewhere by the ocean where I can get a nice tan. I love living in the Midwest, but I miss me some salt water!

  669. Hmm, my dream of a vacation would be to go on a cruise, where every detail is taken care of and I just get to ENJOY!

  670. I”d wear mine on a hawaiian island with just my hubs. we’d walk on the beach hand in hand and listen to the waves crash against the sand. I’d meet you there too :)

  671. My dream vacation right now is two days in Mexico just me and my man and then have our girls meet us and spend the rest of the week all together on the beach and eating fish tacos! Yum!

  672. My suit will be left on the sand while my hubby and I recreate our honeymoon in Fiji πŸ˜‰

  673. I would love a Popina swimsuit- to wear to Hawaii. I have never been! But, it has always been my dream, so I gotta get there someday.

  674. I have always wanted to go to Greece! I will hold the baby while you swim! It all sounds so lovely.

  675. Amen to the post at Babble. At the time, we usually kick and fight it but those imperfect moments &reminders can be just what we need to help push us towards appreciating life more rather than taking it for granted.

    I think I’d seriously wear my Popina everywhere. Ok or maybe just to our favorite PNW beach. :)

  676. Send me to sun on the Greek Isles! Children optioonal! :)

  677. I just had a baby on easter, so I’m not sure ishouldeven be entering this…but I’d go to Hawaii.

  678. I would love to wear it along a river with good friends and making happy memories

  679. Oh now I’m dreaming…Italy or Greece….warm sunshine, clear waters and a loooooong family vacation.

  680. How cute these bathing suits are! We are hoping to go on a relaxing weekend getaway this summer to the lake in our local mountains for a few days. We’re looking forward to making some great memories and relaxing with family. It will be our first vacation with our son born with some extra challenges. Hoping to win and be able to take some great family fun pictures in one of these adorable swimsuits!

  681. This comment has been removed by the author.

  682. In my dreams I’m wearing it in Hawaii, cozied up on a beach chair reading a good book. In reality I’ll be wearing it at Stoney Creek in Michigan near my sister’s house, but instead of cozy beach reading I’ll be kid chasing and building sand castles :)

  683. Hmm… I was lucky enough to be in puerto Vallarta for spring break this past week! One of these suits would have been amazing!! We are already dreaming of our next vacation… Thinking Turks and Caicos…

  684. I live in Redondo Beach, CA, and if I won the swimsuit, I’d wear it to the beach just a few minutes from me. I’m motivated to get healthy this year before I get pregnant, and I’d love to do more than just jog by the beach and actually GO to the beach, wear a swimsuit, and sunbathe!

  685. I would totally just head to the central coast of California, like pismo beach. It’s been a while since I’ve been there and I would love to be on the beach RIGHT NOW!

  686. I would wear it on a cruise vacation with my family (my husband, son, and I) to the Caribbean that I am hoping to take in 2014.

  687. House boat on Lake Powell with a big group of family and friends. :) love your swimsuits!

  688. I would take my family, camera and popina suit to Aruba where hubby and I honeymooned almost 9 years ago :)

  689. I would wear my suit on the beaches of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. The Okanagan is one of my favorites places. Give me sunshine, a warm lake, fresh fruit, a crisp Chardonnay, and of course, a killer swimsuit, and I am set! Thank you Kelle for a great giveaway!!

  690. I would be excited to wear it anywhere!!!

  691. I would love to win! I have been admiring Popina’s swimwear for a long time :)

  692. My dream vacay right now is the Almafi Coast of Italy! A girl can dream, right?! Keepin my fingers crossed, soooo need a new swimsuit!!! :)

  693. I dream of wearing it on my husbands and my 5yr anniversary anywhere tropical. How. Amazing.

  694. Right now I don’t have anywhere fancy I would wear it, just on our local beach exploring the sand and waves with my little fish. I’d love a new suit for my new mama body…
    And yay for the return of the weekly dump! :)

  695. Dozing in a hammock on a deserted beach.

  696. Where better to go than the Maldives? Sun, turquoise ocean as far as the eye can see, and, best of all, no chores.

  697. Fuji. I little hut in the middle of gorgeous water sounds perfect.

  698. The Maldives!

  699. Girl, right now I am dreaming of Puerto Rico. No idea why. I’ve never been there. But I should go, and work on my Spanish. And work on my tan. And work on Ellie’s Spanish. (Matt can speak Spanish already, and he has a good tan, so he can just bring us fruity drinks/smoothies.)

  700. Bora bora! One day…. :)

  701. hawaii, but then anywhere would be awesome!

  702. Goodness. I would take my little baby to the beach for the first time… most likely hilton head.

  703. I need a suit for Wellesley Island ,Saint Lawrence River- where I can sit on grandma’s dock.Can’t wait to have a week of quiet with my family, that’s my dream.

  704. I would wear my new swimsuit to our family cottage this summer…relaxing with friends on the pontoon boat !

  705. I would choose a Grace one piece swimsuit and wear it by the pool at Villa Principessa near Lucca, Italy when my husband and I have some time together there alone in mid June.

    Kristin F Wenstob

  706. Right here in sunny SW Florida!!! The Greek Isles do sound amazing though…

  707. Capri, most definitely! (In Italy, with the isle of being a close second….really great memories on Marco Island).

  708. Right here in sunny SW Florida!!! The Greek Isles do sound amazing though…

  709. Super cute! I would definitely wear mine back home in Minnesota while visiting family on one of the many lakes :) I miss those summer lake days now that my husband and I live in Ohio!

  710. There are so many places that I would love to wear a Popina suit. So many dream vacation spots, or amazing tourist locations. However, I think I will stick to the reality of this year for us in which we will take our family of 5 from Quebec Canada and go visit my cousins in New Jersey. We love going to the boardwalk, enjoying the sun and sand, ice cream, amazing food, rides etc. This year, I think it is even more important for us to go and support the Jersey shore in rebuilding the memories. Laurie

  711. My dream vacation would be Greece, with a camera, good book and family to hang out with. Would definatley need a lovely retro swimsuit too.

  712. Bermuda for 2 weeks. That gorgeous pink sand! We went last year and just loved it there.

  713. I would love to be able to NOT be at work all summer, and spend all day long by my pool with my kids, and my friends, and their kids! :) That’s a dream, since I have to work, but I’m happy that I have Friday’s off, and plan on having that vision come true every Friday as a kick off to the weekend each week! :)

  714. As a new mom of twins and a 3 year old, I dream about sitting on a beach (any beach!) with a cold, fruity beverage in my hand and a good book for a few hours sans kids. Just me and the sun!

  715. I’d love to be rocking one of their swimsuits on my family vacation to Prince Edward Island. Clam bakes, sand castles and watching the sun set on the Atlantic Ocean.

  716. I’d love to be rocking one of their swimsuits on my family vacation to Prince Edward Island. Clam bakes, sand castles and watching the sun set on the Atlantic Ocean.

  717. Would love a Popina suit! I would wear it in Maui-I’ve never been! Dash is getting so big:-)

  718. I would go sailing again in thge BVI…..the suit would look great lounging on the boat w blue water below….ahhhhhh

  719. A vacation on Snail Lake in Minnesota surrounded by my four kiddos and their cousins, the sounds of their laughter and the sweet taste of lemonade and the smell of the BBQ is calling me right now. A Popina swim suit would be the icing on that cake.

  720. Yes, Capri…with a sporty bike to trek up and down the shoreline, a cool drink, some sweet shades, fun music and my main squeeze. That sounds…perfect!

  721. This comment has been removed by the author.

  722. i love everything about your site, IG feed, blog posts, etc. you are such an inspiration and wonderful mother. please keep up the great posts and pictures! going out today to get your book. love the bathing suits as well! xo, chanel (

  723. Oh the places I’d go….lets start with the beaches of Spain!

  724. oh! and where would i dream of wearing this swimsuit? in the pool with my 9 month old son teaching him how to swim <3

  725. Ooh, my dream vaca this summer would be to the east coast to tour lighthouses, eat lobster, and take in some rays!

  726. Im dreaming of wearing this suit on the Italian Riviera with the hubbie for our 10th wedding anniversary but I’ll probably just be wearin’ it at our community pool chasing around the 4 little ones!! :)

  727. My dream vacay would be maybe Bora Bora…with a Popina suit to help hide this “I just had baby #2 body”!!

  728. My dream vacay would be maybe Bora Bora…with a Popina suit to help hide this “I just had baby #2 body”!!

  729. I would dream of wearing mine on a private Caribbean island somewhere…with my catamaran anchored offshore.

  730. Well, if we’re talking dream vacations I’d be wearing my new suit on the beaches of SE Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines…Oh yeah babe! Thanks for the chance to win a new suit! I have been coveting their suits for a while now!

  731. After living in inland Europe for the past few years, I’m craving the good old Caribbean! I’m thinking Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Freshly made sangria and a book.

  732. I have admired that swimwear since you first introduced me to it. I would love one of my own! I don’t dream too big… Love what I already have. Spending time at my parents’ pool this summer, family all there, BBQ… That’s it. Perfect.

  733. Dreaming of lying on a beach in the South of France… all glam and retro in my new suit πŸ˜‰

  734. My future honeymoon, that my love calls our hunnymoon! He’s so sweet!

  735. To the beach….any beach.

  736. Greek Isles.
    Isle of Capri πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, it’s spring in Portland, OR, all I do is fantasize about swimming and sunshine!

  737. I live in Seattle and have a brand new baby so anywhere hot and relaxin would be great!

  738. I love the phone dump! I’m glad it’s back. :) I would wear my swimsuit to our trip to LA this summer. I am heading back to the Pacific ocean beaches of my youth in july and can’t wait!

  739. I would wear mine in tahiti and bora bora…. Ahhhhh… How nice would that be?!

  740. My dream vacation has only two requirements: beach and unlimited margaritas! Actually, make that three because my husband and I never got to take a honeymoon so I would need a babysitter too!

  741. All my swimsuits came from Target (several years ago, now), it’s high time for an upgrade! And I’ll take a trip to Southern France any day. I might even be willing to take along my oldest. Maybe.

  742. As I watch the rain and wind blow outside my window, I dream of summers at the Delaware beaches….i’ll keep dreaming, as summer won’t be making a visit here to Canada for awhile

  743. Classy swimsuit with a floppy hat? Can’t think of anything better. Thanks for the giveaway!

  744. I would love a retro swimsuit to wear on my honeymoon this June to Mexico!

  745. Dream vacation would be heading back to Walt Disney World with my family. :)

  746. I would love to wear one of these suits on a dream trip to Paris, Walk down a sandy beach in an amazing one piece from here, with my floppy hat with the flower on my funky vintage glasses, holding my boyfriends hand and just escaping from the normal world into one just for us. x

  747. To play with my kiddos on vacation this summer.

  748. My dreams aren’t so exotic as Greek Islands. I would love a Hawaiian vacation, or perhaps just a beach house somewhere in California or Florida.

  749. My dream is to stay in a water hut in Fiji! Just gotta scrounge up the 8 grand!

  750. Hmmm, I’d say a little umbrella clad drink in my hand, my baby girl nestled into a beach towel under her tent, hubby near by and the sound of sweet waves sounds just about perfect right now.

  751. I’ll be wearing it with my new FIANCÉ in whatever tropical paradise we chose this summer!

  752. One of my best friends lives on Maui so I would want to wear my new Popina swimsuit on a trip to see her!

  753. I would wear the swimsuit to my monthly vacation spot.. I live close to the beach, and make it a point to go often. I would love a vacation to a Caribbean beach with my husband.. I’d wear the suit there also.

  754. Hawaii! or a beach on lake Michigan!

  755. I would wear that swimsuit on a family vacation in Montana. Enjoying the sunshine and my family.

  756. I just finished your book. I could NOT put it down, with my family fast asleep, I sat up until the wee morning hours reading and re-reading your words. You have an amazing gift and the love you have for your family and friends is an inspiration.

    Thank you, for sharing your most vulnerable moments with me. I will treasure them.

  757. I’d take my swimsuit and go anywhere that it isn’t snowing. April 7th and it’s snowing…a lot…

  758. mmhh…i would wear my popina swimsuit on a beautiful, secluded island with friends! love these suites!

  759. I’d wear it back to the British Virgin Islands where hubby and I went for our honeymoon — to go back again is my dream vacation. Or the beach just over the hill. *ha*

    Great post on babble! I think it’s something more parents/aunts/uncles/mentors need to read!

  760. We are heading to Clearwater , FL very soon and i would thrilled to wear any of their suits there! love their retro style.

  761. I’m dreaming of going back to Hawaii where we went for our honeymoon 25 years ago – but more likely I would wear it this August at our favorite lake in Michigan.

  762. I dream of wearing it on our Disney cruise in July!

  763. My dream is to snorkel the great barrier reef in Australia!

  764. Fiji!!! If someone else paid for it, of course. πŸ˜‰

  765. We honeymooned in St. John and dream of going back. Some day we will!!

  766. I could see myself in this swim suit relaxing on the beaches of Maui watching my babies play in the sand.

  767. I would love to wear one on our florida vacation this summer!

  768. I would where on my vacation to destin Florida! I have been wanting one of these suits for a while. Maybe I can win one :)