Free Hugs: Enjoying the Small Things

It’s been a very long day for a lot of people.  I have half a notion to set up a stand in the middle of the street this weekend and give away free hugs.  I think a lot of people could use one.

When I don’t know what to say or what to write, I try to go back to what comes natural.  What we do every day.  There is comfort in routine.  In the hope that we keep on keepin’ on. 

So, consider this our free hug. 

Your happy little moments this week:

 photo blog21_zpsed74571e.jpg

And ours:

 photo blog20_zps1b6f6ebd.jpg

 photo blog24_zpsb2acca19.jpg

 photo blog14_zps1e4dac4e.jpg

 photo blog12_zpsc4046456.jpg

 photo blog9_zps20918073.jpg

 photo blog13_zps2b01306f.jpg

 photo blog17_zpsce62de1e.jpg

 photo blog16_zps6b078e34.jpg

I wish the Isle of Capri was big enough to hold all the hurting people. 

For Boston, for Texas–good Lord, the week you’ve had.
For all the tired mamas who feel unrest; for the hurting, the helping and all the in between…love is big.

Good night and good weekend, friends.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. ~Helen Keller


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  1. This is an absolutely perfect post. I was just going to post a picture of little people’s faces because I think in times of sadness and pain, those bring such joy. I clicked on my blog and there was your brand new post over in the sidebar. This felt like a hug.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend filled with hugs. I am praying for the people of Boston and the people of West. How sad this is.

    Love is bigger.

  2. Let me know where the free hugs booth is, I’ll be there! I love your positivity, it brought a lot of light to a fairly dark day.

  3. Agreed, today is a day for hugs! My heart goes out to everyone. This week has been tough. My uncle, aunt and cousins were frightened and confined to their house all day today. My uncle’s a professor at Harvard.

  4. oh yes! Free hugs is what the world needs right now! Free hugs and prayers!

  5. Thanks. I needed that. Perfection.

  6. I live about three hours from West. My hubby and a friend took a moving truck with supplies there last night/this morning. We collected thousands of dollars worth of atuff in 12 hours and It was unloaded in 20 minutes. My hibby and our friend were willing to step up to volunteer for the rest of the day, but the people of West are making good on the donations given. The town is determined to work and take care of their own neighbors so at this point there was little work needing to be done. Pray for the search teams and the rebuilding process. There are a few pics on my blog

  7. Lovely post- big hugs to you & yours from TX :)

  8. Hugs from idaho.

  9. Such pain and heartache every single day in our world, some just gets enough attention to grab us all. So glad for those who share love and beauty in each day. You certainly did that and do it regularly.


  10. I miss these kind of posts, simple, sweet, & kind~
    I think your “free-hug stand” would be a hit this weekend no matter what part of the U.S. you are in sweet momma. I love “There is comfort in routine. In the hope that we keep on keepin’ on.” …even if it is just eat, sleep, bathe. We are just a little worn down over here.
    Big hugs back at you from Tejas,

  11. I really needed this post. I don’t live in Texas, or Boston I am just a mother who wants so badly to be able to look my daughter in the eyes and know that she will grow up with wonder and joy and never feel terror. I think there is still hope for this world, maybe the first step is free hugs. :)

  12. Perfect Kelle. Just perfect.


  13. The Nella dragging Lainey pic was what I needed!

  14. Hugs from Kentucky.


  15. Thank you for these beautiful, peaceful words Kelle.
    My husband works in Boston. Yesterday and Monday were particularly chaotic for us. More hugging to commence this weekend!

  16. Kelle,this is so amazingly beautiful! Can you show me how you put this together? I would love to borrow this idea for our publication for our new mamas. While we feature birth stories I have been trying to think of other ways to encourage moms through pictures. This would be amazing. I would love to use your idea with a mention in the captions.

    Bellies, Bundles & Taxi Cabs

  17. What a lovely post Kelle. I don’t know you personally but can feel all your goodness and positivity. You are always a breath of fresh air among life’s challenges and grumpy people. Thank you for sharing all the joy in your life. It has helped many of us to open our eyes and enjoy the small things too. Hugs xo

  18. Kelle….
    Thanks for the virtual free hugs!! I need them. This has felt like a loooong week for all of us…. Especially Boston and Texas. Aside from cosmic emotions which have freely flowed through my veins regarding Boston’s attacks, I am in the process of editing Little Miss Secretive Writing Project, while also fighting some nasty head cold. So. Your virtual hugs are even better than chicken noodle soup right now!! 😉
    Alright, back to work.

  19. Dasch a lot of sugar

  20. Kelle….
    An afterthought from someone with a head-cold. I love, love, love that Helen Keller quote!! She is my heroine, and always has been. 😉

  21. Amen.

    I also am moved by the words of Anne Frank, “despite everything, I think people are really good at heart.”

  22. Such trite bullshit. “People died so let me show you pictures of my sort of cute, but not really, kids to make you feel better.”

  23. Special hucs from Brazil!!

  24. I absolutely love the picture of Nella covering Dash. She’s making the same face that my daughter makes when she’s really excited to be doing something and is trying really hard to be gentle. So cute. So pure.

  25. I think you might get some hate for not saying something about the events in Boston. But I get it. It can be hard to write down everything that we are thinking and feeling.

    Seeing pictures of happy little kids reminds me of the good that’s in the world. That innocence that kids have. That love of life and enjoying all the little things that it has to offer us. That resilience.

    Though I worry some might view this post as “empty” because it does not deal straightforwardly comment what happened, I believe that for some, it will make them smile. Simply because babies and little kids have that special power.

  26. I love everything about this post <3

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. What a beautiful post.

  29. Yay! I’m one of those tired mamas…thanks!

  30. Kelle,
    Thank you for your virtual hugs, as someone who lives in Boston and had just peeled off the marathon route at mile 24.5 after buddy running with an exhausted friend the thoughts and well wishes from strangers have been the most comforting of all. Keep spreading your kind spirit, it means a lot to all of us.

  31. Ashley Howard, thank you for your comment and for what you and yours are doing to provide real help to those who need it. That’s what is needed.

  32. Why do you feel the need to rub it in people’s face that you think your life is perfect? It’s not. Your kid has Down Syndrome, you have big teeth, you have forums dedicated to talking about how narcissistic you are, your husband’s going to be dead in like ten years, and you have the worst style in the United States. Yet, you still think your life is perfect.

  33. HOLY CRAP. I am completely disgusted right now. @Tiff Reyburn – Why do YOU feel the need to even read her blog? If you hate this woman so much, GET OFF HER BLOG. Seriously?! WHY ARE YOU VISITING HER PAGE?! You have nothing better to do than leave the nastiest comment I have EVER seen? GET A LIFE. The internet is a massive place. Nobody is forcing you to visit this website.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Is this your way of apologizing for your picture on Instagram? Or are you just going to be a pussy and sweep it under the rug

  36. test

  37. I don’t even know what to say except that I really don’t understand why people choose to spread so much hate. And that goes for cats too. Don’t say you are engaged in harmless chatter and keeping it there because you know darn well you are not.

    Each morning, we wake up and make a choice — will we try to make the people around us feel a little better or will we try to bring them down?

    Somehow you think some people seem like they deserve or asked for “criticism” — public figures, celebs, bloggers, etc. — but let’s face it, if you are spending time thinking about what’s wrong with everything those people are doing, you are probably doing the same to your neighbors, the other moms in your PTO, your kids’ teachers, your friends’ cousin, whatever.

    If big national tragedies don’t force you to re-examine the hate in your own heart, I don’t know what will. Life is short. Life is precious. Why are you wasting your energy hating on someone else?

    Sure, look for things to criticize and you will find them. No one of us is perfect, but this has just gone way, way, way too far.

    Kelle, I enjoy your blog and will continue to read it. I hope you can continue in the face of such unbelievable nastiness. I know that when faced with the tiniest sliver of it, I stopped participating. So, I think you are incredibly brave and I commend you for that.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Shut the fuck up, Anna May

  40. Great post and great reminder to be kind to each other. Thank you as always!!

  41. @Anna May, perfectly said. I am the “Unknown” person a little above you and was so appalled, I couldn’t find a way to say what I wanted to say. What you said is spot on.

    I have no doubt in my mind that all these hateful comments are from GOMI. Many of those women have made it their job to follow Kelle’s blog and IG, reporting back minutes later to “snark.” You don’t need to like “the Kelle Hampton brand” and you can “snark” all you want… THERE. Those of you commenting here on her page need to get some class and respect, because the posts are truly crossing a line.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. i LOVE the way you dress your kids, so beautiful!

  44. Kelle – perfectly put. I believe your words provide inspiration and comfort to many who go on to live more intentionally. After I read your post, I opened this link and it made me smile –

    Enjoy your week! Abby

  45. Kelle – as usual, LOVE!
    My favs – Nella’s denim vest is to die for! Dash is beyond adorable in his ‘I LOVE NY’ swag! And sweet Lainey in your shoes… isn’t that every Mommas dream?!?
    Thanks for the hug and little inspiration!

  46. You guys give some of the cutest free hugs. Your pictures are always comfy and comforting, in a way. :)

  47. Great quote from Hellen Keller. I found one from Albert Einstein, I liked, too. “God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”

  48. LOVE. you’re a gift to all of us Kelle- thank you for selflessly sharing your beautiful thoughts and world with us. love is BIG:)
    Big hug to you and prayers to all those that are hurting.. especially in Boston and TX.
    Thanks again Kelle for all those you have touched with your beautiful heart and writing.

  49. Wow. I am shocked by some of the comments here. I understand that not everyone is a fan but why do you have to be so mean? If you don’t like it then stop reading Kelle’s blog and following her Instagram account.. It’s simple!

  50. Capital Cities – “Safe & Sound” – A real toe tapper when you need a boost.

  51. That pic of dash and nella is very cute and they look really alike which is so cool.
    I am appalled by some of the comments on here. Really sad.
    I have 3 kids with special needs and my life is pretty awesome also. I guess a lot of people who don’t really know much about kids like ours think that they are negative in some way. Their loss!

  52. Love that capture of Lainey in your shoes… And happy to see that the Instagrams back.

    Happy week to you :)


  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I’m more than a little shocked and appalled at one of Kelle’s instagram followers commenting “Brett he has your penis” or something to that effect.

    At what point does it become too much? When someone knocks on your front door? When someone shows up to Lainey’s school? I would think someone talking about your infant and husband’s genitals might be a good point to re-evaluate the need for privacy.

  55. I think it is great to read something uplifting and positive with all the hate and angry right now. You have a beautiful family. I might have to consider offering a few free hugs myself! :)

  56. Such a gorgeous family you have! Always inspired by your posts!

  57. You are awesome. Thanks for the sweet, simple words of comfort.

  58. Love that you brought light into the gloom of today! LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote. How had I never heard it?

  59. I’m late on commenting on this, but I’m from the Boston area. Yes, it was a week. There is something strange about having the entire country…world…rallying around YOUR home. What has been amazing though is to see the helpers and the absolutely amazing people in this world. More than anything, I have been reminded that there are more good people than bad. We come together and support each other. It has reminded me of the love that exists in our world.

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